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Ferry ready for the flood of tourists

JOURNEY: The Wymah Ferry travels across Lake Hume at Granya, taking a car across to Wymah on the other side. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

By BLAIR THOMSON WYMAH Ferry operator Mick Fabik is expecting one of the best tourist seasons for the area thanks to the rising water level of Lake Hume. The heritage listed cable ferry, which was built in 1946, takes at least 20 cars across Lake Hume from Wymah to Granya each day, with that figure expected to rise over summer. “It’s been operating for just on 12 months straight now,” Mr Fabik explained. “It’s historically shut down at 17 per cent water level, but the RTA has done quite a bit of work on both sides of the lake, so now it doesn’t need to shut down unless there’s bad weather. “Tourist-wise, there’s going to be heaps more coming here … it’s about bringing the tourists back again, because the levels have been so low for so many years. “I’m predicting the best year here in several years.” Mr Fabik took over from previous controller Lorraine Waite, who spent 23 years running the service, about a year ago. He’s contracted to operate the ferry by the NSW Roads and Transport Authority, and said it was a vital service for people on both sides of the border. “A stack of people use the ferry on a daily basis,” he said. “If they had to drive right around, you’re looking at a 100km drive, so it’s obviously very important for the locals. Continued page 3

Development brings metropolitan style to Border

City upgrade By PAT KOOPMAN A MODERN metropolitan townhouse lifestyle has reached Wodonga with the largest central redevelopment in the city’s history. Elmwood developer and builder Brendan Collins described the development as both “significant and exciting”. “It’s something we’ve worked towards for a long time and it’s great that it’s finally come to fruition and we’re happy about that,” Mr Collins told NewsWeekly.

“We’ve put a lot of research into develop actually what people want.” Mr Collins said the properties would appeal right across the spectrum of purchasers, whether they be owner-occupiers or investors. “Owner-occupiers are looking for a community, they’re looking not to be in one demographic on their own in one area,” he explained. “They’re looking for a culture mix, they’re looking for conve-



nience such as a medical centre, cafe … all those things that go with that. “They’re looking for architectural consistency, they’re looking for low maintenance and they’re looking for all those things that make it easy so the growth can occur in the property without any further demands on their resources.” The Elmwood development ticks all those boxes in a show of confidence in Wodonga as a growth centre.

One to four bedroom townhouses are part of the development. Mr Collins said Wodonga Council had been wonderful throughout the entire process. “They’ve been very supportive for us to go to this level and it’s been a pleasure to work with them,” he said. “They’re excited about it as well. “I think it’s working for everybody and it’s working for the environment.”



Wodonga Real Estate residential sales consultant and Elmwood project team leader Amanda Kotzur said the development represented something new for Wodonga. “It’s certainly a needed development in terms of people who are downsizing or looking to buy their first home or looking for a solid investment property ... it’s certainly the answer,” she said. “They are 7 Star energy rated and are very low maintenance. Continued page 2



2 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

Flooding good for everyone

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

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POSTIVE: Robyn Watts believes the floods and heavy rain in the region have been positive for landholders and the environment. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON but then there’s also the connectivity aspect. “In some cases over the last many years, some rivers have gone back to separate water holes. “This will enable ďŹ sh and other organisms to move between different areas and drift downstream to other sites. “It also brings in a lot of small leaves and carbon organic matter which brings in nutrients that works right through the whole food chain ‌ it enables the whole food web to ourish.â€? Ms Watts said that dams have stopped the pulses of water which would otherwise occur naturally several times a year. “Since we’ve been in drought for quite a long period of time,

many of these rivers hadn’t seen these rises, in some cases since 1993 and other cases since 1998, depending on the river system,â€? she said. “The effect of the dams have been to dampen even the smaller pulses that would have gone through, because that water has been captured to reďŹ ll the dams during drought.â€? She added that much had been learnt from the oods. “It’s been great for properties and great for the environment,â€? she said. “I think a lot of people have learnt a lot from these oods. “While there’s been a bit of damage, on the whole, they’ve been great for landholders and the environment.â€?

Rotary gift helps build disabled playground By BLAIR THOMSON A $26,000 cheque given to Woodstock Support Incorporated disability group will help fund a playground for disabled children at Charles Sturt University in Thurgoona. Mike Kirby from the Rotary Club of Albury West handed the cheque over to Woodstock Sup-



port Inc chief executive ofďŹ cer Nigel Stone yesterday (Thursday). “We’re over the moon about getting a donation of that size, we think the facility will be great for the community,â€? Mr Stone said. “It’s money raised from this year’s Nail Can Hill run and it


follows a $10,000 cheque already handed over. “That money will go towards the building of a purpose-built playground for children with a disability.� The Wodonga Moteliers Association also handed a cheque worth $6000 over to the support group.



THE FUTURE: Outside the three bedroom Elmwood display home at Saturday’s open day were Brendan Collins, Amanda Kotzur and Wodonga Real Estate property manager Ben House. Picture: ROD HARDINGE

City living comes to the Border market From page 1 “You certainly don’t have to do anything to them in terms of mowing, it’s all synthetic turf with a little bit of landscaping ‌ nothing to do.â€? Ms Kotzur described Elmwood as being “certainly very metropolitanâ€?. “This is the way Wodonga is evolving,â€? she said. The Elmwood Group and Wodonga Real Estate held an information evening last Wednesday. Ms Kotzur described the night as a “huge successâ€?. “We had a lot of positive feedback from the night,â€? she said. “We’ve already had one (sale), so I’m looking forward to more very soon.â€?

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albury wodonga weather

By BLAIR THOMSON HEAVY rainfall and ooding in North East Victoria will have enormous environmental and farming beneďŹ ts, according to a leading Charles Sturt University Thurgoona researcher. Aquatic scientist Associate Professor, Robyn Watts, told NewsWeekly the “pulsesâ€? of water caused by the heavy rain have helped to ush out and “resetâ€? river systems. She added that landowners have mainly seen the rainfall and oods as a positive. “I think it’s been really heartening to see that there’s been a generally overall positive story about the oods,â€? Ms Watts said. “While there’s initial concern about property damage and infrastructure damage, and rightly so, the overwhelming comments from a lot of landowners is that it’s been really great for their land. “Even for people out in the Western Districts ‌ people are saying even if there’s a slight reduction in their overall yield this year, the long term beneďŹ t for the land is really good.â€? Ms Watts said there were several advantages from the high ows of water in the rivers. “These high ows are important because the river systems haven’t seen these pulse events for quite some time,â€? she said. “There’s the physical effect, to scour out sediment which accumulates with slower ows, ushing through salts and algae,

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Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 3

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Independent MPs will be lobbied to support funding for Border centre

Cancer hope in health deal By TREVOR JACKSON DEALS made by the Federal Government with the independent members to maintain power have sparked hopes of funding for a regional cancer centre on the Border. The $1.8 billion has been earmarked for regional health upgrades. Although still early days it gives hope to those pushing for a Border clinic. Director of Cancer Centres and chair of the working party for the cancer centre, Dr Craig Underhill, said it was good news for the area. “They haven’t announced the process yet but as soon as we hear

something we will be wanting to apply,” Dr Underhill said. “We can’t assume that we will be successful this time and we don’t want to miss out for the same reasons we missed out last time.” Dr Underhill said the last bid was unsuccessful due to minor shortfalls in the application. “The government told us we needed clear backing from the states and we needed to provide more evidence on why we needed that much money,” he said. “We provided that … we have the backing of NSW Health Minister Carmel Tibbett and Victorian Health Minister Daniel Andrews.

“The two main reasons we weren’t successful have both been addressed. “The government said there was no more money left and if any came up they’d let us know … now there’s more but we need to keep working hard to convince them we need it, and other health services … we shouldn’t just assume we’ll get it.” Dr Underhill said media claims that money would be taken away from city areas to fund the country health upgrades were unfounded. He said there was quite good data to show that money spent on health, roads or other resources

was disproportionately lower outside the capital cities. “In health it gets lower the further you go from capitals,” he said. Member of the Border regional cancer centre steering committee, Eric Turner, said any moneys available for the needs of the region should be considered when the expenditure is being done. “On a number of occasions the community has asked the question ‘what about us?’,” he said. “And they will continue to ask that question. “The future moves of our steering committee will be to write to Simon Creen, the Minister for Re-

gional Australia, and to the independent members, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, to ask them to represent this region when the next review of health funding is to be held. “The community as a whole, right across the nation, has a right to be treated equally, “We live in hope … a person who has a life threatening diagnoses must be given hope. “And while ever we, the community, keeps raising our hands and asking questions we’ve got hope. “It’s only when we stop that there’s no hope.”

Wymah ferry ready to cater for the summer tourist flood

From page 1 “There’s also school kids who travel across the ferry to go to school at Talgarno and shearers and tradies that head over on a daily basis as well.” Mick said more people were becoming aware that the ferry was operational. “It was shut for a while when the water got low,” he said. “People are starting to get to know that the ferry’s in full operation.

PROTECTION: Nurses Sue Reid and Pat Last ensure Ellen McMahon’s baby, Haley, is protected against swine flu. Picture: ROD HARDINGE

Last chance to be sure you don’t get swine flu

Where city living meets country lifestyle

Large lots: 1160m2 to 2200m2


Kerr Road, Thurgoona


WODONGA residents have one more chance to get free immunisation against swine flu. Wodonga Council will hold its last vaccination day next Thursday, September 23, from 9am to 10am at the Wodonga Civic Centre. With health authorities warning that swine flu is now at significant levels in New Zealand and soon to hit Australia, this is the right time to be immunised. Swine flu poses a greater risk to pregnant women and younger Australians as well as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people and those with chronic medical conditions. Final stocks of the Panvax H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine in Australia will expire at the end

of September, this means that if you are wanting protection against the swine flu virus you need to have the Panvax vaccination before October. Time has run out for children aged under 10 years to receive a second dose of Panvax H1N1, as this needs to be administered four weeks after the first dose. A child aged under 10 years who has previously had one Panvax H1N1 dose, four or more weeks earlier can still complete their second dose in September. Next Thursday will be the last chance to be immunised. Further information can be obtained from Wodonga Council’s immunisation officer on 6022 9300.

“With the water coming up and the weather improving and summer coming in, we expect to be seeing quite a few more hopping on board.” He is also hoping that the Black Swan Retreat at Wymah, which he also bought about a year ago, will see travellers through its doors once again. The Wymah Ferry runs from 6am to 9pm September to April, and from 7am to 8pm May to August.

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4 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Border misses out on mental health

By BLAIR THOMSON A LACK of community services is hurting the Border, according to the Victorian shadow minister for mental health, drug abuse and community services, environment and climate change, Mary Wooldridge. The state Member for Doncaster, who visited her colleague, Member for Benambra Bill Tilley, said there was an urgent need for the State Government to provide better mental health and drug and alcohol services. “The concern is that services are generally provided on a regionalised basis, which can mean they’re not available to the local community,” she said. “Particularly for mental health, because it’s been excluded from the cross border agreement, people have to go to Wangaratta to access acute inpatient services even though there’s an acute inpatient service across the river. “In youth mental health, young people have to go to Melbourne before they can get an inpatient bed, which is a long way from the support of their community and their family. “It’s the same with

VARIETY: Store owner Lance Picton with the huge range of products available at Spoilt Rotten Pets.

The right place for spoilt rotten pets

CONCERNS: Mary Wooldridge and Bill Tilley discussed a number of issues effecting Border residents during her visit to the area. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON drug and alcohol services; there’s good private facilities but no public facilities in terms of detox.” She addressed a range of issues during her visit. Ms Wooldridge and Mr Tilley visited the operators of Granya House, local mental health chief Peter Collicoate, the Wodonga and Albury Towards Climate Health group, residents affected by odours, and Tallangatta residents

concerned about the impact of wild dogs. She said the Coalition would announce policies on the issues closer to the state election in November. “Things will be announced over time and Bill will be announcing the local aspects ... but we don’t think it’s good enough that the issue of wild dogs hasn’t been addressed,” Ms Wooldridge said.

“There’s some good solutions there about how those populations can be managed and we also believe that locals need access to community services rather than having to travel. “Some of those issues aren’t going to be solved overnight but there’s a commitment to localise services that deliver to the needs of the local community.”

By TREVOR JACKSON SPOILT Rotten Pets is a pet shop with a difference. The Lavington store doesn’t sell live animals but has a boutique range of accessories and quality food that sets it apart from similar stores. Indeed the range of products is so diverse the business extends as far afield as Melbourne. Now one year old, the specialty shop is going ahead in leaps and bounds, and not by accident. “We’re a little bit different from your ordinary pet shop … a little bit boutique,” business owner, Lance Picton said. “We specialise in cat and dog accessories from collars, leads and harnesses to premium food. “Because we don’t have live animals for sale we can use our floor space better rather than try to cram in every thing from goldfish to lizards!”

Mr Picton said many of its products were fashion items with a huge range of colours and sizes on display as well as a large range of pet treats. “We have treats like dried kangaroo, beef and pork products,” he said. “A lot of these products help with dental hygiene and it’s a more natural way to go. “You don’t always see these items in normal pet stores. “We are getting new customers all the time, even from Melbourne. “They’ll come up and get a selection of treats and take them back to their friends, things like pig snouts and veal tendon scrolls.” Spoilt Rotten Pets is now celebrating its first birthday with a huge sale across the board, with many items reduced from 10-50 percent. The sale will run for two weeks and it’s certainly well worth a look.


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Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 5

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

City embraces bike week

Walkers raise disease awareness WALK FOR CAUSE: This group of walkers was among the participants in the second local walk held in support of raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s Disease research. Organised by Albury’s Pam McMillan, walkers gathered at Hovell Tree Park in Albury on Sunday. The walk was held in support of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk held in capital cities. Picture: ROD HARDINGE riding: Local riders Tony McLeod-Nibbs and Rob Bishop use the track at Noreuil Park ahead of Bike Week this weekend. Picture: ROD HARDINGE By BLAIR THOMSON HUNDREDS of Border riders are expected to jump on their bikes this weekend for the start of NSW Bike Week. A range of activities are planned, from recreational rides to competitive races, starting with the Lavington Panthers Cycling Club Junior Criteriums at Noreuil Park at 9am. AlburyCity road safety officer, Kate de Hennin, said the week was about encouraging people to try cycling. The council released a new booklet highlighting the trails in Albury last week. “Bike Week’s about getting on your bike; we’ve got heaps of events in Noreuil Park for the opening and then at Hovell Tree Park for the close of bike week,” she said. “So we’re encouraging people to use the trails, use the brochure, and get on a bike and do it safely.” But there is also a serious message behind the events and booklet, with Albury riders several times more likely to be in-

jured than the rest of the state. “Unfortunately Albury has three times the amount of cyclists involved in crashes with cars than the rest of the state,” Ms de Hennin said. “What we’d like people to see is that Albury has a tremendous amount of off-road paths, so people can ride away from the traffic. “Where we can, we’re putting in more infrastructure, as often as we can, to try to get people off the roads. “We have a heap of cyclists here in Albury, so now we have the brochure and the infrastructure to match.” The council has plans to extend Albury’s bike trails south along the Riverina Highway to link up with paths in Thurgoona and Table Top Road. The new trails guide is available from the Albury Visitor Information Centre, the council offices, Albury Airport, and several stores around Albury. For more information on Bike Week visit alburycity.nsw. or call 6023 8111, and get on your bike.

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6 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally

owned free weekly newspaper

Opinion Editorial NewsWeekly Your locallY owned free weekly newspaper

Dose of Dorin

Looking to the future THE Elmwood development in the City of Wodonga has rightly been described as both signiďŹ cant and exciting. It represents the dawn of a new era as modern metropolitan townhouse living makes its mark on Wodonga’s residential landscape. It also represents yet another show of conďŹ dence in the growth capabilities of the city. The development is sure to further enhance the attractiveness of Wodonga as a leading regional centre within Victoria. An information evening, hosted last Wednesday by the Elmwood Group and Wodonga Real Estate was particularly well attended. It was an opportunity to value add the knowledge of the invited guests with Elmwood being the vehicle. The development represents something new for Wodonga and has captured the imagination. It is metropolitan style living at its ďŹ nest, but available here in our very own backyard. Low maintenance, a sense of community and security, conveniently located to a medical centre and cafe ... this is the style of lifestyle that many people are looking for today.

Whether they have made a decision to downsize or are just won over by the concept, it appears that the future has arrived in Wodonga well and truly. Wodonga is certainly a city which is taking proactive steps to ensure it has the infrastructure and amenities needed to accommodate an ever-growing and diverse population. Elmwood is just one of several new developments which are planned to drive the city into the future. The fact that Elmwood features 7 star energy rated properties is also a big win for the environment. Chef Dan Yassin and his wife Kate Bullock also provide another example of the faith they have placed in Wodonga. Dan has worked in some of the ďŹ nest hotels in Vancouver and London, but has brought his undoubted skill and expertise to his new home through their newly refurbished Hideout Cafe/Takeaway. Similarly to the Elmwood development, it is yet another important show of conďŹ dence in Wodonga and the Border region. Both are important and signiďŹ cant in their own right.

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Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 7

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Opinion What does it all mean, and do we really care? WHAT will become of us now? Australia finds itself with a minority national Labor Party Government, which has support of “the Greens” and three independents (two of them with provisos). How did this happen? Informal protests? It was not because of the number of people who voted informally. Even if every single informal vote turned out to be for one or the other candidate, the result would not change (look at the numbers … all the data is available on the AEC website). Did Australian voters make a huge demand for a new direction? Or, for no new direction? It was not because around Australia huge numbers of people wanted to change, or retain, the Government. The majority of voters in 133 divisions left things as they were. The decision was made in 17 of the 150 divisions. In four of those the preferences decided the result. Think about the 17 changes. In 12 cases the sitting member lost their job … 10 of that 12 were from Labor.

The Greens gained one seat previously held by Labor. An independent gained a seat from Labor. The Coalition gained 12 seats previously held by Labor. Labor gained three seats from the Coalition, one of those a sitting member. The Liberals lost control of a Western Australian seat (sitting member) … which went to WA Nationals! And did “conservative” independents betray their staunch supporters out there in the backwoods? Both Windsor and Oakshott had National candidates against them (as did Katter). As always, the Nationals did their best to get rid of the independents. The Nationals got their deposits back, but they were ineffective. No doubt at all, some of Windsor’s 71 per cent and Oakshott’s 63 per cent will be displeased. How many, and how much? Irrelevant! I have put this data on the internet as a spreadsheet through Alburyreport. A. HAMPTON Albury

A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. ~ Winston Churchill

Pollies’ corner

Rail service ‘joke’

NOT a day passes without a constituent raising their concerns about the ongoing disaster that is the return of passenger rail services to the North East. In 2008 we as a community were told work on Seymour to Albury rail corridor meant V/Line had to cancel passenger rail services between Melbourne and Wodonga while upgrades were completed. John Brumby promised faithfully at the time that new train services on the upgraded lines would be faster, more comfortable and more reliable than the old service and that a full timetable of service would be operational before the end of 2010 However, insiders in the rail industry have cast serious doubts over whether John Brumby will be able to honour his promise. Ongoing delays and safety concerns surrounding track upgrades are unacceptable and these concerns must be addressed in an open and transparent manner. This is why on July 26, 2010, the Victorian Coalition wrote to the Commonwealth Parliament’s Joint

Bill Tilley By

State Member for Benambra Committee of Public Accounts and Audit asking it to request the Commonwealth Auditor-General conduct a performance audit into the Australian Rail Track Corporation’s works between Albury and Seymour. This request comes on the back of several industry sources approaching me to blow the whistle on the shabby construction and their genuine concern the new services will take longer to get to Melbourne than the old passenger service. I am passionate about the return of passenger rail services to the North East. This service means a great deal to our local community and is vital for local business and tourism.

Internal V/Line documents show the new passenger services were meant to return on Sunday, September 12, 2010. Not surprisingly, this day has come and gone without sighting a single service. Some industry estimates have suggested passenger services will not be able to run before March 2011. This is unacceptable.

Border Cancer Centre I was really proud to participate in the recent rally calling on the Commonwealth Government to establish an Albury Wodonga Cancer Centre. As we heard on the day, there are an estimated 1400 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year in Albury Wodonga. Many of these patients will be forced to travel hundreds of kilometres for surgery, diagnosis and follow-up treatment. I commend the efforts of rally organisers and I will continue both inside and outside of State Parliament to pressure the Commonwealth Government to refocus its priorities.






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8 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

The Angelina of her day

By BLAIR THOMSON THE scandalous and violent history of 18th Century England captivated audiences at the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Murray River lecture series last week. Renowned UK author, historian, academic and television presenter, Kate Williams, spoke of the turbulent life of Emma Hamilton. “I was enchanted by her when I was a PhD student because she was so fighting, she was fascinating, she came from nothing and was born into terrible poverty in 1765,” the Oxford University graduate told NewsWeekly. “It was a time when the average life expectancy was 17 and she was meant for nothing. “But then she ascended into incredible riches and fame when she married Sir William Hamilton, the Ambassador to Naples. “She became best friends with the Queen of Naples, she met Mary Antoinette

and her dance performances became the hit of Europe. “She was really the Angelina Jolie of her day; she was far too glamorous for words. “But after Lord Nelson died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, that was it, she lost everything and fell into millions and millions of pounds of debt. “Within 10 years she was in poverty.” Ms Williams said her lectures on Emma Hamilton and life during the 18th Century, and royal scandals, have been a hit with Australian audiences since arriving in the country earlier this month. “I think people in Australia are very interested in the 18th Century in the UK because it was the beginning of Australia at the same time, people were starting to come to Australia,” she explained. “That great poverty that happened in the 18th Century in the Victorian period encouraged people to come to Australia, I think that’s

why it’s particularly interesting to Australians.” The cross-cultural exchange between Australia and England has also meant local audiences have been to many of the sites and art galleries Ms Williams discusses. “The art galleries and museums that I talk about, at home, nobody’s been to them, but in Australia they’ve been and seen every possible thing I talk about,” she said. “The thing about Australians when they come to Britain, they want to make the most of their time, so they see everything, every art gallery and museum. “And I think that’s just wonderful.” The ADFAS Murray River lecture series runs once a month at the Nowick Theatre in Albury. The next session will be held on October 8, with Linda Collins to give a talk about Paris between 1850 to 1900.

Opening door on move to new home


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Mountain Experience Join a guided walk to the summit of Table Top Mountain (628 metres) this Spring. The walk offers panoramic views of snow capped mountains and Lake Hume. Walkers will also experience a sumptuous afternoon tea in the rustic Peregrines Function Centre, at the conclusion of the walk. The walk is between 5 and 6 kms in length and takes 2 and a half hours. School aged children and adults of moderate fitness and agility are able to undertake the walk. Table Top Mountain is 30 minutes driving time from central Albury, via the freeway. A bus can be arranged for groups of 15-20. For group bookings (10 or more adults), the walk can be tailored to the interests of the group. The cost to adults is $25, which includes afternoon tea. Children under 17 who are accompanied by an adult are free.

CAPTIVATED: Kate Williams said audiences have been fascinated by the scandals of 18th Century England contained in her lectures. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

BUPA Wodonga’s residential aged care facility is counting down the days until it moves into its brand new facility in Melrose Drive next year. It is hosting an open day as part of the Senior Celebrations festival next month, where plans of the new facility will be on display. Bupa Wodonga, formerly Osburn Lodge, has been located in Osburn Street for 29 years, in the former St Augustine’s high school building. General manager Kim Thomas said building has started on the new facility and the tentative opening date is October, 2011. “We have wanted this for many years and it is terrific to see it happening,” she said. “The first sod was turned in June this year with the help of the Wodonga mayor Cr Mark Byatt. “The new facility will have 114 beds compared to the 60 beds at the current location.

Paper craft on display THE latest in paper craft techniques will be on show at this month’s Scrapbooking and Paper-craft Show. The show will be held this Saturday, September 18, at the Wodonga Civic Centre from 9am to 4.30pm. Organiser Shirley Dougan said there’s a lot to see and do, and encouraged those attending to allow a couple of hours to get around to everything. “There is plenty for the kids too with a free children’s cardmaking area, so they can make neat stuff while parents enjoy shopping,” she said. Fresh sandwiches and homecooked slices, tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available with a place for visitors to sit and recharge and chat with a friend or two. Entry is $8.50 and includes a lucky ticket for a chance to win great prizes donated by traders. Free entry for children under 12 years. For more information, please contact Shirley Dougan on (03) 9736 3804 or 0409 013 106.

DESIGN: An artist’s impression of the new Bupa Wodonga residential aged care facility. “It will also have dementiaspecific areas as Bupa Care Services is the leading provider of dementia care in Australia.” The Osburn Street facility moved over to the Bupa Care Services’ family in March, 2009. Established in 1947, Bupa Care Services has more than 10 million customers in more than 190 countries and employs more than 52,000 people around the Never be short of cash again! world. Ms Thomas said there is a Immediate Approval! need in Wodonga for dementiaCheques Cashed specific care. Western Union “The new facility will have dementia gardens for our residents Open Saturday 9am - 1pm to enjoy, and also their relatives and friends,” she said. Financial Convenience The Bupa Wodonga open day Everyday People will be held at 21 Osburn Street on Wednesday, October 20, from 1.30pm to 4pm. For a location near you call It will include a fashion parade by staff wearing Millers clothing and a demonstration by *Conditions apply (1300 CASHUP) Twin City Rock n Roll. The open day is free. 466697-RMB35-10


1300 227487


october 2010

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Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 9

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

100 years old, and expanding

CENTENARY: David Bent has issued an “open house” invitation between 2pm and 4pm tomorrow (Saturday) at the Thurgoona Rural Fire Brigade.

By PAT KOOPMAN THURGOONA Rural Fire Brigade will mark a significant milestone tomorrow (Saturday) when it celebrates its 100th birthday. In an historic day for the Thurgoona Brigade, festivities will include the official opening of extensions to the station, delivery of new tankers and presentation of medals. Southern Border team manager George Alexander said it will be a proud day for the 102 current brigade members. “The community of Thurgoona came together on January 14, 1910, to form a rural firefighting brigade,” he said. “A hundred years later it’s still going strong, providing fire protection for 400 square kilometres of local land.”


The official ceremonies will get under way at 11am. Instructor, Hume Zone, David Bent, has also issued an open invitation to members of the Thurgoona and wider community to inspect the station between 2pm and 4pm. “The Rural Fire Service at Thurgoona is totally voluntary and if we want to do things beyond normal we need the support of the community and businesses,” he said. The extensions have added one additional bay to the fourbay station, and included concreting for the training and parking areas. “For the last seven years by operating bingo at the Thurgoona Country Club and Resort, which is owned by the Liverpool Catholic Club, other fundraising

and community subscription to the brigade, we’ve been able to raise $120,000 towards the job and then Albury Council granted us some money and gave us an interest free loan for the rest,” Mr Bent said. “This is the end result of $180,000. “Probably the facility is worth somewhere around $400,000 to $500,000.” Mr Bent said the community is “very much part of this”. “Between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday we would like anyone locally to come in, have a look around and just find out what we do.” Members of the public are welcome to learn more about the role of the Thurgoona Brigade, which is an urban interface brigade.


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10 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

WINNERS: Danica Coles, 9, knows the power of good eating as she leads other students at Thurgoona Public School in promoting superheroes day.

PRESENTATION: Heather Paterson and Lisa Lambert from Border Pathology present a cheque for $500 to Thurgoona school captain Lucy McKenzie on Wednesday. Picture: ROD HARDINGE

SUPER: Superwoman, teacher Maree Brosolo, with students from Holy Spirit School.

SPECIAL: Belvoir students got right into the swing of the day with their colourful costumes.


