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Volume 9 Issue 7 March 30 – April 12, 2018

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Candidates Dumanis and Fletcher speak out


By William E. Kelly

Young women in leadership


Leather and Pride (l to r) Mr San Diego Leather 2018 Doriam Couto, San Diego Bootblack 2018 Shilo Vix, and Ms San Diego Leather 2018 Kira Renee (Photo by Albert H. Fulcher)

Five-day festival introduces 2018 San Diego Leather Pride titleholders Tavern dishes up new fare

Albert H. Fulcher | Editor Now an annual tradition, San Diego Leather Pride evolved from its bar origins in 1982 with the coronation of the first San Diego Leather titleholder. In 1994, it introduced its first Ms San Diego Leather and then further expanded its reach in 2015 with its first San Diego Bootblack. Now, the yearly event is a major five-day festival of history, fun, and education — and the awarding of the 2018 San Diego Leather Pride (SDLP) titles.


Power, betrayal in the monarchy


With 14 judges, all active in the SDLP community, the results of three days of competition were tallied. On Saturday, March 17, after a demanding contest, the new San Diego Leather Pride titleholders were named at the World Beat Cultural Center in Balboa Park. Winners this year were Mr San Diego Leather 2018 Doriam Couto, Ms San Diego Leather 2018 Kira Renee and San Diego Bootblack 2018 Shilo Vix. Before handing over her title, Ms San Diego Leather 2017

Tamanava Eden-McLintock said she had a phenomenal year involving a lot of personal growth, outreach and fundraising. “It's been amazing, indescribable and if I ever had to do it all over again, yeah, I would,” she said. “For the next Ms, I hope she can do better and go farther than I did. It's all the things [experiences] and once you put yourself out there, and ask for help, you can have all kinds of things happen.”

in San Diego and what it has to show this region’s residents and its visitors alike.

see Synagogue, pg 8

see Supervisors, pg 2

see Leather, pg 3

LGBT-friendly Ohr Shalom Synagogue’s historic architectural design Albert H. Fulcher | Editor

“Love Simon” director tells all

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Open House San Diego (OH! San Diego) held its free, twoday open house with more than 80 “must see” architectural designs throughout Bankers Hill, Balboa Park, Downtown, Barrio Logan and Point Loma. Held March 24–25, with an expectation of 10,000 site visitors, many got the chance to see behind-the-scenes tours of San Diego’s historic landmarks and never-before-seen buildings. Open House Worldwide was founded in London more than 25 years ago. OH! San Diego is relatively a new program going into its third year. San Diego was the third city in the United States to develop its own Open

Ohr Shalom Synagogue was featured for its Mediterranean and Moorish architecture during the OH! San Diego two-day open house event. (Photo by Albert H. Fulcher) House. Los Angeles is following suit; they were on hand over the weekend to see how everything worked here. The idea was to feature architecture and spaces

Candidate Bonnie Dumanis ● Opening statement Former San Diego District Attorney and candidate for County Supervisor Bonnie Dumanis stated that elder abuse remains a serious problem in our county. “Scams from strangers and undue influence from family and ‘friends’ result in devas-tating financial losses,” Dumanis said. “Families worry about the potential for abuse of their loved ones in assisted living, skilled nursing or those living in their own homes with or without hired help having their needs neglected because of cognitive problems, depression, hoarding behavior or other concerns.” Dumanis said she views older adults as a “valuable resource” and emphasized that they should be treated with both dignity and respect. “I recognize the ‘gray tsunami’ upon us and have witnessed the devastation of elder abuse, neglect and financial scams,” she said. “As the primary caregiver for my aging parents, I have seen older adults treated differently and understand they have fewer options. The attention paid to their specific needs and the quality of those options de-pends on the funds available.”

OH! San Diego features local synagogue


With a focus on the aging population, the candidates seeking the County Supervisor seat representing District 4, which will soon be vacated by Ron Roberts — Bonnie Dumanis, Nathan Fletcher, Ken Malbrough, Omar Passons and Lori Saldaña — gave generously of their time over the past eight months to discuss their views, prior-ities, recommendations and qualifications. In this last of the threepart series, Bonnie Dumanis and Nathan Fletcher share their thoughts as their opponents did in the March 2 and 16 issues, available online here,, and, respectively.



GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018


SUPERVISORS ● Dumanis’ supervisor qualifications and commitment to seniors Dumanis pointed out that as district attorney, she partnered for many years with su-pervisors Dianne Jacob, Greg Cox and Ron Roberts to put seniors first. “Those efforts significantly beefed up the DA’s elder abuse unit, adding two deputy district attorneys, five investigators, two paralegals and expanding our mission to elder residential facilities to make sure every branch in the county has a dedicated elder abuse attorney,” Dumanis said. “I support the monitoring of those facilities and holding accountable those accused of physical or financial abuse or neglect. “Living and working in District 4 [Hillcrest, Talmadge, Mid-City, North Park, Golden Hills and Downtown] for 40 years has given me great insight into the needs of the district enabling me to develop relationships with residents and leaders of all ages and backgrounds, law enforcement, businesses and groups that serve our seniors,” Dumanis said, further addressing her experience. “Those and other countywide rela-tionships are resources for the ideas and feedback that gets things done!” ● Dumanis’ commitment to seniors “My priorities for addressing senior challenges include

creating greater awareness about elder abuse and increasing penalties for abusers,” she said. “Monitoring the care provided by assisted and skilled nursing facilities and paid caregivers and fund-ing the DA’s elder abuse team at needed levels is part of that.” Dumanis said she intends to continue to work with and “encourage” not only the DA’s office but the Sheriff’s Department to “maintain vigilance of crimes impacting older adults” and wants the County to fund the County’s Aging and Independence Services “to expand education of older adults and their families about all forms of el-der abuse, signs of self-neglect and how to alert officials.” She said she supports “proactive, preventive measures,” like the “Take Me Home Registry,” which helps reunite those with dementia who become lost back with their families, and strengthening Project CARE (Community Action to Reach the Elderly), an all-volunteer program that focuses on supporting older adults who live alone, of-fering them daily phone calls, which also trains service industry personnel — postal employees, utility workers, bank tellers, as well as clergy — to recognize signs of a problem. “I want the incidences of self-neglect and isolation reduced,” Dumanis said. “I support more neighborhood intergenerational programs and believe they need to be devel-oped and incentivized to encourage community partners

(l to r) Candidates for County Supervisor representing District 4, Bonnie Dumanis and Nathan Fletcher (Courtesy photos) to participate, and commu-nity centers, where all ages can interact, need to be promoted.” As an example, Dumanis suggested a program which would involve youth sharing their technical knowledge with seniors to help them “stay connected” to not only their community, but the resources available to them. “Many county library branches promote intergenerational programs,” she said. “Per-haps school libraries could also provide a setting for that healthy interaction. Anoth-er example is Broadway Heights, where adults and youth work together on civic pro-jects to benefit their area.” ● Dumanis’ take on affordable housing Dumanis said the limited number of affordable housing available impacts everyone, and listed this as one of her top priorities.



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“Building affordable housing and providing placement assistance is crucial,” she said, adding that bureaucratic delays increasing time and cost, and that the stream-lining of the approval process is needed. “This is a regional issue and the County must take a leading role in identifying available development sites in all five districts that considers accessibility to librar-ies, community centers, fire stations, hospitals, etc.,” she said. “We must strive for more walkable and self-contained neighborhoods with easier access to grocery stores, transportation, restaurants and businesses. The same is true for any community. … The LBGTQaffirming housing for older adults in our community needing services and care is an example and funding for such efforts need to be leveraged.” Dumanis said she favors funding the County’s Choose Well rating system, especially within the LGBT and other marginalized communities, which “have faced life-long unique cultural and societal challenges and discrimination.” (Visit learn more.) As the first gay elected judge and district attorney in San Diego, she said she is “very sensitive” to the needs of the community. “For LGBTQ older adults who may have housing and care needs, but who lack re-sources and/or family

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support, we should support efforts to make available services and appropriate housing that is LGBTQ-affirming,” she said, adding that the Choose Well program could be of great service in this endeavor by identifying facilities com-mitted to equity when it comes to housing. “Thanks to the perseverance of citizens like [Bill Kelly] and the heavy lifting done by The Center, Community HousingWorks and others, this work is underway but has a long way to go before the needs are met.” Finally, Dumanis offered positions on other relative topics, such as access to reliable transportation for seniors, stating that Uber/Lyft are often not an option since sen-iors may not use smart phones, and that could be a source; and re-garding food and nutrition, she stressed a need to create awareness and encourage enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Candidate Nathan Fletcher ● Opening statement Candidate Nathan Fletcher, a US Marine veteran and former state assembly mem-ber, started out by saying that there is a “desperate need” of more year-round mental health facilities, nurses, social workers and childcare providers throughout the coun-ty. “We must also take real action to tackle the homeless and public health crises,” he said. “I have called on the County to put the $150 million they offered for a Chargers Stadium into an Emergency Action Fund. “We have much to accomplish in our region, we need to support public safety, protect the environment, create smart growth opportunities in areas that can support it, and ensure that our most vulnerable populations that include children, the elderly and homeless populations are getting quality service that provide them a better quality of life. see Supervisors, pg 16

Chula Vista man pleads guilty to sexual assault By Neal Putnam

Expires April 13, 2018 We Accept All Major Credit Cards

LICENSE # 644376 Email:

A Chula Vista man has pleaded guilty to pulling a handgun on a 22-year-old acquaintance and to sexually assaulting him in a Carlsbad motel. Antoine Demond Henderson, 45, faces a 15-year term in state prison, said Deputy District Attorney Kate Flaherty. Vista Superior Court Judge Sim von Malinowski set sentencing for May 3. Henderson pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and sexual penetration. Charges of kidnapping for oral copulation, false imprisonment, and carrying a concealed handgun were dismissed. The incident took place on

Oct. 20, 2016 in Escondido. The young man was taken to a motel in Carlsbad. The charges say Henderson threatened him with a handgun and a knife. The young man was able to call 911. Henderson fled, but the young man gave a description of his car, which was stopped by a Carlsbad sergeant. The victim testified in a preliminary hearing in May 2017. Henderson has several convictions for unlawful drug possession and making a criminal threat. The incident was a violation of his parole terms. He remains in the Vista Detention Facility without bail. —Neal Putnam is a local freelance writer. Reach him at


TITLEHOLDERS Eden-McLintock said two things stood out in her year as the 2017 titleholder, but there was no part of being the Ms representative that she did not benefit from. “My favorite parts [of this year] was I got to help students at UCSD who are going to become medical doctors,” she said. “I got to come in with my submissive and answer real questions about the community of the leather lifestyle. Now, when they are nursing patients in the future they know how to approach things appropriately. The other was my toy drive. I raised more than $500 for Imperial Court de San Diego and brought in more than 200 toys for their holiday toy drive.” Nathan Kendrick, Mr San Diego Leather 2017, said it was a wonderful year for him as he undertook a large amount of fundraising and community outreach. He said the leather community was supportive and amazing in helping him during his year as titleholder. “We've raised $10,000 for Sunburst Youth Housing Project, [and] completed two large social fundraising events at the Hole in the Wall,” he said. Kendrick said with his ability to represent San Diego all across the country during the year, his next stop is Chicago to compete in International Mr Leather in May and supports and wishes the new titleholders and even more wonderful experiences than he. “I'm hoping this new class [of titleholders] brings a lot more energy, new resources and new ideas to the leather community in San Diego,’ he said. “I'm really excited about what they are going to do.” Bootblacking is the learning and practice of maintaining leather, specializing in boots and other apparel. San Diego Bootblack is known for its fundraising efforts within the community. Relinquishing her title as San Diego Bootblack 2017, Red Bootblack said

