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Volume 8 Issue 4 Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017

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Politics and sexuality are two timely subjects in 2017. That makes this an ideal year for Intrepid Theatre’s production of the 2016 comedy-drama, “Perfect Arrangement.” Taking place in 1950, the story follows two U.S. State Department employees, Bob Martindale (John DeCarlo) and Norma Baxter (Jennifer Paredes). They are married to each other and pretend to be straight. What few realize is that both of them are in samesex relationships. Bob’s wife, Millie Martindale (Laura Bohlin) is actually Norma’s lover and Norma’s husband, Jim Baxter (Joshua Jones), is having an affair with Bob. Problems arise when Bob and Norma are asked to take part in the “Lavender Scare,” a real life witch-hunt against homosexuals. While the “Red Scare” of the 1940s and ’50s continues to be argued about and reflected upon,

the “Lavender Scare” isn’t discussed to the same extent. Even some of the artists involved with the staging at the Horton Grand Theatre weren’t aware about this dark period of history. Not only were many men and women fired from their jobs, the campaign brought a lot of negative damage to the homosexual community. It wasn’t until several decades later that homosexuality was accepted by a majority of society in this country. Although the play is meant to be entertaining, Bohlin would like “Perfect Arrangement” to be an enriching experience. “We can’t forget this period of American history that wasn’t that long ago,” she said. Playwright Topher Payne uses humor and emotional moments to add humanity to the historical fiction plot. The four main characters might be Payne’s creations, but they are dealing with the many issues that gays and lesbians faced several decades ago.

(l to r) Joshua Jones and John DeCarlo mix politics and sexuality in “A Perfect Arrangement.” (Photo by Daren Scott) Bohlin is an actress who feels that the balance between laughter and pathos is earned. “How cool is it when people can be entertained while being empathetic of a person’s lifestyle?” she said. In the early scenes, the tale incorporates comedic situations that wouldn’t be out of place in “I Love Lucy.” To get into the style of the narrative, Bohlin said she watched a good amount of those episodes.

“It’s a delightful sitcom that also aided me with research for that period of time,” she said. CEO/producing artistic director and co-founder of Intrepid, Christy Yael-Cox, and stage manager Taylor Todd, helped educate the cast about the events that inspired Payne’s script. Jones, especially, got a lot out of the rehearsal process. “They were excellent about giving us tons of dramaturgical

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GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017

Transforming minds one truth at a time Comedian Ian Harvie on how ‘we’re all trans,’ his vast penis collection and comedy as a tool for change Chris Azzopardi | Q Syndicate For Ian Harvie, it’s not about earning the title of “first trans person in the world with a onehour standup special” — though that’s a tag the FTM comedian can now claim — for him, he’s hopeful more trans comedians will walk through the door he swung open with “May the Best Cock Win,” airing on NBC’s digital network, SEESO. “I’m so excited that a digital network like SEESO, an NBCbased company, has said ‘Yes’ to the first trans comic special, which will provide a pathway for others to come through,” said the Portland, Maine native. Harvie, who made his acting debut as Dale during the premiere season of Amazon’s Emmy-winning “Transparent,” recently opened up about how Margaret Cho made him brave the LGBT crowds, the outward difference of being a “butch dyke” and a trans man; and the unifying power of comedy. (Chris Azzopardi | CA) I have a feeling people will be questioning their own penis

adequacy after seeing your comedy special. (Ian Harvie | IH) Because you get what you get? Don’t overthink it! I make jokes, but people think I must have it bad because I’m a guy without a dick, but really I have many. I have tons of dicks. I have a range: softies that you can pack in your underwear to make it look like you have a penis, but, really, I’m too lazy to even remember to do that. Small, medium, large. Vibrating ones. Balls, no balls. Different colors. Ones that look kind of alien that don’t have a penis head. All kinds of different dicks. I’m old enough to have a collection. [Laughs] (CA) Oh, you’ve been collecting for that long? (IH) Yes, and I’ve had girlfriends be like, “No, we’re getting a new one.” It’s very lesbian to be like, “Listen, those other dicks you bought with other girlfriends — they’re not going in me. We’re getting a new one.” [Laughs] It’s very interesting. I mean, I can’t say, “Listen, you gotta get a new vagina.” And if

Harvie’s acting debut was on Amazon’s “Transparent.” (Courtesy Amazon)

you’re a dude with a dick, you can’t get rid of it and get a new one just because you fucked someone else with it. That’s the dick you have. It’s a very loose queer/lesbian/dyke rule that if you have a collection of dicks and you have a new partner, you’re getting a new dick. (CA) For some trans people, discussing genitalia and gender-reassignment surgery can be touchy subjects. How do trans people react to those topics when you talk about them? (IH) I don’t get negative feedback from trans people because I’m only talking about my story and I think most people understand when they’re watching comedy, especially my comedy, it’s narrative. So, I’m not sharing someone else’s story. I don’t think that you can go, “Well, that’s not true about trans people,” because, well, I’m a trans person and it’s true for me. It’s rare, but I think the negative stuff that I get has been when I maybe come across as ageist, like wanting old, conservative people to die.

Trans standup comedian Ian Harvie’s new one-hour comedy special, “May the Best Cock Win,” airs on SEESO, NBC’s new digital network. (Photo by Austin Young) (CA) Because you’re a public figure, many trans people may see their story reflected in yours. (IH) Listen, you can identify with feelings — you don’t have to identify with a person’s exact story. I want to make a distinction because it’s so funny when people come out — if you like what they have to say, people call them a role model; if you don’t like what they have to say, they’re a public figure. That’s the difference. [Laughs] So, I may be a public figure, but being a comic, just by the nature of the art, people aren’t always going to agree with me and that’s OK. I don’t mind being a public figure. I hope that some of the things that I have to say actually resonate with people. I had a guy come up to me after a show who was a cisgender male — a straight guy — who was tortured in junior high because his nipples were raised. He started to play sports and people tortured the shit out of him. He was labeled as feminine because of his raised nipples, which today would be worshipped in gay culture! [Laughs] But he said he had surgery to correct this thing that he had been tortured by. He wanted to do it for himself to feel better in his body and he came up to me after a show and was like, “Listen, I never, ever thought of it that way and I never thought anybody would speak to me like you did.” What I realized by doing these shows: At first I thought this was gonna be great for the trans community. We’d have this shared experience and I can speak and they can have things that resonate with them. Now, I just feel I’m speaking to everybody. We’re all the same. This is so stupid. We’re all trans. All the same. We’re all struggling with this. It’s not unique to trans people. And I don’t want trans people to think they’re not unique or beautiful and special — I don’t mean it that way. But this is a shared experience. If you don’t feel weird, you’re the weirdo. (CA) Do you see your comedy as a bridge to trans acceptance? (IH) Yeah, I do. I think it’s one of the most powerful ways to help people access something that they haven’t been able to access before. I

marched with ACT UP and Queer Nation back in the late ’80s, early ’90s. Started waving signs. I actually had blank foam core and markers in the trunk of my car ready to go anytime and I remember going to marches and getting in people’s faces. That resistance is effective — it absolutely is. But I also found this other medium in comedy, where you walk into a comedy club and the audience is so incredibly diverse. People just want to laugh and it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. If you can make them laugh, you can access them and give them information about something that they had no idea about before. So, I think comedy is a really amazing tool to change people on old ideas they had. And this is part of the privilege of being a dude. I get there, I look like a dude, I sound like a dude and grossly people listen to dudes more. I think what happens is people walk away without realizing it, having this new frame of reference for who trans people are. We’re not weirdos. We’re not freaks. We’re not all the stereotypes that people have put out there in the media in the past. And there’s not a fucking foam core sign in their face. That has value too, absolutely. But it’s a totally different way of accessing them. I’m not wagging my finger at them. I’m making them laugh. (CA) You say that an audience is more apt to listen to a man rather than a woman. Is that based on any personal experience of your own? (IH) It’s this weird shift for me to go from this butch dyke who was only visible because I looked like a man with huge tits. I mean, I was visible for that, but I wasn’t sexually visible to people. I definitely wasn’t anything near a sort of female standard that culturally we have, so I was largely invisible until they figured out that I was female. Then, I was just weird. Now, there’s a shift in how people look at me and listen to me. (CA) How does it make you feel to know that people sexualize you in a way they didn’t before you transitioned?