Powered by fruit, students

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 11

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

are superheroes for a day THURGOONA Public School has received a $500 cash prize for the effort its students put into a superheroes day last week. The competition, run by local health group Border Pathology, was aimed at promoting healthy eating among students. As part of the competition Border Pathology delivered fresh fruit to 28 primary schools, with the youngsters encouraged to come to school dressed as their favourite superhero who derived their special power from eating fruit. Each school submitted photos of the event with the best picture winning a $500 prize. Hume Public, Holy Spirit, Thurgoona Public, Belvour Special, Albury Public, Lavington East and Border Christian College were singled out for their response. Following some tough deliberations the winning photo was narrowed down to four finalists from Belvoir Special School, Holy Spirit School, Hume Public School and Thurgoona Public School. It was decided that Thurgoona Public School was the winning school with a wonderful group effort! Hume, Holy Spirit and Belvoir were runners-up. The event coincided with national fruit and vegetable week and Dr Matthew Egan of Border Pathology said the response to the event had been wonderful. “To reward children for eating fruit, every child was also given a personalised mega superhero fridge magnet and balloon to remind them to be the best energy comes from fruit and as a superhero you need to eat well every day.”

FRUITY: Teacher Ken Mansell from Hume Public with students from left and working around the table: Piper Lockley-Hinschen, Amali Davis-Richards, Zac Joyce, Caitlyn Burton, Antonia Wenke, Mariah Burton, Zeke Wighton, Dylan Casboult, George Kendray and Zeek Carney.

EATING: Students from Year 1J at St Patrick’s School enjoy their fruit.

JUMPING: Wilbur Murray of Wewak Street School was Superman for a day.

POWER: Students from Lavington East Public School are powered by the fruit they eat every day.

Indian Tandoori Restaurant

* New Location * Open 7 days for Dinner from 5pm * Lunch Wed to Sunday, 12noon to 2.30pm * Fully Licensed

437 Dean Street Albury (next to K9 Catfish)

Phone 0260 414 705


12 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Helping educate young people

By PAT KOOPMAN SMALL, medium and large businesses have the opportunity to learn more about Murray Industry and Community Education Employment Partnership Incorporated (MICEEP) and the partnership program at a luncheon on Friday, September 24, at the Commercial Club, Albury. Keynote speaker will be Ian Dixon, who is the founder and principal of Dixon Partnership Solutions. “Ian has trained the staff of not only MICEEP, but many of the partnership brokers right across Australia,” the organisation’s executive officer Kim Strachan told NewsWeekly. “He is an expert in the emerging field of partnership brokering and has worked on all sorts of government and community projects across Australia and internationally. “He will demonstrate to businesses, re-

gardless of their size, the benefits of being involved with their community and developing a partnership culture that is really a win-win situation for all.” Others who will speak include Commonwealth Bank regional banking business manager Albury Rod Bramich, and owner/functions and events manager of Adamshurst Restaurant, Chris O’Connor. Ms Strachan said the partnership program provided benefits for all involved. “It gives businesses, regardless of their size, the mechanism and opportunity to have a say in the education, further training and employment options for young people in the region,” she said. This, she said, was made possible by strengthening partnerships that they may already have with their local schools, the region as a whole and the state of NSW. Two primary objectives are central to the

role that MICEEP is playing in the community. The first is to increase the school retention rate in the region to completion of Year 12 or equivalent. “The national goal is 90 per cent by 2015, so that’s one of our underlying missions,” Ms Strachan said. “The other main focus of the program is to close the gap for Indigenous young people in the region with their retainment and engagement in school, and hopefully their completion of Year 12 and going on to further employment, education or training.” The cover charge of $25 per person for the business luncheon, which runs from noon to 2pm, will be donated to the Border Trust for distribution back into the community. Those interested can register now by booking through 6021 0505 (fax), phone 6023 4488 or email

BUSINESS INVITATION: Kim Strachan, school based trainee Renea Coote and MICEEP partnership broker Phil Thorneycroft promote the upcoming business luncheon.

New Telstra store to service the needs of Border business

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OPEN: Staff at the new Telstra Business Centre Albury Wodonga in Dean Street, which is now open for business. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

By BLAIR THOMSON THE new Telstra Business Centre Albury Wodonga has opened in Dean Street. The store joins the Telstra store in Wodonga, which is the retail arm of the telecommunications giant, to provide services to businesses. “We have everything from fixed lines, mobiles, internet and data, planning and usage, to final equipment from a base phone to a full phone system,” business sales manager Glenn Leckie said. “The aim of Telstra Business Centres is to provide face-to-face contact between Telstra professionals able to provide a complete project management service for all local businesses’ telecommunications requirements. “It’s a complete solution that we’re aiming to provide the client.” The Business Centre concept was created by Telstra approximately 12 months ago, with the Albury Wodonga store the 56th to open. Mr Leckie said there had already been strong interest shown by local businesses. “The response to the level of service that we are to provide the local business community has been outstanding,” he said The centre takes staff numbers to around 25 across the two Border stores.

Bill Tilley


Member for Benambra

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NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Police services pays tribute to its finest

A number of local police and administrative staff have been recognised for their service at the Albury Local Area Command awards ceremony held on Monday. Official guests included acting Assistant Commissioner for the Southern Region Kyle Stewart, Member for Albury Greg Aplin, mayor of Albury Cr Alice Glachan, mayor of Corowa Shire Cr Gary Poidevin and representatives from emergency services within the area. Sergeant Andrew Robertson who is stationed at Corowa was awarded the National Medal. This medal is awarded to members who have completed 15 years long service with their organisation. This medal replaced the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal which was awarded to police who had completed 22 years with good conduct. The National Medal is awarded for 15 years of diligent Police Service and is only awarded after a detailed review of the nominee’s service history. The National Medal is struck at the Royal Australian Mint at Canberra. Karl Tymkiw, the local area manager for Albury Local Area Command was awarded in recognition of 35 years of service. Police Medals went to Sen-Constable Bonnie Richardson, Detective Sen-Constable Kristy McMaster, and Sen-Constable Scott Harder

Karl Tymkiw marked 35 years service as the police local area manager.

Zachary Taylor-Nugent receives his Region Certificate of Appreciation from assistant commissioner Kyle Stewart. The Police Medal is awarded to sworn members of the NSW Police Force who have completed 10 years of diligent and ethical service. Like all awards, it is awarded after a detailed review of the nominee’s service history. The clasp to the Police Medal denotes the length of ethical and diligent service, and is awarded at five-year intervals. It has the crown of the sovereign, nemesis eagle and the crest of the State of New South Wales struck on the front of it. The medal is suspended by a ribbon, which consists of five vertical blue stripes. They represent the colours of the NSW Police uniform. Administrative officer Julie Englebrecht was awarded the Police Medallion which recognises 10 years of service. The first clasp to the Police Medal went to Sgt Stephen Bosch, Sgt Andrew Robertson, Sgt Peter Owen, Sen-Constable Francine Lee, Sen-Constable Kenneth Howe and retiree David Kennedy. The second clasp to the Police Medal went to: Sgt Dean Miller, Sen-Constable Nicholas Fahy, David Warner (retired) and Paul Frankel (retired) The fifth clasp to the Police Medal was awarded to Karl Tymkiw. Region Certificate of Merit were presented to:

• Sgt Mark Watson for excellent police work in remaining calm and focused during the dangerous arrest of an offender on December 13, 2008 who was armed with a knife and threatening to commit self harm.. • Sen-Constable Bonnie Richardson for her outstanding professionalism, compassion and for the valiant efforts she made to resuscitate a nine year old boy on the evening of April 29, 2009 at Young. • Constable Michael Rutledge for his excellent police work, remaining calm and focused in a dangerous situation and effecting a difficult arrest without injury to any party during an incident on December 13, 2008 where an offender was armed with a knife and threatening to commit self harm. A Region Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Zachary Taylor-Nugent for his valiant efforts in attempting to rescue the victim of a fatal motor vehicle accident at Savernake, near Albury, on October 25, 2009. Mr Taylor-Nugent’s courage and community spirit in willingly and selflessly attempting to help another person in need is greatly appreciated. Region Certificate of Appreciation – Outstanding Community Engagement 2009 was awarded to Sen-Constable Regina Watson in recognition of the professionalism and dedication shown to the NSW Police Force and the young people of NSW during 2009 as a youth liaison officer. In her role, Sen-Constable Watson has made a significant contribution to her local community. She has displayed an excellent level of performance in her dedication and professionalism to the NSW Police Force and her local community. Albury Local Area Command Certification of Commendation was awarded to Sen-Constable Derek Csorba for courage displayed on October 6, 2008, by taking affirmative action to disarm and arrest a violent offender who was in possession of a large double-edged sword.

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 13



Too often being a dedicated officer is a thankless task Policing never stands still which makes police life really interesting – to say the least. Critics are quick to point out our failings but are most often slow to acknowledge the great efforts and results our organisation achieves day after day. Although the critics like to broadcast stories of officers making bad decisions, many more officers are doing whatever they can to be positive additions to the community they serve. There are many more great police officers than bad ones, and they rarely receive positive feedback. Most people who work in public safety understand that it is largely a thankless job. Today I want to acknowledge the work being done by the police officers in our area who strive to make this place safer, better. Our recent awards ceremony highlights spectacular individual achievements by some and dedicated years of service by others. Many more police officers are awarded acknowledgement for their ethical and diligent service. These officers all band together and unite as one when a crisis hits, and this bond creates the “police family”. If you really want to thank an officer for something they have done, put it in writing. Whether it was an act of bravery or a show of kindness, a letter to the Commander of the police station is greatly appreciated.

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Phone 02 6055 6506

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14 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Apprentice help is ‘no bull’ prentice under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program. Brad Hodgkin is in the final year of his four year apprenticeship with the Albury based business. “At the moment it’s more heading towards the computer side of things, programming for the machine,” the 21-yearold said of the current phase of his apprenticeship. “(Initially) I was on the floor doing structural and through TAFE I did lighter fabrication and heavier … mainly on the heavy stuff now.” The business has recently undergone a major upgrade expansion in processing of the steel. “We put out 40 to 50 tonnes of fabricated steel a week,”

workshop foreman Tony Wenzke told NewsWeekly. “We have got a new plate machine which cuts up to 100mm plate.” A beam line also processes steel up to 100 tonnes per week, while a Coper machine also completes a similar amount. Old Bull and Box Engineering services fabricated steel needs that are sent all over the country. For further information regarding the Tools For Your Trade Payment Initiative, employers can contact field manager with employment services provider ATEL AusNAC, Melanie Howell. She can be contacted at her office at 2 Michael Drive, Wodonga, or phone her on 6024 0800.

STEELY RESOLVE: Fourth year apprentice Brad Hodgkin and machine operator Chris Hodgkin at work in their factory. Picture: PAT KOOPMAN

Young leaders sought to join NSW Youth Parliament

By KEN DYASON A SECONDARY school student keen to be involved in the community is being sought to represent Albury in the 2011 NSW Youth Parliament. Nominations are being sought from 15-18 year old students now attending secondary school to represent the Albury electorate in the annual forum in Sydney next year. The Youth Parliament is sponsored by the YMCA. Member for Albury Greg Aplin has this year been given the job of selecting a representative from the Albury electorate. Mr Aplin said the role would involve a large commitment. “The successful applicants will be divided into various portfolio areas and will be given an

adviser to help them come up with an issue they would like to become involved in,” he said. “The program involves a three-day training camp in April next year, ongoing work on Youth Parliament activities and a week-long residential camp in the July school holidays. “Once bills have been written they will be debated by the youth parliamentarians in the NSW Parliament in July with sitting MPs taking the role of speaker for the debates.” Mr Aplin said that all issues put to the Youth Parliament would be documented and distributed to all NSW MPs. “The Youth Parliament is a great opportunity to develop skills in leadership, public speaking, debating and teamwork,” he said.

Our team with combined 115 years experience

Ready for Tomorrow is the Victorian Government’s $631 million blueprint to protect and strengthen our regional and rural way of life, now and for future generations.

435 Wilson St, Albury

An important part of the plan includes investments in:

Ph: 02 6041 3855

Innovative water projects Green energy projects Key road and transport initiatives Arts, cultural and sporting facilities And that’s just the beginning. To find out how you, your business and community can benefit, call or visit our website. The future starts now.

A Blueprint for Regional and Rural Victoria Call 13 22 15 492084-RMB37-10


By PAT KOOPMAN ALBURY based business, Old Bull & Box Engineering Pty Ltd, employs nine apprentices among a total of 36 employees. Specialising in steel erection, steel fabrication and associated trade services, the long standing business is a strong advocate of the Tools For Your Trade Payment Initiative. All nine apprentices are products of the program. The Tools For Your Trade payments are five tax-exempt cash payments provided to support apprentices with the costs of their training, purchases of relevant tools and other costs associated with their Australian apprenticeship. The payments are worth a total of $3800 and are paid directly to the Australian Ap-


Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 15

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper


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16 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Henty Field Days

All roads lead to Henty ...and it’s not just for farmers! Cooking hints to

help you become a master chef

IT’S aimed at the farming community, but the Henty Machinery Field Days is definitely not just for the man or woman on the land. In fact Albury Wodonga residents who have no interest in farming will find plenty to keep them occupied at Henty. As a day out a trip to Henty next week is worth the short drive. For the ladies the country lifestyle program (which is, of course, under cover) offers cooking demonstrations and fashion parades. There are craft displays and plenty on health and personal development. If you are a dog owner you will have to be impressed by the dog trials. These crafty canines will give pet owners a whole new appreciation of what a dog can do as 60 kelpies and border collies go through their paces. If dad is a rev-head all the motor vehicle dealers will have their latest cars on show in the hope the recent rains encourage farmers to open their wallets. There are also exhibitors showing a range of goods from clothing (and not just for the farm) to solar heating and power and mobile telephones. And the inner man and woman is not forgotten. There are plenty of places to get a hot meal and a cold drink while you take a break from walking around the site. Henty is just a 45-minute drive from Albury Wodonga. Why not make a point of making the drive? You will not be disappointed. Entry costs $15 for adults, $5 for 12 to 16-year-olds. Entry is free for children under 12 accompanied by an adult.

THE main stage in the Country Lifestyle pavilion will light up each day with half hour cooking demonstrations to help you to become a “master chef”. Pavilion convenor Lyn Jacobsen says Channel 10’s Masterchef has prompted the return of cooking demonstrations in the Country Lifestyle Pavilion – particularly the challenge the contestants faced in making scones. Lyn recalls that brittle and rock-hard scones left a bad taste in judges’ mouths after contestants heavily kneaded the dough; it proved one of the most difficult tasks they faced. “People who watched Masterchef have said to me that they would love to know how to make scones with a lighter and more delicate texture and we thought that this would be a great opportunity to demonstrate the correct techniques involved,” she says. Organisers recently purchased a new portable oven for the lifestyle pavilion and cooking

demonstrations will be held each day, from Tuesday, September 21 to Thursday, September 23, on the main stage at the Country Lifestyle pavilion from 10am to 10.30am. Immediately following the cooking demonstration on Tuesday, well-known member of the Cake Decorators Association of Victoria Kate Aldridge will demonstrate new cake decorating techniques with chocolate. Experienced local Country Women’s Association judges and representatives will also be on hand throughout the three-day event to offer general cooking tips and answer questions. Lyn believes that recent cooking shows such as Masterchef have contributed to a renewed interest in cooking at home. “I’ve also heard that because of the down turn in the economy people are trying to cook from scratch themselves to save money rather than purchasing readymade items,” Lyn said.

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The Apprentice Kickstart Bonus only applies to businesses who employ an eligible apprentice between 12 MAY 2010 and 12 November 2010

• Country lifestyle venues & exhibitions • BIG $2500 natural fibre fashion award • Pedigree working yard dog trial • 300 acres of easy access public car parks • Solar applications encouraging you to begin change • Inspirations for the young & old, farmer & urbanite • New facilities – expanded & maintained amenities • BIG 200-seat marquee restaurant plus community kiosks • “Hey Diddle Fiddle”: Playing while you enjoy lunch on Wednesday & Thursday

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 17

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Fashion plays a major role A “TRINNY and Susannah” style fashion demonstration will show how to choose clothes to suit your body shape at the Henty Country Lifestyle pavilion. Couture de Jour staff will take over the main stage to present the half hour “Look Good Feel Great” sessions at 11.30am on Tuesday, September 21, 1.30pm on Wednesday, September 22 and 10.30am on Thursday, September 23. Country Lifestyle pavilion convener Lyn Jacobsen says there will be about 70 exhibitors this year, half of them new to the pavilion, making it one of the biggest ever. She says demonstrations will include making felt flowers, floral art techniques, local craft displays and cooking sessions including cake decorating with chocolate. The Natural Freshwater Pearls exhibit will also be making jewellery on-site, creating unique, customised

items for customers, on the spot. A different keynote speaker will take to the main stage each day at 12.30pm. On Tuesday Jennie Hawkins will talk about what is carbon, the invisible commodity; Lyn Braico will speak on Wednesday about women across the world. On Thursday, financial advisor Dianna Jacobsen will discuss making personal choices for your future or your business. “Billabong High School students will look glamorous walking the catwalk at 11am and 2.30pm each day showcasing the latest in fashion and accessories from various Country Lifestyle pavilion clientele,” Ms Jacobsen said. TAFE students studying hair and beauty at Albury, Wagga Wagga and Griffith will outline the tricks of the trade while they style the models prior to the fashion parades.

Each day at 1pm models will wear garments entered in the 2010 Henty Natural Fibre Fashion Award. The winners of the competition will be announced during Thursday’s parade. “The lifestyle tent is not just about fashion, it has something for the whole family,” Ms Jacobsen said. “Many exhibitors will also provide information and advice about issues affecting our health and wellbeing.” The NSW Organ and Tissue Donation and Glaucoma Australia will both have exhibits to create awareness and Woodstock Support Group will show how they can provide support to families who have children with disabilities. Riverina Gums and Murray Gardens staff will discuss retirement living options, Terrance Ryan Hearing Aids will have an exhibit, and nutritionists will discuss healthy lifestyle issues.

Fast facts... • The field day site is open to the public from 8am to 5pm on Tuesday, September 21, Wednesday, September 22, and Thursday, September 23, 2010. • There is plenty of car parking in two major car parks. Disabled car parking is available at each entrance gate.

• A variety of food is available from outlets run by volunteer organisations. Foods range from sit-down bistro style meals to steak sandwiches and fish and chips. • There are numerous toilet facilities. • There is a parenting van for parents to feed or change children.

St Paul’s College WALLA WALLA

Empowering your Child for the Future Klemke Rd, Walla Walla Ph 02 6029 2200 email:

Offering quality, Christian, Day and Boarding, Secondary Education

Equine an optional Studies Program College horses are available or student may bring their own.

Nurturing holistic development; valuing physical, emotional, mental & spiritual growth.

Academic excellence is encouraged and expected, within the child’s potential.

Agriculture an optional Studies Program as is Technics, Hospitality, Food Technology.

A school of Lutheran Education Australia


Henty Field Days

Call in and visit us at the Henty Field Days – Site Ab 6a

COME SEE US AT HENTY FIELD DAYS Enquiries for conferences, weddings and Xmas parties Go into the draw for a half day self drive BBQ boat licensed for 12

p: 60264444 e: w:


rtbreaks s functions s christmas part o h s s s n ies confe eunio r y rences l i fam s weddin s s b u l gs s special in terest groups and social c

18 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Henty Field Days

Little matches talent of the working dogs

IT might be said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but the working dogs competing at Henty have certainly learnt a thing or two about obeying commands. NSW Yard Dog Association publicity officer Jenny Cox says up to 60 kelpies and border collies, and their owners from across NSW, Victoria and South Australia, are expected to compete in the action-packed event, which has run for more than 13 years. Grandstand tiered style seating will be available for spectators and the best times to watch the trials during the field days will be from 8am on Wednesday, September 22, and finals series from 8am until mid-afternoon on Thursday, September 23. “The working dogs will be put through an intense yard trial moving sheep through a drenching race and through a draft,” Ms Cox said. The open section will include an additional task of loading sheep onto a truck. Two rings will be running simultaneously with three levels – novice, im-

prover and open events. Ms Cox says the dogs go through many hours of intense training from as young as eight weeks to succeed at a championship level. “The demographic of the dog owners has changed in the past five years,” she Cox said. “Farmers with dogs still compete however there is also a large contingent of competitors including juniors from the city who get a thrill out of entering these sorts of trials.” PEDIGREE sponsors the event to illustrate that working dogs need good nutrition. Ms Cox says the winner of the regional championships at Henty will gain automatic entry into the 2011 NSW Championship Title to be held at Ganmain, NSW. There are major cash prizes, trophies and ribbons also up for grabs. There are 80 working and yard dog trials held in NSW each year. Fourteen of these are regional championships (including Henty) open to members of any of the state Yard Dog Associations.

VISIT: Ms Bryce is special guest.

Bryce will open event

AMAZING: The working dogs put on a remarkable display of their talents during the trials.

THE Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce AM, will open this year’s event on Tuesday, September 21. Field days chairman Mr Ross Edwards said the visit would turn this year’s official proceedings into a “vice-regal occasion.” “We are delighted the Governor-General has accepted our invitation, making this her second official visit to the Riverina,” Mr Edwards said. The Kapooka Military Band will perform at site during the official opening which will be held in the early afternoon. “We encourage the public to come along for the official opening and to demonstrate to the Governor-General the value of primary production and the families involved in agriculture in the Riverina,” Mr Edwards said. The Field Days are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.


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NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 19


20 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Dan’s hideout has royal seal

By PAT KOOPMAN CHEF Dan Yassin’s famous lemon tarts have been given the royal stamp of approval. And now residents of Wodonga and the Border region can also savour the same taste sensation. Dan and his wife, Kate Bullock, recently opened the newly refurbished Hideout Cafe/ Takeaway at 42 Waratah Way, Wodonga. Dan has taken the royal connection even further … he treats his patrons like royalty. “They’re not customers, to me they’re guests,” he told NewsWeekly. It’s why they can expect the five-star experience whenever they walk through his cafe’s front door. Setting up their new business has been a homecoming for Kate, whose family is from Wodonga. “The opportunity came up, so we thought why not,” Dan explained. “It’s something that I always wanted to do as well.” Dan’s culinary career began

as a 17-year-old when he first worked in Melbourne at an Italian restaurant for seven years. Since those early beginnings Dan and Kate have also lived overseas for 12 years. “When you go travelling, what happens is you start working in places and we did that,” Dan explained. “We went to Vancouver and had a good experience there working in the big chains, The Fairmont Hotel, which was good, and then landed in London for a good seven or eight years where I worked in a fabulous hotel.” It was there that he had his chance meeting with royalty. “That’s actually a story in itself,” he said. Dan acknowledged he is not “very knowledgeable” when it comes to the English Royal Family. “Working in a hotel … an open kitchen … you’ve got 100 people sitting there right in front of you, a 5 Star Hotel and a function booked for the Duke of Edinburgh,” he explained. “Fair enough, we had many famous people coming into that

restaurant every day.” Dan operates on a philosophy that everyone is of equal importance. “I served my lemon tarts out, he ordered a lemon tart and because I wasn’t sure who the Duke was, I just knew it was a prince, it was a duke … we had so many people coming from Dubai and so many Sheiks … so everyone was important.” The lemon tarts proved a big hit with the Duke. “He loved it and gave a big tip at the end.” It was only when he arrived home later that night and told Kate that he had served the Duke of Edinburgh, that he enquired as to who he was. Her reply: “Silly, he’s the Queen’s husband.” Dan’s tantalising menu, which includes the traditional favourite of fish and chips, covers the whole spectrum of cuisine and taste sensations. Since opening the door to the cafe, which is open Monday to Saturday (6.30am-7pm), Dan and Kate have employed nine local casual staff.

ENTION 26,500 T T A First Home Buyers Victoria Follow the link to the SRO website to see how you could qualify for up to


Take advantage of the great First Home Owners Grant and First Home Bonus Schemes commencing in Victoria from 1 July, 2010. You may also qualify for the Regional Bonus.

towards your new home. Visit and start looking for your land today!

TASTE SENSATION: Chef Dan Yassin with one of his tantalising desserts. Picture: PAT KOOPMAN

Mum shares experience of childhood disorder

By BLAIR THOMSON RAISING a child can be a hard task. Raising male triplets, all of whom suffer Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is almost unimaginable. Carolyn Angelin, who was on the Border to promote her new book detailing her experience with her three sons, told NewsWeekly that looking after her three boys was a nightmare. “From the age of two when they were expelled from playgroup up until about eight when they were diagnosed, I knew there was something wrong,” Ms Angelin said. “I blamed myself as a mother and thought it was all my fault and ended up having a breakdown, depression and hospitalisation.” The disorder nearly destroyed her marriage to her husband, Martin, and at times she felt like she was fighting a losing battle against the condition. “It was a nightmare going through years of not having support and not being understood in the community,” Ms Angelin said. “I could have put them on Ritalin at five or six but I’d read stuff in the media and didn’t want to go down that path … I tried everything under the sun for a number of years to avoid them going on medication.” Finding a school to accept the boys was also a tough task. “Usually it starts to pick up in the classroom … as soon as they sit down and try to start learning it becomes impossible,” she said. A doctor finally diagnosed the three boys,

AUTHOR: Carolyn Angelin wrote a book, ADHD to the Power of Three, which details her experience raising triplets diagnosed with the disorder. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

then aged eight, with ADHD, and told Ms Angelin that leaving them un-medicated was similar to refusing to give a diabetic insulin. “It was definitely a relief when they were diagnosed, because I thought there is something wrong and there is treatment,” she said. “I saw the change that Ritalin made in the children. “We went from being a family that was torn apart to a family that’s normal, and the children are now excelling at school.” She believes her book, ADHD to the Power of Three, has the power to help other parents with children suffering the condition.


Four great estates in Wodonga to choose from: š9ekdjho9bkXš<[Z[hWj_edFWha šMWjjb[=b[dšOWhhWbkcbWH_i[ 466705-MD29-10

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....a monthly feature in the NewsWeekly focusing on maintaining good health for both the body & mind. Whether it be alternate therapy, product information, exercise or a fresh approach to maintaining good health. This monthly feature will be an ideal platform to reach your target audience. Don’t miss this opportunity! If you would like to be part of this monthly feature, contact:

Next Issu 10th Oec t

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P.S. Editorial submissions welcome!


Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 21

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Living now....


Will it be... Food GOSS WITH



HICKEN is available fresh, frozen, barbecued and smoked and the freshest chicken comes from a shop where the turnover is high. Poultry has now joined the “conscience category” of foods we eat. This is where we can make an ethical choice about the provenance of foods and particularly the humane treatment of animals we eat. More and more people are choosing free-range or organic chooks, because we know that a grass-pecking chook that can roam freely has a much happier life. It’s no surprise that these chooks also have a far superior flavour and texture.

Tips on storing chicken

Raw or cooked poultry can be stored safely in the fridge at 4ºC or lower for two days only. Throw the original wrapping out and pour away any juices from the bag. Place chicken on a plate and cover tightly with plastic wrap, so no juices escape onto other foods in the fridge. If you want to keep chicken longer, place in two freezer bags, label with a date and freeze for up to four months. If you need to store a freshly roasted chicken, leave it only until the steam disappears, then immediately place on a plate and cover loosely with foil. Put it in the fridge while it’s hot to prevent bugs growing. Modern refrigerators will cope with this extra heat .


➤ prepared couscous, for serving ➤ 2 tblspns pine nuts, toasted Sprinkle ras-el-hanout over chicken and rub well into the skin. Heat oil in a large heavy-base pot and brown chicken gently until golden. Remove from pan and set aside. Cook onions slowly in remaining oil until soft but not brown. Add garlic and cook for one minute. Add chicken stock, lemon juice and pepper. Cover and simmer gently for 50 minutes, or until cooked. Transfer chicken to a clean plate. Boil sauce for 3-4 minutes to reduce slightly. Meanwhile discard the pulp from preserved lemons, rinse the rind under cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. Cut rind into fine strips. Return chicken to the pan with the olives and preserved lemon and simmer for five minutes, until chicken is heated through. Serve chicken over couscous and sprinkle with toasted pine nuts. COOK’S TIPS Herbie’s Ras-el-hanout is available from The Green Zebra in Albury and The Beechworth Pantry. Or use a Moroccan spice mix. Jim Jam makes excellent Preserved Lemons. You’ll find them at Yalandra Fine Foods and Casa Deli in Albury; Dare’s Fruit and Vegies in Wodonga; International Deli in Lavington and at Goldfields Greengrocer, The Beechworth Pantry and Larder Fromagerie in Beechworth.

