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Volume 6 Issue 12 June 12 – 25, 2015

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Modern Love: Part 2

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Out at the Fair expands Morgan M. Hurley | Editor

Their second date included a home cooked meal at Alvarado’s house and rainbow-colored roses from Lyons; this fairytale was already well on its way. “That was the first time anybody had brought me flowers,” Alvarado said. Three months later, the two traveled up the coast to Santa Barbara for a Memorial Day Weekend getaway, and while making their way through the traffic on a 10-hour ride home , it got even more real between them while they mapped out their future together. “One of the mutual things that we were both looking for was monogamy,” Lyons said about the conversation. “It was something I was holding in and needed to say. It is so uncommon to be in a relationship that is monogamous [in our community]. So we both laid it all out.

The fifth annual OUT at the Fair, a collaboration between the San Diego County Fair and San Diego Pride, takes place Saturday, June 13 with events from 10 a.m. – midnight. The theme of this year’s county fair is “A Fair to Remember.” It celebrates the Balboa Park Centennial — the 100th anniversary of the Panama-California exhibition in Balboa Park — and the contributions of all World Fairs over the last 165 years. The theme exhibit is extraordinary this year, with Balboa Park tenants heavily involved and their influences visible throughout the grounds. In addition to the traditional rides, nonstop food and entertainment, livestock displays and other exhibitions, this year’s OUT at the Fair will offer even more for members of the local LGBT community. Be ready for two stages full of live entertainment, an exhibition of LGBT nonprofits, official OATF apparel, a “diva drop” where Bianca St. James will do a 130-foot dive in full drag at the Bungee Jump, and more. Get the OATF app and keep abreast of every detail. Flicks is sponsoring a shuttle for fairgoers from the San Diego LGBT Community Center with three departure times (2, 4 and 6 p.m.) and three departures from the Fair returning to the Center (8 and 10 p.m. and midnight). Tickets are $5 each

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A rose is a spy


(l to r) Brian and Matthew Alvarado walk back down the aisle after their April wedding ceremony on the banks of Mission Bay. (Photo by Rob Lucas Modern Aperture Photography)

A fundraiser Oscar would love

Life, liberty and happiness Morgan M. Hurley | Editor


Kehoe gains hero status


Editor’s Note: Part two of a two-part series on a couple that embody the life we all aspire to as we count down the days to the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, later this month. Our next issue will feature another same-sex couple and the family they’ve created. After a few days of texts and phone conversations, the “first date” for Brian Lyons and Matthew Alvarado was very traditional — dinner and a movie. Sitting still in a theater has never been one of Brian Lyons’ favorite ways to pass the time, but he was now embarking upon a journey with someone whose love for movies dictated that he learn the patience to do so.

The ‘Pop Street Project’ LGBT neighbors rally to further beautify Azalea Park By Catherine Spearnak

Harvie comes calling

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Azalea Park is taking another step toward beautification. During the past year, residents — especially along the community’s main street — have gathered to improve and beautify the City Heights neighborhood. “City Heights is definitely the up-and-coming area of San Diego, at least that’s what we feel, especially in the five years we’ve lived here,” said Jim Martin, who lives in Azalea Park with his husband, Ricardo Moran. Azalea Park has about 900 resi-

dences, Martin said. Since the early 90s, some of the original residents in the neighborhood have been recruiting members of the LGBT community to live in the enclave situated just east of where the 805 and 15 freeways intersect. According to Martin, the neighborhood is often known as “Gayberry” and “Gayzalea Park.” A landscape architect by trade, Martin estimates nearly 100 of the homes belong to members of the LGBT community. The neighborhood is bordered by Manzanita Canyon to its north with Fairmont Avenue to its east. When he moved to Azalea Park, Martin felt he and Moran had found

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Jim Martin led the charge in the recent rejuvenation of his neighborhood. (Photo by Catherine Spearnak)



GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015

Everything’s coming up Rose “Bridesmaids” actress talks Hollywood discrimination, playing gay and her draginspired “Spy” role

Los Angeles

• • June 12 – 14

Portland, OR Rose Byrne (at left and above, left) stars in “Spy,” now in theaters, also starring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law (above left). (Courtesy 20th Century Fox)

By Chris Azzopardi | QSyndicate Rose Byrne is up to no good again. After driving Kristen Wiig further into cupcake-consuming meltdown mode during 2011’s “Bridesmaids,” the Australian actress goes full-on diva in “Spy,” which reunites her with director Paul Feig and co-star Melissa McCarthy. As McCarthy’s deadserious, fashion-challenged “Spy” foe, Byrne — also known for roles in “Neighbors,” “Damages” and the “X-Men” movies — stars as the wickedly divine Raina Boyanov. During our recent interview, Byrne talked about how her onscreen bouffant caused a hairy situation with the studio, the disparity between women and men in Hollywood films (“It’s discrimination”) and her caveat when it comes to playing gay. (Chris Azzopardi | CA) I know lots of queens who’d kill for your Raina hair in this movie. Who was your drag queen consultant? (Rose Byrne | RB) [Laughs]

came together — the costume, the makeup, everything. And it just needed a little more. She’s quite still as a character, and I think [the hair] … it says a lot! [Laughs] It was the stronger choice! That’s how we convinced them. I’m ver y honored and flattered you say that. As long as I have their approval, I’m done! [The studio] didn’t actually want my hair like that. Paul and I really had to fight for it. We had a specific idea of where she was from and what she looked like — a lot of money, no taste and ver y Eastern European. Ver y Marie Antoinette. And it’s a spy film, so style is such an important element of it — even if it’s bad style! (CA:) I’m glad everyone could agree that bigger is better in this case. How did you convince the studio to see it your way? (RB:) Once it was all together and we were on camera. It just all

(CA:) What did it feel like on top of your head? (RB:) It felt … good! I mean, it was heavy. It would move a lot too. Oh my goodness. It was constantly shifting because it was so big, and if I was waiting around, it would start to, like, deteriorate. Sarah Love, the hair designer on the film, did a brilliant job, because it was a lot. (CA:) And how about all those flamboyant costumes you wore? How much fun was it to play dress up? I mean, leopard pants! (RB:) My leopard pants! And neoprene, which is an interesting fabric. I don’t know if you’ve heard

events attheCenter tuesday, June 16

Wednesday, June 17

hear Ovarian Cancer Presentation

Bi Coming Out Group

7 pm, the Center

7-8:30 pm, the Center

Join us at The Center for this FREE presentation and learn the symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer. Hear amazing, inspirational stories from ovarian cancer survivors and learn information that can save your life or the life of a woman you love. HEAR is an innovative program of the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of San Diego. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. For more information, contact us at 619.692.2077 x212, or

tuesday, June 23

Wednesday, June 17

Young Men’s Discussion Group

Lunch & Learn:

Options For health and Wellbeing Support Services

12 noon, the Center This panel discussion will feature information on available services, how to obtain them, the general cost and more. For more information or to rSVP, contact Larue Fields at 619.692.2077 x205 or The San Diego LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street • 619-692-2077 Twitter: @LGBTCenter

Join The Center’s discussion group on bisexuality on the third Wednesday of every month. It’s a welcoming space to share your experiences, ask questions, discuss community issues and meet likeminded people. This group is open to all persons who are sexually and/or emotionally attracted to more than one gender. For more information, contact aaron heier at

7:30 pm, the Center Connect to The Center and the community. Join other 18-35 year olds to talk about relationships, sexual health, activism, community building and more. The young men’s group meets at The Center on the 4th Tuesday of the month. For more information, contact aaron heier at 619.692.2077 x211, or

• • June 20

New York City • • June 21 – 28

of it ... (CA:) What’s it like wearing neoprene? (RB:) It’s weirdly comfortable. A bit like a wetsuit. But yeah – it was a lot of fun. She’s a delectably delicious villainess. (CA:) Did you feel like a drag queen on set? (RB:) [Laughs] The shoes are pretty drag-ish. The shoes were major. They were about 5-inch pumps. Maaajor! (CA:) Have you had a lot of wig experience prior to this movie? (RB:) A little bit here and there. It actually wasn’t a wig; it was a piece. It was all my hair, and at the back she had a piece and then that had a big, long tail coming down. I have kind of big hair, so it was a bit of both. (CA:) Between this movie and “Bridesmaids,” you really know how to play up the diva role. As an actress, where do you go and who or what do you riff on, to achieve ultimate divadom? (RB:) You know, probably RuPaul or someone fabulous like that. That’s a great diva! Or someone like Dame Edna Everage — she’s a fantastic drag character by Barry Humphries, an Australian comedian/actor. [Raina’s] very humorless, and really psychotic, I suppose! I mean, she has no empathy with regard to anybody. Everyone is a servant. Playing real entitlement — sort of beyond entitlement, where she’s like royalty — was an interesting place to start from. [Laughs] (CA:) “Spy” demonstrates that women can be as fearless and fierce as men in movies. Do you see this film making a feminist statement? (RB:) I see it doing a few things. Paul Feig just breaks every convention and he’s such a lover of women and continues to redefine gender roles in film. You see it in his films, which are really big films with big audiences that are enter taining and appealing. Now, he’s putting Melissa, his muse, in the lead, and the lead antagonist is my character, who is also a woman. What other big films are doing that with budgets of this scale? Not many, if any, is the answer. So, I take my hat off to him for how much he’s done in the business in a ver y significant way. (CA:) You co-founded an all-female production company called The Dollhouse Creative, and you’ve starred in several films that

see Interview pg 12

Tijuana, B.C., Mexico • • June 27

Gay Days Arizona • • June 19 – 21

San Francisco • • June 27 – 28

Flagstaff, AZ

• • June 27

Seattle, WA

• • June 26 – 28

San Diego

• • July 17 – 19

Vancouver, B.C., Canada • • Aug. 2

Reno, NV

• • Aug. 15

Chula Vista

• • Sept. 12

Gay Days Vegas • • Sept. 10 – 14

Las Vegas, NV

• • Sept. 18 – 19


• • Oct. 10

Palm Springs • • Nov. 7 – 8


A ‘Hand Up’ for Oscar Local salon to raise money for homeless in honor of late stylist Morgan M. Hurley | Editor When Oscar Melero was killed by a drunk driver February 15 while stuck in traffic on his way to the California 10/20 race in Del Mar, it was the end of a life much revered. The tragedy left a huge void for many; including the popular hairstylist’s family, his life partner Ryan Rhodes, his lifelong friends in the hair industry, and his loyal clients, many of whom he’d had for decades. As the court process drags on, charges and bail amounts continue to mount for the man accused of taking his life (a preliminary hearing for Abraham Beltran is set for August 13), those closest to Melero continue to find ways to keep his memory alive. On May 31, a group of friends and clients ran the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon San Diego together as a tribute to Melero, calling themselves “Oscar’s Angels” and wearing shirts emblazoned with his likeness. Dozens of others — also in T-shirts — stood on the sidelines cheering them on. And this Sunday, June 14, from 2 – 5 p.m., friends, family, colleagues and clients will gather again to celebrate Melero and raise money for a cause that was always important to him: the homeless. Titled “The Shirt Off Oscar’s Back” and hosted by Indigo Salon

