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CO M M E M O R AT I N G 9 0 t h A N N I V E R S A RY 1 92 9 Ava l o n B a l l ro o m a n d Wr i g l ey C a s i n o 1 0 0 t h A N N I V E R S A RY 1 9 1 9 P u rc h a s e o f C a t a l i n a I s l a n d by W i l l i a m Wr i g l ey 2 0 1 9



Join us to meet the artists, cd signings, buy multi-day passes, attend after parties, take jazz cruises, and much more! 2020 Artist lineup coming in November. Get your tickets and additional information online

ultimate jazz weekend PA N A M A C I T Y B E A C H - A P R I L 2 2 - 2 6 T H 2 0 2 0 TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE ANYTIME or by phone at 855-233-6714 between 10am-7pm Central time. Make plans to enjoy the white sands, beautiful people, smooth jazz, good food, and the seabreeze!



Thursday Evening’s Unplugged Under the Stars Concert is OUTDOORS, rain or shine, at Descanso Beach Club All Weekend Performances, Fri-Sun, up in Historic 90 Year Old 1929 Avalon Ballroom, inside Wrigley Casino Ballroom has Full Food & Bar throughout .. no outside food & drink allowed, except $25 corkage Tightened Security, no backpacks or luggage, please check at Boats or Hotel...No Professional Camera, Video or Recording Devices

JazzTrax AfterParties each Thurs. and Fri. at Toyon Grill — Saturday at Descanso Beach

OCT. 10-13 OPENING WEEKEND THURSDAY, OCT. 10 - Descanso Beach Club Doors open at 6pm, Unplugged Under the Stars Full Bar & Food

OCT. 17-20 CLOSING WEEKEND THURSDAY, OCT. 17 - Descanso Beach Club Doors open at 6pm, Unplugged Under the Stars Full Bar & Food

Opening Performer

Opening Performer

With Darkness

With Darkness

BLAKE AARON, Guitarist ................... 6pm NICK COLIONNE, Guitarist ................. 7:30pm

FRIDAY, OCT. 11 (Doors open at 6:30pm)

DANIEL HO, Slack key Guitar/Ukelele ......... 6pm PETER WHITE, British Guitarist .............. 7:30pm

FRIDAY, OCT. 18 (Doors open at 6:30pm)

MARQUEAL JORDAN Chicago Saxophonist ........................................ 7pm

GORDON GOODWIN’S BIG PHAT BAND Grammy Winning ............................................ 7pm

KEIKO MATSUI Japanese Keyboardist ........................................ 9pm

JAZMIN GHENT Saxophonist .................................................. 9pm

SATURDAY, OCT. 12 (Afternoon Session, Doors open at 11:30am)


SATURDAY, OCT. 19 (Afternoon Session, Doors open at 11:30am)


Trumpeter/Vocalist Former Leader of Impromp2 ............. Noon

Saxophonist ...................................................... Noon

EUGE GROOVE, Saxophonist................... 2pm(aprox)

RICK BRAUN, Trumpeter/Singer.................. 2pm(aprox)

(Evening Session, Doors open at 6:30pm)

(Evening Session, Doors open at 6:30pm)

GRACE KELLY, Saxophonist/Singer ............. 7pm

STRUNZ & FARAH, Flamenco Guitarists .... 7pm

DAMIEN ESCOBAR, NYC Violinist ......... 9pm

DAMIEN ESCOBAR, NYC violinist.......... 9pm


(Afternoon Session, Doors open at 11:30am)

LEBRON, Saxophonist ............................... Noon ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY

London’s Steel/Nylon Guitars ................................. 2pm(aprox)

(Evening Session, Doors open at 6:30pm)

JEFF RYAN, Saxophonist

2018 JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year .......................... 7pm THE LEGENDARY COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA

Led by Conductor Scotty Barnhart with guest vocalist Carmen Bradford ..................... 9pm


(Afternoon Session, Doors open at 11:30am)

ELAN TROTMAN, Saxophonist Including Marvin Gaye Tribute .................................. Noon CHIELI MINUCCI & THE SPECIAL EFX ALL STARS with saxophonist NELSON RANGELL, keyboardist LAO TIZER and singer TITA HUTCHISON ........ 2pm(aprox) (Evening Session, Doors open at 6:30pm)

MICHAEL MANSON, Bassist Tribute to the Late Great GEORGE DUKE ........................ 7pm BONEY JAMES Famed Saxophone Superstar ............................... 9pm Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom and Wrigley Casino 3

Producers Notes by Art Good

welcome back! Getting “Festival Program Writing” Inspiration at 7,000 ft. Top of Canada’s Whistler Mountain in July

Welcome Back .. for a 33rd October to “Smooth Jazz Island.” Where JazzTrax again, every Fall since 1987, has turned this historic 1929 ballroom into “The Center of the Smooth Jazz Universe.” Let’s do some quick math. Just over 30 years since we began this oldest of all Smooth Jazz Festivals. The Ballroom turning 90 this year. Goodness ... JazzTrax has been part of this historic old building for fully One-Third of it’s existence. Longer than it’s famous CBS Radio broadcast Big Band Era of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Which pocket did I put my new Medicare Card into … I think chewing gum magnate William Wrigley, who exactly 100 years ago, in 1919, bought this Island, sight unseen from his office in Chicago, would be extremely proud of how his great great granddaughter, Alison Wrigley and her husband Geoff Rusack, have so fabulously maintained AND upgraded a century later what he began here. And I think he’d be dazzled by how fabulously Pacific Coast Entertainment Lights this Room UP each Fall, 9 decades later. When JazzTrax arrived to this historic old ballroom overlooking the sea in 1987, Ronald Reagan was President. In the 33 year history of this event, we’ve seen 6 different Presidents. In that opening year of JazzTrax the Ballroom was just 58 years old.

Ballroom During JazzTrax Days. The Ballroom turns 90 this year. JazzTrax has been part of this historic old building for one-third of it’s existence! Hope you enjoy your little treat on our 2 festival Big Band commemorative evenings. Sunday Evening, Opening Weekend, The Count Basie Orchestra to commemorate this room’s Big Band Heydays. We now think this is their Debut on the Island and in this Ballroom. I couldn’t find anything that showed them joining all the other famous Big Bands here back then. Then Friday Evening, Closing Weekend, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band returning to also help us commemorate the memory of that era. And both still getting Grammy-ed and Grammy Nominated. The now 1 year old most recent “All About That Basie,” Grammy Nominated THIS YEAR! The Big Phat Band most recently winning their 2nd Grammy in 2016. We were also instrumental in another historic commemoration this Fall in Avalon putting together my friend Ben Gage who has come to this festival Forever and has given me under the table legal advice Forever and who’s mom is the legendary 1940’s/1950’s Swimsuit Hollywood Actress Esther Williams who passed away 6 years ago.

4 Commemorating 100th Anniversary of 1919 Catalina Island Purchase by William Wrigley

You should Netflix Binge her movies. They and She are Awesome. When I mentioned to Julie Perlin Lee, the Executive Director of the recently opened Brand New Catalina Island Museum, my connection to Ben, she jumped at it. Thus Sept. through next March “Esther Williams: The Swimming Queen of the Silver Screen is the current exhibit in the Artists’ Plaza Gallery. We’ll have a special presentation on stage the festival’s Opening Ballroom night with Julie, Ben AND expecting Ben’s step brother Lorenzo Lamas. Lorenzo long list of movies and tv series includes as Lance Cumson, the irresponsible grandson of Angela Channing, played by Ronald Reagan’s 1st wife Jane Wyman on ‘Falcon Crest,’ 1981-1990.Reno Raines in Renegade 1992-1997. And Hector Ramirez in The Bold and the Beautiful, 2004-2006. He now flies charter helicopters to … “wait for it” … Catalina Island. The son of Fernando Lamas who starred with Esther Williams and were briefly married. So .. Friday when there are no daytime concerts, perfect time to take in the Esther Williams exhibit at the Catalina Museum. Show your JazzTrax ticket and receive a $5 discount on your Museum Admission. Then Esther Williams son Ben, and stepson Lorenzo on stage with me just ahead of Keiko Matsui Friday Oct. 11th.

