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Volume 6 Issue 17 Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


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Poppy's Bunch

A new spotlight on local gays


‘San Diego Remembers’ moves forward Ian Morton | Profiles in Advocacy

The Queer Queens of Qomedy All Stars, plus a couple of locals: (clockwise from top) Poppy Champlin; Karen Williams; Mimi Gonzalez; Melanie Peters (local); Jennie McNulty; Nick Walker (local); and Vickie Shaw. The evolution of George


Queer Queens of Qomedy to bequeath local laughter and support Sept. 13 Morgan M. Hurley | Editor When she is not holed up in Provincetown for weeks at a time, headlining Pride events or hitting the gay and lesbian cruise line circuit, Poppy Champlin produces the Queer Queens of Qomedy (Q3) show and takes it on the road to destinations across the country.

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see Queens, pg 7

Less cars, more access Uptown parking district explores new ways to ‘access’ Hillcrest By Hutton Marshall

You Mapa me crazy

Generally arriving with two other nationally known lesbian comedians in tow, Champlin often also taps into local talent for each gig. On Sunday, Sept. 13, Q3 will roar back to San Diego for the third visit in recent years (2013, 2012), but this time with five comedians in the lineup — Champlin, Jennie McNulty, Vickie Shaw, Karen Williams, Mimi Gonzalez — plus local favorite Nick and Mel, a musical comedy duo that also opened for Q3 in 2013.

If there’s a traditional philosophy to improving parking, it’s that more parking spaces means more access to parking. The Uptown Community Parking District (UCPD), however, has recently incorporated a different approach into its work managing parking in Hillcrest: The best solution to parking problems might mean removing the need to park a car in the first place. “The Uptown parking district is charged with managing parking supply, but we’re also managing demand,” said Elizabeth Hannon, UCPD’s chief operating

officer. “So one of the ways we can manage demand is to have fewer people in their cars.” This means creating new services to access the dense, urban neighborhood that remove the need to scour the streets for a free parking meter. A streetcar trolley, valet ser vices and even free electric-drive shuttles are just a few ser vices in the works so far. The new mindset and the creative solutions stemming from it have inspired the parking district to rebrand their public outreach efforts — previously called “Park Hillcrest” — to “Access Hillcrest.” “As we look to hit our target market a little more, figuring out who is coming to Hillcrest and how are they getting here, we just thought the name Access Hillcrest made more sense — whether people are driving here

(l to r) Councilmember Todd Gloria, HBA's Marisa Romero, UC San Diego's Zachary Schlagel and UCPD CEO Elizabeth Hannon on Lunch Loop's launch in May (Courtesy UCPD) and using our parking ser vices, taking the trolley, walking, biking or using the bus system,” Hannon said.

see Access, pg 2

For those of us LGBTQ members of a certain age in 1998, the death of Matthew Shepard brought to life everything we feared about being “out” in America. Many of us had friends — or perhaps we ourselves — who had experienced hate crimes; anything from slurs, or bottles hurled from speeding cars, to the actual altercations that left us bloody on the street. On Oct. 6, 1998, 21-year-old Matthew Shepard was taken — under the auspice of receiving a “ride home” — to a remote rural area in Wyoming by two men, robbed, pistol-whipped and tortured, then bound to a fencepost and left to die. The report filed by police, when he was discovered 18 hours later in a coma, stated that his face was obscured by blood, visible only where his tears had cleaned tracks on his flesh. Matthew died on Oct. 12, 1998. Fast-forward 10 years to 2008. An election is upon us posing two primary questions in our community: “Will we see a shift to a black, Democratic President?” and “Will we defeat Proposition 8, and see marriage equality maintained in California?” What many of us were no longer talking about was the hate crime legislation including sexual orientation that had languished unsuccessfully for the 10 years since Matthew’s death, the latest attempt named “The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.” Against that dramatic political scene, two friends, Benny Cartwright and Rick Cervantes, wanted to remember Shepard on the 10th anniversary of his death, and met at the John Robert Wear Hate Crimes Memorial Plaque, located at 1029 University Ave. They simply placed a ribbon, candle and photo of Matthew at the plaque to honor his memory. A month later on that election night in November 2008, we lost marriage equality in California, but we gained a president committed to passing the Matthew Shepard Act. Over the next year, Cartwright and Cervantes discussed how to make a greater impact, and they planned the first rally and march to honor, not only Matthew, but all of those we had lost to hate crimes. On October 12, 2009, the first official

see Remembers, pg 4


GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


ACCESS The Park Hillcrest brand won’t entirely vanish though. UCPD will still maintain the Park Hillcrest App to provide real-time parking and trolley information. One of UCPD’s most promising new projects is the Lunch Loop, a two-hour streetcar trolley ferr ying lunch breakers from Hillcrest’s outskirts into its business core. Having launched in May, the Monday-through-Friday ser vice now averages 50 riders a day, many from the local UC San Diego medical offices. “The Lunch Loop has been a huge success and our staff, patients and visitors at UC San Diego Health really love it,” UCSD Assistant Director Zachar y Schlagel said. “Beyond our cafeteria, there is a dearth of options, especially for our staff. Because of our location in the neighborhood, the closest restaurants are Jack in the Box and Panda Express, and those are at least 10 minutes away, walking distance. “When some staff may only have 30 minutes, that doesn’t give them many options. This new shuttle ser vice has enabled our staff to have quick and easy access to dozens of world class restaurants, stores and other services, like the post office, etc.” The Lunch Loop streetcar falls under the responsibility of the UCPD, but promoting it among local businesses has been done by the Hillcrest Business Association. On its website,, a “Lunch Loop Menu” lists over 50 businesses within two or three square

NEWS said Chris Shaw, whose company MO’s Universe operates four restaurants and bars in Hillcrest. “The trolley always has people on it.” The Lunch Loop is just one of several plates Hannon and UCPD are spinning in Hillcrest. A $5 valet ser vice — subsidized by UCDP and the businesses in closest proximity to it — also operates on weekends on Fifth Avenue. “We find that a lot of folks are using the $5 valet to grab brunch at Hash House A Go-Go or Snooze, then hopping on the trolley over the farmers market, getting all their provisions for the week, then hopping on the trolley back over to where their car was valeted,” Hannon said. Hannon also hopes to establish another valet service on the east side of Hillcrest, but a surface lot close enough for valet runners hasn’t yet been found. The Lunch Loop trolley will continue operating until the program is reviewed in the fall, but so far it still only ser ves the central portion of the neighborhood. One reason is because the (top) Electric-drive shuttles will soon be incorporated into the ways you can “Access Hillcrest”; route needs to find more (bottom) map shows Lunch Loop and Hillcrest Trolley routes. (Photos courtesy UCPD) populated stops like UCSD. Hannon said she’s blocks of a lunch loop stop. One “We love the new lunch trolreaching out to two other big business owner with several ley, it’s a ver y convenient and employers in the area, Scripps locations along the route said the fun way for the hospital workers Mercy and the San Diego Unified trolley has been a welcome addito get the Hillcrest and has totalSchool District. tion to the weekly lunch crowd. ly increased our lunch business,” Incorporating these busi- nesses could also open up new routes ser vicing points as far east as Baja Betty’s and Heat Bar & Kitchen near University Avenue’s intersection with Park Boulevard, Hannon said. The increased services just need to show they are lowering parking demand. “So as long as we’re alleviating parking impacts, that’s really the goal of how public funds should be used,” Hannon said. The other limitation with the trolley, however, comes from its physical turning capabilities. Right now, the trolley’s route can’t go west of Fourth Avenue or south of University Avenue because the turns required are too sharp for it to handle. UCPD has yet another pilot project for this: a free, electric vehicle shuttle ser vice through a company called Free Ride. The idea was piloted near the beginning of August, and another test run may be in the works soon. “So becoming kind of a little transit operator here, one of the ideas is to have these lunch and evening trolley ser vices pick people up, bring them into the core, perhaps around Seventh and University in front of Whole Foods, then have the electric vehicles run them out from there,” Hannon said. Although won’t be fully operational until September, the “Access Hillcrest” Facebook page is already up and running. Stay up to date with them and you could soon be taking part in one of their latest innovations. —Hutton Marshall is a freelance writer and former assistant editor at Gay San Diego. Contact him at


Caught on camera New talk show explores San Diego’s gay scene from

By George Vernon A new San Diego-based talk show, “Top2Bottom,” which focuses on the lives of gay men, is set to premiere next week. Gay San Diego announced the show’s open casting call in July [see “Casting call for ‘tops and bottoms’”, Vol. 6, Issue 13 or also at], to which 58 men showed up for to audition. Of those men, the show’s producers had to whittle it down to just six co-hosts and five special contributors. “We learned [at the open casting call] that San Diego has a lot of interesting guys out there,” said Jared Hall, executive director of Community Engagement Multimedia Project (CEMP) and executive producer of “Top2Bottom.” “They’re not all bottoms,” Hall continued. “They’re mostly ‘vers.’ A few are native San Diegans. Many have various ethnic backgrounds. They’re opinionated and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. More than anything, they are extremely compassionate. They are concerned about LGBTQ youth, housing and employment discrimination, and making sure that the trans community is included in our movement.” After spending over a week and dozens of hours reviewing audition footage, Hall and his team made their selections and slowly began to roll out the names of the co-hosts on the show’s Facebook page ( Those selected as co-hosts for the first season of “Top2Bottom” are: Josh Tucker, Tony Perez, Mike

Jones, Ben Howard, Jared Hall, and Andrew Katsemes. Special contributors include: Chad King, Joey Sago, Jay Heimbach, Garrett West, and Glitz Glam. Nearly 20 people are involved with the production of the show, all with different backgrounds, identities, and ages. Along with Hall, Andrew Walker will serve as executive producer; Chris Powell as supervising producer; Paul Vick as director; and David Jester as director of photography. The show’s production team held their brainstorming retreat for season one Aug. 15 and came up with a list of 311 different show topics and 19 specials to be featured on upcoming episodes. “Be assured you will laugh, learn, be inspired, have ‘a-ha,’ [moments] and an ugly cry,” read a post on the show’s Facebook page. With those topic suggestions, the co-hosts and contributors will present an unscripted and unrehearsed interactive talk show that will navigate things like the adventures of gay dating, relationships, sex, culture, health and life. The producers say it will reveal the experiences, define the “do’s” and “don’ts,” and answer questions that every guy wants answered but “may not always have the balls to ask.” “I came out 16 years ago, and now, at age 32, I still don’t know all aspects of gay life,” Hall told Gay San Diego in June. “Technology has certainly influenced how we interact with and date each other. With that said, I am still asking questions.” Hall said through the show, he hopes to create a place for gay men to go to explore who they are, and not feel alone. “I know what it’s like to feel like the outcast, to feel like I am the only one on the road,” Hall said. “I want to create a show that ser ves as a ‘gay guy’s guide’ to all of the topics we plan to cover.” Ben Howard, who was the first co-host announced on the show’s Facebook page July 15, said that he’s most excited about being part of the show because of the depth of topics that will be explored by him and his fellow co-hosts. “There are so many topics facing the gay world,” Howard said. “Some are funny, some are sad, and some are scary. I look

San Diegans flocked to Urban MO’s for the July casting call for “Top2Bottom.” (Courtesy Community Engagement Multimedia Project)

forward to being able to confront these topics head-on in an environment where it’s essential to hold differing opinions. No one will ever know what’s coming next ... because we don’t!” While he performed improv in college, Howard hasn’t done anything like this since then and almost didn’t audition; however with a little liquid courage and some encouragement from friends, he changed his mind and was selected. He tells viewers to “expect to never know what to expect.” “Everyone is super pumped about the show and we are all looking forward to keeping viewers on their knees … I mean toes,” Howard said. Josh Tucker, another co-host, said he is looking forward to the show because it is something needed in San Diego.

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015 “We have a lot of established voices in our community and I’m excited to be part of the platform that will present new opinions,” Tucker said. Tucker got involved with “Top2Bottom” because he liked the idea of a gay men’s talk show and auditioned because he thinks he has a great perspective to offer. “I soon realized it was about much more than entertainment,” he said. “The show is going to make you laugh, but it’s also going to be a resource for men exploring their sexuality, young men who are struggling with their family accepting them, and we are going to take the issues we face as gay men head-on every day. We’re going to … make people smile, give people hope, and show what diversity of opinion in the gay community really looks like.”


