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Furry friends unleashed Rainbows fly during the ‘dog days of summer’ at Petco Monica Medina | Gay San Diego

Much more than brekkie

q THEATER Members of San Diego's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, (l to r) Novice Sister Bessie Mae Moo-cho, Sister Amanda Reckinwith, Sister Bianca Tempt and Postulant Dolly Mama. (Courtesy Asylum of the Tortured Hearts)

The local Sisters celebrate their eighth anniversary Everyone loves a pageant


Hoops a lot



Morgan M. Hurley | GSD Editor The original order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was started back in 1979 by three gay men in San Francisco. Their mission then was to “promulgate universal joy, expiate stigmatic guilt and serve the community far and wide.” Since then “the sisters” have become a sprawling, trademarked, non-profit franchise, with orders cropping up across the country, and even around the world. The mission remains the same. San Diego’s local order was launched in April of 2005 with 12 founding members. Only one of those original members were female, Sister Hecate of the Bodacious Ta Tas. Today there are 25 members, seven of which are female.

While all 12 founding members were from the leather community and there has always been a very close relationship between the two communities because of their shared “fringe” status, today that membership is in the minority. Everyone has seen a sister; they come in all shapes and sizes and are gay or straight, male or female. What ties them all together is their white faces, lavish dress, over-the-top individually chosen names, and most of all, desire to “manifest” — or give back to the community. Though the San Francisco house started it all and promulgates a standard set of minimum bylaws — each house has their own rules, regulations and bylaws to suit

They came in droves; some wearing baseball caps, others bedecked in fanciful bows. A few toted tutus and a handful seemed ready to dance the hula in their colorful leis and grass skirts. One seemed to be a ringer for the Swinging Friar, the Padres’ mascot. Another looked angelic in wings, and at least one sported a blue Mohawk. In other words, the dog days of summer were upon us, and all that was needed was to hear the Baha Men belt out, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” The 10th annual “Dog Days of Summer” at Petco Park is the one time a year when San Diego Padre fans can bring their beloved pooches to the park for spirited fun, contests, an assortment of giveaways, and the traditional doggie costume parade just before game time. It all

see Sisters, pg 3

Opening hearts and minds

Valley Center selects trans-woman as honorary mayor Michael Crane | Gay San Diego

Rosie is back

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Two years ago Gina Roberts had to decide whether to leave Valley Center forever — a rural, mostly conservative town in North San Diego County, and her home of 25 years — or stay put. An active volunteer in her community, Roberts had been involved in the local chapter of Kiwanis International for more than a decade, formed a Boy Scout troop, and won the annual Irish Stew Cook-Off for three years straight. The problem was, everyone knew her as Rick, not Gina. For most of her life, Roberts, 59, had a led a double existence as an overtly macho man in public; a woman in private. Despite repeated efforts to push her female identity back into the closet, the pressure to come out mounted inside her. She ultimately decided that 2012 was the year to introduce Gina to the world. “Most people that transition pull up roots and go someplace else and do it,” Roberts said. “I love Valley Center. Always have. It just occurred to me that I owe it to these people to give them the opportunity to deal with it. If they choose not to, then they choose not to.” It turned out to be the right choice. Since coming out two years ago, she has encountered widespread

Bob Pavon with Punky in her rainbow spirit outfit (Photo by Hayley McManimie)

it was just empowering. Everybody congratulated me as a person.” Ever since she was a child, Roberts felt she was living the wrong gender. Despite external male features and being raised as Rick Roberts, she always felt uncomfortable imagining herself as a man. She would take days

took place at a recent game against the St. Louis Cardinals, July 29. For the 300 dogs in attendance — along with their very proud owners — it was a picture perfect, summer day. America’s favorite pastime, baseball, paired rather nicely with America’s much-loved pets, for one outlandish canine party. The only rule for dog owners seemed to be to keep pets on leashes at all times. Other than that, it was no holds barred. Game on! Of course, one imagines that the dogs in attendance must have been fretting for weeks on what to wear, on what can only be described as Oscar night meets Comic Con for the canine set. Indeed, Sir Ruffles von Vicious looked stunning in a peacock concoction. Is it any wonder he was a fanciful finalist for the Best Costume category? The Best Padres Spirit award went to Faith, who no doubt was thrilled to have an encore of last

see Trans Mayor, pg 2

see Dog Days, pg 4

Gina Roberts accepts the title of 2014 Valley Center “Honorary Mayor” at the Western Days Festival May 23. (Photo by Michael Crane) support from the largely conservative community, and in May, she was named the 2014 Honorary Mayor by the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce. “I’m so happy I stayed here,” Roberts said. “One of the most significant moments I’ve had in a long time was when the 10 of us were standing there for the honorary mayor contest and



GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014


TRANSMAYOR off from elementary school to stay home and dress up in her mother’s clothes — a practice she continued through college. “I always felt more comfortable,” she said. “It wasn’t a voyeuristic kind of thing, it was a satisfaction kind of thing. I never ever, ever mentioned it to anybody. It was just something that intuitively you knew wasn’t normal. So I hid it.” By the time Roberts went off to UC San Diego for college, it was the early 1970s and the idea of being transgender was still strictly taboo. What few references she encountered to the subject only spoke negatively of “transvestites” and a deviant, underground sex culture. “I actually didn’t know what I was for a long time,” she said. “I thought I was just some kind of freak. I got so good at hiding it; it was like my brain was sectioned.” Although the urges never went away, Roberts got married twice and had two natural children. Over the years she spent plenty of money and energy investing in hobbies like shooting, backpacking, and off-roading, just to prove how macho she was. “You try to do anything you can to prove what you aren’t,” Roberts said. “You get married, you have kids, you try to be the ‘ultra dude.’ “It’s self-destructive in some sense, because you still have this program running in the back of your mind like, ‘No, that’s not you,’” she said. Thanks to the Internet, Roberts eventually learned more about cross-dressing and the transgender community in the late ‘80s and real-

ized she wasn’t alone. She gradually became involved in the San Diego LGBT community and began sharing her story at college campuses. However, even as she began accepting her own identity, she was wary of telling friends and family. Back home in Valley Center she was still the Hummerdriving, world-class shooting, macho man. Finally, after a trial run of living

has known Roberts for 15 years and supported her throughout the process, but he was unsure how the Kiwanis would take the news. He too recounted their reaction as “overwhelmingly supportive.” “We’re not embarrassed by it, we’re proud of her,” Dorschel said. “It takes a lot more courage than I think I would ever have to do it. Valley Center kind of has the reputation of being

“I love Valley Center … It just occurred to me that I owe it to these people to give them the opportunity to deal with it. If they choose not to, then they choose not to.” —Gina (formerly Rick) Roberts as Gina for six weeks with her son in Texas, Roberts realized the time had come to tell the world. She decided to make the announcement before a meeting of the VC Kiwanis Club at the end of May 2012. Still dressed as Rick, Roberts read a letter she had prepared at their weekly Friday breakfast. “I was all teary and I looked up and about half the crowd was crying,” she said. “I thought, ‘Oh God, is this good or bad?’ It was good; it was really phenomenal. A couple people came up and said ‘I can’t believe you have the guts to do that.’ They’ve been 100 percent behind me.” Jim Dorschel, Kiwanis president,



a little bit of a redneck community. I have been amazed by the response so far.” After that week, Rick Roberts was no more. Two years later, the Kiwanis ran Gina Roberts as their candidate in the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Honorary Mayor fundraiser. Her slogan: “Make a big change in your life.” After raising $3,600 for her candidacy in the first months of 2014, Roberts’ name was entered more than any other candidate in the drawing to be mayor. She outraised all nine of her opponents. When her name was finally drawn before the eager crowd at Valley Center’s annual Western Days Festival on May 23, she was totally taken aback. “I couldn’t imagine a better thing happening to me in a better place,” Roberts said. “It’s just another great thing that’s happened in my life, supported by a bunch of really great people.” The next day she rode in the Western Days Parade down Valley Center Road inside a Model-A roadster. She says she received a few “deer-in-the-headlights stares” from people who hadn’t seen her since her transition, but aside from that she has encountered widespread support from the town. “It was an exceptional endeavor by Gina and the Kiwanis in raising $3,600,” said Greg Carlson, president of the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber raised a total of $11,000 between the ten candidates in 2014 mayor’s race. In many ways, Roberts is a paradox. Although she is socially liberal and remains supportive of the San Diego LGBT Center, she is also a member of the Valley Center Republican Women Federated and a range officer at the Escondido Fish & Game shooting range. However, Roberts’ story is actually one of overcoming contradictions and embracing difference. “It’s all about finding common ground and making people realize there’s just a humanness to everybody,” she said. “There are people in the Republican party who don’t think I should exist, which makes me all the more insistent that they know I exist.” Roberts said what kept her from coming out the longest was telling her wife of 25 years. Although they are still close friends, they are no longer married. However, to anyone in a similar position as she was, she still advises that honesty is the best choice. “It’s a significant soul-searching thing,” Roberts said. “You need to fully understand that you want to make a big change. Be honest about who you are with the people you love and the people you’re around, because deceit hurts and it will always hurt.” Roberts plans to continue sharing her story with people on both ends of the spectrum. She will also be starting a scholarship for Valley Center High School students who write the best essays on diversity. Although she harbors no resentment for her past life, not one day has gone by in the past two years that she wished she was Rick again. “Gina was born in December, 1954 and it just took a long time to figure out that’s who she was,” Roberts said. —Michael Crane is a local freelance writer. He can be reached at

Out, loud and proud comedy Morgan M. Hurley | GSD Editor Openly gay comic Guy Branum describes his comedy as “mostly composed of angry yelling about things that annoy me,” which sounds reminiscent of the legendary Sam Kinison, adding that those topics could range from politics, Young Adult novels or even salad. “I’m solidly committed to expressing my opinions in a very loud and sweaty way,” he said. Branum is heading to San Diego on Wednesday, Aug. 13, for

Guy Branum likes to express himself. (Courtesy Guy Branum) an 8 p.m. show at the American Comedy Club (ACC), located at 818 B Sixth Ave., Downtown. Opening for Barnum is Casey Ley, another gay comic. Although ACC is off the traditional beaten path for Hillcrest, Branum hopes the community will make a showing to see him perform. “Usually gay comics tend to tour the gay bar and pride circuit,” he said, “[because] mainstream comedy clubs aren't always the most welcome place for homos. And there still aren't that many

see Branum, pg 7


SISTERS their city and surroundings. The San Diego house, named “The Asylum of the Tortured Hearts,” has an “Abbes” the leader of the membership. Sister Raven Lunatic took over for Sister Hecate in December, who had held the position for five years. Sister Raven’s role is separate from Sister Gaia Love’s role as president of the order’s seven-member board, which presides over the 501(c)3 aspects of the organization. The local order also has a unique headpiece, which started out as an unruly (albeit beautiful) homage to San Diego’s missions, but after impeding their social activities for a few months, it was quickly adapted into what they fondly call the “lunchbag” and all veils incorporate its style. The steps to “full manifestation” can take a few years to complete. Those interested in joining the order are first subject to a three-month (minimum) period of “aspiration.” Aspirants must learn socialization of the Sisters; they hang out, observe, and decide whether what they see is indeed for them. The next level requires them to submit a letter of intention. Postulancy, as this step is called, lasts a minimum of six months. Postulants learn the basics, the history of the sisters, and what they’re about. They wear a costume to separate and identify themselves, but little make-up and no jewelry or glitter and no headgear resembling a veil. They are to actively listen, observe and learn humility in this phase. Next is “noviciant.” This level is much more serious and great expectations are put upon the novice, including meeting attendance and the undertaking of house projects. They are now wearing a white veil and are clearly recognized as a Sister. Novices eventually graduate to full manifestation with a black veil and vows are taken for life. It is important to note that not everyone who submits intention makes it through the process or decides that sisterhood it is right for them. “Or right for us,” Sister Hecate said.