see Harvie, pg 15


GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017


Are you Type A, B, C or D? Life Beyond Therapy Michael Kimmel Haven’t you heard people say, “Oh, I’m such a Type A personality” or “You’re such a Type B person”? High-achieving folks often brag how Type A they are: “Oh, I can’t help it, I’m such a workaholic.” And Type Bs like to remind you how mellow they are. But did you know that there are also Types C and D personalities? Let’s take a look at each of the types: I invite you to see which ones apply most to you and the people you know. Type A: These individuals are highly independent, self-driven and know the importance of goal setting and motivation. They are competitive, time-conscious, impatient, and prone to hostility, aggressiveness, and rudeness. They always need to be doing something and are lost without a tight plan of their day’s activities. They find it difficult to relax or even fall asleep quickly at night and have a low tolerance for what they perceive as incompetence. Type A people are likely to suffer from hypertension, stress, heart disease, and social isolation. Type B: These personalities are essentially the exact opposite: they are hardly stressed,

even in super-intense situations (“It’s all good, dude”) and others often describe them as cheerful and carefree. People love hanging out with them because they are entertaining and fun to be around. They typically lack a sense of urgency; they hate deadlines, preferring to “chill” and take things as they come. Type B people usually give a project their all, but don’t get stressed about it. They handle failures well, seeing them as obstacles and moving on to other projects. They are extremely patient, rarely give in to pressure and aggression, and seldom get frantic about anything. They are also very tolerant, flexible and adaptable in situations. On the down side, they tend to procrastinate and don’t handle deadlines well: “Dude, sometimes, you are just too laid-back.” They lead a full social life, being cheerful and entertaining by nature, making friends easily. Of the four personality types, Type Bs are likely to be the healthiest: Their easy-going nature puts little stress on their biology. They may not, however, think that they need medical care when something physical goes awry. Type C: This personality type is chock-full of deep thinking, thoughtful, highly sensitive, detail-oriented introverts. They rarely take things at face value and are interested in finding out exactly how things


work. They think very analytically and make decisions based on research. Natural problem solvers, they focus on details and are able to notice and register things that other personality types may miss. These folks tend to avoid social interaction, finding it difficult to get out of their shell and communicate with other people, but they’re extremely competent when it comes to numbers and logic. They don’t like risk-taking and handle criticism poorly (ironically, they are usually hyper-critical of the people around them). Type Cs are most likely to be hypochondriacs: obsessing over every little ache and pain. They will over-research and over-analyze anything that can go wrong: These are the folks who typically drive their doctors crazy.

Type D: These individuals are kings and queens of inertia. “Don’t rock the boat” is their mantra. They love their routines and will do their best to avoid taking responsibility and risks. To avoid rejection, they rarely open up and share their negative emotions, causing them to suffer from an enormous amount of stress, rendering them prone to heart-related diseases. Research studies show that as many as 18 to 53 percent of cardiac patients have a Type D personality. In reality, we are all a mixture of the four personality traits described above: These types are broad classifications, so why not have a little fun with them? Try a little experiment. Read through the four personality

1040 University Ave. Suite B-205 619-831-8877

types and rate yourself on how each one applies to you. For example: Type A — 50 percent; Type B — 20 percent; Type C — 10 percent and Type D — 20 percent. It isn’t brain surgery, but it’s an interesting tool you can use to learn more about some of your strengths and weaknesses. You could even share this with your friends and ask them to rate you, too (if you’re really brave). —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Contact him at 619-955-3311 or visit▼



GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017

Marching forward … with the National Black Justice Coalition Profiles in Advocacy Ian Morton On Friday, Feb. 10, I had the privilege of participating in the production of the fourth annual Bayard Rustin Civil Rights Honors at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. Named for civil rights organizer Bayard Rustin — righthand man to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, and gay black man — this event celebrates achievement, advocacy and activism by and for the San Diego black LGBTQ community. While, historically, each award was named for this amazing icon, it was decided that this year sub-categories would be created and named for additional leaders, which led to the establishment of the Marsha P. Johnson Emerging Activist Award; the Mandy Carter Community Mobilization Award; and the Langston Hughes Award for Excellence in the Arts. Marsha P. Johnson and Langston Hughes were names with which I was familiar, but Mandy Carter, who I learned was recognized with a Bayard Rustin Lifetime Achievement award in 2013, was a new name to me. In my research about Carter, I was elated to discover the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), of which she was a founding member. Founded in 2003, the mission of NBJC is “to eradicate

racism and homophobia,” with a focus on federal public policy. Housed in our nation’s capitol, they are at the nerve center of the United States’ policy-making machine, and provide both a black LGBTQ perspective to decision-makers and distribute information back to the broader black LGBTQ community. Additionally, they regularly publish reports that center on black LGBTQ strengths and challenges, in areas such as media representation, worker’s rights, family structure, intimate partner violence, and houses of faith, among others. I had an opportunity to chat with Carter and we definitely got “deep,” as she has a gift for drawing the stories out of others, as well as sharing of herself. For the purpose of this piece, I’ll focus on our conversations about NBJC, but I highly recommend seeking out her own stories.

Activist Mandy Carter with President Barack Obama in 2011. (Courtesy Mandy Carter) For a historical perspective, it is worth mentioning the National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum, which produced an annual conference between the years of 1998 and 2003. It was the ending of this initiative, which took place after the final conference in August of 2003 — the same weekend as the 40th

(l to r) Matt Foreman, Mandy Carter and Coretta Scott King at the 40th anniversary of the March on Washington in 2003. (Courtesy Mandy Carter)

events ATTHECENTER Tuesday, Feb. 21

Wednesday, March 1

Young Women’s Discussion Group

Senior Housing Development Information Session

7:30 pm, The Center

5:30-7 pm, The Center

Join other young women ages 18-30 on the third Tuesday of every month to discuss academics, careers, relationships, politics, social media, pop culture, community building, activism and ways to be more involved in the LGBT community. Meet like-minded people and share your experiences as a member of the LGBT community. For more information, contact Aaron Heier at 619.692.2077 x211, or

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Young Men’s Discussion Group 7:30 pm, The Center Connect to The Center and the community. Join other 18-35 year olds to talk about relationships, sexual health, activism, community building and more. The young men’s group meets at The Center on the 4th Tuesday of the month. For more information, contact Aaron Heier at 619.692.2077 x211, or The San Diego LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street • 619-692-2077

Twitter: @LGBTCenter

Looking for more information about the new LGBT-affirming senior housing development? The next information session will be held at The Center on Wednesday, March 1. For more information, contact LaRue Fields at or 619.692.2077 x205.

Wed, March 1

Guys, Games & Grub 6 pm, The Center Everyone is welcome to GGG! The popular board game and social night, presented by Men @ The Center, includes pizza, snacks, beer, wine, soft drinks, and hundreds of board games to choose from. Come alone and meet new friends, or come with a group for a fun evening out! The popular Team Trivia game hosted by community favorite John Lockhart begins at 6:15 pm and everyone is welcome to drop in. Suggested donation of $5 is requested for admission. For more information contact Ben Cartwright at or 619.692.2077 x106.

anniversary of the March on Washington — that prompted Carter and forum founder, Phill Wilson, to work with other leaders to determine how to fill the vacuum left by the program’s ending. Marriage equality was a hot-button issue on the table and organizations began amassing their “players” on both sides of it. In May of 2004, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court had ruled that it was unconstitutional to allow only opposite-sex couples to marry. Carter recalls the effort by marriage equality opponents to divide the broader black community from its LGBTQ members, going so far as enlist Rev. Gregory Daniels, of Chicago, to appeal to the faith community. “The opposition was comprised mostly of white members of the ‘radical right, with folks like [Jerry] Falwell of Focus on the Family, and other such groups,” Carter explained. “But they got a black preacher — and all you need is one — and had a rally in the Boston Commons. What this black minister said sent shivers down my spine, as an out black lesbian. “What he said was, and I quote, ‘If the KKK opposes gay marriage, I would ride with them.’ To hear a black male preacher make that comment showed how low a group would go to create the divide within the black community. It was chilling,” she said. Bolstered by these tactics, NBJC responded by announcing their presence through a press conference with black same-sex couples. “Up until this point, marriage equality had been largely viewed as a white gay priority,” Carter

recalled. “But we had black gay and lesbian couples who were committed to being the face and voice of marriage equality for the broader black community. “Now, we only had one reporter show up that day, from the Washington Post, but something critical came out of that press conference,” she continued. “The next day, Julian Bond — then a member of the Georgia House of Representatives and the president of the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People], and a legend, called and asked, ‘What can I do to help?’ “That was a game changer!” The NBJC continues to be a vital and productive arm of the black LGBTQ community, with significant influence on a national level. As polls have repeatedly shown, visibility of LGBTQ individuals engenders empathy for equality, NBJC works to create environments where it is safe for individuals to be “out” on all levels. As I finished my conversation with Carter, we came full circle to Bayard Rustin, and the importance of him being recognized for the important leader that he was. “One of my dreams has always been to see Rustin honored for the essential work that he did,” Carter said. “He put on the most amazing historical event of my lifetime; the 1963 March on Washington where [Martin Luther] King gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. This was a queer black man who did not define himself by one issue. “In 1993, while I worked for the Human Rights Campaign, the Bayard Rustin Commemorative Campaign was launched, supported by Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, III. This effort continued through the Bayard Rustin Commemoration Project at the National Black Justice Coalition, and finally, on the 50th anniversary of the march, Rustin received the 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom [posthumously] from President Obama. For me, and for thousands of queer black people, this was an extraordinary moment!” To find out more about the NBJC, find them online at —Ian D. Morton is the senior program analyst at San Diego Human Dignity Foundation and produces the Y.E.S. San Diego LGBTQ youth conference. To nominate an individual or nonprofit for this column, please email the information to▼


Assessing Senior Needs — Part 3 you are alive, but unable to do so or after your death?

