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Volume 8 Issue 2 Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017

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A peaceful transition


Love scores across the world

6 OPINION Gina Roberts addresses the Republican Party of San Diego County after being sworn in as the first trans member elected to the state’s GOP Central Committee. (Courtesy Gina Roberts)

… in more ways than one for local trans GOP leader Morgan M. Hurley | Editor Gina Roberts is many things to many people. She is a transgender woman; she is the parent of three adult children and a grandparent to one; she is founder and CEO of her own consultation company,

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Roberts & Roberts Engineering; she is an avid community and political volunteer; and she is an award-winning gun-enthusiast who teaches men and women how to properly handle firearms. Not surprisingly, she is also a proud, card-carrying Republican.

With her party’s candidate taking office literally the day we go to press, Roberts is obviously looking forward to the transition and the inevitable changes that lie ahead. However, she won’t be in Washington, D.C., where

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This little light Kensington’s ‘Haven’

A chat with the gay playwright whose life story inspired “Moonlight”


Chris Azzopardi | Q Syndicate

Scandalous romps on stage

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“It was a lot,” Tarell Alvin McCraney said of his oddly coincidental evening recently, when the out playwright attended the premiere of “Moonlight” in Miami, the city where he grew up. Family he hadn’t met before came out in droves; his brother showed up and longtime friends, too. It also happened to be the birthday of “Kevin,” a childhood confidante from his youth who was the basis for an influential character in “Moonlight.” “I’m like …” he started, grunting with frustration at an

Tarell Alvin McCraney’s own coming out story is now a major motion picture. (Courtesy Getty Images)

experience he calls “difficult” and “complicated.” “I mean, it was a full moon,” McCraney said. “It was a year to the day that it started filming, it was my birthday weekend — and there was a storm, but then there were, like, clear skies.” That day, as he watched the film adaptation of his semi-autobiographical stage piece, “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue,” in a theater, just a quick

jaunt from where he was raised, the intersections between reality and film were palpable. So were his feelings. During the premiere in Miami, “a lot of me wanted to be like, ‘It’s happening, go to sleep,’” but in London, he said, “It was easy to tell the lineal space between reality and myth and fiction.” McCraney wrote “In Moonlight Black Boys Look

see Moonlight, pg 15

President Obama commuted the sentence of former Army soldier Chelsea Manning this week. Known as Bradley when she joined the Army, Manning was serving a 35-year sentence for stealing and leaking thousands of pages of documents revealing U.S. military and diplomatic secrets through WikiLeaks in 2010. She is scheduled to be released May 17. Manning, who declared she was transgender after her sentencing, attempted suicide twice last year while serving time in the men’s military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, according to the New York Times. She has been incarcerated for nearly seven years altogether in a Department of Defense institution that has no experience providing care for transgender prisoners. Manning worked as a lower-tier intelligence analyst upon arrival with her Army unit in Iraq in 2009. The Times reported that she was tasked with helping assess insurgent activity in her unit’s area of operations and this responsibility gave her access to classified information. She copied military incident logs from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, diplomatic cables, as well as other classified files. She said she chose to make the files public in hopes it would encourage “worldwide discussion, debates and reforms,” according to the New York Times. The public release of the stolen documents caused the Obama administration to quickly attempt to lessen international and diplomatic harm, as well as safely remove some foreigners who were identified as having helped the U.S. military or its diplomats. Manning confessed to her actions and apologized during her court martial. Due in part to a lawsuit on Manning’s behalf by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Times reported,

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GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017


TRANSITION many of her colleagues and friends will be. Instead, she’ll be watching President-elect Donald J. Trump become President Trump from a hospital bed, as she recovers from her own transition — gender reassignment surgery — that took place the day before the inauguration. “It was the earliest date available 18 months ago when I got my appointment, and my immediate thought was ‘wow, the day before inauguration day, I might want to be out cold,’” she mused, referring to her feelings on the possible alternative. “The actual outcome was a pleasant surprise, but there was no way I would postpone it.” As Roberts headed off to Scottsdale, Arizona, earlier this week in advance of her surgery — where she said one of the top four surgeons in the world resides — her Facebook page was peppered with dozens and dozens of loving and supportive comments. That’s because Roberts has been quite open with her choice to complete her transition, even counting down the days and hours regularly on Facebook over the last few weeks and she gave regular updates right up until she went off for surgery; then her daughter took over. While these circumstances are often considered unusual

compared to many of her trans brothers and sisters, she is quick to point out that most of her supporters are not those generally expected to be in her corner. “An amazing number of those people are conservative, gun-toting Republicans,” she said. “Stereotypes don’t always work … on either side.” Her conservative roots and her many political and business ties over the years have undoubtedly helped develop and enrich that support system, and she has friends in every walk of life who are following her journey. “I am truly awed by the number and different people that are out there rooting for me,” she continued. “They cover the entire spectrum of human beings — conservatives, liberals, anti-gun people, gun fanatics, super-religious, atheists, Buddhists, Jewish, Native Americans, LGBT, straight, Republicans, Democrats and all different races, all of them invoking their most kind words of support, their prayers, their spiritual leaders, everything.” The San Diego native is convinced that her ability to connect with people comes from the fact that she is willing and able to listen and respect the “well thought out” opinions of others. “I may not agree with you, but that doesn’t mean you are a bad person and I will listen to your perspective,” Roberts said. “I think that goes a long way to cementing solid friendships in

(l to r) Susan Jester and Roberts ham it up for the camera at San Diego Pride. (Courtesy Gina Roberts) so many ways.” Roberts has also always been transparent with her family; she counts her ex-wife as one of her closest allies and still wears her wedding ring. “Being married to a woman was just not in the cards for her, so overnight I went from husband to best friend,” Roberts said, regarding the day she left the marriage to live her life authentically. Since that day, she has quite literally thrown herself out there, getting involved in anything and everything that stirred her, especially politics. Already the current president of the Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego (LCRSD), on Dec. 12, Roberts was sworn in by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis as

events ATTHECENTER Tuesday, Jan. 24

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Senior Food Bankk

Guys, Games & Grub

1 pm, The Center The Senior Food Bank Program provides id food f d andd nutrition education to eligible low-income seniors 60 years or older on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Eligible applicants can enroll in the program by applying in person at our site on the day of the event or call the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank at 866.350.3663. For more information, visit the San Diego Food Bank website at www. or contact LaRue Fields at or 619.692.2077 x205.

Tuesday, Jan. 24

Young Men’s Discussion Group 7:30 pm, The Center Connect to The Center and the community. Join other 18-35 year olds to talk about relationships, sexual health, activism, community building and more. The young men’s group meets at The Center on the 4th Tuesday of the month. For more information, contact Aaron Heier at 619.692.2077 x211, or The San Diego LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street • 619-692-2077

Twitter: @LGBTCenter

6 pm, The Center Guys, Games & Grub, presented by Men @ The Center and Hillcrest Social, is a fun, free monthly social event designed for men – where everyone is welcome. Dozens of men gather at The Center on the first Wednesday of each month for free pizza, beer, wine, soft drinks, games, prizes, and more. A donation of $5 is suggested at the door to support men’s programming at The Center. Bring friends or come alone and meet new friends! For more information, contact Aaron Heier at or 619.692.2077 x211.

Tuesday, Feb. 7

Community Food Bank 9-10:30 am, The Center The San Diego LGBT Community Center hosts a distribution site once a month for the Community Cares Project of the San Diego Food Bank. On the first Tuesday of every month, visit The Center’s parking lot for emergency food. For more information, visit the San Diego Food Bank website at

a member of the Republican Party of San Diego Central Committee for the 75th Assembly District — the first transgender person to be elected to the position in the state and possibly the nation. Roberts’ involvement with the GOP doesn’t stop there. She is also a board member of the Log Cabin Republicans of California; a member of the Valley Center Republican Women Federated; vice president of the Escondido Republican Women’s Club; a founding member of the Valley Center Conservatives; a member of the North County Conservatives; and a board member of the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC. Former LCRSD president Susan Jester called Roberts “an exceptionally awesome human being,” and said she is “proud” to call Roberts her friend. “[She] is a true patriot and represents the old fashioned Republican Party values of liberty and equal opportunity for all citizens,” Jester said. In addition to those political affiliations, Roberts is also president of the Valley Center Western Days organization; president of the Valley Kiwanis Club; and ambassador for the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce. It is hard to imagine how she even had time to plan her transition. As a firm believer in the rights of the Second Amendment, Roberts said she began her relationship with guns early in her life. “I started shooting 51 years ago at Scout Camp at age 11 and it has been a passion ever since,” she said, adding that she served on her La Mesa high school’s rifle team and has since competed nationally and internationally. When asked to share the major tenants of the LCR platform for our readers, Roberts pointed to a synopsis on the national organization’s website. We believe in limited government, strong national defense, free markets, low taxes, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. Log Cabin Republicans represents an important part of the American family — taxpaying, hard working people who proudly believe in this nation’s greatness. We also believe all Americans have the right to liberty and equality. We believe equality for LGBT Americans is in the finest tradition of the Republican Party. We educate our Party about

why inclusion wins. Opposing gay and lesbian equality is inconsistent with the GOP’s core principles of smaller government and personal freedom. However, this staunch Republican is not a fan of those who use religion to justify their actions when it comes to the First Amendment, and she has publicly rebuked those who have done so. Last May, Roberts fired off a letter to Congressmember Darrell Issa for his vote against the Maloney Amendment, which ensures federal contractors do not discriminate against the LGBT community, as well as a press release last July targeting “several key blatantly anti-LGBT proposals” once the national GOP platform was announced. She credits LCR with the eventual removal of most of the anti-LGBT verbiage, but said what didn’t make the cut was the “marriage between one man and one woman” clause. While Roberts admits that if Trump doesn’t practice what he preached on the campaign trail, he’ll be penalized at the next midterms, she is confident the new president will lead. “I believe he will go out of his way to remain aloof of his previous business interests,” she said. “He’s a smart man and he knows what he needs to do. I think he will take being president very seriously.” In addition, Roberts thinks the Trump Administration will usher in a “much better” healthcare system; “tone down” climate change lobbyists; deport illegal aliens who are criminals; build a wall to strengthen the border; establish a reasonable visa program for migrant workers; strengthen and trim the military; shut down national gun control initiatives and pass a national concealed carry law. As for the year ahead, she’s got a lot of her own work to do once she heals from surgery come February and already has big plans. “I intend to be a thorn in the side of people that choose to be divisive on both sides of the aisle, both the Republicans and the LGBT community,” she said. “I want the party to be the party of Lincoln again and show the world the people who supported the abolishment of slavery, the party of inclusion, is alive and working for the country.” Jester, who said Roberts was her No. 1 choice when passing the LCRSD torch last year, believes she is the best person to take on her many roles. “She is a passionate defender of all our constitutional rights and freedoms and will be a strong voice in the GOP for the LGB and especially the T community,” Jester said. “She is a very smart and successful businessperson and the best personal role model I know of for LGBT youth. I look forward to working with her and I can’t wait to see the post-surgery new and improved Gina Roberts.” No doubt Roberts will continue to share her story and we will be hearing a lot more from her in the coming year. —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017






Get tested together. And stay in sync. VISIT AND TALK TO A HEALTHCARE PROVIDER




GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017

What love can do Profiles in Advocacy Ian Morton With the new year upon us, we set new goals and hopefully some of those goals include ways to strengthen advocacy in the coming year. The San Diego Foundation building, the Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement, houses many of the city’s nonprofit foundations and projects — including the foundation at which I work, San Diego Human Dignity Foundation — and it is always an inspirational place to visit. In 2016, we got a new neighbor: “Love Does.” A provocative name for an organization, it does beg the question, “What does love do?” So I sat down with Executive Director Deborah Erickson, to discuss that very thing. On the landing page of the Love Does website, we see the words “Only action becomes love.” The primary focus of this initiative is to support and advocate for women, children and families in “conflict areas” — countries that have experienced the devastation of war, famine and extreme poverty. Love Does currently has projects in Iraq, Uganda, India, Nepal and Somalia, and they have created safe houses and schools in partnership with the communities that they serve. Founded by lawyer turned diplomat Bob Goff in 2003 as “restore international,” the mission of Love Does remains based in helping lives, one at a time, with the confidence that investing in an individual will have a positive reverberation throughout the country and perhaps throughout the world. Speaking with Deborah, I had the opportunity to learn more about how this organization identifies and partners

with the communities they serve, to create lasting and impactful projects. “We recognize that, while we may have the funding and opportunity to create a needed resource, the communities in which we operate have the wisdom and expertise,” Deborah said. “Our model is meant to be flexible, so each country has its own form of Love Does, which are ultimately run by locals.” “In Somalia, we work with an amazing mother and daughter team,” she continued. “They work alongside our team to dream up the projects that will fill the needs of the community and guide us in our understanding of the culture. With their help, we can remain, ‘unseen partners,’ while allowing the voices of the residents to be prioritized.” Of particular note and interest, with Jan. 21 being the Women’s March on Washington, are the ways in which these projects are reverberating in the area of gender equality. The work Love Does in the area of education is also creating more opportunities for women to experience and succeed in higher education. In Uganda, they are seeing the success of a family of five girls, raised by a single mother when the father abandoned them. Initially struggling for resources, the daughters became engaged with a Love Does school and now the eldest are attending law and medical school and inspirations to their younger siblings. Another particular instance, of which Deborah regaled me, was the story of how these opportunities are also changing the minds of men, in countries where women are often treated as lower class citizens. “We had a few of the boys from our school graduate and want to form a business, so we connected them with

Children learn English in a Love Does school. (Courtesy Love Does)

Women in war-torn countries get the chance to experience and succeed in higher education. (Courtesy Love Does) a well-drilling company for training,” she explained. “They then formed their own company, called ‘The Young Men Drillers,’ and were able to both purchase the needed equipment and pay themselves a salary. “At the end of the year, they had a little money left over and decided to sponsor a child to attend a Love Does school. Because so much of the funding comes from American funding, it was amazing to see these young men take their profit and invest back into their community. While they did not want to know who the student was, their one stipulation was that it was a girl. That was a

moment that I got to see everything come full circle with a wonderful twist — it had become important for young men to see their younger ‘sisters’ empowered.” Love Does works to change lives and plans to do so to the fullest event of their funding and ability to create global partnerships with communities who want to see a brighter future for their most vulnerable citizens. Future goals include schools specifically geared toward child soldiers — who were recruited and forced to fight — as they are rehabilitated back into civilian life. It is hoped that this

project can give these young people a choice, as too often the only options are “fight or die.” Opportunities to assist Love Does are available, from funding individual students, to a robust internship program, and even service trips to the countries where the project operates. More information may be found at —Ian D. Morton is s freelance grant writer and the producer of Y.E.S. San Diego, an LGBTQ youth empowerment conference. To nominate an individual or nonprofit for this column, please email the information to▼


January is ‘divorce month’ Life Beyond Therapy Michael Kimmel I didn’t make this up. I was reading a professional journal and this was mentioned in an article on counseling couples. They didn’t explain why, so I did a little research of my own to see if they just put this in the article to get my attention or if there really is some truth to it. Unfortunately, it appears that there is a lot of truth to it. Here are some of my professional observations on why this is so: The holidays are like a pressure cooker for any relationship. Marriages, especially new ones, often buckle under all the “sturm und drang” (turbulent emotion or stress) that go on during November, December and early January. How do we juggle Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends? Buying gifts. Negotiating who we’ll spend time with and when. Step-kids. Ex-wives. No time for relaxation. Awful in-laws that you’re stuck with for hours. Your spouse’s holiday parties with their boring colleagues and intoxicated bosses. See why this is a tough time of year? Many people, after the holidays, decide to end their

relationship/marriage. The shit has hit the fan and they just don’t want to clean off the fan and do it again. Already, as of this writing, I’ve been swamped with requests for couples counseling. January has always been an intense time for couples; married or not. January is the beginning of a new year, and for some people, a new year brings about deliberations on things like: ● What do I want this year to be like? ● Do I want to be with this man/woman another year? ● What was last year like with her/him? Is this year likely to be any better? See why people come to couples counseling? We do evaluations when a new year begins, consciously and subconsciously. We may not make New Year’s resolutions, but we recap the past year and wonder what the next year will be like. If our relationship/marriage isn’t doing so well, we can either end it/divorce him or her, or work on it to improve it. Obviously, it is beyond my talent to tell anyone whether they should stay or leave a relationship/marriage; but it is my job to help couples take a good, clear look at their relationship and “fine tune” it (e.g., see what works, what doesn’t and what can be done to make it better). We all want 2017 to be better than 2016 and we may think that we need to end our

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017 FROM PAGE 1



relationship to make it so. That may be true, but, if we don’t change and we simply change partners, then guess what? Not a whole lot is gonna change in the long run. We’ll simply repeat our same old patterns with a new person and wonder why we’re in a relationship that is just like the one before, and the one before that … Maybe January is “divorce month” because we feel unsatisfied and don’t know what to do about it. We think that change is good, so we change our mate/ spouse/lover in hopes that things get better. It’s a good impulse, but there are better ways to execute it. If you want your relationship with a special man/woman to improve, consider this: Talk about it. Yeah, I mean talk about the hard stuff, the awkward stuff, the stuff you’ve been avoiding. If it’s too hard for just the two of you, get professional help to do it. Work on yourself. It’s so easy to blame your unhappiness on someone else, someone who you lean on, count on and is — ultimately — going to let you down. We’re all too human and imperfect. Don’t expect perfection

from someone else (since you’re not perfect, right?). Lighten up. Easy to say, but not so easy to do. Have more fun in your life, with and without your partner. Don’t be joined at the hip. Have your own life and your own set of friends. Don’t depend on each other for your happiness. Start looking for things to appreciate about your relationship. Focus more on what works. The more you pay attention to the good stuff, the better you feel. January doesn’t have to be “divorce month.” Instead, consider the alternatives. Talk with your partner. Get some professional help — if needed — and make your relationship better. —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Contact him at 619-955-3311 or visit▼

the military allowed her to partially transition; giving her hormones and allowing her to wear female under garments and some makeup. However, she is not allowed to grow her hair beyond military length, and has not yet been allowed to see a surgeon about sex reassignment surgery. The military’s policy was to discharge transgender personnel until it reversed course in June 2016, when the policy was changed to provide treatment, including surgery, if doctors deem it necessary.


The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) will present the Mood Swings at Martinis Above Fourth on Feb. 9 starting at 8 p.m. The event will include the ensemble’s greatest hits from its performances at Balboa Theatre and a preview of the upcoming “Broadway Now” show, as well as new music from the Mood Swings. Tickets start at $25. All proceeds benefit SDGMC. While the last two SDGMC shows at Balboa Theatre in December were sold out, fans can get tickets now for the upcoming April 22 and 23 “Broadway Now” performances. Enjoy favorite songs from

see News Briefs , pg 11


Insurance companies vary by region.

The health needs of Californians are as unique as we are. That’s why Covered California offers a choice of health insurance plans from brand-name companies. Our experts are available to help you select the right plan for you and find out if you qualify for health insurance at a lower cost. Don’t miss your chance to get covered. Open enrollment ends January 31.




GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017

Letters Art appreciation

[Ref: “Arts scholarship opportunity,” Vol. 8, Issue 1, or online at] Thank you to the staff of SDCNN for reporting on this awesome opportunity. The photo includes local artist Christina Schultz, who I had the honor of sharing a booth at ArtWalk in the past. The applications are already coming in so if you are an art student or emerging artist, make it happen! Hope to see more of our community’s art students and emerging artists apply as well! Keep living art. —Patric Stillman This is such a wonderful opportunity for artists and Patric has a wealth of knowledge on this subject. He has helped me so much! —Christina Ilene Thomas

Dems wins and losses

[Ref: “Guest Editorial: A tale of two elections,” Vol. 8, Issue 1, or online at gqtg3p4]

see Letters, pg 7

Guest Editorial

Be a part of local LGBT history Historical film documenting bars and a webTV project about Balboa Park seek your input to stir up the past By Lambda Archives Staff Lambda Archives is pleased to be participating in two fun projects that highlight different parts of San Diego’s rich LGBTQ history, and we are seeking your help. Paul Detwiler and Chris Cashman, both local San Diego filmmakers, are producing a documentary tentatively titled, “San Diego Queer History: the Bars,” that will explore the history of, and important roles played by, bars and nightclubs in the development of the San Diego LGBT community. “The LGBT community has always viewed its bars as places of sanctuary,” Detwiler said. “The outpouring of feeling globally after the Pulse massacre was a powerful reminder of this. The San Diego bars, past and present, are also special places and we want to tell their stories, too.” The filmmakers are seeking people who have stories about the bar scene anytime from the 1950s through the ’80s. If you remember those days, they EDITOR Morgan M. Hurley (619) 961-1960 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ken Williams, x102 Jeff Clemetson, x119 ASSISTANT EDITOR John Gregory CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Chris Azzopardi Charlene Baldridge William E. Kelly Michael Kimmel Ian Morton Frank Sabatini Jr. Brian White

would like to hear your firsthand experiences. They are also searching for photos and other visual documentation of those historic spaces. If you have photos from inside or outside of any of the bars (especially the older ones that are no longer around), please consider sharing them — they could potentially be included in the documentary, and if so, you would be fully credited. The documentary has fiscal sponsorship from the nonprofit San Diego Media Arts Center (, so any contributions made toward the film can be tax-deductible when made through the Media Arts Center’s online donation form at You can choose any amount to donate, but under the “program” section, make sure to select “other” and note the specific program (San Diego Gay Bar History Documentary) so that your contribution will be earmarked toward the film. For more information, please contact Paul at sdbarhistory@ COPY EDITOR Dustin Lothspeich SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Mike Rosensteel (619) 961-1958 ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS Andrew Bagley, x106 Sloan Gomez, x104 Heather Fine, x107

The other project seeking input is one the Archives helped with last year, called Parkeology. Creator Kate Clark describes Parkeology as a “live event, webTV and podcast series that unearths lesser-known sites and stories of our urban parks.” “Parkeology hosts events that explore popular and obscure locations in the park, from the secret lives of artifacts to closeted histories, from underground models to reimagined organ pavilions,” Clark said. Each event is featured by Channel Parkeology as a webTV series hosted by Park Ranger Kim Duclo and Clark, Parkeology’s director. Seasons I and II of the webbased series feature Balboa Park and its long history with the San Diego LGBT community. As in last year, Parkeology will soon host an evening in the park’s storied “Fruit Loop” (Marston Point) to hear the stories of this side of queer history with a reception. ACCOUNTING Priscilla Umel-Martinez (619) 961-1962 WEB DESIGN Kim Espinoza

DISTRIBUTION Gay San Diego is distributed free every other Friday of the month. © 2017. All rights reserved. PUBLISHER David Mannis (619) 961-1951

Participants listen to oral histories of Balboa Park’s “Fruit Loop” at last year’s Parkeology event. (Photo by Shaun Parker) “In collaboration with Lambda Archives, we introduce a second season of accounts from those who participated in, surveilled or managed the cruising culture in Balboa Park,” Clark said. “For one night, the parking lot of Fruit Loop will be transformed into a listening theater. Parked cars will play the firsthand stories of the men and women who remember when Balboa Park was a prime meeting place during a time when being gay was illegal.” “Queen’s Circle: Cruising Oral Histories of Balboa Park” will be presented on Friday, Feb. 24, from 5:30–11 p.m. at the Marston Point parking lot in the

park. The event is free to the public and no reservations are required. It is ADA accessible. “Though hookup apps are the primary forum for orchestrating casual sex [today], many remember how park restrooms, foliage and parking lots facilitated the lost art of cruising,” Clark added. “Since the ’50s, Balboa Park has served as a place for the LGBTQ community to come of age, to encounter the AIDS crisis and even to experience fatal hate crimes.” Parkeology is supported by the San Diego Art Institute, the National Endowment for the Arts, the San

OPINIONS/LETTERS: Gay San Diego encourages letters to the editor and guest editorials. Please email either to and include your phone number and address for verification. We reserve the right to edit letters for brevity and accuracy. Letters and guest editorials do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or staff.

SUBMISSIONS/NEWS TIPS Press releases and story ideas are welcomed. Send press releases, tips, photos or story ideas to For breaking news and investigative story ideas contact the editor by phone or email.

see LGBT History, pg 7

Business Improvement Association

Gay San Diego 123 Camino de la Reina, Suite 202 East San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 519-7775 Twitter @GaySD


Stop stuttering in 2017 For many people, ringing in the New Year brings hope and joyful anticipation. But for those who struggle with stuttering, the old fears of speaking and being teased remain the same — year after year. Many readers don’t know that help for stuttering is available from so many places. Trusted information on stuttering is available at your local public library. Public schools have speech counselors and children are entitled to free evaluation and help by law. Seek out a speech-language pathologist in your area,


LGBT HISTORY Diego Foundation, the California Arts Council, the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, and the Project for Public Spaces. “I’m interested in creating interactive experiences that engage all the senses in order to help us connect more to each other, our environments and our histories,” said Clark, who has a background in public art and urban design.