Legendary 1940s/1950s swimsuit Hollywood actress Esther Williams

An Island purchased .. a Casino Theater and Ballroom built, by gum

Dave Koz appears by total surprise, to not only the audience, but to JazzTrax. He joined Candy Dulfer on the JazzTrax Avalon Ballroom Stage Sunday Evening October 14, 2018

JazzTrax Summer Festival 2013 George Duke alongside Nick Colionne, at George Final Ever Concert Appearance.. as Sun Sets on Big Bear Lake, and on the legendary life of George Duke

Ballroom Big Band Era 1930s / 1940s

For those coming Closing Weekend you get to experience a very special “Tribute to George Duke” performance by his long time bassist Michael Manson. We lost the legendary keyboardist/producer 6 years ago. JazzTrax so honored to have had George final ever stage appearance, June 2013 on our floating stage on Big Bear Lake. So the S.S. Avalon steamship no longer parks out there in Avalon Bay. Catalina Express whisks us here about twice as fast. The Wrigleys are now 4 generations along and still making Catalina Island one of the most sought after tourism destinations on the planet. Hotels have remodeled. New restaurants have opened including The Catalina Conservancy’s Toyon Grill who will host our brand new Thursday and Friday JazzTrax Afterparties. A HUGE Brand New Von’s grocery store bringing Avalon well into

modern times. And I’m already busy booking artists for our 34th annual, October 2020. By the way “The State of Smooth Jazz is Fine.” Blockbuster new 2019 albums from David Benoit, Rick Braun, Keiko Matsui. With jazz festivals booming across America from Seabreeze in Florida selling out days in advance in April to you stepping off boats here in October to cap off another Summer Jazz Festival Season. And the Dave Koz Cruise movin’ and groovin’ around the globe. Wasn’t that a moment in time at JazzTrax last October when Koz pulled a surprise on Everyone, including Me, by showing up outa nowhere to step on stage with Candy Dulfer and Adam Hawley. I sure enjoyed giving Dave a ride in my golf cart back to the Late Boat back to America. You think we’ve been doing this awhile? Everything...ALL OF US... aging like ... Fine Wine.

2020 Festival Dates Opening Weekend October 8, 9, 10, 11 Closing Weekend October 15, 16, 17, 18 5



Tenor /Soprano Saxophone Debut: 1992 Number of Albums: 16 Resides: Southern California Performing: Oct. 20, Sunday Evening (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

fate = In his growing up days hometown New Rochelle, New York, walking into his local record store hoping to Rent a “Trumpet.” He instead walked out with a “Clarinet.” They were out of Trumpets that day. 2 years later and damn good at that Clarinet but the school band was full of clarinet players so the “teach” leaned on him to pick up the Saxophone. The young student initially balked as it was a heavier carrying case before saying OK I’ll try the sax = Fate. A Pro by 19, apprenticing as sideman for such as Morris Day and the Isley Brothers, he didn’t cut his own album under his own name, or rather stage name, Boney James, until age 30. Using his real 1st name James as his stage last name and how early bandmates nicknamed him, Boney, as his stage first name. Or maybe that’s simply what they called him, “Boney James.” His real last name, Oppenheim, on stage he left behind. In his quarter century plus now as one of Smooth Jazz Top Super Stars, and we mean VERY TOP, he’s racked up sales of more than 3 million records. Picked up 4 RIAA Gold albums, 4 Grammy nominations, ’03, ’05, ’10, most recently 2014 for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, for ’The Beat.’ Also a Soul Train Award, nominations for 2 NAACP Image Awards, 10 CD’s atop Billboard’s Contemporary Albums Chart. 2009, named by Billboard one of the Top 3 Contemporary Jazz Artists of the Decade, along with Kenny G and Norah Jones. He has also delved off into writing film scores, for his Actress/Director wife of 34 years, Lily Mariye. He calls his work “Genre-Blurring” not wanting to be pigeonholed. The Boston Globe describes him as “swaggering across the stage like a blacktop hero draining treys on an overmatched opponent .. all but daring the crowd not to have a good time.” Must’ve worked. 14 Billboard #1 Hits.


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6 To Keep Same Seats Next Year, Mail Pre Ticket Order Forms Inside this Program by Nov. 1st

Violinist/Author/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist Debut as Solo Artist: 2013 Solo Albums: 2 Resides: New York City Performing: Oct. 12 & 19, Saturday Evenings (Opening & Closing Weekends) • Avalon Ballroom

Hailing from Jamaica, QueenS, NY humbled by homelessness after calling it quits from their famed group, “Nutting but Stringz” just he and brother Tourie. Known for playing their violins on the NYC Subway. Gained global recognition as contestants on “America’s Got Talent.” Glory short lived Damien actually retired his violin, then unburying it in 2013 debutting as a solo artist. ‘Sensual Melodies’ landed on the iTunes Top 100 chart, spring-boarding a National Tour. Doors closed, opened. Telling his Story to People Magazine, NBC’s Today Show, on Oprah Winfrey’s “The Life You Want” tour. Becoming entrepreneurial penned his own children’s book. Built his own line of custom designed violins. Established partnerships developing a Wine Line, Perfume, Fragrances, a non-profit organization for kid’s music program. 2019 partnering with Mitsubishi his violin now the face/ sound of their TV campaign. Still Unknown to Smooth Jazz World, after MP3 e-mail of song “Get Up and Dance” reached Art, Damien was named JazzTrax 2017 Debut Artist of Year. His Internet “You Tube Video’s” fame sold out L.A.’s Wiltern Theater and then he hit the Island RUNNING last Fall. Missing East Coast to West flight due to D.C. traffic accident snarl-up, our Sponsor Alaska Airlines got him on 1st morning flight out, BUT Day of Performance on Opposite Coast!! Next a delay finding a Gate at LAX for jetliner thus missing their boat to Island. Scrambling onto helicopters. Backstage seconds before going on, “I can’t believe we made it here.” Taking BALLROOM BY STORM. Later that night announcing to a still incredulous audience Damien would return next year but to “other weekend” Art was boo-ed. Art immediately quickly confirmed him to appear BOTH 2019 fest weekends.

October is JazzTrax on Catalina Island since 1987

1 Year Ago NAJEE on Stage in the Avalon Ballroom October 2018

To Commemorate the 90 Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom and it’s 2 decade (1930’s, 1940’s) Big Band Heydays


COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA Big Band Performing: Oct. 13, Sunday Evening (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom Directed by: Scotty Barnhart Featuring Guest Vocalist Carmen Bradford Debut as Solo Artist: 1935 Albums: Estimated around 50 William James “Count” Basie from Red Bank, New Jersey 1904-1984 “The Count Basie Orchestra mark appears under license from Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies”

Grammy d! Nominate

Most Recent

201 8

The “Count”

In the history of Jazz Music, there is only one bandleader who has the distinction of having his orchestra still performing sold out concerts all over the world … for over 30 years after his passing. Today directed by Scotty Barnhart, this Orchestra has won every respected Jazz Poll in the world at least once, won 18 Grammy’s, performed for Kings, Queens, and other World Royalty. Appeared in movies, on television shows, at every major jazz festival and concert hall in the world. Latest honors: 2018 Downbeat Readers Poll Award as #1 Jazz Orchestra in the world and a Grammy Nomination for their most recent release, seen above, in 2018 which featured such special guests as Stevie Wonder, and Take 6 and included a cover of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Can’t Hide Love,” as well as “Tequilla,” “My Cherie Amour,” Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” Adele’s “Hello.” Can you say Contemporized? In 2015 releasing a Count Basie Christmas Album, ‘A Very Swingin’ Basie Christmas,’ stunningly their very 1st holiday album in the 80 year history of the Orchestra. On this their 85th anniversary they are slated to have a full length documentary released worldwide by the BBC Television Network. What kind of international talent did Count Basie spring in “his years” leading the band? Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Frank Foster, Thad Jones, Sonny Payne, Freddie Green, Snooky Young, Frank Wess.

