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May 2017 • Vol. 33, No. 8

San Diego Edition

Youth pastor back preaching after yearlong battle with tongue cancer By RICK MONROE

Jason David has returned to preach Wednesday night services in Bonita.

As the lead singer of a Christian band, a passionate youth pastor who would often preach four times a week, and coordinator of a large annual youth conference, Jason David Sluyter had a strong voice for Christ. He never smoked or chewed tobacco, but 15 months ago was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Just 27 years old at the time, he has since undergone seven major operations on his tongue and neck, as well as other procedures, followed by eight weeks of radiation treatment and chemotherapy. He’s put his faith into action, believing in healing and the skill of surgeons. He’s survived. He’s grown from it, the trial introducing him to suffering and doubts that will make him a better servant minister for God. After 14 months battling cancer, he’s finally back behind the pulpit.” In a revealing interview on April 4 — three days prior to his 29th birthday — he shared from his heart the rough, raw details of the ordeal, which certainly isn’t over. For one thing, the doctors won’t give him a prognosis. And they won’t tell him if it’s still life threatening. “They took out over 60 percent of my tongue,” said the youth pastor who goes by the shortened name of Jason David. “They took part of my forearm to rebuild my tongue, but I still can’t swallow — so I’m on a feeding

Want a larger family? Homestay program connects foreign students with local families Any moms out there who only get one Mother’s Day card can make their cards multiply by being a “temporary” mom this summer to a teenager from Spain or China. Carol Ouradnik, founder and president of San Diego Coastal Homestays has been “mom” to hundreds of students since Christmas 1988 when she experienced her first group of students from Japan. “I’m still friends with three of them from that first year,” she noted. “The world has become a much smaller place because of social media, which makes it much easier for students and their host families to stay connected.”

Alexxis Maitia, left, with students from Spain.

The experience is wonderful for both the host families and students, Ouradnik said, with memories that can last a lifetime. Forty high school students from Spain will stay four weeks in July and another 80 middle school students from China will stay for a week, July 13-20. “We really like to have Christian families as hosts,” she noted. “It lets the visiting students experience something they may otherwise miss.” An Oceanside mom and her daughter have been hosting students since 2002. “I have about 50 sisters now,” said Alexxa Maitia, 21, who lives at home with her mother, Alexxis Villaruz. Maitia said she loves being able to earn points for travel and last year went to Spain, where she met a few of the students she had hosted. “We flipped it around, so they did the tour guide role,” she said. She connects with many of them through Instagram and Facebook and the Spanish version of the social media connection, Tuenti. “I love having the students,” Villaruz said. “It’s opened the door for my daughter to travel and see different cultures. By hosting, she Please turn to page 16

tube. I lost 65 pounds, but I’m gaining some of it back now. Yes, please pray. Pray for my tongue to move, so I can eat, and for my taste buds to be restored.” Indeed, while he misses the ability to taste and swallow “real” food — especially a California burrito —he also has a tremendous desire to be able to preach and sing again. “I know my calling, to preach and sing. That’s what I do. I can talk now, but just don’t have the stamina to speak for long periods of time or sing.” Is the cancer life threatening? “They said it was very aggressive and it went to the lymph nodes in my neck,” Please turn to page 13

Jason David was bedridden for more than six months.

Messianic congregation moves to own building It is one of the best kept secrets in San ministry in 1981. Diego County, that several hundred JewThe messianic movement is going ish people locally follow Yeshua/Jesus as strong with more than 200 congregations the promised Messiah. These are Jews in the U.S., as well as many more interfrom various backgrounds (Orthodox nationally, including in Israel. to secular) who continue in their Jewish Please turn to page 12 lifestyle and traditions as they unashamedly embrace Yeshua. As a sign of this growing religious movement, one local group recently bought its own property and renovated the former church into a Messianic Synagogue. Their new property is at 5185 Acuna St. in the Clairemont area of San Diego, and exhibits the details of Jewish worship including an Ark with two Torah scrolls. It has been quite a journey over the past 35 years for Kehilat Ariel according to Rabbi Barney Kasdan, who with Photo: Terry Schwartz his wife Liz started the Rabbi Barney Kasdan at Shabbat service with Jewish dancing.

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“The whole family was filled with joy, because they had come to believe in God.” – Acts 16:34

Family Conference slated in Poway on May 20

The third annual Family Conference sponsored by Rhombus Education will be held Saturday, May 20, at a new location. The first two conferences were held in East County, but this year it moves to Living Way Church in Poway. “Our goal is to equip people, strengthen families, and impact communities,” said Dr. Julie Hayden, founder and director.

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The conference will run from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the cost is $25 a person. There will be two general plenary sessions, but Hayden said the key elements are three indepth breakout sessions where people can choose from topics. The topics are Sexual Development and Identity; Parenting Difficult Children; Apologetics in the Home; Family Members with Mental Illness; Empty Nest Transitions; Divorce and the Family; Blended Families; Affair-Proofing Your Marriage; Pornography Addiction; Technology Addiction; Money & the Family; and Anger and Forgiveness. “Some of these are similar to topics from previous years, but that’s for a reason,” said Hayden, a licensed psychologist. “These are issues that people have indicated they would like to learn more about. These are what we believe are the hot issues of today and we have very professional presenters.” For information or to register, visit www.


Attorney Steven Houbeck

(619) 463-HELP -4357

Photo: Frankie Grieshaber

Discussion during one of the breakout sessions from the 2016 Family Conference.


Encouraging words demonstrate 100 to 1 principle

ometimes it isn’t easy to discover ways to encourage a spouse. One woman came to me and said, “There is nothing here! No spark, or sizzle — nothing! I have no feelings — I want out of this marriage!” I suggested that we pray and ask God to show her one positive thing about her spouse. She went home and prayed. The next day she called me and said, “I thought of something.” “Good, what is it?” I said hopefully. “He’s still here.” He’s still here! I thought she was kidding but I could tell from her tone she was completely serious. “OK, let’s run with that. Let’s brainstorm together ways you can tell him thanks for being here — but in a positive way.” We brainstormed a list of several ways to positive say, “You’re here!” and she went back home and began to try using them. She would see her husband, sitting in his recliner, with remote in hand watching sports. She’d walk by and rub his shoulders and say, “It’s nice to know you’re around.” She’d see him sitting reading the paper, and walk by and say, “You know, I was thinking, it’s nice to know some things in life you can count on—like you—being here.” She came up with so many ways to positively say, “You’re here, bud,” that one day, he got up out of that old recliner! He came into the living room where she was having a quiet time, reading her Bible. He had never been interested in spiritual discussions before this time but he said, “Honey, what are you reading?” “My Bible. I was having a problem at work and this passage in the Psalms is helping me.” “Why don’t you read it to me?” Which

RED HOT MONOGAMY BILL & PAM FARREL she did and added an explanation of how it applied to her life. “That’s pretty neat,” he replied with genuine enthusiasm in his voice. The next Sunday, a miracle happened. Instead of going to his favorite chair, he asked if he could go to church with her — and he has been coming ever since. In addition, she now regularly tells me of his romantic gestures toward her. She found the power of encouraging words by taking 100 percent of her energy and focusing it on one positive trait. Our experience has taught me that happiness and passion in marriage do not come from finding the right partner, but in being the right partner. o Bill and Pam Farrel are international speakers and authors of 45 books including the new updated and expanded bestseller, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti. For information, visit www.


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2017 — Good

News, etc. — 3

Author offers advice for students – and their parents – heading to college Jonathan Morrow, author of Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower’s Guide for the Journey, candidly answers many of the questions parents and students ask in the updated new release of the book. College can be the most exciting, as well as the most frightening, time of a young person’s life. On one hand are all the freedoms a recent high school graduate craves, but on the other are all the freedoms that come with responsibility. It’s a challenging time, especially for Christians coming face-to-face with worldviews different from their own. As families prepare for the season of students moving on to college, here are his insights: What are the most frightening questions a graduating high school senior can be asked? What are you going to do with your life? What’s your major going to be? Will you be able to get a job when you graduate? Students feel a lot of pressure to be perfect, from themselves and their parents who are spending a lot of money on college. They confess to feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. They are often insecure and afraid of failing — especially at college. If they are Christians, they also try to figure out what God wants them to do with their lives. All of this can be scary and overwhelming. Are the numbers as bad as we have heard of how many students walk away from their Christian faith during college. Any student walking away from their faith is too much. I’ve seen statistics between 40 and 75 percent. But let’s say one out of two walk away. Parents and students need to know college is not faith-friendly. Intel-

lectual, spiritual, moral and relational challenges are coming. According to a study by Harvard and George Mason University, one out of four college professors is a professing atheist or agnostic (the general population is 5-7 percent). As I’ve worked with high school and college students, here are the three most common responses to the challenges they face: First, students relativize their faith. I guess this is just true for me, this is what I believe and how I was raised. Faith kind of gets quiet in their lives as they get older. Second, they drift or pretend. On the outside everything’s fine. On the inside though, it’s, “I’m not sure I really believe this anymore. What do I do with that because this place isn’t a safe place to ask questions or have doubts?” Or third, they will simply walk away. “I don’t believe this anymore. It’s not worth it. I don’t think this is really true.” They are weary of pretending. What’s tragic about this is it doesn’t have to be that way. God has called students to do much more than only survive. He has called them to engage our culture with the life-changing message of Jesus. How can parents better prepare their children for new freedoms and responsibilities that come from being away from home? Start now! Let them fail around you before they have true freedom for the first time away from you. Give them a long on-ramp of freedom and responsibility. You don’t want the first time they experience freedom to be when they hit college and you aren’t around to help them choose wisely. Give them some freedom now so they can fail around you, and you can help coach

them as they fix it themselves. Don’t swoop in and fix it for them. Curfew is a good test case to begin exploring. Also, stay connected relationally. Don’t only focus on the details, finances, schedules and logistics; focus on the heart and excitement of this life transition. What challenges do college students face today that weren’t as prevalent when you wrote Welcome to College nine years ago? The two biggest issues drastically emerging throughout the past few years are (1) the tyranny of tolerance and (2) challenges to the biblical understanding of God design for sexuality and marriage. There is growing confusion among young Christians about homosexuality and the Bible. With same-sex marriage legalized in 2015 by the Supreme Court, this conversation has only become more prominent. In this update, I spent time helping explore and engage these important questions. Related is the fact people have misunderstood the meaning of tolerance to require agreement with everyone’s sincerely held beliefs rather than extending to others the right to be wrong. Tolerance is not agreement. It’s treating someone who believes very differently than I do with dignity and respect as one made in God’s image. People are afraid to disagree about spiritual and moral questions because they don’t want to be viewed as judgmental. We need courage to talk lovingly but boldly about the truth. To love someone is to seek his or her highest good — that includes having some gentle, but perhaps uncomfortable conversations about important questions. What is one of the most important first things a new student can do when he or she arrives at college?

They need to find their people (Proverbs 13:20 and 2 Timothy 2:22). They need wise mentors and peers. Who will they let influence and shape their future? This is especially important in dating. Get plugged in, especially in the first six weeks while everyone is “new.” You can meet a great group of Christian friends with whom to walk through college. What three pieces of wisdom do you offer students just starting out on their college experience? 1. You are not alone. Everyone has felt what you are feeling. 2. With freedom comes responsibility. 3. Don’t take yourself too seriously. How can parents talk to teenagers about the importance of truth and resisting moral relativism? Gently share that just because your son or daughter goes to church or a Christian school doesn’t mean he or she is not a closet relativist. He or she could hear great lessons and sermons each week, but if he or she has not been taught what truth is and the difference between objective and subjective truth, then he or she is often simply and sub-consciously putting all that teaching into the “true for me” box in his or her worldview. Next, we need to give students space for questions and doubts. They need to wrestle with things to own it. We don’t just want them to give us the right answers, so press in to why. Lastly, love them unconditionally and be relationally present and engaged. That is the foundation for good conversations. Your faith shapes their faith. o Learn more about Welcome to College at

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“A wise man will hear and increase in learning. And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel. – Proverbs 1:5 (NAS)

Oxymoron: Christian abortion supporters

Hercule Poirot and the mystery of the Gospel


powerful Christian testimony on my car radio? On NPR? On the Rick Steves travel show? I was surprised to hear a wonderful British theatrical voice say that when he was 40 years old, he picked up a Bible in a hotel room, read Paul’s letter to the Romans, and by the end of his reading, he was a Christian. The witness was no theologian but rather British actor David Suchet, widely known for his 25 years as Inspector Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s British detective. More than 600 million people worldwide watch his more than 60 television episodes portraying the famous portly mustached detective. Suchet’s Jewish father was agnostic. His mother, of Lithuanian Jewish descent, was a practicing Anglican. He said that he was brought up as “nothing – nothing at all.” His last name comes from the description of his Lithuanian great-great-grandfather’s profession, a shochet, which is someone who performs the Kosher ritual slaying of animals. Back to the radio interview with Rick Steves: “In a nutshell, I was converted to Christianity by Paul’s letter to the group of Christians in Rome. So, in the New Testament you will find the letter of Paul to the Romans. And by the time I had finished that letter, that I imagined to be written to me, because that is how I look at all classical plays. I imagine they came fresh through my letter box. And if I am reading a letter like Paul’s, then it will be written to me so I can take it very seriously and personally.” “By the end of reading that letter of Paul to the group of Romans, Christians in Rome, I had found a worldview that I had been look-

