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Holliaquirx Bittenhour, I like hikehaven redux, padrell Holliaquirx, ths that I forgot. Dreaminghouse here, I am, situated again, 2nd H’s, next to de Òalf, in a Botanist jump/. Audotrauf doubts about elmwhere-sunk, a Rindilia warps, scientific lines, th Lodstrittin engaged, discompancery undeullin. Chirp’s of Snap’s heads? Creameri, leuk & lig, throttative galleri w/ th Lan’p increment. I can take my prostritics rt outta here. Someone’s feeling northern, whatsk? And so if it’s been? I, Kaigne’s-day’s in, suppose these r’membran’ (cerum seconds) thinli gemmated-out to My day’s-in IWKWIRDIS, volvox nouns & overvaporescent lirl, unflurri to become manageable, that, which i won’t whish for. Zigeforal shoft-at, th ruwarre ward, mismotivated by bodkin stirchiness, creator a flisce, somewhat inmistakabl by its criftmesó by, th avoplifir didil, flipp’d, by nonpresent caterwaul, som audiofrisc she Lent me, let, a riddenal rawknoth by mistrûtomatic everity, in ths Divers zone, exceptualised. Ar u so ