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Celebrating those who persist with pride

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San Diego Pride 2018


San Diego Pride 2018

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SPAMALOT June 27 – Aug. 12, 2018

Book and Lyrics by Eric Idle Music by John Du Prez and Eric Idle Directed by Sean Murray Music Direction by Terry O’Donnell

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San Diego Pride 2018

To be viable we have to be visible Albert H. Fulcher | Editor


n 36 states, there are no laws that protect the LGBT community from discrimination. Both Georgia and Oklahoma passed bills this year that prevent sex couples from adopting or fostering children. President Trump and his administration are continually attack our transgender community who serve in the armed forces, despite the fact that the military leaders of all five branches openly believe that transgender service members have, and should have, the ability to serve. Trump is also already notorious for appointing people into high offices who have openly anti-LBGT agendas. He annulled federal funding protecting transgender student rights and transgender employment, and he fired all the members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Iowa is seeking to weaken its own Civil Rights Act. Other states across the country are finding ways not to comply with restroom protections for transgender students. Religious freedom bills that allow for LGBT discrimination are now seen favorably in many states, giving religious preference over human rights. The future of the Supreme Court now lies in the hands of far-right Republicans, a decision that will last for decades. And this list continues to grow… Here in California, we have it comparatively easier than anywhere else in the United States. But that does not mean we cannot, or will not, be affected by the current trends. There is evidence that California is becoming a divided state. This is very apparent when you look at the political spectrum in San Diego County. It is time for us to be more vigilant than ever in protecting our rights and creating an open pathway for our LGBT youth. This is why I applaud San Diego LGBT Pride for this year’s theme, “Persist with Pride.” In this time of uncertainty, it is imperative that we stand united — not only for ourselves, but for our allies, as well as for our underserved communities. We have to stand for the refugees, immigrants, black lives, minorities, women’s rights, and our children, neighbors, friends and strangers being slaughtered due to gun violence. All of these issues fall under the umbrella of the rainbow flag that we fly proudly in various designs, which symbolizes our unity and our freedom to live our lives without persecution. This includes all of us — whether we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual, heterosexual, ally, non-binary, and all of the pronouns that stand within our diverse community. We need to strip away the “zero-tolerance” approach that is spreading across the nation against us. We have to take a zero-tolerance stance against bigotry, hate, intolerance, and anything that detours our path to equality and freedom for all. Most importantly, we need to be united as one because apathy will gain us nothing. Instead, it could make us lose everything that we and those before us have fought so hard to gain. More than ever, we need to be seen, recognized and heard. We have to stand together and be visible to be viable. This year, we need to carry the notion of persistence with pride in our pockets every single day — not just during Pride week. In line with this year’s theme, not only are we observing Pride, but we are also celebrating the people, organizations, businesses and places that persist with pride every day in everything that they do. This is still a time to rejoice and celebrate our individual selves under our many colors of diversity. But it is also the time to take a firm stand to preserve our lives, protect our independence, and ensure the freedom of all of us who believe that our diversity is stronger than our adversaries.

San Diego Pride 2018

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San Diego Pride 2018




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San Diego LGBT Pride

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San Diego Pride 2018

Greetings from our local representatives


Sen. Toni G. Atkins

ear friends, I am once again extremely excited to join many thousands of San Diegans in celebrating LGBT Pride! This year’s festivities are special to me, since 2018 is the first Pride that I celebrate as president pro tem of the California Senate. I am honored beyond words to be the first member of the LGBTQ community to serve in this position. I am also forever mindful that it is due to the persistence of so many activists and advocates that I have the opportunity to do so. It is my goal every day to represent our community with hard work, honor and integrity. I am a proud member of the Legislative LGBT Caucus, the largest and most effective LGBT caucus in the country — as is my representative in the Assembly, San Diego’s own Assemblymember Todd Gloria. And every year, California leads the nation by expanding equality and civil rights. A prime example of that was my 2017 bill, SB 179: the Gender Recognition Act. Signed by Governor Jerry Brown last October, the law created a new, nonbinary gender marker for state-issued identity documents. This change makes it easier for transgender, intersex and nonbinary residents to obtain state documents that accurately reflect their identity. I remain incredibly proud of this landmark legislation, because I know how important it is for Californians to not have to cope with the stress and hardship of having an ID that doesn’t match who they truly are. This year, among the priority bills for the LGBT Caucus is legislation that would require the Governor to annually proclaim June as LGBT Pride Month. Fortunately, California isn’t the only place where progress is being made. In 2017, numerous LGBTQ candidates were elected to public office across the country, including Danica Roem, a transgender woman who won a seat in the House of Delegates in my home state of Virginia! I am proud and excited to welcome her to San Diego as the keynote speaker at the Spirit of Stonewall Rally on Friday, July 13. San Diego has a wonderful history as a place where LGBTQ individuals rise up and lead, and that makes me enormously proud of our great city. In keeping with the theme of this year’s celebration, we will Persist with Pride. Let’s celebrate our achievements and, above all, have a great time. Happy Pride, San Diego! Warmly, —Toni Atkins Senate President pro Tem


