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GAY SAN DIEGO March 18 - 31, 2016


PARENTHOOD Orange Glen High School in 1997, lived in Hillcrest after graduation and moved to the Bay Area in 2005. There he got involved in the LGBT community and eventually wrote and self-published his first book, “My Uncle’s Wedding,” in 2011. For this next endeavor, Rosswood spent nearly two years surveying and cultivating the 19 personal stories from couples who have gone through the process, and assembling all the resources found in the appendices. He was even able to get Melissa Gilbert to write the foreward. The result is a very readable, relatable and personal book, but Rosswood doesn’t skimp on the very important and detailed legal requirements. What sets this book apart from many others is that you get firsthand accounts from couples who went through the process — in some cases in the most minute detail — to put your mind at ease; which the dry but necessary legalese just can’t offer. Each couple’s story is told through their own voice and words, something Rosswood said was important. “I was drawn to each of their stories and feel like I’ve gotten to know them on a personal level,” he said. “I’m so grateful that each of them was willing to completely expose themselves in a raw and emotional way, discussing the good and the bad.” There are various ways to bring a child — newborn or otherwise — into a loving home.

Eric and Mat with Connor (Courtesy Eric Rosswood)

(l to r) Cathy, Claire and Elaine, of North Park, share their story in the book. (Courtesy Elaine Boyd) The options Rosswood explores include: “open” adoption; foster parenting and adopting from foster care; surrogacy; assisted reproduction; and co-parenting. Rosswood’s own story of open adoption is told by his coparent, Mat. “I thought it was important to get as many different people as possible to tell their stories in their own words,” Rosswood said. “My voice was already being used to tie everything together and make a more cohesive projective, so having my husband tell our story in his own voice brought one more perspective to the book.” Told through Mat’s eyes, Rosswood’s playful demeanor and comic relief is evident throughout, but he said his personal perspective was not without its

challenges, too. “The journey was extremely stressful for me as well,” Rosswood said. “I guess sometimes laughter and joking are my coping mechanisms. I try to see the bright and funny side in everything.” One of the 19 couples who share their story in the book is from San Diego. Elaine Boyd and Cathy Smith, native San Diegans who now live together in a vintage bungalow in North Park, chose assisted reproduction four years into their relationship. The couple opted for a barebones, do-it-yourself insemination — think Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Stone in “If These Walls Could Talk” — over a doctor’s involvement. The resulting story is almost as fun to read as the movie was to watch.

“When done clinically, insemination happens under fluorescent lighting, in foreign surroundings, at the hands of strangers,” Boyd said. “An ungodly amount of paperwork probably figures in too. Doing it on our own time, in our own home was simple and comfortable. Really, it was so easy.” Boyd said getting involved with the book was, in part, a result of their early bonding with Rosswood. “When Eric approached me about this book, I knew instinctively that it was an idea that’s time had come,” she said. “He is a delightful and truly lovely person. He’s passionate about helping people and is an effective and outspoken activist for the queer community. You have probably heard the popular phrase, ‘Be

the change you want to see in the world,’ … that’s Eric. “The other reason is that I wanted people to know that our DIY method is easy and doable, yet never mentioned as an option,” she said. Rosswood, who is doing a radio tour and an online webinar to support the book, said feedback has already exceeded expectations. “The No. 1 response I’ve gotten back has been ‘I wish something like this was available before we started’ and I think that’s probably the best feedback I can get,” he said. To learn more about “Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood,” you can find it at Amazon, and your local bookstores. To learn more about Rosswood’s webinar, visit tinyurl. com/j9ccwfa or visit —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at▼


Stepping up and getting involved

HEROINES body fluids,’” she said. “Some of us began speaking to community groups; we spoke with anyone who would listen to our harangues,” she said. Norman remembers that it was a very slow process for public health speakers to be accepted into the LGBT and African-American communities. “I was there for the long haul and I was finally accepted, since it seems that I was always present,” Norman said. “I am ever so grateful to have earned their trust.” “The infected and affected finally began to take a very active role, not only in their local communities, but in state and national politics,” she said. “We wore bracelets, pins, and buttons with the message ‘Until there is a Cure.’” Norman said she feels fortunate that she’s lived long enough to see medications to prevent infections and treat infections. “People are people,” she said. “Now we at least have hope that we will not see the devastating effects of HIV any longer.”

"Family as inspiration to launch a service

In 1986, Laurie Leonard said her brother, Tim, “was diagnosed with AIDS on a Thursday and dead on Sunday.” “One of his wishes was that my mom and I would do what we could so guys wouldn't have to go through dying alone,” she said. “He felt quite blessed to have his family and friends with him when he died.” Leonard said her mother was volunteering at the AIDS Assistance Fund when Michael Chadwick approached her about starting a nonprofit to provide meals. “She introduced us and it took off,’ Leonard said. “My personal feeling was that I would do whatever I could to make it a little easier for the guys and their families to get through the process.” When Mama’s Kitchen was founded, it was initially about helping gay men, since Leonard said her first clients were “guys, because it was just that.” “I don’t remember when we got our first female client,” she said. “I do remember it was a member of the Junior League. That was a turning point for me. My goal then became to help take AIDS out of the gay community.”