Moroccan Chicken and Olive Tagine This fragrant, sensuous dish is made using one aromatic spice mix comprising about 23 different spices. So it’s worth seeking out my favourite ras-el-hanout, also preserved lemons. (Serves 4) ➤ 1½ tblspns ras-el-hanout ➤ 1kg chicken pieces ➤ 2 tblspns olive oil ➤ 2 onions, sliced ➤ 2 cloves garlic, crushed ➤ 1 cup good chicken stock ➤ ¼ cup lemon juice ➤ freshly ground black pepper ➤ 2 quarters preserved lemon ➤ 250g green olives

( Hazeldenes Free Range Chicken (Fully prepared & ready to cook fresh portions

Thai Chicken Cakes

So easy to make, these morsels have a wonderful fragrant flavour and light, moist texture. Use fresh chilli to your taste. (Serves 4) ➤ 500 g chicken thigh fillets, roughly diced ➤ ½ red onion, chopped ➤ 1/3 cup fresh coriander leaves ➤ 1 mild red chilli, chopped ➤ 1/3 cup coconut cream ➤ 2 tblspns grated palm sugar ➤ 1 tblspn Thai fish sauce ➤ 2 tspns chopped fresh ginger ➤ peanut or vegetable oil, for shallow frying Place ingredients (except oil), in a food processor bowl fitted with a metal blade and whizz until fine. Using slightly wet hands, form mixture into cakes approx 5cm diameter and 1cm thick, or larger or smaller if preferred. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry cakes over only moderate heat until golden brown and cooked. Drain on paper towels. Serve chicken cakes on finely sliced red onion if desired and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve with sweet chilli sauce and a squeeze of lime.

¼ cup seasoned plain flour 1 tblspn olive oil 25g butter 100g button mushrooms, thickly sliced 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 2 tspns chopped lemon thyme, marjoram or parsley ➤ 1/3 cup cream ➤ 1 tblspn brandy (or dry sherry) ➤ salt and freshly ground black pepper ➤ 2 slices prosciutto ➤ 2 large slices Swiss-style cheese Place each chicken fillet in a separate plastic bag and pound gently to flatten slightly. Coat chicken with flour, shaking off excess. Heat oil in a frying pan and sauté chicken until almost cooked through. Place in a shallow, greased heat-proof serving dish. Heat the grill until very hot. Cook prosciutto in the same pan for 10 seconds on each side. Place prosciutto on each chicken fillet. Meanwhile, heat the butter in a medium pan, add mushrooms and garlic and shake pan over high heat until mushrooms release their moisture. Stir in the thyme, cream and brandy and bring to the boil. Simmer for one minute while stirring. Season sauce to taste and spoon over cooked chicken. Top with cheese and grill until cheese melts. Garnish with herbs if desired. Serve with vegetables in season or a leafy green salad. ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Paul’s Wine Pick

Paul’s Wine Pick Lovely dish! Full of smells and flavours so pick a wine with good fruit, spicy but not too heavy. For white drinkers – hard to go past Gewürztraminer. If you prefer a red, this dish would be a treat with Sangiovese or Tempranillo – ask your bottleshop manager for a recommendation from Spain or Italy, or try out our local versions from the Adelaide Hills (SA) or King Valley (Vic).

These look yum, but have lots of complex Asian flavours. I reckon they are perfect for lunch, with a lovely bottle of aged South Australian Riesling, or if you like a touch of fruit, try the German version. For the macho men, a good old Aussie Sparkling Shiraz is a perfect “fit”.

Swiss-style Chicken Plan a romantic dinner and serve this dish to your loved one. Then enjoy with Paul’s wine pick. (Serves 2) ➤ 2 x 200g chicken breast fillets

Paul’s Wine Pick Ahhhhh! Time for romance. Lash out with a great bottle of (wooded) Chardonnay. Spend until it hurts! Best bets are from Margaret River, Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula. Stingy husbands can pick up cheaper versions from McLaren Vale (SA). Sorry boys, this is a delicate dish and so red wines are inappropriate. Continued page 24

( Specialty Butcher ( Wagyu Beef ( Local Produce


206 Borella Rd, Albury (Next to Newmarket Hotel) Open: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm Saturday 9am to 12noon. P: 0260 215222

22 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Living now

Drinking white wine – learning and having fun Winelovers PERSPECTIVE WITH



AM often asked how my interest in wine started, and the best way to learn more about this wonderful stuff. The key point is that you must keep practising if you are going to be any good at it – hardly a chore! In reality, wine drinkers mostly never move past stage one unless they are prepared to think and concentrate – this does not mean furrowed brows, and frowns from the humour police. Drinking wine is fun, and is to be enjoyed as the quintessential social lubricant it is. But one night this week, just for a change, try out this exercise. It makes for interesting and stimulating conversation between live-in partners, and who knows, it may become a regular event!

Setting up Firstly, one of you goes to the bottle shop and buys a decent bottle of white wine – either partner can do it (but alternate the following week). And don’t be stingy – no cleanskins, please. Then, cover the bottle with foil to avoid “label judgement” (that is, judging a wine from the label as good or bad before taking a sip). Make sure you have some decent glassware – glasses with nice big “bowls” are good (don’t fill them up!) and have some reasonable light in the room (the romantic candlelit dinner will have to wait). It is also useful to have some form of white background – this can be as simple as a piece of paper or a white napkin. Draw the cork (or screw off the cap), pour the wine and then give it 10 minutes to breathe – remember not to chill it too much as this can “dumb down” the flavours and aromatics. In winter, 10-15 minutes in the fridge is usually enough. Now, you are ready for the exercise, with of course your partner being the “guinea pig” for the tasting.

RIESLING: An old Australian Rhine Riesling ... look for the citric “nose”.

Step one – sight

Look carefully at the colour of the wine. This is best done by putting the white background behind the glass and reflecting the ambient light up through the wine to your eyes. The easy way is to simply sit the glass on the paper and look down into the “bowl”. The wine should be bright and shining (not cloudy – that’s a fault) and its colour should be in degrees of yellow (from “light straw” through to a deeper gold – any shades of brown are bad news and usually mean oxidation has occurred). Lighter colours often mean little or no oak treatment, and also not too much bottle age (screw caps have made this exercise a bit harder, as they effectively “freeze” a wine’s colour development for years). The presence of colour – a darker yellow or “golden” hues are suggestive of two things – longer bottle age (particularly for Riesling) or (in younger wines) more exposure to oak. Finally, roll the wine around in the glass and look at how it “sloshes”. Wines that are lower in alcohol and sugar tend to move very freely whereas wines that tend to “slide” more slowly tend to have a bit more sugar or higher alcohol (that is, they have a higher “viscosity”). A good way to test viscosity is to roll the wine around the inside of the glass, and watch how it “slides” back down again – lighter wines tend to drop quickly whereas higher viscosity wines tend to dribble down in “legs” to create an effect known as “cathedral windows”. Using this approach, picking a wine that is a darker yellow, and tends to move slowly around the glass may well mean that you are about to try a sweet wine (like Sauternes) – mostly, however, you will find dry white wines tend to be lighter in colour and move freely around the glass.

Step two – the “nose” At this point, I suggest you put your hand on the top of the glass and swirl the contents around a few times. As the wine “smell” comes from the surface area of the wine, by swirling it you effectively double or triple the surface area of the wine giving off the wine “aromas” – then take away your hand, stick your “schnozz” into the glass

COLOUR: Use a whit background to check the colour of a wine like this old Marsanne.

and draw in a big “whiff”. Repeat if still uncertain. So what does the “nose” tell us? The following are commonly used descriptors of various white wine smells used to pick the wine variety:• Gooseberry, lychees, tropical fruit, cat’s pee, mown grass (for Sauvignon Blanc – particularly from NZ); • Cracked yeast, baked bread, “buttery”, apricots (Chardonnay); • Citric (especially “lime”), or for older versions – “kerosine” (Riesling); • Honeysuckle (Marsanne); • Nuttiness, honey (Semillon – particularly from the Hunter Valley); • Spicy, perfumed (Gewuztraminer); and • Floral, pear, melon (Pinot Gris). So, in a perfect world, at this point you should have worked out roughly the age of the wine, and its variety, and likely oak treatment (or lack of it). Now the best bit ...!

Step three – the taste In many ways, drinking a masked wine is no more than an affirmation of the decisions you should have already made. I find it rare to have a dramatic turnaround over my earlier thoughts, once I have taken a “slurp”. This is simply because your olefactory receptors (in the schnozz), have connections to the brain and the palate so that in some ways you have already made up your mind once you have taken a sniff and thought about it, before actually drinking it That said, tasting a wine can be quite revealing. The “pucker” sensation on your cheeks can be suggestive of the amount of oak treatment that a wine has been given – over oaking can create a “chooks bum” effect where your mouth literally “puckers up” with the dryness of the oak tannins. And by putting a small quantity of wine into your mouth, and dipping the tip of your tongue into it, you will get a sensation of the amount of acid in the wine. Remember that acid is a life preserver of a bottle’s contents, but tends to diminish with time. A wine that you have worked out looks old and smells old, may also taste “old” where there is only a slight tingling of acid. Compare that with a fresh young Riesling just released, which will give your tongue a

tingling sensation equivalent to sticking it on car battery terminals! To properly taste the wine, take a decent “slurp” and roll it around the inside of your mouth – covering your palate and cheeks and allowing the odours to creep up the back of your nose to the olefactory receptors. Gentility and care is needed at this point to avoid self-asphyxiation and a projection of wine across the dining room table as you struggle for air. I find the palate one of the best indicators of the quality of a wine and how it is likely to develop. A wine which is both rich and complex, but with a lovely acid “backbone”, fills me with encouragement for it’s future. Conversely, an overly acidic wine that tends to fall “short” and seems “thin” is not likely to have the same happy ending in your cellar. A wine can feel “rich” or “fat” in various degrees in your mouth. If you are being hit with a string of different flavours all at once, that is often the measure of the wine’s “complexity” – regrettably mostly found only in more expensive wines – but not always, so keep looking. Once the wine has gone down the gullet and is on its way to the kidneys, think about the flavours that are left in your mouth. Are they still strong and pronounced, and reminiscent of the wine you have just drunk? – That persistence of flavour is known as “length” and so a wine that is both rich and complex in the mouth, and has flavours that remain long after the contents have been swallowed, is said to have considerable “depth and length”.

So what’s next? At this point of the evening, the person who is “in the know” will be feeling somewhat superior and will be tempted to poke fun at his or her partner who has been struggling throughout the meal to identify the wine. A word of caution – next week it’s your turn, so don’t get too smug! Now I hope all that was not too hard – sure, it may take a few nights to get it right but I guarantee that you will have fun and also learn heaps. Who knows, it may even put the spark back into your relationship!

HEAVEN: A 30-year-old French Sauterne will delight the senses.

Next week: Riesling: It’s worth another try.

AGAIN: The same wine, just a different vintage, and still a fabulous drop.

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Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 23

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Living now

Upwardly mobile

VERSATILE: The gently growing Clematis is suitable for a large pot or the garden COLOURFUL: The old-fashioned Tecoma can be the perfect plant to screen an ugly shed or fence with no fuss at all. a jasmine), gives an ongoing show of larger, ers would be out of sight. The Mandevillas call the deep purple flowered bush creepers, pink or white trumpet flowers throughout sum- are really flamboyant warm weather showSarsparillas but the best-known variety today mer. It is quite hardy to heat and cold and pieces, “Alice du Pont” with her strong pink is the Happy Wanderer and there are some GURU in recent years the colour range has been large trumpets being the best known but a variations on the market including the lovely added to, though mostly still in the white and white form is a real beauty too. Take care White Wanderer. WITH pink shades. Many senior country gardeners to grow them in the warmest, winter spot, In my family, the Akebia quinata was ROBYN GIBBS will be familiar with the hot orange trumpet protected from direct frost. The Dipladenias, always grown over the outdoor lavatory. This flowers of the Tecoma (Campsis grandiflora). shiny leaved semi-twining plants, and close semi-deciduous, strong climber has clusters HE many and varied plants that climb This deciduous creeper often graced old relations to the Mandevillas with quite a few of small mauve-chocolate fragrant flowers. have to be some of the best value sheds or houses and more often than not variations on pink and white trumpet flowers, The evergreen Chinese Star Jasmine, Trachehorticultural offerings the gardener has was favoured by black ants among the flowenjoy similar conditions. lospermum, with its tiny, strongly perfumed to choose from. Climbers have a multiers. Podranea ricasoliana is a showy trumpet Maybe a little less popular than 10 years flowers in late spring and deep green attractude of applications; covering an ugly garden climber, often called “Pink Tecoma” that gives ago, the Potato Creeper has to be one of the tive foliage, is a great climber to cover an shed or an unsightly fence, affording privacy great value throughout the warm months fastest climbers available. With masses of archway and is a versatile plant, thriving in as a strategically positioned living screen, as and bounces back even after a harsh winter. white or soft blue flowers for eight months sun or shade. The well- known Bougainvilleas, a “roof” over walkways, up and over garden I have seen it grown with the climbing rose, of the year, this is a specimen for instant though a little thorny, are quite rampant once arches, through oberlisks and fanned against “Pinkie” against a wall and that combination landscaping but the gardener does need to established and give the best and longest walls, softening verandah posts, screening guarantees a show for many months. Another keep it in constant check, as much to keep it blast of colour throughout the warm months. tanks, utility areas and in times past the climber featuring a delightful late spring show fresh and flowering as to contain its rampagIf you would like a gently growing, interoutdoor toilet, through trees and up and of large trumpet flowers in soft lavendering growth. esting climber, consider the Snail Creeper, over dead stumps, to name some of the violet with yellow and purple throat markings, For an autumn display of brilliant auPhaseolus, with its cream and mauve, beautimost obvious. At the same time as climbing is the less common Argentine Trumpet Vine tumn foliage, two vigorous climbers come to fully perfumed autumn flowers. It will never plants give great useful service, they do of [Clytostoma callistegioides]. This specimen mind, the Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus take over as it is cut back to ground level course enhance and beautify our homes and enjoys the milder winters of the town/built quinquefolia) and the Ornamental Grapevine each winter. The much-admired Clematis with gardens. up areas or a protected site if out in a frosty (Vitus vinifera). Both are old boots tough and its large flowers in blues, pinks and white A couple of standout climbing specimens garden. the Grape is particularly useful as a covered are gentle climbers too and look their best for our district have rather splendid trumpet A most spectacular semi-evergreen walkway or pergola specimen. The Crimson twining up an oberlisk, on netting around a flowers. The various members of the Pandora climber is the Pyrostegia venusta from Brazil. Glory Vine, Vitus coignetiae is less often verandah post or even mingling with climbing family are exceptionally handy, being natives In our area, where it enjoys the sunniest of seen but with its huge leaves and beautiful roses. and evergreen. The old Wonga Wonga Vine positions in less frosty gardens, the masses autumnal colour it is worth tracking down. If you are on the lookout for a climber, a (Pandora pandorana) has the shiny foliage of flaming orange-scarlet, 7cm long tubular Of the many vigorous climbers handy little homework will pay off; it could mean the typical of the family and masses of small, flowers cover the vine in late autumn. It can for covering fences, sheds and old tanks difference between a takeover by a thugcreamy trumpet flowers in spring. Pandora best be appreciated draped along a fence and without even mentioning Wisteria, the gish vine and a sedate, attractive plant that jasminoides, on the other hand (and it is not rather than up on a pergola where the flowHardenbergias offer great scope. We used to respects its boundaries.




two imaging locations. x-ray@thegardens ■

Easy on-site parking via Smollet St

Women’s Imaging; Mammography,

x-ray@awh ■

x-ray@awh Bulk Bill all Medicare eligible examinations

Bone Densitometry & Ultrasound

MRI & Nuclear Medicine available

X-ray, CT Scans, Biopsies & more

X-ray, CT Scans, Biopsies & more

Independently operated.

Bring along any referral.

x-ray@thegardens Level 1, 470 Wodonga Place, Albury. Corner Wodonga Place and Smollet Street.

x-ray@awh (formerly x-ray@abh) Albury Wodonga Health - Albury Campus, Borella Road, Albury. Entry via Hospital Main Entrance.

Bookings 60 511 660. Call one number. Choose your imaging location.

24 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Living now

New life for a popular chicken shop From page 21 Recently there was a re-incarnation of a chicken shop in Albury, that has culminated in a serendipitous partnership. Noel and Kate Patterson had been long overdue for retirement when the lease for their popular fresh chicken shop Saucy Chicken in a major shopping centre expired after 21 years. Just as fast as one door closed, another opened. In May this year, they were invited to operate from the premises of Yalandra Fine Foods at 206 Borella Road in Albury. It’s already a very successful partnership, as consumers can now purchase a myriad of wagyu beef cuts on one side of this sparkling new store and a marvellous variety of free-range poultry products on the other, presenting consumers with an extensive range of meal solutions. Over the past 49 years, Noel and Kate have certainly done the “hard yards” in food experience. When Noel was a teacher in Mackay in Queensland, his parents ran a staff kitchen in a sugar mill. Eventually he and wife Kate took over the demanding business, feeding 120 hungry workers three meals a day, seven days a week! They subsequently ran motels for seven years in Queensland and New South Wales and even managed golf club dining rooms in between. In 1989 they arrived in Albury and opened their fresh chicken shop. Now two daughters and four grandchildren later, this amazing couple have commenced a new career in their stylish new surroundings and have a new modern Saucy Chicken logo as well. Each day from Tuesday, they take delivery of free-range, air-chilled, hormone and chemical free chickens from Hazeldene’s farm in Bendigo. While Noel dissects chickens into breasts, thighs and drumsticks with the pre-

cision of a surgeon, Kate creates a variety of value-added chicken products including delicious crumbed products made using fresh breadcrumbs – such a rarity today. Easy-carve boneless chickens are tied (not netted) to a trim shape. These are superb for dinner parties with their generous border of chicken breast fillets surrounding a high quality filling. Kate suggests roasting these chickens on a rack in a baking dish for 1¼ hours at 180ºC. She also suggests plac-

ing one cup each of white wine and water with a chicken stock cube in the dish before roasting, to not only keep the flesh moist but to form a sauce. When the bird is cooked, leave it to rest so it’s easier to carve as you don’t lose flavoursome juices. Then heat the stock to boiling then add about ¼ cup cream for a quick and delicious sauce. Saucy Chicken also stocks popular Luv-aDuck whole ducks, Peking Duck plus packs of pancakes, duck marylands, breasts, sausages,

ravioli, duck confit and duck fat, the secret of many chefs in turning out perfect roast potatoes. Poussin and quail are in demand and their free range local Chookaburra eggs sell out very quickly. INCIDENTALLY, it’s a good idea to pop a note in your diary now to order Christmas poultry during the last week in November, to be sure of your requests and to avoid disappointment.

FRESH: Noel and Kate Patterson with some of the chicken available in their new Borella Road store. Picture: ROD HARDINGE

Puzzles Crossword

Codecracker In this puzzle each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. Work out which number stands for which letter. We have given you two to start you off. When you have cracked the code, fill in the box below the grid to spell out the answer. NB: All letters are not always used.







7 8

9 10 11




Across 1. Docks 7. Step up 8. Fell ill 10. Unselfishly 12. Coffee liqueur (3,5) 14. Deliberately avoid 16. Piece of foliage 17. Minor planet 20. Meteorologist 23. Brazilian music style, ... nova 24. Trust 25. Foul-smelling

15 16



19 20



Down 1. Attractively oldfashioned 2. Designer, ... Saint Laurent 3. American airforce (1,1,1,1) 4. Facsimiles 5. Untruth 6. Native of Nairobi 9. Hold-up 11. Pleasant tasting 13. No ... or buts 15. Skewered meat dish 16. Lets down 18. Cricket great, Sir ... Bradman 19. Common cereal 21. Creamy (cake) 22. Not any

LAST WEEK’S solutions



24 25

Sudoku Crossword

How to play:


Albury Wodonga News Weekly Handy Cross 1307 blank AlburyHandy1307blank.eps © Lovatts Publications 31/08/2010

Fill every grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


Codecracker Solution


A=21, B=10, C=15, D=12, E=11, F=5, G=16, H=6, I=1, K=13, L=4, M=24, N=8, O=23, P=7, Q=19, R=22, S=9, T=2, U=18, V=25, W=17, Y=3, Z=20 CUDDLES

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 25

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper


Don Costa

Don has just released his new Album “Hooked on Country”.

FREE Admission



Wild Aussie Kids Show Englebert Humperdink Show

A great 50 minute show . Come and see Marina the Sea Turtle, Selwyn the Penguin, Kosi the Corroboree Frog, GW the Great White Shark and his friend, Broc the Croc Join in at the end to meet and greet the characters with photo opportunities available


Daryl Braithwaite

“Throughout his career, Daryl’s unique and emotive voice has captured a time and place integral to Australia”.

“Featuring the sounds of GEOFF JONES”

FREE Admission

$25 per member $30 per non member

Live in the Zodiac Lounge

$5 per person for 2 years and above

Live in the Zodiac Lounge

FRIDAY 15th OCTOBER 7.30pm

FRIDAY 22nd OCTOBER 7.30pm


John Williamson

40th Anniversary Tour

Melbourne Cup Day

Forever Rod

Enjoy the biggest Racing Day on the calendar in the Club’s spacious Zodiac Lounge with special guest MC from 12 noon-4pm ( 3 Large Screens ( Variety of Champagne, Cheese and Chicken Hampers available ( Bookings available for Lounge Seating

“Direct from Canada for his Australian Tour. This show stars internationally renowned entertainer, DAVE BATTAH The Ultimate Rod Stewart Tribute”.

$40 per person TUESDAY 9th NOVEMBER 10.30am

$25 per member $30 per non member FRIDAY 1st OCTOBER

The Heart of Country

Sweep Tickets on Sale in the Club!

Members Only

½ PRICE for

½ PRICE for

in the

in the

Buffet Meal

Dining Room Lunch Special $35.00 per person

FREE Admission

Live in the Zodiac Lounge

includes 3 course luncheon and wine for each course, starting from 12 noon


Members Only

Sevens Restaurant

Main Meal Golf Resort Bistro



Valid until Tuesday September 21 upon presentation of this voucher. 1 VOUCHER PER MEMBER ONLY

Valid until Thursday September 23 upon presentation of this voucher. 1 VOUCHER PER MEMBER ONLY

Show bookings phone (02)

6057 2298 For further information please call (02) 6057 2000


26 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper


Calling all fans: We’re back and set to put on a top show


BACK: Calling All Cars are looking forward to returning to the Roi Bar on Thursday, September 30. By BLAIR THOMSON EXCITING three-piece indie rock act Calling All Cars returns to Roi Bar on Thursday, September 30, after an impressive set supporting The Butterfly Effect there in June. Despite the fact they were opening for the prog-rock act, their highenergy set had more than enough power and excitement to lift the Roi crowd. Singer and guitarist Haydn Ing told NewsWeekly the band hopes to again pump up the crowd when it returns. “Because we’ve been doing it for long enough, you can do a 10-hour drive and get up on stage. “It’s still fun getting out there and doing what we love doing and making people happy,” he said. “Being up on stage is what it’s all about.” The past year has been particularly hectic for the band. It toured with Green Day in New Zealand in December, followed by a support slot on AC/DC’s massive Black Ice tour and a stint opening for Grinspoon. Singles Disconnect, Not Like Anybody, Run Away and Hold, Hold Fire from the debut album of the same name were picked up by Triple J and placed on high rotation. The national youth broadcaster has helped spread the band’s music into regional areas like Albury Wodonga. “They’ve been awesome, you can definitely see the difference in the regional areas thanks to those guys,” Ing explained. “You can show up out in the middle of nowhere and people will sing along word for word so it’s obviously been great.” Touring with AC/DC also didn’t hurt their popularity. “It was amazing, we were origi-

nally supposed to be doing our own tour and then found out we picked that support slot up, the whole thing was just huge and on a different level,” Ing said. “It was awesome being able to walk around backstage and see how it all works. “There’s literally a guy for every little thing during the show. “It was such a massive production that you had to go through heaps of different guys to talk to them, but we did get to bump into them and have a chat a bit and they seemed like really nice guys.” Ing said the band members won’t be resting on their laurels despite their newly-found success. “I think it comes down to persistence and sticking at it with a lot of hard work,” he said. “We’ve been demoing and recording stuff for the next album, so

as soon as we finish this tour we’re going to get back into the studio and get album number two out and start touring this one. “It’s definitely a bit different ... I think we’ve definitely matured with how we’ve been playing, but it’s not too far removed from what we’ve been doing I guess. “We’ve got about 50-something songs … I’m not sure how it’s going to go yet. “We’re just going to try to get it all out there and carve it all out I suppose.” Fans can expect the new release early sometime in the new year. “We’re trying to release it as soon as possible to stay on the radar, so we’re looking at early next year,” Ing said. Judging by the band’s talents, they’ll remain firmly on the radar for a fair while yet.

CD Review Artist: Linkin Park Album: A Thousand Suns

LINKIN Park has ditched the numetal sound and taken a drastically different approach on new album, A Thousand Suns, and attempted to highlight their creative talents. Instead of hard hitting guitars and drums, the tracks have heavily layered synthesisers used to create a space-aged concept album with minimal gaps between songs. A Thousand Suns starts off well through introduction tracks The Requiem and The Radiance, but never reaches the lofty heights they aimed for. The problem lies in the vocals. The lyrics are good in parts, but

aren’t helped by terrible melodies. With a slight tweaking of the album’s direction, they could have been onto a winner. They’ve instead created a real stinker.


Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 27

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

What’s on....

Friday, September 17 Wild Side at Arts Space Wodonga. A collaborative exhibition featuring multimedia, mask making and puppets by exciting young artists. Free entry, runs until October 9. Enquiries 6022 9600. German Austrian Australian Club Friday Happy Hour at 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga. Features live music from Heather Wilson, doors open 6.30pm with meals $6. Enquiries 6024 6576. Saturday, September 18 From Picture to Page scrapbooking and papercraft show at Wodonga Civic Centre. Runs from 9am to 4.30pm, adults $8.50, kids free. Enquiries 0409 013 106. The Wodonga Toy Library will be open from 10am to noon at Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Beech Street, Wodonga. Enquiries 0404 936 208. Sunday, September 19 Wodonga Creek Miniature Railway on the Lincoln Causeway. Featuring live steam and diesel miniature locomotives from 11am to 4pm. Tickets $2.50 per person. Albury Wodonga Artists Society exhibition at Studio on Gateway Island


from 10am to 4pm. Features work by Linda MacMaster and Midori Treeve. Enquiries 0418 109 587. Culcairn Country Music Club performance at the Culcairn Hotel from noon to 5pm. Features 5 hours of continuous country music with walk up artists welcome. Enquiries 6029 7736. The Green Living Fair at Valhalla Wines, All Saints Road, Wahgunyah, from 10am to 3pm. The fair will showcase ways of living sustainably on the land and in your home. Over 30 exhibitors. Enquiries 0412 985 501. Monday, September 20 Introduction to Lace Knitting Class at K2TOG, 2/769 Mate Street, Albury, from 10.30am to 12pm. Bookings required. Enquiries 6021 5066. Tuesday, September 21 Boats at the Wodonga Civic Centre. Tells the adventures of Nic and Jof using acrobatics, storytelling and puppetry, perfect for 5-12 year olds. Starts 11am, tickets $10. Enquiries 6022 9223. The Wodonga Toy Library open from 12.30 to 1.30pm at Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Beech Street, Wodonga. Enquiries 0404 936 208.


Henty Machinery Field Days massive outdoor supermarket for leading edge farming equipment. Runs until Thursday, September 23. Enquiries 6929 3305. Wodonga Family Society Inc meeting at Felltimber Community Centre from 7.30pm. Guest speaker is Shauna Hicks, all welcome. Enquiries 6024 1591. Wednesday, September 22 Masked Out Holiday Art Workshop at Arts Space Wodonga from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Costs $12. Enquiries 6022 9600. Albury Evening View Club monthly meeting at the Commercial Club from 6.30-7.30pm, featuring a mystery guest speaker. Contact Shirley Bohr on 6025 2626. Thursday, September 23 Albury Day View Club Luncheon at the Albury SS&A Club from 11am. Enquiries 6021 8363. Masked Out Holiday Art Workshop at Arts Space Wodonga from 10am to noon. Costs $6. Enquiries 6022 9600. Friday, September 24 German Austrian Australian Club Friday Happy Hour at 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga. Doors open 6.30pm, meals $6.


