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Hillcrest’s LGBT history


HBA seeks public input and participation for permanent monument By Anthony King | GSD Editor

for seniors, equality for women, the small business owner and became friends with [labor leader] Cesar Chavez.” This year’s honorees were former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts and writer-activist Dustin Lance Black. Roberts, an ally to the LGBT community, was the first female governor of Oregon and the ninth in the nation. “Governor Roberts has never been content to be a supporter of our movement. She’s always been a passionate and dedicated leader,” said Terry Bean, a close friend of Roberts and LGBT leader in his own right. Bean, whose political career began in Oregon, is a co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign and Gay Games, and founder of the Victory Fund. City Commissioner Stampp Corbin introduced Bean. “I’ve been blessed that my best friend and my biggest hero is the same person, Governor Barb Roberts,” Bean said introducing the honoree. Roberts was given the Harvey Milk Lifetime Leadership Award. “I’ve been an activist and advocate for the LGBT community … for 40 years. As a political leader, my support has always been vocal, public and proud,” Roberts said. In 1984 Roberts was elected Oregon’s secretary of state, that state’s second in command after governor. She was the first Democrat elected to the

The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) unveiled preliminary designs for the Hillcrest Pride Monument at a community meeting held May 16 at The LGBT Center. The monument, which will be installed at the base of the Hillcrest Pride Flag located at the intersection of Normal Street and University Avenue, will tell the history of the Hillcrest LGBT community through a series of text and images. “There are a lot of ways to tell history,” said HBA Executive Director Benjamin Nicholls, calling the May 16 meeting a “workshop-style” event in order to gain feedback from the community. “This version of the LGBT history of Hillcrest is just a version; it’s our version and we would like your input,” he said. Lambda Archives of San Diego took the lead on researching and compiling the information, led by archivist Kelly Revak. HBA Marketing and Communications Director Lisa Weir oversaw the design, which was first conceptualized by HBA board member Michael Brennan. The three were at the May 16 meeting to answer questions and solicit feedback. “We’ve separated LGBT history of Hillcrest into four eras,” Nicholls said of the monument, which will be presented on four tapered, metal panels around the base of the flagpole. There will be some color integrated into select images, as well as rainbow pinstripes throughout. “The first … era is called Before Community and tells the early history of Hillcrest until the late 1950s,” he said. “This panel is about community isolation and fragmentation.” The second panel, called Investing in Ourselves, represents the community in the 1960s and 1970s, and tells of the emergence of gay bars and the growth of gay-owned business bringing “economic vitality” to the area, the panel reads. “[The third] tells the story of the devastating struggles of the 80s and early 90s,

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Horacio Franco

f CALENDAR (l to r) Nicole Murray Ramirez, former Portland Gov. Barbara Roberts, Terry Bean, Dustin Lance Black and Robert Gleason at the May 24 Diversity Breakfast: Roberts and Black were being honored. (Photo by Anulak Singphiphat)

Building coalitions for universal equality Ciara at LA Pride


Thai Time in North Park


SDAFFL championship


Dustin Lance Black, Gov. Barbara Roberts lead Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast to send a clear message of coalitions for equality for all By Anthony King | GSD Editor At the fifth annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast May 24, coalition building and fighting for the rights of all people were main themes of the day, from organizers and political leaders to guests of honor. The sold-out ceremony was held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. Presented by The San Diego LGBT Community Center and the City of San Diego Human Relations Commission, the Diversity Breakfast in part serves as a major fundraising event for The Center. “As we gather in Harvey’s name to celebrate the success of this past year and to look towards the achievement of those goals we have yet to realize, we recognize, as we always do, that those successes only come from building coalitions and focusing on our points of common purpose,” said Robert Gleason. “In San Diego, I am always proud to say that we not only understand that fundamental truth, we live it.” Gleason served as co-chair for the event with Nicole Murray Ramirez, who founded the Diversity Breakfast. Ramirez recounted the LGBT movement in San Diego, including Milk’s time stationed in San Diego while serving in the United States Navy, and spoke of coalition building as well. “In 1977, Harvey Milk was elected the first openly gay official in California,” Ramirez said. “But he wasn’t just a gay-rights advocate. He stood up

She’s so iconic Cyndi Lauper opens 30th anniversary tour in San Diego; calls herself ‘family and friend’ of LGBT community


By Brendon Veevers | GSD Reporter


Cyndi Lauper has, over the past three decades, evolved as one of music’s most iconic and celebrated figures. With her powerful vocal range and eccentric persona, she has released some of music’s most recognizable anthems and love songs. From timeless ballads “Time After Time,” “All Through the Night” and “True Colors” to saucy, up-tempo gems “She Bop” and the superstar’s era-defining anthem and signature hit, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Lauper has proven

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she is every bit for the quantity as she is for the quality. Music is not the only thing Lauper has become known for over the last 30 years. She has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, written a memoir and composed music for the new Broadway hit “Kinky Boots.” On top of that, she helped spread acceptance and awareness of the global LGBT community, becoming one of the biggest supporters and voices of our community. As the superstar welcomes the 30th anniversary of her phenomenal 16

million-selling, Grammy Award-winning debut album “She’s So Unusual,” a tour in support of the milestone will send Lauper around the world – performing the iconic album in its entirety – beginning right here in San Diego. Ahead of her show at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay on June 12, Lauper talked about the upcoming tour and her lengthy career as a musical icon. Brendon Veevers: 2013 marks a very important milestone for you and your debut album, with the album’s 30th anniversary. What are your feelings on reaching such a milestone? Cyndi Lauper: Thirteen is my lucky number and so far 2013 has been an

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Cyndi Lauper

(Photo by Miranda Penn Turin)


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


Q&A: ‘White Frog’ with director Quentin Lee By Ken Williams | SDGLN Editor in Chief “White Frog” is one of those remarkable movies that connects intensely with audiences who have experienced feeling different or being an outcast or not fitting into the popular crowd. The film will be screened Sunday, June 2 at 4:30 p.m. during FilmOut San Diego’s 15th annual LGBT Film Festival at the historic Birch North Park Theatre. The central character of “White Frog” is Nick (Booboo Stewart from “The Twilight Saga”), a shy, introverted freshman struggling to fit into a testosterone-driven teenage world that does not understand his Asperger’s syndrome. Nick idolizes his older brother Chaz (Harry Shum Jr. of “Glee” fame), a popular jock who dies in a terrible accident that shatters the lives of this well-to-do Asian-American family from Beverly Hills, Calif. Nick’s family members have great difficulty handling their golden boy’s unexpected death and go into complete denial when they learn Chaz’s deep, dark secret about his sexuality and his love for Randy (Gregg Sulkin). For Nick, his already lonely life is turned upside down and he has trouble coping with life without his only friend in the world, his brother. Randy takes pity and takes Nick under his wing. Homophobia in the Asian-American community is one of the film’s major themes, written by Fabienne Wen and Ellie Wen. Director Quentin Lee deftly handles this difficult but inspiring screenplay. Lee talks with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, sharing how his “White Frog” makes him cry no matter how many times he has seen it and how he hopes audiences will also be deeply affected by the story. SDGLN: “White Frog” caused me to bawl my eyes out by the ending. Is this a common reaction, or did this movie hit too close to home? It’s weird because I directed the movie and I have seen it over and over again … and it still gets me every time I watch the end. For me it’s particularly moving to watch a young person of color who has been silent most of his life gain his own voice. It’s something that every minority or shy kid can identify with. SDGLN: The film touches on homophobia within a well-to-do Asian-American family in Beverly Hills, and how the family tries to hide from the truth about one of their teenage sons. How common is this? Some cultures are preserved more authentically and conservatively abroad because certain cultures have been cut off. Hence it’s not uncommon that some Asian-American families are even more conservative than families in Asia. One programmer criticizes the film saying that Asian-American families don’t behave like that and they shouldn’t be that conservative. But let me tell you I’ve met Asian-American families even more conservative than that. Look at the amount of Asian-Americans in the Republican Party. It’s a cultural irony. SDGLN: The story centers around Nick Young (played by Booboo Stewart), an introverted freshman with Asperger’s syndrome who idolizes his older, popular jock brother Chaz (Harry

Shum Jr.). How did you settle on the casting of these two key roles? We attached Harry at script stage and Booboo came onboard through auditions. When Booboo walked into the room, I knew instinctively that he was our Nick. SDGLN: What is the genesis of this movie, and what is the buzz on the film festival circuit? The writers Fabienne and Ellie Wen brought the project to me and asked me if I would be interested in directing it. I read the script and discovered a very personal story behind the script: a tribute to someone they were close to who passed away. That really inspired me. Ellie and Fabienne raised the financing and off we snowballed into production. All the festival screenings have been extremely enthusiastic and we knew there was an audience for the movie. SDGLN: Where did you shoot the movie, and why did you choose this location? We shot in L.A. … all over L.A. County … and we were trying to simulate Beverly Hills. But the budget was pretty tight so we had to fight hard to get our locations. We stole a few shots in Beverly Hills. It’s really an homage to the L.A. landscape from Beverly Hills to Downtown skid row. SDGLN: What do you want audiences to remember about the film after they leave the theater? I want them to be touched, and

maybe open up more to people who are different. SDGLN: Do you prefer the LGBT genre? I wouldn’t necessarily say “White Frog” is an LGBT film as much as “Brokeback Mountain” is. SDGLN: Has LGBT cinema grown up, is it crossing over to attract mainstream audiences, or do you sense it will remain a niche product? Is “Brokeback Mountain” or “Boys Don’t Cry” a niche product? Neither is a major studio release but both have crossed over.

(center) Booboo Stewart takes the lead in “White Frog,” screening at the 15th annual FilmOut LGBT Film Festival. (Courtesy SDGLN)

SDGLN: What’s next for you? I have a teen dramedy, a modern homage to “The Breakfast Club,” called “Full Ride” that I’ve been developing with a writer that I hope to get off the ground. And I also plan to make “Rigor Mortis,” a serial killer thriller with a zombie twist set in New Orleans based on a script I’ve been writing. SDGLN: Single or taken? The truth is I don’t know. Let’s

say “in development.” SDGLN: What is something your fans don’t know about you? That I can believe I actually have fans! SDGLN: Will you be coming to the FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival? Sure, if you give me free hotel, three stars and above.

SDGLN: If you were granted three wishes, what would you do with them? Direct a movie now. Direct another movie right after. Direct another movie right after. —Ken Williams is Editor in Chief of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. He can be reached at ken@, @KenSanDiego on Twitter, or by calling 888-4429639, ext. 713.t


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


Local artist strives to be neighborhood ‘stronghold’ for giving back By Morgan M. Hurley | GSD Assistant Editor Steph Burnside has been inking skin in San Diego for over a decade, eventually opening her own shop, Vivid Tattoo and Piercings in University Heights back in 2009. Last year that property was put up for sale, and although Burnside was given first dibs on it, in October she packed up her goods and moved to Hillcrest. The new shop is located at 449 University Ave., near the iconic Hillcrest sign and just above Gilbert’s Shoe Repair. This new venture has ushered in not only a new location for Burnside, but also a new chapter; a fresh start. In the past, Burnside took what she called a “back-seat” role when it came to her artists, letting them do their own thing while she established herself as a new business owner and kept pace with her own clientele. She admits she lost some artists that way, because what people actually need are guidance and a more structured environment. Since the move, she’s spread out some of the responsibilities and even allows her girlfriend Dana to pitch in. These changes have freed her up to focus on growing the business, mentoring her staff and getting more involved with the community. “This has all taught me to really appreciate people,” Burnside said. “Back when I was younger I was always such a giver. It was so uncomfortable for me to ‘get,’ … and now I realize … you are taking something away from [people] by not letting them give to you. It was a really hard lesson for me to learn.” The shop itself is a large, industrial-looking space, with high open ceilings, red brick sidewalls and wall-to-wall metal and glass

sliding windows facing out over University Avenue. Burnside, who originally went to art school with plans to be an art curator, has adorned the space with an eclectic assortment of art. “My whole goal with this shop is one, to have a safe and comfortable environment for everybody to come to,” Burnside said. “The second thing is [to] focus on custom stuff. … I don’t want to be the shop where you just (top) One of the Vivid Tattoo artists works on get the next guy and he doesn’t know how to do what you are looking for, but there’s a guy a client in the new space. (Photo by Anulak Singphiphat) right there who does it perfectly and it’s his life studies.” She said this doesn’t mean they won’t still take walk-ins, they just prefer to do a better job matching up their artists with the work the clients want. As such, her clients and her staff remain the most important 449 University Ave. #24 pieces of the puzzle, especially if she expects repeat business. 619-487-0237 • “I want it to be a big party, like an event,” she said. “I want people to really have a great feeling after they leave here.” One thing Burnside is very vocal about a good fit. are people who do tattoos at home on the “It’s about getting the right frame of weekend. mind, the right mode, the right zing,” she “‘I’m gonna do a gall bladder surgery on said. “We have such an amazing vibe 99 you, because I read a book about it and I have percent of the time, it’s just getting to the 100 the instruments. Is that cool? We’re gonna do percent. I’m trying to really fill in the gaps.” it at my house,’” she said sarcastically. Currently Vivid has two piercers, Molly “You’re opening skin, creating blood Smiley and Ironhead Mike. Artist Daniel [and] scarring people for life,” she said. Silva, also shop manager, specializes in por“They are ruining people and creating a traits, realism, 3D and has “the tightest, most harder job for us. It’s creating plenty of work; fine lines ever,” Burnside said. most of my work is cover up work now.” Another full-timer is female artist Though her staff has changed along the Devon Dagger, a “neo-traditional,” while way for various reasons, she feels she’s got Ian Malcolm does lettering and bold “new-

Another design, pictured here, was created by Vivid Tattoo artist Devon Dagger. (Photo by Anulak Singphiphat)

school” designs. Several part-timers round out the staff, including traditional artist Nikki Degner and Hondre Moreno, whose “Polynesian flowers look so real it seems like you can wipe the dew drops off of them,” Burnside said. Willis Thweat is a black and grey fantasy and skull work specialist who recently fell victim to a tragic motorcycle accident, putting him in a temporary coma. The shop recently held a very successful fundraiser at Ruby Room to assist with bills while he is on the mend. Getting more involved in the community is also at the top of Burnside’s bucket list. Mardi Gras was held right below their windows, and she is excited about CityFest, participating in the LGBT Pride parade and getting more involved in fundraisers. “If anyone has a benefit we will always donate gift certificates,” Burnside said. “I want people to know that they can always come to us, because we want to be a neighborhood stronghold for giving and we are part of the community. “We want to give back as much as we can,” she said.t


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


2013 Harvey Milk Youth Essay

Dustin Lance Black on May 24 (Photo by Anulak Singphiphat) FROM PAGE 1

BREAKFAST position in 110 years, and told the crowd May 24 of her first political act for the LGBT community. At her 1984 swearing-in ceremony, Roberts invited the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus to sing, and organizers asked if they could leave out the word “gay” when introducing the group. “I told him very definitely not,” Roberts said. “If I took a stand of conscience and courage on the very first day I stood in statewide office, I would never be afraid to do so again in the future.” Roberts was reelected secretary of state in 1988 and, two year’s later, became the state’s first female leader. “For me to remain silent is for me to accept hatred and injustice, for me to condone bigotry and pain, [and] for me to excuse indignity and violence,” Roberts said. “It is not a matter of political or personal courage. It is a matter of conscience.” Black spoke after Roberts, and was awarded the Harvey Milk Equality Award. He was introduced by Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk’s nephew and founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation. “This community feels like home,” Stuart Milk said, calling the San Diego community a “beacon” for Harvey Milk’s message of collaboration. “San Diego has set the blueprint for LGBT leadership in full collaboration and inclusion.” Mayor Bob Filner announced at the Breakfast that he had given Stuart Milk the key to the City at a private reception the previous evening, becoming the first City in the United States to do so. Stuart Milk called Black – who, among other accomplishments, won an Academy Award for writing the screenplay for “Milk,” the 2009 film recounting the San Francisco leader’s life – “one of the most creative, eloquent and moving speakers.” Black, who now spends time travelling to meet with and speak to LGBT rights organizations, also wrote the play “8” and founded the American Foundation for Equal Rights, a main supporter of the current Supreme Court marriage equality cases. “He has taken LGBT rights to heart,” Stuart Milk said. In his speech that continued the focus on coalitions, Black spoke of Harvey Milk’s lasting legacy. “I feel like there’s a little something from Harvey’s message that we haven’t been talking about,” Black said. “I say, ‘Have we lost Harvey Milk’s message of the coalition of the us’s?’” Harvey Milk was “working for all the us’s because he understood something – it’s simple but it’s brilliant – that together we are unbeatable, separate we are vulnerable. So we have to come together and have each others’ backs,”