(l to r) San Diego Bootblack 2017 Red Bootblack, Mr San Diego Leather 2017 Nathan Kendrick, and Ms San Diego Leather 2017 Tamanava EdenMcLintock. (Photo by Albert H. Fulcher) this title granted her many opportunities to travel, bootblack and meet “the incredible humans that make up the international leather community.” Being that Bootblack is the only titleholder that does not get to keep the title sash for the year, Kendrick and Eden-McLintock presented Red with her own keepsake San Diego Bootblack 2017 sash, with the help of her Minneapolis Bootblack and leather family. City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez presented the outgoing titleholders with the highest honor of the International Court Council — the International Dove Award, and certificates of recognition from San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and City Council. Ramirez said that it seems like the LGBT community is moving more toward an assimilation situation. “I think now, more than ever, it's important for the drag community, leather community and our sisters make our community in the world realize how diverse, how colorful and how important it is that our history is never changed,” he said. “When it comes to the history of our community, the drag, leather and women's community have played an important role.” He said next year is the 50th anniversary of

Stonewall in New York, and that many young people in the LGBT community unfortunately do not know this part of history. “There weren't only drag queens fighting back; sisters, men, a diversity of straight people and allies,” he continued. “I encourage you to continue to be the diverse leather community that you are that welcomes everyone. And that we never let our entire community assimilate and push us out.” Bootblack 2018 Shilo Vix said the Bootblacks are caretakers of leather, tradition and history. A self-identified Bootblack since 2010, when she first learned the craft, she met her partner and moved to San Diego in 2014. “It's an honor to represent my leather community as San Diego Bootblack 2018,” she said. “ This year, I'm most excited about the personal growth and the representation of Bootblacks living here in San Diego. I hope to facilitate many opportunities for those interested in leathers’ taken care of and enjoy being their true, authentic, sexy selves. You'll be able to find me for a shine at the Boots and Cigars monthly social every first Saturday of the month.” Mr San Diego Leather 2018 Doriam Couto is one of the youngest titleholders

GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018 in this category in history (likely the youngest). He said that, like many others in the community, he sometimes feels alone because of something he has no control over. “Leather to me is about heart,” he said. “It’s about honoring our history and carving a path for others that inspires others regardless of age, gender or skin tone. If you feel alone, let’s walk together.” He said he understood that while he’s just old enough to rent a car, he’s not too young to understand that leather history is not being shared with people his age. “If you are willing to adopt the values of honor, integrity and community, then raise your hands and look around,” he said. “Because we need you if we want to keep our history alive.” Buster Adams, co-owner/producer of San Diego Leather Pride along with AJ Turner, said this event is one of the oldest city/ leather pride titles with a rich history in representing the leather/kink/fetish/ BDSM-identified and allied cultures. “These are community service titles where they raise money, educational events, outreach and also have a good time by representing our community and other communities so they know what we are all about,” he said.

Adams said the leather community really is about sex positivity, freedom of self-expression, creativity, respecting leather pride history and knowing the people that came before. “In an environment like this, you want someone who has some experience to teach you,” Adams said. “Not just someone who came off the internet, has no experience, could hurt you or something could go very wrong. We are a tight-knit community for that reason. It hasn't always been that we have a lot of rights, so cultures have to band together to watch out for each other and each other's rights. That is how leather pride started.” Adams said when the AIDS crisis hit the leather community very hard, other organizations like the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence said that the leather community needed to be visible, out, and raise money. People were dying, and nobody was paying attention. That's where these titleholders became much more of a service title, instead of just a fun Friday night thing, he said. Adams said the festival is much more than just selecting new titleholders. It is about bringing the entire leather community regardless of sexual orientation together to learn, have fun and bring awareness to the leather lifestyle. —Albert Fulcher can be reached at



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P re s e n t s

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Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus



GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

Have an adventure! Life Beyond Therapy Michael Kimmel Does your life feel too boring and predictable? Maybe you need to have an adventure. If you have a little time and a bit of money, that’s all you need. People think that you need to spend a lot of money to go away on some big, expensive vacation to have an adventure. Not so! Here are two definitions of “adventure” that I like: 1), An unusual and exciting experience or activity, and 2), the exploration of unknown territory. Defining what’s unusual (e.g., fresh and new) for you may not be the same for your friends. What excites you — not someone else — is what matters. As someone who likes to explore unknown territory on a regular basis, I have made my life full of adventures. Let me tell you about a few of them. Every now and then, I reserve a hotel room for a night or two somewhere in the greater San Diego area. Recently, I stayed overnight in Imperial Beach and explored the area, especially the amazing wildlife preserve and beautiful beaches there. A few weeks ago, I stayed at a hotel in Temecula for a couple of nights, exploring the horse farms, wine country, Old Town, museums and thrift shops (they have some really good ones).

In recent years, I’ve had oneday or two-day adventures in places like Escondido, Murrieta, Yuma (Arizona), El Centro, Fallbrook, Valley Center, Alpine and Brawley. Yeah, these aren’t places where most of my friends or clients typically go, but, so what? I like an adventure and I like them fairly often. I know that some people wait a year or so to save up for a big, expensive vacation in glamorous places like Paris or New York City, and, hey, why not, if that’s what makes you happy? But, these same people often spend months talking about how bored they are with their jobs and can’t wait for their next vacation — so why wait? If money or time is tight, make your adventure smaller (and cheaper) but let yourself still explore unknown territory. Last week, a friend of mine and I had a half-day adventure walking along the San Diego river behind the On The Border restaurant in Mission Valley, it was free and beautiful, then we had a reasonably priced lunch. Some days — for a short and inexpensive adventure — I’ll go to a bargain matinee movie and have a nice lunch after. Or I’ll go to museums in Balboa Park. Many are free to San Diego residents on Tuesdays, did you know that? And, of course, you can walk in that world-famous park every day, and the arboretum (San Diego Botanic Garden) and Timken Museum are always free and gorgeous.

You can even have an adventure closer to home. Instead of taking a short walk around your neighborhood, extend your walk. Make it an hour-long walk, or, even braver, a two- or three-hour walk. You can also take the bus or trolley somewhere you haven’t been (like Lakeside, La Mesa or the San Ysidro border) for very little money. You don’t even have to get off the trolley to have your adventure! Many of us are sometimes bored or lonely. We sit at home, watch too many reality TV shows and spend so much time on our phones that we forget that there’s an amazing world out there, just waiting for us to come and explore. Your adventure could be joining a Meetup group, taking a class at the LGBT Center in Hillcrest, or going to a free lecture or concert at SDSU or UCSD. In most cases, it’s really not about money, it’s about adventure — you just need a little time and a bit of motivation. Whenever you do something new or exciting, there’s always a bit of fear. As you contemplate having an adventure, acknowledge that you may be a little scared, but don’t let it stop you. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Enjoy your adventure(s) —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Contact him at 619-955-3311 or visit

Empowering young women Profiles in Advocacy Ian Morton In February 2012, I had the privilege of meeting Tinesia Conwright, the passionate founder and executive director of DETOUR (Depositing Empowerment Through Outreach & Urban Redevelopment) Empowers, when she received a community service award from Urban Pride, at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. I was able to feature her, and her growing nonprofit, in my May 2012 column, while she was still working toward her master’s degree in nonprofit management and leadership, at San Diego State University. Hence, it was very exciting to sit down with Tinesia, six years later, to catch up with her and discuss the growth of the organization. In the six years since we first spoke, she has received her master’s, been widely recognized for her groundbreaking work, and sought after to serve in many leadership roles. She also recently married her partner Sakeenah Gallardo. In the midst of the flurry that is often her life, Tinesia still finds great joy in giving back to her community and is seeing the fruits of her labor in a tangible way. While the FANCY (Focused and Naturally Confident Youth) Expo remains a capstone of the

(l to r) Tinesia Conwright and Khea with a proclamation from the County of San Diego honoring DETOUR. (Courtesy of Steve Cooper II)

organization, bringing teen girls into contact with leaders and resources that stimulate their personal and professional growth, Tinesia and her team have also developed an ambassador program and a set of scholarships. Both of these support the goal of creating pathways to higher education for young women of color. “In January 2017, we launched our Ambassador Program, which is our ‘hands on’ approach, where we meet with the girls once a week,” she said. “With our first cohort of 10 girls, half of them were high school seniors, and all the seniors received admission into a four-year university.”

see Detour, pg 16

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GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018


Been there, done that, we got the T-shirt Out of the Archives Archives Staff About 1,600 T-shirts reside in Lambda Archives. Although the mission statement of the organization is “to collect, preserve and teach the LGBT history of San Diego and Imperial Counties, and Northern Baja California, Mexico …” there are a few exceptions. The bisexuality collection is international in scope. The collection of pulp fiction books likewise knows no regional boundaries. The T-shirts and textiles collections also are beyond the usual geographic limits. There are many shirts that are local in nature: one from the first “Walk for Life” (now renamed AIDS Walk—and the Archives has T-shirts from most of those annual events); shirts from almost every San Diego Pride, including the special ones for staff, board members and volunteers; shirts from the political campaigns that elected Christine Kehoe and Toni

Atkins to the State Assembly, and failed to elect Neil Good to City Council many years earlier; shirts that were used to promote FilmOut presentations and Diversionary Theatre productions; shirts from Tijuana Pride and from numerous groups that wore matching shirts in their Pride contingents; and shirts for businesses including The Wing Cafe which, as its T-shirt proclaims, was a “Feminist Coffeehouse and Gallery” that at one time was located on B Street. There are shirts from early advocacy and social group the Gay Academic Union (so early that the shirts do not say “Gay,” only “GAU” so those in the know would know, but would not out anyone who wanted to keep their secret. There are shirts for many sports clubs including many for Front Runners’ events over the decades of its existence. Beyond those regional souvenirs, there are many that commemorate statewide fights: “The Briggs Initiative—rotten to the core” and a shirt custom made by Joseph Panwitz

In 1988, one of the many themes of San Diego Pride T-shirts in the archives

A home in Project Youth

Realizing I had a future and was not alone North County Update Relle Goan Five years ago, I started going to the North County LGBTQ Resource Center. Shortly after I came out, I found my home at the Center within the Our Circle group, a queer youth group that meets every Thursday night. After seeing how wonderful it could be to meet other LGBT youths, I realized I was not alone. It was like putting on glasses for the first time. I could finally see clearly that there could be a happy future for me. Seeing examples of successful, and more importantly, happy LGBT adults, they became my role models. Getting more involved at the Center made me passionate about supporting my peers. After starting to attend the Thursday night youth group, I simultaneously started getting involved with Project Youth. This was an outlet for me to be able to work with not only my school, but many other schools across San Diego County. From there, I got to know other youth and other Gay Straight Alliances (GSA). It helped us all grow our leadership skills through positive networking. Together the GSAs in North County would collaborate, creating big events with multiple high school GSAs. We led events such as: Trans/Gender Nonconforming

Clothing Drive, Halloween Movie Night Party, and the Winter Bonfire and Pre-Pride Beach Party. With each event, a different GSA was assigned to a different leadership role, which helped the youth take part in events larger than just getting involved in their individual schools. Project Youth lends support to school GSAs and provides a wealth of resources and events at the Center. It functions as an outlet for youth to grow leadership skills in a safe space, offering them the ability to let their guards down and be themselves. Youth, who may not always feel safe at their schools or homes, can come to the Thursday night youth group or any of our other events and enjoy themselves. We often hear stories of youth who have difficult home situations or come from schools where they feel constant negativity concerning the LGBT community, so when they come to the events or groups, it makes them feel free and gives them the resources that they need. Everyone deserves a safe space and Project Youth delivers.

for a local group protesting Proposition 8. There are T-shirts from Prides far and wide, many donated by Doug Moore, all of which have been photographed by the great team at San Diego State supervised by Lisa Lamont and can be viewed on its website: Viewers of the site can vicariously visit Prides from Atlanta and Wichita to Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. After the Pulse Night Club shooting, many Major League Baseball teams around the country held special nights commemorating the tragedy and sold shirts with team logos in rainbow colors to raise funds for the victims and their families. Former Padre and friend of the Archives, Billy Bean, donated some of the shirts from those events. Lately, a dedicated Lambda Archives volunteer has been reprocessing the collection shirt by shirt, refolding them to better protect and preserve them and checking for duplicates and proper labeling against the database. In addition to shirts, the Archives textiles collection also contains the first of the giant rainbow flags that flew at the corner of University Avenue and Normal Street. After it was faded and worn, the Hillcrest Business Association made sure the Archives got the original flag to be preserved in an acid-free box in a climate-controlled room.

Project Youth puts on the Trans Youth Salon, Queer Prom, Youth Leadership Summit, Safe Sex for Inclusive Sex, Queer Surf and Beach Hangout, Queer Scavenger Hunt, Gays on Ice, Queer Clubhouse Check-In, Queers at the Movies, and more events. We consistently receive positive feedback regarding the supportive community at Project Youth. To say that I am grateful for the Project Youth community would be an understatement. It has been an incredible benefit to me and to the entire LGBT youth community. North County is indeed fortunate to have such an active, supportive Project Youth group. —Relle Goan is the Project Youth event coordinator for the North County LGBTQ Resource Center —Max Disposti is a human rights activist, a community organizer and the founder and executive director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center. He is currently also serving on the boards of the Oceanside City Library and Main Street Oceanside and previously served on the city’s Community Relations Commission. He can be reached at


Office/Residential | Free Wardrobes




A T-shirt in remembrance of the history of Stonewall and a call for action. The collection also holds uniforms, including one from John Graham, the first openly gay member of the San Diego Police Department; the Navy uniform worn by Autumn Sandeen when, along with other veterans, chained herself to the White House fence to protest “don’t ask, don’t tell”; Army uniforms that once belonged to local attorney and activist Bridget Wilson; and one belonging to one of the first people to fight the military on its policies concerning gays —Perry Watkins. There are hats from Pride, Diversionary Theatre productions, and AIDS Walk, and from companies including Budweiser and Absolut advertising to the gay community (usually in rainbow colors). Having photographs of all the cloth items in the collections allows researchers to view them without having to touch them.

A custom T-shirt made by Joseph Pantwitz for a local group protesting Proposition 8. (Photos courtesy of Lambda Archives)

Of course, touching anything wears it down just a tiny bit. But when called for, the actual items are pulled out as when Front Runners wanted to display some of its shirts at its anniversary party. Properly preserving the clothes and other textile items in the care of the Archives is just another way to ensure that this rich LGBT history is still around for future generations. —Lambda Archives, a 501(c) (3) dedicated to collecting, preserving and teaching the history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in San Diego and the Northern Baja California region, is located at 4545 Park Blvd., in University Heights. To learn more, stop in or visit their website at



GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

Greetings from your new editor Albert H. Fulcher | Editor As a long-time admirer of Gay San Diego, I am honored to serve as your new editor. Picking up the gay papers in San Diego for many years, this one has always stood out to me because of its unrestricted content and lack of hype and drama. It is a true community newspaper that focuses on the many people, places and events that highlight our local LGBT community. I consider my job as a newspaper journalist a community service. My goal is to serve this community with stories that have meaning, news that has impact and editorials that provoke thought and dialogue. I have lived in the San Diego region for nearly 30 years now and called many regions in EDITOR Albert H. Fulcher (619) 961-1960 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS (619) 519-7775 Sara Butler, x118 Jeff Clemetson, x119 Morgan M. Hurley CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Chris Azzopardi David Dixon Relle Goan Lambda Archive staff William E Kelly Michael Kimmel Jean Lowerison Ian Morton Neal Putman Frank Sabatini Jr. WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA Sara Butler, x118

San Diego County home. In my earlier years, I was active in the LGBT community, and I’m proud to be in a role that allows me to serve again. I came out later in life. It was a confusing childhood with gender never playing a role in who I was attracted to, infatuated with, and later in life, fell in love with. But I’m solid now, with no reservations about who I am. Growing up in Alabama and Georgia, I am Southern in nature. I am usually easily identified as my cowboy hat and boots travel with me almost on a daily basis. I was fortunate, however, that my parents did not raise me with many of the stereotypical Southern ideals. I’m a 10-year Navy veteran and have a strong business background, but journalism is my passion. COPY EDITOR Dustin Lothspeich SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Mike Rosensteel (619) 961-1958 ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS (619) 519-7775 Heather Fine, x107 Sloan Gomez, x104 Brenda Vergara, x110 SALES INTERN Eric Diaz SALES ASSTISTANT Erik Guerrero EDITORIAL INTERN Cassidy Klein EDITORIAL ASSISANT Jess Winans

I married early in life and have three children and four grandchildren. It wasn’t until I was discharged from the Navy and went through a divorce that I came to San Diego for the summer and never looked back. It was then that I fell in love again, this time with my husband. This is a big year for us as we celebrate our fifth “official” wedding ceremony and in October, 30 years together as husband and husband. We have a wonderful, large family with four generations currently living under the same roof from ages 7 to 95. It keeps us busy and my husband has been an incredible step-father and an amazing, loving grandfather. Our journey has been filled with just about everything a couple can weather, but we’ve come out of the storms that life brings stronger and ACCOUNTING Priscilla Umel-Martinez (619) 961-1962 WEB DESIGN Kim Espinoza

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better. Those storms pale in comparison to the joy and love we have known for so long. Like many families, I describe us as a functional dysfunctional family that sticks together no matter what — another thing that my parents taught me. As I move forward in this new role, it is my desire to bring you content that matters to you and to become fully involved in the multiplicity of people this newspaper serves. The extraordinary contributions

of my predecessor Morgan Hurley are noteworthy. She has left some big shoes to fill. Her passion and commitment to this newspaper is something that I admire and her generous assistance to me during the transition of changing editors is invaluable. I am grateful for the strong foundation she left for me to build upon. I embrace diversity and as a community, we can create an atmosphere of acceptance and change. You are an integral part in making this happen by sharing your stories, regardless of subject, controversy and exposure. In order to make change, even one person at a time, it is imperative that we do this together. I have an opendoor policy. Please reach out to me. I’m ready, willing and eager to serve this community that I call my own. —Albert Fulcher can be reached at

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GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018


Toni Atkins ... the pride of California Conversations with Nicole Nicole Murray Ramirez State Sen. Toni Atkins walked into the chambers of the California state Senate this past Wednesday, proudly holding the hand of her wife, Jennifer LeSar ... and many of us immediately spotted that she was wearing the beautiful eagle brooch of the late Ben F. Dillingham III (Ben’s family was very touched by this most wonderful tribute to his legacy). And so, on that Wednesday, March 21, at exactly 2:15 p.m., Toni Atkins secured herself a permanent place in the history books when she was sworn in as the 48th president pro tempore of the California state Senate and thus the very first woman and first member of the LGBT community to be elected to this high office (since 1849). Sen. Atkins and LeSar were both accompanied to the podium by an official escort committee of four women senators, where Atkins was given the oath of office by our state’s female chief justice of the California Supreme Court. Atkins asked San Diego’s most popular female Rabbi Lauri Coskey (also a member of the San Diego LGBT community) to give the invocation and let me tell you that Coskey gave one of the most beautiful and moving invocations ever. Sen. Atkins has indeed shattered the glass ceiling for women in so many ways and gave hope and courage to all the young women not only in our state, but all over America: “Yes you can … anything is possible!”

Toni’s main mentor, former state Sen. Christine Kehoe (San Diego’s own Harvey Milk), was front and center for the oath and so was former Senator Dede Alpert (looking smashing in a stunning black and orange jumpsuit). Jennifer LeSar’s wonderful parents were also in attendance and so was the Majority Whip of the State Assembly Todd Gloria. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Sheriff Bill Gore flew up especially for this historic event as well as the following Superior Court judges, David Rubin and Paula Rosenstein. Among the many other “movers and shakers” from San Diego that secured coveted seats in the Senate gallery were Robert Gleason; Kevin Tilden; Nancy Chase; Laura Finks; Jeff Durfee; City Commissioner Beth Kransberger; Democrats for Equality President Will Rodriguez Kennedy; former president of Dems for Equality Doug Case; Jane Potter; Russell Roybal; Matt and Amber Stephens; Atkins staffer Toni Duran; Nora Vargas; Kelli Maruccia; and Atkins’ hard-working Chief of Staff Myrna Zambrano. Other VIPs included Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (our next governor); the first openly gay chairman of the state Democratic Party Eric Baumann; artist Julie Warren; Sacramento Vice-Mayor Steve Hansen; and former State Assembly Speaker, John Perez. Popular Senator Anthony Portantino of San Diego, who wore the tie of his late gay brother Michael Portantino, gave a most moving tribute in honor of Atkins and quoted George Biagi (San

Diego Deputy City Clerk) in his speech. Indeed, Sen. Atkins has had a stellar career as a true, devoted public servant: City Council member; acting mayor; speaker of the state Assembly; state Senator; and acting governor of California for 12 hours (!); and now president pro tempore of the California Senate. I first met and became friends with Toni when she was the director of a Women’s Health Clinic ... all these decades she has never changed ... a kind, honest, humble but strong, effective leader who has a steel iron hand covered with a velvet glove of diplomacy ... I predict a future governor or U.S. Senator ... period. In her remarks, Atkins vowed to be a champion of affordable housing for all Californians and to continue to be a voice for the voiceless. While in our state Capitol, I stopped by the offices of state Assembly members Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and Todd Gloria and had other great conversations with Assemblymember Brian Menishein; former San Diego City Councilmember Jim Madaffer; Senator Scott Wiener (who also gave an outstanding speech in tribute to Atkins); Sen. Portantino; Sheriff Gore; and popular State Assembly member Evan Low. God has indeed blessed this old queen to become friends of Stonewall Inn veterans the late Sylvia Rivera and bartender Tree … have met and worked with Harvey Milk and Cesar Chavez ... have had dinner with the late Coretta Scott King ... been invited to the White House.... became close friends with War World II veteran Jose

State Sen. Toni Atkins is the 48th president pro tempore of the California state Senate, the first woman and member of the LGBT community to be elected to this office. (Photos courtesy of Office of Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins)

(l to r) San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez with State. Sen. President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins. Julio Sarria, who in 1961 was the first openly gay candidate to run for public office (Harvey became the first gay elected in California in 1978) … and now to witness the oath of the “Pride of California” Toni Atkins, as well as this past Saturday’s youth march for gun control ... this old queen only hopes I am around to once again travel to the state Capitol to see Toni take the oath of office as the governor of California. —Nicole Murray Ramirez has been writing a column since 1973. He has been a Latino/gay activist for almost half a century and has advised and served

the last seven mayors of San Diego. Named the “Honorary Mayor of Hillcrest” by a city proclamation, he has received many media awards including from the prestigious San Diego Press Club. Reach Nicole at Editor’s Note: The opinions written in this column are the author’s own and by no means reflect or represent the opinions of the staff and/ or publisher of Gay San Diego and/or its parent company, San Diego Community News Network (SDCNN). The newspaper and its staff should be held harmless of liability or damages.t



GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018


SYNAGOGUE It was important to the San Diego Architectural Foundation and for OH! San Diego Founder Susanne Friestedt that the event was free. This gave people the ability to enjoy architecture in a personal way by making

the sites accessible. Each site has its own story, but innovative use of materials, repurposing of space, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and unique use of public areas were some of the highlights of the designated sites. In its first year participating, Ohr Shalom Synagogue in Bankers Hill showcased its long history and

Surrounding the original stained-glass windows a beautiful sculpture surrounds a sitting bench. (Photos by Albert H. Fulcher)

Mediterranean–Moorish architectural style to the public. It received 263 visits and the Temple Beth Israel, the largest reform congregation in the city at that time, it was the first Jewish congregation in San Diego. Its original synagogue built in Downtown now sits in Heritage Park in Old Town. With a growing congregation, it purchased the current property at Third Avenue and Laurel Street and began construction in 1925. The synagogue’s architect, William H. Wheeler, was an Australian immigrant to the U.S. who designed several notable buildings including the Balboa Theater in Downtown, All Saints Episcopal Church in Hillcrest and the KlauberWangenheim Building in Downtown. Ohr Shalom was designed to fit in with the Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park in 1915 and the domed, freestanding square synagogue was considered an innovative piece of architecture in the 1920s. Lynn Mendelsohn, Ohr Shalom vice president of programming and events, said Beth Israel occupied this building until the congregation outgrew the facility. They sold it to a developer who was going to build a large apartment complex, and Beth Temple purchased property across from UTC in University City. The Beth Temple Synagogue there is “absolutely beautiful,” she said. But this was not the end of Ohr Shalom. A lot of forces in the city including SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization), Attorney Paul Weil and historian Alex Bevil got involved with other people and groups in the community and fought the purchase. “Ohr Shalom was founded ages ago as Ohr El, a congregation of immigrants from Mexico that used this building for high holidays,” Mendelsohn said. “When they saw that this building was up in the air, they joined in and it became a two-way battle.” This battle evolved over seven years, until the city designated the building as a historical site and the developer deeded the property to Ohr Shalom. “By then, it was old, leaked, not earthquake compliant,” she continued. “In 2009, we took a capital campaign and took $4.5 million renovating the building. We basically gutted the whole thing. We sent the original stained-glass windows to Iowa to an expert to have them refurbished. We reopened in 2011 in this great old building.” And beautiful it is. The original windows are works of art with traditional symbols of high holy days with its antiquated look. They light up the spacious rooms in the synagogue with filtered, natural light that brings a sense of reverence to the space, along with beautiful hues that flicker through the rooms. Although completely retrofitted, the building still has an ancient look. While the interior is not as elaborate as many of the primordial designs, its

On each side of the Ark is artwork by Amy Reichert that symbolizes God leading the Isrealites through the desert with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. small details make this piece of post-modern architecture stand out. Woodwork on the Ark is breathtakingly beautiful. In the sanctuary, carved into the Ark is the “Shema,” which states the central tenant of Judaism — that there is only one God. It says, “Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God, the Lord is one!” Behind the Ark are nine Torah scrolls, including one for Czechoslovakia that was saved from the Holocaust. Another Torah scroll is in a chapel on the first floor of the school building. The community room was retrofitted with acoustic walls and panels so sound does not reverberate. This makes it extremely accommodating for large events, with a full working kitchen attached. In the entrance hall is a magnificent piece of art that displays two trees whose roots intertwine a sitting bench and frame one of the synagogue’s beautiful stainedglass windows. This piece has plaques placed that people can purchase in remembrance of loved ones. This was one of board president Ray Sachs’ fundraising projects. “Ray Sachs is wonderful,” Mendelsohn said. “We have our annual fundraiser on April 29 to honor him. When he became president in 2012, we still owed $1.1 million. Over the six years of his presidency we managed, with his leadership, to retire that debt.” Ohr Shalom is a LGBTaffirming congregation that welcomes everyone. Mendelsohn said they just lost a couple in their congregation, who were actively involved and well-loved, when they moved to Israel a couple of weeks ago.

“Two women, one born Jewish and lived in Israel for most of her life, who then met a woman who was not Jewish,” she said. “She approached our rabbi [Rabbi Scott Meltzer] because they wanted to marry, and the fiancee wanted to convert. They were married last summer, and we had a major party. Everybody in the synagogue that could cook was in the kitchen making the feast for their wedding. Everybody came and celebrated, the place was packed. We had a wonderful time. We just had a great goodbye for them. They left a large hole in this place when they left.” Andrea Luck, Ohr Shalom assistant administrator and graphic designer, has a transgender son. She said she did not go around telling everyone, but when she told the rabbi that he was going through the name change, Meltzer said, “Why don’t you let us name him in the temple with a Hebrew name too.” This is something that is normally done when Jewish babies are born. “We had a ceremony for my son Ivan here,” she said. “My sister and her husband were in town and they are very religious. My niece came, my mom was there, and it was almost like my son had a bar mitzvah. How much more open to the LGBT community can you get? I'm so proud, the rabbi made me cry when he suggested it. It brought my family closer together, and we are proud of him. He just had his legal name change yesterday. I feel very lucky to be here [and] that this community is so accepting.” —Albert Fulcher can be reached at


GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

RESTAURANT SPOTLIGHT NEW OWNERSHIP AT NUNU’S CELEBRATES THE BAR’S HISTORY AND FUTURE The long-established neighborhood bar in Hillcrest that everyone knows as Nunu’s has been given a reboot. Its new owner, Jon Stamatopoulos, is calling it Nunu’s Tavern to better reflect a place where patrons can gather over beer and cocktails while savoring pressed-to-order burgers and other pub-style comfort food. Jon is no stranger to the bar industry. He is also the proprietor of the Turf Supper Club in Golden Hill, which shares with Nunu’s an illustrious past and unpretentious vibe. Since purchasing Nunu’s in January, he gave the establishment a heavy cleaning that led to fresh vinyl upholstery for the bar stools and cozy booths; a recalibrated kitchen; upgrades to the restrooms; and a fresh exterior paint job that included repairs to the structure’s iconic, yellow signage. “When you walk in the front door, it has to smell, look, feel and taste right,” Jon said. “We’ve spent our first couple of months trying to achieve that.” The bar dates back to the early 1960s, when it operated under the name Cosmo’s. Later, a Portuguese fisherman took over and renamed it Nunu’s, which in Portuguese stands for the word “grandfather.” The name loosely pays tribute to San Diego’s thriving fishing community at the time, comprised mostly of Portuguese immigrants. And still today, the facade is adorned with a compass encircling a tuna fish – a testimonial to the establishment’s steadfast longevity. Nunu’s subsequently changed hands a few more times and remained a destination for customers seeking refuge from San Diego’s trendier, highbrow nightclubs. Jon assures

A refreshing Mai Tai (Photo by Al Heishman) Nunu’s will remain a casual, neighborhood hangout located conveniently between the high-energy cores of Downtown and Hillcrest. Assisting with the revisions is bar manager Chloe Quattrociocchi, who holds the same title at the Turf Supper Club. She’s the “go-to leader” for enforcing quality standards for both the bar and kitchen, Jon notes. New to the bar program are mixers using freshsqueezed fruit juices instead of concentrates. And in the immediate pipeline is a focused list of classic cocktails such as cognac Sazeracs, Manhattans with Luxardo cherries, and ginger Mai Tais. Nunu’s famous bloody Mary – constructed with housemade mix and garnished with shrimp and pickled veggies – will remain unchanged. Available only on weekends, it’s a top-selling creation by bartender Jeremiah Aker, who has worked at Nunu’s for the past 10 years. “The new bar menu will reflect a little bit of every bartender,” Chloe said, adding that a goal is in place to install a tap system for craft beer. Currently, the bar offers a mix of crafts and domestics in bottles.

The hot-selling Nunu’s burger (Photo by Al Heishman)

A timeless bar filled with fond memories and good times (Photo by Al Heishman) A streamlined food menu includes the kitchen’s most popular dishes in addition to the debut of succulent baby back ribs slathered in honeychipotle barbecue sauce made in-house. The ribs join forces with other drink-friendly fare such as the hand-pressed house burger with cheddar on a brioche bun; a decadent patty melt; crispy dryrubbed chicken wings with a choice of sauces; and addicting cheese fries with crumbled bacon and green onions. The kitchen’s new cook, Jay Thomas, worked for 18 years at Albert’s Restaurant, located inside the San Diego Zoo. “Nunu’s is a timeless place where you can bring a date or your best bud,” Chloe said. Jon agrees: “This is a gem where everyone feels welcome. We’re excited for the future of Nunu’s and its relationship to the neighborhood. And we hope that everyone comes out to take a look at what we’re doing.” Nunu’s is located at 3537 Fifth Ave. The bar is open from 2 p.m to 2 a.m., daily, and the kitchen operates from 5 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily. For more information, call 619-295-2878.

Crispy chicken wings (Photo by Al Heishman)

Nunu’s Manhattan: Nunu’s makes exquisite, classic Manhattans (Photo by Al Heishman)

A gin Alexander (Photo by Al Heishman)

Sink into one of Nunu’s re-upholstered, original booths (Photo by Al Heishman)





GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

Tavern of the 21st century Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr. A prime location in the heart of Hillcrest and an open, inviting facade that practically ropes you in from the sidewalk have given Uptown Tavern a universal appeal for the nearly six years it’s been in business. Gay-owned and cocktail-focused from the start, a pair of new proprietors took over last year and recently promoted sous chef Mark Molina to executive chef. Denizens of the tavern will notice his new additions such as a fried green tomato salad, shrimp tacos and beer-braised short ribs. Stealing the show, perhaps, are Molina’s vegetarian sliders using a balanced composite of beets, quinoa, carrots, red onions, beans and panko crumbs. Served three to an order and quite beer-friendly, they’re plump and juicy and taste as rich as beef. Right down to their color and texture, they come brilliantly close to the real deal. Gone are the big rib eye steaks and over-sized burgers that defy Molina’s lightened-up menu of mostly shareable dishes. Though, if you come knocking for Uptown’s eminent

five-spice chicken wings, you’re in luck. They’ve been in the offing since day one and remain a hot seller. My spouse is a major sangria freak. He’ll drink it in buckets when it meets his standards. And this cabernet-based version very much did with its lively notes of orange, lemon, honey and cinnamon. A few edible flowers floating on top makes you wonder why any place serving sangria would leave out these floral flavor boosters. We stuck exclusively to new menu items, which included the shrimp tacos drizzled in charred jalapeno crema, pico de gallo and fresh cilantro. Good stuff, although we wished they would have turned it up to make it a little spicier. The papas bravas compensated with drizzles of spicy aioli, which added a smoky kick to the tenderly cooked potatoes. Molina does well applying a Southwestern spin to this popular Spanish tapa. Hubby applauded the fried green tomato salad, due in part to the fact he grew up with the breaded, fried tomatoes in the Ozarks. Conversely, this Northeasterner never acquired a taste for them, even elevated with Molina’s pesto aioli and charred onion vinaigrette. It’s the firmness and insipidness of green tomatoes that I’ll never get past.

Uptown Tavern 1236 University Ave. (Hillcrest) 619-241-2710 Prices: Salads, $9 to $12 Share plates, $9 to $14 Entrees, $13 to $16 Tempted by the herb-brined buttermilk chicken breast sandwich or the beef short rib, we opted instead for a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acid in a filet of grilled Canadian salmon boasting a tasty glaze of miso and black garlic. The salmon was perfectly cooked — slightly firm on the outside and steamy and flaky on the inside. It came on a bed of “spicy slaw” that tasted a lot fruitier from orange and lime zest than it did spicy from pasilla peppers lurking in the recipe. Just as well because the citrus element struck a holy pairing to the fish. The majority of Molina’s menu points to shareable booze-friendly items that also include truffle

A gayborhood anchor for drinking, eating and cavorting (Courtesy of Michael Ellis Public Relations)

fries, avocado tostadas, an avocado-mango salad and a few carryovers from previous chefs such as cheddar-topped Angus sliders and chicken and waffles with whiskey syrup. Also, new owners Michael Saltsman and business partner Scott Borden recently introduced some enticing weekday specials that include “endless pasta” on Mondays, which allows for unlimited intakes of the day’s pasta dish for only $10. On Tuesdays, all drinks are half price, even the top-shelf stuff, and Wednesdays are all about “wieners and wine,” when sausage flights are available, and wines are $5 a glass.

