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Issue #139 – Friday, 22 June, 2012

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Lesson in fire safety KIDS at Wilcox Street Child Care Centre recently learnt about the importance of fire safety. Several fire fighters, including Daniel Castley, pictured, taught the young people what to do if a fire breaks out in their home and how to prevent fires from starting. They also had the chance to inspect the fire trucks and knock down cones with the high powered hoses. Fire fighters regularly visit Border schools to educate young people about fire. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

Give her a break By BLAIR THOMSON THE BORDER community is being urged to lend a helping hand to Teena Conway. The Lavington resident lost her son, who would have turned 18 recently, to suicide several years ago. Her marriage and business fell apart following his death and she was declared bankrupt, and in the latest turn of bad luck, her uninsured car was firebombed in an apparently random arson attack. Police recovered a black lighter from the scene and are forensically

testing it. Ms Conway still owes about $20,000 on the destroyed Ford Territory, and is struggling to make ends meet as welfare is her only income. While she doesn’t want to ask for assistance, friends and family are encouraging people to rally around her. “She’s the last person that deserves this,” Jess Cameron said of the car fire. “I can’t imagine anyone having a grudge against her. “She’d give you the shirt off her back. “If anyone wants to contribute to a

new car or do something for her they should give me a call.” Ms Conway was woken by her son early last Thursday after he heard noises at the front of the house, with the car engulfed by flames. Two vehicles near the car were moved, and Ms Conway said it was lucky a gas hot water system nearby didn’t catch fire. Four people were in Ms Conway’s house at the time and children were asleep next door. “I’m numb, empty,” she told NewsWeekly on the morning of the fire.

“I don’t have insurance and I don’t have any money. “But I have a lot of good friends and family that are really supportive.” Ms Conway said police had told her accelerant appeared to have been used to light the fire. “It’s just mindless stupidity,” she said. “Wake up before you kill someone, because that’s what’s going to happen next. “If the three cars had have gone up, the house would have gone up. “It’s scary.”

A BMW was lit the same night in Wodonga, and police are investigating links between the fires and a spate of arson attacks in South Albury. Ms Conway said she didn’t want to ask for help, preferring to give people support rather than take it. But she said she her financial situation meant she didn’t have a choice. Ms Conway can be contacted on 0405 753 581 and Ms Cameron on 0423 131 945. Anyone with information should call Albury police on 6023 9299 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Connecting people and communities

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Plastic fantastic is a Contents huge environmental win 5


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THE Plastic Fantastic initiative is now up and running at Wodonga’s waste transfer station and will save around 210 tonnes of plastics per year going to landfill. The initiative was born at the Kane Road facility with Wodonga Council staff thinking of ways to improve resource recovery. The aim of the project is to capture all plastics deposited at the waste transfer station and recycle them. Wodonga deputy mayor Councillor Edward Foulston said the bales of plastic waste are sold to Melbourne before being transported overseas where new technologies have been developed to recycle the components of the plastic into usable materials. “The reduction of waste to landfill is significant as approximately three tonnes of plastic was baled in the first week of operation,� he said. “This amount is expected to continue to grow and it is anticipated that some 210 tonnes of waste plastic per year will be recycled instead of going to landfill because of this incentive. This means approximately $23,000 per year will be saved at the facility in landfill disposal costs and Wodonga’s waste plastic will be recovered for use by future generations.� The total project cost was $140,000 with Sustainability Victoria matching the council’s

FANTASTIC‌ Councillor Edward Foulston said the the reduction of waste to landfill with the plastic fantastic initiative was significant. $70,000 contribution. The project involved extending an existing shed, purchasing compaction equipment, and lastly, recovering plastics from the waste stream. “Plastics that previously went to landfill can now be recovered for reprocessing,â€? Cr Foulston said. “These include outdoor furniture, children’s toys, chemical drums, and builder’s plastic. In fact, just about all plastics with much of it generated as a result of the e-Waste dismantling facility at the transfer station

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By TREVOR JACKSON HOW many times have you looked for a car park, couldn’t find one so decided to use a loading zone or disabled spot? ‘I’ll just be a minute’, you think, to try to justify your decision. Maybe you run a red light because you’re in a rush and a camera snaps your indiscretion. And of course a fine is the result. Then you either forget to pay the fine or simply decide to screw it up and throw it in the bin. The problem is it all impacts on your driver’s license if these fines aren’t paid. On average 11,000 NSW drivers have their licence suspended every month because of unpaid fines. Now the NSW government has put in place a moratorium on enforcement fees for more than half a billion dollars in unpaid fines that will run until 31 July. This applies to all government fines such as traffic, parking, car registration, license renewals, court orders and those imposed by NSW police. Of course the easiest way to avoid having your license suspended is to pay your fines. From 1 July many of the overdue charges on fines will increase by up to $15 providing an added incentive to pay fines on time. Rules are put in place for a reason, even parking limits serve their purpose, allowing short-term shoppers to find a parking space in close proximity to where they need to go. The bottom line is the law is the law and must be obeyed or consequences follow. Without it our roads would be in a state of chaos. Nobody wants to lose their license over a parking ticket so if you have any outstanding fines now is the time to make enquiries and clear those debts before you’re disqualified from driving.


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THE BORDER was shaken, but not damaged, by Tuesday night’s earthquake. The 5.5 magnitude earthquake was centred near Moe in south-east Victoria, with Albury Wodonga on the outskirts of where it could be felt. While hundreds, if not thousands of locals said they felt the quake, there were no reports of any damage in the area. Emergency services said they received dozens of phone calls following the 8.53pm event but didn’t have to respond to any incidents. State Water Corporation staff inspected the Hume Dam immediately after the quake and early Wednesday morning and found no damage. Upgrades to the dam were unaffected. Wayne Peck from the ES&S Seismology Research Centre said local homes built on low river sediment, rather than bedrock, would have been more affected by the quake.

“Areas in both Albury and Wodonga that are built on the low river sediment may have experienced some amplification of the ground shaking,� he said. “From an earthquake of this size we would expect aftershocks for a number of weeks, possibly out to a number of months. “The largest aftershock has been 3.3 on the Richter scale so far.� Mr Peck said the location of the earthquake meant it had caused little damage. “It’s the most significant earthquake for almost 100 years in Victoria,� he said. “If it had have been directly underneath Melbourne or Sydney the effects no doubt would have been more serious. “Because it occurred about 10km from the nearest town which didn’t have that many multistorey buildings that were likely to collapse, it didn’t cause that much damage.� Different measuring techniques rated the earthquake between 5.3 and 5.5 in magnitude.


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Disclaimer: Published at Level 1, 299 Townsend Street, Albury, 2640, by Albury Wodonga Community Media Pty Ltd. ABN 27 133 396 362. Printed at BMP Printing, 1 McKoy Street, Wodonga. Material published in this edition is subject to copyright provisions. Albury Wodonga Community Media Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the unauthorised re-publication of such material.

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Earthquake leaves us shaken, not stirred

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which includes items such as televisions and computers. “Plastic Fantastic is a project that ticks all the boxes; socially by generating jobs, financially by reducing waste disposal costs for the Wodonga community, and environmentally through not burying products that contain valuable re-usable resources.� Prior to visiting the transfer station, residents are asked to sort their waste so that maximum resource recovery is possible.



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Connecting people and communities

DILIGENT… Wendy Dwyer and Leonie Goyne are more than happy to serve their community. yer said. “Generally we like to go together though; it is a nice chance to catch up.” Both sisters feel a real sense of satisfaction from volunteering. During the years, they have delivered meals to many people they know from their past including their primary school teacher.

Union steps in By BLAIR THOMSON ABIGROUP is currently auditing the payslips of workers involved in the Woomargama and Holbrook highway upgrades following accusations they are being underpaid. Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union organiser David Kelly said subcontractors working on the project, most of whom are based on the Border, were being “ripped-off”. He said workers hadn’t been paid superannuation for more than a year, were not being paid wages at the correct rate, were not being paid overtime and were missing out on long service leave and redundancy pay. He provided workers’ payslips as apparent proof. “What we’re concerned about is that regional workers in construction are being ripped off,” he said. “They’re not being paid their en-

titlements. “The politicians say it’s great that they’re bringing work to the area but they’re not getting paid correctly.” Abigroup, the main contractor for the project, met with workers on Wednesday morning and agreed to audit the payments made through subcontractors. It’s understood about 220 people are working on the project. Abigroup pays subcontractors, who in turn pay the workers. Member for Albury Greg Aplin said he was only made aware of the claims on Tuesday. “Action was taken as soon as these claims were raised, but I’m still concerned that people have left this for so long if in fact it has been an issue for some months,” he said. “The issue has been raised and is now being thoroughly investigated and will be resolved.”

Dog sniffs out dealer, users By BLAIR THOMSON A SNIFFER dog targeted drug dealers and users in pubs, central Albury and Albury train station last Saturday night in a secret operation. In the biggest bust, a 20-year-old Lavington man was charged with drug supply, possession and dealing with proceeds of crime after being caught with 6.2 grams of speed in several resealable plastic bags. He was taken into custody and will face court. A small amount of cannabis was found on a 39-year-old Lavington woman waiting to catch a train and a 49-year-old Sydney man was found with prescription drugs on a Sydneybound train shortly after. A 21-year-old Lake Albert man was found with a small amount of cannabis in Dean Street, a 41-yearold Albury man will face court for possessing a small amount of amphetamine and a 26-year-old man was found with a tablet, believed to be ecstasy, in a pub. Police keep sniffer dog operations secret prior to them happening, with 24 people searched. Inspector Tony Moodie said police considered the operation a success.

“Over time there’s been some discussion in the media about drugs on the streets,” he said. “From our intelligence gathering we believed it was time to get the drug dog down to see what was happening on the streets. “I wouldn’t say there was a large amount of drug activity in the CBD but the operation was worthwhile and will assist us in our future intelligence gathering for future operations.” A sniffer dog had been used in Albury last year and Insp Moodie wouldn’t say when they would be used next. “We don’t put it out there,” he said. “People need to be mindful they could be searched at any time where circumstances exist over the weekend. “They have that risk that they will be caught.” A dozen local police were involved in “Operation Takedown” and the three-year-old Labrador, named Bradshaw, was brought down from Sydney. “We will carry out more operations when there’s a need to,” Insp Moodie said.

Car fire mystery WODONGA police are still making enquiries after a black BMW was torched in Dalgleish Street last week. The burnt-out car was extinguished Thursday morning and it’s believed nobody has been charged or questioned over the incident. Police said enquiries had led them to someone in Wodonga, but wouldn’t elaborate.

DESTROYED… A burnt out BMW in Wodonga. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON


You be the judge Caring

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Dr Ruth Francis; female General Practitioner with a special interest in women’s health, family planning (including copper and Mirena coil IUD insertion and removal) and antenatal care. Dr Francis joins us from the UK, and her interests include skiing and scuba diving.

Our services include: • General medical consultations (all bulk billed) • Chronic Disease Management • Antenatal care and family planning • Immunisations, vaccinations and pap smears with our practice nurses. • On-site pharmacy and Healthscope pathology collection centre

Early intervention providers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and child psychologists can deliver services as individual practitioners or form consortia to deliver services through membership of the HCWA panel.


Applications for membership of the Better Start Early Intervention Service Provider Panel can be submitted online at anytime. For further information go to



The Elmwood Medical Centre would like to extend a warm welcome to our new team member:

Multidisciplinary early intervention services and consortia which include or can demonstrate a professional relationship with an allied health professional from the listed disciplines are also encouraged to apply.

The application process for both panels is ongoing.


The Border’s One-Stop Bulk Billing Medical Centre

Allied health professionals who are qualified and experienced in the disciplines of audiology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, orthoptics, physiotherapy or psychology are invited to apply for membership of the Better Start Panel as sole providers.

Further information about applying for the HCWA panel and the application package can be found at

Anyone with information should contact Wodonga police on 6049 2600.

FaHCSIA is now seeking further applications from eligible organisations and sole providers who wish to apply for membership of one or both panels.

neww windowsafter

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Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) has established panels of early intervention service providers to deliver evidence based services to eligible children as part of the Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) package and the Better Start for Children with Disability (Better Start) initiative. The purpose of the panels is to improve access to targeted and appropriate early intervention services for eligible children.



Throughout the generations........Always

Better Start for Children with Disability & Helping Children with Autism Early Intervention Service Provider Panels

DRUG DOG … Sniffer dog Bradshaw in action at Paddy’s. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

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Sister pair gives 40 years service WODONGA sisters Wendy Dwyer and Leonie Goyne have been recognised for their service to the community, with Wodonga deputy mayor Cr Ed Foulston awarding them both an Eagle Award this week. The award recognises people within the community who are making someone’s life better, getting involved in the community and helping others. The sisters have been diligently serving their community, delivering Meals On Wheels to people in need of extra assistance for the past 40 years. Mrs Dwyer said they were brought up to serve others and give back to their community. “Mum volunteered with Meals On Wheels from when it first started in Wodonga,” she said. “She encouraged Leonie and I to get involved soon after.” More than 40 years later, the sisters still make sure they are always available for their run. “If one of us is busy, then we’ll swap with the other one,” Mrs Dw-

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FOLLOWING John Emmery’s outburst in a recent issue of NewsWeekly about the “outrageous” allowance increase for AlburyCity councillors ($420 per year or $8.00 per week), there needs to be a few questions asked about this so called Albury Citizens and Ratepayers movement. When was the Movement formed? Who was involved in its formation, and how was it formed - e.g. incorporated body? How many members does it have? How often do they meet? Does it have a constitution, and if so can you or I have a copy? How do you or I get to join it if I want to? How are executive positions elected? And how often? What is the connection between this movement, the “Save Our City” movement, and the Albury Concerned Citizens movement? Is this movement just a platform to get someone elected to council? When John Emmery makes a statement, is that the view of the committee, if there is one, or is this John’s view? I also ask John Emmery that if he does stand, and get elected, will he guarantee to forgo any allowance increases and donate them to charity? John’s statement about paying more to get better quality people is a joke, and needs to be treated as such. You be the judge - understanding that we get an allowance of $16,640 per annum now and you hadn’t thought about standing for council, would the extra $420 per annum make you change your mind?

Cr Henk van de Ven Written and Authorised by Henk van de Ven, 416 Wilson St., Albury NSW 2640. Advertisement


Page 4 Friday, 22 June, 2012

Connecting people and communities

NSW CABINET TO VISIT ALBURY The NSW Government will be holding a Community Cabinet Meeting in Albury on Monday 25 June 2012. There will be an opportunity for members of the community to discuss issues with the Premier and Ministers in a public forum. The public forum will take place

RETIRING‌ Pat Mann is putting down the stop sign after 24 years as the crossing supervisor at St Monica’s Primary School. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

between 12pm – 1:30pm Albury Entertainment Centre

To register for the public forum, please complete a

Pat calls it quits

registration form online at or


phone the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

PAT MANN will soon pass her stop sign on to another lollipop lady after nearly a quarter-century of service. The cheerful and well-liked crossing supervisor, aged 74, has manned the St Monica’s Primary School crossing in Brockley Street for the past 22 years following two years at Wodonga Primary School. Her last day on the job next Friday will be tough, but she says the time to retire has finally come. “From the day I put my foot on the bitumen I have loved every minute of it,â€? she said. “I’ve loved the kids. “They’re so funny and they just love you to give them attention ‌ they’re the

Swift Street, Albury

on (02) 9228 4833. Should there be availability, registrations will also be accepted on the day.

Getting there: A public carpark is available on the corner of Wilson and Olive Streets. Please check

821906v3 or call 131 500 for public


Please bring photo identiďŹ cation.

transport options.

best to work with.� The school has changed a lot since Pat started, and she has worked with four principals. Two of her grandkids have attended the school and Pat constantly recognises past students when she’s out and about. “Strangely enough, the kids don’t always recognises me without my hat and glasses on,� she said with a laugh. “Sometimes I’ve said ‘hello kids, how are you?’ and they’ve looked at me as to say, ‘who’s this lady, what’s she asking me that for?’ “I’d just like to thank St Monica’s and the kids. “They’ve all just been wonderful.� The students are also full of praise for Pat.


“I don’t really think of her as a lollipop lady because to me, she’s more of a friend,� Year Five student Abby Rothenberg said. “She’s really nice. “You never know when she’s sad or anything. “Every day when we cross the road we always tap on her lollipop sign, and no-one else lets us do that. “She has a laugh and we all do.� Mim Fleming said Pat was “the best lollipop lady we’ve ever had� and said students would always remember her. Pat, a former Sanyo factory worker, said she wasn’t sure what retirement would bring, but she would like to do some sightseeing and plans to visit her son and his family in Queensland. 3+   ZZZEDNHUPRWRUVFRPDX VDOHV#EDNHUPRWRUVFRPDX IDFHERRNFRPEDNHUPRWRUV





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ΨϭϲÍ&#x2022;ϾϾϏ Ĺ˝Ć&#x152; ΨϰϾ Î&#x17D;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ć?Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝Ä?ĹŹŽŜůÇ&#x2021;Í&#x2DC;ŽŜÄ&#x161;Ĺ?Ć&#x;ŽŜĆ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻÇ&#x2021;

Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E;Ç Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x2021;Î&#x17D;


Ć&#x2030;ÍŹÇ Ń&#x2018;



*New cars: The advertised price includes 12 months registration, stamp duty and dealer delivery for residents of rural Victoria. Residents of NSW, metropolitan Victoria and other states may incur additional costs equivalent to higher disbursements for registration, stamp duty & compulsory third party insurance. Conditions (New Cars): All cars must be ordered and delivered by the last day of the current month. Baker Motors reserves the right to extend offers. Fuel economy figures are quoted from ADR 81/02 and are for comparison purposes only. The colour rendition in the pictures may not be accurate. All prices relate to non-metallic paint unless stated otherwise. MD16993 LMCT 7988. Â&#x; Finance figures quoted are in conjunction with Hyundai National Advertising. Based on 60mth term, accent: $4500 deposit, $5097 balloon payment, 9.88% interest, total payment $17,886. Terms and conditions apply. To approved purchasers only. #Payments quoted are through Esanda Finance (net amount financed includes the drive away price plus an origination fee of $599) Based on a 60mth Consumer Loan, 10.9% per annum, with no deposit. Total amounts payable are Liberty $47,727.85, Lancer $29,346.45, Outlander $38,590.05, iLoad $38590.05. Terms and conditions apply. To approved purchasers only.


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BENEFITS… James Thompson says you can’t make everyone happy, but moving the cattle saleyards to Barnawartha is the right decision. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

New saleyards set to go ahead MOVING Wodonga’s cattle saleyards to North Barnawartha will be a positive for the industry, according to Northern Victorian Livestock Exchange manager James Thompson. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal recently cleared the way for the new saleyards to be built after several years of planning and objections from angry livestock producers and agents. While objectors had argued the new saleyards would pose an environmental risk and increase travel times for some, Mr Thompson said an incident last year highlighted the need for change. “In about August last year we had an (effluent) spillage,” he said. “We used to pump out into the paddocks, which had been done for 30 years and we copped a couple of inches of rain one night, and it trickled over a bank used to hold the water. “The system’s just not really that well built to handle all the run-off ... everything from the whole site goes down

there and that’s the biggest problem.” Operator Regional Infrastructure was fined by the EPA following the incident. While Mr Thompson said it was only a “minor event” involving waste products that had gone through treatment, it highlights problems with the current saleyards. “People don’t like change and people come here and see their stock sold and bought but they don’t see the background of it,” he said. “They don’t see the issues of the effluent and how that’s handled, and that is probably the hardest thing. “There were plenty of issues behind the scenes that they don’t see. “It will definitely be a good move, it will work a lot better.” Mr Thompson said having roofs covering the new yards, soft flooring and a more efficient design were some of the advantages of the new site. Council must approve some changes and recommendations before giving the project the all clear, but that should pose

no problems. Warrick Margery’s property is located near the new site. He has been critical of the way Wodonga Council has handled the process and said he is “totally, totally devastated” the project will go ahead. “We still feel it’s in the wrong spot, too close to the floodplain and our residences,” he said. “The noise, smell, traffic and potential run-off and storm water are the biggest problems and they don’t realise how busy the road is now. “I’ve been saying this for the last five years and it’s absolutely frustrating, but you have to live with it.” Long-time council watcher Jean Whitla has also been critical of the development, arguing it poses a disease risk due to its proximity to the Murray River in a recent open letter to council. A rally against the new saleyards, held at Woodland Grove last year, attracted about 300 livestock producers, agents and business owners.



Plastic Fantastic Wodonga’s Waste Transfer Station has given local residents another reason to ensure they sort their load - the Plastic Fantastic initiative. A new plastic compacting machine is now in operation at the Kane Rd facility and will save around 210 tonnes of plastics per year from going to landfill.

What goes in:

This means approximately $23,000 per year will be saved at the facility in landfill disposal costs. Plastics that can be recycled include: ‡ Outdoor furniture; ‡ Children’s toys and clamshaped swimming pools; ‡ Chemical drums; ‡ Builder’s plastic; ‡ Old television and computer casing; and ‡ Plastic bottles.

In fact, just about all plastics can be compacted down and turned into bales that are sold for re-use for future generations. The total project cost was $140,000 with Sustainability Victoria matching the council’s $70,000 contribution. For more information, please phone the transfer station on (02) 6022 9365.

What comes out:


That is fantastic recycling – huge environmental win

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* No Deposit Layby: In Store – minimum purchase $50 and a $2 administration fee applies. Fortnightly payments required. No layby on seasonal clearance, perishables, Chlorine or prepaid vouchers. Online - minimum purchase $50 and a $2 administration fee applies. Goods delivered directly to your door before December 7th. Payment must be finalised by October 11th. Layby not available in Auburn NSW, QV Melbourne, Doncaster, Box Hill, Canberra City. Canberra Airport or Macarthur QLD stores. For further er information, store trading hours or your nearest BIG W, visit or call 1300 244 999 Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm AEST. Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST. BW0054/NAT/P1



The finest frames on the Border FINER Frames is a family business that has been operating in Wodonga for around seven years. The business was established from scratch by the Peter & Wendy Fincher in 2005 and sold after five years of operation. At that time Wendy Fincher continued to work for the new owner and when he decided it was time to move on her and her two daughters, Cassie Piltz and Amy Manns once again took control of the business. Since that time, about four months ago, the shop has been re-modelled with fresh ideas from Cassie and Amy and the experience of Wendy. Finer Frames concentrates on the framing of not just photos but all types of memorabilia as well. They print on both photo and canvas mediums and offer block-mounting of photos and jigsaw puzzles, all done on solid MDF boards and coated with a matte finish to allow ease of cleaning. They provide clear perspex boxing for such items as wedding bouquets and box frames for medals or trophies, or virtually anything else the customer might desire. Cassie and Amy also offer baby hands and feet plaster casting in box frames and a service for the framing of needlework. Nothing is too much trouble for the friendly team and Wendy said her passion for the industry came from customer feedback. “It’s the satisfaction of seeing the look on a customer’s face when they pick up the final product,” she said.

“A lot of people can’t visualise what it’s going to look like when it’s finished and when they come in they’re just over the moon about it.” Wendy said they concentrated on quality products including timber framing, quality matte boards and acid-free boards. She said they had built up a good reputation in the region for their needlework framing. “We were taught that when you’re framing any of the needlework you have to pin and lace,” she said. “You’re not supposed to use glues, tapes or anything like that. We do it the traditional way. “Because of the amount of time it takes people to do the needlework they need to be framed properly so they last. It could take up to three hours to do one job, depending on the size so a lot of effort goes into it, but it is the proper way of doing it.” Wendy said one of the more interesting jobs she’d undertaken was a propeller from a crashed Tiger Moth plane. “The person who was in the plane wanted the propeller framed,” she said. “It wasn’t the whole propeller … it was broken but that was an interesting one.” Wendy said the canvas prints were proving very popular for both portrait and landscape photography, adding an extra depth not normally associated with standard print photos. So be sure to drop into Finer Frames for your next framing job.

FRAMED... Cassie Piltz, Wendy Fincher and Amy Manns are ready to add that special touch to your favourite piece of art or memorabilia. Picture: TREVOR JACKSON

Specialising in Custom Framing, Wide Format Printing and High Quality Needlework Custom Framing

Specialising in all types of framing. Ranging from photos, prints, paintings, memorabilia, medals of all types as well as baby hand and feet moulds.

Wide Format Framing

High quality printing on canvas, photo paper and mat board (images accepted on USB stick, disc or original photos) Can enlarge or reduce as required.


lO ecia

FF or O % 10 framing


n stom inting o u c r any nvas p ion of ca sentat rt pre s adve thi s ishe n 2 er fi *Off uly 201 J t 31S

Highest Quality Needlework Framing

Call In And See Us Today

Custom Picture Framing & Canvas Printing

Shop 2/4 Thomas Mitchell Drv, Wodonga Ph: 02 6056 1355

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Journey across 3 continents




Ph 6040 1340 1/340 GRIFFITH RD LAVINGTON

493860-KC27-11 494594-JM49-11


MASSIVE RIDE… Daniel Seehusen, Aaron Turner, John Clark and Tim Holman have ridden across 27 countries in the name of charity. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON Advertisement

THE LONG distance bike ride has become a popular way to raise money in recent years, with many groups stopping on the Border due to its location between Sydney and Melbourne. But the four cyclists who pulled into Albury last Friday are taking the idea to the extreme. Daniel Seehusen, Aaron Turner, John Clark and Tim Holman have pedalled close to 24,000km on their journey from London to Melbourne over the past 14 months. Now on the final leg, they’re looking forward to finishing the epic trip and seeing what the future brings. “We were living in London and ran out of money, and had an idea from different adventure books to do an adventure ourselves,” Daniel explained. “The opportunity came and our visas ran out, so this was a good way to get home without flying. “We were in no rush to get home and got to see the world along the way.” The group has raised around $20,000 for World Vision’s child rescue program, which rehabilitates child trafficking victims and helps protect those in danger. After cycling through 27 countries on three continents, adjusting to life at home will be a little tough. “It will definitely be hard to adjust to staying in one place,” Tim said. “We’re all ready to come home now. “It’s been a great trip for all of us and we’ve all taken a lot out of it but are ready to move on with the next phase of our lives. “Towards the end of any sort of trip I think you tend to get itchy feet looking forward to the next step.” Looking only a week or two into the future helped make the sheer scale of the trip a little less daunting. Despite the length of the trip, the four riders encountered only minor problems and are all still using their original bikes. They hope to turn footage of the trip into a TV documentary. For more information visit

Hypothetical explosion The National Broadband Network is already making a difference to education around Australia

“The NBN is delivering new kinds of interactive learning, and it’s bridging the gap between regional parts of Australia and the cities. Classes here can now talk to indigenous children 6000 kilometres away in the Tiwi Islands as if they were in the same room…The NBN is giving more people access to better education opportunities.” - Greg Dwyer, School Teacher

Facts and benefits: The NBN will deliver access to high-speed, reliable broadband to all of Australia. The NBN rollout is underway, prioritising regional Australia. The NBN will include a range of technologies: optic fibre, fixed wireless and next-generation satellite services. Connecting to the NBN is simple.

To find out when the National Broadband Network is coming to your area, visit or call 1800 023 076

Connecting Australia to a better future

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

National Broadband Network 1030021-KG25-12

HYPOTHETICAL is coming to the Border as part of Murray Now’s third State of the Region Event and will explore the controversial theme of population explosion. The program will be fronted by respected journalist Peter Couchman whose reputation was forged on the ABC current affairs program This Day Tonight and the highly acclaimed Four Corners. Mr Couchman and a panel of eight local and national experts will highlight the issues that regional Australia faces with skill shortages, infrastructure needs, decentralisation and food and water security, and the solutions. Panellists will include Peter Walsh, Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Water and ABC’s renowned science journalist and broadcaster Robin Williams. “The diversity of the eight panellists is extraordinary and the topic will most certainly have audience members firmly glued to their seats,” Murray Now’s Nicole Doughty said. “The audience will be taken on a thought provoking journey and will come away from the evening enlightened about the issues and the solutions that regional and rural Australia is facing.” Hypothetical will be held at the Albury Entertainment Centre in the main auditorium on Friday 13 July at 8pm. $10 from each ticket sold will go to the Albury Wodonga Patient and Carer Accommodation Centre Appeal. To check out the full program and book your tickets visit au or telephone 6023 6300.

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* %



Finance rate

I340 D T k o r 1 a Am k e e er w p 9 2 1 $ from

g n i c i v r e s t 2 Low cos e l b aila v a e g a k c pa

Great numbers to build your business. This incredible finance rate means nowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great time to purchase your Amarok. The Amarok is a multi-award winner for so many reasons: it boasts the largest tray in its class, a 2.8 tonne towing capacity, 340Nm of torque (or up to 400Nm in the TDI400) and is available with a petrol or diesel engine. Standard features include: Anti-Lock Braking System with off-road mode (ABS), Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR), Electronic Differential Lock (EDL), Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) with Brake Assist, and driver, passenger and front side head/thorax airbags. And, Amarok comes with a 3 year, unlimited km warranty. When you take up this great finance rate you also have the added option of purchasing a servicing package for only $950, which means three years (or 45,000km) worth of scheduled servicing2. Hurry into Wodonga Prestige and arrange a test drive today.

Your Volkswagen Partner

Wodonga Prestige

*Available at participating Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle dealers to approved Business Applicants of Volkswagen Finance** for new and demonstrator MY12 Amarok 2WD and 4WD Dual Cab range. 1 Based on the driveaway price of $35,405 for the Volkswagen Amarok TDI340 2WD to approved Business Applicants of Volkswagen Finance** on a Hire Purchase over 48 months with no deposit and a balloon of $11,550. Total amount payable is $38,445.61, based on a fixed interest rate of 2.8% p.a. *1 Vehicles must be purchased and delivered between 1st May and 30th June 2012. Offer ends 30th June 2012. Offer applies to stock vehicles. While stocks last. Full conditions are available on application. Offer excludes fleet, government and rental buyers. Standard fees and charges apply. **Volkswagen Finance is a trading name of Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty Limited. Volkswagen Finance reserves the right to extend or change this offer. 2 3 years or 45,000kms (whichever comes first) scheduled servicing (as set out in the Service Schedule booklet) is available for a fixed cost of $950. Servicing offer does not apply to wear and tear items any other additional work or components required. This offer is only available to approved Business Applicants of Volkswagen Finance** who take up the 2.8% finance offer as per terms set out herein. Full conditions are available on application.


167 Melbourne Road, Wodonga LMCT8447 Tel. 02 6055 9900

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beentertained be entertained ❯❯ Television, movies, music and more…

Cole to light up crowd By BLAIR THOMSON COUNTRY music sensation Beccy Cole says she often forgets how much she enjoys performing live. The Central Coast resident, who will play at the Commercial Club next Friday, 29 June, said the commercial side of the music industry sometimes outweighed her creative side. “I’m in the business side as well because I manage myself and do marketing and publicity and bookings, but what I love is getting on stage and entertaining a crowd,” she told NewsWeekly. “Sometimes I get so caught up in everything else that I forget that I do that, but it’s just so much fun. “I call it ‘free drugging’; you get up there and you get a free high.” Cole can’t pinpoint the exact moment when she took a liking to country music, but said it had always been in the family. She started performing with her mother as a teenager. “My mum’s a country singer,” she explained. “When I was a really little kid I thought everyone’s mum did that for a living. “I guess I just wanted to have a crack.” She first jumped on stage at about 14 and hasn’t looked back. “I performed with my mum until I got itchy feet and branched out to see what else I could do. “It’s a huge difference these days. “I was just starting out, finding my feet and I was pretty shy and that kinda stuff but these days its still my passion.” Cole, who lists Casey Chambers and Adam Harvey as friends and neighbours, recently won

her ninth Golden Guitar award in Tamworth. “I thought my Golden Guitar winning days might have been behind me,” she said. “My goal now is longevity; I want to stick with it and do it for as long as I possibly can.” After 20-odd years of touring, Cole says she knows what gets audiences fired up in each town she visits. “They’re fun in Albury Wodonga,” she said. “They know how to have a good time and love their country music. “It’s almost like the job’s half done before I get there.” Cole will perform with her live band and two artists in support slots. “It’s songs predominantly from my new album Songs & Pictures which came out last year and songs that we get a lot of requests for,” she said. “We’ve got a couple of really great support acts in Lyn Bowtell, who is also part of my band and Catherine Britt, who is just an amazing songwriter. “She spent six years in Nashville, touring with people like Alan Jackson and did a duet with Elton John. “She did so well but got so homesick and asked if I’d take her out on tour, and I said ‘absolutely’. “So we’re all really looking forward to it.” Beccy Cole performs at the Commercial Club on Friday 29 June. For more information call the Commercial Club on 6057 2000.

BACK… Beccy Cole has been a regular visitor to the Border throughout her career.

Beccy Cole Special Guest Catherine Britt and supported by Lyn Bowtell


An Audience with Frank Spencer

“Songs and Pictures Tour” FRIDAY 29TH JUNE 7.30PM


$30.00 per person (18yrs+) - $15.00 per child (14-17yrs)



“The hilarious celebration of women and the change!”

“The ultimate ABBA Tribute show” - priceand includes show and “The hilarious celebration of women the change!” 3 course dinner

$40 per person

$35 per person $42.00 per member $48.00 per non member

FRIDAY 13TH JULY - 7.30PM “The Big Red Tour” $44.00 per person (18yrs+) and $30.00 per child (14-17yrs)

Show Bookings (02) 6057 2298 For further information please call (02) 6057 2000



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beentertained be entertained ❯❯ Television, movies, music and more…

Hits from the 60’s By BLAIR THOMSON

VETERAN musician and actor Jon English returns to the Border next Saturday following the success of The Rock Show last year. English will perform his new creation, Rock Revolution, at the Albury Entertainment Centre. A cast of eight young musicians will help him belt out tunes from the 60’s and 70’s by bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. “I am the quintessential Baby Boomer … me and several billion others,” he told NewsWeekly. “It was a massive revolution in its own way. “Falling in love, falling out of love, figuring out whether you’re gay or not, that whole angst period is all reflected in the music and the bands that we were following. “It’s certainly one of the most innovative and diverse periods in music, at least in my lifetime.” The 63-year-old musician was a teenager in the 1960’s, and like many of his generation, he was caught in the hype surrounding The Beatles when their new musical style hit the airwaves. He believes modern music is currently sitting at low point, and the world is just waiting for the next Beatles or Nirvana to break through and shake things up. “Rock Revolution basically goes under the principle that music changes every 15 to 20 years and something new comes along, something non-manufactured, something non-marketed” he said. “That usually happens in the most obscure place you can possibly think of, like Memphis Tennessee, Liverpool in England, or Seattle Washington. “These new things come through and people pick up the ball and run with it and it seems to revolve around its own axis. “As soon as it becomes self indulgent, and more fashion conscious than actual musical content conscious, or social conscious, it loses impetus and basically self destructs. “And that just a theory of mine but it’s been going that way during my lifespan, it’s happened three or four times.” But what that next music revolution may be remains a mystery. “If I can answer what’s next, I’d be a millionaire,” English said with a laugh. “It will probably be in Iceland or somewhere like that, somewhere really weird. “It could be in Brisbane, it does work like that.

Charlize Theron Kristen Stewart Chris Hemsworth



WAITING… Jon English hopes another music revolution will hit the airwaves shortly. “At the moment we seem to be looking at what they look like, and dance steps and hairstyle as opposed to what they’re actually doing, everyone seems to be copying everyone else.” While he is looking forward to what the future may hold, English has never been one to plan too far ahead. “I just kinda go book myself a year out in advance and that’s it,” he said. “There’s a couple of theatre things they’re talking to me about … there’s a whole lot of things I’ve got to do before I turn my toes up and die. “Something always comes up and you’ve just got to go with the flow “If you plan too much, prepare to be disappointed, or surprised.”

Box office

English has experienced success in many forms during his career, including as Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar, in various television shows, and in The Rock Show. “If Rock Revolution is anything like The Rock Show, it will be a fantastic response,” he said. “It surprised me how well The Rock Show went over, it just struck the right chord with people. “I think this is funny and I think this will work, and I wonder if it will ... you just never know.” Jon English performs Rock Revolution at the Albury Entertainment Centre next Saturday (30 June). For more information call 6051 3030.


Sandler sticks closely to the script By BLAIR THOMSON MOVIE: That’s My Boy (MA15+) DURATION: 114 minutes ANYONE who watches an Adam Sandler film can be pretty certain of what they’re going to get: whiny, exaggerated New Yorker accents, broad comedy, and man-child antics. A few of Sandler’s flicks have deviated from this formula, but most stick very closely to these themes. Critics love to pan his films, and it’s often deserved; Jack and Jill, for example, is worth it’s three percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But this latest comedy isn’t as bad as expected.

It’s not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not awful. Sandler stars as Donny Berger, whose sole claim to fame was getting his teacher pregnant when he was in high school. Nearly 30 years and thousands of cans of beer later, the D-Grade celebrity still acts like the 12-year-old boy who hooked up with his teacher. His estranged love child (Andy Samberg), on the other hand, is kicking goals as a straight-laced businessman and is days away from marrying his fiance. Donny named his son Han Solo, which he changed to Todd Petersen be-

fore cutting off all contact with his father and telling those close to him that his parents died in an explosion. Owing $43,000 in unpaid taxes, Donny decides to reunite with his son in a money-grabbing scheme and they eventually become close. There’s crude humour throughout, but it’s often not witty or edgy enough. There are some genuinely hilarious scenes, but the jokes only push the funny button every so often. Younger audiences will probably find this to be pretty good, but most people will probably rate this somewhere between average and OK.




NOW SHOWING: Thu 21.06.12 to Wed 28.06.12

SPECIAL ADVANCE SCREENING ALL TICKETS $13 3D ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT (PG) Sun 11.00am 3D BRAVE (M) Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed 1.15, 4.30, 7.00, 9.15 Sat Sun 9.45am, 1.15, 4.30, 7.00, 9.15 3D PROMETHEUS (MA15+) Thu to Wed 1.15, 6.45, 9.30 3D SURCHARGE APPLIES. NO FREE TICKETS SPECIAL ADVANCE SCREENING NO FREE TICKETS ALL TICKETS $10 2D ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT (PG) Sun 12.00noon SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (M) NO FREE TICKETS Thu to Wed 10.30am, 1.15, 4.00, 6.45, 9.30 2D BRAVE (M) NO FREE TICKETS Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed 12.00noon, 2.15, 6.30 Sat Sun 9.45am, 12.00noon, 2.15, 6.30 2D PROMETHEUS (MA15+) Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed 3.30, 8.45 Sat Sun 10.30am, 3.30, 8.45 2D MEN IN BLACK 3 (M) Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue 11.30am, 1.45, 7.00 Wed 11.15am, 1.30, 6.30 WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING (M) Thu Fri Mon Tue 10.45, 1.30, 4.00, 6.30, 9.00 Sat Sun 1.30, 4.00, 6.30, 9.00 Wed 10.45, 1.30, 4.00, 9.00

ROCK OF AGES (M) NO FREE TICKETS Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed 11.30am, 2.00, 4.30, 7.00, 9.30 Sat Sun 2.00, 4.30, 7.00, 9.30 THAT’S MY BOY (MA15+) Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed 11.00am, 1.45, 4.15, 6.45, 9.15 Sat Sun 1.45, 4.15, 6.45, 9.15 2D THE AVENGERS (M) Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue 4.00, 9.15 Wed 3.45, 9.15

$6 KIDZ FLIX! 2D The Pirates! Band of Misfits (G) Sat 9.30am, 12.00noon Sun 9.30am 2D Mirror Mirror (PG) Sat & Sun 11.00am World’s Best Fine Films

THE WAY (PG) Thu to Wed 11.00am WISH YOU WERE HERE (MA15+) Thu Fri Sat Mon Tue Wed 11.00am, 4.15, Sun 4.15


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beentertained be entertained



 F,B74L $<I8T2F3 F%BEA<A:F ( F&4G<BA4? %BEA<A: &8JF F??8A 88A8E8F +;BJ (TF,;8 .<8J (TF4LF '9 'HE $<I8FT(T F?<I8TTBB><A:  F < T2F3T F(LE4@<7T   9G8EABBA &8JF  F BG +84G F&4G<BA4? &8JF 2F3T  F/!& &8JF 2F3T F HEE8AG 994<E 2F3 FF   %2/F69-5F&869-5/. (T TT %2/F31F+81F%2/9;B ,;8T%<77?8T4EG;T(4E47<:@T(TFT TT  ;3.+BF312=F9?3/FP*H@BHET 4FT!GQT%TF4TS T+G4EFT"8A A<98ETAA<FGBATT#8I<ATBFGA8ET   $F* (?4L<A:T/<G;T%4G6;8FT%T2F3TO T547?LT5HEA87 6BECF8TGHEAFTBHGTGBT58T4ATHA78E:EBHA7TFGE88GT?H:8TE468ET@84A J;<?8TG;8T&TB9T4T@4AT4?E847LT<ATCE<FBAT<FT9BHA7TBAT4T7847 5B7L

 (F/@< 2F3  ;3.+BF312=F99=,+66FE<F54A8TEBA6BFTIT+BHG;T+L7A8L *455<GB;FTO EB@T+HA6BECT+G47<H@TE<F54A8 T TT ;3.+BF312=F99=,+66F8BE:8T!??4J4EE4TE4:BAFTITB?7 B4FGT,<G4AFTO EB@T/!&T+G47<H@T/B??BA:BA:

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"%#' &'' %YOUR 7 DAY TV GUIDE 22 JUNE - 28 JUNE 2012  '   '  

Connecting people and communities

Friday, 22 June, 2012 Page 13

beentertained be entertained


What’s on FRIDAY, JUNE 22 ■ Shannon Noll live at the Albury Entertainment Centre from 8pm. Tickets $60. Enquiries 6043 5610. ■ How Yesterday Remembers Tomorrow at the Albury Art Gallery, runs until 29 July. Enquiries 6043 5800. ■ Sarah McKenzie Quartet live at the Jazz Basement on the Lincoln Causeway, bar open 7.30pm. Enquiries 0438 623 462. SATURDAY, JUNE 23 ■ Thurgoona Preschool open day at 29 Bottlebrush Street, Corrys Wood, Thurgoona, from 2-4pm. Enquiries 6043 1633. ■ Breaking Boundaries Drawing Workshop at the Albury Wodonga Artists Society Studio/Gallery at Gateway Island on the Lincoln Causeway. Runs until Sunday. Enquiries 0401 919 813. ■ Dusty the Concert at the Albury Entertainment Centre from 8pm. Enquiries 6043 5610. ■ Wodonga Toy Library open every Saturday from 9am to noon at Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Beech Street, Wodonga. New members welcome. Enquiries 0404 936 208. ■ Hume Murray Farmers’ Market at Gateway Village on the Lincoln Causeway from 8am to noon. Enquiries 6058 2996. TUESDAY, JUNE 26 ■ That 60’s Guy live at the Commercial Club, free entry. ■ Multicultural Mental Health Seminar at the Commercial Club Banksia Room from 6.15pm for 6.30pm start. Enquiries 03 9601 4919. ■ Australian Plants Society Albury Wodonga Group meets at Age Concern, Townsend Street, Albury, from 7.30pm. Enquiries 0447 231 493. ■ Wodonga Toy Library open every Tuesday from 12pm to 1.30pm at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Beech Street, Wodonga. New members welcome. Enquiries 0404 936 208. ■ Angela’s Kitchen performance at HotHouse Theatre. Enquiries 6021 7433.