Unlike Howard and Tucker, who are both fairly actively involved in different facets of the local LGBT community, co-host Mike Jones decided to audition so he could get himself out there more. “I auditioned because I feel like even though I’m out [of the closet], I’ve been hiding in the shadows,” Jones said. “I also haven’t been as involved as I would like to be in the journey showing people what our culture is all about.” The first “Top2Bottoms” episode will air Monday, Aug. 31, and each day of the week will have a different type of show, with Monday looking at dating and relationships; Tuesday being the “sex show;” Wednesday focusing on health and wellness; Thursday a discussion on culture; and Fridays

see Top2Bottom, pg 11


GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015



COMMUNITY VOICES point, and San Diego Remembers needed to assess how to effectively redefine their own mission and purpose. It was becoming clear that one white man could not be the sole face of the effort and that to remain relevant and engaging, this initiative needed to move beyond reflection and into action.

in one of San Diego’s LGBTQ social justice efforts. SDR leaders are excited to see where this expanded mission will lead. “Over the past seven years, we’ve witnessed the community achieve what we thought wasn’t possible and change through

“San Diego Remembers” event took place, with about 40 community members gathering at what was then the Ruby Kitchen and staged a march in the heart of Hillcrest. Later that same month, President Obama kept his promise and got the Matthew Shepard Act passed. This sparked a more organized committee for the October 2010 event, which took place swiftly on the heels of a number of LGBTQ teen suicides, including that of Rutgers University student, Tyler Clementi. In September 2010 alone, we saw six Members of San Diego Remembers gather at The Center after last year’s event. LGBTQ teen suicides, including (Photo by Cali Griebel) that of Clementi, linked to bullying. In this climate, we saw a galvanized San Diego community turn Cartwright was excited to share the introduction of younger out tenfold, with a 2010 attendance the organization’s expanded scope members,” senior member Eric of 400, including community leaders with me, as we discussed how this Hufford said. “We felt altering our and elected officials. initiative, now called “SDR,” strategievent was the best way to honor “When Benny and I had our first cally partnered and further develour past and to address the presremembrance of Matthew Shepard in oped their mission. ent needs of the community.” 2008, we never thought it would turn One important ally, who shared “I’m excited about the changes into an organization that has inspired priorities with SDR, was GLAAD, happening with SDR,” Melanie Laura so many,” Cervantes said. “It’s been the initiator of “Spirit Day” on Oct. Cabardo added. “Our world, our lives, inspiring to have dozens of commu15. SDR members saw this as a our community is constantly evolving, nity members join us over the years perfect opportunity to become a and every day there are new issues. to serve on the event committee and local catalyst for this nationally It’s always a positive thing to find new watch them grow and thrive.” observed event, and it helped that ways to get people in the community In the years that followed, San both organizations had chosen involved, to unify them.” Diego Remembers became a space purple as the identifying color. To learn more about SDR, folwhere emerging leaders could find Additionally, the call to action now low them on Facebook @SanDitheir footing under the mentorship of encompasses three tenets: Reflect, egoRemembers and Twitter @ established community members. Celebrate and Activate. SDRemembers The annual memorial conOn Oct. 15, 2015, SDR invites the tinued, but in 2014, there was a community to don their purple attire —Ian D. Morton is the senior perceptual shift in the tenor of and meet at the John Wear plaque for program analyst at San Diego Human LGBTQ advocacy. a time of refection, to celebrate those Dignity Foundation and produces the Brewing discontent that the memories at a Spirit Day Parade Y.E.S. San Diego LGBTQ youth conferLGBTQ movement had too long immediately after, and finish at a ence. To nominate an individual or been focused on white, cis-gender, resource reception, where you can nonprofit for this column, please email gay men was reaching a boiling find out how to activate your activism the information to

We’re almost there South Bay Alliance Dae Elliott Can you believe that South Bay Pride is less than a month away? My heart be still! I can almost guarantee no rain — almost — and of course, a bay breeze. Our Port of San Diego Main Stage has an exciting lineup. We start the day with the amazing jazz of Celeste Barbier (noon) then turn to an hour of the genredefying masterpiece band Vokab Kompany (1 p.m.). Next comes our favorites Rhythm & the Method (2:25 p.m.), Liz Grace & the Swing Thing (3:40 p.m.), Castillo Rock (4:55 p.m.) and the Social Animal (6:10 p.m.). And finally, the nighttime beach party starts with two hours of high-energy performance by Ricky Rebel (7:25 p.m.) and our headliner, nationally acclaimed pop star, Ivy Levan at 9:45 p.m. If that is not enough to get your booty moving then you can visit our On Deck DJ Stage sponsored by Flicks and GSDBA! Schedule as follows: DJ SuSu (1:30 p.m.) – ‘80s Pop; DJ Dida (3:10 p.m.) – Latin Dance; DJ EvLo (4:40 p.m.) – House Dance; DJ Starlett (6 p.m.) – EDM; and the fantastic DJ Fariba gives us two hours of Latin Dance from 7 – 9 p.m. In addition to the spectacular music entertainment, our amazing artisans and vendor/exhibitors, you can enjoy the delicious food, a refreshing beverage or sip on a craft cocktail while you stroll throughout the extended festival grounds and enjoy all that this magnificent event has to offer. We have a public viewing of San Diego portions of the AIDS Memorial Quilt near our AIDS Memorial Stage on the south side of Bayside Park. Here, we will have even more community entertainment during the day while raising consciousness about the AIDS Memorial project here in San Di-

ego County spearheaded by Mayor Kevin Faulconer. The Imperial Court de San Diego is once again sponsoring the Children’s Activities during the day. Their generous support will allow us to provide some fun inflatables. Chula Vista Kayak has offered a special deal for South Bay Kayak Tours at $5 per person. All but the 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. tours are already full, so if you are interested, please visit southbaypride. org/rentals and submit your reservation. Those of you with kayaks, paddle boards, etc., bring them down. We have the beach. Oh yeah, have you heard? We are having our first Mr., Miss, Ms. & Mx. Gay Pride of South Bay Contest held in conjunction with Imperial Court de San Diego. Nominees must reside in the area south of state Route 94 in San Diego County to be eligible. The judged categories for this contest are Personal Speech (What does Pride mean to you?) and Pride Attire (a creative outfit that expresses your personal Pride). If you know someone or would like yourself to be South Bay Pride and Imperial Court’s representative for the South Bay, please visit our website to submit the nomination form. Just go to and scroll down the home page to submit our online form. So come out and get your PRIDE on! This is a FREE, community Pride event for everyone! We are just 10 minutes south of Downtown San Diego with easy access through the Trolley and on Interstate 5, as well as, inexpensive transportation to and from the H Street Trolley Center. Everyone that has come has loved it and we are sure you will too! — Dae Elliott is a founding executive committee member and the current executive director of South Bay Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and organizer of the annual South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival. Contact her at southbayalliance@

Cheaters Life Beyond Therapy Michael Kimmel Dear Michael: I never thought it would happen to me, but here I am, in a relationship with a cheater. I didn’t know he was sleeping with other guys, but I started to notice too many things that were weird and he then started being extra nice to me in a way that made me wonder what the hell was going on. Anyway, I found out, confronted him and he admitted it. The problem is: What do I do now? Do I forgive him? How can I trust him again? He swears he won’t do it again, but can I believe him? I’m tempted to leave him but he’s begging me not to. He said he’d even go to counseling (which is a big step for him). What should I do? —Boyfriend’s a cheater Dear BAC: You ask good questions. Cheating can end a relationship or — surprisingly — make it a lot better. Let me explain. You wonder: How can you trust him again? For most of us, it takes time; you can’t rush it. He will have to realize this and not pressure you to “get over it.” You don’t say how long you’ve been together, but if it’s taken you years to build up trust, it may take a while to restore that trust if a whole lot of deception has gone down. Counseling can help. It’s a

COMMUNITY VOICES good sign that he’s willing to do it, it shows that he doesn’t want to give up on your relationship and that he’s willing to change. What I’ve noticed in counseling couples dealing with infidelity is that if BOTH parties involved want to work it out, they almost always do. If you and your boyfriend are willing to look at what conditions brought about his cheating, you could both learn a lot about yourselves and each other. In fact, many couples I work with — when cheating is the issue that brings them in to see me — end up CLOSER than they were before. Why? Because they are pushed (by the cheating) to take a good look at their relationship and see the mountains of small resentments that they’ve been avoiding. In the short run, however, talking about cheating is pretty damned uncomfortable. This is why couples counseling can be really helpful: It’s not easy talking about this stuff, and most of us aren’t willing to squirm that much unless we get some professional assistance. In the short run, it can really suck to hear why your boyfriend cheated on you. But, in the long run, you sure can learn a lot about him and yourself. Maybe you had no idea that he felt neglected or unappreciated. Maybe you took him for granted and just assumed he’d always be there. Every cheater imagines they aren’t getting some need(s) met and that they “deserve” to feel loved and desired in the way they want. Your boyfriend may have needs that he’s never told you about. Maybe he wants more of you emotionally. Maybe he felt

that your sex life was kinda dead or dull. I’m not saying this to rationalize his behavior; I am saying that if you are both willing to understand why he did what he did, your relationship can become even stronger as a result. And what about the old adage: “Once a cheater, always a cheater”? It is my experience as a psychotherapist that any habitual or compulsive behavior can be changed if the person wants to change and is willing to do the work required. Cheating is an alarm clock. It tells you both that something’s off, something’s wrong, something’s missing. Often, we have these nagging little voices that tell us, “pay attention; something’s wrong,” but we don’t want to listen so we ignore them until the alarm clock gets bigger and louder and we can’t ignore it anymore. No one can tell you whether to stay or go. No one knows your relationship and what the two of you have when no one else is around. So don’t take anyone else’s advice unless it aligns with your own. Only you know if this man is worth working it out for or if you’re better off dumping his ass and moving on. Cheating is an intense wakeup call. It gives you information that you probably don’t want to hear, but need to. It can be an opportunity to work out all the shit you’ve both been avoiding … or not. It’s all up to you. You hold all the cards. Play them wisely. —Michael Kimmel can be reached at 619-955-3311 or visit

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


#TalkingSex Back Out with Benny Benny Cartwright I talk about sex. A lot. Much of that is because of my job at the San Diego LGBT Community Center, working with our #BeTheGeneration [to end new transmissions of HIV] campaign. Through the campaign, which I discussed several months ago in this column, we are working hard to end much of the stigma that has surrounded HIV/ AIDS since the disease first came to light in the early 1980s. The heart of the campaign is to simply help people get to a place where they can live out, live long, live healthy, and live unafraid. As a gay man, I’ve spent much of my life hearing people tell me how I should have sex (or why the sex I had is wrong, or why having too much sex made me a “slut”). I don’t want that to be the case anymore — I want people to feel the freedom to have whatever type of legal and consensual sex they want to have — as often as they want to! Unfortunately, when my colleagues and I speak to some people — including many fellow gay men — about things like PrEP (the once-daily pill that is used to prevent HIV), far too often we hear things like, “PrEP is an invitation to be a slut” or “PrEP is the next party drug.” We’ve shamed ourselves so much about our own sexual desires for so long that we’re afraid to accept something that gives us the freedom to shed all the fears and hang-ups that

we have about sex. Who doesn’t like sex? I know I love sex and am so pleased that all of these tools exist today that allow us to protect ourselves and live unafraid! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to learn more about all the ways you can #BeTheGeneration to help us end HIV in San Diego County and beyond! You can also visit to learn more. One of the biggest ways our community comes together each year in the spirit of the #BeTheGeneration campaign is by participating in and/or supporting AIDS Walk & Run San Diego. This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 26 and it raises critically needed funds for over a dozen organizations that provide direct HIV/AIDS services in San Diego County. It’s a lot of fun and there are so many ways to get involved. Visit for more information or to register. (And if you want to support my personal #AIDSWalkSD fundraising efforts, visit my fundraising page at aidswalk. Thank you! In other news, it’s been a busy August! I always remember August being the slow month where “nothing” happened, but this year, it’s been non-stop. And this weekend, there are two major community events that many have been looking forward to all year. The fourth annual HRC San Diego Gala Dinner and Auction is this

see Benny, pg 8



GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015



Poll Results Would you like to see an AIDS Memorial in Hillcrest?

