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Volume 9 Issue 1 Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

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The future of mobility


Tesloop’s teenage founder shares ideas on his destiny


Morgan M. Hurley | Editor

his mark

What the celebs said in 2017


Michael Brennan recently took over the reins of the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. (Photo by Delle Willett)

Local landscape architect is making some big moves By Delle Willett When he was growing up, future landscape visionary Michael Brennan viewed his Nana as his inspiration. “She set an example of unconditional love and respect for all people,” Brennan said. “She was a master gardener in her own right and helped me learn the names of all the plants in her backyard,

SDSU's visual LGBT history


which was like a botanical garden.” American Society of Landscape Today, Brennan is a Architects (ASLA). successful landscape arHe has defined his goals for chitect and LEED-certified his tenure as, “to empower and professional whose fi rm, engage the next generation of Carson Douglas Landscape landscape architects, promotArchitecture, (CDLA), has ing diversity in all levels of our offices in both San Diego and profession, and elevating the Edgecomb, Maine. role of landscape architecture And as of November in the public realm.” 2017, Brennan is president see Brennan pg 3 of the local chapter of the

Out on the ice Gulls, You Can Play and LGBT Visitors Center invite community to celebrate diversity values and develop important life skills that transcend the A local professional sports game,” the NHL said in a press team will be honoring our release. LGBT community during an In keeping with these new upcoming hockey game themed guidelines, the San Diego Gulls “Diversity Night.” — part of the American Hockey In 2017, National Hockey League and the farm team for League (NHL) officials anthe NHL’s Anaheim Ducks — nounced their “Declaration of have incorporated a Diversity Principles,” which outlined an Night into their 2017-18 schedembracement of diversity, reckule. The inaugural Diversity oning a positive change in the Night will take place Saturday, culture of the sport. Referred Jan. 20, at Valley View Casino to as an “internal compass,” Center on Sports Arena the NHL stated that the eight Boulevard, when the Gulls take principles would guide their deon the San Jose Barracuda. cisions — not only of those inDuring the 2015-16 seavolved in the professional sport, son, the Gulls reached out via but in each of their related affilInstagram to Eddie Reynoso, iates, all the way down to those founder of the San Diego that develop children — with LGBT Visitor Center, to start the hopes of not only inspiring the process of building a relaand expanding their fan base, tionship with the local LGBT but creating the best possible community. experiences for players, fans and “We started the conversation the local communities they serve. about hosting [a LGBT-themed “[This] statement advocates night] late into the season, the game of hockey as a powerhowever the Gulls stated they ful platform for participants to wanted to do something bigbuild character, foster positive ger with the Visitors Center,” Morgan M. Hurley | Editor

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San Diego Gulls hockey team mascot Gulliver during a tail gate party for LGBT attendees during 2015-2016 season. (Photo by Martha Henderson) Reynoso said. “Instead, we encouraged people via social media to come out take photos of themselves at a specific game and despite the short notice, we had nearly 50 combined guests.”

see Gulls, pg 11

In December, we shared with you an introduction to a new long distance rideshare program that had recently come to San Diego [Ref: “Taking a loop in a Tesla,” Vol. 18, Issue 12, or online at ]. In that analysis, we provided a quick introduction to the Tesla vehicles and the service itself. In this second part of the series, we’ve interviewed the founder of Tesloop, Haydn Sonnad, an 18-year-old Seattle native who moved to Los Angeles at age 8. An auto enthusiast from a very young age who admittedly memorized every detail of cars he found fascinating, Haydn stumbled across Tesla’s Model S during his relentless research at age 13 and was immediately taken with the electric, semi-autonomous sedan. By the time he turned 16, he was itching to own the $70,000 vehicle. At the urging of his father, Rahul Sonnad — who promised a down payment if his son could get the attention of the car company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk — young Haydn purchased a single share of Tesla stock and attended a shareholder’s meeting. There, he quizzed Musk on the vehicle’s safety concepts and the future of Autopilot, Tesla’s “self-driving” capability of the future. “[Musk] explained that within three years, the technical autonomy to drive coast to coast would be available, which helped my case,” Haydn said. Once he learned that there was a “happiness guarantee” allowing Tesla owners to return the car within three months of purchase with no questions asked, the deal was sealed and Haydn leased his first Tesla, the Model S he had longed for. Knowing he’d now have at least three months of

see Tesloop 2, pg 10



GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

A year in review — what the celebs said in 2017 Chris Azzopardi | Q Syndicate Before we forever move on from the rankling crap-stain known as 2017, let’s revisit some memorable words of encouragement said to me this past year, from a heap of A-listers who used their platforms for the greater good as they discussed important LGBTQ issues, their own sexuality, and more.

Nico Tortorella

Allison Janey as Lavonda Golden, Tonya Harding’s abusive mother (Courtesy NEON)

“I really like the term bisexual, and I fall somewhere under the umbrella that is bisexuality. I use the word bisexual because people have fought for so long for this word and the fact that it even exists in part of the LGBTI-et cetera is just a beautiful thing, and I’m not gonna be the person to take, like, fluidity or emotional fluidity or pansexual. I’m comfortable somewhere under the bisexual label, and I’m proud of it.”

and be like, ‘Look at us celebrating this thing you can’t do?’ That’s fucking putrid. Like, 90 percent of our friends are gay!”

Allison Janney

“[Gay men] really, really love strong women. They’re not afraid of women the way that some heterosexual men are. But they love a strong dame. They love a dame! So, that’s high praise. It’s high praise coming from the gays. So I am thrilled that I am in that club.”

(Courtesy Q Syndicate)

Shania Twain

Hawn and Schumer played mother and daughter in “Snatched.” (Photo

“Equality should be a no-brainer, automatic, all the way around.”

by Justina Mintz)

(l to r) Author Chris Azzopardi with Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell (Courtesy Q Syndicate)

Martha, Martha, Martha (Photo by

Mila Kunis

“The concept of marriage didn’t make sense to me because my [LGBT] friends couldn’t do it and I found nothing wrong with what they wanted. So, I was like, ‘Well, then it’s not sacred, then it’s not what it’s supposed to be, so I don’t want it.’”

Fadil Berisha)

Martha Stewart

“I don’t differentiate a gay wedding from a straight wedding. I just don’t differentiate ... I think it’s absolutely a fact that all men are created equal, and so I just treated people like equals my entire life. Equals in every single way, no matter what their proclivity is or what their sexuality is, or their color or their race.”

Kristen Bell

Sexually fluid Nico Tortorella (Courtesy Q Syndicate)

“[Marriage before equal marriage] just felt gross. What are we gonna do? Have a party

Goldie Hawn

“You know what I used to do? This is interesting. When we went through the AIDS period, it was a very scary time, and I would go visit guys and I’d get in bed with them just to be there with them.”

“Feud” star, Susan Sarandon, who played Bette Davis in the Ryan Murphy series (Courtesy FX)

Amy Schumer

“[Goldie and I are] both people who will stand up to the death for our gay friends and gay people and what’s going on in Chechnya and the fear of what will happen in the coming years. We’ll be there to fight alongside our gay friends.”

Susan Sarandon

“My people, my family for all these years have always been my allies and have always been very, very important to me, very dear to me through the

see Celebrity review, pg 4

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BRENNAN Brennan co-owns CDLA — a boutique design firm that focuses on high-end residential and commercial clients — with William Carson Joyce, his East Coast partner. The firm’s name, Carson Douglas, comes from the middle names of each partner. Some of Brennan’s notable local work includes the Orchid Award-winning Sofia Lofts in Golden Hill, a LEED-platinum development centered around a renovated historic residence; and Alcazar Court, the historic bungalow renovation in the heart of Hillcrest and SOHO Preservation Award winner. The firm also has a substantial portfolio of clients in New England. “Working on both coasts represents certain challenges in adapting to the regional aspect of projects, but more interestingly it is a vast opportunity to develop a fusion of styles,” Brennan said. “Bringing East Coast design elements to West Coast projects — and vice versa — has been extremely rewarding for our clients.” Originally from Garden Grove in Orange County, California, Brennan, now 38,

was hired right out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2002 by Gillespie Design Group (now known as GMP Design), allowing him to be near his family in North County. Brennan is a familiar face in the Hillcrest and LGBT communities and beyond, being active on many boards, including the Hillcrest Business Association and the Uptown Community Parking District. Then-Councilmember Todd Gloria also appointed him to the San Diego Bicycle Advisory Committee, and he was elected to and has been serving on the Uptown Planners community advisory board since 2015. In 2017, Brennan was honored by the San Diego Bicycle Coalition with their Golden Gear Award, for his outstanding contributions toward better bicycling across the region and for leading the advocacy efforts that will soon result in bike lanes along University Avenue in Hillcrest. The completion of these bike lanes to fill the “gap” in SANDAG’s regional bikeway network will represent a big win for the community and took years of tireless advocating. Brennan was also the Landscape Architect of record for the Hillcrest Pride Flag and Monument project, which has become a gayborhood landmark.

Michael Brennan (right) and his husband, Mike Halderson Brennan (Photo by Howie Realubit)

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018


Brennan re-envisioned Alcazar Court in Hillcrest (Courtesy Joe Dodd) “As a pro-bono project, I designed the plaza, the monument and championed the project through the planning and approval process in 2011 alongside the Hillcrest Business Association,” he said. The 65-foot flag pole was installed in 2012 and the monument at its base was completed the following year. Brennan partnered with the Lambda Archives of San Diego to provide the historic LGBT information inscribed on the four panels of the monument. Future community plans envision an expanded Pride Plaza as the anchor to a new linear park on the west half of Normal Street. Despite his full plate, Brennan still manages to find spare time, some of which he used last year to do what he loves — traveling — and did so to six countries: China, Thailand, United Kingdom, France, Monaco, and Spain. For 2017’s total eclipse, Brennan drove to Idaho and back, with his dog Stephano in tow. He’s also a self-professed weather geek and has a tornado-chasing tour booked for spring of 2018.

Brennan’s design of the Hillcrest Pride Flag and Monument (Courtesy Carson Douglas)

Having lived in Hillcrest for the past three years, Michael and his husband, Mike Halderson Brennan, will soon be moving their home as well as Brennan’s business over to the Golden Hill … to the Sofia Lofts. The couple met at Brennan’s Pride party in 2014. “I was instantly smitten by Mike’s charm and his adorable Yorkie,” Halderson Brennan said. Halderson Brennan, 33, is the store manager for West Elm San Diego. Beatrice, a rescued Yorkie, also recently joined the Brennan household. As Brennan looks ahead, he

hopes to live life to its fullest and make a difference. “I want to be inspired by my work and those around me and to leave the world a better place than I found it,” he said. For more information about Brennan and CDLA, visit cd-la. com. —Delle Willett has been a marketing and public relations professional for over 30 years, with an emphasis on conservation of the environment. She writes the “Art on the Land” column for Gay San Diego’s sister paper, San Diego Downtown News. Reach her at▼



GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

A day in my life at The Center Back Out with Benny Ben Cartwright Each year when we change calendars, many of us spend time reflecting on what we perceive as our faults and how we can improve upon them in the coming months. I’ve written in one of my January columns in the past about how I don’t make “New Year’s resolutions,” as they are, in my opinion, almost meant to be broken. We all know the stories of the packed gyms the first couple weeks of January as all of the “resolutioners” are hopeful they’ll meet some new fitness goal, only for most of them to fall back into old habits by the middle of the month. While I certainly did a lot of reflecting as 2017 turned into 2018 — I made my share of personal and professional mistakes last year — I decided to spend more time thinking about things that I have going for me, which are really good, and it’s really hitting me right now as I write this column (a couple days before press time). I just completed a really long work day at the San Diego LGBT Community Center and it dawned on me how fulfilling the myriad programs and projects I work on here are for me, along with the many other services The Center provides to our community that I may or may not be directly involved in.

Today I started wearing my HIV test counselor “hat” and was able to spend a good deal of time listening and talking to a client who needed the strength to regain confidence in himself sexually, after being in an emotionally abusive relationship. All I really did was listen, but I could tell this man needed someone to share with. After our half-hour session together, he left with his results, some new knowledge, and the feeling of a weight being lifted off his shoulders, because he was able to unpack some of the baggage he’d been carrying around inside. I could see a difference in his posture as he walked out of the room. It felt good. I spent the later part of the morning compiling the applications for our 2018 Young Professionals Council (YPC) Academy class. The YPC develops young leaders (ages 21-40) and providing support to this program continues to be a highlight of my career. We received a record number of applications this year and it was amazing to skim through the essays and read about people’s diverse backgrounds and why they want to get involved. There was definitely a lot of passion in these applications and I look forward to working with a committee to select the 2018 class. Later on, I communicated with some members of the LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor Advisory Council, which I serve as staff liaison to. Working with this committee, I’ve learned so much about the struggles of LGBT

at The Center, and just a tiny slice of all the services and programs my 50-plus colleagues provide year-round, but I wanted to give a little glimpse into my working life, since I usually write about personal things as we start out the new year. I’m really lucky to be here and as I always say, my door is open. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d like to know more, or just want a tour of our space. Oh and speaking of tours, the building at 3909 Centre St. that currently houses The Center’s main building was built in 1946 as The Craftsman Hall — a labor union headquarters.

veterans — especially as we go further back in time — and it is such an honor to be a part of this project, which highlights these true American heroes. This afternoon, I gave a tour of The Center to a group of college students. One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is showing people around The Center, talking about all the wonderful things we do and sharing pieces of the organization’s dynamic 45-year history. I especially love seeing people’s eyes light up as they walk into our beautiful auditorium, having not previously known that this grand space exists for our community’s major events. I also always love asking people to take a guess as to what The Center’s building was before we took over the space in the late 1990s. I ended the day with a huge smile on my face after working with an amazing group of volunteers who help me put on our monthly GGG: Game & Trivia Night. This group is so passionate about this fun social event, where we open our doors to any and every one to just come out and meet, hang out, play games and socialize in a safe environment. Whether 20 or 100 people show up, we continue to put on this event each month, and it really is a good time. After four hours of setting up tables, pouring beverages, serving pizza, talking to dozens of community members, and then tearing it all down, I’m exhausted, but smiling. I’m lucky to be a part of this work. The things I described above are just a part of my overall job

After the holidays, we’re all a little worn out, but there’s never a shortage of great things going on in our community. Here’s a few that I’m excited about: ● Monday, Jan. 8, 7–9 p.m. — San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus Open Auditions and Info Night Party — I’m a big supporter of the SDGMC, even though you’ll never have to hear me on stage singing (be thankful for that!). As they do before each concert season, the chorus welcomes new singing and non-singing volunteers to their ranks. At the upcoming info night party, prospective members and volunteers will learn about the chorus, have a chance to audition and meet other members. SDGMC is a really fun group, and I highly encourage anyone interested to check them out. ● Tuesday, Jan. 9, 6:30–8 p.m. — YPC’s First Tuesday


Alan Cumming

CELEBRITY 2017 AIDS crisis and everything. It’s just a natural, very easy, extended family for me.”

Getting out with Benny Series (on the Second Tuesday) for January — The Center’s YPC holds an event on the first Tuesday of each month (although they opted to move it to the second Tuesday this month, due to the first Tuesday’s proximity to the holiday). This month, YPC invites members and anyone else interested to join them at Mama’s Kitchen for an informative tour and presentation on the agency’s work to provide food to people living with HIV and cancer, followed by a mixer. ● Saturday, Jan. 20, 5–9:30 p.m. — San Diego Gulls Diversity Night — My good friend Eddie Reynoso of the San Diego LGBT Visitors Center, along with others, has worked really hard to bring a “Diversity Night” to Valley View Casino Center for the San Diego Gulls Game (they are our city’s hockey team, if you weren’t aware). After speaking with him about the event tonight, despite the fact that I’m not a sports fan, he got me really excited about this event. The evening will celebrate diversity while the Gulls play the San Jose Barracuda. Tickets include admission to the game, a pre-game tailgate, and the first 500 purchasers will get a free Gulls hat. Happy New Year! —Benny Cartwright is the director of community outreach at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. He can be reached at 619692-2077 ext. 106 or outreach@ Note: Byline photo by Rob Lucas Modern Aperture Photography.▼

“[Billie Jean King] just made a joke about my dick in the corridor. I’m like, ‘Billie Jean!’”

(Courtesy Kathy Griffin)

Demi Lovato (Courtesy Q Syndicate)

Demi Lovato

Alexandra Billings from Amazon Prime’s hit show, “Transparent”

Alexandra Billings

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“The trans experience comes in all different shapes and sizes and races and beliefs, and by beliefs, I mean spiritual beliefs. And we need to start addressing that what we are is not learned behavior. It’s not fashion and it’s not commentary. It is biological, it is genetic, and it reverberates throughout history — let’s start talking about that.”

Must be knowledgeable of these areas and have a minimum of one year advertising sales experience. The ideal candidate is an energetic team player who is bright, positive, creative and personable who relates to small business owners and can assess their advertising needs. Fulltime, base plus commission. For more information about our community newspapers, visit us at

Resume to David Mannis at (619)961-1951

“I love who I love. [But] I just feel like everyone’s always looking for a headline and they always want their magazine or TV show or whatever to be the one to break what my sexuality is.”

Kathy Griffin

“It’s important that the LGBT community keep standing strong. And what we’re gonna hear a lot of is, ‘Well, you guys are single-agenda.’ No, we’re equality. Equality is for all.”

(Courtesy ABC)

Dustin Lance Black

(Courtesy Awesomeness TV)

Todrick Hall

(l to r) Emma Stone and Cumming in a scene from “Battle of the Sexes” (Courtesy Fox Searchlight)

“I wanna be somebody who’s a trailblazer for our community — so a little Todrick in Texas right now can look up to me and say, ‘You know what? I can do it because Todrick did it.’”

“You tell an emotional story, you can change a heart; if you can change a heart, you can change a mind; you change a mind, you can change the law.” —Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter @chrisazzopardi.▼


Practical spirituality Practical spirituality can offer you joy, peace of heart and Life Beyond mind, and a sense of meaning Therapy … if you “practice” (e.g., live) it. Michael Kimmel Our “monkey mind” usually gets in the way, bombarding us with I don’t consider myself reliall kinds of random, distracting, gious, but I do consider myself not-helpful thoughts. to be on a spiritual path. I want What to do? In this new year, a kind of spirituality that is instead of making resolutions, practical; something I can use why not try some (or all) of these every day to enjoy my life more. ways to practice spirituality: Spirituality can exist within 1. Meditate. the context of religion or not. If you’re new to meditation, You can be agnostic and spiritustart with a minute a day and al or non-religious and spiritual. add a minute each subsequent You can even be an atheist and day: set yourself up for it to be be spiritual. easy. There are many ways to To me, you’re on a spiritu“do” meditation: sitting quietly al path if: 1) You believe that and focusing on your breath is a something fundamental holds nice, simple way to begin. the world together, whether that’s God (by any name), some type of universal consciousness, 2. Check in with yourself regularly. nature, or the human spirit; Be curious about what’s go2) You’re generally self-aware ing on in your body, mind and and inwardly working on heart. For example, what does yourself; and 3) You’re doing something to improve the world your mind feel like when you wake up? Spacious and clear, or around you.

‘Out on the Left Coast’ SDSU unveils its new website about the history of Pride Lambda Archives has a request for your help Wish list: Many of the photos on the SDSU Pride site are unlabeled and we could use your help in identifying the people and events preserved in those images. If you see an unlabeled photo or one that is mislabeled, you could help by sending an email to or The collections are also incomplete. We are missing Pride guides prior to 1984 (if any existed) and from 1989, 2013, 2014, and 2015. One of Lambda Archives next projects is to digitize the programs from all of the Imperial Court coronations. The Court is generously loaning their set of programs to the Archives to be scanned, but has found it is lacking the programs from coronations III, V and XVI (three, five and 16, if you’re not fluent in Roman numerals.) We are also lacking in the records and photos of community groups, clubs, and activist causes that may have only existed for a short time. We would like to have any records or histories you may have. Someone may have some of these materials at home because their name or photo was in them. If you do not wish to part with the original, we understand and would at least like to borrow them to scan and then return them to you. But in keeping with our role as the repository of the LGBTQ history of San Diego and Imperial counties and northern Baja California, we would like to have as complete a collection as possible. With SDSU’s help, we have the chance to digitize and further share our resources with a much wider audience on the web.

Out of the Archives Archives Staff Lambda Archives’ history of San Diego Pride was recently digitized by San Diego State University, under the direction of Anna Culbertson, assistant head of special collections and university archives, and Lisa Lamont, digital collections librarian. Those resources are now available to researchers and the general public on a new website, sdpride.sdsu. edu, which was unveiled on Dec. 6 with a reception in Love Library on campus. Called, “Out on the Left Coast,” the project began in 2016 and took more than a year to scan the thousands of materials from Lambda Archives and to create a site for displaying them, using a California Humanities Community Stories grant. The SDSU faculty and staff are hopeful the funding will be renewed to allow them to keep adding to the site in perpetuity and will continue to expand the scope of topics to augment the Pride collection. Culbertson, who is also on the board of Lambda Archives, said the collaboration enables a symbiosis between the university and the Archives. The labor-intensive project involved photographing Pride T-shirts, buttons and other ephemera, including banners, some 20 feet long, which presented some challenges to the team. Photographs, Pride guides (scanned page by page), personal papers and newspaper articles were digitized and placed in their proper position on the website’s timeline of national and international events (Stonewall, for instance) that influenced local history and

already thinking about everything you have to do that day? Is that different from your mental state around lunchtime or in the evening? What words frequently appear in your constant inner dialogue? What are your most common stress triggers? Where do you hold tension in your body? There is no right or wrong to any of this stuff, so be compassionate and don’t beat yourself up. Start with periodic quick check-ins and over time they’ll get easier and easier to do. Checking in with yourself can be a real gold mine of helpful information (all about you).

3. Pick an easy-to-achieve self-improvement goal.

Research has shown that starting with a small change and making it easy for yourself to succeed is what leads to lasting transformation over time. You could start with this question: What’s the smallest step I can take today to move my life forward? Set yourself up to win, go slowly and gradually.

are overlaid on a chronology of Pride. Over 2,300 scanned photographs along with photos of over 600 hats and T-shirts are on the site, covering 1971 until present. “This is the fruit of many months of hard work and creativity,” said history professor Matt Kuefler at the unveiling. “It’s also, I think, an important step in SDSU history. SDSU has long been a home of LGBTQI+ pride and I think this marks another step forward. It was the first women’s studies department in the country. It was the second LGBT studies department in the country. I think the buttons and T-shirts come from a time when people risked a lot, but when it was vital to make ourselves known and visible in the 1970s when most of the photos come from, civil rights was still a dream. It was still a work in progress. Those rights that were won were nearly swept away in the 1980s with the AIDS crisis. They had to be won again in the 1990s and maybe they now will have to be won again by us in our present day. “So I think in addition to a reminder of the past, these images, these materials

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

4. Look for ways to serve others.

Most of us want to do good in the world and may be tempted to go big and help as many people as much as possible. Sounds good, but please consider your abilities and limitations: Be kind to yourself. Don’t be a martyr (that doesn’t help anybody). Do whatever you are inspired to and capable of, and know that it makes a real difference. That $5 donation to your favorite charity? It helps. So does a hug and a listening ear for a friend who’s having a rough day. Volunteering for an evening at a local soup kitchen? Even one hot meal in one stomach makes a positive difference to the owner of that stomach. Did you let someone merge in front of you in traffic today? I guarantee you made them feel better about their fellow humans.

5. Try being a little more humble.

Many people misunderstand humility, thinking it means taking a back seat to others. But


true humility isn’t self-effacement. It’s having a clear understanding of what you have to offer, without getting caught up in your ego (e.g., “Aren’t I great because I’m so damn humble? Everyone should be like me”). Uh, no. That’s not it. Humility is a combination of recognizing what you’re lacking, knowing when you choose to defer to others, and assessing where your strengths lie. When you’re clear on these things and offer yourself humbly but without shame or shrinking, everyone benefits. May your new year be full of practical spirituality and may you reap all the benefits! —Michael Kimmel is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping LGBT clients achieve their goals and deal with anxiety, depression, grief, sexually addictive behavior, coming out, relationship challenges and homophobia. Contact him at 619-955-3311 or visit lifebeyondtherapy. com.▼

A screen shot from the Out on the Left Coast website, showing text from the pre-1969 timeline and an image of the original façade of The Hole, a gay bar that still exists on Lytton Street, which historians were happy to hear pre-dated Stonewall. ( should be a kind of inspiration to us for the future about people making things happen,” Kuefler said. “Many

of the people in these photos are nameless, they’ve been

see History, pg 7

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GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

Letters More artistic support

[Ref: “Gay News Briefs: Art fundraiser makes nearly a grand,” Vol. 8, Issue 26, or online at] Additionally, Patrick Brown and myself also sent off at least 40 postcards to Visual AIDS to raise more funds for the 20th anniversary of Postcard From The Edge. At $85 each, this could help them to raise over $3,000. We are so happy to be a conduit for this important program. Hope that we get a good response to the materials grant! Thanks for following Postcards From The Edge & Day With(out) Art! —Patric Stillman, via

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[Ref: “Senior Matters: Choosing care, community and county supervisors,” Vol. 8, Issue 26, or online at]


Need health insurance? Enroll in Covered California by Jan. 31 and save By Covered California News As the calendar turns to 2018, Covered California is in the homestretch of its drive to sign people up for health insurance by Jan. 31, the final day to enroll. As an incentive, the agency, which administers the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the state, is touting lower prices and financial assistance available to most Californians who qualify. “The time is now to ring in the New Year with a quality health plan that provides protection and peace of mind,” said Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California. “We have seen thousands of people signing up every day as we near this key deadline.” The latest data shows that more than 220,000 new consumers signed up for coverage through Dec. 15, which is about 10 percent more than last year, when 199,000 consumers selected a plan during the same time period. In addition, approximately 1.2 million existing Covered California consumers have had their coverage renewed for 2018. EDITOR Morgan M. Hurley (619) 961-1960 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS (619) 519-7775 Ken Williams, x102 Jeff Clemetson, x119 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Chris Azzopardi Michelle Burkart Benny Cartwright Michael Kimmel Lambda Archives Staff Frank Sabatini Jr. Romeo San Vicente Delle Willett WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA Sara Butler, x120

A recent Covered California analysis found that the net monthly premiums for enrollees who receive financial help are on average 10 percent lower than what new and renewing consumers paid last year. The lower prices are a result of more financial help being available for consumers who qualify for assistance. The Affordable Care Act is designed to protect consumers by providing more premium tax credits when premiums rise. “With the Jan. 31 deadline approaching, we want to make sure that consumers know about the increased financial help that is available to help bring health care coverage within reach,” Lee said. “When you do the math, hundreds of thousands of Californians are the winners — getting quality coverage at lower rates than last year.” What individuals will pay varies based on their circumstances, including whether they get subsidies to help purchase coverage, where they live and the plan options they choose, Lee said. The analysis found that consumers who select a COPY EDITOR Dustin Lothspeich SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Mike Rosensteel (619) 961-1958 ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS (619) 519-7775 Annie Burchard, x 105 Michele Camarda, x116 Heather Fine, x107 Sloan Gomez, x104 Brenda Vergara, x110 INTERNS Alex Ehrie Jennifer Gottschalk Erik Guerrero Denise White

Silver-tier plan are on average paying $3 per month less than they were in 2017, while consumers who select a Gold-tier plan will pay on average $78 less per month. Since 2014, more than 3 million people have purchased health insurance through Covered California, and nearly 4 million have enrolled in the state’s Medi-Cal program. Together, the gains have cut the rate of the uninsured in California from 17 percent in 2013 to a historic low of 6.8 percent as of June 2017. Consumers interested in learning more about coverage should visit the website, where ACCOUNTING Priscilla Umel-Martinez (619) 961-1962 WEB DESIGN Kim Espinoza

DISTRIBUTION Gay San Diego is distributed free every other Friday of the month. © 2017. All rights reserved. PUBLISHER David Mannis (619) 961-1951

they can explore their options and find out if they qualify for financial help by using the “shop and compare tool.” Consumers can also get free and confidential enrollment assistance by visiting and searching among 800 storefronts statewide and the more than 17,000 certified enrollers who can assist you with understanding your choices and enrolling, including assistance in other languages. —Representatives for Covered California can be reached at or by calling 800-300-1506.▼

Thanks for posting this article. I seldom get to San Diego, but have always loved the city. I live in Palm Springs, and have been a member of Gamma Mu almost from its beginnings. Senior living is a major issue. My late partner and I dealt with it in San Francisco where we helped take care of a very sick senior. Fortunately, he had an old in-home care policy that helped him through a few months before he had to be placed in hospice and passed. And even in Palm Springs, one of the more gay-friendly cities in the country, it can be an issue in the assisted living facilities. That has changed significantly since moving here in 2008. —Donald Ferguson, Palm Springs, via email Thank you for writing this article. This topic is finally (long overdue) about to reach public awareness here in Norway and Scandinavia. It’s a massive problem for gay people to go back into the closet once they have to go to an elderly home. Many find it extremely difficult to be open at these places, and nurses and doctors have no education how to deal with these issues. Again, thanks for sharing this. —Ronny F. Nygard, Norway, via Facebook ▼

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The challenges and successes of being certified #LGBTB2B Michelle Burkart Happy New Year and welcome to 2018 where the challenge of LGBT economic opportunities continues. For example, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which added LGBTBE certified businesses to its diversity supplier vendors list in November 2014, is still challenged with the question of how much total contract award percentage should be assigned to our community. I recently asked one of the trustees with its board of governors why this is. “We are just not sure how ‘economically disadvantaged’ the LGBT community is,” she replied. Seriously? The LGBTBE business community is inclusive of every disadvantaged minority community (i.e. women owned, Hispanic owned, African-American owned), so what is the question? By the end of 2017, I had assisted 14 LGBT businesses to get certified and provided over 178 hours of consulting and training time to help them be more successful. These entrepreneurs took the initiative to be counted, visible, and expand their opportunities. This year, I will be sharing LGBTBE certification stories from around the country on the successes and challenges of those who have become certified. For this column, I have interviewed four certified companies in California — which have a range of certification experience, from eight years to three months — Audrey de Lucia, co-founder of Ellaprint, in San Francisco; Milo Shapiro, owner of IMPROVentures; Joe Maak, CEO of Pride Resource Partners LLC; and Marci Bair CFP, Founder, Bair Financial Planning. The last three are all San Diego businesses. As I worked with the various companies through the certification process, or talked with others currently certified, I found three questions arose consistently; I asked each of the four business owners above those questions.