York Times piece, Parker recasts Christ’s Can you claim to be “born-again” when beloved parable of the Good Samaritan as you won’t allow others to be born in the an endorsement of the so-called “right to first place? Here’s how abortion strikes at choose”: “It is the deepest level of love,” he writes, the heart of the Christian faith. “that you can have for another person, that Catholics and evangelicals are often told you can have compassion for their suffering how obsessed we are with so-called “culture and you can act to relieve it. That, simply war” issues like marriage, religious freedom, put, is why I provide abortion care.” and abortion. If we’d only stop being so Not surprisingly, Parker radically dehupolitical and focus on proclaiming Christ, manizes the unborn to reach his conclusion say some, we’d win a lot more converts. that killing them is an act of love. To call GUEST COMMENTARY a fetus a “baby,” he argues, is to “anthroBut this isn’t how a Christian worldview pomorphize” the entity in the womb. Even works. The Scriptural premise, that God liberal women do this, he complains, when made human beings in His image, naturally they come in for ultrasounds and hear their leads us, as it has Christians throughout his- babies’ heartbeats. He can’t understand what tory, to protect and cherish those who bear he calls the “fetishization of motherhood and that image. Ignoring evils perpetrated against children.” Little wonder for someone who bearers of the divine image denies what we compares killing the unborn to practicing know to be true about God. In other words, basketball. But he also finds it necessary to depera distorted view of human beings always sonalize God along with goes hand-in-hand with a distorted view of God. “To embrace abortion His unborn image-bearers. Parker chides believers for Take, for example, a requires rejecting what viewing the Almighty as a new book by self-proclaimed “born-again” God has revealed about personal Being Who judges the living and the dead, Christian, Willie Parker tiboth Himself and about calling this a “tendency to tled, Life’s Work: A Moral anthropomorphize God.” Argument for Choice. As humanity.” And the idea of conception Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious or birth as “a miracle,” he writes, “does an Liberty Commission describes, the book is injustice to God.” He prefers, instead, to a would-be manifesto on the morality and view life as a “process.” As Russell Moore points out, Parker’s willeven godliness of abortion. Parker, an OB-GYN, has performed ingness to strip the unborn of their identity countless abortions. He describes working a has led him to strip God of His identity. Let circuit of Planned Parenthood clinics in the me be clear: there’s nothing biblical—and South, performing abortions “over and over, therefore nothing Christian—about Parker’s like the athlete who goes to the gym after views about either God or man. And so, there’s nothing Christian about his views practice to shoot three-pointers.” And as the recipient of Planned Parent- of or participation in the killing of innocent hood’s Margaret Sanger award, it’s clear unborn life And Parker’s Judas routine just makes Parker has made the fight to keep abortion legal a major life goal. But unlike most matters worse. Only his thirty pieces of silver pro-choice activists, this OBGYN tries to takes the form of fawning endorsements from root his case for killing the unborn in his Cecile Richards and Gloria Steinem, both of whom are more than happy to gloat, “See, Christian faith. Citing writers like C. S. Lewis (who would you can be a Christian and support abortion.” But moral issues like abortion are indefinitely take exception), Parker argues that abortion is consistent with Christian love. He separable from the core beliefs of Christian even claims that Jesus Himself would have worldview, like the imago Dei. To embrace been an abortion supporter. In a 2015 New abortion requires rejecting what God has revealed about both Himself and about humanity. Parker and other self-proclaimed Christian Support abortion supporters may claim they’re doPlease, if you want to do something to help keep ing “life’s work.” But what they preach is Good News, Etc. effective, you can do two things: no good news at all. It’s a gospel of death. 1. Pray for the newspaper. o 2. Support our advertisers. John Stonestreet is one of the writers Thank you! featured at – The Publishers

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Bill’s Journey BILL SMITH ing for all my life. Now in 1986, which was the date of my conversion, I was 40, and I had been looking for quite some time. And as I said, it gave me a worldview, the worldview of Christianity was which was simple and the hardest to follow, which is Love Your God and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.” Suchet describes what we all believe as if it were a very personal story he was telling to someone who had never heard it. “Jesus died on the Cross. Christians believe that he resurrected and ascended into heaven.” This led him to produce documentaries: In the Footsteps of St. Paul and In the Footsteps of St. Peter. They can still sometimes be seen on public television. Reform magazine asked him his proudest achievement. He replied, “Reading the whole Bible out loud.” What he means is that he has recorded the entire Bible in the NIV version in his rich British intonation. Suchet, whose favorite song of all is “Amazing Grace,” and who describes his Christian life as “a journey, sometimes weak, sometimes strong,” advises us to do what he did: “I would recommend to everybody listening, if you read any letter in the New Testament…put your name at the top.” A great reminder of how we might read the letters ourselves. o Bill Smith lives in Escondido.

Letters to the editor

Planned Parenthood

Sandra Merritt's courageous undercover work as an investigative journalist exposed Planned Parenthood's barbaric practices of harvesting organs from babies and selling them for profit. For this heroic action Merritt is being prosecuted on 15 criminal charges by California. The Democrats should be ashamed, but abortion is their godless altar of sacrifice. Just how many deaths will it take to satisfy their lust? Rolla Rich Spring Valley

Gas tax and more

In late March, Democrat representatives in both the state Assembly and Senate voted for a huge gasoline tax (40 percent) increase setting the new tax at 39 cents on each gallon. Unfortunately, in California, the Democrat Party has a super majority in both houses of government giving Republicans zero ability to stop this huge increase.

 Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown defended the action by saying California roads needed much improvement and repair. What he failed to tell the public is that the current gasoline tax revenue is not only one of the highest in the nation, but while supposedly intended for road repair, is funneled into other state revenue needs.

 Politicians in our state have betrayed taxpayers and have transferred much of

this money to fund a plethora of social and environmental programs. Jerry and his friends are also still dedicated to building the $90 billion train to nowhere that our state cannot afford.

 Brown and his party also continue their war against federal officials (including I.C.E. and our border patrol) to protect thousands of illegal aliens residing here. California Democrats expect taxpayers to provide free education, food stamps, and government paid low-cost housing for many who are here illegally. Brown disregards the fact that illegals are disrespecting the rule of law by entering our country illegally, and competing with U.S. citizens for entry level jobs.

 There are millions of vehicle owners in our state who will be confronted by this huge increase every time they go to the pump, not to mention the effect it will have on goods and services that are transported by the trucking industry. To add insult to injury, Democrat legislators have also increased annual vehicle registration taxes by approximately $100 per vehicle.

 Perhaps in the next state elections, these liberal tax-increasing legislators will pay a political price for their excessive taxation. As this increase goes into effect this fall, every time Californians go to the pump, they will be reminded of their state government's continual over-reach. James Lambert San Diego


nc/sd May

2017 — Good

News, etc. — 5

“Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed… ‘Come now, let us reason together,’…” – Isaiah 1: 16-18 (NIV)

Gay opponents vow to shut down Christian conference in San Diego that offers hope for those wanting freedom After the recent airing of the ABC 20/20 story slamming gay conversion therapy, viewers were left with the conclusion that counseling for change is dangerous. But what is true? The truth is that many strugglers are looking for a way out. They suffer from depression, illegal drug use, higher STDs, and HIV/AIDS, and attempt suicide at higher rates. Many people want hope. They need freedom. And where else can they go if all avenues for healing are shut down? As Auschwitz survivor Eli Wiesel wrote, “Just as man cannot live without dreams, he cannot live without hope. If dreams reflect the past, hope summons the future.” The Restored Hope Network is the largest coalition of Christian ministries, therapists, and pastors who offer hope through Jesus Christ to those hurting from sexual and relational brokenness, especially those impacted by homosexuality. Anne Paulk, executive director, says that no one is trying to force anyone to change. “We simply want to offer the hope of the cross; the death of

an old destructive life for one of wholeness and freedom,” she explained In June, hundreds of people will gather in San Diego for the annual Restored Hope Conference. Already gay and lesbian groups in the area are calling people who believe in change through Jesus Christ, “scam artists” and “bullies hiding their homophobia behind the Bible.” Paulk says nothing is further from the truth. “Our objective is to help the most vulnerable by providing tools and workshops to those working with same-sex attracted people or those who are struggling themselves,” she said. The conference will be held June 16 and 17 and include speakers like Joe Dallas, Janet Mefferd, Ron Citlau, and Linda Seiler. “We are not a public-policy group, politically affiliated, or tied to any single denomination,” said Paulk. “What we are is a partnership of people who believe that God can set us free from any form of sin and redeem us so we can experience full life in Jesus Christ. For information about the conference email

Restrictions increase worldwide for people of faith The world's religious adherents experienced greater government restraints and social animosities after two years of declines, according to a newly released study. The Pew Research Center reported April 11 that the percentage of countries with "high" or "very high" levels of anti-religious policies or acts increased in 2015. The share of countries with such levels of government restrictions — including laws, policies and actions — edged up from 24 percent in 2014 to 25 percent in 2015. The percentage of countries with such degrees of religious hostility — performed by individuals, organizations or societal groups — jumped from 23 to 27 percent. Among Pew's other findings for 2015 in its study of 198 countries: • 40 percent of the world's countries have "high" or "very high" levels overall of restrictions/hostilities, a rise of 6 percent from 2014. • 79 percent of the world's population lives in these countries, a hike of 5 percent. • 53 percent of countries reported "widespread government harassment of religious groups," an increase of 10 percent. • 12 percent of countries documented more than 200 cases of the use of government force against religious groups, a growth of 1 percent. Among factors in the global increase in social animosities were rises in religiously related mob violence, assaults against and displacement of people of faith, and attacks to impose religious rules. Southern Baptist religious freedom leader Russell Moore said in response to the Pew report, "For millions, including many of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world, conscience freedom is constantly in peril. This new data confirms how urgent the need is for advocacy on behalf of so many who face danger for their convictions. “I pray that the United States would continue its important work for global religious freedom and, more importantly, that the church of Jesus Christ would tirelessly work and pray for our fellow believers who are being persecuted by Caesar," said Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious

Liberty Commission, in written comments for Baptist Press. Government harassment and use of force against religious groups surged in 2015, Pew reported. Four of the five geographic regions examined in the report — the Middle EastNorth Africa, Asia-Pacific, sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe -- had increases in these categories. Europe experienced the greatest growth in government harassment or use of force against religious groups, with 53 percent of its countries showing such increases in 2015, according to the study. Sub-Saharan Africa was next, with 48 percent of its countries experiencing growth in such actions. The Middle East-North Africa, however, continues to lead all regions, with 95 percent of its countries marked by government harassment or use of force against religious bodies. In Europe, Jews and Muslims experienced social hostilities in more countries than did Christians, according to Pew. Such animosities against Jews were found in 33 of Europe's 45 countries and against Muslims in 32 European countries. Christians experienced such hostilities in 21 countries. Harassment and the use of force by European governments against Muslims came in a year when 1.3 million immigrants -- more than half from the Muslim-majority countries of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria -- sought asylum on the continent, Pew noted. It also was a year marked by threats and deadly attacks by Islamic terrorists in European countries. Worldwide, Christians and Muslims continue to be harassed in the largest number of countries, according to the study. The number of countries in which Christians were harassed jumped from 108 to 128 in 2015. For Muslims, the number surged from 100 to 125. Twenty-three countries had "very high" levels of government limitations in 2015, an increase of seven from 2014. At the top of the list were Egypt, China, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Syria and Morocco. – Baptist Press

Parents ask school board to suspend controversial sex education program A group of concerned parents asked the San Diego Unified School District’s board of directors to suspend a controversial Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) at the April 25 board meeting, but the board took no action. “We’re not going to give up,” said Ashley B., who said she didn’t want to use her last name to protect her children. “We’re going to continue to get our petition signed and come back to the board later.” Parents initiated the petition effort on April 14 and gained more than 600 signatures in its first 10 days. The main concern expressed by many SDUSD families who have reviewed the SHEP materials is that they expose children to too much, too soon. “The curriculum is not age-appropriate. SDUSD has introduced a very aggressive curriculum that will oversexualize our young and vulnerable children and undermine parental values, without first obtaining sufficient input and buy-in from parents,” said Ashley, who has students in the district and is a substitute teacher. “We are not asking SDUSD to not teach about sexual health. We are asking them to suspend this curriculum until more appropriate materials can be identified with parent input that are in better alignment with community values.” The San Diego parents join other parent groups throughout California who are rapidly mobilizing, petitioning their local public school districts to pull

controversial sex education materials because they are not age appropriate, and introduce graphic descriptions of anal, oral, and vaginal sex to boys and girls as young as 11. The SDUSD curriculum starts in sixth grade. Some curricula include links to sites with pornographic pictures and videos or links to pornographic materials, opponents say. In many cases, California school districts, including SDUSD, have been quietly adopting these aggressive course materials without parental knowledge, input, or consent over the past few years, attempting to comply with the 2015 California Healthy Youth Act. Families opposing these sexually explicit curriculums were recently bolstered by Cupertino Unified School District’s recent decision to withdraw its controversial curriculum after parents submitted more than 6,000 petition signatures and spoke out at school board meetings. CUSD voted to suspend its program in the face of litigation threats from the ACLU if they suspended the sexually explicit curricula. Palo Alto Parents have obtained more than 1,200 signatures in their petition effort. SDUSD has made some changes at the insistence of administrators and teachers who felt blindsided by the lack of district transparency, Ashley said. However, parents do not believe the changes go far enough, she said. For information about the effort, contact Ashley at or call (858) 335-5808.