Senior Matters William E. Kelly

Here is a list to keep handy and make sure the documents are up to date.

(Editor’s note: This is the third of a three-part series. To read the first two, visit h3lh3dd.) In parts one and two of this series, we delved into six basic need categories common to all seniors and briefly talked about how the priorities of those needs vary from person to person, due to personal, financial, social and cultural differences, experiences and environments. This final article of the series concerns a seventh and most crucial overlooked category, your legal preparations and the pertinent underlying documents. This should include the set of current lawfully executed documents and papers that clearly direct how your assets, care and affairs are to be managed if, or when, for any reason you can no longer manage them on your own. Jeffrey Anderson writes a blog for A Place For Mom. It is a for-profit organization based in Seattle that claims to be “The Nation’s Largest FREE Senior Care Referral Service.” Just type — or ask so`meone to help you do an internet search for — “Jeffrey Anderson Documents Prepared Families Cannot Ignore” or go directly to It is well worth reading his comments and you can indeed find lots of free, useful information through their website. What documents should you have organized in one location? Is that location known by trusted family, heirs and/or your legal and financial advisors, who are entrusted with managing your affairs, care and assets if

Financial documents: bank accounts; pension documents; 401(k) information; annuity contracts; tax returns; savings bonds; stock certificates; brokerage accounts; partnership and corporate operating agreements; deeds to all property; vehicle titles; documentation of loans and debts, including all credit accounts; and durable financial power-of-attorney (financial proxy). Health care documents: health care proxy (durable health power-of-attorney); authorization to release health care information; living will (health care directive); personal medical history; insurance card (Medicare, Medicaid, Independent); and long-term care insurance policy. End-of-life and estate planning documents: your will; trust documents; life insurance policies; end-of-life instructions letter (regarding wishes not covered in will, for example regarding memorial, or other items not covered in the will); and organ donor card. Miscellaneous documents: marriage papers; divorce papers; list of online usernames and passwords; list of safe deposit boxes and the location all keys; military records; birth certificate; driver’s license; social security card; and passport. Legal preparation requires qualified legal professionals and financial advisors. Locating the right professionals to work with depends on how much we can and are willing to


pay for their services, or if we are unable to pay, where and what assistance is available to us in our local area. In San Diego, there is no shortage of lawyers and financial advisors. If we don’t know where to begin, we can ask friends, family, personal acquaintances and colleagues and/or search (or ask someone for help searching) the vast wealth of information available on the internet. By doing the due diligence discussed in this series you can assess your needs and reasonably identify and prepare for circumstances unique to your conditions. Or you can leave your future in the hands of strangers and hope for the best possible outcome. What will you do? Remember, the internet is an unlimited source of free and very useful information. Some information is provided by for-profit entities and some information is provided by nonprofit entities. Internet links to entities quoted above are not to be construed as an endorsement of that entity but rather as a recommended source for whatever free information I found that they provided. As always, questions and comments are welcomed and can be directed to me. —Bill Kelly is a longtime local activist who currently focuses on LGBT senior issues and moderates the Caring for our LGBT Seniors in San Diego Facebook page. Access to the group is free to all seniors, their advocates, families, friends and caregivers. Reach Bill at wekbill@yahoo. com.▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017


On Tuesday, Feb. 14, the San Diego City Council voted almost unanimously to join the amicus brief along with other cities across the nation, which will challenge the executive order brought forward by the President of the United States restricting State Sen. Toni G. Atkins non-citizen travel to the U.S. “I’ve been overwhelmed in “SB 310 guarantees that recent months as tens of thoupeople who are incarcerated sands of San Diegans have mocan submit their legal request bilized themselves in defense for a name change or a nameof each other and the values of and-gender change in the same respect and inclusiveness that define our city,” Councilmember manner as non-incarcerated people,” stated a press release Chris Ward said in a press release announcing the vote. “I’ve that announced the bill. “This gives incarcerated transgender been proud to stand with them people the ability to match in those efforts and today, I’m their legal identification with proud that their City Council their gender identity, which has said loud and clear that we gives them a sense of validawill continue to fight for you.” tion during incarceration and Ward called the vote “an increases their chances for sucimportant first step” for San cessful reentry into society. Diego as it begins to assess “People who are incarcerated how it will respond to efforts should have the same right as by the executive branch, which anyone else to legally change will “threaten to undermine their name or gender and be the safety of our communities and the human rights of all our recognized for who they are,” Atkins said in the press release. neighbors.” “SB 310 will simply ensure Ward, who took office in that incarcerated transgender December, represents District people have equal access to the 3 including the communicourts by removing the possities of Downtown, Little bility for arbitrary or retaliatoItaly, Bankers Hill, Mission ry denials.” Hills, Middletown, Hillcrest, The bill would guarantee University Heights, North Park, prisoners the same legal proNormal Heights, Old Town, cess afforded to non-incarSouth Park and Golden Hill. cerated people and to match ATKINS INTRODUCES their legal identification with BILL TO EASE NAME AND their identity. It would also GENDER CHANGES require prison staff to use any On Tuesday, Feb. 13, state new name established in the Sen. Toni G. Atkins introduced process. Senate Bill 310, which offers to Janetta Johnson, executive help ease the name-change and director of the Transgender, gender-change application proGender-Variant, Intersex cess for transgender prisoners Justice Project, said the bill within the state of California. will bring back some of the dignity lost to those transgender people residing in prisons across the state. “It is important, especially during this current political moment, that our folks inside prisons and jails can finally claim their name and gender as they are,” Johnson said. For more information, visit

ting Free HIV Teast The Center! Available

see News Briefs, pg 12

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GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017


‘Waking up’ in the Trump era Morgan M. Hurley | Editor While most of us now rise every morning wondering what the leader of the free world will bring to our conscience today, and as many of us sit in shock as we watch the news of the day's events or the hastily put together press conferences — as in the one that took place Thursday, Feb. 16 by the commander in chief himself — there is one positive thing Trump is doing: He is bringing us together as never before. We never expected him to be a serious candidate; then we never expected him to clinch the Republican nomination; then we surely didn’t expect him to win … and now we are living in what seems to be a surreal, alternative universe, filled with actions and ideas that on the surface closely resemble fascism and move us further and further away from what we have always stand for with each passing day. As a result, we are standing up and using our voices, on Facebook, in our offices, while calling our representatives,

EDITOR Morgan M. Hurley (619) 961-1960 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ken Williams, x102 Jeff Clemetson, x119 ASSISTANT EDITOR John Gregory CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Charlene Baldridge Michael Kimmel Frank Sabatini Jr. Chris Azzopardi David Dixon William E. Kelly Ian Morton

and we are attending marches and deciding to run for office. Make no mistake, to use a term of the younger generation … we are WOKE. Even our City Council this week signed on — after a 8-1 vote — to be a part of the amicus briefing that will challenge the president’s executive order restricting non-citizen travel to the U.S., which recently threw airports in our nation and around the world into chaos and left hundreds of travelers stranded. The Women’s March, which took place in Washington, D. C. and cities all across the country on Jan. 21 — the day after Trump’s inauguration — saw 40,000 people take to the streets of San Diego. We met up at the San Diego Civic Center for a short rally then marched from there up Broadway to Pacific Highway to the Waterfront Park. It was so empowering to be part of such a peaceful but committed march. In the upcoming weeks, more marches are planned for our region and no doubt they will also be well attended.

