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March 2017 • Vol. 33, No. 6


North County Edition

Pastors refuel, connect at annual day retreat

Local high school teacher fired for refusing to call transgender student by new chosen name


By RICK MONROE A year ago at this time, David “Jonesy” Jones, a teacher at Bonita Valley High School, was waiting to be fired. He knew it was coming, the price for refusing to leave his Christian beliefs at home. The photography and multi-media instructor had told administrators at the school that he would not call a transgender student by her new male name, and that he also wouldn’t hide the daughter’s preference from her parents. The story begins with an email in October 2015 from the counseling department stating he needed to start calling a girl in his class by male pronouns. Jones had trouble with that, so he told the girl — who was also his student aide — that he would just call her by her first name. That was no problem, until another email came in November, saying the girl now wanted by be called by her new male name. Jones, a born-again Christian, also noted that the first email made it clear that he was to call the girl by her female pronoun if there was any communication with the student’s parents. “In other words, I was told to lie,” he said. “Another note from the counseling department came just before the Christmas break, saying I must use the male Please turn to page 5


David “Jonesy” Jones and family sold house and are living in a RV community.

Point Loma Nazarene University hosts Pastor’s Day each February as a gift to pastors from all denominations. It is designed to celebrate pastors by inviting them to the PLNU campus for a day of fellowship and enrichment. This event is provided free to all those attending through the generous support of the university as well as Thrivent Financial and America’s Christian Credit Union. Dr. Leonard Sweet was the guest speaker at the Pastor’s Day on Feb. 10. He is a scholar of U.S. culture, a semiotician, a preacher, and bestselling author who communicates the gospel with a signature that bridges faith, academe and popular culture. Sweet hosts his own preaching website, During the chapel service at Point Loma, he captivated the audience of PLNU students and more than 180 pastors. To illustrate how our culture communicates, Sweet showed two wordless commercials. Both gave a story, a metaphor with a soundtrack. His message is: “This culture doesn’t speak in words; it speaks in images.” He told the audience to “let the story innovate you, wash over you.” One of the points he was making was that we listen with our Please turn to page 11

Workplace chaplains boost morale, productivity at county auto dealerships By JUDY ERICKSON and ADRIENNE A. AGUIRRE Two owners of prominent North County auto dealerships have found the experience of having a chaplain on site pays off in many ways. “We value our employees and want to show we care about them as human beings first,” said Judy Jones-Cone, owner of Toyota Carlsbad, Lexus Carlsbad, and Lexus Escondido, who has employed chaplains for 16 years. “Chaplains have become trusted friends who keep her employees’ confidences as they provide counsel and encouragement in times of trouble and despair, answer questions regarding faith, and promote overall well-being.” Bill Hoehn, president of Hoehn Motors in Carlsbad, garnered grateful response from his work force after hiring a chaplain 11 years ago. “I've had more people thank me for (his) ministry in their lives over the past five years than have thanked me for raises!” said Hoehn, adding that their corporate chaplain has done more toward making employees flourish than any other investment he ever made.

“People have troubles that can weigh them down to the point they cannot be of service to a company or the customers they serve,” Jones-Cone said. “Our troubled emotions can be destructive if not met with wise counsel. Chaplains can assist to lift the burdens of our employees, helping them to see a hopeful future. Our chaplains’ support is available as long as the employees request their involvement. “Their involvement is worthwhile because employees that are well cared for create companies that have high customer satisfaction and productivity,” Jones-Cone said. “Employees that are supported by chaplains are better able to focus on their work because they know they are important enough to the company for the company to provide real strategies to better their personal lives in times of need. “Providing a chaplain is probably one of the most important things I can do for these companies. We need to have a healthy business not only in finances but most importantly in the hearts of my employees, customers, and business associates.” Please turn to page 12

Judy Jones-Cone with Chaplain Dennis Casarez at the Lexus of Escondido showroom.

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“The whole family was filled with joy, because they had come to believe in God.” – Acts 16:34


Your body, your spirit, and a good night’s sleep Encouraging positives can bring a massive change By JOHN STONESTREET Because our bodies matter to God — and not just in a moral sense — our rest matters to God, too. So much so, He built it into the rhythms of the universe. Do you proclaim with the psalmist: “Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. I will praise you, Lord, among the nations”? (Psalm 57:8)


Do you climb out of bed each morning and sing with joy about God’s unfailing love? (Psalm 59:16) If not, (and for the record, I rarely do), maybe it’s because we are among the one in three Americans who don’t get enough sleep. Seriously. Last year, the Centers for Disease Control declared a new public health crisis: sleep deprivation. Millions are failing night after night to get the recommended seven to nine hours of rest, putting them at increased risk for health problems from anxiety and depression to diabetes and heart disease. By some estimates, widespread lack of sleep is costing American employers more than $100 billion annually “in lost production, medical expenses, and sick leave.” More in-depth research finds that 20 straight hours without sleep is the equivalent of being legally drunk. And sleep specialists are sounding the alarm that “drowsy driving” is just as deadly as drunk driving — and more common. So what’s behind this epidemic of sleep deprivation? Why are Americans these days


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so incapable of turning off the lights and going to bed? The answer is in our pockets. A growing body of research demonstrates that the frequency of light produced by smart phones, laptops and tablets triggers the release of chemicals in our brains that tell us, “It’s time to wake up! Its morning!” The dreary glow of screens also drains our concentration and creativity. A study in the journal Social Psychology reported that even having a smart phone nearby degraded the quality of subjects’ work and studies, because it reminded them of their online social circles. So what do we do to counteract this perfect storm of sleep deprivation and tech addiction? Writing at Motherboard, Kaleigh Rogers described her radical solution: She banned screens from her home for a full month — no TV, computers, or smart phones — cold turkey. Unlike healthy eating and exercise — good habits that take weeks or months to make a difference — Rogers said her tech-free experiment yielded immediate and astonishing results. The first few days were like a dream, she wrote. “We’d come home, put on some music, cook dinner together, and then — unimaginably — we’d sit at the table and eat. After dinner, Stuart would play guitar while I read. Chores were done promptly and without hesitation. It was blissful.” OK, that’s all great. But what’s all this got to do with a Christian worldview? Well, let’s go back to the beginning. God created day and He created night — time to work, and a time to rest. The Sabbath, remember, begins in the evening, and we enter into an earthly rest in anticipation of resting eternally in God’s presence. Remember, too, that we’re not pure spirits. We’re embodied spirits. The state of our body affects the state of our spirit. It’s why we avoid drunkenness and bodily immorality. Please turn to next page

ne woman came to me and said, “There is nothing here! No spark, or sizzle — nothing! I have no feelings. I want out of this marriage!” I suggested that we pray and ask God to show her one positive thing about her spouse. She went home and prayed some more. The next day she called me and said, “I thought of something.” “Good, what is it?” I asked hopefully. “He’s still here.” He’s still here! I thought she was kidding, but I could tell from her tone that she was completely serious. “Okay, let’s run with that. Let’s brainstorm together ways you can tell him thanks for being here — but in a positive manner.” We made a list of several ways to positively say, “You’re here!” and she went back home and began to use them. She would see her husband sitting in his recliner with the remote in hand watching sports. She’d walk by and rub his shoulders and say, “It’s nice to know you’re around.” She’d see him sitting reading the paper, and walk by and say, “You know, I was thinking, it’s nice to know some things in life you can count on — like you being here.” She came up with so many ways to positively say, “You’re here, bud,” that one day he got up out of that old recliner! He came into the living room where she was having a quiet time, reading her Bible. He had never been interested in spiritual discussions before this, but he said, “Honey, what are you reading?” “My Bible. I was having a problem at work and this passage in the Psalms is helping me.”

RED HOT MONOGAMY BILL & PAM FARREL “Why don’t you read it to me?” She did and added an explanation of how it applied to her life. “That’s pretty neat,” he replied with genuine enthusiasm in his voice. The next Sunday, a miracle happened. Instead of going to his favorite chair, he asked if he could go to church with her — and he has been going ever since. In addition, she now regularly tells me of his romantic gestures toward her. And some of his romantic gestures are included in our updated bestseller, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti! The Bible makes encouraging romance pretty simple with the phrase “. . . love edifies.” [1 Corinthians 8:1] Bottom line, this means a choice to look for a positive quality and camp out on it. This wife found the power of encouraging words by taking 100 percent of her energy and focusing it on one positive trait, day after day after day, with prayer and words of affirmation—and staying at it until the breakthrough came. Don’t give up. The breakthrough might be just around the bend. o Pam and Bill Farrel are international speakers, the authors of 45 books and coDirectors of

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“A wise man will hear and increase in learning. And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel. – Proverbs 1:5 (NAS)

What makes Christianity different? Forgiveness By ERIC METAXAS One aspect of Christianity is so amazing, that it impresses even the CBS Evening News. Quick, name the practice that most sets Christianity apart from the non-Christian world. Respect for human life? Not really. Religions such as Jainism have, if anything, an even more uncompromising prohibition against harming any living things. Sexual morality? Again, there are religions — Orthodox Judaism and Islam immediately come to mind — that place an even higher premium on sexual purity than Christianity. If you doubt this, ask yourself when was the last time you saw a Christian woman in a burqa.


The answer to this question is forgiveness. No other belief system has the equivalent of forgiving your brother seventy times seven, i.e., every time—much less commands you to love your enemies, and bless those who persecute you. The radical nature of Christian forgiveness is so startling, so overwhelming, that it made the CBS Evening News. The story began in 2005 in the city of Benton Harbor, Mich. On that day, Jameel McGee was, in his words, “minding my own business,” when he was stopped by a policeman, Andrew Collins. The encounter did not go well for McGee. Collins accused him of selling drugs and arrested him. At the time, McGee insisted that the charges were “all made up.” As CBS noted, “Of course, a lot of accused men make that claim,” and the outcome in McGee’s case was pretty much the same as in other such cases: He wound up serving four years in prison. In McGee’s words, “I lost everything.” Making matters infinitely worse was that McGee was telling the truth: He was in fact an innocent man. We know this because the policeman, Collins, was subsequently “caught, and served a year and a half for falsifying many

police reports, planting drugs and stealing.” Among the falsified police reports was the one concerning McGee. While exoneration is sweet, it doesn’t make up for the four years spent behind bars. As McGee told CBS, “My only goal was to seek him when I got home and to hurt him.” He appeared to have gotten his chance when both McGee and Collins ended up working at a café run by Mosaic Christian Community Development Center. As CBS put it, the “bad cop and the wrongfully accused man had no choice but to have it out.” And that brings me back to what I said about Christianity’s unique emphasis on forgiveness. Collins told McGee “Honestly, I have no explanation, all I can do is say I’m sorry.” McGee’s response, “That was pretty much what I needed to hear.” But McGee did not stop there: He befriended the man who wronged him, so much so that he eventually told Collins that he loved him. As Collins tells the tale, “I just started weeping because he doesn’t owe me that. I don’t deserve that.” Thankfully, forgiveness, and the healing it brings in its wake, has nothing to do with “deserve.” As McGee, a Christian, understood, we forgive one another because, as Paul told both the Ephesians and the Colossians, God in Christ has forgiven us. The power of forgiveness transcends personal relationships. Think of the reaction to the Amish forgiving the man who killed 10 young girls back in 2007. There was a power at work there that even the most hardened skeptic could not deny. Today, McGee and Collins share their story with others. At least one person seems to have taken its message to heart. The CBS reporter ended with the following question: “If these two guys from the coffee shop can set aside their bitter grounds, what’s our excuse?” The answer, especially for the Christian, is “none.” o Erik Metaxas is one of the writers continuing the work of the late Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship and Breakpoint.