New bill targets state universities, community colleges Several pro-life organizations voiced their opposition on SB 320 at a Senate Health Committee meeting, but the legislation passed that hurdle. The bill requires universities and community colleges to provide abortion inducing drugs at student health centers. If this bill passes, California will see an increase in the number of students struggling with the trauma of giving birth in their dorm rooms to unborn babies up 10 weeks old, pro-lifers believe. “Not only will this bill destroy the lives of innocent children, but the chemical abortion medication being mandated has a notorious reputation for being very painful and traumatic,” said California Family Council CEO Jonathan Keller. “These drugs are known for not just causing physical pain to the mother, but psychological anguish that could last a lifetime.” PAID ADVERTISEMENT

“It’s my body, I can do what I want with it!” “I’ll marry who I want, I can be whatever gender I choose and don’t try to tell me what bathroom to use, and the courts say I can!”

Who defines when life begins? Who defines marriage? Who defines gender? Are these topics too controversial to discuss from the pulpit? How are we as a church to be salt and light to a dying world, when most of our church leaders act more like the “three monkeys” than a “Daniel or David” of the Bible, regarding “hot” cultural topics. How can we learn to best hate the sin, yet show God’s love and mercy to those involved, if we’re afraid to even discuss the issues? • San Diego Christians for Life • Proverbs 24:11-12

6 — Good News, etc. — May 2017 nc/sd


“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalm 139:13 (NIV)

Former abortionist featured at Poway event


Sacramento attacks every Christian organization at once

ssembly Member Lorena Gonzales Fletcher from Chula Vista introhe said, “How about the 750,000 women that Dr. Anthony Levatino — a former aborduced AB 569 to address claims of died as a result of the abortion procedure tionist — will share his unique perspective employee discrimination pertaining to reproevery year? Why are you forgetting them? on why a physician trained to give life would ductive choice. The examples of potential It's very tough to answer that question.” take it away at the “Changing Hearts for discrimination given are when an employee A lot of doctors are not terribly comfortLife” fund-raiser. is terminated, not hired, or disciplined for able doing abortions, Levatino said. “My Kristen Hawkins, president of Students for getting an abortion, using abortifacient birth discomfort came because there was this Life of America, will also share at this third control, using Invitro Fertilization, or even tremendous conflict going on within me.” annual event at St Michael’s Holy Family having sex out of wedlock. This represents Doing salines were horrible because he Center in Poway, Thursday, May 11, 7-9 p.m. The story of Dr. Levatino and his wife saw an intact, whole baby being born, and the latest in Sacramento’s over reach and Cecilia’s conversion to pro-life has educated sometimes they were alive. “That was very, breach of First Amendment protections in and motivated audiences worldwide. From very frightening. It was a very stomach- the exercise of religion. Religious schools would be forced to proselfish motives to true understanding, the turning kind of existence.” vide medical insurance policies that include At that time the Levatinos were having couple discuss what it was like to perform coverage for abortion, and abortifacient birth trouble trying to have a child. “So we started abortions and the toll it took on their family control. Churches would not be allowed to desperately looking for a baby to adopt, and until a personal tragedy occurred. require employees abstain from sex outside I was throwing them in the garbage at the Their story, combined with practical adof marriage. Pregnancy Centers would not rate of nine and 10 a week. It even occurred vice on what the pro-life community can do to be allowed to discipline or fire an employee to me then: ‘I wish one of increase its effectiveness, who decides to have an abortion. Religious these people would just has made them popular homeless shelters would not be allowed let me have their child.’” international speakers. to exclude someone from employment for Soon after they adopted Levatino performed first unwillingness to sign a statement of lifestyle. a healthy girl, Heather, the and second trimester aborLevatinos had their own Christian counselors would be protected tions as part of his OBbaby son as well, and were to continue an infidelity in their marriage GYN practice in upstate without fear of discipline or control from very happy. New York. "I was morally their religiously organized employer. Life was good until June neutral and believed that It is an established institution of our Union 23, 1984 when Heather I had an obligation to ofthat people and corporations are free to was struck down by a car fer complete care to my engage in association for the advancement in front of their house. patients," he said. of beliefs and ideas. This is an inseparable “We did everything we Cecelia pulls back the Dr. Anthony Levatino part of the liberty assured us by the Due could, and she died.” veil of confidentiality about Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. It is “That is what it took to get me to change. family relationships and the consequences of immaterial whether the beliefs sought to be My own sense of self-esteem went down the abortion on the families of physicians who advanced by association pertain to political, tubes,” Levatino said. “I began to feel like perform them. "The tragedy of abortion has economic, religious, cultural or reproduca paid assassin… a ripple effect, which reaches far beyond the tive health matters. State action which may “The money wasn't worth it. I don't care. woman and her unborn child and touches the have the effect of curtailing the freedom to This is coming out of my hide; it is costing hearts and souls of everyone, including the associate is subject to the strictest scrutiny me too much. It is costing me too much physicians and families." (you have to have a very good reason for it). personally. For all the money in the world, “I have never been involved in a largeRights of association are a guarantee by the it wouldn't have made any difference. So I scale abortion mill, a business — and it is a federal constitution to individuals and corquit. I slept a lot better at night after that.” business, don't kid yourselves — that was porations that are engaged in speech. Such Not every abortionist is going to lose a set up for the sole purpose of performing abortions,” he said during a recent speech. child or have something profoundly affect is the case for nearly all religious non-profit Like most OB/GYNs trained in residency to their lives, but Levatino said it’s key to make organizations. This bill is not about unlawful discriminado abortions, he continued doing so as part doing the abortion cost the OB/GYN more tion but rather a thinly veiled bigotry toward than he is getting from it. of private practice. religious groups, and the ideas they share. He said that picketing can be effective in He regrets that he and his partner were The California Family Council (CFC) argued reaching an abortionist. “It is very uncomabout the only group in the Albany area that, “an organization specifically chartered fortable to have people milling around all performing late abortions, D&E procedures, to support or oppose a specific set of beliefs the time and you know they are directing dilatation and evacuation. or actions cannot fulfill its mission without it at you.” “…I've done hundreds of the procedures, requiring adherence to a code of conduct.” A church down the road picketed his and that's direct, hands-on involvement, CFC argues that AB 569 "sadly ignores a hospital every day. They got the hospital to with the forceps in your hand, reaching into legitimate concern [about religious freedom] stop doing abortions by getting to the nurses somebody's uterus and tearing out a baby.” and instead directly attacks every faith based in the operating room. Why do doctors do abortions? There’s a institution and organization in the State.” “There are a lot of fence-sitters out there,” lot of money in it, Levatino said. “One way CFC contends that while the supporters to make abortion less available is to make Levatino said. “…Most of them are average of AB 569, "certainly have every right to people, just like myself. You can probably it unprofitable…” publicly condemn [codes of conduct] and make a difference. Abortionists can work 9 to 5, no nights or encourage others to do so," that state does not “I want the general public to know what weekends, and make a lot more more money "have the constitutional authority to outlaw the doctors know: That this is a person. This than other OB/GYNs. the religious of codes of conduct simply is a baby. This is not some kind of blob of “But I won't make another dime doing an because [the state] finds them offensive." tissue and it does make a difference.” abortion! It's not worth it to me.” CFC concludes that "private organizations, To secure tickets to the May 11 event, visit Levatino said a lot of people like to say and especially religious ones, must have they are morally neutral on the subject. “If there is such a thing, and I don't really think there is — if you are pro-choice and you happen to be a gynecologist, then it's up to you to take the instruments in hand and Bibles, Books,Gifts and Sacramentals actively perform an abortion. It's the most natural association in the world.” For those buying into the pro-woman line, 714 N. Coast Hwy. • Oceanside We print Holy Cards for Funerals and (located at Harbor House Cafe) Everyday Prayers. SUBSCRIBE to Good News, Etc., Annette Servi 760-822-6732 Open Daily: for $30 a year. Send your check to: email: 9 am - 5 pm P.O. Box 2660, Vista, CA 92085 Order online at:

Catholic Gift Shop

Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, & R.C.I.A. Gifts Now Available

RECLAIMING THE CULTURE OF LIFE JOSH MccLURE the freedom to operate without government interference if freedom of religion is to have any meaning at all." Recognition of the unborn as a created human life, and abstinence from sex until marriage are foundational tenants of our faith. AB596 interferes with that teaching across the board and imposes a secular view of right and wrong in relation to reproductive ethics. The State of California is violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by establishing a standard for religion and is legalizing hypocrisy should anyone try to teach abstinence or against abortion. The Book of Malachi is a wonderful example of what it looks like when the leaders of a religion are allowed and in some cases “mandated” by leadership to exercise hypocrisy openly. The priests of that day had returned from Persia and had intermarried into the pagan societies around them. It was wrong for the priest who was married to an outsider to remain a part of the Israel Covenant (they were to be cut off), let alone lead temple worship! When they recognized their error, some remained in Temple service anyway. Others began quietly divorcing their wives, which was unjust to their wife! While they taught righteousness with their lips, their actions were openly hypocritical! God sent Malachi to put an end to it. He said, you have corrupted the covenant of Levi. You better listen and repent, or you will be removed as the dung and entrails are removed from the temple before a sacrifice is burned. Your hypocrisy is causing Israel to revile worship, embrace sin, and turn from God (Mal 2:1-9). You can send a letter (fax is most effective) to your representative on the State Assembly and the State Senate to let them know you want them to oppose AB 569. Democrats have a supermajority in Sacramento, but that supermajority does not give them license to ignore the US Constitution or their constituents. Make your voice heard! o Josh McClure is executive director of East County Pregnancy Care Clinic.

pro-life ministries

Alternatives Women’s Center 760-741-9796 Birthline Chula Vista 619-425-5012 Birthline Clairemont 858-270-2491 Birth Choice, Oceanside 760-231-8885 Birth Choice, San Marcos 760-744-1313 Birth Choice, Temecula 951-699-9808 CAPS Pregnancy Clinics 619-337-8080 Culture of Life, Escondido 760-741-1224 Culture of Life Family Services, S.D. 619-692-4401 Door of Hope (under 18) 858-279-1100 E.C. Pregnancy Care Center 619-442-HELP Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center 760-728-4105 Lamb of God Maternity Home 760-294-7969 Life Choices Pregnancy Center 858-486-5433 Life Perspectives 619-516-1236 Office of Social Min./Rachel’s Hope 858-581-3022 Pregnancy Resource Center 760-945-HOPE Presbyterians Pro-Life 760-599-4699 Pro-Life Council 619-645-8442 Ramona Pregnancy Care Center 760-789-7059 Right to Life Council 619-270-2750 Save-A-Life Ministry (suicide prev.) 1-800-550-8690 Silent Voices 619-422-0757 St. Claire Home (over 18) 760-741-0122 Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center 858-457-7800

sound events

Chris Tomlin tour coming to San Diego on May 9

Grammy winner Chris Tomlin continues to bring the church together in unity and prayer through his nationwide Worship Night In America Tour. Featuring Tomlin, Big Daddy Weave, Phil Wickham, Zach Williams, Mosaic MSC and Jason Barton, the tour is set to come to San Diego’s Viejas Arena on Tuesday, May 9 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the “Worship Night In America Tour” can be purchased via TicketMaster. com or by calling 800-745-0000. "It is powerful when all streams of the church come together in an act of unity to worship and pray...that's the heart behind Worship Night In America," Tomlin said. "I pray these nights are filled with revival and restoration as we all join together proclaiming one name.” This full tour follows a series of Worship Night In America events over the last two years including sold out Madison Square Garden, Red Rocks and other iconic venues. Tomlin's 11th studio album Never Lose Sight recently released, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Albums Chart. The album features the RIAA Gold Certified single "Good Good Father." Tomlin was recently honored as the fourth recipient of the SoundExchange Digital Radio Award, recognizing more than 1 billion digital radio plays. The tour is produced by Awakening Events, presented by K-LOVE and Air1 and sponsored by Food for the Hungry.


May 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 7

“King David also ordered the… singers into an orchestra, and they played loudly and joyously…” – 1 Chron. 15:16 (TLB)

May 6 symphony concert is like music to her ears While God may see us as living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:2), some, I suspect, He also sees as living worship sheet music. As Ruby Styler of Spring Valley’s Faith Chapel joins with fellow music visionary Jackie Parfet to prepare their church’s May 6 orchestral symphony concert, many are discovering that Styler not only has the music living in her, but oozing out from her. From a very early age Styler has crafted her vision to create music and inspire others, inter-generationally, to do the same. “I was 5 years old when I began playing in the church orchestra, and from childhood, my passion grew to be involved in worship using musical instruments until this day,” said Styler recently. In early May, she will see another portion of her vision come to pass. “And, it is amazing to consider that it all started with our string program.” Styler’s “string program” refers to her training of students, young and old, in the art of playing stringed instruments. “Since getting my BA in music, I’ve directed children’s, youth and adult choirs, but nothing has been more fulfilling then teaching a student to play a stringed instrument and watching his or her progress.” In 1978, a beginning string program was established at her church, Faith Chapel in Spring Valley. “My dream was that this would grow into a preparatory orchestra someday, some year,” she said. Of course, stringed instruments do not an orchestra make. That is why Styler was amazed at how God added a counterpart to her vision.