LETTERS Nicely put Francine. Thanks for writing this and especially for reminding us to breathe. It really does help! —Michael Kimmel [Ref: “Gay News Briefs, Jan. 6–19, 2017,” Vol. 8, Issue 1, or online at]


Assessing senior needs — Part 2

Guest Editorial

By Jane Fraser

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017

trained in helping those who stutter. Universities often also offer speech clinics. Finally, the internet can be wonderful resource on stuttering — with free books, videos, and reference materials. As a starting point, visit and make 2017 the year you find the help you and your family need. —Jane Fraser is the president of The Stuttering Foundation, located in Memphis, Tennessee. They can be reached at or by calling 912-223-7481.▼

If you have stories of the Fruit Loop or the early bars, please get in touch by emailing your contact information to or by calling 619-260-1522. To see information about last year’s Queen’s Circle episode of Parkeology, visit parkeology. org/queenscircle. —Lambda Archives is located at 4545 Park Blvd., in University Heights. To learn more, visit or call 619-260-1522.▼

Thanks for the coverage! We’re proud to support the LGBTQ community and look forward to #doflsd 2017! —The Wine Pub, on our Facebook page —Letters to the editor can be sent to morgan@sdcnn. com. Comments can also be made on our website or Facebook page.▼

Senior Matters William E. Kelly Symbolically, we each have a set of bricks with which we can build plans for what life as a senior will look like. The rub is that the quality and quantity of our individual brick inventories are not identical. Understanding where our individual strengths and weaknesses lie is absolutely essential to identifying what is possible and what is not. The hard truth is that none of us are dealt the same cards, so it’s how we play the hand we have been dealt that determines the winners and the losers. In short, it is up to us and whatever advocates, caregivers and/or advisors we can utilize to help us determine what retirement plan we can build and where and how we can live out our senior years as meaningfully, securely and comfortably as possible. In the last issue of Gay San Diego, part one of this series ran in this column [“Assessing senior needs,” found online at]. It provided a list of six broad categories of need that seniors or those who care for them must consider carefully in order to plan for those senior years: income/assets, expenses, housing, health, location and support. Listed under each category were interdependent and related factors that need to be understood of an individual’s situation and circumstances in order to tailor retirement solutions that are affordable, available and accessible to them. Once the categories that determine what we can afford are evaluated, we are in a

position to assess what is accessible. Location and support then become the crucial determinants for identifying which options are available and which are not. As a reminder, these include: Geographic location: Security/safety/crime; crosswalks; transportation options; street lighting; sidewalks; parking; parks; demographics; weather. Support system: Shopping, goods and services; family; friends; social groups; community organizations; clubs; hospitals/medical care; senior center; schools; entertainment. Given the diversity of cultures, languages and other demographic and socio-economic variables, there is no one-sizefits-all solution. This column can only help point to information resources that can assist with making decisions applicable to individual circumstances and conditions. That said, it is never too early to learn or to plan, but it is often too late. Have you and/or your loved ones assessed your preparedness for living your senior years? Waiting for a crisis to happen which may then force us to educate ourselves about our or a loved one’s options is a disaster in the making. A reading of “Silence Isn’t Golden: Talk and Plan Now,” provided by the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA), is a good first step. ASHA was formed in 1991 and its members consist of both for-profits and nonprofits that include “executives involved in the operation, development and finance of the entire spectrum of seniors housing — independent living, assisted living, and continuing care retirement communities.” According to the piece, “Almost 60 percent of families say they’re uncomfortable talking about age-related issues. Only 23 percent of women and 35 percent of men say

they’ve addressed long-term care in their retirement plans. And only two in five people have talked to their families about living and care preferences as they age. Don’t let this be you; be proactive. Overcome the inclination to keep silent about what’s important, take charge and plan ahead.” If you are ready to learn how to plan for your senior years I strongly recommend that you investigate the full ASHA publication available on the internet or ask someone to help you access this publication. The home page is titled, “Fitting in at a Senior Living Community” and can be found here Once the home page is open, scroll down and select by clicking or tapping on each of the items listed for a wealth of useful information. The final and third part of this series will offer some words concerning putting one’s legal affairs in order so that whatever plans have been made can be set into motion in accordance with current laws under the direction of legal counsel. Note: The internet is an unlimited source of very useful free information. Some are provided by for-profit and some by nonprofit entities. Internet links to entities quoted are not to be construed as an endorsement of that entity but are rather as recommended source for whatever free information I found that they provided. As always, questions and comments are welcomed and can be directed to me. —Bill Kelly is a longtime local activist who currently focuses on LGBT senior issues and moderates the Caring for our LGBT Seniors in San Diego Facebook page. Access to the group is free to all seniors, their advocates, families, friends and caregivers. Reach Bill at▼



GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017

A tribute to Kensington’s ‘play caves’ Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr. The story behind The Haven Pizzeria’s name is a strange one. For those unfamiliar with the existence of a maze of caves residing some 70 feet beneath a nearby home, a visit to the restaurant’s gender-neutral restroom provides a couple photos of the tunnels that once attracted neighborhood kids and their elders with ping pong tables, a slide connecting one cave room to another, and a refrigerator stocked with sodas. They were dug starting in the early 1940s by then-resident Dr. Glenn Havens, a physicist who apparently became carried away when building a barbecue pit in the soft, sandy soil of his property. Of several accounts written about the elaborate network of tunnels, where rare fossils were eventually found, one was published Jan. 17, 2014 in San Diego Uptown News (

Restaurateurs Lauren Passero and Kate Grimes were intrigued by the caves when first reading about them in a local history book shortly before opening The Haven a block away from Kensington CafĂŠ, which they own as well. “I had met the man who currently lives in the house, and the rooms are still under there,â€? says Passero. “It’s a bizarre story that we decided to reference when naming The Haven, as a place that brings everyone together just as those caves did years ago.â€? Yet aside from two eye-catching panels of framed moss on a wall, the restaurant hardly sends you down into some spooky, netherworld. The atmosphere is bright and modern, accented cheerfully by colorful, geometric wood tiles stretching across an opposite wall. Booths, banquettes and regular tables occupy the cozy dining room, which was filled to capacity on this rainy evening. There’s also a quaint bar featuring draft and bottled craft beer as well as reasonably


Don’t just plead guilty! There may be defenses in your case that can lead to reduced charges or even a dismissal!


A Moving World Premiere Drama

By Nick Gandiello Directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch

February 23 – March 26 (619) 23-GLOBE (234-5623)

The Haven Pizzeria 4051 Adams Ave. (Kensington)

“Da “Dave’s ave’s me meatballs� eatballs� (Phhotos by Frank (Photos Sabatini S Sab b atini Jr.)

619-281-1904, Dinner prices: Starters and salads, $5 to $12.75; pasta dishes, $9 to $15; pizzas, $8 to $18 priced wines that include Melini Chianti, one of the fruitiest best-structured Tuscan Chiantis I’ve sipped in a while. I visited with a big fan of the place who insisted we share the large house salad with gorgonzola dressing. Indeed, she steered me without regret to this simple medley of mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions and house-made croutons, all tossed evenly in dressing that could essentially make garden weeds taste appealing with its addition of heavy cream and chives. We proceeded to marinated shrimp skewers and “Dave’s meatballs� as appetizers. The sweet Mexican white shrimp — interspersed by cherry tomatoes and served in a pond of balsamic — were beautifully cooked and sported sensational flavor from paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic and parsley. The meatballs, too, were finely seasoned, but they needed extended simmering in the red sauce. Named after From an esteemed patron, they were the pasta overly firm for my liking. Pizzas served in 9- or 14-inch category, we adored the sizes dominate the menu. There lemon factor are also several pasta dishes permeating an for the choosing, made with order of spaghetti either penne or spaghetti. The pizza dough is made onsite and Alfredo with shrimp. The fresh the pasta is sourced fresh from citrus added quasi-lightness, at Assenti’s in Little Italy. least psychologically, to what For our pie, we skipped over is normally a heavy intake of a number of “Haven creations� cheese, cream and butter from in an attempt to replicate what the sauce. Despite finding only we believe is one of the tastiest four shrimp scattered throughpizzas in town — the “artiout these generous swirls of choke special� at East Coast fresh noodles, I’d order the dish Pizza in Hillcrest. again for its feel-good texture From The Haven’s createand graceful flavor. your-own category, we found Dinner concluded with exactly the ingredients needed: tiramisu, a dessert I seldom pesto and red sauces; mozcrave though prefer in springy zarella, ricotta, and chopped square-cut pieces when I do. artichokes. This was ubiquitously deconPerfecto! The combined topstructed, layered in a glass pings tasted on point — herby, jar with ladyfingers (dipped bright and creamy, and with in espresso and teasing acidity from random Kahlua), mascarpone plops of the tomato sauce. Its cheese, thin crust, however, didn’t measure up to the alluring, del- and icate structure of East Coast’s. Though not bad, it was chewier and drier in comparison. When poking in to The Haven shortly after it opened nearly four years ago, I took an immediate liking to the sauce-less Cortez pizza featuring mozzarella, Gorgonzola, diced tomatoes, arugula, and candied bacon, which appears on several other signature Customized ust stomizedd pies. Rich and sweet, the conpizza izza with w struct is still available in its artichokes rtichoke kes high-calorie glory.