A good night’s sleep . . .

Continued from previous page It’s why we try to stay fit. It’s no wonder then, as Kate Shellnutt wrote at Christianity Today, that those who get quality sleep report feeling closer to God and having better faith lives overall. And also, as Charles Spurgeon said, “God gives us sleep to remind us we are not Him.” We have limits. He doesn’t. We lie down at night trusting in God’s care, open to Him speaking to us, trusting him to revive these earthen vessels of ours in the morning—

ready once again to join with God in His work to restore all thing in Jesus. Now I’m not saying give up your cell phone or Facebook. But I am saying don’t let them deprive you of God’s gift of sleep, and in turn all the personal interaction, productivity, creativity, and especially spiritual vitality that make us fully human as God intended. o John Stonestreet is one of the writers continuing the work of the late Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship and Breakpoint.

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Dear Wormwood: ‘What about those Talking Bibles?’


ear Wormwood: Congratulations on your recent success. Working on the American election, you have managed to turn friends and family members against each other. I doubted your plan to make them accuse one another not just of being wrong, but of being evil. But it worked, and as all these patients fought each other, many of them forgot about our Enemy and His love for them all. I have a new mission for you. There has arisen over the past 25 years a very dangerous project in a place called Escondido. A tiny outpost of our Enemy has found a way to bring His Word to patients who have not heard of Him. This branch has fewer than 10 employees, yet is mighty in its impact against us, and must be fought now. This effort is called Talking Bibles. I need not remind you of the power of our Enemy’s words when they are presented to a soul who has not heard them. Fortunately, we have been able to keep that Word away from many, because they were an oral culture, with all wisdom being conveyed by stories told in small groups. This little outpost, however, has found a way to put the New Testament or the entire Bible into a small container about the size of a small paperback. Every single word of our Enemy, spoken in their heart language, available to hear in small groups! Can you imagine how that could set back our cause if this became widely available? Each tiny book is self-contained with a strong speaker. On the back is a solar panel, that can power the Talking Bible up during the day, and allow for hours of listening by these people groups at night. We thought they were under our control. But thousands of these are being shipped to refugee camps of South Sudanese in Ethiopia, to remote villages in India, and other places we don’t

Bill’s Journey BILL SMITH even know about yet. These followers of our Enemy even have a website that allows patients to listen to the words of our Enemy in 75 different languages and dialects -- their own people, reading our Enemy’s words to them. Reports are that people are even listening to the Word of the Enemy in countries that we have long kept closed to His witnesses. I cannot overstate the seriousness of this matter to you. Attack this on three fronts. First, make all the American patients so concerned about events in their own little world that they don’t think about those who haven’t heard the gospel. Secondly, keep this Talking Bibles work quiet. One great danger to us is that the technology can be infinitely duplicated, and these Bibles could be having their impact in hundreds of thousands of villages. Third, make sure that the followers of our Enemy don’t donate. Remember the Middle Ages, when we kept the Word from them because it took thousands of hours to copy one Scripture and patients couldn’t read? Now it only takes about $35, or a few hours’ labor to supply a village with these dangerous words. So whatever you do, don’t let people give. You have your mission, dear nephew. Please don’t fail. Your faithless uncle Screwtape. (With respect to C.S. Lewis.) o Bill Smith lives in Escondido.

Letters to the editor

Two concepts

1. To the liberals, especially the progressives, I would say, “The problem is not in the White House, it’s in your house.” 2. Do you realize that man was the only thing God hand made? And then He breathed life into him. Rolla Rich Spring Valley

America’s role

Any profound New Testament scholar would find it easy to identify the U.S. in the New Testament; not so for the backwoods dispensational scholars. They are more obsessed with identifying the date of the rapture. This results in a great disservice to the Body of Christ, and the nation as a whole. When Jesus walked the earth, He came to redeem mankind from their sins. He did not come to give a lesson in geography. Obviously, He the Creator, was very much aware of the existence of North, Central, and South America. He addressed what we can now call “The Flat-Earth Society” in general terms, and broad definitions; i.e. “the ends of the earth.” He could have very easily said to the Disciples, “Go to Portugal, take a left, and sail until you come to the Outer Banks; go around them, and land on the mainland of what we now call America.” Instead, He remained true to His mission, and gave

them the Great Commission, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature…” (Mark 16:15b) Approximately 25,000 years earlier, God hand-picked inhabitants from Northern Asia (Mongolia, etc.) and Southern Asia and Japan to settle as the caretakers of North, Central, and South America. When the lost seaman, Columbus, landed in the Caribbean, he was rescued by the natives that God had planted there for his survival and exploration. Backwoods dispensational preachers and teachers keep enriching themselves with this teaching of a 6,000-year-old human race. Although their numbers are dwindling, their influence is very great. It is so much easier for the carnal Christian to embrace an “escapism rapture” than to accept the responsibility of making disciples of the nations of the world. Now, getting back to America, where do we fit in? “And the woman (the Church) fled into the wilderness (America) where she hath a place prepared of God….” (Rev. 12:6) For the Pilgrims, and later the Jews, America has been the wilderness that provided a refuge for God’s people. As a born-again and Spiritfilled Native American, with more than 50 years of Bible studies and American history under my belt, I submit to you this evidence. America has a mission from God; let’s get back on track and fulfill it. Billy Falling Chula Vista


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News, etc. — 5

“Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed… ‘Come now, let us reason together,’…” – Isaiah 1: 16-18 (NIV)

Family Christian Stores going out of business

Family Christian Stores, announced on Feb. 23 that it is closing its doors – after 85 years in business. Family Christian is a not-for-profit business that employs more than 3,000 people and operates more than 240 retail locations in 36 states. The chain of bookstores includes five retail stores in the county: Carlsbad, Escondido, Santee, El Cajon and Chula Vista. Changing consumer behavior and declining sales led the world’s largest retailer of Christian themed merchandise to make the difficult decision to close. Family Christian Ministries has provided humanitarian aid for more than 14 million orphans, widows and oppressed people across the globe. “We had two very difficult years postbankruptcy,” said Chuck Bengochea, company president. “Despite improvements in product assortment and the store experience, sales continued to decline.

In addition, we were not able to get the pricing and terms we needed from our vendors to successfully compete in the market. We have prayerfully looked at all possible options, trusting God’s plan for our organization, and the difficult decision to liquidate is our only recourse.” “At its core, Family Christian is an organization with a heart for service,” said Steve Biondo, senior vice president of human resources and organizational development. “We are grateful for all of the millions of lives that have been impacted thanks to our guests’ and employees’ heart for bringing the light of Jesus to the darkest corners of our world. Through their efforts there is no question we have transformed lives now and for eternity.” The company is based in Grand Rapids, Mich. Another large Christian bookstore, LifeWay Christian Store in Kearny Mesa, closed in January.

High school teacher fired . . . Continued from page 1 name and male pronouns when referring to the student. “It wasn’t right. I was being forced to ‘bow a knee’ — and I had to challenge it,” Jones said. “I knew then that the way things were going that I may get fired, but it’s what I had to do — take a stand as a Christian.” It was a dangerous decision because he had worked for the Sweetwater Union High School District for 10 years and had tenure, he said, but not at the high school. Jonesy said he talked to the student and said he couldn’t do what she wanted. “It was very brief and never awkward,” he noted. The student went to the counseling office and the same day Jonesy was summoned to see the assistant principal. “I’m not going to do it,” Jonesy said, so he was referred to the principal’s office, and there he made the same statement. He was taking a moral stand. “I was told I had to leave my beliefs at the door when I came to the school,” he recalled. “If I cannot speak the truth in the classroom, something is definitely wrong. Being forced to say something that is untrue isn’t right. Being forced to deceive parents is also a no-brainer. “There’s so much focus on the rights of transgender and gay students, but what about my rights and the rights of other Christians. This is a religious discrimination issue.” It was just before Christmas and he was told the district would be taking legal action. That legal business came slowly. Jonesy had more meetings with the principal, meeting with union reps and attorneys, but he wound up finishing the school year before being fired, the final action coming in June 2016 at a school board meeting, where he said he was given two minutes to plead his case. “I don’t think they really listened, and there really wasn’t enough time to state my case,” he said. “The experience has left a bad taste in my mouth, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it.” Jonesy said he enjoyed being a teacher and that his principal called him an exceptional teacher. He liked the security of working for the district and was buying a home five minutes from his employment.

Since being fired, he sold his home and and bought an RV. For a season, with his wife and five children — ages three months to 11 years — they will be full-time RVers. Jonesy said his passion is photography and multi-media, and he has found full time work — better than the part-time jobs he used to resort to doing — and the pay has matched his teacher’s salary. “God is so good,” he exclaimed. “Being fired was one of the biggest blessings of my life. I wouldn’t want my teaching job back.” During the ordeal of being fired, he sought counsel from three individuals: his wife Mari, his father Dave, and his spiritual mentor Kevin Conover. “These are people I look up to spiritually,” he said. “I was also encouraged by a message from Jonathan Cahn. He states, ‘We will not bow down our knees to the idols of man. We will not bow down to Baal. We will bow down our knees only to the Lord our God.’ It’s something I listened to over and over. It gave me inspiration.” Jonesy’s father, Dave Jones, is pastor of South Bay Community Church in National City, a congregation he started 37 years ago. “I think he did the right thing,” the pastor said. “We fasted and prayed about it, and he took the biblical world view. The school district was very intrusive. It sounds like they want teachers to lie — the deception. The girl was enrolled as a female. I’m proud of my son.” Jonesy doesn’t consider himself a hero and isn’t seeking publicity, but said he’s not afraid of the publicity either. Good News, etc. pursued this exclusive story for months before he agreed to being interviewed. “It’s really something that a couple of days before the first email, on my way to work, I prayed for ways that I could be used. This isn’t what I had in mind, but I just hope things can change in this country where the rights of Christians can count for something. Jonesy, who celebrates his 40th birthday on March 29, said, “Now I just want to be a representative of Christ. I feel I did the right thing because it was the right thing to do — and God has blessed us so much.”

