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PARAGON: noun \ˈper-ə-ˌgän, -gən, ˈpa-rə-\ 1.  A model of excellence or perfection. 2. A large flawless diamond. It is our mission to provide our clients with unparalleled advice and guidance in building a successful hard asset investment portfolio. The strategies that we implement have historically demonstrated the highest degree of success available to global investors. For the past many years Fancy Coloured Diamonds have shown significantly higher profits than any other hard asset investment vehicle. Our years of experience in the Coloured Diamond markets give our clients an unmatched edge and advantage in achieving the highest possible annual returns on their investments.


The Principles of Paragon International: DEDICATION: We are dedicated to guiding our clients to D  only the wisest of investment decisions. INTEGRITY: We treat all our clients with the utmost of inI  tegrity, always maintaining the soundest level of business practices. ASSISTANCE: Our steadfast adherence to prompt and reliA  able service for all our clients. MANAGEMENT: We manage hard asset portfolios in a M  manner suited to the individual to ensure results tailored to the particular needs and desires of each and every client. OPPORTUNITY: We are committed to allocating whatever O  resources are necessary to provide our clients with investment opportunities that will maximize the profitability of their portfolios. NATURAL: We recommend only Natural Coloured N  Diamonds for investment and protect our clients from mistakenly purchasing colour-treated or synthetic diamonds. DIVERSIFICATION: The key to a successful investment D  portfolio is diversification. Advisors around the world agree that it is imperative to include hard assets in every investment portfolio, and to satisfy that need the vehicle of choice is coloured diamonds. SIMPLICITY: The Coloured Diamond Market is extremely S  complex. Our clients can rely on our expertise so that their investment experience is pleasurable, profitable and simple.

D - I - A - M - O - N - D- S are an investor’s best friend! 3

Investing in the Colours of the Spectrum YELLOW:

There are over 270 hue or colour variations found in Coloured Diamonds. The description of a coloured diamond will include a primary hue and any colour modifiers. For example a BrownishYellow Diamond has a primary hue of yellow with brown modifying tints. The last colour mentioned in the description is the diamond’s primary hue or colour. A diamond of pure colour will not have any modifiers in its description.


The Yellow Diamond is the most common and affordable of the colours available. They are mined in Australia, South Africa & South America. Approximately 50% of the world’s supply of Yellow Diamonds comes from the Ellendale Mine in Australia. The Ellendale Mine is set to close in 2015. The impending closure of the mine is causing the prices of yellow diamonds to increase at unprecedented rates.



Brown diamonds are more commonly referred to as Cognac Diamonds or Champagne Diamonds. These diamonds are also among the more readily available and affordable colours. The leading producer of Brown Diamonds is the Argyle Mine in Australia. The Argyle Mine is set to close in 2018 or 2019 due to rapidly depleting production. With the closing of the Argyle mine in the not too distant future, it is quite likely that Brown diamonds will become less affordable as time wears on.

Pink diamonds garner the most attention in the media. This is largely due to the marketing initiatives taken on by Rio Tinto, the owner of the Argyle Mine. The Argyle Mine produces 90 % to 95 % of the world’s supply of Pink Diamonds. With the Argyle mine closing in 2018 or 2019 it is no wonder that Pink Diamonds have demonstrated the highest rates of return on investment over the past number of years. Although there are still a number of years remaining until the Argyle Mine closes, the number of carats mined each year is rapidly diminishing. It is expected that the price of pink diamonds will increase tenfold by 2020.

GREEN: Natural Green diamonds are amongst the most rare of the colours. The hue of the Green Diamond is created by natural exposure to Earth’s radiation. The prices of Green Diamonds vary greatly. Lighter hues are priced more reasonably, while Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid varieties are very scarce and extremely expensive. The difference in price from one hue to another is much more notable in Green Diamonds than in other colours.