Lemoon sshrimp Lemon Alfredo Alfre Alfred do

The house ho salad with w gorgonzola gorgon dressing dressinng

Paprikaseasoned shrimp skewers chocolate shavings. Next time it’ll be the chocolate panna cotta. Passero and Grimes, who also own Del Sur Mexican Cantina in South Park Park, recently introduced several sandwiches to The Haven’s lunch menu. They include spicy eggplant, meatball, and vegetarian, all served on house-made rolls. In addition, happy hour is held from 4 to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, when beer, wine and most menu items are $2 off their regular prices. —Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diegoâ€? (ECW Press), and began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You ca reach him at fsabatini@ canâ–ź

DINING Hillcrest will see a March arrival of two adjacent restaurants by Cohn Restaurant Group, one of which will connect to a “speakeasy-style” cocktail bar in the back. The restaurant group’s president, David Cohn, revealed in an interview with Gay San Diego that Tacos Libertad will move into what was an upholstery shop next door to Flicks, at 1023 University Ave. He describes the concept as “a passion project” of longtime restaurateur and designer Philippe Beltran, who is also overseeing the formation of Cache, a hidden bar fronted by the taco shop and accessible through a rear door. Cache will specialize in craft cocktails and accommodate a maximum of 40 to 50 customers, Cohn said. According to Beltran, the taco shop will feature counter seating surrounding an open kitchen, allowing diners to see tortillas in the making while their

Specialty tacos such as this pork belly with sweet potato coming soon to University Avenue (Courtesy

Fried chicken will soon double as a taco shell (Google Images)

Philippe Beltran)

taco fillings cook on a wood-burning Santa Maria-style grill. “We’ll start off with about nine different types of tacos on the menu with choices such as chicken, beef, seafood and veggies,” he said. “They’ll represent an adventure of flavors from Latin America and Mexico.” Opening likely at the same time in the adjacent

space that previously housed Cohn Group’s 100 Wines at 1027 University Ave. will be BObeau Kitchen + Cache, modeled largely after the BO-beau kitchens in Ocean Beach and La Mesa. Despite “Cache” in its name, Beltran says BObeau customers will have to enter through the taco shop to access the secret bar.

Chef Claudette Wilkins brings her culinary savvy to a popular restaurant group (Photo by Jamie Fritsch) Accomplished chef Claudette Wilkins has been hired to oversee research and development for the Rise & Shine Restaurant Group, which operates multiple locations of Fig Tree Café and Breakfast Republic. She will eventually helm the kitchen of the group’s upcoming El Jardin, a concept spotlighting modern and traditional Mexican cuisine that’s due to open early next year in Liberty Station.

Wilkins helped launch Little Italy’s Bracero Cocina de Raiz in 2015 and worked also at Jsix in the East Village and Sea 180 Coastal Tavern in Imperial Beach. More recently, she tapped into her Guadalajara roots with a repertoire of Baja-Mediterranean cuisine she presented at pop-up events throughout the U.S. and Canada. The 8,800-square-foot El Jardin will be located at 2865 Sims Road.

Fans of Taco Bell are gearing up for the company’s new “naked chicken chalupa,” a taco that uses a shell made entirely of crispy white-meat chicken. Inside are tomatoes, lettuce, shredded cheddar and creamy avocado-ranch dressing. The item was test marketed in Bakersfield, California, and Kansas City, Missouri, before gaining approval for nationwide release. It will hit the menus in San Diego on Jan. 26 or 27, depending on location. —Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at fsabatini@san.▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017


Artisan food makers and brewers specializing in the art of fermentation will converge at the third annual San Diego Fermentation Food Festival, to be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Feb. 4, at San Diego Waterfront Park. The event brings together dozens of vendors specializing in fermented foods. This year’s participants include Edible Alchemy, Kombucha Kamp, Living Tea Brewing Co., Kashi, Jimbo’s Naturally,

American Gut Project and more. In addition, prepared food samples will be doled out by URBN Pizza, Bite San Diego, Harvest Kitchen, and a few others, and several local breweries such as Modern Times and Green Flash will serve beer in the designated “Ambrosia Garden.” Admission is $25, or $39 with the beer tastings included. 1600 Pacific Highway,

The spacious Voltaire Beach House opened in Ocean Beach on Jan. 13 to the tune of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus 40 beer taps spotlighting local and regional craft brews. Among them are beers entering the San Diego market for the first time from Golden State Brewery, which are available in a special taproom on the property. Abe Botello of West Coast Tavern in North Park serves

as consulting chef for the Nantucket-style establishment. He helped shape a menu that features short rib flatbread, fried oysters and shrimp, po’boy sandwiches, a variety of burgers and more. Design elements include antique objects, stocked bookshelves, an outdoor patio, and a spiral staircase that leads to nowhere. 4934 Voltaire St., 619-955-8840,

Beer and hearty grub in abundance at the new Voltaire Beach House (Photo by Arlene Ibarra)



GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017

You can do it! Commit to a new you in 2017 Morgan M. Hurley | Editor Whenever a new year rolls around, we all want some kind of change in our lives; a new job, a new place to live, new routines, but generally it means we want to look and feel better. This year there may be extra motivation to focus on something different after the hellacious election season of last year. I personally just embarked on a journey to look and feel better myself and I wanted to share it with our readers. I am changing the way I treat my body in many ways, and though my physical goal is to lose 25 pounds, I hope to also lighten my mental and emotional load, as well. Some of it is going to sound a bit like a walking advertorial, but mentioning the names of the businesses that are helping me on this journey is important to share in case readers want to go the same route. Obviously adjustments or alternatives to my methods are always an option. The typical buzzwords will also be involved: Commitment. Investment. Accountability.

We hear these words all the time from our personal trainers and though Iಬm just an average Joe-ann, Iಬm here to tell you that they are important, too. In order to be successful in this type of venture, you must commit to change, invest in yourself and stay accountable. Youಬre going to hear those three words a lot throughout. The first thing I did as the calendar turned to Jan. 1 was commit to setting some goals and putting a plan into place to help me make those goals attainable. I then invested in some things, like a new pair of comfortable cross training/ walking shoes. I looked various places but settled on Big Five Sporting Goods, because they have a large selection of affordable shoes. Then, to keep myself accountable, I joined a 12-week ಯBiggest Loserರgroup managed by one of my friends on Facebook. Each Friday we text in a photo of our feet on a scale (with a new word of the week shown in the photo to avoid cheating) and then we post ideas, successes, progress, etc. in between. This group costs $60 ($5 per week) — but the biggest loser at the end of the 12 weeks wins a pot of money. There are also other incentives near the end to keep people motivated. Start your own, itಬs easy. I participated in one of these groups last year and I actually won, having lost 20 pounds in the 12 weeks (progress is presented in percentages lost, however, not pounds) and I got the pot of money. I was in a wedding two weeks later, which had kept

ting Free HIV Teast The Center! Available

TRANS Call 619.692.2077 x0 for an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome. Monday – Friday: 9am-8pm (last test 7pm) Saturday: 10am-4pm (last test 3pm) Call 619.692.2077 x113 or email to learn more about PrEP/schedule a PrEP consultation. The Center, 3909 Centre Street, San Diego CA 92103

Day one of my five-day juice cleanse. (Photo by Morgan M. Hurley) me motivated. Unfortunately, the rest of the year involved various personal struggles which got me right back into poor habits and weight gain. The point is, I know I can do this; and so can you. Since self-care is the over-arcing aspect of this journey, in advance of my groupಬs start date, I went to Happy Head and had a massage. For just $39 (plus tip) I had a onehour, full-body Asian-style massage (head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet) and I didnಬt even have to take my clothes off. This not only relaxed me, it flushed the toxins out of my muscles and gave my feet a great starting point, because I plan to work them during this effort. The experience was so great, Iಬve committed to returning every three or four weeks during the contest, as my income allows, to reenergize my vessel. We all know that to lose weight you have to balance caloric intake against calories expended, but traditional ways of accounting for this have been difficult. Two years ago I purchased a FitBit ಧjust the basic one, which is called Flex ಧand it was one of the best things I have ever purchased. They are $79.99 most places new or you can get one for less on Craigಬs List (I got a replacement for $40 when I lost my original) because for some reason everyone moves up to the ones with more bells and whistles. You donಬt need that, I promise you. The FitBit Flex keeps track of your daily ಯstepsರ and it sends that information to an app on your phone via Bluetooth technology. The app is the real gem here. It not only tracks your steps (10,000 is the default goal per day) but it also translates those to calories. Then you can input the details of your caloric intake and graphically compare the two. I just use it for walking, but it will also track your exercise (running, biking, etc.). You can also monitor your water intake, sleep patterns, etc. It really is a great tool and keeps you accountable on a daily basis. The second best purchase I ever made was a NutriBullet. This compact, handy dandy little machine is, to me, much better than any juicer on the market. It pulverizes everything you put into it and a delicious nutrition-packed smoothie comes

out. There are very few moving parts so clean up is easy peasy. I got my NutriBullet last year at DPD]RQFRP using a gift card. It was refurbished, so less expensive than a brand new one, and it also comes with a mobile app that has hundreds of recipes. During last yearಬs competition, I drank a smoothie every morning, and often one for lunch. They reshaped my life ಹand my body, too. I really looked forward to the daily routine of choosing the recipes on the app, prepping the ingredients, drinking it down and actually feeling my health change one day at a time. Yes, it is a huge change in eating habits, but I never felt lacking and it saved me so much money since I was only shopping, for the most part, in the produce department. Donಬt get me wrong, I ate regular dinners and even had cheat days every Friday which even included alcohol, but

OH! Juice Five-day cleanse: Six nutritious, 16 fluid ounces (475 ml), cold-pressed, small batched, 100-percent certified organic, superfood infused, raw juices – per day Made in San Diego Free delivery Tasting rooms: • 5631 Palmer Way, Ste. A, Carlsbad 760-542-7761 • 1970 Columbia St. 92101 619-908-1150

see Do it, pg 11

My miracle machine (Photo by Morgan M. Hurley)


Making changes

DO IT my breakfast and lunches were then, and will be this time around, regulated to smoothies, salads or tofurky sandwiches. It was so exciting to weigh in every week and always see another pound or two gone. No diets to speak of, no running yourself ragged at the gym. Just delicious smoothies,

Brian White | Fitness News Make one big change in each of the three places you spend the most time in 2017.