In addition, the spacious, modernly illuminated tavern holds a “silent disco” from 10 p.m. to close on the second Saturday of every month, when patrons get their groove on to high-energy music through headphones. Call or visit the website for more information about ongoing specials and upcoming events. —Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diego” (ECW Press), and began his lolo cal writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You can reach him at fsabatini@san.

Sangria with fresh fruit and edible flowers

The fried green tomato salad

Grilled salmon over spicy coleslaw

Shrimp tacos


SAT. APRIL 14, 2018

It’s A Feast For All Your Senses! New This Year - Get A FREE Collectable Glass Mini-Beer Mug and Enjoy A Wine, and12+ Beer Tastings At Our Retail Locations! Executive chef Mark Molina (Photos by Frank Sabatini Jr.)


Is it any surprise that North Park is home to the hippest culinary studio in San Diego? Instructors and students alike at Hipcooks raise their cool in spirited cooking classes held nearly seven days a week. The casual environment, stocked with impressive lines of kitchen equipment, sets the stage for classes focusing on a variety of cuisine. They usually run three hours each and average $70 per person. And yes, participants get to eat what they cook in what often results in family-style meals inside the studio. Novices are welcome at culinary classes Some of the upcoming held regularly at Hipcooks (Yelp) classes include “Healthy, Fresh and Zingy” from 6 to 9 p.m., April 11; “My Big Fat Greek Cooking Class,” from 6 to 9 p.m., April 12; “A Cocktail Party,” from 5 to 8 p.m., April 15; and “J’Aime Paris!” from 5 to 8 p.m., April 22. For a complete list of classes, visit the website. 4048 30th St., 619-269-8844, sandiego. Red House Pizza in University Heights will receive a big sibling later this year when Kairoa Brewing opens next door with a spacious dining room, a large bar and a rooftop dining area. The project was recently started by Red House

Pizza owner Shanan Spearing and a posse of fellow New Zealanders who will combine their native cuisine with various styles of beer brewed onsite. Kairoa will occupy a circa-1925 building at the corner of Park Boulevard and Madison Avenue.

GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018


Spring is for vegans at True Food Kitchen. (Courtesy of Raluca State) The “porkinator” steals the show at a new eating and drinking establishment in Hillcrest. (Courtesy of 5th Ave Kitchen & Tap) A few facts about the new 5th Ave Kitchen & Tap in Hillcrest: the French bread used for po’boys and other sandwiches is flown in regularly from Leidenheimer Bakery in New Orleans; bacon and pork belly are cured inhouse; and the “porkinator” is a gut-busting sandwich consisting of ham, house-made sausage, pork belly, tomato jam, fried onion strings and house sauce. It weighs more than a pound and a half. The establishment opened recently in the space previously occupied by Spitz. Its owners are Andrew Boyer, former chef and general manager for Carvers Steaks &

Chops in Carlsbad, and Ron Crilley of The Kraken Bar & Restaurant in Cardiff. “Our theme is a bistro-style sports bar,” said Boyer, a New Orleans transplant whose menu features assorted po’boys as well as “burgers of the world.” There are also desserts such as Southern banana pudding and peach cobbler. The space received a full face-lift that includes ongoing renovations to the back patio, which is due to reopen when weekend brunch is launched on April 8. The establishment also has a full bar with 16 taps devoted mainly to craft beer. 3515 Fifth Ave., 619-578-2873,

One of San Diego’s most ambitious spring menus rolls out each year at True Food Kitchen, the national chain known for promoting Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet. With locations in Fashion Valley Mall and University Town Center, the new, seasonal offerings are available from April 11 to July 10. Highlights in this year’s lineup include miso-glazed eggplant with tahini yogurt and black walnut pesto; asparagus toast with roasted onions, mint, lemon and hemp seeds; and artichoke-pesto pizza with vegan ricotta made from almonds. Several new cocktails and “refreshers” are also in the offing. 7007 Friars Road and 4303 La Jolla Village Drive,

San Diego’s LGBT

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Yellow fin tuna tartare in cones from Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens at year’s Taste of Liberty Station (Courtesy of Maria Pablo)

Three “taste of” events in neighborhoods with steady restaurant scenes are on the immediate calendar: Taste of Morena from 5 to 9 p.m., April 11; Taste of Hillcrest from noon to 4 p.m., April 14, and Taste of Liberty Station from 5 to 9 p.m., April 18. Taste of Morena enters its 11th year with 20 participating restaurants that will include Bay Park Fish Company, Baci Ristorante, Siesel’s Old Fashioned Meats, Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ, Offshore Tavern & Grill and the

new Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant. Most are located on and off Morena and W. Morena boulevards as well as the west end of Linda Vista Road. The cost is $25. Nearly 40 restaurants will flaunt their latest and greatest dishes at the 17th annual Taste of Hillcrest, which spans more than a dozen blocks and exposes consumers to myriad styles of cuisine ranging from French, Italian and Thai to Indian, Japanese and American-comfort. Tickets are

$30 in advance and $35 day of the event. fabuloushillcrest. com. This is the second year for the Liberty Station event, which will combine music and art with food and drinks. Among the restaurants that will dole out samples throughout the historic grounds are Dirty Birds, Solare, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, Olala Crepes, Soda & Swine, Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria, and more. The cost is $30.

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GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

Political sausage of monarchy

Theater Review Jean Lowerison

Political power and betrayal, the place of the monarchy (and women) in 21st-century Britain, and how political sausage gets made there are a few of the subjects under discussion in Mike Bartlett’s amusing

“King Charles III,” currently enjoying its local premiere through April 22 at Coronado Playhouse. Billed as a “future history play,” this five-time 2016 Tony nominee posits that Queen Elizabeth is dead, and the crown will go to Prince Charles. But Charles (Richard Rivera) isn’t sure he wants the job. He’d rather read about

"King Charles III" is a whimsical version of what might happen after the queen's death. (Photos courtesy of Vanessa Dinning)

kings than be one. The dayto-day work of being king isn’t his bag – and he really doesn’t want to face all those questions from the press! As he puts it, “I am better thoughtful prince than king.” He’s especially nonplussed when his first visitor, Prime Minister Evans (Christopher Pittman), brings a bill Parliament passed that needs Charles’ pro-forma signature. The bill limits freedom of the press, and though reporters have proven to be no great friend to him, the notion of legislating against the press’ ability to do its job rankles. Talking to Mrs. Stevens (Liza Wismer), the wily leader of the opposition, does not help. What to do? When Parliament refuses to reconsider the bill, the king exercises the only power he has. He dissolves Parliament, touching off demonstrations that come close to civil war. The next question is whether or not Charles will abdicate. Though he has admitted the job is not a good fit for him, he suddenly seems unwilling to simply let go. Ready to step in is Prince William (Andrew Walters). Especially primed is his wife Kate (Julia Giolzetti), who has her own power agenda. Prince Harry (Travis Rynders), doesn’t care who takes the throne as long as he’s not involved in any way. In fact, after a fling with commoner Jess (Alyssa Salter), he says he’d rather abdicate his standing as a royal. Bartlett tips his hat to the Bard in many ways. Most obvious are the use of blank verse and iambic pentameter, but the influence Will’s history plays is evident, too. And the use of the ghost of Diana (Sara Jane Nash) is sheer brilliance. Rivera, with an uncanny facial resemblance to Charles, communicates both the dogged dedication to the job at hand and the tragedy of the man appointed by happenstance. Sandy Hotchkiss’ Camilla seems just a helpmeet in the

Prince William (Andrew Williams) is ready to step in as king, if his father abdicates. background until William steps up to support the abdication drive. Her best line is the sniffy description of William and Kate as “the king and queen of column inches.” Rynders is charming as Prince Harry, the affable rebel who both disdains the obligations of royalty and resents his second-string status on the team. He also tells Jess he wants more “TV, Doritos and curry.” Jess is the sort of earthy, upfront type who horrifies snooty royals, and Salter plays her to the hilt. Giolzetti is totally convincing as Kate, a lovely schemer who knows what she wants. She lists Iago among her Shakespeare credits. I would love to have seen that. Walters’ Prince William, unlike Harry, is solid and dedicated to the job he was born to, even if it means his father must abdicate. Wismer is excellent as Mrs. Stevens, the crafty leader of the opposition. She also surmounts the theater’s difficult acoustic problems best, to deliver her lines with clarity throughout. Pittman’s Evans is just what you’d expect of a politician. That’s not much of a personal recommendation, but Pittman is just right as the intractable prime minister. Mike Martin is terrific as James Reiss, Charles’ press secretary who tries in vain to control the situation. Jacob Sampson’s set is simple and malleable enough

(l to r) Prince Harry (Travis Rynders) and Jess (Alyssa Salter)

King Charles III’ Through April 22 Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. Sunday at 2 p.m. Coronado Playhouse 1835 Strand Way, Coronado Tickets: 619-435-4856 or to be easily changed by cast members. Kudos also to Chad Oakley for his fine lighting design. Lisa Burgess’ costumes are not up to her usual standard. A very special shout-out goes to sound designer Mike Murdock, whose choice of music (including lots of Handel and Bach) actually adds to the theatrical experience. I don’t know what the current royals thought of this show when it opened in London in 2014, but it’s cracking good political theater. Congratulations to the Playhouse on scoring the local premiere of this absorbing play. —Jean Lowerison is a long-standing member of the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle and can be reached at


GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018


Love Simon,’ a step forward in queer cinema Changes in LGBT films with director Greg Berlanti

(Chris Azzopardi |CA) What scene in “Love, Simon” would’ve been the most pivotal to you as a closeted kid? (Greg Berlanti | GB) That is a great question. I haven’t been asked that today! I think

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“Love Simon” opened in 2,400 plus theaters on opening night. (Courtesy

Director Greg Berlanti hopes “Love Simon” brings conversations between parents and their children.

of 20th Century Fox)

the kiss. The happy ending was one that, while we were shooting, I found it affecting me in a way that I didn’t realize it could. It was more substantial than I thought it would be, and it still makes me feel that way. And every time I watch it with an audience I still feel that way. It’s the scene that brings me most back to imagining I was a 16- or 17-year-old kid. (CA) And how if you’d seen that kiss, all the boyfriends you could’ve had.

