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December 2017 • Vol. 34, No. 2

Former homeless teen now helps community By LARYNA GREGORIO-CEBALLOS We’ve all experienced it — the 40-something drunk guy with a sign, babbling something we don’t understand, or the 16-year-old runaway asking us for a hand-out. Homeless. Some of us think to ourselves “get a job.” Sometimes we hand them money. Some of us pray with them, ask them their names, give them a sandwich. Michael Gaulden was one of those kids. As a child, he was homeless for years, living on the streets for 11 years with his mother and sister. Today, he seeks to give an understanding of the homeless plight, while encouraging them to get out of their situations. The two images above are examples from Gaulden of the misconception of homeless individuals. A graduate of UCLA, today Gaulden is the college and career coordinator at Monarch Schools in San Diego. He also coordinates internships at the school which is the only institution in the United States that serves K-12th grade children who are living in homeless and extreme situations. The school offers free bus passes to get to Michael Gauldsen and from campus for children in San Diego and Tijuana. Moreover, they provide showers and toiletries for the students. Here, Gaulden is able to work with kids every day. The two examples from Gaulden are not the only homeless. This school starts at kindergarten. Yes, at that age, and younger siblings without a home. He wants people to know that those on the streets are not there by choice. Many are there because of circumstances. Many women leave their homes because of domestic violence. Thirtynine percent of homeless people are youths. How many of us are one or two paychecks from homelessness? Where would we go? What would we do? In Gaulden’s book, My Way Home, Growing up Homeless in America, he answers those kinds of questions. He said to me, “This is what you do.” His own plight led him to write the book “as a blueprint to reach homeless kids.” The book stresses success, and creating an upward mobility. He answers questions about food lines, resources, and how to “survive on the daily.” It’s a book to help others replicate what he has done Please turn to page 11



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North County Edition

With 33 years serving community, newspaper concludes Rick and Colleen Monroe reflect on an amazing journey of faith By STU SMITH Thirty years ago, some might have thought it impossible to start a newspaper dedicated to bringing the community together in love, faith and Christian values. With an unshakable belief in the Lord’s calling, however, Rick and Colleen Monroe turned vision into reality with the launch of Good News, etc. Now, three decades and tens of millions of words later, it may be equally impossible to capture in less than 1,500 words what the Monroes and their “baby” have meant

to the community of San Diego County and the Good News of the Kingdom of God. In true Monroe spirit, however, the following snapshots will trust and try. Joel 2: 1 “Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain.”

We all hear the Lord’s trumpet call in our own way. For Rick, the celestial herald presented itself as an idea, so clear and obvious that he and his wife Colleen never hesitated to follow it’s urging. “I’d been a Christian for about two years,” Rick recalled recently, “and I’d worked in journalism most of my adult life.” “That’s actually how we met,” Colleen Please turn to page 12

Publishers Rick and Colleen Monroe

Publishers’ final thoughts about 33-year run of newspaper By RICK and COLLEEN MONROE After 33 years and 12 million copies printed, it’s time for the publishers of Good News, etc. to say goodbye. Yes, a bittersweet time for us. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is an appointed time for everything.” We believe God’s Word is true and that time has come. Our experiences have been so rewarding,

and we’ve loved being able to produce a quality paper each month. There is great satisfaction in knowing we did what God had prepared and intended for us to do. Ephesians 2: 10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

The accompanying story about us is rare. We don’t seek publicity for ourselves — never have — but with this being our final edition, we feel it’s appropriate. We’ve decided to stop publishing because even though newspaper work never has been financially rewarding, it’s become even more difficult. Columnists Bill and Pam Farrel, left with Rick and Colleen Monroe. Our stories are printed

in black, but our books started showing too much red. The paper’s purpose goes way beyond money, but the time has come to say farewell, “It is finished.” With goodbyes also come the “thank you” messages. We’re getting many of those — you’ll see them scattered through the inside pages — but it’s also so appropriate for us to say thank you. First of all, we thank God for this opportunity and for blessing our work. So much we see His hand in our lives and the newspaper. God is good, all the time. We also thank the pastors of San Diego who let us into their church buildings. It takes trust to allow someone they may not know personally to permit distribution of the newspaper. For these pastors, you allowed the unity of the Body of Christ to shine. San Diego is blessed to have many strong, dynamic, Word-focused evangelical churches. It’s a big county, and we’ve Please turn to page 14

96-year-old remembers Pearl Harbor, never forgets Christ By JOHN PHILIP WYLLIE On the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, U.S.S. West Virginia Seaman First Class Stu Hedley was looking forward to enjoying a picnic with his girlfriend and her mother on Oahu’s North Shore. Those plans came to an abrupt halt when Japanese armor-piercing bombs and speciallydesigned torpedoes began exploding all around him. With a remarkable memory for a man four years short of his 100th birthday, Hedley recalls the carnage, explosions, burning oil and sheets of flames leaping high into the air on that historic day. Just moments before, Pearl Harbor had been a tranquil and serene Navy installation in a Pacific paradise. On Dec. 7 at about 7:55 a.m.

Honolulu time that all changed. “I was ordered to my battle station, turret No. 3,” Hedley recalled. “As I made my way up the ladder, I could see the grinning faces of the Japanese pilots as they unleashed their torpedoes. Once inside the turret, we could hear the machine gun bullets pinging all around us.” After the U.S.S. Arizona exploded, the situation aboard the West Virginia quickly became hopeless. Hit with seven torpedoes and two armor-piercing bombs, the ship quickly sank, taking 100 of Hedley’s shipmates along with it. Ordered off the sinking ship, Hedley and a shipmate made their way first to the adjacent U.S.S Please turn to page 4

Stu Hedley

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Remembering start of publishing ministry We were just under 30 years old when we moved to San Diego County. An idealistic couple wanting to reach the college town we moved to with the Good News of God’s love. My husband was a wide-eyed, idealistic, positive young pastor of a church steeped in tradition and wonderfully faithful to God’s Word. We wanted to get to know this new community, and one day I stepped out of the church office, holding the hand of a toddler, and a baby on my hip, I saw a stack of newspapers by the front door. I brought them back inside and instantly began to devour its rich timely content. I shared it with my husband, who was wise beyond his years, and together we brought Good News, etc. to the front foyer, so each in our congregation could gain access to the wonderful mix of news from a Biblical worldview, local heart-warming stories of faith, up-coming events, and columnists that both informed and encouraged. We wanted the best for our new congregation, and Good News, etc. was part of the best we wanted to make readily available. Just a few months later, Bill and I were discussing finances, and my hopes and dreams of being a writer. We decided even with my busy role as a pastor’s wife, I would have time to write for our little town’s newspaper. While babies slept each afternoon, I would write. It was just the town paper, but I thought in some way, maybe the guidelines of this secular paper kept me from outright telling of God’s love by chapter and verse, I could share stories that showed God’s love, and maybe I could try to tell stories of those who lived out their faith in ways that brought a positive difference to our growing community. So, for a year, I did just that. Then came the big step of faith — going back to school to complete my English degree. With this added responsibilities, being a stringer for our town’s paper would have to go on hold. Life kicked into high gear. We bought property to build a home, I returned to university, and we were expecting a new baby! As we poured our energies into all these things and gave a full court press on helping our little church grow in their love for God, for His Word and for their community, our

church grew too. Good News, etc. was a big part of that. A few well-placed ads, placing our events in their calendar, and taking members of our church to many of the events featured in Good News, etc., their vision of what church and Christianity could be. As we hammered up our home in preparation for the birth of our newest bundle of joy, and I wrapped up classes, I felt I needed to take a sabbatical from my education for a year or two as I adjusted to being a mom of three, pastor’s wife, and director of women’s ministry, and get us moved and settled into our home. While I loved, loved, loved all this, I still felt something was missing. I felt that a piece of living out my calling was not yet fulfilled. I had a desperate desire to encourage, equip, inspire people in their most vital relationships. So, I gathered up all my courage and sent a Valentine’s article to Good News, etc. and I prayed! To my utter surprise, the next month I saw my name in print — and people even thanked me for the ideas that helped them celebrate each other and love on Valentine’s. I was overjoyed, so I shared more of my hopes and dreams with Bill, and he encouraged me to attend a The San Diego Christian Writer’s conference. At that conference, one of the first people I met was Rick Monroe and his wife Colleen, editors of Good News, etc. I wanted to just gush my thanks all over them, but before I could, Rick thanked me for writing and sending in the article. He even said it was “good writing.” Then he asked if I or Bill and I might be open to writing more for them. I answered with an excited “Yes!” And that opportunity turned into more than 26 years of monthly columns. Columns on marriage, family, dating, God, conflict resolution, forgiveness, restoration, parenting, and loving well, and living Love-Wise. Those more than 300 articles also became books — 45 books — in more than 15 languages. All because one editor gave a little encouragement and an opportunity to serve God through the written word. People around the world have heard Bill and me speak, our books are on airport racks, yet the true unsung heroes of all those pages of words are Rick and Colleen Monroe. The

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RED HOT MONOGAMY BILL & PAM FARREL Monroes live out their faith: They have a great marriage, and they live out many of the things we teach. They pray together, they work hard together, trust God together, parent proactively together, worship God together, and they serve the community (all of us) together. The Monroes have been stewards of a great vision to bring the best of a biblical world view through reporting on the headlines and happenings of San Diego, and now it is our turn to pray that God sends the best of His new mission to them. It is our hope that God will bless Rick and Colleen as God sends them on another mission. And it is also our hope and prayer, that maybe something you learned from us from the pages of Good News, etc. will help you live “Love-Wise” so that all your most vital relationships will be blessed and built. Please take time to dash a note of thanks to Rick and Colleen, and please stay in touch with us through Our gift to you is to pray you will have Connection not Conflict this holiday — and every day! o Bill and Pam are the grateful relationship columnists of Good News Etc., and authors of 45 books, including bestselling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti. The Farrels have a few Christmas gifts for the readers of Good News Etc. at http://

