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Oct. 13 – 26, 2017

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Cumming supports Billie Jean


Bring your nightmares to Normal cal drag celebrity Paris Sukomi Max, performs with her go-go boys, the Zombies, at last year’s “Nightmare on Normal Street.� (Courtesy HBA) Local

Hillcrest’s Halloween tradition has hosted revelers for 25 years Morgan M. Hurley | Editor Halloween is a long-standing tradition within the LGBT community – going back decades — and Hillcrest will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of its own version of that tradition, Nightmare on Normal Street, on Saturday, Oct. 28,

Hillcrest’s homeless impact




Uptown Tavern’s new chef

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to San Francisco in the 1970s,� said Eddie Reynoso, member and marketing director of the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA). “The LGBT community would come out to The Castro and celebrate Halloween dressed in full drag or in costume. It was the one night of the year where it was OK to

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‘A small but important step’


Local Catholic diocese reaches out to the LGBT community


By Tom Kirkman

Honoring the Trevor Project

from 6–11 p.m. The festivities will take place as they always have, on Normal Street in Hillcrest — between University Avenue and Harvey Milk Street — near what is now called Pride Plaza and under the Pride Flag. “Modern [adult] Halloween as we know it traces its origins

be a cross dresser and not fear arrest — or worse — getting bashed. “The safety and fun theme that was created eventually began to spread to other cities: Greenwich Village in NYC, West Hollywood, Key West and Boystown in Chicago, soon all began to host their own

On Saturday, Oct. 7, I attended a Mass for the members of the LGBT community and their families at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Hillcrest. The Mass was celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop John Dolan and observed the 20th anniversary of “Always Our Children� — a pastoral document from the U.S. Catholic bishops to parents and pastors of LGBT children — released Sept. 10, 1997. The invitation to participate came from the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego’s Office for Liturgy and Spirituality, on behalf of Robert McElroy, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diegodiocese, who was also in attendance. McElroy is very progressive and had “requested� that St. John’s reach out to the LGBT community, since the parish is located in Hillcrest. Being gay and Catholic has always been a challenge for

many. It’s tough enough when family and friends isolate someone who is gay, but not being accepted by one’s faith community adds another layer to that isolation. With this in mind, I was curious; would this Mass address the challenges between the Catholic Church and our community? My own personal experiences with the Catholic Church go back many years. I attended Catholic high school and college and was a member of a religious community for 17 years. I taught languages and religion in several Catholic high schools. I first became involved with Dignity San Diego — a faith community for LGBT Catholics and their allies — in the late 1980s, serving as chapter president from 2001–2003. While chapter president, I confronted the local bishop and asked him to not vote to blame the sexual abuse scandal on homosexual priests at an upcoming bishops’ conference — and he did not. I felt this exchange




San Diego Community News Network


St. John the Evangelist’s crest (

might have been an opening for dialog, but it wasn’t. Shortly thereafter, he refused to allow for a Catholic funeral for two members of our community; and, when San Diego Pride asked Dignity if a priest would be available to provide a blessing for same-sex couples during the festival — and we provided one — both the priest and I found ourselves designated as “persona non grata� by the bishop. When funerals of LGBT community members were denied, I left

see LGBT MASS, pg 2

Charlene Baldridge, a longtime member of the San Diego Theatre Critic’s Circle and the theater reviewer for Gay San Diego for the past seven years, passed away Sept. 9. She was 83. Baldridge never missed a play and was still active and working right up until a fall sidelined her in May. She was recuperating from the fall and a subsequent surgery when she died. The local theater community immediately went into mourning in wake of the news, with dozens of impromptu memorials posted on Facebook about the beloved critic and poet. Current and former principals from the San Diego Opera, as well as Diversionary, Cygnet, Moxie and ion theatres, among many others, all stated they felt the impact of her loss and would miss her in the audience. Many wrote

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GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017


LGBT MASS Dignity and began attending St. Paul’s Cathedral. With isolation running so deep, I was both curious and skeptical about the upcoming Oct. 7 Mass. I wasn’t sure what to expect. There were several protesters in the front of the church — members of “Church Militant” — who were praying. They also made their presence felt after Mass, distributing anti-gay material. While the protestor’s presence was peaceful, the large presence of police was both reassuring and unsettling. I discovered later that the bishops and the clergy of St. John’s had received

multiple phone and email threats in the weeks prior to the service. Just walking into St. John’s became an emotional moment. The church was packed with members of the LGBT community; LGBT couples with their children; LGBT youth with their parents; and many allies. Not only were the two bishops present, they were joined by over a dozen priests from the diocese. I then realized the historic nature of this event: The bishop did not invite the LGBT community to join him for Mass at the cathedral, the bishops and the other priests brought their message to us directly — in our own neighborhood — at St. John the Evangelist Church in Hillcrest. During his homily, Bishop Dolan spoke of the need of the

Civic leaders fill up the front pews of St. John the Evangelist church for the historic Mass. (Photo by Big Mike)

(l to r) Nebraskan Michael Lyons; San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez; San Diego Diocese Auxilliary Bishop John Dolan; and Tony Monteleone, an Emporer in the Imperial Court of New York; gather together after the historic Mass (Facebook) Catholic Church to reach out to LGBT families — which is the primary message of “Always Our Children.” At the conclusion of the Mass just prior to the final blessing, McElroy, in his position as Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, officially apologized for the treatment of the members of the LGBT community by the church hierarchy. This was a powerful moment and those present reacted with gratitude, tears and applause. A reception followed and the parishioners couldn’t have been more welcoming. As we left the church, they handed out a flier. It indicated that St. John’s has an LGBT ministry that celebrates Mass at 6 p.m. on the last Sunday of the month (except for November and December due to holiday).

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It also offered the following: “In accordance with our parish mission statement, we reach out to provide spiritual nourishment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families and friends. We seek to affirm the intrinsic value and self-worth of all people and to welcome them into full participation in the faith community. All LGBT people are welcome. “We also welcome friends and family of LGBT people and anyone who might be questioning what it means to be a supportive Catholic for LGBT parishioners.” For further information, the flyer asked those interested to contact pastoral associate Aaron Bianco at As a result of this Mass, is the church door in the San Diego

Diocese closed to LGBT Catholics? No. Are doctrinal issues resolved? No; but it was a small but important step in reconciliation. For older members of our community, it has been a long journey to this day. I am hopeful that with this opening, healthy dialog will follow so that, in time, each member of our community will feel welcome. To quote the original pastoral message from 1997: “Though at times you may feel discouraged, hurt, or angry, do not walk away from your families, from the Christian community, from all those who love you. In you God’s love is revealed. You are always our children.” —Tom Kirkman is a local resident and activist. He can be reached at tkirkman@cox. net.▼


GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017


In bed with Alan Cumming “Battle of the Sexes” star talks Billie Jean King in the time of Trump, nurturing Emma Stone and being the first gay lead in a network TV drama

(CA) She really was a critical stepping stone in queer and women’s liberation. (AC) I think if she had lost this match it would’ve put the cause back years. And it’s hard because it’s so kind of show-business-y and frothy in the way it was presented. It really was a huge thing in terms of the women’s movement. It’s crazy.

(l to r) Emma Stone and Alan Cumming star in "Battle of the Sexes," a movie about her triumphant tennis game against Bobby Riggs in 1973; (above right) Cumming in a scene from the film. (Courtesy Fox Searchlight) By Chris Azzopardi Alan Cumming is chill as can be in a hotel bed in Los Angeles, where he’s tugging on his crotch, illustrating to me the surprisingly flirty exchange he just had with tennis great and LGBT pioneer Billie Jean King. “She just made a joke about my dick in the corridor,” Cumming said, amused. “I’m like, ‘Billie Jean!’” King’s quip was a reaction to the loose nether-regions fabric of Cumming’s drop-crotch pants, which had the sports icon asking, “What are you packing down there?” “I was like, ‘No complaints so far, Billie Jean.’” Cumming obviously knows King fairly well, as the two

met before he was offered a role in “Battle of the Sexes,” the fi lm centered on her legendary win in 1973 against boastful chauvinist Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell plays Riggs, while Emma Stone depicts King). The Scottish actor portrays Ted Tinling, a designer who fashioned dresses for many female pro tennis players, including King’s outfit for her match against Riggs, and who was also a British intelligence spy during World War II. Recently, Cumming told me I could keep my shoes on as I lay beside him in his king-size bed to talk about gay spies, King’s obsession with “The Good Wife” and why he feels like Emma Stone’s “big brother.”

(Chris Azzopardi |CA) Having known Billie Jean King for a while now, what do you admire most about her? (Alan Cumming |AC) I mean, I think she’s a legend. She’s amazing, when you consider what she’s done and what she’s lived through and how she’s paved the way for so many people, both as a woman and as a gay woman.

(CA) What’s it been like to get to know her while making this film? (AC) I knew her quite well. She came to my house for dinner right before I got the part. I did something for her foundation, but we also met over the years at this Amazon thing — this retreat Amazon does — and so I’d see her regularly. And she’s also such a sort of geek. She loved “The Good Wife.” She’s obsessed with “The Good Wife,” and she’d totally geek out to me about that, which was so hilarious. But she’s such a darling, and she talks a lot about what she had to deal with. But the “Battle of the Sexes” thing — it wasn’t till after I got the part that I actually started to talk to her about it and also her

relationship with Ted, which was so lovely, and he was obviously very beloved by her and all the [tennis] girls. There were a lot of them last night [at the premiere] — the other girls, the real people, and they were all sort of cooing about Ted. (CA) He passed away in 1990, so did you learn about Ted through Billie Jean? (AC) You can look things up on YouTube, but he’s not there very much. For example, he was a spy, and like, how am I going to get that into this [movie]? (CA) There could be an entire biopic about every person in this film. (AC) Yeah, they’re all fascinating. But basically, he’s there in the story to provide some sort of humor, but also to show the audience that [Billie Jean] has an ally to guide her, and then to deliver the big message at the end. (CA) Your last scene with Emma really resonated with me as a gay man. It was really

see Interview, pg 17


HIV RESEARCH PAY IT FORWARD Your current ART was developed by patients participating in previous trials. New long-acting therapies are still being developed.







GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017

The impacts of homelessness Back Out with Benny Ben Cartwright A couple of weeks ago, I was attacked late at night in Hillcrest by an unhoused individual. The man asked me for a dollar, I politely declined and then he attempted to take my bag from me. When I resisted, I was pushed to the ground, and I got pretty roughed up. While the cuts and bruises have pretty much healed, my thoughts on the situation continue to fester in my brain. My initial reaction was a feeling of shock and a deep sense of violation. While I’ve always known that Hillcrest is a busy urban neighborhood where these types of incidents happen (when I was a staff reporter I covered several stories of folks who were attacked in the neighborhood), it had never hit so close to home. I was assaulted in the neighborhood that has been my safe place since I was 17 years old. How could this happen to me? Then my immediate reaction was to be angry at the homeless people who are “taking over” our sidewalks. I was angry about all of the people who ask for me money each day as I walk through the neighborhood; angry at the people who hold up the line at the restroom at Starbucks; and angry that so many people don’t feel safe in the neighborhood anymore. But then I had some time to calm down, really think it through, and remember how I really feel. I’m angry at our society for letting this happen. I’m angry that we as a people don’t have the heart to really care about the fact that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, there are more than half a million people who live on America’s streets. I’m angry that our political leaders at all levels don’t have the will to fi x this problem; a complicated problem, but a problem that has fi xes. I remember growing up in San Diego and every year the City Council would take up the issue of the winter tent to shelter homeless people in the colder months. It was hard to

believe each year that this tent wasn’t just an automatic, but had to be re-authorized each year by the council, and every single year there was fighting about where the tent would be located. Everyone said they wanted to get homeless people off the streets but no one wanted the tent in their “backyard.” So many people are quick to hand a quarter or their leftover take-home scraps from dinner to a homeless person they pass on the street (while patting themselves on the back for doing their good deed of the month), yet should the government want to provide additional funding for homeless services many of these same people would scream, “Why should my tax dollars go to support those lazy bums?” The city of San Diego — knowing it has had a homeless problem — has been locking and removing public restrooms for years, citing drug-dealing crime issues, but now San Diego is the talk of the nation as we grapple with a hepatitis A outbreak, at a level that has never been seen in a developed nation in modern times. Where else did they think people would use the restroom? Power washing sidewalks with bleach has become the new norm in San Diego — but it took nearly 20 deaths and 500 illnesses for the city to wake up and even pretend to care about homelessness. These are human beings — 70 percent of them San Diegans who lost their housing while living here because of our outrageous housing costs — and it seems like we just don’t care. Locally, after the hep A crisis woke our leaders up, some solutions have been implemented (a campground in an old city parking lot, and three temporary bridge shelters in giant tents that will be erected soon), but it’s not enough. With a few exceptions, homeless people don’t want to live on the streets, many of them have illnesses (mental, addiction, etc), and others are just down on their luck. So many of us could be just one illness, car breakdown or lost paycheck away from homelessness. So I’m not mad anymore at the homeless person who attacked me. In fact, when I made

a police report, I told the detective that should they find the individual, which is unlikely, I will not press charges. This person is probably suffering from an addiction or was just starving and wanted money, and rather than criminalize this person, I want to get him help. And I want us all to be more compassionate and stop looking at the homeless population as “the other,” but rather as “our neighbors” who are in need of our help and support. It’s our fault that this problem exists, so it’s up to us to demand solutions from our elected officials.

Getting out with Benny

In light of the hepatitis A crisis and the upcoming flu season, The San Diego LGBT Community Center will host a free vaccination clinic on Thursday, Oct. 19, from 3-6 p.m. Everyone is welcome to get vaccinated. For more information and to RSVP, visit The Center’s 45th Anniversary Gala has sold out, but there are still tickets available for the fabulous after-party, taking place on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 21, at Hotel del Coronado. The cocktail-attire after party will include music, dancing, nohost bar, mock gaming and lots of fun with hundreds of Center Supporters! For tickets, visit It’s almost time for Halloween, which means Fabulous Hillcrest will produce the 25th annual Nightmare on Normal Street, on Saturday, Oct. 28, from 6-11 p.m. This fun outdoor block party includes music, dancing, cocktails, and Hillcrest’s biggest costume contest! For tickets, visit —Benny Cartwright is the director of community outreach at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. He can be reached at 619-692-2077 ext. 106 or outreach@thecentersd. org. Note: Byline photo by Rob Lucas Modern Aperture Photography.▼

California SB 219 — the aging crisis: a historical perspective While grateful to our lawmakers, creating the level of awareness needed to pass SB 219, tangentially and directly, required the dedication and personal sacrifices of many California’s Senate Bill 219 here in San Diego and else(SB 219), also known as the where over several decades. I “bill of rights for LGBT seniors” had the honor of working side was written by California state by side with several of them, Sen. Scott Weiner (D-San many of whom are no longer Francisco) and co-authored living, to witness all the adwith Assembly members David vances in equality we fought to Chiu (D-San Francisco) and achieve. Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona). In 2006, Dr. Delores Jacobs, Its passage was anCEO of The San Diego LGBT nounced after the August and Community Center and her September “Senior Matters” staff granted my request for column about California state a meeting space and profesLGBT and San Diego County sional guidance to assemble LGBT protections, respectively. a volunteer ad hoc committee, As of this writing, Governor representative of our LGBT Jerry Brown has until Oct. community members and or15 to sign or veto SB 219. You ganizations, to look into LGBT can follow the bill here: leginfo. affordable and supportive ing and related needs of the In brief, SB 219 gives LGBT burgeoning number of seniors senior residents of long-term in our local LGBT community. care facilities the legal right Despite more than over-flowto be referred to by their preing challenges including HIV/ ferred name or pronoun. It also AIDS, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” makes it illegal in California to marriage equality, the great recession and a host of other deny admission to a long-term care facility, transfer a resident equality and human injustices, they all stepped up to bat. within a facility or to another Four years later, in February facility based on anti-LGBT at2011, the study “LGBT titudes of other residents, or to San Diego’s Trailblazing be evicted or involuntarily disGeneration: Housing and charged from a facility based Related Needs of LGBT on one’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gen- Seniors” was published and distributed. Based on a countyder identity, gender expression, wide sampling of over 500 San or HIV status. Diego County LGBT seniors, 8 Further, it requires out of 10 (79 percent) particiCalifornia long-term care facilpants felt safer living among ities to post a notice regarding LGBT community members such forms of discrimination than in other environments wherever it currently posts its and 9 out of 10 (90 percent) prenon-discrimination policy. ferred that LGBT senior serFollowing Sen. Wiener’s vices be provided by agencies passionate September speech with experience with seniors (link listed in the references and by LGBT-affiliated agenat the close), Rick Zbur, excies that had experience workecutive director of Equality California stated, “After strug- ing with LGBT seniors. Those findings mirrored the gling to come out at a time numerous studies conducted when same-sex conduct was nationwide before and since still criminalized and fighting then. Included among these the fi rst and most difficult battles for LGBTQ civil rights, were the June 2010 study, “Stories from the Field; LGBT discrimination in long-term Older Adults in Long-Term care is forcing many LGBTQ Care Facilities,” published by seniors back into the closet. the National Senior Citizens SB 219 would help protect Law Center where 9 out of 10 LGBTQ seniors when they’re (89 percent) of the respondents at their most vulnerable and help ensure that care facilities believed caregivers would provide culturally-competent see SD 219, pg 7 care.”

Senior Matters William E. Kelly

med! o c l e w s r e O Bea rs a


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MICHAEL KIMMEL Psychotherapist Author of "Life Beyond Therapy" in Gay San Diego 5100 Marlborough Drive San Diego CA 92116 (619)955-3311


‘Just one big, ambiguous mess’ Life Beyond Therapy Michael Kimmel My book “The Gay Man’s Guide to Open and Monogamous Marriage” came out in June. Ever since, I have been getting new clients whose relationships are similar to the couples I talk about in the book: “If you write about it, they will come.” I’m glad, because I really enjoy working with couples in “non-traditional” (e.g. non-hetero-normative) relationships. I’d like to talk a bit here about three such relationships and how to address the challenges these couples are experiencing. Couple one: “We have an open relationship, but lately, my husband has been much more interested in a new guy he’s gotten to know. So much so that I feel excluded. I’ve talked to him about it, but he just assures me that it’s a


BRIEFS very personal tributes. A celebration of life will be held Monday, Oct. 16, at Lamb’s Players Theatre, 1143 Orange Ave. Coronado, starting with a reception at 6:30 p.m. RSVP required. Visit this Facebook event (but RSVP at the Evite link it provides). To read an obituary written about Baldridge by the editor of Gay San Diego, which includes many responses from the local theater community, visit bit. ly/2y7yIAZ.

‘temporary thing.’ I don’t care, I feel like I’m being phased out of his life.” Couple two: “My wife and I have a poly-amorous relationship. We both meet great women and get to make love with them and become friends, usually. I want more: I want the ability to deeply love these women and experience more with them. This freaks my wife out; she’s afraid I’ll leave her because I’ll fall in love with one of them.” Couple three: “My husband and I and his best friend are in a triad relationship. I have sex with both of them, separately and they have a friendship that is so close it only lacks sex to make it a gay relationship. The problem is that my husband is jealous of his best friend — my boyfriend. What do we do now?“ These are the kinds of problems that non-monogamous relationships often generate. Personally, I love working with couples who

think “outside the box.” These couples are usually high-functioning, successful people who are willing to explore new ways of loving — both physically and emotionally — with the men/women they love. Let’s be clear, however, these kinds of relationships typically bring up lots of difficult emotions: jealousy; insecurity; feeling left-out, less-than, or not-as-good-as. The title for this column came from a bisexual man who told me how he and his bisexual wife are glad to have an open relationship, but that sometimes, “It’s just one big, ambiguous mess.” When your relationship feels like that, what can you do? Here are some guidelines for working through difficult times/emotions in any relationship, open or monogamous. Communication: This is the number one panacea for relationship problems. You’ve got to fi nd a way to talk about

dancing, live music and a featured DJ, will then follow the main event. The entire evening is 6–11 p.m. Tickets to the gala have now sold out, but those wishing to attend the after-party can do so for $90. Proceeds benefit community programs and services at The Center. The Hotel del Coronado is located at 1500 Orange Ave. Visit bit. ly/2i27Dso.

