Catalina Jazz Trax Festival 2021

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Friday, Saturday Sunday INDOORS HISTORIC 1929 AVALON BALLROOM Inside Wrigley Casino

OPENING WEEKEND | OCT. 14-17 THURSDAY EVENING, OCT. 14 Descanso Beach Club- Doors at 6 pm Daylight over Ocean till 7 pm

LISA ADDEO.................................shortly after 6pm

MINDI ABAIR.................... with Darkness 7:30pm

Keyboardist Saxophonist/ Singer

FRIDAY EVENING, OCT. 15 Doors Open at 6:30 pm

NICHOLAS COLE............................................ 7pm


Keyboardist Saxophonist

SATURDAY, OCT. 16 Afternoon Session, Doors Open at 11:30 am

STEVE OLIVER.............................................. Noon

GERALD ALBRIGHT..................................... 2 pm

Guitarist & Scatter Extraordinaire


Evening Session, Doors Open at 6:30 pm

GREGG KARUKAS........................................... 7pm

JEFFREY OSBORNE.....................................9pm

Keyboardist with special guest Saxophonist Michael Paulo


Saturday Evening’s OUTDOORS JAZZTRAX AFTER-PARTY Descanso Beach Club 10:45pm-1am

CLOSING WEEKEND | OCT. 21-24 THURSDAY EVENING, OCT. 21 Descanso Beach Club- Doors at 6 pm Daylight over Ocean till 7 pm

EVAN MARKS............................... shortly after 6pm

MINDI ABAIR......................with Darkness 7:30pm

Guitarist of Fattburger Saxophonist/ Singer

FRIDAY EVENING, OCT. 22 Doors Open at 6:30 pm

FOUR 80 EAST.................................................. 7pm

SAX TO THE MAX............................................ 9pm

Canadian Band Michael Lington, Paul Taylor, Vincent Ingala

SATURDAY, OCT. 23 Afternoon Session, Doors Open at 11:30 am

MARIEA ANTOINETTE.............................. Noon

KIM & KAYLA WATERS................................ 2 pm

Harpist Father & Daughter Saxophonist & Keyboardist

Evening Session, Doors Open at 6:30 pm

RANDAL CLARK................................................ 7pm

LARRY CARLTON.............................................. 9pm

Debut Saxophonist with Special Guests Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip

Guitarist Doing his Crusaders/ Steely Dan Show

S AT U R D AY N I G H T J A Z Z T R A X A F T E R PA R T Y AT D E S C A N S O B E A C H B e g i n s R i g h t A f t e r F i n a l No t e s i n B a l l r o o m . . t o 1 a . m . Fo o d & B a r Av a i l a b l e f o r P u r c h a s e

SUNDAY, OCT. 17 Afternoon Session, Doors Open at 11:30 am

KIM SCOTT........................................................ Noon

SPYRO GYRA.................................................... 2 pm


Legendary Band

Evening Session, Doors Open at 6:30 pm

ROMAN STREET............................................. 7pm

RICK BRAUN.......................................................9pm

Nouveau Flamenco Guitars

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Singer

SUNDAY, OCT. 24 Afternoon Session, Doors Open at 11:30 am

CAROL ALBERT............................................. Noon

NAJEE....................................................................... 2 pm


Saxophonist, Flutist

Evening Session, Doors Open at 6:30 pm

ADAM HAWLEY................................................. 7pm



Together Guitarist & Saxophonist

Producers Notes



50 years ago this Summer I arrived in California … landing about 30 miles from Catalina Island at Los Angeles International Airport coming from the East, leaving my childhood behind in Indiana. My Senior Year son at Loyola Marymount University, LMU, now has a bachelor pad about 300 feet from the end of that runway where I landed, now a half century ago, to find my future in California. Excuse me for a moment while I contemplate all of that. I just landed on that runway again last month, but from the West, returning from Maui. That same runway that many of you just landed on arriving by plane to come 26 miles further across the sea. Are we really back? Did we really miss an entire October on Catalina Island? Because the last time we weren’t here in the 1929 Avalon Ballroom looking out to sea with the Stars of Smooth Jazz, Ronald Reagan was just in the 2nd year of his 2nd term as President. Yep Reagan was President when this festival originated. Surreal huh? But other than a few masked men and women and most of us holding our Vaccination Certificates safely in hand, everything else feels pretty normal 2 years after our last appearance here. What a year … WHAT A YEAR …..WHAT A COUPLE OF YEARS. But the Music Never Stopped. Well, it stopped Live on Stage, that’s for sure. They had a grant here in California for the pandemic called ‘Shuttered Stages.’ Usually that happens when they go broke, or fall apart, not usually due to a pandemic shutting down everything. EVERYTHING. Sport Stadiums, Movie Theaters, Outdoor and Indoor Music Festivals and Concerts, Broadway Plays. Everything. The couch became our Movie Theaters. You Tube became our Concert Halls. But while they couldn’t tour or perform live in person you know what the Musical Artists were doing right? Born to make music, they wrote and recorded up a storm in quarantine in their home studios many did Zoom Shows over the Internet. While you watched from your couch, Dave Koz put out THREE, count ‘em 3 albums during the Covid Crack-Down .. 3! First thank you to all who PUSHED their 2020 JazzTrax Festival Tickets to 2021. I refunded a lot of money a year ago. That’s about all

I did August a year ago. Refund Refund Refund, but so many of you purchase JazzTrax Festival tickets, the same Club seat, the same Table, the same Hotel Room, the same restaurant every year. You weren’t about to give up your beloved seat so you agreed to just turn your 2020 purchase into your already fully paid 2021 Pre Tickets. And that kept the festival solidified. Heck, you all have carried the load on this thing ever since I was crazy enough to try and do a jazz festival on an Island 34 years ago. Through thick and thin, you’ve kept coming and coming and coming. Recessions, back to Summer Rack Rate Hotel Pricing in October, couple wars, 7 Presidents, you’ve kept coming. Kids grew up then your grand kids grew up too. Then you retired and even more of you came. One of the hardest things I’ve ever written was on Aug. 13th, Friday the 13th, imagine that. I had wanted to make our festival 100%