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27 ■ Albury Evening View Club meets at the SS&A Club from 6.30pm for 7pm start. Enquiries 6041 4260. ■ No Interest Loans information morning tea at the Commercial Club from 10am. Enquiries 03 5722 3009. ■ Albury Toy Library open 4pm to 5.30pm every Wednesday during school term. Enquiries THURSDAY, JUNE 28 ■ Diana Wolfe & The Black Sheep live at the Commercial Club from 6-9pm, free entry. Enquiries 6057 2000. FRIDAY, JUNE 29 ■ Beccy Cole at the Commercial Club from 7.30pm. Enquiries 6021 1133. SATURDAY, JUNE 30 ■ Rock Revolution starring Jon English at the Albury Entertainment Centre from 8pm. Enquiries 6043 5610. ■ Eight Hour Enduro at Nail Can Hill. More information SUNDAY, JULY 1 ■ The Wodonga Historical Society opens its rooms from 1pm to 4pm at 19 South Street. Enquiries 6059 6064. MONDAY, JULY 2 ■ The Bugalugs Bum Thief at the Albruy Entertainment Centre from 6.30pm. Two shows on Tuesday at 10am and noon. Enquiries 6043 5610. ■ Circus Ringbarkus at the Albury Showgrounds from 11am daily, runs until July 15. Tickets $15. Enquiries 0412 101 815. TUESDAY, JULY 3 ■ Albury Wodonga and District Orchid Club meets at the Murray Valley Centre in Pearce Street, Wodonga at 6.30pm, followed by plant auction at 8pm. Enquiries 6021 4887. THURSDAY, JULY 5 ■ An audience with Frank Spencer at the Commercial Club from 10.30am.


Look at what’s on in July...

The Bugalugs Bum Thief 2 JULY 6.30pm

3 JULY 10.00am + 12.00pm


The Land of Yes & The Land of No 7 JULY 8.00pm

Find out what’s happening on the Border at:

BACK… Shannon Noll is a regular visitor to the Border, and will play at the Albury Entertainment Centre tonight.

Back on the border

Medicare is going cashless All of our service centres are going cashless. That means Medicare benefits will now be paid directly into your bank account.


Mozart’s Don Giovanni

10 JULY 7.30pm


Don’t forget to register your bank account details (BSB and account number) with us.


Many doctors can lodge your Medicare claim for you. You can also claim some Medicare benefits through our Online Services. For more information, go to or call 132 011.



18 JULY 7.30pm 19 JULY 2.00pm + 7.30pm



Enjoy great savings by becoming a 2012 Theatre Season subscriber. 9458.1206

SHANNON Noll returns to the Border for a gig at the Albury Entertainment Centre tonight (Friday). The Australian Idol runner-up, best known for songs What About Me, Shine and Lift, will perform all of his hits and new tracks from last year’s release, A Million Suns. Noll, 36, grew up in the small town of Condobolin in NSW and has carved out a career in music since appearing on Idol in 2003. While interest has waned in most people who featured on the now-defunct reality show, Noll has managed to stay in the spotlight. With the ten year anniversary of Idol approaching, Noll believes he still has a few years left in the music industry. “For now I cant imagine doing anything else,” he said prior to the release of A Million Suns. “This is what I am good at and I am really excited to be on a new label, and the reaction so far to the new single has been great. “But who knows what will happen in the future, for now I’m just going to keep doing it!” Noll has been a regular visit to the area, with his last gig here in August 2011. His latest album features rock-heavy songs, including single Switch Me On. Tickets to the show cost $60. For more information contact the venue on 6051 3030.

Book at or call 6043 5610 1037721-KG25-12

Page 14 Friday, 22 June, 2012

Connecting people and communities

BEPREPARED Memories to last forever FUNERALS FEATURE

of Health Victoria having oversight of cemetery trusts across the state. The Wodonga trust currently consists of a chairman and four trust members. The trust encourages local participation of members of the community with basic business skills to join the local trust. “The volunteers are representatives of the community,” trust secretary Lia Carle said. “A long time ago they had a representative from each church involved but now anyone with suitable skills can apply.” All sites at the cemetery are held in perpetuity and with records going back to 1861 the trust is often called upon to locate a relative’s resting place as part of genealogy projects, hence the value of having a lasting memorial like those available at the Wodonga cemetery. While it may seem expensive to bury a loved one Mr Cummins said the work continued on the burial site long after the funeral service was over. “We have to maintain everything here for ever and a day,” he said. “That’s where the costs come in for the burials and internment of ashes. Some people might think it’s expensive but they don’t realise once they’ve bought the plot we have to maintain the grounds and the position forever. “We put as much money as we can back into the cemetery itself.”

TRIBUTE… Allen Cummins, Lia Carle and trust member Graham Gehrig take pride in the work that is done at the Wodonga cemetery. Pictures: TREVOR JACKSON

A lasting memorial and tribute to a loved one. The Wodonga Cemetery is a place where a permanent marker of a life lived can be placed and where family, friends and future generations can come to remember and pay respect. Wodonga Cemetery provides a wide range of options to choose from for both ashes and burials, in an attractive setting with Monumental, Lawn and Rose Garden sections available as well as the option of prepaid reservations for future interments.

Insurance to cover your final costs FUNERAL insurance is a product many of us overlook. We insure our cars, our homes and even our mobile phones but often ignore the option of funeral insurance as if it’s a taboo topic. But now there are more options than ever and people are more willing to discuss their own final resting place and associated costs. Taking out funeral insurance can help provide peace of mind to loved ones in the case of death. While weekly budgets allow for every-day running of home and living finances it’s worth a look into what funeral insurance costs, which is often less than you might expect.

Considering some funerals could cost well into the thousands of dollars it’s well worth the effort. An added advantage of having funeral cover is it leaves your loved ones with more expendable cash at the time of your funeral to ensure a suitable send-off and leaves less of a burden in the long term. In most cases funeral insurance policies are paid quickly and give your family the money they need when they need it. In general the total cost of the funeral is covered by the insurance policy from the casket to the catering requirements but with so many options available be sure to research the subject to compare rates, payments op-

tions and features that best suit your needs. Some life insurance policies may include funeral insurance to provide an immediate lump sum payable to your family in the event of your death so ask your insurer what they can offer if you have a current policy in place. Be sure to ask questions such as length of time before payment, cover for accidental death, age and health requirements or any other query you may have. While you want to take your family’s peace of mind into account you also want to ensure they won’t be burdened or unnecessarily stressed by the fine print of an insurance policy.

A tradition of personal and professional care for over 6 decades Third generation of local experienced stonemasons with a superior reputation established on the border. Specialising in all types of monuments, bronze plaques and stonework.

Suite 9/3 Stanley Street Wodonga Vic 3690 Email: Ph: 02 6024 0422 Office Hours: 10am to 3pm Mon - Fri.

For further information or a quote call our friendly staff on 02 6025 7077


921 Mate Street North Albury Ph: 02 6025 7077 Fax 02 6040 2329


WODONGA cemetery is a place where a loved one can be interred and a memorial can be placed as an enduring tribute to the life of the one who has passed away. It provides a tangible reminder of a life lived and a point of focus for the bereaved. There is a wide choice of sites for the bereaved to choose from such as the monumental, lawn, rose gardens, memorial garden and walls and all enquiries are welcome whether for burial or placement of ashes. The Wodonga cemetery is administered by the Wodonga Cemetery Trust which was established in 1861 with the land being owned by the crown and managed by the trust for the use of the general public. The trust is reliant upon a volunteer base drawn from the local community to administer the affairs associated with the cemetery and is an integral part of our society. “The general idea of the trustees is to have oversight of everything that goes on in the cemetery as far as the financial returns, general administration of the cemetery, book keeping, and ensuring maintenance is being carried out,” trust chairman Allen Cummins said. “All the legal paper work that is involved with burials and placement of ashes is kept on file forever. Our records started in 1861 so we’re probably one of the oldest groups in Wodonga, even older than council.” Trust members are appointed by the Governor in Council with Department

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Market leaders now on both sides of the border LESTER & Son funeral directors is one of the oldest and most respected businesses on the Border. It has been operating continuously in Albury since 1907 and has now expanded, opening a new office at 102 Hume St Wodonga. This makes them the only funeral service that is represented in both Albury and Wodonga. Wodonga families can now expect the same high level of professional service as offered at the Albury office, at a reasonable price on which Lester & Son has earned its trusted reputation. The business is locally owned and operated by Andrew and Pauline Harbick and Darren and Julie Eddy and is a market leader in the field. Members of the public are invited to call to discuss their funeral requirements and obtain a free information kit and a no obligation estimate of expenses. “When arranging a funeral you should always obtain at least two quotes to ensure you receive good value for money,” Mr Harbick said. “Our experience in the funeral industry has taught us the importance of providing a quality, professional service at a competitive price and we are committed

A unique tribute to your loved ones FUNERAL tribute videos have become a popular way to remember lost loves ones. Video tributes are a unique and beautiful way to provide a touch of personalisation to the memorial service. Most videos will feature the favourite songs of those who have passed away, with images, video, titles and captions from throughout their lives. They are usually played at the memorial service or other gatherings in the days following death, providing a virtual trip down memory lane. One person can coordinate the entire effort or it can be collaborative, with everyone offering favourite photos for the video. Video tributes can be made several different ways, including: - At home using computer software. Depending on how comfortable you are using this type of technology, you can do the entire thing yourself. Modern computers usually come with simple video editing software like Windows Movie Maker. For some people, the act of sorting through all the photographs and scanning them is ca-

LEADERS… The team from Lester & Son funeral directors, Darren and Julie Eddy and Pauline and Andrew Harbick. to ensuring family needs are met at a fair and reasonable cost.” Lester & Son is also the only local firm to be a fully accredited member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association, the peak body which represents

Australia’s leading funeral services. Company adherence to the AFDA Code of Ethics and Training and Development Guidelines ensure you will receive the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professional service.

“Continuing the Commitment”

thartic; for others, it is too much to consider during the difficult grieving period. - Through the funeral home. More and more funeral homes are offering video options as part of their memorial packages. These have the benefit of being largely hands-off. You simply provide a stack of favourite photographs, make a few song and background picture selections, and let the funeral director and his or her team do the rest. They usually provide a copy of the slideshow for you to take home and may even host it on their website. - Via a third-party specialty provider. Some companies provide video tribute services to the newly bereaved via an online sales platform that you can access right from home. Others might be referred to you as a local company. These companies are prepared to help you sort through your images to find the best ones, and are able to meet the fast turnaround time necessary in the funeral industry.

šD[mCedkc[djiš8hedp[FbWgk[išH[delWj_edi š7BB9;C;J;H?;I š9[hWc_YF^ejeiš=hWd_j[LWi[i

With pride, Memorials In Stone & Bronze maintain the lawns & gardens, grave-digging & interment of ashes at Wodonga cemetery. Memorials are stepping stones to the past and the link to future generations. We offer a truly personalised and professional service that will assist you and your family to design “One Final Gift”, a monument that shows the respect and love that your dear departed one held in a life lived.

For peace of mind have your loved one’s resting place enhanced by Memorials In Stone & Bronze

Personalised & Professional Service =hW[c[Fheii[h &*(/&&+&))

DWj^WdFheii[h &*&)-(/.(&


Ph: 02 6024 1093 20 South Street, Wodonga

We assist with the headstone or bronze plaque inscription and all cemetery requirements. C1037246-KG25-12

š9^Wf[b<kdYj_ed<WY_b_j_[iš7lW_bWXb[(*^ekhi"-ZWoi šFh[7hhWd][c[dj7Zl_Y[

(#,-M_]]Ij"MeZed]W F^ed[,&+,++.)<Wn0,&+,++./ ;#cW_b0c[ceh_Wbi_dijed[6X_]fedZ$Yec

Leaders in personal, professional care since 1907 Call now to discuss your funeral needs and obtain a free information kit with a no-obligation estimate of expenses. 359 Wantigong St, Albury Ph 6040 5066 Andrew Harbick

Darren Eddy

102 Hume St, Wodonga Ph 6059 4567


Find us at two convenient locations:

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Liverp ool La ne






Stanle y

To Albury ►

Stanle y

Wodonga Hume Street

Symth e Stre et

Stanley St



Hume Street


High Street


STANLEY STREET MAP AND LEGEND 1. MAD 4 HAIR Shop 5, Wodonga Mall, Stanley Street, Wodonga (02) 6056 2919 2. HOUSE OF LINGERIE Suite 7, 1 Stanley Street, Wodonga (02) 6056 9536 3. BMG CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 7 Stanley Street, Wodonga (02) 6024 3000

5. INDIAN TANDOORI RESTAURANT 13 Stanley Street, Wodonga (02) 6024 3995 6. SPARK HAIR Shop 3, Liverpool Lane (off Stanley Street, Wodonga) (02) 6056 5103 7. WODONGA DRY CLEANERS Shop 6, Liverpool Lane (off Stanley Street, Wodonga) (02) 6024 6695

4. WAW CREDIT UNION - Head office 11 Stanley Street, Wodonga (02) 6022 8444

BMG BMG was founded by Ross Black in 1975. In the past 5 years we have seen the retirement of Ross & Vince Black and the introduction of Natalie Owens, Glen Jarvis and Darren Yates to join Stephen Mamoumey as directors. BMG provide the following services: Accounting & Taxation, Business Planning, Business Valuation, Cashflow Management, Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Personal Insurance, SelfManaged Superannuation Funds, Succession Planning, Tax Consulting, Business Performance Analysis and Seminars.


From business consulting and tax returns to personal insurance and retirement, you can access it all under one roof with one of our qualified professionals. Tax & Accounting: offering taxation and accounting advice focusing on

individuals, business and families to build, maintain, and guard their long term financial security. Financial Planning: We believe looking after your wealth requires a long term commitment. Through the different stages of your life you will come across many changes, some planned and some unexpected. Our role is to help you manage life changes, whilst working towards your lifestyle and financial goals. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service to our clients. Our clients are real people, not just names in our database. We take a vested interest in seeing our clients succeed, and assist them and their families to maximise and protect their financial wealth. Call in and see the team at BMG, 7 Stanley St Wodonga or phone 02 6024 3000.

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Stanley St

Wodonga Mad 4 Hair Mad 4 Hair has just turned 21! Mat & Della Poppins opened their Stanley Street barber shop in 1991 and whilst they’ve seen many changes to Wodonga in that time Mat says “the people never change, just their stories” “We have been here so long now that we are up to the 3rd generation of families who have had their hair cut by one of us” said Mat Poppins. Mat & Della’s son Ryan and Natasha

Brown are now part of the team, providing a traditional barber service. Seniors & service personnel discounts are offered and children are most welcome. If you haven’t yet experienced a haircut from Mad 4 Hair, call in today for a most pleasurable haircutting experience, no appointment necessary at Shop 5, Wodonga Mall, Stanley St. Ph. 0260 562 919. Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm and Saturdays 8.30am to 12noon 1037502-KG25-12

WAW Credit Union

The site at 11 Stanley Street remains the Head Office of WAW Credit Union. Being the Head Office, WAW in Wodonga employs over 30 staff across both banking and administration roles. WAW Credit Union is a financial institution that provides all the same types of products as the major banks. This includes home and personal loans, business banking accounts, term investments, savings accounts, online and mobile banking, QBE insurance, GMHBA health Insurance, financial planning and MasterCard / Visa Cards.

WAW Credit Union is owned by the people who borrow, save and invest with us so, when you open an account with us, you automatically become a partowner as well. As a part-owner you are also invited to attend our Annual General Meeting each year and vote for director appointments to the Board. We provide all the same types of products as the major banks but, unlike them, we don’t operate to return massive profits to shareholders. Instead we are able to reinvest profits back to our members via the most favourable interest rates and the lowest fees possible within our operational guidelines. Additionally, by banking with WAW Credit Union you are contributing toward locally based social, educational, sporting and health initiatives that benefit your community. Wodonga Office Ph 02 6022 8444. Open Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm for customer convenience.


The Wodonga Co-Operative Credit Society was established on 20 April 1961 before moving into Stanley Street in February 1975. Nearly 30 years after the Co-Operative was established it merged with other local Credit Unions to form the WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd. “WAW” is an acronym for Wangaratta Albury - Wodonga.

Spark Hair Treat yourself to a truly unforgettable and enjoyable hairdressing experience at Spark Hair where our fully qualified professional team provide exceptional service and individual attention to each & every client. Established in April 2010 by Director Jade Sparks and assisted by stylists Lacy and Dannii, Spark Hair offers everything from advanced colour, advanced cutting and hair extensions of all types. Why not enjoy an expresso coffee at our beautifully appointed salon whilst your colour is processing?

Spark Hair also provide ongoing special offers for their valued clients; such as our current special of a full head of tape hair extensions, including shampoo and conditioner for just $550 (normally $699.95). NB: this offer finishes July 31, 2012. Trading hours are as follows: Monday 9am to 5pm; Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9am to 8pm; Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm. Spark Hair are located at Shop 3, Liverpool Lane (off Stanley Street, Wodonga ). Call Jade, Lacy or Dannii soon to arrange your appointment for a unique hairdressing on 02 60 56 5103


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Stanley St

Wodonga Wodonga Dry Cleaners Wodonga dry Cleaners have been a family run business for 27 years with Ken & Wendy starting the business in 1985. Daughter Michelle commenced working in 1982 & Lisa in 1994. Today Lisa runs the business with assistance of Sue & Rachel. They don’t believe in quick cleans, priding themselves on giving the best possible outcome of all dry-cleaning and laundry services. Wodonga Dry Cleaners have very loyal customers that have been

with the business for 27 years, knowing they will receive great service in all aspects and very competitive pricing. They also specialise in wedding dresses, curtains and bedding. Call in today and see Lisa, Sue & Rachel at Shop 6 Liverpool Lane, Stanley St about your dry-cleaning needs. Open Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 5.30pm and Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm. For any dry-cleaning queries call Lisa on 0260 246 695 1037501-KG25-12

Indian Tandoori Restaurant The Indian Tandoori Restaurant is Albury Wodonga’s original Indian Restaurant with the first restaurant opened in Albury by Manraj Singh Bhullar. Due to the enormous popularity & support of Albury Wodonga & district residents a second restaurant was opened in Stanley Street Wodonga and then a 3rd restaurant was opened at Thurgoona The absolute finest Indian cuisine is offered at our three beautifully appointed licensed restaurants, where an unforgettable dining experience may be had. We also offer take away. Open 7 days for dinner from 5.30 pm at all three restaurants with lunch at our Wodonga restaurant Tuesday to Friday from 12 noon onwards - our Albury restaurant Wednesday

to Sunday from 12 noon onwards - & our Thurgoona restaurant every day. A delicious buffet lunch is offered on Sundays 11.30 am to 2.30 pm at all restaurants offering diners all you can eat from just $19.90 per person with kids under 12 free. The Thurgoona restaurant also offers a delightful English breakfast & coffee every morning from 7 am. We are also very excited to advise that for our patrons pleasure we will be opening a Beer Garden at our Wodonga Restaurant soon ( please stand by for our opening announcement ). Indulge in fine Indian cuisine today at the original Indian Tandoori Restaurant, 13 Stanley Street Wodonga. Ph 0260 243 995


House of Lingerie Anne Lafferty opened the doors of House of Lingerie in September 2006 offering a professionally trained fitting service to women of all sizes across the border. “ A perfectly fitted bra, makes a very happy and confident woman” says Anne from her many years experience in lingerie. Quality and comfort is paramount and you’ll find Anne is committed to providing excellent service backed with product knowledge and training skills to ensure a rewarding fitting.

Brand portfolio includes Fayreform, Finelines, Oroton, Berlei, Braza, Bendon, Lovable, Pleasure state, Triumph, Bassoni, Pierre Cardin & Elomi. Also specialising in post mastectomy prostheses and amoena breast forms. You’ll find Quality and Comfort for Sophisticated Woman at the House Of Lingerie. Shop 7, 1 Stanley St Wodonga. Ph 02 6056 9536


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Homes&Property Homes Property ❯❯ Albury Wodonga

Classic style and modern conveniences RICH timber and federation colours dominate this week’s featured property from Wodonga Real Estate. Set in a beautiful part of Wodonga this stunning four bedroom home offers everything for the growing family or those wanting to entertain in style. Street appeal counts for everything in real estate and this home oozes character with a rendered finish and a stylish entry impressing from the outset. A large timber door opens to a tasteful foyer with ornate arch leading to the living areas which sets the scene for the remainder of the home. High ceilings feature and an expansive formal lounge room boasts classic federation windows, quality window furnishings, an open fireplace, ornate cornices and a beautiful ceiling rose. The living areas of the home continue the spacious trend with a kitchen sure to please the most fastidious chef. A timber-top island bench provides ample space for meal preparation with stainless cooking and an abundance of 2-Pak-finished cupboards. Large tiles stretch throughout this area and on into the spacious family room where a bay window overlooks the rear grounds. Double timber doors lead out to a stunning



outdoor alfresco entertaining area with a natural gas barbecue, an open courtyard space and ample slate-paved undercover areas for relaxing all year round. The creature comforts inside continue with the master bedroom boasting a large walk-in robe with hanging space and ample shelving and a beautiful ensuite with clean, modern styling. Three more large bedrooms all include builtins and are serviced by a very spacious and stunning main bathroom with separate toilet. A large laundry features floor to ceiling builtin cupboards, laundry hamper and a walk-in linen press in the passage adds to the storage capacity for the larger family. The back yard is dominated by an in-ground pool with well-established gardens and rollerdoor access through the double garage. The garage is itself spacious with remote panel-door entry, a fold-away clothes line, a ducted vacuum system and internal access to the main home. Ducted heating and cooling keep the elements at bay. If you’re looking for a character-filled, spacious home with all the style of yesteryear and modern conveniences for ease of living then look no further.


STYLE… All the modern conveniences are included in this classic-styled property.

Stop the rental cycle and secure your first home today.


4 Avondale Drive ■ Price: $485,000 ■ Contact: Clinton Harvey Wodonga Real Estate (02) 6056 1888 or 0408 605 950

NSW First home buyers grant will be doubled to $15,000

A country feel but still close to town

Hamilton Valley Estate

Block’s starting from $80,000

Lot 1

Centaur Rd



Lot 3

Cornwell Ave



Lot 6

Centaur Rd


House & Land Packages from $255,500

Lot 8

Centaur Rd


Lot 10

Cornwell Ave



Lot 16

Cornwell Ave



Lot 18

Cornwell Ave



Lot 22

Cornwell Ave



Lot 23

Cornwell Ave



Lot 24

Cornwell Ave



Up to $20,000 discount applies to all house and land packages in Hamilton Valley with Alatalo Brothers.

Plusus Bon

$95,000 HOLD


Lot 25

Cornwell Ave


HOLD $125,000

Lot 29

Cornwell Ave



Lot 30

Cornwell Ave


HOLD $100,000

Lot 31*

Centaur Rd



$2000 Furniture Voucher Sign up before the 1st September 2012 to receive your bonus voucher.

Check out our display homes Open: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm

We have several Rural Lifestyle Properties for sale adjacent to existing reserves and wildlife corridors. Visit our website at or call 60238000 to see what’s available.

Albury-Wodonga Corporation

Barooga 235 70 Streets Road, Wattle Views Estate Wodonga.

Enviro 8 - 8 STAR Energy 85 Forest Drive, Fairway Gardens, Thurgoona.

For further information visit our website Cnr Hovell & Osburn Streets, Wodonga Office Number 02 6055 0180 -ICHELLE"ROWN -ATT,ARSSON 4ONY-OYLE

2/620 Macauley Street, Albury NSW 2640 1016688-KC50-11



Rural Living

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$59,500 LAVINGTON 548 Sanders Road Vacant Land LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION

WEST ALBURY, 14 Mulga Place BARGAIN PRICE BLOCK House and land package available, or buy now build later, 952m² block set in developing area, nice rural outlook with easy access to major facilities


The three golden rules of Real Estate belong to this one. A very comfortable home with lots of room. Situated on a large 809m2 block. A short walk from Lavington Square.




SO THURGOONA, 10 Sugar Gum Way

$342,000 LAVINGTON, 366 Eden Street

DELIGHTFUL FAMILY HOME Four bedrooms, main with ensuite, formal lounge, open living and dining, adjoining well equipped kitchen with pantry, dishwasher and breakfast bar. Ducted heating and air conditioning., double garage, remote entry.







Fully renovated inside and out and from top to bottom, this delightful home is certainly worthy of inspection. Large living extending to entertainment deck. Gas heating, ducted air conditioning, double garage.




$230,000 Each

A choice of two individual allotments, both of which are 7 acres (2.8 hectares). These elevated lots enjoy a delightful outlook offering a lifestyle with a rural aspect. Within the town boundary, each lot has a frontage to both Centaur Rd & Pearsall St

GEROGERY WEST, 165 Thomas Street


5.58 ACRES OR 2.232 HECTARES This excellent rural allotment has a nice undulating fall giving excellent drainage. It is situated on a sealed road and offers commanding views of the surrounding countryside, including Table Top Mountain. An excellent home site.

Shop 8, 330 Urana Road LAVINGTON NSW 2641

Vacant Land

Vacant Land

LAVINGTON, 537 Webb Street


VERY AFFORDABLE PACKAGE This home would certainly suit the first home buyer or investor. Three bedrooms, formal lounge, country style kitchen. Single lock-up garage. Situated close to public school, Public transport and parkland. Phone for inspection.

WOOMARGAMA Old Hume Highway





FORMER WOOMARGAMA STORE & RESIDENCE Situated on approximately 1.5 acres is the former Woomargama General Store and adjoining residence.The store offers a multitude of opportunities. The Residence is a renovators delight.

Barry Hutton 0407 261 965 Nigel Horne 0407 058 706



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MARGY MEEHAN 0419 972 735


CLINTON HARVEY 0408 605 950

DES LONERGAN 0408 575 825



17 Whernside Drive

ALAN HODGSON 0418 468 579




Formal lounge, separate kitchen meals and family room Renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a dishwasher Ducted heating and cooling, 860m² block with low maintenance gardens

4 - 44 Mayfair Drive








Inspection by appointment

Purchase as an individual unit or buy the block Popular Federation Park Location Three x two bedroom units available

22 Wattlebird Drive


Inspection by appointment

Beautifully presented and ready to occupy in popular Cambourne Park Open plan lounge and dining, ducted heating and cooling Separate family room leads out to wide all weather veranda



1 & 2 - 25 Kyle Court





2 Como Court

Inspection by appointment

Formal lounge with north facing views, tiled family / meals with study alcove Fully landscaped with hardy plants, a stunning rockery and artificial grass Currently let at $380 per week until 3.1.2013

$195,000 Each

Inspection by appointment

2 x two bedroom units with lock up garages Fantastic investment opportunity In a handy West Wodonga located near shops




30 Elm Street





Inspection by appointment

Central location, immaculate presentation Perfect first home or investement property Brilliant yard with mature trees on approx 713m² block

8 Glen Avon Terrace





1,2 & 3-12 McEwen Cres $185,000 Each

Inspection by appointment

Spacious lounge with gas heating and split system air conditioning Secure rear entertaining area, plus plenty of lawn area at the front Tiled kitchen with plenty of cupboard space

10 Nicole Crescent


Inspection by appointment

21 Maygar Avenue N P R EW IC E



31 McCulloch Crescent

DEBBIE PASCALL 0407 391 772




Inspection by appointment

Three bedrooms with built in robes, master with en-suite and WIR Ducted cooling and gas heating Side access for boat or caravan, good size garden shed






Inspection By Appointment

Spacious lounge with beautiful timber flooring Split system reverse cycle air conditioning, wood heating Original kitchen and bathroom - ripe for renovation




Inspection by appointment

Due for completion by October 2012 Ducted gas heating and ducted evaporative cooling Choose your own colours - talk to us today




Inspection By Appointment

Beautiful 7 acre property offering breathtaking views Ample water supply including 2 dams and a seasonal creek Under house storage and a separate art studio




Inspection by appointment

Brilliant large family living - perfect for families In-ground pool, large 2111m² block Shedding for car enthusiast / tradesman










Inspection by appointment

2.5 Acres surrounded by farmland plus views of the mountains and beyond Magnificent Blackwood kitchen with all the modern touches Water supply of rainwater tank, bore and dam that has never ran dry






Inspection by appointment

Three queen bedrooms plus study or fourth bedroom 3063m2 allotment, in-ground swimming pool, BBQ area with pizza oven Triple garage plus separate powdered workshop






Inspection by appointment

Two bedroom ranch style home on 2000m2 (approx) block Extra large “Open Plan” living area with a roomy kitchen Verandah’s all round protect the home from the weather









Inspection By Appointment

On a large corner block this four bedroom family home provides versatility Lounge has feature fireplace with gas log fire, reverse cycle air conditioning Large sash windows overlooking beautiful established gardens with steps down to second level




Inspection By Appointment

Executive style 22 sqs family home in quiet cul-de-sac Expansive formal and informal living areas Close to hospital, school, sports and commercial area




Inspection by appointment

A rare opportunity to purchase 20 acres so close to Yackandandah Offering picturesque creek frontage and shady mature trees 8m x 10m colourbond shed, brick lock up garage




Inspection By Appointment

17.3 ha (42 acre) freehold plus 8.9 ha (20 acres approx) leasehold with Mitta River frontage. Ample accomodation with kitchen, lounge and relaxing outdoor area - Motor X track Great catchment water supply, 30 more photos on

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6056 1888

More great listings and photos available at

6 Stanley Street, Wodonga Email: Email:





Dundee Drive, Wodonga


Good size two bedroom unit with open lounge/dining, gas heating, wall airconditioning, gas cooking and full bathroom. Enclosed yard with single lock up garage and extra car space. Avail 11/07/12 FIONA THOMAS









Leading the way in Property Management, now leasing over 50% of the Rental Market.