GAY SAN DIEGO March 18 - 31, 2016

(l to r) ‘Heroines’ honorees Wendy Sue Biegeleisen, Carol Norman and Nicolette Ibarra (Courtesy Lambda Archives)

Special deliveries for special people

Ruth Henricks founded Special Delivery in 1991, after a longtime daily patron of her Mission Hill-based restaurant, The Huddle, failed to show up for his usual breakfast. That customer was sick with HIV/ AIDS and too weak to cook; at one point, he’d told Henricks that if he wasn’t there, it meant he wasn’t eating. Henricks then joined with a group of friends who volunteered to help her prepare meals for home delivery in a room behind the Huddle’s Kitchen and they called the home-delivered meals Special Delivery. Today a team of approximately 300 volunteers cooks up more than 300 nutritionally balanced, fresh, and homemade meals each day.

Helping across the border

Maria Galletta first began caring for people with HIV/

AIDS in 1992, after receiving Red Cross training. She later co-founded Christie’s Place, a San Diego-based shelter for women and children affected by HIV/ AIDS, after a family member had been infected and she saw a need in the community. After two years, Galletta, who had been investing her own money and volunteer time, moved on with the hope of bringing a similar shelter and services to Tijuana. Today, Galletta runs Casa Nicole, a hospice and traditional housing program in Tijuana — opened in 2007 with the help of Ben Dillingham III, the San Diego AIDS Foundation, the Alliance Healthcare Foundation and Imperial Court de San Diego — and it is the only facility of its kind in all of Mexico. Galletta has served on the board of ACOSIDA — a Spanish acronym meaning Alliance Against AIDS” — as well as Asian Pacific Islander Community AIDS Project in San Diego.

Nicolette Ibarra has been a trans activist in Tijuana, Mexico and Southern California for decades, she said, and her involvement has been both formal and informal. “I was trying to do something for the community, not just the trans community, but the HIV community and the wider LGBT community,” she said. Ibarra lived in Southern California and San Francisco in the 1980s and 1990s; many of her friends, gay and trans, as well as others — were getting sick and dying. “Fortunately, people became concerned and involved,” she said, adding that during this time, medical care and support services for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS started to become available. “I also lived in Tijuana during this same time period and many of my friends there were also getting sick and dying,” she continued. “Unfortunately, the same level

of concern and support for these people was not to be found there as on the other side of the border, and I just had to get involved.” She began taking needed services to Tijuana from San Diego and Los Angeles clinics. U. S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders will be the featured speaker at the gala brunch, which will be held at noon on March 19 at the San Diego Women’s Club, located at 2557 Third Ave., in Bankers Hill. Other honored guests include Mayor Kevin Faulconer; Katherine Stuart Faulconer, co-chair of the AIDS Memorial Task Force; City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez; and Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins and her wife, Jennifer LeSar. Advance tickets are still on sale at —Margie M. Palmer is a San Diego-based freelance writer who has been racking up bylines in a myriad of news publications for the past 10 years. You can write to her at margiep@alumni. ▼

Henricks founded Special Delivery out of her Mission Hills restaurant in 1991. (Courtesy Lambda Archives)



OUTREACH of the event, along with We Are Fair, Pride, GLSEN, the Trevor Project, and The Center. Fernando Lopez, Archives board member and operations manager at San Diego Pride, emceed the event and gave each of the organizations a chance to say a few words about their work. San Diego Unified School Board member Kevin Beiser also spoke to the crowd about the importance of including LGBT history in schools and the need to reduce bullying. The size of the crowd surprised everyone. We had hoped for a couple of dozen people to attend; instead over 100 educators and interested parties came. It was gratifying to see so much interest in helping our schools become more inclusive, both in curriculum and supporting all students. Several teachers wanted to learn more about Lambda Archives and asked about bringing students over to check out our space. Of course we are happy to share information with teachers and show students around our facility. If you would like to bring your class to see us or if you’re an educator and would like be invited to the next event, please get in touch at After the success of this mixer, I am sure there will be more. Guys, Games and Grub at the San Diego LGBT Community Center is always fun and we were happy to add to the good times by providing prizes for people who answered questions about local LGBT trivia. We got a few donations and a good deal of interest. Thanks to Benny Cartwright, John Lockhart and the staff of The Center for welcoming us and always putting on a great event. The San Diego History Center in Balboa Park was kind enough to let us have a table on March 8

at their entrance to let everyone know about our work. We were able to greet many new friends on “Free Tuesday.” We had a good deal of interest from potential volunteers and members and look forward to future collaborations with the History Center and some of their other partners. The Gay Straight Alliance from Hoover High stopped by for a tour on March 9. We are always happy to show off our collections and even more so to the next generation of LGBT leaders. We’ve also played host to a few researchers this month, including a college student from Tijuana who is doing research for a paper about one of the founders of The Center, Bernie Michels. We look forward to reading her paper when it’s done. Starting in April, we will be conducting walking tours to point out the LGBT history of Hillcrest. We will have both the wet “pub crawl” version and the dry version —which is not to say our history is dry at all! Watch our website, like us on Facebook or join our mailing list to get all of the details on dates and times. And we’ve had a few new volunteers help us out this month. Jolene LaSalle scanned hundreds of pages of documents and Kevin Keenan entered hundreds of names and their contact information to update our database. We thank them and all of our volunteers for their able assistance. If you’d like to volunteer, we have a host of tasks from clerical to more technical archiving work to do and we’d love to have you! Contact us at —Walter G. Meyer is the author of the critically acclaimed gay novel “Rounding Third,” a regular contributor to Gay San Diego, and the manager of Lambda Archives. Reach him at manager.lambda.▼

GAY SAN DIEGO March 18 - 31, 2016


The joys – and sorrows – of dating apps Life Beyond Therapy Michael Kimmel I am the first to admit that I have used dating apps: I even met one of my boyfriends on one (no, I’m not telling you which one). Some apps are more for dating and romance (OkCupid; Plenty of Fish) and others tend to be hookup-oriented (Grindr; Scruff). If an app requires a face pic, it’s usually more relationship-oriented. If body part shots are prominent, it’s probably more about hooking up. Have you ever noticed that lots of people are on more than one app? Maybe we’re hooking up until we meet Mr./Ms. Right. Nothing wrong with that, right? Sorry, rhetorical question. If you are new to the LGBT world and these apps are your first exposure to our community, that ain’t good. If you buy the logic of these apps — without questioning them — you’ll end up with a very narrow definition of what’s required to be popular. Not a perfect face or body? Not white enough? Too old? The message may be that “you don’t belong, so just go away and don’t bother us.” How can you experience the joys of these apps and connect with people you’d like to get to know? More specifically, how do you NOT get sucked into the unrealistic images of physical beauty that are apparently de rigeur for online success? Use them judiciously. Many a client has told me that

he/she spent hours online, trying to connect with someone, only to be shocked afterwards at how much time they spent in their “hunt.” I recommend you partake of these apps just as you do high-calorie desserts: enjoy them sparingly, with a big dose of humor. Without humor, some of the mean comments you get on some apps would make any one of us want to run home and hide under the covers. What if you’re having fun on the apps? Then, my friend, go for it. But, again, have some vegetables with your desserts. Spend time with your (real life) friends and monitor the time you spend staring at your phone, hoping that the latest picture you carefully took in your bathroom (perfect lighting, your chin at just the right angle to make your nose look smaller and your eyes bigger) will get more hits from hotter guys/girls. Dating/hookup apps are great for making a (superficial) connection with LOTS of people. It’s a numbers game: The odds are better the more people that see you (and vice versa). So, take a chance, be respectful, friendly and funny. And be prepared for ANYTHING to happen. It’s really an adventure and you never know what great (or bizarre) things await you on the next screen. I recommend that my clients see the world of dating/hookup apps as a game: It’s something you might enjoy, but there is no guaranteed outcome. And — if you find yourself online a bit too much — you might ask yourself: “Am I looking for

validation? Maybe I’m not feeling so good about myself, I’ve gained a bit of weight and I noticed a new wrinkle (or two) today.” If you get online validation, good for you! Maybe that’s all you needed. I’ve had clients tell me that they like online chatting more than actually hooking up. The chatting makes them feel “connected” and less alone. Who can’t relate to that? Please humor us LGBT elders who pre-date the Internet: We grew up in a very different world. We had to meet a man/ woman in person and see what they looked like, how they talked, if they looked us in the eye, how they laughed. We got a wealth of non-verbal information that let us quickly sum someone up as a “yes” or a “no.” Regardless of the app you use, sexual compatibility can only be discovered face-to-face. Photos and demographic information only take you so far: You gotta meet up in person for the real deal to happen (or not). Many of us use apps to connect, meet someone to date, or to have sex with. As a psychotherapist, I wonder: Are these dating/ hookup apps making us less (or more) lonely? I hear clients complain that no one really wants to connect; but, if it’s really so hard to be your real, vulnerable and un-Photoshopped self on these apps, is that so surprising? —Michael Kimmel can be reached at 619-955-3311 or visit▼



GAY SAN DIEGO March 18 - 31, 2016

Since coming under landlord ownership last year, The Hole in the Wall in Point Loma is now up for sale. Karen Sherman, who owns the subterranean gay bar with her husband, Roger Hull, said they are planning on moving to France in the coming months. “We have four children and two grandchildren over there, and it’s naïve of us to think we can manage the bar from 6,000 miles away,” she told Gay San Diego. The renovated establishment was listed for $375,000 on March 12 by AJ George & Associates. Sherman said she is interested only in selling “to someone who doesn’t want to fundamentally change the bar and who will keep it gay-friendly,” adding that she doesn’t want to see it turn into a sports bar or craft beer spot for hipsters. “We have already declined several offers in that vein,” she said. The Hole in the Wall will maintain its regular hours during the sale period, and with the popular Sunday-afternoon beer busts remaining in place. 2820 Lytton St., 619-996-9000.

Point Loma’s only gay bar is up for sale (Courtesy AJ George & Associates)

Introducing authentic Italian pizzas to Kensington (Courtesy Pappalecco)

Pizzas from a custom brick oven define Pappalecco’s new location in Kensington, which is also where the company’s gelatos are now made in open view of customers. They were previously crafted in Pappalecco’s Point Loma commissary. Co-owner Francesco Bucci says that unlike his locations in Little Italy and Hillcrest, this is the first to serve pizza and features an especially homey Tuscan design. 4202 Adams Ave., 619255-4770, After filling a French dining niche in Bankers Hill for the past eight years, chefrestaurateur Patrick Halcewicz has closed Hexagone at 495 Laurel St., saying in part on his website: “I am at the point in my life where I wish to slow down a bit, indulge in more leisure time and pay extended visits to my family in Paris.” Halcewicz will continue operating French Market Grille in Rancho Bernardo, which features many of the dishes customers came to know at Hexagone. 15717 Bernardo Heights Parkway, 858-485-8055, Restaurateur Moumen Nouri of Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro in Hillcrest, continues his recently launched series of cooking classes with “Moroccan salads and marinated vegetables” April 14, at 6:30 p.m. The lesson will conclude with a dinner of fish tagine in sharmoula marinade paired to a variety of vegetables and salads. The cost is $45 or $60 with an open bar of wine, sangria and champagne. 3940 Fourth Ave., Suite 110, 619-295-5560,

Del Sur Mexican Cantina in South Park has replaced Brabant Bar & Café (Facebook) The new Del Sur Mexican Cantina in South Park is up and running with tempting offerings that include mango-chili margaritas, grilled street corn, and burritos filled with spice-dusted seasonal fish. Co-owner Lauren Passaro also has stakes in Kensington Café and The Haven Pizzeria. The restaurant opened recently in the space that previously housed the Belgian-themed Brabant Bar & Café. The menu features vegetarian options, the interior has been remodeled and the patio is dog-friendly. 2310 30th St., 619-501-0643, Visitors to this year’s Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival can sample unlimited amounts of booze and nibbles from dozens of breweries, distilleries and local kitchens that include Hillcrest Brewing Company, Belching Beaver Brewery, Old Harbor Distilling, Waypoint Public, S&M: Sausage and Meat, and more. The event will be held March 26, from noon – 5 p.m., at Qualcomm Practice Field. General admission is $55, which includes drink and food tastings. Proceeds will benefit It’s All About Kids Foundation. 9449 Friars Road, Award-winning homebrewer, Kelsey McNair, has broken ground on his 9,000-square-foot site that will soon become North Park Beer Company. The urban brewery is expected to open in late spring, and will specialize in local-style ales and lagers produced in small batches using 15 barrels. McNair has snagged numerous awards over the years as a hobbyist brewer from local and national beer competitions. 3038 University Ave., —Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at▼


GAY SAN DIEGO March 18 - 31, 2016


In good company Alan Cumming on sappy songs, bisexuality and his proudest moments By Chris Azzopardi | Q Syndicatei As a child, Alan Cumming cried as his older brother sang “Danny Boy” to him from across the bedroom they shared. “He would do it to make me cry,” Cumming said, recalling his reaction to the Irish staple. “It’s just the emotion of the song. I’m Scottish, so the ‘pipes’ are kind of a direct route to my tear ducts.” “Danny Boy” was the first song to break the singer-actor into pieces — but it wouldn’t be the last. There’d be Annie Lennox’s “Why” and Adele’s “Someone Like You” and Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes,” all of which are among the tear-inducing tunes on the performer’s latest release, “Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs: Live at the Café Carlyle.” And when Cumming cries, it’s no act. Those are real tears. After all, this is not Broadway, where the actor has appeared in a mélange of shows including “Macbeth” and “Cabaret,” for which he won a Tony. Nor is this “The Good Wife” (he plays Eli Gold on the CBS show, which wraps in May). It’s also not “Spy Kids” or “Smurfs” or his U.S. film debut, 1997’s “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.” On that Carlyle stage, Cumming is only one person: himself.

