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SHELLIE’S MOTIONA L’püthercónin, coúp breather (circa ‘44). Forely, depletance, thunders the manilla ply, ‘jurstive piquociént lemon, immediafication’n blu. Makurnstatives in a luckful fret, under the Fruittetóp. I may be ciltious; recessive goldensnow underappreciated, swarming. Triadless, tired, shallow. Kirscecheliér, so tirtuous w/ imprudants, gables and likewise, twines. Mutt erasural sync, widthwise, uberon by rultuatine’s moors; this which glamourises the caprít, immoveable welte. Zincophone scent, and instrumen tolerants, rerouted Prifideux; it’s miraculous! Brinienne likened couber, re-releaser in a nonjudgemental carroyon, ½ peckerlác by a flowering debt. 1.21.96

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SLLM: a resident [imaginary] of Cearfoss, MD. Wooden pintalageon brill, incertify a glass position, close to boredom. Pent-up, the miracle of boisterous pentagonal shrills in solitude. Singularized steadiness being wheeled, not so beingful, or even. Unexecuted daydreamt evasions. Emptiness under tractorblade royal. Insequential room. Solemnity’s undigitized buzz. Flash the broad base of meticulousness stunningly sideways as to mirror modernity, shoved in the gentle soil. Negligent wave of nondetermined acceleratiles, in by focused attention. SLLM, how you Device! SLLM, how appendictious it all is/was. Territories’ glass proturant of many-faceted vacatings. SLLM, how intelligently low you keep everyone to their realism’d ground, a groundful shab of granice in looped monotony! Forethought of strill; momentary from a beached terrestriation, wilderly waves that plash upon your shins, sand chuting up into infinite lines like crystal threads, delicately beyond finite realities. Diverse structures and unlimitations’ fragile consuming. Discard distracting çilles I see, amidst birellines of Cubormiq rell, preoccupatori w/ winterglass and shelleri, these repetitive slits. I can envision all on the transparent shores you stand. Vimprisey limur cozy invention; stacked ceydom by pills of puture, coarsery winds of unwound wish. Practialnomidal zoid’x Leap portalli onto the inframed scene of the Miava sprittle. Triangular men. Lir Falmony, its significant symmetrics of trellised syntax, duelli on one èverel mirroring gesture,. Poring sill and

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THE SPRINTING GIRLS That Glîse is sirroerg’n thPole, có-epochsy trebernus th’t dolfiliate at its purring hand, so shippergy. Daufchim’s preporatori frill-sectys, monille at managepoint. Glissandoich sprilt-sprule y Sprusse constructine GX — vanorgynei coloss thints. Yilt fruncass. Volemnitre pissions. Spollevin antecedants tht dismanage, abruptly. Destroqsínn relve, pirsquennit’c volvum. Eleberum scorpita. Sonnetz gyseuss? Grilpindauge. Spauge cilsts, hirgzé quiefex Truniariums. Syrgyptz’ estrangement bund. Ollinieux in my casse-gnave. Mannervieux’ll incertance. Vopolgeis’ preacks. Craunsorre shir. Glacedrit. Vaistroronne’n pildormand. Insupreun’t lyla. Creaunirth’s nepcormlé. Windomieth (duellisth ceyen). Birlelli chusseri, gowineth Gelfth and strathmä. Asquerâme volvire for Inclurists. Impluentri impielce; friendscheik sags o’ criticahn. Mousqrèt anymore are the Leapth-of Apsquilme, dandy dignaceous ‘cot’ reprimand. Indifferen’t waterio Hans, delverotic kneelings. 1.19.96

STRATOSPHERE Stealth crême de Poignancy brittles a deviant sole. ‘I’m plaid like the perquoyse impulse; might you defer inculliantli?’ thAmbrose streffous pián, flirtanter semi-circle w emissary foretalkering’s circler. Shrewdness in the pelvic palace. 1.26.96

SUNDAY Peturalli against a buytank’s underslanting. Curfruntíppe as objectified, accrue the shouldering complaint of bellfrín inOrdinariness, belittled. Starving literature. Boughtro-currently, those compositers of Nickel-matter, eager. 1.29.96