Black said. “As we approach the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court,” Black said, “if we have this coalition of the us’s … we’d be hearing a chorus from all groups who feel different, all groups who feel marginalized, all groups who are made to feel less than because of their difference. We’d be hearing them say to the U.S. Supreme Court that the LGBT fight is their fight.” The Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on the two potentially monumental marriage-rights cases before the end of June. While obviously an important issue for Black, he focused instead on the symbolic meaning of the rulings. “I want this country to understand that that is a message of hope being sent to every single person from every community of diversity: every single young person who’s felt different for whatever reason across this country,” he said. “It gives that young person – no matter where they’re from, the god they pray to or the color of their skin – it gives that young person hope because we are one. We are the us’s.”t

(l to r) Human Relations Commission ED Danell Scarborough, Iman Usman and Mark Dillion (Photo by Anulak Singphiphat)

By Iman Usman John Muir wisely said that, “most people live on the world, not in it.” We live in our separate beliefs and creeds and corners of the world. When we want to change the world that we live on, we go along living our separate little lives. This is where Harvey Milk revolutionized the LGBT rights movement, by not only trying to form a unified LGBT community, but also trying to unify other social groups and minorities. It is extremely easy to get the message through to a group of like-minded people, but to change the minds of other people is the challenge and the key. Coalition building is as much about strengthening a group internally as it is about uniting others in the cause through our universal common denominator, our humanity. Through my experiences as a triple minority,

a Pakistani-Indian, lesbian Muslim, I have realized how my personal struggle to “fit in” is part of the much larger struggle for other groups. In my freshman year I joined my gay-straight alliance, Muslim youth group, and Indian community. There was no connection between any of them and I struggled with being a part of all three. It was as if I was trying to put a three piece puzzle together and none of the pieces would fit around the gay community that I was a part of. After countless Saturday mornings spent watching coming out videos, I noticed something peculiar. About half of the people talking about their experiences had mentioned losing friends, family, or religion. Over the past couple of years I had begun to feel like my homosexuality made me an entirely different species. Everything that I do had some relation to homosexuality, because how could it have any relation to heterosexuality or my religion or my culture? About a month ago I had a conversation with the lady at the front gate of my school about the day of silence. She said, “Iman, you’re not a gay person,” and I was astounded. I had just thought, “I am extremely gay.” She then said, “You’re not a gay person. You are a person.” I had this epiphany that day because I realized my life isn’t about being gay or Pakistani or a lesbian, it’s about being Iman. Being in a gay-straight alliance or being in a religious youth group is the same. We join these groups because we want human interactions, and because we want to be able to express different parts of our lives with other people, not just closed up in a community. If we build coalitions, we can have not just a gay community, but a human community. The point isn’t assimilation until it’s okay, but assimilation until it doesn’t matter who is what. The point is assimilation to the extent that we can meet up at a breakfast table and love and respect who, what or where someone is from. Editor’s note: Iman Usman read her winning essay at the fifth annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast held Friday, May 24.t



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013

Out and proud… and talented Mexican musician Horacio Franco headlines Mainly Mozart Evolution Series June 6 By Charlene Baldridge | GSD Reporter

Horacio Franco

(Courtesy Mainly Mozart)

One might assume after seeing Horacio Franco as Mainly Mozart’s poster boy that it is a gimmick, an inducement to get LGBT audiences to attend their Evolution Series, being inaugurated June 6 at The Abbey on Fifth Avenue. That assumption would be wrong. The poster is not a publicity stunt. It’s just Franco being who he is: a flaming flutist who plays the recorder and conducts, lives in Mexico City, and has always

known who he is. “I come from a normal, conservative, macho family,” he said. “My parents were poor people who lacked educational opportunities, so it was a very big shock when I told then I wanted to be a musician. A few years later, when I was 15, I told them I was gay and it was quite a disaster for them. But I was a good child, an excellent student and very passionate about my life in music.” Franco went to the National Conservatory in Mexico City when he was 13, and though he had a great many friends who

were not gay, he found in the arts a supportive and open society. By the time the American Psychiatric Society declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973 and others followed suit, Franco had his own life. “I was always proud of being gay,” he said. “I was always sure who I was, and I never changed my mind. I never suffered discrimination. When I was 17 I went to Amsterdam [to study at the Sweelinck Conservatorium with Marijke Miessen and Walter Van Hauwe]. I stayed in Holland for four years and I came back with a boyfriend and a master’s degree.” Franco enjoys a relationship of 14 years, is married to his husband and manager, and enjoys all the benefits and rights available to gays in cosmopolitan Mexico City, which as of 2010 include gay marriage and gay adoption rights. Franco made his Carnegie Hall debut in 1994 with the American Composers Orchestra. He played seven consecutive seasons with the renowned Academy of St. Martin in the Fields and has played in some exotic places around the world, including Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania and Malaysia. As one imagines – the recorder being what it is – he plays a great deal of baroque music and will indeed perform Bach’s “Chaconne” at The Abbey June 6. Along the way, Franco has revolutionized the recorder by becoming an avant-garde innovator who pretty much destroys his instrument’s stereotypes. The recorder enjoyed great popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe. In Franco’s hands and on his breath, it becomes a revolutionary means to explore musical languages from jazz to music of the Incas. Three years ago in Mexico City, Franco met Mainly Mozart artistic partner Stephen Prutsman, who was at the time artistic director of the Cartagena International Festival of Music. Prutsman, who devised Mainly Mozart’s Evolution Series, intends to put together innovative programs that explore the outer limits of what is called chamber music. Franco was a natural for the inaugural concert, titled “Mexico’s New Wave of Classics and Jazz.” In addition to Franco it features Magos Herrera’s jazz and blues from her new album “Mexico Azul,” Celso Duarte on the Jarocha Harp, violinist Cuauhtémoc Rivera in Mexican masterworks and Prutsman on piano. Subsequent Evolution Series Abbey dates are June 12 (“Jazz by Classics”) and June 19 (“World Dances and Musical Movements”) and two, including Franco and the rest of “Mexico’s New Wave,” will play in Tijuana. Artists from the entire series will also perform at the Vista Hill Stein Education Center, a school dedicated to children and young adults on the autism spectrum. Located at 2835 Fifth Ave., The Abbey features both cabaret table ($45 with beverage service) and theater ($20) seating. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres are available for purchase, with no table service during the performance. Doors open at 6:30 pm with concerts at 7:30. For more information visit or call 619-466-8742.t

GAY NEWS BRIEFS CARL DEMAIO ANNOUNCES RUN FOR CONGRESS Former Councilmember and 2012 mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio announced Thursday, May 31 his candidacy for United States House of Representatives. DeMaio, a Republican, said he would run for California’s 52nd Congressional district, currently held by Rep. Scott Peters, a Democrat. An election for the seat will be held in 2014. “Just as we did to save the City of San Diego from bankruptcy, we need a national Reform Agenda to balance the budget and get people back to work,” DeMaio said in the announcement, which was emailed to his supporters. He said his early campaign focus is on four areas: balancing the budget, making government work, revitalizing the economy and fixing Congress first, which includes a transparency and accountability law DeMaio is proposing for Congress. “I see myself as a ‘new generation Republican’ who wants to challenge the party to focus on pocket book, economic and quality of life issues in a more positive and inclusive way, rather than issues that are frankly none of the government’s business in the first place,” DeMaio said. One of the first responses to DeMaio’s announcement came from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in Washington, calling DeMaio a “Tea Party” candidate. “What’s good for Carl DeMaio and his extreme backers is bad for San Diego, and voters will quickly remember why they rejected him last November,” said Matt Inzeo of the DCCC. “If you think what Congress needs are more ideologues and self-promoters, then the Tea Party has just the candidate for you.” CFAC URGES ACTION ON STUDENT NON-DISCRIMINATION ACT San Diego-based Canvass for a Cause (CFAC), a LGBT nonprofit, gathered over 7,500 letters from the public in support of the Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA) and delivered the letters May 22 to Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, Congressmember for California’s 50th district. The Federal bill would prohibit discrimination in public schools based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, and forbids schools from discriminating against LGBT students and ignoring harassing behavior. Hunter is on the Education and Workforce Committee, and CFAC volunteer coordinator Alfie Padilla said he is “in a key position” to pass the bill out of the Committee. “However, he currently does not support the bill,” Padilla said in a press release before the May 22 delivery. “We hope to furnish Rep. Hunter with so much support on this issue that he rethinks his position or at least is on notice that his opposition to the bill will not go unnoticed by his constitutes or by pro-LGBT groups in San Diego.” CFAC joined with San Diego’s SAME and P-Flag as well as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to deliver the letters, which were collected from voters in 42 states, as well as more than 500 letters in Hunter’s district. “Right now, students that are gay or perceived to be gay are 63 percent more likely to be bullied in schools than any other students,” said CFAC Director Sam Brasted in the release. “We know that we need a legislative push like

see Briefs, pg 9


Lift others as you climb


LIFE BEYOND THERAPY Advertising urges us to see aging as a failure. This is where role models and mentoring come in. When I was a young gay man, I saw very few older LGBT men or women who had lives that looked appealing. I’m sure they were out there, I just didn’t see them or know them. A client gave me the phrase: “Lift others as you climb.” It struck a chord in me. After all, helping others as you grow and move up the ladders of success and happiness is a benefit to both you and the recipient of your largess. If we all move up together and don’t leave anyone behind, what a major win that becomes for our community. If we move up ourselves and use it as an opportunity to feel superior to others who haven’t had our gifts, talents or good luck, we are sabotaging our community and making ourselves feel better at someone else’s expense. This is what insecure people do: they live out some version of “I’m so great and you’re a loser.” Who is the loser then? This sounds easy, but it’s not. How often have you been able to rejoice in someone else’s good fortune, or do you secretly look for some flaw in them that you can focus on? Another way to lift others as you climb is to be a mentor. A mentor is someone that helps, supports and gives guidance to another person. It can be an older person mentoring someone younger or when a more experienced person teaches, helps and gives advice to a less experienced person. A mentor has moved beyond preoccupation with self to foster the growth of the person being mentored. This relationship is good not only for the receiver, but for the giver. The mentor benefits in many ways: it is good for your self esteem to help someone else. It is very good for us older LGBTers to feel connected and appreciated by younger LGBTers. If you want to feel alive and worthwhile, giving something back to your community is a great way to do so. Many people, as they age, become more rigid. They make their worlds smaller and smaller so they can feel in control. This is a perfect setup for an unhappy, bitter old age. Don’t go there. Aging well requires expanding your world, not contracting it. One of the best parts of getting older is getting wiser. Sharing your wisdom is a path to a happy elderhood. After all, what good is wisdom if you keep it to yourself? Don’t you wish someone had mentored you when you were young, confused and trying so hard to figure out how the LGBT world operates? Mentoring relationships can provide valuable support to young people. Mentors can help guide younger LGBTers through the difficult developmental stages that accompany the transition into LGBT adulthood.

Traditionally, mentoring was mostly about offering career guidance. But let’s take it further: mentors in our community can also serve as role models for leadership, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Mentoring is not using the illusion of helping to find a hot, younger boyfriend or girlfriend, or to get into someone’s pants. When mentors have these kinds of intentions, it makes it harder for anyone wanting to be a legitimate mentor to be trusted. If you want a younger partner, be clear on that. That’s not mentoring. Elders of the community: be clear about your intentions and honest with young people on what you expect from them. Don’t drag mentoring into the dirt; keep it clean, honest and real. Who do you want to be when you turn 50, 60 or 70? Bitter and cynical elders don’t get that way by accident. A lifetime of envying other people and tearing down others who are successful is the path to an unhappy older age. Lifting as you climb is a great remedy to this: as you become older, wiser, wealthier and more successful, you reach out a hand to others to help them follow you on the path. Don’t you wish someone had done this for you? —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Michael is currently accepting new clients. Contact him at 619-955-3311 or visit

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Morals clauses in divorce and employment A morals clause is a part of a contract that requires someone to act morally. How morality is defined changes from person to person. Many people still consider it immoral to live with someone you are romantically involved with before marriage. These clauses can appear in divorce agreements, employment contracts, and endorsement deals. In a divorce, they typically exist to protect the children from being introduced to multiple romantic partners. In the other two instances, they exist to protect the image of the company from being tarnished by the actions of the employee or athlete. Lately, a case has been discussed in the LGBT news outlets in which a lesbian woman living with her girlfriend was told that she would not be allowed to have custody of her children while her girlfriend is living with her in the same house. I do not practice law in Texas, but a review of cases in that state suggests that such a restriction is permissible and quite common. The cases I could find discuss instances in which parents have been prevented from having unrelated oppositesex individuals over while the children are staying with them. Texas law gives judges discretion to place those restrictions on parents after finding that it is in the best interests of the children. The biggest difference when dealing with a same-sex relationship is that Texas does not allow same-sex couples to marry.


LEGALLY LGBT While a divorced woman can marry her serious boyfriend to get around a clause preventing unrelated overnight visitors, the lesbian woman here does not have the same option to marry her girlfriend. Most likely, even if they were to marry in another state and return to Texas, the judge would not recognize their marriage because Texas does not recognize any same-sex marriages. While a similar restriction could also be imposed in California, they are not common. California courts have said that a judge may not prohibit a parent from having custody of children simply because the parent is in a relationship with a person of the same sex without evidence that there is a danger to the child. However, parents can be

prevented from having overnight guests of the same sex or opposite sex in California if the judge finds that it is not in the best interests of the child. One major difference in California is that same-sex couples can enter into domestic partnerships so they would be treated as married once they do. What does the typical case where there is harm look like? In some states this is limited to sexual behavior in the presence of the children. Judges in other states have found that simply having the child around a parent’s same-sex partner is harmful. It is unclear whether the judge in Texas found some evidence of harm or simply decided to enforce the restriction because of his personal biases. The idea of contracts that prohibit certain behavior believed to be immoral is not limited to divorce. In the sports world, it is common for players to have morals clauses in their contracts. This is because athletes frequently serve as role models for children. Publicity of actions a sports team believes reflect badly on the image they want to present can lead to athletes losing major endorsement deals. Another area where we have seen morals clauses in the news recently is with employees of religious institutions or schools. Consider for example a teacher at a Catholic school who comes out

see Legally, pg 10



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013

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Prevention is better than a cure LGBT services and Men’s Health Month By Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest


Straightening up at the Boy Scouts of America It’s time for the BSA to take a tip from its own handbook By Abby Dees Sometime in the 1920s my grandfather became the then-youngest Boy Scout to obtain the top rank of Eagle Scout. When he died he was as proud of that as he was of piloting ships into Tokyo Bay at the end of the war. He was a classic Scout too. The epitome of honor and resourcefulness, he whistled while he worked and did everything he could think of to make life better for the people in his world. I never talked about the gay scouting ban with my grandfather. Maybe I didn’t give the 97-year-old guy enough credit, but I thought that conversation would be too awkward. I’d have to explain things that we just didn’t talk about together, like the difference between plain old sex and sexual orientation. And I worried he’d think I was criticizing him personally, so I cut us both some slack. You get to do that with family sometimes. I’m not cutting the Boy Scouts of America any slack right now, though. They have announced a policy change: the BSA will admit gay Scouts – but definitely not gay leaders. So why even try? The stated basis for the ban has always been that homosexuality violates the Scout’s oath to be “morally straight.” Here’s what they mean by that: “[Y]our relationships with others should be honest and open. You should respect and defend the rights of all people. Be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your religious beliefs.” This is from the Boy Scout Oath and Law. In other words, being gay is inconsistent with these characteristics. I’m not sure if it’s the honest and open part or the faith part, or whatever. I’m not privy to the bizarre conversation that must repeatedly transpire among BSA leadership every time they review and reaffirm the ban, but it’s clear to me that the new policy proposal in no way seeks to challenge the idea that gay people, by definition, cannot be “morally straight.” But wait, there’s more! They’ve also stated, “We allow youth to live as children and enjoy Scouting and its diversity without

immersing them in the politics of the day … The Boy Scouts of America has always reflected the expectations that Scouting families have had for the organization. We do not believe that homosexuals provide a role model consistent with these expectations.” Nonetheless, the BSA may feel comfortable now allowing gay boys to join their ranks even though they have officially labeled gays unworthy of admiration. This is no compromise, but a twisted update on “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and children will pay the price for adult cowardice. I can’t think of a worse way of virtually dunking kids into “the politics of the day” than forcing them to parse this hypocrisy. Imagine what this might feel like to a gay Scout. He’s allowed to join, presumably because he can’t help himself, poor thing. But the BSA can still provide a bulwark that keeps other, still-unsullied straight boys from looking up to a gay Scout leader and getting ideas. He’d learn that people like him, once they grow up, can’t be trusted to behave. What a thing to look forward to. Where in this is the idea of strength and honesty that is all over the Boy Scout Handbook? I get that the BSA is a private organization and free to set its policy, but that doesn’t stop me from calling them out for causing harm to young people. With the mission of building character and honesty in our next generation of men, they are instead teaching that self-respect and respect for others is too fragile to withstand human difference and variety. This isn’t my grandfather’s Boy Scouts. He would have struggled to understand what it meant to be gay and probably gotten it wrong in parts, but he would have measured the man, or the boy, by his actions. As a good Scout, he certainly wouldn’t have singled anyone out based on archaic stereotypes. BSA, check your own traditions and try again. —Abby is a civil rights attorney-turned-author who has been in the LGBT rights trenches for over 25 years. She can be reached through her website:

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When gay men seek HIV testing, Planned Parenthood is not often the first name that comes to mind. The reproductive and sexual health organization is most commonly associated with birth control for women, but more gay men than ever before have been seeking care at Planned Parenthood due to its LGBT-friendly health centers. Planned Parenthood is one of the largest providers of testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in San Diego County. According to the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, rectal or pharyngeal gonorrhea infections in San Diego County men have nearly doubled since 2008. Primary and secondary syphilis increased 146 percent in San Diego County from 2003 to 2010, with gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) accounting for 91 percent of cases in the county in 2010. The County of San Diego recommends that sexually active MSM be tested for

syphilis (and other STIs) every 3 – 6 months. However, only 39 percent of MSM reported a syphilis test in the past year. As a result, many syphilis cases are not identified until the early latent stage after which they have already passed the infectious period and may have unknowingly transmitted syphilis to others. Since the most common STIs have no major warning signs, the only way to be certain you are not infected with an STI is to get tested and treated. Planned Parenthood health centers offer many free or affordable services for men: • STI testing and treatment (including rapid HIV testing) • colon, prostate and testicular cancer screenings • erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation services, including education, exams, treatment and referral • checkups for sexual health problems • condoms • jock itch exam and treatment • urinary tract infections testing and treatment • general health care and routine physical exams. In addition to providing many much needed sexual

health checkups, Planned Parenthood embraces many of the same causes important to the LGBT community and shares many of its political allies and foes. Its local affiliate – Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest (PPPSW) – supported LGBT youth last year by participating in the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Awards sponsored by Project Youth and the North County LGBTQ Resource Center, and Jennifer Coburn, director of communications and marketing as well as chair of the LGBT task force at PPPSW, emceed at the 2012 North County LGBTQ Resource Center Gala. “We’ve always been there for each other politically,” Coburn said. “Now we hope to better serve the community doing what we do best: providing confidential, low to no-cost care.” Routine visits with a health care provider can help prevent serious illness. They can also diagnose and treat common conditions that affect men. For Men’s Health Month, schedule an appointment with your local Planned Parenthood for STI testing and treatment, sexual health checkups and cancer screenings. Use the Planned Parenthood health center locator at to find the nearest center that offers the services you need.

Private Manning was never an SF grand marshal By Zoe Dunning In regards to Bradley Manning and the recent controversy surrounding his consideration as an SF Pride Community Grand Marshal (GM), let me clarify a few misconceptions: Private Manning was never a SF Pride Grand Marshal. Therefore his “selection” was neither revoked nor “reversed.” He did not meet the criteria for nominations as a Community GM and therefore should never have been considered: he is not local, and it is questionable to many whether he “has made significant contributions to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community.” The public announcement of his selection was premature and in error, as acknowledged by the board of SF Pride. Even if his nomination met criteria, his selection is questionable. Something went terribly amiss in the mythical “Electoral College” voting process, whereby former GMs nominate and select a Community Grand Marshal. I and several other former GMs were never given the opportunity to vote in the Electoral College. The voting process was either carried out with poor controls and oversight – or even worse, manipulated – resulting in Bradley Manning receiving the most votes. Beyond the technicalities and deficiencies in the selection process, there is the question of OPINIONS/LETTERS Gay San Diego encourages letters to the editor and guest editorials. Please email both to Include phone number and address for verification. We reserve the right to edit letters and editorials for brevity and accuracy. Letters should be no longer than 350 words in length unless approved by staff editors. Letters and guest editorials do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or staff. SUBMISSIONS/NEWS TIPS Press releases and story ideas are welcome. Send press releases, tips, photos or story ideas to For breaking news and investigative story ideas contact the editor by phone or email. DISTRIBUTION GAY San Diego is distributed free, biweekly, every other Friday. COPYRIGHT 2013. All rights are reserved.

whether someone like Private Manning should become a “public emissary of Pride.” Manning is currently in prison, having pleaded guilty to 10 counts of misuse of classified information he felt “should become public.” A unique aspect of the military is that your life is entrusted to your shipmates and their lives are entrusted to you. A pilot landing on an aircraft carrier relies on the 19-year-old in the arresting gear room to set the cable at the proper tension so the plane stops before the end of the flight deck. An Intelligence Officer relies on those handing classified information to protect that data and its sources so as not to endanger anyone. This model of interdependency does not leave room for individual determinations of what “should become public.” Lives are at stake. There will be a large contingent of Manning supporters marching in the [SF] Pride Parade and they have every right to participate. But, for the reasons stated above, I and many others would find it an undesirable precedent for Bradley Manning to become a Community Grand Marshal. —Zoe Dunning is a retired Navy Commander and was a lead activist in the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” She is a former Pride Grand Marshal and currently serves as the first vice chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. Her editorial first appeared in the newspaper Bay Times.t

3737 Fifth Ave. Suite 201 San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 519-7775

Business Improvement Association


MONUMENT and how that time galvanized the community to become stronger,” Nicholls said. Called From Adversity to Diversity, this panel includes the founding of the Blood Sisters and Act Up San Diego, the emergence of four groups to support LGBT people of color, and the first Transgender Day of Remembrance, which was held in 1999.

The panel also includes Christine Kehoe’s election to the City Council and the Human Dignity Ordinance, which passed the Council in 1990. “It is the final panel that talks about the ongoing struggles of today, married with a newfound respect and sense of place for the LGBT community,” Nicholls said. “The story arc of these panels is that in the early Hillcrest days, the LGBT community was fragmented. As history progresses the story gets more coalesced, just like the community comes together.”

GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013

The monument was included in the original permit application for the flagpole, and therefore does not need additional approval or permits. Fundraising is being done by volunteers and is being organized by Johnathan Hale, HBA board vice president. “We really want to make this a community effort,” Hale said. “If you want to step up and fundraise, if you want to have your name present on [the monument], we want you to be a part of the process.” The monument will display donor names below the panels at several


different tiers or levels of financial contribution. Those interested in fundraising are being asked to contact Hale and the HBA directly, and Nicholls said the organization continues to solicit feedback on the monument until final designs need to be submitted to Make Fabrication, the San Diego company hired to construct the panels. The final monument will be installed before this year’s Pride Festival, held July 12 – 14. The HBA is located at 3737 Fifth Ave., suite 202. They can be reached at 619-299-3330. t

(l to r) The four individuals panels move in time from Before Community, Investing in Ourselves, From Adversity to Diversity to A Community with Pride. The Hillcrest Business Association is seeking feedback on the monument as well as volunteer fundraisers. They can be reached at 619-299-3330. (Courtesy HBA / Before Community photos courtesy San Diego History Center) FROM PAGE 6

BRIEFS the SNDA to save the lives of our youth and make schools truly safe for all students.”

STEPHEN WHITBURN PROMOTED TO PERMANENT SD PRIDE GM Announced May 22, the San Diego LGBT Pride board of directors said Stephen Whitburn would assume the permanent position as SD Pride general manager. Whitburn had held the position on an interim basis while former SD Pride executive director, Dwayne Crenshaw, focused on his campaign for City Council. A special election for the Council seat was held May 21, in which Crenshaw lost to Myrtle Cole. Cole will assume the Council seat Monday, June 3. “This is a seamless transition for us,” said SD Pride board co-Chair Joe Mayer in the announcement. “For several months, Stephen has been leading the team, preparing for this year’s Pride Weekend, and we are excited about how the celebration is coming together.” Whitburn assumed the interim position

in January, which was to expire when Crenshaw returned. Crenshaw has since left the organization. “We congratulate Dwayne on his strong candidacy [for City Council] as a visible member of the LGBT community, and we congratulate Myrtle Cole on her election to the seat,” SD Pride co-Chair Ebony Aldridge said in the release.

Milk” San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus world premiere concert. Tickets to the gala are $75 for general admission and $125 for VIP, which allows for a preview admission at 6 p.m., among other perks. The gala will be held at the McMillin Company Event Center, 2875 Dewey Rd. For more information and tickets visit or call 877-296-7664.

SAN DIEGO GAY MEN’S CHORUS TO HOST ENCORE GALA “Summer of Love” is this year’s theme for the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus gala, scheduled for 7 p.m. June 15 at Liberty Station. All proceeds from the event will benefit the nonprofit and their mission of “creating positive musical experience through exciting performances,” a press release stated. “This is going to be a really fun evening,” board President Cheri Curtis said in the release. “We hope all our fans, friends and families come out and enjoy themselves while supporting a great arts organization.” Local awardwinning band Rockola will be playing 1960s music to keep within the gala’s “psychedelic Sixties” theme, they said and John Little Catering will provide food. There will also be live and silent auctions, including a weekend package to San Francisco’s Pride weekend with tickets to the “I Am Harvey

ATKINS BILL TO INCREASE EARLY ABORTION ACCESS PASSES The California Assembly Tuesday, May 28 passed AB 154, a bill introduced by Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins. The bill will allow nurses, physician’s assistants and nurse midwives to perform aspiration abortions after receiving proper training, increasing the number of trained professionals who are able to offer abortions. The bill would have a significant affect on several California Counties who have no abortion provider, a press release stated. “Women need quality health care in their own communities and without excessive wait times,” Atkins said in the release. “This is particularly true with abortion services, which are cheaper and less complicated earlier in a pregnancy. My bill improves the lives of women and their families.” The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.t


SOUTH PARK SAYING Across 1 “South Park” co-creator Stone 5 Cosby’s “I Spy” costar 9 Crack the whip at, e.g. 13 Precollege ed 14 First shepherd 15 Club for Spencer-Devlin 16 Supporter of two plastic brides 17 Mall bag 18 Personality parts, to Frasier 19 With 37-Across, what you can’t do with a canine, on “South Park” 22 Routine 23 One having an orgasm? 26 Vital fluid 30 “Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof” 31 Stationery in “Aida”? 36 “The Simpsons” storekeeper 37 See 19-Across 40 Rock that’s easily split

41 Stats on a stallion 42 “Six ___ Under” 43 Marlon Brando’s hometown 45 White as a ghost 46 1 of 100 in D.C. 47 Women who date men who date men 52 Quit, with “out” 53 Co-creator of “South Park” with 1-Across 56 You might see a polar bear there 58 Paul of “Little Miss Sunshine” 59 Cruising 62 Actress Skye 63 Caspian Sea land 64 “___ in the Clowns” 65 “Gay Priest” author Malcolm 66 Novel conclusion 67 Poet ___ Wu

South Park Saying solution on page 25 Down 1 “Never ___ Picasso” 2 Hit the ground 3 Pronoun for King James 4 Tongue-lashing 5 Neurotic comics woman 6 One that lies on the bottom 7 “Take your mitts off!” 8 Ask from one’s knees 9 Colorful T-shirt 10 Movie about a CIA rescue mission 11 Electronic synthesizer 12 Madonna’s pair 20 Traditionally limp joints 21 Former PLO leader Arafat 23 The whole shebang 24 How punctual people come 25 Eulogist for Caesar 27 Jockey carriers 28 Maintenance cost

29 “___ touch!” 32 Earlier 33 Third degree, often 34 From Jan. 1 until now 35 ACLU concerns 38 Postcoital sigh 39 Hypotheticals 44 “Guys and Dolls” co-creator Burrows 45 Part of DADT 48 Partner of Steve, but not Adam 49 Like unhappy lovers, maybe 50 Tried to tackle tight ends 51 One that mates with a queen bee 54 Robert of “The Brady Bunch” 55 “___ of Eden” 56 “This is my first time,” often 57 Gielgud’s john 60 Old Spanish queen 61 Hoopla



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


LEGALLY as gay or lesbian. While ordinary schools might not consider this a problem, most Catholic schools have included morals clauses in their contract for some time now as a way of ensuring that they can fire employees who fail to follow Church teachings. Thus, unless a state prohibits termination for sexual orientation, a teacher at a Catholic school who comes out as gay or lesbian may find themselves out of a job because many churches still consider same-sex sexual activity sinful. In one case, a female teacher at a Catholic school was terminated because she got pregnant while she was not married to the father. It is not clear whether the current version of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act that protects individuals from termination based on sexual orientation or gender identity would include an exception that would allow religious schools to fire gay and lesbian employees even if it is passed. Until a restriction is in place, it is perfectly legal for Catholic schools to fire gay and lesbian teachers. This is why comprehensive employment protection is so important. —Paul D. McGuire is an openly bisexual family law attorney in San Diego who assists families dealing with dissolution of marriage and domestic partnerships. He writes a blog on family law and LGBT issues at

‘Zami: A New Spelling of My Name’ CA L E B R A I N E Y

OUT ON THE PAGE “I have felt the age-old triangle of mother father and child. With the ‘I’ at its eternal core, elongate and flatten out into the elegantly strong triad of grandmother mother daughter, with the ‘I’ moving back and forth flowing in either or both directions as needed. Woman forever. My body a living representation of other life older longer wiser. The mountains and valleys, trees, rocks. Sands and flowers and water and stone. Made in earth.” This selection, taken from the prologue, prepares the reader for the type of work that “Zami” is. In “Zami: A New Spelling of My Name” Audre Lorde creates a new type of literary genre, that of the “biomythography.” A biomythography is a type of work that is neither wholly fiction or fact but a seamless blending of the two. It is a type of writing that challenges the very Western notion that fact and fiction are total opposites, and instead suggests that fact and fiction co-create and feed off one another. Indeed, the belief that something is either this or that, one or the other and that there can be no in between is a prevalent theme in white Western thought, but it is an idea Lorde contests. “Zami” opens during the 1920s where Lorde’s parents, immigrants from Grenada, have come to the

United States to begin a new life. Lorde’s mother Linda is a light-skinned woman who can often pass as white while her father is unmistakably Black, as is Lorde. Lorde’s childhood, adolescence and young adulthood take place under the terror of racism during the Jim Crow era. One of the most unsettling scenes in the book is when Lorde is recalling the ways in which Lorde’s mother tried to keep her ignorant of racism by telling the young Lorde that white people have a habit of “spitting into the wind” when in reality they were spitting on her child. Lorde’s biomythography follows Lorde as she navigates the issues that a young Black woman with samesex longings must often confront, issues such as rape, the loss of her first love, an illegal abortion, poverty, racial oppression and her personal struggle with her sexuality. A clear and unifying theme throughout “Zami” is that Lorde’s identities are not separate. There is no parceling out of Lorde’s multiple oppressed identities, rather they are all mixed into a single life. Lorde insists in her own quiet way that there is never a time when she is “just” black or “just” a woman. Any understanding of her life that separates her identities into neat

and separate boxes necessarily obscures the whole. Lorde used her own life to beautifully illustrate a theory of wholeness that she espoused and helped create during her political and literary career. This theory of wholeness, sometimes called “intersectionality” holds that there is no separation between various aspects of our identities such as our gender, race, class or sexuality. Rather, Lorde’s theory of intersec-

tionality that is highlighted in “Zami” argues that our identities are composed of the messy intersections of race, gender, class and sexuality. In my life that means I am never just a white person or a male person, but I am always a white gay male, which is a distinct experience and not simply the sum of a pure whiteness plus a pure maleness plus a pure gayness. That type of thinking distorts too many of our life experiences and would prevent the reader from seeing one of Lorde’s most valuable insights: there is a fundamental connection between and among all of our identities. Currently, many in our community argue we should focus on a narrowly defined “gay rights agenda” and not spend time or resources on non-gay issues such as reproductive rights, racism, mass incarceration or war. But if we look at Lorde’s life as it is represented in “Zami” we quickly come to the realization that for Lorde there is no such thing as gay issues only. Rather, as a Black lesbian woman she struggles with rape, employment discrimination, sexism, racism and homophobia all at once. Any political movement that is truly interested in liberating gay men, lesbian women, trans people, and bisexual men and women must contend with the fact that our lives are complex and cannot be parceled out into easily digestible political pills, as Lorde’s “Zami” so beautifully illustrates. If we truly want to fight for LGBT rights, we must fight for people like Lorde. And if we include people like Lorde, then we must fight all the oppressions that impinge upon her life. This means there is no such thing as a non-gay issue for we are in every community and country across the world, and our freedom must include every aspect of ourselves or it is meaningless. I urge you to read Lorde and consider her refusal to be an either/or and how that might change our politics. If you would like to engage in more thoughtful discussions around similar issues, join the San Diego Multicultural LGBT Book Club at Bluestocking Books, 3817 Fifth Ave. in Hillcrest, on the first and third Sunday of every month at 7 p.m. —Caleb Rainey recently graduated with his master’s degree in cultural studies. He is a long-time activist, and the founder and current facilitator of the San Diego Multicultural LGBT Book Club. Contact him at

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San Diego is known for its thriving LGBT community, representing a closeknit family that is full of life. Our community returns again and again to the vibrant nooks and crannies of our city, patronizing businesses and supporting community members day in and day out. We recently asked the readers of Gay San Diego to tell us their favorite restaurants, bars and retail businesses found throughout San Diego, and a few beyond. While the LGBT family starts at the lively and colorful “gayborhood” of Hillcrest, we live and visit all areas: through the hip enclaves of North Park and University Heights and the cozy

Mission Hills Auto

kick-back neighborhoods that cling to the canyons overlooking Mission Valley: Mission Hills, Normal Heights, Kensington and Talmadge. Our influence also extends to Downtown and those neighborhoods nestled along its border: Bankers Hill, South Park and Golden Hill. But that’s not to say we don’t frequent Point Loma, Ocean Beach, La Jolla, South Bay and North County. That’s a pretty wide swath and from each point far and wide, our readers have chosen the best of the best in such categories as server, breakfast, happy hour, wine bar, art gallery, romantic

dining, cocktail, florist, museum, local bar, and many, many more. Some winners have been serving customers for decades, while others are new to the scene but already making an impact. In this month’s special pullout section, we offer the full list of Best of Gay San Diego winners, showcasing them with colorful photos and highlighting many with their missions to serve. To each of our winners, we extend a hearty congratulations on your Best of Gay San Diego award and we hope our loyal readers – and your loyal customers – continue to show you patronage and appreciation for many years to come.

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Cali Coast Credit Union

Mission Federal Credit Union


Martinis Above Fourth


#1 Fifth Ave.



Urban Clam

iTan Hillcrest


Peet's Coffee and Tea




Dr. Jeffrey S. Keeny, DDS

Dr. Rob Strober

Walnut Avenue


SD Chicken Pie Shop

Crest Café

R Gang Eatery

DJ Taj

DJ Dirty Kurty

DJ Derek Monterio

Dr. David Shamblaw

Dr. Gary Woodall

Mary Stockton

Eric Brown

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Green Fresh Florals

Storm International

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Mother Pearl

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Fresh and Easy


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Thick Hair Salon

Cocoon Hair Studio


Ace Hardware Hillcrest

Home Depot


Whole Foods

Scripps Mercy

Sharp Memorial



Inn at The Park

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Jewels on Fifth

Harold Stevens


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The Knotstop

Herbin Acupuncture


Urban Optik’s


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Fido and Company

Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort

PawPrints Pet Sitting


Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort

Pet Palace


Hillcrest Pharmacy

Medical Center Pharmacy #9

Mom’s Pharmacy Richard Woods



Deli Llama

City Deli

DZ Akins

Extraordinary Desserts


San Diego Desserts

Au Revoir

Empire House

Kous Kous

Lil B's

Saigon on Fifth

Ricky's Family Restaurant


Mister A's

Martinis Above Fourth

The Prado


Au Revoir

Café Chloe

Farm House

Daphne's California Greek

Alexis Greek Cafe

Mediterranean Café

Ortega's Mexican Bistro

Martinis Above Fourth

#1 Fifth Avenue



Lotus Café & Juice Bar

Pho Fifth Avenue

Evolution Fast Food


Bombay Indian


India Palace

Amarin Thai

Kous Kous

Soltan Banoo




Zensei Sushi

Saigon on Fifth

Asian Bistro

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The Eagle

Hillcrest Sandwich Co.

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Martinis Above Fourth

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Pita Jungle

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Urban Mo’s


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Lotus Thai

Taste of Thai

Amarin Thai

Evolution Fast Food

Jyoti Bihanga

Lotus Café and Juice Bar

Saigon on Fifth

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Wine Steals

The Wine Lover



Nami Hillcrest

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Sushi Deli 1





Lil B's



Dr. Brian Smith D.C.

Charisma Cucina

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Arrivederci Ristorante

Pita Jungle







100 Wines

Eco Chateau

Buffalo Exchange


The Yoga Factory




425 Robinson Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2510 Hearty, healthy comfort food – that’s what you’ll find at the Crest Cafe. Open 364 days of the year, they offer daily specials, promotions and discount coupons. Enjoy a fast and friendly staff and an affordable menu when you eat at the Crest Cafe. They serve breakfast all day, every day to satiate your hunger. In addition to winning 16 Readers Choice Awards from San Diego Uptown News, Crest Cafe recently received recognition from San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria for 30 years of service to the community. A fan favorite among their clientele, Crest Cafe is the go-to place for some of the best comfort food in town.

SILVER – EMPIRE HOUSE 127 University Ave., 92103 (619) 688-9283

BRONZE – BURGER LOUNGE 4116 Adams Ave., 92116 (619) 241-2207


GOLD – BREAD AND CIE 350 University Ave., 92103 (619) 683-9322

SILVER – BABYCAKES 3766 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 296-4173


535 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2747 Since the beginning, City Deli has prided itself on food made from scratch. From real mashed potatoes, homemade salad dressings, custommade extra lean deli meats, to cakes and pastries baked on site by staff bakers, this food is fresh! City Deli features breakfast all day, happy hour, full bar, senior discounts and more. Their pastry chefs also bake a wide assortment of cakes, pies, cookies and pastries daily. City Deli offers catering services such as elegant wedding cakes, birthday cakes, bar mitzvah scroll cakes, erotic cakes and cakes for all occasions. Whether you’re stopping by for matzo ball soup or for something sweet like pecan pie, City Deli offers a wide variety of quality food to fill any all of your hankerings.



308 University Ave., 92103 (619) 491-0400


MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 400-4500


1051 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2195



MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 400-4500


HILCREST BREWING COMPANY 1458 University Ave., 92103 (619) 269-4323


3696 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 297-9720



3750 Sports Arena Blvd., 92110 (619) 226-6333 |


441 Washington St., 92103 (619) 816-1990

BRONZE – THE BARBEQUE PIT 920 E. Plaza Blvd., 91950 (619) 477-2244



3696 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 297-9720 |


ANDREW ARQUILLA (RICH’S) 1051 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2195


BIG MIKE (JIMMY CARTER’S) 3172 Fifth Ave., 92103

(619) 295-2070


GOLD – FIG TREE CAFÉ 5119 Cass St., 92109 (858) 274-2233

SILVER – HOB NOB HILL 2271 First Ave., 92101 (619) 239-8176

Today we are probably San Diego’s oldest restaurant in the same location. This consistency throughout the years has allowed us to continue our commitment to quality food and service with maximum value. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Hob Nob Hill is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. We proudly offer a menu that features the finest American cooking. Just about everything, from baking fresh muffins and cakes to curing corned beef, is done right here on the premises. Each recipe has been homedeveloped and home-tested to ensure that you, our customer, will experience the ultimate dining pleasure. Critics representing the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association and other media and industry groups have consistently honored Hob Nob Hill with the highest awards. However, our greatest award is the satisfaction we receive from you, our customers. Your loyalty has made us what we are today, and we graciously anticipate the opportunity to

continue serving you in the future.

BRONZE – BREAD AND CIE 350 University Ave., 92103 (619) 683-9322


GOLD – CAFÉ ON PARK 3831 Park Blvd., 92103 (619) 293-7275


HUMPHREYS BY THE BAY 2241 Shelter Island Dr., 92106 (619) 224-3577

BRONZE – URBAN MO’S 308 University Ave., 92103 (619) 491-0400


GOLD – BURGER LOUNGE 528 Fifth Ave., 92101 (619) 955-5727

SILVER – EMPIRE HOUSE 127 University Ave., 92103 (619) 688-9283

BRONZE – CREST CAFÉ 425 Robinson Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2510

GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013




3029 University Ave., 92104 (619) 291-7500


1190 N. Second St., 92021 (619) 442-1211 |

BRONZE – HONG KONG 3871 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 291-9449



MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 400-4500


3696 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 297-9720

BRONZE – #1 FIFTH AVENUE 3845 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 299-1911

This local Hillcrest hangout has a great outdoor patio with a large video screen, pool tables and video games, making it a great spot to meet friends. Make a stop here to enjoy a San Diego night or day.

see BEST OF, pg 14


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013




PEET’S COFFEE AND TEA 350 University Ave., 92103 (619) 296-5995 |


4096 30th St., 92104 (619) 521-0533

BRONZE – PAPPALECCO 3650 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 906-5566



SAN DIEGO CHICKEN POT PIE SHOP 2633 El Cajon Blvd., 92104 (619) 295-0156


425 Robinson Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2510

BRONZE – R GANG EATERY 3683 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 677-2845


GOLD – DELI LLAMA 3702 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 295-4666

It began with a concept – sumptuous sandwiches in a uniquely whimsical atmosphere – and owner Laura Sullivan was able to breathe this all to life in an under-used space on the corner of 5th & Pennsylvania and call it The Deli Llama. After years of enjoying widely different experiences, from singing in Atlantic City to working with exotic animals to launching a successful chocolate business (clients included Neiman Marcus, Barney›s & Bristol Farms), Sullivan's grand finale was realized in 2009 when she opened The Deli Llama. In just three years The Llama has racked up three local awards, including Best Lunch and Best Sandwich by the Uptown News Reader's Choice poll and one national award for Best Ad during Pride. Sullivan managed to do this while creating a warm, community-oriented atmosphere where customers are family. With a menu that offers a delightful variety of sandwiches, paninis, soups and goodies - including its newest selection of gluten-free breads and detoxifying drinks, The Deli Llama continues to draw new and loyal customers in to enjoy its delicious food and fanciful setting.


535 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2747


6930 Alvarado Rd., 92120 (619) 265-0218



EXTRAORDINARY DESSERTS 2929 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 294-2132

SILVER – BABYCAKES 3766 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 296-4173


5987 El Cajon Blvd., 92115 (619) 287-8186 service from their friendly staff.

BRONZE – RICKY’S FAMILY RESTAURANT 2181 Hotel Circle S., 92108 (619) 291-4498



2550 Fifth Ave. #12, 92103 (619) 239-1377


MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 400-4500

BRONZE – THE PRADO 1549 El Prado, 92101 (619) 557-9441




420 Robinson Ave., 92103 (619) 268-2400





420 Robinson Ave., 92103 (619) 268-2400 127 University Ave., 92103 (619) 688-9283

BRONZE – KOUS KOUS 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 295-5560



2611 El Cajon Blvd., 92104 (619) 296-8268

SILVER – SAIGON ON FIFTH 3900 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 220-8828

Open daily, Saigon on Fifth has been serving premiere Vietnamese food to Uptown patrons for years. Quality dishes that were actually once served to royal leaders in their native Vietnam are now accessible to clientele from 11 a.m. – 3 a.m. They have a variety of dishes, including their pho – a traditional and very popular beef broth-based, rice noodle soup that is richly flavored, complicated yet delicately prepared. Saigon on Fifth, a culinary treasure, offers fresh spring rolls, zesty seafood and many more exquisite Vietnamese dishes. Clientele can expect to dine in a tranquil atmosphere all while receiving premiere

721 Ninth Ave., 92101 (619) 232-3242

2121 Adams Ave., 92116 (619) 269-9662



126 Washington St., 92103 (619) 297-0344


3863 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 297-1777

Serving Greek, Mediterranean and American food, this Hillcrest institution has been delighting palates for over 20 years. Serving everything from gyros, to spanakopita and Greek salads, Alexis even offers vegetarian cuisine. For the best Greek food in Hillcrest, visit Alexis Greek Café. No other Greek restaurant compares.

BRONZE – MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ 112 W. Washington St., 92103 (619) 298-7738 medi-café.com


GOLD – ORTEGA’S MEXICAN BISTRO 141 University Ave., 92103 see BEST OF, pg 15






3040 N. Park Way, 92104 (619) 295-8072

(619) 692-4200

3843 Richmond St., 92103 (619) 296-6056






MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 400-4500

BRONZE – #1 FIFTH AVENUE 3845 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 299-1911



LOTUS CAFÉ AND JUICE BAR 3955 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 795-2446

SILVER – PHO FIFTH AVENUE 3807 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 260-3555

BRONZE – EVOLUTION FAST FOOD 2965 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 550-1818

Evolution is a revolution in fast food – using mostly organic, whole foods with no refined sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, no GMO ingredients, no artificial additives, flavors, preservatives, or colors, and no cholesterol. Our Mission: To improve the world with delicious, nutritious fast food that is good for you and good for the earth. Our Promise: No animal ingredients, no refined sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial flavors – all delicious. Evolution offers a rich variety of gourmet burgers, wraps, sandwiches, fries, smoothies, shakes and desserts, including many raw and/or gluten-free options. A daily special, soups and stews round out the menu. Almost everything is made from scratch including all of our sauces, dressings and soft serve ice cream!