Opening for Brinberg is local phenom, Brendan Dallaire. Performing in musicals since he was just 6 years old, this 14-year-old local now attends Mt. Everest Academy when he is not traveling to perform. “Simply Barbra” tickets are $25 for reserved seating, with a $15 food/drink minimum. Martinis is located at 3940 Fourth Ave., Suite 200, in Hillcrest. To purchase tickets or learn more, visit


Renowned New York native and impressionist Steven Brinberg brings the greatest hits of Barbra Streisand to Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage, Sunday, Oct. 15, at 8 THE CENTER TURNS p.m. A tour that’s been seen 45 WITH A GALA in nine countries and 40 cities The San Diego LGBT across the nation, promoters Community Center will be say it is the next best thing celebrating their Sapphire to seeing the legend herself. anniversary with a three-part Brinberg, who created his event at the Hotel del Coronado, “Simply Barbra” show in 1993, Oct. 21. Starting at 6 p.m. with also toured for over 12 years a pre-party, including cocktails with the late Marvin Hamlisch, and a silent auction in the garwho composed “The Way We den; the event will continue to Were” and was Streisand’s the main event, a three-course longtime musical director. To gourmet dinner and gala prolearn more about his show, visit gram. An after-party, full of

GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017

the uncomfortable stuff with the person(s) you love. This is why I put so many “questions to consider” in my book. The questions are designed to help you, the reader, start the discussion with your partner that you’ve both been avoiding. Yes, this stuff is uncomfortable, but a relationship isn’t going to be very good or last very long if you keep avoiding the tough stuff. Respect: If you don’t treat your partner with respect, all the honesty in the world is going to sound mean-spirited and unkind. And it ain’t easy to be respectful when you’re so angry you want to rip their head off. Find a way to respect your partner and what she/he stands for, even if you don’t like what they’re saying or doing at a given point in time. Ask for help: Lots of us were trained that it’s weak to ask for help. This is 20th-century foolishness. You’d go to a personal trainer for improving your body, right? Why wouldn’t you go to a therapist for improving your mind/ attitude/relationship?


Expect that things will periodically feel like a big, ambiguous mess: Any relationship is going to occasionally feel chaotic and confusing. Anticipate this and talk with your lover about how you two want to handle things when they get rough. Because they will. Take care of yourself and your needs: If you sacrifice your happiness for someone else’s, you’re bound to feel resentment and anger. Don’t do it. Take good care of yourself: spend time alone and with friends. Don’t make your man/woman your everything. Make sure that your “foundation” — your sense of self —- is strong, so that no matter what comes your way, it won’t knock you over. —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Contact him at 619-9553311 or visit lifebeyondtherapy. com.▼


Classic car lovers unite! The Hillcrest Classic Car Show lets car enthusiasts enjoy their hobby right in their own backyard. On Saturday, Oct. 21 from 2–4 p.m., at Pride Plaza — located on Normal Street at the Hillcrest Pride Flag — at least 20 classic car collectors will converge upon the site, making these beautiful cars available for you to see, appreciate and interact with the owners. Sponsored by MO’s Universe, the Hillcrest Classic Car Show is presented by Hillcrest Business Association (HBA)

see Briefs, pg 19


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GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017 Covered California is also the first health exchange in the country to adopt benefit-design changes to improve access to high-cost specialty drugs. A vast majority of Covered California members will have their specialty drugs capped at $250 per month, per prescription, and the caps range from $150 to $500. That ensures they have affordable access to the medications they need to fight HIV, AIDS, diabetes, hepatitis C and other chronic conditions. So if you know people who do not have health insurance — whether they are a family member, a friend or someone you just met — let them know about Covered California. Give them a call or send them a text. If they have questions, tell them how they can get answers from one of Covered California’s experts. The help is free and confidential. Together we can build a healthier city and state. We can get people covered to help them overcome an illness or injury and give them the freedom to pursue their dreams.

Guest Editorial

You can continue to count on Covered California By Covered California Staff With everything going on at the national level, it would not be surprising if some are a little confused about what’s happening with Covered California — the only place to get financial help to pay for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Here’s the bottom line: The Affordable Care Act — which has been critical to expanding health care access to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community — is still the law of the land. Open enrollment in California begins on Nov. 1 and runs through Jan. 31, 2018. That’s the main thing consumers need to know. Despite all the uncertainty swirling around, Covered California remains strong and stands ready to help Californians get the health coverage that best suits their needs. Those who do not have health insurance can go to now and use the Shop and Compare Tool to see their options for 2018. Consumers can compare plans and benefits and find out if they EDITOR Morgan M. Hurley (619) 961-1960 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS (619) 519-7775 Ken Williams, x102 Jeff Clemetson, x119 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Chris Azzopardi Michelle Burkart Ben Cartwright William E. Kelly Michael Kimmel Tom Kirkman Jean Lowerison Frank Sabatini Jr. WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA Sara Butler, x120

are eligible for financial assistance to help bring the cost of coverage within reach. Once the calendar hits Nov. 1, Californians can enroll online or click on the Get Help tab on the website to find a certified enroller near them if they want in-person assistance. Covered California has thousands of experts around the state ready to help people sign up for coverage. Consumers who qualify for Medi-Cal do not have to wait to sign up; they can get low-cost or no-cost health care right now. Approximately 120,000 residents of San Diego County are already enrolled in a plan through Covered California and their renewal period will begin in October. Consumers will be able to choose from Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Molina Health Care and Sharp Health Care. While Covered California has helped bring the state uninsured rate down from 17 percent in 2013, the year before the Affordable Care Act went into effect, to 7.1 percent by the end of 2016, a lot of work remains. Covered California is COPY EDITOR Dustin Lothspeich SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Mike Rosensteel (619) 961-1958 ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS (619) 519-7775 Annie Burchard, x 105 Michele Camarda, x116 Heather Fine, x107 Sloan Gomez, x104 Brenda Vergara, x110 INTERNS Alex Ehrie Erik Guerrero Angel Rodriguez Jennifer Gottschalk

committed to getting everyone insured. We all know people who have lived without insurance or with inadequate health care for too long. Studies show that this remains an enormous challenge for the LGBT community, whose members are more likely to be uninsured. A recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals often face challenges and barriers to getting needed health care services because of stigma, discrimination, inequality, substandard care or the outright denial of care because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In addition to major health issues like HIV, AIDS and ACCOUNTING Priscilla Umel-Martinez (619) 961-1962 WEB DESIGN Kim Espinoza

DISTRIBUTION Gay San Diego is distributed free every other Friday of the month. © 2017. All rights reserved. PUBLISHER David Mannis (619) 961-1951

—The health reform legislation (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) signed into law in March 2010 by President Obama, created state-based health insurance exchanges. States can choose to operate their own exchanges or participate in a multi-state exchange. California early on chose to operate its own exchange, now known as “Covered California.” Their mission is to increase the number of insured Californians, improve health care quality, lower costs, and reduce health disparities through an innovative, competitive marketplace that empowers consumers and small businesses to choose the health plan and hepatitis B and C, the Kaiser report also noted that LGBT providers that give them the best individuals report more asthma value. Visit▼ diagnoses, headaches, allergies, osteoarthritis and gastrointestinal problems than heterosexPUZZLE SOLUTION: ual individuals do. (FROM PAGE 18) It doesn’t have to be this way. Help is out there, and open enrollment is the time to sign up INK INC. for life-changing care. Nearly 90 percent of Covered California enrollees qualify for some level of financial help, and health plans can cost less than a monthly cell phone bill. Plus, Covered California plans all come with a patient-centered benefit design that allows members to access a wide variety of care that is not subject to a deductible, meaning they get more value from their coverage.

OPINIONS/LETTERS: Gay San Diego encourages letters to the editor and guest editorials. Please email either to and include your phone number and address for verification. We reserve the right to edit letters for brevity and accuracy. Letters and guest editorials do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or staff. Business Improvement Association

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SB 219 discriminate against them for their sexual orientation and 4 out of 10 (43 percent) indicated that they had witnessed or experienced mistreatment. These findings were very similar to the March 2010 “Improving The Lives of LGBT Older Adults,” a national report by Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders and Movement Advancement Project, in partnership with Center for American Progress, National Senior Citizens’ Law Center and American Society of Aging with a forward by AARP. During the evolution of the local LGBT senior movement, Rev. Tony Freeman, an initial member of the ad hoc group and then-executive director of The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation, originated and acted as administrator for a Facebook Group for our San Diego LGBT seniors where helpful information, thoughts and questions could be shared and discussed. Before taking it under my wing when Tony moved, it had 90 members. Today, there are nearly 900 members and growing. Members consist of seniors, and senior advocates and caregivers, mostly from San Diego County, but several are from other California cities as well as other states and nations. In the background, Dr. Jacobs was talking with Sue Reynolds, also an original ad hoc group committee member and CEO of San

Diego’s Community HousingWorks, about creating LGBT senior affordable and supportive housing. This collective collaboration is now culminating with the tentative December scheduled opening of the new affordable, LGBT-seniorsupportive, 76-unit North Park Senior Apartments, located at the corner of Texas Street and Howard Avenue. It is with this broad overview and more than 10 years in the trenches I stress that the battle for LGBT rights, protections and civil equality has been going on for decades and requires all of us and our supporters working in concert with our government, nonprofits, neighbors and broader communities to keep inching forward. In the face of reality, laws are only as good as they are enforceable. To that end, there remain many, many unanswered questions and much work to do in protecting our vulnerable LGBT seniors with no less determination or fierceness than our heterosexual counterparts expect and demand by way of respect and compassion. I close with a personal message: The aging crisis/catastrophe upon us is not a local LGBT phenomenon, new or unexpected. It is of a very dangerous national and global scale not limited to the senior LGBT community but extends into all communities and to persons of all ages. Exacerbating matters in our nation is the seated federal government’s relentless drive to greatly reduce the retirement social safety nets and programs promised seniors during their working lives.