and Spa — the hair and personal service salon he called home the last seven years — the three-hour fundraising event will showcase food and wine from local vendors, a live band, and a summer fashion show, all on the grounds of the Hillcrest salon. Suggested donation at the door is $25 and all proceeds from the event will go to Hand Up Youth Food Pantry, a division of Jewish Family Service. Hand Up Youth Pantry feeds military families, the homeless, pregnant and parenting teens, older adults and low-income families from eight locations across San Diego County. They have helped feed nearly 10,000 people just in the last year. Fundraising is something Indigo Salon looks forward to every year. Owners and Del Cerro neighbors Phyllis Strauss and Randi Hosking are very vested in their communities and giving back is part of their business model. Hosking, a breast cancer survivor who is currently living with the disease, launched the first fundraising fashion show with the theme and benefactor of “Keep A Breast.” The Center for the Blind and the San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Youth Housing Project were also benefactors in the past. This year’s choice has a dual motive; Hoskings children, Gavin and Jade, are going through B’nai Mitzvah and charitable contributions of their time is a big part of it. “We’ve decided to specifically do something with the homeless because of Oscar,” Hosking said. “Fifteen people from the salon went

GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


with Gavin and Jade and volunteered at Hand Up Youth Pantry so we could see what it was all about.” Hosking said that with Jewish Family Service’s Hand Up Youth Pantry being nondenominational, “they feed everyone,” melding one of Melero’s passions with her children’s rite of passage just made sense. “Fortunately for [Gavin and Jade] they knew Oscar and loved him,” she said. “It’s hard to explain to 13-year-olds why we “Oscar’s Angels” T-shirts were worn at a recent marathon and will be on sale at the upcoming do what we do. They fundraiser. (Courtesy Indigo Salon and Spa) probably thought it was going to be about often told of her friend. a good person.” breast cancer in the “Oscar and I were at the board“Oscar’s Angels” T-shirts will beginning, but when we lost Oscar, walk on a run,” Cole said. “It is a also be available for purchase at that quickly changed.” six-mile loop and we were almost the event, and Hosking said those Tanya McAnear, proprietor of who can’t attend can also come by Bad Madge, a vintage boutique-cloth- all the way done. During the run, Oscar had taken his shirt off and the salon and make a donation or ing store on Fern Street in South tucked it in his back pocket; somebuy a shirt. Park, is curator of Indigo’s annual where along the way it fell out and Though he participated in the fashion show. This year she’s pulling he ran like two miles all the way recent marathon, Melero’s partner local summer fashions from Bad back to find it. Ryan won’t be attending the fundMadge, La Bel Age, Jennafer Grace, “A while later he finally came raiser. He’s still taking things one Ashley Tipton and others. day at a time and wading through “Tanya puts it all together for us back and he still didn’t have his the legal proceedings. and we do the hair and make-up for shirt on,” she continued. “I said, ‘Where’s your shirt?’ and he said Melero, however, is expected the models,” Hosking said. when he got there a homeless man to join the festivities on Sunday — Wine and appetizers will come was wearing it and he didn’t have in spirit — and undoubtedly front from Cucina Urbana, Bankers Hill the heart to ask for it back.” and center. Restaurant + Bar, Bistro 60, D Bar, Hosking said another time a Indigo Salon and Spa is located Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and more. Live music will be provided by Amy local homeless man was trying to at 3545 Fourth Ave., in Hillcrest. and the Unknown, a San Diegomake money by selling his beach For more information visit indigobased cover band. A silent auction chair. Melero not only bought the For more information and raffle items will also be available. chair, he bought the man a brand about Hand Up Youth Pantry, visit The name of the event, and its new one to replace it. symbolism, came from Darcy Cole “He cared about anybody — a colleague of Melero’s for over that was down and out and less —Morgan M. Hurley can be 17 years — and a story she has fortunate,” she said. “He was such reached at


GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015



FEATURE wedding planner had never worked on a same-sex wedding. What Lyons did know how to orchestrate, however, were engagement photos, which Alvarado admits was not something he was interested in doing until he saw the proofs by Rob Lucas Modern Aperture Photography, especially the couple’s photo with him in his uniform in front of the USS Midway. “Can we just make sure we clarify that?,” Lyons said, wryly. “He didn’t want to do it but when the pictures came back, that [Midway shot] was his favorite picture.” “I didn’t want the military to define who we were as a couple,” Al-

“They asked to see what the [Navy] had offered us,” Lyons said. “We would never have been able to afford that place. They were incredibly proud — over the moon — to “That was the defining conversahave us be their first gay wedding tion,” Lyons said. and to have it be a military wedding. They went above and beyond Alvarado said he felt the same, to make this happen for us in a but had no idea what was coming short amount of time and it ended next. up being the most beautiful day of Five weeks after that “defining” my life.” ride home, the couple was off yet Alvarado, who pushed for the again on another adventure; this big wedding, was nervous. time for a Fourth of July trip to “I look scared to death [in the Las Vegas. pictures],” he said. “Not that I was Behind the scenes, Lyons — scared to get married, just that who had rarely ever been to Vegas it was for real and in front of my himself — was busy making his family. I had been so careful not own set of plans to cement the throw it in their faces … it was relationship. He called Alvarasurreal. do’s sisters and told them he “I remember turning, trying wanted to pop the question. He to get some shade from Brian’s bought rings. He even looked shadow because I was baking up the timing of Andrea Bocelli’s in the sun in my wool dress song during Bellagio’s water blue uniform,” he continued. fountain show, since it was a “I saw my cousin Andy, who is favorite of Alvarado’s. very independent like me, and That night on the way to he was crying watching the dinner, Lyons’ plans were ceremony.” almost foiled when they found The couple made it through a completely packed Strip due the 15-minute ceremony and to holiday crowds and heard to the champagne waiting for a last minute thunderstorm them at the end of the aisle was on its way. Thinking fast, before Alvarado rushed off to Lyons got them on a tram and change into a suit for the rerushed Alvarado through all his ception that matched his new sightseeing photo ops along the husband’s, who was now Brian way to get to the fountain show Alvarado. just at the right time. “Having come from a rough “We were just holding childhood, I had zero emotional hands tr ying to get through attachment to my last name,” the crowd; I was tr ying to find Brian Alvarado said. “Matthew a place that didn’t have people comes from a proud Alvarado standing right in front of it,” family. When we had talked L yons said. “And I did.” about getting married it was Then he got down on one knee. The newly married Alvarados. (Photo by Rob Lucas important for us to do what “The fountain started, the Modern Aperture Photography) we know and what we want in music started, the clouds were rolling in, the sky was pink and purvarado said. “It is an important piece our lives and I wanted to take his last name. I was happily rid of my ple, the thunder and lightning was of me, but I wanted us to be the former name.” coming, you could hear it crackling focal point, not DADT or DOMA.” The reception and support … and then it happened,” Alvarado Alvarado’s feelings about of their family and friends in said, adding that he suddenly realthis required a lot of haggling on attendance was the best part of ized why Lyons had made him run Lyons’ part to get him to wear his the day, the couple said. Brian all the way from the tram and across uniform in the wedding ceremony. Alvarado’s mother Lorna summed the wide Strip in 100-degree heat. In the end, the couple agreed on a it up in her speech. When Alvarado said yes, the nautical theme with red, white and “We don’t live long enough to crowd around the couple began blue colors, and both men were let anyone tell us whom we can clapping and cheering and suddenly thrilled that the Navy would play and can’t love,” she said. “I believe the fountain show was no longer as big of a part in the festivities that marriage should be defined the focus. Lyons said having such — with a full honor guard featured as something between consenting support and love from total strangbefore and after the ceremony — adults who love each other. It isn’t ers was one of the proudest, most as those in attendance. about what someone tells us to do; memorable moments of his life. The planning process was it’s about being happy and caring After a whirlwind engagement not without problems. For seven weekend, it was time to plan the months, the wedding was scheduled for those around us. Gary and I are very proud of Brian and Matthew nuptials. Alvarado said Lyons would to take place April 4, but 42 days for the commitment they have have been happy with a trip to City out, the ceremony was cancelled by shown to each other.” Hall and a couple witnesses, but Naval Submarine Base Point Loma The couple is now looking forhe had other plans; he wanted the due to construction. When alternaward to the future together. Brian whole shebang. tive plans on another base clearly Alvarado was surprised during the “But Modern Family and Sex in would not be up to par, Lyons said reception’s money dance with an the City 2 were our only points of his office colleagues hit the phones envelope from his boss; the docureference for a gay wedding, so we to find an alternative, and they ments inside made him partner in weren’t sure how to move forward,” found themselves at the Dana Inn the real estate firm he had recently Alvarado said, laughing. Even their on Mission Bay. helped rebrand from Urban Homes Investments to Dwell Well Realty. Brian was also just appointed president of the Family Readiness Group (FRG), a support and readiness network for the spouses of those stationed at his husband’s command. This is a first, and Brian plans to leave his mark and lay a solid groundwork for the FRG’s future. Matthew Alvarado is looking for ward to making Chief Petty Of ficer, and if not, to his “twilight tour” which begins next Januar y and joining the police depar tment after he retires two years thereafter. We’ll revisit the Alvarado’s down the road and share how they are doing in future articles. We hope you join us on the pages of Gay San Diego.



—Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at


How to have a happy summer Life Beyond Therapy Michael Kimmel Summers are supposed to be happy, right? Carefree, easy, laid-back … and yet, so often they are not. This column is about how to make this summer one of your best ever. Let’s start with: Lower your expectations … of everyone. For example, don’t think you have to lose weight to go swimming, or that if you don’t get laid during Pride that you’re a loser. Don’t expect your friends to be perfect. In other words, welcome reality. Know that some days will feel better than others, some people will disappoint you and some days you’ll disappoint yourself. Forgive yourself (and others) and do your best to move onto something else. This may not be your best time to take a vacation. If you prefer cheaper hotels, swimming pools not crammed full of screaming children and avoiding swarms of other tourists, summer may be a good time to stay in town and do stuff you’ve always wanted to do; museums, nice restaurants, exploring East Village or North County. Try some mini-vacations, like going to LA or Palm Springs for long weekends. Fall, winter and spring tend to be easier times to travel, with fewer kids and less traffic. Maybe September would be nicer for your trip to Europe or New York City or Mexico. If you do go to a Pride celebra-

tion — LA, San Diego, Las Vegas — how can you maximize your happiness? Get clear about what to get from it. Do you want fun? To get laid? To show off your beautiful body? Let’s be real: Often, we go into things without any idea what we’d like to experience. This may work out, but we could also end up getting something we didn’t want. For many of us, Pride celebrations bring a LOT of unspoken expectations that often leave us feeling disappointed when it’s all over. Take a moment before you join in any of these celebrations and ask yourself, “What do I want from this?” and then listen to your answer. I promise this will improve the odds that you’ll get the most enjoyment possible. Summer romances are a cultural phenomenon, rife with their own songs, vibes and stories. Do you want one? If so, go for it. If you want more than a bunch of fun hookups, tell yourself the truth about it. Know what you want and don’t settle for less. Let’s move from the big picture to the details: I was reading a professional journal that talked about happiness and how to get more of it in your life. One research study found that happiness isn’t linked to big, dramatic events or buying expensive stuff like a new car, house, or furniture; instead, it’s about learning to savor life’s small pleasures. Sounds a bit overly simplistic, right? Well, in my experience, it actually works.

The San Diego LGBT Community Center offers HIV testing, prevention/PrEP information, counseling services (one on one, couples and group), HIV information and referrals, and is an enrollment site for Covered California. 619.692.2077 • 3909 Centre Street

This project is/was partially supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under H89HA00001, HIV Emergency Relief Project Grants for a contracted amount with the County of San Diego. This information or content and conclusions are those of the author and should not be construed as the official position or policy of, nor should any endorsements be inferred by HRSA, HHS, the U.S. Government or the County of San Diego.

Here are some ideas on how to experience more happiness this summer on a daily, hourly, or moment-to-moment basis: Do kind things for people you know (and those you don’t): As an experiment, try to do three good things every day. They needn’t be big or obvious. For instance, yesterday, I let a guy go in front of me at Vons because I had a lot of stuff in my cart and he only had a few things in his. It felt good. This kind of stuff adds up. If you see someone who looks sad, just say “Hello.” No big deal. They may not respond, but you’ve put good energy out there in the world and it will always make YOU feel better. Volunteer doing something (anything) that you feel good about. Call The Center — they can always use good folks — or visit or to see what’s going on near you that you can plug into. It’s not a lifetime commitment, just give it a try and see if it makes you happy. Let yourself be goofy, silly or weird. Freud called this, “Regression in the service of the ego,” a fancy name for letting yourself be happily, temporarily, childlike. If this is too daunting, watch a goofy/silly movie and enjoy watching other people do weird stuff. Life is far too hard to be serious all the time, and summer is a good time to lighten up. Eat happy food. Yes, there is such a thing. Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of ‘The Happiness Diet” encourages us to consumer more Omega 3’s, B-12, B-9, Vitamin E and magnesium in our diets if we want to feel happier. Google these nutrients or ask someone at Sprouts or Whole Foods how

to get more of these happy foods into your diet. Unplug from technology and connect with real people face to face. Psychological research shows that the key to happiness cannot be found on your iPad or iPhone screen. It lies in your relationships with other people. Give yourself a tech-free day or morning and see what happens. Go outside. Our gorgeous city is envied by most of the world and it’s free for us who live here. Walk the beach, a park, Torrey Pines, the Laguna Mountains, or the streets of Hillcrest. Notice flowers, plants and trees. Let them give you a bit of happiness every time you pay attention. Be physically active and you’ll be happier: Research shows that even five minutes of physical activity in nature boosts self-esteem and mood. Find things to be grateful about. You woke up. You saw the sun. Your dog/cat loves you. Your friends love you. You live in San Diego. You can see well enough to read this. Many studies have found strong correlations between gratitude and happiness. Start with noting three things you’re grateful for and see where it takes you. Summer can be a happy time, it just takes a little awareness and effort. I hope that the ideas in this column help you to make this summer your best ever. —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Contact him at 619-955-3311 or visit

GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015




GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


An open letter to the LGBTQ communities of San Diego By Tom Reise


LGBTQ youth suicide a major concern By Toni Atkins I was heartbroken when I heard about the deaths of Taylor Alesana, Sage David and Kyler Prescott. Though they had access to a circle of supportive friends at the North County LGBTQ Resource Center, they still suffered so much that they took this tragic step that has devastated those who loved them. Studies show that LGBTQ youth are more vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts than other young people, and more likely to be victimized by threatening or bullying behavior. Episodes of LGBTQ victimization, such as violence or harassment, more than double the chance of self-harm. Suicide in the LGBTQ community isn’t new; it’s been taking place for years. It wasn’t until cases like that of Tyler Clementi became publicized by major news outlets that there was a public outcry. Tyler, a freshman at Rutgers University, had his privacy invaded when his roommate turned on a webcam during one of his dates and posted it on Twitter. Tyler subsequently ended his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. His suicide and the gross violation of his privacy raised national awareness of LGBTQ bulEDITOR Morgan M. Hurley (619) 961-1960 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ken Williams, x102 Jeremy Ogul, x119 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Charlene Baldridge Michael Kimmel Jeff Praught Frank Sabatini Jr. Catherine Spearnak WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA Jen Van Tieghem, x118 ART DIRECTOR Vincent Meehan (619) 961-1961

lying and drew attention from the White House about the dangerous impacts bullying can have. Organizations like the It Gets Better Project and the Trevor Project work to prevent suicide among LGBTQ teens. By connecting LGBTQ youth with help

Speaker Toni Atkins (File photo) lines and adults to engage with, these organizations can provide guidance during a difficult time in their lives. A number of hotlines and community centers offer counseling and other guidance to those experiencing suicidal thoughts. The trouble is, Taylor and Sage had access to these resources yet still made the decision to end their lives. It’s clear that we need to do more. Adolescence is tough, but being a LGBTQ youth can feel impossible. Suicide among LGBTQ youth goes beyond changing laws or providing more resources. To end the bullying and violence inflicted PRODUCTION ARTISTS Todd Kammer, x115 Suzanne Dzialo SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Mike Rosensteel (619) 961-1958 ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS Sloan Gomez (619) 961-1954 Frank Lechner (619) 961-1971 Robert Jones, x113 Andrew Bagley, x106 Ilka Weston, x105 Lisa Hamel, x107

upon our community, we must change the prejudices that some among us have, and use truth to counter the lies that are spread by hate groups. The deaths of people like Taylor, Kyler, Sage and Tyler represent an institutional failure to help a marginalized group of people. I hope we can honor them by inspiring young people to be kinder and more accepting of those around them and adults to be more watchful of signs that a bright, young person is considering such drastic action. On July 18, San Diego will be hosting its annual Pride parade. I urge San Diegans to come out so that more LGBTQ youth can see the support they have in our community. This year’s theme is “Liberty and Justice For All.” This free event begins at the Hillcrest Pride Flag at the intersection of University Avenue and Normal Street and finishes on Balboa Drive at Laurel Street/ El Prado. More information about the parade can be found here: —Speaker Toni G. Atkins proudly represents the 78th Assembly District, which includes coastal San Diego, from Imperial Beach, along the Mexican border, north to Solana Beach, and most of central San Diego. She is a leading voice for affordable housing, a powerful advocate for women and the LGBTQ community, and champion for veterans and homeless people. Speaker Atkins lives in the South Park community with her spouse Jennifer LeSar and their dogs Haley and Joey.t PUBLISHER David Mannis (619) 961-1951 ACCOUNTING Priscilla Umel-Martinez (619) 961-1962

Stepping Stone of San Diego has been proudly opening its doors to the LGBTQ communities of San Diego for 39 years. Each of us on the board of directors and on staff considers Stepping Stone to be a jewel of the community and are committed to help the institution thrive and serve generations to come. We are taking the time to reaffirm our commitment because there have been numerous recent reports indicating that our operation was in jeopardy, and the board of directors and I want it to be known that our doors are not closing. While it is true that our continued operation depends on support from the community, and always has, there is no immediate threat to stop offering services nor are there currently any plans in place to shut down or to be acquired. We are committed to our mission to continue to provide services that focus on the LGBTQ communities of San Diego.   Stepping Stone began in 1976 as members of the LGBTQ community coped with the problems of receiving therapy in a straight world that didn’t understand them. Twelve years ago, the current facility was built in City Heights. While most of our clients have limited or no financial means, we are fortunate to receive government funding through a number of programs that covers approximately 75 percent of the costs to provide treatment and housing. That means that fundraising has always — and always will be — an essential part of our fiscal plan. We are grateful to the many individuals, couples, families, businesses and other nonprofit organizations that have helped us continue to save lives; but the reality remains that we need ongoing community support.

— Tom Reise, chairman, board of directors, Stepping Stone of San Diegot

The Center has numerous listings at “HIV Resources San Diego.” Here is a sampling: • HIV/AIDS primary care specialists can be found at Family Health Center, UC San Diego Owen Clinic, North County Health Services and more places. • Case management can be provided by Christie’s Place, San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, Neighborhood House Association and more. • Free dental care via the Ryan White Program are available at Comprehensive Health Center, Hillcrest Dental Clinic, Logan Heights Family Health Center and more. • Food resources are provided by Being Alive, CalFresh, Christie’s Place, Mama’s Kitchen, and more. • Housing is offered by Being Alive, Fraternity House, NAMI San Diego, Richard’s Place, The Center, and more. • Women’s resources are provided by Christie’s Place and UCSD Mother-Child-Adolescent HIV Program. Find the full listings at

sarily reflect the views of the publisher or staff.