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Finishing the work for dignity Let’s end workplace discrimination in 2015 By Jim Patterson U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, in his historic June 26, 5-4 majority opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, used the word “dignity” nine times. The decision ended state same-sex marriage bans in favor of same-sex wedding bands. Media headlined “dignity” across the nation and the world, forever associating the word with the LGBT struggle for equality. Same-sex families can now fully realize the long-delayed promise of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” for all Americans contained in the Declaration of Independence. Five Supreme Court justices found the U.S. Constitution afforded same-sex couples the dignity marriage bestows on them and their families. Newspaper headlines across the countr y and the globe likewise hailed the dignity of the Supreme Court decision in recognizing same-sex families with all the rights and responsibilities of other families. Now families will be families with dignity and without regard to sexuality. In one sense, the sexuality war is over;

in another sense, it has just begun. It is not, though, politically wise for members of Congress, collectively or individually, to promote an agenda to deny Americans their dignity. Some will tr y; but they should listen to the wisdom of the Supreme Court on the dignity of marriage and two American leaders on the dignity of work. Political and religious leaders from former President Ronald Reagan to civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have spoken about the dignity of work. Their words are important as Congress considers ending employment discrimination against LGBT workers by passing the Employment NonDiscrimination Act (ENDA). From his 1980 presidential acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Detroit, Reagan said, “Work and family are at the center of our lives, the foundation of our dignity as a free people.” Every member of Congress should consider Reagan’s fundamental wisdom and fairness for all American workers and families. Employment was a key element of Dr. King’s civil rights campaigns across the countr y and his historic 1963 march on Washington for jobs and freedom. In March 1968, Dr. King said, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken

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with painstaking excellence.” Workplace equality will certainly motivate workers to greater productivity, career satisfaction, and greater success for themselves, their families, and employers. Both President Reagan and Dr. King understood Washington and the courts had important roles to play in equality, freedom, and employment. Associate Justice Kennedy was appointed to the Supreme Court by Reagan and his emphasis on dignity reflects his understanding of the legacies of Reagan and Dr. King. Thus, it is in America that labor and marriage strengthen individuals, families, and our fundamental American values of fairness and dignity. Same-sex families now have national protections against efforts to deny them their constitutional rights to marr y the person of their choice. The battle for dignity and pride for LGBT relationships began at the Stonewall Inn in New York in 1969, when police harassment produced riots. The Stonewall Riots birthed LGBT Pride and the long walk to the dignity of our relationships GOP Justice Kennedy vocalized for the world on June 26, 2015. The late U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms, a North Carolina Republican, once called me a “per vert” in the Congressional Record, on July 19, 1994, for promoting workplace fairness for LGBT workers in the federal sector. Helms never offered any dignity to gays and lesbians, only crude redneck insults and heartless laughter at gay men,

sick with AIDS, and “militant” lesbians. Helms voted to confirm Kennedy to the Supreme Court. What a per verse chapter in the legacy of the bigot Jesse Helms. What remains now for Congress is the important and dignified work of passing the ENDA, which has lingered in perpetual debate in Congress for over 20 years thanks to Helms and his followers. Helms’ body lies in his Tar Heel state but his ugliness, bias, and hate toward innocent and hardworking LGBT people haunts the halls of Congress. The place should be fumigated with dignity to remove all the taint Helms bequeathed the institution and his followers. Former President Reagan and Dr. King were giants for vocalizing the dignity of work; Helms was an evil, narrow-minded bigot. For members of Congress who want to honor the dignified spirits of Reagan and Dr. King, they should find a way to extend workplace equality, fairness, and dignity to all Americans without regard to sexuality. They should work together to pass ENDA in 2015. —Jim Patterson is a human rights advocate, a writer, speaker, and lifelong diplomat for the dignity for all people. In a remarkable life spanning the civil rights movement to today’s human rights struggles, he stands as a voice for the voiceless and documents history’s wrongs and the struggle for dignity to provide a roadmap to a more humane future. Learn more at

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QUEENS Champlin, who is currently in Greece performing on an Atlantis cruise, is calling it her “All Star Show” and is looking for ward to a return to America’s Finest City. “Ver y happy to be coming back,” she said. “I love the lesbians in San Diego and I love the community.” This year’s performance will be especially poignant for Nick Walker of Nick and Mel. “The last time these ladies came to San Diego we opened the event and I got to know them,” Walker said. “At that time I identified as a woman, because I had not yet come to terms with being transgender. With the loss of both my parents, and the love of my wife and daughter, I have since stepped for ward and claimed my identity and manhood. I am honored that as the only gentleman gracing the stage this year, I was still invited to be a part of this great night with the wonderful women of Q3 and openly accepted as a trans man. Things like this make my transition easier.” This year’s Q3 event will take place at The MG in North Park, a multipurpose campus on Polk Avenue that also houses a historic church on its site. The church was originally built in 1945 but renovated in 2011 to host Missiongathering Church and is now also home to the popular Irenic music venue as well. Q3 comes to town the night following South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival, and is being touted as the “official after-party” for the festival, which takes place Saturday, Sept. 12, in Chula Vista at Bayside Park. Some of the bar proceeds from Q3 will benefit South Bay Alliance, organizers of the pride festival. Also benefiting from Q3’s bar proceeds will be Out With It, a locally based but nationally centered LGBT organization spearheading a message to end domestic violence and sexual violence through open conversations. Rather than inter view each performer individually and write a typical preview for the show, we decided to send each of the ladies (and one gent) a handful of the same questions. The answers are all unique and unusual, just like each of them! We asked the ladies (and gent) who will be performing Sept. 13 a handful of the same questions. The answers are all unique and unusual, just like each of them are!

Poppy Champlin Where do you hail from and where do you live today? From Rhode Island and I left there on 1988 to seek fame and fortune, actually I left to escape a drunk driving fine. And after 25 years — living in Chicago for eight years and LA for 14, I am back home in RI and sober. Sitting now in a cafe in Mykonos, Greece. Working my comedy show for the gay boys of Atlantis! Can’t find anyone to play my straight man!  What got you into comedy? It was a good distraction during detention! But seriously, I was in a cabaret in college and wrote a monologue about the ocean, 135 puns. It was a hit and I was hooked. Who were your inspirations or mentors? Lucille Ball and Joan Rivers What sets your comedy apart from the rest? Well I have incorporated singing and musical parody into my show, ever since I quit doing cocaine. Have you ever per formed in San Diego before and where can people find you when you are not with Q3? Yes Q3 has been in San Diego two other times, both at the Birch North Park Theater.

Jennie McNulty Where do you hail from and where do you live today? Originally from Detroit, now living in Los Angeles. What got you into comedy? Well, I found my sense of humor kept the other inmates from beating me up. And, I was actually the opening act at the last supper. Which sucked, ’cuz I had a great set but, obviously, couldn’t get rebooked. Who were your inspirations or mentors? Sarah Palin. I was ver y disappointed to learn she was not a comic. What sets your comedy apart from the rest? I do my entire set in Pig Latin — or as it is now referred to in its politically correct from, “Porcine

Pronunciation.” Have you ever per formed in San Diego before and where can people find you when you are not with Q3? Yes, I love San Diego. I’ve had some super fun shows at Martinis Above Fourth. In fact, I’ll be there with Vickie in November. Give us a quickie: How many lesbians does it take to change a light bulb? Seven: one to discuss the ecological impact of the bulb; one to point out the gender bias in replacing only the “male” portion of the apparatus; one to protest the elimination of the darkness; two to bring the potluck; one to actually change the bulb and one to adopt a puppy — just because.

Karen Williams Where do you hail from and where do you live today? Born in Manhattan, raised in the Bronx. I have reduced the 13 million folks I grew up with in NYC to 65,000 unknowing souls in Euclid, Ohio — affectionately referred to as the “North Coast” or Lake Erie’s biatch! What got you into comedy? I’ve been performing stand-up comedy since 1983; other incarnations include high fashion model, hair model, designer’s model, afro-Haitian dancer with all-girl band, performance poet and loud talker … comedy was a natural evolution! It was that or go crazy alone. This way I get to share my crazies. Who were your inspirations or mentors? My parents — Cleve and Helen — were and remain hilarious stor ytellers with morals at the ends of their stories. They have greatly influenced my stor y-telling style, though the stream of consciousness stuff def comes from Richie Pr yor and Lennie Bruce, both of who were played at home, along with Slappy White and Moms Mabley. What sets your comedy apart from the rest? Being the only out black lesbian comic for 20 years kinda set my work apart … being consistently funny also helps! Have you ever per formed in San Diego before and where can people find you when you are not with Q3? I played San Diego many years ago … glad to be back! I work with Poppy and other independent producers and also headline my own shows. I am also the founder and CEO of HaHA Institute,, the nation’s No. 1 humor and healing arts resource! Give us a quickie: I just came from MichFest where I used to say: “I hate camping ... I’m from New York City! We don’t call it “camping”... we call it “homeless!”

Mimi Gonzalez Where do you hail from and where do you live today? I’m originally from Detroit despite being born in Columbus Ohio, which makes me technically bisexual. I live in Boston but I’ve lived in SF, LA, NYC and if the right graduate school offers, I’ll come back to Cali. But I’ll bring my own water. I’ll live in a tanker truck and Mad Maxine some donuts in the desert. What got you into comedy? The magic of MichFest taught me my voice mattered way back in the early '80s. The moments of being in the rarefied air of the zone keep me in the game. I was on the 1993 March on Washington stage which sent me to Mo Gaffney’s “Women Aloud” on Comedy Central (when that network cared about women watching) and I’ve been chasing that pipe-dream ever since. Who were your inspirations or mentors? My holy trinity of comedy inspiration is Lucy, Carol and Lily. They lifted me up as a kid and put a smile on my face. I’m blessed to have met and introduced the Goddess Lily. I’m still taking mentor/ internship applications if Maxine Feldman reincarnates or makes visitations from the beyond. I love Paula Poundstone’s ability to integrate the crowd and Ellen’s deep reaching across the surface that connects us all, I mean, five minutes on twoply toilet paper? Genius! I applaud Tig Nataro’s success and congratulate the mainstream comedy community for embracing and promoting her. What sets your comedy apart from the rest? I’m not that funny.

see Queens, pg 16

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015




GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


The San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL) won the right to host the 15th annual Gay Bowl, which will be held Oct. 9 – 11 at the San Diego Polo Club’s polo grounds at the corner of Via de la Valle and El Camino Real in Del Mar. Fifteen flag football playing fields will be set up on the 60-acre grounds, and with over 50 teams participating, Gay Bowl XV is expected to be the largest tournament of the National Gay Flag Football League ever held. The host hotel will be the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley, which will offer discounted room, parking, drink and meal rates. In these last months leading up to the October event, the local host committee has been busy with planning and fundraising. On Saturday, Aug. 29, join SDAFFL members for their wine tasting fundraiser at the new Négociant, a North Park Urban Winery located at 2419 El Cajon Blvd., (formerly the location of Tanline). Tickets to the event are $15 for seven wine pours and raffle tickets will be available with prizes to include: gift cards, winery memberships, SDSU Aztec football tickets and more. Team registration for Gay Bowl XV is now open and sponsors and volunteers are still needed. Visit gaybowlsandiego. com for more info and tickets to the wine tasting.


The San Diego Padres are col-

laborating with Ed Randall’s Fans for the Cure to offer free prostate screenings during an upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers game at Petco Park on Thursday, Sept. 3. All male ticketholders over 50, or 40 with a family history of the disease, can access the Scripps Mobile Medical Unit at the Park in the Park from the time of the first pitch until the seventh inning. The screening consists of a prostate-specific antigen blood test and participants will receive the confidential results via mail. “PSA screenings save lives,” said Carl Rossi, M.D., a radiation oncologist and medical director of the Scripps Proton Therapy Center in a press release. “The cure rate for prostate cancer has increased significantly since widespread use of PSA testing began in the early 1990s. When diagnosed early, at the local or regional stages, national survival rates are nearly 100 percent.” Nationally renowned baseball author, broadcaster and historian Randall was successfully treated for the disease at age 47, and founded his charitable foundation shortly after to educate and encourage all men on the benefits of early detection and the importance of annual screenings. His foundation has held various educational and preventative events in partnership with MLB and other sports organizations across the country. For more information, visit


Created in the spring of 2015 to ensure equity and advocacy for all students, San Diego Unified School District’s new Office

of Youth Advocacy recently outlined a long-term strategic plan to address the needs of an ever-increasingly diverse student body across the district. The plan offers ways to close current achievement gaps and focuses on cultural proficiency; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) training and support; restorative practices; ethnic studies; civic collaboration, and substance use prevention. “Public education has, for decades, tackled some tough issues around equity and around ensuring pathways of success for all students – LGTBQ students, students of color, and those with socio-economic challenges, language barriers or disabilities,” said Superintendent Cindy Marten in a press release. “We’re making a promise to students to deliver on equity and it’s not just our words but our actions that will deliver on this promise.” Marten said the Office has also worked with the district’s Safe Schools Task Force as well as other community groups to gather solutions to existing issues. “We are now ready to expand our implementation of these important and agreed-upon solutions in a systemic, coherent, systematic, focused effort. We will continue to work with our community agencies and partners in supporting our long-term plans,” Marten said. Highlights of the new plan, which will go into effect 2015-16, include: Revisions to the district’s anti-bullying awareness policy; annual launch of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education (GLSEN) School

see Briefs, pg 15


BENNY Saturday, Aug. 22 at the Grand Hyatt. This swanky event will include dinner, entertainment, speakers, and a silent auction. Some of San Diego’s biggest movers and shakers attend this event each year, so don’t miss out! Tickets and more information can be found at And of course, the 40th annual Nicky Awards are on Sunday, Aug. 23 at the Marriott Mission Valley. Many in the community are anxiously awaiting to see who will win awards in the more than 40 categories that are up for grabs. Mayor Kevin Faulconer will be honored with the “2015 Mayor George Moscone Memorial Award” and there will be special performances by Jasmine Masters, Landon Cider, and Glen Alen (as Bette Midler). As the 2012 recipient of the “Man of the Year” award, it’s always fun for me to see which other hard-working community members are honored each year. Tickets and more information are at On Monday, Aug. 24 at 6 p.m., The Center will open its doors to the community for the second annual Pride World Forum: A Glimpse at LGBT Democracy. Sponsored by the San Diego Diplomacy Council and San Diego Pride, attendees will get to meet LGBT leaders from several countries around the globe and hear from six of them during a panel discussion. A Q&A and a reception follow the discussion, and everyone is welcome to the free event. Call the Diplomacy Council at 619-291-8105 or visit for more information. Most who know me, know that the chance of getting me to watch or attend a sporting event of any kind is pretty close to zero. I am excited, though, about the upcoming San Diego Padres Pride Night, on Tuesday, Sept. 1. Those who purchase tickets to the game (they’re playing the Texas Rangers) will even get a cool rainbow Padres cap. A portion of the tickets will benefit San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus, San Diego Pride, and GSDBA. For more info visit Finally, once a month, we host a cool event at The Center called Guys, Games & Grub. You may not know this, but housed in those “pews” that line the walls of The Center’s auditorium are hundreds of board games that we pull out every first Wednesday for whoever shows up to play. We also serve free pizza, wine, beer, and soda, along with a live trivia game for those who want to jump in. It’s a really fun night that caters to all men 21 years and over (but people all of gender identities are more than welcome to join in the fun). The next GGG is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. and I hope you’ll join us! Bring friends or come alone and meet new friends! Visit ggg. for more information. Enjoy these final days of summer and I’ll be back for more “Back Out With Benny” in September! —Benny Cartwright is the director of community outreach at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. He can be reached at 619692-2077 ext. 106 or outreach@ Note: Byline photo by Rob Lucas Modern Aperture Photography.t


GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


Boy II Man Boy George on finding his better self, Caitlyn Jenner, and his massive hat collection By Chris Azzopardi | Q Syndicate The falsetto is gone. When Boy George sings now, a rich tone resounds. He refers to it as “the voice of experience.” The voice, once fluttery and high, can be traced back to the early ’80s by way of a long, glittery trail that George blazed as the front man for Culture Club. The band formed in 1981, at the onset of a second, MTV-aided British invasion, and the foursome turned out a treasure trove of sonic gold, most notably “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” Within a few years of their emergence, Culture Club was a bona fide act of great significance. Instantly, they became the first band since The Beatles with three songs from their debut album, 1982’s “Kissing to be Clever,” to reach the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100. And it wasn’t just music they were influencing. It was fashion. It was politics. It was gender. It was the queer community as a whole. Now, Culture Club is back. After more than 12 years apart, the original members of Culture Club are reuniting for a tour and their forthcoming LP, “Tribes,” their first album together since 1999’s “Don’t Mind If I Do.“ George, 54, recently rang to sound off on a smorgasbord of topics: Culture Club nostalgia, the Madonna vs. Lady Gaga rivalry, his massive hat collection and the current lack of any pop star “stand outs.” [Chris Azzopardi | CA]: Why is now the right time for Culture Club to reunite? [Boy George | BG]: The idea first started about four years ago. With all the different management, and just so many complications, it’s taken this long to actually get everybody together. When I suggested it four years ago it seemed like a really simple idea; it turned out to be quite complicated! [Laughs] Now we’ve gotten into rehearsing, and we recently did “Today,” although we didn’t have Jon [Moss] there, but it was our first live thing together in a while. The thing about Culture Club, but also just bands in general: The fun is always the playing and the recording and the writing. It’s the other stuff that’s kind of boring. Culture Club makes the most sense when we’re on stage and concentrating on what we’re doing musically. [The tour is] gonna be interesting. It’s as much a surprise for me, but obviously, we know there’s a lot of affection out there for what we are collectively. [CA]: Do people expect you to be the same band you were 20 years ago? Are you still the same band? [BG]: I don’t think anybody expects me to be what I was 20 years ago. If they do, they’re deluded. [Laughs] I’ve never spoken to anybody who said, “You’re nothing like you were 20 years ago.” There are some people in the world who believe you could be suspended in animation, I think [laughs], but we all get older and we all develop. And, in fact, I think I’m a very dif-

Boy George (second from left) and the original members of Culture Club are currently on tour promoting their first album since 1999, “Tribes.” ferent performer. I actually prefer what I do now. [CA]: Why is that? [BG]: I like the noise that I make now because I feel like I’ve earned it. I feel it’s a voice of experience. I feel I’m more connected to what I do. Vocally and emotionally I’m more connected to my life, full stop, and I’m kind of happy with who I am. There’s always room for improvement, of course, but I don’t have the sort of insecurities that I had when I was a younger man. People say to me,

“You were so confident!” I probably appeared confident, but perhaps underneath, I wasn’t. I think life is about growing into yourself, accepting who you are and maybe having a better relationship with who you are, sort of liking yourself, and I think I’m closer now than I’ve ever been. [CA]: How long did it take you to reach that point? [BG]: It takes a long time to get there, but you know, some people just don’t get there. And I don’t know how you get there, and I don’t know

how you know you’re there, but you operate with a sense of peace. In life, it’s very easy to do what you’ve always done. It’s very easy to slip back into bad attitudes, bad habits and personality traits. [CA]: Speaking of bad habits, you’ve been very vocal in discussing your drug and alcohol use early on in your life. These days, what’s the wildest you get? What’s a typical night for you like now? [BG]: Obviously I don’t think of those past things as being wild

(Photo by Dean Stockings)

days — I just think of them as being quite negative. I was talking about this last night at dinner. I think what you learn as you get older, if you’re smart, is that the joy is in the mundane things — the small things, like being with your family, taking a walk, having coffee with friends, having meals with friends, good company. It’s like that saying, “the devil is in the detail” — sometimes I have the most fun when I’m just walking around with no set

see Interview, pg 16




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Padres to serve it up with Pride Morgan M. Hurley | Editor For the first time in history, the San Diego Padres are hosting a “Pride Night.” It takes place during their home game against the Texas Rangers on Sept. 1, with the first pitch at 7:10 p.m. Not to be confused with the annual “Out at the Park” event — which takes place in the spring and always includes an afternoon tailgate party before the game — the new “Pride Night” event is being organized specifically by the Padres. “‘Out at the Park’ has been an annual group ticket sales event organized by San Diego Pride for a number of years,” said Wayne Partello, Padres senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “This year, ‘Pride Night’ was added as one of a number of new group theme nights developed to provide opportunities for fans to come together for a unique experience at Petco Park.” Partello said fans who purchase tickets through the link will also enjoy a special networking opportunity with the Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA) held at the “Park at the Park” that evening. In addition, the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus will sing the national anthem before the game, and the first 1,000 fans to purchase tickets for Pride Night will get a limited edition Pride-themed ball cap. Note: Those caps won’t be available at the gate; Pride Night ticket-buyers will be notified via email where to pick up their specialty caps. You’ll need to bring your receipt. “$5 of every Pride Night ticket purchased will be donated to San Diego Pride, GSDBA and the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus,” Partello said. “San Diego has long been a city that embraces its diversity,” San Diego Pride executive director Stephen Whitburn said in a press release. “We are so pleased that the San Diego Padres are creating this opportunity to officially

celebrate San Diego’s LGBT community and its allies, and we are looking forward to a fun night at Petco Park.” The San Diego Padres are one of the first Major League Baseball (MLB) teams to publicly support equality measures in sports and did so before a game last April. “Earlier this season, the Padres organization, in conjunction with the San Diego Unified School District, took the Athlete Ally pledge, which promotes an inclusive environment among San Diego school teams, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity,” Partello said. “We wanted to set an example for students and student-athletes to treat all teammates and fans with respect.” The MLB has also made strides in its support of equality, recently appointing retired — and now openly gay — MLB player Billy Bean as the “MLB Ambassador of Inclusion.” Bean played in the MLB from 1987–95, including a stint with the Padres, and publicly came out as gay in 1999. Partello said that in his role, Bean has been a resource for the Padres, as well as all clubs in the MLB. “He provides guidance and training related to efforts to support those in the LGBT community throughout Major League Baseball, and he also develops educational training initiatives against sexism, homophobia and prejudice,” he said. “He spoke to players during spring training and will be visiting Petco Park and addressing the Padres’ front office on Aug. 21.” Partello said Bean is not expected to be in attendance for Pride Night on Sept. 1. To get tickets for Pride Night, visit For more information, visit its Facebook event page

Mike Petracca For just the second time in seven years, I was unable to attend the softball World Series, held this year in Columbus, Ohio. I consider this to be the best sporting competition I have ever participated in, with thousands of athletes across the country embarking to the host city. Not being able to be there is rough for those of us who love the sport and the camaraderie that comes with playing in travel tournaments. A special story unfolded during the tournament, as Firestorm from the C Division was able to bring along a recovering hero, Mike Petracca. You may remember Petracca as the player who was struck in the head by a flying bat in a tragic and freak accident this past January during the Las Vegas tournament. He was hospitalized with severe trauma to the brain, requiring surgery and risking the permanent loss of speech. I am happy to report that Petracca’s recovery has been spectacular. He has worked his butt off regularly with physical and speech therapists, and was able to make a return to the diamond briefly during AFCSL’s spring softball season. Though he did suffer a bit of a setback and was ordered to slow down, he has since returned to work and was able to make the trip to Ohio for the Series. During the Opening Ceremonies on Monday, Aug. 17, Petracca was called up on stage, where he gave an emotional and inspiring speech in which he thanked his supporters and expressed his excitement about being at the World Series. To further wrap a ribbon around this exciting comeback story, Mike hit a home run in his very first at-bat of the tournament. His Firestorm team, participating in their first World



“life and local” issues. “Top2Bottom” will air on YouTube, Vimeo, and CEMP’s website at On Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m., the entire community is invited to the show’s Premiere Party. at Flicks, located at 1017