Why did you become LGBT certified?

(Audrey de Lucia | ADL) Our company is focused on environmental concerns and supporting local LGBT issues, so it seemed like a perfect balance to make the “choice to be counted,” to be a part of a larger advocacy group, and building relationships. We wanted a voice in the economic community. (Milo Shapiro | MS) My hope was that it would open doors for further business opportunities for my trainings. (Joe Maak | JM) My aerospace job had ended with the closing of the company I worked for as a facilities manager. I wanted my own business, so I started it in 2014 when the

Local business owners, including Marci Bair (far right), join Michelle Burkart (second from right) at a 2017 LGBT business mixer for Diversity Alliance. (Facebook) CPUC LGBT certification started. I was the first LGBT business to be certified by CPUC as I saw the opportunities and visibility a certification could provide to me. (Marci Bair | MB) With my involvement in the Corporate Social Responsibility movement, I felt it was important to be counted, not only as a women-owned but also as LGBT-owned, because it reflects the values of my company with regards to diversity.

What challenges did you encounter?

(ADL) As we moved into working with the larger corporate arena, cash flow has been the biggest challenge. Larger companies are used to paying out 90 days, and when we win a $40,000 contract, we cannot afford to wait that long. So, any other issue like building relationships, or producing the work is not so hard … but cash flow … yes hard. (MS) I found the opportunities are there. However, to get to those that exist, I would say the lack of uniformity in the administration and sign-up processes among different corporate or agency entities can be time consuming. Also, the technical aspect of individual registration for each company portal can be frustrating in order to be counted in their supplier database. So, one needs to keep track of renewal dates for your certifications and how that will affect each portal sign up. (JM) I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. When I got certified with the CPUC, companies were looking for LGBT-certified businesses and I was the only one at that time. So, within a short time, I got my first contract and my business grew exponentially from there. (MB) Two things were a challenge for me: a) clearing my schedule to get the documents in order and then actually register; and b) understanding the process better and the differences in the certifications. Luckily, I had Michelle’s help and encouragement.

What advice to you have for others?

(ADL) If you want to be counted as part of a larger

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018


voice, then this is a no-brainer to me, to get involved with the LGBT certification. It helps our community on so many more levels than just the business one, but it does take work. (MS) If you are already a member of an LGBT chamber, why not take advantage of the fee waiver? The annual NGLCC conference supports more networking and education on how to best work your certification as well. (JM) With the CPUC affiliates in California there are great trainings, mentoring and support that an LGBT-certified business has access to through the various affiliate supplier diversity departments. Sempra Energy spends 43 percent of its $9.3 billion budget with diversity-owned businesses, and in 2016 it spent $36.6 million with LGBT-certified businesses. (MB) My advice is threefold: a) understand the benefits and process; b) work with an advisor to understand how your business can execute the certification; and c) make the time to incorporate it into your company values. —Michelle Burkart is the principal at Diversity Supplier Alliance. Questions? Reach her at For more information on LGBTBE certification visit diversitysupplieralliance. com.▼

forgotten. Many are no longer with us. They were daring to be happy — to celebrate being proud in an era in which it was much more dangerous to do so. But they did and by doing so they made our society today better, more progressive, more enlightened, safer. Let’s take courage in looking at these people who are fighting for their rights and seem to be having a really good time doing it as well.” In his remarks, Walter Penrose, associate professor of history, thanked his colleagues, Lamont, Culbertson, and Kuefler, as well as Walter Meyer, manager of Lambda Archives, Jen LaBarbera, head archivist for the Archives, and its entire staff for their contributions. Penrose said he found the history provided an interesting perspective. “I was excited when I clicked on the site to see that The Hole is actually older than Stonewall. Maybe even older than me,” he said. “I’m really excited about using this site as something to teach students and to have them do research so I can see there is going to be a lot of possibilities. It’s a great opportunity for students to learn about digital humanities. It is a local history, but has a larger national context.”

Penrose and Kuefler both teach the Introduction to LGBT Studies classes at SDSU. The text for the site was researched and written by Angela Risi, who worked for SDSU and interned at Lambda Archives. Culbertson said that Lambda Archives’ holdings are so large that to limit it to a manageable amount of materials to start, they limited the project to the history of Pride, but they are hoping for an additional grant to allow for many more collections to be digitized and added to the site. Several of the faculty and staff members joined Lambda Archives for the walking tour of Hillcrest on Dec. 10 to see in person some of the locations they had read about on the website. The next walking tour is Jan. 13 at 11 a.m. and several other SDSU employees and students have asked to participate. The site is just one of many planned collaborations between the Archives and other community partners that Lambda Archives already plans to expand in 2018. —Lambda Archives, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to collecting, preserving and teaching the history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in San Diego and the Northern Baja California region, is located at 4545 Park Blvd., in University Heights. To learn more, stop in or visit their website at▼

events @THECENTER Tuesday, Jan. 9

Food Bank

D Cha ate nge


9-10:30 am, The Center The San Diego LGBT Community Center hostss a distribution site once a month for the Community Cares Project of the San Diego Food Bank. On the first Tuesday of every month, visit The Center’s parking lot for emergency food. For more information, visit the San Diego Food Bank at or contact LaRue Fields at 619.692.2077 x205 or

Tuesday, Jan. 9 & 23

Prostate Cancer Support Group Serving the Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Communities 6:30-8 pm, The Center A group for all GBT individuals interested in knowing more about Prostate Cancer, getting assistance on fighting it, or how to prevent it. Second and fourth Tuesday of the month. For more information, contact LaRue Fields at or 619.692.2077 x205.

Thursday, Jan. 11

Free Legal Clinicc

HIV+ Seniors Discussion Group

9:30-11:30 am, The Center

12 noon, The Center

The Access to Law Initiative, a project of California Western School of Law, holds legal clinics the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at The Center. At these clinics, attorneys will be available for free, 30-minute consultations to help evaluate legal issues. No appointment is necessary. For more information, call 619.692.2077.

The CDC estimates that over onequarter of all HIV/ AIDS patients are over 50 years old. If you are 50 years or better and living with HIV, then this discussion group is just for you! Discuss the topics that interest you most. Discover how to feel your best. Socialize with others who can relate. Join us for this lively discussion group to connect, to learn, and to have fun. This group meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at noon. For more information, contact LaRue Fields at or 619.692.2077 x205.

Tuesday, Jan. 9 & 23 The San Diego LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street • 619-692-2077

Twitter: @LGBTCenter



GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018


Fish for all tastes Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr.

Grilled giant shrimp topped with chimichurri sauce (Photos by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

Ahi and a side of zucchini from the grill

California Fish Grill

Fish and chips with kale coleslaw

California BBQ & Oven Cleaning “The most thorough BBQ and oven cleaning service!� We come to you! Have your BBQ or oven professionally steam-cleaned using non-toxic, biodegradable, USDA-approved products.

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It’s the El Pollo Loco of seafood, a proliferating West Coast chain that uses various species RIÀVKLQSODWHVWDFRVVDODGV and bowls. In two recent visits, the place favorably snagged my palate. California Fish Grill made its San Diego debut this summer in Mission Valley’s Park Valley Center. It was founded in Orange County in the late 1990s and has spread its affordable fast-casual concept into nearly 20 cities throughout California. Customers are faced with numerous wild-caught and farmraised choices, all listed conveniently with descriptive tasting notes. Varieties range from VZRUGÀVKDQGVHDEDVVWRVDOP on, ahi, ono and giant shrimp. $PRQJWKHà DNLHURSWLRQVDUH swai and tilapia, not to mention /RXLVLDQDFDWÀVKDQG,GDKR trout. Although aside from shrimp, the company draws the OLQHDWSULFLHUVKHOOÀVKVXFK as crab and lobster, which you ZRQ¡WÀQGRQWKHPHQX


$25 OithFthF is ad w

Call Today! (858) 210-2034

1530 Camino de la Reina (Mission Valley) 619-541-8723 Prices: Starters and sides, $1.50 to $6.99; salads, $9.49 to $12.99; bowls and tacos, $8 to $11.99; grilled fish and fry-ups, $8.49 to $13.99

,QP\Ă€UVWPHDOZLWKKXEE\ in tow, we stuck to the “grilledâ€? section of the menu. When doLQJVR\RXFDQRSWIRUDĂ€QLVK ing sauce (or seasoning) such as garlic butter, chimichurri or Cajun spices. The plates also include two sides, with excelOHQWĂ€UHURDVWHGVWUHHWFRUQLQ WKHRIĂ€QJIRUDQH[WUD,W¡V worth the up-charge. He ordered ahi tuna cooked rare and chose seasoned olive RLODVKLVĂ DYRUFRPSRQHQW which was so inconspicuous we couldn’t detect it. Just as well because the substantial cut of tuna, with its attractive grill marks on the outside and ruby Ă HVKLQVLGHWDVWHGDVFOHDQDQG fresh as any you’d encounter at a reputable sushi bar. Rounding out the meal were a few sheaths of beautifully grilled zucchini, a bowl of lightly seasoned white beans served in their own juices and a slice of white bread for mopping up everything. I gravitated to the giant VKULPSVHUYHGEXWWHUĂ LHGDQG with parsley-rich chimichurri as my sauce choice. As the most expensive item on the menu  LWIHDWXUHGĂ€YHRUVL[RI the jumbo crustaceans, grilled expertly with half of their shells on as a means of adding a little H[WUDĂ DYRU&RPELQHGZLWK two sides — the street corn and spicy garlic fries — I’ve paid nearly double for the equivalent of this meal in full-service seafood restaurants. This was worth every cent. I’m often asked what establishments in San Diego serve WKHEHVWĂ€VKDQGFKLSV2XWVLGH of The Corner Drafthouse in Bankers Hill or KnB Wine &HOODUVLQ'HO&HUUR,Ă€QG PRVWWREHDIĂ LFWHGE\VRPH thing; they’re either greasy, dry, soggy or over-battered. (Sorry Shakespeare’s and Princess Pub. You’re frequently guilty of at least one of those crimes.)