The Count himself began his early days as a silent movie pianist organist. While on the “chitlin’ circuit in the South, East and Mid-West he found himself stranded on tour in 1927 in Kansas City where he simply stayed and explored his deep love of the Blues and meeting his future band mates. He headquartered in K.C. through the 20’s and 30’s forming The Count Basie Orchestra in 1935 helping hugely to define the Big Band era. His orchestra evolving into one of the most viable and venerable enterprises in American Music History. Becoming the first choice for the top jazz vocalists of that day, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennet and Basie’s “Number 1 Son,” Joe Williams. In 1960 Jerry Lewis chose the Basie Orchestra for his major motion picture ‘Cinderfella’ and thus the Count was seen by millions around the world. A Big Band at a Smooth Jazz Festival? You crazy? JazzTrax had already had The Big Phat Band. A few years ago The Basie Orchestra played the Performing Arts Center at Palm Springs High School while JazzTrax Producer Art Good’s son was attending there. The idea went off in Art’s head but how to fit them into a smooth jazz festival. Seeing the 2019 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom coming and thought, “Let’s Hold It Till Then.” Oddly we can’t find any direct evidence that Basie actually played this historic Big Band Ballroom with all the other famous one’s of the 30’s and 40s, thus this might just be, their Island Debut.

8 2020 Full Weekend Series Tickets Go on Sale Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2019, Single Session at Memorial Weekend 2020

2020 Artist Line-Up Begins to Unfold Right After New Year’s .. to Know, leave your E-Mail Address Upper Left Corner 9


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RICK BRAUN newly released

201 9

10 No Ticket Required at JazzTrax AfterParties .. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

British Guitarist Debut as Solo Artist: 1990 Number of Albums: 15 Resides: Los Angeles since late 70’s Performing: Oct. 17, Thursday Evening (Closing Weekend) • Under the Stars Descanso Beach

All began in 1954 in the small town of Luton, north of London before continuing his childhood in Letchworth. Learned clarinet, trombone, violin, piano, even ACCORDION, but growing up in the heyday of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, he gravitated to the Guitar. Then with Crosby, Stills & Nash, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell he shifted towards Acoustic Guitar. Around age 20 he was asked to join Al Stewart’s Band, but first as a keyboardist for a tour that included America. In that span Peter worked with Stewart in studio on ‘Year of the Cat.’ The 2 co-wrote including Al’s 1978 hit, “Time Passages.” In the late 70’s the band all re located to America, to Los Angeles. Mid 80’s Peter’s younger Brother Danny started up the group Matt Bianco in London with Basia as lead singer before Danny and Basia splintered off to launch her solo career in 1987. That debut album, ‘Time and Tide’ featured Peter on guitar. After 15 years as guitarist for Al Stewart and just as Peter was launching his own solo career in 1990, Basia & Danny asked Peter to join them on guitar for her 1990 World Tour. JazzTrax named Peter our 1990 Debut Artist of the Year. However he was unavailable that Debut Year to play Catalina Island .. because Basia “had him.” His debut ‘Reivellezvous’ was named the 1990 JazzTrax Album of the Year. If any of it’s songs sounded a bit Al Stewart-ish twas because several were songs unused that Peter and Al had written together. When Peter did arrive for the 1st time on Catalina Island in 1991, he claims the JazzTrax Festival and Avalon Ballroom were his Big Stage Solo Debut. Consequently his 2nd solo project ‘Excusezmoi’ got Peter the Honor of JazzTrax Best Album of the Year 2 years running. Seems everyone wanted Peter’s guitar on their smooth jazz albums throughout the next 3 decades. Peter was never afraid of All Star Tours, from Guitars & Saxes early days, to Dave Koz Christmas’s, to any All Star combination. Now he has his own as the Peter White Christmas Tour gets set to embark next month, bringing along Vincent Ingala, Euge Groove and Lindsey Webster.

Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Singer Debut Year Solo Artist: 1992 Number of Albums: 18 Resides: Woodland Hills, California Performing: Oct. 19, Saturday Afternoon (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Owning over 20 Number #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Hits, this Trumpet and Flugelhorn playing instrumentalist, AND SINGER came originally from Allentown, PA just outside Philadelphia. Before his solo career got groovin’ Mid 90’s as a sideman he’d toured with Sade and Rod Stewart. He also collaborated with Tina Turner, Tom Petty, Natalie Cole, Glen Frey, Crowded House, War and with REO Speedwagon for whom he co-wrote the hit “Here with Me.” His “musical cap resume” also includes PRODUCER. Having produced #1 songs for David Benoit, Jeff Golub and Marc Antoine. Rick hosts an annual New Year’s Eve Gala & Event in Tucson, Arizona. For a decade that Gala has been a benefit for autism as his daughter Emma is autistic. He’s made it a mission to bring awareness to autism. This December’s it’s called ‘Starry, Starry Night’ and features Mindi Abair, Nick Colionne, Richard Elliot, Dave Koz and surprise guests. Then there’s “Rick Braun’s Signature River Cruise Getaways: Colors of Provence.” Sailing the Rhine River, between Arles and Lyon, France with Peter White, Kirk Whalum, Marc Antoine in August. Rick’s 1st solo album was, as a SINGER in the 80’s before becoming the most popular jazz trumpeter in America in the 90’s. In 2000 when he and Boney James released a collaboration album, ‘Shake It Up,’ the pair might have at that moment been the hottest 2 Smooth Jazz Performers out there. Later combining to record 2 albums and tour as the All Star Group ‘BWB’ with Kirk Whalum and Norman Brown. His basketball loving 17 year old son Kyle makes his keyboard debut on the new project on their reinvention of Bruno Mars song “Versace on the Floor.” Rick has truly stood at .. ‘The Crossroads of the World.’

Concerts from Oct., Thanksgiving Weekend on The Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival Radio Special Streaming at 11


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12 Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom and Wrigley Casino

Sax Debut as Solo Artist: 2000 Number of Albums: 11 Resides: Los Angeles Suburb Moorpark Performing: Oct. 12, Saturday Afternoon (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Named the JazzTrax 2000 Debut Artist of the Year, he could not be grabbed for Catalina Island that 1st solo year, as he was on World Tour as saxophonist for Tina Turner, 1 of several he’s joined her on. He’s also collaborated with Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, Tower of Power and Aaron Neville. Born Steven Eugene Grove in Hagerstown, Maryland. Graduate of Miami’s School of Music. He literally replaced Richard Elliot in Tower of Power. Also touring or performing with Joe Cocker, The Eurythmics, The Gap Band and Richard Marx. His sax heard on Richard’s “Keep Coming Back” a #1 AC hit duet recorded with Luther Vandross. “Religify” was The 2007 SONG of the Year. It’s album ‘Born 2 Groove’ named JazzTrax Best ‘ALBUM of that Year’ as well. Honored further in 2014 when the JazzTrax ’SONG of the Year was his “Rain Down on Me” which featured Peter White. Honored yet again off same project for JazzTrax best ‘SMOOTH JAZZ VOCAL of the Year,’ “In Love with You, which featured singer Chanel Haynes. Next scoring the JazzTrax 2012 Best ‘SONG of the Year “God Bless You,’ with subtle vocals by Contemporary Christian Singer Kate Miner. Mr. Groove has scored close to 10 Number #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Hits and close to 20 Top 10 Billboard Smooth Jazz Hits, with his mix of danceable grooves, mind-bending hooks, R&B infused melodies and inspired solo’s. Thats why he’s not only EUGE, but truly Mr. Smooth Jazz Hitmaker.