Pig embryos with human cells grown in San Diego lab The first successful growth of human cells in a pig embryo has drawn mixed reviews from pro-life bioethicists. Biologists at the Salk Institute in La Jolla announced Jan. 26 that they generated stem cells from human skin, then injected them into a pig embryo and allowed the embryo to grow four weeks in a sow's uterus. After four weeks, human cells "were distributed randomly across the chimera," The Washington Post reported, referencing the resultant embryos with a term from Greek mythology describing creatures said to be part goat, part snake, and part lion. The study, published in the journal Cell, represents an early step in efforts to grow human organs in animals and then transplant them to humans, according to media reports. A study published Jan. 25 in the journal Nature represented a separate step toward that goal, reporting the successful cultivation of a mouse pancreas in a rat embryo. An international team of scientists then treated diabetic mice by transplanting the cultivated pancreas tissue. Still, there is "a long way to go" before scientists will be ready for attempts to grow human organs in animals, The New York Times reported. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte of the Salk Institute told The Post, "We were just trying to answer the yes or no question of, can human cells contribute at all" in a pig embryo. "And the answer to that question is yes." But Joy Riley, a physician and executive director of the Tennessee Center for Bioethics and Culture, told Baptist Press the pig embryos with human cells are "morally problematic." "From more than 1,400 embryos contain-

ing pig and human cells, 186 were harvested between day 21 and day 28 of development," Riley said in written comments. "What were these embryos? How does one classify these beings? How many cells does it take in order for the being to be human?" Riley, coauthor of Christian Bioethics with Union University provost C. Ben Mitchell, referenced fears among some scientists that an animal with human cells incorporated into its brain could develop human characteristics such as intelligence, consciousness, or speech. She also referenced concerns that animals with human reproductive cells could produce offspring with human characteristics. "Does the fact that these beings are 'harvested' before they are fully developed assuage our consciences? Until at least some of these questions are answered, it seems morally problematic to go forward with such research," Riley said. Roman Catholic bioethicists quoted by LifeSiteNews seemed more approving of the research, noting human embryos apparently were not destroyed in the experiment. Moira Queen, director of the Canadian Catholic Bishops Institute, told LifeSiteNews, "As long are the stem cells aren't embryonic stem cells ... and you're not duplicating the brain and as long as it has nothing to do with the genitals, you're not doing anything morally wrong." Edward Furton of the National Catholic Bioethics Center expressed similar sentiments, arguing human "neuro-cells" and reproductive tissues "are seen as special areas unique to human identity" and should never be implanted in animals. – Baptist Press

Congress proposes Johnson Amendment to be overhauled Members of Congress have introduced legislation to enable churches and other nonprofit organizations to endorse candidates or otherwise participate in political campaigns without fear of penalties from the Internal Revenue Service. The Free Speech Fairness Act — introduced Feb. 1, the day before President Trump reiterated his intent to eliminate the so-called Johnson Amendment — would free pastors, churches and other tax-exempt entities to intervene on behalf of or against candidates in an election campaign. The measure would still prohibit financial donations from such

organizations to candidates or campaigns, a bill sponsor said. The Johnson Amendment, named after then-Senator and future President Lyndon Johnson of Texas, altered the federal tax code in 1954 to bar 501(c)(3) organizations "from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office." In a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 2, Trump pledged to "get rid of, and totally destroy, the Johnson Amendment. – Baptist Press


“It’s my body, I can do what I want with it!” “I’ll marry who I want, I can be whatever gender I choose and don’t try to tell me what bathroom to use, and the courts say I can!”

Who defines when life begins? Who defines marriage? Who defines gender? Are these topics too controversial to discuss from the pulpit? How are we as a church to be salt and light to a dying world, when most of our church leaders act more like the “three monkeys” than a “Daniel or David” of the Bible, regarding “hot” cultural topics. How can we learn to best hate the sin, yet show God’s love and mercy to those involved, if we’re afraid to even discuss the issues? • San Diego Christians for Life • Proverbs 24:11-12

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sound events

“King David also ordered the… singers into an orchestra, and they played loudly and joyously…” – 1 Chron. 15:16 (TLB)

Freedom Singers launch Southern Gospel season Pair singing the praises of Crowdfunding

The East County Southern Gospel orga- in total darkness as they baked in the heat nization launches its 2017 season with the for days before being loaded onto the ship, Freedom Singers performing at Faith Bible headed to an unknown destination. They Fellowship in Santee on March 5 at 6 p.m. ran out of food, water, oxygen, and hope. “We’re excited to start the year with As despair filled the young men, it appeared Freedom Singers because they have such the container would become their tomb. an incredible story,” said Ruth Ann DeForHowever, God provided another of many est, who has coordinated concerts in East miracles in this incredible, real life story of County for more than 15 years. Following the faith and perseverance in the face of insurFreedom singers are three events in May and mountable odds. the Liberty Quartet in July. “In the middle of a crisis, “Simon Ivascu’s story you wonder if it will ever is just incredible and he end,” Simon said. “It’s shares it so well," DeForest incredible to see how God added. “On top of that, their pieced this together for music is great.” our own good. How can The Freedom Singers is you orchestrate something a group of three men who like this?” literally fought for their This trio has been singfreedom. Simon Ivascu, ing since their days in Steven Ivascu, and Wesley Italy shortly after fleeing Pop fled Romania when Romania. they were teenagers. In “We were singing mostly Romania, all young men, hymns together, back when upon completing high we were in Italy, but we school, were forced to started to sing Southern Simon Ivascu join the army. Being conGospel Music in 2000, after scientious Christians, they could not join we heard the Gaithers and the Cathedrals on the army because freedom of worship was television,” Simon recalled. “It was a sound totally restricted. Refusing to join would that we instantly fell in love with. result in several years of imprisonment and “We’ve been blessed beyond our imaginapersecution. tion in so many ways — from the opportuDetermined to escape to freedom, they nity of sharing our music and testimony in all faced danger and hardships fleeing from churches big and small, to performing at the Romania to Italy, but Simon and Wesley’s largest annual Canadian Gospel Convention nightmare began in earnest when they in Red Deer and doing radio and TV intercrawled into a container, which was then views, to being guest artists on a Christian locked and sealed, and placed aboard a music cruise,” he said. container vessel. There they spent two weeks Please turn to next page


any believe that those like you The within the Body of Christ are in positions to launch into the fullness of their callings. I offer this month’s column to help you discern how your vision may be funded. I am using music as CAZ TAYLOR the platform for this article, and featuring two accomplished Christian musicians who D’Alessandro was looking for the easiest seek funding to illustrate the point. You may fall in love with their visions and help fund crowdfunding approach, which allowed for them, in similar ways that others may help large amounts of the funds to go directly into her project. “It seems like a simple and fun fund you in the future. San Diegan Leigh Taylor was born into a way for people to join me in this. I chose musical family who came “out of the shoot” because it works out better singing. “I grew up in a fairly musical fam- financially. Also, it’s important to realize that ily. Mom, dad, three sisters and a brother: there are costs to fulfilling the incentives, we all played an instrument, sang, or both,” which add up. The more you can keep for said Taylor. “I became a Christian at 19, and your project, the better.” Speaking of incentives, both musicians music was a natural extension of my walk. I played in several Christian bands and led have added them to their pages. Taylor said worship, all the time learning what it meant he is offering the usual kind of things you to be a Christian musician, not a musician might see on these websites like pre-release CDs, T-shirts, and hats. Other gifts carry his who happens to be a Christian.” San Diego-based songbird Hannah Ford unique flair. “I’m also offering a beaded D’Alessandro simply began writing songs ukulele or an opportunity to have me read a out of her intimate relationship with God. “I didn’t think that I’d end up recording them,” D’Alessandro said, “Eventually, I felt God leading me to record something more professionally. By the time I finished Online fundraisers Hannah Ford D’Alessandro and Leigh Taylor my first project, I was exhausted. It was another six years before bedtime story to your kids, either in person or I ventured out to work on another album.” via Skype... as well as a dinner with a concert Taylor is seeking resources to fund a by a pseudo handsome black man,” Taylor project he calls “All the Time.” His album, added with a smile. D’Alessandro offers which is a new collection of his songs of some personalized incentives, as well. “I praise, encouragement and teaching, was am offering my original nature photography inspired by a popular song titled “God is artwork, music, T-shirts, hats, and concerts,” Good all the Time.” According to Taylor, as she said, adding, “I named one of my photos he ministered to inmates, “That weekend, in after a song that will be on the album called every prison yard, one inmate would loudly ‘Waves of Glory?’ I have handwritten the declare ‘God is good!’ and the other inmates song lyrics around the edges and it’s excluwould reply ‘All the time!’ I easily heard sively for this fundraiser.” You can access Taylor’s funding page that 30 times, and it was stuck in my head most of the week.” At that, Taylor prayed at and asked that if he was going to be think- leigh-taylor-s-new-cd-all-the-time#/. You ing about it 24/7, shouldn’t he be declaring can visit D’Alessandro’s page at https:// it in song as well? Thus, his current music project was birthed. When asked for spiritual insights behind D’Alessandro is hoping to fund her fourth album, offering original songs depicting their callings, each offered enlightening God’s waves of glory He is bestowing on replies that may encourage others seeking and through all His children. “This project to fund their own visions. According to consists of 13 original songs. I used the same D’Alessandro, “I’ve learned that everything team that produces Bethel Music albums. God calls us to do is worth the effort. At some The project is still in the refining process, of my most discouraging times in music but I’m about to work locally to wrap up ministry, I have heard from listeners who all production improvements, mixing, and told me stories of my music helping them mastering. This venture is all about connect- through their hard times. Remember, it’s all ing people with Him, helping them realize about Him and reaching those He desperately their identity in Him. I also feel led to write loves — that’s everyone!” Taylor put it this way, “The liar is worka book to go with the album and make some ing overtime to gain new ground because videos.” The funding of a vision or calling can be God’s harvest is ready. Your calling isn’t challenging. These two musicians chose everything, but it’s definitely one of the crowdfunding. “I’m a total neophyte at this tools the Lord wants to use in this war. The crowdfunding thing,” observed Taylor, “it weapons we use are not the weapons of the is difficult to get a campaign noticed and world. On the contrary, they have divine understood. Some people in my circle have power to demolish strongholds.” o never heard of crowdfunding.” As to why Caz Taylor authored David’s Tabernacle, Taylor chose Indiegogo as his crowdfunding software, he said, “I’ve helped out with a Patterns for New Testament Worship, and is few projects that went on Indiegogo. It just co-owner of San Diego production company, www/ seemed the natural.”