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Our long-term residential program typically takes six months. Our staff has extensive experience in working with clients who have experienced trauma and other difficulties early in life. Our team of therapists provides individual and group psychotherapy as well as specialized trauma treatment. Our team of alcohol and drug counselors provides individual case management including assistance in obtaining medical and dental treatment, counseling, advocacy, education and referral to community resources. Graduation is held twice a year to honor the many clients who have successfully completed both the residential and aftercare phases of the program. It is an inspiration to see the look of pride and joy on the faces of the graduates as they receive their diploma. Also of note: Our success rate is much higher than the national average for recovery programs. Please help us spread the word about the work that Stepping Stone has been doing for almost four decades now. Sadly, addiction crosses all geographic, economic and social borders. Everyone knows a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member that has struggled with one or more addictions. Share the message that Stepping Stone needs help to save the lives of our sisters and brothers that need assistance in getting their lives back and becoming productive members of society. For more information and ways to donate, please visit our website at Thank you for your time and attention.

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GAY NEWS BRIEFS BIG MIKE RETURNS BEHIND BAR Popular longtime bartender, photographer and local activist, Big Mike Phillips, has announced his return to bartending after a long hiatus. Big Mike will settle in behind the bar at T Lounge (formerly Bamboo Lounge) in Hillcrest, starting June 13 and every Saturday thereafter, from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. His new Saturday night gig includes happy hour prices all night and food will be available until 10 p.m. “Come see me and hang out,” Big Mike said in a released statement. “I’d love to see you.” T Lounge is located at 1469 University Ave. For more information, find T Lounge on Facebook.

OBELISK FOR SALE Brett Serwalt, owner of Obelisk Mercantile in Hillcrest, announced this week on his Facebook page that the business, located at 1037 University Ave., in Hillcrest, is up for sale. The 2,700-square-foot storefront is being offered at $95,000 and will include all furniture, fixtures, a large indoor “living wall,” all inventory, the vintage Hillcrest neon sign on display inside, and a “fully-integrated” web store. “Perfect opportunity for someone interested in boutique retailing and wants the leg-up offered by stepping into a turn-key operation,” Serwalt described the business on its listing. “This highly-rated store offers an interesting mix of SoCal casual attire, combined with unique gifts and accessories not easily found anywhere else.” With three years still left on the lease, Serwalt’s reason for selling was identified as “owner leaving country.” Obelisk first opened in 1993 at 1029 University Ave., as an LGBT bookstore. It closed suddenly in 2011 after a major fire ravaged the building it was in, shortly after Serwalt had taken over from the previous owners. He reopened the store in 2013, just a couple storefronts down from the original, while celebrating 20 years. For more information, visit

GOLDEN HILL TO HOLD CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION On June 20 from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. the Golden Hill Community Development Corp. is holding a Centennial Festival and Expo at Golden Hill Park, at the corner of 26th Street and Russ Boulevard. Golden Hill Park is located near the Balboa Golf Course on Golf Course Drive and has sports courts, a gym and picnic grounds. The event will have a beer garden, live music, a geo tracking scavenger hunt, a food and vendor area, a youth and family village, a historic exhibit and a car show. The main stage will feature live bands such as The B-Side Players, Tribal Theory, Bill Magee Blues Band, Marz Jukebox, Euphoria Brass Band and SD School of Rock. Presenters at the youth and family village stage will include a YES campaign rally, Water Ko – Gospel on Demand, puppets, line dancers, flash mobs, soap box exhibits, jugglers, arts and crafts and more. The free event is funded in part by the City of San Diego Economic Development Tourism Support grant.

BEING ALIVE’S FOOD PANTRY REOPENS Being Alive San Diego, the longtime HIV/AIDS support services nonprofit located in Hillcrest, recently announced the return of Daniel’s Market Food Bank. The nonprofit relocated earlier this year and was unable to continue their normal pantry services. “Daniel’s Pantry has been an integral part of the community for the last 20 years,” said Shannon Wagner, Being Alive’s executive director in a press release. “When Being Alive moved to a smaller location two months ago, we did not anticipate the number of calls we would receive from clients — more than 30 a day — seeking food assistance. “Thanks to Walgreens, the San Diego Food Bank and other community partners, we will be able to provide ‘Daniel’s Outdoor Market,’ a much needed resource for our community members who struggle to have enough to eat,” she said. The new monthly, mobile food pantry will be open to all clients of Being Alive and will be available the first Friday of every

GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


month from 9 – 11 a.m. at the Walgreen’s parking lot, located at 301 University Ave. (across from Urban MO’s). However, due to the July 4 holiday, July’s mobile market will be held on Thursday, July 2 at the same time listed above. Being Alive is seeking volunteers to make this mobile food bank a success. To offer your time, contact Terry Summers at 619-291-1400 x313. You can also find Being Live on Facebook or visit

LOCAL AUTHOR TO RECEIVE POSTHUMOUS PUBLICATION Doug Lathrop, called a “fixture around San Diego” and the LGBT Center, who also served on the board of trustees for the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Hillcrest, was also an author. Lathrop had just finished the final rewrites of his novel, “Chaffs,” two weeks prior to his untimely death on August 14, 2014, due to complications from a fall. Friends and family members have launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the book’s publication. “The purpose of the Kickstarter is also to give Doug’s many friends the chance to get a limited-edition hardback version of the book,” Doug’s brother Daniel Lathrop said in a statement announcing the campaign. “And to help get the word out about Doug’s book.” Lathrop, who spent his life in a wheelchair after being born with osteogenesis imperfecta – also known as brittle bone disease – was hospitalized regularly throughout his life due to fractures or surgeries. He graduated from Cal State Northridge and had a career as a journalist. “Doug had asked for my help launching his book,” local author Walter G. Meyer said in the statement. “After his tragic death, his family asked me if I was still willing to do that and of course I said yes. We want to make sure the book gets out as a lasting memorial to Doug.” Once the Kickstarter campaign ends — which launched June 10 and will run through July 1 — “Chaffs” will be made available to the public. A book release party will be held in August, which will also allow friends to share memories. To find the Kickstarter campaign, visit and search for “Chaffs by Douglas P. Lapthrop.”t

2015 FilmOut San Diego Film Festival Winners FilmOut, San Diego’s long-running LGBT Film Festival, held May 29 – 31 at Observatory in North Park, has announced their 2015 Film Festival awards. In addition to the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to Tab Hunter on Friday night after the premiere of his film, “Tab Hunter Confidential,” there was a long list of other honors bestowed to the films and actors, some garnered from audience votes while others were awarded by FilmOut organizers. In the audience awards, “I Am Michael” was the runaway hit, “besting” other films in the following categories: Narrative Feature, Justin Kelly; Actor in a Feature Film, James Franco; Actor in a Supporting Role, Zachary Quinto; and Actress in a Supporting Role, Emma Roberts; and Best Screenplay, which went to Justin Kelly. Other audience “best” awards included, International Feature: Josh Kim, “How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)”; Documentary: Jeffrey Schwarz, “Tab Hunter Confidential”; Overall Short Film: Leandro Tadashi, “Tomorrow”; Actress in a Feature Film: (tie) Andrea Grano and Tara Karsian, “BFFs.” Festival organizers also announced the following “best” awards; Narrative Feature: Dean Francis, ”Drown”; First Narrative Feature: Justin Kelly, “I Am Michael”; International Feature: Philippe Audi-Dor, “Wasp”; Documentary: Jeffrey Schwarz, “Tab Hunter Confidential”; Overall Short Film: Marc Cleary and Craig Robert Young, “Pepper”; Male Short Film: Flavio Alves, “Tom in America”; Female Short Film: Cristine Berglund and Sophie Vukovic, “09:55–11:05, Ingird Ekman, Bergsgatan, 4B”; International Short Film: Fábio Freitas,”Éden”; Actor in a Feature Film: Matt Levett, “Drown”; Actress in a Feature Film: Elly Condron, “Wasp”; Actor in a Supporting Role: Harry Cook, “Drown”; Actress in a Supporting Role, Emma Roberts, “I Am Michael”; Direction: Justin Kelly, “I Am Michael”; Screenplay: Andrea Grano and Tara Karsian, “BFFs.” Cinematography: Dean Francis, ”Drown”; Soundtrack: Ian Kitney, “Drown.” For more information on FilmOut and their monthly film screenings throughout the year, find FilmOut on Facebook or visit

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT The Old Townhouse Restaurant 4941 Newport Ave. San Diego, CA 92107 619-222-1880 | Located in the heart of Ocean Beach and family owned and operated for over 43 years, The Old Townhouse Restaurant is a local favorite for pancakes, waffles, omelets, French toast, biscuits and gravy, and eggs benedict! It offers the comforts of home-style cooking when you’re not at home. We all love the excitement of visiting new places and eating new foods, but some-

times want the creature comforts of home. This is where The Old Townhouse Restaurant comes to the rescue — the meals are like they’ve come out of your own kitchen! Come on in and take a seat. We are happy to serve you bottomless cups of coffee. Breakfast is served all day and you can also order up our famous mimosas!


GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


Vegans on the go Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr. The drive-up window at Evolution Fast Food looks like any other slinging burgers or tacos. Yet just behind the brown paper bags of food poking out from this active portal is an industrial-sized kitchen, where nary a globule of saturated fat resides. Evolution recently sprung back to life after a smoke fire ripped through its kitchen. For vegans whizzing through regularly for plantbased spins on American fast food, the eatery’s weeklong closure meant resorting to Burger King’s MorningStar Veggie Burger, sans the real mayo. Located conveniently on Fifth Avenue at Quince Street, the building has long served as a haven to the vegan community, having operated previously as Nature’s Express and Kung Food under the same ownership. Both the food and ambiance have changed along the way, with its latest incarnation offering a botanical-filled patio shaded by canvass panels. If choosing to dine in, as we did, food orders are taken in a front anteroom that’s been repainted a jarring green since the fire. There, several “grab & go” organic beverages contained in self-serving coolers are available, such as unsweetened black tea, Yerba Mate (derived from leaves of South American mate trees), and highly satisfying orange blossom lemonade – all made with filtered water. A small breezeway leads to the patio, where a hodgepodge of tables and leather booths appear salvaged from an old tavern. The flora and water fountain are nice, but the concrete floor cried for a brisk sweeping when we visited. Meatless burgers and sandwiches dominate

the menu. And as you’ll find at Wendy’s or Jack in the Box, there are also chili bowls, chicken tenders and fries, but in versions mimicking their guilty fast-food counterparts — and with a good degree of success. Burger patties are available in three types: black bean and tempeh, which are both glutenfree and made in-house, plus the commercial Gardein variety containing soy protein and wheat gluten. Skipping the soy, we opted for the EVO house burger with the black bean patty, and the mushroom-Swiss burger incorporating the tempeh. Both patties were loose and crumbly, though moist. The black bean version offered superior flavor due to chipotle peppers in the mix. It was crowned with vegan cheddar, grilled onions and Thousand Island in an effort to taste like an all-American diner burger. It kind of, sort of did. But the tempeh patty, topped with sautéed mushrooms and believable Swiss cheese tasted closer to sin, and was far richer and creamier in comparison. My main complaint for both was the oversized lettuce leaves tucked haphazardly into each bun. I love salad greens, but without the thick, white ribs running through them. Also, they caused too much slipping and sliding of the ingredients, hence my preference for shredded lettuce. The fries were commendable. They’re made with Idaho potatoes, cooked in rice-bran oil and tasted as though they were seasoned lightly in garlic and herbs. We also took an immediate liking to the cherry-red ketchup served alongside, which offered bright flavors and a welcome lack of corn syrup. A bowl of chili we kept parked alongside was stocked generously with kidney beans and ground soy beef. The whispers of curry or turmeric we detected added a pleasant lift. Tasting the closest to actual meat was the