Keys Debut Year Solo Artist: 1987 Number of Albums: 28 Resides: Manhattan Beach, California/Tokyo, Japan Performing: Oct. 11, Friday Evening (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

WITH TWO BILLBOARD SMOOTH JAZZ CHART #1 HITS here in 2019. Scoring 1st with “Spirit Dance” and then in September topping the charts again with “Moon Over Gotham. For 2019’s project she reached out to Marcus Miller, Kyle Eastwood, Kirk Whalum, Robben Ford, vocalist Gretchen Parlato. No stranger to working amongst the Giants as the lovely Japanese pianist has worked alongside such icons as Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Hugh Masekela, Bob James. Soft, petite, soft spoken, yet a powerful commanding musician force once her fingers touch the piano and especially once her mind touches the composing pad. This Spring’s ‘Echo,’ co-produced by her own personal manager, Grammy nominated producer Bud Harner, ranks amongst the finest projects of the year. Exquisitely composing lush harmonies, global rhythms, timeless musical anthems. This year with lots of horns. While not always traveling with a full 3 piece horn section, JazzTrax specifically requested that ‘whole Horn Ball of Wax’ after seeing it in. Her 1st piano lesson was age 5. Early in career, 1996 earning the Soul Train Music Award for Best Jazz Album, then In 2001 becoming the 1st Japanese artist to top Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Album charts, and for 3 weeks, with the CD ‘Deep Blue.’ Her previous release, 2016’s ‘Journey to the Heart’ she literally composed on the JazzTrax Festival Grand Piano while sitting alone for a week on the stage in the Casino Theater below the Avalon Ballroom. Thus the project’s song “Two Harbors” inspired by ‘The Isthmus’ on the Island’s upper end and while not saying so about it’s song “Blue Rose,” down on main street in Avalon sits ‘Maggie’s Blue Rose’ Mexican Restaurant, and, well, Keiko was here, a week and they have Great Margarita’s! She has great affinity for Avalon, along with her many festival appearances she’s made many extra trips over including bringing her daughters to Hamilton Cove for Christmas 2006. First coming to JazzTrax on the Island, very young, on 2nd solo album, in 1989. 30 years later .. Keiko Returns .. 26 miles across the sea .. to Avalon.




When Ben North took our Poster Shot a decade ago he was perched precariously on that hillside Above Casino, his digital camera pointed “out to sea.” You can see why it’s called “Casino Point.” Sticking out into the ocean while sheltering the Bay.

Where Descanso Beach Club now sits, for almost 50 years was the site of the Saint Catherine Hotel. It’s elegance made it the 1st choice for Hollywood stars, parking their private yachts right at the hotel’s pier where remnants remain to this day. Built in 1918 by the Island’s original owners, on the site of the Banning home. A 1915 fire which destroyed a large portion of Avalon created enormous financial losses for the Banning Brothers who took a trust deed of $850,000 to pay off debts and build this major new tourist hotel in this picture. When William Wrigley purchased the Island from them in 1919, he erected more hotel accommodations here adding a swimming pool in Descanso Canyon. During the war, 1941-1946, the hotel was used by Marines training at the Country Club, the Cubs spring training ballpark and Casino. After the war it’s guest rooms were converted to employee housing apartments. 1953-1963 it again became a Suites Hotel before the decision to demolish when business operations turned to losses. Demolition of the Saint Catherine began Feb. 1966 by a wrecking crew and equipment barged from the mainland. Demolished within a month. It is now where JazzTrax Thursday Unplugged Concerts and Sat. Nite festival afterparties are held in Oct. Look closely at the true then “BOARDwalk” to Casino and Old Time Cars on roadway above AND the S.S. Catalina steamship just off Casino Point.

ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY Duo Guitar Performing: Oct. 13, Sunday Afternoon (Opening Weekend) Avalon Ballroom Debut as Solo Artist: 1987 Albums: 19 Resides: London with band members in America

A British instrumental band driven by 2 Steel Acoustic and Nylon Guitarists in front.Their unique duo guitar sound, ‘Born in the UK,’ but ‘Forged in the USA’ and now 30 years at the forefront of contemporary jazz. Triple Grammy Nominated having begun with 2 members who now have not been associated with the band for decades. Nick Webb and Simon James began playing small London venues, early 80’s. When Simon left, Nick found Greg Carmichael to more than adequately replace him. It sadly became Greg’s decision as to whether to continue the band when Nick tragically passed from pancreatic cancer in February 1998. As Nick had done to replace Simon, Greg remarkably replaced Nick’s unexpected loss with guitarist Miles Gilderdale and Acoustic Alchemy continued on. What 1st brought Nick and Greg to America was as “In Flight Entertainment” on a Virgin America flight. Once here they delivered demo tapes to as many U.S. record companies as they could, as contemporary jazz had not yet gained a footing

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in England. They hit pay dirt in Nashville where the MCA Master Series was forming. Immediately going from a small unknown duo playing wine bars and local gigs in London to suddenly having a record deal and touring America. 1st promoter to call their manager in London, Stewart Coxhead (whom we recently lost) and ask for AA to play a live concert in America? Art Good and the JazzTrax Festival. The band couldn’t make that first year in 1987, but arriving this (fest’s) and their’s (AA’s) 2nd year in 1988 they brought with them their brand new tune, “Casino,” to play in our Casino and took home with them the idea for their 1989 No. #1 radio hit “Catalina Kiss.” 30 years after Greg replaced Simon, 20 years after Miles replaced Nick, we remember Nick’s widow Kaye Webb who passed away this past spring. Kaye had continued in association with the band, managing all of their song ‘rights’ throughout.


Guitar/Vocals Debut Year Solo Artist: 1994 Number of Albums: 10 Resides: Chicago Performing: Oct. 10, Thursday Evening (Opening Weekend) • Under the Stars Descanso Beach

Although making his solo debut in 1994, Nick stayed unknown

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14 Commemorating 100th Anniversary of 1919 Catalina Island Purchase by William Wrigley

to most of the country outside Chicago and the MidWest for another decade. JazzTrax learned of him as inside this biz us promoters keep linked nation-wide talking and conferring and saying, “Hey have you heard this guy/gal’s stuff,” or “How’d that new band you booked do at your festival.” A Milwaukee/ Denver promoter John Ertl was the one who said to Art Good, “You should take a look at this (still under the radar) Chicago guitarist” back in the early 00’s. Nick quickly took over the JazzTrax stages, even co-hosting our Big Bear stage one Summer with his affable personality and unique humor. Once literally doing a truly Unplugged, not plugged in at all, solo performance at Midnight on the JazzTrax Baseball (Amtrak) Train, headed overnight from Memphis to Chicago. Not just his guitar and not just his jazz, but his blues, his vocals, his low low voice and dry humor. Now firmly established along came the 2016 release ‘The Journey’ from whence he won the smooth jazz Wimbledon. Garnering 5 straight Billboard Number #1 Songs off a Single Album. Not just ‘Never Done Before,’ but ‘No One’s Ever Come Even Close’ to such an accomplishment. His pastime is leaving the guitars at home and heading to his LAKE in Illinois an hour outside Chicago to FISH. Thus he waits for that phone call inviting him back to this Island. His opportunity to come a day or 2 early and sit on The Mole where the Cat Express boats arrive and depart from, and fish IN AN OCEAN. Look for him, don’t step on his bait, coming off the boat Opening Weekend. Says the secret to his musical magic is simple … ‘Just Being Me’ … title to his 2018 newest release.