Aiming for life making films By BLAIR THOMSON THE Border and Regional Film Festival will showcase the best local film talent when it kicks off at the Albury LibraryMuseum on October 1. Featuring 14 short movies from entrants as young as 14, BARFF is a seen as a great way for people to have their work shown and can provide an entry point into a filmmaking career. Alex Kausche is one budding film-maker that hopes to eventually make movies full time. The Albury High Year 8 student entered his three minute film, The Wooden Thief, into this year’s festival, with his younger brother Ray featuring in the quirky stop-go animation. “I was in a movie making course and made that for it, and I really liked it,” Alex said. “It’s probably the best movie I’ve made so I entered it into the competition. “It’s about a little wooden figure that’s a robber, he goes into people’s houses and takes objects. “It’s really good having the BARFF … it’s good timing as well, because I just finished the course and it’s come up right away.” Alex started making films about two years ago after his father showed him how to do it, and often starts shooting whenever an idea pops into his head. “I usually just start and see what happens, I don’t really think about it,” he said.

Friday September 17, 2010 ten

sbs one

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6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show 10.30 Children’s Programs 11.00 Tennis: The Davis Cup: Australia v Belgium: Join Chris Dittmar and Geoff Masters live from Cairns International Tennis Centre. 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 5.30 Prime News

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6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Rugby League: Semi Final: Canberra Raiders v Wests Tigers 9.45 Movie: 16 Blocks: Bruce Willis, Mos Def, David Morse, Jenna Stern: A burnt-out detective learns the convict he is transporting is scheduled to testify against his colleagues. 11.45 Win News 12.15 Movie: Enter The Dragon: Robert Clohessy, Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Jim Kelly

6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight: Presented by Matt White 7.00 Home And Away: Marilyn presses Mitzy to tell her whatever it is she has been waiting to say to her. Meanwhile, Alf decides to tell Miles the full story about Tulip and what happened. 7.30 AFL: Preliminary Final: Collingwood v Geelong 11.00 The X Factor: Presented by Luke Jacobz

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours: Paul finally wakes from his coma. Andrew is unable to deal with seeing his father helpless, and tells him the truth about why he is in hospital. 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Jamie Does... 8.30 NCIS 9.30 Law & Order: SVU: When a young model is brutally murdered in the meat-packing district, the detectives find a rare species of bird in her bag. 10.30 Go Girls

6.00 Letters And Numbers: Presented by Richard Morecroft 6.30 World News 7.30 Rituals: Around The World In 80 Faiths 8.30 As It Happened: The Great Depression: In 1929, the Wall Street Stock Exchange crashed, and the greatest economic crisis of the 20th century broke out. 9.30 World News Late 10.00 Hooker Harlot Whore 11.00 Movie: Simon (The Netherlands)

12.00 The Shape Of Things To Come: A look at new aeroplanes that will soon be appearing in Australian skies. 1.00 Home Shopping

11.30 Ten News 12.00 Sports Tonight 12.30 The Late Show With David Letterman 1.30 Infomercials 5.00 Bayless Conley 5.30 Jesse Duplantis

12.55 Movie: Willenbrock (Germany): An engaging portrait of a middleclass car dealer's disintegrating personal life. 2.50 Weatherwatch

11.20 The Gruen Transfer: A show about advertising that will make you look differently at the constructed world around you. 11.50 rage

2.10 Movie: Silver Bears: Ivan Passer, Michael Caine, Cybill Shepherd, Louis Jordan and Tom Smothers 4.30 GMA


NEW: Alex Kausche is keen to show his new short film, The Wooden Thief, at the Border and Regional Film Festival in October. Picture: BLAIR THOMSON

AlburyCity cultural development coordinator, Vanessa Keenan, is expecting a solid crowd to the event. “BARFF has always been well supported by the community and talking to the community, there’s a real buzz about it coming up again,” she said. “There are no specifics; it’s open to all ages, and we’ve certainly got a variety of different entries in terms of subject matter and the themes and the committee has been really impressed with the quality of the submissions received.” She said the entrants ranged from people serious about film to those who create movies for fun.

ABC2 5.30 The Cook And The Chef 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.05 Children’s Programs 6.00 The Fabulous Beekman Boys 6.25 Scrapheap Challenge 7.20 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 7.40 The Colbert Report 8.00 Wallace And Gromit 8.30 Life On Mars 9.30 Breaking Bad 10.20 Seven Ages Of Rock 11.10 BBC Electric Proms 07 12.10 Planet Rock Profiles 12.35 Mind, Body And Kick Ass Moves

12.55 Coastal Kitchen 1.25 Yorkshire's Finest 1.55 Barbecue Bible 2.30 Movie: A Shot In The Dark 4.30 Murphy Brown 5.00 Best Dish 6.00 Movie: Kronk’s New Groove 7.30 Ghost Whisperer 8.30 Escape To The Country 9.45 60 Minute Makeover 10.45 How Not To Decorate 11.40 Movie: Toy Soldiers

ONE HD 6.00 Golf Central 6.30 Tennis: ATP World Tour Uncovered 7.00 Transworld Sport 8.00 Athletix: GO! 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 The IAAF Magazine 8.30 TNA Flintstones 9.00 Jetsons 9.30 Xplosion 9.30 This Week In Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 Baseball 10.00 Major League ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Get Smart Baseball 1.00 Nascar Nationwide 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Seinfeld Series 2.00 Nascar Sprint Cup 1.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Cricket: 2.00 Charlie's Angels 3.00 Just Twenty20 Champions League 7.00 Shoot Me 3.30 The Nanny 4.00 Sports Tonight 7.30 Cricket: Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Twenty20 Champions League Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 10.00 Drag Racing: Andra Pro 6.00 Movie: Batman: Mask Of The Series 11.30 Sports Tonight 12.00 Triathlon: ITU World Championship Phantasm 7.30 Movie: Dreamer 9.40 Movie: Just Friends 11.40 Movie: The Cave 1.30 Sex Shop SBS TWO 5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village 6.30 7TWO PRIME 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 Taste Takes Off 7.00 A Fork In The Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home Road 7.30 Tour Of Britain 2010 And Away: The Early Years 9.30 8.30 The Fight 9.30 Movie: Death Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Note: The Last Name (Japan) Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 All 12.00 Movie: The Eye: Infinity My Children 11.55 Martha Stewart (Hong Kong) 1.35 Weatherwatch

PAY TV MOVIES 2.35pm Runaway Bride Comedy STARPICS 8.30pm Vinyan


ENTERTAINMENT 7.30pm Cake Boss LIFESTYLE FOOD 8.30pm Uncommon Valor FOX CLASSICS 9.20pm Don’t Sweat It HOW TO CHANNEL DOCUMENTARIES 1.30pm Weapon Masters DISCOVERY CHANNEL 7.30pm Why Are Thin People Not Fat? BBC KNOWLEDGE SPORT 6.30am Golf: Nationwide Tour: Boise Open FOX SPORTS 3 8.00pm Football: A-League FOX SPORTS 1

28 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010



NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper


Saturday ten

September 18, 2010

sbs one 5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World Watch 1.00 Bejart: The Show Must Go On 2.25 Dances Of Life 3.30 The Desert Castle 4.30 PBS Newshour: Presented by Jim Lehrer 5.30 Mythbusters 6.30 World News

4.00 rage 11.00 Poh's Kitchen 11.30 Message Stick 12.00 Stateline 12.30 Australian Story 1.00 Foreign Correspondent 1.30 Can We Help? 2.00 Island Life 3.00 Movie: Moulin Rouge 5.00 Bowls: Trans Tasman: Australia v New Zealand: Men's Triples

6.00 Children's Programs 7.00 Weekend Today Saturday 9.00 Saturday Kerri-Anne 10.00 Children's Programs 1.30 Danoz 2.00 Win Presents 2.10 Movie: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof 4.30 Antiques Roadshow 5.00 Home Cooked! 5.30 Postcards Australia

6.00 Children’s Programs 7.00 Weekend Sunrise 9.00 Children’s Programs 1.00 Tennis: The Davis Cup: Australia v Belgium 4.00 My Wife And Kids 4.30 What's Up Down Under 5.00 Guide To The Good Life 5.30 Mercurio's Menu

6.00 Children’s Programs 10.00 Hit List TV 12.00 Landed Music 12.30 Infomercials 1.00 Movie: Babe: James Cromwell and Magda Szubanski 3.00 Everybody Hates Chris 4.00 The Making Of... 5.00 Ten News 5.30 Sports Tonight

6.00 Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook: Annabel sets off on an adventure with young friends to fill their baskets with juicy, plump cherries. 6.30 Gardening Australia 7.00 ABC News 7.30 New Tricks: The team reopens a case involving a magic trick that ended in murder. 8.25 ABC News 8.30 The Bill 9.15 ABC News 9.20 Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow

6.00 Nine News 6.30 Australia's Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Rugby League: Semi Final: Sydney Roosters v Penrith Panthers 9.45 Movie: Spiderman 2: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco 12.30 Eclipse Music TV 1.00 Movie: City Heat: Richard Benjamin, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Jane Alexander, Madeline Kahn and Rip Torn 3.00 The Baron 4.00 Danoz 5.00 Creflo A Dollar

6.00 Seven News 6.30 Better Homes And Gardens: How to kickstart your lawn back to full spring life. Three ways to give your home a face-lift, and add thousands in value. 7.30 Martin Clunes: A Man And His Dogs 8.30 Movie: Die Another Day: Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Judi Dench, Rosamund Pike and Rick Yune

6.00 Before The Game: Presented by Dave Hughes, Mick Molloy, Andrew Maher, Sam Lane, Fitzy and Lehmo 7.00 AFL: Preliminary Final: St. Kilda v Western Bulldogs 10.30 Movie: Team America: World Police: An actor joins a commando unit in an attempt to stop terrorist activities around the world. 12.20 30 Days: Finds out what life-changing experiences are possible in 30 days.

7.30 Monster Moves: A team of British engineers faces an epic, 11,000km journey by road, rail and sea to transport a vintage steam locomotive from Bloemfontein in the heart of South Africa to Glasgow, Scotland. 8.30 Iron Chef: Each week one of the Iron Chefs is challenged by a guest chef, and their skills are put to the test. 9.20 Rockwiz

11.15 Movie: Toy Soldiers: Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan, Andrew Divoff, Mason Adams and Denholm Elliott 1.35 Home Shopping

1.20 Infomercial 1.50 Video Hits 2.00 Infomercials 4.00 Bayless Conley 4.30 Leading The Way With Dr. Michael Youssef 5.00 Hour Of Power

10.15 Movie: Mr Average (France): Khalid Maadour, Caroline Dhavernas and Thierry Lhermitte 11.55 Cycling: La Vuelta 2.00 Weatherwatch

10.05 Ashes To Ashes: Thousands of pounds collected for charity have been stolen, and the only lead is the man who raised it. 11.00 rage

5.30 Fishing Australia: Rob Paxevanos embarks on a wilderness adventure in search of some of Australia's best bass fishing.

ABC2 6am Children’s Programs 6pm At The Movies 6.30 Wild At Heart 7.30 Hope Springs 8.30 Movie: The Brotherhood: Kirk Douglas 10.00 Movie: Intolerance: Lillian Gish 1.00 South Side Story 1.30 Sleep Clinic GO! 6.00 Children’s Programs 10.00 Flintstones 10.30 Children’s Programs 11.00 Jeannie 12.00 Bewitched 1.00 Get Smart 2.00 Here's Lucy 3.00 Seinfeld 4.00 Hogan's Heroes 5.00 Green Acres 5.30 The Nanny 6.30 Movie: What A Girl Wants 8.45 Movie: Jerry Maguire: Tom Cruise 11.30 Movie: Before Sunset: Ethan Hawke 1.15 Movie: The Wicker Man: Robin Harrison 3.00 Seinfeld 4.00 Hogan's Heroes 5.00 Children’s Programs 5.30 Flintstones 7TWO PRIME 6.00 Friday Night Footy Encore 8.30 Movie: Powder Town: Victor McLaglen 10.00 Movie: Ring-ADing Rhythm: Helen Shapiro 11.45 Movie: The 3 Worlds Of Gulliver: Kerwin Mathews 1.45 V8 Utes 2.45 Home And Away CatchUp 4.30 Pure Italian 5.00 The Great Australian Doorstep 5.30 Better Homes And Gardens Catch-

Up 6.30 Doctor Finlay 7.30 Heartbeat 8.30 Lewis 10.30 Movie: Blown Away: Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Lloyd Bridges and Forest Whitaker 12.50 The World Around Us 1.45 AFL Footy Flashbacks ONE HD 6.00 Transworld Sport 6.30 Football: Liverpool TV 9.30 NFL Total Access 10.30 Triathlon: ITU World Championship 11.30 Athletix: The IAAF Magazine 12.00 Thursday Night Live 1.00 TNA Xplosion 2.00 Sports Unlimited 3.00 BMX Road Fools 4.00 Surfing: ASP World Tour 5.00 Tennis: ATP World Tour Uncovered 5.30 Omnisport 6.00 Sports Tonight 6.30 Before The Game 7.30 AFL: Preliminary Final: St. Kilda v Western Bulldogs 11.00 MotoGP: Qualifying 12.00 Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast? 1.00 Omnisport 1.15 Cricket: Twenty20 Champions League SBS TWO 5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm The Squiz 6.30 At The Table With 7.00 UEFA Europa League 2010/2011 8.30 Tour Of Britain 2010 9.30 Movie: Brothers (Denmark): Connie Nielsen11.30 Movie: The Bridesmaid (France) 1.25 Weatherwatch

PAY TV MOVIES 8.30pm Die Hard 2 SHOWTIME ACTION 11.45pm Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo MOVIE EXTRA ENTERTAINMENT 7.30pm Turf War HOW TO CHANNEL 8.30pm Ruby Blue UNIVERSAL CHANNEL 9.30pm Face To Face STVDIO DOCUMENTARIES 6.00pm Modern Marvels HISTORY CHANNEL 6.30pm How Clean Is Your Crime Scene? CI SPORT 5.00pm Football: A-League: North Queensland v Melbourne Victory FOX SPORTS 3

While every effort is made to ensure the programs contained in this guide are correct at the time of publishing, schedules are subject to change without notice.




Sunday ten

4.00 rage 6.30 Children’s Programs 9.00 Insiders 10.00 Inside Business 10.30 Offsiders 11.00 Asia Pacific Focus 11.30 Songs Of Praise 12.00 Landline 1.00 Gardening Australia 1.30 Message Stick 2.00 VFL Football 2010: Grand Final 5.30 Art Nation

6.00 Children's Programs 7.00 Weekend Today Sunday 10.00 Wide World Of Sports 11.00 The Sunday Footy Show 1.00 TAC Cup: Future Stars 2.00 Surfing: Sri Lankan Pro 2010 2.30 F Troop 3.00 Rescue Special Ops

6.00 Garner Ted Armstrong 6.30 Life Today With James Robison 7.00 Weekend Sunrise 10.00 AFL Game Day 11.00 Tennis: The Davis Cup: Australia v Belgium 5.00 Delish 5.30 Coxy's Big Break 6.00 Seven News

6.00 At The Movies 6.30 Mother And Son 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Life 8.20 ABC News 8.30 Midsomer Murders: A wild west show leads to murder and mayhem. 10.00 Compass 10.30 Stealing Klimt: The story of five paintings by Gustav Klimt, stolen by the Nazis in Vienna during World War II. They had been in the possession of a prominent Jewish family until that time.

4.00 Seeds Of Hope: A Journey With Hugh Jackman 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Every Heart Beats True: The Jim Stynes Story 7.30 60 Minutes 8.30 Movie: The Dark Knight: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman 11.35 Cops L.A.C: Roxanne's career is under threat when she is involved in the death of a suspect.

6.30 Sunday Night 7.30 The X Factor 9.30 Bones: When an aspiring singer is murdered, his fans and his foes are investigated. 10.30 Castle: When Castle and Beckett are called to a wedding to investigate the death of a bridesmaid, Castle is stunned to discover that the soon-to-be bride is his exgirlfriend. 11.30 Air Crash Investigations 12.30 Home Shopping

11.25 Movie: Nurse Edith Cavell: Anna Neagle 1.10 Movie: Stage Door Canteen: Judith Anderson and Henry Armetta 3.30 Talking Heads

12.30 Super League 2.30 20/20 3.30 Danoz 4.00 GMA: Presented by Bill Weir and Kate Snow 5.00 Early Morning News

5.30 Seven Early News: Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta present the latest news, sport and weather from around Australia and overseas.

September 19, 2010

sbs one

6.00 Mass For You At Home 6.30 Hillsong 7.00 Children’s Programs 8.00 Meet The Press 8.30 The Hit Rater.Com 9.00 The Benchwarmers Oz Made 10.00 Hit List TV 12.00 I Fish 1.00 My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad 2.00 Big Cat Diary

5.00 Weatherwatch 7.00 World Watch 10.30 UEFA Europa League 11.00 Football Feature 12.00 UEFA Champions League Magazine 12.30 Speedweek 2.00 Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel 3.00 The Mayor, The Artist, The Farmer And His Wife

2.30 Jamie At Home 3.00 Shaping A State 4.00 Landed Music 4.30 Discover Downunder 5.00 Ten News 5.30 Sports Tonight 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Modern Family: Claire and Mitchell's mother makes a surprise visit. Claire is pushed to the edge while organising a new family portrait. 7.30 Junior Masterchef 9.00 Offspring: Nina and Chris attempt to seize the moment, but their future is threatened by a complicated past.

3.30 Are You My Mother? 4.30 Living Black 5.00 Cycling Central 6.00 Thalassa 6.30 World News 7.30 Lost Worlds: Explores the beginnings of modern religion, and the origins of the Old Testament. 8.30 Dateline: Presented by George Negus 9.30 Mad Men: Don and Duck try to bury the hatchet. Peggy attempts to join in on the after-hours meetings. Duck receives a family visit at the office.

10.00 Married Single Other 11.00 Moto GP: Spain 1.45 Video Hits 4.00 Everyday Life 4.30 Copeland 5.00 Life Today 5.30 Benny Hinn

10.30 Inspector Rex: Two young girls are kidnapped from an amusement park in Vienna. 11.30 Decadence 12.00 Cycling: La Vuelta 2.00 Weatherwatch

ABC2 6am Children’s Programs 6pm Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage 6.30 Artscape 7.00 Art Nation 7.30 Mask And Memory 8.30 You Only Live Twice 9.30 Absolutely Fabulous 10.00 The Office 10.30 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme 11.00 Live At The Basement 12.00 jtv Live 1.00 Beautiful Noise

Peter O’Toole 9.45 The Xtra Factor 10.45 Movie: Stand By Me 12.45 The World Around Us 1.45 AFL Footy Flashbacks 4.00 Leyland Brothers World 5.00 Home Shopping

7TWO PRIME 6.00 AFL Grand Final Classic 8.30 Children’s Programs 10.00 Matty Johns’ Controversy Corner 11.00 Movie: The Man From The Diner's Club: Danny Kaye 1.00 Movie: Running Free 2.45 Movie: The McKenzie Break 5.00 Packed To The Rafters 6.00 That '70s Show 7.30 Movie: Ratatouille: Brad Garrett, Janeane Garofalo and

SBS TWO 5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05am World Watch 6pm ADbc 6.30 Cooking In The Danger Zone 7.00 Food Trip With Todd English 7.30 Ninja Warrior 8.00 Unbeatable Banzuke 8.30 Tour Of Britain 9.30 Movie: The Blonde With Bare Breasts (France) 11.25 Movie: Autumn Spring (The Czech Republic) 1.15 Weatherwatch

ONE HD 6.00 Cricket: Twenty20 Champions League 8.30 AFL: Preliminary Final: St. Kilda v Western Bulldogs 11.00 Football: Bundesliga 1.00 Football: Serie A GO! 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Beach 6.00 Children’s Programs 12.00 Volleyball: FIVB World Tour 4.00 The Hills 12.30 Eclipse Music TV Powerboating: Class 1 World 1.00 Ballistyx Snowboard Show Championships 4.30 I Fish 5.00 1.30 Here's Lucy 2.30 Hogan's Heroes 3.30 Green Acres 4.30 The Tennis: ATP World Tour Uncovered 5.30 Nascar Sprint Nanny 5.30 Wipeout 6.30 Top Cup: Qualifying 6.30 Sports Gear 7.30 Big Bang Theory 8.30 Tonight 6.45 Motorcycle Racing: The Middle 8.30 Movie: 125cc 8.00 Motorcycle Racing: Spanglish: Adam Sandler 12.10 Moto2 9.10 Sports Tonight 9.30 Bad Lads Army 1.10 Bridezillas MotoGP 11.15 Cricket: Twenty20 2.00 Home Shopping 4.00 The Champions League Avengers 5.00 Here's Lucy

PAY TV MOVIES 7.00pm DreamKeeper FAMILY MOVIE CHANNEL 8.30pm The Taking Of Pelham 123 SHOWTIME PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT 4.00pm Location, Location, Location LIFESTYLE CHANNEL 7.25pm A Place In The Sun – Home or Away HOW TO CHANNEL DOCUMENTARIES 6.30pm Predator: Fighting To Survive ANIMAL PLANET 7.30pm FBI’s 10 Most Wanted DISCOVERY CHANNEL SPORT 5.00pm Football: A-League: Gold Coast v Central Coast FOX SPORTS 3 9.00pm Golf: Euro PGA: Austrian Open FOX SPORTS 1

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Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 29

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper




Monday ten

September 20, 2010

sbs one

4.00 First Tuesday Book Club With Jennifer Byrne 4.30 Shortland Street 5.00 Something In The Air 5.30 The New Inventors 6.00 Children’s Programs 10.00 School Programs 11.00 Landline 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Sherlock Holmes 1.30 Planet Food

5.30 Today 9.00 KerriAnne 11.00 Alive And Cooking 11.30 Daily 12.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Hot Seat

6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show 11.30 Seven News 12.00 Movie: Love's Enduring Promise: Katherine Heigl, Dale Midkiff and January Jones 2.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 5.30 Prime News

6.00 Ten News 7.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Infomercial 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News

5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World Watch 1.00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia 1.30 Dateline 2.30 Insight: Presented by Jenny Brockie 3.30 Letters And Numbers 4.00 World Watch 4.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5.00 The Crew 5.30 Living Black

2.00 Parliament 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.00 Travel Oz 6.30 Talking Heads 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Australian Story 8.30 Four Corners 9.20 Media Watch: Presented by Paul Barry 9.35 Q&A 10.35 Lateline 11.10 Lateline Business 11.35 The War 12.30 The Clinic: Brendan asks the doctor if he can take his Gran home from hospital as she doesn't have long to live.

6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Two And A Half Men 8.00 Hot In Cleveland 8.30 10 Things You Need To Know About Sleep 9.30 The Secret Millionaire: Presented by Russell Crowe 10.30 CSI: NY: Mac and Stella face one of the most gruesome cases of their careers when they investigate the murder of a beautiful college student. 11.30 ET 12.00 Win News

6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 The X Factor 8.30 Criminal Minds: The mother of an abducted child works with the BAU to identify a serial killer. 9.30 Covert Affairs: Annie investigates a potential national security leak. 10.30 Trinny And Susannah: The Great British Body 11.30 My Name Is Earl: Earl's feelings are hurt when he is not invited to Joy and Darnell's wedding.

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours: Andrew is relieved his father is awake, but Rebecca is finding it much more confronting having to talk to the man who betrayed her. 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 2010 Brownlow Medal Count: Toyota Hybrid Camry Blue Carpet Arrivals: Presented by Luke Darcy and Liz Ellis 8.00 2010 Brownlow Medal Count 11.00 Ten News

6.00 Letters And Numbers 6.30 World News 7.30 Mythbusters 8.30 Man Vs Wild: Armed with a knife, a water bottle, a cup and a flint, Bear parachutes into the Alps of Europe to demonstrate vital survival skills. 9.20 Letters And Numbers Bitesize 9.30 World News Late 10.00 Shameless 11.00 La La Land: Three hapless wannabes struggle to succeed in Hollywood. 11.30 The World Game

1.30 Parliament 2.30 Miriam Makeba In Australia 3.00 Bowls: Trans Tasman: Australia v New Zealand: Men's Triples

12.30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.30 Til Death 2.00 Homicide 3.00 Danoz 3.30 GMA 5.00 Early Morning News

12.00 No Tears For The Crocodile: Ben Cropp searches for the truth about the crocodiles of northern Australia. 1.00 Home Shopping 5.30 Seven Early News

11.45 The Late Show With David Letterman 12.30 The Hit Rater.Com 1.00 Infomercials 4.00 Everyday Life 4.30 Copeland 5.00 Life Today

12.30 Living Black 1.00 Movie: I Am (Poland): Piotr Jagielski, Agnieszka Nagorzycka and Edyta Jungowska 2.45 Weatherwatch

ABC2 5.30 The Cook And The Chef 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.05 Children’s Programs 6.00 Collectors 6.25 Scrapheap Challenge 7.20 The Daily Show Global Edition 7.40 The Colbert Report Global Edition 8.05 The Goodies 8.35 Good Game 9.05 Summer Heights High 9.35 Sanctuary 10.20 Torchwood 11.10 Blade Of The Immortal 11.35 London Live 12.00 Soundtrack To My Life GO! 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 Flintstones 9.00 Jetsons 9.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Get Smart 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Seinfeld 1.00 Green Acres 2.00 Hogan's Heroes 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 The Nanny 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 Flintstones 6.30 Total Wipeout UK 7.30 Hellcats 8.30 The Vampire Diaries 9.30 Ladette To Lady USA 10.30 Gossip Girl 11.30 South Park 12.00 The Vampire Diaries 1.00 Gossip Girl 7TWO PRIME 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home And Away: The Early Years 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation

Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 All My Children 11.50 Martha Stewart 12.50 Gourmet Express 1.25 Cooking In The Danger Zone 2.00 To Be Announced 4.00 To Be Announced 5.00 Best Dish 6.00 Ugly Betty 7.00 Airline USA 7.30 Heartbeat 8.30 The Xtra Factor 9.30 October Road 10.30 Mistresses 11.35 The Prisoner 12.40 The World Around Us 1.40 AFL Footy Flashbacks ONE HD 6.00 National Football League 9.20 Transworld Sport 10.20 National Football League 2.00 MotoGP 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Cricket: Twenty20 Champions League 7.00 Sports Tonight: Presented by Brad McEwan 7.30 2010 Brownlow Medal Count: Blue Carpet Arrivals 8.00 2010 Brownlow Medal Count 11.00 World Football News 12.00 Johnny Lewis Boxing Classics SBS TWO 5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Living Black 6.30 Eating Art 7.00 At The Table With 7.30 The Secret Life Of Your Body Clock 8.30 Waiting For A Heartbeat 9.30 The World Game 10.30 Movie: In The Mood For Love (Hong Kong) 12.15 Weatherwatch

PAY TV MOVIES 8.30pm Birds Of America MOVIE ONE 9.30pm Beijing Bicycle (China) WORLD MOVIES ENTERTAINMENT 7.30pm The Delicious Miss Dahl LIFESTYLE FOOD CHANNEL 8.30pm The Secret Millionaire USA LIFESTYLE CHANNEL DOCUMENTARIES 1.30pm Carp Crew DISCOVERY TURBO MAX 6.00pm Anaconda: Queen Of The Serpent NAT GEO WILD SPORT 6.30am Tennis: The Davis Cup FOX SPORTS 2 8.30pm AFL On The Couch FOX SPORTS 1

While every effort is made to ensure the programs contained in this guide are correct at the time of publishing, schedules are subject to change without notice.