December 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 3

from our friends Rick and Colleen Monroe have made a tremendous impact on Southern California through their Good News, etc. publication. For more than 30 years, they have faithfully served the community with relevant and inspiring news, as well as shared the gospel and changed the lives of countless individuals. I am personally grateful for their friendship. Good News, etc., you will be missed. Pastor Jim Garlow, Skyline Church +++ It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to the Good News, etc. When my wife Jackie and I arrived from South Africa with our two teenage children in 1990 to plant a church, we didn’t know anyone. We discovered Good News, etc. and placed a full-page advertisement to advertise the launch of Harvest for Christ. We experienced a miracle the day we opened our doors — 80 people arrived for our first service. Your newspaper became one of the most significant vehicles God used in the launching of our first church. After a 10-year absence, during which I nursed Jackie back to strength after her stroke, we returned to the ministry. We launched our current church, The Promise, in 2008 and you were there for us once again. Rick and Colleen, you have been great friends over the past 18 years! Thank you for serving the body of Christ so faithfully. Although technology has changed the way people communicate, you were anointed for the season you were in. Your rewards are eternally established. Dr. Henry Wolmarans Senior Pastor, The Promise Church

4 — Good News, etc. — December 2017 nc/sd


“A wise man will hear and increase in learning. And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel. – Proverbs 1:5 (NAS)

Why? ‘Time’ recognizes Playboy founder Hefner

Helping others – one more time with final issue


t was C.S. Lewis who wrote, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘You too? I thought I was the only one.’” Good News, etc. has introduced us to many new friends. Great athletes, wellknown actors, and regular people who are living amazing Christian lives. Through the hard work of publishers Rick and Colleen Monroe, we have learned of struggles others have overcome and been inspired in what we can do. As you’ve read the stories, you’ve smiled, you’ve cried, you’ve prayed. You’ve re-told them to inspire others. This writer’s journey began when he was asked, as a layman, to write a response to a negative article about short-term mission trips. And we just kept going, for more than 100 columns. It has been great to be a small part of God using this paper mightily. When the story of Free Wheelchair Mission was re-told to employees at Art Barter’s company Datron, they raised thousands of dollars to deliver 1,100 free wheelchairs. When you read about short-term missions, many of you decided to take your first mission trip. Some of you read about Christian persecution, and immediately wrote and called your legislators to spotlight this horror. This paper has been a force like no other to gather the Christian community in San Diego and Riverside counties together. We

As I was rounding the aisles in a local store near home the other day, I was stunned to see that Time magazine just released a special commemorative issue featuring Hugh Hefner. The release of this magazine demonstrates an attempt to celebrate the life of someone who, in my opinion, contributed to the serious degradation of our culture.


The release of Playboy magazine in the early 1950s, featuring a nude Marilyn Monroe, launched Hefner’s start-up magazine. Up until that time, pornography was considered a social taboo that men were discouraged from viewing. It clearly objectified women and endorsed social philandering. Playboy regularly defied moral values, implying that these ideas and beliefs were no longer relevant to a progressive society. The magazine glorified lifestyles currently on display by many celebrities. Perhaps this explains why Time in this special edition referenced many Hollywood stars who participated in the Playboy way of life. With the explosion of the Playboy media empire, Playboy clubs began to sprout up all over the country. It was just another way for people like Hefner to challenge the current morality. Sex, in the Playboy fashion, is

usually portrayed outside of what would be considered the realm of the traditional family. During the magazine’s first few decades, Playboy introduced thousands to the world of pornography. It taught that the “sexual revolution” was the just another way of freeing oneself from the boring, stale morality of the past. The promotion of Hefner’s magazine not only helped popularize print pornography in America, but influenced the publishing of pornography around the world. Starting with Playboy’s Monroe issue, the monthly publication went from 50,000-plus magazines to more than 7 million copies sold per month by the 1970s. Former Playboy bunny and Ms. Virginia, Brenda MacKillop would disagree with Time magazine’s veneration of her former boss. Objectified and sexually abused by Hefner’s male guests at the Playboy mansion in the early 1970s, she was traumatized to the point of a failed suicide attempt. It is interesting that a media giant such as Time magazine would venerate the life of a man who became a multi-millionaire by the practice of reducing the value of women to their body parts. It is also hypocritical for Time, Inc. to promote a person of Hefner’s caliber while defending women’s rights at the same time. o James Lambert of North County is author of

Pearl Harbor survivor . . .

Continued from page 1 Tennessee and then into the oil-coated, flaming water. Coming up just twice for air, they swam under the blazing inferno and made their way safely to shore. “God saw me through on that day, and he protected me throughout the rest of that war and through the war in Korea,” said Hedley, a 20-year U.S. Navy veteran. In the subsequent 76 years, he has been interviewed countless times, both on television and in a slew of newspapers and magazines. He has also been honored in parades (most recently on Veteran’s Day) and has participated in many commemorations of America’s Day of Infamy. A lifelong Christian, Hedley has been even more involved in various efforts to bring others into the light of Christianity. “When I was very young, my grandmother used to take me to Sunday school every week,” Hedley fondly recalled. “She died when I was still young. After the funeral, my dad told me if I ever hope to see her again, the only way it would happen is if I got to know Jesus like she did.” Years later, a young lady invited Hedley to a church meeting where a reformed gangster was speaking. The former Sing Sing inmate

told the church group something that caught Hedley’s attention. “I’ve committed many crimes over my lifetime which I now regret. But those crimes aren’t something that will keep me out of heaven. The only thing preventing me and all of you from gaining a place in heaven is if you don’t believe that Jesus died for your sins,” said the former Dutch Schultz gang enforcer. During the attack at Pearl Harbor, Hedley heard another message although he didn’t interpret its meaning immediately. “A bomb passed through our turret, but didn’t explode. If it had, I wouldn’t be here today,” Hedley said. Years later he came to believe that God had spared his life on that terrible day for a specific purpose. His evangelical work began in the 1950s with the Youth for Christ mission. Around the same time, he brought soldiers and sailors into the fold working through the Christian Serviceman’s Center. Hedley has also been speaking regularly at the local Rescue Mission since 1957. “We had 14 decisions for the Lord last week,” Hedley was happy to report. Despite his advanced age, he contin-

Good News, etc. — Established October 1984

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ues to work as a deacon at the Shadow Mountain Church in El Cajon and he conducts a Bible study in his home every Thursday night. In an ironic twist, Hedley years ago shared a stage on several occasions with Capt. Mitsuo Fuchida, the pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the war, Fuchida converted to Christianity and was an active evangelist up until his death in 1976. On the morning of Dec. 7, Hedley with join a small group of local Pearl Harbor survivors and toss a memorial wreath off the deck of the U.S.S. Midway. That solemn ceremony is open to the public and begins promptly at 9 a.m. As long as he is able, Hedley will continue his busy schedule of speaking engagements. These have included a long list of civic groups, military groups, schools and churches. Those interested in booking a speaking engagement with this living link to America’s Day of Infamy can reach him at (858) 273-4068.

from our friends

Rick and Colleen, I have always appreciated your hearts to build our Christian community in San Diego by sharing stories that encourage and inspire our faith. Your impact will be missed. Daryl Nuss, Executive Director National Network of Youth Ministries +++ Dear Good News, etc. and Rick and Colleen, Parkway Hills Church is thanking God for your 33 plus years of printed ministry to Southern California. “For everything there is a season...” Thank you for making

Bill’s Journey BILL SMITH may meet in different places on weekends, but Good News, etc. has made us a community. We have shared our hearts, with the realization that “You too…” feel as we do. We’ve had some fun, too. We’ve imagined what it is like to be a talking dollar in the Salvation Army kettle. We’ve laughed about church signs. “Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet Him.” We’ve guffawed at the ways children explain the Bible: “Noah’s wife was called Joan of Ark,” and “Solomon had 300 wives and 700 porcupines.” As friends, it seems fitting to give readers of this paper one last chance to do something amazing. We can help our fellow believer Dei Weing. Dei and his family — including seven children — live in San Diego County. They escaped from South Sudan. He had been a police officer and a justice official in his country’s government, and escaped after horrific torture. Because he had been a friend to the U.S., he was escorted to an airport by U.S. Marines just seconds before his execution. Coming from a family of 11, his five brothers have all been executed, and all his nieces and nephews are being raised in refugee camps in other countries. This fellow believer, who has suffered so much, is looking for one thing — a job. He is a U.S. citizen. Currently driving for Uber, he would like a better job to help his children and extended family. When I met with him, his phone got several voicemails from his sisters, nieces, and nephews, who are sick and starving. I pray that someone among our readers, our friends, can help. His English is good. He is a bright man, having two construction-related inventions that he is trying to patent. If you have a heart to help him, or any referrals, contact me at How great it would be if in the last issue of Good News, etc. we are able to help this precious family of fellow believers! Thank you, Rick and Colleen, from the bottom of our hearts, for the encouragement you have provided to our community these many years. o Bill Smith lives and writes allegories in Escondido.

the most of the season of ministry and may God bless you in the coming days as you trust Him for what is next. Keep sharing the “Good News!” Pastor Tim and Allison Parkway Hills Church +++ Oh, Rick and Colleen, I’m so sorry to hear this. Your faithfulness to The Church in San Diego is unparalleled. I am absolutely sure it didn’t bring earthly treasures, but treasure is in the lives changed and the Kingdom growing. Mike Atkinson



December 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 5

“Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed… ‘Come now, let us reason together,’…” – Isaiah 1: 16-18 (NIV)

Racial reconciliation topic of meeting for pastors Victories in fight to keep freedom in clinics A candid dialogue was shared by Pastor Jim Garlow and Bishop George McKinney on the topic of racial tensions during a recent special event for pastors at Bayview Baptist Church. “Reconciliation: Healing the Racial Divide” was presented by the San Diego Mission Team at its annual Save Our Students Summit. Each year, SOS invites guests to speak on topics that not only affect our communities but highlight what youth are being exposed to. Garlow has served as senior pastor of Skyline Church since 1995 and McKinney founded St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ in 1962. Racial tensions are on the rise, McKinney said, saying it won’t cease until people truly love their neighbor. “God is no respecter of

race,” he added. He also pointed out there is really one race — human — and there are different ethnic groups. Garlow said Christians should be proactive and invite someone of a different race for dinner. He also said the church has not fully dealt with repentance, and call on his wife Rosemary to symbolically pray with McKinney. “The Church has failed to confront and deal with the sin of racism,” Garlow noted. Garlow said he would like to see black and white churches in the county come together once a month to pray and worship together. Pastor Patty Steele of Forefront Ministries and organizer of the meeting for San Diego Mission Team, said she would try to arrange a meeting in the beginning of 2018.