No one was mandating. No one was telling you you had to get a shot. They were just saying if you don’t, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. You have the Full Freedom to Not get vaccinated. We have the Full Freedom to say you won’t get served here if you don’t. I mean, come on. Don’t ask for your freedom if as the producer of this legendary jazz festival I can’t have mine. I declared my freedom to keep my incredible festival goers as safe as possible and arriving “feeling” as safe as possible. And wow …. you made my day, overwhelmingly replying to that Friday the 13th e-mail to all our festival ticket purchasers that you WERE VACCINATED and that you preferred if we mandated everyone coming to the 1929 Avalon Ballroom, looking out to sea, ALL had to be. And of course we got our small handful of e-mails from those who live on a different planet. How dare you Art. Shame on you Art for pushing this Vaccine that isn’t FDA approved (it is now). Your festival


back 26 miles across the sea … it’s October RIGHT WHERE WE WANT TO BE Vaxed to get Fully Saxed, but I wasn’t sure that could happen. No one could NOT know how I felt, how this festival felt. I’d been asking All Year for Everyone to please come Fully Vaccinated to the Island. Not just for you, but for the persons sitting next to you. For the venue workers. For the Islanders trying to keep their tourism town OPEN. For the Stars of Smooth Jazz, now many themselves in the vulnerable Upper Demographic. And then a beautiful thing happened. People realized when it became a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated and the Delta Variant turned the pandemic loose again, that if people, and venues and company’s, even NBA Arena’s didn’t put their foot DOWN and say you can’t come if you are not fully vaccinated, this thing would drag on and on. So the Standard in our “Entertaining You Industry” shifted end of Summer which also began to PUSH up the Vaccination Rates nation-wide amongst the Reluctant. Guess sometimes you gotta give a person a reason to get vaccinated, beyond it just saving their life !! Venue after Venue, Concert Companies, Restaurants, Businesses .. even the Comedy Store in Hollywood changed their policy to “If you Want to be Entertained .. if you want to come inside Our Business .. if you want to see a movie HERE .. if you want to cruise on OUR ship .. if you want to dine INSIDE our restaurant ….. You Must Be Fully Vaccinated.” If you want to come to the Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival and sit in an indoor ballroom with 1,300 other older demographic smoothers … then you gotta come fully vaccinated. It was obvious. Enough was Enough. The magical cure was here. All you had to do was get a quick couple of jabs ….. FOR FREE. Thus do it or don’t, but if you don’t, enjoy those movies still on your home couch. Enjoy dining outside no matter the weather or keep doing take-out. Enjoy You Tube because you ain’t coming to Coachella to see your favorite bands unless you are fully vaccinated. (Yea like any at our age are going to Coachella.) Society took over. Not the law, but society .. business. Humans who wanted to go back to normal and were being blocked by Obstinates.

goers will be dropping like flys from the vaccine. A few swore at me .. with the F Word. Nope, instead the vaccinated are on their feet giving standing ovations and encores to the Stars of Smooth Jazz who once again, as they had done since 1987, minus 2020. Once again turning Catalina Island in October into the Center of the Smooth Jazz Universe. I am standing in applause to you. I wanted to make the All Vax decision and on Friday the 13th back in August YOU MADE THE DECISION FOR ME. JazzTrax proudly joining AEG/ Golden Voice, who produce Coachella and Stagecoach. Joining the Cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Golden State Warriors, the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, even the legendary Mitzi Shore Comedy Store in Hollywood in requiring Proof of Full Vaccination for admittance …. TO BE ENTERTAINED. Here’s my Vaccination Certificate …. thank you for the wristband which I’ll wear “Because I Am In.” Vaxed to get Fully Saxed. Now …. Entertain me Rick Braun. Sing to Me, Jeffrey Osborne. Sax it to me Gerald Albright. Rock the house Peter & Euge. Play those Crusaders and Steely Dan songs you laid down with them on your guitar so long ago Larry Carlton. Sax us to the Maxest, Michael, Paul and Vincent ….. Because WE ARE VAXED UP TO THE MAXEST FOR YOU DUDES. Eventually, the Adults on the Planet take charge. Let the Music Play On … as the waves of the Blue Pacific roll in, like nothing ever happened. And when we’ve pulled off another of these festival miracles on an Island surrounded by Blue Pacific, I’m going to celebrate by going to Portland to see a Trailblazer NBA game, to Sacramento to see the Kings new NBA arena and to San Francisco to see the Warriors glorious new NBA arena with all those recent championship flags hanging in the rafters. But ya know what? None of those Arena’s would allow me in …. if I wasn’t fully vaccinated to get my cold beer. And after all this … it’d better be COLD. We’re back ladies and gentlemen .. back 26 miles across the sea … it’s October … right where we want to be.

-Art Good


OPENING WEEKEND | October 14-17



Fe s t i v a l 1 4 - 1 7













Photo by Pat Benter


On Catalina Island Fully Vaxed .. to Get Absolutely Fully Saxed

October 14-17 | OPENING WEEKEND



Thursday Evening, October 14, 6pm Descanso Beach

Thursday Evening, October 14 & 21, 7:30pm - Descanso Beach

Originally From: Fort Lauderdale, LA, Scottsdale Now Resides: Miami South Beach Songs from 7 of her 12 CD’s are being heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s ‘Watercolors,’ ’Seriously Sinatra,’ ‘Escape’ and ‘Holiday Traditions’ channels and Music Choice ‘Smooth Jazz’ channel. Her live performances have stretched from intimate supper clubs to Radio City Music Hall and across the US and Europe. And has been releasing standards, pop and original compositions since 1997. Away from music Lisa is an avid golfer. A qualified boat captain. She has done stints as a lifeguard and swim coach and loves jet skiing in The Bahamas. She brings 2 recent Chart Topping Hits to the Island. Her newest title track, “Listen To This’ and “High Heels.” Also “What Cha’ Know About That.” She has attended the JazzTrax Festival but this is her debut Island Performance. Debut Year: 1997 Current CD: Listen to This (2019)

Originally From: Tampa Bay | Now Resides:Hollywood 1st spotted by JazzTrax Producer Art Good in a band in a La Jolla Jazz Club in 1991. The 2 making friends, Mindi’s 1st JazzTrax Festival appearance came in Oct. 1994. Invited to participate in a Sunday Afternoon All Star Jam. Next seen back on the Island in Jonathan Butler’s Band 4 years later. Then making her own main stage headliner debut in 2002, just before her break-out year, 2003. Her solo debut on the esteemed GRP Recording Company label. Her 1st radio single, “Lucy’s” spent nearly 3 months No. #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart. She has garnered twelve #1 radio hits in the jazz and blues world. Two #1’s on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album Chart. Two #3’s on Billboard’s Blues Album Chart. 2006 ‘Life Less Ordinary’ named the JazzTrax Best Album of the Year. Nominated for Grammy’s in 2014 and 2015. She has been featured saxophonist on American Idol. Sat in with Paul Shaffer on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman,’ Also with The Roots on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.’ Launching Reserve Tastings Wine Company in 2019 bringing together the worlds of wine plus music with members only exclusive wines paired to personally curated music playlists, and brand wine plus music festivals. Also an author having written the book ‘How to Play Madison Square Garden.’ Also serving 10 years as an LA Chapter Governor, President and National Trustee for The Recording Academy. Her list of “Touring or Recording With” includes Aerosmith, Trombone Shorty, Adam Sandler, the Backstreet Boys, Mandy Moore and many more. Mindi returns to Catalina Island this October for the 1st time in 5 years. Debutted on JazzTrax Catalina Stage: 1994 Album Debut: 2003 | Current CD: Best of Mindi Abair (2021)