Toyon Grill will be the official after party! Thursday Oct 10 & 17 | Friday Oct 11 & 18 Open until midnight Kitchen • Bar • Barista Toyon Grill is a proud sponsor of the JazzTrax After Party. You are invited to come and check out the new Toyon Grill located at the Catalina Island Conservancy’s beautiful Trailhead building. Toyon offers stunning views and unique event space. | Tel: 310 510 8599 708 Crescent Avenue, Avalon, CA

Come In, Get Hooked Enjoy the Island’s stunning waterfront from our patio and taste what we’re famous for – ultra fresh sustainable seafood – and the tastiest Buffalo Milk! We serve lunch, dinner, and happy hour. We have kids menus, and a pet friendly outdoor patio overlooking the harbor. | Tel 310 510 3474 306 Crescent Avenue, Avalon, CA

Eat • Drink • Sing El Galleon is the newest location by Bluewater Grill. Specializing in classics like Prime Rib, Steaks, Fresh Local Seafood, Chicken & Ribs, Burgers, Sandwiches and Salads. Also features a kids menu and unique selection of handcrafted cocktails. Legendary Karaoke starting at 9pm! | tel 310 510 1188 411 Crescent Avenue, Avalon, CA

2020 Festival Dates Opening Weekend October 8, 9, 10, 11 Closing Weekend October 15, 16, 17, 18 15


The Catalina Casino was completed on May 29, 1929 at a cost of $2 million.

Left: William L. Wrigley Jr. played an instrumental role in the development of Santa Catalina Island. He is pictured here with his wife, Ada.


Guests came to Catalina by steamship to Charleston and dance the night away to the music of Glen Miller, Harry James, Kay Kyser, and many others over the years.

The casino was host to dozens of Big Bands through the 1930s and 1940s


band Special EFX Debut Year: 1984 EFX Albums: 19 Resides: Chieli-New York • Nelson-Denver, • Lao & Tita- L.A.

Performing: Oct. 20 Sunday Afternoon (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

1982, famous GRP Records

Nelson Rangell

Tita Hutchison

Lao Tizer

Special EFX

201 7

Lao Tizer

201 8

Nelson Rangell

201 9



unleashed new group called ’Special EFX.’ Chieli Minucci on guitar and the late George Jinda on percussion. After George’s passing in 2001, Chieli kept it going and in recent years evolved his live presentation into a ‘Special EFX All Stars Show.’ Various All Stars but always Lao Tizer on keys. For us, Tita Hutchison on vocals. Making our day, Nelson Rangell on Sax. All with their own tunes and Chieli’s and Special EFX songs from the past 36 years. Chieli himself has recorded 31 CD’s and recorded/performed with the likes of Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, countless jazz artists. Chieli a gifted TV and film composer having won 3 Emmy Awards, nominated 10 times for his work on CBS ‘The Guiding Light,’ the longest running television show in U.S. history. On such film soundtracks as Legally Blonde, Bowfinger, Panic. Has scored such live stage productions as Peter Pan 360, Dora the Explorer, and Thomas the Tank Engine. His dad composed several of Nat King Cole’s songs and 1955 Julius LaRosa hit song “Domani.” Nelson Rangell equally renowned. The saxophonist/flutist/piccolo/ whistler from Castle Rock, Colorado emerged nationally end of the 80’s, signed by the same GRP Recording Company. A discography now of 18 CD releases. Spent a handful of years mid 80’s in New York City working with Jaco Pastorius, David Sanborn and Gil Evans Monday Night Orchestra. Before returning to continue his musical creations from high in the Rocky Mountains near his beloved Denver. Keyboardist Lao Tizer hails from Boulder, Colorado. Debut came in 1994. Now 9 albums deep. Lao the son of hippies with a Russian-Jewish background. Mix that with new age, ethnic family heritage, sounds of the 80’s and 90’s pop culture, growing up with the musical 60’s/70’s music influence thru his parents and now years of working closely with Chieli Minucci. Having just released newest CD/DVD ’Songs from the Swinghouse,’ including covers of Led Zeppelin, U2, and Cat Stevens! Singer Tita Hutchison has sung with the likes of Michael McDonald, Rick Rubin, Michael Jackson and Foreigner.

Contemporary Big Band Debut Year: 2000 Number of Albums: 10 Resides: Los Angeles, California Performing: Oct. 18, Friday Evening (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

This highly contemporary, highly Grammy Nominated Big Band’s

little phat


big phat


18 Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom and Wrigley Casino

2012 Island debut brought them to mind on this 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom. In honor of this venue’s 30’s/40’s Big Band Era, with Count Basie Opening Weekend we asked Gordon’s Big Phat to bookend that, Closing Weekend. Contemporized “Big Band,” Hollywood based, this ‘Big Phat Band’ established in 2000. Gordon took home a 2006 Grammy for his Instrumental Arrangement of “Incredits” from the Pixar film, ‘The Incredibles.’ 13 MORE Grammy Nominations & 3 Emmy’s. Guest artists on his recording’s through nearly 20 years now have included Johnny Mathis, Michael Brecker, Brian McKnight, Take 6, David Sanborn, Eddie Daniels, Dianne Reeves, Chick Corea, Art Tatum. Taking the big band tradition into this new millennium with an original, contemporary grab bag of styles: swing, Latin, blues, classical, rock. Gordon’s cinematic scoring and orchestration is heard on such films as ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,’ ‘Escape to Witch Mountain,’ ‘Get Smart,’ ‘National Treasure,’ the cult classic ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.’ Soundtrack to Looney Tunes ‘Bah HumDuck!’ He’s conducted symphony orchestras, London, Toronto, Seattle. His 18 band members .. L.A.’s Finest Players .. absolute virtuosos. Masters of any style from swing to pop to classical. Also all “complete knuckleheads, quick minds and lively senses of humor.” Our perfect “Contemporized Big Band Touch’ our Closing Weekend commemorating 90 years of this historical 1929 Ballroom.


THEN, 1932

NOW, 2019

DANIEL HO Most Recent

201 9

M u lt i-Instrumentalist Hawai ian Slack K e y G uitar /Ukulele/Keys Debut with Kilauea: 1990 Number of Albums:5 Solo Debut: 1999 Number of Albums:15 Resides: Los Angeles, California Performing: Oct. 17, Thursday Evening (Closing Weekend) • Under the Stars Descanso Beach

Daniel came to JazzTrax attention and to the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage 1st in the early 90’s as the keyboardist/ leader/ and song composer for the band Kilauea, returning to the Island in 2005 for a one time Kilauea reunion concert. His were most of that band’s exciting and fun compositions. Even wrote a Kilauea song called “Avalon Sunrise,” as he and band departed the Island after one JazzTrax Festival. Daniel was also keyboardist on the original early 90’s All Star JazzTrax Christmas tour. Where his career TOOK OFF was post Kilauea as he went solo on Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele. As well his resume names him as arranger, singer-songwriter, producer, audio engineer and record company owner. Most notably winning 6 Grammy Awards and honored with 14 total Grammy nominations. 6-Time Taiwanese Golden Melody Award Winner. He is also designer of the iconic Romero Creations Tiny Tenor’ukulele and Ohana Bongolele and Shakerlele. His custom-designed 6-string Ukulele is on exhibit at the Grammy Museum at LA Live. Hawai’i-born, long time L.A. based. He and Peter White once shared the stage on JazzTrax Christmas Tours across America. Now they share the same stage, same evening, for a 2nd straight October ‘Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach.’ Daniel is the most Grammy Honored Artist on our Stage.