EVOLUTION FAST FOOD 2965 Fifth Ave. (Bankers Hill) 619-550-1818 | Prices: Soups and sides, $2.50 to $6.50; meatless burgers, tacos and sandwiches, $6.25 to $8.95 faux poultry used in the honey-mustard chicken wrap, although not to the degree that I’d ask if it’s hormone-free in a blind tasting. The honeykissed mustard proved the dominating factor to chopped red onions and romaine lettuce also tucked inside. For $7.95, it’s a substantial meal that yields two servings on a medium appetite. Street tacos are constructed with either “Baja fish” or “carne asada.” For the latter, the tacos were crammed into a Styrofoam box with lettuce, salsa and guacamole. The soy meat strips strewn throughout were pleasantly seasoned but off-texture compared to some of the fake steak I’ve tried at other vegan eateries. Our favorite item was the “stuffed veggies” comprising a halved avocado filled with minced walnuts and pecans; a white mushroom filled with rich, green pesto; and a quartered red bell pepper brimming with cashew hummus. Thank you, Evolution, for giving me a great idea for my next house party. Meals at fast-food joints aren’t complete without happy milkshake endings. Here, they’re constructed with house-made vegan ice cream and almond milk. They come in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. There are also inventive

(clockwise from left) Mushroom-Swiss burger and chili; “carne asada” tacos; honey-mustard “chicken” wrap (Photos by Frank Sabatini Jr.) smoothies, such as the Himalayan Sunset with agave and goji berries or the Mystic Monk with chocolate powder, tahini and bananas. We copped our sugar fix in the form of raw key lime tart sporting a mock, uncooked curd of citrus and cashews. We enjoyed the flavor but didn’t care much for its baby-food texture. Conversely, the chocolate cheesecake using almond cream, brown rice flour and arrowroot was both firm and fluffy. Mixed berries are listed as an ingredient, but we didn’t see any — though no big deal since the dark-chocolate element kept us sated. The success of Evolution Fast Food is supposedly spawning a second location in Ocean Beach by the end of the year, according to the employee who took our food order. For now, the Bankers Hill location is back on its feet and doing its best to imitate many of the naughty foods that carnivores can’t live without. —Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diego” (ECW Press), and began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You can reach him at


Try your hands at making cocktails at Polite Provisions. (Courtesy Let’s Frolic Together)

The “meatless Mike” sandwich at Ike’s Place (Photo by Chase Ottney) Slated to open shortly before San Diego Pride Weekend (July 18-19) is Ike’s Place, a wildly popular and cutting-edge sandwich chain established eight years ago in San Francisco’s Castro District. Now with 10 offshoots mostly around the Bay Area, the incoming Hillcrest location at HUB brings to the area dozens of its signature sandwiches with zany names and creative constructs — many of them vegan-friendly. The “love triangle,” for example, features breaded vegan “chicken”, barbecue sauce, fresh honey and Jack and Pepper cheeses. And the “sometimes I’m a vegan” mingles artichokes with grilled mushrooms and soy cheese. Meat lovers will find halal chicken, meatballs and sliced rib eye used imaginatively in other sandwiches across the menu. The company was founded by San Francisco resident, Ike Shehadeh. His business partner, Chase Ottney, told us that sandwiches created and named exclusively after San Diego celebrities and sports figures are in the making. 1010 University Ave.,

The educational “Spirit Society” series that turns attendees into bartenders at their own workstations continues at Polite Provisions in Normal Heights, as celebrated barkeep Erick Castro presents a hands-on class in “cocktails 101” from 6 – 8 p.m., June 22. The program continues in the same time slot with “rum and sugarcane spirits” headed by Anthony Schmidt (of Fair weather and Noble Experiment fame) on July 27. It’s followed by Castro’s “American whiskey” on Aug. 17, and then another lesson in basic cocktails on Oct. 19. Classes are limited to 14 attendees. Tickets for each are $60. 4696 30th St., 619-677-3794. Microbrews from Garage Brewing Company will be paired to hop-friendly appetizers in the backrooms of Barons Market in Point Loma, Rancho Bernardo and Alpine, July 1, from 6 – 8 p.m. Geared especially to those throwing Independence Day parties, staff members from the store will present chicken chili, pulled pork sliders, tri-tip sandwiches and more. The cost is $10, with all proceeds benefiting the San Diego Food Bank. 619-2234397,

GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


After a frenzy of free meals doled out to eager foodies during its soft opening on June 8 and 9, the Hillcrest branch of Napizza is now officially up and running. Owner Christopher Antinutti says more than 200 pizzas and salads were given away during the lead-up to what is now (Courtesy his third San Diego location of the Romanstyle pizzeria. The others are in Little Italy and Rancho Bernardo. “A good location is a combination of community, energy and diversity — and Hillcrest is one of those neighborhoods that has all three,” he said. The pies rely on a dough recipe using flour imported from a small mill in Rome. Once mixed with yeast and water, the dough “levitates” for 72 hours before it’s stretched and baked. “People who understand crust can taste the difference in their first bite,” Antinutti added. The 2,600-square-foot restaurant is located in The HUB and features indoor-outdoor seating. An official grand opening will be planned next month. 1040 University Ave., Expect sleeker digs at Crazee Burger in North Park, which reopens at a new location down the street on June 12. After operating for 10 years at its former address (4201 30th St.), the owners moved because of upcoming redevelopment to the property. Advance notice afforded them time to gut and remodel their latest home at 3993 30th St. 619-282-6044. A few of life’s favorite pleasures will come together at the Pancake & Booze Art Show, to be held June 27 from 7 p.m. ­­– 1 a.m., at 57 Degrees in Middletown. Set among an exhibit by 60 local artists and body painters will be an all-you-can-eat pancake bar included in the $5 cover charge. In addition, fine wines and craft beers will be on sale until midnight. 1735 Hancock St., 619-234-5757. —Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at



GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015

Improving our quality of life Christine Kehoe honored as ‘local hero’ Monica Medina | Becoming a politician was the last thing on Christine Kehoe’s mind when she was growing up in Troy, New York. She didn’t even run for student government at her high school. Yet in 1993, Kehoe would open doors, becoming the first member of the LGBT community to hold an elected office in San Diego. “The thing I’m proudest of is winning the San Diego City Council race in 1993,” said Kehoe, one of KPBS and Union Bank’s 2015 LGBT Pride Month Local Heroes. “I feel like it was really a people’s campaign and I think it opened doors for the gay community to participate in the civic life of San Diego in an unprecedented way. Toni Atkins, an open lesbian, followed me [on to City Council]. Todd Gloria followed her. [San Diego County District Attorney] Bonnie Dumanis was first elected a year or two later.” Atkins is now Speaker of the California State Assembly and the representative for 78th district. Gloria recently announced he would be running for Atkins’ Assembly seat after she is termed out next year. “I’m not responsible for them but it paved the way,” Kehoe said. “Now we have district attorneys and city council members for whom being an LGBT candidate or professional or appointee is just part of the conversation — and it didn’t used to be.” Kehoe made her way to San Diego after graduating from State University of New York, Albany, with a Bachelor of Arts in English, more than 30 years ago. Despite not having a job waiting for her, it was a gamble she was willing to take. “I came to California in the late ’70s and I just loved it,” she recalled. “Right away, San Diego was my home. I can still remember the first time I saw the Star of India, the palm trees and the water. It

was a very liberating experience in a lot of ways, very different from upstate New York. Not having a job, I started volunteering at the Center for Women’s Studies and Social Services, and my community activism grew out of that experience.” The Women’s Center was located Downtown, at Ninth Avenue and G Street, across from the old Central Library. For Kehoe, working there proved to be an empowering experience. After the Women’s Center, she spent time as a volunteer coordinator for the AIDS Assistance Fund, which eventually became the AIDS Foundation of San Diego. “I loved organizing events and communicating with people, recognizing that they had the confidence that I was going to be a good and fair leader,” she recalled. “I knew I liked doing it, so I just started doing more. The work I was involved in didn’t start out as political activity, in the sense of [seeking an] elected office. It was more about justice and equality. To go from looking at women’s issues to realizing LGBT civil rights, I knew I was fitted for it. I found it very rewarding and wanted to do more of it.” Kehoe also served as editor of the San Diego Gayzette, a newspaper for the LGBT community. “The idea of running a newspaper was extremely challenging,” Kehoe admitted. “I was scared of it, but I dove in. It was so much larger than I realized, but it taught me so much about Hillcrest and immersed me in the gay community. I was actually coming out at the same time.” In 1987, Kehoe made the decision to help openly gay candidate Neil Good run for the City Council District 8 seat. Though he didn’t win, it gave Kehoe the knowledge and know-how she’d need when she ran for office five years later, at the suggestion of Joyce Beers, founder of the Hillcrest Business Association. “Joyce Beers was one of the first persons to talk to me about a political career,” Kehoe explained. “I think she saw things in me that

