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Annual Report


Our board

Stevie and Leela in their new happy home

The past year has been filled with eager excitement. It’s been thrilling to watch the construction of our state-of-the-art Animal Care Centre. From our humble beginnings in 1964, we’re excited to pave the way for the future of animal care in South Australia. The redevelopment of our Wingfield site has been more than 15 years in the making. Seeing the new Animal Care Centre take shape has been incredibly rewarding. We owe it all to our incredible supporters, to whom I extend the Board’s genuine gratitude. It’s a privilege to guide AWL as Chair while we continue caring for pets and give them second chances to find safe and happy homes.

This year we developed and distributed our Cat Management Plan alongside RSPCA to achieve better outcomes for cats and to support our community in understanding the value of pets.

Deputy Chair, Katherine Bartolo AAPI CPV

We have also expanded and reinvigorated our educational pet messaging to help the community be responsible pet owners. At AWL, we’re dedicated to connecting pets, people and the community, and thanks to our generous donors, volunteers, sponsors and supporters, we can continue helping pets in need. Steven Weinert Chair, AWL Board


Michelle Williams MBA

Leah Wright LLB(Hons) BCom

Each time I see another pet find their new family, I’m struck by how vital AWL’s work is for pets and people in our community. We’re now in the third year of our strategic plan and are proud of the progress we’ve made since its implementation in 2018.

Cate Gaston BA GDipTour GDipMgt FGLF17

In the past 12 months, AWL has provided refuge and care for more than 7,000 desperate pets, despite operating out of only one shelter – a testament to our team’s flexibility, hard work and passion.

Call us on 08 8348 1300 Send an email to contactus@awl.org.au Visit our website awl.org.au Write to us at PO Box 1525 Port Adelaide SA 5015 Animal Welfare League of South Australia ABN 11 397 137 539

2  AWL Annual Report


awlsa @awl_sa

Dr Jo Powell BSc DVM BEd (Adult Ed) DipMgt CIVTAE

Animal Welfare League of SA Animal Welfare League of SA

Louise Miller Frost BAppSc MA MPH MBA FAICD

3  AWL Annual Report

Thank you Through 2019/20, we rehomed and reunited 4,703 pets with loving forever families. On average we had 227 animals in our care each day. If you had told me on arrival to AWL in January what the next six months were going to hold, I would not have believed you. To say this year has been challenging for AWL and South Australia is a vast understatement. Despite the hardships, AWL continued rehoming animals in need, reuniting pets with loving owners and caring for lost, abandoned and surrendered pets. Happily, this year we saw the total number of pets brought into our care reduce by 18% when compared to the year before. However, this reduction was primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As more owners were staying at home due to restrictions, the number of lost, stray and abandoned pets admitted to AWL reduced by 24% in the last three months of the year. AWL also saw a spike in the number of pets adopted during the months of COVID-19 restrictions. Whilst our shelter was never empty, all available animals were adopted by the end of every weekend through April and May 2020. We were excited to welcome Luis Marquez as General Manager Animal Operations. Luis brings a wealth of national and international animal welfare experience to the team. Together, we’ll implement new animal care approaches and achieve better outcomes for more cats and dogs. In November 2019, AWL and RSPCA SA released a joint Cat Management Plan for South

4  AWL Annual Report

Australia. The 26-point plan considers the associated animal welfare, social and environmental issues of cat management. Using this strategy, AWL will work alongside local councils, other animal welfare organisations and the community to help more cats get the care they need. AWL also reinvigorated our marketing and fundraising strategies through 2019/20. We appointed a new Head of Fundraising and Marketing, Dave Simms, who brings 25 years’ fundraising experience to AWL. As part of our marketing refresh, AWL undertook research to gain perspectives from our community on the AWL brand. The results gave reassurance that AWL is a recognised name. However, they also issued a challenge to promote our services better, add warmth to our image and communicate more engagingly. We launched our new look AWL brand in June 2020. At a time when the South Australian community was struggling with the uncertainty of COVID-19, donors reached out to assist AWL with the winter appeal, achieving a 32% increase on last year’s result. For this, I thank each and every one of you. As I write this message, the doors to the Animal Care Centre are so close to opening. Our new donorfunded centre, complete with a purpose-built veterinary clinic, is the first of its kind in Australia. It meets global best-practice

standards in animal shelters and veterinary care, and embraces advanced fear-free designs and technology.