Next Year 2022 Festival Dates: Opening Weekend October 13-15 / Closing Weekend October 20-23


OPENING WEEKEND | October 14-17



Saturday Afternoon, October 16, 2pm


Sunday Evening, October 1 7, 9 pm

Originally From: L.A. | Now Resides: Castle Rock, CO

Originally From: Allentown, PA | Now Resides: Woodland Hills, CA

Beginning as like many with piano lessons in his L.A. South Central neighborhood, and fate like for many occurred when his piano teacher handed him and gave him, a saxophone. Going East a couple hours drive, from his L.A. hometown to University of Redlands and switching from sax to bass. That’s the instrument Patrice Rushen initially hired him for. Anita Baker as well made him her BassMan before realizing his Power of Sax. Playing both Bass & Sax on the road through the 80’s with Atlantic Starr, The Temptations, Maurice White, Les McCann, Olivia Newton John, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and more. In 1987 launching as well his own Solo Career. In the 90’s with Lee Ritenour and then as special guest Instrumentalist on World Tours with Phil Collins. Grammy Nominated on 2 straight solo projects in 2010 and 2014. In between a 2012 hit collaboration with Norman Brown ’24/7.’ Then on record and stage with the Dave Koz Summer Horns where he shared Grammy Nominations with Dave and Friends. He has received a sum of 8 Grammy nominations. He has topped the Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts twice this year. “Better Days” actually No. #1 as 2020 ended and 2021 began, 3 straight weeks. Then 2 weeks this Summer with “Hope.” Fun side note. Gerald’s saxophone works appear in the PlayStation video game ‘Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’ during the theme song “I Am the Wind,” which includes keyboardist Jeff Lorber.

Started on horn in the bands of some of the biggest names in music. Tina Turner .. TomPetty .. Sade .. Natalie Cole .. REO Speedwagon Crowded House .. Glenn Frey … Rod Stewart .. War, before crafting his own distinctive sound and becoming one of the strongest and most consistent staples in all of Smooth Jazzdom. A Producer as well. His highly professional home studio high up in the hills overlooking Smooth Jazz (San Fernando) Valley visited constantly by fellow musicians. Producing No. 1 hits for David Benoit, Marc Antoine, and the late (and best friend) Jeff Golub. Also achieving collaborative success on massive hits with Boney James, Richard Elliot, and the BWB powerhouse trio along with Kirk Whalum and Norman Brown. And Promoter, throwing a couple smashing Rick Braun Parties. New Year’s Eve in Tucson, Arizona at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa and Smooth Jazz River Cruises through the waterways of Europe. The Colors of Provence sailing on the Rhone River between Arles and Lyon, France, not just starring Smooth Jazz but also fine French wine, and world class food. Before bursting forth onto the Smooth Jazz Scene being named Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year by ‘Gavin Reports’ 2 years running off his blockbuster ‘Beat Street’ and ‘Body and Soul’ albums, he had debuted in the 80’s in Japan as a Singer. You can still hear him from his more recent ‘Sings with Strings’ album on Sirius XM’s Seriously Sinatra station. He followed his Singing start by working as a songwriter for Lorimar. Writing REO Speedwagon’s Top 20 hit “Here with Me.” For his Saturday Afternoon most recent headlining appearance on Catalina Island in Oct. 1999, Rick earned the prestigious JazzTrax Best Live Performance Honor of the Year.

Debut Year: October 1987 Current CD: G-Stream (2020)

Debut Year: 1992 Current CD: Crossroads (2019) working on new album “with Strings”


To Keep Same Seats/Tables Next Year, Mail Pre Ticket Order Form Inside Program by Nov. 1st

OPENING WEEKEND | October 14-17



Fri. Evening, October 15, 7pm



Saturday Afternoon, October 16, Noon

Originally From: Goldsboro, North Carolina Now Resides: Goldsboro, North Carolina

Originally From: East Bay San Francisco Now Resides: Beamont, CA

From age 4, his musical family had him playing piano and organ in the church. Mixing his mentors .. Brian Culbertson in jazz .. Fred Hammond in gospel. Peter White in jazz .. Kirk Franklin in gospel. Brian Simpson in jazz .. Yolanda Adams in gospel. Making a 2010 solo debut. His 2012 signing with Trippin ’N’ Rhythm Records propelled him onto the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage and on that 2nd sophomore album the song “Snap” got him his 1st #1 charting radio hit. Hitting the Top of the Billboard Charts again in 2019 with ‘Soulmate’ off his most recent CD ‘The Weekend.’ Also that year earning the ‘JazzTrax Best Song or Album Title’ with the SONG “Should’ve Been Us.” Also named #6 Best Songs of 2019 by JazzTrax. Nicholas returns to the Island for 1st time since 2014. His 4th Island appearance. Loves calling North Carolina HOME with no plans to leave, cept for touring.

Breaking out in 1999 with a ‘First View’ of this singer, scatter, guitarist who had migrated down from his Northern Californian East Bay San Francisco roots to the Southern California Smooth Jazz Music scene. His 2002 CD brought a 1st signature song ‘High Noon’ and his first heavy radio airplay. 3 Number #1 Billboard Radio Hits followed over the next decade including “Fun in the Sun” No. #1 on the Charts for 8 weeks in 2010. 13 Top 20 Singles as well. A 2 time Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards nominee for Best International Artist. Steve earned JazzTrax honors for 2018 Best Song of the Year. The title track to ‘Illuminate.’ Most recently collaborating for the ‘Unified’ CD in 2020 with keyboardist Brian Simpson. He has also subbed in as one of the 2 primary guitars on Acoustic Alchemy tours. The Smooth Jazz Artist who lives closest to the Palm Springs JazzTrax Studio. You pass him in the Banning Pass coming east out of the Los Angeles metropolisas you cross through at about 1,000 feet between the 2 tallest mountain peaks in Southern California. Steve uses sincere heighth as he composes and records. Looking out his studio window at the twin peaks of Mt. San Gorgonio (tallest) and Mt. San Jacinto (2nd tallest) side by side for his musical inspiration.