(l to r) Sister VeraLent AnnBevilants, Sister Gaia Love, Sister Nora Torious 13, and Sister Raven Lunatic rehearse the for Aug. 16 show. (Courtesy Asylum of the Tortured Hearts) How each sister “presents” herself is strictly up to them. Costumes are a very “personal thing”; for some, their “look” will remain the same for decades, while others enjoy presenting a different look or persona with each appearance. Some choose a color and stick with it. Others switch colors with regularity, while others may change but keep their chosen color somewhere in the mix. Those who stay the same are creating a persona with their face and costume that insures they will always be recognized. However they present, for most, “putting on face” is like taking a trip through the looking glass; it not only changes how they look, it changes how they think and feel while out in the public eye. “I’m a very shy person,” Sister Hecate said. “But not when I’m in face.” She said that being a sister gives her the opportunity to do service work in the community in a “more anonymous” way. “The really great thing about our look is that because we put the white face on, it erases who we are underneath, but it also becomes our palette that pretty much anything, as long as it’s done with a modicum of knowledge of makeup, it looks spectacular,” said founding member Amanda Reckinwith. Some paint their faces to appear happy, some are a little darker, while others are downright macabre; the darkness may off-put

“What folly reigns in us!”

By William Shakespeare Directed by Mark Lamos Renowned director and Tony Award nominee Mark Lamos returns to the Globe with one of Shakespeare’s most delightful and boisterous comedies. Best friends Valentine and Proteus travel to the big city to seek their fortunes, only to find themselves rivals, both madly in love with the beautiful Silvia, daughter of Milan’s most powerful duke. A fast-paced, exuberant tale of friendship, romance, and secret identities, featuring a band of outlaws, two bumbling servants, and one unforgettable dog.

Starts Sunday!

Kristin Villanueva, Adam Kantor, Britney Coleman, and Hubert Point-Du Jour. Photo by Jim Cox.

(619) 23-GLOBE (234-5623)

some, but it also draws others right in, and that is what the sisters are all about. Hecate said it is a snapshot of the outside world, since each sister is able to connect with others just like them. “We touch these people and we don’t even realize we’re doing it,” she said. “It makes all the sore feet, not being able to blow your nose, spitting out glitter, dealing with the hard core Christians, all worth it.” #1 on Fifth Avenue has become a haven of sorts for the Sisters, where every Wednesday night for the last couple of years Sister Ida Know and others have helped Tiger run Pictionary, a weekly fundraiser for both the Sisters and the leather community. So far they have raised $17,000, 30 percent of which goes to the Sisters’ many charities inside and around the LGBT community. On Aug. 6, they presented #1 on Fifth with a shrine, making it one of their “sanctuaries,” a place where they feel safe and welcome. One of the things the Sisters always do when they are out on the street is distribute condoms; it is part of their mission to eradicate guilt and shame. Elsewhere you can find them offering blessings, managing raffles, and volunteering at events in a myriad of ways. “I think our job is to be the people that are willing to be out in the front,” Sister Hecate said. “We’re very noticed; we cannot blend in,

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014


we cannot hide. If we’re there you’re gonna know it, you either see us or hear us or both. “We do that so that all these people over here can say ‘maybe I take another step forward,’ and maybe they take another step, and another, until they’re right behind us and then one of these days they’re gonna be in front of us. That’s our goal.” It’s a goal that the community is proud to support, and it’s time to help them celebrate their commitment to that goal. On Aug. 16, from 3 – 7 p.m., the sisters are celebrating their eight-year anniversary at Harvey Milk’s American Diner, located at 535 University Ave., in Hillcrest. Donations are accepted at the door and there will be raffle prizes, complimentary appetizers, cake and happy hour specials. Opportunity drawings will offer Disneyland park-hopper passes, Balboa Park passes and more. Search for San Diego Sisters on Facebook for more information. Immediately following that event at 7 p.m. is another party. “Brothers for The Sisters,” will take place at Numbers, located at 3811 Park Blvd. on the other side of Hillcrest. Here, the San Diego Drag Kings and members of the local Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will perform a number of songs together to further celebrate their anniversary. Proceeds from both events will benefit the Sisters’ charities. For more information visit or SanDiegoDragKingsClub.t

(l to r) Sister Ida Know and Sister Gaia Love (Courtesy Asylum of the Tortured Hearts)



GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014

Three decades of Cityfest

‘Pride-light’ hits the streets this weekend Jeremy Ogul | Assistant Editor

Thirty years ago this summer, the weathered, wooden Hillcrest sign was taken down to be refurbished. When the neighborhood got together to celebrate the return of the sign — complete with new neon lights — Cityfest was born. Now a huge daylong street fair, Cityfest returns on Sunday, Aug. 10, extending its hours from noon to 11 p.m. The Hillcrest Business Association, which organizes the event, anticipates a crowd of more than 150,000 people to join the party this year. “Hillcrest has all sorts of things that are great about urban life: food, culture, nightlife,” said Benjamin Nicholls, the HBA’s interim executive director. “Cityfest is a celebration of all those things.” With its main stage under the Hillcrest sign at University and Fifth avenues, Cityfest covers six blocks. This year’s event features a water slide, a play zone for kids, carnival rides, a foster animal petting zoo, a spacious beer garden for the adults, a drag queen dunk tank, a food court and more than 250 arts and crafts vendors selling everything from decorative pillows to handmade soaps. One special feature of this year’s event is a space for emerging artists to create their work in front of an audience. Also, in honor Cityfest’s 30th birthday, Babycakes will present a larger-than-life birthday cake, Nicholls said. A free cupcake will be given to the first 300 people who show up for the cake’s unveiling, which will take place at 8 p.m. at the main stage. As one of the longest-running and largest street fairs in San Diego, Cityfest is the inspiration for most other street fairs in the city, Nicholls said. The Merrow is sponsoring a stage that will feature musical performances by live bands and DJs throughout the afternoon and evening. The lineup includes bands playing reggae, ska, folk, world, ’80s covers, indie rock and electronic dance music. Beginning at 6 p.m., electronic dance DJs Will Z, John Joseph, Taj and Nikno will take over

the stage for a big after-dark dance party. More than just a party, Cityfest also helps raise funds to maintain the neighborhood. Organizers expect to raise about $40,000 for neighborhood cleanup and beautification projects, Nicholls said. Free parking will be available at the Hillcrest DMV, which has 158 spaces, and the free Hillcrest Trolley will shuttle riders from paid parking lots around Hillcrest to the site of the event. For more information on parking, visit parkhillcrest. com. Secured bicycle parking and bike valet will also be available. To learn more about Cityfest, visit or call 619-299-3330.t

Cityfest has been bringing satisfaction to those suffering from Pride withdrawals for decades, and this year’s 30th anniversary should be no exception. Revelers may dance the night away under the Hillcrest sign until 11 p.m. Images above are from past celebrations. (Photos courtesy HBA) FROM PAGE 1

DOGDAYS year’s win. For the occasion, her mom even gave the pup a “pedi,” in alternate colors of blue and orange. Clearly, Faith kept the faith. Yet, it seemed to this “Rovering” reporter, that many a hound had its eyes on Punky, a sweet-ashoney finalist in the Padres Spirit categor y. She was all decked out in her Padres regalia and rainbow colors. According to her adoring parent Bob Pavon and his partner from East County, their pridedraped pet is also a therapy dog, who splits her time between the VA Medical Center in La Jolla and Nazareth House San Diego, a senior care facility. Kudos to Cuddles who won in the Best Pet Trick categor y, for successfully tossing the ball back to mama. Best Costume went to Porkchop and his owners, Susie Kara and her daughter, Madelyn of North Park. The three came dressed as Swinging Friars. As for the winner of the Pet/ Parent Look-a-Like contest, it went hands — or paws — down to an adorable pooch and his human dad, who were perfectly matched in their Hawaiian hula outfits. In San Diego to throw the first pitch, was Gus Kenworthy, Olympic skier and Silver Medalist, who made national headlines last Februar y during the Winter Olympics for rescuing five puppies from the streets of Sochi. For the 22-year-old skier, his love for dogs came at an early age. “I’m a huge dog lover,” Kenworthy said. “Since as long as I can remember, my mom told me

that when I could first walk, I’d walk up to any dog that I could see. So being here today is awesome. It means the world to me.” Kenworthy, who said that this was his first trip to San Diego, was enjoying his visit to America’s Finest City. He admitted, though, to being surprised by the excessive heat.

Gus Kenworthy does his own “pet trick” after tossing out the ceremonial first pitch. (Courtesy Petco) “San Diego is amazing and ver y pretty down by the marina — the sailboats, the cool bridge that goes over to the island, Coronado Bridge, right?,” he said. “It’s a ver y cool city, but hotter than I thought it would be. I expected it to be nice and cool by the ocean but actually it’s really hot.” As for where his alliances lie, rest assured, Kenworthy was happy cheering for the home team. “I’m definitely rooting for the Padres,” he said, adding with a devilish grin, “Stay classy, San Diego.” The San Diego Humane Society — which brought along Tucker, the dog charged with helping to throw the first pitch — gave the festivities two paws up. “It’s a lot of fun to be here,” said Kelly Termine of the Oceans-

Faith and her Padres “pedi”

(Courtesy Petco)

ide campus. “It’s really good exposure for us to get our programs out there in the public, and, of course, for adopting animals, though we can’t do adoptions here. But if anyone’s interested in adopting, they can come to the shelter and check them out.” As for Tucker, Termine admitted he was a bit on edge in anticipation of the first pitch. “Tucker is a little ner vous right now,” she said, lowering her voice, so as to be out of his earshot. “He told me so. We’re tr ying to keep him hydrated and cool, airing him a little bit and hoping for the best, but it’s pretty hot right now.” Hot? Of course it’s hot. It’s the dog days of summer, after all. —Monica Medina is a local freelance writer. She can be reached at