GOLD – BOMBAY INDIAN 3960 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 297-7777 bombayrestaurant.html


3803 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 295-8555

BRONZE – INDIA PALACE 694 University Ave., 92103 (619) 294-8886

3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 295-5560 4645 Park Blvd., 92116 (619) 298-2801


GOLD – ARRIVEDERCI 3845 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 299-6282


3780 Fifth Ave. #1, 92103 (619) 293-0248 535 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2747

BRONZE – GREAT MAPLE 1451 Washington St., 92103 (619) 255-2282






142 University Ave., 92103 (619) 209-3636 3707 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 298-0119



228 W. Washington St., 92103 (619) 231-9597

SILVER – NAMI HILLCREST 501 University Ave., 92103 (619) 297-7888

BRONZE – ZENSEI SUSHI 3396 30th St., 92104 (619) 546-6171


GOLD – SAIGON ON FIFTH 3900 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 220-8828

SILVER – ASIAN BISTRO 414 University Ave., 92103 (619) 296-4119

BRONZE – CREST CAFE 425 Robinson Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2510



2046 University Ave., 92104 (619) 296-0889

141 University Ave., 92103 (619) 692-4200

RANCHOS COCINA NORTH PARK 3910 30th St., 92104 (619) 574-1288

BRONZE – BARRIO STAR 2706 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 501-7827



HILLCREST BREWING COMPANY 1458 University Ave., 92103 (619) 269-4323


BALLAST POINT BREWERY 10051 Old Grove Rd., 92131 (858) 695-2739

BRONZE – MISSION BREWERY 1441 L St., 92101 (619) 544-0555


GOLD – #1 FIFTH AVENUE 3845 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 299-1911


2046 University Ave., 92104 (619) 296-0889 |

BRONZE – THE HOLE 2820 Lytton St., 92110 (619) 226-9019

see BEST OF, pg 16

GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013



GOLD – PITA JUNGLE 1045 University Ave., 91105 (619) 255-7482 |

BEST OF GAY SAN SILVER – R GANG EATERY 3683 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 677-2845

BRONZE – LIL B’S 2611 El Cajon Blvd., 92104 (619) 296-8268





127 University Ave., 92103 (619) 688-9283

1045 University Ave., 91105 (619) 255-7482


SILVER – GREAT MAPLE 1451 Washington St., 92103 (619) 255-2282 |

(619) 239-1377

GOLD – BRONX 111 Washington St., 92103 (619) 291-3341

SILVER – WHOLE FOODS 711 University Ave., 92103 (619) 294-2800

SILVER – PANERA BREAD 1270 Cleveland Ave., 92103 (619) 849-8606

BRONZE – URBAN MO’S 308 University Ave., 92103 (619) 491-0400





1051 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-2195

URBN COAL FIRED PIZZA 3085 University Ave., 92104 (619) 255-7300

1040 University Ave., 92103 (619) 574-2800

SILVER – URBAN MO’S 308 University Ave., 92103 (619) 491-0400 |


GOLD – KOUS KOUS BRONZE – MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 400-4500


3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 295-5560

SILVER – MARTINIS ABOVE FOURTH 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 400-4500

GOLD – BAJA BETTY’S 1421 University Ave., 92103 (619) 269-8510 |

SILVER – HARNEY SUSHI 3964 Harney St., 92110 (619) 295-3272

BRONZE – KING’S FISH HOUSE 825 Camino De La Reina, 92108 (619) 574-1230


GOLD – TRAVIS STEINER BRONZE – MISTER A’S 2550 Fifth Ave. #12, 92103



GOLD – FLICK’S 1017 University Ave., 92103 (619) 297-2056

SILVER – PECS 2046 University Ave., 92104 (619) 296-0889

SILVER – TASTE OF THAI 527 University Ave., 92103 (619) 291-7525

BRONZE – AMARIN THAI 3843 Richmond St., 92103 (619) 296-6056


124 (61 win



396 (61 the




308 University Ave., 92103 (619) 491-0400

2965 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 550-1818

102 (61 coh rest


GOLD – DELI LLAMA 3702 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 295-4666

SILVER – JYOTI BIHANGA 3351 Adams Ave., 92116 (619) 282-4116



SILVER – WHICH WICH 3825 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 574-9424

3955 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 795-2446


BRONZE – HILLCREST SANDWICH SHOP 3780 Fifth Ave. #1, 92103 (619) 293-0248


GOLD – LOTUS THAI 3761 Sixth Ave., 92103 (619) 299-8272


Abb 194 (61

GOLD – SAIGON ON FIFTH 3900 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 220-8828


FOR 101 (61

SILVER – PHO FIFTH AVENUE 3807 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 260-3555


GOL 842

GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013




(619) 917-6288

GOLD – WINE STEALS 1243 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-1188

SILVER – THE WINE LOVER 3968 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 294-9200

BRONZE – 100 WINES 1027 University Ave., 92103 (619) 491-0100

SILVER – HERBIN ACUPUNCTURE & WELLNESS 2804 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 564-8308


GOLD – Jeremy Dutson, Abbas, Jenson & Cundari 1940 Fifth Ave., 92101 (619) 298-9699 |

SILVER – DAVE YOSHIDA, FORTUNATE FIELDS 1010 University Ave. #C-207, 92103 (619) 220-0375 |


GOLD – WENDY GOLDMAN, GOLDMAN WELLNESS 842 E. Washington St. #B, 92103

MISSION GALLERY ANTIQUES 320 W. Washington St., 92103 (619) 692-3566



KENSINGTON ACUPUNCTURE 4711 Vista St., 92116 (619) 459-4210

ADULT BUSINESS PLEASURES AND TREASURES 2525 University Ave., 92104 (619) 822-4280

SILVER – RUBBER ROSE 917 E St., 92101 (619) 296-7673

2754 Calhoun St., 92110 (619) 823-6130

SILVER – ALEXANDER SALAZAR FINE ART 640 Broadway, 92101 (619) 531-8996

BRONZE – ART PRODUCE 3139 University Ave., 92104 (619) 584-4448



GOLD – MISSION HILLS AUTO 308 W. Washington St., 92103 (619) 299-9367 |

3955 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 295-0850 |



3864 First Ave., 92103 (619) 297-4059



830 25th St. #101, 92102 (619) 756-7491 |

4040 Park Blvd., 92103 (619) 542-0922

1932 Wildcat Canyon Rd., 92040 (619) 443-2300

GOLD – CALIFORNIA BANK AND TRUST 3737 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 299-9700



Retail & Services



Whether you are conducting business banking or personal banking, you will immediately notice something different about California Bank and Trust – our bankers. Our wealth of experience and practical wisdom is something you just cannot find at your average California bank and we are committed to putting it to work for you. CB&T is among the leading banks in California with over $10 billion in assets and branch offices located throughout the state. They can help you with your small business banking, commercial banking and personal banking needs. One of the most respected banks in California, CB&T has over 100 branches throughout the state from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area.

SILVER – VIEJAS 5000 Willows Rd., 91901 (619) 445-5400


GOLD – DR. SHANAHAN (INNER BALANCE INSTITUTE) 1816 Lincoln Ave., 92103 (619) 543-9999

SILVER – DR. KRIS BREW (VITALITY) 3900 Fifth Ave. #230, 92103 (619) 299-9722

BRONZE – DR. BRIAN SMITH D.C. 5252 Balboa Ave. #804, 92117 (619) 987-1057 COSMETIC SURGEON

SILVER – CALIFORNIA COAST CREDIT UNION 1060 University Ave. #A101, 92103 (858) 495-1600



GOLD – DR. THOMAS VECCHIONE 3399 First Ave., 92103 (619) 297-4433 see BEST OF, pg 18


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013



BEST OF SILVER – DR. WILLIAM HEIMER 3737 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 299-0700 CREDIT UNION


CALIFORNIA COAST CREDIT UNION 1060 University Ave. #A101, 92103 (858) 495-1600


MISSION FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 269 W. Washington St., 92103 (858) 524-2850 Mission Fed moments happen every day. What’s a Mission Fed Moment? According to Charlie Sykes, manager of the Mission Hills Branch, it is just about anything that helps Mission Fed customers enjoy their special moments of success. “Yes, we offer a wide range of financial services, but what we really do is help people reach their goals,” Sykes said. “It’s so satisfying to help people get a new car, their dream home or even save them time with Mobile Deposit.” Sykes knows the neighborhood – he grew up in Hillcrest and now he and his family live nearby and enjoy everything the area has to offer. All San Diegans are welcome. For more information about Mission Fed and how they can help you reach your Mission Fed Moment, visit the Mission Hills Branch at

269 W. Washington Street at the corner of Albatross, or go to



1205 University Ave., 92103 (619) 296-6224

SILVER – URBAN CALM 726 Ninth Ave. #3, 92101 (619) 236-1395

BRONZE – iTAN HILLCREST 660 University Ave., 92103 (619) 298-1826




1807 Robinson Ave. Ste. 101, 92103

(619) 295-1512

The professional care provided by Dr. Keeny’s staff is eager to help with your dentistry needs and answer any questions you might have during your visit with us. Each member of our team specializes in particular dentistry services from dental cleanings, root canals, teeth whitening, continuing care, bonding, cosmetic care and more! Open Monday through Friday, a team member is ready and happy to help.

SILVER – DR. ROB STROBER 3330 Third Ave. #302, 92103 (619) 639-7322


WALNUT AVENUE DENTISTRY 305 Walnut Ave., 92103 (619) 291-1181


GOLD – DJTAJ (URBAN MO’S) 308 University Ave., 92103 (619) 491-0400

capable staff will do their best to make your experience the best it can be.

SILVER – DR. GARY WOODALL 2970 Fifth Ave. #140, 92103 (619) 260-3456 5668-gary-woodall-md




STOCKTON FINANCIAL 4365 Executive Dr. #800, 92121 (858) 623-8945





GOLD – DR. DAVID SHAMBLAW 2970 Fifth Ave. #140, 92103 (619) 260-3456

At David Shamblaw’s office, your individual concerns are addressed. The office is open during the weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is our goal to provide all patients with a caring, supportive environment where they feel comfortable discussing their health. We work hard to ensure that our patients have access to quality, up-to-date care and are provided with the information they need to make important decisions about their health care. We feel that it is important that we offer a friendly, pleasant place to visit when you need to see your doctor. Whether your concern is preventative medicine, a new illness, or a chronic medical problem, Dr. Shamblaw and his

ERIC BROWN, WADDELL & REED 8910 University Center Ln. #550, 92122 (858) 457-1310


DEL MAR FINANCIAL PLANNERS 12526 High Bluff Dr. #280, 92130 (858) 259-6300 x309


GOLD – GREEN FRESH FLORAL 3785 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 544-0504

SILVER – STORM INTERNATIONAL 902 W. University Ave., 92103 (619) 543-9599 BRONZE – GREEN BUTTERFLY 4073 Adams Ave., 92116 (619) 546-5999





4145 30th St., 92104 (619) 284-6672


1030 University Ave., 92103 (619) 298-2931

BRONZE – FRESH AND EASY 3231 University Ave., 92104 (619) 285-0961


GOLD – 24 HOUR FITNESS 3965 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 683-2424

SILVER – FIT DOWNTOWN 350 Tenth Ave., 92101 (619) 764-5348

BRONZE – BOULEVARD FITNESS 2110 El Cajon Blvd., 92104 (619) 296-7878


GOLD – THICK HAIR SALON 3852 Third Ave., 92103 (619) 260-0094

Owner Fred Nunez was born in Tecate Baja to a Spanish American father and a Navajo Indian mother. The hair thing

see BEST OF, pg 19


BEST OF began in a closet cutting his sister’s dolls hair. By age 12, he was cutting his mother’s hair. In 2000, Fred opened up his first salon in Mexico called, “FM Salon.” In 2003, Fred started working at Hairspray Salon, where he stayed for 10 years. Six months ago, Fred Nunez took over the ownership of Thick Hair Salon. “We really love our salon and we feel everyone feels at home in a very cozy atmosphere,” Fred said. “Our work consists of hair coloring, cutting, styling, makeup application, waxing, hair extensions and non-surgical hair systems. Thanks to all you readers who voted us número uno.”

SILVER – COCOON HAIR STUDIO 2121 Fifth Ave. #209, 92101 (619) 208-3346 BRONZE – HAIRCREST

1262 University Ave., 92103 (619) 297-4247



ACE HILLCREST HARDWARE 1007 University Ave., 92103 (619) 291-5988


3555 Sports Arena Blvd., 92110 (619) 224-9200



4175 Park Blvd., 92103 (619) 291-8287

SILVER – WHOLE FOODS 711 University Ave., 92103 (619) 294-2800



4077 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 294-8111 | As San Diego’s premier health care provider, Scripps is a community-based health care system with a proud legacy of providing excellent care for the people of San Diego. Scripps Health is a private, nonprofit health system that includes four hospitals on five campuses, dozens of outpatient clinics, thousands of affiliated physicians, home health and hospice care. On the forefront of genomic medicine and wireless health technology, Scripps is dedicated to improving community health while advancing medicine through clinical research and graduate medical education. Scripps strives to provide superior health services in a caring environment and to make a positive, measurable difference in the health of individuals in the communities we serve. Scripps serves as a major community health care resource for San Diego County. Our goal is to create a healing environment in partnership with all caregivers who are committed to serving our patients.


7901 Frost St., 92103 (858) 939-3400 |


200 W Arbor Dr., 92103 (858) 657-7000 |



LAFAYETTE HOTEL AND SUITES 2223 El Cajon Blvd., 92104

(619) 296-2101

SILVER – INN AT THE PARK 525 Spruce St., 92103 (619) 296-0057

The Inn at the Park, a Shell Vacations Property, is a recently renovated 1926 all-suite hotel located on the border of Hillcrest and Bankers Hill. They are famous for their Friday night happy hour at the Top of the Park, which features great happy hour drink prices and the best views in San Diego. Enjoy lunch with dramatic city views Monday through Friday at the Top of the Park. Indoor and outdoor patio seating is available and complimentary 2-hour valet parking is available for lunch and dinner with restaurant validation. Dine on gourmet sandwiches, delicious steaks and seafood at the 525 Restaurant and Piano Bar, where you can enjoy dinner and cocktails seven nights a week. We feature live entertainers Tuesday through Sunday, singing everything from jazz to pop and blues to show tunes. On Monday nights, however, you are the star with karaoke.

Emmanuel met over 20 years ago when they were both chosen artists in a jewelry show at a contemporary gallery here in San Diego. They worked together at a store for a while before Emmanuel left to open his own store in La Jolla. Through the years the two stayed in touch and collaborated on various jewelry projects and design contests. Having similar ideas, tastes and visions, they finally decided to open a jewelry store and gallery that would be different from all the rest. At Jewels on 5th you are more than a client to Julie and Emmanuel, you are their partner; a collaborator in creating a unique piece of jewelry.


525 B St., 92101 (619) 231-0520 |



4370 La Jolla Village Dr., 92122

(858) 546-4430 |





SILVER – HERBIN ACUPUNCTURE & WELLNESS 3594 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 564-8308

HILLCREST HOUSE B&B 3845 Front St., 92103 (619) 990-2441

JEWELER 3975 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 269-5853 | With over 50 years of jewelry experience, Jewels on 5th is owned and operated by Master Goldsmith Emmanuel Himmelberger and graduate jeweler, metalsmith and artist Julie Harris. They offer jewelry that is engineered, manufactured and finished all under their roof. Julie and

1080 University Ave., 92103 (619) 296-5668 |


2831 Camino Del Rio S. #209, 92108

(619) 795-6955



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


3788 Park Blvd Ste. #5, 92103 (619) 683-2020


1010 University Ave. #C109, 92103 (619) 955-5369


GOLD – BRIAN WHITE 3919 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 800-1625

Brian White Fitness is San Diego’s number one choice for personal training, outdoor boot camps and innovative corporate wellness programs. Our motto is Do It Daily! Whether that means getting 30 minutes of exercise, making the right food choices or developing a new healthy habit – that’s what we preach – Do It Daily! We provide innovative fitness solutions for individuals, groups and corporations to positively change their habits, health and lifestyle. We offer personal training and Dirty30 workouts in San Diego’s most distinctive private gym – Diverge. Our personal training programs have been getting San Diegans the results they want since 2000. We offer workshops, seminars and on-site 21-day boot camp challenges to corporations all around San Diego. Our personal trainers understand the unique needs of a corporate wellness program and will get the workforce engaged, educated and moving. Our outdoor boot camps and life-changing 21-day challenges in Balboa Park have been shaping San Diego physiques and minds since 2007.

SILVER – CORY RUSSO 930 10th Ave., 92101 (619) 517-3223

see BEST OF, pg 20


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013



1220 Cleveland Ave. #M-109, 92103

(619) 906-4455


GOLD – FIDO AND COMPANY 1228 University Ave., 92103 (619) 295-9663

SILVER – DR. BOYD’S PET RESORT 2147 San Diego Ave., 92110 (619) 260-6060 BRONZE –

PAWPRINTS PET SITTING In-home service (619) 624-0360 PawPrints Pet Sitting is a one-on-one, customized service, enabling us to foster your pet within his/her familiar environment – at home, safe and where they love to be. Since the same PawPrints staff member is routinely assigned to your pet, our sitters and your pets build personal relationships so he/she can feel comfortable and at home. This is difficult to accomplish at a day care or boarding facility, which is why PawPrints is so wonderfully different. With over 22 years of professional pet sitting experience, we not only care for your pet with wholehearted attention, but we also care for your home. Included at no additional cost, we will water your plants, bring in your mail and/or newspapers, take out your trash and even move your car on street sweeping days. Day care and boarding facilities cannot provide your pet with the individual mindfulness they deserve, let alone complete your household chores. At PawPrints, feeding, playing, walking, brushing, administering medications and even special requests are all offered at a flat rate. We are city licensed, fully insured and BBB “A+” rated, so visit us at or call us at 619-624-0360. Let PawPrints award your pet the nurture he/she deserves while you’re away.


GOLD – DR. BOYD’S PET RESORT 2147 San Diego Ave., 92110 (619) 260-6060

SILVER – PET PALACE 3827 Ray St., 92104 (619) 291-6565


3495 Sports Arena Blvd., 92110 (619) 758-1731 |


GOLD – HILLCREST PHARMACY 120 University Ave., 92103 (619) 260-1010


MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY #9 4060 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 297-2214

BRONZE – MOMS PHARMACY/ AHF PHARMACY 3940 Fourth Ave., 92103 (619) 574-9700

MOMS/AHF Pharmacy provides outstanding service that is tailored to your specific needs. Since AHF Pharmacy is an affiliate of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), you can be confident you are doing business with an established leader in healthcare and research. Among the services at AFH, you can count on hasslefree filing of any prescription in-store, by phone & e-prescribing, speedy, confidential delivery and shipping at no cost. Free HIV testing is offered at select sites as well. Medicare, Medicaid, ADAP and most private insurance plans are accepted. Your visit to the pharmacy includes a staff that will coordinate all your benefits.

REAL ESTATE AGENT understand the needs and pleasures of living in this extraordinary community.

BRONZE – RICHARD WOODS 930 W. Washington St. #1, 92103 (619) 347-9866


GOLD – ASCENT REAL ESTATE 410 Kalmia St., 92101 (619) 325-4100

The Ascent Real Estate team is experienced in property sales and acquisitions ranging from expansive estates to single-family homes and condominiums. Ascent Real Estate embodies an enviable combination of entrepreneurial energy, comprehensive industry experience, and local market knowledge. Ascent Real Estate is comprised of a talented and highly motivated team with extensive experience in all phases of real estate transactions. The company maintains excellent relationships with key players across the residential real estate industry including brokers, homebuilders and financial partners.

SILVER – METROPOLITAN GROUP 1709 University Ave., 92103 (619) 227-3308 sdmetrogroup.coM RESALE/THRIFT SHOP





As a realtor, Tony is dedicated to the needs of his clients for residential, residential income and commercial real estate. He is determined to make buying or selling their property a positive experience that is as stress free as possible. Tony comes from a background in banking and investment and has provided a leadership role in management positions. He has brought this experience and leadership into the world of real estate and uses his vast knowledge in serving his community. He serves the community through volunteer work with several organizations and has proudly been co-sponsor of the University Heights Summer Concert Season, held in Trolley Barn Park, for the last 12 years. He also makes a donation in the name of each of his clients to a charitable organization of the clients’ choice. If you, or someone you know, are thinking of buying or selling a home, just call. I’m here to help with any of your real estate needs. Contact me for a complimentary home buyers/ sellers guide or a market analysis of your property. From living in San Diego, I


410 Kalmia St., 92101 (619) 865-1389 3930 Idaho St., 92104 (619) 944-6901

1644 University Ave., 92103 (619) 497-1000 2871 University Ave., 92104 (619) 297-3040 3862 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 298-4411


GOLD – MERRILL GARDENS 2567 Second Ave., 92103 (619) 752-1099

SILVER – ST. PAUL’S MANOR 2635 Second Ave., 92103 (619) 239-2097


GOLD – AZ TANNING SALON 1040 University Ave., 92103 (619) 297-0018

AZ Heat Tanning is one of the hottest

see BEST OF, pg 21


BEST OF tanning salons San Diego has to offer. Our Hillcrest tanning salon is located in the heart of the Uptown District. We are equipped with five levels of the best San Diego tanning beds by Ergoline. In addition to UV tanning, we also offer custom airbrush spray tanning, red light therapy, tanning lotions and skin care products by Devoted Creations & Hempz. You’ll always find exclusive specials on our tanning to save money: Saturday and Sunday: Single tanning sessions are 50% off. Mimosa Sundays: Start your Sunday Funday off right. Free mimosas every Sunday at our San Diego Tanning Salon. Stop by – our tanning salon is the best tanning experience you’ll find.

SILVER – iTAN HILLCREST 660 University Ave., 92103 (619) 298-1826

BRONZE – HOLLYWOOD TAN 500 University Ave., 92103 (619) 220-8444



2913 University Ave., 92104 (619) 299-4868


363 N. Second St. # A, 92021 (619) 447-3574

BRONZE – SLEEPING GIANT 3741 Fifth Ave., 92103 (619) 497-0902



PRESIDIO VETERINARY CLINIC 5427 Linda Vista Rd., 92110 (619) 297-0219 At Presidio Veterinary Hospital we understand that your pets are part of your family and that you want the best care for them. That is why our motto and our mission is to treat your pets as if they were our own. We greet each pet with a warm smile and a kind touch. This makes them feel at ease and allows us to build trust with them, and having a treat jar doesn’t hurt either. We have a great “pet-side” manner and strive daily to provide your “babies” with the most compassionate, competent and quality care possible. We offer wellness exams, walk-ins and emergencies, full dental cleanings, full-service diagnostic lab and many more services. We look forward to meeting you and your special family members soon so we can show you how and why we are different! We also give senior and military discounts, just ask us when you come in.


246 W. Washington St., 92103 (619) 299-7387


GOLD – BLOSSOM HILLCREST 3940 Seventh Ave., 92103 (858) 224-3577

SILVER – KATHY GOODMAN (BODYWISE YOGA STUDIO) 1794 W. Washington, 92103 (619) 988-6070

BRONZE – THE YOGA FACTORY 1228 University Ave., 92103 (619) 719-5292 theyoga-factory.comt

GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013

Friday, May 31

GLSEN GSA AWARDS: From 6 – 9 p.m., the San Diego County chapter of GLSEN will hand out their Gay Straight Alliance awards for the send year in a row, recognizing all GSAs for the work in providing a safe and supportive environment for LGBT students and their allies. All clubs will receive a $150 GLSEN San Diego grant, and the ceremony will be held at The LGBT Center, 3909 Centre St. For more information visit CUEVO PEREZ: L.A.-based but hailing from Mexico, Cuevo Perez takes the stage at the Brass Rail tonight, with special guests The Remotes. The gig starts at 9 p.m. and tickets are $8. The Brass Rail is located at 3796 Fifth Ave. For more information visit or call 619298-2233.

Saturday, June 1

STEPPING STONE BENEFIT: Mahogany Run Delivery will have their annual lot sale today and tomorrow, June 2, with 25 percent of proceeds donated to Stepping Stone of San Diego. There will be more items than you can shake a stick at: sofas, bed frames, kitchen wares, chairs, electronics, tables, décor, lamps, art and more. So much so, they’ve taken over the lot at 2221 Fern St. in South Park. The sale is from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. each day. For more information call 858-578-6800. WARNER-CARRILLO RANCH: SOHO asks all to come celebrate the restoration of the National Historic Landmark, the Warner-Carrillo Ranch House in Northeast San Diego County. It’s a day trip culminating with a tour of the house, stagecoach rides, historical demonstrations, music, barbeque, photography and an Army of the West reenactment. There is a $5 admission and the ranch is located at 29181 San Felipe Rd., just off state highway 79. For more information visit or call 619-297-9327. SAN DIEGO ART INSTITUTE C-NOTE: Have an extra $100 to spend on art? How about

$200? $300? The San Diego Art Institute holds their Summer C-Note event tonight from 5 – 8 p.m. where original artwork by members and regional artists will be sold right off the walls for a cool one, two or three c-note. It’s a fundraiser too, and takes place at 1549 El Prado in Balboa Park. Tickets are $3 for nonmembers. For more information visit or call 619-236-0011. WILDFIRE ALBUM PARTY: Vicci Martinez, a finalist on the first season of “The Voice,” has a new album out and the women of the Inferno Hot Flash Dances will be handing out a select number of the album at tonight’s Wildfire dance, held from 6 – 10 p.m. at the Brass Rail. Lady Jane DJ will spin, and admission is only $8 until 7 p.m., $10 after. The Rail is located at 3796 Fifth Ave. For more information visit EQCA DINNER: We are hopelessly infatuated with Equality California’s new direction and new director, John O’Connor, who will be in town tonight to help present the EQCA San Diego awards to Dave Roberts and Vincent Pompei. Special guests include Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins, Professor David Cruz and ABC 10 reporter Michael Chen. Entertainment will be by Kimberly Caldwell and DJ Ray Rhodes. The reception is from 6 – 7 p.m. with the dinner and awards from 7 – 9 p.m. at The Prado at Balboa Park. Evening attire is suggested. Tickets are $175. For more information visit or email jack@

Sunday, June 2

SAFE SCHOOLS SUMMIT: GLSEN San Diego will be hosting a Safe Schools Summit to “ensure safe schools for all and educate” attendees on topics such as Gay Straight Alliance success, gender identity, and LGBT history. The event is from 8:15 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at 6401 Linda Vista Rd. For more information visit UNI HEIGHTS CLEANUP: If you’re not running the Rock ‘n’ Roll today, get out your gloves and


West Hollywood Pride kicks off June 7 Chiddy Bang open the night and make their L.A. Pride debut. The high-energy, charismatic pair of rappers … serve their audiences with a Los Angeles LGBT Pride in West Hollywood unique array of sample-based music featuring comes June 7 – 9, kicking off with the third annuvarious artists ranging from Ellie Goulding to al “Purple Party: A Celebration of Women” that Radiohead.” Friday evening starting at 5 p.m. What began as Following Chiddy Bang, the “pop-princess” a highlight to the Dyke March, headliners at this Ciara – singing her hits “Goodies,” “Ride It” and year’s Purple Party are the indie- and electro“Like A Boy” – will take the stage as headliner, rock duo Uh Huh Her and singer-songwriter followed by DJ Pornstar. Entertainment on the Luciana. Attendance Friday night is free. main stage Saturday begins at 1:30 p.m. The three-day event is staged at West HolOn Sunday, organizers have booked songlywood Park, with the main entrance at San stress Kerli and The Pointer Sisters as the Vicente and Santa Monica boulevards. day’s headliners, with entertainment The park also serves at the end of starting at 1:30 p.m. Kat Deluna, the parade route, which starts at who will also be performing at the 11 a.m. on Sunday and runs just Latino Carnival area, will take the over one mile along Santa Monica main stage at 9:15 p.m., following Boulevard. The Pointer Sisters. Attendance into the festival Outside of entertainment, Saturday and Sunday is $20 this year marks the fourth per day, with discounts for year of the Transgender LA children, seniors, active Pride Party celebrating the military and veterans. transgender community and Festival grounds – open from scheduled for Friday night. noon to midnight Saturday On Sunday at noon during and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday the parade, organizers have – include multiple stages, live planned a moment of silence as entertainment, vendor booths and a “peaceful protest” to remember refreshments. and celebrate those that fought for Special sections at this year’s LGBT visibility, organizers said. festival include the Pride Lounge, “There are people who have sacrisacri Country Pavilion, an art and heritage ficed their lives in service of the exhibition, Latino Carnival, hip-hop Pride Movement and there [is] so dance, and Erotic City, an adultsmuch more to be accomplished.” only area featuring never-beforeL.A. LGBT Pride in West seen art from the Tom of Finland Hollywood is produced by the Foundation. nonprofit Christopher Street “Saturday will be a night West. For more information and you do not want to miss this The Pointer Sisters tickets visit or call year,” organizers said in a press (Courtesy Lucky Break PR) 323-969-8302.t release. “Alternative hip-hop By Anthony King | GSD Editor

boots and help clean up University Heights from 8 – 11 a.m. The group will take advantage of the 163 closing for the race to clean up the canyon near Lincoln and Washington streets. Sunscreen will be provided (but it wouldn’t hurt to put some extra on before you leave the house). For more information visit or email

Monday, June 3


Casbah is welcoming The Steelwells for a four-show residency, starting tonight with Family Wagon, Midnight Pine and The Heart Beat Trail. Did we say the shows were free? Because they are. The Casbah is located at 2501 Kettner Blvd. For more information and to not buy tickets visit casbahmusic. com or call 619-232-4355.

Tuesday, June 4

TIKI TUESDAY: Bar Pink on a Tuesday is perfect. Tiki Tues-

day featuring Adrian Demain’s Exoticatronica is tonight at 9 p.m. Do you really want to miss out on something called Exoticatronica? Thought not. Bar Pink is located at 3829 30th St. in North Park. For more information visit

Wednesday, June 5

WELFARE WEDNE$DAY$: Like Ke$ha only more cool, Flicks’ Welfare Wedne$sday$ are the

see Calendar, pg 26



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013 ADOPTION

IS ADOPTION RIGHT FOR YOU? Choose your family. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. One True Gift Adoptions. Call 24/7. 866-413-6292. Void in Illinois/New Mexico/Indiana All other states are subject to individual state laws that limit or regulate the use of advertising in adoptive placement. IS ADOPTION RIGHT FOR YOU? Open or closed adoption. YOU choose the family. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions. Call 24/7. 866-413-6296. Florida Agency #100021542 Void in Illinois/ New Mexico/Indiana

AUTOMOTIVE BLOWN HEADGASKET? Any vehicle repair yourself. State of the art 2-Component chemical process. Specializing in Cadillac Northstar Overheating. 100% guaranteed. 1-866-780-9038 $18/Month Auto Insurance - Instant Quote - Any Credit Type Accepted Get the Best Rates In Your Area. Call (800) 869-8573 Now

AUTOS DONATIONS DONATE A CAR - HELP CHILDREN FIGHTING DIABETES. Fast, Free Towing. Call 7 days/week. Non-runners OK. Tax Deductible. Call Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 1-800-578-0408 DONATE YOUR CAR to CHILDREN’S CANCER FUND of AMERICA and help end CHILDHOOD CANCER. Tax Deductible. Next Day Towing. Receive Vacation Voucher. 7 Days 1-800-469-8593 Donate Your Car to Veterans Today! Help those in need! Your vehicle donation will help US Troops and support our Veterans! 100% tax deductible Fast Free pickup!1-800-263-4713

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Sales & Rentals

NORTH PARK 4032 ½ Iowa.1bd 1ba cottage WITH Hardwd. Floors. $1070 rent, $1150 deposit. Small pet on approval.

CITY HEIGHTS 4226 41st street. Seniors only. Gated community with on site management and elevator. $650 rent $650 deposit. Sorry, no pets and must be 62 or older.

NORMAL HEIGHTS 2bd, 1ba – Recently remodeled. ½ block south of Adams ave. 4627 33rd St. #1 $1100 rent $1100 deposit. Sorry, no pets.

619.640.7530 3128 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92104

Reader Advisory: The National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.





GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013



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Strategic Planning, Tactical Training Joe Whitaker operates H.R. Tactics, a full-service human resource consulting firm in Mission Hills, providing a broad range of human resource support, products and solutions for small to midsized companies with fees designed to put affordable human resources in reach. He can be contacted at 804-4551 or e-mail at

Garden • Shop Classes • Services 3685 Voltaire St. San Diego 619.223.5229 •


302 Washington St., Suite 112 San Diego, CA 92103

Visit us online at:




GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


CALENDAR place to be to meet men while not breaking the bank. There are $2 cocktails all night long. Did I mention meeting men? Flicks is located at 1017 University Ave. For more information visit sdflicks. com or call 619-297-2056.