Griffith Street, Wodonga


Totally renovated 2 bedroom home, large lounge with gas heating, ducted cooling, open kitchen area, two very large bedrooms, full bathroom with separate laundry, large block – yard is not enclosed with LUG. Avail now

Units/Townhouses available

Houses available

McEwen Cres $190pw Avail 13.07.12 2 BR unit, gas heat, A/C, SLUG, garden shed. No pets. McMahon Pl $195pw Avail 30.06.12 2 BR unit, gas heat, A/C, BIRs, encl yard, SLUG + extra space. Prosper Crt $210pw Avail 20.07.12 2 BR unit, BIRs, gas heat & cook, paved area, SLUG + extra space. Batt Ave $230pw Avail now Quiet 2 BR + rumpus, ENS, BIRs, gas heat, A/C, DW, carport. No pets. Awburn St $325pw Avail now Modern 3 BR townhouse, duct heat/cool, ENS, BIRs, DW, remote DLUG. Hume St $370pw Avail now Stunning 2nd storey townhouse, 3 BR, BIRs, ENS, duct heat/cool, DW, remote DLUG.

Beech St $200pw Avail 10.07.12 3 BR home, gas heat, spacious lounge, duct cool, encl yard, 2 sheds. 6mth lease. Buckland Crt $255pw Avail now 3 BR home, duct cool, gas heat, sep meals, BIRs, dbl carport, secure yard, garden shed. Nightingale Ave $285pw Avail 04.07.12 3 BR home, duct cool, gas heat, BIRs, 2-way bath, secure yard, DLUG Cummings St $325pw Avail 13.07.12 3 BR, renovated, duct cool, gas heat, DLUG, workshop, carport. Lytham Crt $360pw Avail 28.06.12 4 BR, great views, BIRs, ENs, WIR, DW, duct heat/cool, patio, remote DLUG. Bremer Ave, Leneva $380pw Avail 21.07.12 Modern 4 BR, duct heat/cool, DW, ENS, WIR, BIRs, encl yard, remote DLUG.


Huon Creek Road, Wodonga $470pw

Located in popular Estate, this 4 BR home is designed for the family. It features ducted heat/cool throughout, ENS & WIR to the main bedroom, BIRs to all others, gas cooking, 2 living areas, spacious rear yard area with garden shed and DLUG with large additional under-house storage area. Avail now

Yarralumla Drive, Wodonga

Fully renovated 4 BR home with S/S heating and cooling, ENS with spa, BIRs, open plan living area with stylish polished concrete floors, sleek kitchen with stainless steel appliances including gas cook top and DW, large deck entertaining area overlooking the in-ground pool, enclosed yard and double carport. Pool maintenance included. Avail 20/07/12.05.12

Houses available

Albury & District properties

Sharp Crt $420pw Avail now Executive 4 BR home, study nook, ENS, DW, outdoor area, remote DLUG. Riversdale Pl $550pw Avail 11.07.12 Lifestyle 4 BR home, large block, duct heat/cool, ENS, rumpus, DW, remote DLUG.

Rivergum Tce, Albury $370pw Avail now 3 BR home, ENs, WIR, duct heat/cool, BIRs, study, entertaining area, DLUG.

Out of town properties

Castle Creek Rd $195pw Avail 11.07.12 Unique 2 BR furnished unit, incl elect, open living, S/S heat/cool. No pets. Hume St, Albury $275pw Avail now Renovated 3 BR home, gas heat, S/S, heat/cool, tandem Soldier Settlers Rd, Tallangatta Valley $280pw Avail now 4 BR home, elect cook, wood fire, S/S heat/cool, SLUG, carport. dbl carport, small paddock. Cadell St, Albury $305pw Avail now

Albury & District properties

Modern 3 BR townhouse, duct cool, gas heat, BIRs, remote DLUG, encl yard. Townsend St, Howlong $320pw Avail 06.07.12 Modern 4 BR home, duct heat/cool, DW, ENS, WIR, BIRS, 3x6m shed, remote DLUG.


Storage Sheds Trafalgar St Wodonga from $77 pm Avail now Secure storage units from 2.3 x 3.5m up to 8 x 3.5m. 24 hour access for tenants.


1/6 McGregor Court Expected rental $220 - $230 per week – 6.4% yield

A great opportunity for the first home buyers to enter the market or for those looking to scale down in size is available with this townhouse. Features Include: Two bedrooms with built in robes & ceiling fans Full bathroom Covered outdoor entertaining area Lock up garage with remote plus a lock up carport for boat or caravan Situated in a quiet court location

“Your dream home” • Country living with city convenience • Rare opportunity to live close to the river

46 McFarland Road

• Magnificent views to the surrounding snow fields

let at $270 per week until 20.11.2012 – 7.09% yield Willow Park – Great Investment

• Parklands, playgrounds and walking tracks at your doorstep

A great opportunity exists to purchase this securely leased family home Features Include: Three spacious bedrooms Two split system air conditioners Updated bathroom Excellent outdoor entertaining area set with beautiful established garden

• Albury and Wodonga schools, shopping and entertainment close by • Large, flat sites • Priced from $105,000

Bonegilla Boat Yard

SERVICES: Town Water, Telephone, Electricity, Gas & Sewerage Located at Whytes Road, Baranduda Lifestyle Blocks 4.9 ac (2 ha) to 5.2 ac (2.3 ha)

MORE GREAT LAND FOR SALE Whenby Grange...............................from Wattle Glen....................................from Wattle Views...................................from New West Village.............................from Western Park.................................. from Baranduda Park...............................from Country Club...................................from Federation Park...............................from Yarralumla......................................from


$112,000 $ 95,000 $ 90,000 $ 75,000 $125,000 $ 82,000 $110,000 $105,000 $95,000

Willow Gardens...............................from $120,000 Yackandandah Heights.....................from $ 71,000 Fairway Gardens (NSW)....................from $100,000 Industrial Land

Yackandandah Industrial.....................from $ 86,000 + G.S.T. Tangambalanga Industrial......................from $ 76,000 + G.S.T. Englobo Land - Yackandandah............from $575,000 + G.S.T.

$465,000 neg Owner says “Let’s Sell!” Keen to realise his assets & enjoy a stress free life, he is hell bent on moving on. This strategically located retail site only two minutes from Lake Hume & 10 minutes from Wodonga and Albury. This 2419m2 site lends itself to marine sales & service, cars or caravan sales & service, huge outdoor living showroom, farm/rural machinery or maybe accommodation with a motel or apartments or supermarket to cater for proposed development of Bonegilla township. STCA.

Visit our website for more superb properties to view. Register your details for full property updates

Wodonga Industrial Estate.......................from $ 1.8 million

Connecting people and communities

Friday, 22 June, 2012 Page 23

Trades Deadline: 2pm Monday Email: Phone: 1300 666 808


ELECTRICIAN For All Electrical Work

0428 231 931 Howard Shearer (02) 6023 1931

0415 388 133

Shearer Electrical Pty Ltd. NSW Lic. 154563C Vic. Lic. 15178




Brian Grace Mobile Phone

02 6024 7725




Call Stephen Ackerly and the team on

PHONE WAYNE: 0428 637 068 “For lovely polished timber floors!”



HIA Member 528465 Domestic DB-U 11540 Commercial CB-U 6226

CALL BEN 0418 450 348 Over 10 years experience in the building industry.


Kevin 0423 832 724

• Paint Stripping • Furniture Repairs & Restoration • Traditional Finishing



No job too small. No call out fees.









RY NT E P • Renovations

Phone: 0457 927 736

Home Maintenance

WHM - All Carpentry Services WHM - General House Maintenance WHM - Minor Painting, Tiling & Plastering

WHM - Rubbish Removal WHM - Gutter Cleaning



• Extensions • Decks & Pergolas • Doors & Windows • Architraves & Skirtings • Timber Flooring • Repairs & Maintenance


Lic. 219938C



Warren Tyack






Quality Renovations & Extensions

0419 160 282


for quick service


Licence No: 248683-C

and enquiries phone


Brian Murray - Formerly The Tap Doctor C1004763-JJ06-12

Servicing Albury/Wodonga and Surrounding areas.

25 years experience. Specialising in all types of concrete work. FREE QUOTES Large and small jobs. Bobcat, Mini Excavator & Tip Truck also available.


• Truck and tractor hire • Lawns and edges out • Site clearing • Rubbish Removed • Spouting cleared • Landscape work • Cars removed • Mini loader hire • Odd Jobs - whatever? • Weed spraying



• Maintenance • Hot Water Services vices • Water Filters • Taps • Renovations • Water Saving • Replacement Toilets/cisterns All other plumbing services

0429 623 831



RAYS MAINTENANCE • Bobcat work • Slashing • Soil levelling • Gardens maintained • Rotary hoeing • All Gardening • Trees removed • Light float work • Cartage • Need an extra hand?

VIC LIC: 46555 NSW LIC: 225668C

NSW. Lic No: 137342C. VIC. Lic No: 24598


IS YOUR HOME SAFE? split systems installed

PH: 02 6024 4610 MOB: 0438 895 925

Don’t take the risk! heating & cooling Get your home checked today GST included with our leak detection & equipment plumbing gas work




0434 255 504



split systems installed heating & cooling plumbing & gas work Email:



Phone Tony: 0407 309 504 Albury & Wodonga

6056 0588



Renovations & Alterations Decks & Pergolas Small Jobs Specialist Quality Work Guaranteed


NSW Builders Lic 240793C

• • • •

Purchasing a Property? Are there Termites? Have it professionally inspected! Effective, competitive solutions for your Termite problems


Grace constructions


0427 795 579

Specialising in all Pest Control NE Victoria & Southern NSW Locally owned family business since 1974. Termites (White Ants), Spiders, Bees, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Rats, Mice & Cockroaches C742502-JL52-9

*Tiling *Plastering *Welding *Painting *Scheduled Maintenance * Fence & Gate Repairs *Concreting *Timberwork *Brickwork *Retaining, Paving, turf or Seeded Lawns etc.





Lic. No. Vic DB-U3020 Lic. No. NSW 106002C

• General Repairs • Pre sale/Lease Tidy-Ups • Courtyard Landscapes Temporary Trade/Homeowner assistance C850731-KK40-10

• Town Houses • Renovations • Additions/Extensions • New Homes • Decks & Pergolas • Custom Design


• Metering/Gross Meters • TV & Antenna Installations • Appliance Repairs • Ceiling Fans & Tastics • Security Lights

Builders of Quality Prestige Homes




0419 594 006





0438 692 277 NSW Lic: 190222C

Vic Lic: 20137

Licence No. 228012C



Sell your Lounge Suite... C846473-JF38-10

Simon Hoppe • Energy Efficient Lighting • Powerpoints • Switchboard Upgrades • Safety Switches Fast, Reliable Electrical Solutions

VIC LIC: 46555 NSW LIC: 225668C

C967057-JL38-11 C856520-JM42-10

konekt electrical

0419 160 282

Ph: 1300 666 808

Page 24 Friday, 22 June, 2012

Connecting people and communities


Services Deadline: 2pm Monday Email: Phone: 1300 666 808








Mobile Support Tech for Business & Home C925392-JL19-11


Ph. 6025 4771 Fax. 6025 4772


6041 4777; 0408 613 224



368 Urana Rd Lavington

Commercial and Domestic

Quick, Affordable & Reliable Computer Service

Mowers, Brushcutters, Blowers & Generators


Albury Engineering & Mower Service

Has your favourite chair seen better days? Are your dining chairs loose and lumpy? Is your lounge stuffed?




Phone Mick 0427 316 497


Lic. 2215PDGL

Large or Small. Felling/ Lopping/ Pruning/ Hedges All Rubbish Removed Pensioner Discounts • Free Quotes

0412 599 725

• Free Measure & Quote • Locally Manufactured • Triple Locking Available • Stainless Clearview • Colonial Cast Grilles • Large & Small Diamond or Decorative grilles • Fly Doors & Screens • Prompt Service



0412 022 984

PROMPT FREE MEASURE & QUOTES FOR Locally Manufactured Capral Award Winning Products



• Gas Heaters Tested for Carbon Monoxide • Hot & Cold Water • Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations • Clear Blocked Drains • Gasfitting • Guttering • Roof Cleaning Available 7 days - Pensioner Discounts

Contact Paul Howland

Deadline: 2pm Monday Ph: 1300 666 808

208 Borella Road, Albury (opposite the Albury Base Hospital)

Don’t buy new furniture! Recycle it! Call now for a FREE in-home quote

Phone: (02) 6041 1444

Phone: (02) 6059 3817 TELEVISION/VIDEO/AUDIO 827879-KS31-10


Services Classifieds Deadline: 5pm Tuesday Ph: 1300 666 808

Deadline: 2pm Monday Ph: 1300 666 808

ANTENNAS • Extra TV Outlets • Antennas/TV Tuning • Flatscreen wall Mounting • Same Day Service Call Zane 0408 698 000

New homes, renovations, retaining walls, letter boxes. No job too small. Specialising in: QUALITY SKIMCOAT, SAND CEMENT, GREENBOARD AND ACRYLICS. C1032794-PJ22-12

John Geltch 0434 044 538 Email: Lic 243794C


Accounting & Tax BAS & Bookkeeping

Don’t Replace It . . . RESURFACE IT LIKE NEW!

Reckon Accredited Partners


Tas Davies

Baths, Basins, Shower Base, Tiles, All Chips, Cracks, Scratches are repaired on site Also Bathroom Tiling and Floor Tiling






NewsWeekly 1300 666 808 Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper

address and phone number. News Weekly, Attn: Classifieds Level 1, 299 Townsend Street, Albury, NSW 2640

WE ACCEPT PAYMENT BY 1.5% credit card processing fee applies. Cheques and money orders can be posted or hand delivered to our office.



ARM CHAIR, leather, soft green, GC. $95. Ph (02) 6056-2248 after 6pm.

COMMERCIAL FREEZER, 2440 x 740 x 890, with drainage, needs work. $250. (02) 6021-7668.










BREAKFAST TABLE, blackwood, 8 drawers, lovely unique piece, cost $2,000, sell $850ono. 0402 993 701. CARRIAGE LAMPS, unrestored, genuine kero, carbide candle, 28 electrine candles, $1,300. 0431 611 316.

(02) 6024 2884

CEILING FAN, internal, EC, $40. 0428 320 975.



BED, single, solid pine, with mattress, GC. $70. 0422 067 503. Lavington.

For all hair dressing services. Cuts, colours, waxing and more. Bring in this ad and recieve 10% discount.

144 High Street, Wodonga


BARBECUE, hooded, Billabong, unused, with 9kg gas bottle, plus dust cover. $150. (02) 60243324.



Specialising in Bathroom Renovations Re-Grouting l Sealing l Waterproofing Kitchen Splashbacks

Place your advert now...