I hadn’t seen. She had encouraged me to take on the Hillcrest Business Association as executive director, because she wanted to retire, and I learned a lot about local policy issues. Neil Good’s campaign helped me understand how important walking precincts were, and that you have to make every vote count. You have to go out and meet the voters. We covered every precinct in the district twice. For whatever reason, the community really came behind me.” Kehoe served seven years as the District 3 City Council representative, and two terms as State Assembly member, representing the 76th District, before moving onto the senate in 2004. Kehoe was also the founding chair of the Legislative LGBT Caucus in 2003. While in office, Kehoe introduced several bills on LGBT rights, including ensuring equal treatment of LGBT domestic partners in insurance benefits and property taxes. “In the early 2000s, California was leading the country in attempting to broadly eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation,” Kehoe noted. “These bills and others set the stage for great progress later on, in advancing equal civil rights by showing the discriminatory treatment endured by LGBT Californians in so many legal, financial, property, medical and child custody cases.” In 2012, Kehoe left office due to term limits. Today, she is in her third year as the executive director of the California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative. “Our mission is to expand the use of electrical vehicles in California, transitioning away from fossil fuels to clean advanced technology vehicles,” Kehoe said. “That is going to greatly impact California, which is the leader in electric vehicle adaption. Currently, 3 percent in San Diego have adapted electric vehicles. It’s small but it’s growing. With electric cars we’re talking clean air and less pollution.” The environment has always

Christine Kehoe’s life as a public servant is being honored. (Courtesy Christine Kehoe) been important to Kehoe, who as state senator sponsored legislation establishing the San Diego River Conservancy in 2002. Kehoe said that, even though the river runs through Mission Valley, one of San Diego’s busiest and densest neighborhoods, most people hardly notice it. “The river is surrounded by a lot of habitat that is good for birds and wildlife,” she explained. “[Through the conservancy], it is being preserved and enhanced, and allows for hiking, biking and wildlife.” Kehoe lives in North Park with Julie Warren, her partner of 30 years. The couple — who once registered as domestic partners — celebrated their milestone anniversary last November by getting married. Legally. “It was surprising to us that after 30 years together, our marriage added depth to our longcherished relationship,” Kehoe said. “The rights and responsibilities of marriage instantly define the importance of our relationship to ourselves and the world.

“Looking back over the last three decades, the public embrace of marriage equality around the world — such as what happened recently in Ireland — is simply amazing,” she continued. “So many people worked so very hard to lay this groundwork and now the future is brighter for LGBT people almost everywhere — truly a seismic shift.” The Local Hero program, launched in 1998, is co-sponsored by KPBS and Union Bank and honors two local residents each month of the calendar year, who go above and beyond for their respective community. Kehoe and Terry Cunningham were chosen as the 2015 Pride Month honorees. Watch for Cunningham’s profile in the next issue of Gay San Diego. To learn more about the program, visit hey-neighbor/local-heroes/. —Monica Medina is the director of diversity, engagement and grants at KPBS. She can be reached at









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GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


Exciting Diversionary rediscovers finishes its stride with ‘Brain’ and finals

“A New Brain”

Dugout Chatter Jeff Praught

Diversionary Theatre 4545 Park Blvd. University Heights

Good heavens, this is a good time to be a sports fan. Every single day, there is an exciting new event popping up on our television screens. We are seeing so many new feats and new teams vying for titles that it is almost impossible to know where to begin. American Pharoah wins Triple Crown I am not a big fan of horse racing, but like much of America, I was glued to the television on June 6 when the horse with the misspelled name won the Belmont Stakes by over five lengths, capturing the sport’s first Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1977. I do appreciate history, and American Pharoah managed to pull off the feat that 13 horses had tried to accomplish over the last 36 years. Because several horses had nailed down the first two legs of the Triple Crown in recent years (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes), yet failed to win the Belmont, there had been chatter surrounding the sport that the three races should be spread out more, instead of being run within five weeks. The thinking was that increased rest would make winning the Belmont easier. But winning that prestigious honor is supposed to be difficult. American Pharoah was the only horse in the Belmont field that had run both the Derby and the Preakness. And to win wire-to-wire was just thoroughly impressive. The horse’s next stop just may be in Del Mar during this summer season. NBA finals I have not watched the NBA regularly in 10 years. I am not going to anoint myself as a die-hard Warriors fan or anything. But I am watching every game this year because this finals series is truly compelling. The Warriors were the class of the league this year, behind MVP Stephen Curry, who can seemingly hit three-pointers while falling over sideways, blindfolded and holding his child. Golden State had not been to the finals since 1975. The “Dubs” are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James. There, we have a city that has not won a championship of any kind since the 1964 Browns of professional football. Lebron is the most polarizing player in the league. You either love his remarkable talent, or you loathe his words and actions, such as his public spurning of his hometown Cleveland when he left as a free agent in a made-for-television announcement called “The Decision.” Back home in Cleveland, his fans are not burning his jersey anymore. In fact, they are watching him score 40 points per game through the first three exhilarating contests, despite having a shaky cast of teammates to support him. Both cities deserve to win.

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Theater Review Charlene Baldridge

In a city filled with musicals both new and old, occasionally a standout production emerges. The occasion is now and the musical is William Finn and James Lapine’s “A New Brain,” pro-

Tom Zohar stars as Gordon Michael Schwinn. (Photo by Rich Soublet II) duced by Diversionar y Theatre, directed by Kim Strassburger and featuring an outstanding ensemble of San Diego area actors, two of them actually married to one another — Anthony Methvin and Tom Zohar. Zohar and Methvin — too long absent from the Diversionar y stage — portray Gordon Michael Schwinn and Roger Delli-Bovi, respectively. Schwinn is a neurotic songwriter who

collapses into a plate of pasta, declaring, “Something just isn’t right.” Delli-Bovi, his devoted lover, hovers lovingly when Gordon is hospitalized. Other characters are Gordon’s agent and best friend, Rhoda, played by Megan Carmitchel; his mother, Mimi, played by Sandy Campbell; his boss, Mr. Bungee, gleefully played and sung by Jon Lorenz; a wily and wondrous Homeless Lady, portrayed by Tanika Baptiste; a Nice Nurse (Michael Parrott); a slightly spacy Doctor (Danny Campbell); the Hospital Minister (Stewart W. Calhoun); and in various roles, Katie Sapper. The ensemble singing is thrilling and Michael Mizerany’s choreography has just the right touch. The tango ensemble is to die for. Janie Prim is music director; Ron Logan, scenic designer; Beth Connelly, costume designer; Curtis Mueller, lighting designer; and Blair Nelson, sound designer. No microphones are needed and the sound is excellent, thanks. Director Strassburger displays assiduous judgment, blending the depth and the frivolity of the piece, sweeping us from tears to raucous laughter in a heartbeat. Mimi’s “The Music Still Plays On” (accompanied on “air piano” by Zohar, an accomplished pianist, as

by William Finn and James Lapine Thursdays – Sundays through June 21 or 619-220-0097

No microphones were needed in Diversionary’s musical comedy, “A New Brain.” (Photo by Rich Soublet II)

Gordon), Mr. Bungee’s froggy antics, and Gordon and Roger’s aching love song, “An Invitation to Sleep in My Arms” are but a few examples. And then there is Baptiste, who knocks it out of the ballpark with “The Homeless Lady’s Revenge.” The overriding sensibility is sincerity, the foundation of good musical comedy. The huge bonus is Strassburger’s talented company: Each has a moment in which to shine and display immense vocal beauty. Zohar, Methvin and Campbell create characters about whom we really care. The show is especially suitable for Diversionary, which here reassumes its stratospheric stride. When “A New Brain” premiered in New York in 1998, New York Times critic Ben Brantley remarked on its “captivating eccentricity,” then

decried it as a “private party.” Perhaps it is, a paean to creativity and also to the kind of love that does not conform to what the larger society deems normal. In that sense, historically, the time has come for “A New Brain.” Don’t even think of missing it. At the time he wrote the show, Finn had just recovered from a similar, life-threatening brain event. Since 1998, he has written “Little Miss Sunshine,” premiered at La Jolla Playhouse, and “The 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” all proof that the muse sur vives getting a new brain. — Charlene Baldridge has been writing about the ar ts since 1979. You can follow her blog at or reach her at t

“Good laughs, sharp performances! Playwright Victoria Stewart shows a real gift here for crafting a passionate back-and-forth between characters.” James Hebert, The San Diego Union-Tribune

The cast of Rich Girl. Photo by Jim Cox.

RICH GIRL By Victoria Stewart Directed by James Vásquez

FINAL TWO WEEKS! Must Close June 21 Tickets Start at $29

(619) 23-GLOBE (234-5623)



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deal that women are funny. Same thing. I know we’re not there yet, but for sure, as an artist, I would love to tackle that.

pass the Bechdel Test. Why are films like “Spy” — that close the gender gap — important? (RB:) The statistics are still so dreadful for women in film. Now the ACLU is doing an investigation into it because they’re starting to realize it’s actually discrimination — it’s not just good ol’ fashioned misogyny that everyone’s quietly tolerated for years. The business is sort of the wrong way in the sense that the statistics are just really dreadful for women in terms of speaking parts and paychecks for women. All that stuff that was leaked through the Internet when Sony was hacked — it all speaks for itself. So, it is beyond just misogyny. It’s legitimate discrimination based on gender, which is illegal. Any discrimination is, whether it’s sexuality, race or gender.

(CA:) From your experience with the LGBT community, why do you think gay men are attracted to strong, empowered women like yourself and Melissa in “Spy”? (RB:) Probably because we are both part of groups that have been marginalized in some way. People who are gay and people who are women get generally marginalized just simply based on that, with no other merit added to the equation. I think there’s definitely a bonding over that.

(CA:) With that said, do you plan on producing any films that feature lesbian women in lead roles? (RB:) I hope so! I mean, two of my best friends are gay, a man and a woman — and during my life I’ve been surrounded by people from all different walks of life — so I’d love that. I mean, I just watched all of “Transparent” in a day and a half. It was the most entertaining and moving piece of work I’ve seen in years. I just thought it was beautiful and brilliant.

(CA:) I did, and I didn’t wanna bring those up. But since you did ... (RB:) [Laughs] No plans yet, put it that way.