HDRs: high drama relationships

MICHAEL KIMMEL LIFE BEYOND THERAPY You’ve probably heard some people describe their relationships as “high drama.” I Googled “drama” and found some interesting definitions: • a crisis, spectacle, thrill, sensation or disturbance; • any number of situations that have an easy solution, which would bring a fairly good outcome, but [high drama people] usually choose another, shitty, bad way to deal with it, like backstabbing, blackmailing/gossiping/betraying their friends; and, • an exciting, emotional or unexpected event. Why do some people love drama? They’re used to it: It’s their “normal.” They were probably raised in it and it feels like “home” to them. Often, in my therapy practice, I work with people who find that peace and stability make them ner vous; they’re used to upset, chaos and crises. This is what they know, so they keep recreating it in all their relationships. Until something snaps. Some line gets crossed and they see that how their drama sabotages ever ything that they say they

want: a good job, relationship, nice home, financial success. Drama says, “Let’s stir things up. Let’s make a mess. Let’s pick a fight. Stability is boring. Let’s have some crazy fun.” If only it were fun. It’s crazy, sure. But not much fun. If you have a history of high drama relationships, how do you change? How do you replace drama with peace? First of all, realize how you create drama. Take responsibility for the drama in your life. See how you are the catalyst. No matter what situation you’ve created, it all starts with you. That’s actually good news, because it means that since you started it, you can stop it. Simple … but not so easy, right? For drama addicts, peace makes them nervous: They’re just not used to it, so they call it “boring” or “not good enough.” Getting used to calm may take awhile and it may increase your anxiety as it becomes your new “normal.” Physically, drama triggers your sympathetic nervous system to go into survival mode. Drama actually shuts down the smartest part of your brain — the higher cortical functions like reasoning, problemsolving, intuition and creativity — so you can’t think clearly. Here are some ideas to reduce the drama in your relationships: • Don’t judge yourself or others for creating drama. It won’t help. We’re all doing the best we can until we become more stable and secure. Try compassion instead of judgment and you’ll change faster and easier. • Get good at recognizing your own version of what I call “the drama sequence”: Something happens, your mind starts to feed on it, you build a story in your head and get worked up about it. Result: high drama! • Notice your motivation for creating drama: You won’t do anything repeatedly unless there’s something in it for you,

so, what’s the payoff? Are you looking for attention or excitement? If so, can you get it more directly? If you’re bored, what new adventure(s) can you create in your life? Don’t take things so personally. When we're mentally overstimulated from drama, it's easy to overreact instead of calmly responding. Get out of your head and into your heart. In an emotional situation, don’t just vent. It often makes things worse. Instead, try some reflective listening: “I hear you're really upset about this. Let’s talk about it.” A lot of drama comes from poor communication and confusion. Speak your truth (kindly). It may be harder in the moment, but it can save a lot of heartache in the long run. When other people are worked up, try to go to neutral so you don't feed their drama. Breathe calmly and tell yourself, “I am safe.” You can help diffuse their drama by staying centered.

We can all learn from drama: Sometimes it seems like drama just happens to us and we’re powerless to stop it. Fortunately, that’s not true. We create drama. We can learn to create peace and calm instead. If we’re used to drama and the chaos that comes with it, peace may initially scare us. If so, we can gradually replace drama with calm and notice how much better our lives work as a result. Try it and see: You have nothing to lose but your drama. —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Michael is currently accepting new clients. Contact him at 619-955-3311 or visit

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Mission Hills 4019 Goldfinch St, San Diego

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014


The countdown begins We are only five weeks away to South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival! South Bay Pride is approaching fast and there is still so much to do. Our Port Authority of San Diego Stage will host a fantastic line up of local bands this year. Laura Jane has put together some of the best names in local bands that range from reggae to rumba, and from swing to rock ‘n’ roll. You are sure to enjoy this amazing lineup while you kick back for a wonderful day on the Bay at the Bayfront Park. This year our headliner is the fantastic award-winning Danielle LoPresti & the Masses. In addition, Todo Mundo, Royal Heart, Bart Mendoza & the True Stories, Three Chords Justice, Rhythm & the Metwwhod, Sue Palmer & her Boogie Woogie Band, Social Animal, Radios Silent and Stargo! Many of them also awardwinning acts. Mo’s Universe Playground will be there again to serve you drinks and will be strategically placed so you can imbibe and still enjoy the stages. Our second stage will feature EDM all day long. We are currently recruiting DJs, so if you are interested, please contact us. One of the new additions this year, besides the second beverage garden, is the Children’s Playground area. It’s hosted by Kids’ Party Rentals and will have rides and other activities such as the Euro Bungee Trampolines that includes four trampolines and a safety harness with bungee cords on both sides so that you can transport yourself 25 feet in the air and even bust out into some gravity-defying moves! We will also have the Wipeout 8, a player action game where you have to either duck under or jump over the boom poles. If none of those grab you, you can take in the Daredevil Island Free Fall where you climb through an obstacle course to the 12-foot free fall (you can also slide if you want) and then jump into the zero-shock landing bag, or you can even try the 70-foot Climbing Castle Obstacle Course. As you can tell, we have selected the inflatable games with the intention of meeting the needs of kids of ALL ages! Come out and play! These rides will range from $2 – $10. And of course, we will have our



see Countdown, pg 14



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HPV vaccine saves lives Share the word during National Immunization Month By Kelly Culwell


Trash talking doesn’t help our community By Eric Brown Editor’s Note: This commentary first appeared in Eric Brown’s personal blog, “ericbrownspeaksout” in response to a commentary by Stampp Corbin, published online on Aug. 3 at lgbtweekly. com, titled, “Conversations with a Republican mouthpiece,” an obvious jab at one of LGBT Weekly’s regular columnists. In a recent editorial in the LGBT Weekly, Stampp Corbin, the publisher, skewers one of his regular columnists for recent statements made by Nicole Ramirez. While I have been on the chew toy end of the Nicole puppy drivel, the recent public “spanking” by the publisher certainly made me cringe. Though I am no fan of Nicole’s column and lack of research, I guess I was always taught to correct and guide in a private setting. I have never been a fan of the strategy of public humiliation and horrific embarrassment. For years, Nicole [Murray] Ramirez has enjoyed a liberal leash to attack and question the integrity of others in the community. The publisher defended the column since he invited Ramirez to write and began publishing Nicole’s articles. Regularly claiming a right to provide a forum of conversation, I believe it became a hope that this type of columnist would improve distribution. I only can surmise that Mr. Corbin secretly enjoyed the animosity it created and the hurt it fomented. I certainly read comments from engaged community PUBLISHER David Mannis (619) 961-1951 EDITOR Morgan M. Hurley (619) 961-1960 ASSISTANT EDITOR Jeremy Ogul (951) 704-6210 CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Hutton Marshall (619) 961-1952 ART DIRECTOR Vincent Meehan (619) 961-1961

leaders on Facebook that were increasing after recent commentary by Ramirez. Only with the recent pro-Republican and anti[Susan]Atkins comments did he consider it threatened the viability of his paper, or rather him, personally. The article was strong. The “he is simply crazy” kind of victimized put-down in a public forum, the kind of editorial I guess I should expect. The publisher could have easily stopped publishing Nicole’s articles and offered up a public yet humble apology to those over the years who have been maligned. Yet, he did not. Instead, without any previous known corrective action or community-engaged process other than to suggest those maligned comment in a letter to the editor, Stampp Corbin smears and lampoons Nicole [Murray] Ramirez, thus continuing to pander to the basest form of communication in our community: public humiliation. Further, Stampp Corbin does not take any responsibility for the commentary posted for years in his paper — while admitting in public forums that his editors actually have edited Nicole’s published commentary — much less have a responsible process of researching the claims written and published. I, for one, have never relished Nicole’s columns, especially when being the subject being diced. Yet, editorial slicing and dicing of Nicole for the entire community to review is the same kind of pandering. Perhaps in Corbin’s wise judgment, it needed to be in print, just as Nicole’s judgments have been.

I guess I just tend a little further toward mercy, grace, and forgiveness. I feel harsh attacks and overwhelming public disgraces aren’t actions to take when one hopes to continue future interactions of positive worth. I have valued the volunteer contributions and leadership efforts of both Stampp Corbin and Nicole [Murray] Ramirez. I do not always agree with the efforts of others in the community, but I do support their sacrifice and contributions for others. I do not value the way this paper has allowed communication or smearing of character to run amok. I hope that the community will learn something about how we should engage and communicate with each other about our differences. I also hope we learn that when you start to throw hand grenades, you sometimes forget that you might already be in a minefield. Either way, it seems like war and you might not know whom you will lose — or learn how you have been injured — until it’s too late. And, frankly, that is not a fun way to build community. —Eric D. Brown has been a leader in the LGBT community for decades. Most recently he spent eight years on the board of the GSDBA, serving as chair for the last year. Prior to arriving in San Diego, Brown chaired Pride Nor thwest in Por tland, Oregon and PABA, Por tland’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached at


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Every year around the world, more than 270,000 women die from cervical cancer. With more than 85 percent of these deaths in low- and middle-income countries, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. The “pap smear” has been one of the most amazing public health inter ventions over the past 50 years in the US and most developed countries, and its use has led to a steep decline in the incidence and deaths from cer vical cancer. However, weak health systems and limited numbers of trained providers have made screening in low- and middle-income countries difficult. Even in the US, over 11,000 cases of cer vical cancer were diagnosed in 2010. Following development of the pap smear, the discovery of the link between the human papilloma virus (HPV) and cervical cancer has proven to be a major advancement in the prevention of this deadly disease. Almost all sexually active individuals will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives and some may be repeatedly infected. The peak time for infection is shortly after becoming sexually active. The majority of HPV infections resolve spontaneously and do not cause symptoms or disease. However, persistent infections with specific types of HPV (usually types 16 and 18) may lead to precancerous lesions. If untreated, these lesions may progress to cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine was introduced eight years ago, and the HPV rate among teenage girls in the US has already dropped by 56 percent since then! There is, however, still a lot of work to be done. Nationwide, just 33 percent of girls ages 13 to 17 — and only 7 percent of boys in the same age group — have gotten all three doses of the vaccine. In California, the odds are slightly better — 43 percent of girls and 13 percent of boys ages 13 to 17 have received all three doses. As a result, millions of people are still infected with HPV every year, and nearly all sexually active people will contract a form of HPV at some point in their lives. Key facts about HPV and the HPV vaccine: • Seventy percent of cervical cancers worldwide are caused by only two types of HPV (16 and 18); • Our affiliate offers Gardasil — one of two FDA-approved HPV vaccines — in all of our health center; • CDC recommends vaccination of girls and boys ages of 9 – 26; and, • Routine vaccination is a series of three shots over the course of six months. Other immunizations that are important for women of reproductive age (both for general health and prior to pregnancy) include Hepatitis B, influenza, Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap), and Varicella for those who have not had chicken pox. This National Immunization Month, share this article with your friends and family, and spread the word about the importance of getting teens vaccinated against HPV! For more information or to make an appointment, visit or call 1-888-743-7526 (PLAN). —Kelly Culwell is the Medical Director for Planned Parenthood of the Southwest. For more information visit