We connect pets in need with safe and caring humans to create happy homes where everyone feels loved

The state-of-the-art features are vital for thousands of pets who’ll get the second chances they deserve when they come through our doors. AWL is very honoured that His Excellency, the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia, will be officially opening the centre on September 5, 2020. Finally, I would like to thank our Board Members, led by Chair Steven Weinert, for their vision and dedication. Thank you also to our staff and volunteers for their unwavering sense of purpose and commitment. To our donors, supporters, and industry partners, your generosity ensures better outcomes for companion animals in South Australia, and I thank you all for making this possible.

Our values

Dr Julie Bellamy Chief Executive Officer, AWL BVMS


We are flexible in our approach and look for opportunities



We are determined, energised and able to recover and focus


We show we’re understanding by listening and providing support

We have a positive outlook and focus on what is possible


We consistently demonstrate integrity, transparency and professionalism

5  AWL Annual Report

Here’s how we helped pets and people through 2019/2020


pets adopted into safe and happy homes


pets relaxed in our boarding centre during their holiday



lost dogs reunited with their loving families

pets grew up and recovered in loving foster homes



followers learned about pet care on our social media

Born blind, Spyro is enjoying his happy home one year after being adopted

hours spent by our vet team giving pets the care the need

1,118 1,481

cats, kittens and rabbits rehomed through PETstock


owners given pet advice by our expert team



stray cats adopted into loving homes




baby pets adopted into loving homes

6  AWL Annual Report


visitors learned about adoption and pet care on our website

Total pets adopted 1






pets came through our doors each month


102 Puppies



7  AWL Annual Report

Patch’s Happy Home Patch is a five-year-old staffordshire bull terrier who came to AWL in March 2019 after his owner passed away. Patch waited for six months to find his new home. During the long months Patch spent at AWL, he never let his wait dampen his happy spirit. Patch was always excited to see new visitors and loved play dates and outings. Our team worked tirelessly to keep Patch happy, comfortable and enriched through the many months he was in our care. Throughout his stay, Patch was moved into a temporary foster home to enjoy some homely comforts while he waited. The behaviour team also spent lots of time training Patch to keep his mind active – so of course, he learned lots of great skills. Patch finally found his new parents in August 2019. His adopters had seen his plight online and knew that Patch was the perfect pet for their home. Now, Patch is living a happy life, spoiled and loved by his parents, Beau and Lauren.

Future strength

Patch goes on outings every day, shadows his parents around the house, joins in on work video meetings, and snoozes on every comfortable surface in his home.

Our social enterprise services help to fund our work.

Patch truly has found his happy home with a loving family.

We’re dedicated to helping pet owners at every level – whether newly adopting a pet, going away on a holiday, or sadly farewelling a beloved companion. These services not only support pets, people and the community, they also guarantee AWL’s future.

Cremations When the time comes to farewell a faithful companion, our cremations and memorial team are here to help owners say goodbye. Our caring and compassionate team supported the families of 8,416 pets through 2019/20. Every pet entrusted into our care for their final journey is treated with the love and dignity you expect. Throughout the year, we’ve supported each family through their time of grief. As SA’s only accredited provider, we give owners the peace of mind that their pet is being farewelled with respect. Proceeds from our cremation and memorial service fund our work. This year we raised $2,366,500 for the cats and dogs in our care.

8  AWL Annual Report

Lauren, Patch and Beau enjoying an afternoon together at the park

Boarding Our caring and trustworthy boarding team are here to give pets a holiday of their own while their owners are away. In 2019/20 our boarding service raised a total income of $416,793. These proceeds are returned to our lifesaving services for pets in need. This year was very rewarding for our team. We saw our new business strategy pay-off with improved booking systems and increased promotions. In the past 12-months we had 1,709 pets stay with us. Sadly, COVID-19 restrictions resulted in the temporary closure of our boarding service.

Thrift Shops We’re passionate about giving your preloved items the second chances they deserve, too.


pets holidayed with us while their owners were away


kilos of soft goods diverted from landfill in our shops

$3,161,161 Total income raised by our social enterprise services

In 2019/20 our Thrift Shops raised $377,868 in income for our animal care services. This financial year, we also saw better in-store sales and customer experiences than ever before.

9  AWL Annual Report

Trim in his new happy home with his human brother, Zac

Reuniting pets and owners In 2019/20 we reunited 1,149 pets with loving families Losing a pet is incredibly stressful for owners and their animals. At AWL we connect lost pets with their families, care for stray pets in need, and rehome pets who cannot be reunited with owners. In the past 12-months, our team cared for 3,660 stray pets brought in by members of our community, as well as 2,228 pets brought in by local councils. When in our care, these pets get the food, exercise, medical attention and love that they deserve. We want pets who have loving homes to stay with their families. Alongside reuniting pets and owners, we educate our community on the importance of microchipping pets, keeping pets in secure areas, and how to find your pet when they’re lost.

Pets reunited with owners







10  AWL Annual Report



11  AWL Annual Report

Better care

than ever before

for pets in need

Our new state-of-the-art Animal Care Centre will provide better care than ever before to lost, abandoned and surrendered pets in need. The new donor-funded centre opens in September 2020 and is a South Australian first. It meets global best-practice standards in animal shelters and veterinary care, and embraces advanced designs and technology. The new shelter veterinary hospital will give lifesaving treatment to injured and unwell pets, while the specialised accommodation and fear-free design will keep pets calm and comfortable while they wait for their new homes. We look forward to giving second chances to more pets.

Community support

Pet and owner support

AWL is here to help pets, people and our community.

Pets belong in loving and safe homes, and we’re here to help owners in times of need.

Supporting our community often means helping people understand the value and benefits of pet ownership. It also means jumping into action in times of hardship and crisis – and 2019/20 has seen many.

Black Summer Bushfires The 2019/20 bushfires devastated millions of Australians, some of whom lost their lives.

homes and were displaced through this harrowing time. AWL opened its doors to pets in need of emergency accommodation. We worked alongside PIRSA and RSPCA SA to offer pet relief and support to displaced owners. Our cremation team also provided safe and dignified farewell services to the wildlife who lost their lives in the bushfires.

In South Australia we also lost hundreds-of-thousands of acres of land; tens-of-thousands of wildlife; and hundreds of houses, buildings and cars.


Many families had to flee their

Since COVID-19’s introduction into

Coronavirus has caused the most significant disruption to daily life that many of us have known.

the Australian community, everyone has felt the ongoing effects caused by nation-wide lockdowns, job losses and economic downturn. Many South Australians are experiencing financial challenges after having lost their jobs, with no new employment in sight. It’s a sad reality that through times of hardship, loving owners may need to consider surrendering their pets. Through these difficult times, we’re supporting families so they can stay together. Our owner support programs include pet advice and training, providing pet food and supplies, as well as offering emergency accommodation for pets.

Care packages


In 2019/20, AWL helped pets and families stay together through times of hardship.

South Australians love their pets and we want to help everyone in our community to be the best owners they can be.

We work with other community organisations to offer emergency pet boarding for owners experiencing temporary homelessness or similar hardships. Through this program, we provide temporary shelter to pets while their families find suitable housing. Then, we reunite these owners with their pets once it’s safe to do so. We also support struggling families by providing pet care packages. These pet care packages include pet supplies, food, treats, litter, grooming tools, bedding, enrichment items and more.

From providing online pet advice and educational resources to providing one-on-one training sessions for our adopters – our team is committed to helping people and their pets. In 2019/20, we helped thousands of owners with pet advice online, over the phone, and in-person. Plus, we increased and improved our online pet education resources for owners.

85: adopters had a one-on-one

training session with their adopted dog and our behaviour team

520: adopters received a follow-up

call from our team to check on them and their special needs pet


pet owners received personalised training advice to help keep their pets in their homes

47,321: visitors viewed our

educational pet advice and support pages on our website

Cat Management Plan for South Australia November 2019

Cat Management Plan Every cat deserves a responsible owner. But sadly, we’re facing a major cat challenge in South Australia, leading to poor welfare outcomes for too many cats and kittens in our community. This places intense pressure on neighbourhoods, councils and animal charities.