California Fish Grill is a San Diego newcomer. Assuming I didn’t happen to just get lucky ordering them right after the deep fryers were UHĂ€OOHGZLWKQHZRLO,¡OOJODGO\ YRXFKIRUWKHĂ€VKDQGFKLSV here because of quality and SULFH   7KHVZDLZKLWHĂ€VKZDVVX per-light and moist, like puffy cumulus clouds encased in deliFDWHEDWWHUWKDWZDVĂ€OOLQJDQG crunchy yet without shellacking your mouth in oil. Then there’s the bonus of VODWKHULQJ\RXUIULHGĂ€VKLQ two different tarter sauces available at the condiments bar. The house version is speckled with sweet relish and red bell peppers while the classic New England-style is tangier in comparison. Both are thick and mayo-based and paired swimmingly with the long, thin french fries. Also included with the meal is decent coleslaw strewn with (yawn) fresh kale. After ordering at the front counter and being handed a buzzer, you pick up your meals on large, metal cookie sheets from a buffet table fronting the semi-open kitchen. The latter half of that system works well, although because customers are faced with decisions — grilled versus fried; plates versus tacos or bowls, etc. — the order line can move painfully slow, as though everyone ahead of you is opening a mortgage. Additional staff and cash registers are sorely needed since this isn’t quite as easy as ordering a Filet-o-Fish at McDonald’s. Other menu options include Asian shrimp and Cajun salmon salads; breaded shrimp, polORFNRUFDODPDULIULHGFDWĂ€VK YDULRXVĂ€VKWDFRVLQFOXGLQJRQR 9HUDFUX]DQGULFHERZOVĂ€OOHG with proteins such as cilantro-lime salmon or “dynamiteâ€? shrimp. Chicken breast is also available, and served either straight off the grill or in salads, bowls and tacos. Beverages include a limited selection of craft and domestic EHHUSOXVWLWLOODWLQJO\Ă DYRUHG tap sodas by Stubborn and housemade lemonades and iced teas. California Fish Grill is WKHNLQGRIFKDLQHDWHU\Ă€VK lovers have long deserved, a bright and modernly designed place that is affordable, yet with some exquisite dishes WKDW\RX¡GEHPRUHDSWWRĂ€QG in gastropubs and full-service restaurants. —Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diegoâ€? (ECW Press), and began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You can reach him at


The stretch of Adams $YHQXHQHDUWK6WUHHWFRQtinues growing into a culinary hot spot with the announcement that a former dry cleaner’s will soon morph into a gourmet gelato shop. Due to open this spring under the name An’s Dry Cleaning, the project has been years in the making between longtime friends and will feature seven rotational à DYRUVXVLQJLQJUHGLHQWVVRXUFHG from local purveyors whenever SRVVLEOH6RPHRIWKHà DYRUVZLOO stick to tradition while others featuring cactus, goat cheese and wasabi not so much. The gelatos will also be used to create cakes adorned with carved fruits. 3017 Adams Ave.,

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

Don’t be misled by the name of this upcoming gelato shop on Adams Avenue. (Courtesy Bay Bird)

Mission Valley’s dearth of pizzerias recently grew larger with the closing of The Works in the Friars Mission Center shopping plaza. The space, which is nestled among Grater’s Grilled Cheese, The Flame Broiler and Tandoor, was still XSIRUOHDVHDVRI-DQ Mission Center Road. A little further east in the Rio Vista Plaza, The Poke Co. has replaced Kasi, an Indian restaurant that struggled XQGHUà HHWLQJVHWVRIRZQHUV This is the second San Diego location of the Los Angelesbased Poke Co., which has an outlet in the Gaslamp Quarter as well. 8950 Rio San Diego Drive, 619-542-9234,

Josh McCorkle recently introduced Copper Top Coffee & Donuts in a familiar Hillcrest structure. (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.) The iconic A-frame structure in Hillcrest that housed Wienerschnitzel for many years sprung back to OLIH'HFDV&RSSHU7RS Coffee & Donuts. Owner Josh McCorkle, a Seattle native who worked in the restaurant and coffee industries for 20 years, said the venture marks WKHĂ€UVWRIPRUHFRIIHHVKRSV he hopes to open around town. “Hillcrest was the warmest and most inviting community ZHFRXOGĂ€QGIRURXUĂ€UVWORFDtion,â€? he said. “We’re serving high-end coffee in a drivethrough setting.â€? The menu features coffee drinks and a proprietary blend of espresso, using beans from the Seattle-based roaster, Rococo.

There’s also locally sourced Bootstrap Kombucha on tap along with cake-style doughnuts made to order. Those are available with various toppings such as white chocolate with coconut and sprinkles; sugar and cinnamon; and salted caramel with chocolate and crushed walnuts. $GGLWLRQDOĂ DYRUFRPELQDWLRQV are in the pipeline along with breakfast and lunch sandwiches. McCorkle retained the walkup window in front and added a drive-through window in the back. New seating alongside the building was installed as well as fresh plumbing, lighting and kitchen equipment. “I love the idea of turning something old and decrepit into something fresh and vibrant,â€? he added. 101 W. Washington St.,

Create your own poke bowls at the newest San Diego location of The Poke Co. (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.) 6DQ'LHJR¡VÀUVWDQGRQly Scottish gastropub (the Tilted Kilt doesn’t count) has delayed its opening due to last-minute construction issues. Owner Peter Soutowood originally set his sights on New Year’s Eve to debut Fourpenny House in La Mesa. But he assures the venture will now open by the end of January to the tune of bagpipes, house-made Scottish meals and four types of signature beers brewed onsite. Heading the kitchen is David Chenelle, board chairman of the Chefs de Cuisine Association of San Diego and past executive chef for the Silver Gate Yacht Club. 8323 La Mesa Blvd.,


An elegant Japanese restaurant with impressive design features has opened in Little Italy. (Courtesy Cloak & Petal) New to Little Italy’s dining scene is Cloak & Petal, DVTXDUHIRRWVSDFH designed to look like an abandoned Tokyo subway station. The modern, upscale Japanese restaurant was launched by restaurateurs Cesar Vallin and business partner Isamu Morikizono, who also owns Tajima.

The aesthetics feature glazed tiles and brick as well as detailed “hanami-inspiredâ€? cherry blossom trees, replete ZLWKĂ RZHULQJEUDQFKHV$Q ambitious sake and cocktail program is in place to augment a menu of crafty small plates, sashimi and nigiri. 1953 India St., 619-501-5505,


Don’t just plead guilty! There may be defenses in your case that can lead to reduced charges or even a dismissal!

1/20V Susan Happy New Year Hartman from your DUI defense firm!



Susan L. Hartman

—Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at fsabatini@san.

Start your new year with “the most perfect comedy in the English language.� The Daily Telegraph

1/5V Old Globe, The

January 27 – March 4 By Oscar Wilde Directed by Maria Aitken Oscar Wilde’s wildly entertaining comedy sparkles with dazzling wordplay and hilariously unlikely situations. This “trivial comedy for serious peopleâ€? features two carefree bachelors, Jack and Algernon, each with a carefully hidden double life. But when Algernon discovers that Jack has been posing as a man named Ernest to escape to the city, he promptly travels to Jack’s country estate to pose as the ďŹ ctional ďŹ gure himself! Silliness ensues with whimsical ingĂŠnues, jealous ďŹ ancĂŠes, indomitable dowagers, and the most famous handbag in theatre history.

Tickets start at $30 (619) 23-GLOBE (234-5623)



GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018


TESLOOP 2 lease payments to manage, Haydn devised a plan based on the economics of the vehicle’s features — no fuel costs, low maintenance and even lower carbon footprint — and began putting the word out about a shuttle-style “tech-transport” service he was offering from LA to Las Vegas; he offered three seats in each vehicle on each one-way route. Soon Rahul joined as CEO and after initial rounds of advertising, word-of-mouth soon took over and the service did so well it got Tesloop up and running with a newer Tesla line, an SUV called the Model X. These vehicles can hold four passengers per car and luggage. They also offer free Wi-Fi, and phone/tablet/laptop charging. While the LA-to-Vegas route eventually lost its practicality and the service ended in the spring of 2017, Tesloop is planning a one-way car rental service for the same route in the future at what Haydn called “an extremely competitive price.” In his end-of-the-year letter sent to Tesloop users just before Christmas, Haydn talked about the mission and premise of the burgeoning company he created. “When we started Tesloop, we had one mission: to leverage the economic, environmental, and social advantages of a new kind of car; one that was electric, deeply connected, and increasingly autonomous. Our goal was to use these vehicles to create a transportation service that benefits our health, communities, and planet and do so in an economically scalable manner. “We founded Tesloop on the premise that a new generation of vehicles had substantially more potential to reverse our trajectory of environmental

Haydn Sonnad launched his long distance ride-share company two and a half years ago at the age of 16. (Courtesy Tesloop) degradation if they could be utilized more effectively. It seemed clear that the best way to realize the transformative benefits of Tesla vehicles was to put as many people in each vehicle as possible, and run them around the clock in a rideshare setting.” We posed a number of other questions to Haydn, which are best left in his own words. (Gay SD | GSD) Since my first article on Tesloop, I’ve gotten some questions from people who felt you were more closely related to Tesla. In what ways do you interact with them (aside from acquiring their cars)? (Haydn Sonnad |HS) We have a working relationship with Tesla. We believe that Tesloop is very aligned with Tesla’s mission and provides numerous benefits to Tesla.


Limited Time Offer

3 sessions $99

Get Started Today!


Mission Hills 4019 Goldfinch Street San Diego, CA 92103 *Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply. See studio for details. © 2017 Fitness Together Franchise Corporation. All rights reserved. Each Fitness Together® studio is independently owned and operated.