COPY EDITOR Dustin Lothspeich SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Mike Rosensteel (619) 961-1958 ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS Andrew Bagley, x106 Sloan Gomez, x104 Heather Fine, x107 Annie Burchard, x105 SENIOR INTERN David Sengmany INTERN Jennifer Gotschalk

First, on Feb. 18, is a march in solidarity with immigrants, called, “No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for all.” This will take place starting at 11 a.m., at the Waterfront Park, located at 1600 Pacific Hwy. A rally will kick it off, followed by speeches and a march to the Federal Building Downtown for more speeches and another march through Downtown. For more info visit tinyurl. com/z8v34z5. Next, a Climate Change Rally, scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 6 p.m. at the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Building, located at 940 Front St., Downtown. The theme of this rally, “Climate Change is not a Hoax and Make Your Voice Heard,” will offer the opportunity for those interested to stand up to the president and the Republican-led Congress with regard to Climate Change. Already the president has rolled back many Obama rulings about coal and fossil fuels, and rumors abound that the Environmental Protection Agency will be done away with and that the U.S. government will soon back away from its part in the Paris Agreement

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— an accord within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiated by 195 countries in December of 2015, regarding the mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions — which would be severely impactful on an international stage. For more information on this rally, visit zseb8hn. On March 25, there will be a “Rally at the Border.” This will bring together people from Mexico and the United States together for one purpose — stand up to the deportations and “the wall.” “This is not the time to forget, this is not the moment to sit back, this is not the moment to just stand watching,” says the march’s Facebook event page. “This is the moment that we all must stand, this is the moment that we all must march, this is the moment that we all must have a voice to protect everyone’s rights this nation. This rally is the first rally of it’s kind where two nations will come together, and voice the fact that we do not agree with President Donald J. Trump’s plan to deport hundreds of thousands of

immigrants, and build a wall that will close the door of opportunity for everyone.” The march will take place along the San Ysidro point of the U.S. – Mexico International Border. For more information, email rallyattheborder2017@ or visit zungda9. Finally, on April 6, Planned Parenthood will be hosting their 54th anniversary with a dinner at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, called, “Now More than Ever.” “Now more than ever, support and protect access to reproductive health care and sexuality education in San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial counties, and all across the country,” the Facebook event says. “Join us as we celebrate Planned Parenthood’s 54 years of high-quality health care, education, and passionate advocacy on behalf of women, men, and youth in our region.” These are just a few things happening in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for more. Engage. Stay Involved. #Resist. #Persist. —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at▼

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GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017

'Re'Flecting' on Bill Kelly Local senior advocate profiled in new documentary Morgan M. Hurley | Editor San Diego’s PBS affiliate, KPBS, recently filmed a documentary on LGBT senior activist and Gay San Diego contributor William “Bill� Kelly. The nearly 27-minute-long documentary, part of a series on local seniors produced by KPBS called “Re’Flect, Successful Aging Defined,� focuses on Kelly and his activism and day-to-day life. “Join us as we profile six San Diego seniors who are breaking the mold and aging on their terms,� the trailer filmed for the project states. The series premiered in January, though Kelly’s documentary was just recently posted on the news organization’s website, as the fifth of the six in the series. Creators say the project “provides insight into the active and engaged world of today’s seniors who are living out loud and defying stereotypes associated with aging.� Theresa Hoiles, who co-created, co-wrote and co-produced the series with her longtime friend, series director Heidi Ratej, told Gay San Diego why they decided include a segment on Kelly. “We feel Bill’s story is important to be told because the LGBT senior falls out of the spotlight within their own community, and in the greater community, they often find themselves retreating back into the closet where they are nearly forgotten,� she said. “We hope to introduce viewers to vibrant, hopeful and active older adults from all walks of life.� Kelly’s part in the series is called, “William Kelly, making a difference,� and in the teaser listed below his documentary on the website, KPBS states: “He helped bring the first LGBT senior housing community to San Diego, only one of three in the country. This episode features William’s endless efforts to support and establish rights for LGBT seniors and his 37-year marriage with his husband Bob. We meet William’s husband Bob, colleagues and friends.� To clarify, Kelly and his husband, Bob Taylor, have been together nearly 38 years, but have only been married since 2008, when it first became possible in California for same-sex couples to do so. The film, shot primarily last summer and fall, includes intimate moments between Kelly and his husband at their home and follows Kelly around the streets of Hillcrest as he distributes information about the upcoming LGBT-affirming housing being built in North Park at the northwest corner of Texas Street and Howard Avenue. Kelly can be seen stopping into various locations such as the San Diego LGBT Community Center, Babycakes, Community HousingWorks and a dermatology office, and also participating in AIDS Walk. “It was far more involved, time consuming and rewarding

than I had ever imagined it would be,� Kelly said. “There were months of being interviewed and more than 100 hours of filming my day-to-day life as a senior advocate. This was followed by hours of editing for each of the segments.� Kelly is also shown interacting with various local leaders — often with regards to the senior housing project — including Sue Reynolds, LaRue Fields, Todd Gloria (who was still a City Council member at the time of filming but is now a member of the state Assembly), Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and Benny Cartwright, among others. “I think our [LGBT] community can support successful aging by making sure the voices of seniors are actually at the table,� Gloria said in the film. Gloria called Kelly a “trailblazer,� adding, “For those of us that are going to be seniors one day and are openly gay, I think our lives are going to be a lot easier because of Bill and his activism.� As only one small part of this activism, Kelly authors

Kelly being interviewed in his home for the KPBS documentary series on local seniors. (Photo by Matt Nothelfer) a column in this newspaper called Senior Matters, and also administrates a Facebook page aimed at lessening the resource and information gap for seniors, called “Caring for our LGBT seniors in San Diego.� One of the more poignant moments of the fi lm showed Kelly and Taylor looking through boxes of mementos they have kept through the years, which document the 38-year history of their relationship. Those keepsakes include dozens of audio cassette tapes the couple made for each other while separated

by the Atlantic Ocean for an extended period of time due to work obligations, at a time when it was impossible to be together due to social views on homosexuality. “Most incredible of all has been the reaction from people all over the nation who have responded most often that it made them cry and they had no idea how hard it was for LGBT persons back in the ’70s and before,� Kelly said. “It has opened a lot of eyes, hearts and minds, and contributed to some very compassionate conversations and questions.�


On the film’s website, Rataj, a lesbian, said in her bio that she wanted to bring positive awareness to the senior community due to her own concerns about growing older and navigating those years, both socially and financially. “What Heidi has discovered through her own personal journey in this series is that there is so much more to growing old than rocking chairs and knitting socks,â€? the bio states. “In fact, the inspiration she has gained through this series has moved her to attain a master’s degree in gerontology from USC. Heidi has sat on numerous panels to discuss aging and hopes to be an advocate for the growing population of seniors throughout the nation.â€? The documentary, which can be streamed from the KPBS website, was created and produced by Ratej and Hoiles; directed by Ratej; videographed and edited by Matt Nothelfer and Alicia Wszelaki; with original music by Andy Reed. To watch the series, Kelly’s individual documentary, and the trailers for each documentary, visit or visit to learn more about the filmmakers. —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached atâ–ź

Join Now. Members Save! At the Y, we bring people closer together through programs for the whole family. You can be assured that whatever activity your family or your child engages in—from group exercise classes to VZLPOHVVRQVWRFDPS¹\RX¾OOžQGDVDIHSRVLWLYHHQYLURQPHQWWR play, learn, grow and thrive.



Effective March 1, all San Diego County YMCAs will have Gender Neutral bathrooms, including 15 at Copley-Price Family Y

Up to 15% savings on Camps and Programs

Access to all 17 YMCA locations in San Diego County

Free Child Watch and Kids Club at all locations while you work out

Special family events and fun youth programs

)UHH.LFN6WDUW½WQHVV program & equipment with integrated technology

Unlimited group exercise with over 100 weekly classes

Two pools with swim lessons, water exercise, lap swim and open swim

Multisport gym & indoor-style soccer arena for sports

COPLEY-PRICE FAMILY YMCA 4300 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92105 • 619.280.9622



GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017

San Diego’s big Persian buffet Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr. As with most commercial buffets, the food is mediocre, if not lousy, and I invariably get caught in line between a slowpoke in front of me and an aggressive raven breathing down my neck from behind. In comparison, my recent experience at the all-youcan-eat lunch buffet at Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine revealed some winning dishes, and without any jam-ups or arms reaching over mine as I thrice sailed down the tread. The midday spread is offered daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30

p.m., and features about 25 items of Persian persuasion, starting with salads, hummus, baba ganoush, maast o’khiar (yogurt with cucumber and mint), and soups — one of them with a delectable pomegranate pottage fortified with rice and spinach. They verge into a long row of chafing dishes containing various Middle Eastern meat and vegetarian stews, plus an abundance of chicken and ground beef kabobs — all ending unexpectedly with broiled chicken wings and spaghetti in meat sauce. The latter appeared too pedestrian to bother sampling. But the wings with their subtle speckling of sumac were moist and savory, especially when dipping them into a plop of cool maast o’khiar I had

on my plate. With tax, the buffet costs about $17, although on Sundays it’s almost $10 more because extra dishes are added to the lineup, with some featuring lamb. Bread is a foundation of Persian meals, particularly barbari, a thick flatbread that pairs adoringly to tabbouleh salad or the herbed feta cheese contained on this buffet. Unfortunately, the only bread in the offing was pita, which had the

Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine 5915 Balboa Ave. (Clairemont) 858-278-7770 Lunch buffet: $15.95, Monday through Saturday; $24.95 on Sundays

Gormeh sabzi beef stew

Persian potato salad, hummus, feta, and pita bread

Assorted Persian desserts

Hope, Compassion, Love. The Garcias will need them all tonight.