San Diego Pride 2018


Assemblymember Todd Gloria

hen I think about Pride – its history, meaning, and evolution over time – I cannot help but be proud. Not only because I’m LGBT, but because our community has practiced what we preached – we have created a safe and inclusive space that’s accepting of everyone. What makes Pride truly unique – more so than any other event – is that the values of love and authenticity are its foundation. Every year, our message is simple: no matter who you are or where you are from, be proud to be you and share that pride with the world. Admittedly, there are times when we are challenged, but if you take a look around on Pride weekend, you will see a community that comes together to meet any challenge because we know that we are stronger together and we will always persist with pride. Happy Pride, San Diego! —Todd Gloria Assemblymember 78th District


Mayor Kevin Faulconer

n behalf of the residents of San Diego, it is my pleasure to welcome you to San Diego’s Pride celebrations. Pride is much more than a series of events. For more than four decades, it has played an important role in bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate the history and diversity of our LGBTQ community. Through the years, Pride has helped bring about positive change toward a more inclusive and equal society. Despite the progress that’s been made, LGBTQ people still face significant discrimination, which is why it’s so important for this community and its allies to continue speaking up for equality. And Pride is a terrific vehicle toward that effort. I am honored to celebrate this month with you. Please accept my warmest wishes for an

enjoyable series of events in San Diego. Best personal regards, —Kevin L. Faulconer Mayor City of San Diego


San Diego Pride 2018

Councilmember Georgette Gomez


appy Pride, San Diego! Our community has faced many challenges this year, but we are strong, and I continue to stand along with all of you as we move forward against the national narrative of hate. I’m very proud of all the intersectional work that has emerged in our region. Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the first binational LGBTQ conference in Tijuana, Mexico. As the rest of the nation looks at California for leadership, I’m happy to be part of our community here that does not see borders, believes in equality, practices humility and kindness, and above all is more united than ever. As we celebrate, let us take a moment to think about what Pride is all about. Let us think about the struggles of the past generations that got us here and about what we must do to continue advancing our pursuit for equal rights under the law. While the road may be long, we know that we are on the right side of history and we will persist. We must persist. We must fight ignorance and hate with love and compassion. We must show that love trumps all, no matter what. I am proud to stand with you as the first queer Latina on the San Diego City Council. Together, we will persist with pride, and eventually prevail. Happy Pride! —Georgette Gomez Councilmember District 9


Pride Director Fernando Lopez

ear Pride Family, many of us still walk with one eye over our shoulders. The distance between our hand and the hand of the person we love can seem impossibly far when we walk in spaces where fear owns us more than love. The closets we carry on our backs while hiding within them at work, school, and at the dinner table can seem too heavy to bear. That is why we still have Pride. That is why we are here. If even for one week, weekend, day, or liberating hour you can dare to let your love indulge in daylight. You can breathe in decadent joy and breathe out the weight of societal expectation. During Pride we allow ourselves the peace of unwringing the calloused hands of our movement and simply celebrate. You can allow yourself the feeling of freedom as the San Diego sunshine bounces off your skin while you hold tightly to the ones you love. Our unbound voices are calling out for justice or cheering on our found family. At Pride we all have a moment to lay down our differences and lift up our diversity. We cast aside the shackles of shame and unapologetically embrace the ability to be radically authentic to ourselves. Pride is wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate it. This time is for you. Be brave. Be bold. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or if this is your first: welcome to Pride. Welcome home. Persist with Pride, —Fernando Sweifach Lopez Jr. Executive Director San Diego LGBT Pride