14  AWL Annual Report

That’s why we partnered with RSCPA SA to develop a state-wide cat management plan. We’ve provided 26 action points for increased collaboration between cat owners, community members, councils, animal charities and other stakeholders. Our plan provides clear achievable steps to create positive change.


people learned about cat management on our website


people read the cat management plan 15  AWL Annual Report

Our team Our dedicated team of 472 employed and volunteer animal-lovers provide care to animals, and find safe and happy homes for pets in need. In the past 12-months, AWL continued providing lifesaving services to pets despite the adversities the world has seen.

Added together, these pets spent 18,690 days getting the care they needed in foster homes.

The new us

In 2019/20, we hosted research focus groups with our supporters, Every volunteer role ultimately helps donors, adopters, pet owners and Our ability to carry on is a testament the pets in our care get the second members of the public. to our generous donors and the hard chances they deserve. Through our research, we explored work of our our passionate team. what South Australians think of our Our workplace brand and work. Our volunteers We want everyone at AWL to feel We were delighted to find that many Our wonderful volunteers valued, supported and integral to in our community were familiar with contributed $1,200,284 worth of our mission. AWL and what we do. But, we also voluntary work to AWL through Through 2019/20, we assessed found a need to revitalise how we 2019/20. results from past staff surveys. talk and promote our services. These extraordinary efforts With the results of these surveys, We were fascinated to find that helped us rehabilitate and rehome we developed our new action plan. most people recognised the cat and thousands of cats, kittens, dogs and dog icons from our logo. So, we’ll be Our plan aims to improve job puppies in need. using them more in future. satisfaction, employee recognition, In the past 12-months, 1,609 pets professional development, staff Now, we’ll always stay true to our stayed with our loving volunteer support, and communication. friendly, caring and compassionate foster carers. In these foster homes, brand, so our community can love us We’ve started implementing the pets get a safe and loving place as much as they love our work. action plan, and we look forward to to grow, rehabilitate and heal until continuing our efforts through 2021. they’re ready for adoption.

Friendly. Caring. Compassionate.


volunteers and foster carers in our dedicated team


saved by the hours of work contributed by volunteers 16  AWL Annual Report


team members employed at AWL


hours spent looking after pets in need at AWL

28,494 hours of work donated by kind volunteers


days of foster care given to pets in need 17  AWL Annual Report

Fundraising This year, AWL’s incredibly generous supporters have raised $7,714,083 for pets in need.


lottery tickets sold

Our members, donors, lottery buyers, Paw Partners, sponsors, Companions Club and bequestors all make our lifesaving services possible. As we don’t receive any government funding, AWL relies on donations to keep our doors open for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies in need. In the last 12-months, we revitalised our fundraising strategy, revamping our existing fundraising programs as well as introducing new ideas. This year, our lotteries raised $791,355 for pets at AWL. With the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, we were particularly pleased to see our 2020 Winter Lottery sell-out. Throughout the year, we established our Companions Club for committed altruists dedicated to helping cats and dogs in need. We also devoted more time to our remarkable Paw Partners who regularly give monthly donations to fund our work. Thank you to every single supporter for your extraordinary generosity. You give helpless pets the second chances they deserve.


donations made by our kind supporters

$5,760,442 bequeathed to caring for pets at AWL through gifts in Wills

Sponsors From feeding the cats, dogs, kittens and puppies in our care, to assisting with pet adoptions, and funding our services for cats and dogs – thank you to these generous corporate sponsors who fund our work.

18  AWL Annual Report

Dude enjoying a hike in his new happy home

Food Sponosor

Adoption Partner

Other supporters

Thank you for feeding the pets in our care

Thank you for helping our cats, kittens and rabbits find loving homes

Thank you for your kind donations

19  AWL Annual Report

Thank you to our kind supporters These generous people left a lasting footprint by making a gift in their Will. Their compassion ensures a more certain future for lost and abandoned companion animals. We would like to make a special mention of Conway Jones. His constant support of AWL and his very charitable and specific gift, will ensure that we will be able care for the animals for many years to come. Thank you also to the estates of Elsa Schwarz, Johnny Zio, Meryl Frith and Betty Mack who left AWL significant bequests this year. Thank you to these generous donors who bequeathed their estates to AWL. Alan Bellman Anne Thomas Anonymous Athalie Ann Harvey Atis Danckops Barbara Gibson Betty Mack Catherine Higgins Catherine Holt Cecily Rachaganathan Clement Barkla Conway Jones David Gunn Debra Olson Dorothy Hartley Dorothy Mccubbine Dorothy Steer Dulcie Moyle Elsa Schwarz Elsie Dennis Eunice Wilson Arthur Fordham Francis Sanders Glen Williams Gloria Tungate