More and more faith-based films being released Escape the wind and rain and hangout at the local movie theater as some of the top films of the year are already reappearing in the theater due to Academy Award nominations. Winners were announced Feb. 26, after our deadline. At this time of year — when many films are not that interesting — check out what kind of reviews they are getting before spending your money. Arriving in San Diego Theaters on March10 is The Ottoman Lieutenant. It’s the first movie to explore the eastern front of World War I, about a beautiful, strong-willed woman (Hera Hilmar) who, frustrated by ongoing injustice at home, leaves the United States after meeting Jude, an American doctor (Josh Hartnett). He runs a remote medical mission within the Ottoman Empire — a world both exotic and dangerous, and on the brink of what is about to become World War I. Her loyalty to Jude and the mission’s founder (Ben Kingsley) is tested when she falls in love with a lieutenant in the Ottoman Imperial Army (Michiel Huisman). She must decide if she wants to be what other people want her to be, or be herself. +++ Several new faith-based films are just around the corner. Arriving on March 3 is The Shack — advertised as a faith-based film and adapted from the New York Times best-selling book by William P. Young. There is controversy about the story. Mackenzie Allen Philips’ youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. In a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant, The Shack wrestles with the timeless question, “Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?” Although many Christians said they enjoyed the book, some still had questions about the theology that make it somewhat confusing, and may concern Christians. The cast includes Sam Worthington, Tim McGraw and Octavia Spencer. The Case for Christ doesn’t open until April 7, but is already getting huge attention. Synopsis: In 1980, Lee Strobel’s award-

FRESH LEMONS DIANA SAENGER winning investigative reporting earned him a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. Things at home weren’t going nearly as well. His wife Leslie’s newfound faith in Christ compels Lee to use his journalistic and legal training to disprove the claims of Christianity — pitting his resolute atheism against her growing faith. Based on Strobel’s bestselling book of the same name, The Case For Christ is a dramatic and heartfelt telling of their compelling journey. This moving story is for everyone who has ever pondered the existence of God, and what role He could play in their lives. The cast includes Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Robert Forster and Faye Dunaway. See the trailer Those who really like Christian movies might be interested in the fourth annual Christian Worldview Film Festival & Filmmakers Guild to be held March 13-18 at the Norris Conference Center in San Antonio, Texas. For information about official film selections, training workshops, keynote speakers, lodging options, and other details, visit the CWVFF website. +++ Another way to discover how God is working in the entertainment business is to sign up online for founding director Karen Covell’s Hollywood Prayer Network, a movement of prayer for the artists and professionals, projects and productions, and global impact of Hollywood — the world’s most influential mission field. Each issue has amazing information about Christian actors, studios, filmmakers and what Covell’s group is doing to recognize and expand God’s word. Check out the site and even get prayer assignments at o Read Diana Saenger’s reviews and interviews at


March 2017 — Good

books by locals

Dr. Ray Register said he was chosen to fulfill God’s calling in Nazareth, in the Holy Land, following the tracks of Jesus Christ. His story of interacting and ministering to persons of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths from Haifa to Nazareth to Jerusalem to Bethlehem is documented in Galilee Wanderings, a 351-page book recently released. In his 35 years as a missionary with the International Mission Board, he traveled to more than 100 countries and met with more than 500 missionaries. However, Register felt he was called to serve the Arab Christian

News, etc. — 7

community in Galilee for more than 30 years. Register retired as a missionary in 2003 and lives in Escondido where he pastors an Arabic church and is a trustee at Bethel Baptist Church. He and his wife Rose Mary raised three children in Israel. The book is available for $25 from IAM Partners, PO Box 463045, Escondido, CA 92046-3045. o This column is dedicated to promote area authors of new books. Send suggestions to

Freedom Singers . . .

Continued from previous page Simon, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, said he is looking forward to the concert tour in the U.S. He said he considered the group’s story and their music as gifts to be shared. “Every time I tell others what God has done — encouragement to others. Miracles still happen. It wasn’t a coincidence that they opened the cargo container at just the last moment.” The impressive lineup of Southern Gospel concerts includes: • May 7 at 5 p.m., Legacy Five with Tribute Quartet at El Cajon Wesleyan. • May 26, Danny Funderburk at El Cajon Wesleyan in El Cajon and May 28 at Grace Community Church in Ramona. • July 8 at 6 p.m., Liberty Quartet at Grace

Community Church, Ramona. “That’s all that we have scheduled to date, but we’re looking to bring additional southern gospel music throughout the year,” said DeForest, who is also looking for other venues. For information, visit or call (619) 442-5941.


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8 — Good News, etc. — March 2017


the calendar NOTE: Listings in bold face are advertisers in either the North County or San Diego edition of Good News, etc. This Calendar is also featured on, where there is also a Featured Events Calendar. Please support our advertisers!


March 1

5 p.m., Tabernacle Alive, through March 5, Calvary Chapel, Oceanside, tickets, 760-754-1234. 7 p.m., 40 Days of Hope Regional kickoff meeting, New Vision Christian Fellowship, San Diego, 619-298-1125.


March 2

9 a.m., The North County anti-Human Trafficking Collaborative meeting, guest speaker Grandville (Tom) Jones, United Methodist Church, Vista, 760-726-0442. 6:30 p.m., The Hidden Web: Untangling Human Trafficking, Redeemer Church, Encinitas, 760230-3035.


March 4

10 a.m., Creation & Earth presents Adventure in Outer Space at Kids Creation Club, Creation & Earth History Museum, Santee, 619-599-1104. 11 a.m., Tabernacle Alive, through March 5, Calvary Chapel, Oceanside, tickets, 760-754-1234.

The Calendar contains concerts, conferences, special events, etc. If you have something to list, contact Good News, etc. by Wednesday, March 15 for the April edition. Phone: (760) 724-3075 • email:


March 5

6 p.m., East County Southern Gospel Concerts present Freedom Singers in Concert, held at Faith Bible Fellowship, Santee, love offering will be received, 619-442-5941. 6 p.m., Classes on Hebrew Roots and How to share Messiah Yeshua with the Jewish people, held at 8404 Phyllis Pl. prayer room, San Diego, 858-366-2088.


March 10

6:30 p.m., The Big Think:Whole Life Sports, North Coast Calvary Chapel, Carlsbad, 760-729-0029. 7 p.m., Loving the City into Life conference wtih Alan & Kathryn Scott, held at Grace Chapel, Oceanside, or 760-754-2974. 7 p.m., Kari Jobe:The Garden Tour, Skyline Church, Lemon Grove, tickets 619-660-5000. 7 p.m., Dawn of a New Era, a celebration of 21 years of service, Rock Church East County, tickets 858-650-3190.


6 p.m., Gospel Comedy Jam with comedian Lester Barrie, The Church of Yeshua Ha Meshiach, Lemon Grove, ticket donation, 619-724-6226.



March 14

9 a.m., Teacher training, The 10 Commandments Series with special focus on Commandments 5 & 6; Easter lesson & helps, Child Evangelism Fellowship, La Mesa, 619-469-8593.


March 17

9 a.m., Point Loma Nazarene University Youth Worker Day, special guest Doug Fields, www. 7 p.m., Christian United 2017 & Spring Time Praise presents Beverly Crawford in concert, at Faith Chapel, Spring Valley, tickets: at https:// paypalme/BevCrawford or 619-865-3339.

March 11 Saturday

8 a.m., The Big Think:Whole Life Sports, North Coast Calvary Chapel, Carlsbad, 760-729-0029. 10 a.m., Loving the City into Life conference wtih Alan & Kathryn Scott, held at Grace Chapel, Oceanside, tickets:lovingthecityintolife. or 760-754-2974.

March 12

4:30 p.m., Creation & Earth Purim Service at Friendship with God Fellowship, Santee, 619599-1104.

March 18

6 p.m., Reason’s to Believe, New Life Presbyterian Church, La Mesa, 619-667-5999.


March 19

3:30 p.m., Annual Men’s Day program, Friendly Church of God in Christ, Oceanside, 760-433-2513.

6 p.m., Classes on Hebrew Roots and How to share Messiah Yeshua with the Jewish people, held at 8404 Phyllis Pl. prayer room, San Diego, 858-366-2088.


S aturday

March 22

S aturday

March 25


March 30


March 31

10:00 a.m., North County Lion’s Club Fashion Show, held at Life Care Center of Vista, 760724-8222.

8:00 a.m., Baby Steps 2017 Walk 4 Life & 5K run sponsored by Alternatives Women’s Center held at Kit Carson Park, Escondido, register www., 760-741-9796. 6:00 p.m., Kingdom Creativity Conference with keynote speaker Darren Wilson, with other speakers, VIP luncheon & dinner, held at Awakening International, Vista, register www., 760-434-1234. 4:00 p.m., Kingdom Creativity Conference with keynote speaker Darren Wilson, with other speakers, VIP luncheon & dinner, held at Awakening International, Vista, register www., 760-434-1234.



April 1

9:00 a.m., Kingdom Creativity Conference with keynote speaker Darren Wilson, with other speakers, VIP luncheon & dinner, held at Awakening International, Vista, register www., 760-434-1234.

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March 20

11:30 a.m., Vista Christian Women’s Club luncheon “March into Spring with a New Look,” guest speaker Sue Kosk, Meadowlark Community Church, San Marcos, for reservations 760-432-0772.


April 25

S u n day

M ay 7

10:00 a.m., Academy of Influence and Reformation with Craig and Karlet Muster, Manna Ko, Jill and Brae Wyckokk, held at Awakening International, Vista, register www.air.awakeningintl. com, 760-434-1234.


5 p.m., East County Southern Gospel Concerts present Legacy Five and Tribute Quartet, held at El Cajon Wesleyan Church, El Cajon, VIP section with Meet and Greet $30, General Admission $20 and door $25, 619-442-5941.



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Jan. 6-Feb. 12, Lamb’s Players Theatre presents Beau Jest, a comedy, Coronado, 619-437-6000. Feb. 24-April 9, Lamb’s Players Theatre presents Shadowland, Coronado, 619-437-6000. Mar. 31-April 2, Passion for the Arts presents The Prince and the Pauper, First Baptist Church of Lemon Grove,tickets:619-460-4811 or

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Faith & Values ‘Christian Oscars’ presented Feb. 26 in Hollywood By DAN WOODING Not even the rain was able to put a damper on the star-studded Movieguide’s Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala, held Feb. 10 at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Also known as “The Christian Oscars,” the event that is always held close to the Academy Awards — this year on Feb. 26 — honors the best, most family-friendly movies and television programs that honor God and inspire audiences with messages of faith, hope, goodness, justice, redemption, forgiveness, and true divine love, said Dr. Ted Baehr, renowned media expert and chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission. Veteran Christian broadcaster, Pat Robertson, 86, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for “Living and Communicating the Good News” for 57 years of “redemptive work in the mass media to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide and helping needy families and providing disaster relief through Operation Blessing.” Actor Terry Crews brought his formidable strength in comedy as he hosted the 25th Annual Movieguide Awards, the largest faith and value’s awards show in the country. Grease star, Olivia Newton-John was a surprise guest when she stepped in at the last moment to sing with a couple of friends when Billy Gilman was stranded on the east coast because of snow and couldn’t make it. Here are the winners: Best Movies for Families: Miracles from

Heaven, first, followed by The Young Messiah, Sing, The Jungle Book, Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Trolls, Queen of Katwe, Zootopia, and Pete’s Dragon. Best Movies for Mature Audiences: God’s Not Dead 2, first, followed by Hacksaw Ridge, Captain America: Civil War, Risen, Silence, Ben-Hur, The Finest Hours, Sully, Eddie the Eagle, and Hail, Caesar! Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring Movie of 2016: Winner, The Young Messiah. Other nominees: Hacksaw Ridge, Miracles from Heaven, God’s Not Dead 2, Risen, Silence, Ben-Hur, and Hail, Caesar! Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring TV Program of 2016: Dolly Parton’s Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle Of Love. Other nominees: The Passion: New Orleans, The Bridge Part 2, A Time to Dance, Operation Christmas, Pocahontas: Dove of Peace, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 3, Episodes 20-22: Emancipation, Absolution, Ascension. Faith & Freedom Award for Promoting Positive American Values in Movies: Hacksaw Ridge. Other nominees: Captain America: Civil War, God’s Not Dead 2, Sully, Sing, Queen of Katwe, Hail, Caesar! Faith & Freedom Award for Promoting Positive American Values in TV: Winner: Operation Christmas. Other nominees: Pocahontas: Dove of Peace, The Bridge Part 2, Dolly Parton’s Christmas Of Many Colors: Circle of Love, The Passion: New Orleans, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 3, Episodes 20-22: Emancipation, Absolution,