San Diego Pride 2018

lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

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Beth Israel




San Diego Pride 2018

Councilmember Chris Ward

his month, our community gathers to celebrate Pride. We join together to march, dance, and protest with the simple act of existing — unapologetically — in a space we created for ourselves. However, as we celebrate, we must be mindful of the current political climate and accept that our fight for recognition and acceptance must persist. Audre Lorde famously wrote, “There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives.” As we continue to advocate for our community it remains clear that we must also stay civically engaged, vote, and fight for all communities under threat. It is imperative that we continue to acknowledge that immigrant rights are LGBTQ rights, that women rights are LGBTQ rights, and that the rights of all disenfranchised communities are unequivocally human rights. The president and his administration have chosen to indulge the most debased sentiments in our society. In the first year and a half of this administration, leaders introduced legislation and policy directives with the clear intention of attacking women, the underserved, the LGBTQ community, and communities of color. This legislation includes an unlawful ban on transgender Americans serving in the armed forces, placing undeserved fear upon thousands of active service members who only wish to openly and honorably serve their country. This also includes a decision by the Supreme Court in favor of the Colorado baker who refused service to a couple, Charlie Craig and David Mullins. In the latest demonstration of a clear disregard of morality and decency, the Department of Justice has decided to separate immigrant families seeking asylum. This move has created an outcry of opposition and protest from the public, but nonetheless will remain a lingering stain upon the legacy of this nation. While it would be understandable to feel defeated when such bigoted and racist ideology floods the highest level of government, and to grow callous and overwhelmed with the consistent attacks on the institutions and norms we have taken for granted, San Diego has instead chosen a different path. Our city has demonstrated — through its choice in leadership — a clear reproach of the policies and views of this administration. Voters elected two members of the LGBTQ community, Georgette Gómez and myself, to the City Council. Together we advocated for the values of our districts and our city. We pushed for the City of San Diego’s first Equal Pay Ordinance, making us the largest city in the nation committed to ensuring equal pay for equal work. We have demanded that the City of San Diego not participate in this Administration’s 287(G) program, which would have local law enforcement engage in immigration enforcement activity. We supported the California Values Act, demonstrating our state’s commitment to the safety and value of our immigrant communities, and have ensured our city has stayed on the right side of history by having San Diego join in multiple amicus briefs filed against this administration. Representing San Diego at the State Capitol, we have Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assemblymember Todd Gloria. Atkins recently made history by being the first woman and LGBTQ person to serve as the leader of both legislative houses. California will now benefit from her strong progressive leadership as our state continues to stand against the policies and narratives coming out of Washington D.C. Additionally, Gloria is a rising force in the Assembly. He was appointed as the Majority Whip this year and is the author of AB 2119, a bill designed to protect the healthcare rights of transgender youth in foster care as well as prohibiting any attempt to alter an individual’s gender identity. This year, the theme of our celebration is to “Persist with Pride.” Join me in honoring this sentiment by supporting the work of our San Diego LGBTQ leaders. Our ongoing efforts to protect underserved communities, to fight for equity and inclusivity in our neighborhoods, and to stand in direct opposition to the oppressive policies of this administration will only succeed with you by our side. So, for everyone who has stood by the values of Black Lives Matter, Love Wins, and the more recent Families Belong Together, remember that we are family and we must continue to persist together. —Chris Ward Councilmember District 3

San Diego Pride 2018



San Diego Pride 2018


July 13 – 16 Ongoing events

‘Women of Pride’ — Explore the stories of women activists, artists, politicians, and everyday woman of the LGBT movement from the 1960s through 1990s. Showcased in the gallery are artifacts from grassroots activism including the Blood Sisters, who organized blood drives in response to the AIDS epidemic; local LGBT women politicians; and community spaces such as the Paradigm Bookstore and the Women’s Music Festival. This exhibit highlights how within tragedy and oppression, strong community and culture can emerge. Runs through Aug. 31. Times vary by dates. Women’s History Museum of California, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16. ‘The Pride Collection’ — LGBT artist and philanthropist Jumper Maybach is set to unveil a timely and important new series of works celebrating Pride 2018. “The Pride Collection: INTROSPECTION” will be on exhibit and available for acquisition beginning July 1 at Meyer Fine Art. The works in this series, created by Maybach, show his love and support for the LGBT community, as well as those taking part the #MeToo Movement. Maybach is one of the most acclaimed LGBT fine artists of this generation and has exhibited globally.

San Diego Pride 2018


Exhibit runs through July 31. RSVP suggested. Call 619-358-9512, email or visit 2400 Kettner Blvd. Meet the artists receptions: July 12 and 13, 5–8 p.m. ‘LGBTQ+ San Diego: Stories of Struggles and Triumphs’ — The San Diego History Center, in partnership with the Lambda Archives of San Diego, brings the first-ever exhibition in Balboa Park focused on the history of San Diego’s LGBTQ+ community. Visitors will experience and learn about the struggles to overcome persecution, the battle with AIDS, bullying and intolerance, the power of the community, and the tremendous strides taken in the fight for equal rights. The exhibit curator is noted author and historian Lillian Faderman. Exhibition runs: July 8, 2018–January 2020. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. 1649 El Prado, Suite 3.

Saturday, July 14 San Diego Pride Parade — The annual San Diego Pride Parade is the largest single-day civic event in the region and is among the largest Prides in the United States, attracting over 200,000 cheering supporters of the LGBTQ community! The parade begins at 11 a.m. at the Hillcrest Pride Flag at University Avenue and Normal Street, proceeds west on University, turns south on Sixth Avenue, turns left onto Balboa Drive and ends at Laurel Street, where you will find the entrance to the Pride Festival.