dull flavor and chewy texture of comi lb d B mercial brands. Butt with the support of robust, smoky baba ganoush and the creaminess of the fleecy feta, I came to accept it. Gormeh sabzi is a stew of concentrated herbs, red beans, and large chunks of inexpensive beef that turns as soft as pot roast from extended cooking. Every spoonful was lovable. I skipped over the vegetarian squash stew parked alongside and B-lined to the kabobs. The promise of eating them lawlessly is what lured me here in the first place. The orange-tinted chicken kabobs resembled those at Bandar, my favorite Persian restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter. Made with strips of yogurt-marinated breast meat, they’re woven into sizable balls and seasoned with lemon and olive oil. These weren’t as juicy, but they had me returning for seconds nonetheless. The ground beef kabobs were plain in appearance, but won me over with their herby, onion-y flavor and finely ground texture. Like Turkish kafta, they were lean and beautifully seasoned, tasting all the better when paired with Sufi’s extra-creamy hummus. On the same plate, I added a plop of adas polo combining basmati rice with lentils

(Photos by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

and raisins, and in this case, revealing occasional pieces d k cherries. h i IIn IIranian i off dark households, it’s the requisite sidekick for chicken, beef or lamb. Sufi is an enormous restaurant tailored for live musicians and belly dancers on weekend evenings. Situated in the Balboa Mesa Shopping Center, its design elements encompass bell-shaped arches, curvy lattice works, and crystal chandeliers of the gaudy sort, resulting in an atmosphere where ancient Persia meets 1980s Las Vegas. To its left is a Turkish bakery, which makes some of the buffet’s desserts such as mini melt-in-your mouth Napoleans topped with whipped, airy custard. Next door on the right is Balboa International Market, where imported

By Nick Gandiello Directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch

February 23 – March 26 Tickets start at $29 From top: Frank Pando, Antoinette LaVecchia, Nataysha Rey, and Stephen Barker Turner. Photos by Jim Cox.

(619) 23-GLOBE (234-5623)

Sufi spans nearly five storefronts (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

Chicken and beef kabobs, baba ganoush, and adas polo rice

grocery d from f goods Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries abound. Indeed, a visit to Sufi isn’t complete without wandering through the market’s aisles and grazing past its deli cases and selection of hot foods for carry out — just in case the hankering for another exotic meal resurfaces at dinnertime. —Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diego” (ECW Press), and began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You can reach him at fsabatini@san.▼

DINING Tacos Perla in North Park has them. So does Galaxy Taco in La Jolla. Now, the southern Mexican delicacy known as chapulines (grasshoppers) are appearing on plates at Bracero Cocina de Raiz in Little Italy as a snack or an addition to guacamole and tacos. Touted for their crunchy texture and herby fl avor, the chapulines are sourced from the central valleys of Oaxaca and dehydrated before leaving the kitchen. Their recent entry into American food culture has been limited mostly to cities straddling the Mexican border. 1490 Kettner Blvd., 619-756-7864,

Dishes such as salt-n-pepper pig ears, Chinese sausage risotto, and creamy walnut shrimp are in the offing at the long-awaited Whistling Duck Tavern, which opened Feb. 1 in The Hub after a series of delays. Launched by Convoy District restaurateur Charles Sun of Shanghai Saloon and the Dumpling Inn, the Asianfusion restaurant also features wine, sake, and two-dozen craft beer choices. 1040 University Ave., 619-255-4046, More than 100 boutique wineries from throughout the state will pour their latest and greatest releases at the Family Winemakers of California tasting, from 2–5 p.m., March 5, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds’ Wyland Center. Consumers can sample from nearly 40 varietals and blends offered by reps and owners of the wineries. Admission is $75, and free for non-drinking designated drivers. 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar,

GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017

Gibran Fernandez is Mr. Moto. (Courtesy Mr. Moto Pizza House) A second San Diego location of Mr. Moto Pizza House recently opened in North Park with the same selection of creative pizzas as its original kitchen in Pacific Beach. Owner Gibran Fernandez (aka Mr. Moto), previously ran Pizza on Pearl in La Jolla, where he says “my whole career in pizza making started.” His menu at Mr. Moto features 15 specialty pies, including the popular “California love” with bacon, chicken, caramelized onions and garlic paste, and the “vodka cream” pizza topped with vodka and raspberry-chipotle sauces and sour cream. Stromboli, calzones and meatball subs are also available. 3773 30th St., 619-642-0788,



Old, large, and lecherous, Sir John Falstaff can’t resist the ladies—but they can resist him, and have tons of fun at his expense— and you can have fun, too!

The Mission Valley location of Grater Grilled Cheese has introduced several breakfast sandwiches served on buttered brioche buns. Each features scrambled eggs (or egg whites) tucked inside with either, turkey and Muenster cheese; ham and Swiss cheese; bacon and sharp cheddar; or tomatoes, arugula and goat cheese. Served with tater tots, they’re priced at $6.50 each ($1 extra for egg whites only). 5618 Mission Center Road, Suite 1002, 619-458-9611,

FEBRUARY 18 / 21 / 24 / 26M 2017 In celebration of National Pancake Day on Feb. 28, Snooze in Hillcrest and Carmel Valley will donate 100 percent of its pancake sales to various local gardens in Southern California, including those at Jefferson Elementary (in North Park) and Del Mar Heights Elementary schools. The pancakes will be available from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. that day on a sushi-style menu, allowing customers to choose from about 10 varieties available at $4.50 per pancake. 3940 Fifth Ave., 619-500-3344, and 3435 Del Mar Heights Road, 858-703-5300,

(Courtesy Bracero Cocina de Raiz)

—Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at▼

“The Ham” and other breakfast sandwiches make their debut at Grater Grilled Cheese. (Courtesy Alternative Strategies)

Rocky Road and other types of pancakes will be served for a good cause. (Photo by Sarah Jacober)

Chapulines have hopped onto the menu at a Little Italy restaurant.


Tickets start at $47 619.533.7000 Tickets also available at PHOTO: KINGMOND YOUNG




GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017

“Picasso at the Lapin Agile” By Stave Martin Directed by Barry Edelstein Thursdays-Sundays through March 12 Donald and Darlene Shiley Stage 1363 Old Globe Way, Balboa Park Tickets start at $29. 619-23-GLOBE or (l to r) Hal Linden as Gaston; Philippe Bowgen as Pablo Picasso; Justin Long as Albert Einstein; Donald Faison as Freddy; and Luna Veléz as Germaine; in|Steve Martin’s “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” (Photo by Jim Cox)

Picasso and Einstein walk into a bar … Steve Martin’s celebrity-laden comedy classic comes town Theater Review Charlene Baldridge Currently at the Old Globe Theatre, Artistic Director Barry Edelstein gleefully stages Steve Martin’s 1993 play, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” which is rife with innovation and splendid speeches about ideas, their inspiration and art. It features a stunningly beautiful denouement heavily dependent upon John Lee Beatty’s magnificently ephemeral set, with assists from costume designer Katherine Roth, lighting

designer Russell H. Champa, and sound designer Lindsay Jones, who provides original music with Parisian flavor. Comedian Steve Martin’s play concerns a fictional 1904 meeting between the young Pablo Picasso (stage and film actor Philippe Bowgen) and the young Albert Einstein (splendid stage and film actor Justin Long), who were born in 1881 and 1879, respectively. The setting is a Parisian bistro named Lapin Agile. It’s a hangout for artists and would-be artists. Each man is on the brink of great personal change that will affect the future: Picasso, an escape from his “blue period,”

and Einstein, the refining and publication of his theory of relativity. The resulting innovations, artistic and scientific, will rock the 20th century, but the characters don’t know it, because right now they are engaged in small talk, posturing and the pursuit of pleasure. But some of the others at the Lapin Agile seem to know, and the third genius, a time-traveller from the incipient century that wears blue suede shoes, definitely has a clue. Edelstein’s company is star-studded. He cast others as follows to limn Martin’s additional characters: Freddy

(Donald Faison of “Scrubs”) and Germaine, the barkeep and his wife (Broadway, TV and fi lm actor Luna Velez); an older bar habitué named Gaston (distinguished actor Hal Linden); three women looking for love (all played by Liza Lapira); a flamboyant art dealer (Broadway actor Ron Orbach); the visitor from the future (excellent San Diego actor Kevin Hafso-Koppman of the Globe/USD Shiley Graduate Program); and an inventor named Charles Dabernow Schmendiman (classical actor of stage and screen Marcel Spears), whose invention lets one know he’ll be consigned to the dustbin of history. Martin began his career on “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” (1967-69) for which he earned his first Emmy Award for his outstanding comedy writing. In the mid’70s he starred on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” He has also authored and/or appeared in numerous films and is an accomplished banjoist. “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” is the third of Martin’s works to be produced by the Globe in three years as he and Edelstein enjoy a friendship of 30 years duration. In 2014 the Globe premiered Martin’s musical, “Bright Star,” which received five Tony Award nominations upon its subsequent Broadway premiere; and last season’s Globe world premiere, the twice-extended comedy “Meteor Shower.” “Picasso” is heady, guffaw-funny and droll and will be especially enjoyed by theater mavens, artists and lovers of art history. —Charlene Baldridge has been writing about the arts since 1979. You can follow her blog at charlenecriticism. or reach her at▼


A HELL OF A LOT OF FUN! ” The Hollywood Reporter

MARCH 9–12, 2017 Rating: Ages 10 and up.