T.D.M. Chiesska perenity’l obvicent Sastroë, fairly they don’t care. OK, i’l submit. Deleting her from my manifold, an informative dumbfolder. Thromaar, no, he doesn’t; we husn’t. Brond firkoms. Tasch’ll probably in Frescus roundholes. Hoscul to perturb ‘A-Z’ w/ my Diction, somersoaring. Churfule memorandum, c’mon, Puckleby. Cincolve: new clones in the light module. Teridon Ceska, if it were nominally chrose to blend up Trohmthing’s, ringings that were unrecognizable blew m’chripa. Feesce! Juslik a promo, angelical. I trinketly think it’s ‘Cessa’, and maybelli not. Antwerper bifurcation, somatically in full chromacity. To lorrerin’ that alware’s geremates. Triszi, consume my mental rubble, borderline. Tornworld guesses. Selkily redundant, we never became that at Trasc w/ ‘throughisms’. Vitance, side-miracles by a vaile; err those peculiar innercompromurals, tidy fits of arrogance. Daversials, w/ stunning innaccuracy, edit together all the crishes. Cairve coillot, sustenant shore, brodilci’t teske, pivotal Fall-happery, conquest and Partical. ‘Igh pulm my hands on either sustule. The podigule frest uncertainizes Actionings’. 12.26.95

THAT’S BULK As I recuddle the world’s kitten, the pollen thumps. Breier shrivels around me as I segregate; sound from pellucid undertows, unobeying kinds of perched curlers. Stuttered punctuation reconvenes in the wee hours of my resolution; why is that? The Exact Progression: I discern changing the perchun (hood). Lyndalsdewn frilling’s versage events 1.20.96

turnisms Quiperstin’l inquisition (was meant to be her ‘erphrasing). Such a tuirsome phrasiology causes an entity to push itself into a New confrontation. Dilkbom, ‘all-gone?’ 1.10.96

the waiters The hands-on waiters I suit, to pass a disturbed glance over one such to observe the farwall’s picture-frame of brasscycle, from verticality’s north then southdown, shooting saidwise. The enframed image w/in perimetrized trith, surges northward then floorward quite rapidly in the evening’s repetitiveness. One buoyant cube finessing the surface of the coronet jumper. The frost chancery sits crookens, third leg decrepid like an elderli bribe. This ilber cutinous whore, tack-by-tack. Tracking my demure, hazel brow (and no circuitry) left unmagazined, lest to thrice smile. ‘If I am to mistrel her luscious queu, then I am also obliged to be witness to the curling halfpaper that ravels, then unravels.’ How to backout of a Surrejoinda vestry by calamitable wrill, zoomed-blue. Bent burch. BuchBellau, discarriaged from this (and thatness). Sternware knelt-lending opprose in either glandular revite or pecuniary door-opening. You recognize me in my fifteenth day as the pocketwoman’s boy. 1.20.96

your tiger’s teeth Rapô cyndrestian flash of a crystal-coated Slippia. Are u wasking me? Centilshor irrefutabilities of one perdity. Fleistrual accedenie, unbraceable immundifor ‘propping’ gest. Cyndilseút pinching chin, flashing-digitri, appease interspread overvoluptuousity (which I can’t fathom). She mistakabli subverted ‘Angeltalk-arched’, dioxide as i’m fastenized, my sighsteppin’ thru th pliably polluted, foregrasps this conjectured Luminant: ‘Teflon! Turge! Tripod!’ Frauhüfte magniscence, impulsed and Stationairi. Brultcön, cold, implacable to a townless tirade, ‘today, i’m frilshoëk, Bildschön; you’ll see as you are entabling Tomorrows’ sordids.’ Lying, lying dewn. Reivenuncial imbrê (this special douse) of propositional collage: indeterminacy be’er gleised for a chestrub brooke, wivepolited, perturbed, ‘you are ½ this stupendous crease!’ Filtzergond, slightly brazing th ceilings w/ stubbed digits, onward to purification, heel. The lavish flume, had thPrilduvim mouth’d a skip into concealure, is printing a pintworth. Cirsksonet ingestion concludes at this unstabile rate: Mind Crutterl. Zuilschern accomplís dé Stagnancy. Flitant yellow, cilebrionne raptings (into whatever’s helvie, I assume, you assumer). Perplexings as ten midnites are silzét’d together, sardined seconds. Holteum sect loomer. Dismal dysmissal. Prepristine doux chellés, lest discomforth in wrungess, compressive atalier, bigh grestling’s fallen dumb. Rasp apex, drewspool goo, Avéc. The loop convulses, sporling Lint, lineament. 1.28.96

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goldhearter Cerebrum donka’ ‘700’ Somewheres Kerstile: ovalbrowa manipulatéc Lv, Goldhearter, I gosh, I relininoe’r ‘Temperamenty’ carnationally, spliced and demurely Vertix terminal a’n Syrthgaziön mouths Odvii’n(s) energier! 2.23.96

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PERMECEON Perifony: I live 2 days at once — one folded in half (saying) ‘Trist me, if I had flame, i’d wimmit!’ 2.15.96

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Saturgy (1996)