The Only Thing That Should Be Separated By Color Is



LOW LOW TRY US PRICES! North Park Plant 4009 30th 619.281.HANG (4264)

My goal is to expand the awareness of our residents and policy makers as to the increasingly catastrophic impact an aging population is having on all of San Diego County; in short, it is increasingly impacting every aspect of our societal, health care and economic structures, and demands much greater priority and attention. The passion for writing and speaking about the rapidly and disproportionately growing older population is deeply rooted in what my husband and I have witnessed over our 39-year-long journey as a couple. Roughly 30 of those years were heavily influenced by efforts to meet the needs of either my aging parents in Illinois or his in California and now our own aging challenges here in San Diego. Lastly, as a speaker and writer on the aging of America, although I do not consider myself an expert on the subject, I am comfortable in saying that there is no denying the research consistently and repeatedly being presented by respected scholars, institutions and government agencies, as it reflects the first-hand experience my husband and I have had. —Bill Kelly is a longtime local activist who currently focuses on LGBT senior issues and moderates the Caring for our LGBT Seniors in San Diego Facebook page. Access to the group is free to all seniors, their advocates, families, friends and caregivers. Reach Bill at▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017




GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017

Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community (MMACC) is committed to reform in the Church and renewal of the Church. We conduct same-sex weddings. "Believing that “We (the people of God) are the Church,” we are dedicated to supporting women’s ordination, optional celibacy for priests regardless of sexuality, and a discipleship of equals fostering the dignity and ministry of all in God’s church

Sunday Mass: 5pm Thursday Mass: 12:15pm (small intimate Mass where all share in all parts)

Currently holdingservices at:

Gethsemane Lutheran (Host Church) 2696 Melbourne Drive San Diego, CA 92123 • Call 619.334.1722

1,000 LGBTBEs and counting… #LGBTB2B Michelle Burkart In January 2015, when the Small Business Administration and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) announced the launch of their Supplier Diversity Initiative LGBTBE Biz Builder partnership, the purpose was to help as many of the 1.4 million LGBT-owned businesses expand their contracting opportunities by getting LGBTBE certified. It was also a way to help our business community level the playing

field even more in the world of corporate supplier diversity procurement and government contracting. The certification is an added “star” on your epaulette, if you will, that helps to promote your business further up the contracting ranks. I say that because as LGBT-identified, we are part of every gender, minority, veteran or ethnic background in business, so we have many stars available to us. Our LGBTBE certification is recognized on the state, local and corporate levels. Our goal is to be counted on the federal spend level, which takes an act of Congress and a lot more certifications! However, I am so very proud to share with you that last month, the NGLCC announced that they have achieved their first milestone of the program, which was to certify 1,000 LGBT businesses. The next milestone is 2,000 by 2020! In my opinion, I think that goal is too low but I can understand why they chose a conservative one. In San Diego, we contributed 1 percent to that goal by certifying 11 new businesses since our LGBT certification outreach program launched at the San Diego Imperial SBDC Regional Network in January 2017. With their funding and additional help from our sponsors — Gay SD, Waddell & Reed, Bank of Southern California, and Diversity Supplier Alliance — we have provided 12 workshops, and over 100 hours of business consulting for LGBT businesses to date. So why have we not certified more businesses here? Besides some of the requirements that may be a factor, there is one strategic point missing: The lack of realization by our own LGBT business community that getting certified will not only help your business but also assist the entire LGBT community to move forward politically, and socially, as well as economically. For example, despite the recent setbacks that this new presidential administration has thrown at the LGBT community, the one thing we do know is that they praise economic impact in the way of capital infusion to our economy and jobs creation. Our stats show we are due some praise! The NGLCC 2016 Economic Impact Report ( shows: The LGBT community contributes $1.7 trillion to our national economy (which is bigger than the gross national product of countries like Australia, Canada, or Russia). Our 909 certified businesses, at the time of the report, represent an annual earnings power of $1.15 billion. We contributed 33,000 jobs to the national economy. We represent companies that are between one and 100 years old, and have revenues up to $180 million annually. We are a diverse population that is part of all the communities in our nation (10 percent of 300 million people is a huge community).

We are 31.8 percent female-owned, 67.6 percent male-owned, and 1.8 percent transgender-owned. We represent all industries and are a part of ethnic- and minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, or service-disabled-veteran-owned businesses. So, if you connect the economic impact data dots, you may understand the indirect ways the Victory Fund, the Human Rights Campaign, and LGBT community centers can benefit from growing the numbers of LGBTBE-certified businesses. Even if you never go after a government or supplier diversity opportunity, you will make a difference by getting certified and being counted. The aggregate of all of us is another “star” on our LGBT business community epaulette, which we can use in our goal of being visible. About two weeks ago, in the midst of the national debate on what constitutes showing “respect” or “support” or “political correctness” in exercising our constitutional rights as Americans, I felt it was ironic that I spent an entire Saturday at the Veteran’s Entrepreneur Summit 2017. I presented general information on business certifications to include LGBT certification, and co-facilitated discussion groups that included a very diverse population of attendees. I was welcomed to that community of veterans in business. The week before that, I attended the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s Western Regional Conference, which again included the supplier diversity representatives talking about LGBT certification opportunities. I was surprised but also excited that our certification was now part of the national conversation without me having to start it. After 15 years, the NGLCC is reaping the benefits of their work to provide our LGBT business community with the same opportunities afforded to other diverse populations. As one LGBT-certified CEO said in the 2016 report, “The NGLCC certification creates visibility for LGBT businesses. Visibility creates awareness. Awareness leads to acceptance. And widespread acceptance ends discrimination. You can’t change hearts, minds and attitudes, if you aren’t visible.” I ask you to seriously think about getting certified to help build on this momentum. It’s important we stay visible on all fronts. In coming issues, I will show you how third-party certification works for women-owned, veteran/disabled/service-disabled-owned, and minorityowned business and all in addition to LGBT-owned! —Michelle Burkart is principal at Diversity Supplier Alliance and program coordinator of San Diego/ Imperial Valley Small Business Development Center (SDIV SBDC) Regional Network LGBTBE Certification Program. Reach her at or For more information on the SDIV SBDC LGBTBE programs, visit▼


GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017



HALLOWEEN Halloween festivities, which then came to San Diego.â€? Started by the San Diego LGBT Community Center in 1992, Nightmare on Normal Street began as a social night of costume in the street and participants paraded through Hillcrest on their own or in groups and wandered from bar to bar. The Center — then located at the southwest corner of Normal and Harvey Milk streets, where KTU & A Planning and Landscape Architecture is today — was the starting point. Over the years, the event eventually morphed into a more organized affair, with a stage and costume contests. Then in 2014, the HBA took it over and Nightmare on Normal Street turned into the fenced-in, 21-and-older, block-party-style event it is today. Proceeds from the festivities are split evenly between the HBA and The Center and it has become one of the largest fundraisers of the year for the two organizations. The event’s footprint is the similar to the annual Pride block party, only inverted; the stage will be located at the intersection of Harvey Milk and Normal streets, facing south. The entrance, however, will still be located at the northwest corner of University Avenue and Normal Street, just east of Oscar Wilde’s Pub. While Normal Street will be closed to vehicular traffic, University Avenue will remain open throughout the event. Admission is $20 during presale and $25 at the door. VIP pre-sale tickets are $45 and $55 day of. VIP includes two drinks, a $10 food voucher for any vendor on site, a special VIP viewing area and lounge, private bathrooms, a private bar, and front-of-the-line privileges. The first 300 people in the gate will get unlimited “Witches Brewâ€? drinks during a special “hosted hourâ€? from 6–7 p.m. Each 21+ attendee will get a wrist band for entry (general admission or VIP) and one that signifies them as one of the first 300. The stageಧZhich will include a large catwalk and is sponsored by Rich’s Nightclub — will include entertainment by Paris and the Zombies and tunes by DJ Taj and DJ K-Swift, with dancing under the stars throughout the evening. Additional event sponsors include Rich’s Nightclub; Blue Moon and Coors Light; The Scream Zone in Del Mar; various media sponsors, Rage



Dj dirtyKURTY on stage at last year’s Nightmare on Normal Street (Courtesy HBA) Magazine, Gay San Diego, San Diego Uptown News, sdPIX, Hillcrest Social, Local Umbrella Media, and dozens of local Hillcrest business owners who are hosting fright zones inside the event and have donated contest prizes. Emceed by Bianca St. James, the costume contest will include three separate rounds — with a maximum of 25 contestants each — that take place between 9–10 p.m. The top three (individuals or groups) from each round will make it to the fi nal round, which will start at 10:30 p.m. Prizes will be awarded to fi rst, second and third places, and the competition will be held “American Idol� style, with three local celebrity judges and audience participation, through live text messaging. Prizes will include gift baskets and various gift cards to local businesses. Those planning to participate in the costume contest need to register at the entrance gate, where you will be given a time slot for your catwalk appearance. Organizers encourage contestants to arrive early in order to get your costumes the most visibility from those in attendance. A pet costume contest, new this year, will begin at 8:30 p.m. After the festivities wind down, the HBA wants to make sure you continue your evening in the neighborhood and “walk the streets� to the next event, just like in the old days. “As a nod to our 25th anniversary and to that original spectacle and outrageous parade of costumes, we are working with our local venues to schedule their Halloween contests so that creativity is on display not just on Normal Street but also throughout the entire Hillcrest business district. “I think what’s made this and other cities’ events so successful, is that you could come out in drag, crossdressed or in costume, and there would be others there to cheer you on and celebrate

your creativity. It’s important to me to grow Nightmare but to also take it to its roots. So I really hope businesses step up and partner with us.� In the weeks leading up to the event, the HBA’s street team will be out and about at various LGBT bars in the neighborhood, promoting Nightmare on Normal, selling pre-sale tickets, giving away free tickets, and sharing costumes from various neighborhood retailers. Come fi nd them tonight — Friday the 13th — starting at Flicks, located at 1017 University Ave. in Hillcrest. Nightmare on Normal Street takes place Saturday, Oct. 28, from 6–11 p.m. at Hillcrest’s Pride Plaza, located on Normal Street between University Avenue and Harvey Milk Street. For more information, visit or to buy presale tickets, visit bit. ly/2xAN1xh. —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at▟


%POPUCFCVMMJFEMFUVTýHIUGPSZPV TýHIUGPSZPV Spencer er Guerena ey at Law Attorney 3200 Adams Avenue, Suite 206 San Diego, CA 92116  t  GBY

Coin Laundry and Professional Fluff & Fold Service at a price everyone can afford!

an, The Cool, Cle o d Fun place to laundr y

Every wash cycle is sanotyzed with Ozone Fresh Water

Fluff + Fold Pricing

Free WiFi, Workstations, Flat screen TVs, Lounge Area

Residential: 15lb. min. Fri.-Mon. $1.19 p/lb Tues.-Thurs. $1.09 p/lb Commercial - 25lb. min. $1.09 p/lb Military w/ID - 15lb. min. $1.00 p/lb

The Laundry Room (619) 795-9588

1955 El Cajon Blvd., SD, CA, 92104

events ATTHECENTER Wednesday, Oct. 18

Saturday, Oct. 21

Lunch & Learn: Panel Discussion Stories from the Epidemic

Annual Project Trans BBQ

12 noon, The Center The AIDS epidemic was an unexpected crisis. It changed lives, pulled together communities, and made us question the way we look at health care. A panel of people living with HIV will tell stories about how their lives were affected and what they are doing today. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to talk and there will be time for questions and answers. For more information or to RSVP, contact LaRue Fields at 619.692.2077 ext. 205 or

11 am-3 pm, Balboa Park Join us for the annual Project Trans BBQ! We will provide hotdogs and hamburgers. Please bring a potluck item to share, or donate plates, napkins, cups, drinks (no one will be turned away for not bringing anything). Bring games to play, blankets, lawn chairs and pop tents. Everyone is welcome. The BBQ will be in Balboa park – enter at Upas Street and we will be on the left hand side, just past the ďŹ rst curve, across from the playground. Look for the Trans ag! For more information, email Sarah MerkBenitez at

Thursday, Oct. 26

Friday, Oct. 20

Free Family Movie Night 6:30-8:30 pm, The Center Join us at Family Movie night every third Friday of the month. Come in your favorite pajamas and bring your sleeping bag or blanket. Enjoy popcorn and snacks while you watch a family-friendly movie. For more information, email Em Jackson at The San Diego LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street • 619-692-2077

Twitter: @LGBTCenter

Competitors in last year’s costume contest take to the catwalk (Courtesy HBA)


6-9 pm, Museum of Man, Balboa Park It’s time again for the MARYAH (Metro Area Real Estate Professionals for Young Adult Housing) event of the season: Harvest Howl! This year’s event is promising to be even more “Spook-Tacularâ€? than the other fun events we produce throughout the year. It will include great food and drinks, offer great networking, and beneďŹ t a great cause – The Center’s Sunburst Youth Housing Project. Purchase your tickets at


GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017

What is TRUVADA for PrEP?