(GSD) Does the Tesla Model X (SUV), which you now use, have the same lifespan as the Model S? (HS) Yes. The drivetrain of electric vehicles has very few moving parts, which is one of the reasons why they are able to run for much longer than their [internal combustion engine] counterparts. (GSD) Do you feel the Model X is the safest commuter ride-sharing car on the road? (HS) Yes, it is. The vehicle is the highest rated SUV by the [Insurance Institute for Highway Safety] and the advanced driver assistance features exemplify the safety of the hardware. (GSD) Some of your themes are aircraft related. Why is that? (HS) We like to think of Tesloop as a rolling airline in a sense, but more particularly we conflate the best aspects of trains, buses, and planes into one awesome service. We also think calling our drivers “pilots” is cool. (GSD) Is it free to access the Tesla-owned Supercharger network if you are a Tesla owner/ operator? (HS) The eight cars that we have are grandfathered into the free supercharging-for-life program; moving forward, we will have to begin to pay for Supercharger access. However, since the cost of electricity is roughly 1/5 the cost of gas per mile, this expense is marginally negligible in the business model. (GSD)How does your frequent flyer-type program, which gives riders “carbon credits” for using the service, work? (HS) We are working on “tokenizing” our entire system. When we look at the fundamental principles of tokenization, block chain, and crypto-economics, we think they’re very well-suited for a transportation network. In the near future, we will

have a really cool frequent flyer program with great rewards and incentives. (GSD) How does the algorithm for pickups and drop-offs work? (HS) In general, estimating pickup times before you know the order of pickups or what route will be traveled on is an extremely complex problem. In a simple sense, the fi rst person to book a seat on the trip dictates the route the car will take. For example, on a Los Angeles-to-Palm Springs trip, there are multiple highways that can be taken, and then all additional bookings on that trip must be along that route. Our trip search function just fi nds the closest available pickup/drop-offs to the address input in the search fields. So it is possible that if you are in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), you would be able to get a pickup at a hotel around the block, but if somebody books a seat on that trip with a pickup in Orange County before you, the driver won’t have enough time to go to DTLA, so the closest pickup will be along that route. In the future, we are going to make this very user-friendly. For many passengers, our pickup/drop-off locations are much more convenient to get to than train stations or bus stops. Since it is ride-sharing, most of our pickup/drop-off locations are along the highway, so anybody already in the ride never has to detour more than a few minutes for additional pickup/ drop-offs. This placement helps streamline the process and reduce consumer costs. (GSD) While I never expect you to become a door-to-door service, Los Angeles is such a vast metropolis and Culver City/LAX etc. are pretty far from most destinations. How can you mitigate this challenge for commuters? (HS) We initially chose to streamline the pickups to more southern routes, since there was enough demand for these

regions and this allowed us to increase utilization. As a result, as of now we don’t have any pickup/drop-off locations north of Culver City. Once our next batch of cars come in, we will deploy them out of Burbank, which will allow us to cover west LA through DTLA [and the Valley]. We have pickup/drop-off locations throughout the cities we serve, so many people are able to get picked up/dropped off within a few miles of their true origin/destination. Conceptually, we can offer door-to-door service once we have enough traffic coming from and going to similar areas. All of our routing can be done through software. (GSD) Tell me about the music that is available in each car. (HS) We have our own music streaming service that is available upon request and we also curate new music playlists in house to enhance the atmosphere in the vehicle. If you book the whole car, you can play your own music. (GSD) Why do the costs per seat vary so much? What criteria come into play? (HS) Pricing is currently based on demand, day and time, although it’s not too sophisticated. Our pricing will become more sophisticated as we gather and process more data. (GSD)What do you look for in a driver to become a Tesloop pilot and what are your long-term expectations of that driver? (HS) We generally look for people that are passionate about accelerating sustainable transportation and are very personable. Since pilots are our brand ambassadors “in the trenches,” we expect them to represent our values and deliver amazing customer service. Many of our pilots tend to work part time to supplement their income, so it’s very flexible.

see Tesloop 2, pg 15


Thursday, Jan. 18, 6:30 p.m. “Who Can Play? LGBTQ participation in professional, amateur and school sports”

Diversity Night

Gossip Grill 1220 University Ave. Hillcrest

San Diego Gulls vs. San Jose Barracuda Valley View Casino Center 3500 Sports Arena Blvd. Midway District

(l to r) Mario Garcia, Eddie Reynoso and Martha Henderson attend a Gulls game last season. (Photo by Martha Henderson) team in the America’s Finest City Softball League, as well as a dodgeball team in the local Varsity Gay League — said the upcoming events will be You Can Play’s debut in San Diego. “Our goal is to provide trainings and help promote equality in every aspect of sports,” she said of the organization’s future in the region. “From locker

(l to r) Alex Ordoubegian and Dominic Mangiapane enjoy a Gulls game in 2017. (Photo by Austin Jacobsen)

ers, and get your picture taken with Gulliver the team mascot and the Gulsl girls. It will also allow attendees a place to meet up with friends and the perfect atmosphere for LGBT youth and families, Reynoso said. “I encourage everyone to wear their pride and Gulls gear and join us at 5 p.m.,” Reynoso said. “I am most excited about the Gulls wearing rainbow jerseys for their warm-up session — so I also encourage people to come early, take part in the tailgate and then come into the arena to watch the team warm up in their diversity night jerseys. No other professional sports team in San Diego has shown their support in such a powerful and visual way.” Henderson — no stranger to sports, as manager of a softball


LGBTs In The News

GULLS During the off-season, Gulls management met with Reynoso and Martha Henderson — regional board member of You Can Play, a national nonprofit focused on diversity in sports — to collaborate and formulate plans for what became the actual Diversity Night event. “Melissa Werman [Gulls director of community relations] and Casey Callahan have been incredibly open and receptive to our ideas and plans, and continue to encourage us to think bigger about the future of this event and how we can continue to grow it for years down the road,” Reynoso said. “They are also taking everything they learn this year, what works and what doesn’t, and using that information to develop a manual that other teams around the nation can use for their own Diversity Night.” “Diversity Night is an all-new celebration of the San Diego community,” Reynoso said. “It is a night when people from various backgrounds and abilities will come together and share their love of hockey. For the LGBT community, it will be an opportunity to come out and experience the sport, in a fun and safe environment.” Prior to the “puck drop” at 7 p.m., there will be a tailgate party sponsored by Bud Light in the arena’s parking lot starting at 5 p.m. The family-friendly event will have interactive games, drawings, drink specials, the opportunity to win Gulls gear, meet play-

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

rooms, front offices, the fields and the spectator areas, we hope to make an impact at every level of the sports community. We know there is work already being done, so we would love to help support those doing that work as well.” Henderson said she is looking to build a “street team” to attend sporting events and potentially provide the training sessions. Those who wish to volunteer with You Can Play can contact Henderson at In addition to Diversity Night at the sports arena, local journalist Thom Senzee, in collaboration with You Can Play, will bring a special edition of his LGBTs In The News event to Hillcrest on Thursday, Jan. 18, related to the sports theme. The

free event, to be held at Gossip Grill, will consist of a four-person panel of experts, players and community members. LGBTs In The News was first launched in 2013 after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned California’s Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and Senzee has conducted five of the panel-style events since then, touching on topics such as improving LGBT news coverage; being trans in America; bisexuality; and LGBT activism. The name of the Jan. 18 event is “Who Can Play? LGBTQ participation in professional, amateur and school sports,” and Senzee has a diverse panel lined up, including Sam Johnson, a soccer player at Whittier College who made headlines when he came out in high school; Brooke Sullivan, a transgender player with the San Diego Surge tackle football team; Matt Savant, president of business operations with the San Diego Gulls; and comedian and sports enthusiast Erin Foley. “My personal belief is that there are probably a lot more gay, bi or pansexual men in professional sports — and always have been — than we currently know; that means it‘s not safe enough [to come out],” Senzee said, adding that Savant will be the first straight ally to participate as a panelist in one of his LGBTs In The News events. While responses start out based on prompts initiated by Senzee, who acts as the evening’s moderator, the discussion eventually builds organically between the panel members and as a result of audience engagement. “Our attendees are the most important people in the room at any event,” Senzee said. “We devote a lot of time for the Q&A period. I hope our audience will leave with something they’ve learned, something they’ve taught and something they can’t wait to share.

“I also hope they’ll enjoy our headliner panelist, out actor, comedian and comic writer Erin Foley, whose work appears everywhere from Hulu to NBC and Comedy Central,” he continued. “Erin’s not only a jock, a funny person, and an out lesbian; she also has a podcast called ‘Sports without Balls.’ How can you not want to come hear more?” Senzee said Henderson will introduce him at the event and receive something in return. “Thanks to support from visibility partners, including Dr. Bronner’s and MO’s Universe, LGBTs In The News will be presenting a check to help You Can Play create safe, fun spaces for LGBTQ athletes to play sports.” Though attendance to the panel is free, Senzee encourages everyone to RSVP at Reynoso will also be on hand at Gossip Grill that

Tailgate party 5 p.m. Puck drop 7 p.m.

Thursday, selling tickets to the Gull’s Diversity Night the following Saturday, and will also have a table set up for will call, for those who have already purchased tickets. Both the San Diego LGBT Visitor Center and You Can Play will benefit from ticket sales to this special night at the Gulls hockey game, so come out and celebrate diversity, hockey and our local LGBT organizations. For more information about Diversity Night, visit or search “Diversity Night” on Facebook.▼ —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at morgan@sdcnn. com.▼

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District 9 Councilmember Georgette Gomez


City of SD Pothole and Graffiti Hotline


Trash collection Environmental Services


SD County Animal Services (24 hour)


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GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jan. 18, 2018


Deep Inside Hollywood:



PLAN AHEAD NOW to inspect & tune up your system! Call Today

(619) 463-0350

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will and Graceâ&#x20AC;? returned to TV in the fall to the elation of gays everywhere. (NBC/Facebook)

Romeo San Vicente | Q Syndicate The past 12 months have seen us finding refuge in our own queer selves. The sheer volume of LGBT-themed cultural content allowed a lot of us to see taking the occasional break from the harsh political and social climate of this year as a form of self-care, even if it was just to swoon to the â&#x20AC;&#x153;TRLâ&#x20AC;?endorsed, girl-loves-girl pop of upstart singer Hayley Kiyoko. Her summer single â&#x20AC;&#x153;Feelingsâ&#x20AC;? was the bounce we needed and we want 2018 to make her a household name. And on the subject of amazing lesbians, if you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t had a chance to get into Netflixâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Godless,â&#x20AC;? a western that involves a town populated almost entirely by women, then youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re late to the romance between Mary Agnes (Merritt Wever of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nurse Jackieâ&#x20AC;?) and Callie (newcomer Tess Frazer).

sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the only Indian lesbian character on network TV, so sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vital (also crush-worthy, as several woman-loving women we know have informed us). Lesbians behind the camera made a dent in year-end criticâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s polls, with Dee Reesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mudboundâ&#x20AC;? (also on Netflix, see how easy this is?) earning acclaim and a Golden Globe acting nomination for Mary J. Blige, while Angela Robinsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ambitiously polyamorous â&#x20AC;&#x153;Professor Marston and The Wonder Womenâ&#x20AC;? earned critical respect if not the huge audience it deserved. We also loved the powerful documentary â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whose Streets?â&#x20AC;? from directors Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis. It told the stories of Ferguson, Missouri, protestors, some of whom were queer people of color putting their beliefs into actions for the cause of justice.