Sunday, July 15 Pride World Forum — Join in for a forum convening LGBTQI movement leaders from around the world that are a part of the Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program. Leaders will participate in a panel discussion as attendees learn about their work and human rights issues around the globe. The panel will include select visitors from: Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Israel, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Singapore, Turkey and Vietnam. The event is co-sponsored by the San Diego Diplomacy Council, the San Diego History Center, and the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. 10:30 a.m.–noon at San Diego History Center, 1649 El Prado, Suite 3. For more information, contact Natalie Maroun at the San Diego Diplomacy Council at 619-291-8105.

Monday, July 16 Post-Pride Neighborhood Clean-Up — Once the Pride festivities are over each year, Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) volunteers and friends jump in to put some shine back in the neighborhood! HTC is proud to partner with San Diego Pride on this effort each year. Volunteers will be invited to gather at Pardon My French Restaurant at 7:30 a.m. for opening complimentary breakfast and remarks by Councilmember Chris Ward. Volunteers will be sent around the neighborhood to pick up trash and debris. Then they will be invited to end the morning at Urban Mo’s for our famous “Trash Talk” where complimentary appetizers and drinks will be provided. Sign-up to volunteer.


San Diego Pride 2018

San Diego Pride 2018


GRAND MARSHAL Stonewall Rally Keynote speaker Virgina Del. Danica Roem


anica Roem represents the 13th District in the Virginia House of Delegates including the City of Manassas Park, Town of Haymarket, and Prince William County portions of Manassas and Gainesville. Delegate Roem is a 33-year-old step-mom, a lifelong resident of Prince William County, and the former lead reporter of the Gainesville Times. Born at Prince William Hospital in Manassas in 1984, Danica spent four years in public school and 13 years in Catholic schools before graduating from St. Bonaventure University in western New York in 2006, earning a B.A. in Journalism/Mass Communication. She started working for the Gainesville Times a month after graduating and served as half of the full-time editorial staff. Danica worked two full-time jobs for four out of five years 2009 through 2014, covering federal and state politics at The Hotline (National Journal Group) before writing for Yoga Alliance, a nonprofit organization in Arlington that credentials yoga teachers. She has owned two LLCs, one for her mobile yoga studio and one for her band, which has toured the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast and the U.K. On Aug. 3, 2015, Danica began working as the news editor of the Montgomery County Sentinel in Maryland, where she helped manage the newsroom and cover local stories in Rockville until stepping down from her post to run for office at the end of 2016. She ran for office to bring a reporter’s eye to Richmond and to speak truth to power. She covered transportation, economic development, education, land use and many other issues facing the residents of the 13th District from 2006-2015. Danica is the first transgender person to ever run for the Virginia General Assembly. Delegate Roem’s inspiring and transformative campaign gained national and international attention. As the first out transgender woman elected to a state legislature, Delegate Roem is blazing a new and unique trail. During her first legislative session this year, she was proud to champion bills important to her constituents. Delegate Roem continues to fight every day for her constituents in the 13th District.


San Diego Pride 2018




San Diego Pride 2018




lberto Cortes moved to San Diego in 1983, after serving the U.S. Navy from 1979 to 1983. He served the submarine force on the USS Dace (SSN 607). Soon after arriving he joined Dignity San Diego and also started volunteering with the San Diego AIDS Information Line, one of the first responses to the AIDS epidemic in San Diego. He has worked in the field of HIV in San Diego for more than 30 years. His work includes some of the initial HIV prevention efforts in South San Diego County targeting the Latino/a community and other HIV prevention efforts targeting communities of color; as well as involvement in the establishment in the first needle exchange program in San Diego County. For 16 years, he has served as executive director of Mama’s Kitchen. Initially focused on the nutritional needs of people living with HIV, Mama’s Kitchen has expanded its mission to service people with critical illnesses, including cancer, congestive heart failure and diabetes. In the process, close to 9 million meals have been delivered to San Diego county residents. Cortes serves on the San Diego County HIV Health Services Planning Group, a group that prioritizes services to be funded by federal HIV funds. He is a founding member of the LGBT Community Leadership Council. Over the years Cortes has served on many nonprofit boards of directors including McAlister Institute, Being Alive San Diego, San Diego Men’s Chorus, Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego, and Being Alive San Diego. For the last six years, he has been a peer mentor to nonprofit leaders through the Fieldstone Leadership Network — and he also sings second tenor with the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus.