Who should not take TRUVADA for PrEP?

TRUVADA for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a prescription medicine that is used together with safer sex practices to help reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 through sex. This use is only for HIV-negative adults who are at high risk of getting HIV-1. To help determine your risk of getting HIV-1, talk openly with your healthcare provider about your sexual health.

Do not take TRUVADA for PrEP if you:

Ask your healthcare provider if you have questions about how to prevent getting HIV. Always practice safer sex and use condoms to lower the chance of sexual contact with body fluids. Never reuse or share needles or other items that have body fluids on them.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION What is the most important information I should know about TRUVADA for PrEP? Before taking TRUVADA for PrEP:  You must be HIV-negative before you start taking TRUVADA for PrEP. You must get tested to make sure that you do not already have HIV-1. Do not take TRUVADA to reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 unless you are confirmed to be HIV-negative.  Many HIV-1 tests can miss HIV-1 infection in a person who has recently become infected. If you have flu-like symptoms, you could have recently become infected with HIV-1. Tell your healthcare provider if you had a flu-like illness within the last month before starting or at any time while taking TRUVADA for PrEP. Symptoms of new HIV-1 infection include tiredness, fever, joint or muscle aches, headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, night sweats, and/or enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or groin. While taking TRUVADA for PrEP:  You must continue to use safer sex practices. Just taking TRUVADA for PrEP may not keep you from getting HIV-1.  You must stay HIV-negative to keep taking TRUVADA for PrEP:  Get tested for HIV-1 at least every 3 months.  If you think you were exposed to HIV-1, tell your healthcare provider right away.  To further help reduce your risk of getting HIV-1:  Know your HIV status and the HIV status of your partners.  Get tested for other sexually transmitted infections. Other infections make it easier for HIV to infect you.  Get information and support to help reduce risky sexual behavior, such as having fewer sex partners.  Do not miss any doses of TRUVADA. Missing doses may increase your risk of getting HIV-1 infection.  If you do become HIV-1 positive, you need more medicine than TRUVADA alone to treat HIV-1. TRUVADA by itself is not a complete treatment for HIV-1. If you have HIV-1 and take only TRUVADA, your HIV-1 may become harder to treat over time. TRUVADA can cause serious side effects:  Worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection. TRUVADA is not approved to treat HBV. If you have HBV and stop taking TRUVADA, your HBV may suddenly get worse. Do not stop taking TRUVADA without first talking to your healthcare provider, as they will need to monitor your health.

 Already have HIV-1 infection or if you do not know your HIV-1 status. If you are HIV-1 positive, you need to take other medicines with TRUVADA to treat HIV-1. TRUVADA by itself is not a complete treatment for HIV-1. If you have HIV-1 and take only TRUVADA, your HIV-1 may become harder to treat over time.  Also take certain medicines to treat hepatitis B infection.

What are the other possible side effects of TRUVADA for PrEP? Serious side effects of TRUVADA may also include:  Kidney problems, including kidney failure. Your healthcare provider may do blood tests to check your kidneys before and during treatment with TRUVADA. If you develop kidney problems, your healthcare provider may tell you to stop taking TRUVADA.  Too much lactic acid in your blood (lactic acidosis), which is a serious but rare medical emergency that can lead to death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you get these symptoms: weakness or being more tired than usual, unusual muscle pain, being short of breath or fast breathing, stomach pain with nausea and vomiting, cold or blue hands and feet, feel dizzy or lightheaded, or a fast or abnormal heartbeat.  Severe liver problems, which in rare cases can lead to death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you get these symptoms: skin or the white part of your eyes turns yellow, dark “tea-colored” urine, light-colored stools, loss of appetite for several days or longer, nausea, or stomach-area pain.  Bone problems, including bone pain, softening, or thinning, which may lead to fractures. Your healthcare provider may do tests to check your bones. Common side effects in people taking TRUVADA for PrEP are stomach-area (abdomen) pain, headache, and decreased weight. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effects that bother you or do not go away.

What should I tell my healthcare provider before taking TRUVADA for PrEP?  All your health problems. Be sure to tell your healthcare provider if you have or have had any kidney, bone, or liver problems, including hepatitis.  If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if TRUVADA can harm your unborn baby. If you become pregnant while taking TRUVADA for PrEP, talk to your healthcare provider to decide if you should keep taking TRUVADA.  If you are breastfeeding (nursing) or plan to breastfeed. Do not breastfeed. If you become HIV-positive, HIV can be passed to the baby in breast milk.  All the medicines you take, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. TRUVADA may interact with other medicines. Keep a list of all your medicines and show it to your healthcare provider and pharmacist when you get a new medicine.  If you take certain other medicines with TRUVADA, your healthcare provider may need to check you more often or change your dose. These medicines include certain medicines to treat hepatitis C (HCV) infection. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Please see Important Facts about TRUVADA for PrEP including important warnings on the following page.

GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017

We’re adventurous, not reckless. We know who we are. And we make choices that fit our lives. TRUVADA for PrEP™ is a once-daily prescription medicine that can help reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 when taken every day and used together with safer sex practices.  TRUVADA for PrEP is only for adults who are at high risk of getting HIV through sex.  You must be HIV-negative before you start taking TRUVADA for PrEP.

Ask your doctor about your risk of getting HIV-1 infection and if TRUVADA for PrEP may be right for you.

Learn more at



GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017

IMPORTANT FACTS This is only a brief summary of important information about taking TRUVADA for PrEPTM (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to help reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 infection. This does not replace talking to your healthcare provider about your medicine.



Before starting TRUVADA for PrEP:

• Those in the “Most Important Information About TRUVADA for PrEP” section. • New or worse kidney problems, including kidney failure. • Too much lactic acid in your blood (lactic acidosis), which is a serious but rare medical emergency that can lead to death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you get these symptoms: weakness or being more tired than usual, unusual muscle pain, being short of breath or fast breathing, stomach pain with nausea and vomiting, cold or blue hands and feet, feel dizzy or lightheaded, or a fast or abnormal heartbeat. • Severe liver problems, which in rare cases can lead to death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you get these symptoms: skin or the white part of your eyes turns yellow, dark “tea-colored” urine, light-colored stools, loss of appetite for several days or longer, nausea, or stomach-area pain. • Bone problems.

• You must be HIV-1 negative. You must get tested to make sure that you do not already have HIV-1. Do not take TRUVADA for PrEP to reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 unless you are confirmed to be HIV-1 negative. • Many HIV-1 tests can miss HIV-1 infection in a person who has recently become infected. Symptoms of new HIV-1 infection include flu-like symptoms, tiredness, fever, joint or muscle aches, headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, night sweats, and/or enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or groin. Tell your healthcare provider if you have had a flu-like illness within the last month before starting TRUVADA for PrEP. While taking TRUVADA for PrEP: • You must continue to use safer sex practices. Just taking TRUVADA for PrEP may not keep you from getting HIV-1. • You must stay HIV-negative to keep taking TRUVADA for PrEP. Get tested for HIV-1 at least every 3 months while taking TRUVADA for PrEP. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you think you were exposed to HIV-1 or have a flu-like illness while taking TRUVADA for PrEP. • If you do become HIV-1 positive, you need more medicine than TRUVADA alone to treat HIV-1. If you have HIV-1 and take only TRUVADA, your HIV-1 may become harder to treat over time. • See the “How To Further Reduce Your Risk” section for more information. TRUVADA may cause serious side effects, including: • Worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection. TRUVADA is not approved to treat HBV. If you have HBV, your HBV may suddenly get worse if you stop taking TRUVADA. Do not stop taking TRUVADA without first talking to your healthcare provider, as they will need to check your health regularly for several months.

TRUVADA can cause serious side effects, including:

Common side effects in people taking TRUVADA for PrEP include stomach-area (abdomen) pain, headache, and decreased weight. These are not all the possible side effects of TRUVADA. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you have any new symptoms while taking TRUVADA for PrEP. Your healthcare provider will need to do tests to monitor your health before and during treatment with TRUVADA for PrEP.

BEFORE TAKING TRUVADA FOR PrEP Tell your healthcare provider if you: • Have or have had any kidney, bone, or liver problems, including hepatitis. • Have any other medical conditions. • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. • Are breastfeeding (nursing) or plan to breastfeed. Do not breastfeed. If you become HIV-positive, HIV can pass to the baby in breast milk. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take:

ABOUT TRUVADA FOR PrEP TRUVADA for PrEP is a prescription medicine used together with safer sex practices to help reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 through sex. This use is only for HIV-negative adults who are at high risk of getting HIV-1. • To help determine your risk of getting HIV-1, talk openly with your healthcare provider about your sexual health. Do NOT take TRUVADA for PrEP if you: • Already have HIV-1 infection or if you do not know your HIV-1 status. • Take certain medicines to treat hepatitis B infection.

HOW TO TAKE TRUVADA FOR PrEP • Take 1 tablet once a day, every day, not just when you think you have been exposed to HIV-1. • Do not miss any doses. Missing doses may increase your risk of getting HIV-1 infection. • Use TRUVADA for PrEP together with condoms and safer sex practices. • Get tested for HIV-1 at least every 3 months. You must stay HIV-negative to keep taking TRUVADA for PrEP.

• Keep a list that includes all prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements, and show it to your healthcare provider and pharmacist. • Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist about medicines that should not be taken with TRUVADA for PrEP.

HOW TO FURTHER REDUCE YOUR RISK • Know your HIV status and the HIV status of your partners. • Get tested for other sexually transmitted infections. Other infections make it easier for HIV to infect you. • Get information and support to help reduce risky sexual behavior, such as having fewer sex partners. • Do not share needles or personal items that can have blood or body fluids on them.

GET MORE INFORMATION • This is only a brief summary of important information about TRUVADA for PrEP. Talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist to learn more, including how to prevent HIV infection. • Go to or call 1-800-GILEAD-5 • If you need help paying for your medicine, visit for program information.

TRUVADA FOR PREP, the TRUVADA FOR PREP Logo, the TRUVADA Blue Pill Design, TRUVADA, GILEAD, and the GILEAD Logo are trademarks of Gilead Sciences, Inc., or its related companies. All other marks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners. Version date: April 2017 © 2017 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. TVDC0134 07/17


GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017


‘Absolute Brightness’ of being true to yourself Inspiration for The Trevor Project graces The Old Globe stage in one-man show Theater Review Jean Lowerison For my money, there’s no better theater than a single good storyteller. The Old Globe has found a splendid one in James Lecesne, now performing at the Globe’s Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre through Oct. 29 with his one-man show “The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey.” Don’t let that gobstopper of a title keep you from this terrific one-act show, which is based on Lecesne’s 2008 young-adult novel “Absolute Brightness.” It’s a police yarn in which Lecesne plays nine parts. “The dark side is my beat,” says the narrator, police detective Chuck DeSantis, working in a “god-forsaken precinct down the Jersey Shore.” One day, Chuck gets a visit from Ellen Hertle, owner of the Hair Today salon. Ellen reports the disappearance of her (sort of) nephew, 14-year-old Leonard Pelkey, who has been living with her and her daughter Phoebe since his mother died. This starts an investigation that will have Chuck talking to a diverse bunch of local citizens — like Buddy Howard,

“The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey” Through Oct. 29 Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays, 8 p.m. Saturdays, 2 and 8 p.m. Sundays, 2 and 7 p.m. The Old Globe’s Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre 1363 Old Globe Way, Balboa Park. Tickets 619-234-5623 or James License (shown in all three photos) performs multiple characters in the one-man show, “The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey” at The Old Globe. (Photos by Matthew Murphy) the slightly fey teacher at the Buddy Howard School for Drama and Dance, who mentions Leonard’s “jazz hands” and notes that the boy has been cast as the fairy sprite Ariel in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Ellen later remembers that Leonard wore rainbow platform

sneakers, which he constructed from glued-together flip-flops. He’s been known to tell the ladies at Ellen’s salon (where he worked) to update their lipstick and buy a smart little black dress. Ellen’s “16-going-on-45” daughter Phoebe sums Leonard up this way: “Leonard is totally weird.” Otto Beckerman, owner of the local watch and clock repair shop, laments that “time was when all clocks had faces. I tell you they’re killing time — and also my business.” Otto also notes that Leonard wore pink and green capri pants. “Capri, he tells me, is short for capricious. Even when he is not here, he makes me laugh.” Lecesne doesn’t bother with sets or costume changes. In the middle of this in-theround theater is a table with several items connected in some way to Leonard. But he surrounds his story (which turns out to be a murder investigation) with eccentric but extremely engaging characters, morphing from one to another by simply wheeling

around and changing voice and stance. It’s a real tour de force. There is, of course, a message here as well. Lecesne won an Oscar for his 1994 short film “Trevor,” about a troubled youth. That film was the impetus for The Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention among LGBT youth.

Leonard may have been “weird,” but he is shown to have led by example in terms of having the courage to be true to yourself. If you’ve been waiting for a play to just tell you a good story, your wait is over. —Jean Lowerison is a long-standing member of the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle and can be reached at▼




by MATTHEW LOPEZ Licesne produced a short film that inspired The Trevor Project, and proceeds from this play will support the organization. (Photo by Matthew Murphy)

directed by SEAN MURRAY choreoghraphy by LUKE H. JACOBS SAN DIEGO | OLD TOWN

619.337.1525 • CYGNETTHEATRE.COM

OCT 11 NOV 12

GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017


Since its April debut and then recent closing, Kouch Lounge in Hillcrest will reopen Oct. 19 under different management and in collaboration with Downtown’s Simon Says Coffee, which launched recently inside The Keating Hotel. The re-branded name will be Kouch Lounge by Simon Says. New owner Jacob Sapochnick is an attorney and co-owner of Simon Says Coffee. He plans to reinstate Kouch’s original menu while adding items such as acai bowls, crepes and paninis. In

Move over In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys. A new powerhouse burger chain is sizzling into San Diego. The much-anticipated Shake Shack is due to make its local debut “sometime over the weekend” of Oct. 1314 in the recently expanded Westfield UTC mall, according to a company representative. In addition, a second local outlet is coming by the end of the year in The Millennium Mission Valley housing-retail complex at 675 Camino de la Reina. Known for its all-natural Angus beef burgers served on non-GMO potato buns, the company was born in 2004 in New York City’s Madison Square Park. It has since spread into


addition, cannabidiol oils will be available for enhancing coffee drinks and low-alcohol cocktails. “We were looking to expand Simon Says and this was the right fit to build a relaxing café community in Hillcrest,” said Sapochnick, adding that the business will open daily at 7 a.m. and stay open until 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and until 1 a.m. Thursday through Sunday. 3852 Fourth Ave., Suite 100, 619-269-5729,


California Pizza Kitchen in Fashion Valley Mall has settled into a new space directly below its original spot inside the two-level mall. Situated near guest services, it features an expanded patio, an open kitchen and a stand-alone bar serving craft cocktails, local beers and assorted wines. The aesthetics include an herb garden and artwork showcasing local landmarks. 7007 Friars Road, Suite 354, 619-2984078, A change of guard in the kitchen has occurred at Uptown Tavern with the Oct. 8 departure of Executive Chef Lety Gonzalez, who started five years ago at the Hillcrest establishment as a line cook before working her way up the ladder.

Mark Molina is the new executive chef at Uptown Tavern. (Photo by Kaylia Molina) GILBERT & SULLIVAN

Young pirate-in-training Frederic can’t wait for his 21st birthday, the day his erroneous pirate apprenticeship ends…or does it? A swashbuckling fun and fan favorite about love and loyalty! Add zany laughs, patter songs, and catchy tunes and you’ve got Gilbert and Sullivan’s family-friendly operetta with a rare opera ending—nobody dies!

OCTOBER 14 / 17 / 20 / 22M SAN DIEGO CIVIC THEATRE Tickets start at $48

(619) 533-7000 Tickets also available at PHOTO: KINGMOND YOUNG

Stepping into her role is sous chef Mark Molina. “Mark’s been with me for the last two and a half years and he’s a very bright, talented man. He’ll take Uptown Tavern where I left it and do better,” said Gonzalez, adding that she was offered a job “somewhere with a different concept” but couldn’t yet reveal the place. “It was time for me to do something else and I’ll be first taking time off to spend with my family that I don’t get to see that often,” she said. Molina previously held line cook positions at a pop-up restaurant called Juke in North Park and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse in La Jolla. He plans on rolling out a new menu next month that will include fried green tomato stacks, Coca Cola-braised short ribs over whipped potatoes, and a spin on papas bravas made with tater tots. 1236 University Ave., 619-241-2710,

Popular burger chain is shaking up the local competition. (Yelp) hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. and abroad. In addition to burgers, Shake Shack serves up crinkle-cut fries, griddled hot dogs,

crispy chicken sandwiches, and concretes (frozen custard) in a variety of flavors. 4309 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 2350,

A new location and vibe for California Pizza Kitchen (Photo by Kevin Falk Photography) Get your spaghetti fix for cheap at Cucina Urbana in Bankers Hill, Cucina Sorella in Kensington, or Cucina Enoteca in Del Mar, as the restaurant group celebrates National Pasta Day on Oct. 17. During regular operating hours that day, each kitchen will offer two different options of spaghetti and meatballs paired with wine — a family-style portion that serves three to four people plus a bottle of pinot grigio or pinot noir for $45; and single servings accompanied by a glass of white or red wine for $15. The Patio on Lamont in Pacific Beach will host a fourcourse “vegepalooza” wine dinner at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 24. The menu will feature charred carrot and beet salad, Hungarian sweet peppers stuffed with

Deals on spaghetti and meatballs are on tap for National Pasta Day. (Google images)

ricotta and eggplant, corn and squash in yellow curry and more. The cost is $60 per person, which includes wine pairings. Reservations are required. 4445 Lamont St., 858-412-4648,

Short rib hash at BO-beau kitchen + cache in Hillcrest (Cohn Restaurant Group) Dishes such as short rib hash, crepes Suzette, croque monsieur sandwiches and more are in the offing during the newly launched Sunday brunch at BO-beau kitchen + cache in Hillcrest. Held from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. each week, the

menu extends also to an array of European-inspired cocktails. 1027 University Ave., 619-4815033, —Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at fsabatini@san.▼


GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017


Gourmet bar brunch Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr. The owners of The Rail could have settled for a novice cook who’s good at scrambling eggs and frying bacon within the confines of the establishment’s small kitchen. Lucky for us they went the extra mile in recruiting a veritable chef to head up their brunch and lunch menus. Chad Brunette is a graduate of the Las Vegas Art Institute’s culinary program and former sous chef at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. You know immediately when sinking your choppers into his wine-braised meatball sliders, for example, that a practiced, creative mind is at work. The sliders appear on the brunch menu, available from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. They’re among several other options that include tomato-fennel bisque, savory flatbreads, shrimp and grits, and other fairly commonplace dishes enhanced by epicurean twists you don’t expect from one of San Diego’s oldest LGBT bars — or any watering hole for that matter. Food service is rather new p to The Rail,, which was previously known as The Brass Rail from the time it opened 83 years ago in Downtown San Diego and through two subsequent moves within Hillcrest. Gayle Santillan and her son, general manager Dustin Santillan, temporarily closed the bar earlier this year for a

dramatic remodel that introduced food service during the hours before The Rail turns into a nightclub. Hubby and I descended on the brunch, when either live acoustic music is played or NFL broadcasts light up several flat-screens. I would have preferred the former, but we visited on a Sunday. “There’s an accidental Cajun flair to a lot of my dishes. It kind of fits with the Prohibition-style of décor here,” Brunette said, referring to vintage photographs from the 1930s placed around the airy interior, which spotlight musical icons and the drinking culture of the era. For his Cajun shrimp eggs Benedict served over a pair of cornbread waffles, Brunette crowns the arrangement with labor-intensive pork gravy that’s used in his biscuits and gravy as well. He said the gravy takes seven hours to make, starting with cooking the ground pork in a “holy trinity” of onions, celery and carrots. He then creates a black roux, a slow process that requires a close eye and frequent stirring along the way. “The black roux changes the dynamic of the dish,” he said. Indeed, the flavor was rich and bewitchingly bitter, adding a fantastic depth of flavor to gg and the eggs