Debut Year: 2010 Current CD: The Weekend (2019)


Debut Year: 1999 Current CD: Unified (2020) Collaboration with Brian Simpson

2022 Full Weekend Series Tickets & Thurs. Unplugged Go on Sale Tuesday before Thanksgiving

OPENING WEEKEND | October 14-17




Saturday Evening, October 16, 9pm

Sunday Evening, October 1 7, 7pm

Originally From: Providence, Rhode Island Now Resides: Los Angeles

Originally From: Coastal Alabama - Coastal Florida Now Resides: Spanish Fort, Alabama

Youngest of 12 kids including 5 brothers and 6 sisters who all went on to have music careers. His dad, Clarence “Legs” Osborne a popular trumpeter who sat in with the likes of Lionel Hampton and Duke Ellington. Age 15 after his dad had passed away 2 years prior, Jeffrey sat in on drums with the O’Jays, then spending 2 years with them. Leaving his hometown to head for L.A. to play with Love Men Ltd, later just L.T.D. Moving from their drummer to being their Lead Singer. 10 years thus before embarking on his own solo career. Owning such beloved Top 40 hits as “Stay With Me Tonight,” “You Should Be Mine (the Woo Woo Song), his duet with Dionne Warwick “Love Power.” 4 Grammy Nominations. 5 Gold and Platinum albums. In 1982 his biggest international hit, “On the Wings of Love.” His latest project, 2018’s ‘Worth It All’ inspired by the late George Duke, took Jeffrey back to his deep R&B roots. In 2012 he founded The Jeffrey Osborne Foundation and Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Golf Classic. To benefit non-profit organizations who support the continued push for music and arts to children and their families as well as a safe haven for families in need especially in his home state Rhode Island.

Named for an old roman street in the Alps where guitar playing brothers Noah and Josh Thompson had studied guitar. Since college years this brotherly jam session has developed into a Billboard/ I Tunes charting band dubbed ‘the next generation’ of Jazz Fusion. Internationally trained and specializing in an improvisational fusion of Classical, Gypsy, Contemporary Jazz, Latin and Nuevo Flamenco. Acoustic instruments kept simple performed by people who love what they are creating. It is a Band of Brothers. The Thompson Brothers .. Josh and Noah Up Front on Guitar and usually the Morris Brothers. (Thus their 2016 song “Mr. Morris.” Drummer Bryan Morris, but his Bass Playing brother JoJo Morris taking a Covid year off to protect an Immune Risked Wife so temporarily replaced on bass by Quintin Ayers. Natives of Eastern Shore, Coastal Alabama. Even their town gives flavor to the band. Spanish Fort, Alabama. A place and band with a wonderful mix of water, white sand beaches a short drive away, abundant seafood, Southern Charm, friendly and supportive people .. all at an incredibly low cost of living, relatively speaking. Their mentors .. Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert and their European Extended Family. In 2016 it got their ‘Bohemia’ album named JazzTrax Best of the Year. From that they redid the song “Island Time” in 2020. Adding subtle “Catalina” lyrics. That album ‘Balcony of the World’ named ‘Best Song or Album Title of 2020.

Debut Year: 1972 with L.T.D. | 1982, Solo Current CD: Worth It All (2018)


2022 Single Session Tickets Go on Sale Memorial Day Weekend

Debut Year: 2010 Current CD: Balcony of the World (2020)

Photo by Pat Benter

OPENING WEEKEND | October 14-17


Sunday Afternoon, October 17, Noon Originally From: Birmingham, Alabama Now Resides: Trussville, Alabama Even has her own weekly nationally syndicated radio show, the 2 hour “Kim Scott’s Block Party Radio.” 4 albums deep now with a Pied Piper-like allure and magic. Recent collaborations with Jonathan Fritzen, James Lloyd (of Pieces of a Dream), Jazmin Ghent, Greg Manning, Lin Rountree have pulled her tighter into the Smooth Jazz World. Fritzen co wrote and performed piano on her Billboard No. #1 song “Emerge.” That 2019 album ‘Free To Be’ climbed to Top 25 on the Billboard Jazz Albums Chart. Her newest radio hit “Back Together Again” is a forerunner of a project still being recorded, to be released in early 2022. Released early it went Billboard Top 5 this past Summer. She has played our Island stage as part of the all female group Jazz in Pink, but this Fall marks Kim’s solo debut as a headliner at JazzTrax. She hails from the University of Alabama for her Bachelor’s and Oklahoma State University for her Masters. Also known as Kim Strickland in the Classical World. She is a flute professor and Director of Student Support Services at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Interested in a Master Class in Flute? She’s the one and is also a member of the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. Debut Year: 2010 Current CD: Free To Be 2019




Friday Evening, October 15, 9pm Originally From: Los Angeles | Now Resides: Los Angeles What an absolute legend. Between his own tunes and albums, his television theme work, movie scoring, Grammy winning, even conducting the Academy Awards Orchestra at the 1996 Oscars. Heavily influenced by growing up in a Television Musical Family. Dad Nathan Scott had 850 television credits combined with 100 film credits. Dad did the theme songs for the 1960’s Dragnet and Lassie television series. Couldn’t have been prouder when Tom followed with his own theme songs for Television. Theme in the 70’s for the Season 2 and Season 4 for ABC’s ‘Starsky & Hutch.’ Then again for ABC for ’Streets of San Francisco.’ Scoring television music as well for ABC’s ‘Taxi Driver,’ NBC’s ‘Family Ties,’ and CBS ‘Cybil.’ Further musical television work included as music director in 1989 for CBS ‘The Pat Sajak Show’ and in 1993 for Fox ‘The Chevy Chase Show.’ Pretty much covered all the networks. In the movies, he was behind the music for ‘Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.’ Throw in his involvement with Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi in the Blues Brothers Band. His list of session work is monster long but notably Saxing on Paul McCartney & Wings “Listen to What the Man Said.” He was also the lyricon on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” On Steely Dan’s “Black Cow.” Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love for You.” The list goes on and on …. Rod Stewart, Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Grateful Dead, Steppenwolf, and on and on …….. Owner of 3 Grammy’s and 14 Grammy Nominations over 4 decades. His 1974 ’Tom Cat’ and 1976 ‘New York Connection’ pointed the way for jazz towards contemporary and later Smooth Jazz. Has 35 total solo recordings after making his first record as a leader at age 20 in 1968. Debut Year: 1968 Current CD: Tom Scott & The L.A. Express remastered with Tom Cat (2014)

Thanksgiving Week: Listen to JazzTrax Festival Radio Streaming Concerts from Oct. at


Leave the ordinary behind and fly deep into the pristine landscapes of Catalina Island for a private backcountry picnic. The sweet views will be paired with a gourmet picnic basket filled with select delicacies and premium Champagne.

$1,395 for 1 couple, $1,693 for 2 couples from Avalon

(800) 228 2566


Sunday Afternoon, October 17, 2:00pm Originally From: Buffalo, New York Now Resides: Band Members live everywhere from New York to Las Vegas 140 plus years together, over 5 thousand shows, 32 albums, over 10 million albums sold, One Platinum, 2 Gold. Bandleader and Saxophonist Jay Beckenstein born in Brooklyn, but at University of Buffalo in 1974 this band was founded. It’s name deriving from Jay starting out as a biology major. Spyro Gyra derived from Spirogyra, a genus of green algae. Spyro silent member but co-founder Jeremy Walls, a high school buddy of Jay joined up together in the mid 70’s Buffalo music scene. Before they came up with their odd but popular unusual name they were the “Tuesday Night Jazz Jams” where a young keyboardist named Tom Schuman, age 16, began sitting in. To this day still the band’s keyboardist while living now in Las Vegas. When tours begin, these band members, forever together, simply fly in from their now homes all over the country to join up in their 1st city. Early albums were a rotating cast of characters including top New York session players, all orchestrated by Jay. But by 1983 the decision was made to make their albums the work of the actual touring band members. Spyro guitarist Julio Fernandez joined in 1984. Scott Ambush joined on bass in ’91. Bonny Bonaparte the newest joining in 2006. The unforeseen popularity burst forth with “Shaker Song” & “Morning Dance” gaining them cross-over radio airplay. But what has brought Spyro back to the JazzTrax Live performance stage was Fall of 2019 ‘Vinyl Tap.’ An album of (blasphemy) COVERS !!! Spyro Gyra covering the Doobie Bros., Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 1967 Cream, Johnny Rivers, The Beatles, Blind Faith, even a classic 1961 jazz standard by jazz saxophonist Oliver Nelson in marvelously spyro gyro-ish fashion. The very 1st band to ever agree to play the very 1st JazzTrax Festival in 1987, now returns for the 1st time in a decade. To where “Their Trusting Us 34 Years Ago” got the whole ball rolling on this event. Debut Year: 1977 Current CD: Vinyl Tap (2019) —an unbelievable album of classic 60’s & 70’s Covers !!


2022 Artist Line-Up Announced after New Year’s. Sign Up for E-Mail Alerts at:

Photos by Pat Benter

OPENING WEEKEND | October 14-17


THE PARTY CONTINUES AT DESCANSO BEACH! DJ spins music for midnight dancing or chillin’ around beach fire pits ~ No Ticket Required ~

Food Service Available | Full Bar | Taxi Service until 12:30am (top of Descanso Beach Lawn)

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CLOSING WEEKEND | October 21-24


Fe s t i v a l


2 1 - 2 4















Photo by Pat Benter


On Catalina Island Fully Vaxed .. to Get Absolutely Fully Saxed

October 21-24 | CLOSING WEEKEND



Sunday Afternoon, October 24, Noon

Saturday Afternoon, October 23, Noon


Originally From: Hiram, Georgia (population 4,000) Now Resides: Atlanta Playing piano at age 5 and learning how to play by ear by duetting with her grandmother. Playing right handed parts while her grandmother having lost her left arm to cancer handled the left-handed parts. She now has performed extensively throughout Europe as well as the U.S. As a classically trained pianist, composer and producer she received an Emmy nomination for her work composing for television, having written the music for the 7 part PBS Series “The Well-Placed Weed.” She has served as a staff accompanist for the Atlanta Ballet, performed regularly in Europe including a 3 month tour of Sweden. Even played on the Brittania Cruise Line out of France. She says she has “gigged basically every week of her life.” Her range, from solo piano, to elegant, to free flowing, to R&B grooves, to global rhythms, to new age, and now landing at smooth jazz. Further propelled there by having Smooth Jazz Super Producer Paul Brown producing 5 tracks on her latest. 1st Breaking through the Smooth Jazz curtain with 2017’s “Fly Away Butterfly.” And with her Top 5 Billboard radio hit “Femme Flight.” Then in 2020 with 2 radio hit singles. The title track to ‘Stronger Now’ and “Perfect Sunday.” It was her break-out year with JazzTrax and we named her our 2020 JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year. Now after our pandemic delay she arrives this October from Atlanta to LAX to 26 miles across the sea on Catalina Island. Debut Year: 1992 Current CD: Stronger Now (2020)


Originally From and Resides: San Diego Named the 2018 Instrumentalist of the Year by the San Diego Prestige Awards. Awarded the 2018 Best Jazz Single for “Overture” by the Black Women in Jazz & Arts Association. Received a BMA Image Award at the 2018 Black Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Described as the world’s premier soulful HARPIST. Take a straitlaced, classical harp and bending it in any forward motion. Towards R&B Funk with a few ounces of sex appeal. Described as an Urban-Jazz Harpist who loosens up her classical instrument from street smart to EDM hip-hoppy to yes sexy, to luscious R&B vocals. Having performed for the Los Angeles Southeast Symphony Orchestra. As Principle Harpist at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. For the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama and her President husband. Also with Jazz in Pink. And graced the cover of ‘Women in Music Magazine’ Spring of 2021 Debut Year: 2003 Current CD: All My Strings (2020)

Next Year 2022 Festival Dates: Opening Weekend October 13-15 / Closing Weekend October 20-23


CLOSING WEEKEND | October 21-24


Saturday Evening, October 23, 9pm



Saturday Evening, October 23, 7pm

Originally From: Los Angeles | Now Resides: Nashville

Originally From and Resides: Salt Lake City

This is Larry’s Combined Crusaders and Steely Dan Show .. taken from his years in the former and many sessions and on stage with both. Born in L.A. suburb of Torrance. Heard Joe Pass on the radio. Had same guitar teacher growing up as Lee Ritenour. They’d pass coming and going from lessons. Separately they would become 2 of the hottest guitar sessionists in the Los Angeles Music World 1970’s. Both would separately be members of Fourplay, Larry replacing Lee in 1998. Larry built his career in the 70’s doing sessions for the likes of Steely Dan ’75, ’76, ’77 and ’80 albums, Paul Anka projects in ’76, ’77, ’79. Johnny Rivers ’72 ’73 ’75 ’76. Barbara Streisand ’71 ’74 ’75 ’77 ‘’78 ’79. Joni Mitchell, even The Partridge Family, the Fifth Dimension, Stephen Bishop,The Brothers Johnson, Christopher Cross, Neal Diamond, Cass Elliot, David Gates, Billy Joel, Peggy Lee, and on and on .. Thousands of recording sessions, hundreds of albums in many genres. Played on more than 100 Gold Records. Add in his Television and Motion Picture theme songs. He is the theme of Mike Post “Hill Street Blues.”Scored much of the movie ‘Against All Odds, starring Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward, in ‘Room 305’ his home basement studio in the Hollywood Hills. He has long now lived in Nashville. He is Steely Dan’s “Josie” (along with guitarist Dean Parks.) You Tube Steely Dan’s “Don’t Take Me Alive.” Song is driven by Larry’s guitar. Or “Third World Man” … Larry Carlton’s guitar. His guitar work on Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne” ranked No. 80 Best Guitar Songs Ever by Rolling Stone magazine. Member of The Crusaders mid 70’s and composed key songs for their 1976 classic album ‘Free as the Wind.’ Then came Fourplay for 12 years. Of all things in 1998 replacing Lee Ritenour until Chuck Loeb replaced Larry in 2010. Guitar is the only changing member (3 soon 4 since Loeb’s passing) from original Fourplay line-up. Larry usually contributed 2 songs each Fourplay. 1st composing “Charmed I’m Sure” in 1998. Wrote hit single “Rollin” on Fourplay’s 2002 JazzTrax Album of the Year ‘Heartfelt.’ Then Grammy’s. - Best Pop Instrumental Performance 1981.“Theme from Hill Street Blues” - Best Pop Instrumental Performance 1987 “Minute by Minute.” - Best Pop Instrumental Album ‘No Substitutions: Live in Osaka 2001. - Best Pop Instrumental Album ‘Take Your Pick’ 2010. - 19 Nominations. He does now a Crusaders Show and a Steely Dan Show. For us on the Island along with his own “stuff ” he’s combining it all.