1. Your workplace.

With some proper cleaning and filing, everyone should be able to free up at least a half of a drawer to recreate their very own “health drawer.” This drawer is dedicated to you and your well-being; it should be filled with healthy snacks, non-toxic cleaning supplies, healthy condiments, water, teas and medicine to keep you healthy when there is sickness going through the office. Dedicating one drawer as your health drawer is a significant behavior design tool that can help you through those times when your willpower is low. When a craving strikes while you are hard at work, would you rather be at the mercy of what is left in the vending machine, or have an entire drawer loaded with healthy and vital snacks ready to go? This is “behavior design 101” when it comes to setting yourself up for success. No one has an endless supply of willpower, not even that guy on the front page of that fitness magazine — they are just better at designing their daily behavior. A fully-stocked health drawer will be your biggest weapon against cravings, low energy and getting sick at work. Here are the 21 best items for your health drawer. Almonds; nut butter packets; 100 percent whole grain crackers; canned sardines; roasted edamame; meal replacement bars (low sugar); ready to drink meal replacements; instant oatmeal packets; roasted chickpeas; popcorn; dark chocolate squares; mineral water; organic cut up vegetables; organic fruit; disinfecting wipes; natural hand sanitizer; natural mouthwash; ginger gum; floss; tissues; moisturizer.




Brian says to make changes at work, home and the gym. (Courtesy Brian White) of motion and moving your body properly throughout all planes of motion is what is going to help you feel younger and maintain all the activities you have done your whole life. The best ways to do this would be to add foam rolling and a short yoga flow routine and a dynamic stretching warm up to the beginning of each workout. If you currently life weights for about 45 minutes, a good rule of thumb and a great way to switch up your workout routine would be to spend about 20 minutes warming up with stretching and just do 25 minutes of weights — your body will thank you! —Brian White owns Brian White Fitness (BWF), located in Hillcrest. He also runs boot camps in Balboa Park and trains clients at Diverge Gym. Read his blog at or contact him at▼

new musicals like “Wicked,” “Hairspray,” “The Book of Mormon,” “Chicago,” “Jersey Boys” and “The Lion King.” The production will include tributes to Tony Award-winning “Kinky Boots,” “Avenue Q,” “The Producers” and “Spamalot.” Highlights will also include the timeless “Mary Poppins,” “South Pacific” and “The Color Purple.” For more information and tickets to all SDGMC performances, visit


Registration remains open for riders and teams to participate in the Recovery Ride, slated for Sunday, Jan. 29, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Swiss Park, 2001 Main St., Chula Vista. Those wishing to participate may register as an individual, register a team or join a team already registered for the event. The ride offers three routes: 12 miles, 25 miles and 40 miles. Benefitting Stepping Stone of San Diego and the San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative, the purpose of the ride is to connect those who love cycling with their commitment to giving back

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017 healthy made-at-home salads for lunch, lots of daily steps and long walks on the beach barefoot in the sand on the weekends. This year I kicked off my NutriBullet routine by doing a five-day juice cleanse. OH! Juice is a local, all-organic, cold-pressed juice company. You can find them at the Hillcrest Farmers Market, Little Italy Mercado, or their tasting rooms in Carlsbad and Downtown San Diego. They have one-, three- or five-day juice cleanses and subscription options, too. I

lost 7.5 pounds after just five days, which was a great way to kick off my contest. Iಬm just at the start of my journey for this year, but I hope Iಬve inspired you to look at a few things that you can do differently. Iಬll check back in occasionally as the 12 weeks meander down the road. Commit. Invest in yourself. Be accountable. And take a walk with me.

to nonprofits and causes in the San Diego region, specifically targeting organizations whose focus is recovery from alcohol and drugs, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. A “Day Zero” event is planned for Jan. 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Stepping Stone residential treatment center, 3767 Central Ave. in San Diego, to permit riders to pick up registration packets and see the work being done. The public is welcome and light snacks will be served. Riders may also pick up packets the morning of the ride. Event day registration the following day opens at 7 a.m. with a warm-up at 8:15 a.m. The first riders, those participating in the 40-mile route, will start on their ride at 8:30 a.m., followed shortly by the other groups. Start and finish festivals will be held at Swiss Park. For more information, and to register online, visit

Too, the coronation will highlight a weekend of Coronation XLV events, which run Feb. 3-5. Imperial courts from throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico will be in attendance. Members of the International Imperial Court Council will hold a meeting in San Diego on Feb. 4. The Imperial Court System, described as the “gay Shriners or Elks,” was founded in 1965. There are now Imperial Court chapters in more than 68 cities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Local activist Nicole Murray Ramirez is the Queen Mother of the International Imperial Court System and will preside over the coronation. The first emperor and empress of San Diego were elected at a Royal Coronation Ball in 1973. Each chapter elects an emperor and empress who reign for a one-year term and lead the chapter’s charitable programs. A few of Imperial Court de San Diego’s many programs are the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt, the Scott Carlson Thanksgiving Dinner, the Toni Atkins Lesbian Health Fund, the Harvey Milk/Nicole M. Ramirez Student Scholarship Program, the Nicky Awards, the Toys for Kids toy drive and the Winter Clothing and Blanket Drive. For more information about coronation weekend events, visit ▼


Emperor and Empress XLV de San Diego will be elected and crowned in a ceremony celebrating Imperial Court de San Diego’s 45th anniversary, on Feb. 4 at 6 p.m. at the Handlery Hotel, 950 Hotel Circle North. Hosted by reigning monarchs Emperor Summer Lee and Empress Jaeda Reign Saunders

Focus on sleep by going to bed earlier, getting up earlier and having a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night. Mornings are more conducive to exercise and stress-free relaxation and will keep you slimmer. Nights are more conducive to melting into the couch watching TV, having a glass of wine and internet surfi ng. If you want to live a long and vibrant life, sleep should be priority number one. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make healthy decisions when you are fully rested!

Stretching should be a primary focus of your exercise routines. I fi nd the people who mostly focus on lifting heavy weights and marathon cardio sessions are the ones that are in the most pain as they age. You need to stop working out like you are 20 and admit that you are 40 (I’m joining the club as we speak). Range

—Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at ▼


2. Your home

3. Your gym


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GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017 TRAVEL


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GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017


Fortune Theatre presents ‘Liaisons’

“Quadruple threat performer Hershey Felder is an actor, singer, pianist and writer, and all of the first order”- CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

The Samantha F. Voxakis, Karen Racanelli & Erik Carstensen Production of

(l to r) Cécile de Volanges (Gentry Ross) has a moment with the play’s main protagonist, Le Viconte de Valmont, played by Richard Baird, who is also Fortune’s artistic director. (Photos by Daren Scott)

“Les Liaisons Dangereuses” Wednesdays 7 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays 8 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays 2 p.m. Through Jan. 28 Lyceum Space, 79 Horton Plaza Downtown San Diego Tickets $42-$37 or 619-544-1000

— Charlene Baldridge has been writing about the arts since 1979. You can follow her blog at charlenecriticism. or reach her at▼

A New Play with Music Directed by Trevor Hay Book by Hershey Felder · Dramaturgy by Meghan Maiya

STARTS JANUARY 12, 2017 ON THE LYCEUM STAGE Book Tickets Now! 619.544.1000 | SDREP.ORG | Lyceum Theatre | Horton Plaza Emma Hunton and Heidi Blickenstaff in Signature Theatre's production of FREAKY FRIDAY; photo by Jim Saah.