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GAY NEWS BRIEFS GUETTA COMING TO ROCK SAN DIEGO Hard Rock Hotel San Diego has announced that Grammy-award winning DJ David Guetta will grace the stage of their popular “Intervention Sundays” on Sept. 21. Currently ranked as one of the top five DJs in the world, Forbes also recently recognized Guetta as the world’s fourth highest paid DJ. Guetta shot to international fame after collaborations with likes of Madonna, Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne on his fourth studio album, “One Love,” in 2009. He has since released “Nothing But the Beat,” with further collaborations with Nikki Minaj, Sia and Flo Rida. Tickets for the Sept. 21 event go on sale Monday, Aug. 11, with prices starting at $60. Those who download the “Intervention SD” mobile application from iPhone or Android app stores prior to Aug. 8 will be given an early access code for priority ticket purchases. Intervention Sundays takes place at Float, Hard Rock San Diego’s rooftop lounge, located 207 Fifth Ave., in the Gaslamp Quarter Downtown, from noon to 7 p.m. every Sunday. It is a 21+ event and cabanas and VIP seating are available. For more information visit or call Float at 619-764-6924. NC LGBT CENTER SEEKING SUPPORT FOR AIDS WALK TEAM The 25th annual AIDS Walk San Diego is Sept. 27. The North County LGBTQ Resource Center is currently seeking walkers to join their team. With a goal of $10,000, the team is looking for participants who will help them reach that goal and will match every dollar raised. “We are participating in the AIDS Walk & Run San Diego because HIV & AIDS have touched our lives and affected the people we love,” states their donation web site. “This is our opportunity to be visible in our support for those living with HIV and AIDS and raise money for critical support services in our community.” The NC Center will directly benefit from AIDS Walk & Run San Diego, and are hoping to get an onsite HIV counselor this year. Those who can’t walk or run in the Sept. 27 event can also donate to help them reach their goal. Those interested in a $10 bus ride from the North County LGBT Center to the race’s start in Hillcrest are asked to call 760-994-1690. For more information about joining their team or donating to the cause, visit or call 760-9941690. VOLUNTEERS, BOARD MEMBERS SOUGHT BY DEMS San Diego’s Dems for Equality is seeking volunteers to help get out the vote for the Nov. 4 election. Republican Carol Kim is in a “dead heat” with opponent Chris Cate for the San Diego City Council’s District 6 seat. Volunteers are needed at the phone banks or go door-to-door in district six to encourage undecided voters to get to the polls. A district six win would give democrats a veto-proof majority on the council. In addition, the organization is also seeking two new “at large” board members. To be selected as an “At large” board member, interested parties must first be members in good standing of the San Diego Dems for Equality, and if chosen, are expected to attend monthly and specially-called board meetings as well as participate in any special projects as requested. For more information, visit or contact them at NICKY AWARDS MOVE TO SAN DIEGO LIBRARY The 39th annual Nicky Awards will be held Aug. 24 at the new San Diego Central Library, located at 330 Park Blvd., Downtown. In recent years the awards were held at the Mission Valley Marriott. The revered “Nickys” are given to businesses and individuals within — and in support of — the local LGBT community honored for their valuable contributions to the community throughout the year. Online voting is still taking place and will be available through Aug. 11 at Special honors this year include a presentation by State Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins to Bishop James Mathes and the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, who will be honored with the annual George Moscone Humanitarian Award. Chad Michaels will be given a special Lifetime Achievement Award, and the first annual Trans Pride March will be honored with the Harvey Milk Civil Rights award. Tickets are $65 general admission and $85 VIP. For more info, visit SDMT ANNOUNCES NEW SEASON IN NEW HOME The San Diego Musical Theatre (SDMT) will be moving to the historic, 1463-seat Spreckels Theatre, located at 121 Broadway in Downtown, for its 2015 season. The historic theater, which opened its doors in 1912, has 1463 seats and has long been a San Diego attraction. SDMT’s 2015 season, which includes four

Broadway musical productions is as follows: West Side Story, directed by James Vasquez, Feb. 13 ¬– March 1; Singin’ in the Rain, directed by Todd Nielsen, May 22 – June 7; La Cage Aux Folles, directed by Larry Raben, Sept. 25 – Oct 11; and White Christmas, directed by Todd Nielsen, Nov. 27 – Dec. 6. The next show of SDMT’s 2014 lineup is “Next to Normal.” Opening night for “Next to Normal” at the North Park Theatre, located at 2891 University Ave., is Sept. 27 and it runs through Oct. 12. For more info on both seasons, visit

CITY RESTRICTS E-CIGARETTES The City of San Diego will soon begin treating electronic cigarettes like tobacco cigarettes under new ordinances approved by the City Council on July 28. The council voted unanimously to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes (also known as “vaping”) wherever cigarette smoking is currently prohibited, including public beaches, parks, sports facilities, sidewalk cafes and other enclosed public spaces, including restaurants. The council also unanimously agreed to regulate the retail sale of e-cigarettes the same way the City regulates the sale of tobacco products, by requiring retailers to obtain a police permit and banning e-cigarette vending machines. Much of the discussion from councilmembers focused on the perceived impacts of e-cigarettes on children. The ordinances were proposed and developed by Councilmember Mark Kersey, who represents the city’s northeastern neighborhoods in District 5.

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BRANUM gay male touring headliners.” Born in rural Northern California, Branum has called West Hollywood home for the last 10 years, a place he refers to as “LA’s homosexual basket.” That move has worked out well for the aspiring comic. He’s been cast on shows like Chelsea Lately and Last Comic Standing, and like many successful comics working their way up the ladder of fame these days, Barnum is also a comedy writer and is currently writing material in between gigs for a new television show. A “city comic” he can most often be found performing in Los Angeles or New York, but you can also find

him on college tours and of course, gallivanting across the country during Pride season. For more about Branum, visit or follow him on Twitter @guybranum.t

Branum contemplates his next move. (Courtesy Guy Branum)

SIGN UP FOR SDCC CLASSES Those interested in taking classes during the fall semester at San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar colleges are encouraged to apply now in order to begin registering for classes beginning Aug. 4. The 16-week semester starts Aug. 18, and administration staff said students should begin planning now because the district expects to see an increased demand for classes during the upcoming school year. High school students enrolling for the first time must register in person between Aug. 11 – 15 at the college admissions office at the campus in which they wish to enroll. Others can register by visiting CITY LAUNCHES ‘FIRST-EVER’ BICYCLE ADVISORY BOARD In March, the San Diego City Council unanimously approved a Bicycle Advisory Committee to oversee and provide guidance on all the burgeoning bicycle projects popping up all over the county. The committee will assist in making bicycling in San Diego safer, more accessible, implementing the new Bicycle Master Plan Update, and making San Diego a more bike-able city overall. Andy Hanshaw, currently executive director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDBC), was appointed to the board, along with a total of seven other advising members from neighborhoods around the county, including Kyle Heiskala of Hillcrest; Kathleen Keehan of Rancho Bernardo; Michael Brennan of Hillcrest; Nicole Burgess of Point Loma; Petr Krysl of University City; Randy Van Vleck of Golden Hill; and Samantha Ollinger of City Heights. The board’s term will be two years, ending July 1, 2016. “The City has a lot of great bicycling initiatives coming to fruition and copious opportunities to become one of the most bikefriendly cities in the nation,” said Hanshaw in a press release. “I look forward to working with the committee members and elevating San Diego to be a premiere city for bicycling.” The SDBC protects and advocates for the rights of all people who ride bicycles. San Diego becomes one of numerous cities around the country with formally appointed bicycle advisory committees. For more information on SDBC visit

INTERN WITH SDCNN San Diego Community News Network seeks an editorial intern for the Fall 2014 semester. School credit is required. To apply, email your resume, writing samples and references to Uptown News Editor Hutton Marshall at

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Beyond omelets O D I N I N G W I T H F R A N K S A B AT I N I J R .

ne of San Diego’s longest-running operations for breakfast and lunch has jazzed up its menu with a slate of new dishes while maintaining a popular eating challenge that isn’t meant for the faint of stomach. At 35 years old, Broken Yolk Café has spawned a dozen locations in San Diego County, with Pacific Beach marking its original kitchen. Company wide, the food still retains the essence of a mom-and-pop outfit; portions are fairly generous and things like hash browns, chili con carne, salsa and other meal components are scratchmade. Joining a lengthy list of dishes that include plump fouregg omelets as well as decadent takes on crepes, pancakes and French toast are several newcomers ranging from healthy to sinful. The “wellness wrap” captures scrambled egg whites, spinach, peppers and feta cheese in a

spinach tortilla. Parfaits, which for some reason are difficult to find anymore, layer low-fat Greek yogurt with granola, almonds, bananas and honey. Trendy kale has also landed on the menu in a vivid salad speckled with yellow bell peppers, carrots, dried cranberries and sliced almonds. Dressed in raspberry-walnut vinaigrette, it’s sweet enough to pass muster by those who eschew dark, earthy greens. Forget dieting on the day you opt for Broken Yolk’s new tiki toast. The plate features thick hunks of battered Hawaiian sweet bread crowned with caramel sauce, shredded coconut and fresh berries. I would have preferred thinner slices, although my companion welcomed their girth, saying that “it extends the sweetness throughout.” In terms of volume, nothing rivals the 12-egg omelet facing

Broken Yolk Cafe 1851 Garnet Ave. (Pacific Beach)

858-270-9655 Prices: Breakfast; $5.99-$11.99 Lunch; $3.99-$10.99

those who dare partake in Broken Yolk’s existing “iron man challenge.” Featured in an episode on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, the spectacle is stuffed with mushrooms, onions and American cheese. Chili and more cheese go on top. Alongside is a piling of home fries and two biscuits. Eat it in an hour or less and it’s free. Otherwise, you pay $26.99. Offered at all locations, we’re told that only about two people a month complete the feat and that a majority of them shovel it down in 15 minutes or less. Winners receive a T-shirt and their names go up on a wall in metal plaques. We consumed our eggs in a more manageable fashion, in dishes that have been on the menu for a while. My companion’s “border Benedict” featured two poached eggs and diced carne asada set atop sweet corn cakes. The housemade poblano chili sauce on top was marvelous and so were the thin, flat home fries served alongside, which resembled Germanstyle potatoes. “This is a dish you’d expect in an upscale restaurant,” my companion commented while clearing a path for my fork. I upped the protein intake with two fried eggs topping a half-pound cheeseburger. Intent on trying the new chorizo-egg tacos or “Golden State Benedict” draped in spicy Hollandaise sauce, I slipped immediately into burger mode when picking up the charry scent

(top to bottom) Broken Yolk’s kale salad; Tiki toast (Photos courtesy Broken Yolk Café); the “Border Benedict” with poblano sauce (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.) wafting from the café’s flame grill — and with no regret. It was perfect to the last bite. As with Reubens, Patty melts and turkey wraps, you can order lunch fare as early as 6 a.m., when the café opens. Conversely, breakfast dishes are available until

closing at 3 p.m. Menus are the same at all locations. Among the other standouts I’ve tried in past visits is chilaquiles, a glob of tortilla strips covered with melted cheese and red or green salsa. They’re served with rice and garlic-kissed refried beans. The green sauce offers a better kick from hot peppers and tangy tomatillos. Ask for extra on the side because it can essentially be spooned over any savory dish sitting on the table. The Nutella crepes are also winners given that the chocolatehazelnut spread tastes a heck of a lot better when cooked directly into something rather than when it’s spread onto bread from the jar at room temperature. Whether you’re visiting locations in Pacific Beach, Mission Valley, the Gaslamp District or North County outlets, prepare to face lines if arriving before noon. Yet with large seating capacities, including the bonus of an expansive rooftop deck in Pacific Beach, it usually takes less than 15 minutes to acquire a table. Or in fast-turnover breakfast speak, about eight-dozen eggs cracked from the time your name goes on the list. —Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diego” (ECW Press), and began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. He has since covered the culinary scene and other subjects for various print and broadcast media outlets in the area. You can reach him at fsabatini@


GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014

Artisan cheeses are now available at Bottlecraft (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

Chris McAfee is bringing a unique eatery to Hillcrest. (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

Artisan curds from Venissimo Cheese have rolled into the rear retail section of Bottlecraft in North Park. With established cheese stores in Mission Hills, Downtown and Del Mar, this is Venissimo’s first “shop within a shop,” says Venissimo founder Gina Freize. The outlet offers cheese flights paired to beer, plus sandwiches and charcuterie. 3007 University Ave., 619-501-1177.