We’re launching a new church in Vista early 2017! We invite you to come see what we are all about. We cordially invite you to visit our weekly Bible study. We meet at the Vista Pantry Cafe, 945 S. Santa Fe Ave. (across the street from Vons)

6-7:30 pm Thursday evenings. Join us! — Pastor John Phipps, 702-589-1981

Pastor John & Dina Phipps

Ascension. Grace Awards for Most Inspiring Acting in Movies: Winning Actor: Adam GreavesNeal - The Young Messiah. Winning Actress: Melissa Joan Hart - God’s Not Dead 2. Grace Award for Most Inspiring Acting in Television: Winning Actor: Devielle Johnson - A Time to Dance. Winning Actress: Faith Ford - The Bridge Part 2. For information about Movieguide, visit or call (805) 3832000. – ASSIST News

March 2017 — Good

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“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalm 139:13 (NIV)

Being ‘pro-birth’ only part of our role for life


ecently, I shared a video clip from Live Action of Lila Rose’s interview with former abortion providers. The video exposes the marketing schemes and the lies repeated without challenge by the media to protect federal funding of abortion agencies. Naturally, my post sparked a debate with an old friend I had not seen for many years. I am generally pleased to promote debate and discussion about important topics like abortion. I moderate the tone, and do my best to ensure people are being charitable and respectful with each other. I waded through the anger and profanity she leveled at me, and was able to learn she aborted a baby recently. She felt abandoned, with no other options, no support, no love. She received only judgment for her circumstance, and then judgment again for choosing abortion. She accused me of being self-righteous, and of being only “pro-birth.” She meant I only cared that she and others

pro-life ministries

Alternatives Women’s Center 760-741-9796 Birthline Chula Vista 619-425-5012 Birthline Clairemont 858-270-2491 Birth Choice, Oceanside 760-231-8885 Birth Choice, San Marcos 760-744-1313 Birth Choice, Temecula 951-699-9808 CAPS Pregnancy Clinics 619-337-8080 Culture of Life, Escondido 760-741-1224 Culture of Life Family Services, S.D. 619-692-4401 Door of Hope (under 18) 858-279-1100 E.C. Pregnancy Care Center 619-442-HELP Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center 760-728-4105 Lamb of God Maternity Home 760-294-7969 Life Choices Pregnancy Center 858-486-5433 Life Perspectives 619-516-1236 Office of Social Min./Rachel’s Hope 858-581-3022 Pregnancy Resource Center 760-945-HOPE Presbyterians Pro-Life 760-599-4699 Pro-Life Council 619-645-8442 Ramona Pregnancy Care Center 760-789-7059 Right to Life Council 619-270-2750 Save-A-Life Ministry (suicide prev.) 1-800-550-8690 Silent Voices 619-422-0757 St. Claire Home (over 18) 760-741-0122 Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center 858-457-7800

like her not abort, but then didn’t care about both mother and child. She wanted to know exactly what I had done about it, expecting my answer would be nothing of substance. I think it is important for the pro-life community to hear this criticism of our movement. We should each be able to show how we support the children, the mother, and the father. The difficulty of their situation does not go away after the decision. If we care enough to speak out for the life of the child in the womb, shouldn’t we also care about that child when she comes out? I think we should also challenge ourselves to not point back to the broken systems of our government, or what our tax dollars fund. Let me showcase for you how you can get engaged with programs that support more than just “not abortion.” After a client makes a decision, pregnancy centers offer ongoing support. If she chooses to parent, they offer maternity clothing, baby clothes, wipes, diapers, handmade quilts and equipment until that child turns 2 years old. Most offer court approved parenting classes, childbirth classes that prepare our clients for the last month of pregnancy and through delivery, and even have a supply of breast pumps that can be checked out. “Earn and Learn” programs build the mothers up so they can be the best mommies they can be! You can volunteer in these centers, support them financially, or help by collecting the items they give away by throwing the center a baby shower. A new program for churches called “Embrace Grace” is the missing link that brings the client after she has chosen life to be embraced and loved within the church. A handful of churches in the county offer it. But more are needed to pour love and support into the lives of these women and their children. After a woman chooses life, she may need a home in which to stay. Sadly, many well-meaning families will kick their

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RECLAIMING THE CULTURE OF LIFE JOSH MccLURE daughter out, or the boyfriend will break up with her if she chooses to carry. Maternity homes offer real care in the form of a roof and support services. They need financial help and volunteers. Escondido has one called Lamb of God, and a new one is being built in Lemon Grove called 29:11 Maternity Home (after Jeremiah 29:11). If she chooses adoption, agencies like San Diego Adoption Center, and Catholic Charities help to show the way. Adopting a child is a very rewarding opportunity to bless your family, the life of a child, and a birth mother who knows she cannot provide the best for her child. There is also a great need for families that will provide foster care for our overburdened state programs. If the client chooses abortion, we should never turn our back on her. She made an awful choice, and really needs the people around her to offer care, encouragement and understanding. Many of these women describe how the burden of their abortion becomes unbearable after about 10 years. The denial of the trauma becomes caustic to their relationships. But they also say that it is lifted away through after-abortion healing classes, Bible studies, and retreats. Most pregnancy centers offer classes, but there are also programs like Deeper Still in Fallbrook, and Rachel’s Hope in San Diego. The depth of the wounding a woman feels after an abortion can be reduced if she is surrounded by people who love her as Jesus does. This does not mean we are accepting of her sin. The love of the Father demonstrated through us will be like an ointment where she hurts. Your support of the maternity home, orphanage, pregnancy center, the five kids you adopted, etc. are really not the point if you are accused of being “pro-birth only”! It may help you “win” a debate, but it will not change peoples’ minds by itself. Sharing your testimony with compassion, calmness, and charity will ensure that you are heard. For these are the things that make up love. When the truth is shared with love, the truth sinks in. Returning to the story of my friend, I was challenging her assertion that only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortion. She felt like there was no other place that could help, and didn’t think I did anything. I listed what I do, but I won her attention by how I shared it — by my love! Here is her response when I drew our discussion to an end: “Thank you for the link and your grace in sharing the info so I can learn something from you. Much more grace than I had in this thread. Much love & gratitude for now.” Now that was a transformed interaction! Be loving in the things you share. Take the time to explain, with the humanity of your opponent in mind. Look for opportunities to help women after the choice is made. Be more than just “pro-birth” — be pro-abundant life in word and, more importantly, in action! o Josh McClure is executive director of East County Pregnancy Care Clinic.

‘Life is winning,’ Pence says at March for Life

Vice President Mike Pence declared "life is winning again in America" in his historic appearance Jan. 27 before a massive March for Life crowd that included a contingent of Southern Baptists attending the Evangelicals for Life conference. Sworn in as vice president only a week before, Pence became the first person holding that office to speak in person at the March for Life in its 44-year history. No president has ever appeared at the annual event. Pence's appearance — as well as promises and actions by the new Trump administration — seemed to provide a heightened level of optimism among the marchers. President Trump had signed an executive order Jan. 23 to reinstate a ban on federal funds for international organizations that perform or promote abortions overseas. He also had promised during the election campaign to work to defund Planned Parenthood and to enact a permanent, government-wide ban on federal funding of abortions, something the House of Representatives voted to do Jan. 24. In his speech at the pre-march rally, Pence told the crowd gathered on the grounds of the Washington Monument, “Because of all of you, and the many thousands that stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life is winning again in America." Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, also spoke of the hope among pro-life Americans. "This is a new day, a new dawn for life," she said at the March for Life rally, adding it is "a time of incredible promise" for the pro-life movement. Pence urged pro-lifers to be compassionate toward all Americans. "We have come to an historic moment in the cause for life, and we must meet this moment with respect and compassion for every American," said Pence, a former congressman and a former governor of Indiana. – Baptist Press

Trump restores funding ban on foreign abortions

President Trump reinstated on Jan. 23 a ban on federal funds for organizations that perform or promote abortions overseas in one of what is expected to be a series of executive orders overturning current policies. The order was among three the new president signed on his third day in office as part of his administration's plan to make policy changes in such areas as health care, immigration, trade, and the environment. On Monday, Trump also signed executive orders revoking a trade agreement with Asia known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and instituting a hiring freeze for federal government posts other than those in the military. Acting the day after the 44th anniversary of the Supreme Court's legalization of abortion, Trump signed an order restoring what is known as the Mexico City Policy, which President Obama had rescinded three days after he was inaugurated in 2009. The rule — first implemented by President Reagan at a 1984 conference in Mexico City — prohibits international family planning organizations from receiving federal funds unless they agree not to perform or counsel for abortions or lobby in order to liberalize the pro-life policies of foreign governments. – Baptist Press



March 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 11

“Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling…” – Heb. 10:24-25 (NAS)

‘The Advocate Club’ aims to save next generation Herb Johnson, long-time president and CEO By COLLEEN MONROE of San Diego Rescue Mission, retiring June 30 Good things come in

threes — faith, hope and love; red, white and blue; Father, Son and Holy Spirit — and three sisters — Cherie, Sandy and Linda. Together they have Photo: Colleen Monroe formed an organization with the purpose of be- Sisters Linda Phillips, Sandy Bradley and Cherie Click. ing “Christ to the next generation.” The “Someone reached out to us as teens women started The Advocate Club four and brought us to Christ. We want to pay it years ago, when they were in their 60s, forward,” shared Sandy. as a means of passing God’s truth to suc“The idea for this came 25 years ago, but ceeding generations. we’re so happy it has come together and The club gathers monthly in Escondido to we’re incorporated with a non-profit status,” learn about giving opportunities for youth Cherie said. “As we’re getting older, we can’t programs, pray collectively as a group, and do what we used to in helping at the church to hear a local pastor or ministry leader and ministries, but we can give — and that’s share their vision on reaching youth. At their important.” meetings, dues are collected for allocation. “Our members are mostly seniors who Membership is up to about 20 individuals, have two things in common — time and mostly women with some married couples. money,” she added. The Adocate Club has given more than They report that 93 percent of the money $13,000, mostly to youth ministries. The raised is given to programs like youth camp group also reaches out internationally. scholarships, missions trips for youth, chilCherie Click, Sandy Bradley, and Linda dren’s ministry curriculum, parenting books Phillips grew up in Gardiner, Maine, and in for new moms and dads, and supporting the late 1950s were invited by relatives to Good News Clubs in public schools. attend church. It was a life-changing expe“It’s special to be able to pray for youth rience for the girls, and their parents soon leaders and be able to give to their ministry,” started to attend, too. All received Jesus said Bradley. “We also pray for children, by Christ as their personal Savior and began to first name.” grow in faith, knowledge of the Bible, and “This is for seniors who want to make a Christian service. difference in the lives of youth,” said Phillips. “We, as daughters, can think of no higher The sisters said they would welcome new tribute to our parents than the establishment members, as well as new chapters starting of an organization dedicated to passing on in other parts of the county. God’s truth to succeeding generations,” For information, visit www.advocateclub. they state. org or call (760) 745-9291.

Pastors refuel at PLNU . . .