A newly introduced brunch in a historic LGBT establishment (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.) shrimp, yet without overpowering them. In regard to his all-beef meatball sliders, you won’t miss the marinara sauce. It isn’t needed. The meat is seasoned with toasted fennel and the orbs are stuffed with mozzarella and then braised in white wine jus. Bedded in mini brioche buns with fennel-arugula slaw and fresh green apple slices, we found the contrast of soft and crispy textures brilliantly tasteful. We also tried the waffle sandwich capturing scrambled eggs, bacon, Provolone cheese and avocado aioli — a savory success until the sweet fig gbased bacon jam surfaced from inside. I would have

The waffle sandwich captures eggs, bacon, cheese and more

The Coco Chanel cocktail

Chef Chad Brunette serving up meatball slides and Cajun shrimp Benedict with pork gravy (Photos by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

The Rail 3796 Fifth Ave. (Hillcrest) 619-298-2233 Brunch plates: $8 to $14 preferred it on the side, although hubby thought it fit the scheme perfectly. A number of crafty cocktails are available during brunch, but largely disappear by night (unless requested) as the patronage defers traditionally to well drinks, shots and beer. We tried the Coco Chanel, a sassy blend of Grey Goose Vodka, St. Germain Liqueur

and lavender water served in a stem-less flute with a Maraschino cherry on top. Slightly fizzy, we agreed it was a livelier and tastier alternative to humdrum mimosas. Brunette’s lunch menu appears equally enticing. It includes balsamic-marinated steak sliders; grilled brie sandwich; the “Hillcrest Po’Boy” constructed with grilled shrimp and housemade Cajun remoulade; and other booze-friendly noshes that were never available in this iconic community bar in years past. —Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diego” (ECW Press), and began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You can reach him at▼




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that sort of dynamic between us [in this movie] and also it felt like, “This is a big moment in the film.”

(CA) What was it like to shoot that scene with Emma? (AC) It was lovely. The great thing about the film was it kept changing. It was actually really fluid, rewriting all the time and in a very positive way. Everyone had ideas and things were being shifted and the way they shot it was very kind of fluid and not rigid. Often I didn’t even know we’d been covered in the scenes. It was like, “OK, we’re moving on,” and I’d be like, “What? Am I not in the scene?” “Oh, we got you.”

(CA) Do you hope this movie speaks to new generations of queers who may not be familiar with Billie Jean, and how so? (AC) On so many levels, oh my God. Just attacks on women and gay people again and massive persecution and hate crimes going up since Trump and that’s what’s interesting. Obviously, when we made it, it was before all that. It felt like we were telling this really great story, but now it’s even more pertinent because a lot of the themes and a lot of the things that Bobby stands for are back in our society again and being endorsed by the highest officer in the land, which is horrible.

(CA) Did you feel how emotionally powerful that scene was while shooting it? (AC) Yeah. I love Emma and I do feel a bit like her big brother. When she was doing “Cabaret” on Broadway with me, she was a little nervous and I was kind of the old soul, so I think it made sense for

(CA) You are portraying a gay ex-CIA agent on CBS’s forthcoming drama “Instinct.” Do you feel playing gay characters in film and TV right now is a political resistance of sorts? (AC) I do. And gay spies — that’s my new thing. I definitely feel like...

special. (AC) It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

(l to r) Emma Stone and Alan Cumming in a scene from "Battle of the Sexes" (Courtesy Fox Searchlight)

(CA) More of a call to action? (AC) Absolutely. The fact is, it’s fun. I solve murders and blah, blah. But it’s the first-ever network drama to have a gay character in a leading role — that’s huge in this country, that’s massive. And I love the fact that his gayness is the fourth thing about him. I mean, he has a good relationship with a guy and it’s not angst-ridden. It’s just, also, he happens to be gay. We need more and more and more things like that, so the fact that CBS has decided to do this now makes me really grateful. —Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter (@chrisazzopardi).▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017



GAY SAN DIEGO Sept. 15 – 28, 2017

Friday, Oct. 13 ‘You’re Not You’ film screening: Hemlock Society of San Diego presents a film screening of “You’re Not You,” a movie about a concert pianist stricken with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). Discussion to follow. Free. 1:30 p.m. at Mission Valley Library, 2123 Fenton Parkway. Visit bit. ly/2kIUipF. family-friendly. 10–11:15 a.m. at San Diego Central Library, 330 Park Blvd. Visit Pride by the Beach: Come out to celebrate Pride by the Beach’s 10th anniversary. The event features food, live music and more. A finalist on “American Idol” will be this year’s headliner. Free and all-ages. 11 a.m.–5 p.m. at Oceanside Civic Center. Visit

Park. Visit

Monday, Oct. 16

Yoga for Everyone: David Miranda, a certified yoga instructor, will provide his system of exercises for mental and physical health. Free and family-friendly. 9–10 a.m at San Diego LGBT Community Center, 3909 Centre St. Email LaRue Fields at seniors@, call 619692-2077 x205 or visit

Friday, Oct. 13– Sunday, Oct. 15

Oktoberfest at HBC: Celebrate Oktoberfest at Hillcrest Brewing Company with three days of beer! Enjoy a selection of beers as well as brats with a build-your-own cart. If you get all 10 punches on one of their special Oktoberfest punch cards, you will receive a limited-edition HBC hat. 6 p.m. on Friday; noon on Saturday; 9 a.m. on Sunday. Hillcrest Brewing Company, 1458 University Ave. Visit

‘Homos – or Everyone

in America’: Enjoy the closing weekend of Jordan Seavey’s “brave, cutting edge new play.” Attempting to navigate the complexities of contemporary gay life together, a Brooklyn couple hopscotches back and forth over the timeline of their relationship, offering a sensual, hilarious and compelling story of their bond emerges. It also confronts the lingering dangers and interconnected values of current cultural issues. 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. on Sunday. Diversionary Theatre, 4545 Park Blvd., University Heights. Visit

Saturday, Oct. 14

Tuesday, Oct. 17

Live theater – ‘The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey’: This Trevor Project fundraiser will be a one-man show at The Old Globe. James Lecesne, co-founder of The Trevor Project, is the playwright and solo performer of the play. Tickets start at $100 and include admission to the play, a donation to The Trevor Project, and a post-show reception with refreshments, where you can meet Lecesne. 7 p.m. at the Old Globe, 1363 Old Globe Way, Balboa Park. The show runs through Sunday, Oct. 29; times vary. Visit or bit. ly/2xsZiUQ.

Confronting Abuse in Activism – A Conversation with FTW+: Join FTW+ Liberation for a book discussion of “The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence within Activist Communities.” The event will focus on the chapter: “Movement Building Starts with Healthy Relationships: Transforming Silence into Action (TSIA) in Asian Pacific Islander LBQT Communities,” which is available to read at bit. ly/2i3ijqD. Free. 4–6 p.m. at The Brown Building, 4133 Poplar St. Visit bit. ly/2i3ieTR.

Friday, Oct. 20

Wednesday, Oct. 18

Guy Kart – Gay night at K1 Speed: Guy Social San Diego is going to the races and Go Karting with the Guys! The evening includes three private races, a team-building seminar, a party room, a medals ceremony and a 21-and-older after-party at a nearby bar. Tickets $40–$50 at or through Venmo to @GuySocial. Write GUY KART in the comments section on Venmo. 8–11 p.m. at K1 Speed, 1709 Main St. Visit

Saturday, Oct. 14 and Sunday, Oct. 15 Community Coffee in Downtown: With the conclusion of the legislative session, Assembly member Todd Gloria invites you for a cup of coffee. He will share updates from our state Capitol as well as hear community feedback and legislative ideas from attendees. Free and

Out at The Scream Zone: Enjoy this second annual spooky event at the Del Mar “Scaregrounds.” The night features a frightening show by the OATSZ Scream Queens, with Sienna Desire, Dayamis Styles, Destiny Moore and Jaeda Reign. Get 50 percent off drinks during happy hour from 7–9 p.m. Tickets start at $33 at; save $10 with promo code OUTSZ. 7 p.m. at The Scream Zone, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Visit bit. ly/2i1bp5c. Diamond Dogs Boylesque: The Diamond Dogs bring you a sexy, scary and fun night for their Boylesque Halloween show. 8 p.m. at The Rail, 3765 Fifth Ave. Visit

Café Tacvba with Flor de Toloache at Observatory: Latin alternative/ rock band Café Tacvba will perform with the all-female mariachi group Flor de Toloache. 8 p.m. at Observatory North Park, 2861 University Ave. All ages. Tickets $55 at Visit bit. ly/2hB42O7.

Hillcrest Wind Ensemble concert: Hillcrest Wind Ensemble’s fall concert, “A Change of Pace,” features music by American composer and arranger Sammy Nestico. A bake sale will be available at intermission. $15 in advance at sdartstix. com; $20 at the door. 7 p.m. at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front St., Hillcrest. Visit or 619-692-2077.

Art Glass Guild annual fall show: Enjoy a day outside and view beautiful art glass created by local artists. The event features live music, demonstrations featuring torch-work and glass cutting, and a DIY mosaic art station. Free. Family and pet-friendly. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. on both days at 1770 Village Place, Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa

Community Center’s Young Women’s Circle has partnered with Industrial Grind Coffee for this monthly event. The coffee shop will house the group and have some fun every third Thursday. 7 p.m. Industrial Grind Coffee, 1433 University Ave. Visit

Thursday Oct. 19

Third Thursdays at Industrial Grind: The San Diego LGBT

DIVAS Welcome – Continental Invasion Weekend: San Diego DIVAS welcomes the Queens and Kings of Continental to the fabulous stage of Rich’s San Diego. The event features Miss Continental 2018 Shantell, Miss Continental Elite 2018 Fontasia L’Amour, Miss Liberty Continental Pataya and Mr. Gold Coast Continental Isaiah Sanchez Hilton. 7–10 p.m. at Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave. Visit

Saturday, Oct. 21

Hillcrest Classic Car Show: Great Autos of Yesteryear is the largest LGBT car club on the West Coast with almost 1,000 members. Join at least 30 of these car collectors for a “tire-kicking” good time when they bring their cars to the gayborhood to share their love of cars with the public and other members. So roll down your windows, crank up the tunes and cruise on down to this new monthly, free, and kid-friendly event. 1–4 p.m. Pride Plaza on Normal Street at University Avenue in Hillcrest. For information on the club, visit Event details visit Girls Night Out Masquerade Dance: The ladies at Girls Night Out are rocking October with a Masquerade party featuring DJ SuSu. Gather your friends, get your swagger on and come dance at this monthly third Saturday event. Masquerade attire is encouraged; no full masks. 7 p.m. at The Rail, 3796 Fifth Ave. Visit bit. ly/2i1wm0b.