A dream has come true for Oz Blackaller, the chef-owner of Cueva Bar in University Heights. After the casting crew from Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen contacted him out of the blue, he was given an interview via Skype to compete on the show and then ended up making the cut. The episode was taped earlier this summer in Los Angeles and will air at 10 p.m., Sept. 28. “When I got the call, I was just getting out of the dentist and was so friggin happy that I was asked to compete,” says Blackaller, who had auditioned a couple years ago for ABC’s The Taste, but wasn’t selected. Cutthroat Kitchen is hosted by Food Network’s fast-talking Alton Brown and spotlights four chefs engaged in three-round cooking matches. Blackaller can’t reveal what dishes he made for the show due to a strict non-disclosure agreement. But he plans on taping it when it runs and playing it for customers afterwards. 2123 Adams Ave., 619-269-6612. t

A quick-service eatery specializing in smoked meats and fish from different American regions will open in late August at the triangular intersection of Park Boulevard at Robinson and Indiana Streets. The Whole Hog is an offshoot to the namesake catering business run by Chris McAfee and chef-business partner Graham Fleming. Their menu will include items such as Cuban pork and Reuben sandwiches, salmon BLTs, carnitas tacos, smoked turkey plates and more. Vegetarian items such as ratatouille wraps and caprese sandwiches are also in the works. “We’ll be doing everything from scratch,” says McAfee, who currently bartends at the Hard Rock Hotel. But don’t expect to see whole pigs hauled through the back door beComing soon is the “1st Ancause the duo plans on sourcing only nual San Diego Ceviche Showindividual sections of the animal. down & Tasting” presented and The quaint space will offer a few hosted by Fifty Seven Degrees Oz Blackaller has entered the national tables, a “belly bar” and eventually an wine and beer bar from 2 to 6 spotlight. (Courtesy Cueva Bar) outdoor patio. 3749 Park Blvd. p.m., Aug. 24. The event will bring to the table more than 10 top-name restaurants such as Fish Public Free WiFi, in Kensington, Wet Stone Wine 1901 El Cajon Blvd. Workstations, Bar & Café in Mission Hills, San Diego, CA 92104 Flat screen TVs, George’s at the Cove in La (619) 297-9464 Lounge Area Jolla, Puesto in The Headquarters, Duck Dive in Pacific Beach and more. Also taking part is the upcoming Allegro Bistro that adjoins Fifty Seven. n, ol, Clea The Co ce to do Two awards will be given: the Fun pla dry New Summer Time “best of San Diego” chosen by a laun Fluff + Fold Pricing panel of judges and the “people’s Residential 15lb minimum choice” determined by attendees. Tues.-Thurs. $0.80/lb • Fri.-Mon. $0.90/lb The event is for those 21 years of Commercial 25lb minimum age and older. Tickets are $19 in Mon.-Sun. $0.75/lb advance and $24 at the door. AdE ve ry wa s h cy c l e is sa n oty ze d Boneless Wings mission includes ceviche samples w ith O zo n e Fres h Wate r from each of the participating With Any Wing Purchase On Any Day Besides Mon. & Tues restaurants. 1735 Hancock St., 619Environmentally Fr iendly 234-5757,

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1955 El Cajon Blvd., SD, CA, 92104

El Cajon


Restaurateur Daniel Bohlen says he recently closed East Village Asian Diner on University Avenue in Hillcrest because “business wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be.” The Korean-style restaurant had been open for about six months. Conversely, his Encinitas location “has been enjoying record sales.” Coming into the space under different ownership in September is The Buf falo Public House, a Brazilian restaurant that will spotlight South American food, wine and beer. 406 University Ave.

N Georgia

(619) 795-9588

Not valid with any other specials, promotions or offers. Present coupon at time of purchase. Valid only at participating locations. Expires 09/15/14. One coupon per customer visit.




GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014



‘Pageant’ fitting start for Cygnet Vasquez’s interactive rework is ‘glamouresse’

To open its 12th season, Cygnet Theatre’s artistic outrageous beauty products. The costumes are inspired, leader Sean Murray and his life partner and executive especially the floral, formal gown for Miss Deep South director Bill Schmidt produce an old favorite, Bill Russell (David McBean), who won the competition opening night and Frank Kelly’s “Pageant.” The pageant, and pageant July 19. Surely the audience, which had to vote by applause it is, has music by Albert Evans. The whole is based on a because the judges’ numerical voting ended in a tie, was concept by Robert Longbottom. wowed once again by McBean’s extraordinary ventriloA loving sendup of American cradle-to-grave quism trio, comprising himself, a soprano dummy and a preoccupation with such cheesy affairs, the fun comes basso profundo dummy. All speak and sing, with switches from the fact that all the deadly serious and charming so fast one could swear all three sing simultaneously! contestants are men in drag. This Here’s the deal: Six lovely fine, funny, endearing produc“natural born females” compete to tion, staged by James Vasquez, be Miss Glamouresse 2014. As part continues at Cygnet Theatre in of their competition, they appear in Old Town through Aug. 31. ball gowns and bathing suits, present Cygnet Artistic Director Mura showcase of individual talent, and THROUGH AUG. 31 ray, then-artistic director of North demonstrate Glamouresse funny Coast Repertory, first programmed beauty products, such as Lip Snack, a the work in 2002. He directed it lipstick for days when one is just too in Cygnet’s second season at the busy being beautiful to eat, or Facial 4040 TWIGGS ST. (OLD TOWN STATE PARK) Rolando Theatre (2005). Murray’s Spackle to cover up zit pits. 2005 co-director was Vasquez, who In addition to McBean’s Miss WED. & THUR. 7:30 P.M. • FRI. 8 P.M. Deep played the empty-headed Miss South, the beauties are Max North West Coast in both productions. SAT. 3 & 8 P.M. • SUN. 2 & 7 P.M. Cadillac as Miss Industrial NorthCurrently Vasquez directs the west; Ryan Fahey as Miss Bible Belt; TICKETS START AT $37 piece solo, creating an entirely new Luke Harvey Jacobs as Miss West CYGNETTHEATRE.COM production with music direction by Coast; Charles Osborne as Miss OR 619-337-1525 Don LeMaster, set design by Sean Texas; and Conor Tibbs as Miss Fanning, wig and makeup design Great Plains. The amusement lies by Peter Herman, lighting design somewhere between what one sees by Michelle Caron, sound design by Matt Lescault-Wood, and what one hears. Russell and Kelly’s book and lyrics properties design by Angelica Ynfante, and Glamouresse are excruciatingly funny at times. products designer Michael McKeon. Sporting the most creative codpiece in the history For both previous productions Cygnet used costumes of theaetr, Phil Johnson portrays Frankie Cavalier, Miss from the original production (the original Miss Texas, Rus- Glamouresse emcee, in the delicious send up of beauty, sell Garrett, directed the 2002 production at North Coast the care of beauty, and the pageantry associated with it Rep). By now, those costumes are toast, so Shirley Pierson all. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Cavalier was written for was commissioned to design gangbuster new ones, sewn Johnson. by Cygnet’s loving cadre of “sewing ladies,” who received thanks from the stage opening night. Ah, Glamouresse. — Charlene Baldridge has been writing about the arts Glamouresse is the pageant sponsor, and as part of since 1979. Her book “San Diego, Jewel of the California her participation each of the ladies performs a competiCoast” (Northland Publishing) is currently available in tive “pitch” segment during which she hawks various bookstores. She can be reached at


events attheCenter thursday, august 21

Saturday, august 23

Women’s health Presentation

ageless artist Senior art Show

7 pm, the Center

3 pm, the Center

Caleb Rainey from Family Health Centers of San Diego will speak about health related issues often faced by lesbians and bisexual women, as well as how to better address health issues that are more common in women’s communities. For more information, contact Sheena Whitaker at 619.692.2077 x212, or

Come view the masterpieces of the 50 & Better Together Art Group. Enjoy wine, light snacks and good company. Win a masterpiece of your own! Admission is free, but you must be 21+. For further information, please contact Larue Fields at or 619.692.2077 x205.

Save the Date!

Wednesday, august 27

aIDS Walk & run San Diego

7 pm, the Center

Saturday, Sept. 27, Balboa Park Join us as we commemorate the 25th AIDS Walk & Run with a special weekend of events. There’s a new Walk date – SATURDAY, September 27 – and new start and finish lines located in the heart of Hillcrest. Plus, special events honoring our community’s commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS. register today at!