Featured Speakers

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Levatino

Former Abortion Provider

Kristan Hawkins

President of Students for Life of America

That counterpart’s name was Jackie Parfet. “I was extremely fortunate that when Jackie came to Faith Chapel, we soon discovered that we shared the same passion for teaching and using orchestral instruments for worship. Her forte was with wind instruments, mine was strings. This was clearly a match made in heaven. The rest is history, and today we have full instrumentation of a symphony orchestra. And, we have not only opened it to church members, but to anyone in the community who would like to join,” said Styler. Styler feels that God, as the Master Conductor, has had His hand in the development of this orchestra from the very beginning. “I


PRAISE REPORT CAZ TAYLOR think one of the most unique things about us, is that we have all ages and skill levels playing together. We are a learning orchestra, with other music teachers and professionals joining in to bring inspiration and help to the students.” Styler said it would be hard to find a more enriching environment with so many people and so much music. “It is Please turn to next page

Faith Chapel Spring Valley’s orchestra executive director Ruby Styler at a prior holiday concert.

8 — Good News, etc. — May 2017


the calendar

F riday

NOTE: Listings in bold face are display advertisers in either the North County or San Diego edition of Good News, etc. This Calendar is also featured on, where there is also a Featured Events Calendar. Please support our advertisers!

M onday

The Calendar contains concerts, conferences, special events, etc. If you have something to list, contact Good News, etc. by Wednesday, May 17 for the June edition. Phone: (760) 724-3075 • email:

M ay 1


7 p.m., Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, dinner meeting, guest speaker Dr. Ann Okitsu, held at Chula Vista golf course, Bonita, reservations 760-214-3665.


May 3

T hursday

M ay 4

M ay 5

9 a.m., Carlsbad Community Church annual garage sale, proceeds to benefit church ministries, Carlsbad Community Church, 760-724-0508. 7 p.m., Pregnancy Resource Center Comedy and Live Auction Night, comedian Mark Schumacher, North Coast Calvary Chapel, Carlsbad, tickets 760-945-4673.

May 6

9 a.m., Carlsbad Community Church annual garage sale, proceeds to benefit church ministries, Carlsbad Community Church, Carlsbad, 760-724-0508. 10 a.m., Craft fair with 50+ booths, City View Church, San Diego, 858-560-1870. 10 a.m., Spiritual Wellness fitness instructor training, runs through July 8, Rock Church, El Cajon, 619-226-7625. 11:30 a.m., San Diego Main Library Friends of the Library author’s event featuring Diana Wallis Taylor book “Lydia, Woman of Philippi”, San Diego City Library, 619-542-1724.

7 p.m., “What I Wish My Parents Knew” parenting seminars at Emmanuel Faith, Escondido, continues on May 10 and 17, 760-781-2200. National Day of Prayer, please visit www. to find a prayer gathering near you. 7 a.m., Men of Purpose host Unite San Diego Prayer breakfast, held at Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, San Diego, ticket info. unitesandiego. com/events, 619-977-5538. 9 a.m., North San Diego County Human Trafficking Collaborative, guest speaker Patty Secor, United Methodist Church, Vista, 760-726-0442. 7 p.m., For Your GREAT Name’s Sake, National Day of Prayer, hosted by Lake Murray Church, La Mesa, 619-697-7770.

s u n day

M ay 7

5 p.m., East County Southern Gospel Concerts present Legacy Five and Tribute Quartet, held at El Cajon Wesleyan Church, El Cajon, VIP section with Meet and Greet $30, General Admission $20 and door $25, doors open at 4 p.m., 619-442-5941. 6 p.m., Classes on Hebrew Roots and How to share Messiah Yeshua with the Jewish people, 8404 Phyllis Pl, prayer room, San Diego, 858-366-2088.

books by locals

Annette Hubbell’s new book, A Spoonful of Grace: Mealtime Blessings in Bite-Sized Pieces, is a collection of 366 evening meal graces taken from all 66 books of the Bible. They are designed to provide meaningful exposure to prayer and the Bible at a most opportune time: the family evening meal. They are unique, too, because each one is inspired by its companion Bible verse(s), designed to be read in its entirety in about two minutes, and enhanced by a section called “Grace Notes.” Using quotations and ideas to further illustrate the theme of the verse, these “Grace Notes” promote lively and meaningful conversation. Hubbell earned her undergraduate degree in marketing from San Diego State University, her M.B.A. from Cal State University in San Marcos, and a Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Hubbell lives in San Diego with her husband of 33 years, Monte. A Spoonful of Grace is available at +++ As the owner of Datron World Communications, Inc., Art Barter turned a $10 million company into a $200 million company in

just six years. The success was born out of his desire to transform a traditional system of leadership into a servant-led organization. The founder and president of Servant Leadership Institute in Carlsbad said its leadership is a form of leadership that turns the traditional organization chart upside down; the leader exists to serve the people he leads. Barter’s new book, The Servant Leadership Journal: An 18 Week Journey to Transform You and Your Organization, was released in March. In the book, Barter teaches nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader. Through the journaling process, these behaviors will change your mindset about leading in your personal life and your organization. The author identifies four distinct steps that are key to effective journaling: Educate yourself on the meaning of each behavior. Understand where you are with each behavior. Be courageous to see the real you. Apply what you are learning to your life. The book is available at or o This column is dedicated to promote area authors of new books. Send suggestions to

1. Kevin Ford – May 12-14

Fri. @ 7 p.m, Sat. @ 6 p.m, Sun. @ 2 p.m

2. David Tomberlin – May 20-21 Sat. @ 6 p.m, Sun. @ 10 a.m


3. Breakthrough Art Class – May 27 Led by Judy Ross, $35, Sat. 9:30 to 2:30 Details at

4. Kathie Walters – June 10 Sat. 10-12:30, “Accessing Heavenly Realms” Sat. 1-3, “Receive from Heaven” – both for $25


Cloud 9 Worship Center 4

T u e s day

M ay 9

10 a.m., San Diego Fair volunteer training classes, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater San Diego, La Mesa, 619-469-8593. 11 a.m., North Coast Women’s Connection 2nd Annual High Tea & Hats Luncheon, guest speaker Lorraine Dawson, Lomas Santa Fe Country Club, Solana Beach, 858-864-6377. 7 p.m., Chris Tomlin’s Worship Night in America, Viejas Arena, San Diego, 619-594-7315.


May 10

7 p.m., “What I Wish My Parents Knew” parenting seminars at Emmanuel Faith, Escondido, continues on May 17, 760-781-2200.

T hursday

M ay 11

12 p.m., Men with a Purpose luncheon, guest speaker Wayne Rice, Double Tree Hotel Hilton, San Diego, 619-850-0383. 7 p.m., Life Choices 31st Annual event, “Changing Hearts for Life”, guest speakers Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Levatino and Kristan Hawkins, held at St. Michael’s Holy Family Center, Poway, 858-486-1738.

F r i d ay

M ay 1 2

s aT u r d ay

M ay 1 3

7 p.m., Kevin Ford, Cloud 9 Worship Center, Spring Valley, 619-479-5012. 8:30 a.m., A Day of Encouragement with special guests: Tina Marino, Dr. David Melendez, Mat-

thew Stoehr, Tony & Maria Costadini and Lisa Jimenez, held at The Crossings, Carlsbad, for reservations: www.theencouragementcenter. org, 760-271-8331. 6 p.m., Kevin Ford, Cloud 9 Worship Center, Spring Valley, 619-479-5012.


May 14


May 17


May 18


May 20

9 a.m., Kick off for Alternatives Women’s Center baby bottle campaign, Alternatives Women’s Center, Escondido, 760-741-9796. 2 p.m., Kevin Ford, Cloud 9 Worship Center, Spring Valley, 619-479-5012. 7 p.m., “What I Wish My Parents Knew” parenting seminars at Emmanuel Faith, Escondido, 760781-2200. 6 p.m., San Diego Fair volunteer training classes, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater San Diego, La Mesa, 619-469-8593.

9:30 a.m., Family Conference San Diego 2017 hosted by Rhombus, held at Living Way Church, Poway, for information and registration, or 858-848-1766. 10 a.m., San Diego Fair volunteer training classes, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater San Diego, La Mesa, 619-469-8593. 6 p.m., David Tomberlin, Cloud 9 Worship Center, Spring Valley, 619-479-5012.

Symphony orchestra . . .

Mark your Calendars NOW! for these SpeCial eVeNTS


7 p.m., Free movie night presenting Priceless, Calvary Chapel, Oceanside, 760-754-1234.

8498 Paseo Iglesia, Spring Valley, CA 91977 • 619-479-5012

Continued from previous page a very healthy ‘family affair,’” she said. “It is also a blessing to open all rehearsals in prayer and share prayer requests as a Christian family.” Then, she added, “It is evident that we all care for each other and have an enjoyable comradery.” What, in the early stages may have been Styler’s cacophony has become Styler’s symphony. Then, beyond the symphony, a symphony with a godly purpose. “Our performances in recent years have been mainly an outreach to retirement residences, rallies, community centers, and other church events. We enjoy playing as a gift to the area.” The concert is especially exciting to Styler and her orchestral partners because their outreach is now becoming an in reach, as well. “This concert is different and exciting as we are really looking forward to the opportunity of presenting a concert at home in our own Faith Chapel’s spacious sanctuary. It is kind of bringing it all full circle.” Styler and music mate Jackie Parfet invite everyone to the Saturday, May 6, Symphony Concert at Faith Chapel, 9400 Campo Road in Spring Valley. The program begins at 3 PM. When asked to define the music to be performed by the Faith Chapel Community

Orchestra, Styler said, “We will be presenting the music of the masters, patriotic favorites, songs of praise, and a lot more.” A free will offering will be taken at the venue. “We owe a debt of gratitude to Faith Chapel for these past 39 years of faithful support and their strong belief in the benefits of a music education program,” said Styler. When asked if she had a favorite scripture tied to all this, she quickly quoted from Psalm 150. “Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty firmament! Praise Him for His mighty acts; Praise Him according to His excellent greatness! Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; Praise Him with the lute and harp! Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes! Praise Him with loud cymbals; Praise Him with clashing cymbals! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Then she added, “We are hoping everyone will come and enjoy our symphony of praises.” o Caz Taylor authored David’s Tabernacle, Patterns for New Testament Worship, and is co-owner of San Diego production company, www/

the calendar

S u n day

M ay 21

10 a.m., David Tomberlin, Cloud 9 Worship Center, Spring Valley, 619-479-5012. 10 a.m., Speaker Phil Hernandez speaking on depression and suicide, Word of Life Worship Center, La Mesa, 619-271-8800. 6 p.m., Classes on Hebrew Roots and How to share Messiah Yeshua with the Jewish people, 8404 Phyllis Pl, prayer room, San Diego, 858-366-2088.

M onday

M ay 22

12 p.m.., Point Loma Nazarene University Seminar by the Sea Christian Formation (through May 26), lead instructor Dr. Rebecca Laird, Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, 619-849-2410.

F riday



6 p.m., Movie release “My Divine Encouter with God”, 8404 Phyllis Pl, prayer room, San Diego, 858-366-2088.


June 10

Location __________________________________ Phone ____________

June 16

9 a.m., Hope 2017 2 Day Conference hosted by Restored Hope Network, guest speakers include Joe Dallas, Janet Mefferd, Ron Citlau, and Linda Seiler, held at City View Church, San Diego, register

June 17


10 a.m., Special Father’s Day service on healing and forgiveness, Word of Life Worship Center, La Mesa, 619-271-8800.

S unday

J une 18

M ay 28 National Day of Prayer on May 4

6 p.m., Easy County Southern Gospel Concerts presents Danny Funderburk, one of the most distinctive tenors to ever sing for the legendary Cathedrals, (doors open at 5 p.m.), a love offering received, Grace Community Church, Ramona, 760-789-0562.


April 21-May 28, Lamb’s Players Theatre presents “Silent Sky,” Coronado, 619-437-6000. May 19, 7 p.m., Calvary Chapel Oceanside presents “Less than Charming,” 760-754-1234. May 20, 11:30 a.m., Calvary Chapel Oceanside presents “Less than Charming,” 760-754-1234. May 21 & 22, 6:30 p.m., Kings Kid’s Production Company presents “Star Quest,” a children’s musical, free admission, Stoneb r o o k e C h u r c h , Vi s t a , 7 6 0 - 7 2 6 - 1 5 6 4 . June 9-July 30, Lamb’s Players Theatre presents “Big Fish,” Coronado, 619-437-6000.

Please let others know about your Christian event and list it in The Calendar! Listings are FREE! Please contact us by the 15th of the month!