University Ave. in Hillcrest. Guests of the party will have the opportunity to see the premiere show and meet the co-hosts, contributors, and ever yone involved in production. For more information, visit —George Vernon is a local freelance writer. He can be reached at georgevernon76@


—Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at morgan@

An inspirational Series Dugout Chatter Jeff Praught

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015

Series, drew upon this inspiration and started the pool play portion of the tournament on fire, winning all four games Tuesday and Wednesday. They were one of just five C teams to go undefeated in pool play, and earned the third overall seed heading

Mike Petracca into double elimination play. The Spikes from the B Division and Shade from the D Division matched Firestorm’s perfect accomplishment, while the Breakers in C and Rebels in D went a respectable 2-2 in pool play. San Diego also fielded a masters team, for players age 50 and older, and they won their first two games as well. The double elimination phase of the tournament began Thursday, Aug. 20 and will wrap up with finals on Saturday, Aug. 22. The series will culminate with a huge closing ceremony that evening. And congratulations to Jim Costello, a longtime manager and teammate of mine, who earned our sport’s highest honor possible: enshrinement into the NAGAAA Hall of Fame. SD Hoops Playoffs The summer league playoffs continue next Wednesday, Aug. 26, as topseeded Pecs and No. 2 Urban MO’s will meet in the league’s championship game at the Boys and Girls Club in Linda Vista [2230 E. Jewett St.]. Pecs reached the finals rather easily, dispatching third-seeded Hillcrest

Brewing Company 68-53 in what was a close quarterfinal game until midway through the second half. Pecs had opened the playoffs with a 43-34 victory over Dog House Bar & Grill. Urban MO’s handled Baja Betty’s, who was without their top player Eric Reissner, securing a 64-43 blowout victory in the other semifinal. MO’s had advanced by virtue of a 5645 opening-round victory over Flicks. Pecs features a star-studded roster of MVP candidates, as coach John Crockett deftly drafted all-world point guard Johnny Stultz to lead his club. Two-time MVP Patrick Schoettler anchors the paint, and the high-scoring AC Carter slots in at the forward position. If a team somehow finds a way to keep those three in check — a tall task — then James Vidovich should be wide open beyond the three-point line to hit shots. Urban MO’s is coached by Marcus Lenihan, who leads his roster in high-energy play and hustle. Sean Brunle and Chris Schoch fit that mold, with the latter being a beast on the boards and usually good for 20 points per game. MO’s player Noah Ingram — who doubles as league commissioner — can get hot from beyond the arc and potentially chip in an additional 20-30 points if he is on a good streak. On paper, Pecs should beat any team they play, and they handled Urban MO’s in their one regular season, claiming a 48-38 victory. But anything can happen, especially in the playoffs, and these two teams will square off in the finals on August 26 at 8:30 p.m. The league will hold open gym sessions in September before beginning its longer and more popular Fall Season in October. Men and women of any age and skill level are encouraged to attend. More information can be found on the league’s website at —Jeff Praught is actively involved in the LGBT sports community, having participated in softball, basketball, football and pool as a player, and serving on several boards in recent years. He can be reached at dugoutchatter@

KNOW THEM BEFORE YOU SEE THEM. Two of the seven co-host bios posted on the Top2Bottom FB page in anticipation of the show's launch. (Courtesy Community Engagement Multimedia Project)



GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015

s e r u s a e l p y t l i u G om ‘fry

(clockwise from left) Lobster tails over fries; fried chicken breasts; a half rotisserie chicken; and Maui chicken in a halved pineapple (Photos by


fr the

Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr. I didn’t go to the San Diego County Fair this year. Nor did I attend the annual media reception a month earlier, which gives food writers an edible preview of the fair’s most outrageous victuals. The last time I went, the remainder of the day was intestinally troubling. But I have gone twice to Chicken Charlie’s, a “frybq” owned by the man largely responsible for feeding fairgoers battered deep-fried foods that stretch the imagination: Twinkies, avocados, Spam, zucchiniwrapped hot dogs, SlimFast bars, and even Kool-Aid. His name is Charlie Boghosian, better known as Chicken Charlie or The Fry Guy. He still works the Southern California fair circuit, which is a passion that hasn’t subsided since he began selling grilled corn at the Del Mar Fairgrounds some 30 years ago. Though since launching his brick-andmortar eatery in Clairemont last October, he maintains a less-extreme menu compared to his tent offerings. That is assuming you don’t think twice about eating breaded frog

legs and baby back ribs cooked in bubbling oil, and then perhaps ending your visit with a basket of deep-fried cookie dough. Those weren’t for us. We instead came (and returned) for the more pedestrian items — some of them healthy, others downright diet busting. In a match of fried-versus-rotisserie chicken, the latter earned our blue ribbon because of its piquant seasonings and crackly skin. The entire half bird was tremendously juicy, yet without lacquering our muzzles with fatty runoff. A pair of fried, oversized chicken breasts yielded enough meat for four meals. The batter was commendably crunchy, but the overall flavor resembled fried chicken from a grocery store. Though moist and tasty, we expected something more glorious and a little less briny. We got lucky with the charbroiled ribs on our first visit. A half rack was selling for $5, but only to those who caught that day’s special posted on Charlie’s Facebook page. A different deal appears about once a week. Whisper it to the cashier, and bingo, you could save several bucks. Barbecue snobs should know the ribs are initially oven-baked and then sauced and flamed to a caramelized finish — or deep-fried if you so choose. There’s nothing

Frank Sabatini Jr.)

Texas-smoky about them. But when such charry meat slides from bone to mouth so effortlessly, and the sauce tantalizes the palate with inexplicable spices, I’m not one to complain. What seems like a disrespectful way to cook lobster tails — fried in their shells, of course — actually turned out stellar. The lightly seasoned slipper tails were cut into finger-length pieces, leaving the meat partially detached from its armor. Surprisingly, each nugget was as tender and sweet as lobster I’ve had in pricey seafood restaurants, where the chefs know exactly how long to cook them. Served with a plastic cup of drawn butter, and on a bed of decent french fries, it’s the dish that will summon me back. Other than the fries and onion rings, the side items we tried fell flat. An ear of corn popped with freshness and was cooked just right, but it lacked sweetness. The cucumber-tomato salad cried for acidity and spices, and the mac ‘n’ cheese amounted to bright-yellow nothingness. Maybe they’d all taste better deep-fried. The healthiest dish we polished off was the Maui chicken, an attractive arrangement of teriyaki thigh meat piled atop sticky rice in a halved pineapple. The bulk of the pine-

apple was cut into chunks, which sat at the bottom. And the fry factor was completely missing, leaving us to ponder how something so light and chaste ever found its way into this culinary house of sin. —Frank Sabatini Jr. began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You can reach him at

Chicken Charlie’s 5407 Balboa Ave. (Clairemont) 858-279-1111 Prices: Salads and sides, $1.95 to $8.95; sandwiches, $6.95 to $8.95; chicken a la carte, $5.49 to $14.99; baskets, meals and combos, $6.95 to $15.95









Experienced & Professional







Garden Design & Maintenance Ca. Contractor License #920677

Garden • Shop Classes • Services 3685 Voltaire St. San Diego 619.223.5229 •

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Not to be confused with the Broken Yolk Café, a chain of greater magnitude known as Another Broken Egg Café will roll into San Diego County with 12 locations over the next five years. The first outlet is due to appear “sometime in 2016,” says a rep from the Florida-based company. With only one California location in Burbank, the multi-store expansion will be spearheaded by David Lee, a U.S. Army veteran and past franchisee of Subway sandwich shops throughout the countr y. Lee has begun scouting sites in Mission Valley, Pacific Beach, Downtown and La Jolla. Founded in 1996, the chain is known for its contemporary, Southern fare and currently has 50 locations throughout the country.

DINING Chi Extraordinar y Kitchen in Normal Heights is up and running as one of the few Thai restaurants in San Diego devoted to pescatarians. Owner Pimwara “Patty” Thongchua also runs Plumeria in University Heights and Asian Bistro in Hillcrest. Top sellers so far include sole larb, mixed seafood stir-fr y, grilled shrimp with lemongrass dressing, as well as a host of vegetarian dishes. 2789 Adams Ave., 619-795-9999.

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


DOWNTOWN Abbott Real Estate Group VI Star Sthephanies City Administration Bldg. County Admin.Bldg. Hall of Justice Porto Vista Hotel & Suites San Diego Court Café Lulu Coffee & Art Ace Hardware City College Bookstore City College FIT Athletic Club Village 631 Cheese Deli

501 First Ave. 2355 India St. 1501 India St. 202 C St. 1600 Pacific Hwy. 330 Broadway 1835 Columbia St. 300 W Broadway 419 F St. 777 Sixth Ave. 675 Sixth Ave. 1313 12th Ave. 1313 Park Blvd. 350 10th Ave. #200 631 Ninth Ave. 1000 Fourth Ave.


Ahi tuna platter at the new Poke Go (Courtesy Poke Go)

The new Coasterra (Photo by Auda & Coudayre Photography) After nine years in the making, the $15 million Coasterra by Cohn Restaurant Group and Chef Deborah Scott has opened its doors on Harbor Island. The 28,000-square-foot structure doubles as a restaurant and a “floating event center.” It features a daily menu specializing in upscale Mexican cuisine that encompasses whole Maine lobsters, New York strip steaks and Jidori chicken. The bar offers more than 70 labels of high-end agave spirits in addition to Mexican craft beers on tap and an ambitious wine list focusing on varietals from Baja and South America. 880 Harbor Island Drive, 619-814-1300.

After working in the fish industr y for 15 years, Chris Park has launched a Hawaiian-Korean restaurant in Hillcrest, named Poke Go, which offers a shortlist of bowls and platters using fresh ahi, salmon and marinated beef. Park previously ran North Park Fish Market and Grill and another similar operation in Kearny Mesa. He says his newest venture is an “affordable concept” that he has seen become popular in Los Angeles over the past year. 3614 Fifth Ave., 619-230-5549.

The flora-filled backyard of Art Produce Galler y in North Park is making way for ChuckAlek Brewer y Tasting Room & Biergarten, due to open in the next few months. The project will spotlight a range of old-world German beers and English-style porters brewed by ChuckAlek Independent Brewers of Ramona. A small indoor bar will be rigged with nearly a dozen taps, and food can be ordered from the upcoming Tostadas, which is gearing to open in an adjoining storefront. 3139 University Ave., 619-584-4448

The Whole Hog’s pork belly Reuben (Photo by Chris McAfee) Since recently named by Zagat as one of the top 13 barbecue joints in the nation, The Whole Hog in Hillcrest has introduced several new menu items, such as a pork belly Reuben and a baconstuffed meatloaf sandwich. The eater y soft-opened earlier this year, and was cited by Zagat for offering barbecue from different regions of the nation. “We were the only place in San Diego that made the list,” says co-owner Chris McAfee. The Whole Hog will hold its official grand opening from 7:30 – 9 p.m., Aug. 25, with a special that affords visitors any sandwich from the menu plus two sides for $10. 3749 Park Blvd., 619-546-5467

Café Coyote will offer taco samplers at Taste of Old Town (Courtesy San Diego PR)

The event once known as The Tequila Trail in Old Town has been revamped to Taste of Old Town, which will be held for its second year, from 6 to 9 p.m., Sept. 10, throughout the historic neighborhood. With a greater emphasis on food, more than a dozen restaurants are taking part. They include Miguel’s Cocina, Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant, Café Coyote, The Alamo, Old Town Mexican Café and more. Tequilas, however, will still be included in the package at most of the restaurants. Tickets are $35 in advance; $40 onsi te; and $25 for the food-only plan. They can be purchased online or at the will call booth, located at Twiggs Street and San Diego Avenue.