FtM Support Group This support group for those assigned female at birth and now identifying as male or questioning their gender meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays monthly, from 7-9 pm. The group for significant others, friends, family and allies of those who identify as transgender meets on the 4th Wednesday monthly from 7-9 pm. For more information, contact Connor Maddocks at 619.692.2077 x109 or The San Diego LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street • 619-692-2077

Twitter: @LGBTCenter

Swimsuits! (top row, l to r) Ryan Fahey, Luke Harvey Jacobs and Max Cadillac; (bottom row) Conor Tibbs, Charles Osborne and David McBean (Photos by Daren Scott)

Luke Harvey Jacobs gets glamorous. (Photo by Daren Scott)

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014 11

m oc.ds-yag

Friday, Aug. 8

Cirque Réinventé: Circus themed event will include stilt walking, burlesque dancers, impersonations and more; fundraiser for the San Diego Aids Walk. 6 – 9 p.m. The Center, 3909 Centre St., Hillcrest. Visit: Theatre on Tap: Enjoy a complimentar y pre-show beer tasting from Hillcrest Brewing Company before seeing “Pageant,” the hilariously funny musical directed by James Vasquez. The audience crowns a different winner ever y night. Pageant plays through Aug 31. 4040 Twiggs St., Old Town. Tickets 619-337-1525 or

Saturday, Aug. 9

Countr y Western Line Dancing: Every Thursday and Saturday night come check out the cowboys and cowgirls as they spin across the floor, join in or even take free lessons. All skill levels encouraged. Drink specials. 7 – 8:30 p.m. Urban Mo’s, 308 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit Reunion Party with Leslie Jordan: The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s annual 2014 Reunion Party, benefitting LGBT senior communities of San Diego celebrating 18 years of philanthropy. Private Marston Hills home, address provided upon ticket purchase. $100. Price includes dinner, drinks, an opportunity drawing, live & silent auctions, live celebrity entertainment and much more. Tickets

Sunday, Aug. 10

Hillcrest Cityfest: Free event with 300 artisans, a kids’ zone water slide, food and beer garden, DJs spinning all day long. 12 – 11 p.m. Fifth Avenue and University Avenue, Hillcrest. Visit Painting and Vino: Local professional artists instruct attendees on painting a masterpiece. Tonight – “Sunrise Over the River” at Jake’s on 6th, 3755 Sixth St., Hillcrest. 5 – 8 p.m. 21+. $45, all supplies included, registration required. Corkage fee $10 if you bring your own wine. For more info, visit

Monday, Aug. 11

Phil’s Big BBQ at the Ballpark: For the sixth year Phil’s BBQ will host this event benefitting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County

military mentoring program, Operation Bigs. 4:30 – 7 p.m., Petco Tailgate Park, corner of 14th Street and Imperial Avenue, in East Village. Tickets and more at Movie Monday: “Casablanca” is this week’s screening at 7 p.m in the Ex-Patriate Room at Croce’s Park West, 2760 Fifth Ave., Bankers Hill. Call 619-2334355 or visit crocesparkwest. com – FREE with food or drink purchase.

Tuesday, Aug. 12

Lesbian Meet-up: New weekly early morning business networking meeting, offering a chance to share and support each other’s business or passions. All lesbians in community are invited. 7:30 ¬– 8:30 a.m. Caffe Calabria, 3933 30th St., North Park. Spaghetti & Showtunes: When was the last time you had an all-you-can-eat plate of fabulous spaghetti for a mere $6? Now that’s a bargain. 5 p.m. – 2 a.m., every Tuesday. Urban MO’s, 308 University Ave., Hillcrest Visit Wedding Expo: Local vendors – including photographers, florists, hair & make-up stylists and more; complimentary beer and wine, plus live music. 6:30 – 10 p.m. Sunset Temple Theater, 3911 Kansas St., North Park. Visit

Wednesday, Aug. 13

Gay Comedy: Writer and comedian Guy Branum has been on Chelsea Lately, Last Comic Standing and more. He currently writes for the “Gay Voices” section of The Huffington Post. Branum headlines this show as part of the club’s Breakout Artist Series. 8 p.m. American Comedy Co., 818 B Sixth Ave., Gaslamp. Tickets $12, Bitchy Bingo: Hosted by Kiki and Ophelia every Wednesday. Play for goodies and prizes. No cover, food minimum: $15. 7 – 10 p.m. Lips San Diego, Lips, 3036 El Cajon Blvd., North Park. Visit

Thursday, Aug. 14

Live Music: Jazz vocalist and local entertainer Chris Hassett has a new show called “It’s All About Love.” Hassett will be accompanied by Drew Massicot on keyboard and perform jazz standards as well other ballads and originals. Doors 6 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Martinis Above

Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Tickets visit

Friday, Aug. 15

Live Music – Sue Palmer: Enjoy a fun Friday with the queen of boogie woogie starting at 7 p.m. in the Ex-Patriate Room at Croce’s Park West, 2760 Fifth Ave., Bankers Hill. Call 619-233-4355 or visit Hillcrest Mural Unveiling: Open house at the newly renovated Wells Fargo featuring the unveiling of a new community mural which celebrates the history of Hillcrest and the diversity of the LGBT community. 6:45 p.m. Wells Fargo Bank, 1220 Cleveland Ave., Hillcrest.

Saturday, Aug. 16

Artwalk NTC: Two-day event features more that 175 fine artists, live music, interactive art for adults and kids, plus street food options. LGBT artists featured. Free event with free parking. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. NTC Liberty Station at Ingram Plaza, 2645 Historic Decatur. Visit San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 8th Anniversar y Party and Fundraiser: The free event will feature happy hour drink specials and complimentary appetizers. Donations are welcome and will benefit the Sisters’ charities. 3 – 7 p.m. Harvey Milk’s American Diner, 535 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit Geeks! The Musical: Final night of the musical that tells the stor y of one group of geeks at Comic-Con. 9 p.m. BLKBOX Theatre, 3706 Sixth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit Sister Act: The San Diego Drag Kings Club and the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence present “Brothers for the Sisters,” a fundraiser for the sister’s local Asylum of the Tortured Hearts charities. Special performances from the Kings, a few queens and the Sisters. 7 p.m. $5 cover. Numbers, 3811 Park Blvd., Hillcrest. More info visit or Facebook. com/SanDiegoKingsClub.

Sunday, Aug. 17

Sing Along Brunch: Enjoy the brunch menu while singing along with memorable pop culture tunes. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Gossip Grill, 1220 University Ave., Hillcrest

“Into the Woods”: Described as “funny, poignant and truly enchanting,” Stephen Sondheim’s award-winning masterpiece “Into the Woods” debuted at The Old Globe nearly three decades ago and weaves together reinventions of beloved fairy tale masterpieces. Last show today at 2 p.m. Tickets start at $29. Donald and Darlene Shiley Stage. 1363 Old Globe Way. Tickets theoldglobe. org or 619-23-GLOBE. Back to School with Candi Samples and Her Faculty: A benefit supporting Family Matters and the Backpack Program providing backpacks and school supplies for children. School Board President Kevin Beiser will open the show with a ribbon cutting. $5 or donation of a backpack/school supplies. 4 – 8 p.m. Numbers, 3811 Park Blvd., Hillcrest. Visit:

Monday, Aug. 18

HIV University: Informative prestenation on PrEP and Truvada. 6 – 7 p.m. Oceanside Public Library, 330 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside. RSVP to 619-354-0338 or HIVUniversity@ Movie Monday: “Grumpy Old Men” is this week’s screening at 7 p.m in the Ex-Patriate Room at Croce’s Park West, 2760 Fifth Ave., Bankers Hill. Call 619-233-4355 or visit — FREE with food or drink purchase. Live Music: “The Melinda & Steve Show” with Melinda Gilb and Steve Gunderson performing new material and “greatest hits” from their cabaret shows. Doors 6 p.m., show 8 p.m. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Tickets visit

Tuesday, Aug. 19

Painting and Vino: Local professional artists instruct attendees on painting a masterpiece. Tonight — “Featherly Wave” at 98 Bottles, 2400 Kettner Blvd., Little Italy. 6 – 9 p.m. and 21+. $45, all supplies included, registration required. Corkage fee $15 if you bring your own wine. For more info, visit Lesbians Considering Parenting Workshop: The workshop (held every third Tuesday of the month) addresses parenting issues and options and is facilitated by Suzann Gage, OB/GYN nurse practitio-

ner, licensed acupuncturist, and nutritionist. 6:30 – 8 p.m. Lesbian Health Clinic at Progressive Health Services, 2141 El Cajon Blvd., University Heights. Visit Trivia Tuesday: Every Tuesday come alone or with a group of friends for a chance to win valuable HBC gift cards. 7 – 9 p.m. Hillcrest Brewing Company, 1458 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit or call 619-269-4323.

Wednesday, Aug. 20

Film Out: “Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story”: Former U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Beck embarks on a new mission as Kristin Beck. Kristin's journey in search of the American ideals that she protected have a whole new meaning as she lives her life truthfully as a transgender woman. 7 p.m., Landmark Theatres Hillcrest Cinemas, 3965 Fifth Ave., Hillcrest. $10. Visit Pictionar y: Come play with Tiger and Sister Ida Know on the back patio. Match your skills, win fun prizes and raise money for a good causes. 7:30 – 10 p.m. #1 on Fifth, 3845 Fifth Ave. in Hillcrest.

Thursday, Aug. 21

Live Music: “West Coast Cool” with jazz vocalist/lyricist Mark Winkler and Cheryl Bentyne (The Manhattan Transfer) performing songs and telling stories of the original cast of “West Coast Cool.” Doors 6 p.m., show 8 p.m. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Tickets visit 19th Annual Wine Tasting to benefit Mama’s Kitchen: This event features tray passed hors d’oeuvres, wine tasting, live music, a silent auction and more. Money raised provides nutritious meals to our neighbors affected by AIDS or cancer. 6 – 9 p.m. Bourbon Street Bar & Grille, 4612 Park Blvd., University Heights. Visit “Regrets Only”: A bubbling comedy about the politics of marriage opens tonight (written by Paul Rudnick); runs through Sept. 21. 8 p.m. Diversionary Theatre, 4545 Park Blvd., Normal Heights. Tickets or call 619-220-0097. —For inclusion into the calendar, email the editor at


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501 First Ave. 2355 India St. 1501 India St. 202 C St. 1600 Pacific Hwy. 330 Broadway 1835 Columbia St. 300 W Broadway 419 F St. 777 Sixth Ave. 675 Sixth Ave. 1313 12th Ave. 1313 Park Blvd. 350 10th Ave. #200 631 Ninth Ave. 1000 Fourth Ave.


#1 Fifth Avenue About Face Hillcrest Ace Hardware Adam and Eve Akinori Alexis Greek Café Au Revoir Babycake’s Baja Betty’s Baggels Bamboo Lounge Being Alive Aids Support Big City Deli Bodhi Animal Hospital Bo’s Seafood Market Brooklyn Girl Buffalo Exchange Carole Realty - Cent.21 Cascade Spa The Center For Health Charisma Restaurant Chevron Chipotle Chocolat Club San Diego Community Prescription Community Pharmacy Cottage Drive in Liquor Crypt on Park CVS pharmacy Deli Llama Del Mission Liquor Dollar Smart Energy Zone Embassy Suites Fed Ex Kinkos Fiesta Cantina Filter Coffee House Fitness Together Flicks Floyds Barbershop Glenna Liquor Golden Spoon Gossip Grill Haircrest Hairspray Salon Harvey Milks Amer.Diner Hash House hAve.n Body Therapy Heat Bar & Grill Hillcrest Brewing Co. Hillcrest News Stand Hillcrest Pharmacy Hillcrest Post Office Hillcrest Sandwich Shop Hillcrest Smoke Shop House Boi Ichiban (original) iTan Jack in the Box (220) Jakes wine bar Jimmy Carters Café Dr. Jeff Keeny D.D.S. J. Stuart Showalter, JD, MFS Kona Coffee Lalos Mexican Food Lotus Thai Cuisine Make Good Mail Station Mankind Video Martin & Wall (5th Ave.) Martinis Above Fourth Mc Donalds Meshuggah Shack Mission rest. Mission Hills Automotive Mission Hills Library Numbers Nutri Shop Nunzi’s Café Ortegas Mexican Bistro Obelisk Mercantile Park Boulevard Foods Park Boulevard Pharmacy Peets Coffee Pleasures & Treasures Postal Annex (inside) Postal Place (Uptown) Pride Pharmacy Priority/Being Alive Center R Gang Eatery Ralph’s (Uptown Ctr.) Rayzor’s Revivals Rich’s San Diego Community News Shell Station Snooze Rest Somerset Suites Hotel Special Delivery Food Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks (Uptown Ctr.) Sunshine Denistry Suntan Lounge The Brass Rail The Center LGBT The Crypt (Park Blvd) T-Deli The Loft Uptown Car Wash Urban Mo’s US Bank V-Outlet Wells Fargo (Uptown Ctr.) Whole Foods Market Winns Barber Shop