(Chris Azzopardi | CA) You’re pretty naked on that album cover. Are you wearing anything? (Alan Cumming | AC) I’m not wearing anything! I was performing at the Carlyle and [photographer Jordan Matter and I] ended up texting dancers at 2 in the morning to see if they wanted to come over to the Carlyle and get naked. Two did, and we did that photo. Just took our clothes off at 2:30 in the morning. (CA) How do you explain your appreciation for music that makes you cry? (AC) For me it’s about connecting personally. These songs are songs that have things in them that I can really understand. I feel my singing them makes people listen to them in a different way, maybe. But, really, they’re all songs that I felt compelled to sing because I connect to them in an emotional way. (CA) Which one resonates with you most? (AC) I think it would be “Dinner at Eight.” I find that really quite difficult to get through some nights because I think about my dad. I do normally shed a tear during that song. Yeah, it’s really difficult, and you have to go with it and understand that it’s emotional because it’s an emotional song

A star of Broadway and big and small screens, Cumming just released an album of his favorite sappy songs. (Photo by Steve Vaccariello) and you’re connected to it and the audience is really with you. I’m not incapable of getting through the song and I am really crying, but I think that’s all right. It makes sense. It’s a song that’s gonna be hard to sing. As long as there’s no falling to the floor into a heap of tears, I think it’s actually all right to show your emotion. In a way, the

whole show is about me showing my emotions. (CA) The album’s coda is “The Ladies Who Lunch,” made famous by the late Elaine Stritch in “Company” on Broadway. Elaine was a beloved presence at the Carlyle up until she performed her last show there in 2013. Is your performance of

the song in that space a tribute to her? (AC) Years ago I did a workshop with John Tiffany who directed me in “Macbeth.” We did this workshop of “Company,” and a lot of the couples’ genders were changed, so I was playing the Elaine Stritch role. I sang

see Cumming, pg 13



GAY SAN DIEGO March 18 - 31, 2016


DIVERSIONARY According to former board member and longtime supporter James Ziegler, evidence of how Diversionary has impacted the community over the years is shown by how many more local performers are taking pride in their work at the performance space. “I’ve noticed that in programs throughout the city, more actors are mentioning Diversionary The-

While “Daring Decadence” is sure to have bittersweet and emotional moments, organizers said the overall atmosphere will be very upbeat. “It’s going to be super fun,” Morrow said. “Beyond honoring our past and legacy, the evening is going to be looking forward to the future of what the company is capable of. “I believe this night is not only going to pay tribute to Diversionary’s legacy, but also kick off the next 30 years,” he said. Those that support the playhouse will have an unforgettable

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Executive Artistic Director Matt Morrow (Courtesy Diversionary Theatre) atre experience,” he said. “Whether the star is LGBT is irrelevant, but they mention prior work at the stage. I think that’s wonderful.” One of Ziegler’s biggest contributions to Diversionary was hosting season announcement parties at his home. “That was a way of giving back to Diversionary and getting people in the arts world to talk about the intimate entertainment center,” he said. To this day, Zeigler still supports every production. “I think I’ve gone to every show for many seasons,” he said. “I’ve always supported the work they do and I have learned to really respect the craft of acting. I admire their passion.” Morrow and Ziegler give a lot of credit to a member of the honorary board of trustees, Susan AtkinsWeathers. “She was so personally involved with the success of Diversionary,” Ziegler said. “Atkins-Weathers really helped us connect with the leadership of the Central Library to procure this space,” Morrow added. Ziegler is extremely excited about reuniting with people he has gotten to know through the years with his association with Diversionary and as a former board member. “I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself and seeing people who I haven’t seen in many years,” he said. “In ways, the evening should be like a mini reunion.”

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Longtime supporter James Zeigler (Courtesy Diversionary Theater)

time at the early spring festivities. “Daring Decadence” should be further proof of why the theatrical venue is still going strong. “Daring Decadence” will take place April 1 at the Shiley Special Events Suite inside the San Diego Central Library, 330 Park Blvd., Downtown. A VIP cocktail hour will begin at 6 p.m., followed by general admission entrance at 6:30 p.m. For tickets or more information, visit or call 619-220-0097. See page 16 for more gala details —David Dixon has been a fan of film and theater from a very young age, and has written features and reviews for various print and online publications. Reach him at▼



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GAY SAN DIEGO GAY MarchSAN18DIEGO - 31, 2016 March 18 - 31, 2016


‘The Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic’: Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) and Patrik Gallineaux (National LGBT Ambassador for Stoli the Vodka) will co-host the world’s largest and third annual LGBT bartending show and competition. Local bartenders will compete to win an all-expenses paid trip to Key West plus a shot at $10,000 for charity and the title of Honorary Grand Marshall of the 2016 Key West Pride Parade; a trip to Ibiza, Spain; and more. No cover. First 100 guests will get a wristband to sample the Stoli cocktails and vote with the judges. 7 – 10 p.m. Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit ‘The Wizard of Oz’: Broadway San Diego presents a new production of this classic fairytale featuring songs from the movie score plus new ones by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The family-friendly fantasy has a run time of two hours and 30 minutes, including an intermission. Evening performances each night and matinees on Saturday and Sunday through March 20. Tickets start at $23.50. Civic Theatre, 1100 Third Ave. in Downtown San Diego. Visit for tickets and showtimes.