This festival long with lore of breaking artists, giving major smooth jazz artists their Big Stage Debut, and trying it’s best every year to present someone even we had never heard of when the year began. This year’s “Where Did He Come From” comes from the Great Salt Lake of Utah. His debut album which came in April could have been titled “The Yellowjackets Meet Jeff Lorber in Salt Lake City.” Instead titled ‘Imaginary World’ which is kind’ve the same thing. A friend of Randal’s knew Jimmy Haslip, one of the original Yellowjackets founders and set things up. Jimmy brought in Lorber, and Jeff not only brought in his ‘playing’ but some of his compositions too! And someone brought in Randy Brecker for one song and Randal brought his 4 kids in on horns on that same song “Times Arrow.” Kids who can now go back to school in Salt Lake and say, “I played with Randy Brecker on one of Dad’s songs. A major stage debut for this break-out saxman from Salt Lake. After all, his city’s NBA team is called The Jazz. It all came about for his Island appearance when Art Good was serving up some midnight wine to Bud Harner who manages Mindi Abair, Jeff Lorber, and is a former Barry Manilow drummer during a tennis weekend in Palm Springs in April. Art mentioned someone had sent him this song by an unknown dude. Art had no idea who Randal was. Bud said, I sent it to you, want me to set things up. And the rest is becoming history.

Debut Year: 1968 Current CD: Soul Searchin’ with Paul Brown (Sept. 2021)


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Debut Year: 2021 Current CD: Imaginary World (2021)

CLOSING WEEKEND | October 21-24



Friday Evening, October 22, 7pm

Sunday Evening, October 24, 9pm

Originally From and Resides: Toronto, Canada Named for their studio’s address in downtown Toronto near Skydome. Don’t go looking for them there, they’ve since moved. Breaking out 24 years ago, wow almost a quarter century ago, with a 1997 debut release simply called ‘The Album.’ Led by drummer/ percussionist Tony Grace and Keyboardist (bass and guitar) Rob DeBoar. Being a GROUP wasn’t originally in their plan as they wrote, arranged and produced for other artists on their Boomtang Records label. Until the critics actually liked and raved about what they put out as “The Album.” Such an almost afterthought it would be 4 years past that 1997 debut they would release a 2nd project in 2001. Most recently topping the Billboard Charts with “Cinco Cinco Seis” reaching No. #1 lst year. Describing themselves as an electro-jazz duo that’s all about The Groove. Electronic production with live instrumentation. Their newest arriving January this year is a musical look back at some of their favorite songs through the years re-mixed, or as they called it ‘Mixed Up.’ Originally born only as a “studio project.” JazzTrax was one of the 1st to talk them out of their in studio hibernation and onto the live performance concert stage. Making their JazzTrax Live Performance Stage debut in 2002. They now return for the 1st time since 2013. Bout Time for that “Last Flight to LA.” Debut Year: 1997 Current CD: Mixed Up (2021)


Appearing with Peter White

Originally From: Hagerstown, Maryland Now Resides: L.A. Suburb of Thousand Oaks Kind’ve like 10 years a decade earlier, when we’d named Peter White the 1990 JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year but we couldn’t get him on our Island Live Performance stage for another year because Basia had him on a World Tour. When we named Euge the 2000 JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year we couldn’t get him either for another year to the Island because Tina Turner had him on her World Tour as her band saxophonist and what a Show THAT WAS! ‘Sing my Song’ the title of his most recent CD and even though Maysa is who sang it, boy does his saxophone Sing Songs. Constantly Grooving .. Sweet Splashes .. musical moments of struggle and anxiety ..moments of Gospel Energy .. notes of Hopeful Inspiration .. sometimes more pop and R&B with a bit of jazz sprinkled on top. Years of First Call for Richard Marx, Joe Cocker, Tower of Power, Huey Lewis, Tina Turner. Born Steven Eugene Grove. Mom in Law conceived the idea for his unusual stage name .. it worked. Also Session Player for the likes of Elton John, The Eurythmics, the Gap Band, Aaron Neville, Eros Ramazotti and Bonnie Raitt. -Mr. Hitmaker .. over a dozen No. #1 Billboard Hits. -JazzTrax 2007 Album of the Year: ‘Born 2 Groove.’ -JazzTrax 2014 Song of the Year:‘Rain Down on Me featuring Peter White -JazzTrax 2020 Best Smooth Jazz Vocal of the Year: with Maysa ‘Sing my Song’ composed by Euge and Lindsey Webster.

JazzTrax 2007 Best Smooth Jazz Vocal: ‘Baby if You Only Knew (what I could do) sung by Jeffrey Osborne JazzTrax 2000: Debut Artist of the Year Debut Year: 2000 Current CD: Sing My Song (2020)