6:30 p.m., Hope 2017 2 Day Conference hosted by Restored Hope Network, guest speakers include Joe Dallas, Janet Mefferd, Ron Citlau, and Linda Seiler, held at City View Church, San Diego, register

S u n day

Have Something To Share?

Date____________________Day _________________ Time ___________

M ay 26 Saturday

9:30 a.m., Breakthrough Art Class, Cloud 9 Worship Center, Spring Valley, register 619-479-5012.

News, etc. — 9

10 a.m., Kathie Walters morning session: “Accessing Heavenly Realms”; afternoon session at 1 p.m., “Receive from Heaven”, Cloud 9 Worship Center, Spring Valley, to register 619-479-5012.

3 p.m., Easy County Southern Gospel Concerts present Danny Funderburk, one of the most distinctive tenors to ever sing for the legendary Cathedrals, dessert following concert, El Cajon Wesleyan Church, El Cajon, tickets 619-442-5941.

May 27

May 2017 — Good

On Thursday, May 4, people of all faiths across America are invited to join together in a day of prayer for our nation to intercede for our leaders, defenders, public servants and families. Designating a national day of prayer is a tradition that began in 1775 with the Continental Congress, has been observed by many presidents over the years, including Abraham Lincoln in 1863, and was established as an annual event by President Truman in 1952. The theme of this year’s observance is, “For your great name’s sake, hear us…forgive us…heal us,” taken from Daniel 9:19. Events are listed by city on the national website at

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Child Evangelism Fellowship of San Diego Join us in Reaching Kids for Christ

The SD County Fair is coming June 2 - July 4!

It's our biggest outreach for children! Volunteers needed at the Castle to share the Gospel message with the children, and their parents! Volunteers must attend only one training class. Volunteers receive free admission to fair. Classes are: Tues., May 9, 10 am; Thurs., May 18, 6pm; and Sat., May 20, 10 am. Go to:>click: Fair SignUp>Select date, then call CEF to confirm. Spanish materials available • Gift Items • Clothing Office Hrs: M-F, 10-4p; Closed on May 29th! We look forward to help you serve the children.


Child Evangelism Fellowship 8111 Orange Ave., La Mesa 91942

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Good at Resource Center Only-Open Tu.-Th., 10-4pm

Also on Sunday, May 28, 6 p.m. at Grace Community Church, Ramona

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‘The Case for Christ’ a movie you don’t want to miss

Charlotte Le Bon, Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale in The Promise.

n the past few weeks I have attended several films based on true stories and each with a faith element. Not only have I enjoyed them but been exceptionally pleased that the theaters were full. The Case for Christ was among these. It’s based on the true story of Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel), an award-wining journalist and atheist. When an event in a restaurant endangers his daughter, the outcome and changes in his wife sets him off on a journey to prove Jesus never rose

We’re launching a new church in Vista early 2017! We invite you to come see what we are all about. We cordially invite you to visit our weekly Bible study. We meet at the Vista Pantry Cafe, 945 S. Santa Fe Ave. (across the street from Vons)

6-7:30 pm Thursday evenings. Join us! — Pastor John Phipps, 702-589-1981

Pastor John & Dina Phipps

from the grave. Thanks to Pure Flix Entertainment (God’s Not Dead movies), Brian Bird’s screenplay and Jon Gunn’s direction, the movie is engrossing and happily reveals how faith can change lives. The film was shown in two different forms, a regular movie or a Fathom Event production. This was interesting because at the end there was a Q & A live with audience members able to tweet questions to the actors who answered them to the theater audience. The Case for Christ is still in theaters and, considering since April 20 it’s already made close to $10 million, it’s a movie not to miss. +++ The Promise, another film based on a true story, was so captivating I saw it twice. It’s about the war between the Turks and Armenians right before WWI. Mikael Boghosian (Oscar Isaac) wants to attend medical school in Constantinople. His family has no way to pay for that, so Mikael agrees to marry Maral (Angela Sarafyan) so he can collect her dowry to pay for his school. Once there, Mikael finds his uncle, and meets new friends and their friends. He also meets Anna (Charlotte Le Bon), and the two have an instant chemistry. However, Anna is married to Chris Myers (Christian Bale). He’s an American journalist dead set on getting the scoop on this for-sure upcoming war. In addition to having little time with Anna, he also drinks too much no matter how often

FRESH LEMONS DIANA SAENGER she asks him to stop. The threat of war circles both countries and will affect many on both sides. Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Terry George (nominations for co-writer of Hotel Rwanda, In the Name of the Father and The Boxer…both starring Daniel Day-Day Lewis), he will hopefully be remembered at 2017 Oscar time for an unbelievable production. There are love affairs, deals made and broken, and then the film escalates to the war itself. It’s hard to watch, but George’s teams keep the audience glued to every minute of the film. Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, the women and all of the main characters bring this film to life as if we were sitting on a hill taking it all in. +++ Pure Flix Entertainment’s Chuck Konzelman and Cray Solomon are working on God’s Not Dead 3 for release in 2018. Other 2017 planned include: • Mully (June 8, one-night only), the ragsto-riches story of Charles Mully, whose rise from orphaned poverty in Kenya leads him on a journey of selflessness. See • The Star (Nov. 10), an animated film about a small but brave donkey and his animal friends who become the unsung heroes of the first Christmas. See • Same Kind of Different as Me (date pending), an unforgettable true story about an international art dealer who befriends a homeless man in order to save his struggling marriage. With Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight, and Greg Kinnear. See • Power of the Air (date pending), Dave Christiano’s film about a missionary from Africa sharing how the enemy uses Hollywood to deceive people. With Michael Gross (Family Ties) and Patty Duke. See • Grace Wins (date pending). The story of four teenage high school seniors and the life altering decisions that they have to make. See Meanwhile there are plenty of Christian DVDs available. Check out https://pureflix. com/ they have thousands of titles of all genres. o Find Diana Saenger’s reviews and interviews at

‘Jesus’ film hits milestone

The Jesus Film Project is celebrating as it marks its 1,500th language translation. The latest translation — into Daasanach, a language spoken by an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan — is part of the project's initiative to reach the world's remaining 865 language groups that have 50,000 or more speakers. The Jesus film, based on the Gospel of Luke, was initiated by the late Bill Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, who had a vision to show the film in every country. First shown in 1979, the film has been used to make 7.5 billion Gospel presentations in 230 countries, with more than 490 million people indicating a decision for Christ after viewing it. – Baptist Press



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“Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.” — 1 Cor. 9:24 (NKJV)

Raiders QB Derek Carr grew up in church, but rebelled until God’s love drew him back

At only 11-years-old Derek Carr was “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ throwing 50-yard passes with his older declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you brother David Carr, then a rookie NFL and not to harm you, plans to give you hope quarterback. Raised in a godly Christian and a future.’” home, Derek sowed his share of wild oats Deeply touched by the encounter, Derek until the love of Jesus expressed through a later got the verse tattooed on his wrist. woman drew his heart back to God. After he enrolled at Fresno State, he “I grew up in this church, and I knew who competed for the starting job as a freshman. Christ was — and I knew who God was — “God knew I wasn’t ready to handle that. and I loved him,” Derek shared in his home If He was to give me all those things when church in Fresno. my life wasn’t right yet, oh my goodness, I But even though Derek prayed to God wouldn’t be here, you would be praying for and knew who He was, he didn’t fully give me,” he confessed. his life to Christ and follow Him until later. He was still deeply enmeshed in the party “I grew up loving football, basketball, lifestyle. “There are things I don’t want to and baseball,” he recounted. “My dad went remember. I was so selfish and hurt other to all my games, and if he couldn’t be at a people. My heart wasn’t right. I wanted what game, he would call me on the phone and I wanted. I wanted to please myself. I was pray for me. He was thinking I was living always there for me. the life.” My mom was always But one day God there to pray for me and used a beautiful young talk to me. My family woman, Heather Neel, life was awesome. I had to get his attention. parents who loved me.” They met at BJ’s BreThe family lived in whouse, where she Bakersfield, before worked as a server. they moved to Texas “I hit on her. I talked in 2002 when David to her. I used a corny became the first draft pickup line, and it pick of the Houston worked. She told me Texans. Derek and his I needed to come to family moved back church with her.” to Bakersfield for his Derek knew he Quarterback David Carr of Raiders senior year, where he should be going to attended Bakersfield Christian High School. church but never found the time. Derek admitted he made some bad choices Heather began to pray for Derek to come in high school. “I was out partying, staying back to the Lord. “One day we got in an out late.” argument over something. I won the arguStill, he maintained a facade around his ment, and then she grabbed my hand and parents. “I was a different kid on Sunday started praying for me.” than I was on Friday and Saturday night. She followed up the prayer with a 10-page “I would still tell people about Jesus letter. One line in the letter stuck in his gut: because I believed in Him and knew it was “You’re not the person I thought you were.” the truth, but I would go do these things As Derek pondered the implications of and say, ‘Father, forgive me.’ That’s a scary her letter, the Holy Spirit began to pierce way to live.” his heart, and he began weeping. “I was In three years playing as a high school this mean, tough, football player, and I was quarterback in Texas and California, he bawling his eyes out, alone, in my bedroom, passed for nearly 7,000 yards. in the house I shared with my buddies,” he Before Derek’s grandfather passed away recounted. he went to visit him at the hospital. While He knew the time had come for him to his grandfather was too weak to speak to get right with Jesus. Derek recognized that him, the dying man wrote Jeremiah 29:11 nothing could fill the void in his heart except on a board: Please turn to next page


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Missionary using soccer to reach Cambodians

told that Jesus Christ died for his and all of mankind’s sins. Ngyon received the gospel Kiri Ngyon was leading a small congre- message and became a believer. gation in southeast San Diego in the 1990s, Fellow believers in New England decided where approximately 8,000 Cambodians to sponsor him to come to the United States. resided. Many of these Cambodian people His sponsors realized that Ngyon’s life was had escaped from the Khmer Rouge regime still in danger from the Pol Pot regime. After a in the late 70s. number of months, Ngyon was finally cleared Today, Ngyon has retained his passion to to seek asylum in the United States. When reach out to his people, many of whom can he reached the U.S., he decided to enter the recount their own tragic stories living under ministry under the sponsorship of his church. the notorious communist leader Pol Pot. Eventually Ngyon was drawn to southern As a native Cambodian, Ngyon grew up in California where there was a burgeoning what was and still is considered population of Cambodians. to be one of the poorest countries Ngyon gratefully assimilated in the world. In his late teens, into the United States, learning Ngyon was recognized as an exabout its history in an effort to traordinary soccer player, and was apply for official citizenship. selected to play on Cambodia’s After waiting seven years, Ngyon national soccer team. Ngyon and became a U.S. citizen. He then his team were given distinction served as pastor of a Cambodian and celebrity. church for approximately 10 When communist dictator Pol years in San Diego. Kiri Ngyon Pot took over the reins of power in Ngyon began to feel a call from Cambodia, this ruthless dictatorship birthed the Holy Spirit to become a missionary to the infamous killing fields. Prominent Cam- his former homeland of Cambodia. He felt bodians, or any person who was suspected of led to use his expertise in soccer to attract being opposed to the regime, were brutally the people of Cambodia to Christ, where he murdered. instructs young boys in the sport. He uses Upon his return to Cambodia after play- his influence to share the gospel with his ing soccer for a professional soccer team in soccer students and their parents. neighboring Vietnam (which was not an ally Ngyon understands the challenges he of ‘the regime’ at the time), Ngyon realized faces. Although his native country is overhe was living on borrowed time. Several of whelmingly comprised of a large Buddhist Ngyon’s former teammates were rounded population, Ngyon is confident that the up and executed. His life during the next powerful message of Christ along with few months was a living nightmare. Ngyon God’s love can win any heart. Ngyon has had witnessed the horrors inflicted on those Pol wonderful success in leading a number of Pot’s soldiers caught and the desperation of Cambodians to Christ (including many of his those in hiding, forcing acts of cannibalism. players, their family members and friends). Ngyon knew he had to escape Cambodia if Ngyon reaches out to many Cambodians he wanted to survive. After of number of with the message of Christ each month. months hiding and traveling through the He needs support and prayers. Ministry jungle, Ngyon finally made it across the checks can be sent to International Church border into Thailand. Missions, P.O. Box 4550, Oceanside, CA It was at the Thai-Cambodian border that 92052. (Reference Kiri Ngyon). Ngyon met several Christian missionaries o who reached out to him, and he first heard James L. Lambert is author of author the salvation message. He had never been By JAMES L. LAMBERT

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“Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits — who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.” – Psalm 103:3 (NIV)

Just how stress impacts your weight


any patients come to the Stengler Center here for help with their weight. Often, the people I see are those who’ve been very diligent with their diet and exercise program, yet they still have problems losing weight. While it’s true that they may need a different diet and exercise program, their unwanted pounds may be rooted in something else: hormonal problems. One of the culprits I look at is cortisol, the “stress hormone” produced by your adrenal glands (located on top of your kidneys) that’s associated with obesity — particularly high levels of it over prolonged periods of time. In and of itself, cortisol isn’t a “bad” hormone. It actually has vital functions in your body’s “fight or flight” system, helping it cope with a variety of stresses. Cortisol works to increase blood glucose levels to help energy production, increases your heart rate and blood pressure, and fights inflammation. Yet, when cortisol is elevated for prolonged periods of time — such as weeks and months — it causes imbalance in the body, including weight gain. So, to keep those pounds from packing on, you’ve got to take a two-pronged approach: Reduce the stress in your environment. Balance your body’s response to the stressors you can’t eliminate. A recent study published in the mainstream journal Obesity involving 2,527 British men and women aged 54 and older, confirmed what we already knew about how this hormone can sabotage healthy weight management. In the study, those who were chronically exposed to elevated cortisol concentrations over several months not only gained weight, but also saw increases in their body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. There are several ways that cortisol can lead to weight gain. For one, there’s good research demonstrating that elevated cortisol can stimulate your appetite and cravings, through its direct effect on the brain and other hormones. That shouldn’t come as a surprise

if you’ve ever found yourself “stress-eating” your way through tough times. But what you may have never noticed (because you can’t feel it) is that cortisol also stimulates your liver to convert amino acids and other non-glucose substances into sugar, leading to increased glucose levels. It’s actually a “double whammy,” because chronically elevated cortisol levels also blunt the effect of insulin. When you become insulin resistant, your body has problems transporting glucose into the cells for energy. As a result, the excess blood glucose is stored as fat. So, the “stress hormone” is involved in the development of mature fat cells, but it does something else that makes you gain weight: It mobilizes your existing stores of fat (e.g. triglycerides) and moves them to

Raiders QB . . .