Book Tickets Now! 619.544.1000 | SDREP.ORG | Lyceum Theatre | Horton Plaza


Mischief and scheming at the opera

‘Falstaff’ director Oliver Tambosi (Courtesy SD Opera) By David Dixon Many operas that have been performed recently at the San Diego Civic Theatre haven’t been very happy tales. Stories such as “Tosca” and “Madama Butterfly” are the opposite of uplifting experiences. The San Diego Opera is taking a break from all the gloom with a comedy — Giuseppe Verdi’s “Falstaff.” An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” the narrative follows the misadventures of the fat and optimistic knight, Sir John Falstaff, (Roberto de Candia). During a wild evening at the Garter Inn in Windsor, England, a broke Falstaff can’t afford to pay his bill. Desperate for cash, he comes up with a plan to end his poverty. The schemer decides to woo two wealthy wives, Alice Ford (Ellie Dehn) and Meg Page (Kirstin Chavez). A series of absurd situations occur and continue when Ford and Page receive letters from Falstaff. French storyteller, Olivier Tambosi, has directed Verdi’s piece several times since 1999. Tambosi loves returning to the narrative, because he considers it to be a rich experience. “Each time, I discover new beautiful things that I missed the last time,” he said. “It’s like an onion. There are endless layers to the plot.” Created initially by Shakespeare in “Henry IV: Part 1,” Falstaff has become a classic character. For Tambosi, the main reason that Falstaff continues to be famous is his believable humanity. Tambosi also feels that, even with such a breezy plot, everyone Falstaff encounters comes across as three-dimensional. In a similar vein to other great operas, the reputation and fame of Verdi’s melodies and Arrigo Boito’s libretto grew over time. Although early performances in Milan and Europe were reasonably successful, Tambosi mentioned that “Falstaff” wasn’t initially considered a classic as the music is used primarily to move the plot along. In other words, it’s not the kind of opera where the entire experience can be appreciated merely by listening to a CD. That unique aspect about Verdi’s style in “Falstaff” makes Tambosi appreciate

the comedic farce even more. For him, this allows the piece to be smart, animated and dreamlike. A foil to Falstaff is a friend to the wives, Dame Quickly (Marianne Cornetti). She helps Alice and Meg devise a complicated plan against the greedy Falstaff. Both artists appreciate that Quickly and Falstaff are intellectual equals, and their complicated relationship leads to many humorous moments. Cornetti has been featured in several operas from Verdi, including “Aida” and “Il Trovatore.” One of the interesting aspects of Cornetti’s portrayal is that the singer is singing lower notes than she has been used to throughout her career. Even though she recently sang in a concert version in Spain, she will experience different challenges when performing on the Downtown stage. “It’s really my first comedy role,” she said. “That’s not easy, because I have to focus more on timing when in a scene.” While playing Quickly may test her skills, Cornetti is prepared to sing such a difficult role. “You have to be right on the edge,” she said. “That requires a lot of courage.” Helping Cornetti stay on track is Tambosi, who understands the differences working on a comedic opera compared to more heavy tragic epics. “You can play dramatic moments differently in each performance,” he said. “In comedy, you can only be precise or wrong.” It seems that Cornetti and Tambosi are true believers of the phrase “dying is easy, comedy is hard.” The director and his stars are all determined to present a consistently funny night with no shortage of enjoyable music from Verdi. Expect an epically entertaining and cheerful misadventure. “Falstaff” will be performed Feb. 18 through 26 at the San Diego Civic Theatre, located at 1100 Third Ave., Downtown. For tickets or more information, visit or call 619-232-7636. —David Dixon has written reviews and features for various print and online publications. You can reach him at▼


ARRANGEMENT information,” he said. “We spent two days going over how things were shifting from the late 1940s to the 1950s.” As the evening goes on, Bob and Norma continue to depict different personae in their personal and public life. Their frequent changes in personality are something that Jones believes audiences will connect to, regardless of sexuality or political party. One of the main conflicts still relevant today is that Bob and Norma don’t publicly stand up for innocent people who end up being victims of intolerance. Bob and Norma’s choice not to help out those in need is a problem that resonated with Paredes. “It makes me think about what would happen if I see something that’s wrong in

GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017 real life,” she said. “Am I going to be a bystander or stand up for somebody that doesn’t have a voice?” By being both topical and informative, Intrepid’s interpretation of Payne’s story is a fascinating and humorous depiction of a complex era. Opening night was Feb. 11 and “Perfect Arrangement” will be performed through March 12 at Horton Grand Theatre, located at 444 Fourth Ave., Downtown. On Feb. 23, join Intrepid for a special post-show discussion on “The Lavender Scare.” Panelists include Lillian Faderman, award-winning scholar of LGBT history and literature; John Lockhart, veteran and former legislative advocate for public education who lived in D.C. during the period and was a first-hand witness; and “Perfect Arrangement” playwright Topher Payne. For tickets or more information, visit or call 888-71-TICKETS.


Feb. 23 Special post-show discussion:

“The Lavender Scare” Panelists: Lillian Faderman, awardwinning scholar of LGBT history and literature; John Lockhart, veteran and former legislative advocate for public education and a first-hand witness of the period; and playwright Topher Payne.

—David Dixon is a freelance film and theater writer. He can be reached at daviddixon0202@▼

(l to r) Laura Bohlin and Jennifer Paredes are married to men (who are in a relationship with each other) in the period play. (Photo by Daren Scott)


GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017




The Wine Pub — located in Point Loma and a participant in the San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Dining Out for Life event — recently announced plans to offer an all-inclusive overnight trip to Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe. The trip promises to be one of both adventure and relaxation in Baja’s popular wine country region, organizers said. “Valle de Guadalupe has so much to offer that we often felt it difficult to fit all the magic into just one day,” Wine Pub owner Sandy Hanshaw said in a press release. “With the overnight trip, guests can enjoy the wineries and soak in the beauty of the region in greater depth.” The trip will begin at 8 a.m. at The Wine Pub, located at 2907 Shelter Island Drive #108, in Point Loma, on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 25. Destinations listed on the itinerary for day one include dining at Tortas Washmobile and Corazón de Tierra, as well as stops at the following wineries: Paralelo, TrasLomita and Alximia. Day two will include downtime and a wine-pairing meal at Almazara with Magoni wines and an afternoon craft beer tasting at Agua Mala Brewery before participants head back across the border on Sunday, Feb. 26. The tour will be led by Hanshaw and wine expert Fernando Gaxiola, whose family is one of the largest importers of wines from the region. Tickets are $495 per person for double occupancy; $455 for triple occupancy; and $635 for single occupancy. All transportation, fees, meals, expedited border crossing and lodging are included. Reservations are required. Visit for tickets and more information.

Assemblymember Todd Gloria is co-sponsoring SB 239, to decriminalize and destigmatize HIV. and the executive director of the new National GLBT Network U.S.A., said in a press release. The Imperial Court System has a history of activism and has joined in the fight for LGBT rights since its inception. “We will be working with the National LGBTQ Task Force, the Human Rights Fund, the Victory Fund and other civil rights organizations,” Scott Seibert, national vice-chair and deputy director, said in the release. Seibert resides in Portland, Oregon. “The next four years now more than ever all GLBT organizations, clubs, churches, etc. must get more involved in our continuing fight for equality,” Seibert said. For more information, visit


Assemblymember Todd Gloria of San Diego and state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco recently jointly introduced a bill that not only seeks to modernize current state HIV laws, but will help end stigmatization of those with HIV. Assemblymember David Chu, also of San Francisco, is a co-author of SB 239. “It’s time for California to reevaluate the way it thinks IMPERIAL COURT LAUNCHES about HIV/AIDS and reduce ‘CIVIL RIGHTS ARM’ the stigma associated with the On Saturday, Feb. 4, the gov- disease,” Gloria said in a press erning body of the International release announcing the bill. Imperial Court (ICC), including “Current state law related to activists from Canada, Mexico those living with HIV is unfair and across the U.S., converged because it is based on the fear upon San Diego to celebrate the and ignorance of a bygone era. 45th annual Coronation of the With this legislation, California Imperial Court de San Diego takes an important step to and have its annual meeting. update our laws to reflect the During the meeting, the ICC medical advances which no lonannounced the launch of “The ger make a positive diagnosis National GLBT Network U.S.A,” equal to a death sentence.” a new civil rights organization The bill would repeal many to be run by the Imperial Court of the criminal laws related to System. HIV that were initially enacted Established in the wake in the early days of the AIDS of the recent U.S. presidencrisis when fear overrode scitial election and the national ence, and many imposed harsh Women’s March, which drew penalties for those simply living court members in cities all with the disease. across the nation, the National Weiner called the laws GLBT Network U.S.A. will be “discriminatory, not based in open to all with a mission of science and detrimental to our working with other national HIV prevention goals.” LGBT organizations to continue Many of the laws the bill will the fight for full equality. address dealt with the quaran“The next four years will be tining of people. an especially critical time for “California passed these disthe GLBT rights movement criminatory criminal laws and and our allies,” San Diego City singled out people with HIV for Commissioner Nicole Murray harsher punishment than peoRamirez, the new national chair ple with other communicable

diseases,” Weiner said in the release. “It’s time to move beyond stigmatizing, shaming, and fearing people who are living with HIV. It’s time to repeal these laws, use science-based approaches to reduce HIV transmission — instead of fear-based approaches — and stop discriminating against our HIV-positive neighbors.” The bill is backed by the ACLU of California, Equality California, the Black AIDS Institute, APLA Health, Lambda Legal, and Positive Women’s Network – USA. All these organizations are part of the Californians for HIV Criminalization Reform (CHCR), a broad coalition of people living with HIV, HIV and other health service providers, civil rights organizations, and public health professionals dedicated to ending the criminalization of HIV in California.