Thursday, June 6

DRAG RACE TOUR: Seating for Logo’s Drag Race Tour at Urban Mo’s is sold out but there is still space at the Red Carpet Party at 8 p.m. The 9 p.m. show is hosted by Michele Visage and Chad Michaels and features Morgan McMichaels, Delta Work and one of RuPaul’s “pit crew,” Jason Carter. There will be a meet and greet after the show, too. Tickets range from $20 - $40 if you can get them. Mo’s is located at 308 University Ave. For more information visit or call 619-491-0400. FUNNY FACE: Fashion maven Audrey Hepburn is discovered in a dumpy bookstore and swept away to Paris to be a model (it happens, right?) in the classic film “Funny Face.” Cinema Under the Stars in Mission Hills is showing the film tonight and tomorrow night, June 7, at 8:30 p.m. each night. Tickets are $15 and the theatre is located at 4040 Goldfinch St. For more information visit or call 619-295-4221.

Friday, June 7

LES MIS: Tonight is the open-

ing night of the California Youth Conservatory’s production of “Les Miserables,” being staged at the Lyceum Theatre, Downtown. This is not your typical youth production: CYC will stage the full-score, “unrestricted” version of the musical, as the rights have only recently been released. CYC is the first in San Diego to take on the feat, and the production runs through June 23. Tickets start at $22. Tonight’s show starts at 7 p.m. and the Lyceum is located at 79 Horton Plaza. For tickets and information visit cyctheatre.webs. com or call 619-544-1000.

Saturday, June 8

HUMAN DIGNITY FOUNDATION REUNION: Welcome back! The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s springtime event The Reunion Party is back, celebrating 17 years of philanthropy, patronage and support to the foundation and the LGBT community. Last year’s event sold out (it was a blast, get your tickets now) and this year’s takes place from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. at a private home in Mission Hills. Tickets are $75 and can be purchased at or by calling 619-291-3383.

Sunday, June 9

IN ACHORD: Kensington Concert Series presents In aChord Men’s Ensemble tonight at 5 p.m. The choral group sings boogiewoogie, be-bop and a cappella in a “slightly tongue-in-cheek, nostalgic style” of innovative arrangement, close harmonies and light-hearted choreography. It promises to be a “most delight-

ful” show, and tickets are $25 and available at Kensington Video. The show is at 5158 Edgeware Rd. For more information visit, or call 619-284-2477.

Monday, June 10

DIVINE SISTER: It’s the only Monday night show of Diversionary’s latest, “Divine Sister,” which means it is the perfect thing to do on a Monday night at 8 p.m. “Divine Sister” is written by Charles Busch and directed by ion theatre’s Glenn Paris. The comedy features Maggie Carney, Yolanda Franklin, Lauren King, Dangerfield Moore, Darren Scott and Jacque Wilke (all amazing Diversionary regulars!). The show runs through June 30 at 4545 Park Blvd. For more information visit or call 619-220-0097.

Tuesday, June 11

MA4 LIVE: Aaron and Amelia take the main stage at Martinis Above Fourth tonight, from 6 – 10 p.m. Enjoy a martini or two (or three, but get a designated driver) and be entertained at one of our favorite local hot spots. MA4 is located at 3940 Fourth Ave. For more information visit or call 619-400-4500.

Wednesday, June 12

UPTOWN REGIONAL BIKE CORRIDOR: Tonight from 6 – 8:30 p.m. is the latest Community Advisory Group meeting for the planned Uptown Regional Bike Corridor Project, and is one of the best ways to get your

voice out there. The meeting will review input from past workshops and discuss bike routes, facilities and design concepts that best meet the project goals. Organized by SANDAG, the next workshop is July 10. All meetings are held at the Balboa Park Club, Santa Fe Room at 2144 Pan American Rd. in the park. For more information contact or 619-699-6980.

Thursday, June 13

THRIFT SHOP THURSDAYS: Because we love Macklemore and the Brass Rail (and inexpensive things) we’ll be at the new Thrift Shop Thursday, tonight from 9 p.m. – 2 a.m. There is no cover and there are discounted drinks in exchange for clothing donations. Show off your local favorite thriftshop threads. The Brass Rail is located at 3796 Fifth Ave. For more information visit or call 619-298-2233. GSDBA WOMEN’S SPEAKEASY: This special women’s networking event is organized by the Greater San Diego Business Association and hosted at The Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Hotel in Old Town. The evening is touted as “Your Night – Your Space – Your Voice” and features live music from Sweet Sue and Her Syncopaters. There will be themed cocktails, appetizers, and giveaway prizes galore! Sponsored by Fertility Specialists Medical Group, the cost is $10 for GSDBA members and $25 for guests, all 21 and older. The Cosmopolitan is located at 2660 Calhoun St. For more information visit or call 619-296-4543.t


Boston May 31 – June 9 Fresno, Calif. June 1 Honolulu, Hawaii June 1 Los Angeles (West Hollywood)

June 7 – 9 Ensenada, Baja Calif. June 15 Sacramento, Calif. June 15 Flagstaff, Ariz. June 15 – 16 Santa Fe, N.M. June 22 Tijuana, Baja Calif. June 22 New York June 28 – 30 San Francisco June 29 – 30 Seattle June 29 – 30 Los Angeles


(At the Beach – L.A. Black Pride)

July 3 – 7

Abdominal etching takes liposuction to the next level. It is a form of liposculpting that removes excess fat between the abdominal muscles, creating indentations that resemble those seen on a six-pack or washboard stomach. With ab etching, your stomach can appear tighter, firmer and more muscular. Ab etching can be performed with traditional liposuction or abdominoplasty, but differs from these two procedures. Liposuction of the abdominal area removes pockets of fat, but does not involve the same level of detailing as ab etching. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, removes extra fat and skin and tightens the muscles in the abdominal wall, but it is also less effective than abdominal etching for fine-tuned sculpting Abdominal Etching: Is it Right for You? This liposculpting procedure may be the final step in a dramatic transformation that starts with massive weight loss and other cosmetic surgeries, or it may be the sole procedure necessary to do what all your pilates and stomach crunches cannot do. Abdominal etching is not for everyone. The ideal candidate should be physically fit and have naturally athletic-looking abdominal muscles but with relatively small pockets of fat in the abdominal area. If your total body fat is more than 18 percent, you are likely not an appropriate candidate for abdominal etching. The best way to assess your candidacy is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alfredo Harris a board-certified plastic surgeon. Start this process now. The Abdominal Etching Procedure Abdominal etching is performed in our surgery center and time in surgery is about one hour. The procedure is performed with “twilight” anesthesia – you are awake but not fully aware. You may be asked to contract your abdominal muscles before the procedure so your surgeon can locate and mark the areas where he or she will create the indentations. Next, your surgeon will create several one- to two-millimeter incisions in your belly button or within the natural creases of your abdomen. He or she will then insert a cannula, a tube-like instrument, to remove excess fat and sculpt grooves in the remaining fat to emphasize your natural musculature.

San Luis Obispo, Calif. July 11 – 14 San Diego July 12 – 14 Santa Barbara, Calif. July 13 After Abdominal Etching Surgery Following your treatment, expect some pain, swelling and bruising, all of which can be managed with medications and proper care. Your surgeon will fit you with a medical compression garment that you must wear for about three to six weeks. This will help minimize swelling. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions about what you can and cannot do in the days and weeks after abdominal etching. This will include not lifting anything that weighs 10 pounds or more. You will be allowed to shower within 48 hours after ab etching surgery. Follow Dr. Harris’s instructions to minimize your risk of complications. You can resume normal activities within one to three weeks. The full results of abdominal etching are visible within six months, but you will start seeing some positive changes earlier. Complications and Risks of Abdominal Etching Abdominal etching risks include infection, bleeding and excessive scarring. There are also risks associated with general anesthesia. Discuss all the possible abdominal etching and liposuction risk scenarios with your surgeon. Abdominal Etching Cost Abdominal etching cost includes three fees: anesthesia fees, facility fees and surgeon’s fees. If you undergo abdominal etching during traditional liposuction, you pay only one anesthesia fee and facility fee for both procedures. Average total fees range from $1,800 to $3,000. Prices vary based on the liposuction technique — that is, whether you opt for tumescent liposuction, laser lipo or another method of fat extraction.

Ave. Paseo, Tijuana No. 406-401 Col. Empleados Federales, CP 22130, Tijuana, B.C. (619)571-6125 |

Vancouver, B.C. Aug. 4 Reno, Nev. Aug. 17 San Jose, Calif. Aug. 17 – 18 Las Vegas Sept. 6 – 7 Chula Vista, Calif. (South Bay Pride)

Sept. 14 Oceanside, Calif. (Pride @ the beach) Oct. 12 Bakersfield, Calif. Oct. 19 San Bernardino, Calif. (Inland Empire Pride)

Oct. 26 – 27 Palm Springs, Calif. Nov. 2 – 3


The charcoal grills have been fired up for the summer in front of Albertson’s in Mission Hills, giving passersby the opportunity to purchase burgers, ribs, chicken and sausages fresh off the coals. The service, available from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays through September, is spearheaded by the store’s meat department. The thirdpounder “pub burgers” priced at $4 are a steal. They’re filled with Jack cheese, mushrooms and bell peppers. 422 W. Washington St., 619-291-1277. A new restaurant showcasing handmade pastas and fresh seafood is due to open in Hillcrest by early July. Named Blue Ribbon Rustic Kitchen, the venture was launched by restaurateurs Wade Hageman and his wife Kristi, who also operate Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizzeria and The Craftsman New American Tavern, both located in Encinitas. Company chef Marlaw Serasti will oversee the menu. Hageman completely gutted and redesigned the space, which was formerly Bayu Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine. The new look features interior brick incorporating wood and metal elements as well as a freshly built bar. 530 University Ave.




Thai Time | 4102 30th St. (North Park)


Backyard-style grilled meats are available at Albertson’s. (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

Get your French fries smothered in Southern red-eye gravy at the new Hubcap in North Park, which is up and running after owner Jay Porter replaced it last month with El Take It Easy. The succinct menu offers salads, appetizers and burgers using grassfed beef, along with cocktails, wine and draft beers. For those unfamiliar with red-eye gravy, the recipe blends a little bit of coffee with beef and pork stock. As for the “fluffy cheese” that shows up on the burgers and Jalapeno poppers, it’s a mix of mild cheddar, blue and cream cheeses. 3926 30th St., 619-291-1859.

Rarely do San Diego restaurants fetch a solid five stars on, despite some of the known antics of proprietors peppering their listings with stellar reviews. But even outside the ratings web site, Pomegranate Sobaka in Golden Hill has garnered huge fanfare since opening a couple months ago. With a menu strikingly similar to that of Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant in North Park, though separately owned, the café whimsically fuses Russian, Georgian and California cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with scaled pricing options tailored for “communists,” “socialists” and “anarchists.” 2469 Broadway, 619-297-4007. Early catches of seasonal lobster, sourced specifically from an area between Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine, are currently available at King’s Fish House in Mission Valley and Carlsbad, Calif. through July. The now-plump crustaceans are served whole and in New England lobster rolls. 825 Camino de la Reina (619-574-1230) and 5625 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad (760-431-3474).

GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013

Chef Olivier Bioteau of the Farm House Café in University Heights proves that duck confit isn’t a French specialty reserved exclusively for winter. Continuing through the summer, he will serve the labor-intensive dish starting at 5 p.m. every Sunday evening, pairing the meat with differently prepared summer vegetables such as squash and corn. Bioteau cures the duck in a proprietary blend of spices overnight before simmering it in its own fat for a few hours. The meat is then oven-roasted to order. Plates range between $21 and $25. 2121 Adams Ave., 619-269-9662.

Delve into a treasure chest of restaurants at this month’s Taste of Little Italy, which will showcase and latest and greatest dishes from nearly 30 kitchens, from 5 to 9 p.m., June 19. Newcomers to the event include Monello, Queenstown and Isola Pizza.. Participating eateries are divided into north and south routes within the neighborhood. The cost is $28 for either route or $42 for the whole shebang. For more information, call 619-615-1092 or visit

Prices: Lunch, $6.59 to $8.95; dinner entrees, $7.95 to $10.95 Old signage and a plain exterior might cause you to whiz past Thai Time without ever knowing that it ser ves decent meals priced mostly below $10. First-time visitors will also be surprised at the expansive double-storefront dining room, which offers ample seating and several cushy window booths. The long-established restaurant is the only Thai kitchen on 30th Street, although its quirky name per vades throughout the city, appearing at other addresses ever ywhere from Downtown to Point Loma and Clairemont to El Cajon. This, however, is separately owned, though with a menu that isn’t much different than its competitors. The Rampai’s appetizer provides a tasteful introduction to several ingredients used in many of the entrees. The platter features two chicken skewers brushed in piquant yellow curr y, plus standard fried spring rolls and a couple of fish patties called tod mun. Made likely with pollack, their flavor was well supported by curr y paste and cooling cucumber sauce, which camouflages any fried aftertaste. Tucked into the arrangement

Wontonencased shrimp

(Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

is Thai Time shrimp, which is also available separately as an appetizer. Encased in sturdy wonton skins and easy to handle, the shrimp inside are faintly marinated and respond deliciously to the ginger-infused dipping sauce. All seven salads on the menu are designated as spicy. The yum goong with boiled shrimp, fresh mint and lemon grass has ranged from safely mild to dramatically hot in a few visits I’ve made. The same can be said for the Tom yum soup and a few other dishes like pad Thai, which vacillate in heat either because of the unpredictability of today’s chili peppers or that different cooks are playing by their own rulebooks. Here, it’s best to state your preference up front. For those who aren’t hopelessly addicted to pad Thai, basil-fried rice and the usual colored curries, Thai Time offers several dishes under the “specialties and seafood” section that are more elaborate and less Americanized. Ho mok, for example, is a fragrant mélange of green mussels, calamari, shrimp and fish

cakes in semi-spicy red curr y sauce. Coconut milk and lime leaves in the recipe contribute a sweet-tangy depth to seafood without masking their individual flavors. There’s also spicy catfish with lemon leaves, curr y duck and grilled “peanut steak,” which pairs richly to the peanut sauce ser ved alongside. In two different visits I ordered the “Thai Time basket” featuring a bowl made from crispy rice noodles and filled with large shrimp, chicken medallions, cashews, bell peppers and bamboo shoots. The creation is encircled by brown sauce that tastes equally smoky, fruity and salty. As with any of the sauced dishes on the menu, there’s enough leftover liquid to drench the rice that comes with them. Portions in general are sizable, and ser vice is less formal than what you normally find in other Thai restaurants. But more than anything, you can’t beat the low prices, even when ordering off the discounted lunch menu.t

Pad Thai

(Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.)



GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


Catastrophe, then growth ‘Good Little Widow’ gets past one-dimensional character for life lessons Bekah Brunstetter’s “Be A Good Little Widow” is a story about a catastrophe followed by growth; as you might conclude, a husband named Brad (played by Kelsey Kurz) dies and leaves behind his young, grieving widow. Returning from a business trip, Brad becomes one of the hundreds of victims in a terrible plane crash. His recently transported wife Melody (Zoë Winters), having moved to Connecticut from Colorado, has no one to comfort her except her recently introduced mother-in-law, Hope (Christine Estabrook). Melody’s newly assigned mom remains unconvinced – and for very good reason – that her daughter-in-law was anything more than an unsophisticated, unaccomplished, bored young woman. The initial scenes lay out a thin blueprint of Brad and Melody’s marriage. It shows a couple that have very little in common and, for newlyweds, not too much interest in anything romantic. He was engaged in business activities while she was an unfocused housewife, going bonkers in a newly purchased home decorated in vintage Ikea and garage sales. While most newlywed wives would want to jump into the arms of their respective spouses after a separation, Melody, played with intended air-headed ditziness by Winters, flicks on the TV and watches a Jerry Springer-like


“Be A Good Little Widow”

rumble between two women. She Through June 9 passes the time eating Pop-Tarts and exercising to yoga videos. Old Globe (White Theatre) For all that Melody doesn’t ofTues & Wed 7 p.m. fer, Brad loves her, but it’s hard to understand the underlying attracFri 8 p.m. tion. His character is defined as a businessman and goes no further. Sat 2 & 8 p.m. Brunstetter then introduces the audience to the uptight Sun 2 & 7 p.m. mother-in-law and Brad’s intern, played by Ben Graney. Predict619-234-5623 ably, Hope is cold and overly critical of Melody, while Melody fantasizes and teases Brad sexually with corny phrases like, “My box is broken; can you fix it?” Director Hal Brooks did his very best with a poorly written script; you can only do so much underwrit with one-dimensional, underwritten characters. My emotional coldness has everything to do with Melody’s character. I found her behavior insipid and childish, and remain unconvinced anyone would want her for life-long companionship. The playwright does offer some promise of things to come. Brunstetter handled the flashback and dream sequences with a lovely fluidity and the transformational ending scenes with authority. In the end, “Be A Good Little Widow” is a reminder that each day may be our (l to r) last, and that we should Christine Estabrook and make the most of each and Zoë Winters every one, especially with (Photo by Ed Krieger) those we love.t

(l to r) Christian Daly, Tyler Lea, Dave Thomas Brown and John Evans Reese (Photo by Paul Savage)

Relishing the words Excellent ensemble takes a banned Shakespeare text on a thrilling ride “Shakespeare’s R&J” is all about romantic love, sexuality and repression. Joe Calarco’s 1998 play adaptation tells the story of the banning of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in a Catholic high school setting, which forces four male students to read this clas classic together and in secret. Hidden away from the other students under the cover of darkness, these students discover and titillate one another with Shakespeare’s classic text. Surprisingly, they unearth new discoveries about their own sexuality, and it quickly becomes so much more than just play-acting; it’s all about owning up to adolescent maturity and their own futures.

“Shakespeare’s R&J” Through June 16 Cygnet Theatre Wed & Thurs 7:30 p.m. Friday 8 p.m. Sat 3 & 8 p.m. Sun 2 & 7 p.m. 619-337-1525 George Yé directs and choreographs his foursome of actors (Dave Thomas Brown, Christian Daly, Tyler Lea and John Evans Reese) with precision, both in word and in physical movement. Initially Yé underscores the student’s repression with the mechanical repetition of marching in unison, but then frees them to explore the unrepressed intertwining of Shakespeare’s exacting words. Artistic Director Sean Murray enlisted these talented actors in part because they were graduates of his alma Mater, North Carolina School of the Arts. All four actors display great acting chops; some in multiple roles that are quite distinct and challenging. Brown does a nice turn as Friar Lawrence and Mercutio while Reese takes on the comedic role of the Nurse as well as the overly serious Tybalt. Daly is Romeo and Lea plays young Juliet. They demonstrate ensemble acting at its best by initially acting out in a childish way, then giving way to serious thought, actions and consequences. The play underscores the power of the words written over 400 years ago by Shakespeare. And it doesn’t matter in the least if these words are recited by a male and a female or two males, as is the case in this Cygnet production. One must remember that during the Elizabethan era, it was against the law for women to perform on stage, so men and boys initially played both male and female parts. Calarco makes a few subtle changes with the original script, but manages to keep most of it intact. After setting up the initial scene as a 1960s bare-bones classroom, designed sparingly by Sean Fanning, the rest is borrowed from the Bard. In the end, the play provides the expected laughs, fight scenes and romance, but most importantly, allows the audience to relish and revisit the words of a master and think about their own sexuality.t


CL: Harvey Fierstein called and asked me. It was just that simple. What a honor to work on a musical with Broadway royalty and also a friend too. What more can a girl ask for?


CYNDI amazing year! I’m happy that 2013 also marks the 30th anniversary of my solo career. It’s all coming together.

BV: Are there any plans to record and release a new record in the near future?

BV: What are your fondest memories of recording the album? CL: Wow, there were so many. You have a week? It was an amazing journey. Everyone who worked on the album was all so committed to making the best record we could, and we had so much fun doing it. Rob Hyman, Bill Wittman, Lenny Peze and Rick Chertoff and I are still really good friends. When you start a friendship with that kind of experience you are attached for life. BV: Did you have a feeling it would become such an iconic and era-defining collection as it is regarded today? CL: We felt pretty good about the record. We really loved it and were hoping it would be received well but don’t think any of us were prepared to how well it did. It was awesome. BV: You announced a string of dates to take the record back out on the road, starting here in San Diego. Why have you chosen San Diego to be the lucky city where you kick off the tour? CL: I love San Diego, just can’t wait to be back to party with you all. Get your dancing shoes on San Diego! It is going to be a party. I also have Hunter Valentine on the road with me and I’m excited to have them on the road with us. BV: Will the set list for the shows consist of songs just from “She’s So Unusual,” or will you throw in some other songs from your career? CL: We will be doing the entire “She’s So Unusual” album from beginning to end, in their original arrangements too. The encore – I will have a few surprises for you but you have to come to find out. BV: What are you most looking forward to about the tour? CL: To be able to party with all my fans again! To see them enjoy the songs that I did 30 years ago and to see them enjoy them again 30 years later. They have come along with me on every adventure, from the acoustic to the dance to the blues and back again. I have the most amazing fans ever. BV: I read your autobiography “Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir” and was amazed at the journey you experienced in the lead up to your international success. What was it like revisiting all of the moments that have paved the way for your career and all of the experiences that followed? CL: To be doing what I love every day: I can’t imagine not singing, writing and producing. I cannot imagine not doing music. But the most rewarding thing for me and for what I am most grateful is my family. BV: What do you think is the secret to longevity? CL: Stick to your guns and believe in yourself. Don’t let others tell you who they think you are.

BV: You are one of the most prominent entertainment figures to support and push for the equal rights of the LGBT community. Do you believe change is on the horizon? CL: Yes, change is definite. The majority of Americans now support the freedom to marry for gay couples, as it should be. A big part of this change is because people are sharing their stories, they are letting their family and friends know how not being able to get married is impacting their lives. And then those family and friends are sharing the story with the people in their lives. It is a chain reaction, but we need more people to spark the continuing conversation. If that happens, equality will be a reality that much sooner. BV: How do you think we can achieve a universal acceptance and understanding of the LGBT community? CL: Stay strong; speak up when you see injustice occurring. People ask me why I am so involved in helping the gay and transgender community. It is simple; I am family and friend. And, from where I come from you do not sit back and watch as your family and friends’ civil rights are being stripped away. More people need to get involved, share their stories, stand up for the people in their lives who are getting discriminated against. BV: What other LGBT issues do you think still need to be addressed? CL: Gay and transgender youth homelessness. Most people do not realize that up to 40 percent of all homeless youth identify as gay or transgender, yet only 5 percent of the general youth population does the same. The most cited reason for this big disparity is family rejection. Parents are throwing their kids out at an alarming rate. That is why last year the True Colors Fund started the Forty to None Project, the first and only national organization to solely focus on ending LGBT youth homelessness. I encourage everyone to check out our website at to learn how you can get involved and make a difference. BV: We were given a glimpse into your hectic life in your TV series, “She’s Still So Unusual.” What was it like having the cameras following your every move and what was the appeal of doing a reality show for you? CL: I thought it would be fun for my fans to see how my projects came to life. Also, most importantly, how I did my best to be a good mother, wife, daughter [and] sister at the same time. The struggle of the juggle that everyone has when they try to balance career [and] family. BV: You composed the music to the new Broadway show, “Kinky Boots.” How did you get involved with that?

CL: In fact I am planning something right now but nothing I can announce just yet. Don’t want to spoil anything until I have something solid. Hunter Valentine opens for Lauper at the June 12 Humphreys show, which starts at 7:30 p.m. For more information and tickets visit or call 800-745-3000.t

GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013




GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013



SDAFFL teams chase championship June 8 The San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL) season is coming to an end. All 16 teams will play their final regular season game on Saturday, June 1 at Doyle Community Park near University Towne Center. Once those results are in, two eight-team fields will be seeded based on records, forming an upper and lower division playoff slate. Those games will then be played in an all-day affair on June 8. As the calendar turns to June, the league still has two undefeated front runners sporting 11-0 records: the R Gang Bangers and True North Ball Hawks. The Bangers and Ball Hawks boast the league’s stingiest defenses, allowing just 11.5 points per game. R Gang, coached by Steve Farrow, also features the highestscoring offensive attack, putting up an average of 32 points per game. The Bangers opened the season by pulling out a 20-14 victory over Bourbon Street in the waning seconds of the game, and have really only been tested twice thereafter. True North may ultimately be the favorite in these playoffs, as they arguably have one of the best flag football quarterbacks in the entire nation with Eric Reissner on their side. Reissner, who captained San Diego’s Gay Bowl title-winning team last October in Denver, spent the bulk of the season living back East but did play in a few games and will return for playoffs. Flicks A-Team (10-1) shouldn’t be overlooked, as they boast a talented big guy in Tommy Miles and the high-energy sparkplug in Eddie Quintero, who is a fantastic slot receiver and a lightningquick pass rusher on defense. A potential sleeper team could be James Vidovich’s Jersey Joe’s Warriors (8-3). This squad has played in a lot of games that go down to the last possession and can score with anyone. If their defense can actually make a stop or two, they could pull off a surprise in the playoffs. Playoff games will begin at 8 a.m. for some teams and continue throughout the afternoon until the lower division (B) champion is crowned in the 2 p.m. title game. The upper division (A) championship title takes place at 3 p.m. Major League Baseball So-called experts suggest that it is impossible to get a feel for how good or bad a team is until the calendar reaches Memorial Day, when the sample size of games played is large enough to tell a team’s story. Because baseball went to an extra wild card

last season, more and more teams consider themselves playoff contenders, including some mediocre ball clubs. What we do know for certain is that the Houston Astros and Miami Marlins each have a chance to be historically awful. The Marlins (13-38) owned baseball’s worst record through the holiday. Though they were forced to play a significant number of games without star slugger Giancarlo Stanton (hamstring injury), the team really is just throwing out a roster of players who are either well past their prime or should be in the low minor leagues. The offense is overmatched and anemic. Houston (15-36) was expected to be awful as well and has not missed the mark. At the beginning of the year, I predicted a Braves-Angels World Series, which at the moment looks about as likely as snow in San Diego. The Washington Nationals (26-25) received all the preseason praise as baseball’s most loaded team, but despite featuring an awesome starting rotation the team has floundering around the .500 mark all year. Atlanta (30-20) has been sitting atop the National League East despite having played far more road games than home games, all while overcoming a large number of injuries. The Angels (23-28), on the other hand, just might be baseball’s most disappointing team this year. Though playing much better of late, the team sputtered out of the gate and quickly fell way back of Texas (32-20) in the American League West. If the Angels are not the biggest flop, the Dodgers (21-28) just might be. New ownership swooped into town and acquired a bevy of high-priced players, catapulting the team’s payroll from roughly $80 million to well north of $200 million. To date, they have not received a return on their investment on the field. Andre Ethier was paid like a superstar but is performing like the platoon player he should be, and has been benched. Matt Kemp’s offseason shoulder surgery has him feeling so lost at the plate that the one-time MVP candidate had just two home runs through the team’s first 50 games. Expected to contend for the World Series, the Dodgers instead are toiling at the cellar of the National League West, though not so far enough out that they could not make a playoff push down the road. The game’s best hitter has been Miguel Cabrera of Detroit, and it is not even close. He is hitting nearly .400 and is on pace to drive in nearly 200 runs this year, which would shatter the all-time mark.

(center) Craig Goida of True North scores a touchdown against the Redwing Hitmen. (Photo by Scott Donald) If we are identifying surprise teams in baseball – and there are a few – that list has got to start with the Colorado Rockies (27-24). On paper, their pitching looks terrible. The likelihood exists that they will, in fact, hit a rut as their starters are not giving the team many innings and the bullpen has to wear down eventually. But the Rockies can score in bunches. Some experts predicted that they would struggle to reach 60 wins this season, and they are nearly halfway there. The Cleveland Indians (27-23) are unexpectedly making noise in the American League Central, behind first-year manager Terry Francona. The team brought in a couple of veterans (Nick Swisher, Mark Reynolds, Michael Bourn) to go with a young and exciting roster that was not expected to compete for another year or two. If they can pitch, they will stick around. Finally, as much as this pains me to say it, props have to be given to the New York Yankees (30-20), who have endured more injuries than anyone in baseball. They are old, do not have much depth and reside in the tough American League East, yet they have hung in there thanks to Robinson Cano and the suddenly rejuvenated Vernon Wells, who has reverted to actually being a major league ballplayer after being acquired from the Angels. As the Giants have proven twice in the last three years, the best team does not always win the World Series. The team that gets a few breaks and rides a hot streak into the playoffs usually emerges as the champion. The Braves, Rangers, Tigers, and Cardinals may be playing the best as of now, but none of them stand out as a clear elite team. Come October we could be talking about an unexpected champion yet again.t


GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013


Kick start your summer body fitness goals. The best recipe for success and looking your best on the beach this summer is a three-pronged approach: •Strength training a minimum of three times a week, •At least 30 minutes of cardio most days of the week (and preferably daily) and •Eat healthy, eat light and eat often.

B L A K E & G W E N B E C KO M

FITNESS With summer officially here, it’s time to start focusing on a total-body health and fitness routine. Whether struggling to shed the last few winter pounds, maintaining weekend warrior fitness levels or competing as an endurance athlete, ever yone can benefit from a fit, healthy lifestyle built around brain wellness, body fitness and belly health. It is time to put all excuses and distractions behind you, as today is the day to start moving toward a healthy lifestyle that will lead to positive mental, physical and overall wellbeing results. Let’s get started. Remember, there is no quick fix or magic bullet for achieving your health and

Brain wellness A healthy brain and a healthy body work hand in hand to achieve overall fitness and wellbeing. A happy mind and happy body are derived from a healthy fitness routine that is focused on keeping you motivated, pushing you to do better and helping you reach goals you never thought were possible. Consistent fitness routines help release feel-good endorphins in your body that support a healthy lifestyle. Working out can also can ser ve as a mind and body therapy session for sweating out negative attitudes, while building totalbody endurance and strength Body fitness It is the perfect time to get your “fit on” by switching up your routine and combining a mix of cardiovascular and strength-training exercises. If you have spent the winter months stuck within the

walls of a gym, it can be good for your body and mind to take your workouts outside as the weather gets warmer and the sun shines longer. Instead of logging endless miles on the treadmill, hop on a neighborhood track for a quick inter val sprint workout or dust off your bike for some strenuous cycling. It also is important to not get stuck in a time rut by making sure that your fitness routine is burning calories and boosting your metabolism without draining the clock. A fast-paced, inter val workout that incorporates short bursts of explosive cardio and strength exercises will not only cut your workout time in half, but it can be more effective for feeling your best, looking your best and performing better than you ever thought possible. Belly health Our midsections are not getting smaller and the size of your belly can be a good indication of the state of your overall health and wellness. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is important to focus on your body’s core, as a healthy core can lead to healthy cardiovascular systems, digestive functions and strong muscular structures. Busting out hundreds of situps, though, may not be the best approach to achieving a healthy middle section. Shedding an extra layer of belly bulge takes exercise and nutrition.

While situps can be a part of your core workout, it is important to focus on toning all of your abdominal muscles for the best results. Effective total body exercises that work the core can include planks (elbow, hand, side), knee- or leg-lifting exercises and standing on a balance ball when doing your regular strength training. On the food front, a healthy eating routine should include cooking more meals at home, focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods without extra additives, preser vatives or chemicals, watching portion control, and drinking adequate amounts of water. A healthy belly not only leads to a reduced risk of disease, but it also supports a more confident, energetic lifestyle. With just a few days into summer, it is time to get your body and mind in shape for optimal summertime fun and activities in the sun. Get out your summer clothes and take a good hard look in the mirror. This simple act will help you focus, take control, and get motivated to set up an action plan today. —Blake and Gwen Beckcom own Fitness Together Mission Hills, of fering personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call 619-794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free assessment session.t



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GAY SAN DIEGO May 31–June 13, 2013

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