(GB) [Laughs] I missed my best years. (CA) You have a husband [pro soccer player Robbie Rogers] now, so I think you’re good. (GB) It all worked out. (CA) Whose reaction of the film so far has meant the most to you? (GB) My father’s. It brought up a lot of conversations about us that we hadn’t had in years. I’m 45 years old, and he

suddenly asked me about my high school years and being gay and what that meant in a way that he never could before, because he could ask it in terms of the movie. It made me realize something that I’m not sure I was totally aware of when I was making it, which is the kind of conversations it might stimulate between parents and children. (CA) This is a great icebreaker for so many young

see Queer cinema, pg 14

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We are seeking experienced, motivated advertising sales consultants for our six community newspapers. Must be knowledgeable of these areas and have a minimum of one year advertising sales experience. The ideal candidate is an energetic team player who is bright, positive, creative and personable who relates to small business owners and can assess their advertising needs. Fulltime, base plus commission. For more information about our community newspapers, visit us at

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Historically speaking, the most culturally influential LGBTQ-focused films have been independent, slow-rollout, arthouse-screened touchstones, from Best Picture Oscar contender “Brokeback Mountain” in 2005 to Best Picture Oscar winner “Moonlight,” released in 2016. Within and since that decade, and thanks to queer-cinema trailblazers such as Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Private Idaho,” “Paris Is Burning,” ”Torch Song Trilogy” and “Philadelphia,” queer storytelling has only abounded: Universal Pictures’ indie division, Focus Features, released “Milk,” an account of activist Harvey Milk in 2008; two years later, in 2010, the studio rolled out “The Kids Are All Right,” starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as lesbian parents; “Weekend” garnered much acclaim after its 2011 release via Sundance Selects; Focus released notables like “Dallas Buyers Club,” featuring Jared Leto as a trans woman, and “Beginners,” with an affecting performance from Christopher Plummer as a gay late-comer; and last year, “Call Me By Your Name” roused critics and Academy Award voters alike, recently earning the film an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and plenty of rightful prestige for Timothee Chalamet’s star-making turn as queer, lovelorn Elio. It was just a matter of time before a major “big six” distributor would take queer stories to the next level with an all-out same-sex romance, and that time is now. In many ways, 20th Century Fox’s “Love, Simon” is the first of its kind: a classically helmed John Hughes-echoing rom-com, with two gay teens connecting via email, confronting their queerness together, and finding their happy, out-and-proud endings. The best part? Some teen in Small Town, America, where oftentimes queer indies don’t get a theatrical release,

can see him or herself reflected on the big screen: “Love, Simon” opened wide — in a whopping 2,400-plus theaters [“Brokeback Mountain” opened in 683 theaters, while “Call Me By Your Name” capped at 914 theaters]. Known for a breadth of screen work that dates back to WB’s teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” premiering in 1998, and which now includes hunky CW superheroes, writer, director and super-producer Greg Berlanti hasn’t just observed the waves of change that knocked down the doors for “Love, Simon” — he’s been making some of those same waves himself. Here, Berlanti, who directed “Love, Simon,” discusses shooting a Whitney Houston musical sequence for the film, what most people don’t know about casting queer actors for queer roles, and how far Hollywood has come since his last gay-themed film, 2000’s “The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy.”


Chris Azzopardi | Q Syndicate


GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018



QUEER CINEMA LGBTQ kids to talk about queer issues with their parents. (GB) And old kids like me. [Laughs] (CA) Ha! While we’re on the topic of old kids: Was the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” musical sequence a shout out to us old gay kids? (GB) It was. If you were to ask Nick Robinson [who plays Simon Spier] which scene he dreaded the most and what scene I was the most excited about, it would be that one. I can say to the world: “I’m done now. I have a Whitney Houston musical number.” [Laughs] I’m not sure if there’s any other art I can do after that that could ever come close. So, I was really excited for that day. And there’s a coming out scene in the movie that was shot the same day, so I kept referring to it as the gayest day on the schedule. [Laughs] (CA) For you, why does that Whitney song resonate? (GB) It does remind me of my youth. I just kept coming back to that one. The purpose of it in the movie is, he’s going through a lot and it’s not until the end that he really finally both accepted himself and is ready to announce to the world who he is. Because this wasn’t in the book [2015’s “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda”] and this wasn’t in the original draft of the script, I wanted

to show the audience what he imagined he might feel one day. (CA) Why do you think it’s taken as long as it has to get a film like “Love, Simon” off the ground? (GB) I remember when TV was different, and it was harder and then that changed. I think arthouse has, throughout, been doing extraordinary work and the work there is magical and timeless. But mainstream studios make fewer of them, they make fewer bets, they take longer to get made, and I think now they’ve realized they have to catch up with television and digital platforms and all these other places that are making content that looks and feels like us and like the world we’re all living in. And if movie theaters wanna survive, they’ve got to tell stories that feel like today. (CA) Were there any hurdles you had to jump to get this made? (GB) I actually think Fox 2000 and 20th Century Fox both should be really celebrated. They were making this movie and I applied for the job. I read the script and I asked them, “You know, there’s never been a teen film like this, of this nature, made by one of the six major studios in this way before — are you guys really doing this?” They said, “Yes, we’re making it, and we’re making it next March. We don’t need to know who the star is. We’re committing the money now. We are making this film. We love this story, and we think it deserves to be

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Call Today! (858) 210-2034 I have their courage?” So, although it has to be centered on a person, I didn’t just want it about Simon’s gay experience. I also wanted to make sure that the additional gay characters we had weren’t just there for laughs. It was really important to me that [Ethan] have a poignancy and a point of view and a strength that Simon maybe wasn’t ready to exhibit.

A love story between two teens that meet online, and confront their queerness. (Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

made.” And every one of those executives and the writers at the time, and all the producers, were straight. I was the first gay person to get involved with the development of the material, and they wanted to do it. They believed in it. And that just shows how important allies are to all of this. (CA) Kids who are the age of your 2-year-old, Caleb, aren’t gonna know a time when queer, mainstream, major-studio fare didn’t exist. Interesting to think that, right? (GB) I hope so. I hope there are so many more too, and that a few years from now people can’t remember what the first one was. That would be my real hope, I think. In some ways, I love when it kind of gets lost to the windfall of other stories. (CA) You’ve certainly left your mark on LGBTQ characters on TV. After “Love, Simon,” are you interested in infiltrating the film arena with more of your queer powers? (GB) I think if you’re gonna do stories about people and about the human condition, your best asset is to tap into that part of yourself, and that’s because it’s really the thing that you bring to the table, that nobody else can bring. So, if I were to make more movies, especially original material, those are always going to be the stories that speak to me and the themes that resonate the most. (CA) Where do you stand on LGBTQ actors exclusively playing LGBTQ roles, and how much of the queer community is a part of “Love, Simon”? (GB) I have a lot of different feelings about it. I never ask. I don’t ask people their personal business, and I don’t even think Producers Guild of America-wise I can ask anybody when they come in the room to audition. When people consider this conversation, they have to consider those things too. I’m not asking people about their personal life when they walk in the room, so there’s that part. There’s the other part of, I’m old enough to remember when the real challenge was casting LGBT people at all, as any straight character. There were definitely times I would have executives and casting people kick actors back to me and say, “Doesn’t he seem a little soft?” “Doesn’t she seem a little tough or hard?” Which was code for too gay. I remember how upset I

would get about that. I felt like, “Well, no; if they seem like the character, they seem like the character,” and so that was one of the fights we were fighting. Finally, the element of when you’re dealing with young people, I think they’re still in real life figuring themselves out. With all that being said, we were cognizant, and I was really cognizant, of wanting real representation in the movie. I just didn’t know when I started out where it would necessarily be, and we have straight, gay and bisexual actors in this movie playing all sorts of different parts and I think that’s the real representation. It’s one that I’m proud of. (CA) How do you find queer actors like the ones in “Love, Simon” if you can’t and don’t ask about their sexuality? (GB) Sometimes you find out after the fact. Sometimes you don’t find out until after they decide they want to talk about it to the press. Keiynan Lonsdale [who plays Bram] is an example of someone who won the part because he was the best person for the role. I worked with him on “The Flash” and we were friendly, and he had recently, before we made the film, come out to me, but he wasn’t out publicly and chose to come out right after we finished making the film. The thing I’m hyper conscious of as a producer and a director? I never want a studio, or anybody, to tell me they don’t want to cast somebody because of what that person might be in real life. That’s the thing I can truly protect against. (CA) Ethan, the gay, black character who has a major influence on Simon’s coming out, was written specifically for the film, right? (GB) I added the character. When I read the script, he was not in the script. I felt like even at some of the smaller schools, there’s more than one kid who happens to be gay. The last shot of those two individuals represents two very different walks of life of the gay experience. I remembered what it was like when I got to Northwestern, where I went to college, and I wasn’t ready to come out and how brave I thought some of the kids in my theater program were. They were wonderful examples to me every day and just lived so bravely. I remembered thinking to myself, “Why don’t

(CA) Based on your other work over the years, how have you seen the tide change for queer representation in media? What can you do with gay characters now that you couldn’t do in the late ’90s? (GB) I mean, everything. It’s so different. There’s so much openness, and part of that comes with all the young people who are coming up now and what great storytellers they are and how they grew up in a different world. They’re even more open and more brave and more honest, and they want to take all of these stories to the next level. I’m excited for the world to see “Love, Simon,” but I’m really excited to see what happens next. I really believe it’s just the beginning, and I didn’t feel that way when I was bringing “The Broken Hearts Club” around 20 years ago. I remember feeling like, “OK, the world, it might be awhile.” But I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel like the studio system knows it has work to do to catch up. (CA) How was the reaction to “The Broken Hearts Club” different than what you’re seeing and hearing regarding “Love, Simon?” (GB) We had to work twice as hard to get to 300 theaters. And when I talked to Nick about this role, it never came up once about playing gay. When I talked to any actors back then [the film starred Zach Braff, Dean Cain, Andrew Keegan, Timothy Olyphant, Billy Porter, Justin Theroux and Ben Weber] about playing a character who happened to be gay, they were all cognizant of it. It was always going to be a conversation — if not with them, then with their agents. Now, people were just supportive from the beginning. They understood the value of making a film like this. You know, every Sunday I’d go to dinner with the young cast, sort of like dad taking them out to dinner. They started a text chain, or whatever you call it – what do “you” call it? [Long pause] A group chat! They started a group chat. And I titled it “the kids” – and I didn’t realize that when you title something on a group chat that everybody can see it (laughs), so it’s a good thing I didn’t call it something else. So, the kids and I would go to dinner on Sundays and it was just amazing to me to sit and listen to them talk about the way they perceive the world, and so much is different. But the thing that is still the same: the human heart. —Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter, @chrisazzopardi.t

GAY SAN DIEGO 15 March 30 – April 12,

GAY SAN DIEGO 15 March 30 – April 12, 2018

Friday, March 30

GOOD FRIDAY Hillcrest Clean, Green & Safe Walkabout – Join the Hillcrest Business Association for its weekly walkabout. This is an opportunity for Hillcrest residents and business owners to offer constructive suggestions, insight and express concerns in the neighborhood. Wear comfortable shoes, the walk lasts at least 1.5 hours. Accommodations will be made for people with mobility challenges. This week investigates Zone 3, with meet-up at Babycakes, 3766 Fifth Ave.

Saturday, March 31

Spring Concert – The Hillcrest Wind Ensemble presents its spring concert “The Art of Music” at 7 p.m. at the Creative, Performing and Media Arts School, 5050 Conrad Ave. in Clairemont. Parking is available. Under the direction of John Winkleman, the ensemble will premiere the winning compositions Dal Porto for the United States and “The Hero’s Journey” by Judda Vitassari from Finland. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at The Windsmith, 3975 Granada Ave. in North Park, at, or at the door. The 45-piece Hillcrest Wind Ensemble is in its 32nd year of performing and is a program of the LGBT Center acting as a musical ambassador to the community as a whole. or 619692-2077 x814

Sunday, April 1

EASTER Children’s Easter Egg Hunt – The Imperial Court de San Diego is sponsoring its 16th annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. This event includes an egg hunt, baskets for each child and a bike raffle with plenty of activities for the kids. The Imperial Court expects to have 6,000 toy-filled Easter baskets, 7,000 plastic eggs, snack-sized juices for the kids, a popcorn and cotton candy machine, and canopies. To donate any of these items, contact Mark Newsom at 619655-5587 or Barbie Z at 619822-9343. Trolley Barn Park, corner of Florida Street and Adams Avenue.