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The current gay hot movie ticket is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Call Me By Your Nameâ&#x20AC;? (Couresty Sony Pictures) Michelle Dockery (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Downton Abbeyâ&#x20AC;?) is in this one, too, so stop what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re doing and watch. They have rifles. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re also very here for the bisexual journalist and herbal healer Nova (Rutina Wesley) on the amazing and gorgeous â&#x20AC;&#x153;Queen Sugarâ&#x20AC;? (not to mention transgender actor Brian Michael who played a trans male police officer on that show), for the comics-nerd-power lesbian Maggie Sawyer (played by Floriana Lima) on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Supergirl,â&#x20AC;? and for Melanie Chandra on CBSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Code Black.â&#x20AC;? The medical drama is, OK, fi ne, kind of for your parents, but we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get enough of Chandraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lesbian doctor. And

In theaters, the gay hot ticket was (and still is) â&#x20AC;&#x153;Call Me By Your Name,â&#x20AC;? a beautiful post-â&#x20AC;&#x153;Brokebackâ&#x20AC;? love story between young men not having to hide their affection quite as much as those vintage cowboys. Making a smaller cultural splash was the UK indie â&#x20AC;&#x153;Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Own Country,â&#x20AC;? but it was no less moving or sexy. When it hits home video, go find it (and turn on the captions because those Yorkshire accents are tough). â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will & Graceâ&#x20AC;? came back, as though it had never left the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;90s, and it felt like comfort food; â&#x20AC;&#x153;American Godsâ&#x20AC;? gave us two queer Muslim characters (Omid Abtahi and Mousa Kraish) and


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Zip Codes: 91941, 91942

15,000 Distribution Î&#x2021; Bi-Weekly Serving San Diegoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s LGBT Community Distributed Countywide

Community News

Award Winning Journalism

Â&#x201E; Number one source of community information Â&#x201E; Hyper-local news and features Â&#x201E; In print and online; updated daily

Â&#x201E; Proud recipient of numerous â&#x20AC;&#x153;Excellence in Journalism Awardsâ&#x20AC;? Â&#x201E; Regular recipient of local and national press awards

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see Hollywood, pg 16


GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018

Friday, Jan. 5

Glitz and Glam at LIPS: Join Tootie every Friday and Saturday as your host for an over-the-top glamorous drag show with big hair, high heels and lots of duct tape. First dinner seating 6:30 and 7 p.m., second seating 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. $10 cover and $15 food minimum. Reservations required. 21 and up. Lips, 3036 El Cajon Blvd., North Park.

Saturday, Jan. 6

Hillcrest Neighborhood Walk: Join Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) board members, volunteers and other community members as they walk around the neighborhood in an effort to meet more neighbors. Focus will be the promotion of HTC’s Jan. 9 community meeting. Those willing to help walk a portion of the neighborhood during this canvassing effort, RSVP to with your name and the Hillcrest block you live on. A volunteer will drop off flyers to your home between 10-11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 6. Even if you don’t live in Hillcrest, you can still participate. RSVP with your name and that you live outside of the area and you’ll be assigned a meeting point. 11 a.m.– 1 p.m. More info bit. ly/2lHU54y. Winehouse experience: An Amy Winehouse tribute band comes to San Diego. Tickets are $20 advance and $22 day of show. Street parking and paid lot parking available, table reservations and VIP also available, email vip@ or call 619-836-1847. 8–11 p.m. The Music Box, 1337 India St., Little Italy. Sunday, Jan. 7

SDWC Spring Orientation: Want to sing with San Diego Women’s Chorus? Their 31st season starts this month and they are looking for new members. Prospective members should RSVP to membership@sdwc. org. Requirements can be found by visiting bit. ly/2lPDw6A. Those interested must attend an orientation session to learn more about SDWC; their upcoming season; meet with artistic director Kathleen Hansen to check ability to match pitch; and prepare for their spring concert “Voices” on April 29. SDWC rehearses Sunday afternoons from 4–7 p.m. at Mission Hills United Church of Christ. Orientation takes place today, 4–7 p.m. Mission Hills United Church of Christ, 4070 Jackdaw St., Mission Hills. bit. ly/2EBuqSF

Monday, Jan. 8

Open auditions for SDGMC: If you love to sing, dance or volunteer for the arts, you may want to consider joining SDGMC for their new season. They will soon begin to prepare for their new show “Movie Night.” To join, visit SDGMC. org, click the “Join the Chorus” tab and send your application. Or come out tonight and meet their 200 members in person at their Info Night Party. Learn what it’s like to be part of the chorus. Singer auditions begin tonight at 7 p.m. and continue on Saturday, Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 14 at 2 p.m. Free parking is available across the street at the Hillcrest DMV. 7 p.m. University Christian Church 3900 Cleveland Ave., Hillcrest.

Fifth Ave., Hillcrest. bit. ly/2CArY0y

Thursday, Jan. 11

EarthJustice event: The world’s environmental challenges are greater than ever and an organization called Earthjustice holds those who break our nation’s environmental laws accountable for their actions. Come to Uptown Tavern and help Earthjustice with their key goals: helping the wild; healthy communities; clean energy; and a healthy climate. Ten percent of all sales will go to Earthjustice and their efforts. 4–11:45 p.m. Uptown Tavern, 1236 University Ave., Hillcrest. bit. ly/2EQIWX4

Friday, Jan. 12

‘Illuminate Your Being’ during MLK weekend: Join resident DJs DJ Taj, Autumn Leilani and Mike Orion for MO’s annual glow dance party. Put on your neons and dance the night away. Drink specials, hot go-gos in a glow wonderland. Urban MO’s, 308 University Ave., Hillcrest. bit. ly/2lGXvUZ

Saturday, Jan. 13

Wednesday, Jan. 10

Pictionary: Join Tiger and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence every Wednesday night on the back patio. Match your skills, win fun prizes, enjoy fabulous hosts, have lots of fun and raise money for good causes. 7:30-10 p.m., #1 Fifth Ave., 3845

Open auditions for SDGMC: If you love to sing, dance or volunteer for the arts, you may want to consider joining SDGMC for their new season. They will soon begin to prepare for their new show “Movie Night.” To join, visit SDGMC. org, click the “Join the

Chorus” tab and send them your application. Or come out tonight and meet their 200 members in person at their Info Night Party. Learn what it’s like to be part of the chorus. Singer auditions started Jan. 8 and continue today at 1 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 14 at 2 p.m. Free parking is available across the street at the Hillcrest DMV. 7 p.m. University Christian Church 3900 Cleveland Ave., Hillcrest. bit. ly/2E2hUKT

Sunday, Jan. 14

New Year Cabaret Brunch: Special guest Brooke Lynn Hytes will perform along with your favorite local queens, including Vanity Jones, Kickxy Vixen-Styles and Bebe Gunn, offering you a cabaret experience while you eat brunch. Packages are $27 and include bottomless mimosas or house wine and a brunch buffet as well as the cabaret show. $12 deposit required. To reserve your seat, visit 11 a.m.–2 p.m. Gossip Grill, 1220 University Ave., Hillcrest. bit. ly/2qeKoPL

Pride in MLK holiday parade: Come out and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with San Diego Pride as they march in the San Diego MLK Holiday Parade. You can participate in the parade or watch from the sidelines and cheer them on. Other participating organizations include San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition; San Diego Original Black Panthers; DETOUR (Depositing Empowerment Through Outreach and Urban Redevelopment); She Fest. If you’d like to march, meet at 1:30 p.m. For more info, email Bob Leyh at bob.leyh@sdpride.

org. Parade, 2–4 p.m. San Diego County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, Downtown. bit. ly/2EEX0CV

Open auditions for SDGMC: If you love to sing, dance or volunteer for the arts, you may want to consider joining SDGMC for their new season. They will soon begin to prepare for their new show “Movie Night.” To join, visit SDGMC. org, click the “Join the Chorus” tab and send your application. Or come out tonight and meet their 200 members in person at their Info Night Party. Learn what it’s like to be part of the chorus. Singer auditions started Jan. 8, continued yesterday, and continue today at 2 p.m. Free parking is available across the street at the Hillcrest DMV. 7 p.m. University Christian Church 3900 Cleveland Ave., Hillcrest. bit. ly/2E2hUKT San Diego Travel and Adventure show: Meet and listen to the author of the best-selling “1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” who will dip into her book’s collection of attractions and take you around the world, sharing a few of her favorite destinations, history, interesting facts and beautiful photography. The presentation will be followed by a book signing. 3–4 p.m. San Diego Convention Center, 111 W. Harbor Drive, Downtown. bit. ly/2EFTGqQ

Saturday, Jan. 15

Pride youth lunch bunch: Every second Saturday of the month, join San Diego Pride at their offices with other LGBTQ+ junior high and high school-age

Monday, Jan. 16

Mobile medical unit at The Center: The Family Health Centers of San Diego mobile medical unit will be located in the San Diego LGBT Community Center’s parking lot every Monday from 3–7 p.m. Services include basic primary care, immunizations, PEP & PrEP (through Rx), STD screening and treatment, chest/breast cancer screening, family planning, pap smears, pregnancy testing, hormone therapy and sick and well visits. To make an appointment, call 619-692-2077 ext. 208. The Center, 3909 Centre St., Hillcrest.