Continued from previous page the love of Christ. He dropped to his knees in surrender and began to pray. “My life is yours. Forgive me of my sins; forgive me of the sins I don’t even know I committed. My heart is yours. Take it and do what you want with it. No matter what you tell me to do the answer is yes. I’ve been sitting on the fence long enough. I don’t want to do that anymore.” “That is the day my life changed, and I said no to sin.” He married Heather in 2012 and they have two sons. During his three years as a starter at Fresno State, Derek threw for 12,843 passing yards and 113 touchdowns. In 2013, Carr won the Sammy Baugh Trophy, which is awarded annually to the country’s top college QB. Drafted by the Oakland Raiders, Carr had 53 career touchdown passes, the second most by a quarterback in his first two seasons. He gives glory to God for transforming his life. “Don’t make the stupid choices I did and search for the things this world tells you is right,” he said. “Give Jesus true lordship and control over your life.” – ASSIST News

Why holistic healthcare?

People ask me what holistic healthcare is about. We focus on making a correct diagnosis and focusing on non-toxic nutritional and natural therapies — instead of just prescribing a drug that can have harmful side effects.

I have over 20 years experience and have written 20 books on the subject. I am trained in both conventional and natural medicine — and my experience has shown the holistic approach is often superior.

We can help with weight loss, diabetes, chronic fatigue, back pain, menopause, hypothyroid, complementary cancer therapy, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, and many other issues. Our office is in Encinitas and we have patients coming from all over Southern California.

Want references? See what people say on Feel free to give us a call or check what we do on our web page. It includes some great articles and help on a variety of subjects. We’re here to serve! Thank you for considering natural healcare.

Dr. Mark Stengler

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Messianic . . . NATURALLY MARK STENGLER tissue deep in your abdomen. That’s why one of the symptoms of elevated cortisol is an increase in belly fat. Lastly, high cortisol levels suppress thyroid function. More specifically, it suppresses the most metabolically-active thyroid hormone, known as T3. First, you can lower your cortisol by making a few adjustments to your lifestyle and your environment. Some tried-and-true methods include prayer, deep abdominal breathing, and increased social interaction. I also recommend listening to positive music, getting regular exercise and adequate sleep, and reducing simple sugars and stimulants (which aren’t doing you any good in the restful sleep department). In addition, many of my patients benefit from additional, natural support — namely, supplements that have been shown to decrease cortisol levels. o Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD, is owner of the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in Encinitas. Author of 17 books and TV host of Natural Healing, he can be reached at (760) 274-2377 or www.markstengler. com.

Pastor finds $60 million diamond

A Sierra Leone pastor who supplements his income by working in the mines found one of the largest diamonds ever pulled from the earth, then gave it away. Pastor Emmanuel Momoh found the gargantuan 706-carat stone in the Kono region. Experts said the stone could be worth as much as $62 million, depending on the quality. It was the largest diamond discovery since 1972, according to Africa Today. Industry analysts said it is the 13th largest uncut diamond ever extracted. Pastor Momoh presented the diamond to the president of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, with instructions that the gem be used for the betterment of the poor in Sierra Leone. “I believe the government can do more,” Momoh told Africa Today, “especially at a time when the country is undergoing some economic challenges.” – ASSIST News

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“We’re one of very few messianic congregations on the West Coast that has its own building,” Kasdan said. “Everyone is very excited that we have a more permanent home for ourselves and also a home base for lifting up Yeshua to the San Diego Jewish community which numbers over 100,000. Over the years, the congregation rented conference rooms and schools, and the past 20 years leased from First Baptist Church of Clairemont. In the fall, they heard about a property coming for sale before it was listed. “We were able to raise the required $300,000 in 60 days — from members, ministries and friends of the congregation,” Kasdan exclaimed. “That was a miracle and great blessing.” Kasdan explained that a messianic synagogue is open to all people and has both Jews and non-Jews (and inter-faith families) who believe that Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) is the promised Messiah of the Jewish Scriptures. “As a Messianic Jewish Synagogue, we also hold to the essential doctrines of all the Scriptures — both Tenach and New Testament,” he explained. “What is distinctive about our group is that while we believe in Yeshua, we also believe in maintaining the inherent Jewish roots of the faith. Hence, we celebrate the biblical Jewish holy days (Sukkot, Passover, etc.) as well as many of the customs from our rich Jewish heritage. For us, the Messianic Synagogue is a practical way to express the New Covenant faith within the Jewish cultural framework from where it originated.” It’s appealing to Jewish people because the synagogue is welcoming with their traditions, including Israeli dance during worship. “We’re getting more and more Jewish friends checking out the New Testament from a Jewish perspective.” Kasdan said. The group numbers about 200 and half of the members is not Jewish, but have a Christian background and are desirous to know more of the Jewish culture and have a special love for Israel. “It makes for a dynamic mix,” Kasdan said. “We’re excited to see how the journey will continue.” Shabbat services are on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. For information, call (858) 430-6433 or visit Please, if you want to do something to help keep Good News, Etc. effective, you can do two things: Pray for the newspaper, and support our advertisers. Thank you! – The Publishers

Youth pastor . . .

Christian narrative that it was a spiritual Continued from page 1 he said. “But they think they caught it early attack has merit, but in the hospital he realenough.” Time will tell. “I began rehab in ized there is a whole world of others going January, but it’s a slow process. I asked if I’d through intense surgeries. “In a way it’s be back to normal and they said that was the arrogant to say Satan is attacking me, as if wrong question. You’ll improve, they said.” I’m some super important special agent for Aly, David’s wife of three years now, had God. What about the 2-year-old in the next the tough task of caring for him, working room fighting for his life? Or the millions of full-time, and keeping the home and ministry others fighting cancer?My eyes were opened going. “She’s been incredible,” David said. to so much suffering that’s happening all “I was powerless. She learned the equipment around us.” During his six months being bedridden, I needed, and took over the Sunday morning high school group — growing it from 20 David kept a journal that may become a kids to 90. She didn’t sign up for this, but book and is a sermon series he is preaching on Wednesdays at Bonita Valley Community she’s been amazing.” David shared several “take-aways” he Church. The title: “How I Survived Sharks, thought were significant for readers of this Hurricanes and Cancer.” The sermons follow his story of survival, from a near death expearticle: • In October, when his best friend, youth rience at birth, multiple scrapes with danger pastor Anthony Montana of Arizona, posted involving sharks, hurricanes and wild dogs, details about the surgery on Facebook to so- to his most recent battle with cancer. Through licit funds through for med- it all, he is beginning to preach again, and ical expenses, a flood of touching responses share the incredible spiritual lessons he has came in. “I was AWOL from Facebook for learned along the way. As a pastor, David ministers to people a couple months, just trying to survive, so people didn’t know my condition,” David going through hard times. He now has a said. “When I saw all the responses, it was greater understanding of fear. “It’s easy to like attending my own funeral and hearing preach about faith vs. fear, but now that people’s eulogies. Hundreds of people were I’ve experienced genuine fear, I want to shocked about it and wrote the kindest posts acknowledge that fear can grip you. It’s — like something you would hear at a memo- an understandable emotion and it’s OK to rial service. It made me think, ‘Why do we express it. Don’t hide from fear — it’s real. wait until people are dead or dying to say Face your fear. It’s part of the journey. Just such kind words?’ Don’t wait until they’re don’t let it control you or dictate your life.” David had started a new job as youth pasdead. If you respect someone as a friend or tor at Bonita Valley Community Church and pastor, tell them. Don’t wait!” • “One of my happiest moments in in was moving to a new home weeks before the last six months was hearing how Ryan being diagnosed. “I’m very thankful for this Stamper, the high school student with Down church and the people. They’ve shown the syndrome, responded to my condition. He’s love of Jesus, unconditionally. As a minister I’ve been able to help others, the one our band sponsored but it’s very humbling to exand took to Hollywood to perience it as a member. It’s fulfill his dream. I was so amazing how much they’ve honored and humbled when helped.” I learned that when he found He appreciates that they out about my cancer, he kept him employed and he’s would cry out to God and looking forward to serving at pray for me. One day he the church once again. He’s stood out in the rain with a back at work under the leadsign saying, ‘God’s not dead ership of Pastor Jeff Brawner, for Jason.’” Later, Ryan and who recently celebrated his his family would visit from 20th anniversary at the church. Arizona during Christmas. Brawner announced Jason’s “Then, my buddy Ryan got return on Easter Sunday, and our Dare To Be Dreamers now on Wednesday nights logo tattooed on his shoulder Jason is back with his youth and dedicated it to me —and ministry, preaching with pasmy fight with cancer. I'm so sion, though still in need of proud of him, and honored Jason David and Ryan Stamper much recovery. beyond words.” In previous years, David produced the • David said he never asked “Why me, God?” Instead, with his exposure to see- Alliance Conference — a youth concert ing “a whole world of others suffering” with speakers — but last year the name was —worse than myself — I have a lot more changed to “I Am Untitled” with his partnership with Bonita Valley. The event was still compassion.” • His own prayers he described as “un- held on Sept. 2-3, but with David limited to censored and raw.” He would write them being behind the scenes. The conference is out on his cell phone, as a “Dear God,” on hold this year, but David hopes it will letter and the words just flowed. “It’s like be back in 2018. David has insurance that covers a lot of his the book of Psalms, because yes, it’s a book about lovely things, but half of the verses medical expenses, but not everything. The account at is still active and are dark — honest and raw.” • “Prayer was important because before needed. It’s raised $21,647 of the $30,000 the cancer, my world was like the beginning goal so far. For those interested in donatof a pool game. All the balls are safe in a ing, you can find his story at GoFundMe. perfect triangle,” he said. “But when the cue com by typing “Jason David Sluyter” in ball hits, everything is scattered and the balls the search bar. This month David will undergo one final are everywhere. It took prayer — writing it out — to start putting things back in order scan to see if he is now cancer free. The balls in the pool triangle are coming together as and make sense of things.” • When asked if it was a physical or David courageously continues the journey spiritual battle, David confided the popular of life.


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Muslims outpacing Christians in births Muslims are so outpacing Christians in births that the two population groups will be nearly equal by 2060, with Christians holding only a slight majority, according to newly released Pew Research data. An increase in Muslim births compounded by an aging Christian population will put the Muslim share of the global population at 31 percent by 2060, just under the 32 percent for Christians, Pew said in its April 5 report. Muslim births are nearly double the overall growth rate of the global population, Pew said, characterizing Islam as the youngest major religious group with the highest fertility. Atheists, agnostics and adults who don't specify a religion, together classified as "nones" by Pew, lag far behind both Muslims and Christians in reproduction. "Between 2015 and 2060, the world's population is expected to increase by 32 percent, to 9.6 billion. Over that same period, the number of Muslims ... is projected to increase by 70 percent," Pew said in its press release on the findings. "The number of Christians is projected to rise by 34 percent, slightly faster than the global population overall yet far more slowly than Muslims." The projections account for the fact that children sometimes change religious affiliations in adulthood, Pew said. Well before 2060, between the years 2030 and 2035, Muslims will give birth to 225 million babies, a million more than the 224 million anticipated by Christians. The gap is expected to grow to 6 million in favor of Muslims by 2055 or 2060, Pew predicts, with 232 million births among Muslims and only 226 million among Christians.