Easter brunch – Hey bunnies and chicks, it’s time for Easter Bonnet Brunch. Join Urban MO’s Put a Bonnet on it Easter brunch from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Get 20 percent off if you wear an Easter bonnet during brunch and there will be bunny ear giveaways throughout the day with $1 Bud Light drafts and $2 Jell-O shooters from 2–5 p.m. Come as you are – Transgender and gender-questioning support group from 6:30–8 p.m. Call the North County LGBTQ Resource Center 3220 Mission Ave., Suite #2, Oceanside at 760-994-1690 to participate.

Monday, April 2

PFLAG – Our SpacePoway for LGBTQIA middle-schoolers will be held at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 16275 Pomerado Road, Poway from 4:30–6 p.m. #BeTheGeneration: Truvada Tuesday Celebration – Join The Center’s #BeTheGeneration team for a #TruvadaTuesday celebration at Babycakes San Diego. Everyone is welcome for an evening of drinks, food, fun and resources about PrEP. If you have questions, are on PrEP and want to celebrate, or just want to learn more, this event is for you. You. Community Meeting with new San Diego Police Chief – Join us at The Center for a conversation with the San Diego Police Department’s new Chief David Nisleit. The public is invited to come hear from Nisleit about his plans for the future of the department. The chief will take questions and comments from community members. The Center is wheelchair accessible.

Tuesday, April 3

Trish, Hans & Phil – Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage presents Trish, Hans, & Phil for an evening of entertainment. If you like

Manhattan Transfer, this is the event for you. Called one of the most innovative and entertaining groups on the West Coast, they have a refreshing approach with three voices, harmonies and great jazz interpretations of pop songs. They bring a novel approach to the classics; this group combines their soaring, swinging vocals for a sound truly their own. $20 to $25 reserved seating, $20 per person with a food/drink minimum. Doors open at 6 p.m. for dinner and seating at 3940 Fourth Ave., Suite 200.

Wednesday, April 4

Poundtown – Join Dan, Brian and the Poundtown Gang on the PECS’ patio for the best in versus fighting video gaming at 9 p.m. Bring your “Super Smash Bros” skills or check out “Marvel vs. Capcom,” “Injustice” and more. Enjoy $1 off all beer, all skill levels welcome. PECS Bar, 2046 University Ave.

Thursday, April 5

RuPaul’s viewing party – The newest Ru girls are ready to bring it on the runway serving you the fiercest season yet. Watch season 10 at 8 p.m. with San Diego’s hometown queen, Mayhem Miller. Dance floor seating opens at 6:30 p.m. at Urban MO’s, 308 University Ave.

Friday, April 6

California Ballet Company – Opening night with the California Ballet Company as it returns to the splendor of the Jazz Age and the frivolity of the Roaring Twenties with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s passionate, thought-provoking and complex “The Great Gatsby.” Septime Webre’s visionary choreography fuses contemporary ballet, jazz and tap with narrative to bring to life the iconic story of obsession, wealth and success. Live music from Billy Novick and The Blue Syncopators. Red carpet begins one hour before the performances at the San Diego Civic Theatre through April 8, 1100 Third Ave.

Saturday, April 7

Wrestling Club at The Center —The San Diego Wrestling Club will be hosting its 12th annual Bulldogs Wrestling Tournament starting at noon in the main auditorium of The Center, 3909 Centre Street in Hillcrest. Spectators are welcome to come and check out the wrestling competition during the tournament for a $5 donation to the club. The club will also be holding a club fundraiser and anniversary gathering on Sunday, April 8 at Negociant Urban Winery located at Texas and El Cajon Blvd. in North Park from 2-5 p.m. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, The SDWC is San Diego’s only year-round wrestling club focusing on the adult wrestler. The club maintains diversity in its membership and all weights, ages and skill levels are represented. The SDWC is always looking to increase its membership and invites those interested in a good cardio workout as well as learning the sport of freestyle wrestling to come down and check out their practices on Thursday nights from 7:00 to 9:30 pm at The Center. The club is sanctioned by USA Wrestling, the national body for Olympic style wrestling. If you would like more information on the San Diego Wrestling Club or their upcoming wrestling tournament and fundraiser, go to its website: sdwrestling. org or email:

Sunday, April 8

Cabaret Brunch – The Gossip Grill presents its Cabaret Brunch that features entertainment ranging from drag queens to burlesque, live singers, and performers with two shows from 10 a.m.–noon and noon–2 p.m. All cabaret packages are $27 and include bottomless mimosas/house wine and one brunch entree. Reservations can be made online. Reservations require a $12 holding fee. bit. ly/2HPMCZE

Tuesday, April 10

Turnback Tuesdays – Lips San Diego’s retro show hosted by the fabulous Pris Sukomi Max. Turnback Tuesdays Retro Games Drag Night has the best of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Seating is between 7–7:30 p.m., with a $5 cover and $15 food minimum. Reservations are required.

Wednesday, April 11

Engaging Aging – Special guest Dr. Shayna Gothard Koufmann from Embrace the Middle will be presenting on mindfulness. Kaufmann worked extensively as a clinical and forensic psychologist, honing her unique adeptness at human connection, deep understanding and accessible communications. Her current passion is working with women in midlife helping them access the power and opportunity of this amazing time. Free to Greater San Diego Business Association members, the meeting will be held at Vi at La Jolla Village, 8515 Costa Verde Blvd. from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Thursday, April 12

‘Distant Sky’ – For one night only see “Distant Sky: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds –Live in Copenhagen” at the Landmark Theatres Hillcrest at 7 p.m. Directed by filmmaker David Barnard, this film will be shown in 500 cinemas around the world for one day only. Toni G. Atkins Senate President Pro Tempore Celebration – The Center invites you to a celebration of the historic election of Toni G. Atkins as the California Senate President Pro Tempore! Please join us to toast one of our community’s greatest champions as she assumes the State Senate’s top leadership position. Hors d’ oeuvres, refreshments, and good cheer will be provided. RSVP required. t


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1 With 9-Across and 27-Across, “In the first place, ___” 6 Title for Alec Guinness 9 See 1-Across 14 Isle of the birth state of Bette Midler 15 Aladdin's monkey 16 She had her hand up Lamb Chop 17 Tickle pink 18 Hither's partner 19 Engaged in, as war 20 Eleanor's pooch 21 Plumbers go after them with their snakes 23 Bone below the elbow 24 Cash register part 25 Out-and-out nonsense 26 Stud poker demand 27 See 1-Across 30 One you may see in a shower 33 Billie Jean's game 37 That to Juan 38 Olyphant of “The Broken Hearts Club”

Monday, April 9

PFLAG – PFLAG’s East County support group will meet at the Summit Unitarian Universalist Church at 8778 Cottonwood Ave., Santee from 6–7:30 p.m.

42 Cole Porter, for one 43 Dusting for bottoms 45 Suffix in scandal names 46 Fruitless 47 “In the second place, ___” 52 Fairy tales and such 53 Testicles, usually 54 Medium for Frasier Crane 56 Semifrozen soft drink 59 Character of David Ogden Stiers (1942-2018) on “MASH” and source of this puzzle's quote 64 Wolfson of Freedom to Marry 65 Longtime “All My Children” role 66 Continental disk 67 “The Way We ___” 68 Denis of “The Ref” 69 Type of balls

1 “___ My Heart in San Francisco” 2 Start of a holy name 3 ___ fours (doggy-style) 4 Writer Barney 5 Practice B&D, e.g. 6 “Roma Sub Rosa” series writer Steven 7 Source for Rita Mae Brown, for example 8 Handled at the cash register 9 One-eighty from NNE 10 “The Double Man” author 11 Two under for Sheehan 12 Where to find your favorite boxers 13 Like one that comes on the beach 21 1920 Colette novel 22 “Empress of the Blues” Bessie 28 Pansy's place 29 Wilder's “The Bridge of San Luis ___” 30 Came upon 31 Morales of movies 32 Outed, for example, with “on” 34 Songwriter Holly 35 Eurythmics' “Would ___ to You?”

36 Gay-bashing, for example 39 Hang one's head 40 Arena cry, to Frida 41 Canvas covering 44 Customer on “Six Feet Under”? 46 Cause of AIDS, and others 48 Word after film or cafe 49 Tool you can stick in your garden 50 Walk like a man in drag 51 Load of money 54 “Spamalot” review, perhaps 55 Open a crack 57 Phaser setting in “Star Trek” 58 Chaplain Judge of the NYFD, e.g. 59 Small pussy cat noise 60 Land of singer S. O'Connor 61 Peeples of “Fame” 62 "Proud Mary" band, for short 63 Straight line



GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018


DETOUR Upon completing the ambassador program, many of the young women utilize their leadership training to start “FANCY clubs” in their schools, which help to amplify the access to resources and mentorship. In addition to the school outreach, DETOUR began partnering with the San Diego County District Attorney’s office’s CARE (Community, Action, Resource, Engagement) Community Center, to reach additional at-risk girls, such as those in juvenile detention. “There is a level of girl who has yet to be given the tools to receive affirmation- and confidence-building tools,” she pointed out. “Historically, the ‘FANCY girl’ had at least some strong sense of self-identity, and now our program expansion allows us to reach those who have not yet had role models and get them to a starting point.” Ambassadors that served are eligible to apply for scholarships and also work closely to identify additional school funding opportunities. One of the 2016 FANCY scholarship awardees, Tatiana Jones, was selected from more than 53,000 applicants as a Gates Millennium Scholar. She is receiving a full scholarship (tuition, books, housing) from undergrad to Ph.D. at the school of her choice —Syracuse. When asked about her FANCY journey, and how it impacted her goals, Tatiana explained, “The FANCY Teen Girls Academy has allowed me to share and voice my

opinion on worldwide issues that affect women of color every day. It has also allowed me to be a muse to those who don't believe that they can make it with all odds against them. “My goals for the future vary from short- and long-term,” she continued. “Some of my shortterm goals are to leave a legacy at my school with FANCY, by creating the project People of Preuss in which students are able to tell their stories about what they have been through and how they overcame it. My longterm goal is to receive my master’s degree in forensic science and hopefully start an organization that helps minorities who are wrongfully accused receive justice through investigation.” Tatiana is a phenomenal success story, which shows what can be achieved with proper motivation and tools. A success story herself, she continues to uplift the young women from her community, and is optimistic about increasing the scope of services, including increased linkage to parents and guardians so that they can support their daughters to fulfill their dreams. Because higher education has never been deemed a possibility for generations in some families, building a foundation to even see the possibility is crucial. To date, more than 1,000 girls have benefitted from the program, including 300 in 2017 alone. The FANCY Expo, which had 50 attendees in 2011, now serves more than 200 annually. Future goals include: creating transitional housing, expanding the paid internship track to employ members while they

are in college, and to create a leadership academy. DETOUR Empowers is always seeking mentors, volunteers and board members; especially those who might provide legal advice, financial expertise, and business development guidance. In the past few years, we’ve begun to see acknowledgement and representations of the power and talent that women of color possess, through films like “Hidden Figures”, the Dora Milaje female warriors of Wakanda in “Black Panther” and, of course, Congressperson Maxine “Reclaiming My Time” Waters. Whether historical, fictional or current, the pathway for women of color to reach their potential is riddled with barriers that many others do not experience. Working with Tinesia and her team, our young San Diego women can map out that “DETOUR” to success! For more information about Tinesia, DETOUR Empowers and the April 28, 2018 FANCY Expo, go to —Ian Morton has been in San Diego for over 20 years, working in the LGBTQ and HIV fields. He is currently a full-time student and works with the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition and the Y.E.S. San Diego LGBTQ Youth Conference. Recommendations for individuals and groups to highlight in Profiles in Advocacy may be emails to iandanielsmusic@

Ter events @ThECENTER Tues, April 3

Wednesday, April 4

Food Bank

Guys, Games & Grub

9-10:30 am, The Center

6-8:30 pm, The Center

The Center hosts a distribution site once a month for the Community Cares Project of the San Diego Food Bank. On the first Tuesday of every month, visit The Center’s parking lot for distribution site. For more information, visit the San Diego Food Bank website at www. or contact LaRue Fields at 619.692.2077 x205 or

Tuesday, April 3

Transgender Name and Gender Marker Change Program 6:30 pm, The Center USD Pride Law is sponsoring the Transgender Name and Gender Marker Change Program to provide legal assistance to trans* individuals seeking name and gender-marker changes through the SD County court system. Law students and attorney volunteers assist eligible clients in completing the requisite applications and navigating the process of obtaining a name and/ or gender marker change. Appointments are available at The Center on the first Tuesday of each month. To schedule an appointment, call 732.567.8394 or email The San Diego LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street • 619-692-2077 Twitter: @LGBTCenter

Everyone is welcome to The Center on the first Wednesday evening of each month for GGG! The popular board game and social night, presented by Men @ The Center, includes pizza, snacks, beer, wine, soft drinks, and hundreds of board games to choose from. Participants are welcome to come alone and meet new friends, or come with a group for a fun evening out. Suggested donation of $5 is requested for admission. For more information contact Ben Cartwright at or 619.692.2077 x106.