Avid bike riders and coffee consumers now have a place to meet and mingle. “The Coffee Hub and Café” — a locally owned, “bike inspired café” — has been serving breakfast and lunch since its soft opening Feb. 4, and will have a grand opening Saturday, March 4, from 8 a.m. to noon. On that day, the community is invited to participate in bike-themed activities and conversation, while drinking complimentary coffee and raising money for children’s creativity programs. Bike frames painted by children and local artists will be auctioned off for the charity. “We wanted the introduction of the Coffee Hub to encompass our community values, including tasty coffee and local causes,” Coffee Hub & Café owner Sandy Hanshaw said in a press release. “At the grand opening, we’ll share coffee with old friends and new customers while giving back to this oneof-a-kind group of artists making our neighborhood a better place.” Hanshaw’s husband, Andy Hanshaw, is the executive director of the San Diego Bicycle Coalition. As part of the grand opening, those on bikes will be invited to embark on a “casual tour” of noteworthy Point Loma sites before returning to bid on the bike frames. For more information, visit▼

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IMPORTANT NUMBERS Police (emergency) 911



Fire (emergency) 911



Mayor Faulconer


District 1 Councilmember Barbara Bry


District 2 Councilmember Lorie Zapf


District 3 Councilmember Chris Ward


District 4 Councilmember Myrtle Cole


District 5 Councilmember Mark Kersey


District 6 Councilmember Chris Cate


District 7 Councilmember Scott Sherman


District 8 Councilmember David Alvarez


District 9 Councilmember Georgette Gomez


City of SD Pothole and Graffiti Hotline


Trash collection Environmental Services


SD County Animal Services (24 hour)




SD County Water Authority


Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)



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12-week Beginner Tai Chi Class Saturdays 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Kensington Community Church 4773 Marlborough Drive To learn more and register please attend an open class on Sat. Jan. 14 or Sat. Jan. 21

619-485-0939 | Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA A Charitable Organization


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GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 - March 2, 2017


DILF Underwear/Jock Party: MAN UPP and Joe Whitaker present the San Diego DILF Underwear/ Jock Party from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. at The Brass Rail, 3796 Fifth Ave. DJ Nick Bertossi will provide the jams. Visit


Hillcrest Post-Valentine’s Day Clean Up: The Hillcrest Town Council’s Clean Team invites all friends of Hillcrest to help at the Post-Valentine’s Day Neighborhood Clean-up, followed by a celebration. Volunteers should meet at 8 a.m. at Florence Elementary School, 3914 First Ave. All materials will be provided. After the cleanup, around 11 a.m., all volunteers will be invited to a celebration at MO’s Bar & Grill featuring complimentary drinks and appetizers. For more information or to RSVP, email ColorBar Grand Opening: Celebrate the grand opening of ColorBar San Diego, a new L’Oreal departmentalized salon in the heart of Hillcrest. Enjoy food, drink, entertainment, raffle prizes and L’Oreal goodie bags from 4–8 p.m. at 3830 Fourth Ave. Visit bit. ly/2kPTKMW. We Survived Valentine’s Day Dance: This month’s theme for Girls Night Out San Diego is a We Survived Valentine’s Day Dance from 6–10 p.m. at The Rail, 3796 Fifth Ave. Take part in country line dance lessons from Tamara Zyhylij, 6–7 p.m. Music and personality from DJ Laura Jane will follow from 7–10 p.m. Visit The French Quarter House — Carnival of Mardi Gras: The House of Blues San Diego unmasks the possibilities at French Quarter House. Experience the Carnival of Mardi Gras with Big Easy food and drink specials, live music and circus entertainment. Lineup: Bayou Brothers, DJ LV, Lola Demure’s Burlesque & Variety Show. Doors open at 7 p.m., show 8 p.m., at 1055 Fifth Ave. Visit sandiego.


Tantrums & Tiaras: This “Battle of the Bar Queens” is a high-quality

spoof of beauty pageants, complete with a “talent” showcase. Local bars sponsor contestants, none of whom have any experience, as they compete to be crowned the next community queen. Expect an evening of wigs, glitter and hilarity from 7–10 p.m. at The Observatory North Park, 2891 University Ave. The event benefits the San Diego LGBT Center. Buy tickets at For more information, email or visit tantrums. ‘Edge of the Ocean’: Sparks Gallery presents “Edge of the Ocean/A Group Show,” an exhibition at Sparks Gallery featuring 35 local artists whose works are inspired by the San Diego coastline. Opening reception is Feb. 19, 6-9 p.m. at 530 Sixth Ave. Visit


Wine & Canvas — Purple Twilight:

call upon the president, House and Senate to implement a “National World War II-scale Mobilization” to transition the U.S. from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The theme of the rally will be “Climate Change is not a Hoax and Make Your Voice Heard.” The San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition is part of the Climate Mobilization, a nationwide climate advocacy and environmental action organization ( For more about the rally, visit


Lip Sync War Wednesdays: Sing your heart out for a good cause! Stop by this Hillcrest bar for the weekly Lip Sync Battle that raises money for #BeTheGeneration. Win prizes and championship glory, from 10 p.m.–midnight at Uptown Tavern, 1236 University Ave. Visit bit. ly/2kQMDUI or email BryantJProductions@gmail. com to enter.


San Diego Democrats for Equality: The group’s monthly meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the Joyce Beers Uptown Community Center, 3900 Vermont St. A social half-hour is from 6:30–7 p.m. The meeting and program begin at 7 p.m. Visit

San Diego DIVAS presents “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestants Chad Michaels and Dax ExclamationPoint, with special guest Nadja Baskin on the stage at Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave. Doors open at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m. sharp. Visit Parkeology: The parking lot at Marston Point, also known as the “Fruit Loop,” will be transformed into a listening theater. Parked cars will play the firsthand stories of the men and women who remember when Balboa Park was a prime meeting place during a time when being gay was illegal. “Queen’s Circle: Cruising Oral Histories of Balboa Park” will be presented from 5:30–11 p.m. Marston Point, Balboa Park. Free to the public. Visit bit. ly/2kQA8bw.


Bowling for Equality: HRC San Diego and Century 21 Award present an afternoon of bowling with friends and colleagues while supporting the fight for equality. Lanes are available in two shifts — Wave One: 12:30–2:30 p.m.; and Wave Two: 3–5 p.m. Prices: $35 per bowler or $175 per lane for five bowlers. Visit bit. ly/2kQd1Ok.



Join Wine & Canvas at the Hard Rock Cafe (restaurant, not hotel) in the Gaslamp to celebrate Presidents Day with some drinks and painting. Admission is $35 and includes all necessary art materials. 1-4 p.m. at the Hard Rock Cafe, 801 Fourth Ave. Visit bit. ly/2kQREwr.


Climate Change Rally: San Diegans who believe in Climate Change will gather at 6 p.m. at the Federal Building, 880 Front St., to

‘An Act of Love’: The Foothills Reconciling Fellowship will screen “An Act of Love,” an award-winning documentary about the trial that rocked the United Methodist Church and the minister who risked it all for his gay son. Rev. Frank Schaefer will be in attendance and there will be a live Q&A after the screening. Coffee and light refreshments will be available. The event will be held from 7–10 p.m. in the sanctuary of Foothills United Methodist Church, 4031 Avocado Blvd. in La Mesa. Visit Chad Michaels and Dax ExclamationPoint:

Oscar Red Carpet Party: Join San Diego’s biggest Academy Awards Viewing Party featuring 25 HD widescreen TVs, $1,000 in cash and prizes, food, drinks and live


Picture This: ‘Joy! Portrait of a Nun’: This film documents the origins of the LGBTQ activist group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their mission to “promulgate joy and expiate stigmatic guilt.” There will be a post-film Q&A with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Picture This is a cinematic celebration that offers a diverse array of both narrative and documentary film. “Joy! Portrait of a Nun” will show at 6:30 p.m. in the San Diego Public Library, 330 Park Blvd. Visit bit. ly/2kQybfd.