Wednesday, Jan. 17

January meeting — San Diego Chapter of NOW: Bring your markers, your scissors and your voice and help the San Diego Chapter of NOW plan for the upcoming oneyear anniversary of the Women’s March. Ample parking, carpooling is available, wheelchair and sign language interpreting available. Women’s Museum, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, Liberty Station.

Thursday, Jan. 18

LGBTs in the News — Sports: This special edition of LGBTs in the News with Thom Senzee is being held in conjunction with You Can Play San Diego, in advance of Diversity Night Jan. 20, with the

see Calendar, pg 16


solution on page 12


ACROSS 1 Old news agency of Nureyev’s land 5 Rock Hudson roles, usually 10 Band that goes either way? 14 A word from Pilate 15 Any song by Patsy Cline 16 Trick 17 2nd number one hit of Luther Vandross 19 Janis Joplin's “Down ___” 20 Of the season after Mardi Gras 21 Reaction to a hottie 23 “Do” equivalent for the von Trapps 24 Dorothyís home 26 Subway vehicles 28 Like phone sex 32 Bentley of “American Beauty” 35 Bedfellow 36 Etheridge instrument 37 Rosie O’Donnell’s “Exit to ___” 39 Stan’s straight man 41 Former Chicago Cub Sammy

youth for a fun lunch. Hang out, meet other queer kids, make friends, get connected to other youth-serving programs and help Pride plan other youth-centered events and have a great time. Lunch Bunch is produced by San Diego Pride and The Trevor Project. Doors open at 11 a.m., free lunch and activities then begin. 11 a.m.– 2 p.n. San Diego Pride, 3620 30th St., North Park. bit. ly/2A7QTDH

42 “More!” on Broadway 44 Pigged out (on) 46 Census goal helped by gay sex (abbr.) 47 Singer LaBelle who recently outed Vandross in an interview 48 Czech composer AntonÌn 50 Comes to terms 52 Center 56 Liberace portrayer Douglas 59 Barber composition 60 Estefan’s eight 61 Song that earned Vandross his first Grammy Award 64 The Minnesota Lynx, for one 65 Went down on with gusto 66 Finance major’s subj. 67 Verb of Verlaine 68 Hairy, stocky men 69 Trust in, with “on”

1 “Bust a Nut” band 2 Emulated Miriam Margolyes 3 Triangular treat 4 Disney dwarfs, e.g. 5 Bird in a simile about being nuts 6 Eliza Doolittle’s ’ades? 7 Busy activity 8 Love seats 9 Voyeurs, e.g. 10 With 38-Down, Dionne Warwick song covered by Vandross 11 ___ mots (witticisms) 12 Tallulah’s home state, for short 13 Jump for Doug Mattis 18 Nero’s land 22 Surfer’s paradise 24 “To ___ a Mockingbird” 25 Number one hit for Vandross in 1988 27 It’s for skin 29 The whole shebang 30 Grating sound 31 Pull a boa behind you?

32 Have an emotional discharge 33 John Travolta’s “Hairspray” role 34 Religious offshoot 36 Will of “The Waltons” 38 See 10-Down 40 LGBTQ people can now say them in Australia 43 Latvia’s capital 45 Ripley portrayer Matt 48 Cut 49 More charitable 51 Get straight 53 “___ with My Father” (Vandross song quoted in the puzzle title) 54 Seat in a gay bar 55 Of the Cowardly Lion’s hue 56 Tiny speck 57 Thespian rapper 58 Burn a bit 59 Suckers 62 “Ready to Wear” actor Stephen 63 Cont. of gay Paree


MICHAEL KIMMEL Psychotherapist Author of "Life Beyond Therapy" in Gay San Diego 5100 Marlborough Drive San Diego CA 92116 (619)955-3311

Hadyn Sonnad, the teenage founder of a Tesla-based long distance rideshare service, has plans to expand service in San Diego. (Courtesy Tesloop) FROM PAGE 10

TESLOOP 2 (GSD) What is your overall plan for expansion in 2018? (HS) We have a rather aggressive plan for 2018. When we look at the current landscape of mobility products, it’s extremely fragmented and disconnected. However, it doesn’t need to be this way. With the introduction of the Tesla Model 3, the majority of mobility scenarios can be facilitated by one unified platform. Our goal is to translate the insights we have learned over the past two years into creating a marketplace that connects Tesla vehicles with people wanting to be driven and people looking to drive. This will allow Model 3 owners to monetize their car’s idle time. Our first new product will be inter-city one-way Model 3 rentals. We aim to scale this to over 5,000 vehicles in the fleet by the end of next year. (GSD) Any specific expansion plans for San Diego in 2018? (HS) We will be adding more cars to the Los Angeles-to-San Diego route. (GSD) Why should someone in San Diego choose Tesloop over a short airplane hop to LAX or a train ride into Union Station? (HS) Taking a plane from LA to SD makes sense in very few scenarios. Taking a train works well for people whose true origin/ destination are right next to the train stations. However, if they are trying to travel where there is no infrastructure, it can be very expensive and inefficient. For example, if you want to go from San Diego to the west side of Los Angeles, it makes much more sense to take a Tesloop, since you don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting from downtown LA to the west side, which

can cost almost as much as the train ticket itself and take over an hour. We are focused on allowing people’s time in vehicles to be net-positive, whether that means they get some work done, catch some sleep, or meet a valuable connection. (GSD) What has the experience been like at your age, to launch a business model around sustainable ride-sharing? If you continue to gain success in this endeavor, will you forgo school or do you plan to continue with your education? Running the business itself must be quite an education. (HS) Yes, I think about this a lot. It’s been an extremely educational journey so far. I’ve learned an exceptional amount about creating a business, interacting with others, structuring self-discipline, and the mobility space as a whole. However, I firmly believe that it is in my best interests to pursue a college degree, regardless of how unconventional my path to such may be. I am currently in the process of applying to a few schools in California. In his year-end letter, Haydn also emphasized his look to the future; to build a transportation system based on the needs of humanity rather than focusing on monetizing it. Over time, he expects the cost for this type of transportation to come way down and access to be wide open. More importantly, he also shared that Tesloop riders saved 2.6 million pounds of carbon emissions in 2017; that’s something to be quite proud of, especially for a teenage entrepreneur with big dreams. Keep an eye out for our final story in this series, which will focus on Tesloop’s pilots and concierge personnel. For more information about Tesloop or to book a trip, visit —Morgan M. Hurley can be reached at▼

GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018




GAY SAN DIEGO Jan. 5 – Jan. 18, 2018


Cancer survivor and ballroom dancer Steve Valentine and his oncologist Dr. Irene Hutchins, also a ballroom dancer, announce a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) “Dances vs. Cancer,” April 7 at Mission Brewery in Downtown San Diego. “I’m running the campaign for my oncologist, Dr. Irene Hutchins, who saved my life after the 2016 hospitalizations at

was well, they started dancing together socially and then to raise awareness and help others touched by cancer. The LLS supports blood cancer research, providing patients with access to the treatments they need. Valentine and Dr. Hutchins hope to raise awareness and inspire hope through not only their story, but their performances. “We are both former medalists in ballroom competitions,” Valentine said. “I won the Gold Medal for same-sex ballroom at the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, in 2010.”

Scripps Green Hospital La Jolla,” Valentine said in a press release about the event. “All’s good now and we’re sharing our story — both competitive ballroom dancers — through performances around California.” The story of doctor and patient took a serendipitous twist when they each learned the other was also a competitive ballroom dancer. Once Valentine

Dancers for Cancer will be held at Mission Brewery, located at 1441 L Street in East Village, April 7 from 4–7 p.m. The event will raise money as well as awareness for the LLC, through entrance fee and discounted beer available at inside the brewery. For more information and to read about Valentine and Hutchins’ unique story, visit bit. ly/2yeO4Q6.▼


Last but not least, Broadway, which matters deeply if you can afford the ticket prices. “Dear Evan Hansen” won Tony Awards, made audiences cry, and turned Ben Platt into a Millennial heartthrob, which works for us. And the Spongebob Squarepants musical (yes, automatically queer, don’t argue with us) has people all turned on by the guy who plays the plankton. So here’s to 2018, which promises more queer rebellion, an all-Cher jukebox musical, and the possibility of a Trump indictment. Now, why did Hulu have to go and cancel “Difficult People”?

HOLLYWOOD a mind-blowingly tender and wildly explicit sex scene that scorched its way into our hearts while serving a big, erect, middle finger to the current belch of anti-immigrant ideas swirling around the cultural swamp; “Talk Show the Game Show” was the weirdest, queerest, big-wordhavingest thing on deep cable thanks to creator and host Guy Branum refusing to dumb it down for you; a middle-school-aged character (Joshua Rush) came out in a sweetly moving sequence on the hit Disney Channel show “Andi Mack”; “Star Trek: Discovery” finally put gays in space, and “The Exorcist” finally gave us a priest making out with a man on national television. Triumphs, all.

—Romeo San Vincente never feuds, he merely triumphs quietly in all ways. He can be reached at▼


CALENDAR San Diego Gulls professional hockey club. Panel will feature Matt Savant, Gulls president of business operations, as well as celebrity athletes and experts exploring the types of challenges and opportunities those of us in the LGBT community experience in school, amateur and professional sports. Attendance to the panel is free. 6:30–8:30 p.m. Gossip Grill, 1220 University Ave., Hillcrest. :

Wine and Canvas: Come out for some artsy fun at a local urban winemaker, where you don’t have to be an artist to have fun and create something special. Admission includes all necessary art materials, including easels, paints, brushes, aprons, stepby-step instruction and a 16by-16- inch gallery-wrapped canvas. Wine and food not included, but this tasting room offers wine, sangria

and cheese and charcuterie plates. Outside food OK, no outside drink. Read about the winemaker’s passion at Tonight’s art selection is “Midnight Moon.” 6–9 p.m., Gianni Buonomo Vintners, 4836 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach. —If you want your event in our calendar, email info@

Gay San Diego 01-05-18  
Gay San Diego 01-05-18