Continued from page 1 eyes as well as our ears. Sometimes what is not stated is the most striking about a story. When Sweet began preaching the message about Jesus healing a paralyzed man from Mark 2:1-12, the assembly heard a story for the first time in a new and different way. He took the familiar story and broke it down, bringing out some of the details and their meaning to the story that made the impact of this story unforgettable. The chapel service was followed by coffee and fellowship, giving pastors an opportunity to connect and reconnect with each other. Following the fellowship time, Dr. Dean E. Nelson, head of journalism at the university, interviewed Sweet. The interview was followed by a luncheon and address by Sweet. For many of the pastors, it was a time of fellowship, networking and connecting with other pastors. Three pastors from Newbreak Church Assembly of God — Carter Moss, campus pastor; Danny Bias, life group pastor; and Tommy Christie, staff pastor — all agreed that for them this was a day retreat to fuel and spiritually feed them because they are always giving to others. The concepts Moss gleaned are: “Teach the Scriptures as story, and preaching in the vernacular.” Rev. Karen Marohn, senior pastor at St. Peter’s by the Sea Lutheran Church, has only missed one Pastor’s Day. She especially enjoys Nelson’s outstanding interviews. Among her favorite guest speakers over the years was Eugene Peterson. “He was

amazing, but every year hearing different speakers is my favorite part of the day.” From this year’s guest speaker, Sweet, she learned the value of commitment to story and the importance to use more narrative in teaching and preaching. Pastor Rob Miner from Community Cross Church of the Nazarene in Highland, has attended the past six years. He comes to learn, fellowship, and connect with other pastors. One thing he will apply to his ministry is to spend more time telling the story in a way that makes sense to the congregation. He also learned the importance of listening to other peoples’ stories and connecting their stories to the gospel stories when ministering. “Every year there is something special and God-ordained,” said Pastor Tim Fillmore from Parkway Hills Church of the Nazarene in Chula Vista, who has attended every year. The time to gather and meet pastors from San Diego area and farther away is always encouraging. One of his take-aways from Dr. Sweet was the simple acronym T.G.I.F. we all seem to know. This one, however, is different. For Dr. Sweet it means “Twitter, Google, Instagram, and Facebook.” Those are the communication vehicles of the culture. Rather than shying away from them, we are to learn from them embracing the Cross first as we engage the culture. Sweet said the most important message he wants to get across to pastors to reach our culture is: “We are to be in the culture, in touch with the culture, not afraid of the culture, but in tune with the Holy Spirit.”

Herb Johnson, long-time president and CEO of the San Diego Rescue Mission, has announced he will retire effective June 30. He will continue for an additional six months as a part-time consultant to the organization. Founded in 1955, San Diego Rescue Mission, a faith-based organization, offers safe-haven as well as restorative care and rehabilitation services to the homeless, addicted, abused, and poor in our community. San Diego Rescue Mission offers a wide range of onsite programs and services through its Nueva Vida Haven Emergency Shelter, Partners for Hunger Relief, Men’s Center, Women and Children’s Center, Transitional Housing and Recuperative Care Center. It is the only major homeless shelter in San Diego that does not receive government funding for its programs. Under Johnson’s 11-year leadership the organization has grown to meet the expanding needs of San Diego’s homeless population. Each month, the rescue mission provides nearly 12,500 nights of shelter to San Diego’s homeless, serves more than 37,000 hot, nutritious meals, and provides more than 82,000 hours of education, work training, rehabilitation and Christian care to residents in its long-term care programs. In 2007, Johnson introduced the iconic Sleepless San Diego event, in collaboration with other faith-based, social service and community partners. The event that draws more than 1,000 participants, brings attention to the challenges of chronic homelessness and the increasing number of people living on the streets of San Diego. “I have been truly blessed and humbled to serve the San Diego Rescue Mission for these past 11 years,” said Johnson. “With God’s grace, I have witnessed first-hand how lives do change here. We have become a strong and determined voice for the homeless. I have had the deep honor to work with an outstanding board of directors, staff and community. We have done good work together.”

Bob Jones, chair of the San Diego Rescue Mission, said, “Herb’s leadership has inspired all of us at the rescue mission, and helped shape the narrative on homelessness in our community. We hope to keep Herb affiliated with the rescue mission as an advisor and voice for the comHerb Johnson munity well beyond June 30. We have accomplished a great deal under his stewardship.” Jones noted that in the past year San Diego Rescue Mission introduced a men and women’s transitional housing program that provides structure and serves as a model of what living independently will be like as much as possible. To better serve the women in the rescue mission’s year-long recovery program, transitional housing and overnight-shelter, the rescue mission now has an in-house Children’s Center. In addition, the organization has added space in a new facility across the street from its primary location to increase capacity for its educational programs. Johnson added, “In my tenure at the San Diego Rescue Mission, we have felt the embrace of the San Diego community for the people suffering on the streets of our beautiful city. With God’s guidance and the kindness and generosity of San Diegans, I am encouraged that the San Diego Rescue Mission will continue to provide comfort, care, and salvation to the homeless, the hungry, the addicted and abused.” San Diego Rescue Mission also owns and operates several thrift stores in the San Diego area. For information, visit www.

12 — Good News, etc. — March 2017 nc/sd


“Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits — who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.” – Psalm 103:3 (NIV)

To brew or not to brew: Solving the ‘coffee conundrum’


t’s the dilemma millions of seniors face the moment they wake up in the morning: To brew or not to brew. And it looks like the decision about whether it’s healthful — or safe — to drink coffee is getting a little more confusing than it used to be. For years it seemed to happen like clockwork. You reached a certain age and your doctor told you it was time to swear off the java for good. But lately there seems to be a new study every month claiming coffee is good for everything from your memory to your liver. I can’t help but marvel, albeit a little cautiously, at some of the recent research showing coffee’s potential health benefits. An intriguing body of research over the past few years suggests that it might — emphasis on might — reduce the risk of some serious diseases, including diabetes and liver diseases. Two recent studies have found that drinking coffee is associated with living longer. In a Harvard University study, people who drank an average of one to three cups of coffee daily over several years had an average 15 percent lower risk of dying — at any age — even if they went unleaded and drank decaf. Drinking moderate amounts of coffee meant they were less likely to die from cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s and other neurological disease, and suicide (caused by depression). In the second report, researchers analyzed 20 studies, including almost 1 million people. They found essentially the same reduction in death — almost 15 percent — among people who drank an average of two to four cups of coffee each day.2 Now, before you pour yourself another cup, be aware that the vast majority of biomedical studies on coffee report an association, not a direct cause-and-effect relationship. Granted, these associations are strong, but they don’t definitely prove that coffee helps people live longer. Besides, people who drink coffee could live longer

for a lot of other reasons. Your liver is like your body’s chemical processing factory. And many of the components of coffee appear to enhance liver function and protect it from damage and several diseases — including fatty liver disease (often a complication of obesity), nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, cirrhosis, fibrosis, and liver cancer. There’s good evidence suggesting that coffee consumption can lower the risk of diabetes, assuming you don’t add sugar to your brew. In an analysis of 28 studies, which included 1.1 million people, people who averaged one cup per day were 8 percent less likely to develop diabetes. Three cups daily lowered that risk by 25 percent, and six cups per day (which is going a bit overboard, I’d say) reduced the risk by 33 percent. This may be related to how coffee supports liver function. The liver works with the pancreas to regulate blood sugar. If your liver is healthy, you’re likely to have fewer blood sugar problems. Many people love the aroma and taste of coffee, but I suspect most people like to drink it to put a little more diesel in their engines. If you drink coffee, you’re more than aware that caffeine is a powerful nervous system stimulant. It can make you feel more focused and alert. Because of that, it might also keep you from getting depressed! In a 10-year Harvard University study of 50,739 women, researchers found that two to three daily cups of coffee were enough to reduce their risk of depression by 15 percent. But coffee isn’t just a cure for a case of the Mondays or a mid-afternoon slump. It can have real medical benefits to your brain! Researchers have reported that drinking three to five cups of coffee in middle age might lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in your later years by 65 percent. Caffeine prevents the buildup of amyloid beta protein, which otherwise chokes brain cells.

Why holistic healthcare?

People ask me what holistic healthcare is about. We focus on making a correct diagnosis and focusing on non-toxic nutritional and natural therapies — instead of just prescribing a drug that can have harmful side effects.

I have over 20 years experience and have written 20 books on the subject. I am trained in both conventional and natural medicine — and my experience has shown the holistic approach is often superior.

We can help with weight loss, diabetes, chronic fatigue, back pain, menopause, hypothyroid, complementary cancer therapy, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, and many other issues. Our office is in Encinitas and we have patients coming from all over Southern California.

Want references? See what people say on Feel free to give us a call or check what we do on our web page. It includes some great articles and help on a variety of subjects. We’re here to serve! Thank you for considering natural healcare.

Dr. Mark Stengler

Call and schedule a visit now. Mark Stengler, NMD 324 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas • 760-274-2377

Coffee also appears to protect against Parkinson’s disease, a serious neurological disorder characterized by uncontrolled tremors. Caffeine may be a big part of the reason why. On the other hand, coffee is extremely addictive and can really interfere with your quality of life. Too much coffee (and caffeine in general) can make you feel jittery and disturb your sleep—even if no other health problems arise. If you are prone to anxiety or are sensitive to stress, you should probably drink no more than small amounts of coffee, if any at all. Also for some people, coffee will increase the risk of elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and heart-rhythm disorders. Half of Americans have an inherited enzyme which increases the risk of heart disease from coffee. Tips for coffee lovers: Buy organic. Conventionally-grown coffee is heavily sprayed with pesticides, so if you must drink coffee, make sure it’s the chemical-free kind. Choose Arabica. Arabica beans have substantially less caffeine than Robusta coffee beans, which tend to have a stronger flavor and more antioxidants.

NATURALLY MARK STENGLER Brew it yourself. You have far more control of the coffee strength and quality you drink when you brew it yourself. A typical home- or office-brewed 8-ounce cup of coffee contains only 95 mg of caffeine, about half as much as the smallest size available at Starbucks. Filter your brew. Two of coffee’s beneficial substances, cafestol and kahweol, have a downside: They interfere with one of your body’s cholesterol-regulating processes. Brewing coffee with a paper filter (e.g., in a drip coffee pot) removes much of the cafestol and kahweol, but you don’t want those white coffee filters that are bleached with dioxin, a cancer-causing toxin. Choose unbleached brown coffee filters instead. o Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD, is owner of the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in Encinitas. Author of 17 books and TV host of Natural Healing, he can be reached at (760) 274-2377 or