Thurs, April 5 & April 19

Non-Binary Gender Identity and Exploration 7:30-8:45pm, The Center Anyone who identifies with any part of the non-binary gender spectrum or anyone questioning/ exploring their gender identity is welcome to join this discussion group. Facilitators bring topics of discussion while leaving plenty of space for group members to steer the conversation where they would like it to go. This group also serves as a social gathering space for non-binary individuals. The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays monthly. For more information, contact David Vance at or 619.692.2077 x109.


SUPERVISORS Fletcher identified a number of areas he sees as needing attention, including more transit opportunities; housing that includes “wrap-around services”; better support to caregivers; targeted mental health care; more adult protective services; expanding career training; and establishing a partnership between the city and the county re-garding senior centers. “Maximizing County services and programs can work to support a safe, healthy San Diego,” he said ● Fletcher’s supervisor qualifications and experience “I've dedicated my life to taking on the status quo and making a real difference in people’s lives,” Fletcher said. “I served in the Marines. In the legislature, I passed over 30 laws to reduce carbon emissions, invest in renewable energy, expand healthcare coverage, close corporate tax loopholes, protect homeowners and advocate for kids.” Nathan says, “I have been a staunch supporter of stronger environmental protection and conservation measures to conserve water, preserve sensitive habitats and ex-pand California’s renewable energy portfolio. I’ve remained active fighting for what I believe in and I: joined the environmental movement in advocating for the statewide plastic bag ban; stood with union janitors in their fight to win a fair contract and decent wages; worked hand in hand with labor to help pass the local minimum wage increase; founded a Veterans Foundation to help our returning heroes get the ser-vices and support they need and worked to advance progressive causes and elect pro-gressive Democratic candidates.” Fletcher declared, I’m more ready than ever to put my proven experience to work delivering real results to build a brighter future for all of San Diego.” ● Fletcher’s support of seniors and the ‘most vulnerable’ One of his biggest concerns are the status quo approaches that are “leaving our most vulnerable neighbors” — the sick, elderly and children — at risk. “For too long, the County has stood by letting people go without vital health re-sources, stepping up to protect our environment, and not fighting for better services for our children and seniors.” Fletcher said. “I will be a critical voice for those who need it most when I come into office.” Fletcher said the county needs to provide “high quality programing” for its senior residents, “so they can age with dignity and a high quality of life.” He also addressed the homeless issue, promising to use best practices found in other urban communities around the country, including creative approaches and the “Housing First” initiative; his support of the First 5 program for children; and his commitment to enforcing a strong Climate Action Plan. “I will ensure that the County leads our region with a comprehensive creative ap-proach to problem solving,” Fletcher said. “We can accomplish this by creating coali-tions with our local partners, academia and nonprofits who work to support San Die-gans. Additionally, my office will have robust constituent services that will support community requests in an expedited matter. I want voters to know that they have an advocate in me and that I will work tirelessly to address their ideas and concerns and lead San Diego in a progressive direction.”

In Summary

Following the campaigns and reading and hearing public remarks made about the candidates has heightened my awareness of just how much an invasion of privacy it is for a citizen who chooses to campaign for elected office and how grueling and drain-ing it is. It makes me all the more certain that politics is not for the weak and under-scores just some of the reasons, so few choose to run for public office. But I hope this series has provided voters information that helps them assess their own priorities as they prepare to decide upon their vote for the candidate that best represents their views, priorities and concerns and is most likely to serve them well. In April I will attempt to make my own personal endorsement and share my reason-ing. Having had the luxury and opportunity to learn about each candidate up close, it is going to be a tough call for me. All five candidates have things to offer us, and each have qualifications and accomplishments and have shared their priorities, ideas and recommendations. Sadly, I can only choose one. But as a dreamer, if I could somehow get them all into a room and lock the door until they came up with steps they can mutually support for the well-being of all San Diego County residents, I would. Register to vote, study the candidates, make your decision and then vote and get others out to do the same. You can follow the campaigns of Bonnie Dumanis and Na-than Fletcher, respectively, here or —Bill Kelly is a longtime local activist who currently focuses on LGBT senior issues and moderates the Caring for our LGBT Seniors in San Diego Facebook page. Access to the group is free to all seniors, their advocates, families, friends and caregivers. Reach Bill at wekbill@

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GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

Taking mashups to the next level Artists show the love of all cultures through song and dance By David Dixon For several decades, mashups have been a popular trend. From April 20–22, the PGK Dance Project is presenting, “MASHED UP Songs & Dances” at Horton Plaza’s Lyceum Theater, in an event dedicated to this genre. Not only are pop and theater tunes such as “Tomorrow” from “Annie,” Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” and the Guns N’ Roses hard rock single, “Sweet Child o’ Mine” featured, but different

dance styles are mashed up at the same time. Audience participation is encouraged, as there are sing-alongs and opportunities to learn dance moves as well. Several openly gay artists are involved in this celebration of live movement and hit songs. Artistic Director/singer, Peter G. Kalivas, Musical Director/pianist Rayme Sciaroni and singer Shaun Tuazon-Martin all contribute to the musical elements of the evening. Kalivas came up with the idea for the world

premiere after he worked with Sciaroni on a mashup at a Martinis Above Fourth event. “I thought this could become a bigger thing,” he said. “I wanted to mix pop and musical songs up so there could be a clear theme or strategy.” Another reason Kalivas wanted to work on the project is because of his past experiences with singing and dancing. While Sciaroni has been heavily involved with musical theater, it was Kalivas who helped introduce him to

Mashed Up Musical Director Rayme Sciaroni (Courtesy of Linda Nelson)

Mashed UP Artistic Director Peter G. Kalivas (Courtesy of Jim Carmody)

several popular radio-friendly melodies. “We intentionally mix popular songs with musical theater pieces, so they can be recognizable to our audience,” he said. Like Sciaroni, TuazonMartin is known locally for his work in musical theater. He enjoys singing pop-rock songs live, mainly due to his involvement with the PGK Dance Project. “That’s not something I often get to do in the musical theater world,” he said. “I’ve never really gotten to sing in that style in a stage show before.” Last year, a version of “MASHED UP” played at the LGBT-friendly Diversionary Theatre, titled “Gay [as in happy] Songs & Dances.” Kalivas enjoyed working with people at the theater, although he found it hard to target the event to straight audiences. “Many of them made gross assumptions because of the location,” he said. “I was still grateful to stand it up because I was able to understand what did and didn’t work.” While “MASHED UP” focuses on a mass audience, this short run does include sequences that will appeal to different sexual orientations. For example, a mix of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and the “Cabaret” number, “Maybe This Time,” shows the decline of the relationship between two men. A song with a subtle samesex twist is Kalivas’ rendition of Carrie Underwood’s

“Before He Cheats.” Kalivas deliberately does not alter the lyrics when he sings the country song. Tuazon-Martin enjoys the uplifting themes that are featured in most of the selections. “Many songs chosen have positive messages about loving yourself and acceptance,” he said. “You’ll get a sense of the love that the company has for all cultures, age, gender, and sexual orientation.” A significant reason why Sciaroni wants LGBT audiences to attend is the eclectic music choices used throughout the evening. “They are going to recognize almost every song and will appreciate every one that is on our song list,” he said. “Also, since so many tunes are mixed together, you are listening to 30 songs for the price of 12.” As far as the audience as a whole is concerned, Kalivas wants them to leave feeling good after every event put on by the dance company. “We are not the dark and dreary dance company,” he said. “Life is awesome, and I want to celebrate the awesomeness of life in all of my shows.” “MASHED UP Songs & Dances” plays at the Lyceum Space April 20–22. For tickets or more information, visit thepgkdanceproject. org or call 619-886-7924 or 646-337-6164. —David Dixon is a freelance film and theater writer. He can be reached at


Upcoming Events

April 27 – 28 White Party May 4 – 6 Blatino May 10 – 13 Chubfest May 18– 19 Cum Union

Coming Soon! Dining, Drinking and Drag

GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

Vote Today for Your Favorites! Pick the Best Dining/Entertainment Venues

...for a chance to win one of THREE PAIRS of tickets to Movie Night, presented by the Gay Men’s Chorus on April 22nd! Winners will be drawn and notified on Friday, April 6th!

IT’S EASY! Click the «Best Of» Voting Link on the Home Page of OR, mail your ballot to

123 Camino de la Reina, Suite 202 East, San Diego, CA 92108 One ballot per person. Ballots must be postmarked, submitted online or hand-delivered by 11:59 pm on Sunday,

DINING & ENTERTAINMENT American Cuisine Bakery Bar Barbeque Bartender Breakfast Brewery Brunch Buffet Burger Business Lunch Casino Catering Chinese Cuisine Cocktail Coffee Shop Comedy Club Comfort Food Dance Club Deli/Sandwich Dessert Dinner Donut Shop Drag Queen Family Restaurant Farmers Market Fine Dining Food Server Food Truck French Cuisine Greek Cuisine Happy Hour Health Food Store

Hot Wings Indian Cuisine Italian Cuisine Japanese Cuisine Jazz Bar Juice Bar Late-Night Dining Live Music Venue Lunch Margarita Martini Mexican Cuisine Movie Theater Night Club Outdoor/Patio Dining Pet-Friendly Dining Pho/Noodle House Pizza Poke Romantic Dining Rooftop Lounge Salad Sandwich Seafood Spanish Cuisine Sports Bar Steakhouse Sushi Thai Cuisine Theater Vegetarian/Vegan Wine Bar

BUSINESS & RETAIL Accountant Acupuncture Adult Business Antiques Appliances Store Art Gallery Attorney Auto Dealership Auto Repair Shop Bank Barber Best Local Community Event Best MMAor Boxing Gym Bike Shop Boutique Chiropractor Collective Consignment/Resale Cosmetic Services Credit Union Day Spa Dentist Dermatologist Doctor Dry Cleaner Financial Planner Florist Furniture Store

Garden Supply Gym/Workout Studio Hair Salon Hardware Store Hospital Hotel Insurance Broker Jewlery Lawyer Manicure/Pedicure Massage New Business Optometrist Personal Trainer Pet Boarding/Day Care Pet Groomer Pharmacy Pilates Plumber Real Estate Agent Real Estate Office Solar Company Tanning Salon Tattoo/Piercing Studio Veterinarian/Veterinary Hospital Waxing or Threading Salon Yoga Studio



GAY SAN DIEGO March 30 – April 12, 2018

Gay San Diego 03-30-18  
Gay San Diego 03-30-18