Trumpet/Singer Debut Year w/ Group Impromp2: 1993 Solo Albums: 5 Resides: Los Angeles, California Performing: Oct. 12, Saturday Afternoon (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Trumpeter, Singer, Band Leader,

Most Recent


20 Commemorating 100th Anniversary of 1919 Catalina Island Purchase by William Wrigley

but temptingly SONGWRITER as well. He wrote Boney James 2006 No. #1 Billboard hit, “The Total Experience.” Also Boney’s 2011 No. #1 hit “Contact.” He’s also composed for Rick Braun, Euge Groove, Jeff Golub, Paul Brown, Jessy J. But it was when at a Temptations concert in Indiana he snuck through a theater door and into the Green Room running into Otis Williams and saying I have some songs I think you might be interested in .. he wound up Music Director and traveling the world for 3 years with The Temptations, moving to Los Angeles where he broke into the Singing Sessions Scene before signing as a recording artist to Motown Records. Best known with that deal for founding the 90’s band ‘IMPROMP2.” Making his solo Debut in 2010 with a worship album, ‘There Is Nobody.’ His solo signature became that he was Half Instrumentalist (trumpet) and Half Vocalist. His 2012 follow-up was all written with his song writing partner, wife Arlene. Breaking out a 2016 ‘Concept Album,’ “Marvin Meets Miles,” imaged as if Miles Davis performed with Marvin Gaye. Johnny’s sound signature became that he Sings Like Marvin, and Plays Trumpet Like Miles. 2017 brought his 1st Christmas album. Plunging full length into smooth jazzdom round Halloween 2018 with guests Najee and Paul Brown on his current, ‘So Hot’ cd. Motion Picture Notation in that he plays a trumpet solo on screen in the huge 2016 motion picture “La La Land” and in a scene with actor Ryan Gosling.

2020 Festival Dates Opening Weekend October 8, 9, 10, 11 Closing Weekend October 15, 16, 17, 18 21


Bass Guitar Debut as Solo Artist: 1987 Albums: 5 Resides: Chicago, Illinois Performing: Oct. 20, Sunday Evening (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

In hometown Chicago grandma and mom played piano. Dad had an old

In a Tribute Show to the late great George Duke with whom Michael spent George last 10 years on his Bass

Most Recent

201 7

JazzTrax Big Bear Lake Floating Stage 2013 Michael on Left, George Duke seated on right. Duke’s Final Ever On Stage Appearance

beat-up folk guitar but never picked it up. So Michael picking up that beat up nobody using it guitar is where it all started age 14. Bugging mom, she finally bought his brother a new guitar and Michael a $25.00 bass and a $25.00 amp they both shared. It was Gospel Greats (Tramaine Hawkins, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Jessy Dixon, James Cleveland) he began playing with after joining the Chicago State University Gospel Choir. Even appearing on the Winan Family’s 1993 album ‘All Out.’ After completing his Masters (in music performance) at Northwestern, being there in Chicago in 1995 he met saxophonist Steve Cole, then playing in Brian Culbertson’s original band, leading to Manson touring in support of Brian. Next he found himself in session recording selections on Culbertson’s 1997 cd ‘After Hours.’ At the same time his gospel connections connecting him with Kirk Whalum to play on Kirk’s ‘The Gospel According to Jazz,’ which recorded live at the Roy Acuff Theatre sessions included George Duke. Bingo. That’s how Michael met George, leading to the ‘Gig of a Lifetime.’ Duke being the musical director and featured artist on the Montreux Jazz Tour, summer 2000, invited Manson and bass onboard where he found himself on stage with .. Al Jarreau his childhood hero, David Sanborn, Roberta Flack and Joe Sample. The quote was, “After that tour you could have retired.” Similar to “could have just died and gone straight to heaven.” Michael also toured with Larry Carlton. A monster sideman, it was serving as George Duke’s bassist the final 10 years of George life that put Michael in position to bring a ‘George Duke Tribute Show’ to our Island Stage, where 10 years ago, October 18, 2009, Duke’s only Avalon Ballroom appearance earned him JazzTrax 2009 ‘Best Live Performance of the Year’ Honor. Likewise, 6 years after George Duke, with Michael on Bass, Final Ever Live Performance was on the JazzTrax Floating Stage, June 2013, on Big Bear Lake. Michael Manson .. making absolutely certain .. that George Duke is Never Forgotten.


Sax/Singer Debut as Solo Artist: 2013 Number of Albums: 2 Resides: Chicago, Illinois Performing: Oct. 11, Friday Evening (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Los Angeles native but for the past 20 years has made Chicago his

Most Recent

201 9

22 Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom and Wrigley Casino

home. That’s where he got to know keyboardist Brian Culbertson. He became a mainstay in Brian’s Band for 10 years, playing with him here on Catalina Island and leading off for him last time. Marqueal lends both sax and vocals to Brian’s 2016 ‘Funk’ CD as well as to Brian’s 2015 ‘Live 20th Anniversary Tour’ CD. He departed Brian’s band just this year to forge out on his own just as he released his new ‘Intentions & Purpose’ album. As noted he is A Vocalist. A multi-instrumentalist. As a sultry vocalist he’s been compared to Marvin Gaye and Maxwell. He remains a musical mainstay at Culberton’s Napa and Chicago Jazz Getaway’s. He also works behind the scenes equally as a songwriter and producer. As he crosses the musical emporium of genres from R&B to Soul to Jazz to Hip Hop to Pop.

Commemorating 100th Anniversary of 1919 Catalina Island Purchase by William Wrigley 23


Sax/Singer Debut Year Solo Artist: Age 12 Number of Albums: 11 Resides: New York Performing: Oct. 12, Saturday Evening (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

One of this festival’s younger performers, still mid 20’s but a

Most Recent

201 9


201 8

24 2020 Festival Dates Opening Weekend October 8, 9, 10, 11 Closing Weekend October 15, 16, 17, 18

good space has passed since she began writing at Age 7 and recording at Age 12. Then having performed with the Boston Pops at Age 14. Performing at President Obama’s 2nd inauguration, Age 16. When Stephen Colbert replaced David Letterman on CBS ‘Late Show,’ that first fall into winter Grace was sax in Jon Batiste’s ‘Stay Human’ Band for 6 months. Batiste is quoted, “Grace has an electric charisma onstage that instantly ignites the room.” Also having been highlighted on the television screen as a jazz soloist in the Emmy-Nominated Amazon series BOSCH. The 2018 Grand Prize Winner (country genre!) in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Vanity Fair featured her as a millennial shaking up the jazz world, rewriting the rules of the performance experience. When she recorded ‘GO TiME: Brooklyn’ from a recording studio in NYC it was viewed by thousands globally over a Facebook Live Broadcast. She has utilized Facebook, Instagram and her own Youtube channel with her stackable “PopUp” video series combining her soulful sax solos with unexpected and exotic locales giving off her digital native’s flair for innovation while getting her millions of views. Performer, Saxophonist and Songwriter. She has won multiple ASCAP Composer Awards, Boston Music Awards, International Songwriting Awards. Her original composition “Blues for Harry Bosch” from the Bosch Amazon TV series was recorded by the Manhattan Transfer for their most recent album. Back to her saxophone. She was winner of the 2016 Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll, Category “Rising Star - Alto Saxophone.’ Named “Jazz Artist of the Year” in the 2016 Boston Music Awards. Has been featured on, Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women 2011, Forbes Magazine and many appearances on NPR. Grace brings a brand new 2019 project to the Island that sits just west of where she filmed and recorded ‘GO TiMe Live in LA.’