Mexico. The guest speaker for the event will be Dr. Joycelyn Elders – U.S. Surgeon General 1993-1994. Noon – 2 p.m. San Diego Woman’s Club, 2557 Third Ave., Bankers Hill. Visit on.fb. me/1pHjECa. Young Professionals Council March social: Join the YPC for an afternoon of drinks, socializing and bowling. Contact YPC co-chairs Rick Cervantes (ricky. or Prabha Singh (prabha711@gmail. com) for more information. 4 – 6 p.m. Kearny Mesa Bowl, 7585 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Visit Girls Night Out San Diego: Monthly dance for the local women’s community, consisting of a night filled with dance music with DJ Susu, celebrations, flash mob dances and more. 7 p.m. Brass Rail, 3796 Fifth Ave., Hillcrest. Visit


Fourth annual Shamrock 5K run/walk: SDSU Sorority Kappa Delta, Beta Rho Chapter will host this run/walk with a goal of raising $20,000 for Prevent Child Abuse America and the Olive Crest Foundation. 8 a.m. NTC Park at Liberty Station, 2455 Cushing Road, Point Loma. Visit Bears San Diego annual chili cookoff: Proceeds from this year’s cook off will benefit Special Delivery, The Trevor Project and the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 2 – 5 p.m. Redwing Bar and Grill, 4012 30th St., North Park. Visit


‘Spring Equinox Picnic Party in the Park’: The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will celebrate spring with their picnic and a Sister invocation to the season. Tribal Baroque will perform at 3 p.m. Festivities start at noon. East side of the Botanical Garden lawns, Balboa Park Botanical Gardens, 1549 El Prado. Visit ‘Heroines, Pioneers & Trailblazers’ gala brunch: Lambda Archives of San Diego will celebrate lesbian, trans* and straight women who stepped up during the early days of the HIV/AIDS crisis in San Diego and Tijuana,

the $1.7 million purse. Continues through March 27. Visit


Hillcrest Youth Center open house: LGBTQ+ youth ages 10 – 13 and their families are invited to come explore the safe space at the HYC, meet the staff and connect with other LGBTQ+ youth and families. Refreshments will be served. 5 – 7 p.m. 1807 Robinson Ave., Suite 106, Hillcrest. Visit bit. ly/1Uc06lQ. Trivia Tuesday: Every Tuesday come alone or with a group of friends for a chance to win valuable HBC gift cards. 7:30 – 10 p.m. Hillcrest Brewing Company, 1458 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit hillcrestbrewingcompany. com or call 619-269-4323.


Pictionary: Come play with Tiger and Sister Ida Know on the back patio. Match your skills, win fun prizes and raise money for a good cause. 7:30 – 10 p.m. #1 on Fifth, 3845 Fifth Ave. in Hillcrest. Richard O’Brien’s ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live’/Out Night at Cygnet: An evening for theater-lovers in the LGBT community. Pre-show mixer on the patio for everyone with a ticket to tonight’s performance. There will be a costume contest with judging at 7 p.m. and prizes for first, second and third place. The show runs through May 1. 6:30 p.m. 4040 Twiggs St., Old Town. Tickets 619-337-1525 or

THURSDAY, MARCH 24 Trans* Pride 2016 planning committee: This meeting will cover several items for Trans* Pride 2016 with the theme “Common Ground.” 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Metropolitan Community Church, 2633 Denver St., Bay Park. Visit sdtranspride.


2016 Kia Classic: This LPGA tournament starting today will feature 144 of the best professional women golfers playing for

Kickers Country Line Dancing: Every Thursday and Saturday night come check out the cowboys and cowgirls as they spin across the floor, join in or even take free lessons (7 – 8:30 p.m.). All skill levels encouraged. Drink specials. 7 p.m. – close. Urban MO’s, 308 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit ‘Toasted’: This wedding event — geared towards “indieminded couples” —will feature many vendors with hand-crafted and eco friendly goods. There will be food samples, bars for getting “toasted,” music and more. These

party-like events are inclusive environments that welcome all couples who want to plan a celebration. Vendors Songstruck DJ and Ceremonies by Bethel both specialize in same sex weddings. Tickets are $15 in advance; $18 at the door. 6 – 9 p.m. Brick, 2863 Historic Decatur Road, Liberty Station. Visit for more information.