Mail: Include your name,

address and phone number

6041 5885

• Trees removed safely • Pruning & felling • Confined Space Removals • Local Professional

PHONE MICK 0427 316 497


Email: Include your name,

Call Steven m 0411 522 500 e

NSW Lic: 2199 50C VIC Lic: 48080

1300 666 808

Barbara McDermott

0419 002 219

Specialising in Steel Roofing ~ Residential ~ Commercial ~ Renovations ~ Maintenance ~

Phone: 0438 078 002


setup - training - support

Local Trusted Roofing Professional

Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper

Austel Licenses




NewsWeekly C999217-JL3-12

Cement Rendering


It's easy to place a classified advertisement in the



ABN: 53 991 487 114

Sell your motor vehicle NewsWeekly Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper

1300 666 808

COMPUTER, desk top, with Microsoft 2007. $225ono. (02) 6040-4634.

CORAL COLLECTION, from South Pacific, undamaged, undyed, 53 pieces, small-mediumlarge, display cabinet, $3,000. 0431 611 316.

DINING TABLE, Advanced Furtniture, twin pedestal, extendable, 6 chairs, VGC. $490ono. (02) 6056-1297. DINING TABLE, extendable, with 4 chairs, soft floral, VGC. $250. Ph (02) 6056-2248 after 6pm.

CHAINSAW, brand new, 62CC, 22” bar. $200. 0457 353 871. West Wodonga.

CHICKEN/PET CAGE, 1.9m x 1.2m A-frame, 900mm x 400mm. $130. 0407 731 762.

DINING TABLE, round, 1070mm W, mahogany, solid timber, with 4 chairs, $280. Delivery can be arranged. (02) 6043-2160. DRUM KIT, full size, suit beginner. $200ono. 0412 022 984.

CLAW FOOT BATH, brass legs, all white acrylic, VGC. $400. 0408 273 400.

LADDER, painters aluminium extension, as new, paid $290, sell $140ono. 0402 993 701.

Connecting people and communities

Friday, 22 June, 2012 Page 25

Classifieds Deadline: 5pm Tuesday Email: Phone: 1300 666 808

FURNITURE, Colonial sideboard and tall boy, as new, $700 the pair. (02) 6021-7668.

LOUNGE SUITE, 3 piece, 2 seater and 2 chairs, soft floral, VGC. $495. Ph (02) 6056-2248 after 6pm. LOUNGE, black leather, GC, $500. 0429 324 009.

HEALTH AND FITNESS TREADMILL, Health Stream 4400, VGC. $525. 0407 265 090. Albury.

MASSAGE THERAPISTS ADVERTISERS in this section are qualified practitioners and are offering a non-sexual service.


PIANO, 2 crown Richard Lipp & Sohn Stuttgart, VGC, selling due to relocating, $1,300ono. (02) 6023-5467, 0429 360 527.


MITRE SAW, Ryobi 254mm, deluxe compound, as new, $80. 0428 320 975.


OIL PAINTING, Seascape, blues, 39” x 29”. $200. 0425 271 848. Albury. POCKET BOOKS, 250, varied fiction. $100. 0431 611 316.

RECLINER, one seater, Vienna Chocolate, used one week, $200. 0431 611 316. REDGUM SLAB, plus 2 half trunks suitable for legs, $475ono. (02) 60217668.

SEASHELL COLLECTION, from South Pacific, extensive small-mediumlarge display cabinet. $2,000. 0431 611 316.


AUSTRALIAN SILKY TERRIER, Pup, pure bred, vet checked, vaccinated, non moulting, microchip no. 000146244609. $700. 0427 261 664. Chiltern.

MACHINE REPAIRS, all makes and models, prompt and reliable service. (02) 6040-8250.



SLEEPERS, used, ex railway, B grade, $16.90 each, also half wine barrels available, GC. Phone 0411 558 572.

Paying great money for round Aussie 50c, gold sovereigns and up to $350/kg for Aust silver pre-decimal coins.

STOVE, electric, Chef Electrolux, ceramic top, very clean, paid $1,115. sell for $300. (02) 60214784

TV, Nec, 51cm, with remote, VGC, analogue, $50ono. 0419 404 820. Lavington.

Catalogue Distributors & Collectors required. Earn $100-$300/wk Supervisor positions available. Full training provided.


RSA & RCG RSA Mon 2nd July RCG Tues 3rd July Courses from 4.30pm

CASUAL RETAIL SALES CONSULTANT – KNITWEAR An iconic Australian Business, is looking to recruit an energetic, casual sales consultant for a new apparel and home wares retail store in Beechworth. The right individual must be flexible to work a rotating roster over some weekends as the store is open 7 days. Hours will range from 15-20 hours per week. We are looking for a mature individual with: * At least 3 years professional experience in selling knitwear * Proven ability to meet sales targets and budgets * Superior customer service skills * Excellent presentation skills This is a unique opportunity to make an impact in a fast growing company Please email your resume to Only candidates short listed for these roles will be contacted.

1300 514 015 Start Me Up Training

Place your advert now...

WALKERS WANTED We need people to deliver the NewsWeekly and catalogues in your area. Would suit Students, Pensioners and Mums, 2-3hrs per week.


Phone 0427 508 245

1300 666 808

Please leave name, phone number and address.

Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper


SHELL NECKLACES, 23, genuine old South Pacific, male/female, EC, $400. 0431 611 316.

THEATRE, surround, Pioneer, EC, paid $5,000, want $500, due to downsizing. 0467 560 853.

Cash Cash Cash

SS&A Club

New rules apply to the advertising of dogs and cats for sale. It is now an offence to advertise the sale of a dog or cat in Victoria unless the microchip identification number of the animal is included in the advertisement or notice. A registered domestic animal business may use its Council business registration number as an alternative. For further information, call 136 186 or visit

Provincial Letterbox Distributors





NATIVE POTTERY, genuine, from Malekula Island Vanuatu, 48 pieces, display cabinet, $200. 0431 611 316.

DEB DRESS, size 14, full length, small train, fitted bodice, with gloves. Never been worn. $195. (02) 6059-4012. Wodonga.

CALL 1300C1036620-KG25-12 663 161

MATTRESSES, 2, as new, suit bus or caravan. $50ono. (02) 6021-7768.

MOWCART, McCulloch, 66, November 2010, EC, no further use. $1,500ono. Phone (02) 60 569 914.

DEB DRESS, size 12, full length, strapless, fitted bodice with gloves. $400. (02)6024-7754. Wodonga.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995 makes it unlawful for an advertiser to show any intention to discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race, age, marital status, political or religious belief or physical features, disability, lawful sexual activity/sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS status or on the basis of being associated with a person with one of the above characteristics, unless covered by an exception under the Act. As Star News Group could be legally liable if an unlawful advertisement is printed, Star News Group will not accept advertisements that appear to break the law. For more information about discrimination in advertising, contact your legal advisers or the Equal Opportunity Commission.


FIREWOOD, Redgum, 7 x 5 trailer load, $150. 0418 248 364.



Specialising in distributing your advertising material into letterboxes in Albury Wodonga

Email for distribution maps and quantities to or phone 0437 300 108 PUBLIC NOTICES


NOTICE OF DECISION Advice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 81 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for the purpose of activating Section 101 of the Act, that the following applications were determined by AlburyCity during the period ending 15 June, 2012:




Alts & Adds to Residence and New Carport 806 David Street NORTH ALBURY



Residence & Garage and Retaining Wall


Residence & Garage

138 Tynan Road TABLE TOP


2 Lot Torrens Title Subdivision

20 Gabrielle Court LAVINGTON


Residence & Garage

233 Kosciuszko Road THURGOONA


Residence & Garage



Alts & Adds to Residence

445 Bellevue Street NORTH ALBURY



481 Macauley Street ALBURY


Colorbond Shed

334 Macauley Street SOUTH ALBURY

16 Whitton Drive THURGOONA


FRIDGE/FREEZER, Whirlpool, very large, 2 door, with ice maker, water dispenser, VGC, paid $3,000, sell $800ono. 0402 993 701.

FIELD BIN, 45 tonne transportable Kotzur bin. $8,800. (02) 6029-0128. Walbundrie.



FRIDGE, large, LG, 500ltr, top freezer, bottom fridge, downsizing to unit, too large, EC. $395. Phone Col: (02) 6024-3939.

WARDROBE, elegant, antique, oak, full length, leadlight doors, bevelled centre mirror, with blanket box, in excellent original condition, $700. (02) 60236541.




FREEZER, upright, 6 baskets, 389 litres, very clean, GC, $300. (02) 6026-2250/ 0408 489 501.

FOR SALE C1020245-JL15-12

DINING TABLE, timber, with butterfly extension, VGC, seats 10 to 12 extended. $485ono. (02) 6043-1029.




The relevant consents are available for public inspection, without charge, at AlburyCity’s Customer Service Centre during business hours or by visiting our website and select ‘Development Application Tracking’.



Check the trades directory in today’s paper

Phone Nathan on 0431 547 042

WANTED TO BUY ARTEFACTS, Aboriginal, PNG pacific artefacts and art. Collector paying $1000's for old shields, weapons, paintings, etc. 0428 197 303.



Phone Kate at Stockdale and Leggo on (02) 6048 7777, mobile 0457 757 602.


NewsWeekly Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper


East Albury, Keene Street, comfortable 3BR older-style house. Close to transport/shops, quiet neighbours, huge undercover area at rear, lock-up up garage, pet-friendly, private large fenced yard, adjacent dog park. $220 a week.

Sell your furniture...

NewsWeekly Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper

1300 666 808

Page 26 Friday, 22 June, 2012

Local Sport

Wheel&Deal Deadline: 5pm Tuesday Email: Ph: 1300 666 808



AUTO PARTS /ACCESSORIES MOTOR CYCLE BOOTS, new with tags, Thomas Cook. $120. (02) 60256292.

DAIHATSU, Charade, sports, hatch, towbar, AC, 5 speed, manual, economy, runabout, good tyres, runs and drives well, UNN-919, $1,600. Ph (02) 6071 0210.

FORD, Fairlane Ghia, 1999, 200,000kms, 11 months reg., EC, gas/petrol, AXL-14T, $8,500. (02) 6043-3362.

FORD, Focus, 2008, hatch, manual, 33,200 kms, 2 litre, cruise, electric front windows, reg., EC, WRW-218. $13,000ono. 0438 576 937.

FORD, Telstar, new tyres, radiator, brakes, alternator, CV`s, battery, 255,000kms, RWC, Vic. reg. SIZ-399. $3,000. 0437 916 076. HOLDEN, Combo, 1996, 1.4 litre, 5 speed manual, AC, power steer, NSW reg UEB-848. $2,800. Phone (02) 6041-6704. Albury.

HOLDEN, Commodore, ute, Vy SS, Series 2, 6 speed manual, purple, 20'' rims, CC, AC, PS, chrome ladder racks, 218,480kms, 258-HLF, $12,500. 0409 617 077 or 0405 340 034. HOLDEN, Commodore, VZ, sedan, white, cruise, tint, rear spoiler, EC, 107,000kms, reg. until November 2010, AZH-69G. $11,000. (02) 60268493. Albury.

HOLDEN, Crewman, VZ SS, 2004, 6 speed manual, 91,000kms, 18” XHP rims, 5 months reg, ARD-58U. $22,000ono. 0405 724 660. HOLDEN, Rodeo, 1998, dual cab, 4X4, 5 speed manual, AC, towbar, NSW reg. until 06/12, VMF-971. $5,000. 0478 228 859.

HOLDEN, VE Omega 2007, standard inclusions, 135,000kms, VGC, registered until 02/11 AO39-TB, $15,000 ono. Please call (02)6029-3317 Burrumbuttock. HOLDEN, VU, 2001, ute, V6, manual, 151,000kms, lowered, 18” mags, regularly serviced, WNE-465. $14,500ono. 0417 157 230. Wangaratta.

HYUNDAI, Excel, 1997, manual, 10 months NSW reg, VGC, keyless entry, CD player, BK-34-CD. $2,490ono. 0413 272 842.

LANDROVER, 2000, Freelander, Vic reg, QMA549, reg 12/11, 166,000kms, new tyres, exhaust and clutch, $8,000. 0409 568 360. Wodonga.

Connecting people and communities

MITSUBISHI Lancer, 2006, 1 lady owner, 5 speed manual, cruise control, 12 months warranty and roadside assistance, alloy wheels, 9 months registration, UHA908. $13,700. Phone 0400 992 714.

MITSUBISHI, Lancer, 2004, auto, AC, 48,000 kms, silver, 670-SEH, $8,500ono. (02) 6059-6940. MITSUBISHI, Magna, XRX, 2004, 70,000kms, full books, AWD, one owner, immaculate condition, WOB-394. $15,000. 0450 163 922. Wodonga.

NISSAN, Navara STX, 2008, EC, low kms, many extras, includes bullbar, tubliner, car kit etc, WER390, $30,000, 0419 892 305, 0418 459 259. Wodonga.

PROTON, ute, 2010, Jumbuck, manual, A/C, 26,269 , reliable, $12,000 ono. Vic reg 10/12, XWS592. 0421 952 558. TOYOTA Hilux, 2000, 3L turbo diesel, SR5 cruise, UFH, winch, canopy, 220,000kms. QBT-272. $20,000. 0413 904 808.

TOYOTA, LWB Hiace, 2000, diesel, auto, AC, PS, cargo barrier, roof racks, towbar, 329,125kms, Vic reg, 03/13, RWC, good reliable van, QBT-235. $7,000. (02)6027-5369.


BOAT AND TRAILER, 4.4 metre, fibreglass, 50Hp Johnson and 7.5Hp Mercury, fish finder, safety gear, 12 months NSW reg. FM-433N, CQ-9555. $7,000ono. 0400 633 016. Albury.


FORD, Transit, Sunliner Odyssey, 2003, turbo diesel, auto, 55,000kms, shower, toilet, rear double bed, AP-82-LC, $78,000. 0418 572 023.

MILLARD, 2004, Weekender, single beds, poptop, 14’, minimum use, Vantec protection inside/out, EC, Q-49389. $19,000 ono. 5728-2903. Beechworth. MOTORHOME, Dodge 300, HD245, 76 model, 32,000kms, stove, water, 12/240 power, double bed, RWC, Vic. rego. URX-323. $8,000. 0401 491 683. POPTOP, 2001, 16½ foot, rollout awning, front kitchen, gas cooktop, double bed, 12 months NSW reg, NO8997. $16,500. 0488 625 291.

ROADSTAR, 2000, 16’, poptop, semi off-road, double bed, electric hot water, 3 way fridge, tons of extras, hardly used, EC, $17,200. 0409 563 619.

BMW, R1100S, 2000, 42,000kms, EC, YBD-99, $9,500. (02)6026-5406. Howlong.

KTM 525 EXC, 2006, 6 months reg, many extras, 4,926kms, EC, FF435. $6,700. 0428 507 777. Wodonga. SUZUKI, 1996, RM250, GC, 2 stroke, $2,000. 0414 497 724 Wadonga.