Groundbreaking slated during Cerullo world conference

A ceremonial groundbreaking for the Legacy International Center will be held during the Morris Cerullo 47th Annual World Conference, Jan. 3-7 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. The conference will include the testimony of former baseball standout Darryl Strawberry, as well as a powerful lineup of speakers in Kenneth Copeland, Matthew Barnett, Tommy Barnett, John Gray, Christian Harfouche, John Avanzini, Paula White and Alice Smith. Local pastors are also featured, including Miles McPherson, Jim Garlow, Sergio de la Mora, and Jurgen Matthesius. The music features CeCe Winans, Antonio Allen and Michael English, among others. Registration fees to the conference are waived for local residents who register. For information, call (858) 633-4885 or visit The legacy center’s approval came after San Diego pastors rallied in support when the San Diego City Council initially denied development, citing traffic concerns.

from our friends

Theresa and I send our warmest congratulations to Rick and Colleen Monroe for more than 30 years of consistent, faithful ministry to San Diego and North County. Along with our staff at MCWE, we looked forward every month to receiving the Good News, etc. and were always blessed, encouraged and informed by your first class publication. Thank you for your wonderful ministry that blessed and touched so many. Love and blessings to you both in God's new season. Morris and Theresa Cerullo +++ Rick and Colleen, Thanks for your faithfulness to serve the body of Christ by helping us be informed about issues and events that sometimes get past us. Your diligence and fidelity to a Christ-centered worldview has helped us stay on course as churches in Southern California. You have brought a godly balance to the many voices that seek to interpret our world around us. God bless you and Colleen as you follow God's leading to the next chapter of your journey of faithfulness! Doug Clark, National Field Director,  National Network of Youth Ministries

However, on Oct. 17, the San Diego City Council voted 7-2 in favor to approve the construction in Mission Valley of the $160 million conference center replete with luxury accommodations, a multi-functional theater, a worldwide high-tech training center, an events center, and immersive tourist attractions. The site of the proposed building will be where the Mission Valley Resort and a gym and mini-mart existed. Demolition will begin in December on the structures on the property. “On behalf of Dr. Morris Cerullo, his wife Theresa, and all the leadership and staff of the Legacy International Center, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the San Diego City Council for their approval of our exciting new contribution to the community,” said Jim Penner, executive director of the Legacy Center. “Our center will work tirelessly to have a positive impact and be great neighbors in Mission Valley.” Dr. Morris Cerullo, the center’s patron, said the project includes an event center, fully-equipped with a lecture and performing arts hall, a 500-seat theater, and a restaurant with catering services, which will allow visiting groups and the local community to hold receptions and special events. Cerullo has said the center, which honors his seven-decades in ministry, is a “fulfillment of a vision, a dream that God gave to me.” The center is scheduled to open in 2019.


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ven in California, God is still sovereign. We grow weary of this fight to protect the unborn, to stop the relentless and hostile sacrifice of the children of this nation. At times it looks bleak. In 2015, in the state with the most per capita abortions in the nation, the government elected by the people chose to pass AB775. Their plan was to silence the voice of opposition using the long arm of the government. The fact is, the Pro-life movement is making headway in this country. Abortion is being revealed as a social injustice, that the weakest and most vulnerable are being forced to lay down their lives to benefit the more powerful. Isn’t it interesting that some who have claimed to be oppressed for so long are now learning that they in fact are the oppressors? And the efforts they take to protect that act of oppression (AB775) is itself oppressive toward a movement that exists to give a voice and seeks justice for the unborn oppressed? The oppressive force behind the Reproductive FACT Act went even further than that! Their plan was to convert the pregnancy centers formed to stand against abortion into the voice of the oppressor, by forcing them to refer for abortion! While three high profile cases moved through federal courts this year, a quieter case brought by Advocates for Faith & Freedom challenged the law in state court, claiming AB775 violated the State of California’s constitution. We learned early in November that Judge Trask who heard this case ruled the state can’t force a pro-life clinic to advertise abortions on behalf of the state and its abortion mills. Attorneys at Advocates for Faith & Freedom have vowed that if California’s attorney general wants to appeal the case, they stand poised to fight all the way to the Supreme Court. However, they may not have to. On Nov. 10, the Supreme Court chose to pick up the cause of 110 pregnancy centers united by National Institute of Family Life Advocates (NIFLA). Alliance Defending Freedom in partnership with the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence at Chapman University, and the San Diego based National Center for Law and Policy are council for the accepted of the three high-profile federal cases. It is expected the court will schedule hearings in late February. The highest court in our land only takes about 250 cases a year! Indications are good that we will get

RECLAIMING THE CULTURE OF LIFE JOSH McCLURE a favorable ruling. You might be asking yourself, “what is the big deal, why is it so bad to have PCC’s put up a sign? After all, it is just a sheet of paper posted on a wall with a lot of other postings. If Sacramento passed a law requiring churches to post signs in the foyer saying, The State of California provides free or low-cost education in sciences including biology, chemistry and your evolutionary origin. Learn more by calling 888-90TRUTH, would you think it was a big deal? Should the government be allowed to require a private organization that does not receive government funds to post a message that is contrary to its beliefs? AB775 is not only a violation of pregnancy center’s rights, it is a precedent setting law that can be applied to other sectors if allowed to stand. In three years when National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) is ready to attack pregnancy centers again, and turns to their puppets in Sacramento to change the requirements requiring the sign be 6-by-8 feet with letters that are a foot tall, will it seem like a big deal? It may seem like a ridiculous idea that NARAL could do that. But they are the author of AB775, and they did get it passed in the first place. We are seeing God move to protect pregnancy centers because this is His movement. It is God’s effort to save the unborn. The people there are involved because God has called them. It is not just a passion or a job or volunteer ministry. They serve God in pregnancy centers because He is sovereign. Abortion breaks His heart, and He would see it ended, and people rescued from the path leading to death. We can celebrate this autumn, not because we are vindicated, but because we see God’s hand at work — even in California. Thank you for your prayers. Continue to pray for the Lord’s favor, that California’s attorney general would just give up on AB775, and that the Court will strike it down. o Josh McClure is executive director of East County Pregnancy Care Clinic.

Thank you! Rick and Colleen, Thank you for your 33 years of faithful service to the Christian community in San Diego! Reaching youth together,

6 — Good News, etc. — December 2017 nc

Thank you for your faithfulness to the gospel and praise Jesus for the way He has used you as faithful servants. Colin Sinclair FCA So Cal Regional Director +++

from our friends

We are sad to see the Good News, etc. come to an end. We know what it is like to manage a business both technically and

financially as a non-profit. We have appreciated you and the sense of family that Good New, etc. has provided for all of these years. You will be missed! Janelle Moreno College Area Pregnancy Center

“But Mary, nobody is gonna believe the “Angel Story”?!? We don’t have any choice! It’s the best thing for both of us.”

Parents… Especially Dads, Have you let your teenage daughters and sons know that an abortion is never the right choice? San Diego Christians for Life Proverbs 24:11-12

Southern gospel concert to help Teen Challenge

A benefit concert for Teen Challenge on Feb. 25 will feature The Erwins — four young siblings from Canton, Texas — and Joseph Habedank from Nashville. The Erwins and Habedank share cobilling, traveling together as the Resurrection of Faith Tour, which will take them to Texas, South Carolina, New York and more before the local concert at Faith Bible Fellowship in Santee. The Sunday concert begins at 5 p.m. and is sponsored by East County Southern Gospel Concerts. Admission is free, and there will be a free-will offering with 100 percent of the proceeds going to support the ministry of San Diego Teen Challenge, a Christcentered residential drug recovery proJoseph Habedank gram for adults. Habedank, baritone and lead singer for The Perrys for 10 years, said in a recent interview that at his concerts he always shares about his personal battle with addictive drugs — specifically opiates — after being prescribed pain medication for a throat ulcer. “I was taking 10-12 oxycontin a day because I just loved the feeling,” he said. He resigned from The Perrys in May 2013 and less than a month later he checked into the Cumberland Heights Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center outside of Nashville. Since Habedank’s recovery and launching of his solo career, he has focused not only in helping addicts, but also the addict in the church because “prescription drug abuse is rampant in the church.” “Having been an addict, I can better relate to them,” he shared. “I’ve been sober now for four years and have been sharing my testimony that Jesus can break addiction. Jesus is the ultimate Healer, and people can be set free. There is no sin greater than Jesus Christ. He’s the answer.” Habedank, also a songwriter, said there are three songs people may remember him singing: Please turn to next page

sound events


December 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 7

“King David also ordered the… singers into an orchestra, and they played loudly and joyously…” – 1 Chron. 15:16 (TLB)