Log Cabin Republicans Meeting: Tony Krvaric, chairman of the San Diego Republican Party, will speak about the State of the County and will answer any questions at the Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego February meeting, 6:30–8 p.m. at Uptown Tavern, 1236 University Ave. Visit

see Calendar, pg 16


solution on page 13


ACROSS 1 R.E.M. follower? 6 In the pink 10 Roehm's sausage 15 Cocoon creator 16 “Uh-oh!” to Shelley 17 Cole Porter’s “___ Men” 18 Part of a daisy chain? 19 Left to pirates 20 Out 21 Bette said she had the most fun with Joan ___... (See 22-, 41-, and -56-Across) 22 See 21-Across 24 You, to Frida 26 Bowie collaborator 27 Volgaís outlet 30 Joan, who feuded with Bette 35 Bill written by Alice Paul 36 Playground retort 38 Sons of, at Beth Chayim Chadashim 39 Lindsay of “Liz & Dick” 41 See 21-Across 43 Michelangelo sculpture 44 Former “Vibe” editor Wilbekin

entertainment from at 4:30–9 p.m. at True North, 3815 30th St. in North Park. Walk the red carpet, pick the winners for a chance to win cash and other prizes, and enter the raffle to win two fourth-row floor seats to see Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie live in concert. Enjoy a complimentary glass of Champagne, tray-passed hors d’oeuvres, specialty food stations, two full-service bars and 30 taps. All proceeds benefit the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus. Hosted by Landa Plenty. Visit Oscar Night at Brick Bar: Share the fun and excitement of Oscar Night at Brick Bar 1475 University Ave. Cast Oscar ballots for great prizes for first, second and third places. Random door prizes will be awarded during the evening. Win movie passes, movie swag, and enjoy complimentary popcorn. A $5 donation is requested to benefit the programs and services of The Center. Doors open at 4:30 p.m., the awards broadcast commences at 5:30 p.m. Visit

45 Andes animal 47 Refusal in Rouen 48 “Whatever Happened to ___?” 52 George once of San Francisco 54 Moist ending 55 Piece of a pansy 56 See 21-Across 60 Bette, who feuded with Joan 64 Rock Hudson movie with James Dean 65 Singer La ___ Jackson 66 Be a ham in _Hamlet_? 67 Joe of “JFK” 68 Moon of Endor inhabitant 69 Streisand’s “Prince of Tides” costar 70 White as a ghost 71 Hard to come by 72 A flamer does it

1 Side at Hamburger Mary’s 2 S&M unit 3 Art Deco design name 4 Get back to level 5 Neighbor of Stein abroad 6 What a funny thing did on the way to the forum? 7 How to moan in bed 8 “Gay Cosmos” author Eighner 9 Cultural anthropologist Newton 10 Etheridge’s “Come to My ___” 11 “Look out ...” 12 Rex Reed et al. do this to movies 13 Direction from Susan Feniger 14 Caesar’s X 23 Bambi character 25 Feathers adhesive 27 “Advocate” cover, often 28 It arouses two body openings 29 Madras title 30 Part of Batman’s costume 31 J. Edgar Hoover's org. 32 Bridge call, informally

33 Boca ___ 34 Frasier’s lover in Boston 37 Shoe bottom 40 Son of Aga Khan 42 The Windy City, to Judy Chicago 43 Rose Bowl city 46 A word from Verlaine 49 Timberlake once of ’N Sync 50 Kahlo’s output 51 Less messy 53 Much ado about nothing, perhaps 55 Richard of “The Wiz” 56 Executive bondage tools 57 Illegal Amsterdam export 58 Suffix with differ 59 “The Music Man” setting 61 Knoxville team, to fans 62 “Tell __ the judge” 63 James Baldwin’s “The Evidence of Things Not ___” 64 1.0, for one


Harvie, shown here in his new comedy special, “May the Best Cock Win,” has performed several times at Martinis Above Fourth. (Courtesy SEESO) FROM PAGE 2

HARVIE (IH) I’m gonna say something that will piss people off, but generally speaking, if people find true value in compliments about their appearance, then there’s probably some void that needs to be filled that will never be filled with compliments. [Compliments] have never, ever done anything for me. After my chest surgery, I started taking hormones and I started to love myself in a different way and people [were] seeing what I was feeling about myself. But comments on my appearance? Those are empty to me. (CA) What kind of place did comedy have in your life as a kid? (IH) When you were a kid did you get together with siblings or cousins and put on shows for your family? My thing was, I would come out in the intermission and do a comedy set and I wrote my own jokes and they were horrible. They made no sense whatsoever. I didn’t understand joke structure — I was 6. But I used to watch “The Carol Burnett Show” and all the Dean Martin roasts. I used to watch Flip Wilson and Rich Little. Oh god, when I was a kid, we had Bill Cosby’s album of storytelling, which I kind of cringe at now. But at the time, while he was, you know, drugging women, we had his vinyl on our record player, and I remember listening to that. So, I was the comic relief in the theatrical shows we performed. I would always come out during the break while they were changing behind the curtain sheet on a clothesline, and they would be behind me, and I would be telling jokes to my aunts and uncles. That was my early sort of exposure. It’s so weird that after being a kid it never even dawned on me — never registered — that I could ever be an artist like that and entertain people and have it be a career. I talk about this frequently, but it really was life changing: This guy — a writer for “The Daily Show” — was writing jokes for “The Daily Show” and he was looking for something creative to do locally. He started

offering comedy-writing workshops at our local comedy club, and he sent me a postcard, and randomly I got it. I owned a web development company, and I’m like, “What the hell is this?” It’s so weird because it was really kind of kitschy, with this cartoony black, old-timey microphone in the spotlight. I left it on my desk at my office for a couple of weeks, and I stared at it many times. I was like, “I’m interested, but I’m really scared.” Finally, I picked up the phone at the end of the week before the class started the following Monday and said, “Hey, I saw your postcard,” and he was like, “I got one spot left.” I said, “I’ll take it! I’ll take it!” I did the workshop and fell in love, and that was 15 years ago this January. At first I started by writing poop and fart jokes, and I’m like, “OK, that’s not me,” but I was too scared to tell the truth in the beginning of who I was. About two years into it, I wrote my material but didn’t really understand who I was on stage until a couple of years later. It takes a while to figure out who you are. (CA) How did getting to know and touring with Margaret Cho in 2006 help you find your voice? (IH) I consider Margaret one of those people who’s an absolute truth-teller on stage. She’s very raw and open about who she is, what she’s done, what’s she’s seen, how she deals with things. Traveling with her absolutely cracked me open and helped me be more brave about exactly who I was. I remember saying to her that I was scared to tell LGBT audiences that I was trans, and she’s like “Why? These are your people!” But I’m like, “I know, but they’re the ones I want to love me the most.” She’s like, “We need representation from the trans community. We really need that. They need to hear your story.” It really changed my perspective because I was like, “I can actually be of service here. I can tell my story.” See Ian perform at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood Feb. 28. Visit —Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter @chrisazzopardi.▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017




GAY SAN DIEGO Feb. 17 – March 2, 2017



Hillcrest Mardi Gras Revival Tour: The original Hillcrest Mardi Gras is back. Celebrate Fat Tuesday with a street fair on University Avenue between First Avenue and Fourth Avenue from 6 p.m.–1 a.m. The Hillcrest Mardi Gras will feature a night time dance party,

performances by Urban MO’s Dreamgirls Revue, a costume competition, two bars, DIY Mardi Gras mask booth, exclusive VIP area with private bar and DJs from Rich’s Nightclub.

Hillcrest Mardi Gras is a 21+ carnival. A costume competition begins at 10 p.m. Come in a festive Mardi Gras-themed outfit and win a chance to become Queen of Mardi Gras. General Admission tickets are now on sale for $10; $м15 day of the event. VIP Tickets are $30, and $35 the day of the event. Hillcrest Mardi Gras benefits the Hillcrest Business Association. The main gate is located at Fourth and University Avenue. Visit

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1 Senior Housing Informational Session: Looking for more information about North Park Senior Apartments, the new LGBT-affirming senior housing development? Attend this informational session from 5:30 –7 p.m. at the San Diego LGBT Community Center,

3909 Centre St. Visit bit. ly/2kQo9dW.


LGBTBE Workshop: Join the Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA) to learn how becoming a certified LGBT Business Enterprise can help you build business relationships that could be the opportunity of a lifetime. 9-10 a.m. in the GSDBA Conference Room, 3737 Fifth Ave., suite 201. Visit

Gay San Diego - February 17, 2017  
Gay San Diego - February 17, 2017