Tuesday ten

September 21, 2010

sbs one

4.00 The Cook And The Chef 4.30 Shortland Street 5.00 Something In The Air 5.30 The New Inventors 6.00 Children’s Programs 10.00 School Programs 11.00 Big Ideas 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Architects Of Change 1.30 The Einstein Factor

5.30 Today 9.00 KerriAnne 11.00 Alive And Cooking 11.30 Daily 12.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Hot Seat

6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show 11.30 Seven News 12.00 Movie: Dr. Dolittle 3: Kyla Pratt, Kristen Wilson, Walker Howard, John Amos and Luciana Carro 2.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 5.30 Prime News

6.00 Ten News 7.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Infomercial 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News

5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World Watch 1.00 Movie: Destiny Has No Favourites (Peru) 2.40 Make Yourself At Home 3.00 Living Black 3.30 Letters And Numbers 4.00 World Watch 4.30 PBS Newshour 5.30 Global Village

2.00 Parliament 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.00 The Genius Of Design: The story of design, from the Industrial Revolution to the present day. 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Foreign Correspondent 8.30 Seven Ages Of Britain 9.35 QI: Presented by Stephen Fry 10.05 Jennifer Byrne Presents 10.35 Lateline 11.10 Lateline Business 11.40 Four Corners

6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Top Gear 9.00 Derren Brown: The Events 10.00 Footy Classified 11.00 How To Have Sex After Marriage: Anjula Mutuna and her team of dating experts try to put some passion back into a couple's relationship. 11.55 Win News 12.25 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.25 ET 1.55 Win Presents 2.00 Division 4 3.00 Danoz

6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 Four Weddings 8.30 Packed To The Rafters: Dave struggles with unfamiliar emotions that threaten to engulf his easygoing personality. 9.30 Parenthood: Haddie spends Career Day at Julia's law firm, but her assignment causes Julia and Kristina to reevaluate their respective career choices. 10.30 Keeping Up With The Kardashians

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours: Rebecca charges Summer with looking out for a vulnerable Andrew. However, when Natasha suggests they head to a dance party, can Summer deny her feelings for him any longer? 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation 8.30 Good News Week 10.00 NCIS: Gibbs vows to find Director Jenny Shepard’s killer. 11.00 Ten News

6.00 Letters And Numbers 6.30 World News 7.30 Insight 8.30 Cutting Edge Special: How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth? Naturalist Sir David Attenborough investigates whether the world is heading for a population crisis. 9.30 World News Late 10.00 Hot Docs: Fighting The Red Baron 11.25 Movie: Blue Eyelids (Mexico): Cecilia Suarez and Enrique Arreola

12.25 Media Watch: Presented by Paul Barry 12.40 The Chaser's War On Everything 1.25 Parliament 2.25 An Artist In Eden 3.00 Big Ideas

3.30 GMA: Presented by George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, Juju Chang and Sam Champion 5.00 Early Morning News

11.00 Dawn Goes Lesbian 12.30 Home Shopping 5.30 Seven Early News: Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta present the latest news.

11.45 The Late Show With David Letterman 12.30 Law & Order 1.30 Infomercials 4.00 Everyday Life 4.30 Copeland 5.00 Life Today

1.10 Embedded With Sheik Hilaly: Follows a man who decides to move in with Australia's most controversial Muslim figure. 2.10 Weatherwatch

ABC2 5.30 The Cook And The Chef 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.05 Children’s Programs 6.00 A Seaside Parish 6.30 Scrapheap Challenge 7.20 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 7.40 The Colbert Report 8.00 Outnumbered 8.30 Criminal Justice 9.30 Deadwood 10.30 Teachers 11.30 Billable Hours 11.55 The Beast 12.40 Mind, Body And Kick Ass Moves

12.50 Essence Of Emeril 1.20 Wild Harvest 1.55 Ainsley's Gourmet Express 2.30 To Be Announced 4.30 Murphy Brown 5.00 Best Dish 6.00 Ugly Betty 7.00 Airline USA 7.30 Fawlty Towers 8.10 The Vicar Of Dibley 8.45 Benidorm 9.15 Not Going Out 9.50 The Sopranos 12.30 The Professionals

ONE HD 6.00 2010 Brownlow Medal Count 9.00 Major League Baseball 12.00 World Football GO! 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 News 1.00 Football: Serie A 3.00 Flintstones 9.00 Jetsons 9.30 Omnisport 3.30 Golf: Countdown Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 To The Ryder Cup 4.00 Golf ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Get Smart Central 4.30 Nascar Sprint Cup 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Seinfeld 5.00 Rally World 5.30 Motorcycle 1.00 The Hills 2.00 Hellcats 3.00 Racing: 125cc 6.15 Motorcycle Just Shoot Me 3.30 The Nanny Racing: Moto2 7.00 MotoGP 8.00 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Sports Tonight 8.30 One Week At A Time 9.25 Cricket: Twenty20 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Champions League 1.00 Bewitched 6.00 Flintstones 6.30 Total Wipeout UK 7.30 Drop Dead Omnisport 1.15 Cricket: Twenty20 Champions League Diva 8.30 Seinfeld 9.30 Buffalo Soldiers 11.30 South Park 12.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1.00 SBS TWO Drop Dead Diva 5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village 6.30 At 7TWO PRIME The Table With 7.00 Eating Art 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 7.30 Lost Worlds 8.30 As It Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home Happened: Hitler's Bodyguard And Away: The Early Years 9.30 9.30 Movie: Restless (Finland): Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Mikko Nousiainen 11.25 Movie: Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 All Who Knows? (France) 2.00 My Children 11.50 Martha Stewart Weatherwatch

PAY TV MOVIES 12.35pm Hotel for Dogs FAMILY MOVIE CHANNEL 8.30pm How To Make It In America SHOWCASE 10.10pm Dr Socrates TCM ENTERTAINMENT 7.30pm Chelsea Flower Show 2010 LIFESTYLE CHANNEL 8.30pm Prince William And Prince Harry: Into The Future BIO DOCUMENTARIES 6.30pm Real Stories of Highway Patrol CI 8.30pm Blood, Sweat And Luxuries BBC KNOWLEDGE SPORT 9.00am American Football: Monday Night Countdown ESPN 4.00pm SportsCentre ESPN


30 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010



NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper


Wednesday ten

September 22, 2010

sbs one

4.00 Good Game 4.30 Shortland Street 5.00 Something In The Air 5.30 The New Inventors 6.00 Children’s Programs 10.00 School Programs 11.00 Big Ideas 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 National Press Club Address 1.30 Talking Heads

5.30 Today 9.00 KerriAnne 11.00 Alive And Cooking 11.30 Daily 12.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Hot Seat

6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show 11.30 Seven News 12.00 Movie: Wedding Daze: John Larroquette, Karen Valentine, Kelly Overton and Marina Black 2.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 5.30 Prime News

6.00 Ten News 7.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Infomercial 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News

5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World Watch 5.45 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup: Semi Finals 11.00 World Watch 3.30 Letters And Numbers 4.00 World Watch 4.30 PBS Newshour 5.30 Global Village: Presented by Silvio Rivier

2.00 Parliament 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.00 Cheese Slices 6.30 Poh's Kitchen 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 The New Inventors 8.30 Spicks And Specks 9.00 The Gruen Transfer 9.30 United States Of Tara: Max tries to separate himself from Pammy. 10.00 At The Movies 10.30 Lateline 11.05 Lateline Business 11.30 The Silence: A retired detective is found dead in a boxing gym.

6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 The Block: Four couples move into a block of rundown apartments to renovate and decorate in just eight weeks. 8.30 The Boss Is Coming To Dinner: Three candidates vying for a job must stage a dinner party in an attempt to impress their prospective new employer. 9.30 RPA 10.30 Embarrassing Bodies 11.30 ET

6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 Border Security: Australia’s Front Line: Presented by Grant Bowler 8.00 The Force: Behind The Line 8.30 City Homicide 9.30 Breakout 10.40 The Suspects True Australian Thrillers 11.40 Suburban Secrets: Life in a quiet suburb changes forever after a desperate 911 call. 12.10 Room For Improvement 12.35 Home Shopping

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours: Desperate to feel like her old self, Steph tries to rebuild her life. However, when she discovers Toadie has been sending toys to Adam, she is reminded again of what she has done. 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Glee 8.30 House 9.30 Lie To Me: Foster and Loker travel to a religious compound to determine if it is a cult. 10.30 Ten News

6.00 Letters And Numbers 6.30 World News 7.35 Inspector Rex: Stefan Gruber and Mick Konrad run a restaurant together. One night after work, Stefan is poisoned, and dies. Will Moser and Rex discover who poisoned Stefan? 8.30 Anna Pihl: While her colleagues toast Anna for her recent heroic efforts, Kim brings bad news. 9.30 World News Late 10.00 Movie: Head-On (Germany): Birol Unel

12.30 Chandon Pictures: The team sets about making a spectacular video. 1.00 Parliament 2.00 Big Ideas 3.00 National Press Club Address

12.00 Win News 12.30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.30 Til Death 2.00 Danoz 3.30 GMA 5.00 Early Morning News

11.15 The Late Show With David Letterman 12.00 Numb3rs 1.00 Infomercials 4.00 Everyday Life 4.30 Copeland 5.00 Life Today

12.05 Movie: The Young Lieutenant (France): Nathalie Baye: A police graduate leaves his lowcrime town to take up post in Paris. 2.10 Weatherwatch

5.30 Seven Early News: Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta present the latest news, sport and weather from around Australia and overseas.

ABC2 5.30 The Cook And The Chef 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.05 Children’s Programs 6.00 Stop. Rewind 6.25 Scrapheap Challenge 7.20 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 7.40 The Colbert Report 8.00 Good Morning Kalimantan 8.30 My Child Won't Talk 9.20 Change Of Heart 10.10 I'm A Boy Anorexic 11.10 Maybe Baby 12.10 A Place In Slovakia

My Children 11.55 Martha Stewart 12.55 Safari Chef 1.25 People's Cookbook 2.20 Movie: 84 Charing Cross Road 4.30 Murphy Brown 5.00 Best Dish 6.00 Ugly Betty 7.00 Airline USA 7.30 The Royal 8.30 McCallum 10.40 Wycliffe 11.50 The Professionals 1.00 The World Around Us

ONE HD 6.00 National Football League 8.00 NFL Total Access 9.00 Major League Baseball 12.00 Rally GO! World 12.30 Football: The Serie A 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 Highlights Show 1.00 Football: Flintstones 9.00 Jetsons 9.30 Bundesliga 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 Sports Unlimited 4.30 Surfing: ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Get Smart 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Seinfeld ASP World Tour 5.30 BMX Road Fools 6.30 Pro Bull Riding 7.30 1.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Making Of 8.30 Sailing: Audi 2.00 Charlie's Angels 3.00 Just IRC Series 9.00 Sports Tonight Shoot Me 3.30 The Nanny 4.00 9.20 Cricket: Twenty20 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched Champions League 1.00 Omnisport 1.15 Cricket: 6.00 Flintstones 6.30 Total Wipeout UK 7.30 Wipeout USA Twenty20 Champions League 8.30 Human Target 9.30 Spartacus: Blood And Sand 10.30 SBS TWO Dark Blue 11.30 South Park 12.00 5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village 6.30 Human Target Made In Spain With Jose Andres 7.00 At The Table With 7.30 7TWO PRIME Dateline 8.30 Burma's Nuclear 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 Ambitions 9.30 Movie: Live And Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home Become (France) 12.00 Movie: And Away: The Early Years 9.30 Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation The Forbidden Chapter (Italy) Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 All 1.40 Weatherwatch

PAY TV MOVIES 3.05pm Hide-Out: Robert Montgomery TCM 6.30pm Duets


ENTERTAINMENT 7.30pm Ace Of Cakes LIFESTYLE FOOD 8.30pm My Architect STVDIO 9.30pm Ballroom High BIO DOCUMENTARIES 7.30pm Kurt & Courtney CI 8.30pm How Techies Changed The World DISCOVERY SCIENCE SPORT 3.00pm SportsCentre ESPN 7.30pm Football: A-League: Gold Coast v Newcastle FOX SPORTS 3

While every effort is made to ensure the programs contained in this guide are correct at the time of publishing, schedules are subject to change without notice.




Thursday ten

September 23, 2010

sbs one

4.00 Catalyst 4.30 Shortland Street 5.00 Something In The Air 5.30 The New Inventors 6.00 Children’s Programs 10.00 School Programs 11.00 Planet Science 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Agatha Christie's Partners In Crime 1.30 Collectors

7.00 Today 9.00 KerriAnne 11.00 Alive And Cooking 11.30 Daily 12.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 ET 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 Nine News 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Nine News

6.00 Sunrise 9.00 The Morning Show 11.30 Seven News 12.00 Movie: Slap Shot: The Junior League: Greyston Holt, Jeff Carlson and Steve Carlson 2.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 5.30 Prime News

6.00 Ten News 7.00 Children’s Programs 9.00 Ten News 10.00 The Circle 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Infomercial 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News

5.00 Weatherwatch 5.05 World Watch 1.00 The Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia 1.30 When The Egyptians Sailed On The Red Sea 2.30 Dateline 3.30 Letters And Numbers 4.00 World Watch 4.30 PBS Newshour 5.30 Global Village

2.00 Parliament 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.00 Lost Gardens 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Catalyst 8.30 The New Inventors: Grand Final 9.30 The Da Vinci Shroud: The Shroud of Turin has baffled scientists for decades. This film examines the theory that it was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. 10.20 Lateline 10.55 Lateline Business 11.20 Live At The Basement

6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Getaway 8.30 The Footy Show: Grand Final Edition: Presented by Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw, Sam Newman, Billy Brownless and Shane Crawford 11.00 Off The Bench 11.30 The Footy Show Late 1.30 ET: Mary Hart and Mark Steines present the latest celebrity news and Hollywood's hottest stories. 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Danoz

6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 Prime Time Game Day 8.30 Movie: Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard, Christine Baranski and Julie Walters 11.00 Scrubs: Turk is in shock after hearing the news that J.D and Carla kissed after a night at the bar. 11.30 Stag 12.00 The Matty Johns Show 1.00 Home Shopping

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours: Steph feels ambushed, and takes off with Woody — leaving Lyn to face the possibility she has lost her for good. 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Bondi Vet 8.00 Recruits 8.30 Rush: On her first day as a Sergeant, Shannon's bubble is quickly burst when TR 2 is stolen. 9.30 Burn Notice 10.30 Ten News 11.15 Bet 24/7: Odds On 11.45 Thursday Night Live

6.00 Letters And Numbers 6.30 World News 7.30 Food Safari 8.00 Luke Nguyen's Vietnam: Phu Quoc, an island off the south-east coast of Vietnam, is an idyllic location, and a relaxing change of pace for Luke. 8.30 Heston's Feasts: Heston Blumenthal returns to the 1980s. 9.30 World News Late 10.00 Movie: Infernal Affairs (Hong Kong): Tony Leung, Andy Lau and Kelly Chen

3.30 GMA: Presented by George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, Juju Chang and Sam Champion 5.00 Early Morning News

5.30 Seven Early News: Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta present the latest news, sport and weather from around Australia and overseas.

12.45 The Late Show With David Letterman 1.45 Video Hits 2.00 Infomercials 4.00 Everyday Life 4.30 Copeland 5.00 Life Today

11.45 Movie: The Alzheimer Case (Belgium): Jan Decleir, Koen De Bouw and Laurien Van Den Broeck 1.55 Weatherwatch

12.20 Parliament 1.20 Movie: Ill Met By Moonlight: Dirk Bogarde and Marius Goring 3.00 Movie: Child Of Divorce: Sharyn Moffett

ABC2 5.30 The Cook And The Chef 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.05 Children’s Programs 6.00 Poh's Kitchen 6.25 Scrapheap Challenge 7.20 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 7.40 The Colbert Report 8.00 Spicks And Specks 8.30 The Gruen Transfer 9.00 Horne And Corden 9.30 Gary: Tank Commander 10.00 Harry And Paul 10.30 Tracey Ullman's State Of The Union 11.00 Little Miss Jocelyn 11.30 John Safran's Race Relations GO! 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 Flintstones 9.00 Jetsons 9.30 Jeannie 10.00 Bewitched 10.30 ET 11.00 TMZ 11.30 Get Smart 12.00 Here's Lucy 12.30 Seinfeld 1.00 The Bachelorette 2.00 Charlie's Angels 3.00 Just Shoot Me 3.30 The Nanny 4.00 Children’s Programs 4.30 Here's Lucy 5.00 Jeannie 5.30 Bewitched 6.00 Flintstones 6.30 Total Wipeout UK 7.30 Top Gear 8.30 Big Bang Theory 9.30 Catwoman 11.40 South Park 12.10 Eclipse Music TV 7TWO PRIME 6.00 Children’s Programs 8.30 Sons And Daughters 9.00 Home And Away: The Early Years 9.30

Shortland Street 10.00 Coronation Street 10.30 Emmerdale 11.00 All My Children 11.55 Martha Stewart 12.55 Taste 1.55 Coastal Kitchen 2.30 Movie: The Nevadan 4.30 Murphy Brown 5.00 Best Dish 6.00 Ugly Betty 7.00 Movie: Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen 9.00 Movie: The Living Daylights 11.35 The Professionals 12.40 AFL Game Day ONE HD 6.00 National Football League 8.30 I Fish 9.00 Beach Volleyball: FIVB World Tour 9.30 This Week In Baseball 10.00 Major League Baseball 1.00 Football: Serie A 3.00 Omnisport 3.30 Tennis: ATP World Tour Uncovered 4.00 Golf Central 4.30 Football: Liverpool TV 7.30 Thursday Night Live 9.30 Sports Tonight 10.00 UFC Countdown 119 10.55 Football: Arsenal TV 1.55 Sports Tonight SBS TWO 5.00 Weatherwatch 6am World Watch 6pm Global Village 6.30 Food Trip With Todd English 7.00 Made In Spain With Jose Andres 7.30 Insight 8.30 Views On Vermeer: 10 Short Stories 9.30 Movie: I Only Want To Walk (Spain) 11.45 Movie: The Mystery Of The Yellow Room (France) 1.50 Weatherwatch

PAY TV MOVIES 3.30pm Gran Torino MOVIE ONE 5.10pm Dr Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts SHOWTIME PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT 6.00pm DIY SOS LIFESTYLE CHANNEL 8.30pm False Pretenses 13TH STREET 9.30pm Football United BIO DOCUMENTARIES 4.00pm Superfish NAT GEO WILD 5.30pm Little People, Big World DISCOVERY HOME & HEALTH 9.00pm All Worked Up CI SPORT 3.00pm SportsCentre ESPN 5.30pm Rugby Union: ITM Cup: Southland v Auckland FOX SPORTS 3

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Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 31

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Real Estate.... Email:

IMPECCABLE: This stylish townhouse is lovingly presented both inside and out.

Stylish, private S and good value

ALL SEASONS: Enjoy entertaining and relaxing outdoors 12 months of the year.

TYLISH open plan living and dining arrangement are among the many stunning features of this week’s featured Wodonga Real Estate property. The impeccably maintained and very private three bedroom townhouse is located in leafy Sanctuary Gardens. It is one of only two townhouses on the block and offers excellent security while positioned to enjoy a westerly Continued page 34 aspect.

PROPERTY details Address: 1-10 Sanctuary Boulevard, Wodonga Features: Three bedrooms, master with ensuite; tasteful and well appointed kitchen, refrigerated cooling, reverse cycle heating and optional gas heating, double lock-up garage with internal and remote access, all season entertaining area. For Sale: $275,000 Contact: Wodonga Real Estate on 6056 1888

ENTION TTHome AFirst Buyers and

Follow the link to the NSW Government’s OSR website to discover

New Home Builders in NSW Take advantage of the stamp duty concessions commencing 1 July 2010!


and start looking for your land today!

QUALITY: These two units simply ooze quality.

Location and quality are keys to this pair Add all these features together and the size and layout of this townhouse offers more than what is found in most four bedroom homes. Unit two is spread over three levels and offers three bedrooms, the main with ensuite, spa bath and a walk-in robe. The spacious living areas on levels two and three open onto balconies providing great summer entertaining or relaxing areas. These quality residences could well be the best townhouses that have ever been offered for sale in Albury and certainly warrant inspection if you have a desire for something exceptional. For more information and pricing contact Barry Hutton at Hutton Real Estate on 0407 261 965.

PROPERTY details Address: 1 & 2/757 Peel St, Albury For Sale: Price on Application Contact: Barry Hutton on 0407 261 965

Two great estates in Albury to choose from: š>kc[=WhZ[diš>Wc_bjed>[_]^ji

Albury-Wodonga Corporation 2/620 Macauley Street,Albury NSW 2640 Phone: (02) 6023 8000 or 0418 492 397 For further information visit


By TREVOR JACKSON LOCATION, location, location, has always been referred to as the three golden rules of real estate. These two luxury townhouses certainly have that as they are situated just across the road from the Albury Golf Club and club house at the top end of Peel Street, Albury. This brilliant location not only offers commanding views over the city and the Albury golf course, but also extends to the snow capped mountains of the southern Alps. With its close proximity to the central shopping area this is certainly a great place to live. Unit one, which is built on two levels, offers four bedrooms, the main with ensuite and walk-in robe. The large open living areas on both levels offer commanding views which are captivating by day and magnificent by night. Fully ducted heating and air conditioning also add to the comfort and there is a large double garage with additional storage area that has remote and internal entry.

32 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

6056 1888


AMANDA KOTZUR 0423 344 588

HEIDI BOURKE 0438 561 089

CLINTON HARVEY 0408 605 950


6 Stanley St, Wodonga Email:

ALAN HODGSON 0418 468 579





DES LONERGAN 0408 575 825






Inspection by appointment • Beautiful paved outdoor entertaining area • Landscaped backyard with room for a pool • Separate heated spa outside for relaxation • Offering 52 m2 under roof, 30 m2 of living




Inspection by appointment




Inspection by appointment

• Modern kitchen combined with family area • Three bedrooms - master with en-suite plus study or guest room • Located in one of Wodonga’s most popular estates



Inspection by appointment • Three good sized bedrooms all with built in robes • Undercover entertaining area • Secure double car accomodation • Room for the kids to play on a 765m2 allotment














Inspection by appointment

• Freshly painted and brand new carpet, • Two separate living zones, two split systems • Master bedroom with double vanity in en-suite






•Three bedrooms, all with built in robes •Gas heating, airconditioning, open plan living •Secure Backyard, car accommodation, walk to tafe



• Immacuatley presented home in quiet court • Suitable for both owner occupiers or investors • Two living areas • Ducted cooling, gas heating





• Large open feel living of lounge and family rooms • Separate rumpas / bar room • Stunning kitchen with all the modern appliances • 4 large bedrooms with ensuite and third bathroom







Inspection by appointment

Inspection by appointment

Inspection by appointment

Inspection by appointment

• A well loved home looking for new owners

• Newly renovated kitchen

• Galley Style kitchen with access to pergola

• Gas wall furnance & spilt system cooling

• Single carport with rear yard access

• Stainless steel applicanes & full bathroom

• Good size kitchen and dining, separate living • Convenience store, hairdresser and takeaway shop across the road • Great tenant at $185 per week

• Two bedroom unit with own driveway • Car space for four vehicles, second carport ideal for a caravan • Paved outdoor covered entertaining area














FROM $268,000







Inspection by appointment

Inspection by appointment

Inspection by appointment

Inspection by appointment

• Three bedrooms plus study, renovated kitchen • Two living areas-one ideal for a theatre room • Great sized yard, oversized single car accomodation

•Electric kitchen with pantry and dishwasher

• 3 x 2 bedroom brand new townhouses • Open plan living design, full bathroom • Only a short distance to medical centre, cafe’s & public transport

• Four bedrooms generously sized • Three living areas, one of which hosts a projector screen & surround sound • Solar powered In ground swimming pool

•Expected rental return of $255 to $265 per week •Zoned business 4

More great listings and photos available at

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 33

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper








Inspection by appointment






Inspection by appointment




Inspection by appointment

• Light filled Kitchen with dishwasher • Separate Lounge and Family rooms • Let at $320 p/w or can be purchased with vacant possession

• Three Bedrooms, master with en-suite & WIR • Undercover entertaining area • Currently leased to an outstanding tenant until 19th May 2011

•Stunning upmarket two story townhouse •Walk to CBD - High street, cafe’s & all facilities •Large main bedroom with en-suite and private courtyard









Inpsection by appointment

• Formal lounge, dining & family room • Ducted heating & cooling • Let at $350pw or can be purchased with vacant possession





Inspection by appointment

• 26.5 square four year old home with study • Sunken lounge plus family/ rumpus room • Beautiful 2000m2 block, 6x7m shed




Inspection by appointment

• Individually designed Davis Sanders home • Views over the Golf Course & reserve • Private and peaceful setting with pool

The Out Of Town Specialists Tallangatta


1374 Kiewa Valley H’wy Kiewa



Auction 11 am Sat 16 October


McIntosh Lane Bonegilla





Inspection by appointment !

• 72Ha (180 Acres approx) grazing land with 3 BR brick home C 1950 • Extensive shedding & stockyards.Town water & dams. • Within minutes of Central Wodonga & freeway access. Dederang





Phone for Inspection!

Yackandandah Heights


Price Reduced- Motivated Vendors.



Inspection strictly by appointment.

• Very practical family home-designed for functionality. • Two formal living areas.Lovely gardens. • Good shedding & Great location near Secondary college.


From $79,500









Auction This Saturday 11 AM

•10 acre farmlet with period style home with Bull nose verandahs. •Town water & Spring Fed Dam. 3 paddocks. Suit horses / cattle. •Tennis Court; School buses at front gate. 15 minutes to town.






Land at affordable prices. Only 25 minutes from Wodonga

Suit Growing Family

•Quality home midway between Wodonga & the Snowfields. •Excellent living areas. Potential Inground pool. •Guest bungalow/ home office plus workshop!

•Large serviced home sites from 833m² including reticulated gas available to each block.Only 7 left ! • Exciting House and Land packages available ! •Yackandandah Heights- Fantastic lifestyle !

•Peaceful location near golf course - Schools, Shopping & other facilities close by. •Two living areas & entertaining deck.Workshop. •New Carpets, some fresh paint & Robes.

•On 2½ acres with country size kitchen & lounge. •Natural light abounds. About 50 mins to Wodonga. Good water supply. •Very comfortable low cost accommodation.







- Inspection strictly by appointment.



Inspection by Arrangement ! Vendor Anxious to sell.

From $ 85,000










A Touch of Heaven - Weekend retreat 2 hours away!

Inspection by appointment

Inspection by appointment

Land at affordable prices. Only 15 minutes from Wodonga

•Upper Murray bush block of 20 acres (8Ha) •Enjoys easy access by road, adjoins Thowgla creek. Power through property.Permits available. • Ever so peaceful . For weekends or forever !

• Large vacant block-5200m² on towns’ edge. • Close to all schools, golf course, showgrounds & shopping centre. • Suited to variety of Residential purposes S.T.C.A

• Beautiful grazing country with weir views.

•Two blocks - 851m² &1012m² in quite locality. •School, shop & transport in walking distance. •Water, Power, Phone & Sewerage all available.

•7 dams, good fencing & power in close proximity. •Approx.100 acres-40 hectares.A rare commodity!

Phone Des: 0408 575 825


34 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Real Estate

Private and secure


Attention Landlords!

ost experienced agement Team!

William St $105pw Avail 27.09.10 1 BR central unit, combined bath/l’dry, carport, elect appliances.

Mitchell St $240pw Avail 27.09.10 Very central 3 BR home, BIRs, ceiling fans, S/S heat & cool, court yard. Beechworth Rd $120pw Avail now Ethel St $250pw Avail 21.09.10 Very central 1 BR unit, S/S heat & cool, carport, close to As new 2 BR townhouse, duct cool, gas heat, DW, low all amenities, very quiet. FRAN WERNERT JACQUIE BARRASS HOUSE LUCINDA MORGAN ANN maintenance BEN secure yard, LUG with remote & int Mullins Rd, Killara $185pw Avail 04.10.10 access. 2 BR unit, 10 mins Wodonga, BIRs, gas heat, A/C, decking, carport. Hensley Crt $260pw Avail 24.09.10 Skipton Crt $190pw Avail mid Sept Modern 2 BR, gas cook, S/S A/C, BIRs, low maintenance, 2-storey, 2 BR unit, quiet court, gas heat, A/C, small SLUG with remote. yard, double carport with remote roller door. Sanctuary Bld $270pw Avail now Gordon St $215pw Avail 17.09.10 Well presented 2 BR townhouse, ensuite, BIR, duct cool 3 BR townhouse, gas heat, 2 x AC, BIRs, shower/bath, & heat, pergola, DLUG. encl yard, DLUG. 2 AVAILABLE - Wren Crt $300pw Avail 08.10.10 & Kingsbury Crt $215pw Avail 22.09.10 05.11.10 Spacious 2 BR unit, as new kitchen, as new floor coverings, window furnishings, freshly painted, BIRs, gas Modern 3 BR townhouse, duct cool, gas heat, DW, elect heat, A/C, SLUG + additional car space. cook, WIR, ensuite, encl yard, DLUG with remote & int Kyle Crt $220pw Avail 01.10.10 access. Neat & tidy 2 BR unit, BIRs, gas heat, A/C, SLUG, Hume St $400pw Avail 01.10.10 courtyard. No pets. Executive 1st floor property, 3 queen size BRs, BIRs, De Kerilleau Dr $235pw Avail now ensuite, DW, study area, duct heat & cool, DLUG with Located above shops, this 1st-storey, 2 BR unit features remotes, intercom security, 2 balconies. modern kitchen, duct cool, gas heat, BIRs, 2 x carports.