Good News yesterday, today, and forever


o this is my last “Praise Report” col- has always been to encourage unity of heart umn in Good News, etc., huh? Let’s countywide. Covering aspects of the “Mission San use this as a reflective, yet teachable moment. The significance does not escape Diego” Billy Graham Crusade here in 2003 me that, based on the scriptural calendar, we was a special blessing. I saw the Spirit of have freshly entered into the Hebrew year unity and friendship coalesce among the nuof 5778. Some Bible scholars — and many merous churches involved in that outreach. with a prophetic bent — declare this to be a Many thousands of San Diegans were saved time of new gates, or doors through which and planted into churches all around. I see God’s children are invited to walk. Though that as a precursor for what God intends spiritual enemies and other contradictions to do in these days. Then there were the may attempt to assail our process, now is subsequent fires throughout the county, the time for vigilant entry, for we were born which devastated many homes and much property. This publication for just this moment. kept readers updated on the While I will let my readaftermath of all of it. I was ers decide on what your pleased to help chronicle new gate or door symbolsome of the cleanup and izes, for many of my teach“ministries of helps” which ing, pastoral and prophetic were tied to San Diego’s friends, they see this as the Rapid Response Team. opportunity for the church These saints converged collectively and countywide upon residents in need to to traverse where we have provide support wherever never gone before. We will they could. This represented explore what that may look a team of San Diego interlike here in San Diego in a Photo: James Nesbit moment, but now I would Columnist Caz Taylor declares, denominational pastors and like to reflect on from where “I will meet you at the gate.” churches on the ready to make their service available we have come. This newspaper has been a time-tested, during any cataclysmic event. More recently, proven, and well-received voice to our area I have delighted in how Good News has for more than 30 years. No small task. It is not covered many of the San Diego venues tied surprising that our Savior’s earthly ministry to joint worship, united prayer, and shared began at age 30. And, while the mechanism ministry events. Many have reported a heightened level of or medium of a newspaper may change, the godly voice of those involved in its reading, oneness within the church community here. I editing, printing, writing, distributing, and am among those who believe we are reaching advertisings within this publication should the “critical mass” of unity for God to do not be silenced. This ending is really only the beginning. I have written in this fine publication since the very early 2000s, beginning with articles tied to Christians in business. A few years later, I transitioned into writing the current column about praise worthy events and people, as well as the worship and prayer communities that God has raised up here. Whether businesses or ministries, my focus

Gospel benefit concert . . .


PRAISE REPORT CAZ TAYLOR something very special in and through the “Church” of San Diego County. And, while we do not fully comprehend it yet, I suspect contrary seeming occurrences such as the dissolution of this long-loved newspaper may play a vital role. Similar to the dissolution of the disciples during the crucifixion, or the contradictions tied to the transition from pregnancy to birthing, something big and wonderful is at hand here, if we heed the call and stay the course. To the many readers of this publication — as well as all the other saints within this county — keep your eyes wide open. Look within the apparent contradictions in the midst of your lives and be quick to discern how God may be opening the doors or gates of opportunity to that calling that He has embedded within you for so long. Get ready to move forward at a moment’s notice. The author and finisher of our faith is at hand. To my fellow columnists, other contributors and participants tied to Good News, etc., be expecting something even bigger and better. It is time to celebrate our graduation. Church of San Diego County, it is good to meet you. o Bible teacher and videographer Caz Taylor has authored David’s Tabernacle and Jew Plus Gentile: One New Man/One New Bride, both available at

Continued from previous page • “If You Knew Him” that he sang with The Perrys. • A new solo he’s sung for about a year, “Here He Comes.” • His testimony song, “The Beauty of the Blood.” He’s lived in Nashville for 12 years, all his adult life, Habedank said he loves working with The Erwins, composed of three brothers, all under 25, and their sister Katie, 17. “It doesn’t feel like work because we have too much fun,” said Habedank, 31. He likes the style of opening each concert together and also closing together. In addition to sharing his testimony about drug addiction, Habedank said there is often ministry/prayer time at the concerts. San Diego Teen Challenge is continuing to raise funds for a women’s facility, but money raised at this event will primarily go to the general fund to continue to keep doors open. “The first several months of the year are slowest, this event will be very helpful,” said Herlindo Salinas, longtime director of the San Diego center. The men’s facility has 54 beds that are always full, he said. It’s an induction center where men stay three to four months and then transfer to the facility in Riverside to complete the one-year program.” “We get men fresh off the streets,” Salinas said. “They are addicted and going through withdrawal here – but 100 percent of them surrender to Christ.” For information, visit sdtc or call (619) 265-0337.



We recognize Rick and Colleen Monroe for their 33 years of faithful service to San Diego County. Their Good News, etc. publication has been a blessing to many and will surely be missed. You are a blessing! Best wishes in your new life calling. Remember, Christians don’t retire! – The A-Team staff

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8 — Good News, etc. — December 2017 nc

the calendar


december 2

9 a.m., A Christmas Workshop for Sunday School, School and Homeschool teachers, Child Evangelism Fellowship of San Diego, La Mesa, $5, 619-469-8593.

S unday

d ecember 3

8:45 a.m. & 10:30 a.m., Christmas Themed Services (cont. through 12/24), Lighthouse Christian Church, Oceanside, 760-726-0590, 10:30 a.m., “I Believe in Christmas” special services, Parkway Hills Church, Chula Vista, 619-656-3697. 6 p.m., Emmanuel Faith Children’s Musical & Kids Cookie Decorating, Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, 760-745-2541.

m o n d ay



10 a.m., San Marcos-Vista Women’s Connection Christian prayer coffee group, held at: The New Community Church, Vista, for more info. 760-432-0772.


december 8

10 a.m., Holiday Boutique,The Gloria McClellan Center, Vista, for more information contact 760643-5281. 6 p.m., Lifeway Baptist Church Living Nativity and food drive benefitting children at Maryland Elementary School, FREE admission, held at: Lifeway Baptist Church, Vista, 760-724-2280. 7:30 p.m., Emmanuel Faith Christmas Musical Celebration “God’s Love Reaching”, held at: Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, 760-745-2541.


december 9

9 a.m., Christmas Banquet and other services for the homeless and those in need. Hosted by The Gleaning Field and Thriving Life Church, held at: Thriving Life Church, Vista, for details, 760-945-1003. 2:30 & 5:30 p.m., Emmanuel Faith Christmas Musical Celebration “God’s Love Reaching”, held at: Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, 760-745-2541. 3 p.m., Christmas Under the Stars by Creation & Earth, LIVE Nativity and fun holiday activities, held at: Creation & Earth History Museum, Santee, for more information call 619-599-1104. 3 p.m., A Country Christmas at Rawhide Ranch, admission, held at: Rawhide Ranch, Bonsall, for more info. 760-758-0083. 6 p.m., Lifeway Baptist Church Living Nativity and food drive benefitting children at Maryland Elementary School, Vista, 760-724-2280.


december 10

2:30 & 5:30 p.m., Emmanuel Faith Christmas Musical Celebration “God’s Love Reaching”, held at: Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, 760-745-2541. 3 p.m., Lifeway Baptist Church Living Nativity and food drive benefitting children at Maryland Elementary School, FREE admission, held at: Lifeway Baptist Church, Vista, 760-724-2280. 3 p.m., A Country Christmas at Rawhide Ranch, admission, held at: Rawhide Ranch, Bonsall, for more info. 760-758-0083.

Catholic Gift Shop

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4 p.m., Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church 29th. Anniversary celebration, guest speaker: Pastor Milton Chambers, Rising Star Missionary Church, Oceanside, 760-439-6302.


december 12


december 14

9:30 a.m., Teacher Training Classes “Christmas Party for Jesus,” Child Evangelism Fellowship, La Mesa, 619-469-8593. 12 p.m., Men with a Purpose Christmas lunch, guest speaker: Mary Rice Hopkins, held at: DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton, San Diego, for reservations 619-977-5538. 6 p.m., The Living Nativity, guided tour will include the birth, ministry, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Held at: Horizon Christian Fellowship, Rancho Santa Fe, 858-756-5599.


december 24

8, 9:30 & 11 a.m., Emmanuel Faith Celebrate Christmas Service, Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, 760-745-2541. 10:30 a.m., Blended Service, Lighthouse Christian Church, Oceanside, 760-726-0590. 3 & 4 p.m., Emmanuel Faith Christmas Eve Service, Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, 760-745-2541. 5 p.m. & 7 p.m., Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Lighthouse Christian Church, Oceanside, 760-726-0590.


January 3


January 4

7 a.m., Reaching The Hungry Mexico Christmas Outreach, spreading love and joy to families in Tijuana, Mexico, for more info. 760-523-0777. 3 p.m., A Country Christmas at Rawhide Ranch, admission, held at: Rawhide Ranch, Bonsall, for more info. 760-758-0083. 6 p.m., The Living Nativity, guided tour will include the birth, ministry, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Held at: Horizon Christian Fellowship, Rancho Santa Fe, 858-756-5599.


January 7


January 19



January 20


december 15

2 p.m., Morris Cerullo 47th Annual World Conference, world renown speakers, held at Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, children’s ministry ages 5-10, to register wc2018, 858-633-4885.

decembber 16

9 a.m., Morris Cerullo 47th Annual World Conference, (through January 6) world renown speakers, held at Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, children’s ministry ages 5-10, to register, 858-633-4885.

6 p.m., The Living Nativity, guided tour will include the birth, ministry, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, fun activities and food trucks too. Held at: Horizon Christian Fellowship, Rancho Santa Fe, 858-756-5599.


december 17

5 p.m., Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church Christmas Musical at the Star, held at: Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, Oceanside, 760-436-6302. 3 p.m., A Country Christmas at Rawhide Ranch, admission, held at: Rawhide Ranch, Bonsall, for more info. 760-758-0083. 6 p.m., The Living Nativity, guided tour will include the birth, ministry, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Held at: Horizon Christian Fellowship, Rancho Santa Fe, 858-756-5599. 7 p.m., Free Christmas concert featuring the San Luis Rey Chorale, held at: Lighthouse Christian Church, Oceanside, 760-726-0590.


december 18


december 23

7 p.m., Free Christmas concert featuring the San Luis Rey Chorale, held at: Lighthouse Christian Church, Oceanside, 760-726-0590.

5:30 p.m., Emmanuel Faith Celebrate Christmas Service, Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, 760-745-2541.

9 a.m., Morris Cerullo 47th Annual World Conference, world renown speakers, held at Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, children’s ministry ages 5-10, to register wc2018, 858-633-4885. 6:55 p.m., FREE MOVIE “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone”, Calvary Chapel, Oceanside, 760754-1234. 12:30 p.m., Human Trafficking Awareness Walk, one mile round trip, begins at Wave Water Park, Vista.