Sax Debut Year Solo Artist: 2018 Number of Albums: 1 Resides: Walnut Creek, California Performing: Oct. 13, Sunday Evening (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Outa Nowhere he came in 2018, showing up nation-wide on car radio’s on Sirius/XM Radio Smooth Jazz “Watercolors” channel. That very first single by this young Northern Californian “Up and Up” just kept climbing and climbing, finally all the way to to Number #1 and for 4 consecutive weeks, on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart. Before even his debut album on which it was found was released in Summer 1 year ago. The ‘Embrace’ CD subsequently produced 3 Billboard hits including the 3rd this just completed Summer. Raised East Bay San Francisco and back living there in Walnut Creek now. But also raised partially in Asheville, North Carolina and Atlanta. Named the 2018 JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year and making his live debut here on the Island that Fall. His dad a classical concert pianist. His mom played Tracker Organ and Viola. His grandfather a music teacher. Jeff was born around so much music it was begging him to play. He attended the famed Berklee College of Music as a performance major. Then upon returning to the Bay Area, studied music production at the Pyramind Sound Institute in San Francisco.


On February 18, 1976 BOZ SCAGGS released his 7th album ’SILK DEGREES.’ It remains his best selling album, certified 5 times Platinum. This bench next to the Wrigley Casino on Catalina Island where he shot the album cover, is still there. We think it’s the bench closest towards Descanso Beach and closest to entrance to JazzTrax Festival

Commemorating 100th Anniversary of 1919 Catalina Island Purchase by William Wrigley 25


Sax/Singer Debut as Solo Artist: 2015 Number of Albums: 3 Resides: Mulberry, Florida Performing: Oct. 18, Friday Evening (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Receiving a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, and

Most Recent

201 8

not THAT long ago considering she’s only 26, or so. She added a Master’s Degree from Tennessee State University. Even as she now tours the country on her Teaching Time OFF each Summer, possibly the hottest New Find of Smooth Jazz Festivals nation-wide, she continues to teach Music in Polk County, Florida to elementary students, Grades K through 5. Having just come off her debut on the Dave Koz Cruise in Australia has she got stories and inspiration for these kids she’s teaching this fall. Voted 2017’s Best New Smooth Jazz Artist. Awarded the 2019 highly prestigious NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Jazz Album from last fall’s ‘The Story of Jaz.’ Still a fair newcomer to the genre and yet already owning 4 Billboard charting songs. Reaching #8 as she was on the Island last fall with “Heat” off her current CD, but as we publish, her newest radio hit “Amends” had reached Top 5 on Billboard. That CD co produced by Euge Groove at his studio “The Groove House’ and featuring Jeff Lorber on that track. The young sax stress having already gotten such prestigious guests in studio and on her albums as Philippe Saisse, Kim Scott, James Lloyd of Pieces of a Dream, Nelson Rangell, Adam Hawley, Julian Vaughn, Paul Brown, Jonathan Fritzen. Extremely rare for any performer to be invited back to Catalina Island 3 consecutive years but when a total unknown arrives (2017) and outsells every other festival artist in the CD store while performing in the lowest selling session and then repeats that fete again in 2018, well, even festival promoters have to follow demand.


201 9

26 Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom and Wrigley Casino

SAXOPHONIST Debut Year Solo Artist: 2001 Number of Albums: 9 Resides: Hyde Park, Massachusetts—outside Boston Performing: Oct. 20, Sunday Afternoon (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Elan came back onto this festival’s radar screen a year ago when his album ‘Incomparable’ placed Number #6 on the JazzTrax 2018 Best 10 Albums of the Year. But more because of one of it’s album cuts, “Dreaming Of” which placed Number #5 on the JazzTrax Best 40 Songs of the Year. That song title also got placed as one of the Best Song/Album Titles of the Year as we just assumed he just, didn’t complete the title to “Dreaming of Catalina Island.” We know, a bit presumptuous but hey !! Even more HUGE was that he had 3 songs in the JazzTrax Top 40 Songs of last year. Now with his newest release Spring 2019, a full album of Marvin Gaye tunes that he will make part of his Island show as a Tribute to that legendary singer. Born and raised in Barbados where he still does his annual Elan Trotman Barbados Jazz and Golf Weekend as well as one (golf and jazz) in Martha’s Vineyard near his now Boston living. Blending Caribbean Rhythms from his youth and roots to his developed horn textures full of surprises. Elan is also Founder of the ‘Never Lose Your Drive Foundation.’ A Non-Profit directly funding the Headstart Music Program providing Free Weekly Instrument Instruction to students ages 7-11 on sax, trumpet, flute, clarinet and percussion. All proceeds go towards tutor salaries, instrument maintenance and supplies for the Foundation Program.





TOYON GRILL Meet & Greet CD Release Party • 2nd floor of the Trailhead Visitor Center, Main Street • Full Bar

4.5 in

Thursday, October 10


Friday, October 11 KEIKO MATSUI CD Release Party

CD Release Party

CD Release Party

Thursday, October 17 PETER WHITE

Friday, October 18 RICK BRAUN

DESCANSO BEACH • DJ LexaKhan spins music for all-night dancing or chillin’ around the beach firepits • 5 Minute walk from Ballroom • Food Service Available • Full Bar • Taxi Service until 1 AM (top of Descanso Beach Lawn)

2020 Festival Dates Opening Weekend October 8, 9, 10, 11 Closing Weekend October 15, 16, 17, 18 27


Most Recent

201 8

Guitars Together Since: 1979 Debut Album: 1982 Number of Albums: 21 Resides: Los Angeles, California

Performing: Oct. 19, Saturday Evening (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Literally i nnovato rs of an entirely new expression for the acoustic guitar. Jorge Strunz originally from Costa Rica. Ardeshir Farah originally from Iran. They brought together the musical influences of their 2 native lands into a highly virtuosic, rhythmic, improvisation-rich original performance and composition. Their 1979 meeting in Los Angeles, still their base, marked the first time Latin American and Middle Eastern music and other elements, had come together on guitar. Undisputed masters of the style they created. Their listeners luxuriate in sensuous melody, rhythm, colorful and passionate expression, saturated with the 2 men’s cultural roots. Afro-Caribbean, Latin American folk, flamenco, Middle Eastern all converging into essential jazz context and a diversity of contemporary guitar improvisation. A friend who saw Jorge with the group Caldera and Ardeshir working with expatriate Iranian singers in L.A., put them together. By 1986 invited to the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland who’s famed producer Claude Nobs later invited them to perform at his chalet, privately with Eric Clapton and Phil Collins. In 1990 their album ‘Primal Magic’ went to No. #1 on the Billboard World Music charts for 12 weeks and was named Billboard’s World Music Album of the Year. Even slipped into the Billboard Top 200 (all) albums chart. They have recorded with Joan Baez and Rodrigo y Gabriela and led off a 40 city Jackson Browne US tour, appearing with him as well on the David Letterman Show as featured soloists. Grammy nominated 1992 for Best World Music Album for ‘Americas.’ 1995 Billboard Magazine recognized them as among the top 10 World Music Artists overall. Fingers flying so fast, please sit down to keep your viewing balance.


Guitar Debut Year Solo Artist: 2001 Number of Albums: 5 Resides: Orange County, California

Performing: Oct. 10, Thursday Evening (Opening Weekend) • Under the Stars Descanso Beach

A forever Southern Californian now about to add a 5th album



28 Commemorating 100th Anniversary of 1919 Catalina Island Purchase by William Wrigley

project to his nearly 20 year career as he reaches our Island for a 2nd time although been awhile. His own professional career much longer than that. As an L.A. studio musician and sideman while recording and performing with an array of jazz, pop & R&B artists. From Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire to The Coasters, David Benoit, Najee. He’s worked on such television shows as Fox “MAD TV,” where Blake was the show’s guitarist for 14 years. Also Emmy winning co-composer of it’s theme. Also has worked on ABC’s ‘The Next Best Thing,’ Comedy Central’s ‘Chocolate News,’ Fox ‘Ben Stiller Show,’ and ’Sunday Night Comics.’ On his tunes alternating his lead voice (instrumentally) between 3 of his favorite guitars: The D’Angelico hollow body, The Fender Stratocaster, and The Cordoba Nylon String. He reached Number #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart earlier this year with “Groovers and Shakers,” which will be on his forthcoming ‘Color and Passion’ cd.