DJ Kitty Glitter: Urban MO’s presents Australian DJ Kitty Glitter along with drink and shot specials 2 – 7 p.m. $5 cover. 308 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit


‘The Art of Drag Makeup’: Glen Alen’s Drag Makeup Academy will present this class teaching: eyebrow blocking, face and eye contouring, face lift tapes, eyelash placement and more. $50. 4 – 7 p.m. Baja Betty’s, 1421 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit ‘HerWord 2016’: The Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation and the Museum of Photographic Arts will host this event with award-winning black, lesbian producer and director Nneka Onuorah. This will be the debut screening of her documentary “The Same Difference.” Tickets $20 – $30. 7 – 9 p.m. Museum of Photographic Arts, 1649 El Prado, Balboa Park. Visit on.fb. me/1QYHIark. Official White Party Kickoff: This kickoff party will feature DJ Roland Belmares and giveaways all night with tickets to see Beyoncé in concert, White Party passes and more. 10 p.m. – 4 a.m. Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit


13th annual community Easter egg hunt: Easter baskets, an egg hunt (for children 12 and under), raffle — every child receives a raffle ticket for a chance to win a bike — and more family fun presented by Imperial Court de San Diego. 2 p.m. Old Trolley Barn Park, 1998 Adams Ave., University Heights. Visit


‘Dine with Pride’: Visit SEA180 Coastal Tavern for


‘Karaoke Tuesdays’: A fun karaoke night with Laura Jane featuring over 20,000 songs to choose from, plus $3 well drinks and $6 wings and rings (choose from four different types of wings; includes house-made onion rings and dipping sauces). 6 – 11 p.m. Gossip Grill, 1220 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit gossipgrill. com.


Gay Men’s Art Group: Beginners, skilled artists and photographers are welcome to come draw or take pictures at the Gay Men’s Art Group. Models pose nude so attendees must be 18 or older to attend. $10. Rehearsal studio of Diversionary Theatre, 4545 Park Blvd., University Heights. Visit gaymensartgroup. com.


‘Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage’: This production will include a live symphony orchestra and international solo instrumentalist performance while footage from the Star Trek film and TV series will be show on a 40-foot wide screen. This unique concert will include music written for the franchise. 7:30 p.m. San Diego Civic Theatre, 1100 Third Ave., Downtown. Visit —Compiled by Jen Van Tieghem. Email calendar items to or jen@▼


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ACROSS 1 “Look but don’t touch” type 6 Debussy contemporary Satie 10 Broadway opening for a lot? 14 Drag queen Joey 15 Man-to-man offense, in Leviticus 16 Vegetarian's staple 17 Countries where people drive? 19 Larry Kramer and peers 20 B.D. Wong movie set on an island 22 African queen 25 Halloween mo. 26 Black to Bonheur 27 Dwarf tree in the land of the samurai 29 Watch a NY Liberty game here 30 With 37- and 43-Across, start of a B.D. movie set in Asia 31 Use your tongue 33 Neighbor of Kan. 36 “Heather Has ___ Mommies” 37 See 30-Across 40 Charlottesville sch.

lunch or dinner today and help raise money for South Bay Pride. There will be a silent auction as well between 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Reservations required. Mention SB Pride and present the flyer (found here – bit. ly/1P8YWzF) to your server for 15 percent off your food and beverage purchase to be given to SB Pride. 800 Seacoast Drive, Imperial Beach. Visit on.fb. me/1P8YXnb. ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season eight viewing party: Hosted by Chad Michaels every Monday featuring guest hosts Paris Sukomi Max and Glitz Glam. There will be a “Dueling Divas” contest following the show with $50 weekly prizes and a $500 grand prize. 8 p.m. Urban MO’s, 308 University Ave., Hillcrest. Visit

41 “Oy” follower 42 Alison Bechdel cartoon character 43 See 30-Across 45 Barenaked Ladies’ “Am ___ Only One” 47 Bathtub Madonna, e.g. 48 Sri ___ 50 Harry of the Mattachine Society 52 “Nuts!” 53 B.D. Wong TV show about fighting crime 56 Slangy suffix 57 Time long ago 61 Queer spelling of a word for ice house 62 Tops a cupcake 63 Vanilla, in the sack 64 Ending with Pride 65 Triangle ratio 66 Peter the Great, and more

1 Tic ___ (sometimes fruit candy) 2 Bill written by Alice Paul 3 Football center? 4 City in a Dionne Warwick hit 5 Victim of Jacob’s tricks 6 Seminal computer 7 Layer's lair 8 Chelsea Pines and others 9 “Being There” novelist Jerzy 10 Come between parties, perhaps 11 Kind of bear 12 Like a flaming queen? 13 It’s sent from animals 18 “Star Trek” counselor Deanna 21 Persona for one of the Village People 22 “I Love Lucy” venue 23 “My Fair Lady” composer 24 Diplomatic agent 28 E. Lynn Harris’ “___ Way the Wind Blows” 29 “Showboat’s “Nobody ___ But Me” 31 “The Black Clark Gable” Diggs 32 Indiana Jones’s quest 33 Homeland of Princess Aida

34 Circuit party, for example 35 Motel name in an A&E series 38 Oscar nominee for “The Hours” 39 Ordinal for John Nash 44 Bursts in 45 1997 Kevin Kline flick 46 Boxing ref's end to a butt-whipping 47 Part of DOS (abbr.) 48 Inevitable online claim 49 Soldiers that get off 50 Macho dudes 51 End of a Stein quote 53 Son of Eric the Red 54 Prefix meaning “tenth” 55 One of three pieces 58 Org. that comes when you break down 59 Title for Ian McKellen 60 Scores by David Kopay