Clinic for juniors By TREVOR JACKSON JUNIOR soccer players on the Border will have the opportunity to hone their skills when a Coerver coaching clinic comes to town in the July school holidays. Albury United soccer club will be hosting the clinic, numbers permitting, from Monday 2 to Wednesday 4 July, 9am till 12 at Jelbart Park West for boys and girls aged 4-15 years. Coerver coaching is a method inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver specifically targeting young children and has become a global teaching system. Coerver accredited coaches will be traveling from Canberra to conduct the three day clinic and Albury United club president Chris Rochford urged young soccer players to register and take advantage of the clinic. “It is a great opportunity for the Border’s young players to develop their skill levels in co-ordination, balance, ball control and sportsmanship,” he said. Mr Rochford said the Coerver system had proven itself world wide and in the Canberra region. “Woden Valley came down and recently played our senior ladies and men and they run the Coerver program through their whole club,” he said. “Talking to their coaches, they’re the most successful junior club in their region.” Mr Rochford said the clinics were well attended in the major cities but this was the first time Border youngsters would have the chance to participate without the travel involved. “These courses are held every school holidays in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne,” he said. “These guys run the clinics on the coast and they’ll get 200 kids turn up. Now we’ve got the opportunity to get these guys to come to the Border so hopefully we can get everyone jumping

SKILLS… Junior soccer players, Shannon Greschke, 10, Brea Quinlivan, 12, Emily Milburn, 10 and Harrison meredith, 7, will have the chance to participate in a world-renowned coaching system when the Coerver coaching clinic visits the Border in the school holidays. Picture: TREVOR JACKSON on board and get it happening.” Mr Rochford stressed that numbers registering would ultimately decide if the clinics would go ahead. “We’re aiming for around 30 kids,” he said. “If we can get the numbers they’ll come down; if we don’t they won’t. But if it doesn’t happen this year we’ll keep pushing to try to get it here next year.” The clinic will cost $149 which in-

cludes nine hours of coaching spread over the three days, Coerver coaching climacool shirt, Coerver coaching certificate, adidas soccer ball and a Coerver home training program. To register for the clinic contact Chris Rochford on 0400 011 766 or Coerver ACT via email at admin@coerveract. com or telephone 0421 907 788. Applications close 29 June.

Passion leads to success


HONDA, CT110 Postie, 30,000kms, reg, EC, PHF56. $1,300. (02) 60415460 in evenings.


TRADESMAN TRAILER, new, 6x4, heavy duty, deluxe, extras included. VIN: 6FDAUFTRLAMI01029. $1,650. 0419 875 434.

UTILITY TRAILER, used for bike camping, lugs in floor to suit 3 motor bikes, 2 built in cupboards, reg until 12/12, R19550. $5,500, 0418 576 584.

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By TREVOR JACKSON JUNIOR Border soccer player Chelsea Blissett has been rewarded for her effort with a position in the NSW primary school state team. As part of the McKillop football squad Chelsea recently competed in a three-day tournament held at Miranda where her team finished runners-up. Having previously played as a defensive left-back Chelsea competed as a mid-fielder in the tournament and was noticed for her ball control and overall fitness. Chelsea’s father Clayton said he was very pleased with her selection. “I’m super-proud,” he said. “Her fitness is probably one of her best qualities … she’s a state level track and field athlete as well. “Her passing and ball play was quite exceptional in that tournament, being able to find team mates, pass the

ball and split defenders - she was a real stand-out in that department.” Chelsea will now attend a training camp in Sydney before heading to the Top End to compete in a national tournament in Darwin in September. Of course the honour comes at a high cost financially but Clayton said it was worth every cent. “I’m hoping it’s not a once-in-alifetime experience,” he said. “She’s done a lot of work over the summer and all the extra training she’s been doing has really helped her ball control and game play skills and she’s developed into a really nice mid-fielder now. “She’s actually highly regarded in NSW and Victoria for her abilities and she’s always wanting to train and play - she loves it. “That’s the biggest thing. It’s never a chore for her.”

STATE SELECTION… Chelsea Blissett is happy to be part of the NSW State primary school soccer team. Picture: TREVOR JACKSON

Down but not out BEECHWORTH boxer Callan Orchard has returned to the Border after being stopped with 20 seconds remaining in the final round of his fight with Queensland boxer Phillip Maley. Orchard’s trainer John McCubbin said he threw in the towel after a strong barrage from Orchard’s opponent rocked his fighter. “That’s the first time I’ve ever thrown the towel in,” McCubbin said. “You could tell by Cal’s eyes he’d been hurt and I wasn’t going to let him get hurt for a couple of dollars.” McCubbin said Orchard appeared to be winning for the majority of the fight but he said a strong punch to the head

followed by a punishing body blow was enough for him to retire the young fighter. But he said all was not lost with Orchard, only just on the edge of the lightheavyweight division, now looking at the possibility of dropping a weight division. “Everything was going all right in the fight but Maley’s strength was just too much,” he said. “Cal fought well but he’s just not strong enough yet and he’s a bit shorter than some of the other fighters. I think the middle-weight division might suit his body structure better.”

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Friday, 22 June, 2012 Page 27

Ovens & Murray Football 2012 LastLast RoundRound: 5

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Albury Yarrawonga Wodonga Raiders Wangaratta Rovers Wodonga Lochie Altmeier


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â&#x20AC;˘ Albury â&#x20AC;˘ Lavington â&#x20AC;˘ Wodonga Raiders â&#x20AC;˘ Wangaratta Rovers â&#x20AC;˘ North Albury Alan Hodgson


Half-time reports are in: cream is rising to the top Simon

Says with SIMON CORR WE ARE ofďŹ cially halfway through the Ovens and Murray season. When I was at school the middle of the of the year represented a good time for teachers to pass on their opinions of a student via a school report. The following report-card-style comments are how I have assessed each clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s performance thus far. ALBURY AThe Tigers have lapsed in concentration a couple of times this year which has resulted in unlikely losses to Myrtleford and the Raiders. However in general they have been every bit the dominant side we have grown accustomed to seeing over the last four seasons. Clearly the most potent scoring side in the competition, the Tigers have added a ďŹ&#x201A;eet-footed bunch of youngsters to their mix to compliment their stellar midďŹ eld. COROWA RUTHERGLEN DJust as my teacher once wrote â&#x20AC;&#x153;Not living up to expectationsâ&#x20AC;? the same needs to be said about Corowa. With some well-credentialed recruits and an array of enthusiastic youngsters I deďŹ nitely thought the Rooâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s would be capable of competing for a ďŹ nals position, but they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t appear to have gelled and as many of the teams have gone up a level, Corowa appears to have stagnated. LAVINGTON C+ Admittedly the Panthers have only dropped three games this season and a C+ may appear a bit rough. Those losses however to the two Wang sides and a woeful performance against Albury mean the Panthers are tracking a fair bit behind last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s performance at the same stage. All punters would have had Lavvy ďŹ nishing top three at the start of the year but a much improved effort would be required to achieve that.

LastL RoundRound: 5 Last

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Albury Lavington Wodonga Raiders Wangaratta Rovers North Albury

MYRTLEFORD D The Saints look to have gone backwards a bit this year. They have some big scalps but have been disappointing in the games they should have won. In Stan Magroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ nal year at the helm the club was targeting ďŹ nals. This will not happen. NORTH ALBURY C The Hoppers have been OK this year. They were the most inactive club during the recruiting season and have managed to turn at the halfway mark still in ďŹ nals contention. They have a very important month coming up with winnable games against Wodonga, Wangaratta and Lavington.

LastLast RoundRound: 5

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WANGARATTA COn paper the Magpies are very impressive but their efforts in the ďŹ rst half are very confusing. Back to back wins against fellow ďŹ nals aspirants in the Raiders and Lavington made me stand up and take notice, but it took another ďŹ ve weeks before they ďŹ nally notched up their third win. Too inconsistent for such a promising side.

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WANGARATTA ROVERS AThe Rovers have surprised everyone this season with a meteoric climb up the ladder. They are very ďŹ t and well-drilled and the clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s resurrection has been pleasing to all. A key forward is the only thing that has hampered their progress, but they get that in round 12 in the form of AFL hard-man Barry Hall. Very pleasing effort so far.

96 High St,

YARRAWONGA AAt this stage the Pigeons are the teacherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pet. The recruitment of Fev has delivered some outstanding home and away crowds and has people talking about country footy. Yarrawonga has been pretty slick on the ďŹ eld too, and with just one loss and a draw they turn for home as the king of the pile.

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


Albury Yarrawonga Wodonga Raiders Wangaratta Rovers North Albury Robbie Mackinlay R

Live every Saturday from 1pm 2AYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Broadcast of the Ovens & Murray Match of the day. Plus score updates from the AFL , O&M, Hume and Tallangatta Football Leagues. LastLast RoundRound: 5

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Albury Yarrawonga Wodonga Raiders Wangaratta Rovers Wodonga Macy

SIMONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SELECTIONS Last Round - 5 out of 5 Total = 32 Round 9 tips ALBURY v Wangaratta Lavington v YARRAWONGA WODONGA RAIDERS v Cor-Rutherglen WANG ROVERS v Myrtleford NORTH ALBURY v Wodonga

Wodonga Vic. 3690

LastLa RoundRound: 5 Last

WODONGA C The Bulldogs dislike for wooden spoons has been obvious this year with a far more competitive showing. Wodonga is still in the ďŹ nals mix and their blossoming youngsters have given hope to supporters. WODONGA RAIDERS C+ Quality pre-season recruiting had everyone talking the Raiders up. And whilst their recruits have deďŹ nitely delivered you would have to say the Raiders are not fulďŹ lling their true potential. Further improvement welcome.


Albury Yarrawonga Wodonga Raiders Wangaratta Rovers North Albury Mark Treloar


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Simon Corr

02 6056 3233

LastLast RoundRound: 5

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After a well credentialled country football career, Simon turned his hand to a successful career in radio. Readers of the paper can enjoy Simonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insights into local sport (football) this season as he joins the NewsWeekly sports team. Simon can also be heard on 2AY each Saturday from 11am with his local sports program and commentary of the Ovens & Murray match of the


Albury Yarrawonga Wodonga Raiders Wangaratta Rovers North Albury Trevor Jackson

Connecting people and communities 4OWNSEND3TREET !LBURY 0HONE

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DOMINANT... Tigersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Joel Mackie stretches for the ball as his team continues on with yet another impressive season. Picture: TREVOR JACKSON

Yarrawonga Pigeons Albury Tigers Wangaratta Rovers Lavington Panthers Wodonga Raiders Wangaratta Magpies Wodonga Bulldogs North Albury Hoppers Myrtleford Saints Cor-Râ&#x20AC;&#x2122;glen Kangaroos

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Page 28 Friday, 22 June, 2012

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Local Sport State cycling comes to the Border By TREVOR JACKSON JUNIOR cycling will be highlighted this week on the Border when Cycling Victoria hosts its Victorian School Cycling Championships in Albury. Mountain bikers will compete at Nail Can Hill on Sunday 24 June while road cyclists will compete at Noreuil Park on Tuesday 26 June. Albury council’s event officer Renate Griese said it was a great opportunity for the Border region to showcase its ability to host major cycling events to the state body through close liaison with Lavington Panthers Cycling Club (LPCC) and the Albury Wodonga Mountain Bikers (AWMTB). “We think it’s really good for Albury and the Border to have Cycling Victoria come and present their cycling schools championship here,” she said. “We’re in a perfect spot for cycling for mountain biking, track and road so hopefully we can work with them for bigger and greater events in years to come.” LPCC secretary Russell Smith said it was the perfect opportunity for cy-

clists not currently competing to come and try the sport of road cycling at a great venue. “It’s a state level event but it’s a school event which is separate from the licensed competitions, so it encourages people who don’t have a license to become involved,” he said. “Hopefully they’ll enjoy that and take it further from there. “The venue here at Noreuil Park is fantastic. We’ve held a few criteriums here over the years and you have good viewing for spectators and a few challenges for competitors with slow bends, sharp bends, a bit of a climb, a hair-pin and a nice long hill coming down to the finishing straight.” A spokesman from AWMTB Daniel Wayenberg said the Nail Can Hill venue would throw up a few challenges for mountain bike riders but would be achievable even for the youngest in the field. He said it was a huge event for the Border club. “The course that we’ve set down is not going to be an overly huge chal-

PEDAL POWER... Matthew Telfer, 12, Blake Wayenberg, 10, and Nahum Little, 14 are ready to tackle state level competition this coming week. Picture: TREVOR JACKSON lenge for the juniors,” Mr Wayenberg said. “They will have a climb from the start line and then follow a single track all the way down so after the initial hard slog up the hill they’ll have a nice cruisy, fast descent down.

both will have the chance to progress through to state finals later in the year to be held at Geelong and Melbourne. For further information go to Lavington Panthers Cycling Club or Albury Wodonga Mountain Bikers websites.

“It’s probably going to be our biggest event for the year and it’s going to be enjoyable for all involved, not just the seasoned racers but also the firsttimers.” Categories will include novice and race and the top three riders from

Strategy and consolidation By TREVOR JACKSON

CONSOLIDATE… Fabian Coulthard opted to consolidate after Saturday’s disappointing result to hold on to ninth position in the driver’s championship.

BRAD Jones Racing’s Fabian Coulthard and Jason Bright have remained in the top 10 in the V8 Supercar drivers’ championship after some mixed results in Darwin on the weekend. After a lack-lustre race on Saturday both drivers were eager to improve in Sunday’s outing. A hiccup from Bright off the line saw him serve a 10 second pit lane penalty for jumping the start and a rubbing tyre pushed him to the back of the field. But in a strategic move Bright opted for just two pit stops and clawed his way back up to 10th position. But his soft tyres were suffering from the long

stint and a lack of grip saw him drop back to finish in 13th and hold on to 10th spot in the championship. “The way that safety car fell meant a lot of guys went for the three-stop option with race strategy,” he said. “We gained a lot of places by staying on the two-stop option but it was never going to get us from last to first. We didn’t have anything left by the time the three-stoppers caught us. All in all we still got some points out of it so it wasn’t such a bad day.” Coulthard’s race was highlighted by many battles with championship contender Will Davison that would see him finish in fifth place. “We had a good battle with Will Davison for the first two stints,”

Coulthard said. “We were side-by-side for three corners and didn’t touch. That’s what I call good, clean racing; respect for one another. “We had pretty good pace on the soft tyre … we knew we were going to spend most of our time on the softs so we tuned the car for that. The big thing for us was to consolidate after (Saturday’s) bad result and get a good accumulation of points and we achieved that. We could have gone for the risky strategy but from where we started it wasn’t worth the gamble. We’re still in single figures in the championship, which is the aim.” The championship now heads to Townsville from 6-8 July.


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