Workplace chaplains . . . Continued from page 1 After Jones-Cone’s late husband Lou Jones passed away, leaving her the Toyota Carlsbad and Lexus Carlsbad dealerships, she hired two chaplains before reading about Marketplace Chaplain USA and meeting chaplains Dennis Casar, Teri Meeks, and Tonilee Adamson. Marketplace Chaplains USA, which identifies itself as people with exceptional employee care, whose work is caring and whose care is working, was founded in Dallas in 1984 as a 24-hour program modeled after the U.S. Military Chaplaincy. The organization has about 1,570 chaplains in 46 states. Chaplains pray with Jones-Cone and her managers and employees daily. They also create fun activities with employees, lead Bible studies, make home and hospital visits, conduct funerals, and speak to outside guest groups. “Our Chaplain Care Team from Marketplace has been very helpful in our dealership because it showcases our personal commitment to care for each associate and their family members, and to help them in many ways thrive in today’s busy corporate workplace,” Jones-Cone said. “We’ve discovered having employee partners who feel valued and cared for are the best way to provide excellent customer care.” Hoehn hired a part-time corporate chaplain who befriended Hoehn Motor employees and offered a lunch-time Alpha class. With positive employee feedback, Hoehn took on full-time chaplain Roy lnzunza, who makes people comfortable in a multi-ethnic group made up of more non-church goers than believers. Inzunza meets each of the 500 employees every couple of weeks to make sure they know someone in the company cares for them and not just the job they do. He also does several hours of formal counseling per week, seasonal Bible studies during breaks, and occasional classes on marriage or parenthood. He does regular hospital visits and is

often asked to perform marriages and funerals. And he helps employee-led outreaches, which, last year built four houses in Tijuana, served dinner at Ronald McDonald House, sponsored seven families through the Carlsbad Christmas Bureau, helped a local food drive, and, with the YMCA, prepared care packages for homeless teens. “We talk about why it appeals to the human heart to be compassionate to our fellow brothers and sisters,” Inzunza said. “Most say that a deep place in their heart is touched in a way they can’t explain. I share with them that in my Christian tradition, God has innately wired us to be loving and caring of others. We are being fully human when we are compassionate. “One of my atheist ‘emplishioners’ (a term Inzunza uses to help describe how he relates to the employees) attended one of the Mexico trips and was in tears half the time. He said he felt an overwhelming sense of grief for the hardships families face and gratitude for the opportunity to help.” Hoehn has seen employees who didn't give Inzunza the time of day, or were skeptical that he might try to proselytize them, turn to him in times of crisis and become adoring members of his "flock." The only person who complained to Hoehn became one of Inzunza’s biggest fans and a nominally Muslim employee asked him to preside over his son's funeral and pray with his family. Inzunza meets employees where they are and helps with felt needs but is clear about his faith, without compromise. Those who ask him to marry them must agree to a Christian ceremony with biblically based pre-marriage counseling. His greatest joy is seeing people come to faith and become active members of a local congregation. Dennis Casarez owns Casar Enterprises and is an ordained minister with Third Day Churches. He also directs, with his wife, North County San Diego Healing Rooms. As a chaplain, he visits a company on a Please turn to next page

business “The Lord detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with him.”


March 2017 — Good

– Proverbs 11:1 (NIV)

Can more income mean less money? Yes, you better believe it


es, a subtle yet significant threat to wise money management is an increase in income. That next pay raise or even an inheritance can make you worse off. I recently met with a couple regarding their finances. They had solid income that had increased multiple times over the past few years. They had retirement accounts that they were still funding and giving to their church was a priority. By most accounts, they were doing everything right. The problem was that their spending had eventually exceeded their income. They accumulated credit card debt and acutely felt the stress it brought. Their situation was not dire, but they couldn’t understand why it was getting harder. After listening and talking it through, I

made the diagnosis that they were suffering from “lifestyle creep.” I know it sounds like the beginning of one of those long, uncomfortable commercials where I would then prescribe a drug and warn them of 14 far worse side effects. But this diagnosis simply indicates that with each raise in income, they increased their spending by at least as much if not more. Their new wealth was consumed by new luxuries and conveniences that became seemingly indispensable. Then, when the car broke down or the washing machine needed replacing, they found themselves short on funds. It’s not uncommon for the perception of increased wealth to exceed the actual increase in wealth. Here’s a test: Take 10 seconds or so to respond to this question:

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If you received an extra $1,000 right now, what would you do with it? Any chance your ideas might have exceeded that $1,000? It’s not difficult to spend that money many times over. I did get a bit clinical with the couple. I told them their “creep” was treatable, and I prescribed them a bit of hard work and difficult choices. The first step was to write our their income vs. spending and cut out some unnecessary expenditures — at least enough to pay down the credit cards faster and have some buffer in the monthly cash flow. They admittedly couldn’t easily identify unnecessary spending. They had no yacht cleaner-boy to fire or a daily waxing of the Porsche to eliminate, but they managed to come up with a handful of expenses to eliminate or reduce. One item was decreasing their eating out budget: lunches during the workday, $4 coffees, and dinners out. They also agreed that the next pay raise would serve to increase their buffer rather than be used for spending. At the end of the day, it turned out to be minor surgery — avoiding a more serious operation later if left untreated. I commended them for their willingness because although the solution was simple, it’s not easy. Income and expenses change regularly. Wise financial management calls for a periodic comparison of the two. How

PRINCIPLES OF PROSPERITY ANTHONY SAFFER often is up to you — perhaps each time you pay the bills or maybe a quarterly overview. Determine to make minor changes when needed to assure that you stay living within your means. While it may not be pleasant to do at the time, it’s far better than having to make major changes down the road. Procrastinating can cost you money, time and unpleasant emotion. If you can follow the doctor’s orders for wise stewardship now, the prognosis is a release from the burden of debt, progress toward a productive future, and a sense of freedom. Whether “lifestyle creep” is something you need to address now or be on the lookout for later, be mindful and purposeful in managing your finances…And that is just one more Principle of Prosperity! o Anthony Saffer, CFP of One Degree Advisors, Inc. coordinates principled financial solutions for families. Learn more at: Advisory services offered through One Degree Advisors, Inc. Securities offered through Securities America, Inc.

Workplace chaplains . . .

Continued from previous page regular basis, meeting and greeting workers from the owner to the janitor to build relationships of trust and friendship so employees with concerns feel comfortable talking voluntarily. Chaplains minister to immediate needs or refer employees to a licensed counselor or therapist or an organization, then support and encourage the individual to stay on track during the process. Casarez has helped employees with personal struggles, marriage, anger, depression, health, addictions, discouragement, divorce, anxiety, fear, Roy Inzunza, left, with sales associate Billy Daniels. stress, the loss of a loved one, etc. He has visited employees in their homes, judge them or make them feel ‘less than.’ I coffee shops, restaurants and hospitals, and want them to be victorious in their personal is available for an employee should they get and professional life, so however I can chamarrested by visiting them in jail. He feels pion for them — I do,” Meeks said. a special bond with each person and finds “Helping the broken marriage find a firm it extremely fulfilling to be able to assist foundation on which to build the rest of their someone in need and provide resources. lives; helping the parents that are struggling “We don’t walk around with Bible in with their teenager feel like they can breathe hand and turning every conversation into a easier after utilizing the resources we have Gospel presentation, but we do provide godly provided; sitting quietly with an employee counsel in a way the employee can receive it, after the loss of a family member, just being Casarez said. “When the opportunity arises, there through the grief process, so they know and it does, we do share the Gospel. It’s no they aren't alone — these are just a few of secret that we are all Christian chaplains. the circumstances that I find rewarding as Therefore, employees do ask us questions a chaplain,” she said. about our faith… There have been many “Each day we are given a clean slate of times where someone wants to know more opportunity to make a difference in the lives about Christ… many have received Christ of the people we are called to serve. I wake as their savior that way. We then encourage up and seek to write as much good on that them to become connected to a Bible believ- slate as possible. The world is a hard place ing church and get into a Bible study pro- to be in sometimes — there are times when gram. We continue to be a support to them.” the bad seems to outweigh the good. If we Chaplain Teri Meeks works with Casar, can help make your day better, or brighter making weekly job site visits to assigned — if you know after talking with your chapclients. She checks in with employees to lain, that things will get better — then we see if she can be of assistance emotionally, have made a difference and that is the most spiritually or practically or make a referral. important thing. We made a difference and “I am their friend — someone who won't that is good,” Meeks said.

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“My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” — Phil. 4:19 (KJ)


leads from GNE office in North County. Commission based.

GARAGe sALe, El Cajon SDA Christian School, Sunday March 5th, 1640 E. Madison Ave., El Cajon.

BeAuTIFuL RenT-FRee APT HoMe PRIMe Loc. Tired of higher rent? Exchange for limited part-time duties (2.5 hours per day). Actively seeking highly motivated senior/ retired with some retirement income. Requires ability/experience to maintain clean common area (curb appeal) in beautiful San Diego Bay area. This 100% rent free first-floor apt. home includes most utilities. Prefer couple to occupy assist mgr’s unit. Prefer self-starter with mature judgment. No pets. Non-smoker(s) preferred. Exciting long-term opportunity. Residence and duties same location. Required clean dmv and solid credit. No driving required. Excellent walk-to-all location. Prefer couple to settle into 100% rentfree retirement living in beautiful SD. For more info please forward letter of interest by fax to (619) 444-2113 or email to: nbbproperties@sbcglobal. net or mail to: nbb properties, 3755 Avocado Blvd #235, La Mesa, CA 91941. Now interviewing. All inquiries answered. Apartment position available now.

In cHRIsTIAnITY we are taught to love God and to love others. Love the sinner but hate the sin. In Islam one needs to look at the life of their prophet Muhammad. He took power over nations by raiding the spice caravans. Conversions were done at the point of the sword. Muhammad also had a lust for sex. His youngest wife, Aisha was 9 years old. Muhammad’s belief towards woman was that they were to be beaten with a stick as the Quran teaches. Also under Sharia law the testimony of a women only counts as half of that of a man. Rape cases tend to favour the man. People of the Muslim faith are in dire need to be told of a loving God who values all. FRee BReAD, fruit/veggies for families in need, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 1 p.m., The Movement Church, San Marcos, 760-510-1160. oceAnsIDe suRF Fellowship, Mondays, 6 p.m., meets 106 N. Freeman St, Oceanside, 760-722-6363.

HeLP WAnTeD LooKInG FoR grant writer,, 760-201-6465. HoMe cARe needed for elderly woman, 24hrs./48hrs. as needed in Encinitas area, 760-815-5551. ADVeRTIsInG sALes Good News, etc. is looking for the right person to help the newspaper grow in advertising. Please send resumes to Sales experience necessary. Work from home with

sPoRTs WRITeR: Volunteer position with Good News, etc. to write about local athletes, coaches and teams. Focus on testimonies. If interested, send email to

HousInG neeDs


RooM neeDeD for quiet female UCSD honor student to rent. Call or text Dorothy at 619-288-5054. MIssIonARY FAMILY of six (6) looking for bunkhouse or granny flat in Poway or North County when on leave from Costa Rica missionary work. Please e-mail @ annemar- or call @ 858-486-0360 or 858-333-9530 We are praying about mid February-Spring time. Thank you very much for your prayers . Blessings to you as we serve The King of Kings - The Marquezes.

HousInG RenTALs ALPIne RuRAL, privacy amidst the oaks, quiet 1 Bedroom 1 Bath, all oak cabinets, picnic area, security gate/ private entrance, fenced. Out of the smog, room for a garden, lots of fruit, citrus trees, chicken eggs. Access to riding, hiking trails. This unit is ONE person maximum. Application, deposit, credit check may be required. $550, incl. utilities + $300 deposit. Pictures available 619-990-6050 or text.

HousInG To sHARe VIsTA/sHADoWRIDGe Female only master bedroom, private bath $700.00, 760-208-3885. encInITAs FuRnIsHeD bedroom $600 + utilities, plus deposit, 619322-6596.


VeTeRAn’s HAnDs in Action need hammocks, socks, underwear, etc. MoM AnD Me Playgroup, first Tuesdays, 9 a.m., La Jolla Community Church, 858-558-9020.