Serving the community for over 30 years


San Diego Pride 2018

Spirit of Stonewall Honorees CHAMPION OF PRIDE Tinesia Conwright


inesia Conwright, a devoted community leader within the nonprofit and for-profit industries, was born and raised in Southeastern San Diego during the 1980s and ’90s — at the peak of gang violence — within a neighborhood facing large pockets of poverty as well as few opportunities for educational advancement and socioeconomic mobility. Despite the challenging environment, she found an outlet to express her love for dance through a Christian youth group. There she realized the capacity within youth to impact social change and uplift their peers. She discovered her self-worth and met people within her community who inspired her to become the person she is today. Conwright earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University and her master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from University of San Diego. As she began to rise up the corporate ladder, she recognized a lack of black gay women in leadership roles and decided to make a difference within her community. Passionate about nurturing our future leaders of tomorrow, Conwright launched Depositing Empowerment Through Outreach & Urban Redevelopment (DETOUR), which has empowered more than 1,000 girls through its Focused and Naturally Confident Youth (F.A.N.C.Y.) Teen Girls programs since its inception. DETOUR is a mentoring program created to increase the number of college-educated girls of color with viable employment in STEAM careers contributing to the economy and to our regions. Since 2016, 100 percent of the girls from the program graduated from high school and were accepted into four-year universities, where they are currently pursuing their college journey. More than half the girls entered into STEAM majors. When the San Diego black LGBT community united in 2010 to create an inclusive space, taking over the reins from Ebony Pride, Conwright was involved in the creation of Urban Pride — a new organization of LGBT people of color who raised awareness of social and health issues amongst LGBT people of color, provided toy drives, and hosted community events. In 2012, when San Diego LGBT Pride decided to add a hip-hop stage to its annual festival, Conwright was hand-picked by Cheli Mohammad to fulfill the role of the first Hip-Hop Stage Manager, affectionately naming the stage “Hip Hop Reloaded” — and later “The Movement,” to signify the progress made by our black LGBT community. Conwright also worked with the entertainment team for three years at Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend — popularly known as “The Dinah”

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San Diego Pride 2018

— which is the largest girl party music festival in the world, hosted in Palm Springs. There she worked with the likes of Eve, Lady Gaga, Mary Lambert, Meagan Trainer and Iggy Azalea. She is now a member of the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition. In 2017, she provided insight about her journey and expertise as a panelist at the organization’s inaugural conference in 2017. Conwright is also a 2015 Bayard Rustin Civil Rights Honoree and currently serves on the City of San Diego Human Relations Commission and the San Diego Police Department Chief’s LGBT Advisory Board. She is happily married and enjoys spending time with her daughter during visits home from college.



iat Wexler is a genderqueer, white, femme, bi-national, hard-of-hearing, queer activist and survivor. They have worked to end intimate partner abuse and sexual assault since 1999 and currently trains on social justice, intersectionality, anti-violence work, community accountability, and LGBTQIA+ communities. As training specialist with Center for Community Solutions, they have brought increased focus to LGBTQIA+ survivors, as well as access for people with disabilities. Wexler has presented at statewide and national conferences on issues related to intimate partner and sexual violence within LGBTQIA+, polyamorous, and BDSM communities, and teaching advanced facilitation skills for trainers. They also engage in collaborations around San Diego, including a task force that increases resources and improves responses to gay, bisexual, queer men and transmasculine people who are sexually assaulted. In coalition with community partners, they hold a day-long conference to improve providers’ skills and awareness as well as offer survivors support and healing. In addition to this work, Wexler consults with organizations on trans inclusion projects such as converting gender neutral bathrooms at Diversionary Theatre; supporting school administrators from La Jolla to Lakeside in accommodating transgender students; and working with Planned Parenthood to more fully serve transgender patients. They regularly speak in classrooms and workplaces, and moderate panels on queer and trans issues. Wexler co-founded GenderQueer San Diego, the first non-binary group in the region, in 2011. In 2012, they organized The T Spot, a trans contingent, and booth at Pride as well as served on Pride’s Diversity Task Force. They co-established San Diego’s annual Trans Pride in 2014 and 2015. They also were involved with “Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold,” a 2013 photography and storytelling project documenting the beautiful resilience of San Diego’s communities. Artistic Arbor Gardens, Inc. Licensed | Insured Workmen’s Comp-Liability Insurance State Lic. #756011

HAPPY GAY PRIDE EVERYONE! Complete Tree and Landscape Services 24 Hour Emergency Services