February 9


February 25

6 p.m., Israel Restoration Ministries Jewish Evangelism & Training Conference, guest speakers: Tom Cantor, Dr. Michael Brown, Steve Herzig, Ray Comfort, Dan Sered and Leo Giovinetti, held at: The Creation & Earth History Museum, Santee. Also Feb. 10 beginning at 9 a.m. for more info. and to register 1-800-247-3051. 5 p.m., East County Southern Gospel Concerts present The Resurrection of Faith Tour to benefit Teen Challenge, held at Faith Bible Fellowship, Santee. FREE, 619-442-5941.


march 1

7 p.m., Life Choices celebrating 32nd Anniversary with “A Voice for Life” banquet, held at: St. Michael’s Holy Family Center, Poway, tickets at, 858-486-1738.


Faith, family movies continuing strong showing

t’s the season of many movie screeners to watch before voting for the year’s best and worse. It’s stressful, with not enough time, and you’re blurry-eyed — but for a good reason! I’ve done this for more than 20 years. I enjoy well-done movies that actually entertain or move you, and often follow you home. Finally, more faith and family movies are hitting the big screens such as Same Kind Of Different As Me, still in some theaters. It’s based on a true story about a family about to break up until one man changed all of their lives. For several years, more movies have focused on the real truths of war and our American military who fight for our freedom. They’re hard to watch but necessary as we learned in films such as: The Ottoman Lieutenant, Dunkirk, No Greater Love, and more. Some make the “ultimate” sacrifice. Thank You for Your Service is based on the book with the same name based on a true story by Washington Post editor David Finkel. Actor and writer Jason Hall directs. Finkel has a clear picture of what our soldiers face returning from Iraq — more drama and heartbreak. The Star is enchanting and unique for all ages. An animated story of the birth of Jesus had me instantly laughing and stunned at the beautiful animation. This faith-based viewpoint of the Mary and Joseph nativity story unfolds in a unique and heartwarming perspective that is entertaining for all ages (young kids, parents, and grandparents) and the perfect movie for families. What could be more fun than unveiling this story through the eyes and humor of animals? When Mary and Joseph make their way to Bethlehem, Bo, a funny and brave donkey, wants to be free. He gathers friends to follow the star in the sky not realizing they will be become part of history. Well-known actors voice the wide range of animals and characters. Of course there’s some tension when Mary and Joseph are confronted by King Herod’s men because he fears the new

from our friends Hi, Rick: I just saw your notice of the last edition of Good News, etc. You have been a blessing to many of us and how sad to see the many changes that affect our lives. God bless you and Colleen in your continued service to the body of Christ. Pastor Jerry Barnard +++ Thank you for your service to the church and community. Most important thank you for your service in Christ! Pastor Patty Steele, Forefront Ministries +++ My prayers will be with you, Rick. As one who has been in a pastoral role for 33 years myself, I can imagine the deep "heart-tug" that must be going on in you and Colleen. Blessings to you — Ephesians 3:20. Pastor Jim Reed, Lake Murray Church +++ Good News Etc. has been a bright light to all of the congregations in our local ministry association. GNE has always maintained high journalistic standards, so much so that I have pointed journalism students to it as an excellent example (in contrast to, sad, the Union-Tribune, albeit a very different type of news). We will miss the paper at our door. Pastor John Townsend Matthew 25:34-40 Ministries

FRESH LEMONS DIANA SAENGER baby Jesus will replace his position. Once Mary and Joseph find the manger, and wise men show up with gifts, the shepherds follow the star to honor the birth, and sweet animals stand by the birth with pride, it’s an inspiring moment. It opened Nov 17. And now it’s a sad goodbye. After 33 years, Rick and Colleen Monroe are stopping Good News, etc. It’s been wonderful for me to help lead believers to heartwarming and inspiring movies. I admire the Monroes for the blessings they have brought to San Diego County. Please visit my website www. to find the latest!


December 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 9

Thank you San Diego for your support! Rick and Colleen Monroe, Publishers


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10 — Good News, etc. — December 2017 nc/sd



“Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits — who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.” – Psalm 103:3 (NIV)

Your plunging hormones may be putting your heart at risk

ave you ever noticed that, when it comes to the topic of replacing hormones, my colleagues in mainstream medicine flip-flop more than politicians? They have been so wary of the replacement therapy that has emerged using bioidentical hormones — which has proven to be completely safe — and yet they’re still promoting a form of hormone replacement therapy that can cause changes in the body that are known to be associated with both cancer and cardiovascular disease! Fortunately, the mainstream has started to come around, with more and more doctors shifting their attention toward bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thanks to some very strong studies that have proven not only its safety but also its value in protecting your heart. A new imaging study by Cedars-Sinai suggests that women using HRT to treat menopausal symptoms have a lower risk of death as well as lower levels of plaque buildup in the arteries (a.k.a. atherosclerosis), compared to women not using hormone therapy. The research included the health records of more than 4,200 women who received a coronary calcium scan at Cedars-Sinai from 1998 to 2012. This is a CT scan that measures the amount of calcium in the arteries and correlates with plaque buildup, as well as increased risk of heart attack and stroke. In this latest study — after accounting for age, coronary calcium score, and car-

diovascular risk factors (including diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol) — women using hormone replacement therapy were: • 30 percent less likely to die than those not on hormone therapy. • 20 percent more likely to have a PERFECT calcium score (indicating a low likelihood of plaque in arteries and low risk of heart attack). • 36 percent less likely to have a coronary calcium score that indicated extensive atherosclerosis and a 10-fold increase in heart attack risk. Translation: Replacing estrogen can keep women alive longer and their hearts healthier than if you were to just let their hormone levels naturally decline over time after menopause! It’s not surprising, then, that bioidentical HRT not only doesn’t put your heart at risk, but it actually does benefit your cardiovascular health! As just a sample of the evidence that’s out there, estrogen has been shown in the scientific literature to: • Improve total cholesterol by raising HDL (“good”) cholesterol and lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, as well as apolipoprotein B, and lipoprotein(a). • Diminish homocysteine, a risk factor for stroke. • Reduce levels of fibrinogen, a protein responsible for blood clotting. • Regulate plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), another factor blood clotting.

• Increase insulin sensitivity (and decrease insulin resistance, a risk factor for CVD). • Relax stiffness of the arterial wall, a predictor of coronary heart disease. I’d even go so far as to tell you not to be surprised if, in the future, you find your doctor promoting hormone replacement for the prevention of cardiovascular disease! o Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD, is owner of the

NATURALLY MARK STENGLER Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in Encinitas. Author of 17 books and TV host of Natural Healing, he can be reached at (760) 274-2377 or

Holidays great time for meaningful family conversations The holiday season offers many families the opportunity to gather and connect with loved ones. Senior living consultants at La Vida Real encourage adult children to have an honest, open discussion with the seniors in their lives about their well-being and future care needs by communicating about their retirement living choices. According to Rudy Littlefield, executive director of La Vida Real, no matter how independent, vibrant and self-sufficient a parent may be, the question of “what if” lingers on adult children’s minds. Faced with the possible care and financial responsibility of a parent can take an emotional and physical toll on adult children. “With planning and the knowledge of available resources, the whole family can find peace of mind, said Littlefield. “The subject may not be an easy one to broach, but we can help families begin this conversation, allowing everyone to make better informed decisions.” Littlefield suggests touring retirement communities with family members to jumpstart difficult conversations about future needs. Touring a community can provide family members with tremendous insight into a senior’s preferences, as well as educate the entire family as to the various housing and care options available. La Vida Real’s Home for the Holidays Open House and Tour event on Friday, Dec. 8, 2-5 p.m., is another way to experience the community and all that it offers in a relaxed

setting. Interested families are encouraged to call (619) 777-8055 to RSVP. For example, La Vida Real offers accredited independent living, assisted living and memory care options. Here, seniors can choose from stylish residences with fully equipped kitchens and inspired décor as well as specially designed assisted living and memory care residences focusing on personalized support and care. The community is in the East County suburb of Rancho San Diego. Seniors and family members interested in visiting La Vida Real are encouraged to schedule a personal tour and complimentary lunch; or visit online at

from our friends

Wow, 33 years! I feel sad, yet understand. I know you reached out for ideas, etc. I will miss it for sure and I think many others will, too. It’s likely we took it for granted and when it’s gone, we will realize what a resource and blessing it was. Thank you for your support to the region to get the good news out and bring people together and so much more. Praying the Body of Christ will rally over this and God will raise somebody up, that the transition would be smooth. Trusting the new year ahead for you guys will be so good! Pastor Mark McElwee Heart of God Church

Why holistic healthcare?

People ask me what holistic healthcare is about. We focus on making a correct diagnosis and focusing on non-toxic nutritional and natural therapies — instead of just prescribing a drug that can have harmful side effects.

I have over 20 years experience and have written 20 books on the subject. I am trained in both conventional and natural medicine — and my experience has shown the holistic approach is often superior.

We can help with weight loss, diabetes, chronic fatigue, back pain, menopause, hypothyroid, complementary cancer therapy, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, and many other issues. Our office is in Encinitas and we have patients coming from all over Southern California.

Want references? See what people say on Feel free to give us a call or check what we do on our web page. It includes some great articles and help on a variety of subjects. We’re here to serve! Thank you for considering natural healcare.