HOUSES AVAILABLE Samantha Terrace $200pw Avail 05.10.10 2 BR house, floorboards, gas heat & cook, A/C, BIR, carport, shade sail, encl yard. Serpentine Ave $220pw Avail now 3 BR home, BIRs, ceiling fans, study nook, sleep out with bathroom, gas heat, DW, duct cool, dlbe lock up carport, secure yard. Watson St $230pw Avail now 2 BR home, BIRs, ensuite, 2 living areas, gas heat, A/C, dble carport, shed. Lawrence St $245pw Avail now 3 /4 BR home, BIRs, gas heat, A/C, verandah, single garage + carport. Price incl mowing. Elm St $245pw Avail 08.10.10 Neat as a pin! 2 BR home, BIRs, polished boards, duct cool, hydronic heating, gas cook, BBQ area, 6x9 garage/ workshop.Inc lawn maintenance. Marshall St $250pw Avail now 3 BR home, BIRs, duct cool, gas heat, undercover area, encl yard, carport. Marshall St $255pw Avail 25.09.10 3 BR home, BIRs, sep lounge, open living, gas cook, duct cool, gas heat, encl yard, DLUG. Hume St $260pw Avail 20.09.10 Central weatherboard home, duct heat & cool, BIRs to main, SLUG, low maintenance gardens. Delatite Crt $260pw Avail 14.10.10 3 BR house, duct cool, gas heat, 2-way bathroom, BIRs, enlc yard, dble carport with roller doors. Thomas Pl $270pw Avail 27.09.10 Great 3 BR home, DW, sunken lounge, BIRs, ceiling fans, 2-way bathroom, duct cool, DLUG, landscaped yard. Emerald Ave $285pw Avail 01.10.10 3 BR home, BIRs, study, DW, ensuite, gas heat, S/S cool, secure yard, small shed, dble lock-up carport.

Charles St $290pw Avail 29.09.10 3 BR central home, BIRs, duct heat & cool, spa bath, dble carport, extra shed, 3 phase power, secure yard. Lawrence St $300pw Avail 01.10.10 Central 3 BR townhouse, duct heat & cool, BIRs, ensuite, DLUG with remotes & int access. Two on the block. Dundee Dr $310pw Avail 27.09.10 3 BR family home, BIRs, ensuite, duct heat & cool, DW, pergola with spa, DLUG, remote, shed, encl yard, rear access. Rundle St $320pw Avail 01.10.10 Low maintenance, brand new, 3 BR townhouse, BIRs, DW, duct heat & cool, SLUG, landscaped gardens, entertaining area. Kelliher Drive $320pw Avail 30.09.10 Brand new low-maint 3 BR home, S/S A/C, BIRs, open living, alfresco, DW, LUG. Valerian Tce, Baranduda $330pw Avail 18.09.10 As new 3+ study home, duct heat & cool, 2 living, DW, ensuite, DLUG with remotes, entertaining area. Derwent Way $340pw Avail 08.10.10 Brand new 4 BR home, ensuite, WIR, BIRs, gas cook, DW, duct heat & cool, entertaining area DLUG with rear access. Nightingale Ave $370pw Avail 02.10.10 Well presented 4 BR home, BIRs, duct cool & heat, DW, large pantry, ensuite, pergola, DLUG. No pets. Ballara Dr $410pw Avail 30.09.10 Modern 4 BR home, 2 living areas, duct cool & heat, DW, ensuite, deck, DLUG with remotes.



Kiewa East Rd, Tangambalanga $110pw Avail 05.10.10 Tidy 2 BR flat, BIRs, elect cook & heat, carport. Weramu St, Tallangatta $160pw Avail now Good size 2 BR unit, BIR to master, elect cook, DW, S/S heat & cool, secure yard. High St, Yackandandah $250pw Avail now Charming partly renovated 4+ BR cottage, floorboards, big kitchen & bathroom, wood & elect heat, secure yard, very central. Hodge St, Beechworth $295pw Avail now Well presented 3 BR home, BIRs, double block, S/S, balcony with views, under house garage, 3 x carport. Knobles Rd, Wirlinga $370pw Avail now 3 Br + study, duct cool, 2 gas heats, DW, BIRs, WIR, dble carport + 2 bay shed, acreage, mins from Albury. 4 month lease only.

Plummer St, Sth Albury $135pw Avail 20.09.10 Neat & tidy 2 BR unit, open plan living, gas heat, BIRs, courtyard, carport. No pets. Moore St, Lavington $165pw Avail now Neat 2 BR unit, close to shops, updated kitchen, RC heat & cool, BIRs, shed, SLUG. No pets. Hicks Pl, Albury $205pw Avail now 3 BR house, SS heat & cool, updated kitchen, floorboards, elevated entertaining area, SLUG, yard. Kurrajong Cres, West Albury $250pw Avail now Modern 2 BR townhouse, S/S heat & cool, DW, BIRs, spa bath, encl yard, SLUG with remote & int access. Ross Circ, Lavington $270pw Avail 20.09.10 3 BR home, ensuite, BIRs, gas heat, A/C, DLUG, storage unit. Close to shops. Vaughan Rd, Thurgoona $430pw Avail now Stunning 4 BR house, duct heat & cool, ensuite with spa, BIRs, DW, duct vac, entertaining area, DLUG with remote & int acc. David St, Albury $450pw Avail now Central 4 BR home, BIRs, ensuite, duct floor heat, A/C, DW, verandah, in-ground salt pool, private yard, DLUG with remote. 5 month lease only.

MOOREFIELD PARK STORAGE UNITS Trafalgar St Wodonga from $77per month Avail now Secure storage units from 2.3 x 3.5m up to 8 x 3.5m. 24 hour access for tenants. 1 suitable for caravan.

From page 31 It has everything that townhouses have to offer and much more. A double lock-up garage incorporates both internal and remote access. It is ideal for families with more than one vehicle. The roller doors are operated by remote control to also add to your convenience. Situated at the rear of the block, there is easy vehicle access. A tasteful and well appointed two pac kitchen includes a dishwasher, along with electric hot plates and oven. There is also a good size pantry to complement the existing ample cupboard space. The “heart” of the townhouse features an open plan living/dining experience. To add to your comfort throughout the 12 months of the year, there is refrigerated cooling, reverse cycle heating and optional gas heating. The master bedroom comes complete with built-in-robe with full length mirrors and ensuite.

Teenagers and younger children will love the opportunity to call the other two bedrooms their own as well. There is also a bathroom, complete with bath and shower, along with a separate toilet at this end of the premises. The outside all-season entertaining area is another impressive feature. You can relax and entertain family and friends and, at the same time, satisfy the appetite with a barbecue. There is also a secure storage shed to house your garden equipment. One of the aspects which you quickly appreciate is the peace and quiet. It is a quiet area where there is a strong focus on community spirit. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, the townhouse is also located in close proximity to walking trails. It is situated just 4km from the Wodonga CBD. Not only will the townhouse suit an owner-occupier, but it is also an excellent opportunity to add to your property investment portfolio.

COMFORT: The three bedroom townhouse is designed with comfort in mind.

PAMPER YOURSELF: The bathroom and shower is both stylish and appealing.

Property Management Specialists 6 Stanley Street, Wodonga


Phone 6056 1888 VACANCY RATE 0.1% Fran Wernert

Jacquie Sterk

Lucinda Morgan

Fiona Thomas

Mark Rosevear

Daniel McDonald

Ben House

Tessa Barkley

Chris King

Noni Porter

Proud winner Albury/Wodonga Best Small Business 2008/2009

www.wodongarea STATE AGENTS 492099-IA37-10

ROOM: The spacious living area enables you to sit back and just relax.

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 35

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Four Bedrooms Plus Study

Luxury Townhouses with Position

A charming home offering four bedrooms and study, main with w.i.r. and ensuite, formal lounge and dining, separate living area adjoining well equipped kitchen, fully ducted air conditioning, gas heating plus log fire, two outdoor entertainment areas, double garage with remote and internal entry. A quality home that certainly warrants inspection.

Two luxury townhouses situated high on a hill overlooking Albury with views to the mountains, views which are magnificent by day and captivating by night. Offering open living areas both upstairs and downstairs, hostess kitchens, ensuites to main bedrooms, spa baths, fully ducted heating and cooling, secluded balconies and a host of special features.

Price Address Contact

Price Address Contact

$345,000 8 Watt Place, Lavington Barry Hutton 0407 261 965

P.O.A. 1 & 2/757 Peel St, Albury Barry Hutton 0407 261 965

Secluded Four Bedroom Home

Norris Park Location

This very secluded, very private home offers four bedrooms, main with ensuite, formal lounge, family room incorporating meals and dining, kitchen with new dishwasher, gas heating, fully ducted air conditioning, excellent outdoor entertaining barbecue area. The property is located close to all facilities and within easy walking distance to the Lavington Panthers Club.

This eight year old family home is ideally located in Norris Park Estate and offers four bedrooms, main with ensuite and w.i.r., three spacious living areas, hostess kitchen with walk-in pantry, dishwasher and breakfast bar, fully ducted heating and air conditioning, fully covered outdoor alfresco area, double garage with remote and internal entry. Ideal for the growing family.

Price Address Contact

Price Address Contact

$320,000 1446 Burrows Rd, Lavington Barry Hutton 0407 261 965

$350,000 758 Union Rd, Albury Barry Hutton 0407 261 965

Immaculate Presentation

A Unit with Location

Situated in one of Lavington’s select areas, this delightful home is beautifully presented both inside and out with not a dollar to spend anywhere. It offers three double bedrooms, ensuite facilities, formal lounge and dining and a separate family room opening to a large, covered alfresco entertainment area. Fully ducted air conditioning and gas heating.

Situated close to all the necessary amenities and within easy commuting distance to Lavington Square this two bedroom unit has gas heating and air-conditioning, and an open living area adjoining the kitchen with breakfast bar. It has a single garage plus it’s own private yard.This would be an excellent starting package for the first home buyer or start-up investor.

Price Address Contact

Price Address Contact

$320,000 12 Privett Place, Lavington Barry Hutton 0407 261 965

$145,000 2/367 Douglas Rd, Lavington Barry Hutton 0407 261 965

No Obligation & Free Property Appraisal Phone our office today to arrange a Complimentary Property Appraisal

Build Your Dream Home Here This outstanding rural allotment consists of a total area of 2 hectares (5 acres) with a nice rise and fall in undulating land. With excellent run off it has a nice area to offer as a dam or water feature, offering town water and power to the site.This excellent home site has a great outlook and is an easy commuting distance to Albury.

Price Address Contact

$125,000 165 Thomas St, Gerogery West Barry Hutton 0407 261 965


No Sale, No Fee!

No Advertising Charges

Nigel Horne 0407 058 706

Barry Hutton 0407 261 965

(02) 6025 8000 492137-RMB37-10

36 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

Simply the best choice of land

Any side of the border “Prices reduced Spring Special” 23






19OLD S 18OLD 11OLD CU S S D IT 1O7L 10OLD S SO S 16LD 9 H1O 5LD D L 8 O S 7 SO 6LD




This well established location is perfect for easy commuting to shops, schools, universities and sporting facilities.




Mountain Rise Estate offers affordable residential land.










If you are looking to build on affordable land in the Lavington/ Thurgoona area then Mountain Rise Estate should be on the top of your list.

OX 5


Block sizes range from 610 sqm to over 800sqm.



Prices start from as little as $85,000

“ …reduced prices for Spring only”

Price lists lists, plans and soil classification reports available a ailable

LAND SALES Phone: 6056 5374 (Teresa Emery)



NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 37

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

FOR SALE CHOOK WHEAT, “voted no1 by Chooks”. Will be delivering on Friday 1st October to A l b u r y / Ya c k a n d a n d a h areas. 0429 201 101, (02)6920-1102.

AIR CONDITIONER, portable evaporative cooler on stand, older style but works well. $35. Phone (02)6020-8754. AIR CONDITIONER, Electrolux, model ESE24HRA, s/system, 7000w cooling, economy mode, EC. $300. 0438 858 626. Albury. AIR CONDITIONER, Changhong, portable, reverse cycle, new, must sell $400. (02) 6040-5315. AIR HOCKEY TABLE, 2100 x 1300, VGC. $220. (02) 6025-1619. Lavington. ASSORTED ITEMS, recliner, two seater couch, two single recliners. Dining suite, timber, round extendable table and four chairs. Large oblong coffee table. All as new. $2,000 the lot. 0434 412 610. ASSORTED, electric bench cooktop, wall oven with rangehoods. $200. Phone 0447 637 320. Albury North.

COCKY CAGE, as new, plus 4 bird cages, mixed sixes and colours, $120 the lot or separate. (02) 6023-3718 or 0428 246 525. COCOS PALMS, 3 mature palms, aproximately 7m high, buyer to remove. Best offer. Phone 0427 261 664. Wodonga. COFFEE TABLE, oblong, teak look, 3’11” x 25” wide, as new. $195. 0434 412 610. COMPUTER FLAT SCREEN, almost new. $160. Phone 0407 240 001. COMPUTER SPEAKERS, 2 x Logitech, brand new with lead. $150. Phone 0407 240 001. CONTAINERS, 40’ for sale, $3,080 incl GST, delivered, also available 20’ and refrigerated containers. Phone 0408 200 957.

Classifieds Deadline: 2pm Wednesdays



ELECTRIC mobility scooters, new, big discounts. Prices range from $900$3,000. (02) 6023-3730.

HALL TABLE, slimline, stained ash, hand crafted, near new, lovely piece. $550. (03)5728-2845. Beechworth.

ELLIPTICAL TRAINER, LCD displaying calories and time. $200. (02) 60569135. Wodonga. ENCYCLOPEDIAS, Funk and Wagnalls, Volumes 127. VGC. $150. (02) 60566100. ENCYCLOPEDIAS of the Animal World. Volumes 121. VGC. $100. (02) 60566100. ESKY, Cool-Ice, 85 litre, never used. New price $349. Sell $200. No offers. (02) 6025-7796. Lavington. EXERCISE BIKE, with distance, speed, timer and calorie monitor, also has moving handle bars. $60. 6059-3297. Wodonga.

COUCH, 2 seater, fabric, excellent condition. $140 ono. 0437 259 912.

EXTENSION LADDER, Bailey, 3.6m/6.5m, 120kg load, as new condition. $275 ono. 0428 265 693. Albury.

DANCING SHOES, ballroom, USA size 41/2, gold, GC. $15. (02)60408250. Lavington.

FACIAL SAUNA, Home Medics with inhaler, as new, $20. (02)6040-8250. Lavington.

BBQ, Jackaroo, 6 burner, with side burner, with hood. $275. (02) 60245021. Wodonga.

DEB DRESS, size 14, full length, small train, fitted bodice, with gloves. Never been worn. $195. (02) 6059-4012. Wodonga.

FAX MACHINE, Brother, with manual. $50. Phone: (02) 6021-0270. Albury.

BED, adjustable, single, Euro slat, electric, with latex mattress, 2yo, GC. $1,000. Phone 0421 699 886. Wodonga.

DEB DRESS, size 12, full length, strapless, fitted bodice with gloves. $400. (02)6024-7754. Wodonga.

BANANA LOUNGE, near new with mattress. $85. 0418 687 111. Albury. BBQ, 18’’ round, with cyclinder. $30. (02) 60251619. Lavington.

BED, Queen, post end, lovely wood, GC, Queen mattress. $750 ono for both (will separate). (02) 6043-2484. Thurgoona. BED, single, mattress and base, brand new. Cost $290. Sell $150. (02) 6025-4537. Lavington. BED, Sofa, as new, floral. $60. (02) 6024-7719. Wodonga. BEDSPREAD, DB, Sheridan, floral, sage green, matching pillow slips, as new. $65 ono. (02) 6021-3414. Albury. BIKE, Mountain, ladies or gents, full size, EC, ready to run. $50. 0403 722 821. Wodonga. BOOKCASE, small, pine, excellent condition. $50 ono. 0437 259 912. BOOKS, various titles, Dean Koontz, Stephen King. 60 books for $100, will separate. (02) 60414981. BOWLS BLAZER, navy, EC. $75. 0405 219 411. Albury. BUNK BEDS, single, grey tube, 2 mattresses, all EC. $300. (02) 6059-2589. Wodonga. CAMP STOVE, Coleman, 2 burner with stand, 2 gas bottles, EC. $40. 0408 523 876. Wodonga. CANE SETTING, 2 seater couch, 2 chairs, apricot floral design, washable covers. $400. (02) 60591745. CANVASS ANNEXE, 16ft. $1,200. Phone 0431 760 671. CARAVAN towing mirrors, excellent condition. $100. 0408 247 303, (02) 60247303. CHAIR, electric lift and reclining, with battery back up, EC. $550 ono. (02) 6059-8550. Wodonga. CHAIRS, 2, with 7 rungs, wooden colonial style, very old, GC. $80. 0413 220 822. Wodonga. CHAIRS, Papasan, steel frame x 2, 1 blue, 1 red, comfortable, as new. $50 firm. (02) 6025-0928. Glenroy. CHAIRS, suit family room and outdoors, lounge 2 seater and 1 chair, $180, will separate. (02) 60215680. CHICKEN COOP, bird cage, mesh steel frame, transportable, 2.8 x 2.6 x 2.4m high. $450. Phone 0438 691 499. Lavington.

DESK, corner unit, with book shelves, matching wardrobe, 2 drawers. $95. 0411 082 111. Lavington. DESK, with matching bedside table, solid timber. $100. (02) 6043-1846. Wodonga. DESK, wooden, 124cm x 60cm, 4 drawers. $80. 0411 281 116. Albury. DINING SETTING, pine, 6 seater, GC. $370ono. (02)6056-9131. 0400 595 094. Wodonga. DINING SETTING, frame, round glass chairs, with rattan and backs. $250. 264 686. Wodonga.

black top, 4 seats 0401

DINING SUITE, dark wood, “butterfly” extension table, 6 chairs, Calais fabric. $500 ono. 57282333. Beechworth. DINING SUITE, 9 piece (8 chairs), Timber, oblong, $1,200. (02)6043-1997. DINING TABLE, pine, square, with 8 chairs. $400. 0434 270 351. Lavington. DINING TABLE, large, with 6 chairs, cedar finish, VGC. $1,100ono. (02) 6020-9502. Yackandandah. DINING TABLE, large, timber, 8 high back chairs, EC. $1,200. (02) 60210651. Albury. DISHWASHER, Fisher & Paykel, excellent working condition, $265. 02-60401772 or 0419 022 915. Lavington. DISHWASHER, Asko, good working order. $387. (02)6041-3028. Albury. DOG HEAT PAD, electric, 59cm x 33cm, $58. 0407 075 065. Wodonga. DOG KENNEL, insulated, as new, suit small/medium dog, free local delivery. $50. (02) 6041-1976. Albury. DOLLS OF THE WORLD, x 80, collector’s porcelain dolls, never unpackaged, original costumes. $500. 5941-1412. Pakenham. DOONA COVER SET, king size, cream satin brocade with piped edging, EC. $55. (02) 6020-8754. Baranduda. DRESSING TABLE, with tilt mirror, 2 full width drawers, VGC, $90. 0413 220 822. Wodonga. DRUMKIT, full set, ideal for beginners, GC. $500 ono. (02) 6026-4715

FISH HOOK PALMS, 2 mature trees, buyer to remove. $100 both. (02) 6024-4028. Wodonga. FISH TANK, 4’ with stand, light and filter, hardly been used. $280ono. (02) 60568489. Wodonga. FRIDGE Freezer, (Side by side), Samsung, 600ltr, S/steel look, in as new condition. $1,150. (02)6040-1772, 0419 022 915. Lavington. FRIDGE Freezer, (Side by side), Samsung, 600ltr, S/steel look, in as new condition. $1,150. (02)6040-1772, 0419 022 915. FRIDGE, (all fridge), 350 litre, ideal drinks etc. excellent working condition. $220. (02) 6040-1772 or 0419 022 915.

HEATER, electric, Everdue Comfort Zone, 2000w, ceramic heating element, as new. $100. Phone 5728-3136. Beechworth. HEATER, Nobo, panel heater with warranty, as new. $300 firm. Phone 0447 637 320. Albury North. HEATER, Paloma (Rheem) flueless gas heater, recently serviced, 2yo. New $1,200. Sell $550. (02) 6025-6724. Albury North. HEATER, portable, natural gas heater, Pyrox, as new, Paid $500 will sell $300. (02)6040-8250. Lavington. HEATER, Rinnai Graduate MK11, LPG 18mj, as new. $300. Phone 57283136. Beechworth. HORN SEWING CABINET, closed 950mm x 450mm, opens to 1800mm x 1500mm, hydraulic lift, drawers, cupboard etc, GC, $200. (02) 6023-3718.



MANUFACTURED HOME, 5 years, Howlong, 2BR, study, open plan, dish washer, spa, 2RC-AC, 3 carport, roller door, water tank, mirrored robes, fans, gas heating. $160,000. (02) 6026-8757. MATTRESS, queen, Sleepmaker, new, firm, only 4 weeks old. $750. (02) 6025-1210. MATTRESS, QS, Sleepchoice, Grand Posture, brand new, only 2 weeks old. Paid $1,200. Sell $700 ono. 0402 431 162. Wodonga. MATTRESS, King size, King Koil, pillow top, soft, 4 months old, paid $1,800. Selling for $500. 02-60411369. Albury. MIRROR, large 6'6" x 3'6", beautiful wooden, gold gilt frame. $160. (02)60431846. Wodonga. MODELS OF YESTER YEAR in boxes, from $10. (02) 6056-8875.

HOT WATER SERVICE, Vulcan, electric, 125lt, as new. $420. 0412 691 838. Albury.

MODEM ROUTER, Belkin, wireless, brand new, unopened. I paid $156. Sell $140. 0434 412 610.

JACKET, genuine Mink, black, size 10-12, paid $1,000, sell $150ono. 02 6041-1791 after 2pm. East Albury.

MOVIE PROJECTOR, Magnon 800 Auto Super8. $85. (02) 6056-8875.

JACKET, suede, ladies, black, size 14-16, Kircilar. $100ono. 0438 446 904. Wodonga. JACKSONS Victory Picture Disc, GC. $2,500 ono. 0439 152 044.

NURSERY WARDROBE, 6 drawers and hanging, EC. $150. (02) 6056-8358. OIL PAINTING, Seascape, blues, 39” x 29”. $200. 0425 271 848. Albury.

KOI CARP, 8 inch. $95 each. Great colours. (02) 6023-3730.

OUTDOOR SETTING, 4 seater table, 4 chairs. $150. 0438 446 904. Wodonga.

LATHE, wood type, 1300mm bed, with spares, $390. (02) 6071-8609. Redbluff.

PEAVEY SERIES 300 EH, 500 watt amp speakers 150, leads, mics. $500. (02) 6024-6115.

LEATHER JACKET, with fox fur hood, dark green, Thinsulate, Finland manufacture. $80. (02) 6041-6704. Albury.

PLASTIC, black semi rigid, 1mm thick, roll, 60cm wide, new, 120 metres. $50. (02) 60411976. Albury.

FRIDGE, 2 door, Westinghouse, in excellent working condition, $220. 02-6040-1772 or 0419 022 915. Lavington.

POOL, above ground, 7 x 3.5 metres, plus pump and filter, must remove, $100 ono. 0424 512 264. Albury.

FRIDGE, Norge, 370 litre, new seals, EC. $275. 0419 403 007. Lavington.

POOL, above ground, 24’L x 12’W x 4.6’D, new liner in box, GC. Must remove. $1,275. 0419 403 007. Lavington.

FRIDGE, Westinghouse, 400 litres, 6 months old. $800. 0413 329 114 Chiltern. FRIDGE, Westinghouse, 390lt, excellent working condition, very clean. $400. (02) 6021-6362. Albury. FUTON BED, double, VGC, hardly used. $200. (02) 6024-5874. Wodonga. GARDEN shed roof only, 3m x 3.75m, brand new, Colorbond Smooth Cream, $200. Phone (02)6025-8348. GOLF BUGGY, electric, clubs, bag. $350. 0413 329 114 Chiltern. GOLF CLUBS, Ladies, RH, bag and buggy, nine sticks. $60. (02) 60252174. GOLF CLUBS, ladies, bag and buggy. $450 ono. 0417 449 244. GOLF CLUBS, Ladies full setup, EC, ‘Trident’ graphite clubs, putter, bag, buggy, all wet gear, shoes. $500. 0403 524 527. Wodonga. GOLF SET, 3-9 irons, putter, 3 woods, large bag and buggy. $50. 0403 722 821. Wodonga. GYMNASIUM, Power Rider (Guthy-Renker), aerobic and flexibility workout, strength building, disks and books. $80. (02) 6043-1846. Wodonga. HALL STAND, mirrored, lacquered pine, EC. $150 ono. 6040-3002 or 0429 935 957. Lavington.

LIGHTS, triple pendants, 2x3 lights, 1x1 light, wall bracket 2x1 light, complete with energy globes. $150. 0417 062 737. Wodonga.


Phone: 1300 666 808

FOR SALE ROUND BALER, John Deere 435, string only, very good belts, one owner, fully serviced and always shedded, VGC. $9,900 incl. GST. 0408 143 563 or 5826-0454. Undera.

Rugby Top Sale

20% OFF

Large range of colours & sizes. Aussie Made. Tartex Fashion. Shop 1/1098 Mate St, Nth Albury. Open BH Ph: (02) 6040 2904 C839840-KK35-10

SAW, radial arm, 250mm, 10" blade, $390. (02) 6071-8609. Redbluff. SCHOOL UNIFORMS, BCC, summer and winter, VGC, size 10-12, $100 the lot. 0400 464 702. Lavington.

SEIKO, LSW28BLK, twin needle industrial sewing machine. $1,000. Singer, 269-8 bar Tacker. $200. (02) 6040-6344. Lavington. SEWING MACHINE, industrial overlocker, 3 spool, ideal for light garments, $250. (02)60432134. 0402 232 450. Thurgoona. SINGLE BED, sheets, pillow cases, quilt covers, pink floral, Laura Ashley print, matching curtains and cushion. VGC. $90. 0417 062 737. SINGLE BED, and mattress, plus desk. $80 ono. (02) 6025-6749. Albury North. SKI JACKET, men`s, navy, padded, new, extra large. Ladies long overcoat, navy, size 20. $45 for both. Will seperate. (02) 6040-5793. Lavington. SLEEPERS, used, ex railway, B grade, $14.50 each, also half wine barells available, GC. Free Delivery. Phone 0411 558 572. SOFA, 2 seater, 2 recliner chairs, fern green, 2yo, VGC. $1,500. 0421 699 886. Wodonga. STEEL TUBING, new, galvanised, 19mm, 80 lengths, 4.9 metres. $500 the lot. Sell per metre. (02) 6023-3730. Albury

LOUNGE SUITE, Gemma, floral, fabric protected, 3 piece, 1x3 seater plus 2 recliners, near new condition. $750 ono. 0427 012 118. Wodonga. LOUNGE SUITE, 3 seater and 2 singles, VGC, fabric, plum colour. $350. 0419 412 416. Wodonga. LOUNGE SUITE, 3 piece, floral, with sofa bed. $300 ono. 0407 849 856. Wodonga. LOUNGE SUITE, 3 piece, 1 x 2.5 seater, plus 2 chairs, as new condition. $1,500ono. (02) 60210651. Albury. LOUNGE, 3 seater, modern, chocolate leather, King Australia design, as new. $2,500 ono 0428 779 601.