As readers may know, British playwright Christopher Hampton is renowned for his translations of classic literature for the stage. A case in point is his 1985 translation of Pierre de Laclos’ 1782 epistolary novel, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons),” which is being produced in splendid style by New Fortune Theatre at the Lyceum Space through Jan. 28. The most astonishing thing about New Fortune’s production, directed by Artistic Director Richard Baird and Kaitlin O’Neal, is its utter lack of mannerism: it is played without affectation in the vital modern English vernacular provided by Hampton. Due to the excellence of the acting and the swift, amusing and subtle scene changes (designer, Giulio Perrone) from hotels to chateaux and back again, the near three-hour work, performed in sumptuous period costumes designed by Howard Schmitt, unfolds as one smooth, lascivious moment. Baird portrays Le Viconte de Valmont, who derives great pleasure from deflowering virgins. He is in cahoots with his former lover, La Marquise de Merteuil (Jessica John), who is as sexually licentious as he. His current seduction plot concerns the virtuous, beautiful and seemingly unobtainable Présidente de Tourvel (Amanda Scharr),

Instead of feeling that each seducer deserves comeuppance, the onlooker feels sad, and thank God I’d forgotten the play’s stunning denouement. In what could be termed a postlude, the beautiful, cruel and seductive John is brilliant, adding a bit of poignancy in her “I was always afraid to get old …” speech. Was she assisted by artificial means? I think not. The actor appears to age before our eyes. Baird is magnificent, as expected, and he, too, brought breadth and empathy to his role. Taylor Henderson portrays a courtesan, and Justin Lang, Neil McDonald and Christopher Torborg relish their roles (and so do we) as household servants, ceremoniously rearranging the chaise longue, the cocktail table and the writing desk for each scene change. No doubt theater lovers have seen the stage productions and the several fi lms of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” (especially that of John Malkovich), but seldom have we so thoroughly and clearly understood it. The production is further enhanced by Missy Bradstreet as wig mistress; J. Tyler Jones as fight choreographer; Matt Lescault-Wood as sound designer, and AJ Palin as lighting designer.


FUN, FUN, FUN!” – DC Theatre Scene

DISNEY’S The cast of the Signature Theatre produ production ucti ction on of FREAKY FFRIDAY FRIDAY; Y; photo by Jim Saah.

Theater Review Charlene Baldridge

who is staying with Valmont’s aunt, Madame de Rosemonde (Dagmar Fields), while Tourvel’s husband is out of town. Meanwhile, Merteuil is bent upon the ruin of convent raised Cécile de Volanges (Gentry Roth), whose mother (Terril Miller) is Merteuil’s friend. Cécile has fallen in love with her music teacher, Le Chevalier Danceny (played brilliantly and oafishly by Connor Sullivan). In addition to the despoiling of their intended targets, both Valmont and Merteuil wind up with unexpected seductions — never mind that human beings with complicated lives and feelings are involved. In each case the perpetrators themselves become more deeply involved than intended, lessons are learned, and lives are ruined.

By Lyrics


By Music

ed By Direct


January 31 – March 12


Sponsored by

Unscrupulous shenanigans abound on stage in this sordid tale.


GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017


Restaurant Week: The 13th Annual San Diego Restaurant Week continues through Jan. 22 with more than 180 restaurants offering prix-fixe menu options. This year, San Diego Restaurant Week partners with local Girl Scouts to celebrate the arrival of Girl Scouting in San Diego 100 years ago, as well as the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout cookies. To celebrate, chefs are getting creative with America’s favorite cookies with special offerings for Restaurant Week diners. Visit Top of the Bay at the Porta Vista: Meet on the fifth floor of the Porto Vista Hotel for Top of the Bay San Diego — the original LGBT happy hour — located on the Ripassi Rooftop with beautiful harbor views. The T-dance starts at 6 p.m. with a social hour, followed by rotating DJs at 7 p.m. Round-trip shuttle service is available to and from Rich’s Nightclub in Hillcrest. Attendees also receive a hand stamp (ask at front desk), good for free entry into Rich’s 10 p.m.– midnight that same Friday. 1835 Columbia St. Visit bit. ly/2jhuFIj.

SATURDAY, JAN. 21 Ave. Marchers will then proceed on Broadway to Harbor Drive. The march will end at noon in front of the County Administration Building, on the Harbor Drive side. Visit Ladies Formal Dance Night: This annual formal dance is for the ladies, bois, dappers, dolls, divas, queens, kings, etc. In unity with the Women’s March and celebration of the 2017 new year, come together, dress up and have fun. Includes activities, fancy environment and more. 7-10 p.m. at The Rail, 3796 Fifth Ave. Visit bit. ly/2jhNZoN. Smokey’s Birthday Show: Celebrate this Latin lover’s birthday with bacon, love and surprises. Presented by San Diego King’s Club. Treats and nibbles all for $5. Doors open 6 p.m., show 7 p.m. At Numbers Nightclub, 3811 Park Blvd. Visit bit. ly/2jhZZqr.


Drag Brunch: Take in a Sunday Drag Brunch hosted by Davina Love at Gossip Grill and featuring Brooke Lynn Hytes, Miss Continental 2014-2015. Drag performers will entertain while guests sip bottomless mimosas or mimosa flights and enjoy items from the new brunch menu. Brunch served from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. No cover, but bring some dollars for the ladies. Table time limited to two hours. 1220 University Ave. Visit


San Diego’s Women’s March: Women of San Diego are encouraged to peacefully march in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. Dedicated to a free and open society, stand united in respect for all people and resist the marginalization of anyone. The march will start at 10 a.m. with a gathering in front of Civic Center Plaza, 1200 Third

House Nation at Rich’s: Experience a journey through house music with the sounds of Casanouva, DJ XL and Kayden; house music as well as a classic hip-hop room. Front room schedule: DJ Byrd 9-11:30 p.m.; Vinny Bravo 11:30 p.m.-close. Main room: Casanouva 9-10:30 p.m.; DJ XL 10:30 p.m.-midnight; Kayden midnight-close. No cover, no dress code. Doors open from 9 p.m.–2 a.m. 21-plus with ID strictly enforced. 1051 University Ave. Visit


Remarkable Women of Today: This monthly

series features trailblazing women from the community who discuss the challenges they faced as well as their accomplishments. Meet them in person at the Women’s Museum of California, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, Liberty Station. 6 p.m. Tickets are $10. Visit Showtunes Spaghetti Tuesday: Urban MO’s Bar & Grill presents musical clips from your favorite movie and stage productions for Showtunes Tuesday’s, 6-10 p.m. Feast on an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner for $6 per person from 5 p.m. until closing. Pop videos rock the house from 10 p.m. until closing. 308 University Ave. Visit


Bitchy Bingo at LIPS: Landa Plenty and Cadillac Monroe host a fabulous drag show followed by a few rounds of bingo with a chance to win prizes. $5 cover; $15 food minimum per person. Seating is between 7 and 7:30 p.m. 3036 El Cajon Blvd. in North Park. Visit Campaign Party: Expect a night of fetish and fundraising at the “Candidate for Emperor 45 Jay Heimbach Campaign Party” at Rich’s, 1051 University Ave. Doors 7 p.m.; show 8 p.m. The night includes a silent auction, light buffet, fetish performances, a drag artist and go-go boys. Donations will be collected at the door, but are not required. Visit

sits at the piano and leads the audience through a journey of Madge’s life through her music. 8-9:30 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave. Visit bit. ly/2jihxmt. ‘Ole! A Night of Flamenco’: Flamenco is both a musical style and a dance typical of Andalucia, the southern region of Spain. Originally the traditional dance and music of the Andalusian gitanos (gypsies), it will come alive from 8:30–10 p.m. at #1 Fifth Ave., located at 3845 Fifth Ave. Prepare for a unique night full of passion, dance and music with Flamenco Sur, an amazing dance company. Visit LGBT Town Hall: “Standing Strong, Pressing On” is the theme of this annual town hall meeting of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center. Achievements of the past year will be reviewed and a report will be given about how the organization invested human and financial resources. Questions and concerns about the new presidential administration will be discussed. If you are a donor, a volunteer, an elected official or an ally who wants to do something for this community, this meeting is for you. Food will be provided. Held in the Oceanside Public Library in the Community Room (across from the city fountain), 330 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Visit DIVAS Presents Latrice Royale: San Diego DIVAS welcome “Rupaul’s Drag Race” superstar Latrice Royale and Legendary Tommie Ross to the fabulous Divas Stage at Rich’s San Diego. Doors 7 p.m.; show 8 p.m.; meet and greet immediately following with Latrice, Tommie Ross and your Divas. 7-10 p.m. Rich’s Nightclub, 1051 University Ave. Visit bit. ly/2jio7tf.