Gwendoline Carter Gwenyth Dickson Hall Family Foundation Harold Wride Helene Todd Horace Eastwood Isobel Kidd Janet Rover Janice Coad Jean Rhodes Jennifer Menzel Jessie Weir John Davis John Girdwood John Wells Johnny Zio Joyce Merritt Joyce Molloy Joyce Watson Judith Gleeson Kathleen Clarke Kathryn Klei Kay Crouch Ken Stegelman Krystyna Gardzielelewska

Leanne Symonds Lesley Rolton Leslie Patrick Margaret Gillibrand Marie Taunton Marilyn Heywood Maurice West Meryl Frith Muriel Etherington Nita Combeer Norman Wyld Patricia Milne Pauline Dobbins Raelene Wilmshurst Rose Selfe Rosemary Mac Krell Ruth Tiley Shirley Jonas Shirley Lane Shirley Rutter Sylvia Bennett Tadeusz Limbach Winton Crabbe

Have you left us a gift in your Will? Let us know so we can ensure your wishes are carried out. Call us today on 08 8348 1300 or send us an email via bequests@awl.org.au

AWL’s Companions Club celebrates the generosity of our major donors and supporters. Thank you to these committed philanthropists who share a common passion for supporting pets in need. Stephen Newlyn Helen Bowden Joann Lloyd Diana Fabijan

20  AWL Annual Report

Leonie Martin Kim Doubleday Fiona McCallum Mark Benz

Robyn Pearson Lambert Kathy Harrison and Nancy Forrester

21  AWL Annual Report

Financial Report AWL’s financial position continues to remain strong and sustainable with a surplus for the financial year of $1.7m and net assets growing to $39.2m.

Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income 2019/20 $

2018/19 $

Operational income



Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income

Legacies & bequests received



The global pandemic impacted AWL from an operational and financial perspective in the second half of the financial year, primarily in relation to the following areas:

Other income





This is a significant achievement considering the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted communities across the globe.


Reduced income through the unfortunate closure of our boarding facilities for a period of time.

Reduced investment income after the decline of the equity markets around the world and in Australia.


Reduced funds generated from our important fundraising activities.

Employee expenses



Grant income through the Federal Government support packages such as the JobKeeper initiative, which enabled AWL to supplement employment costs and keep our staff employed.

Other expenses from ordinary activities



Impairment and revaluation of assets

Legacies and bequests from our generous supporters continue to support our important purpose, and AWL received $5.7m during the year.

Statement of Financial Position After receiving approval in 2018-19, we continued to significantly invest during this financial year in the construction of the new Animal Care Centre at Wingfield.

Net current year surplus/(deficit)

This construction was funded during the year by the sale of investment properties at Glen Osmond and by drawing down on the AWL investment portfolio.

Other comprehensive income

The state-of-the-art Animal Care Centre will officially open in September 2020.

Total comprehensive income for the year

Bart Clingin Interim Executive & Consultant BMC Professional Solutions

Changes in asset revaluation reserve

(891,124) (11,536,209)








Statement of Financial Position Assets

2019/20 $

2018/19 $



Non-Current Assets



Total assets

















Current Assets

Liabilities Current Liabilities Non-Current Liabilities Total Liabilities Net assets

Equity Accumulated surplus Reserves Total equity

The above financial information is an extract taken from the Audited Financial Statements for the year ending June 30, 2020. A full copy of the audited financial statement is available upon request. 22  AWL Annual Report

23  AWL Annual Report

Baxter relaxing in his new happy home after getting adopted this year

Profile for Animal Welfare League

2019 / 2020 Annual Report  

2019 / 2020 Annual Report  

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