The new Negociant urban winer y in North Park, which soft opens Aug. 21-23, will host a fundraiser for Gay Bowl XV, from 5 – 9 p.m., Aug. 29. Attendees will be afforded a seven-pour wine tasting and a chance at winning restaurant gift cards and a bottle of wine each month for year through Negociant’s membership program. This year’s annual Gay Bowl takes place in San Diego on Oct. 9-11. It will bring together 50 teams under the National Gay Flag Football League and will be hosted by the local San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL. com). Admission to the fundraiser is $15. 2419 El Cajon Blvd., 619-535-1747. —Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at fsabatini@

#1 Fifth Avenue About Face Hillcrest Ace Hardware Adam and Eve Akinori Alexis Greek Café Au Revoir Babycake’s Baja Betty’s Baggels Bamboo Lounge Being Alive Aids Support Big City Deli Bodhi Animal Hospital Bo’s Seafood Market Brooklyn Girl Buffalo Exchange Carole Realty - Cent.21 Cascade Spa The Center For Health Charisma Restaurant Chevron Chipotle Chocolat Club San Diego Community Prescription Community Pharmacy Cottage Drive in Liquor Crypt on Park CVS pharmacy Deli Llama Del Mission Liquor Dollar Smart Energy Zone Embassy Suites Fed Ex Kinkos Fiesta Cantina Filter Coffee House Fitness Together Flicks Floyds Barbershop Glenna Liquor Golden Spoon Gossip Grill Haircrest Hairspray Salon Harvey Milks Amer.Diner Hash House hAve.n Body Therapy Heat Bar & Grill Hillcrest Brewing Co. Hillcrest News Stand Hillcrest Pharmacy Hillcrest Post Office Hillcrest Sandwich Shop Hillcrest Smoke Shop House Boi Ichiban (original) iTan Jack in the Box (220) Jakes wine bar Jimmy Carters Café Dr. Jeff Keeny D.D.S. J. Stuart Showalter, JD, MFS Kona Coffee Lalos Mexican Food Lotus Thai Cuisine Make Good Mail Station Mankind Video Martin & Wall (5th Ave.) Martinis Above Fourth Mc Donalds Meshuggah Shack Mission rest. Mission Hills Automotive Mission Hills Library Numbers Nutri Shop Nunzi’s Café Ortegas Mexican Bistro Obelisk Mercantile Park Boulevard Foods Park Boulevard Pharmacy Peets Coffee Pleasures & Treasures Postal Annex (inside) Postal Place (Uptown) Pride Pharmacy Priority/Being Alive Center R Gang Eatery Ralph’s (Uptown Ctr.) Rayzor’s Revivals Rich’s San Diego Community News Shell Station Snooze Rest Somerset Suites Hotel Special Delivery Food Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks (Uptown Ctr.) Sunshine Denistry Suntan Lounge The Brass Rail The Center LGBT The Crypt (Park Blvd) T-Deli The Loft Uptown Car Wash Urban Mo’s US Bank V-Outlet Wells Fargo (Uptown Ctr.) Whole Foods Market Winns Barber Shop

NORTH PARK 7 Eleven (Gossip) 7-Eleven (Texas) Adult World Alibe Artquest Flowers Auntie Helen’s Thrift Store Big City Tattoos Blvd. Fitness Brabant Carls Jr. Center For Social Support

3845 Fifth Ave. 514 Pennsylvania Ave. 1007 University Ave. 415 University Ave. 1417 University Ave. 3863 Fifth Ave. 3800 Fourth Ave. 3766 Fifth Ave. 1421 University Ave. 1010 University Ave. 1475 University Ave. 4070 Centre St. 1010 University Ave. 2200 University Ave. 1040 University Ave. 4033 Goldfinch St. 3862 Fifth Ave. 1050 University Ave. 3785 Sixth Ave. #100A 3636 5th Ave. #300 142 University Ave. 4180 Park Blvd. 734 University Ave. 3896 Fifth Ave. 3955 Fourth Ave. 640 University Ave. 313 W. Washington St. 3747 Park Blvd. 3847 Park Blvd. 313 W. Washington St. 3702 Fifth Ave. 135 W. Washington St. 450 W. Washington. 1010 University Ave. 3645 Park Blvd. 734 University Ave. 142 University Ave. 1295 University Ave. 4019 Goldfinch St. 1017 University Ave. 407 W. Washington St. 2861 University Ave. 1254 University Ave. 1440 University Ave. 1262 University Ave. 141 University Ave. 535 University Ave. 3628 Fifth Ave. 3900 Fifth Ave. 3797 Park Blvd. 1458 University Ave. 529 University Ave. 120 University Ave. 3911 Cleveland Ave. 3780 Fifth Ave. 141 University Ave. 1435 University Ave. 1449 University Ave. 660 University Ave. 220 Washington St. 3755 Sixth Ave. 3172 Fifth Ave. 1807 Robinson Ave. 4021 Falcon St. 3995 Fifth Ave. 1266 University Ave. 3761 Sixth Ave. 2207 Fern St. 325 W.Washington St. 3425 Fifth Ave. 3828 Fifth Ave. 3940 Fourth Ave. 1404 University Ave. 4048 Goldfinch St. 2801 University Ave. 308 Washington St. 925 W. Washington St. 3811 Park Blvd. 1050 University Ave. 1255 University Ave. 141 University Ave. 1037 University Ave. 4504 Park Blvd. 3904 Park Blvd. 350 University Ave. 2525 University Ave 1286 University Ave. 1011 University Ave. 1270 University Ave. 3940 Fourth Ave. 3683 Fifth Ave. 1030 University Ave. 3144 Fifth Ave. 1644 University Ave. 1051 University Ave. 3737 Fifth Ave. 302 Washington St. 3850 Fifth Ave. 606 Washington St. 4021 Goldfinch St. 784 W. Washington St. 2440 Fifth Ave. 3801 Fifth Ave. 1080 University Ave. 4230 30th St. 1050 University Ave. B209A 3796 Fifth Ave. 3909 Centre St. 3841 Park Blvd. 1469 University Ave. 3610 Fifth Ave. 4157 Normal St. 308 University Ave. 610 Washington St. 1483 university Ave. 1220 Cleveland Ave. 711 University Ave. 445 University Ave. 1602 University Ave. 2404 University Ave. 3575 University Ave. 1405 University Ave. 3046 N. Park Way 4127 30th St. 2913 University Ave. 2110 El Cajon Blvd. 2310 30th St. 3008 30th St. 3960 Park Blvd.

Chicken Pie Shop Claire De Lune Coffee Controversial Books Creative Futons Crypt CVS DMV Eddies Place Espress Market F Street (Park Blvd.) Farmers Liquor Filter Coffee House Gallery Kevin’s Barbershop Lead The Way Lefty’s Chicago Pizzaria Lips Club Little B’s Mary McTernen’s Real Estate Mexico Lindo North Park Family Health North Park Produce Para’s Newstand Pecs Bar Pet Palace Pleasures & Treasures Postal Place Rebecca’s Coffee House Redwing Bar & Grill S&D Property Mgt. San Diego Pride Office Santos Coffee Sicilian Thing Pizza Tanline The Big Kitchen The Eagle Club The Laundry Room The Old Mill Café Tioli’s Crazy Burger U31 Cocktail Lounge Urban Body Gym Undisputed Valero Gas Station Walgreen’s

2633 El Cajon Blvd. 2906 University Ave. 3063 University Ave. 3134 University Ave. 4094 30th St. 3200 University Ave. 1960 Norma St. 3501 30th St. 2543 University Ave. 2004 University Ave. 2045 University Ave. 4096 30th St. 3812 Ray St. 4004 30th St. 3830 Park Blvd. 4030 Goldfinch St. 3036 El Cajon Blvd. 2611 El Cajon Blvd. 3855 Granada Ave. 2037 University Ave. 3544 30th St. 3551 El Cajon Blvd. 3911 30th St. 2046 University Ave. 3827 Ray St. 2525 University Ave. 2260 El Cajon Blvd. 3023 Juniper St. 4012 30th St. 3128 El Cajon Blvd. 3620 30th St. 3191 Thorn St. 4046 30th St. 2419 El Cajon Blvd. 3003 Grape St. 3040 N. Park Way 1955 El Cajon Blvd. 3949 Ohio St. 4201 30th St. 3112 University Ave. 3148 University Ave. 3038 University Ave. 4616 Texas St. 3222 University Ave.

SOUTH PARK Millers Market The Whistle Stop Bar Express Center Postal Business Preview Emporium VCA Main St. Pet Hospital Video Exchange

2985 C St. 2236 Fern St. 2801 B St. 3576 Main St. 2773 Main St. 7656 Broadway

NORMAL HEIGHTS/ UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS Adams Ave. Post Office Alano Club Antiques Row Café Bourbon Street Bar & Grill Café Caberet Century 21 Horizon Chase Bank Cheers Bar Diversionary Theatre Heig Restaurant Ken Theatre Kensingtion Café Kensignton video LeStat’s Coffee House LeStat’s Coffee House Pet Me Please Ponces Mexican Restaurant Post Office Public Library - University Salon Kensington Sprouts Starbucks Summer Liquor & Deli The Incredible Cheesecake Twiggs Tea & Coffee

MIDDLETOWN Gelato Vero Café safron chicken Spin Nightclub Starlite lounge

BANKERS HILL Barrio Star Mexican Rest. Caliph Canvass For A Cause City liquor Indigo Café Marketplace Market SanFilippo’s SRO Club

3288 Adams Ave. 1730 Monroe Ave. 3002 Adams Ave. 4612 Park Blvd. 3739 Adams Ave. 4134 Adams Ave. 4078 Adams Ave. 1839 Adams Ave. 4545 Park Blvd. 3381 Adams Ave. 4061 Adams Ave. 4141 Adams Ave. 4067 Adams Ave. 4496 Park Blvd. 3343 Adams Ave. 3401 Adams Ave. 4050 Adams Ave. 3288 Adams Ave. 4193 Park Blvd. 4104 Adams Ave. 4175 Park Blvd. 4134 Adams Ave. 4602 Park Blvd. 3161 Adams Ave. 4590 Park Blvd. 3753 India St. 3737 India St. 2028 Hancock St. 3175 India St.

2706 Fifth Ave. 3100 Fifth Ave. 2139 First Ave. #100 1801 Fifth Ave. 1435 Sixth Ave. 2601 Fifth Ave. 2949 Fifth Ave. 1807 Fifth Ave.

POINT LOMA/OB/PB Adult Depot Barnett Adult Store Dr. Loves Boutique Hi-Lite Books Living Room Coffee House Street The Hole X-SPOT 9 OB Business Center OB Peoples Food Store

COLLEGE AREA Cross Cultural Center Jolar Adult Shop The Living Room San Diego Desserts

MISSION VALLEY Metropolitan Comm. Church

ENCINITAS Ducky Waddles E Street Café Lou’s Records Pannikin


OCEANSIDE Jitters Coffee Pub Hill Street Café & Gallery LGBT Center

MESA COLLEGE Mesa College Bookstore

MIRA MESA Siam Nara Thai Cuisine



3487 Kurtz St. 3610 Barnett Ave. 1155 Garnet Ave. 3203 Hancock St. 1018 Rosecrans 2820 Lytton St. 3606 Midway Dr. 4876 Santa Monica Ave. 4765 Voltaire Ave. 5400 Remington Rd. 6321 University Ave. 4531 59th St. 5987 El Cajon Blvd. 2633 Denver St. 414 N. Coast Hwy. 101 128 W. E St. 434 N. Coast Hwy. 101 510 N. Coast Hwy. 101 333 S. Twin Oaks. 510 N. Coast Hwy. 524 S.Coast Hwy. 510 N. Coast Hwy. 7520 Mesa College 8993 Mira Mesa Blvd. 1157 Sweetwater Rd.




GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


Petco Park’s WineFest: Petco’s annual WineFest precedes the game with live entertainment and a selection of wines ($5 each) from local and regional wineries. Pouring begins at 4:30 p.m.; Padres take on the St. Louis Cardinals at 7:10 p.m. 100 Park Blvd., East Village. Visit

Film – ‘Muerte en Buenos Aires’: Screenings start tonight for this erotic thriller starring Demián Bichir as a family man and tough cop partnered with a good-looking rookie (Chino Darín), as they investigate the murder of a renowned art collector secretly linked to the gay community. 8 p.m. Additional screenings Aug. 22 – 27. Digital Gym Cinema, 2921 El Cajon Blvd., North Park. Visit San Diego Bike Party – one year anniversar y: This monthly bike ride will celebrate a year of going strong with the theme “Neon Lights” — decorate yourself and your bike to light up the night. Route starts at the Balboa Park fountain then heads into Normal Heights along Adams Avenue. 8 p.m. Visit


Seventh annual Doggie Street Festival: This free outdoor festival is the chance for pet lovers to have a day with their dogs or find a new furr y friend to take home (dogs and cats available for adoption). 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. NTC Park, 2455 Cushing Road, Liberty Station. Visit Gay For Good – San Gabriel Mountains: Volunteers are invited to work with the U.S. Forestr y Ser vice on this multichapter GFG project to rehab

camp sites, clean, weed, water, plant trees and more within the Cr ystal Lake Recreation Area at San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Tools will be provided. Option to camp overnight. [No cost for camping but the G4G board is asking for $20 for three meals ser ved.] 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. 9877 North Cr ystal Lake Road, Azusa (145 miles from San Diego). Visit Neurogenic Yoga in the Park: This free community class is designed to release stress and tension and is appropriate for yoga students of all skill levels. 10 a.m. – noon (check-in at 9:45 a.m.). 300 Zoo Drive, Balboa Park. Register online: French Burgundy Tasting: Featuring 18 red and white wines from Burgundy, France. Tasting fee is $30 (waived with purchase of two featured wines). Reser vations required. 2 – 5 p.m. Village Vino, 4095 Adams Ave., Kensington. Visit HRC San Diego Gala Dinner and Silent Auction: Nearly 500 donors and guests will be in attendance for the “bidding wars” of the HRC silent auction along with a cocktail reception, elegant dinner, live entertainment, guest speakers and more. 5 p.m. Grand Hyatt San Diego, 1 Market Place, Downtown. Visit


Eighth annual Bike the Bay: A 25-mile ride including a trip over the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge and a loop on the Bayshore Bikeway. All levels of cyclists are welcome. After-party will include a beer garden, entertainment and food trucks. First wave at 7 a.m., second at 8 a.m. starting at Embarcadero Marina Park South on Harbor Drive. Registration required. Visit Sisters’ Poolside Baptism: The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be hosting this pool party with some of their newest Sisters. Wristbands for pool access are $15. 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lafayette Hotel, 2223 El Cajon Blvd., North Park. Visit West Coast Olympus Leather Bawdy Brunch: A lineup of local and visiting celebrity personalities will share stories while brunchers feast as part of the West Coast Olympus Leather Contest 2015 weekend. $25. 11 a.m. Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge, 2906 University Ave., North Park. Visit events/1473366422960261.

Second annual Ceviche Showdown: Ten local restaurants will compete to be named the “Best of San Diego” by a panel of judges or “People’s Choice” by attendees. $24 in advance, $35 at the door (plus tax). 2 – 5 p.m. 57 Degrees, 1735 Hancock St., Middletown/Little Italy. Visit Trans* Pride 2016 planning committee meeting: Agenda to be announced for this meeting to make Trans* Pride 2016 bigger and better than ever. 4 – 6 p.m. Canvass For a Cause, 4379 30th St. #2, North Park. Visit 40th annual Nicky Awards: These yearly awards honor outstanding achievements in the LGBT community in a variety of categories. Event includes special performances and guests. $75 - $95. VIP at 5:30 p.m., red carpet at 6 p.m. and event at 7 p.m. Marriott Mission Valley, 8757 Rio San Diego Drive. Visit

Fifth Ave. #100, Bankers Hill. Visit


PrideFIT hike club: Meets ever y Thursday, hosted by Carlos Salazar. 7 p.m. Parking lot at Golfcrest Avenue and Navajo Road. Visit ‘The Seven Year Itch’: Cinema Under the Stars presents the classic film starring blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. Additional screening on Friday, Aug. 28. 8 p.m. $15. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. For more info visit topspresents. com or call 619-295-4221.


PrideFIT run club: Meets ever y Monday, hosted by Miguel Larios. 6:30 p.m. Corner of Sixth Avenue and Upas Street. Visit Pride World Forum: A glimpse at LGBT diplomacy: A special forum featuring civil rights leaders from around the world participating in a panel discussion. Doors at 6 p.m., panel at 6:30 p.m. and mix and mingle from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. San Diego LGBT Community Center, 3909 Centre St., Hillcrest. For more info, contact the San Diego Diplomacy Council at 619-2918105 and visit SanDiegoLGBTPride.


Live Music – Chris Hassett: “All of Me,” Hassett’s new show highlights the vocalist/ entertainer’s many sides: balladeer, countr y crooner, standards bearer, Broadway baby and more. Doors 6 p.m., show 8 p.m. $20 reser ved seating with $15 food/drink minimum. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit 


Date Night at Croce’s: Ever y Wednesday get a shared appetizer, two entrees, a bottle of wine, Croce’s ambiance and live music for just $49. Tonight’s live music is Patrick Dowling, whose major influences are Ben Harper, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jack Johnson. 6 – 9:30 p.m. 2760

Thrive Thursdays – Ruby Rose: Parq Restaurant and Nightclub is launching this weekly event featuring EDM artists, along with pop acts, DJs and marquee performers. The first installment features Ruby Rose — Australian model, DJ, actress and more — as the headliner. $20. 10 p.m. Parq Restaurant and Nightclub, 615 Broadway, Gaslamp Quarter. Visit




‘Veuve Bitch – Get Out The Way’ Fridays: Glasses of Veuve Clicquot are $5 from 5 – 6 p.m. and $6 from 6 – 7 p.m. plus happy hour is from 4 – 7 p.m. Uptown Tavern, 1236 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit


GSDBA Pedal, Network, Prosper Social Club: A way for GSDBA members to socialize while bicycling around San Diego. The ride will begin at the Ferr y Landing in Coronado and follow the bike path along the Strand. 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. Register online. Visit PrideFIT walk club: Meets ever y Saturday, hosted by Maribel. 10 a.m. Corner of Sixth Avenue and Upas Street. Visit

Sundays at Martinis: Ria Carey and Don L. perform their dynamic harmonies on powerful renditions of countr y, soft rock, pop, Motown songs, classical standards and Broadway showtunes. Happy hour drink prices extended all evening. No cover. 6:30 p.m. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit  ‘Bonjour Little Italy’: This event features a Parisian-inspired dinner by guest chef Amy Finley – winner of the third season of “Next Food Network Star.” Each course will include a “secret” ingredient: cheese. $65 includes a cheese amuse bouche, three courses, dessert and one glass of wine or beer. The Cheese Store of San Diego, 1980 Kettner Blvd., Little Italy. Visit


Tequila Dinner Series: A sixcourse meal paired with La Altena Tequilas. $100. The Patio on Goldfinch, 4020 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. Visit Pride Night at Petco Park: The first ever Pride Night hosted by

see Calendar, pg 15


solution on page 10

TAKE HIM BACK ACROSS 1 To the rear 6 Mary’s little pet 10 “___ and Clark” 14 It may slip over one’s head 15 Poet Khayyám 16 Sculptor Stebbins 17 Bold color choice by Frida? 19 Greek 20 Hrs. in Key West 21 “Village Voice” columnist Hentoff 22 First shot, for Amelie 24 More cut and dry 26 “Fiddle-___!” (Scarlett) 27 Skip a syllable 29 Minute part 33 Sondheim musical 37 Matt, who once dressed as J.Lo 38 Sailors cruise on them 39 In a state, in southern states

Wine tasting fundraiser for Gay Bowl XV: This event will feature a seven-pour tasting by new urban wine bar Négociant and a raffle featuring several great prizes. A portion of proceeds will go to the SDAFFL and Gay Bowl XV. 5 – 8 p.m. Négociant Winer y, 2419 El Cajon Blvd., North Park. Visit ‘The Lady From Shanghai’: Cinema Under the Stars presents Orson Welles’ pulp thriller co-starring Rita Hayworth and Everett Sloane. Additional screening on Sunday, Aug. 30. 8 p.m. $15. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. For more info, visit topspresents. com or call 619-295-4221.

DOWN 41 Pound of verse 42 Word before “ass” 44 Like a tiny, limp member? 46 Novelist Miller 48 Queen in Kings 49 Went up 51 Truant Bueller 55 Kurtz of “More Tales of the City” 58 Women’s patriotic org. 59 Mouth-to-mouth pro 60 Blades of grass, collectively 61 Active partner that you want to see? 64 Made a hole-in-one, to Sheehan 65 Russian river 66 Ex of “The Donald” 67 Major or minor, to Bernstein 68 What you lie on with burning desire? 69 Pester, as Albert to Armand

1 Warhol’s range? 2 Blowhard’s words 3 One from the heart 4 CBS forensic drama 5 Where bitches hang out 6 Senator Trent 7 Latin I verb 8 Home for Troy Perry 9 Practices heterosexuality 10 Dismissal order to Julius? 11 One-time Atlanta arena 12 Colorful computer 13 Barneys event 18 Over the top 23 Rod attachment 25 Elle Woods into S&M? 26 He spreads your cheeks 28 Day, to Caligula 30 Greek liqueur 31 Big name in soft balls

32 “Nuts!” 33 Italian wine city 34 Frida’s half-dozen 35 Student org. for “family” and friends 36 The like 40 Ready for final assembly 43 Patty Sheehan’s supporters 45 College town in Ohio 47 Out of commission 50 Fruity explorer? 52 Raise the price of, at Barneys 53 Words before “roll” or “budget” 54 Patron of O. Wilde’s homeland, briefly 55 It may be grand, to Glenn Burke 56 Home of the Baylor Bears 57 Got a little behind 58 James, who filed suit to be reinstated as a scoutmaster 62 It tops many roads 63 NASA outing


CALENDAR the San Diego Padres will include the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) singing the national anthem, a Padres Pride hat for the first 1,000 purchasers and more. $5 of each Pride Night ticket purchased will benefit SDGMC, San Diego Pride and the GSDBA. Padres take on the Texas Rangers at 7:10 p.m. Petco Park, 100 Park Blvd., East Village. Tickets start at $25. Visit


‘An Evening with Alec Mapa’: Comedian Alec Mapa has made a name for himself across several mediums with his newest project “Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy” premiering on Showtime in June. Doors 6 p.m., show 8 p.m. Additional show on Thursday, Sept. 3. $30 – $40 reserved seating with $15 food/drink minimum. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit  ‘Come Jam With Us’ baking class: Hands-on class to make jams and chutneys from summerripe seasonal fruits. $75. 6 – 8:30 p.m. Bake Sale, 815 F St., Downtown. Visit


‘Amazons and Their Men’: Previews begin tonight for this West Coast premiere. The new play was inspired by the life of Leni Riefenstahl – auteur of “Triumph of the Will.” Opens Sept. 12; runs through Oct. 4. 7 p.m. Diversionary Theatre, 4545 Park Blvd., University Heights. Visit diversionary. org or call 619-220-0097. ‘Casablanca’: Cinema Under the Stars presents the iconic film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Additional screenings on Friday, Sept. 4, Saturday, Sept 5 and Sunday, Sept. 6. 8 p.m. $15. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. For more info, visit or call 619-295-4221. —Email calendar items to


BRIEFS Climate Sur vey at all secondar y schools; to provide benchmark data for current students; training for all district employees around LGTBQ issues and for compliance with and understanding of Seth’s Law, the FAIR Education Act, and the School Success and Opportunity Act, and to assist with providing resources to students including Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) student clubs and the National Equity Project (NEP); and more. “We are absolutely committed to providing safe, supportive, and inclusive school environments for all students,” said Board President Marne Foster. “I am thrilled and look for ward to action plans being implemented for mandator y LGTBQ training for all staff and some of these dramatic things we are doing to support LGTBQ students, including our commitment to having a dedicated staff member focusing on LGTBQ students and improved bullying reporting procedures,” said Board Trustee Kevin Beiser. For additional information on the Office of Youth Advocacy, please contact Dr. R. Vernon

Moore at or 619-260-5433.