The growing Muslim birth rate is compounded because Christians comprise a greater share of deaths globally, Pew said. "Indeed, in recent years, Christians have had a disproportionately large share of the world's deaths (37 percent) — in large part because of the relatively advanced age of Christian populations in some places," Pew said. "This is especially true in Europe, where the number of deaths already is estimated to exceed the number of births among Christians." While the relatively young Christian population of a region like sub-Saharan Africa is projected to grow in the decades ahead, the same cannot be said for Christian populations everywhere. In Germany alone, for example, there were an estimated 1.4 million more Christian deaths than births between 2010 and 2015, a pattern that is expected to continue across much of Europe in the decades ahead. Comparatively, "nones" comprise only 16 percent of the population and are expected to decline significantly because of a low birth rate. Between 2010 and 2015, "nones" gave birth to only a tenth of the world's newborns, Pew said. By 2055 to 2060, the rate will decline to 9 percent. Pew said the trend was discovered in its research for the 2015 study "The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050," that uses 2,500 censuses, surveys and population registers. The latest demographic information builds on the 2015 study and is available at – Baptist Press

Persecuted Christians from 130 Countries gathering May 10-13 in Washington for summit led by BGEA With thousands of Christians killed every year, and millions facing other forms of brutal persecution, this is a dangerous time for Christians — simply because of their faith. Many living comfortably in the United States may be unaware of the fact that Christians are now the most persecuted religious group in the world, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. BGEA cites Open Doors, which identified 2016 as the worst year for the persecution of Christians since it began tracking the issue 25 years ago, and reports about 215 million Christians experience "high, very high or extreme persecution" in the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian. Now, to help raise global awareness about the plight of persecuted Christians and show solidarity with those who suffer because of their faith, Franklin Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will host the first-ever World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians. The conference will be held May 10-13 in Washington, and will bring together more than 600 participants from 130 countries. "It seems that every week we learn of yet another example from somewhere around the globe that shows how critically we need to have this World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians," said Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the international Christian relief organization Samaritan's Purse. "We want this event to shed a global spotlight on this crisis and help reverse this alarming trend." Graham says the summit will provide a

platform for firsthand stories of persecution to be heard, collected and documented. The summit's goals also include connecting victims, advocates, leaders and influencers to create partnerships that can help bring about change—while encouraging and praying for those who have faced beatings, torture, imprisonment, rape and even death because of their Christian faith. "We need to stand with Christians around the world, and educate the American public and Washington about what is happening and how we can work with the United Nations and other government bodies to ensure that religious freedoms are protected," said – ASSIST News Graham.


LOCAL CHURCHES NEAR YOU support the needy of San Diego County by hosting weekly San Diego Christian Legal Aid Clinics If you need free legal counsel, please contact the San Diego Christian Legal Aid appointment line at (858) 230-2321 (Open to needy clients regardless of beliefs)

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“My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” — Phil. 4:19 (KJ)


HousInG neeDs

PuPPeTs, big box of stage-size puppets for your ministry. Make a donation to Child Evangelism Fellowship. 619-469-8593.

LookInG To rent unfurnished room/private bath/internet/amenities in Rancho Bernardo. Responsible, mature, clean, quiet Christian, female-work full-time. 858-7533387.



FRee BReAD, fruit/veggies for families in need, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 1 p.m., The Movement Church, San Marcos, 760-5101160. (An-TF-R)

oceAnsIDe suRF Fellowship, Mondays, 6 p.m., meets 106 N. Freeman St, Oceanside, 760722-6363.


HousInG RenTALs


noRTH cARLsBAD, 3 BR, 2 BA, new paint, flooring & vanity. No pets. $2,600 plus utilities, month to month, plus security. Marilyn, 760-729-0216.




eMBRoIDeR WAnTeD experienced or will train right person, apply in person 301 N. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA. (HW-05-n-FR)

neeD GRAnT Writer, paid per diem, verteranshandsinaction@ (HW-TF)

sPoRTs WRITeR: Volunteer position with Good News, etc. to write about local athletes, testimonies. If interested, send email to (HW-TF)

ADVeRTIsInG sALes Good News, etc. is looking for the right person to help the newspaper grow in advertising. Please send resumes to goodnewsetc@cox. net. Sales experience necessary. Work from home with leads from GNE office in North County. Commission based.

LAkesIDe RuRAL, lovely new private small granny flat for ONE clean employed, non-smoker, no pets, active Christian. Includes electric, water, trash, yard maintenance, $775.00, $300 deposit, application, credit check required, call to view 619-443-1876.

HousInG To sHARe (Hs-05-PD)

LA MesA, $550 month, rent furnished room in residential house, utilities include gas, lights, water, cable and internet, $500 deposit, call Martin 619-772-8723 or e-mail (Hs-05-06-n-PD)

MATuRe FeMALe seeking female roommates. Responsible, easygoing, Christian female seeking to rent a room from female landlord in Escondido area. Budget allows $500 a month.

I am very faithfully dependable in paying rent on time every month. I will be an excellent tenant. Please contact me by phone at 442-237-8608. (Hs-05-R-FR)

encInITAs FuRnIsHeD bedroom $600 +utilities, plus deposit, 619-322-6596.



VoLunTeeRs neeDeD. Singers, musical entertainment, and/ or to play games with residents in residential facility in North County. Call Angie at 760-724-8222. (MM-TF-R)


MIsc. FoR sALe


LunATec’s oDoR-FRee Dishcloths are amazing. They stay odor-free and have less bacteria. Live healthier. www.lunatecgear. com. (Ms -05-n-PD)

GenuIne LeATHeR jackets (2)-black, men’s lg, $50 ea. obo. Undercounter refrig. $10. Dressers-$10 ea., asst. office style chairs $5 each. Lemon Grove, 619-464-4026. (Ms-05-n-FR)

1 AcRe 2811 W. Joy Ranch Rd., Phoenix, AZ $150,000.

PRAYeR MeeTInG, Mondays, 12 p.m., North Park Apostolic Church, 619-229-2800. noRTH counTY San Diego Healing Rooms, Mondays, 6:30 p.m., (PR-TF-R)

PRAYeR MeeTInG, Wednesdays, 12 p.m., St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ, San Diego, 619-263-8786, 619-381-5686. (PR-TF-R)

InTeRnATIonAL House of Prayer, Wednesdays, 10 a.m., Spring Valley, 619-479-5012.


eVenInG PRAYeR, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760-730-9900.

MoM AnD Me Playgroup, first Tuesdays, 9 a.m., La Jolla Community Church, 858-558-9020.

TAP sHoes, women’s size 8-8.5, near excellent condition, $50, call or text 760-224-5702.

TeAcHeR TRAInInG Classes, varied schedule, Child Evangelism Fellowship, La Mesa, 619-4698593.

TRAck JAckeTs (2),men’s large, excellent condition, hardly worn, $75 each, can send photos, call or text 760-224-5702.

nATIonAL PRAYeR line, www., 8:30 a.m., 6 days a week. Pray for our country, 712-432-1699/code 338083#

neeD suITcAses for mission trip to Haiti orphanage.

HIkInG BAckPAck, K2, medium/large frame, hip belt to help carry load, lots of pockets for storage, $90, 760-224-5702.

cLAIReMonT HeALInG Rooms, Thursdays, 4:30 p.m., Clairemont Christian Fellowship, 619-7411143.



ABoLIsH ABoRTIon. Join Christians in the fight against abortion, email: hannah@

MIsc. FoR FRee (MF-05-n-FR)

FRee ALuMInuM sheet walls from 9’ x 12’ shed, 858-566-9683.


FRee BIBLe study by mail, nondenominational, 3345 Linda Vista Dr., San Marcos, 92078-6307, 760-598-8968.

MIsc. neeDs


FRee PIAno in working condition for residential facility in N. County. Call Angie at 760-724-8222. WoMen’s ALTeRnATIVe Pregnancy Care Clinic needs diapers sizes 3-4-5, onesies, shampoo, powder, wipes, receiving blankets, baby formula, established pro-life ministry, 760-741-9796.



BIBLe sTuDY in English and Thai, Clairemont area. Thursday 5 p.m.-7 p.m.. Call 619-944-8899.




eVenInG PRAYeR and healing service, Fridays, 6:30 p.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760730-9900. (PR-TF-R)

LIVe PRAYeR Webcast for the nations-Friday, 9 a.m. at www.


sPRInG VALLeY Healing Rooms, 8498 Paseo Iglesia, Saturdays, 10-12, 619-463-1420.


FALLBRook-HeALInG prayer and Eucharist. Wednesdays 9 a.m., Christ Church Anglican, 760-728-2007. -(PR-TF)

esconDIDo PRAYeR & Healing Center, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m.,

DISTRESS SALE HOMES ***North County San Diego***

Bank Foreclosures. Receive a free list w/pics of foreclosure properties. Free recorded message 1-800-503-8526 ID# 1042

• Caregivers (a.m., p.m., noc.) • CNAs (part-time, full-time, night shifts) • Healthcare Sales/Outreach Coordinator (full-time) • Servers (part-time)

To apply, please visit

Gail Phipps BRE#00903944


444 S. Escondido Blvd., 760432-9003. (PR-TF-R)

conceRneD WoMen For America, 10 a.m., 2nd Saturdays, City View Church, San Diego, 619435-5440, 858-560-1870.

seekInG WoRk


DePenDABLe, HARD WoRkInG Christian-looking to work Saturdays, 5 plus hours, general office support in RB area only. (experienced) 858 753- 3387.

seRVIces oFFeReD (s0-02-05-R-PD)

FoR cLeAnInG far and above hire Stephen’s Labor of Love, 267442-8580-ask for Cathy. (so-05-n-FR)

neeD HoMe Care for adults or babies? elewandowski@ymail. com.


unPLAnneD PReGnAncY? Birth Choice offers personal assistance. Trained volunteer counselors available at no charge. Offices located at: Oceanside, 760-231-8885; San Marcos, 760-744-1313; Temecula, 951699-9808; Hemet, 951-652-3111. (so-TF-R)

GRAPHIc DesIGn–Contact Good News, etc. for any design, graphics or printing. Creative services, reasonably priced. Call Rick at 760-724-3075. (so-TF-n)

LeGAL AID, San Diego Christian Legal Aid Clinic, offered at various church locations, by appt. 858230-2321.


TV-05-R- PD

LAKE CUYAMACA LODGE – Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Long Term Rental. San Diego Mountain & Lake Panoramic Scenic View Lodge, 6200 sq ft on 4 acres. Just 10 minutes from Julian. Great for clubs, conferences, retreats, reunions, weddings, etc. Individual Rooms start at $99 per night with walk-in closets and full baths, 270 sq ft. Reserve Entire Lodge or one of wings, total of 11 bedrooms, 12 full baths, sleeps approx. 30. Call 760-765-0065 or

SUBSCRIBE … to Good News, Etc., $30 a year. Send your check to: P.O. Box 2660, Vista, CA 92085


❑ Announcements ❑ Business Opp. ❑ Commercial/Lease Write out your ad and mail or email the information. ❑ Health/Beauty *First 10 words free to private parties. Cost is $10 for businesses. ❑ Help Wanted TOTAL COST OF CLASSIFIED AD ❑ Housing Needs ❑ Housing Rentals First 10 Words (Business) ............................. $ 10.00 ❑ Housing to Share FREE (10 words) to Private Parties **...................(Free) ❑ Ministries/Missions ❑ Misc. for Free Additional Words _____x 25¢ ............... $ __________ ❑ Misc. for Sale Total Enclosed $___________ ❑ Misc. Needs *Free Private Party ads do not apply to Services Offered or Real Estate ads. There is a ❑ Music/Entertainment limit of one free ad per category and two free ads total per family per month. Free ads ❑ Pets/Animals will run one time per submission. Longer Web addresses are multiple words. First two ❑ Prayer words are bold. (Extra Bold words are $1 each.) Name and address must accompany ❑ Real Estate submission. We do not print any dating or pen pal ads. All advertising shall be subject to approval by the publishers. Printed ads will also appear on our Web page following ❑ Recovery/Support publication. The publishers can make no guarantees as to the Christian practices of ❑ Seeking Work any advertiser. Readers should exercise common caution in responding to any ad. ❑ Services Offered ❑ Travel/Vacation The deadline for ads in the June edition is Wednesday, May 17 ❑ Vehicles Name ____________________________ Phone (______)_________________ Printed ads will also Street _________________________________________________________________ appear on our City ___________________________ State ____________ Zip ___________web page!


Mail to GOOD NEWS, ETC., PO Box 2660, Vista, CA 92085 • (760) 724-3075 or send to

business “The Lord detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with him.”



inheritors, it is most assuredly squandered – often causing damage along the way. Money can be like dynamite — powerful for good or bad. We may intend it for blessing, but it can actually cause harm. So, the question is, “What’s different about the other 10 percent?” The truly successful 10 percent prioritize passing wisdom before wealth. King Solomon summarized it like this, “Wisdom along with an inheritance is good and an advantage to those who see the sun. For wisdom is protection just as money is protection, but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the lives of its possessors.” (Ecclesiastes 7:11-12). The Heritage Institute says, “We believe

Professional Directory Attorney Services John B. Little, Attorney-at-Law,

Callahan, Little & Sullivan Accident & Personal Injury Cases 30 years experience • Free Consultation 2533 S. Coast Hwy., Cardiff, CA 92007

(858) 481-6111 or (760) 633-3332

Counseling Services Christian Professional Counseling Center

Donald P. Bentley, LCSW, BCD

Forty-one Years Exp., Marital & Individual, Military: One Source & Tricare; Insurance Accepted

Painting Contractor A-Team Contractors, Inc.-E Residential & Commercial Profits Help Send Missionaries • Free Estimates • Lic.# 917262

(760) 758-5777


All About Plumbing

Plumbing is all we’re about!