We Before

Phone: 619-440-8911 East County 858-503-0159 San Diego 760-741-3300 North County



San Diego Pride 2018


San Diego Pride 2018




errie Vorono is the current president of PFLAG San Diego County (PFLAG SDC) and board member of GLSEN San Diego. “If the world needs a parent for a gay child, let it be me,” she said in a conversation decades ago. She is the mother of two sons, Ben and Jake. Ben is gay. After sharing the information with her parents, they invited Vorono to hear some people from PFLAG at an adult education class. Vorono attended a PFLAG SDC meeting 12 years ago and discovered people who could teach her how to be an advocate for her son and other people’s children. She asked to attend a board meeting and was invited to assume a board position and become a support group facilitator. She has served in many roles within the chapter and as president for several years. Vorono attended a GLSEN board meeting to learn how PFLAG could support its mission. She now serves on the board, attending meetings and helping wherever she can at events. As PFLAG SDC president, Vorono is grateful for the opportunity to meet other LGBTQ supporting organization members, advocate for youth and the LGBTQ community, educate herself and others, and support families that have questions and concerns. She had the pleasure of sharing the PFLAG message in Portugal and with visitors from around the globe who hope to use PFLAG as a model to create a network of informed, supportive families worldwide. She learns so much from the strong voices in the LGBTQ and ally communities in San Diego and is forever grateful for their generosity. She thanks her parents for teaching her that all human beings deserve respect and kindness, and for guiding her to PFLAG. However, all of this pale in comparison to her fearless dedication to our LGBTQ youth as an advocate and activist on the front lines of service. Vorono helped PFLAG lead the charge — alongside Pride, The Center, and GLSEN — to reform San Diego Unified School District’s (SDUSD) policies and implementation for LGBTQ youth. For years she has served on the Community Leadership Council’s Youth Services and Advocacy Committee, and SDUSD’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee. Without Vorono’s bold passion, visionary dedication, and relentless strength, our region’s LGBTQ youth would not have seen the level of progress we all now know and love in San Diego. She is the embodiment of the word ally, and a true Friend of Pride.

(619) 795-1501 2760 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and Happy Hour Everyday (4-7pm) Join us on our beautiful patio. $19 Bottomless Rose and $14 Bottomless Mimosas for Brunch Sat Saturday and Sunday! Special PRIDE "Raise your Rainbow Cocktail"

Conveniently located in Sorrento Valley


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Conveniently located in Sorrento Valley


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San Diego Pride 2018


San Diego’s biggest summer dance party is calling your name! Celebrate diversity under the San Diego sun over two days at amazing stages with more than 100 entertainers and thousands of your closest friends. This year we have TLC and many others on our multiple stages! Highlights include: five entertainment zones, beverage gardens, Cool Zone for those 55 years and older, Leather Realm, Art of Pride (LGBT local artists), Youth Zone, Children’s Garden, HIV testing, Rainbow Wellness, and much more with more than 300 exhibitors. We invite singles, couples, friends, families, youth, and people of all ages to participate in the annual Pride Festival!

Dates and Times:

Saturday, July 14, noon–10 p.m. Sunday, July 15, 11 a.m.–9 p.m.


Marston Point, Balboa Park (Sixth Avenue and Laurel Street) For tickets and more information, please visit

Tickets: General Admission:

$20, 1 Day or $25 Weekend Pass (Online only) $30 Weekend Pass (Day of or at the Festival Gates) High-school aged youth and younger: Free at Box Office

VIP Admission

$200 VIP Weekend Pass (Day of or at the Festival Gates)

Meet & Greets

$400 JoJo including VIP admission $400 TLC including VIP admission


San Diego Pride 2018


JUL 9 – 14, 2019



San Diego Pride 2018

Main Stage Saturday, July 14 Noon–1 p.m. 1:05–2:05 p.m. 2:30–3:30 p.m. 3:30–4:30 p.m. 4:30–5:30 p.m. 6–6:30 p.m. 6:45–7:45 p.m. 8–9 p.m. 9–10:00 p.m.

Eric Diaz Patternist Chaos Chaos DJ Taj Aidan James Kim Petras Paris JoJo DJ Kandy

Sunday, July 15 12:30–1:30 p.m. 1:45–2:30 p.m. 2:45–3:30 p.m. 3:45–5:45 p.m. 5:45–6:40 p.m. 6:50–7:50 p.m. 8–9 p.m.

SftSrv Iconique Oscar Key Sung Horse Meat Disco Brooke Candy Asia O’Hara and Kameron Michael TLC

San Diego Pride 2018



ormed in Atlanta, TLC originally consisted of Tionne “T-Boz Watkins,” Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. The trio greatly influenced the landscape of popular music during the final act of the 20th century, captivating audiences with its signature blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop, soul, funk, and new jack swing. Over the course of its career, TLC has won 29 major awards. Among the group’s accomplishments exist a Diamond Award, four number one singles, ten top ten singles, four multi-platinum albums, four Grammy awards, a Brit Award, and four American Music Awards. The band has sold more than 65 million records worldwide and is the best-selling female R&B group of all time.