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Photos by Pat Benter


OPENING ACT shortly after 6 pm

MIN DI ABAIR 7:30 pm

CLOSING WEEKEND | October 21-24




GUITARIST, PRODUCER Sunday Evening, October 24, 7pm

Originally From: Portland, Oregon | Now Resides: Los Angeles When we named him the JazzTrax 2016 Debut Artist of the Year we called him the Guitarist with the Rarified Resume. His list of those he has Performed or Recorded with includes .. Jennifer Lopez .. The Backstreet Boys .. Natalie Cole .. Peabo Bryson .. Sheila E .. Jordin Sparks .. The Manhattan Transfer .. Marc Anthony .. Pit Bull .. Michael McDonald .. And then there’s the smooth jazz world .. with Dave Koz, Euge Groove, Brian Culbertson, Gerald Albright, Richard Elliot, Kirk Whalum, Jeff Lorber, Rick Braun, Mindi Abair, Keiko Matsui. For sessions … “Who ya gonna call?” Adam Hawley!!! (oh and also with Ray Parker Jr.) Having served as Dave Koz guitarist he now headlines himself on the Dave Koz Cruises. Having retired from the “sideman” role he is now focused fully on himself while also “producing” for other artists, popping up now on the charts with not only his “own” but with “producer credit” on other’s smooth jazz radio hits. On the 2017 Koz Cruise out of Venice Adam and Art Good chatting at midnight in the Captain’s Bar. Turns out at that time Adam was a professor of music, teaching classes at Art’s long ago alumni Azusa Pacific University. He also teaches at the Musician’s Institute, very renowned in L.A., College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, Chaffey College, and Saddleback College in Orange County. And he IS Dr. Adam Hawley, having completed his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Studio/jazz guitars at USC in 2010. He not only learned under some most prominent teachers but Adam himself has now worked himself into that category of ‘Most Prominent Teachers.’

Saturday Evening, October 16, 7pm Originally From: D.C. Suburb of Bowie Maryland Now Resides: Thousand Oaks .. came to L.A. 1982 1st appeared on the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage, this event’s debut year, Oct 1987 on keys and as a founding member of the Rippingtons. Has also appeared here with Boney James, with his own band and with the only performance of The Jazzmasters music in America. His kids now grown and with the loss of his wife a few years back his new project is reflective. Coming out of a 4 year hiatus adding his 1st solo piano album to his 3 decade plus 12 album solo career. Almost like we’re sitting in his living room getting softly serenaded off his home piano. His own personal romantic impressions of classics from Brazilian artists Milton Nascimento and Dori Caymmi with some of his new re-imagined Karukas originals. Remembering his 1990’s touring days with Caymmi, and fellow brazilians Sergio Mendes and Ricardo Silveira. Also on Hollywood Bowl dates with Ivan Lins, Oscar Castro Neves, Antonio Carlos Jobim. Almost an “honorary Brazilian.” Composed, played keyboards and arranged on Omar Akram ‘Echoes of Love.’ Winner of 2012 Grammy in the New Age Category. Has served as Music Director on the Dave Koz Cruise. The Gregg Karukas Group became the house band for “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” which aired on Showtime 1986 to 1990. But …. His favorite musical term is “Composer.”

Debut Year: 2016 Current CD: Risin’ Up (2021)


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Debut Year: 1987 Current CD: Serenata

Photo by Pat Benter

CLOSING WEEKEND | October 21-24

EVAN MARKS NAJEE GUITARIST OF FATTBURGER Thursday Evening, October 21, 6 pm Descanso Beach Originally From: Cleveland Now Resides: San Diego We tried to get a return of the Fattburger band, San Diego’s most famous to the Island this year but they weren’t at the time taking dates although we haven’t given up hope. Their legends, Carl Evans Jr. and Hollis Gentry have long left this earth, but their music so fun and so steady of course remains. So we stepped to their long time guitarist Evan Marks who as a duo will present his stuff and we hope some Fattburger favorites as he opens our Closing Thursday Unplugged Under the Stars. Don’t be late, he’ll start just after 6 pm. Currently performs with The San Diego Symphony Orchestra and his own ensembles. Has performed and recorded with Marvin Hamlisch, Bill Conti, David Foster, Wynona Judd, Herbie Hancock, Jeff Lorber, Chris Botti and more. Has played session guitar for such Broadway shows as Lion King, Chicago, Avenue Q., Memphis, Legally Blonde. Has played, written, produced for Nissan, American Airlines, Sony, AT&T, KPBS. On stage on keys with Evan will be Allan Phillips, the most recent Fattburger keyboardist who replaced the band’s legendary Carl Evans Jr. Debut Year: Mid 1990’s Current CD: Three Day Weekend (1998)



Sunday Afternoon, October 24, 2pm Originally From: New York City | Now Resides: Orlando One Note Love” on Najee’s most recent is almost a Tip of the Jazz Cap to our festival’s Island. Subtle rap by Superb Clawson (who appears to be Najee’s son with his granddaughter singing background vocals) …..a portion goes like this … “I’m out with a (Social) girl .. she loves when I touchdown .. the weather is now perfect, let’s rock to your own town maybe on Catalina you love how that wind blows the island of Coronado you know San Diego .. let’s stop at a jazz lounge ..and listen to the jazz sound .. lovers just one note a masterpiece .. a masterpiece, a masterpiece …. love.” A 3 and a half decade solo career. 18 albums deep. 2 Platinum. 4 Gold. He is an alum of New England Conservatory of Music. Born Jerome Najee Rasheed. 1st saxophone bought by mom at age 14. First gig with Chaka Khan who hired both he and his guitarist brother Fareed, who is now his manager for her 1983 ‘Ain’t Nobody Tour.’ Then right out of the box his debut album earned him a 1988 Grammy nomination for Best R&B Instrumental Performance. His 2nd album, ‘Day by Day’ in 1988 went PLATINUM !! Won Soul Train Awards ‘Best Jazz Artist’ in 1991 and again in 1993. Performed at Nelson Mandela’s 1998 birthday celebration in South Africa and before President Clinton at the White House. 2 years touring with Prince, 2001-2003. Also appears on Prince album’s ‘Rainbow Children’ and ‘One Night Alone.’ 2017 earned Best Smooth Jazz Vocal of the Year “Don’t Make Me Wait” sung by Maysa. “I’ve known real legends. Watching Charles Mingus rehearse when I was a kid. Meeting Sonny Rollins at age 16. There is a saying about musicians. That we never retire .. we just stop hearing music. I still hear music and love working with people That is what keeps me inspired. Debut Year: 1986 Current CD: Center of the Heart (2019)

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Friday Evening, October 22, 9 pm | SAX TO THE MAX: MAX : Saxophonists Michael Lington, Paul Taylor, Vincent Ingala Originally From: Denver | Now Resides: Las Vegas Early 90’s arrived on Catalina Island as Saxophonist in Jeff Lorber’s band (Jeff has discovered So Many Great Saxophonists). That same night Keiko and Kazu Matsui (she was not on that year’s performance line-up) had sailed over in their boat from the mainland and were watching the show from the Ballroom’s back bar. Kazu mid show asked Art who the sax was in Jeff ’s band. Art got the answer, an introduction was made and wha lah, Paul became Keiko’s full time saxophonist for a few years and subsequently launched his own solo career. From Mile High to college at UNLV and he and wife Laronda have never left Sin City. Has toured briefly inside The Rippingtons and shares their same management. On several nation-wide JazzTrax Christmas Tours in the late 90’s. Was in the All Star configurations of ‘Gentlemen of the Night’ and ‘Sax and the City.’ Debut Year: 1995 Current CD: And Now This (Nov. 5, 2021)