Dr. Mark Stengler

Call and schedule a visit now. Mark Stengler, NMD 324 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas • 760-274-2377

Former homeless teen helping others . . . Continued from page 1 in life to get out of the homeless struggle. He has lived it all himself. Gaulden said his mother is a “praying woman,” and even when he was little, he felt a peace that he knew came from God. One time, Gaulden’s mom was in the hospital and he and his sister — about 12 or 13 — had to fend for themselves in the streets. Though he felt isolated, he said they didn’t panic. He felt a comfort and help that he believes came from God. When in a dark place, Gaulden encourages others to look up, toward God, because you’re not alone. He has relationship and faith in the Lord, also saying, “God’s hope is in me.” That hope was in him even in his youth; even through times of struggle. At the times when Gaulden felt everything was going against him, he had hope. He tells the story of a time when he was staying in a car with his mom. In the streets, gangs are the safest way to navigate through the inner-city. He was jumped by five gang members and lost consciousness. He almost lost an eye. Another incident happened with a friend. Gang members shot at them in a drive-by. He says, “You’re just out there, there’s nowhere to go.” But his mom always prayed, and Gaulden kept hope that he would not live like this forever. After years of moving around the country, the three of them (including his sister), moved back to San Diego. There, he attended San Diego High School while also working there as a custodian. Things started unfolding. He got an internship, and on another floor of the same building, he found a mentor who helped students. Gaulden let it be known that he wanted to attend college. He

shares that he was following the North Star, but he needed a road-map to get to where he wanted to go. In his senior year, he had a mentor through Reality Changers, a non-profit organization that “transforms lives by providing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with the academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training to become college graduates.” This mentor gave him the road map, and helped him step-by-step to sort out the “monumental chaos” of the system. His plight led him to dreams and aspirations that he didn’t know he could achieve. Gaulden stated, “You don’t know what you don’t know!” He was accepted to UCLA, where he experienced culture shock. No one looked like him, no one could relate to what he described as his life. The grounds, the library, campus clubs and fraternities, even the building designs, were a world he never fathomed. He traveled to France and Spain, “crazy places through travel study.” When he was a 14-year-old homeless kid, he never thought of going to those places. He was amazed, saying to himself, “this place, this experience, this atmosphere, exists. It is real!” Though he wouldn’t wish his homeless experience on anyone, he is grateful for it. He only misses the people he has lost — real friends, true connections. He is motivated to continue to help the children and give an awareness of the plight of the homeless. Gaulden also encourages all of us to help where we can. o More information can be found at and


December 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 11

“It’s not Christmas without


and this is the best one around.” - SDGLN

A hristmas arol







SAVE $10 PER TICKET* Good for performances thru December 17


*Limit of 6 tickets per order. New orders only. May not be combined with other offers. Other restrictions may apply. Expires 12/17/17.

619.337.1525 • CYGNETTHEATRE.COM

12 — Good News, etc. — December 2017 nc/sd

An amazing journey of faith . . .

Continued from page 1 breaks in, “when he was working as a reporter for the Carlsbad Journal.” The Monroes, as anyone who talks to them finds out quickly, are a matched set. They talk at the same time. They finish each other’s sentences. They were the perfect couple for the challenges that lay ahead of them those three decades ago. They may talk with two different voices, but there can be no doubt they are of one mind. “When I worked for the Carlsbad Journal,” Rick continues, “I’d seen what free newspapers could do for the community. There was The Reader that offered free classifieds and event calendars, and there was The Church News that had a similar impact but was specially targeted to the Christian community. I wondered ‘could we combine the two approaches and do something for Christians in the North County?’” In October 1984, Good News, etc. was born. The first cover featured a picture of three surfers praying and a story about the Christian Surfing Association. A framed issue of that inaugural issue adorns a wall in their home office in Vista. Hebrews 10: 23 “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised.”

“We had a lot of faith God would take care of us,” Rick answers when asked if there was any hesitation to launch a free, Christian-focused newspaper. “We had a lot of encouragers and, thank God, we didn’t have a lot of doubters.” “We were really into the Word,” adds Colleen, “and we had genuine faith that we could do this. We were just so excited about

what it was going to be and do for people.” “God has put people in my life — our lives — all along the way,” Rick notes, “who have helped us see everything happen. One of our pastors at the time, Barry Jones, believed along with us, and a businessman and an obvious Christian, J.C. Fikes, introduced us to another businessman who gave us start-up money and became one of our core advertisers.” The young couple, still without a family at the time, would attend sales presentations and timeshare pitches to garner equipment for the new venture. “That’s how we got a business phone and a fax machine,” they laugh together. Everything was minimal. A light table — essential for the time when publications were pasted together by hand and border tape, instead of created on a computer — was built from scrap lumber. Rick and Colleen did everything themselves. “We knew we had to save money,” Rick says. “We didn’t put money into fancy business cards and letterhead,” adds Colleen. “The newspaper was where we would put our resources.” “Our goal was to maintain an attitude of excellence,” Rick says. “We were buying a condo in Carlsbad,” explains Colleen, “we had a house payment to make.” “We really went out on faith to make it work,” Rick sighs. Ephesians 6: 7 “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.”

As the journey began, and the same can be said these many years later, Good News, etc.,

with its articles, its stories, even its editorials always adhered to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. The paper reflects its name. It reflects the Lord who offered the Good News of the Kingdom of God. “Seeing the body of Christ in action has been inspiring,” Rick says, as he reflects on stories about Billy Graham, Luis Palau, Walk for Jesus, the rise of Promise Keepers and the courage of Operation Rescue. “Being able to write stories or assign stories about hope in Christ and about people making a difference in the lives of others was our focus for the paper.” “We believe these stories could touch the hearts of people for the Lord,” adds Colleen, completing the thought. 2 Corinthians 2: 14,15 “He uses us to tell others about the Lord and to spread the Gospel like a sweet perfume; the pleasing aroma of Christ to both the saved and unsaved around us.”

“We were the pleasing aroma of Christ for some,” Colleen says, reflecting softly on the impact of Good News, etc. with the growing population of San Diego County over the years. “We’ve printed 12 million copies, and have more than 1,000 distribution points. Everything just fits together. Those things just don’t happen. We know what God has done, because we know what we’ve been through. You can definitely see God’s hand in it.” “God has put a lot of things together,” Rick picks up as Colleen’s voice trails away, “those God moments that are so special. He has given us an ability to work with different people, so many different types of people, to spread the Good News.”

Ecclesiastes 3: 11 “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.”

Good News, etc. has been recognized for outstanding achievement in several categories over the years by the Evangelical Press Association, but perhaps its greatest achievement has been in the category of survival in the age of digital media. It would be an award worth a special place in the office. “It’s been an on again off again discussion for the last year,” Colleen explains. “We’ve asked ourselves many times, ‘What should we do?’ and then we just keep going.” “It’s our baby,” Rick adds, a smile in his voice. “We’ve never really had an end plan. But it’s time, time to put it down.” “To stop publishing,” Colleen says with emotion, “is very delicate. When I think on how to lay it down.” Both are quiet for a long moment before Colleen continues. “It just came to the point where we said, ‘It’s OK — we don’t have to hold on, we can let go.’” “Once we really agreed,” Rick says firmly, “really agreed, it was just that. We were just at peace. We’re really at peace with the decision.” Matthew 12: 18

“Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom I am well pleased.” Rick and Colleen Monroe have no known game plan, but they are excited about the next chapter. They know God will direct them for what’s next. The paperwork of closing such an established newspaper will take a while, and then? “I know that God has taken care of us for 33 years,” Rick affirms. “Miracles don’t stop just because things change.” “God has equipped us and sustained us,” Colleen adds. “Everything is in order and the paper has a good name.” And therein lies another splendid achievement. As a writer who has contributed to the paper over the years, I enjoy Good News, etc. I love the name and what it stands for, but it is the Monroes who always inspired me. What good people they are, how normal they are. Rick and Colleen? They’re my heroes. As well they should be.

from our friends

It is sad to hear that Good New, etc. is closing down. It was truly a blessing to read every month. May the Lord richly bless you and reward you for everything you are doing for His Kingdom. I really appreciate your selfless service and sacrifices. Will be praying for you for God’s guidance and provisions. Pastor Alex, India Christian Fellowship +++ I’m sorry to hear about this, but I admire all you did to keep the paper going this long. You lasted a lot longer than most similar efforts. Meanwhile, you can have the assurance that you were a good steward of a resource that helped a lot of people. Dean Nelson, Journalism Department Point Loma Nazarene University +++ Rick and Colleen, Thank you for all that you’ve done in San Diego in spreading the Good News! I look forward to the new copy every month. Thank you for the article you did on FYE Live! You’ll be missed. Teres Byrne

classifieds Announcements


HAND PUPPETS, small puppets for your ministry. Make a donation to Child Evangelism Fellowship. 619-469-8593.


FREE FOOD distribution, 3rd Monday of month, 1:30-2:30 p.m. or until food is gone, The Movement Church, San Marcos, 760-510-1160.


OCEANSIDE SURF Fellowship, Mondays, 6 p.m., meets 106 N. Freeman St, Oceanside, 760-722-6363.

FAST TRACK MEDICAL TRAINING CENTER Nurse Assistant (CNA) 22 days, Home Health Aide Program, Approved by CDPH, Restorative Nurse Aide, CNA-LVN Pharmacology 54 Hours course to challenge the CA. State Board, DSD online, CEU’s for CNA, Daily BLS, First Aide & ACLS. 858-228-7564.



I am looking for an assistant to accompany me on a video shoot to the Channel Islands. No photography experience is necessary on your part. You will help set up camp, load some gear (not heavy) and enjoy the islands for two or more days. Travel and meals provided and you will earn 100.00 per day. Please contact me at addupinc@ or at 619-772-8723. Martin Merianos (HW-12-N-Fr)

SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME $15/hour. Seeking Godly young men & women in North County with professional cleaning experience. 760-688-2170.


Housing Rentals


House Rental in Lakeside, 2 bedroom/1 bath, Country Charm, close to all, 1,100 square feet, 1 month deposit ($1700)down, plus monthly rent $1700. Call 619-871-0136.


DELIGHTFUL POWAY, 1 bedroom Granny flat, $1800 including utilities, 858-487-5483.



Furnished room for rent to 55+ responsible person. Oceanside, lovely Modular home/park/lakes & green, Christian home $650 (includes utilities) Beautiful club house & pool. Call Chuck/ Eve 760-453-2370.


OCeanside private room in apartment, shared bath, 55+ female, 442-777-8110. (HS-12-N-FR)

ROOM IN SANTEE, $600, includes utilities/wifi, female,


ENCINITAS FURNISHED bedroom $700 +utilities, plus deposit, male, 619-322-6596.