(CA:) Though you’ve played lesbian on the Australian TV show “Fallen Angels,” you’ve never actually been lesbian on the big screen. What kind of character would intrigue you enough to take on a lesbian role in a film? (RB:) I would be honored to do something like that. I suppose it would be interesting to play a character who wasn’t defined by that, who just happened to be. Where it’s less of a defining thing and more of just a, “Why does it have to be such a big deal?” Like, why it is such a big



way and a seat saves gas, traffic angst, parking issues and fees, and gives you a designated driver for the evening. Space is limited. Parking will be available at The Center for those riding the shuttle. In the San Diego Pavilion, dozens of local LGBT nonprofits will participate in an exhibition and over at the Creative Youth area there will be fun activities for children. The Toast of the Coast wine competition and festival, located inside the Flower and Garden Show, is yet another option for OATF attendees and there is a special discount just for them. You can catch a preview and a free wine tasting from 4 – 5 p.m. in the San Diego Pavilion. Located inside the Paddock area near the racetrack, the Paddock Stage will be jamming from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Hosted by Pauly & Monks, with a full day of entertainment and an appearance by Councilmember Todd Gloria, ending with headliner Jennifer Corday. From 4 – 7 p.m. check out the Pride Happy Hour at the Red Star Café overlooking the Paddock. The Coors Light Rock On Stage, located near the midway rides just west of the last exhibit hall and hosted by Erica Foxx and Frankie Puma, will be rocking from 3 p.m. to close. By day it will feature various live acts including the Hillcrest Social DJ con-

(CA:) Last year you helped bring “Annie” back to the big screen. What other musicals would you be interested in starring in? (RB:) I’m not sure if you read the reviews for “Annie,” but … [Laughs]. It did not get well received.

(CA:) Please tell me that you’ll at least have a cameo in Paul’s allfemale “Ghostbusters” reboot. (RB:) I know! We’ll see. He’s such a great guy and I’d be a part of anything he does, so absolutely. (CA:) Who are some ladies in and out of Hollywood who empower you? (RB:) I admire Glenn Close so much. She’s a dear friend, and she’s just wonderful. An incredible mother, wife and activist, and she does a lot for the mental health industry. She juggles a lot of hats and does it really gracefully. I really admire Glenn. Also, Rosa Parks and Marie Curie — people who have really changed the world. —Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter (@chrisazzopardi).t test final battle. By night it will turn into Rich’s After Dark, a 21-and-older dance party featuring DJ Will Z. All this and more is free with the purchase of a San Diego County Fair general admission ticket, $15 at the gate and $14 on the SD Pride OUT at the Fair Facebook event page. There’s even an LGBT pool party next door at the Del Mar Hilton from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. for $10 presale, to include giveaways, a poolside bar, DJ King Kai and dj dirty KURTY spinning tunes for you. “One thing I would like to highlight is how hard we have worked, along with San Diego Pride, to create a safe LGBTfriendly space here at the Fair,” said Martha Henderson, event manager at Del Mar Fairgrounds. “We have an amazing, supportive team collectively here at the Fair and the partnership with Pride has taken it to a new level.” The San Diego County Fair runs through July 5 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, located at 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Take the Via de la Valle exit off of I-5 North and go west. OUT at the Fair is only celebrated June 13. Visit for a full list of entertainment. For more info about the San Diego County Fair visit Don’t forget to use #OATF on all social media posts. —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at


‘We the Animals’ Debut novel highlights tumultuous life Out on the Page Katrina Young We the animals. We the three musketeers. We the three stooges. We the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are the relationship undercurrents between the unnamed narrator and his two older brothers in “We the Animals,” Justin Torres’ engrossing debut novel. “We the Animals” follows the three brothers and their young parents as they essentially grow up together. Their Puerto Rican father and white mother gave birth to them while they were still teenagers. Due to age and socioeconomic factors, the parents did not always get things right in their marriage and their parenting. Their father was abusive and their mother was torn between whether to stay or leave. The par-ents often tried to hide the abuse but children are ver y perceptive. “Ma could hold tears on her eyelids longer than anyone, some days she walked around like that for hours, holding them there, not letting them drop,” said the book’s narrator about one of his mother’s attempts to hold things together and be strong for herself

and her family. This family’s life is tumultuous with fleeting highs and debilitating lows, but those are their struggles to share together as a family unit. Those issues, regardless of how harsh, make them a tight-knit group with a seemingly unbreakable bond; that is, until the last few pages of the book. The narrator is different from his family in ways that make the “we” separate into “them and I.” What was

once unbreakable is shaken to the core and once lines are crossed, they cannot be uncrossed. “Everything easy between me and my brothers and my mother and my father was lost,” he said.

The narrator remarks on how quickly he is excluded and just as quickly, the book is over. Despite the book’s brevity, Justin Torres does justice to the earlier parts of the stor y. Childhood is a language that we often forget how to interpret as we become adults but Torres gives vibrant life to the eccentricities of the three brothers. Torres also brings an affective impression of childhood exuberance and adult problems, both from the view of the narrator, who was only 7 years old at the start of the book. I do wish the ending presented the same depth as the rest of the book, however. We will be able to ask Justin Torres any unanswered questions about “We the Animals” during his upcoming visit to San Diego. Torres has been recognized with a Cabell First Novelist Award from Virginia Common Commonwealth University and was the 2012 Indies Choice for the Adult Debut Honor award. He is also the recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and a Rolón Fellowhip in Litera Literature from U.S. Artists. The Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation will feature the award-winning author during “New Faces of LGBT Literature, Part I: A Readout” event pre presented June 20 from 7– 8:30 p.m., at the San Diego Central Library, located at 330 Park Blvd., Down Downtown. Hope to see you there! —Katrina Young is the treasurer of the Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation. She is a lover of literature and a developing activist. Follow her on Twitter @ sapphicreader or contact her at

GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015






GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


‘The Thomas Crown Affair’: Cinema Under the Stars presents the original version of the film starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. 8 p.m. $15. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. For more info visit or call 619-295-4221.


Fifth annual Yoga for Hope: This unique event will take place on the center field of Petco Park where the local yoga community will gather to practice yoga and raise money for City of Hope. Registration starts at $35. Registration begins at 7 a.m. with yoga at 8:30 a.m. Petco Park, 100 Park Blvd., East Village. Visit Circus Mafia Poolside Carnival: One of several summertime events featuring the Circus Mafia at the historic Lafayette Hotel pool. DJ performances, a swimming mermaid, strong man, juggling lift guard and more will highlight the event. Ages 21 and up. $15. Noon. Find the event on Facebook. OUT at the Fair: A special event welcomes the LGBTQ community at the San Diego County Fair. The Flicks shuttle will have three pickups and return trips from the Fair. San Diego Pride will be hosting a happy hour at the 17 Hand Restaurant from 4:30 – 7 p.m. and taking a group photo in the Paddock Area area at 5:30 p.m. Several musical performances are schedule including Corday who will be performing live at 6 p.m. on the Paddock Stage and Colbie Caillat who will perform at 7:30 p.m. on the Heineken Grandstand Stage (reserved seats for the latter cost extra). The fair opens at 10 a.m. Visit and download the free OATF app on iPhone and Android.


‘The shirt of f Oscar’s back’ fundraiser: Indigo Salon and Spa will host their fifth annual charity fundraiser, this year named in honor of Indigo stylist Oscar Melero who was tragically killed earlier this year. Local restaurants will serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres, there will be a fashion show, raffle and much more. The event will benefit Hand Up Food Pantry. Suggested donation is $25, available at the door. 2 – 5 p.m. Indigo Salon and Spa, 3545 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit A benefit for Paws: A birthday party-turned-benefit will be held with festivities including an auction, raffle and Jell-O shots. Guests are encouraged to bring pet supplies, food and toys for donation to Paws. 2 p.m. Redwing Bar and Grill, 4012 30th St., North Park.

Visit Live Music – Corday: A special solo acoustic performance by Corday. There will also be food trucks on hand and, of course, beers to imbibe. Free. 2:30 p.m. The Belching Beaver, 980 Park Center Dr. # A, Vista (North County). Find the event “Corday at Belching Beaver” on Facebook. Bingo for Auntie Helen’s: A charity event to raise money for Auntie Helen’s, starring Candi Samples and her “Hollywood Legends.” $1 per bingo card; packet of 12, $8; additional packets, $5. 4 – 7 p.m. Numbers Nightclub, 3811 Park Blvd., Hillcrest.


‘A New Brain’: The San Diego premiere is tonight and it runs through June 21. Diversionary Theatre, 4545 Park Blvd., University Heights. Visit or call 619-220-0097.


HRC Connect: A social event for networking and hearing about topics of interest in the LGBT community. This month welcomes guest speakers Stephen Whitburn and Fernando Lopez from San Diego Pride speaking on the history and origins of Pride. 7 – 9 p.m. Uptown Tavern, 1236 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit ‘Butch, Please!’: So Say We All and the Lesbian Wellness Project present a showcase of stories on “non-typical experiences with health and wellness.” Stories will be shared about everything from boobs to lube. 8 p.m. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit


Taste of Little Italy: A favorite event for foodies, this self-guided tour will give guests access to tastes of food and beverages and tons of Little Italy Venues. Tickets start at $30. 5 – 9 p.m. Visit


‘Dirty Dancing’: Cinema Under the Stars presents the classic film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Movie also screens on Friday. 8 p.m. $15. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. For more info visit or call 619-295-4221.


Rise Urban Breakfast Club: The topic for this month’s breakfast meeting is: “Environment, Economics and Equity: An Urban Look at Climate Action” $20 includes breakfast and program. 8:30 – 10 a.m. SDG&E Energy In-

novation Center, 4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Visit Live comedy/entertainment – ‘Laugh On – No Holds Bar’: This event will feature three comedians – Adam Richmond, Ro DelleGrazie and Claude Stuart – along with artwork, music, and other performers. Tickets start at $25 and proceeds benefit the families of Camp Pendleton Marines who died on a humanitarian mission for Nepal earthquake victims. 8:30 – 11:30 p.m. Alexander Salazar Fine Art, 1040 Seventh Ave., Downtown. Find the event on Facebook. San Diego Bike Party – ‘Super Heroes vs. Villains’: This monthly bike ride will get ready for Comic-Con early with costume contests and more. All are welcome in or out of costume. Route and times to be announced. Visit facebook. com/groups/sdbikeparty. Sacred Flame Fire Circle Fest: A weekend-long community gathering in celebration of the summer solstice. People from all spiritual paths are welcome. Tickets are $170 for adults; children and teens $50 - $85. Harrison Serenity Ranch, 18187 Nate Harrison Grade Road, Pauma Valley/Palomar Mountain. Visit


Summer Solstice Celebration: This event by the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will include food, entertainment, prizes and more. Free (donations welcome). Noon – 4 p.m. Balboa Botanical Gardens, 1549 El Prado, Balboa Park. Visit


‘Top Gun’: Cinema Under the Stars presents the action flick starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis and based in San Diego. Movie also screens on Saturday, June 20. 8 p.m. $15. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. For more info visit or call 619-295-4221.