PRAYeR MeeTInG, Mondays, 12 p.m., North Park Apostolic Church, 619-229-2800. noRTH counTY San Diego Healing Rooms, Mondays, 6:30 p.m., www.

TeAcHeR TRAInInG Classes, varied schedule, Child Evangelism Fellowship, La Mesa, 619-469-8593.

PRAYeR MeeTInG, Wednesdays, 12 p.m., St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ, San Diego, 619-263-8786, 619-381-5686.

ABoLIsH ABoRTIon. Join Christians in the fight against abortion, email:

InTeRnATIonAL House of Prayer, Wednesdays, 10 a.m., Spring Valley, 619-479-5012.

MIsc. FoR FRee

eVenInG PRAYeR, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760-730-9900.

FRee BIBLe study by mail, nondenominational, 3345 Linda Vista Dr., San Marcos, 92078-6307, 760598-8968.

MIsc. FoR sALe LunATec’s oDoR-FRee Dishcloths are amazing. They stay odor-free and have less bacteria. Live healthier. www. ALMosT neW beige carpet with pad for five rooms for $500.00, white GE gas range everything works $200.00. Call 832-498-8139, Oceanside.

MIsc. neeDs

nATIonAL PRAYeR line, www., 8:30 a.m., 6 days a week. Pray for our country, 712-4321699/code 338083# cLAIReMonT HeALInG Rooms, Thursdays, 4:30 p.m., Clairemont Christian Fellowship, 619-741-1143. eVenInG PRAYeR and healing service, Fridays, 6:30 p.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760730-9900. LIVe PRAYeR Webcast for the nations-Friday, 9 a.m. at

MIssIonARY FAMILY of six (6) looking for used baseball equipment and/ or baseball clothes (shoes, pants, shirts, etc). We want to share God’s love with the children of Costa Rica via baseball. We would love your prayers as God leads us to those who need HIM.. Blessings, The Marquezes And please e-mail annemarqloveshome@ or call 858 486-0360 or 858-333-9530.

WoMen’s ALTeRnATIVe Pregnancy Care Clinic needs diapers sizes 3-45, onesies, baby shampoo, powder, wipes, receiving blankets, baby formula, established pro-life ministry, 760-741-9796.

Jesus’s MIRAcLes movie by Luz World Evangelism. Call 858-366-2088.


esconDIDo PRAYeR & Healing Center, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m., 444 S. Escondido Blvd., 760-432-9003.

BIBLe sTuDY in English and Thai, Clairemont area. Thursday 5 p.m.-7 p.m.. Call 619-944-8899.

MoRnInG PRAYeR, Wednesdays, 8:30 a.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760-730-9900.

LoAn Me your bucket truck to fix lights at Church of Joy (LCMS), Hugo Budzien 224-805-8906.

sPRInG VALLeY Healing Rooms, 8498 Paseo Iglesia, Saturdays, 10-12, 619-463-1420. FALLBRooK-HeALInG prayer and Eucharist. Wednesdays 9 a.m., Christ Church Anglican, 760-728-2007. GoD’s GRAce Healing Rooms, Saturdays, 10 a.m., Temecula, 951816-1517

DISTRESS SALE HOMES ***North County San Diego***

Bank Foreclosures. Receive a free list w/pics of foreclosure properties. Free recorded message 1-800-503-8526 ID# 1042

• Director of Development (Fundraising) • Caregivers (a.m., p.m., noc.) • CNAs (part-time, full-time, night shifts) • Dining Room Servers (part-time) • Healthcare Sales/Outreach Coordinator (full-time)

To apply, please visit

Gail Phipps BRE#00903944


conceRneD WoMen For America, 10 a.m., 2nd Saturdays, City View Church, San Diego, 619-435-5440, 858-560-1870.

seRVIces oFFeReD GHosTWRITeR I can write your book or movie. Helped to write 35+ books and 5 screenplays. Get your message seen and inspire others. Get published. Call Don’s cell 718-932-7720 West Palm Beach, FL. ucsD GRADuATe student willing to tutor all grades, elementary through college, especially in mathematics and physics - ACT or SAT prep., algebra, calculus, geometry, differential equations, statistics. Call or text Faezeh: 858-775-7940. (SW-03-N-FR)

neeD HoMe Care for adults & babies? FoR cLeAnInG far and above hire Stephen’s Labor of Love, 267-4428580-ask for Cathy. unPLAnneD PReGnAncY? Birth Choice offers personal assistance. Trained volunteer counselors available at no charge. Offices located at: Oceanside, 760-231-8885; San Marcos, 760-744-1313; Temecula, 951-699-9808; Hemet, 951-652-3111. GRAPHIc DesIGn–Contact Good News, etc. for any design, graphics or printing. Creative services, reasonably priced. Call Rick at 760-724-3075. LeGAL AID, San Diego Christian Legal Aid Clinic, offered at various church locations, by appt. 858-230-2321.

TRAVeL AnD VAcATIon LAKe cuYAMAcA LoDGe – Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Long Term Rental. San Diego Mountain & Lake Panoramic Scenic View Lodge, 6200 sq ft on 4 acres. Just 10 minutes from Julian. Great for clubs, conferences, retreats, reunions, weddings, etc. Individual Rooms start at $99 per night with walk-in closets and full baths, 270 sq ft. Reserve Entire Lodge or one of wings, total of 11 bedrooms, 12 full baths, sleeps approx. 30. call 760-765-0065.

VeHIcLes 1986 JAGuAR XJ-6, maroon, twintank, needs beautification, $2400.00, as-is, 512-803-6091. 07 ToYoTA Camry, $2000 as is, 200,000 miles, 832-498-8139.


to Good News, Etc., $30 a year. Send your check to: P.O. Box 2660, Vista, CA 92085


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Mail to GOOD NEWS, ETC., PO Box 2660, Vista, CA 92085 • (760) 724-3075 or send to


March 2017 — Good

Christian Education "How is your school preparing you for your future?" Christian Defresne, 12th grade

Kacy Redmond, 11th grade

Over the past four years, I have grown physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the biggest assets to my growth is Lutheran High School of San Diego. During my time at Lutheran High, I have developed lifelong relationships with classmates, teachers, and coaches, and have strengthened my relationship with God. I have been a part of the football team, basketball team, baseball team, and volleyball team, and have had the opportunity to participate in class government. This is all due to the opportunities Lutheran High offers its students. Another positive about Lutheran High School is the many opportunities it offers. Students can participate in any of the major sports, be a part of choir or worship band, serve on the student government, or act in the fall play or spring musical. The nice thing about all of these opportunities is you do not have to try out to be a part of one of these groups. After attending Lutheran High for the past four years, I am ready and fully prepared for the next stages of my life. I will be attending Concordia University Wisconsin and also continuing my football career. I honestly believe I would not be in the position I am in now if it were not for Lutheran High School. It has opened so many doors that I did not think applied to me. Lutheran High has helped me so much with the different opportunities it has given and I feel fully prepared for the future. o Lutheran High School of San Diego is at 810 Buena Vista Way, Chula Vista 91910. Phone: (619) 262-4444. Web: www. Grades: 9-12.

My mom always tells me that there are two main focuses in the life of a Christian: The first being Jesus, and the second, a job. While all schools help a student pursue the latter, there are few beneficial schools that allow a student to walk the Christian path and influence their education based on their beliefs. I am fortunate enough to go to such a school. In my opinion, there are many factors that affect the success of a student, whether it be grades, determination, or extracurricular interests. A well-rounded student is one who usually will be presented with many opportunities. Whether I am in math, on the basketball court, singing at a choir concert, or acting in the fall play, I am constantly being reminded of God’s gifts for my life and being encouraged to look to him in order to fulfill these tasks. Calvin Christian School has given me the opportunity to share my interests and discover a love for journalism by starting a school newspaper; something I might not have been able to do elsewhere. I thank God everyday for the opportunities He gives me at Calvin Christian School and for an educational experience that cannot be replaced. o Calvin Christian School is at 200 N. Broadway, Escondido, 92026. Phone: (760) 520-8435. Web: Grades: preschool-12.

Lutheran High School of San Diego, Chula Vista

Home Schooling established 1979

Start anytime ~ Low Cost! Monthly Payments Available Curriculum included (if needed) Adults can get their High School Diploma Writing Classes ~ Lab Classes ~ Sports “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” ~ Psalm 1:1

Call Us Today

(858) 541-0373 or View Us at

A ministry of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship

Calvin Christian School, Escondido

News, etc. — 15

Welcome to the bi-annual Christian Education section published by Good News, etc. This feature is found each year in our March and July-August editions. The section this month features students answering the question on the left. Please use the section as a resource if you’re considering a Christian schooling for your children. – Rick & Colleen Monroe, Publishers

SUBSCRIBE to Good News, Etc., for $30 a year. Send your check to: Hagan P.O. Box 2660,Pastor Vista,Mark CA 92085

Lutheran High School Come take a tour! We are excited to show you what we offer. Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2017!

Register Now ~ Get $100 Off registration! • Grades 9-12 • Student-Teacher Ratio 15:1 • CIF Athletics • AP Courses • Distance Learning • UC/CSU approved courses • Financial Aid • WASC

Call Us Today! 619-262-4444

810 Buena Vista Way • Chula Vista (91910) • • Lutheran High School of San Diego admits students of any race, gender, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to the students of the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarships and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

16 — Good News, etc. — March 2017 nc CHRISTIAN EDUCATION

"How is your school preparing you for your future?" Evan Kiefer, 8th grade

Foothills Christian Middle School, El Cajon

My name is Evan Kiefer and I am 14 years old. I have been going to Foothills Christian Middle School for sixth through eighth grades. I feel my school has prepared me for the future by teaching me God’s word every day and by praying before every test, quiz, and class. The school really shows the importance of God in all of our subjects. My school has also given me an excellent education. I know I am ready, and I will do well in high school next year. o Foothills Christian Middle School is at 350 Cypress Lane, #C, El Cajon, CA 92020. Phone: (619) 303-1641. Web: Grades: 6-8.

Let Me Help Your Child Get to the Head of the Class! Tutoring Middle School and High School Students Multiple Subjects • Life Skills • Organization • SAT and ACT PREP My name is Mark Sammons. Teacher Carlsbad Unified School District Bachelors Degree in Literature and Writing Studies Cal State San Marcos Teaching Credential from Cal State San Marcos Teaching experience for Grades 8-12

I look forward to helping your child with their academic needs. I can make a positive influence in their writing ability, study habits, or confidence in school. I believe I can help make those educational goals happen. Please contact me at:

Life Care Center of Vista A PREMIER SKILLED NURSING FACILITY We strongly believe that our residents are our highest priority

Our Residents Share a Special Family Dinner in Style and Elegance Happy Birthday to our Life Care Center resident, Laura Stowe, who celebrates 102 years of life! Laura celebrated with her family.

We Offer:


• 24-hour care by skilled licensed nursing staff and R.N. Supervisor • Rehabilitation program: physical, occupational and speech • Private/semi-private rooms • JCAHO Accreditation and CAHF & AHCA member Accepting: • Medicare • Medical • Private Insurances • Private Pay • HMO

(760) 724-8222 Tours are Welcome!

Short & Long TERM CARE

Good News Etc. North County March 2017  
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