Producer Art Good (center) hanging with Dave Koz backstage after his “Outa the Blue Unannounced Appearance” on stage with Candy Dulfer at JazzTrax 2018

Take home the New


JazzTrax store located on the Mezzanine Level Festival T-Shirts • Jackets • Caps • Wine Glasses • Posters Unique Stuff • Performing Artist CD’s and Much More!

Get your CD Signed by your favorite Artist!*

Vincent Ingala and Lindsey Webster autograph their CDs from their 2018 JazzTrax show


*DON’T MISS OUT! Most Artists Sign after Show then Take their CD’s with them off the Island

2020 Festival Dates Opening Weekend October 8, 9, 10, 11 Closing Weekend October 15, 16, 17, 18 29

LEBRON Most Recent

201 9

Sax Debut Year Solo Artist 2013 Number of Albums: 3 Resides: Los Angeles, California Performing: Oct. 13, Sunday Afternoon (Opening Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Born Lebron Dennis and raised in Phoenix , his father also a saxophonist which led Lebron studying under Hugh Lovelady, the lead alto player for Frank Sinatra’s Band who had retired to Arizona. Fate stepped in in Lebron’s childhood when Dad bought Earl Klugh concert tickets, but when Dad had another commitment, mom took their 12 year old instead. It wasn’t the guitar of the headlining Earl Klugh, but Earl’s saxophonist who caught the young boy’s attention, riveting him to his future saxophonic solo career. This his 2nd Island appearance after appearing here with the All Star Group ‘Generation Next’ in 2013 in his solo debut year. Just this past Spring, releasing a 3rd solo project. His sax sound described as sweet .. and smooth. He says “It’s never been about playing a bunch of notes as fast as I can or being too technically complex. The average listener can’t relate to that. All that’s needed is .. the RIGHT note. It’s all about .. the Sound. You can say more musically with less, as long as it Sounds Pure. If I cry through my horn, I want them (my audience) to cry with me.”


Sax Debut Year Solo Artist 2010 Number of Albums: 2 Resides: Destin, Florida Performing: Oct. 19, Saturday Afternoon (Closing Weekend) • Avalon Ballroom

Thank god his dad bought a new stereo when Michael was just hitting

Most Recent

201 7

30 Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the 1929 Avalon Ballroom and Wrigley Casino

the middle school music impressionable age. As with that stereo came a Technics demo disc that had the Yellowjackets and Dave Grusin on it. Though surrounded by country music in his small hometown of Cecilia, Kentucky, his dad had a different musical mode for that new Stereo, playing a steady stream of legendary R&B and Pop Artists. By high school he was in Kentucky’s All-State Jazz Band. For college it was a music scholarship to the Universityof Kentucky. Winding up in Destin, Florida, on the Panhandle where since 2006 he has played 5 nights a week as Resident Musician at Ruth Chris Steak House, playing “all Genres” and Singing. With Seabreeze Jazz Festival just down the highway he’s played on that famous stage 4 times. Getting named “Best of the Emerald Coast” in the “Best Musician/Vocalist/ Band” category by Emerald Coast Magazine. “Best Musician in Destin” by Destin Magazine. Unique in that he can take the lead line on sax, or on vocals. By 2017 off his current ‘Driven’ CD, his song “Baby Coffee” soared to Number #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart and stayed on top for 4 consecutive weeks. His newest Single, “I’ll Never Love Again,” an instrumental version of the closing song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the motion picture ‘A Star is Born,’ in August gave him his 2nd Billboard Charts Number #1 Song as Michael gets set to wing it west for his Catalina Island Debut.



BALLROOM: Opens 30 Minutes before Weekend Session Start Time MEZZANINE LEVEL: Restrooms, Marine Room Bar & Lounge for watching Sports, JazzTrax Store, Alaska Airlines Autograph Counter

THURSDAYS - DESCANSO BEACH: Opens with Opening Act at 6 pm FRIDAYS BOX OFFICE: Opens 3 PM Casino Entrance Right Side Photo by-

DAYTRIPPERS: Catalina Express Late Boats back to Mainland Saturdays and Sundays go ONLY to Long Beach. They depart approximately 11:45 pm after final ballroom performance. There are no Late Boats on Thursdays or Fridays.

• Please note heightened security is for YOUR SAFETY. No backpacks or extra luggage of any kind is therefore allowed. Hotels and The Mole have LOCKERS. • Please Keep Conversations to a Minimum During Performance .. Respect those Watching and Listening around you. • No Flash Photography Allowed During Performance .. No Professional Camera’s or Professional Video Allowed per Artist Contracts. • Smart Phones Okay but PLEASE DO NOT HOLD IN THE AIR, to Film for long periods of time out of courtesy those around you. • Filming with Smart Phones has gotten very distracting at concert venues. Think short clips and position not to bother those around. • Please show courtesy for those Behind You and Do Not Unnecessarily STAND, BLOCKING THEIR VIEW. They paid for THEIR VIEW TOO. • No Outside Food or Drink except with $25 corkage fee. Ballroom has Full Bar and Food Sales. • All Ticket Sales are Final. No Refunds. Exchanges to Upgrade including to Tables can be Made at Box Office. • All Seats are Reserved. Sit only in Your Purchased Seat. Do NOT move UP into Club. Someone Owns those Front 10 Rows Seats. • Do NOT Sit at a Table Unless You Purchased it. Almost All Tables are Owned for the Entire Weekend. DO NOT TABLE SQUAT !!! -If security sees You sitting at a Table that was NOT Purchased You Will be Told to MOVE. There are a few UnPurchased -Tables in a few Sessions. You can upgrade at Box Office but you cannot sit in an unsold Table Chair. • At Beach both Thursdays, All Chaise Lounges and All Private Cabana’s Sold Out early in the year. • There is No Age Restriction to attend this Festival. • No Ticket is Required to Attend JazzTrax AfterParties. Thursdays & Fridays at Toyon Grill. Saturdays at Descanso Beach Club. -AfterParties begin right after Evening’s Final Concert ends. -Food and Full-Bar • There is Re-Admittance to Venues as long as you are Stamped and have Ticket. -Only exception if on Sold Out Evenings Fire Marshall decrees no re-admittance. • Do Not Move Any Chair, Table, or Chaise Lounge by Fire Marshall Decree. • This is a NO SMOKING Venue, both Ballroom & Beach. Ballroom Smoking Section is CLEARLY MARKED on outside Verandah. -Only Behind Stage. Absolutely NO SMOKING on outside verandah anywhere near French Doors. • No Glass is allowed on outside verandah ledge, there are people 6 floors below. No Drinks Please Anywhere on RAMPS. • Use Ramps at your own Liability. No Alcohol can leave the building. • Handicapped and Elderly have 1st priority at Elevator. There are wheelchairs at box office.

JazzTrax Creator/ Producer: Art Good Executive Director Production & Stage: Gregg Hudson Box Office Manager: Tracy Larsen Director of Security: Jack Tofelogo Merchandise Manager: Mary Tofelogo BallRoom and Beach Seating Set-Up/Coordination: Cristina Gorka Ballroom Lighting: Pacific Coast Entertainment Ballroom Sound: U.S. Audio Festival Photographer: Program Graphic Designer: Gina Mancini Mermaid Dolphin Band Graphic Design: Andrew Harner Program Cover & Festival Poster: Ben North Video Graphics: Austin Good Ticketing: Long Beach, CA Festival Ushers Provided by Catalina CHOICES Donate at www.CatalinaChoices.Org All Historical pictures: Catalina Island Company

Commemorating 100th Anniversary of 1919 Catalina Island Purchase by William Wrigley 31

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Catalina Jazz Trax Festival 2019  

Catalina Jazz Trax Festival 2019