GAY SAN DIEGO March 18 - 31, 2016

A ‘fun’ evening The 'deets' on Diversionary's gala Morgan M. Hurley | Editor “Daring Decadence,” Diversionary Theatre’s 30th anniversary fundraising gala on April 1, is sure to entertain attendees just as much as its 140 productions have done for three decades. A VIP cocktail party begins at 6 p.m., followed by general-admission ticket-holders at 6:30 p.m. Dinner stations open at 7 p.m., catered by California Cuisine. Then at 8 p.m., the entertainment and awards portion will begin. The highlight of the evening will be a performance by Beth Malone, with an excerpt from the Tony Award-winning “Fun Home.” Based on the graphic novelstyle memoir by cartoonist Alison Bechdel (“Dykes to Watch Out For”), “Fun Home” took Broadway by storm in 2015. The story of Bechdel’s tragic childhood was adapted to the stage by Lisa Kron. It was the first time a main character in a Broadway play identified as an “out butch lesbian,” and the show took home five of the 12 Tonys it was nominated for, including “Best Musical.” No stranger to San Diego theater, Malone has performed on the Diversionary stage and starred in San Diego Musical Theatre productions, most recently “Annie Get Your Gun,” in 2014. “To me it was a no-brainer that Beth should be the headlining entertainment, having performed at Diversionary multiple times over the years and given her recent success with ‘Fun Home’ on Broadway,” said Matt Morrow, Diversionary’s executive artistic director. “‘Fun Home’ has become a kind of theatrical north star for our community, breaking new ground in so many ways, which is what we are all about here at Diversionary.” Morrow said he reached out to check Malone’s interest. “She was very enthusiastic about returning to San Diego for the event,” he said. “She loves this community and Diversionary.” Two awards will also be presented; the Fritz Klein Awards, which Morrow said will now be an annual event, bestowed upon a “local artist, theater professional and/or LGBTQ activist who has made a profound impact on our community.” The inaugural local honoree will be Tom Reise, Klein’s partner until his death in 2006. At that time, Reise became co-trustee of Klein’s estate and he oversaw the estate’s transfer of the building at 4545 Park Blvd. to Diversionary Theatre. Since first arriving in San Diego in 1985, Reise has been an active part of the local community. Prior to his involvement with philanthropy, he was in the food and beverage industry, working at Terra Restaurant in Hillcrest and Park Manor. A past board chairman at Stepping Stone, Reise is currently president of California Institute of Contemporary Arts (CICA), a top-tier supporter of Diversionary. “Matt put together an amaz-

ing first season,” Reise said of Morrow, who joined Diversionary in September 2014. “He is a smart, hard-working and dedicated executive director, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future.” Though Klein gave the building to its tenants, San Diego Human Dignity Foundation stepped in to buy the building last year. “They hope to turn that building into a state-of-the-art cultural center for the LGBTQ community of San Diego,” Reise said. “I applaud this effort and feel it would be a most fitting legacy to Fritz. He would love the idea.” The national honoree, Jim Obergefell, from Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the plaintiffs responsible for bringing marriage equality to the nation. “I was never an activist; my late husband John and I practiced activism by writing checks,” the former real estate agent said. “Deciding to fight for each other and our marriage changed everything — I discovered it’s important to me to fight for something bigger, something more important than I am. I’m humbled that I could be part of making our country a better place simply because I loved my husband and wanted to live up to my commitments to him.” Now a full-time activist, Obergefell travels from state to state on speaking engagements and working towards full equality. A book about the journey he co-authored with Debbie Cenziper will be released June 14. “This award is especially meaningful,” he said. “Dr. Klein did pioneering work that helped move our country forward in a positive way regarding sexuality and sexual orientation, and I credit him and many others for helping create an environment in which John and I could live openly and honestly. “Dr. Klein’s love for and dedication to the Diversionary Theater is also important,” Obergefell continued. “As Harvey Milk said, ‘we need to come out and share our stories in order to change hearts and minds.’ Theater is about telling stories and those stories challenge us, teach us, or simply cause us to think. John and I — and the many other marriage equality plaintiffs — told our stories. We helped show our fellow Americans that we, the LGBTQ community, are no different. Stories connect us and stories change us. That’s what theater does at its core. It’s an honor to be recognized with this award.” Malone, who called Bechdel “an amazing human and a genius,” said her work in “Fun Home” is her “greatest life achievement.” “It feels like activism and theater have melded into one perfectly executed narrative, and every night as the show begins I feel so lucky to be the one standing at the center of it all,” she said. Attendees will have to wait and see what part of Bechdel’s life Malone plans to share the night of “Daring Decadence.” For tickets, visit —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at▼

Tom Reise

Beth Malone

Jim Obergefell

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Gay san diego 03 18 16