FAST TRACK MEDICAL TRAINING CENTER Nurse Assistant (CNA) 22 days, Home Health Aide Program, Approved by CDPH, Restorative Nurse Aide, CNA-LVN Pharmacology 54 Hours course to challenge the CA. State Board, DSD online, CEU’s for CNA, Daily BLS, First Aide & ACLS. 858-228-7564. (HW-12-N-FR)

Seeking loving nanny, healthy, wise, experienced, tutoring, creative, Encinitas, 760-942-8816. (HW-TF-FR)

EMBROIDER WANTED experienced or will train right person, apply in person 301 N. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA.


VISTA, VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: visitor information desk and kitchen help at the McClellan Senior Center in Vista. Hours vary at each position. Email Walter Hartman at whartman@



Mature Woman of 55 seeking to rent room in Escondido area. I am a responsible, flexible, cheerful, easygoing mature woman seeking to rent a room from another female only. I am on a limited budget and I can only afford $500 a month. I am willing to make up the difference in rent by providing services such as pet sitting, house sitting, grading papers (if my landlord happens to be a teacher), watering, gardening or preparing meals ( I am a good cook and can cook for special diets) . If you have a vacancy please call meat 760-489-8018.



Sisters of the Streets outreach needs items that fit into a purse for their Purse Project. This group ministers to women who are working the streets. Contact 619-335-8816. (MM-12-R-FR)

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Singers, musical entertainment, and/or to play games with residents in residential facility in North County. Call Angie at 760-724-8222.



TAP SHOES, women’s size 8-8.5, near excellent condition, $50, call or text 760-224-5702.



Caregiver in-home companion services. Looking for trusted caregiver? One for your mom & dad! Give me a call for more information, 760-828-7094.

HIKING BACKPACK, K2, medium/ large frame, hip belt to help carry load, lots of pockets for storage, $90, can send photos, call or text, 760-224-5702.

misc. NEEDS


FREE PIANO in working condition for residential facility in North County. Donor is asked to bring to facility, Pick up is not available. Call Angie at 760-724-8222.


WOMEN’S ALTERNATIVE Pregnancy Care Clinic needs diapers sizes 3-45, onesies, baby shampoo, powder, wipes, receiving blankets, baby formula, established pro-life ministry, 760-741-9796.



BIBLE STUDY in English and Thai, Clairemont area. Thursday 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Call 619-944-8899.


PRAYER MEETING, Mondays, 12 p.m., North Park Apostolic Church, 619-229-2800. (PR-TF-R)

NORTH COUNTY San Diego Healing Rooms, Mondays, 6:30 p.m., www.


PRAYER MEETING, Wednesdays, 12 p.m., St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ, San Diego, 619-263-8786, 619-381-5686. (PR-TF-R)

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE of Prayer, Wednesdays, 10 a.m., Spring Valley, 619-479-5012. (PR-TF-R)

EVENING PRAYER and teaching service, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760730-9900.



CLAIREMONT HEALING Rooms, Thursdays, 4:30 p.m., Clairemont Christian Fellowship, 619-741-1143.

ABOLISH ABORTION. Join Christians in the fight against abortion, email:



FREE BIBLE study by mail, non-denominational, 3345 Linda Vista Dr., San Marcos, 92078-6307, 760-598-8968. (MF-12-R-PD)

LOWRY ORGAN & bench, FREE, good condition, Margaret, Lakeside, 619-443-2155.



LUNATEC’S ODOR-FREE Dishcloths are amazing. They stay odor-free and have less bacteria. Live healthier. www.

Thank you, Rick and Colleen for your wonderful newspaper! We will miss it every month. Good News, etc. has truly been a blessing to the San Diego community! Ann Fouquette, Grace Point Church +++ I’m sad, but I can’t say I’m surprised. The world is changing and so must we. Anne Subia

local Drug and Alcohol faith-based recovery program, Wednesdays at 7 p.m., Lakeside Community Church of the Nazarene, 9573 Los Coches Rd., for more info. contact Dale @ 619-357-2867.


TRACK JACKETS (2),men’s large, excellent condition, hardly worn, $75 each, can send photos, call or text 760-224-5702.


TEACHER TRAINING Classes, Tuesdays, Child Evangelism Fellowship, La Mesa, 619-469-8593.

from our friends


Jackets Genuine Leather. A+ condition, black, mens lg., $50 ea. obo. Dressers $5 ea., ASS’D. OFC style chairs $5 ea., Lemon Grove, 619-464-4026.

NATIONAL PRAYER line,, 8:30 a.m., 6 days a week. Pray for our country, 712-432-1699/ code 338083#

MOM AND Me Playgroup, first Tuesdays, 9 a.m., La Jolla Community Church, 858-558-9020.

December 2017 — Good

News, etc. — 13

“My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” — Phil. 4:19 (KJ)

MATURE FEMALE SEEKING TO RENT ROOM WITH OTHER MATURE FEMALES. I am a mature woman of 55 years. I am easy going, calm, extremely flexible, conscientious and have a high sense of moral values. I AM A WOMEN SEEKING TO RENT A ROOM with mature ladies in the ESCONDIDO AREA ONLY. My budget allows for $500 a month which I am dependable in paying on time every month. Please call 760-489-8018 if you have any vacancies.

Education Opportunities (EO-12-N-PD)




EVENING PRAYER and healing service, Fridays, 6:30 p.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760-730-9900.

Aid Clinic supports the needy with an hour of pro bono legal counsel, offered at various church locations, by appt. 858-230-2321.



UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? Birth Choice offers personal assistance. Trained volunteer counselors available at no charge. Offices located at: Oceanside, 760-231-8885; San Marcos, 760-744-1313; Temecula, 951-699-9808; Hemet, 951-6523111.


LEGAL AID, San Diego Christian Legal

Professional Directory Attorney Services John B. Little, Attorney-at-Law,

Callahan, Little & Sullivan Accident & Personal Injury Cases 30 years experience • Free Consultation 2533 S. Coast Hwy., Cardiff, CA 92007

(858) 481-6111 or (760) 633-3332

Counseling Services Christian Professional Counseling Center

Donald P. Bentley, LCSW, BCD

Over 40 Years Experience, Marital & Individual, Military: One Source & Tricare; Insurance Accepted

2103 El Camino Real, Suite 108D, Oceanside

(760) 445-1851

Life Coach

Deborah’s Haven

Deborah Schroeder-E A safe place to discover life’s purpose, overcome issues and bloom! • In person, video & phone sessions • Workshops • Free 30-minute consult 4455 Murphy Canyon Road, #100-15 San Diego, CA 92123

(619) 453-0909

Life Insurance Thrivent Financial Jess Reimnitz CA Lic. # 0J05188

La Terraza Corporate Plaza 500 La Terraza Blvd., Suite 150 Escondido, CA 92025

SPRING VALLEY Healing Rooms, 8498 Paseo Iglesia, Saturdays, 10-12, 619-463-1420.



FALLBROOK-HEALING prayer and Eucharist. Wednesdays 9 a.m., Christ Church Anglican, 760-728-2007.


GOD’S GRACE Healing Rooms, Saturdays, 10 a.m., Temecula, 951816-1517. (PR-TF)

ESCONDIDO PRAYER & Healing Center, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m., 444 S. Escondido Blvd., 760-432-9003. (PR-TF-R)

MORNING PRAYER, Wednesdays, 8:30 a.m., Grace Anglican Church, Oceanside, 760-730-9900.


CONCERNED WOMEN For America, 10 a.m., 2nd Saturdays, City View Church, San Diego, 619-435-5440, 858-560-1870.



Overcomers Outreach, a


White Chevy Aveo 2006 $3,000. Standard. 760-201-6465.

MATURE WOMAN SEEKING ROOM TO RENT IN THE ESCONDIDO AREA. I am a mature woman of 55 years. I’m very responsible, extremely flexible, and a cheerful attitude. I have a high sense of moral values and conscientious. I am looking for ESCONDIDO area and only renting from another female. My budget is $500 a month. I can make up any difference with pet sitting, house sitting, grading papers, gardening, or meal prep. I am very dependable in paying my rent on time. If you have a room available, I’d love to hear from you. My phone number is 760-489-8018.

LIVE PRAYER Webcast for the nationsFriday, 9 a.m. at



(858) 345-0757

Locksmith Choice Locksmithing & Security, Inc. Serving All San Diego County • Rekeying • Emergency Openings • Lockset Installations • 24/7 Service Mention this ad for a 10% Discount

Office: (619) 562-8700

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Locksmith lic. #LCO4369, Contractors lic. #905637

Emergency Keys, Locks Electronic Diagnostics Steering Column Repair Residential/Commercial/Auto Martin Lic. G1004813

(760) 443-6234 • (619) 865-4270

Painting Contractor A-Team Contractors, Inc.-E Residential & Commercial Profits Help Send Missionaries • Free Estimates • Lic.# 917262

(760) 758-5777


All About Plumbing

Plumbing is all we’re about!

• 24-hour Emergency Services • Free Estimates • Repairs & Installs • Military & Senior Discounts

(760) 231-1333

Brinks Plumbing and Pipelining Residential Plumbing Service & Repair and Epoxy Pipe Lining Serving All San Diego County

San Diego: (619) 283-9647 North County: (760) 740-0043

Hanna Plumbing

Sales, Service and Repairs since 1944

643 S. Santa Fe, Vista

(760) 726-2002

Real Estate

Good Works Real Estate Bill Bowens-E

CA BRE Lic. #01870201

Get all your Real Estate questions answered before you sign! San Diego Metro, South and East County

(619) 573-3030

Homeland Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.

Homes, Land, Commercial Investment Rentals & Exchanges Rental Property Management Full Service Real Estate with “Old Fashioned Integrity” DRE#00881190

Inland (760) 591-3090 Coastal (760) 753-3637

Transmissions/Auto Repair Metro Transmission and Automotive

Family Owned and Operated • Foreign & Domestic • General Repairs • All Work Guaranteed • AAA Approved • Most Ext. Warranties Honored One Day Service Most Cases

1635 Grand Avenue • San Marcos

(760) 471-0223

Web Page Design Casar Enterprises

• Website Design • Photographer • Video Productions

Call 760-724-3075 for Directory pricing

(760) 410-8213

14 — Good News, etc. — December 2017 nc

Publishers give thanks . . .