Atlantis Under the Sea Party: Atlantis-themed

Recovery Ride: Join the San Diego Pride team (or register your own) for a bicycle ride and combine your love of cycling with your desire to contribute to worthy charitable causes across San Diego. This annual fundraiser benefits organizations whose focus is recovery from alcohol and drugs, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. This year’s beneficiaries are Stepping Stone of San Diego and the San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative. 7 a.m.-2 p.m. at Swiss Park, 2001 Main St., Chula Vista. Visit bit. ly/2iuPRgV. Big Mike’s 60th Birthday: This is a celebration of Big Mike with appetizers and music, but it’s also a fundraiser for San Diego HIV/AIDS Memorial and the Toni Atkins Lesbian Health Fund. 5-8 p.m. at Rich’s, 1051 University Ave. Visit

see Calendar, pg 16


solution on page 12


ACROSS 1 Whale’s “The Man in the Iron ___” 5 Some writers work on it 9 DeGeneres voice role 13 “The African Queen” author 14 Spanish cooking pot 15 « June Is Bustin’ Out All ___ » 16 Streisand, for short 17 “Safe!” or “Out!” in Glenn Burke’s sport 18 Gets hard 19 Caitlyn Jenner was on its July, 2016 cover 22 Black sheep’s cry 24 Meryl of “The Hours” 27 “A League of Their ___” 28 Metropolitan Community Church congregations, e.g. 31 Mommy census for Heather 32 Astroglide alternative 33 Early feminist author Olsen 34 Cowpoke’s nickname 35 With 51-Across, Avery Jackson was on its January, 2017 cover 37 Step, to Frida




‘In Vogue: Songs by Madonna’: Acclaimed Australian cabaret performer Michael Griffiths becomes Madonna with no accent, costume or wig. He simply

attire is encouraged for this under-the-sea spectacular at Rich’s. JJ Taj will be on the main floor and DJ K-Swift will be in the front room. Starts at 10 p.m. and the event includes mermen go-go dancers, under the sea decor, free body painting and a special after-hours set by DJ Luke Allen until 4 a.m. Rich’s Nightclub, 1051 University Ave. Visit bit. ly/2jikjbl.

40 They may be split 41 Bygone pump name 45 Year in the reign of Gaius Caesar 47 Clinton Secretary of Defense 48 Michelangelo’s land 50 Most judicious 51 See 35-Across 54 Jodie Foster, to Yale 56 Mongolian desert 57 Sally who rode into space 60 Ward of “Once and Again” 61 “Why should ___ you?” 62 Singer k.d. 63 Rhein port 64 Hari Nef was on its September, 2016 cover 65 Loose woman, in the land of Auden

1 Queen in “Romeo and Juliet” 2 Muslim title 3 Alfred, to Batman 4 Meat on a skewer 5 Attendee at the Oscars, e.g. 6 Dreadlocks feature 7 Cousin of Jethro and Jethrine 8 Soft leathers 9 Refusal to a butch 10 Rupert of “Stage Beauty” 11 Came upon 12 Areas for Dr. Callie Torres 20 1993 treaty acronym 21 Cruising, maybe 22 Bend over 23 Leave open-mouthed 25 Mama of Mary’s little lamb 26 “A ___ on both your houses!” 29 Lena of “Queen of the Damned” 30 Dirt clump 35 Hamlet, for example 36 1957 Cole Porter musical 37 Waikiki paste

38 Queen of the hill 39 Bird over P’town 42 Hamburger Mary’s offering 43 Liza, to Lorna 44 Can. province 46 AFL counterpart 47 “That was good, honey!” 49 Texas A&M athlete 50 Ill will 52 What to have in the hay 53 First homicide victim 54 Part of DADT 55 Matthew in “The Producers” 58 Kind of fingerprint 59 One that gets laid


MOONLIGHT Blue” in 2003, while experiencing “depression” and “sadness” as he grieved the loss of his mother, who died that summer. Like the film’s protagonist, Chiron, whose life unfolds in three chapters, the playwright has always preferred expressing himself outside of conversation. “I can talk ad nauseam about art, but ask me how I feel that day and I can barely say about five words,” he said, chuckling. For McCraney, making his press rounds for “Moonlight” is a new, unnerving process. “Normally people ask the same five questions about the play and you kind of go, ‘Thanks so much and it’s about this and come see it,’ but this is different,” he said. McCraney wrote his first play at age 13. Later, he graduated from Yale School of Drama’s playwriting program, receiving the Cole Porter Playwriting Award upon graduation and in 2013, the playwright garnered the

looking at chaotic portions of my childhood and trying to figure out when there were other alternatives and what did those alternatives look like.” Few existed for young McCraney, who snuck ballet lessons behind his father’s back and admitted he would’ve felt ashamed to tell this story during his adolescence. “I think, for me, if there is a someone like me out there …” he said, trailing off, “I feel like this piece talks so much about an American phenomenon of hyper-masculinity that exists in so many forms.” Because he was “not that brave,” McCraney admires the brazen nature of child actors Alex R. Hibbert (the first chapter’s “Little”) and Jaden Piner (the first chapter’s Kevin), whom he calls “my heroes.” “Kids are already so much more exposed and integrated than I was in terms of just understanding the voices of the world,” he said. “It’s important for me to see that these young people are finding avenues and platforms in which to speak their truth, not just about their own sexual identity, but that

The award-winning playwright’s “Moonlight,” now in theaters, is surrounded by Oscar buzz. (Courtesy Getty Images) MacArthur “Genius” grant. Though McCraney, now 36, has written several plays since his teenage years, including “The Brothers Size,” which earned him the 2009 New York Times Outstanding Playwright Award, “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue” reflects his life most intimately and explores a question he has a better grasp of now: “Why wasn’t I brave enough to become like the men I knew in my life?” Directed by Barry Jenkins, who also grew up in Miami’s Liberty City just blocks away from McCraney, “Moonlight” chronicles Chiron’s discovery of identity and sexuality through a multi-tiered, age-shifting narrative. The three chapters unfold as such: “I: Little,” when we meet small, shy Chiron, who lives with his drug-addicted mother and essentially becomes the adopted son of a compassionate crack dealer, Juan. Then “II: Chiron,” when he first sexually engages with his friend, Kevin; and “III: Black,” which ends with grown Chiron, hardened and on the same path as Juan, though still sexually conflicted. “The original piece, was and is a kind of meditation on what my life could be, less about what my life actually is,” McCraney said, unleashing a hearty laugh. “Clearly, I was trying to do some sort of inner excavation. But for me, it’s about watching how identity plays out and

they want a diverse community and that their community is full of the voices that sometimes get siloed and stifled.” The voice of the black, gay man is finally being heard in “Moonlight,” as demonstrated by its initial rollout at the end of October, when the film banked an impressive $414,740 on just four screens in New York and Los Angeles. “People are walking away feeling like they’ve met somebody,” McCraney said. “I think that’s what the film does. Barry [the director] was really adamant about making sure that you lived with Chiron and all of his iterations in a way that you probably might not have if this film was made by somebody else. “It preserves all the things that are important to me,” he said. As for the film’s success — both commercially and as a projected Oscar contender — it’s not something he or Jenkins expected. “I guess I wasn’t really thinking, ‘Oh, we’re gonna be talking about it at film screenings across the world,’” McCraney said. “I just thought, ‘We’re telling a really good story, so I’m into it and you’re into it and we’re into it in the same way, so let’s tell it.’” —Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter @chrisazzopardi.▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017




GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 20 – Feb. 2, 2017


CALENDAR Women’s Self Defense Seminar: Feel safe and be safe by attending this introduction to physical combatives. Learn defensive strategies for self defense. Escape from grabs and learn simple gross-motor strikes to vulnerable targets. Held from 5:30–7:30 p.m. at 5.11 Tactical, 1257 Camino Del Rio South, Mission Valley. Visit


Girls (and Boys) Night Out Show: Get ready for a fun night of hot guys and exciting fantasies as the nationwide tour of “Girls (and Boys) Night Out Show” makes its way to San Diego in a new show titled “Stripped Down Tour.” This show has quickly become the hottest ticket for entertainment in the country with a legendary touring troupe that is known for fully choreographed

performances and elaborate costumes. Doors open at 6 p.m.; show starts at 9:30 p.m. at Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage, 3940 Fourth Ave. Visit


Trivia Tuesdays: If it’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for trivia at Hillcrest Brewing Company, 1458 University Ave. Trivia time is 7:30-10 p.m. Trivia players have a chance to win $10, $20 or $30 gift cards. Visit


Lip Sync War: Raise money for a worthy cause, express your creativity and slay San Diego through the power of lip sync. Battle for Hillcrest’s Lip Sync Championship and other gifts and prizes. 10 p.m.-midnight, Wednesdays at Uptown Tavern, 1236 University Ave. Benefits #BeTheGeneration. Visit bit. ly/2jivoZH.


‘Platinum is the New Blonde’: Vickie Shaw stars in this nonstop ride of laughter. The people she loves the most – her wife, family and parents – are fair game for this take-no-prisoners comedy. Doors open at 6 p.m.; show at 8-9:30 p.m. at Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage, 3940 Fourth Ave. Visit http:

—Compiled by John Gregory. Send events for inclusion to▼

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