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San Diego Pride 2018


oanna Noëlle Levesque, known professionally as JoJo, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Raised in Foxborough, Massachusetts, she performed in various singing competitions as a child, and after competing on the television show “America’s Most Talented Kids” in 2003, she was noticed by record producer Vincent Herbert who asked her to audition for Blackground Records. JoJo released her eponymous titled debut album in June 2004. “Leave (Get Out)”, her debut single, reached number one on the US Billboard Pop songs chart, which made her the youngest solo artist to top the chart at 13 years old. The song peaked at 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold by the RIAA. The album has since sold over four million copies worldwide to date. JoJo’s second album, “The High Road,” was released in October 2006. The album’s lead single, “Too Little Too Late,” was released in August 2006 and reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100. She has also released two mixtapes independently, “Can’t Take That Away from Me” in 2010 and “Agápe” in December 2012, as well as two EPs, “LoveJo” (2014) and “LoveJo2” (2015) following her signing with Atlantic Records in 2014. On August 21, 2015, JoJo launched her return with her triple single extended play III. As of November 2013, she has sold more than 7 million albums worldwide and has sold over 2.1 million albums and 4 million digital downloads in the United States alone. In addition to her music career, JoJo also launched a career in acting. She made guest appearances on several television series, beginning with the 2002 American sitcom “The Bernie Mac Show,” and later in “American Dreams” in 2004 and “Romeo!” in 2006. That same year, JoJo made her feature film debut in two Hollywood films “Aquamarine” and “RV.” She starred in the Lifetime Television film “True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet” in 2008.


San Diego Pride 2018


INCLUDING BEST MUSICAL, BEST BOOK AND BEST ORIGINAL SCORE “Heart-gripping and cathartic, FUN HOME occupies the place where we all grew up and will never be able to leave. WE’RE HOME.” - THE NEW YORK TIMES



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San Diego Pride 2018

Mundo Latino Stage Saturday, July 14

Noon–2 p.m. 2–2:05 p.m. 2:15–2:30 p.m. 2:30–3:30 p.m. 3:30–3:45 p.m. 3:50–5:50 p.m. 6–6:45 p.m. 7–8 p.m. 8–9 p.m. 9–10 p.m.

DJ Iridance Melomano Entertainment Johanna DJ Air Nandez Barbie Z Neros Vince Delano Graceila Beltran en vivo! DJ Fariba featuring Drummer John DJ Casey Alva Rumba Y Soul

Sunday, July 15 11 a.m.–noon Noon–12:30 p.m. 12:40–12:45 p.m. 12:45–1:45 p.m. 2–2:30 p.m. 2:30–3:30 p.m. 4–5 p.m. 5:05–6:20 p.m. 6:30–7:30 p.m. 7:30–8 p.m. 8–9 p.m.

Ukeim Ballet Folklorico Yaqui Z’licious Zumba Crue Azucar Cecilia J-Lo Garcia Los Hollywood Chulita Vinyl Club Blake G Alejandra Sandoval Mariachi Real De San Diego Starlett

San Diego Pride 2018


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San Diego Pride 2018




©2013, Photo by Roderick Mickens

An Astrophysicist Goes to the Movies





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San Diego Pride 2018


The Movement Stage Saturday, July 14 11 a.m.–1 p.m. 1–2 p.m. 2–5 p.m. 5–5:30 p.m. 5:30–6 p.m. 6–7 p.m. 7–8 p.m. 8–9 p.m. 9–10 p.m.

DJ Girth DJ Ash B Chocolate City Entertainment Oceana Justice HYM Jalil DJ Kinky Loops LE1F DJ Javin

Sunday, July 15 Noon–1 p.m. 1:05–1:10 p.m. 1:15–3:15 p.m. 3:20–3:50 p.m. 4–4:30 p.m. 4:40–5:40 p.m. 5:40–6:15 p.m. 6:20–7:20 p.m. 7:20–7:25 p.m. 7:25–7:50 p.m. 8–9 p.m.

DJ Girth Jedi Steve DJ Casey Alva Culture Shock ROB.B Heabnasty Amber Nicole Davenport DJ Kiki Host intro Rica Shay