MATTRESS DOUBLE, king koil firm, perfect condition. $500. (03)57282845. Beechworth.

STUDY DESK, large, veneer, 1 draw, excellent cond. $50. (02)6043-1997. SWING / SLIDE SET, childs Eezy Peeze Classic, 1-3 years, as new. $100. (02) 6043-1403. Thurgoona. SWIVEL SHOWER CHAIR, VGC. $195. (02) 60245874. Wodonga. TABLE, 1500cm round, aluminium, EC, with 6 arm chairs. $100. (02) 60431231 TABLE, round, extendable, 4 chairs, cream velour seat pads, as new. $395. 0434 412 610. Wodonga. TENT, Argyle 4, two rooms, new, in box. New price $450. Sell $220. (02) 6025-7796. Lavington. DRESSING TABLE, timber with small mirror, 3 drawers, GC. $100. (02) 6040-5201. Lavington. TOOLS, large amount from new, ARC welder, large grinder to screw drivers. Sold as a package. $650. (02) 6024-6115 to view. Wodonga. TREADMILL, JS-M362 DC, motorised, folding. $545. (02) 6020-8264 or 0429 655 815. Baranduda. TV STAND, 62cmW, 1 shelf, 2 doors, suit child’s room. $50. 0411 281 116. Albury. TV UNIT, Teak, large, leadlight doors, on wheels, $250. 0447 050 539, Wodonga.

WARDROBE, Circa 1940’s, mirrors, large drawer, ornate timber, $300 ono. 02 6027-1943, mob 0402 947 964. Allans Flat. WASHING MACHINE, Hoover, Zodiac, 12, front loader, EC. $150. 0357281508. Beechworth. WASHING, machine, large, Fisher and Paykel, 7.5kgs, EC, $265. 02 6040-1772 or 0419 022 915. WEBCAM, Logitech, C120, Clip-on, Logitech USB desktop microphone, disc to load programs. $40. (02) 6025-7016. Lavington. WETSUIT, O'Neill Reactor Short John, medium size, NZ made. $80. (02) 60416704. Albury. WHEELCHAIR, manual, folding. $175ono. (02) 6024-5874. Wodonga. WHIPPER SNIPPER/brush cutter, Echo 2010, includes heavy duty line and brush cutter attachments, all VGC. $185ono. 0428 265 693, Albury. WIND SCHUTE, used for towing caravans. $240. Phone (02)6024-7303, 0408 247 303. WOODEN rolltop computer desk, lockable, in good condition. $400. 0400 170 290 or (02) 6032-7361. WOODEN TV cabinet, large, with side cupboard, 1.7mW x 1.22L. $250. 0400 170 290 or (02) 6032-7361.

GARDEN/ OUTDOOR TV WALL UNIT, 1.8m l x 1.2m h, ash/white colour, VGC, $150. (02) 60591293.

ELKHORNS, large nest of Elkhorns on stand. $575. (02) 6043-1997. Thurgoona. OUTDOOR LOUNGE, setting, timber, 3 seater, 2 single chairs with cushions plus coffee table. Suit undercover entertaining area. $290. 0432 854 471. Lavington.

TV WALL UNIT, 1.8m l x 1.2m h, ash/white colour, ideal for 32” flat panel TV, VGC, $150. (02) 60591293.

PALMS, assorted palms for sale, locally grown, 50cm to 15m high. 0427 355 464.

TV, Samsung, LCD 22” , (LA22B450), brand new, still in box, unwanted gift. $390. 0412 318 237.

RIDE ON MOWER, new Craftsman, 17.5HP, 42" cut, $2,699. Phone (02) 6021-4818. Albury.



POWER CHAIR, Quantum 600, 2007, low mileage. New chair price $16,000, will sell for $5,000. (02) 6024-3936.

Are you a man who has sex with men? Protect yourself and your partners by getting HIV and STI tests regularly.

PS2 GAMES, 8, $12 each or 5 for $50 (02) 60400234. QUEEN BED, mahogany stained timber ends, slat base, innerspring mattress, $180. 0421 428 292. Thurgoona. RECLINER, leather, 3 seater, brown, as new, high back, extremely comfortable, $695. 0402 342 256 Rutherglen. RECLINER, 2 seater plus 2 single recliners, green velour, as new. $1,495. 0434 412 610. Wodonga. RECORDS, 33 long play, from 60`s and 70`s, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Iron Maiden etc. 400 for $1,000 the lot. 0403 722 821. Wodonga.

LOUNGE, 3 seater, Cerise suede sofa bed, excellent quality, as new. $1,200 ono. 0428 779 601. LOUNGE, pine, 2 seater and 2 chairs, floral. $150. (02) 6025-5335. Albury.

STOVE, Chef, upright, electric, as brand new. $295. (02) 6040-1772. 0419 022 915. Lavington.


LOUNGE SUITE, leather, 1 two seater couch, 2 armchairs, as new. $1,100 ono. 6024-2039 or 0402 149 891. LOUNGE SUITE, green, vinyl, folds to bed, 2 armchairs, GC, $110. 0411 082 111. Lavington.


STEEL VAT, stainless, 2500L, refrigerated, agitator, $1,800. 0409 636 079.

RELOCATABLE UNIT, ideal Granny flat etc, 28 feet x 10 feet, totally renovated, EC, suit 1 or 2 persons or family of 2 adults, 2 children. $26,900. 0419 022 915 or (02) 6040-1772.

For Free and Confidential testing, call your local clinic on: C845185-KK37-10

FOR SALE AIR CONDITIONER, portable, Omega 10,000 BTU with remote. $250. 0431 906 058.


PHONE: (02) 6058 1831

Problems with council? Call the specialist … Alan Bradbury is an Accredited Specialist with over 25 years of experience in planning and local government law and has been recognised as one of Australia’s best Lawyers (AFR 2010).

(02) 6263 9900 C845010-KC37-10

38 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

SIDEBOARD, antique, mirror backed, mid Victorian, flame mahogany, EC. $3,750ono. (02) 6041-3514. Albury

By professionally trained Seamstress Carolyn Ferris, Wodonga. 0400 331 850.

MUSIC/ INSTRUMENTS DRUM KIT, DXP black, chrome, full set , stool, EC. $350 ono. AH: (02) 60244172. Wodonga. DRUM KIT, complete set, VGC. $290. 0403 722 821. Wodonga.


PIANOLA, Ritmuller with 146 rolls, working order. $1,500. Phone (02) 60412063. Albury.

AUSTRAILIAN SILKY TERRIER, Pup, pure bred, vet checked, vaccinated, non malting. $700. 0427 261 664. Chiltern.


BUDGERIGARS, 3 females, white & blue spots. $21 (will separate). (02) 6040-5793. Lavington.


POODLE PUPPIES, toy, 7 weeks, apricot and black, 3 male, 2 female, vet checked, wormed, vaccinated. $800. (03) 5726-8271, 0411 445 315.

Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper





Deadline: 2pm m Mondays Phone: 1300 666 808


Answer: Constant Positive Airways Pressure

“Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted”


Service, Repair and Tune-up to Most Makes and Models Also Brake Clutch and Suspension NSW Roadworthy Inspection PH: Greg 6040 7277 1/846 Leslie Drive, North Albury. (Off Fallon Street)

•Better Sleep equals greater energy levels •RENTAL MACHINES AT LOW COST •Range of machines also available for purchase


Required for catalogue distribution. Earn $300 to $500 cash weekly for 20 hours. Car and internet required.

OWNER/DIRECTOR - KANCHO NICK HABENSCHUSS 39b Thomas Mitchell Dve Wodonga 3690 Vic Phone (02) 6024 3934 Mobile 0407 243 934


205.42mm x 4col


LABRADOODLE PUPS, 1 female, chocolate, 2 male and 2 female, red, non moulting coats, vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped. From $500. (03) 5768-2298, 0439 037 837.


Call 1300 663 161 CARER

Lavington, for a retired male. Text 0407 400 996.

COSMETIC TEETH WHITENING Guaranteed 3-5 shades whiter 30 mins or less Phone 6021 3828

Call us for Holiday Safety Inspection


Casual Position, $15 per hour. Text 0407 400 996.

Phone for appointment

(02) 6041 3028

Albury Vital Air Pty Ltd

WALKERS WANTED Contact Fiona Remedial Treatment $50

Massage/Body Scrub 11/2 hours $80 Foot Spa & Massage 1/2 hour $35


We need people to deliver the NewsWeekly and 520 catalogues Wodonga 0439 032 in your area. Monday to Saturday Would suit Students, Pensioners and Mums, 2-3hrs per week. C755518-JL2-10



415 Wagga Road, Lavington NSW 2641 (02) 6040 8546 830495-RMB32-10

NewsWeekly Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper

Contact Lee on 0400 915 317 or Rob 0417 235 156

0422 266 553 Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm

ABN: 93424326556 C785458-KK18-10


Call 1300 666 808

We will transfer up to 90 mins & include interactive menus & chapters

208 Borella Road, Albury (opposite the Albury Base Hospital)

Phone: (02) 6041 1444

Marks Chainsaw Maintenance

To order, please call

Including metal fabrication and spray painting for cars, trailers, boats etc. We also do mechanical repairs Specialist in having your boat or trailer re-sprayed, Have your old tiny boat looking brand new!

Price includes GST, a DVD case, cover and free collection & return within a 30km radius of Albury - Wodonga.

DVD Slide Shows

35mm Mounted Slides .................. only .50c each Photo’s scanned in ..................... only $1.00 each Photo’s on CD or Memory Card only ...50c each Price includes GST, a DVD case with cover & interactive menus!


13 14 48

Albury Engineering & Mower Service




Mowers, Brushcutters, Blowers & Generators



Please send applications to ctaylor@ or contact Charlotte Taylor on 08 8924 3333

Transferring Cherished Memories HAVE THEM TRANSFERRED TO DVD!


Other positions can be made available for candidates who have partners who wish to work & reside in this culturally rich community. Maningrida is easily accessible with two daily flights to Darwin and two barges per week.

Please leave name, phone number and address.

Are fond memories (weddings, birthdays, christenings, holidays,sporting events etc.) gathering dust in a cupboard because you no longer have a VHS video player? WELL, here’s a low-cost simple answer....

Cushions, Filter, Acoustic Foam cut to size, Upholstery, Motor Trimming of cushions, Mattresses, Motor Vehicle Seats & Canvas manufacturing, Rubber Matting, Mouldings & Tapes.

Our client requires the services of an Assistant Manager experienced in Supermarkets and/groceries with prior experience as Department or Assistant Manager is highly desirable.

To advertise in this section


PhoneMACHINERY 6022 5825



Assistant Manager – Remote Community supermarket Maningrida is a well established, friendly community located in Arnhem Land, 500km east of Darwin, overlooking the Arafura Sea. The community is serviced by a local school, health clinic & police station with two retail and fuel outlets.


Call 1300 666 808




PERSIAN RUG, original handmade, semi-antique, never used, master signed. $14,000 ono. 0423 964 919.

Call 1300 663 161





To advertise in this section

BARNAVELDER Rooster, purebred, 7 months old. $15. 0427 261 664. Chiltern.




Teds new, $749 492


Phone: 1300 666 808

• Saws Serviced & Maintained • Bars Dressed • Chains Sharpened • New Chains Made • New Bars & Air Filters Supplied • Mobile & After Hours Service Available

All work performed by qualified Arborist/Small engine Tech.

Call Mark on 03 5726 1153 0419 790 676 Chiltern


PRAM, Phil and Dash, black, brand great bargain. RRP selling $600. 0422 042.


Catalogue distributors & collectors required. Earn $100 to $200 for approx 10 hours per week. No outlay.



PRAM, Peg Pergo Venezia baby pram, hardly used, reversible handles, RRP $695, sell $250 ono. (02) 6040-9643. Lavington

Deadline: 2pm Mondays


PRAM, Mothers Choice, for newborn to 17kgs, reverse handle, as new. $80. (02) 6059-7359.

WHEATEN HAY, 3000 tonne, $176 tonne, straight from paddock, save $50 tonne, from Barellan. 900 tonne of old season wheaten straw, $88 tonne, from Griffith for delivery, drop decks. Wally, 0427 487 947.



COT BED, white, GC. $50. Phone (02) 6025-5335. Albury.



BABY PRAM, with storm cover, EC. $60. (02) 60591751.

HAY AND SILAGE HAY, Oaten, 50 small squares. $500 (will sell separately), can deliver. (02)6026-5372. Howlong.


Eagles Wings Recovery Centre requires a part-time residential carer 2 nights, 1 day , plus 1 weekend per month. Eagles Wings Recovery Centre is a long term residential program for women with life controlling issues situated at Yackandandah. Must have Christian ministry experience, 50% paid, 50% volunteer. All enquiries please phone (02) 6027 1102, Monday or Thursday.




BABY BASSINETTE, white with long skirt, locks on to foldable stand, 4 lockable castors, airvents on sides. $100. (02) 60569135. Wodonga.



MACHINERY WINDROWER, McDon 3000, Hydraulic fold, 21ft, P.T.O, new drapes, stubby guard fingers, vertical knife, including spares, EC, $13,500ono. (02)6040-6658, Albury.



NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 39

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper


Deadline: 2pm Mondays




Phone: 1300 666 808

ALBURY’S LEADING MONUMENTAL MASON • Established 1934 • Proprs: Paul & Tania Brosolo

• General Repairs • Pre sale/Lease Tidy-Ups • Courtyard Landscapes Temporary Trade/Homeowner assistance



Early Bird Specials!

*Tiling *Plastering *Welding *Painting *Scheduled Maintenance * Fence & Gate Repairs *Concreting *Timberwork *Brickwork *Retaining, Paving, turf or Seeded Lawns etc.


0415 388 133



• Maintenance • Hot Water Services vices • Water Filters • Taps • Renovations • Water Saving • Replacement Toilets/cisterns All other plumbing services NSW. Lic No: 137342C. VIC. Lic No: 24598

Home Maintenance


• Lights • Powerpoints • Fans All electrical requirements Prompt, reliable service

Tiling & Plastering

WHM - Rubbish Removal WHM - Gutter Cleaning

ELECTRICAN For All Electrical Work

• Metering/Gross Meters • TV & Antenna Installations • Appliance Repairs • Ceiling Fans & Tastics • Security Lights


(02) 6023 1931

• 25 Years Experience • No Obligation Quotes • Domestic, Commercial or Industrial Applications

Wodonga and Surrounding Areas

Shearer Electrical Pty Ltd. NSW Lic. 154563C Vic. Lic. 15178

PH: 02 6024 4610 MOB: 0438 895 925

ALL SEASONS • Repainting & Reroofing • Structural Roofing Repairs • Only high quality materials used • Fix that leaking roof

All work Guaranteed using Licensed Tradespeople

AH: 02 6043 2876 Thurgoona

Phone George now on

0407 261 876


Takeaway Trash

Mobile Skip Bins - 7 Days Specialising in all Pest Control NE Victoria & Southern NSW Locally owned family business since 1974. Termites (White Ants), Spiders, Bees, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Rats, Mice & Cockroaches Purchasing a Property? Are there Termites? Have it professionally inspected! Effective, competitive solutions for your Termite problems

3.5m3 mobile skip bins

Fast, Cheap, Efficient & Friendly removal of all waste types. - Clean up the house/shed/yard/office - End of lease clean ups - Green Waste - Scrap Metal - Lawn Mowing Also Available C742502-JL52-9

• Truck and tractor hire • Lawns and edges out • Site clearing • Rubbish Removed • Spouting cleared • Landscape work • Cars removed • Mini loader hire • Odd Jobs - whatever? • Weed spraying



• Bobcat work • Slashing • Soil levelling • Gardens maintained • Rotary hoeing • All Gardening • Trees removed • Light float work • Cartage • Need an extra hand?


No job too big or too small 24 Hour Emergency Service & Insurance work • High Pressure Cleaning, Demossing • Rebedding & Repointing • Replacing of Facias & Guttering • Installation of various types of Gutter-guards




Border Roof Doctor

Riverside Mowing All Residential Small Business Commercial- ride on mowing Fully Insured ChemCert Registered OH&S White Card For all Garden Maintenance Free No Obligation Quotes — Phone Garry May





Call now: 13 15 46

6041 4777; 0408 613 224


0428 231 931

Detailed Asset & Test Results Report FLI, Safety Switches, Emergency Light Testing & More Fully Insured All Franchisees Accredited and Insured Franchise enquiries welcome

Speedy Supply and Fittings

PAINTING B/H 0418 514 603 A/H 6059 6274

FRIDGE DOOR SEALS All makes, All Models, Any Age




Ph: 0409 984 679 Vic Lic. 19092

Make your workplace a SAFE WORKPLACE

Lic. 219938C

WHM - All Carpentry Services WHM - General House Maintenance WHM - Minor Painting,

Wayne Thomas 0417 171 964


Advertise until it’s sold guaranteed

Phone 1300 666 808

Call Stephen Ackerly and the team on

6056 0588



Phone: 0457 927 736 C812164-JL26-10


Lic No. Vic DBL 1144. Lic No. NSW 153910C




Austel Licenses


Warren Tyack


Est 1994 Total Stump Replacement All types of homes and buildings FOUNDATION SPECIALISTS • We raise and relevel brick veneer homes & buildings • We close up cracked brickwork • We use the best & proven method • We obtain council permits and engineers drawings • We have excellent references • Yes, we are local Peter Garratt Ph: 0419 463 738 Fax: (02) 6024 5203




Call Mark on 03 5726 1153 / 0419 790 676

Albury/Wodonga Region

• Extra TV Outlets • Antennas/TV Tuning • Flatscreen wall Mounting • Same Day Service Call Zane 0408 698 000


• Driveways • Netball / Tennis / Basketball Courts • Pre Sale House Cleans • Tree Transplanting • Factories Machinery, Boat Ramps • Mould & Alage Removal • After Hours Service Available Why not ask for a free quote today

Caring for our



We specialise in hi pressure water cleaning

& Garden Service

Fax 6040 2329

Brosolo Workshop: 921 Mate St, Albury



NSW Lic. 191515C

(02) 6025 7077


0429 623 831


• Albury Owned & Operated



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Brian Murray - Formerly The Tap Doctor








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NewsWeekly Your LOCALLY OWNED free weekly newspaper




Has your favourite chair seen better days? Are your dining chairs loose and lumpy? Is your lounge stuffed?

Don’t buy new furniture! Recycle it! Call now for a FREE in-home quote

Phone: (02) 6059 3817


PROMPT FREE MEASURE & QUOTES FOR Locally Manufactured Capral Award Winning Products • Energy Efficient Double Glazing - optional • Sliding Windows • Patio Doors • French Doors • Awning Windows • Mirror Robes • Acrylic Blocks • Fly Screens & Doors • Fitting Available by Lic. Builders 368 Urana Rd Lavington





• Specialising in all types of Monuments, Bronze Plaques, Stone-Work etc, throughout the District

Ph. 6025 4771 Fax. 6025 4772

40 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper




BMW, 318I, 1991 model, under warranty to 2012, 153,000kms, 11 months reg., ABU-575. $8,500. 0412 243 989. Jindera.

FORD, Capri, new engine, new roof, complete service, great fun, jet ski tow bar, VGC. WSI-034. $5,000 ono. (02) 60264391.

FORD, Futura EL,1996, 206,000kms, GC, new muffler, 2 new tyres, PS, AC, NSW reg. until 02/11, AN86SF. $3,500 ono. 0421 706 733. Thurgoona.

FORD, EA, unreg. (old reg. HI-19-DC), good motor, fair condition. $500. (02) 6025-5227. Lavington.

FORD, Telstar, 1995, auto, 2.5 litre, cruise control, 175,000kms, Vic. reg. NHO-104 until April 2011. $4,000. 0447 370 408. Beechworth.

BMW, 320CI, MY2004, grey/silver, black leather trim, fully optioned, automatic, full BMW service history, 165,000kms, BCP41G. $25,000. 0419 831 429. Lavington. CHEV, 1929, 6 cylinder for restoration, unreg, nearly complete. $5,500. (02)6036-2193. Holbrook.

DAEWOO, Lanos, 1999, 4 door hatchback, 5 speed manual, AC, PS, 1.5 litre, EFI motor, RWW-982, drives well, RWC supplied. $3,800ono. 0411 617 800.

DAIHATSU, Sirion, 2004, 5 door hatch, manual, 51,341kms, AC, power windows, CD, PS, full service history, one owner, reg. until June 2011, ZCR234. $6,500ono. (02)60298999. Culcairn.

FORD FAIRMONT, 1968, XT, 351c, auto, great restorer, only spots of rust, reg. Vic ELE-868. $10,000 ono. (02) 6059-1293. 0409 143 747.

FORD, Econovan, 2001, 90,000kms, tinted windows, registered until 05/11, BB15MS. $9,100 ono. Call 0427 368 131 or (02) 6036-8050. Lankey`s Creek. FORD, Falcon, EB, auto, towbar, good tyres, good condition, unregistered, old reg TBS-166. $900. (02) 6021-3910. Albury.

FORD, falcon, BA, MkII, XR6, 2004, auto, EC, 8 months NSW reg, BA-81YE. $15,500ono. Phone 0401 255 637.

FORD, Festiva, WA, 1993, 2 new tyres, starter motor, clutch and rocker cover gasket, Teal colour, unr e g i s t e r e d , KNADA11K5P6309870, $1,000. 0458 002 214. Lavington.

FORD Meteor, 1984, neat and tidy, been serviced, tuned and other work been done, reg. December 2010, UNZ-383. $1,200 ono. 0427 293 002.

FORD, AU 2000 S Pack, 110,000kms, EC. YRG303. $9,900. (02) 60265372. Howlong.

FORD, Territory TX, RWD, 2005, white with colour coded bumpers, 102,000kms, NSW BDF68E. $19,500. Phone 0423 101 855. Wagga Wagga. HILUX, 2005, dual cab, SR5, 2x4, 5 speed manual, 4L V6 ULP, 156,000kms, NSW reg., July 2010. BEE-14Y. $22,000. 0407 180 966.

HOLDEN VT, Supercharged S PACK, 1998, auto, V6, 230,000kms. SLC-053. $8,500. 0403 128 646. HOLDEN, Astra, 2004, CD model, auto, 1.8L, AC, ABS, dual air bags, CD player, keyless entry, tinted windows, alloy wheels, 83,000kms, full service history, reg. UXB393. $10,750, 0401 602 400. Albury.

FORD, Festiva, 1997, 3 door hatch, 180,000kms, CD, MP3, USB, tint, regularly serviced, fuel efficient, manual, awesome small car, RWC, Vic. registered until 08/11, ODG-025. $3,000 ono. 0437 194 484. Chiltern


HOLDEN, Berlina, VE 2006, fully optioned with reverse sensors, climate control, 93,000kms, BGD87V. $17,500. 0419 831 429. Lavington.

HOLDEN, Vectra, 2004, fully serviced, 11 months reg., new tyres, AC, low kms, AE-20-LO. $13,500 neg. 0430 059 952. Lavington.

HOLDEN, Commodore, VZ, sedan, white, cruise, tint, rear spoiler, EC, 107,000kms, reg. until November 2010, AZH-69G. $11,750. (02) 60210651. Albury.

HOLDEN, VU, 2001, ute, V6, manual, 151,000kms, lowered, 18” mags, regularly serviced, WNE-465. $14,500ono. 0417 157 230. Wangaratta. HOLDEN, VX Calais, supercharged motor, full woodgrain dash, reg. until 04/11, 218,000kms, BBT560. $7,950. 0437 630 020. Albury.

HOLDEN, Commodore, 2003, YV, 133,000kms, towbar, 18” mags, tinted windows, VGC, Vic reg, XUP-732. $10,000. 0447 621 756. Beechworth.

HYUNDAI Tuscon, 2009, purchased January 2010, 6,000kms, metallic grey, extra airbags, heaps of features, manual. XMB303. $22,000. 0438 220 183.

HOLDEN, Commodore, 1994, VR, auto, air, power steering, 225,000kms, Vic reg, RWC to January, AAA-000. $3,200ono. Phone 0449 810 759. Wodonga. HOLDEN, Commodore Berlina, 1999, VT series II, maroon, full service history, reg 02/11, PTM782, GC. $5,900. 0427 042 688. Wodonga.

JAGUAR, XJS, 1977, V12, manual, 6lt motor, runs well, woodgrain dash, EC both inside and out, conditional reg., Vic. club plates 03803-H. $8,000 ono. (03) 5743-1572. Yarrawonga. KIA, Carnival, new motor, 12 months reg, EC. NHI968. $5,500. (02) 60560324. Wodonga.

KIA, Rio, 108,000kms, white, 5 door hatch, towbar, RWC, Reg QQZ108. $5,450. 0421 785 610. Wodonga. HOLDEN, Maloo ute, 5.8L, 6 speed manual, all HSV options, with books, excellent throughout, reg. AL-49-XS. $21,000, 0412 890 289. Albury.

M21 Sports coupe, 1998, 1.8lt, auto, 152,000kms, ABS, AC, PS, full electrics, steal stopper, superior sound, recaro seats, great little couple, top condition, PQY-454. $4,400 quick sale. 0419 324 474. MAGNA TP, 4 cyc auto, AC, PS, white duco, tinted windows, towbar, GC, unregistered. Chassis 6MMTP2D41KAD22450. $650. 0409 276 127. Brocklesby.

MAZDA RX7, 1978 Series One, mag wheels, 5 speed, GC, low kms, road worthy, reg: 382258 (club plates). $3,800 ono. (02) 6025-3383.



NISSAN PATROL, 4.8 litre petrol, gas, EC, new Michelin tyres, RKL-265. $28,000. 0408 151 756, 0408 117 494. Wodonga.

TOYOTA, Camry, V6CSi, auto, wagon, 1999, reg. until 03/11, market value $7,600, very clean, many extras. Check dealers prices. QUC-708. $6,500. Send SMS during day or phone evenings 0401 660 830. Wodonga West.

NISSAN Pulsar, SSS N14 1992, damaged, unreg, sold as parts or as whole. must sell. 0448 236 098.

NISSAN, Micra, 2008, auto, PS, ABS, AC, 6 airbags, 6CD player, tinted windows, EC, registered WOI-578. $14,000 ono. 0429 189 928. Howlong.

HOLDEN, Statesman, 07, WM, V6 Auto, low kms, sunroof, EC, registered. XQQ-607. $39,950 ono. Phone 0418 578 528.

LANDCRUISER, 1989, FJ62, air, electric windows, CD, diff lock, bullbar, towbar, VGC, reg, RDJ-701. $5,500. 0428 316 734.

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Complete this form and lodge to Level 1, 557 Young Street, Albury, NSW 2640 (Above Andrew's Office Furniture) by no later than 2.00pm Wednesdays Name and Address (not for publication) Name:...............................................................

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MERCEDES, C220, Elegance, 1995, EC, sunroof, GPS, CD stacker, UYH-471. $11,500. 0417 328 774. Rutherglen. MERCEDES, Benz, E320, 1993, black, AC, auto, power windows, CC, sunroof, CD, airbags, 230,000kms, EC. FHO656. $11,000ono. 0411 522 500.

MGB, Mark 2 ,1969, 99% original, red, overdrive, stereo, rollbar, chrome wire wheels, GC. Reg. ACG-36A. 0417 299 027 or 0428 331 596. MITSUBISHI, Mirage, sedan, 1999, 2 door hatchback, silver, lady owner last 8 years, 48,500kms, Vic. reg. SUH570. $5,500 ono. (02) 6059-3575. West Wodonga. MITSUBISHI, Magna, XRX, 2004, 70,000kms, full books, AWD, one owner, immaculate condition, WOB-394. $15,000. 0450 163 922. Wodonga. MITSUBISHI, Magna, Verada luxury, silver/gold, 2003, 3.5lt, 5 speed, triptonic, all wheel drive, very safe roadhandling, EC, 120,000kms, ZHB682. $9,500 ono. 0418 161 921. Leeton.