Film Forum: Free screening of “Seconds” starring Rock Hudson. 6:30 p.m. Auditorium, San Diego Central Library, 330 Park Blvd., Downtown. Visit facebook. com/freelibrarymovies.


LGBT Military Support Group: For LGBT active duty service members and their families — meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Open for couples with or without children. 6 – 7:30 p.m. For more information, contact Caroline Bender at 619-222-5586 or San Diego LGBT Center, 3909 Centre St., Hillcrest. Visit


Ian Harvie in ‘Trans Man, Superhero’

Ian Harvie (Photo by Austin Young)

Stand-up comedian and actor Ian Harvie will cover subjects from his top surgery to his sex life. A cast member of the award-winning and wildly successful new series on Amazon Prime, “Transparent,” Harvie has been a hot commodity on network and cable TV in recent months in the wake of Jenner’s coming out. He’s assisted hosts with proper trans terminology and answered various questions about his own journey, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding humor in Caitlyn’s reveal. “With all the ‘work’ the Kardashians have all collectively had done, Jenner is about the eighth in the family to be Trans.” Harvie promises this return to San Diego — his first in three years — will be worth the wait. “At the end of the show, everyone is going to feel lighter and I’ll be giving out free giant bear hugs,” he said. A portion of the show’s proceeds will go toward The Center’s Project TRANS. Special guest: Allison Gill. Doors 6 p.m., show 8 p.m. $20 – $25 reserved seating with $15 food/drink minimum ($25 ticket buyers will receive a DVD copy of Harvie’s stand up special “Ian Harvie, Superhero.”) Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit To learn more about this trans comedian/actor, visit


LGBT Book Club: A book club for everyone and participation is free. Hill Street Café, 524 South Coast Highway, Oceanside. Visit


GSDBA Advocacy Committee Meeting: Fighting for public policies consistent with GSDBA mission and core values, the current priorities of premier concern are attaining full business equality for GSDBA members and full equality for LGBT persons. 12:15

FAVORITE GAY THINGS ABOUT “MAD MAX” 38 Actress Charlotte 39 Secretes nocturnally 40 “To Kill a Mockingbird” character 41 Stocking materials for queens? 43 High points 45 Dens of bears 46 Farm fare 47 Ruler with a vagina 49 Place for a fruit dessert 53 Skin moisturizer 54 Minimalist clothing worn in “Mad Max” 56 Position to fill 57 Fender nick 58 Oral performances 59 Lamarr of “Samson and Delilah” 60 Writer Harper 61 Back to the present

—Email calendar items to morgan@sdcnn.comt

Q Q PUZZLE PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Staff leader for Copland? 6 Plug extension 9 Egyptian vipers 13 Eurasian range 14 Diana of “The Avengers” 16 Madonna, in a creche 17 She plays Aunty Entity in “Mad Max” 19 Like every other number 20 “Move your ass!” 21 Like a flaming queen? 23 Washer cycle 24 “The rain in ___ ...” 25 Most queer 28 Vehicles that swing both ways? 31 Piecrust ingredient 32 It arouses soldiers in bed 33 Lizzie Borden used one 34 Rubber-stamped 35 Material worn by “Mad Max” cops 37 Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

– 1:30 p.m. GSDBA Conference Room, 3737 Fifth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit Sam Harris in ‘A Night Out with Sam Harris’: This actor and singer will bring an eclectic collection of Broadway and pop classics. Doors 6 p.m., show 8 p.m. $30 - $40 reserved seating with $15 food/drink minimum. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit

DOWN 1 Balls 2 Lit ___ 3 Nathan of “The Producers” 4 Rolled by 5 Lens settings for Mapplethorpe 6 Utah’s Hatch 7 Navel fetish accessory? 8 Tree rings indication 9 Aviator Earhart 10 Leader of a tribe of children in “Mad Max” 11 Honest Abe, for one 12 Auld lang ___ 15 Fight hand-to-hand 18 Hand, when measuring a stallion 22 Cotton compressor 24 Love-making sounds 25 Prayer start at Metropolitan Community Church 26 Senegal’s capital 27 Magistrate of Bartertown in “Mad

solution on page 13 Max” 28 Top targets 29 Send to Siberia 30 Elite divers 32 Attempts to seduce 35 Pinko’s hero 36 City hue in Oz 40 Disapprove of 42 Homosexuality? 43 Obi-Wan player 44 Tulip tree, e.g. 46 Barely burn 47 Possible STD symptom 48 Woods of “Legally Blonde” 49 Box material in “Six Feet Under” 50 “Take a crack ___” 51 Adverb for seamen 52 Canadian oil company 55 Lubricant



seven games. Please, keep playing. And as a Red Wings fan, please do not let Chicago win.

NHL playoffs As much as I love football and baseball, I cannot think of any better playoff atmosphere than a game seven of the National Hockey League playoffs. We have had some beauties again this year, and once again, a new team is fighting for a title: the Tampa Bay Lightning. Squaring off against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Lightning were fortunate to gain a split after being dominated in the first two games. Then they bounced back from a brief deficit with a stunning rally to capture game three. There really is no such thing as momentum in this series and I would be shocked if it did not go the full

Other tidbits • Serena Williams just continues to amaze. It was not easy, but perhaps the best player of our lifetime won the French Open to capture her 20th career Grand Slam title. At age 33, she has a real chance to pass Steffi Graf (second, with 22 titles) and maybe even Margaret Court (24 titles) on the all-time list. Williams has won three Grand Slam titles in a row (dating back to 2014), including the Australian and French Opens this year. Up next: Wimbledon. • Br yce Harper of the Washington Nationals is just stupid-good at what he does. He hit his 20th home run of the season on June 9 at Yankee Stadium. The kid is


probably going to be the MVP of the National League this year, and if he is not crushing baseballs, he is making highlight reel plays in the outfield. • The San Diego Padres have been slogging along at .500 this year, but that is about to change. This team leads the majors in most games played against .500-orbetter teams and has held its own despite the pitching not living up to expectations. The schedule gets easier over the next two months and I could see a 30-20 type of run coming that catapults them atop the playoff race. • The San Francisco Giants are not a hate-able franchise like the Dodgers. San Diegans cannot help but be happy for manager Bruce Bochy’s success by the Bay. But after watching rookie Chris Heston twirl a no-hitter on June 9,

GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015 everyone has to wonder what is in the water up north? Does any team really deserve to throw a no-hitter in four straight years and five of the last seven? And three titles in five years? It is time to share the wealth. How about one down our way this year? • Congratulations to the Urban MO’s Ball Hawks flag football team, who upended the Uptown Tavern Storm 38-35 in SDAFFL’s A Division title game on June 6. Hats off also to the Babycakes Honeybadgers, who took down Rich’s Hitmen 20-13 in the B Division championship. • Good luck to members of the top teams in AFCSL’s D Division, who will be battling out the next two weeks in an intense fight atop the softball standings. Each of the division’s top teams play each other, with the top team earning a


bid to the World Series and the 2-4 seeds advancing to a playoff, where one more team will earn a berth to Columbus, Ohio, in August. —Jeff Praught is actively involved in the LGBT sports community, having participated in softball, basketball, football and pool as a player, and serving on several boards in recent years. He can be reached at

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GAY SAN DIEGO June 12 - 25, 2015


AZALEA a wonderful neighborhood. “But the media kept covering all the crime,” he said. “So we decided to brainstorm ways to effect positive change on our own.” In an effort to upgrade the neighborhood, residents recruited by Martin and others decided to apply for a $5,000 grant from the San Diego Foundation aimed at improving the neighborhood through what they call the “Pop Street Project.” “Pop” is short for Poplar, the main street running through Azalea Park. Martin and other residents have spent the past year working to beautify Poplar Street with the money. They divided the grant into

portions with $1,500 going to Martin’s landscaping project, another $1,500 to artist Vicki Leon for a mosaic project, and the rest going to community-building events targeted at involving residents who would volunteer their time. The group’s goal was to fill Pop Street with mini-gardens called “parkways,” and it was much harder than it sounds. The soil in the easements was hard as a rock, Martin said, forcing volunteers to use jackhammers to break up the dirt. “I honestly believe this whole neighborhood has the real potential to be really nice,” said Paul Smith, who helped jackhammer the dirt. “There was a lot of graffiti and tagging before. The changes bring a little hope for better things to come.” Another neighbor Martin recruited was Robert Musial, who

has lived in Azalea Park for about five years. Like many of the volunteers, Musial had not been involved in community activities before, but when it came to the Pop Street Project, he worked all four of the workday schedules. He said he dug holes, cleared brush, and jackhammered the parkways. “This is the first chance I have had to do anything like this,” he said. “It’s nice to get to know your neighbors. In addition to the landscaping, artist Vicki Leon used grant money to head up a mosaic project, and also recruited volunteers. The mosaics will adorn trash cans and bus benches. “It is really so important that we got the funding,” said the artist. “Once the mosaics get visible out on the streets, we will get more and more funding.” Linda Pennington, one of the original Azalea Park residents, known as “The Queen of Azalea Park,” said Martin, recruited people to Azalea Park by attending the San Diego Pride Parade beginning in the early 1990s. “I see and appreciate the parkways ever y Azalea Park has long courted the LGBT community. (Photo by Jim Martin) time I drive in and out of the neighborhood and I look for ward Volunteers will be acknowledged to the mosaics,” she said. as well as the project’s partners, Martin said the improvement including the San Diego Founproject in Azalea Park will condation, the Azalea Park Neightinue and residents will apply for borhood Association, County more grants. Super visor Ron Robert’s office, “We decided as this one group and the City of San Diego Parks that we didn’t want it to be just & Recreation Department. one year,” he said. “We’re really To learn more about this looking at this as more of a multineighborhood, find Azalea Park year project.” Neighborhood Association on The Pop Street Project will Facebook or visit celebrate its first year beautification efforts on June 25 from 6 —Catherine Spearnak is a San – 7:30 p.m. at the Pepper CanDiego-based freelance writer. She yon Gathering Place, located at can be reached at Poplar Street and Jamie’s Way.

Volunteers gathered for the “Pop Street Project,” a beautification of the Azalea Park neighborhood. (Photo by Jim Martin)

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