NORTH PARK 7 Eleven (Gossip) 7-Eleven (Texas) Adult World Alibe Artquest Flowers Auntie Helen’s Thrift Store Big City Tattoos Blvd. Fitness Brabant Carls Jr. Center For Social Support

3845 Fifth Ave. 514 Pennsylvania Ave. 1007 University Ave. 415 University Ave. 1417 University Ave. 3863 Fifth Ave. 3800 Fourth Ave. 3766 Fifth Ave. 1421 University Ave. 1010 University Ave. 1475 University Ave. 4070 Centre St. 1010 University Ave. 2200 University Ave. 1040 University Ave. 4033 Goldfinch St. 3862 Fifth Ave. 1050 University Ave. 3785 Sixth Ave. #100A 3636 5th Ave. #300 142 University Ave. 4180 Park Blvd. 734 University Ave. 3896 Fifth Ave. 3955 Fourth Ave. 640 University Ave. 313 W. Washington St. 3747 Park Blvd. 3847 Park Blvd. 313 W. Washington St. 3702 Fifth Ave. 135 W. Washington St. 450 W. Washington. 1010 University Ave. 3645 Park Blvd. 734 University Ave. 142 University Ave. 1295 University Ave. 4019 Goldfinch St. 1017 University Ave. 407 W. Washington St. 2861 University Ave. 1254 University Ave. 1440 University Ave. 1262 University Ave. 141 University Ave. 535 University Ave. 3628 Fifth Ave. 3900 Fifth Ave. 3797 Park Blvd. 1458 University Ave. 529 University Ave. 120 University Ave. 3911 Cleveland Ave. 3780 Fifth Ave. 141 University Ave. 1435 University Ave. 1449 University Ave. 660 University Ave. 220 Washington St. 3755 Sixth Ave. 3172 Fifth Ave. 1807 Robinson Ave. 4021 Falcon St. 3995 Fifth Ave. 1266 University Ave. 3761 Sixth Ave. 2207 Fern St. 325 W.Washington St. 3425 Fifth Ave. 3828 Fifth Ave. 3940 Fourth Ave. 1404 University Ave. 4048 Goldfinch St. 2801 University Ave. 308 Washington St. 925 W. Washington St. 3811 Park Blvd. 1050 University Ave. 1255 University Ave. 141 University Ave. 1037 University Ave. 4504 Park Blvd. 3904 Park Blvd. 350 University Ave. 2525 University Ave 1286 University Ave. 1011 University Ave. 1270 University Ave. 3940 Fourth Ave. 3683 Fifth Ave. 1030 University Ave. 3144 Fifth Ave. 1644 University Ave. 1051 University Ave. 3737 Fifth Ave. 302 Washington St. 3850 Fifth Ave. 606 Washington St. 4021 Goldfinch St. 784 W. Washington St. 2440 Fifth Ave. 3801 Fifth Ave. 1080 University Ave. 4230 30th St. 1050 University Ave. B209A 3796 Fifth Ave. 3909 Centre St. 3841 Park Blvd. 1469 University Ave. 3610 Fifth Ave. 4157 Normal St. 308 University Ave. 610 Washington St. 1483 university Ave. 1220 Cleveland Ave. 711 University Ave. 445 University Ave. 1602 University Ave. 2404 University Ave. 3575 University Ave. 1405 University Ave. 3046 N. Park Way 4127 30th St. 2913 University Ave. 2110 El Cajon Blvd. 2310 30th St. 3008 30th St. 3960 Park Blvd.

Chicken Pie Shop Claire De Lune Coffee Controversial Books Creative Futons Crypt CVS DMV Eddies Place Espress Market F Street (Park Blvd.) Farmers Liquor Filter Coffee House Gallery Kevin’s Barbershop Lead The Way Lefty’s Chicago Pizzaria Lips Club Little B’s Mary McTernen’s Real Estate Mexico Lindo North Park Family Health North Park Produce Para’s Newstand Pecs Bar Pet Palace Pleasures & Treasures Postal Place Rebecca’s Coffee House Redwing Bar & Grill S&D Property Mgt. San Diego Pride Office Santos Coffee Sicilian Thing Pizza Tanline The Big Kitchen The Eagle Club The Laundry Room The Old Mill Café Tioli’s Crazy Burger U31 Cocktail Lounge Urban Body Gym Undisputed Valero Gas Station Walgreen’s

2633 El Cajon Blvd. 2906 University Ave. 3063 University Ave. 3134 University Ave. 4094 30th St. 3200 University Ave. 1960 Norma St. 3501 30th St. 2543 University Ave. 2004 University Ave. 2045 University Ave. 4096 30th St. 3812 Ray St. 4004 30th St. 3830 Park Blvd. 4030 Goldfinch St. 3036 El Cajon Blvd. 2611 El Cajon Blvd. 3855 Granada Ave. 2037 University Ave. 3544 30th St. 3551 El Cajon Blvd. 3911 30th St. 2046 University Ave. 3827 Ray St. 2525 University Ave. 2260 El Cajon Blvd. 3023 Juniper St. 4012 30th St. 3128 El Cajon Blvd. 3620 30th St. 3191 Thorn St. 4046 30th St. 2419 El Cajon Blvd. 3003 Grape St. 3040 N. Park Way 1955 El Cajon Blvd. 3949 Ohio St. 4201 30th St. 3112 University Ave. 3148 University Ave. 3038 University Ave. 4616 Texas St. 3222 University Ave.

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GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014



COUNTDOWN water sports rentals including kayaks, paddleboards and jet skis available for even more playing during the day. Our sponsored artists have been selected and will have their own booth as part of the Art in the Park exhibition. I want to congratulate Erik Cantrell for his glass works, Phil "Monzo" Darby for his digital photography, and Rebecca S. Neary for her oil on canvas. Come out and enjoy their work along with the other artisans that we will be hosting from 12 - 6p.m. during South Bay Pride. We are excited to continue this tradition of supporting our local artists and look forward to some amazing arts and crafts. If you want to participate in Art in the Park, please visit We have a new Volunteer Coordinator! Please welcome Steven Blocker. We are honored to have Steven on our team. His experience, both as a volunteer and with Pride events, as well as his familiarity with South Bay (having been raised in Chula Vista) make him a great fit. Steven was recently honored with the 2013 Nicky Award for Outstanding Community Volunteer and has been nominated this year for Outstanding Community Activist and Outstanding Male Personality. Steven, thank you so much for being a part of making South Bay Pride better every year! By the way, South Bay Pride has also been nominated for the 2014 Nicky Award for Outstanding Community Organization, so if you haven’t voted, please do so. Voting ends Aug. 11, so show your support for all the great people in our community and vote now! Stay posted as we announce even more in the weeks to come and MARK YOUR CALENDARS! South Bay Pride is Sept. 13, from 12 – 10 p.m. at Bayfront Park (next to the J Street Marina). Be there! — Dae Elliott is a sociologist working at SDSU since 1994. She is a founding executive committee member and current executive director of South Bay Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and organizer of the annual South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival. Contact her at southbayalliance@

Borders abound


OUT ON THE PAGE Borders. Borders can keep things out and keep things in. Borders help define a shape or purpose and are inherently exclusionary. Borders tell us what something is by telling us what something is not. National borders are the most potent and aggressively defended borders in the modern world. Discussions of closing our borders, monitoring our borders, securing our borders, and “illegal” people flooding our borders has dominated U.S. politics as of late. The latest “crisis” regarding our national borders is concerning Latin American children who are crossing to escape the oppression that the racist and colonial politics of the Reagan administration sowed in Latin America during the 1980s. So borders have been on my mind quite a bit lately. It was during this period of time I happened to pick up “Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky

Club” by Benjamin Alire Sáenz; an innocuous enough title for a collection of short stories. What initially drew me to the book was that it won the prestigious Pen/Faulkner award for fiction, making Sáenz the first Latino/a ever to win the prize. Sáenz also happens to be gay. While most of his early work was silent or timid regarding LGBT issues and identity, lately Sáenz has been, dare I say, flaunting this aspect of himself in his work. He recently published two gay young adult novels in addition to “Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club” and has become a rising star in the world of LGBT literature, not an easy feat for any author of color. Upon reading this collection of short stories, I was taken aback by how prominent borders were in Sáenz’s work. He explores the border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, the borders that define what family is, the sexual borders that give shape to the meanings behind gay and straight, the border between addiction and sobriety, and the racial borders that separate comrades from each other. I was deeply moved by this beautiful collection. The title refers to a bar in Juarez, the Kentucky Club, where each of the seven stories in this collection either begin or end. The collection begins with the majestic story, “He Has Gone to Be With the Women” which features two gay Latino men in the throes of love who are separated by the El Paso/Juarez border. As they struggle to come to terms with this aspect of their relationship, the man who lives in Mexico is abducted and murdered in the desert of Juarez. Juarez is also the site of the “femicide” that has been going on since the 1990s. Estimates of how many women have been murdered vary widely but it is agreed that the lowest number possible is several hundred. In the story, the abducted man literally goes to be with the women in the desert, the same desert that his mother disappeared into many years before. It is worth noting here that the character who

ends up being murdered loves Mexico and fiercely defends his country from racist suggestions that Mexico is inherently violent or chaotic. “The Art of Translation” features a heterosexual male protagonist whom is struggling with the traumatic after-affects of a hate crime where the assailants literally engrave hatred into his skin. “The Rule Maker” is a beautiful story about what makes a family, with a special focus on fathers and sons. Sáenz has written eloquently about addiction before and in this story he returns to that theme. Sáenz is extremely careful not to paint the addict or dealer in an evil light but rather lets the reader experience these people in all their complications and messy humanity. Another stunning piece towards the end of the collection is titled, “Sometimes the Rain” and it follows three boys as they struggle with abusive families, burgeoning sexual identities, and the backdrop of the Vietnam War. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Sit with it and savor the deep wisdom that Sáenz is imparting to us through these beautiful stories. —Caleb Rainey recently graduated with his master’s degree in cultural studies. He is a long-time activist, and the founder executive director of the San Diego Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation. Contact him at


DUGOUT CHATTER SD Hoops summer playoff preview JEFF PRAUGHT

Parity continues to be the name of the game in San Diego’s only basketball league for LGBT players and their friends, San Diego Hoops. The league, founded in 1999, just completed the regular season of its second annual Summer League, with six teams vying for the coveted championship. The top two seeds earned firstround byes in this year’s playoffs, meaning they will be able to relax on Wednesday, Aug. 13 while the other four teams battle at Golden Hill Rec Center. Semifinals will take place on Aug. 20, while the championship game and third-place game are scheduled for August 27. All games are at either 6:30 or 7:30 p.m. As this league has proven time and again, anybody can beat any team on any given night, which has especially been true over the past three years. Let’s take a look at all six seeds:

John Crockett has coached The Loft to three straight titles and is looking for a fourth. (Courtesy SD Hoops)

#6 — URBAN MO’S (0 – 10) On paper, it would appear that a team that went winless would pose no threat to an opponent during the playoffs. Not so, in this league or with this Urban MO’s squad. For starters, they are coached by Sereeta Jones, who not only has played at a high level in this league for years, but has experience at the collegiate level. Jones has missed the last two seasons with a severe knee injury, but still commands respect on the hardwood while devising schemes. MO’s will have to rely on big man Brandon Horrocks to get hot, as he is fully capable of doing. I have personally witnessed this tall, strong man drop in bucket after bucket from anywhere inside the paint, scoring nearly 40 points on his best night. He is known for his patented right-hand hook shot, but is also capable of dropping in fadeaway jumpers from near the free throw line that are nearly impossible to defend. Teams need to tire him out to render him ineffective. Tired is one feeling forward Robbie Baker does not know. He is a pest on the glass and usually good for several points just on put-back shots. Up-and-coming Jaime Rangel gives MO’s a third tall, athletic player, presenting match-up problems for an otherwise small league. Ray Valenzuela is their only full-time, high-energy guard, and he will need to hit his layups if Jones’ squad is to have a chance at a first-round upset.