Local dancer and performance artist Devra Gregory, known for her uncanny impersonation of Michael Jackson and her onewoman show, “Woman in the Mirror, a Dancer’s Journey,” is offering a dance workshop in memory of the late music icon. During the workshop, Gregory — performing “DEV as MJ” in full Michael Jackson character and wardrobe — will teach “the moves and magic of the King of Pop” and participants will be able to get their photo taken with DEV as MJ at the end. Tickets are $20 at the door. The event takes place on Jackson’s actual birthday, Aug.

29, from 7:45 – 9:30 p.m. at Culture Shock Dance Center, located at 2110 Hancock St., Middletown. For more information, call 619299-2110 or visit


Fire Station No. 5, the city’s fifth oldest fire station and built in 1951, is currently located at Ninth and University avenues in Hillcrest. Due to outdated plumbing and electrical infrastructure, a new station has long been in the works but groundbreaking was recently postponed when a temporar y location to house its fire company — a battalion chief and four firefighters — became no longer available. The temporar y residence was planned at the corner of Park Boulevard and

GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015

Polk Avenue and Monica Muñoz, senior public information office for the city of San Diego, told San Diego Uptown News the delay was based on timing. “The financing for this fire station comes from a $120 million deferred capital bond,” Muñoz said. “Because of litigation, the bond was delayed more than six months, causing the initiation of the bid and award phase to be delayed. Because of this delay, we were not able to commit to leaving the proposed site in time to meet the terms of the lease.” She said the city’s Real Estate Assets Department is searching for an alternative. Once started, Muñoz said, construction of the new 10,590-square-foot fire station should take 18 to 24 months and cost approximately $7 million. t

see Briefs, pg PB

Chula Vista

• • Sept. 12

Gay Days Vegas • • Sept. 10 – 14

Las Vegas, NV

• • Sept. 18 – 19


• northcountypride. com • Oct. 10

Palm Springs • • Nov. 7 – 8




GAY SAN DIEGO Aug. 21 – Sept. 3, 2015


INTERVIEW plans. Because there are so many special effects in my life in terms of the career thing and traveling and all of that kind of excitement, I counterbalance it with sheer ordinariness in a way, and that’s where I have the most fun sometimes. [CA]: How did your signature look come to involve hats? [BG]: Going to clubs as a kid, we were always trying to over-exaggerate our look — a hat is definitely a way of over-exaggerating an outfit! Back then I was sometimes doing a kind of Carmen Miranda thing [laughs] and wearing a turban. It was just basically plundering every kind of theatrical idea you could imagine, and hats — I just love hats. Hats have to wear you. You can’t buy somebody a hat because that’s like buying somebody a haircut. [CA]: How many hats would you say you have? [BG]: I have quite a few that I can’t wear anymore because they’re damaged, but I refuse to let them go. [Laughs] I have about 40 wearable ones, and I’m always adding new hats to the collection. [CA]: You must have a hat room. [BG]: They’re scattered around. Also, they’re a really good thing to give to auctions. People are always asking me for things for charity, so I’m always giving them to people to sell.

[CA]: How many different hats do you wear on stage? [BG]: At the moment I’ve got a few that I’m gonna try out. The thing about stage costumes is, they seem like a great idea until you put them on. Trying to dance around in them in the heat — the hat makes that decision for you. But I’ve got some quite fierce looks for this tour, and I’m gonna up the ante. I think it’s quite important, because at the moment everybody looks like everybody else. Everybody in a band seems like they’re in the audience. You look at a band on stage and you say, “Oh, it’s really nice that they’re on stage and they’ve worn their gym clothes to the gig.” [Laughs] There aren’t really many artists — just a lot of backroom boys pretending to be artists, a lot of producers who become pop stars — but there really aren’t many artists around or anybody that stands out. It’s a weird time for pop culture, and I suppose you can only measure current pop culture by what it was like when you were doing your thing. So, I’m always gonna measure it by what I’ve grown up with: David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Prince, Madonna … of course I’m gonna measure it by that, and I don’t see any of that around at the moment. I mean, Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna — they’re working a bit of a hot look. More the girls. [CA]: What do you think it says about the current state of the music industry that Gaga ended up toning down her image? [BG]: Actually, what I think is interesting about Lady Gaga


QUEENS Have you ever per formed in San Diego before and where can people find you when you are not with Q3? The first place I performed was The Flame. From there, I hosted the Pride three times in the '90s and I’ve remained impressed and grateful that San Diego has such a thriving community with solid visibility. Audibility is another thing. Are the planes still landing overhead during the Pride stage in Balboa Park? The coolest guayabera [shirt] I’ve ever seen, I bought at a thrift store in San Diego. When I’m not hanging with Poppy and the Q3 I’m in Provincetown or on an Olivia trip or working a Pride, college or festival somewhere in America. After seven years, I had to give up the militar y shows when mortars sent Jennie McNulty and I running for cover in Iraq. Give us a quickie: I don’t even give myself one anymore and you want one? Oh all right. What do you call a lesbian with carpal tunnel syndrome? Impotent. What? You want more? Who doesn’t? What do you call a lesbian who flies planes in Alaska? A bush pilot. Hey, let's go to Mexico on that red trolley and see if we can get in.

Vickie Shaw Editor’s note: While we were unable to reach Shaw for her answers, her colleague Jennie McNulty eagerly stepped in. “I think she’s on the Olivia Cruise ... but, I perform with her a lot and feel qualified to answer ... and, while I do know Vickie very well, there may be some slight discrepancies ...” She hails from Brooklyn and has spent years cultivating a Southern accent. She got into comedy when ... and this is a good one … in fact, she says this story “always makes her cry.” One night she found herself onstage with a microphone. “Tell us a joke, sweetie,” a local police sergeant named Patch said. Curious, but unnerved, she began thinking to herself, “Why, this is the strangest wet T-shirt contest I have ever entered. But that cop is kinda cute.” Her mentors and inspirations are Jennie McNulty, Mimi Gonzalez, Poppy Champlin, Karen Williams, Nick and Mel. What sets her comedy apart? She will perform naked

Boy George in one of his signature hats with Culture Club (Photo by Dean Stockings) is, she’s an incredible theatrical vocalist. She has a whole Judy Garland / Liza Minnelli thing going on, and I’m actually more of a fan of what’s she’s doing now than — I mean, I loved what she did in the beginning. It was great. I remember seeing her on TV and thinking, “What’s she got on now?!” [Laughs] But in terms of her musicality, what she’s doing now is amazing. I was in bed a few months ago — I had to get up really early the next day — and there was an advertisement for Gaga and Tony Bennett. There was a show on TV and I said, “Well, I’ll watch a bit of it and then I’ll go to sleep.” I ended up watching the whole thing and being gobsmacked by how great she was. [CA]: How fair are the comparisons to Madonna?

[BG]: I’m not saying this to diss Madonna at all — I mean, Madonna doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone; she’s Madonna! — but I really felt all those comparisons were a bit stupid. Of course someone like Lady Gaga, who’s younger than Madonna, is gonna be influenced by Madonna. It’s a complete compliment. That’s how you have to view it. Whenever I see anybody working a look that I might’ve had back in the day — I’ve done it. Why do I need to get upset about it? [CA]: As someone who’s always stood for gender fluidity and gender expression, what are your feelings on Caitlyn Jenner? [BG]: I think it’s amazing, but there are a lot of other people being overlooked, like Candis Cayne. Caitlyn Jenner is getting the lime-

when asked. Ever performed in San Diego? Yes, she did a fun show at Martinis Above Fourth with her favorite comic, Jennie McNulty last year (and they’ll be back on Veterans Day ... ahoy sailors!) Quickie: (This really is one of hers, although, actual verbiage may vary.) A married man was caught looking at another woman and replied to his angry wife, “Just because a dog is chained to the porch don’t mean he can’t bark.”

Nick Walker Where do you hail from and where do you live today? I am native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, who now lives full time in San Diego. What got you into comedy? As a little boy I remember always trying to make people laugh and it was fairly easy. When you combine that with 6-foot-3-inch Melanie Peters, it’s a slam-dunk into comedy gold. Who were your inspirations or mentors? If I said I had just one mentor, I would be a liar. I have had to find comedy in the darkest of places, so my mentors have been the school of hard knocks, Catholic school and [growing up in] a racist, Panamanian family. What sets your comedy apart from the rest? I have always said that my comedy is acerbic and unapologetically original. I quite simply possess the ability to ingest all the challenges life hands you, then regurgitate it into a palatable food-like substance and spoon feed it to the audience while being a smart ass about it. It’s not easy, but its fun and that’s what sets it apart. Where can people find you when you are not with Q3? We have performed all over San Diego, most recently at Out at the Fair. We love playing for large crowds where we get them to interact with us via sing alongs. Once you get one person laughing it’s contagious. Give us a quickie: Being a lesbian is OK, being bisexual is OK, being straight is OK, being transgendered is OK; so what’s not OK? Wearing Crocs.

Melanie Peters Where do you hail from and where do you live today? Santa Barbara, California (the poor side … yes there is one), now living in married lesbian retirement land, aka, La Mesa, California.

light because of the Kardashians, but there are a lot of people who have made that transition — her transition — possible. I feel in a way we’re starting to, in part, live in a world I always wanted to live in. When I started my career, I was very naive. I wanted to change the world. I wanted to live in a world where it didn’t really matter if someone was gay or straight, transsexual, lesbian, whatever — and we’re certainly getting closer in some areas. You go—tta remember that myself and Caitlyn Jenner live in a celebrity bubble to a certain extent, and there are different rules in that celebrity bubble. But I think it’s great. I think it’s always wonderful when someone is allowed to be who they wanna be no matter how long it takes. I think that’s a beautiful thing to watch. When I saw that interview with Diane Sawyer, I was quite tearful. I have to say, though: There’s a daisy chain of people who affected change long before I was around, like Oscar Wilde and Quentin Crisp. There are people no one knows about from the Victorian time. I’m always kind of coming across drag queens and Bohemians who were around 100 years ago who were a part of that daisy chain. So, I think it’s amazing that we’re edging toward the kind of liberalism that I always dreamed of. —Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter (@ chrisazzopardi).t

What got you into comedy? I used to make my mom laugh so hard she couldn’t breathe; just a little squeak would pop out. I didn’t understand it then like I do now, being in my late 40s, but she said I made her tinkle, too. As a kid it started with an impression I did of a preacher on TV, I would preach ever ything from the telephone bill to the cereal box. I made her tinkle. Who were your inspirations or mentors? My mom loved to laugh, and she watched Benny Hill religiously. That raunchy sexist comedy was what I was weaned on. I have seen, and actually own on DVD, ever y Carol Burnett episode ever televised. Misses a Whiggins, the Mama sketches, that’s really funny funny stuff. We need that back on TV, that you’ve-gotta-be-goodto-make-it type talent. What sets your comedy apart from the rest? There aren’t many folks doing what Nick and Mel are doing, bringing back musical comedy, musical variety. The raunchy, over the top, often-rude lyrical content is stuff we all talk about, but folks gasp at when you hear someone else say it. We just put it to music that you can’t help but keep time with and wiggling a little. It almost makes one feel guilty for liking it. Where can people find you when you are not with Q3? We live here, but in the past it has been when I have left San Diego that I have been successful as an artist. Thankfully, we do this because it makes us laugh, and I get to work and create with my best buddy. We write for our own pleasure, and do it because it feels good to us. We are starting our own YouTube inter view program, it’ll be a mix between inter views and sketch comedy, and some music videos, as soon as we find a sponsor that is. It’s a lot of work when you have big kid jobs now too. Give us a quickie: I don’t tell jokes, really. I make up stupid, rude lyrics to songs about hot dogs, vindictive lesbians, and ex-lovers that leave their crap behind in the depths of your closet.  Queer Queens of Qomedy All Stars — five nationally known lesbian comedians and a local lesbian/transgender male musical comedy act — will perform Sunday, Sept. 13 at The MG Multipurpose Space, located at 3090 Polk Ave., North Park. The show’s bar proceeds will benefit two local nonprofits, South Bay Pride (which will be held the day before) and Out With It, an organization that seeks to bring awareness and an end to domestic and sexual violence within our community. Tickets to the show are $25 for general admission and $40 for VIP, which includes a cocktail reception with the performers before the show. For more information and to see clips of the performers, visit the show’s Facebook event page —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at

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