• 24-hour Emergency Services • Free Estimates • Repairs & Installs • Military & Senior Discounts

(760) 231-1333

Hanna Plumbing

2103 El Camino Real, Suite 108D, Oceanside

Sales, Service and Repairs since 1944

(760) 726-2002

(760) 445-1851

Financial Services Difference Financial & Insurance Services “Helping families achieve their dreams” Complimentary Financial Education Gail Young-ELic. #00K04026

(714) 609-9686

Locksmith Choice Locksmithing & Security, Inc. Serving All San Diego County • Rekeying • Emergency Openings • Lockset Installations • 24/7 Service Mention this ad for a 10% Discount

Office: (619) 562-8700

643 S. Santa Fe, Vista

Real Estate Homeland Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.

Homes, Land, Commercial Investment Rentals & Exchanges Rental Property Management Full Service Real Estate with “Old Fashioned Integrity” DRE#00881190

Inland (760) 591-3090 Coastal (760) 753-3637

Ken Mischitelli Team

Keller Williams Realty-E Lic. #01916515

Get a 2% Listing Fee! “Caring for your needs — Achieving great results”

Emergency Keys, Locks

Text: 619-253-1921, Email: Locksmith lic. #LCO4369, Contractors lic. #905637

Electronic Diagnostics Steering Column Repair Residential/Commercial/Auto Martin Lic. G1004813

(760) 521-0910

True Vine Realty

Richard Malievsky-E CA BRE 01246890

1% Listing Commission!!! (858) 444-5468

Mortgage Loans

Transmissions/Auto Repair

(760) 443-6234 • (619) 865-4270

Envoy Mortgage

Home Loans: Purchase, Refinance, Jumbo, FHA, VA, First Time Homebuyer John M. Pata-E Loan Officer, USAF Veteran, NMLS# 239236

Direct: (760) 580-5432

16787 Bernardo Center Dr., Suite 7 San Diego, CA 92128 “Equal Housing Opportunity Lender”

Call 760-724-3075 to be added to directory!

Metro Transmission and Automotive

Family Owned and Operated • Foreign & Domestic • General Repairs • All Work Guaranteed • AAA Approved • Most Ext. Warranties Honored One Day Service Most Cases

1635 Grand Avenue • San Marcos

(760) 471-0223

Web Page Design Casar Enterprises

• Website Design • Photographer • Video Productions

(760) 410-8213

News, etc. — 15

– Proverbs 11:1 (NIV)

Is your family set up to succeed or fail? Key is wisdom over wealth

he idea of leaving a generous inheritance to your family may sound appealing and even noble. “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children,” says Proverbs 13:22. We may not be the Rockefellers, but passing our overflow to the next generation or even generations, rings of success! Except that it usually doesn’t work that way. Your sweat and tears, the hard work and scraping by, the breakthroughs, the climb up, the shrewd decisions, the selflessness, the careful planning – are usually not enough. Nine out of 10 traditional inheritance plans will fail according to The Heritage Institute — that’s 90 percent and most of them in the first generation. By the second generation of

May 2017 — Good

that when parents who build wealth pass only their material assets to their children, and not the values by which they have lived, there is little chance the family, or its wealth, will survive for long.” The failure rate often boils down to one or both of the following inheritor issues: 1. A lack of knowledge. There is little or no understanding of how to wisely manage the inherited wealth either because of practical misconceptions, lack of preparation, or a wayward spiritual perspective of money’s purpose in life. 2. A lack of appreciation. Most people, even family, do not value what is free to them. It takes a purposeful approach to remedy these, and they are too important to leave to chance. A safe and noble route would be to consider earmarking a small (and potentially less harmful) amount to your children and then the remainder to a valuable charitable cause. However, if you are willing to put in the work that it takes to pass along wisdom before wealth, here are the keys to creating an impactful family legacy: • Record your story. Share your values, your faith, and your passion. Be sure to include what drives and guides you and the obstacles and victories you experienced along the way. • Choose advisors wisely. Because you need support to create a purposeful plan, ensure you have advisors that support the “wisdom” philosophy not just in theory but in practice. It may also be a good idea to introduce your children to your advisors if there is not already collaboration. • Offer perspective. Communicate logistics, teamwork, and vision through periodic family meetings or retreats. The goal is to steer the conversation from “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I help make an impact?”

PRINCIPLES OF PROSPERITY ANTHONY SAFFER An experienced third party might help to guide these discussions. • Choose successor trustees carefully. One sibling in charge of another may not be the best for family dynamics unless the expectations are clearly set and accepted. A private, professional fiduciary is an option. In either case, the trustee(s) needs to be responsible, honest, competent, and available. • Get organized. One easy way to minimize complications is to have a list of what you own (and anything you owe). You should save important documents in a safe, logical place. Don’t over-complicate or over-control your plan more than necessary. • Prioritize people over assets. Regarding your family, seek to build relationships rather than chance their unraveling. Unequal inheritances (especially to children) are generally not a good option although you do need to consider the unique situations of each heir. You may think about the charities and ministries you are passionate about and how your assets can continue to be a resource and a blessing. If you want to do all you can to help your children and grandchildren succeed pass along wisdom before wealth…And that is just one more Principle of Prosperity! o Anthony Saffer, CFP of One Degree Advisors, Inc. coordinates principled financial solutions for families. Learn more at: Advisory services offered through One Degree Advisors, Inc. Securities offered through Securities America, Inc.

The church’s role in combatting joblessness By ERIC METAXAS We’ve all seen the signs on highways and other construction sites around the country: “Men at Work.” Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, those signs are increasingly out of date — and not because they’re politically incorrect. The fact is, more and more men not only aren’t at work, they’re not even trying to find a job. Princeton economist Alan Krueger counts 7 million men in America between the prime working ages of 25 and 54 completely out of the workforce, supported by someone else. That’s 11.4 percent of men in that demographic, about triple the share of men out of the workforce in the 1950s.


Besides the loss of a paycheck, these 7 million men report all kinds of problems: 40 percent say they experience pain that keeps them from working. Further, Krueger says, that they “experience notably low levels of emotional well-being throughout their days and ... they derive relatively little meaning from their daily activities.” Demographer Nicholas Eberstadt says in his new book Men Without Work, “We might say those many millions of men without work constitute a sort of invisible army, ghost soldiers lost in an overlooked, modern-day depression.” How should we respond? Well, for those who are able and for whatever reason choose

not to work, a biblical worldview teaches us that work is good. God gave men and women work to do in the Garden before the Fall. Work allows us to take care of God’s creation and bring glory to Him as His stewards. Work is not optional for those able to do work, and that’s most of us. Paul said, “If a man will not work, neither let him eat.” As for those who want to work but cannot find a job, this demographic disaster for men is a challenge to the Church to rediscover its calling to help its neighbors — both Christian and non-Christian—find work that brings dignity and pays the bills. The great evangelist John Wesley, for example, not only preached the Gospel in the fields and among common working people, such as coal miners, he urged the new believers to take their work seriously and support all kinds of social reforms through it. Remember his famous maxim to “gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can”? It’s still true! Today, there are limitless ways that our churches can bless the neighbors in our communities who struggle with unemployment and its effects. Find out what’s being done in your community—and a way to support it. While there may not be as many “Men at Work” signs out there as there used to be, the signs of God’s kingdom at work are visible for anyone willing to look. o Eric Metaxas is one of the writers featured at

16 — Good News, etc. — May 2017 sd

Homestay students . . . Continued from page 1 has also been able to practice her Spanish. Since Alexxa is my only child, this gave her the ‘sisters’ she didn’t otherwise have. We started having students when my daughter was 5, and it’s been a great exposure and experience. She learned to surf and had a lot of fun with all the activities.” Jesus is a big part of their lives, and students always want to go to church with them. “We don’t force anything, but they can ask questions,” Villaruz said. “We also always pray at meals.” Maitia said students recognize the strong bond and love of God she shares with her mom. “They could see my faith and the love between my mom and me,” the daughter said. “Our faith is a big part of our relationship. I remember comments like, ‘I never hug my mom like that’ and ‘I wish I could bring them home.’”

The family attends North Coast Church in Vista. There was a slight language barrier at church, Maitia said. “The pastors talk too fast sometimes, but they definitely heard the gospel message. Afterwards we’d talk about it at lunch — conversational, engaging.” Maitia works as a tech at the Apple Store in Carlsbad. She is a senior at Pepperdine University. She graduated at age 16 from Classical Academy in Escondido. After high school, she went to St. Louis for six months as the youngest intern ever for Joyce Meyers. “I could relate to the students who were homesick, because I was homesick when I went to St. Louis when I was 16,” she noted. “It never took me long to bond with the students, and by the end of the month, they wanted to stay, every one of them. They would want to stay the whole summer. There are many precious memories of times at the beach and birthdays. They would become

World’s oldest person now an ‘extra-precious’ Baptist

What has the world's oldest person, Violet Mosse-Brown, age 117, done nearly all her life? She has been a faithful, industrious church member, according to the Jamaica Baptist Reporter of the Jamaica Baptist Union. Mosse-Brown, baptized at age 13, became the world's oldest person after the April 15 death of Emma Morano of Italy, also 117. Morano was born on Nov. 29, 1899, and was the last living person born during the 1800s prior to her death. Mosse-Brown was born on March 30, 1900, in Duanvale in northwest Jamaica, 47 kilometers east of Montego Bay.

"I live by the grace of God. and I am proud of my age!" Mosse-Brown told columnist Jean Lowrie Chin of the Jamaica Observer during a May 2016 visit in the home where the mother of six children has lived all her life. Mosse-Brown's 96-year-old son, Harold Fairweather, lives in the house as well, "widely believed to be the oldest person with a living parent," Chin wrote. The Waldensia-Trittonville Circuit of Baptist Churches honored Mosse-Brown as "their extra-precious super-centenarian." – Baptist Press

like a best friend that turns into a family member.” One of Maitia’s best summers was when she was selected and served as Miss Teenage California 2014. After the weekend pageant, the students got together and her “sister” was able to proclaim to her friends, “My sister is a queen.” Maitia said the beauty title was on her “bucket list” to achieve before she turned 21. Other items on her list that she’s accomplished are Visiting Bali and learning to scuba dive and Running of the Bulls in Spain. Some of Maitia’s sisters are through other programs. Countries represented include Japan, Italy, Belgium, France, Taiwan, and China. Some will reconnect through Facebook and ask, “do you remember me?” — and Maitia says she always assures them that she does indeed remember. Some host families or students don’t seem as engaged with their students, but it is what you make of it, Maitia said. “They just want to see how we live. I have some great memories and hope all my sisters do, too. They tell me I will always be their American sister.” She’s looking forward to another “sister” from Spain in July. Chinese students have a full schedule while here, with the host family being responsible for a bed at night, meals, and transportation to and from a daily rendezvous point in Oceanside or Carlsbad. Sunday is

Lifelong friendships can result in program. reserved for host family activities. There are other homestay programs in the county, but Ouradnik noted her summertime program is unique for three reasons: • In addition to $100 a week compensation, families earn a point for each night a student stays with them. After 210 points, the host student earns a flight to China or Spain for their own cultural experience. • Host families can select their student online by viewing a page with photos and student profiles. • With the Spanish students, the host student can also attend the surf camp and activities like Disneyland, Magic Mountain, etc. Ouradnik’s daughter, Program Director Jennifer Braxmeyer, assists in running San Diego Coastal Homestays and is being mentored to assume more responsibility. For information, go to or text Ouradnik at 760-803-0029 or Braxmeyer at 619-972-2070.

Fitness important at local retirement community At La Vida Real, a luxury retirement community located in Rancho San Diego, wellness is a way of life. Owned and operated by Senior Resource Group, La Vida Real is a proud proponent of Fitness Matters, SRG’s signature wellness program that provides residents the programs, amenities, resources and motivation to live healthy, active and enjoyable lives. Residents find a wide range of fitness options including group fitness, yoga, personal training and the resident favorite — water aerobics. Held on Tuesdays at 10 a.m., water aerobics is a longstanding program at La Vida Real. A regular attendee, resident Sheila LeCompte started taking the class when she first moved to the community 12 years ago. “I’ve seen classmates that needed assistance getting into the pool at the beginning of the class. After a few classes, they can step into and out of the pool with ease. Many

have even seen their back issues improve!” said LeCompte. In addition, residents find that the water aerobics class is an enjoyable way to form friendships while staying fit. “It’s not just the exercise; it’s also the fellowship of friends that is created. Some of my classmates have been in the class for as long as I have, and I’ve created many great friendships that have lasted over the years” Augmenting the community’s fitness programs are La Vida Real’s gourmet dining, resort-style amenities, educational and social programming, plus the freedom from day-to-day home maintenance. The full complement of these services and programs helps residents to experience an enhanced social life and find the time to enjoy more of the things they love. To learn more about La Vida Real, call 619777-8055 or visit LaVidaRealSeniorLiving. com to schedule a personal tour.

National Day of Prayer – Thursday, May 4, 7 p.m. Hosted by Lake Murray Church 5480 Lake Murray Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91942 •

Good News Etc. San Diego May 2017  
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