DJ Hevrock


San Diego Pride 2018

San Diego Pride 2018




San Diego Pride 2018

uando de música regional Mexicana se trata, La Reina del Pueblo sigue siendo una de sus máximas exponentes y de manera desinhibida y natural se entrega por completo a su música y a su público. Poseedora de una voz incomparable y con una manera singular de interpretar sus canciones. Graciela se ha mantenido como una interprete diferente, única y auténtica. La niña prodigio de singular y privilegiada voz que a la tierna edad de seis años empezara a derrochar simpatía y a cosechar innumerables éxitos, continúa dispuesta a seguir conquistando corazones de manera indefinida. Ya sea a ritmo de Banda, Rancheras o de Norteño, no cabe la menor duda que Graciela mantiene su talento, carisma y autenticidad vigente en el gusto popular. Tras una fructífera y envidiable trayectoria musical de más de dos décadas y 24 discos, La Reina del Pueblo, como la bautizaron afectuosamente sus seguidores, se ha convertido en la máxima exponente de la música de banda contemporánea a nivel mundial. Poseedora de innumerables galardones internacionales y del cariño incondicional del pueblo dentro y fuera de territorio mexicano, Graciela Beltrán sigue siendo hoy por hoy una de las pocas o quizá la única intérprete joven que está dispuesta no sólo a defender el género musical, sino a seguir propagando la tradición de uno de los estilos musicales más tradicionales y representativos del folklore mexicano. Graciela Beltrán no es ninguna extraña al mundo de la música regional mexicana y en los últimos años ha cosechado innumerables éxitos tanto en el género del mariachi y la banda como en lo norteño. Los galardones que ha obtenido en la industria del disco hablan por sí solos del talento que posee y del gran afecto que el público y los críticos sienten por su trabajo. Por esos y muchos motivos más, Graciela Beltrán sigue siendo La Reina del Pueblo. Asimismo, cabe destacar sus seis nominaciones consecutivas al Premio Lo Nuestro A La Música Latina en la categoría de Mejor Artista del Año dentro del género regional mexicano, tres postulaciones al codiciado premio GRAMMY® Latino en el 2001, 2006 y 2007 como Mejor Álbum de Banda, cinco nominaciones a los Premios Billboard y por si fuera poco, la colección de discos de oro, platino y doble de platino por la venta acreditada y exitosa de sus discos. En el 2004, Graciela Beltrán recibió en México dos prestigiosas preseas, el prestigioso Micrófono de Oro como “Cantante juvenil más destacada en música de banda”, otorgado por la Asociación Nacional de Locutores de México y la Fundación Guillermo Romo, y Las Palmas de Oro como “La mejor cantante de música de banda en México”. Ese mismo año en los Premios Furia Musical recibió el distinguido reconocimiento por 20 años de carrera artística. Asimismo el premio de 20 años de trayectoria en los premios Video Rola. Este año Graciela recibió el prestigioso reconocimiento “Jóvenes con legado” otorgado por Premios Lo Nuestro. En el año 2006 Graciela Fue la afortunada invitada a la celebración del 5 de mayo que año con año se lleva a cabo en la Casa Blanca, en esa ocasión, ella interpreto temas frente al Ex Presidente George W. Bush. Actualmente se encuentra nominada como Artista Solista Mujer en el 10th Annual Premios de la Radio de la Que Buena.

San Diego Pride 2018



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San Diego Pride 2018

Children’s Garden Come join families at The Center, who host the annual Children’s Garden for kids under 13 at the San Diego Pride Music Festival. San Diego Pride believes kids should also have fun during pride and learn the importance of being proud with who they are. Enjoy entertainment for parents and kids from infants to preteens, including a toddler play area, face painting, hat making, a balloon artist, a playhouse giveaway, arts & crafts and more throughout the weekend. Come enjoy hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, and other snacks in a private family-only shaded oasis with tables, chairs, and restrooms. Kids 14 and under get free entrance into the festival.

Weekend Activities Saturday, July 14 Noon-3 p.m.: The Rad Hatter (make your own hats) 1-4 p.m.: Face painter and balloon artist

Sunday, July 15 11a.m.-2 p.m.: Face painter and balloon artist

San Diego Pride 2018


Serving San Diego Communities

More news about these communities than you can find anywhere else. Proud Media Sponsor of Pride 2018 San Diego Community News Network, Inc SDCN (619) (6 9) 519-7775


San Diego Pride 2018

Pride World Forum

Date & Time: July 15, 10:30 a.m. – noon Location: San Diego World History Center 1649 El Prado San Diego, California 92101 LGBTQI leaders that are part of the Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program will participate in a panel discussion as attendees learn about their work and human rights issues around the globe. The panel will include select visitors from the listed countries below. 10:30 a.m. Doors Open 11:00 a.m. Panel Presentation 12:00 p.m. Mix & Mingle Free guided tours of the “LGBTQ+ San Diego: Stories of Struggles and Triumphs” will begin at noon. Participants are still being finalized, but we expect delegates to be in attendance from the following countries: •








Papua New Guinea





The event is co-sponsored by the San Diego Diplomacy Council, San Diego Pride, the San Diego History Center , and the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).


San Diego Pride 2018

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San Diego Pride 2018

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San Diego Pride 2018



San Diego Pride 2018


In 20 plus years, the San Diego Leather Realm has grown to become a 28,000+ square foot lushly landscaped, age-restricted area of The San Diego Pride Festival. The Leather Realm opens its’ doors for 16+ hours of education and fun, hosting 10k to 12k attendees during the annual two-day Festival every July. Our mission is one of educational outreach. We are a group of cross-community and club volunteers dedicated to providing visibility, awareness and communication of Safe, Sane and Consensual play, Leather, BDSM, Fetish, and Kink Life Styles through hands-on demonstration areas, workshops, community organizations, and alternative lifestyle friendly businesses. Our goal is to provide support in the eradication of stereotypical misconceptions within and about the lifestyle choices of the Leather /BDSM /Fetish /Kink /Alternative communities at large. Our pursuit of these goals is a welcoming and reassuring one. Feel free to try something new or stand back and watch. Come in and check us out. You just may find what you’ve been looking for.

San Diego Pride 2018




San Diego Pride 2018

2018 San Diego Pride Pocket Guide  
2018 San Diego Pride Pocket Guide