#5 — FLICKS (2 – 8) The struggles of Flicks baffle me, although some of them can be attributed to injuries and an inability of coach Dave Batzer to field a full lineup every week. They should have all of their guns on hand for the playoffs, however, and Batzer has a loaded roster. Start with MVP candidate Johnny Stultz. He is arguably the best pass defender and passer in the league, while also capable of dropping 30 points on any given night. He missed a few games this season but average well north of 20 points per game. His passing frees up sniper Sam Marquez, who can shoot from outside and drive the lane well. Lucas Barmeyer gives the team some size and the occasional double-digit scoring night. Center Jeff Lehmann is the tallest player in the league and gobbles up rebounds. If he can contribute anything on offense, look out for Flicks. #4 — HILLCREST BREWING COMPANY (5 – 5) HBC features a roster that is guard-heavy, quite the opposite of Flicks. In fact, they really do not have a full-time big man at all. Playing the role of center is Chris “Thor” Schoch, who is as physical as anyone in the league and a monster down low. Adam “Ace” Vieyra is a lankier version of Thor, possessing fantastic “hops” and a streaky shooting hand. Ace and Thor, boasting the two best nicknames in the league, are each threats for doubledoubles every night; a double-double is achieved when a player scores at least ten points while recording at least ten rebounds. Coach Darius Artiola is fiery on and off the court. He gives 100 percent at all times, which either leads to a scoring outburst or foul trouble. He and forward Bob Iddings will needs to hit their jumpers in order for HBC to have playoff success. Point guard Darin Adler is a young but veteran league member and rarely makes mistakes distributing the ball. He should have plenty of options with this athletic team. #3 — BAJA BETTY’S (7 – 3) First-year coach Brian Ruszkiewicz’s Baja Betty’s team is perhaps the most athletic group in the league, which speaks volumes for this guard-heavy league. Ruszkiewicz is more of a “sixth man” type of player, but was given the responsibility of coaching because of his passion for the game and over ten years of experience. He will be tested in playoff time, where lineup construction is critical when facing mismatches. His team is balanced, with Van Do and James Vidovich presenting defenses problems from outside. Vidovich, in particular, has been known to knock down three or four three-pointers in a row if left alone. Do is new to the league and has been pushing 20 points in nearly every game this year. The ace that Betty’s holds is first-year center/forward Aaron Lynch. The guy is nearly unstoppable. He is tall, lanky, athletic, and has a great jumper. He can score from anywhere on the court, with few players able to even bother his shots. 15 points and 15 rebounds is a reasonable expectation for him every game. #2 — PECS (8 – 2) Pecs might have an argument when it comes to most athletic team in the league, as they boast

super-scorer Joe Mattia, perennial All-Star guard Noah Ingram, and lightning-fast Devin Timpson on the point. Even their coach and “sixth man” Marcus Lenihan gives other teams fits with his hyper level of hustle. Mattia constantly batters teams down in the paint by driving the lane, Timpson outraces them on fast breaks. Ingram is a steady shooter from behind the threepoint arc. Muscular Tommy Romani plays like a center and clears the way for his guards. Pat Jackson and Frankie Collins seem to always contribute valuable points during those rare possessions when the big three does not score. If Ingram hits his threes during the playoffs, this team will be your champion, because no team can contain Mattia and Ingram AND defend the three.

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014 #1 — THE LOFT (8 – 2) Coach John Crockett is at it again. He has won each of the last two fall league titles (longer season, more teams), as well as last year’s summer league. Amazingly, he has done it with different rosters each time, because SD Hoops is built around a draft system. The man knows how to coach, and the man knows how to pick players that play well in his system. The Loft took the number-one seed by virtue of a points tiebreaker in games played against Pecs, as the teams split their season series at one apiece. Despite losing Dustin Mears to a season-ending injury in Week 1, The Loft has been on fire since starting the season at 1 – 2. Eric Reissner makes any offense go, and The Loft certainly relies on his three-point shooting and relentless attack of the basket. Patrick


Schoettler is a slightly older version of Lynch, and watching them match up would be a basketball fan’s dream. They both play the same style of offense, and Schoettler has two MVP awards to his credit. Matt DeLeon, a former member of the nationally-known San Francisco Rockdogs, is averaging about 15 points a game. Derek Stokely and Josh Smith are valuable role players who grab boards and contribute on the scoring end as well. —Jeff Praught is actively involved in the LGBT sports community, where he plays in the local softball (AFCSL), football (SDAFFL) and basketball (SD Hoops) leagues. He has served on AFCSL’s board of officers in various capacities and is currently the commissioner of SD Hoops. He can be reached at



GAY SAN DIEGO Aug 8-21, 2014

ROMEO SAN VICENTE Tom Hardy + Leonardo DiCaprio? Let’s hope. Alt-Hollywood’s current “It Woman” of producers, Megan Ellison, is known for taking creative risks for meaningful films in a time when big studios run screaming from that sort of thing. As the head of Annapurna, the young lesbian mogul has produced Academy Award-nominated films like Spike Jonze’s “Her,” and now she’s negotiating to swoop in and rescue Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest starring vehicle, “The Revenant.” The project, from acclaimed director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“Babel”), has run into funding trouble and it seems like Annapurna would be a good fit for the offbeat story. Co-written by Inarritu with Mark L. Smith, and based on Michael Punke’s 2002 novel, “The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge,” it’s about a 19th century fur trapper’s survival in the brutal wilderness. DiCaprio wants in, and so does shirtless “Esquire” cover star Tom Hardy, so why isn’t a big studio helping out? Who knows, probably because there’s no bikini-wearing robot riding dinosaur into space. But that’s why Ellison is so valuable — she supports filmmakers as artists in a business that treats them like obstacles to merchandizing. Fingers crossed for this one. Back to school with HBO and Susan Sontag We may be past the moment in history when an intellectual culture critic like Susan Sontag could become a household name. But during her life, the late lesbian thinker and writer became exactly that. What’s that, you say? She’s not a household name to you? Well, then HBO has the fix for that: “Regarding Susan Sontag,” a thoroughly engaging documentary from director Nancy Kates, follows the late feminist literary icon from her teenage days reading Proust to her long career as a novelist, professor, critic and all-around high/low-culture rock star. The film also follows Sontag from her very young marriage to a man to her many notable female lovers through the decades, including her last long-term partner, photographer Annie Leibovitz. Along the way she shook up American life with her provocative ideas about art, war, sexuality, literature and politics, and “Regarding Susan Sontag” is a thoughtful, funny, warts-and-all primer for newcomers and a fitting eulogy for long time admirers. HBO airs the film this fall, just in time for jumpstarting your beach-brain back into gear for serious thoughts.

DEEP INSIDE HOLLYWOOD Sean Hayes joining “The Millers” Let’s talk about sitcoms you’re probably not watching. What would make you jump aboard? A new cast member? A new cast member in collaboration with an already-talented sitting cast? That’s what’s happening with “The Millers,” which is a big enough hit for CBS (right, yes, a sitcom on CBS, we know) that it’s been renewed for a new season, even though it would appear that nobody in a position to make cultural noise about it is watching — think about it: “Louie” blows up Twitter, so does “Archer,” but when was the last CBS sitcom that did that for reasons other than Charlie Sheen? And “The Millers” has a cool cast, including Will Arnett and America’s best character actress, Margo Martindale (“August, Osage County”). And still, crickets. That means it’s time for a change in the form of Sean Hayes, who’ll be joining the cast this year as a friend to Martindale’s character and a thorn in Arnett’s side. Sounds promising, yes? Because at least it wasn’t an adorable/obnoxious new child character? Therefore, in the spirit of fairness and in memor y of “Just Jack,” we’ll give this one another shot. Don’t blow it (and more importantly don’t bore us), “The Millers.” You’re on notice.

Rosie’s back. Let the fighting begin! Speaking of bringing in a ringer to save a sinking ship, the news about Rosie O’Donnell coming back to “The View” has turned into the infotainment/power-lesbian/grumpy pundit story of the week, and with it, speculation over who else will join the panel in the wake of Sherri Shepherd’s and Jenny McCarthy’s departures. It hasn’t been sitting well with former “View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, of course, who’s been sniping about the return of her TV nemesis. And that, in turn, has caused former cohost Joy Behar to publicly snap back at Hasselbeck. Meanwhile, original co-host Meredith Vieira is weighing in, too, and now it’s just like the good old days of shouting and crosstalk and sour grapes. Suddenly we’re all remembering that “The View” is a show that’s still on TV! Now, which conservative woman wants to spar with O’Donnell every day? Step right up, Palin wannabes! Unless, of course, you come from reality television. Then, apparently, you’re out of luck. See, word is that Rosie’s contract bars former reality stars from consideration. Sorry, all future Hasselbecks. —Romeo San Vicente has never discriminated against reality stars; they’re hungry for experience. He can be reached care of this publication or at

Tom Hardy may soon be trapping some furs with Leo, if we’re lucky. (Courtesy

e n j o y c o n n e c t i n g w i t h fa m i ly

en route to chicago

With service to over 500 destinations nationwide, our welcoming onboard environment is just as important as our beautiful views, great food and extra leg room. Whether enjoying a meal in the Dining car, spending time with family in the Lounge or just relaxing in our spacious seats or in private sleeping accommodations, Amtrak invites you to embrace the moment. ®

The Southwest Chief provides daily service from Los Angeles to Williams Junction (Grand Canyon), Albuquerque, Kansas City and Chicago. ®


Amtrak, Enjoy the journey and Southwest Chief are registered service marks of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

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