BLUE: Blue diamonds are mined in Australia and South Africa. They are the second most rare of the colours, behind only the Red Diamond. The level of color saturation in a Blue Diamond is determined by the amount of boron in its composition. Due to the extreme scarcity of Blue Diamonds they are amongst the most expensive of coloured diamonds available. As with Green Diamonds, the lighter hues are more affordable than those of the Intense or Vivid varieties.

ORANGE: Orange Diamonds are also amongst the more rare of the colours available. Orange Diamonds have an aesthetic brilliance similar to that of Yellow Diamonds but are far more rare than the common Yellows. With this in mind, it is no wonder that Orange Diamonds are considered a prized find to the world’s diamond enthusiasts. Fancy Vivid Orange Diamonds are extremely rare. The largest on record, known as “The Orange” is only 14.82 ct.

RED: The Red Diamond is the rarest of all natural coloured diamonds. Only a handful of pure Red Diamonds are graded as Fancy. Red Diamonds are the prized possession of the wealthiest of Diamond collectors. The largest Red diamond on record is only 5.11 ct. As with Pink and Brown Diamonds, the Argyle Mine is responsible for the majority of the world’s Red Diamonds. Accordingly the price of Red Diamonds is dramatically increasing each year, as we get closer to the impending closure of the Argyle Mine.


Why Invest in Coloured Diamonds?  Fancy Coloured Diamonds have outperformed all other hard asset classes for many years.  Fancy Coloured Diamonds are affordable and durable. They are the world’s most portable form of wealth. You can literally carry Millions of dollars in your pocket.  Fancy Coloured Diamonds are recession proof. In times of great economic adversity they have continued to rise in value.   From the time that the prices of Fancy Coloured Diamonds were first recorded, almost fifty years ago, they have never decreased in value.  Fancy Coloured Diamonds are a hedge against inflation.  There is a very limited and constantly diminishing supply of Fancy Coloured Diamonds being mined globally.  Fancy Coloured Diamonds are ideal to buy and hold for long-term growth as prices have historically risen year in and year out.   Fancy Coloured Diamonds have also demonstrated tremendous short-term gains in recent years.   Although Coloured Diamonds have been around for decades, the dramatic increase in their place in the consumer market in the last few years is unprecedented.



This graph is based on the actual returns of a 1.59 ct Pink Diamond that increased in price by 996% over a 12 year period. This increase represents an average annual return of 83%. The points plotted on the graph are estimated annual profit percentages that would result in the 83% average annual return.

Average Annual Return 80% for Past 8 Years 60%



Annual Return %









150 % Increase year on year

Growth in % terms from 2007-2013




Dow Jones

60 30



Fancy Light Pink -30 1 Year Ranges








Colourless, Pink and Yellow Diamond growth performance over the past seven years

70,000 60,000 50,000

Clear 1.00 carat D Colour VS1

40,000 30,000

Pink 0.50 carat VS/SI

20,000 10,000 US Dollars

Yellow 2.00 carat VS1 2006






Why Choose Paragon International? The choice to invest in Fancy Coloured Diamonds is an obvious one. They don’t go down in value and the rate at which they are increasing in price grows every year. The choice to use Paragon International as your Fancy Coloured Diamond investment advisor is just as obvious:

The Paragon difference:  Market Knowledge: Diamonds and Diamond Markets are highly complex. At Paragon International, our advisors are highly know­ ledgeable in the nuances of Diamond quality as well as international diamond pricing and market trends.  Experience: The staff and management at Paragon International have over 75 years of combined experience in the Diamond and Investment Services Industries. The wisdom that comes with that experience has enabled us to develop all the tools needed to provide our clients with unmatched advice and guidance in building a successful coloured diamond investment portfolio.


 Diligence: Buying and holding a Diamond for long-term growth is easy. Buying and reselling a Diamond for short-term profit requires careful attention to detail and a constant eye out for opportunities to take advantage of below market pricing on acquisitions and above market pricing for resale. At Paragon International, we have our finger on the pulse of the coloured diamond industry and use our expertise to achieve the utmost of success and complete satisfaction of our clients’ investment needs.  Tailored Advice: Every investor is an individual with different investment needs and desires. At Paragon International we provide each and every client with advice that is tailored for them individually and ensure that the investments recommended are suitable for their particular place in life and financial situation.  What We Invest In: • Contrary to popular belief, the large and very expensive fancy coloured diamonds are not the vehicles of choice when it comes to successful investing. Large and expensive stones are thinly traded and thus they do not offer timely resale liquidity. As well, the pricing of larger coloured diamonds is highly speculative. They are suitable for long-term investment if liquidity is not a concern. Typically we prefer to offer our clients fully liquid assets to hold for both short and long term gains.

• A grading certificate providing ease of resale accompanies all diamonds that we recommend. Our diamonds are all graded by a suitable internationally recognized grading organization such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  How We


• Buy Low and Sell High: We have access to the best pricing available globally for Fancy Coloured Diamonds. At Paragon International we use our buying power to buy parcels of loose diamonds and pass the individual stone savings on to our clients to enable a lower price point when making the investment. At Paragon International we pay careful attention to our clients’ holdings and constantly monitor the auction and resale circuits for ideal liquidation opportunities. We use our creative investment strategies to maximize the resale prices and resulting profits of our clients’ portfolios. • Matching Pairs: This is a simple investment technique implemented when possible. No two diamonds are identical, however when two diamonds are very similar in their grading reports, they are considered to be a “matching pair”. As such they can be resold at a higher value than the individual stones. Two diamonds making up a “matching pair” can be certified together resulting in a higher valuation and thus a higher resale value.

• Jewelry: Contrary to the belief of many, setting an investment quality diamond into Jewelry is beneficial to the investment as a whole. Most importantly, setting the stone into jewelry increases the number of potential buyers for the diamond. This increase in demand naturally results in a higher resale value. At Paragon International we use our connections in the diamond industry to enable our clients to have their investment grade coloured diamonds set into jewelry at very low price points. This results in an overall value for the jewelry piece to be higher than the value of its parts (setting value and main diamond value). • Online Resale: We can market our clients’ holdings via our website with use of online marketing and search engine optimization to bring high levels of web traffic to the items for sale. This service also collects invaluable information about the general public response to particular items. This information provides potential suggestions to increase demand and the resulting liquidity or liquidation value of our clients’ holdings. • Auction: Often the highest price for diamonds can be garnered at auction. At Paragon International, where possible, we will arrange for our clients holdings to be placed up for sale at auction. We work closely with major international auction houses in organizing one to two auctions every year specifically for the purpose of resale of our clients’ investments. It is possible at auction to significantly increase the profitability of your investments.


Services and Fees:  We give an unconditional 10-day full money back guarantee on all purchased diamonds and jewelry.  We do not charge any management or advisory fees.  There is no mark-up on the price of the diamonds or jewelry in our inventory.  There is no fee or commission charged on any purchased diamonds or jewelry.  We deliver all diamonds and jewelry via a third-party fully bonded and insured courier.  If desired, we offer a safekeeping facility for your holdings at no charge.  We charge a 5 % commission only on the resale of your holdings. We profit when you profit!!  We offer interest free payment plans to secure current price points and give you leverage on your investments.   We accept payment by cheque, wire transfer, or major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, The Discover Card, Diners Club International, American Express).

Start building your coloured diamond investment portfolio now!

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Thank You Thank you for taking the time to meet Paragon International, Coloured Diamond Investment advisors with over 75 years of combined experience in the Diamond and Investment Services Industries. Our strategies and intimate knowledge of the nuances of the markets will give you the opportunity to reap the greatest benefits from investing in Fancy Coloured Diamonds. Our connections in the jewelry and auction industries enable our clients to maximize the profits on their Coloured Diamond investments thus providing an incomparable edge for their portfolios. Our ability to acquire coloured diamonds at unbeatable prices combined with our sound investment advice and creative investment strategies makes Paragon International the obvious choice for the management of your Coloured Diamond Investment portfolio. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership in your financial future.


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