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MAZDA, MPV, 1993, V6 auto, 7 seater, 4 anchor points, new timing belt, kit/starter motor, NSW reg. XZU-837. $4,500 as is. Must sell. 0407 913 428.

NISSAN, Patrol, ST, 4.8lt, 7 seater, ZGY-760. $26,950. Will consider another vehicle as part payment. 0412 218 066.

SUBARU Brumby, 1991, VGC, must sell, going overseas, unreg., engine 007047, RWC. $4,000 ono. (02) 6040-4133. Lavington.

TOYOTA, Landcruiser tray, Ford V8, auto, straight gas, unregistered, engine no. J623PL59. $2,800 ono. (02)6056-3150. Wodonga.

TOYOTA, Yaris YR, 2005, 5 door manual, 86,000kms, 1 lady owner, reg. until February 2011, TXY-212. $9,900 ono. 0432 322 928. Bethanga.


PLANT TRAILER, fold up ramps, Bartlett ball coupling, suit bobcat or 4 tonne excavator, excellent condition. $11,000 ono. 0427 253 010. Lavington.

AUTO PARTS/ ACCESSORIES ALUMINIUM ROLL BAR, to suit Rodeo/Colorado. $450. 0447 094 543. Wodonga. GO JACKS, move vehicles around garage, EC. $180 the pair. 0413 220 822. Wodonga.

SUBARU Liberty, RX 2.5, Bilstein Limited Edition, 1998, AWD, auto, new tyres, fully serviced, OXA-531, 174,500kms. $9,000. (02) 6059-1745.

MAGS, 4 chrome, Ford stud pattern tyres, 205/70 R14, 80% tread, $250. (02) 6025-4771 BH or 0428 246 525 AH. Albury East. MOTOR CYCLE BOOTS, new with tags, Thomas Cook. $120. (02) 60256292.


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HYUNDAI, Excel, 1997, 1 owner, GC, ODM-018. $2,800. 0411 576 604. Myrtleford.

HOLDEN, Astra, 1989, 1.8L, 5 speed, PS, AC, EC, SEP-467. $2,700ono. (02)6056-9260. Wodonga.

HOLDEN, Barina, 1995, manual, GC, 12 months reg., ZKG-751. $2,700 ono. 0412 691 838. Albury.

Deadline: 2pm Wednesda Wednesdays


HOLDEN, Combo, 1996, 1.4 litre, 5 speed manual, AC, power steer, NSW reg UEB-848. $2,800. Phone (02) 6041-6704. Albury.

HOLDEN, Barina, 2007, 3 door, 1.6L, auto, hatch, 14,500kms, silver. WAY924. $13,700 ono. (02) 6027-0908, 0409 799 654.

Phone 1300 666 808

MOTORCYCLE JACKET, Leather, Atelier brand, child's size large, $80. (02) 6041-6704. Albury. POLY SMART BAR, fits an AU, BA, or BF Ford. Phone 0429 173 860 after 9 daily. Albury. SUPER WINCH, for 4WD, 2500 pounds line pull, hardly used, still in box. $600. 0418 690 393. Lavington.

SUBURU, Liberty, white RX, 2.5litre, 1997, has complete service history. Recent maintenance includes new radiator, head gaskets, timing belt, CV joint, fresh service. A delight to drive. 210,000kms. NSW BMT-79Q. $7,200. Phone 0423 101 855. Wagga Wagga. SUZUKI, Ignis, hatch, 2004, 52,720kms, red, AC, auto, VGC, reg TEW-840. $11,500. 0418 698 567.

MITSUBISHI Lancer, 2006, 1 lady owner, 5 speed manual, cruise control, 12 months warranty and roadside assistance, alloy wheels, 9 months registration, UHA908. $13,700. Phone 0400 992 714.

TOYOTA Corolla, 2006, Ascent Wagon, VGC, 1.8litre auto, 41,600kms, reg. 02/11, great on fuel, AC, PS, central locking, 949-047. $15,300 ono. 0457 808 870. North Albury.

NISSAN PATROL, aluminium tray, 4 cylinder diesel, suit parts. $800. 0418 459 259.

TOYOTA Hilux, 2000, 3L turbo diesel, SR5 cruise, UFH, winch, canopy, 220,000kms. QBT-272. $20,000. 0413 904 808.

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SUBARU, Impreza S, MY06 AWD, red, 5 door hatch, auto, 2.0L, 60,000kms, tinted windows, paint protect, excellent car and condition, service history, BLL26-X. $17,000. 0417 003 130. Albury.

VT COMMODORE WHEELS, tyres, trims, 205/65 R15, GC, $120. (02) 6025-4771 BH or 0428 246 525 AH. Albury East. WHEELS, AU Fairlane Ghia wheels, with excellent tyres. $800 ono. 0413 220 822. Wodonga.


BMW 1000, 1989, K series, 12 mths NSW reg., VGC, many extras, new tyres, QVT-97. $5,000 ono. 0409 847 777. Lavington.

HONDA, 4, 550E, 1976, 46,027kms, ready for reg, VIN 1019686. $2,500. 0413 329 114 or 03 57261006.

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 41

NewsWeekly – Albury Wodonga’s locally owned free weekly newspaper

Wheel & Deal

Deadline: 2pm Wednesdays Phone: 1300 666 808



HONDA, VTR 1000, 2006, 3,200kms, immaculate condition, forced to sell, unregistered, VIN UH25C36U, $11,000 ono. 0428 522 665. Albury. HONDA, XR50, 2002, EC, includes protective clothing, size 10 child. $1,200. 0447 501 340 Albury. SUZUKI, 1996, RM250, GC, 2 stroke, $2,000. 0414 497 724 Wadonga.

SUZUKI, GS500F, 2008, 5000kms, immaculate, LAMS approved, reg GX-387. $6,200. 0400 515 797. Wodonga.

TRAIL BIKE, 150, Scrambler, 2006, EC, $1,100ono. First to see will buy. 0400 128 333.

BOATS & MARINE BOAT AND TRAILER, 4.4 metre, fibreglass, 50Hp Johnson and 7.5Hp Mercury, fish finder, safety gear, 12 months NSW reg. FM-433N, CQ-9555. $10,000 ono. 0400 633 016. Albury.


CABIN, Lake Hume, 3BR, shower, W.C, lounge, dining, kitchen, fully furnished, shed. $45,000neg. 0417 307 502. CARAVAN ANNEXE, canvas, 16ft, includes poles and ropes, EC. $500 ono. (02) 6043-1596. Thurgoona.


CARAVAN, Compass, limited edition, AC, shower, toilet, oven, awning, immaculate, R83263. $36,000. (03) 5727-0500. Everton. CARAVAN, Pop Top, Millard Horizon, 2004, 3way fridge, TV, roll-out awning annexe, VGC, Vic reg. S-49533. $20,500 ono. (02) 6059-3575. 0447 014 411. West Wodonga. JAYCO Eagle, 2007 model, travelled 2,700kms, used 4 times, as new, with annex, sleeps 4, child safety rail and net on beds, privacy curtains, microwave, 82lt water tank, R-93796, active 1 antenna, Alko ratchet jockey wheel, reg. till June 2011. $17,995 ono. 0409 716 453. (02) 6043-3107. Lavington.

JAYCO, Expanda, 2008, EC, reverse cycle AC, 3 way fridge, microwave, stove, roll out awning, U93754. $31,000 ono. (02) 6025-6681. Lavington. MOTORHOME, Dodge 300, HD245, 76 model, 32,000kms, stove, water, 12/240 power, double bed, RWC, Vic. rego. URX-323. $8,000. 0401 491 683. POP TOP, Pedigree 17’, 1993, front kitchen, island double bed with inner spring mattress, roll out awning, VGC, kept under cover. Vic. reg. Q-60161. $15,000 ono. 5725-1592. Chiltern.

TRADESMAN TRAILER, new, 6x4, heavy duty, deluxe, extras included. VIN: 6FDAUFTRLAMI01029. $1,650. 0419 875 434. TRAILER, Tradesman, 6x4, electric brakes, slide out floor, with roof rack. Q61-890. $1,500 ono. 0418 578 528.

FARM VEHICLES/ MACHINERY CARAVAN, 16ft, 1979, clean condition, 12mth Vic reg. $4,650. 6040-1772 or 0419 022 915. Lavington. LEYLAND 285, 3 pt/linkage, dual remotes, 85hp, good second tractor, unreg., $8,500ono. (02)60265372. Howlong. TRACTOR, John Deere, 4840 enclosed cabin. $18,600 ono. 0409 705 825. Wodonga. TRACTOR, John Deere, 3020 W/canopy $9,200 ono. 0409 705 825.

To advertise in this section Phone 1300 666 808


CARAVAN, 20’ tandem, rear kitchen, L-shaped dining, plus lounge, East/West bed, super storage, 2x95L tanks, awning, EC. Vic. reg. Q-96408. $26,000 ono. (02) 60270916. Yackandandah.

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Junior soccer teams prepare for season A recent rail incident at Flemington confirmed the MawSafe rail worked as designed by minimising injuries to a fallen rider and keeping another horse and rider from breaking through the rail system in an uncontrolled manner. Victorian jockeys are said to be very happy with the system. Wodonga club Manager, Bradley Thomas, said the rail keeps the course at the forefront of the industry as a training venue and ensured the course was safe for racing.



JUNIOR indoor soccer begins tonight, (Friday) at the Major League Indoor Sports and Function Centre. The season kicks off with a registration night before the season begins in earnest next week. Age groups begin from 5-6 years and go through to 17-18 years. Registrations will be conducted for ages five through to eight from 4pm with ages nine through to 12 from 6pm and 13 through to 18 at 7.30. Registration fees for the competition include insurance, coaching, referees, training days, sausage sizzles and trophies. All competitions are conducted mid-week freeing up weekends for other activities. The competition has proven to be quite popular over the past 15 years to now include over 100 junior and 30 senior teams. For further information contact Matt Mitchell on 6021 6855 or drop into the centre at North Street, Albury. ALBURY Little Athletics are preparing for their upcoming season with registration days tomorrow, (Saturday) September 18 and the following Saturday, September 25, between 10am and noon at Alexandra Park. Those interested in junior athletics can go and register on those days or any other day of competition. Club secretary Cynthia Powell said some people thought if they missed the registration days they then couldn’t come and compete at the centre. “People can come along at any time to register,” she said. “We also have come and try days … it’s more for kids that haven’t done athletics so they get some idea what it’s about and if it’s what interests them. “We offer a couple of those days for people wanting to try the sport.” Mrs Powell said the come and try days weren’t specifically set out but could be utilised on a day that suited the participant. The club’s season begins on October 2 running through to the end of March, 2011

and offers many opportunities for children in the region, not just helping them maintain a reasonable level of fitness. “It’s a place where they can develop their athletic skills while widening their social skills and friendship base,” Mrs Powell said. “They can meet a lot of kids from different schools. “We also try to encourage them to achieve their personal best while competing in a group – we have personal best cards to keep a record of their achievements.” Any further enquiries regarding the club can be made by contacting Cynthia Powell on 0422 448 839 or by attending the registration days. WODONGA and District Turf Club has received a safety boost with the supply of 2400m of plastic rail, anchors and uprights valued at $101,000. The MawSafe rail project, costing approximately $2.5 million over 29 venues has been funded by the Victorian Government and Racing Victoria. The benefits of the MawSafe system includes no metal parts being above ground, all metal anchors stay in the ground in the event of a rail incident with plastic uprights kicking out on impact. This minimises injury of horse and rider, unlike fixed metal uprights than can cause significant injuries in the event of a rail incident. The rail is flexible with a cabling and elastic effect that keeps the horse and rider on the track, moving on impact and increasing in height to ensure a safer result for horse and rider.

ALBURY Wodonga Mountains Bikers will hold their first dirt crits of the season next Sunday, September 26, behind the Albury Swim centre car park, Hovell Tree Park as part of the NSW bike week festivities. The course will be flat but but will also provide fast, close and tight racing. Groups of about 10 people will be sent off in each race to avoid congestion on the track and will be divided into classes of around the same ability. The track consists of a small loop with the events run over a 25 minute period. Riders are expected to cover around 25 laps in that time with the possibility of a sprint to the finish. Event organiser, Brad Spinelli, said the track would be relatively simple with no real technical skill required to compete. “Basically the track weaves around on the grass,” he said. “Anyone with any skill level can come and ride … all they need is a mountain bike in working condition and a helmet. “We had a similar dirt crit event in Noreuil Park as part of the MAC10 events and everyone loved it. “It’s a really good spectator sport as well because you can see the whole track. “Anyone interested in mountain biking can come down and compete even if it’s their first time.” The club will also be running a junior event for under 10s and Mr Spinelli said competitors could use any type of bike. As part of the bike week celebrations Albury council will have the wood-fired oven available for use with bike decorating for children also on offer. Registrations can be made on the day from 9-10am with racing to begin at 10am. The fee will be $5 with a further $15 to purchase a day licence if required, which will cover insurance.

Pollock overcomes flat tyre to grab 3rd place in big race

By TREVOR JACKSON BORDER cyclist, Rhys Pollock has taken third place in the Goulburn to Citi cycling event. He took the win against more than 200 riders. Pollock competed with two other members of the Drapac Porsche team as a preparation for the Tour of Tasmania this week. The event was also a part of the Australian National series, attracting many of the top riders in the country. It consisted of a 4km time trial around Goulburn before tackling a 170km road section from Goulburn to Camden the following day. Pollock said the team approached the event without huge expectations and was very pleased with the final result. “We went into the race pretty open, just to see how we were all feeling,” he said. “On Sunday I ended up getting fourth in the time trial … I wasn’t sure whether that time would be much of a factor with

the 170km road section ahead. “In the end the road race came down to a sprint with a group of about 40 guys and I finished eighth in that giving me the third overall.” He said the race was similar to a tour event but run over the two-day period giving riders their aggregate score for placings. The road course began on the highway and continued for around 80km before heading down through towns like Moss Vale and Picton, with two climbs up a hill known as Razorback after 150km of riding. “It’s a fairly steep little hill,” Pollock said. “We went up that two times and then had another 15km to the finish. “The second time up the hill decided the race … that basically split everyone and left the final group to sprint it out to the finish.” Pollock suffered a flat tyre and spent a lot of time trying to catch up to the main group.

By that stage a group of around 10 riders had created a 30 second gap on the main group which made the job even tougher. “I was feeling it a bit by then,” Pollock said. “Once I got back to the bunch, on the next few hills I was suffering a little bit so I wasn’t sure how I would go coming to the finish. “It’s hard when they throw climbs in right near the end … it’s a good test to see who’s got the best legs. “I struggled a bit the second time up the hill but I got back on so that wasn’t too bad. “In the end it was fairly obvious it was going to be a bunch sprint because there was a couple of teams that were pretty keen to keep it together to be a bunch sprint. “I sort of just waited and had a bit of a go at the end. “Eighth in the sprint isn’t too bad for me because I’m not the best sprinter.” The Drapac Porsche team,

this time with six members, have now headed to the Tour of Tasmania which began yesterday (Thursday) and continues until Tuesday with Pollock hoping for a good result on the back of the Goulburn to Citi event. “As a team we should go pretty good,” he said. “We’ve got a couple of good guys … we’ve got Peter McDonald who was riding well at the Goulburn to Citi race … he’s the stronger climber out of the team. “In Tasmania it’s pretty hilly so we’ll definitely be looking out for him a little bit. “Stuart Shaw, one of our riders from Canberra, has been going really well in some of the sprints recently so we’ll definitely be trying to get him to the finish. “If I can slip away in a couple of breakaways I might give myself a bit of a chance. “If I can do well and win a stage down there it would be great. “That is one of the goals.”

42 • NewsWeekly – Friday, September 17, 2010

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Bathurst focus as team shows class DOMINANT: Herman van Ree takes control during the weekend’s championship races on Lake Hume.

van Ree shows why he is the master of Lake Hume waters

PODIUM: Jason Richards and Andrew Jones celebrate their third place in the Phillip Island round of the V8 Supercar series. By TREVOR JACKSON he worked his way back to second place mum speed, but it’s all you can do when you’re that far back.” BRAD Jones Racing has managed an in the latter stages of the race. Having used up the best of his tyres Richards said he couldn’t believe he amazing finish to the Phillip Island round of the V8 Supercar series with a with the hard charge Richards battled to was in third position after the final pit third place to BOC driver, Jason Rich- fend off Mark Winterbottom for second stop and gave it everything from then but had to concede with a few laps re- on until late in the race when his tyres ards. went off. Having been written off early in the maining. Team co-owner Brad Jones said it “When Mark started coming back race after dropping to a lap down, Richards pushed on in the drive of his career was an amazing race and that with the towards us I’d used up all my tyres,” he to take the podium finish in the 500km right cars and the right people there was said. always a chance to get a result. “In the last five laps I couldn’t keep race. “We had a very aggressive strategy,” him back … I ran a bit wide and he got Faulty wheel nuts on the BJR cars through. caused unscheduled pit stops and on lap he said. “It was a fantastic result … to be on “Even so it was a super job by the seven, with co-driver Andrew Jones in the driver’s seat, a wheel nut flew into the podium from where we were is as- whole team and gives us so much confidence going into Bathurst.” pit lane causing the team to serve a drive tonishing.” Richards was very happy with the The team now prepares for the highthrough penalty, all but putting them podium finish and the team effort to light of the season, the Supercheap Auout of contention. tos Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama However, Jones pushed on, passing take the result. “To be honest, I can’t believe it, what in October. Todd Kelly to get back on the same lap BJR is well known for strong perforas the leaders, and when a safety car pe- are the chances?” he said. “We had three cars in pit lane … got a mances in this race and with the latest riod came, ironically due to teammate Jason Bright suffering mechanical prob- drive through on lap 10 and it all seemed results at Phillip Island will be hoping to take top honours. lems on track, the race came back to the to compound our hopeless situation. “But we had a fast car and were comRichards has finished second at the BJR team. Richards jumped into the hot seat mitted … I was committed 100 per cent, event the past two years running and and with the aid of some great team making massive moves to get ourselves will be looking to take the result one betstrategy and an awesome driving effort, back in the race … maximum risk, maxi- ter this year.

By TREVOR JACKSON HERMAN van Ree has taken top honours in both the Bunnings Trailable Yacht Regatta and the Noelex 25 Country Championships held on Lake Hume over the weekend. Twenty eight sailors aboard nine yachts contested the annual series in variable wind conditions. Sunday saw an early end to race two with the wind dropping right out, forcing the organisers to abandon it. As the wind returned the final race of the series was able to go ahead. This saw van Ree skipper Executive Suite to a comfortable win. But the champion didn’t have it all his own way with Jeff Stirling’s Live Wire pushing him right to the finish line. The well-oiled team aboard Executive Suite managed to set their spinnaker quickly and effectively while Live Wire’s crew struggled coming around the top marker. This allowed van Ree to open up a gap in the stiffening breeze and take the title. Phil Clements skippered Rum Runner to second in both championship events and was leading van Ree in the abandoned race. He was followed in third by Jeff Stirling in the trailable yacht regatta with Terry Caldwell coming home in third in the Noelex 25 event. The Albury Wodonga Yacht Club is looking to the new season with added enthusiasm given the rising water levels in Lake Hume. With the lake well over 70 per cent full the club now has its bay back, making life much easier for launching yachts. The season-proper kicks off this weekend with the Commodore’s Trophy, club championships and handicap series beginning on Sunday at 9am. “Anyone looking to try sailing for the first time is also most welcome to visit the club this weekend and speak to club members and inspect the excellent facilities here,” club commodore, Phil Clements said.

Fitness, sticking to game plan, keys to Bulldogs’ win

WINNERS: Thurgoona netballers with their grand final flag and shield.

From back page “It’s all about hanging on to the ball, hanging on to your centre passes, hanging onto it when there’s a turnover, it’s about shooting goals.” The Bulldogs’ defensive effort lifted in the last term creating turnovers and providing plenty of opportunities to score, a part of Mrs Gerecke’s plan throughout the game, with the emphasis on closing down one of the Saints danger players, Breannan Boyd. “We did play a defensive game all the way through,” she said. “We double teamed what I believe is the strongest person on that team, their GA, and we really did some hard work trying to shut her down. “She was still very good, still had a very good game, but when we played them in one of the semis she was just awesome, so I knew that if we could at least contain her we’d have a good shot.” Mrs Gerecke said going into the

season her emphasis was on fitness, knowing it would carry the team through the competition. “We are a fit side,” she said. “That was one of my things going into pre-season … we all have to be fit, including me … I don’t ask them to do anything I won’t do. “We do a lot of work with fitness and strength … that’s where I think it all comes from … there’s no use just running a few laps and hope that you’re fit, hope that you’re strong … it’s a long time out there for a whole hour. “They’ve done a great job, they’ve listened to everything I’ve said.” Mrs Gerecke said Wodonga brought the game up to them and she knew it would be a tough hit out but said her team showed courage when they needed to. “I knew we could do it,” she said. “We had the skill … it’s all about who performs on the day … we really performed … I’m so happy.”

POSITION: Thurgoona’s Maddie Hynes takes the ball in front of Wodonga’s Jessica McLennan. Picture: TREVOR JACKSON

Friday, September 17, 2010 – NewsWeekly • 43

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Tigers look to have edge in O&M decider By TREVOR JACKSON NORTH Albury were never really in the race to make the O&M grand final when they faced Yarrawonga on Sunday at John Flower Oval. After a top performance last week by Damian Cupido many Hopper fans were looking to him to be the saviour of the club’s hopes. But he could only manage three goals, a stark contrast to the previous week’s bag of 10 as the Pigeons powered away to get another crack at the Tigers. All eyes will be on the Lavington oval this week as Albury and Yarrawonga meet to fight it out for the flag. It would be a brave man to tip against the Tigers and they look poised to take back-toback premierships. My money is on the Tigers by a margin of four goals. NewsWeekly tipping guru, Mark French has also put his money on the Tigers in what he said should be a much tighter contest than last year’s final. “While I’m tipping Albury I think it should be a good game,” he said. “I think the week off will do Albury good … when the two teams last played it was pretty wet so that would have taken a bit out of them. “But I think Albury should get up in a close one.” Mark has certainly proved he has an eye for a winner this season and I think he’s right on the money again. 2AY’s Simon Corr wasn’t surprised with the weekend’s result. As for his choice of premiership favourite, he too can’t go past the Tigers. “I think Albury’s mid-field is too dominant,” he said.


Roos just no match for dominant Bushies By TREVOR JACKSON BEECHWORTH Bushrangers have taken a dominant win over the Yackandandah Roos to win the Tallangatta league premiership for 2010, 18.9 (117) to 12.5 (77). A slightly slippery surface at Sandy Creek didn’t detract from a great spectacle and outright favourites, Beechworth, used all their speed to account for Yackandandah, never really looking troubled throughout the match. Yackandandah had opportunities early in their forward line but were unable to convert, the pressure applied by Beechworth seemingly too much for the Roos to handle. A five-goal bag from Yackandandah’s Scott Fraser wasn’t enough to help the underdogs with Beechworth’s Matt Hunt matching his effort up forward. Despite the damp conditions underfoot Beechworth used the first term to set the win up with six straight goals. Yackandandah were also accurate in front of the big sticks but with just two goals the writing was on the wall. With an extra couple of scoring shots in the second term the Bushies were unable to make much more of a break, a couple of behinds hindering their forward march and the Roos were now holding on for dear life. They say the third term is the premiership quarter and Beechworth used it to their advantage adding a further four goals to hold a 39point lead at the final break. A renewed effort from the Roos in the final term matched the Bushys score but they couldn’t chip into the lead Beechworth had built up. The final 40 point margin providing a deserved win for the Bushrangers. Beechworth’s big ruckman Tim Scheuermann was awarded for his work around the ground with player of the match. His efforts also received the nod from the 2AY team who broadcast the game live from the ground. “The ground seemed to have recovered well,” said 2AY’s Simon Corr. “I was there the day before and it was still under water … there’s not too many grounds that could recover that well, although I thought it might have been a bit heavy and noticed a few guys cramping up.” Corr considered that Kayde Surrey and Brayden Carey were good contributers for Beechworth with veteran, John Allen, kicking four

SPEED: Beechworth’s Dayne Carey shows a clean set of heals to Yackandandah’s Joshua Hillary. goals in the first quarter to set up the game. For Yackandandah he felt Brent Lewington played a fantastic game as did Ben Margery. “It was a fantastic day,” he added. “The reserves was a fantastic game as well … Yack went down by a point to Wahgunyah.

“The crowd was big so it was a good day for the Tallangatta league.” He said the streaker at the end of the game, who managed to slip over the fence and disappear into the crowd, added another dimension to the day as well.

Wombats all-out attack rewarded with berth in final

DEFENDER: SS&A goalie, Ben Hawkins attempts to repel another Wombats attack.

By TREVOR JACKSON NASC Wombats have advanced to the grand final of the AlburyWodonga division 1 hockey competition with a 3-1 defeat of SS&A Magpies on the weekend. Considered the underdogs, Wombats came out firing, peppering the SS&A goals early in the game. SS&A goalie, Ben Hawkins, held strong and repelled many attempts before Wombats’ Tom Swaby found the net on the back of a Peter Barber pass. Swaby added further to the Magpies’ woes when he set up Josh MacVean who slotted an-

other goal, giving the team a strong 2-0 lead at the break. Wombats continued their momentum in the second half with Jacob MacVean finding the back of the net early in the term. It wasn’t until the 20 minute mark of the second half that SS&A managed to score with some fast team work giving Steve Miller a successful shot. Wombats will now face a strong Falcons line up this week in the grand final. For the women SS&A Magpies defeated Wodonga 3-1 to progress through to the grand final.

The game was played at a frenetic pace from the outset with both teams’ defence holding strong. Wodonga was able to break free of the constant pressure when a long cross ball from Shae George found Sinead Coleiro free on the right wing. After a short run to the attacking zone Coleiro’s centering pass was picked up by Kyrie Cockayne who was able to draw SS&A keeper Danielle Martin wide enough to push the ball past her into the goal to take a 1-0 lead. SS&A kept up the attacking moves and it resulted in draw-

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ing a deliberate foul from the Wodonga defence. SS&A took full advantage of the ensuing penalty stroke with Amy Allen taking the score to 1-all at the break. With some tactical changes in the second half SS&A took the lead after a Georgia McCormick goal resulting from a penalty corner. The team went further ahead when Linda Snell finished off a two-on-one around Wodonga goalie Sarah Lucas. The 3-1 victory set up SS&A for what should be a thrilling encounter with Norths in the grand final.

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44 â&#x20AC;˘ NewsWeekly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday, September 17, 2010

NewsWeekly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Albury Wodongaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s locally owned free weekly newspaper


Jones team now looks to Bathurst


Bulldogs bark Email:

Thurgoona girls on fire in final

CELEBRATIONS: Thurgoona Bulldogs 18 and under netballers celebrate their hard fought grand final victory. Picture: TREVOR JACKSON

By TREVOR JACKSON THURGOONA 18 and under netball team has defeated Wodonga to take the Tallangatta league grand ďŹ nal in a heart-stopping match on Saturday at Sandy Creek 44-39. Up against he best in the league the Bulldogs were without doubt underdogs, having faced the Saints twice this season for two defeats. Anything can happen in a grand ďŹ nal and the approach of coach, Zanelle Gerecke proved the theory to be correct. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I had a plan, and it worked,â&#x20AC;? she told NewsWeekly after the game. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I also had a backup plan â&#x20AC;Ś itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about preparation â&#x20AC;Ś if I can prepare for everything that I think is going to happen I should be right. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not to say I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have heart palpitations all the way through.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The only thing that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really disappointed about is Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got 12 girls and two didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get on. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That honestly breaks my heart. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve played all season and done a great job and there was no reason for them not to go on â&#x20AC;Ś I had to make some hard decisions and I hate it.â&#x20AC;? Wodonga seemed to have the edge in the ďŹ rst half before Thurgoona made a small break in the third quarter, however Mrs Gerecke said she never felt comfortable during the game. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You never feel comfortable until the last whistle,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen games lost when theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re 10 points up at three quarter time so youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re never comfortable, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve just got to keep going. Continued page 42

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Issue 52  

NewsWeekly Sept 17, 2010

Issue 52  

NewsWeekly Sept 17, 2010