Project TRANS annual BBQ: Come out for food and fun with Project TRANS at The Center. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided. Bring a potluck item or donate plates, napkins, cups, or drinks. Games, blankets, lawn chairs and pop tents are encouraged. Street parking available. 11 a.m.–3 p.m. at Quince Street and Sixth Avenue, Balboa Park. Meet under the trees; look for the trans flag. Visit bit. ly/2i1D3z8 or email trans@ GI Film Festival – LGBT theme: The third annual GI Film Festival, which takes place from Wednesday, Oct. 18 through Sunday, Oct. 22, features an LGBT-themed film for the first time. The West Coast Premiere

Sunday, Oct. 22

Wine and Canvas: Come out for some artsy fun at Hard Rock Café. You don’t have to be an artist to have fun. Admission is $35 and includes all necessary art materials, including easels, paints, brushes, aprons, step-by-step instruction and a 16-by-20-inch gallery-wrapped canvas. Wine and food not included. Tonight’s art selection is “Colorful Elephant.” Free metered parking. 1–4 p.m. at Hard Rock Café, 801 Fourth Ave. Visit bit. ly/2vmXrAe.

Monday, Oct. 23

Transgender Coming Out Group: This weekly group supports transgender people in all stages of exploring gender identity. Open to transgender women and men, genderqueer/ gender non-conforming people, people who are intersex and those questioning their gender identity. Significant others, friends, family and allies are welcome to attend with their transgender loved ones. 7–8:30 p.m. at The Center, 3909 Centre St. Email, call 619-692-2077 x109 or visit

Tuesday, Oct. 24

Halloween wine glass painting: Join master artist Jessica Kost for step-by-step instructions on how to paint your own Halloween-themed wine glasses. Choose from three different designs. All supplies provided including two wine glasses. This is a 21-and-up event. Tickets $25. 6–9 p.m. at Little Italy’s Loading Dock, 2400 Kettner Blvd. Visit bit. ly/2i18hpW.

see Calendar, pg 20


solution on page 6


ACROSS 1 Come quickly 5 “Mamma Mia!” band 9 With mouth wide open 13 Nevada neighbor 14 Get dirty 15 Cold-cock 16 “Bastard out of Carolina” author 19 Oz city shades 20 Prudential alternative 21 Bridal bio word 22 Boot attachment for Jack Twist 23 Bottomless 26 Boat for Gomer? 29 The number of people who like it hot 32 Halliwell’s partner 34 Neeson of “Kinsey” 36 Neighbor of Kan. 37 “Love, Zena Beth” author 40 Frat boys tap it 41 There is nothing like one in “South Pacific”

of “High Low Forty,” will screen Saturday, Oct. 21 at 1:15 p.m. at AMC Mission Valley 20, and the filmmaker will be attending and participating in a Q&A after the screening. Westfield Mission Valley Mall, 1640 Camino Del Rio N. For more details and a complete movie schedule, visit

42 Item from Ted Casablanca 43 Mapa of “Switched at Birth” 45 MGM cofounder 47 Decent chap 48 Ellen, for one 50 Sixth word of Abe’s address 52 Words of compassion 54 Like the number of an LGBT hotline 59 “Ferocious Romance: What My Encounters With the Right Taught Me About Sex, God, and Fury” author 61 Locale of valuable stones 62 “The African Queen” author 63 On ___ with 64 Poet Gidlow 65 Hairy Wall Street pessimist? 66 Pro follower

1 Aerosmith’s “___ (Looks Like a Lady)” 2 “Exotica” director Egoyan 3 Internally pink 4 “Our Town” writer Wilder 5 Judd of “Frida” 6 “Gay Priest” author Malcolm 7 Antigay prejudice, e.g. 8 “I Could Have Danced ___ Night” 9 Foucault’s farewells 10 Ted Allen, for example 11 “8 Women” director Francois 12 Rowlands of “An Early Frost” 17 ___ kwon do 18 Race unit 22 Navratilova, for one 23 Drink of Nureyev’s land 24 Plath poetry collection 25 Some Broadway employees 27 You must remember this 28 ___ Coyote 30 “Chicago” producer Neil 31 “Your Movie Sucks” author Roger

33 Composer Rorem 35 Mardi Gras mo., often 38 Highsmith title condiment 39 Contest for sweaty guys 44 Eye bank donation 46 Karen of “Will & Grace” 49 Cruising locale 51 Shine, in ad-speak 52 “Spamalot” writer Eric 53 Unresponsive to a come-on 54 Buster Brown’s bulldog 55 Top draft level 56 Talk show cohost Kelly 57 Coup target, to Cocteau 58 Pound of verse 60 Queen in “Romeo and Juliet”


BRIEFS and Great Autos of Yesteryear, the largest LGBT car club on the West Coast. With nearly 1,000 members, Great Autos of Yesteryear has more than 2,600 classic cars owned between members combined. Formed in 1983 by Ted Davidson and Herb Rothman, the club serves as a means of bringing together LGBT car enthusiasts, preserving automobiles, and offering a social gathering place, all at the same time. To facilitate all the cars in the show, Normal Street will be closed to vehicular traffic between University Avenue and Harvey Milk Street on the afternoon of Oct. 21. To learn more about Great Autos of Yesteryear, visit For more details about the monthly car show, which takes place every third Saturday of the month, visit Follow the HBA on Instagram @ FabHillcrest.


The 45-piece Hillcrest Wind Ensemble — a musical ambassadorship program of the San Diego LGBT Community Center now in its 31st year — will present its fall concert “A Change Of Pace” at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 14, at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 4190 Front St. in Hillcrest. While many pieces will have a Spanish influence, the concert will be interspersed with music of American composer and arranger, Sammy Nestico, who was made famous for his jazz arrangements for the Count Basie Orchestra, the U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps bands, and countless television shows and commercial jingles. In addition to the ensemble’s music, they will be offering a bake sale to help fund their performances during intermission. Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased at The Windsmith, located at 3875 Granada Ave. in North Park, online at, or are $20 at the door on Oct. 14. For more information, call 619-692-2077 x814, or visit


Mama’s Kitchen’s infamous “Pie in the Sky” Thanksgiving bake sale is well underway. Pies are available in pumpkin, pecan, traditional apple and Dutch apple, and can be purchased for $25 through Nov. 19. Volunteers will then deliver the pies to 21 different pick-up locations around the county on Nov. 22, in time for Thanksgiving. Now in its 13th year, the annual event is a critical fundraiser for Mama’s Kitchen, a local organization that provides nutritious meals to men, women and children with HIV, cancer or other critical illnesses. Last year, the pie event raised $116,500. One pie can serve eight meals to those in need. “Mama’s Pie in the Sky has become a local tradition many San Diegans look forward

to as they give thanks over the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Alberto Cortés, Mama’s Kitchen’s executive director. They currently have 25 bakers confirmed, including Andaz San Diego; Barona Resort & Casino; Bear Buns Bakery and Café; Behind the Scenes Catering & Events; Brothers Signature Catering & Events; The French Gourmet; Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley; Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine; Jenny Wenny Cakes in Carmel Mountain Ranch; Just Call Us Volunteers in Clairemont; Kaiser Permanente Medical Center; Kitchens for Good in Lincoln Park; Loews Coronado Bay Resort; Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego; Mook & Pop’s Culinary Delights in Scripps Ranch; Nine-Ten Restaurant in La Jolla; San Diego Cake Club; San Diego Convention Center; Soleil@K Downtown; Starry Lane Bakery in Hillcrest; Stone Brewing in Escondido; Sycuan Casino; Town and Country San Diego Resort in Mission Valley; Twiggs Bakery; and The Wild Thyme Company. Additional bakers are still in need. Individuals and teams are encouraged to sell pies and use their social media to promote their participation and compete for generous prizes. To learn more about how you can bake, sell, volunteer, or buy, visit or call 619-233-6262.


The third annual GI Film Festival, which takes place from Wednesday, Oct. 18 through Sunday, Oct. 22, features an LGBTthemed film for the first time. The West Coast Premiere of “High Low Forty,” will screen Saturday, Oct. 21 at 1:15 p.m. at AMC Mission Valley 20, and the filmmaker will be attending and participating in a Q&A after the screening. Here is a description of the 80-minute film, from the filmmakers: “When Billy Cooper was discharged from the Army, he went home to Texas — and then peeled out of town again barely an hour later, seemingly for good. Today, almost a decade later, Billy’s little brother Joe has come to Los Angeles to break the news that their hardened military father is dying … and to bring Billy home. No easy task, considering that Joe’s last memories of Billy are the fist-fight he had with their daddy and the trail of dust he left behind. “After a couple beers, a few laughs, and a lot of convincing, Joe and Billy hit the road home, where old wounds prove ripe for reopening. When the true reason for Billy’s discharge comes to light, it threatens his already threadbare bond with Joe — and as an encounter with some townies at a motel reminds them, the two still need each other. Can Billy reconcile with his brother and his past in time to find closure with his father?” Nearly three dozen other films will be screened over the weekend, from Regal Cinema in Carlsbad, the USS Midway Museum, and the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. For more details and a complete movie schedule, visit▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017



GAY SAN DIEGO Oct. 13 – 26, 2017


CALENDAR Wednesday, Oct 25

Dreamgirls Halloween 2017: Experience a night of fright and wonder as the Dreamgirls take on Halloween. Tickets $12–$15 at 8–10 p.m. at Urban MO’s Bar and Grill, 308 Universityww Ave. Visit bit. ly/2i18tpa. Homeless Crisis forum: Join the San Diego Union-Tribune Community Advisory Board for a public conversation about the local homeless problem. Speakers include Ruth Bruland of Father Joe’s Villages, Amy Gonyeau of Alpha Project and more. Free; limited space. 6–7:30 p.m. at Balboa Theatre, 868 Fourth Ave. Visit bit. ly/2hZBvpf.

Thursday, Oct. 26

‘The Legend of Georgia McBride’: Enjoy the San Diego premiere of this music-filled comedy that celebrates finding your voice and singing your own song. Tickets start at $38 at bit. ly/2gtyvhj. Arrive early for a pre-show Wine Night. 7:30 p.m. at the Cygnet Theatre, 4040 Twiggs St., Old Town. The show runs through Sunday, Nov. 12; times vary. Visit

RECURRING EVENTS Cinema Under the Stars: Films presented at an outdoor viewing space on various nights of the week. Upcoming films: “Young Frankenstein” – Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14 “Charade” – Thursday, Oct. 19 through Saturday, Oct. 21 “The Birds” – Thursday, Oct. 26 through Saturday Oct. 28 Films start at 8 p.m. $16–$19. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. Visit or call 619-295-4221.▼

Gay San Diego 10-13-17