Publisher Rick Monroe, left, leads group of homeschool students on field trip to printer.

Looking for a great Saturday evening service? 5:00 p.m. Saturdays

1819 Redwing St., San Marcos (Inside Meadowlark Church) is a family-friendly, non-denominational church Pastored by Steve Verret, known for being the instructor of the popular “Bible Class for Dummies” program. Join us to experience a simple, joyful Bible teaching in a warm and welcoming church! Please visit us at or call (760) 409-1600.

Life Care Center of Vista A PREMIER SKILLED NURSING FACILITY We strongly believe that our residents are our highest priority

An Evening to be Thankful with Family & Friends

Residents dined by candlelight to a special Thanksgiving meal.

We Offer:

• 24-hour care by skilled licensed nursing staff and R.N. Supervisor • Rehabilitation program: physical, occupational and speech • Private/semi-private rooms • CAHF & AHCA member Accepting: • Medicare • Medical • Private Insurances • Private Pay • HMO

(760) 724-8222 Tours are Welcome!

Short & Long TERM CARE

Continued from page 1 been blessed to meet so many passionate ministries, including many who advertised with us over the years. Before thanking any non-family individuals, we want to acknowledge our children — Jessica, Seth and Hannah. Our “babies” have grown to be beautiful God-fearing adults. Month after month they had to put up with “deadline week” schedules but we know they know we love them just as God does. Our greatest legacy isn’t the newspaper — it’s our family. (Grown now to include four grandchildren!) To our advertisers, we are so thankful. That’s been our means of support. We often would run a small filler ad in the paper asking readers to support our advertisers and pray for them and the newspaper. It may not be right to single out one advertiser, but we especially want to thank attorney John B. Little. We have no personal association with him, but he started advertising with us in our second or third month — back in 1984! — and he’s continued every month. John, you stayed with us to the end! To all our advertisers, a very sincere thank you! We also want to personally thank Ann Hokstad at Child Evangelism Fellowship. Ann has a heart of gold and a love for the children in San Diego County. Ann’s words of encouragement and her friendship have always been a treasure. We are the two people you may most associate with the paper, but we have been blessed with a great team. Team Good News would include our writers, columnists, photographer Terry Schwartz, long-time writer and proofreader Judy Erickson, proofreader Mark Sammons, graphic artist Beau Kimbrel, distribution drivers, and our administrative assistants Nora Schwartz and most recently Becky Kwock. Over the 33 years, that office position has been handled by first by Phyllis Hamilton, followed (not in order) by LuEllen Gilles, Penny Steinman, Vivian McBride, David Faasua, Rene Johnson, Mary Selden, Jeremy Fry, Denise Diaz and Bruce Engle. They each were such a tremendous blessing, often working late with us on deadline nights. In printing 396 editions, even with computer crashes and power outages, we never missed a print deadline! That’s a God-thing. Once the paper is printed, it takes a team to get it distributed, all by the last Saturday of the month. There is a window of about 30 hours between when the papers are printed on Friday and darkness sets on Saturday evening, but 90 percent of our papers are delivered in that time frame to more than 1,000 locations. We have about 18 drivers, but several have been with us 15 or more years — Frank Lopez, Rick Bussard, Terry Akens, Steve Shaw, and Chuck Leitzke. That’s dedication! David Szuch and Rick Bussard have been with us nearly as long, and we appreciate the role of each driver. We also need express gratitude to Craig and Maureen Sweet, who for 20-plus years handled most of our East County distribution with their children. Their counterpart for taking care of our Vista route was Bob and Nancy Villalobos, who helped more than a dozen years, working with each of their children. We also thank City View Church on Phyllis Place for allowing the printer’s delivery truck to drop pallets of our San Diego edition onto the church’s rear parking lot as the rendezvous spot for our drivers.

Our team also includes many great writers and columnists. You see their names in their submissions and again in print, we are so thankful. Month after month we’ve had quality writing. It all started with page one columnist Sherwood “Woody” Wirt, who is now with Jesus, as our featured columnist. There have been so many others, past and present, who have been our staple writers and columnists. Those would include Bill and Pam Farrell, Bill Smith, Caz Taylor, Anthony Saffer, Josh McClure, Mark Stengler, Diana Saenger, Greg Burt, Allison Fillmore, Adrienne A. Aguirre, Laryna Gregorio-Ceballos, Jeani Zuber, Barry Steinman, Paul McShane, Mark Hartman, John Philip Wyllie, Jeff Clark, Skip Catching, Jim McNutt, Marie Chapian, Al Menconi, George Elias, Jack Cavanaugh, Stu Smith, Dannie Haemig, Steven Caligiuri, David Hart, and many other outstanding wordsmiths. We apologize that this is an incomplete list and so many others have contributed. Finally, we thank you, our readers. If you didn’t appreciate the paper, we wouldn’t have lasted 33 years. Seeing the body of Christ in action has been inspiring. Being able to publish stories of hope in Christ and about people making a difference in the lives of others has always let us know this is what we were supposed to be doing. Politics is a mess, but lives matter. Being able to share stories about God’s people — Mick McCoy, Jonsey Jones, Jason David, David Eubank, and so many others — is awesome, but we also love the other things the paper does like launching other ministries through connecting people, helping people find work or housing, or directing a person to an event where they or a friend may be come to know our Lord Jesus Christ. The newspaper has been recognized with man’s accolades including the state Senate and Assembly, and in 2009 it received a congratulations certificate from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in honoring the 25-year anniversary of Good News, etc. However, our greatest reward will be to hear our Father in Heaven say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Is this really the final edition of Good News, etc.? Only God knows. We have talked to people seriously interested in buying the paper; we would certainly help the transition. But for now, this is our final month as publishers. Blessings to each of you!

Publisher Rick Monroe with two of four grandlchildren passing out newspapers at Carlsbad Street Fair.

business “The Lord detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with him.” Overcome fear of giving to make an impact If you have $10,000 and give away $2,000, you have $8,000 remaining. It’s simple subtraction, right? Often people want to give generously but having less money for other expenses can cause concern, hesitation and even fear. It is legitimate thinking but what if it’s not a subtraction problem and instead is a multiplication equation? I’m not pulling funny math on you as you will read about in the Youth Venture story below. Parting with money for the causes you care about can be an exercise in overcoming fear. Once you can move past this fear, you will have the joy of seeing the compounding impact of charitable dollars at work. Youth Venture is a popular and impactful ministry organization in San Diego’s East County. From its initial setup featuring a few pool, ping pong and air hockey tables along with arcade games, all jammed into 750 square feet of space, Youth Venture now has five centers having served more than 20,000 middle and high school youth. But beyond the numbers served and the skate parks, BMX tracks, and awesome events, the impact comes in the degree to which lives are changed. Many of the kids came to Youth Venture simply because it’s a safer place than home. With volunteers who demonstrate love to them, you start to see these kids turning around and helping their peers. Many of them are now adults thriving in careers and impacting their own families and communities. Youth Venture is just one small example of a multiplication impact. One gift of $3,000

from a local businessman (coupled with a vision) launched Youth Venture. But it’s been the consistent contributions and volunteer hours infused by some larger gifts along the way that have greatly multiplied its impact. Making a significant impact may seem like an impossible task. In working with many different families, I understand the draw of generosity and the counteracting emotional hesitancy that comes from giving your money or time. If you truly want to make an impact, take the simple steps below to change from a fearful to a confident giver. • Start somewhere. Find what makes you excited and give even a little of your money and time. Do something for a cause that stirs your heart. • Note the impact. Don’t passively wait to be motivated from afar. That’s when doubt and indifference start creeping in. Write down the life-changing results from the cause to which you are contributing. Think about what would be different and who would not be helped if that impact was not being made. • Coordinate your giving with your financial goals and spending plan. Your giving is no longer an afterthought but a worthy goal to build your finances around. Your practical cash flow concerns are more likely to be alleviated because of a more organized and thoughtful approach.


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– Proverbs 11:1 (NIV)

PRINCIPLED PROSPERITY ANTHONY SAFFER I love seeing families move from emotional hesitancy to confident, impactful giving. Take it step by step and don’t miss out on this exciting journey. Turn that “subtraction” mentality into a “multiplication” perspective and do a lot of good in the process! ...And that is just one more Principle of Prosperity! +++ I have also seen an amazing impact through Good News etc. Rick and Colleen Monroe are incredible, faithful servants to Jesus and His Church. I personally thank them for the 14 years of allowing me the platform to share the freeing financial principles of God’s word. Principled Prosperity is and will continue to post at, and I hope that you will follow the column through Facebook or Twitter. o Anthony Saffer, CFP of One Degree Advisors, Inc. coordinates principled financial solutions for families. Learn more at: Advisory services offered through One Degree Advisors, Inc. Securities offered through Securities America, Inc.

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This is sad news. I know God has good plans. I’ll be thinking and praying about a potential buyer and for your next season. You have done a great work! Thanks for the opportunity to write all these years. Anthony Saffer, financial advisor +++ SO sorry to hear this — but totally understandable. Print media just isn’t what it used to be, which is sad. I’ll be praying for you and your team as you face making significant changes in your lives. Sharon Pearce, Silent Voices +++ Lord bless you both. Thanks for your many years of service! Sean Bradford, Men With A Purpose +++ I know this has been a difficult and emotional decision for you both. You have served the Christian community with all your heart and soul for more than 30 years. Now you can just have fun with each other, the kids and those beautiful grand babies and not have to worry about deadlines. We are happy for you both and know that God has wonderful opportunities waiting. It has been my pleasure to have shared so many of the memories over the years. Dannie E. Haemig, Oceanside +++ Thanks to you and your staff for 33 years of dedication in serving the Lord. I’m excited for what God has in store for your future. Many blessings to you, too! Kelly Weaver, Calvary Chapel Oceanside

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