Originally From: Copenhagen, Denmark Now Resides: Los Angeles While most artists simply left the Shuttered Stages and stayed home during a year and a half of Covid Quarantining, Michael turned his home studio into one of contemporary jazz virtual performance destinations with a popular ongoing series of weekly internet shows. His newest album are literally Duets done ‘Alone Together’ virtually through the internet. Performances from those weekly shows. Every Sunday Night. With the birth of a son and Covid in 2020, the year also gave him much to do while Having worked with Michael Bolton most recently 2010 to 2013, Randy Crawford 1998-2001, Barry Manilow, Bobby Caldwell, 1994-1998. Little Richard, Vince Gill, Shelea, Aaron Neville and more. Oh and numerous times for the Danish Royal Family back home. He is the grandson of Danish composer and band leader Otto Lington. Moved to L.A. age 21 in 1990 and soon got heavily involved in the Southern California Smooth Jazz Scene. Earned the JazzTrax Best Album of the Year 2008 ‘Heat.’ From that album came “That’s When You Save Me,’ which tied that year as JazzTrax Best Vocal of the Year, sung by Aaron Neville. Manages his own wine company Lington Wines based in the Paso Robles central California wine region and cigar company, Michael Lington Cigars.

SAX TO THE MAX: Michael Lington, Paul Taylor Vincent Ingala


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a Originally From and Resides: Prospect, CT Still a teenager when he broke with his first solo album 11 years ago. In fact, still in his twenties he ranks as one of the youngest Smooth Jazz performers out there. Had broken onto the National Stage at the Smooth Jazz National Awards in San Diego at age 17. Peter White inviting him up on stage. Billboard Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year 2012. Sirius XM Watercolors Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2013. Already having racked up four #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Radio Hits. Ten singles in their Top 10. He is sincerely a Multi-Instrumentalist. On his brand new 7th album, released mere weeks before his Island appearance he plays every instrument throughout the entire album. And not the 1st time he’s performed that incredible album feat. And on sax he is a triple play. On Alto, on Soprano and on his most favored, Tenor. He is a coast to coast sensation having ventured West from his hometown in Connecticut to do several years in Los Angeles and get his West Coast “taste” before returning to his beloved East Coast hometown. He has been on the road nation-wide late Summer into Fall as part of the renowned Dave Koz Summer Horns. In 2015 earning the JazzTrax Honor with ‘Best Smooth Jazz Vocal of the Year,’ “Baby I’m Hooked (Right Into Your Love). Vocals by DW3. Debut Year: 2010 Current CD: Fire and Desire (2021)

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CLOSING WEEKEND | October 21-24



Saturday Afternoon, October 23, 2 pm TOGETHER DAUGHTER AND DAD KAYLA: Now Resides: Washington D.C. A pianist who “paints the love of God with heavenly harmonies, colors and sounds.” 1st female pianist and composer to reign atop the Billboard charts at No. #1 for six consecutive weeks with “I Am” off her 2017 solo debut. Bringing her to Catalina Island that Fall. Following with 2 more chart topping #l’s with her sophomore album in 2018. ‘Zephyr” and “Full Bloom.” Classically trained in fact age 10 months baby Kayla made her way into her folks living room and began playing the family’s Brentwood piano. The daughter of urban-jazz saxophonist Kim Waters she has now been featured on several of his albums and he on hers. Graduate of Howard University she remains in the D.C. arena. The ultimate high is feeling, hearing, and seeing people of all shades, colors and ethnic backgrounds being blessed by my music. That (to me) is success. Debut Year: 2017 Current CD: Coevolve (2018) New CD coming early 2022

KIM: Originally From: Havre de Grace,MD | Now Resides: GA Began with his 1st instrument a violin at age 8. His claim … Music is the one thing that everyone can turn to during this pandemic. Bringing joy in trying times. 3 decades reigning as one of the premier architects of urban smooth jazz. 24th recording. Transporting to a “higher frequency.” Writes his music on his grand piano in his own piano lounge. He’s like a pied piper out on a long evening stroll. He has a Zen-like approach to life & music. Not sweating the small stuff, just seeing the big picture. His keys to hopefully a long life. And loves reaching others through his music. That’s what it’s all about. His performance partner this weekend is actually one of his twins. Kayla and Kimberly.’ Debut Year: 1989 Current CD: Shakedown (2020)


On Catalina Island Fully Vaxed .. to Get Absolutely Fully Saxed




Sunday Evening, October 24, 9pm Appearing with Euge Groove

Originally From: Luton and Letchworth Garden City, England Now Resides: Sherman Oaks, California Beatles got him interested in music on the radio. Age 8 folks bought him an acoustic guitar. Temporarily sidetracked to electric guitar by Jimi Hendrix but Crosby Stills and Nash, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell brought him back to (reality) acoustic. Summer of 1974, just out of college, briefly working factory jobs in England before joining a group called “Principal Edwards Magic Theatre.” When it didn’t last long one of it’s members recommended Peter to Al Stewart who asked him to join his band early 1975 which first brought him to America. Al with Peter in band, leading off for Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel and Queen. At age 20. Oh, hired as a KEYBOARDIST by Al, only later to transcend to guitar thank god. First studio experience at the famed Abbey Road in London working on Al’s ‘Year of the Cat.’ Soon to be a million seller. A musical collaboration between Al Stewart and Peter White that would last 20 years. Peter co-wrote Al’s 1978 Top Ten hit “Time Passages.” Little Brother Danny White had joined a band called Matt Bianco featuring an unknown Polish Singer. Danny and Basia briefly romantically involved leading to her 1987 debut ‘Time and Tide.’ Danny becoming her forever Music Director brought older brother Peter in for guitar on future sessions and world tours. Gives credit to Acoustic Alchemy, Greg and Nick for inspiring him into his own solo career. 1990 JazzTrax named Peter’s solo debut ‘Reveillez-Vous the Album of the Year as well as his subsequent 1991 Excusez-moi also the JazzTrax Album of the Year. Little brother Danny actually first pitched his brother Peter’s debut to Art Good in a Basia interview at KIFM studio in San Diego. Art said, Sure Danny, I’ll listen !!!! Basia returned Peter’s many favors by singing “Just Another Day” on Peter’s 1996 ‘Caravan of Dreams’ album. To even begin to list the songs and albums Peter has made guest appearances on, would take the rest of the year. Performing on the mid 90’s JazzTrax Christmas Tours led to his ‘Songs of the Season’ holiday album and eventually to his very own annual Peter White Christmas Tours. Debut Year: 1990 Current CD: Music For Starlux Airlines (2019)

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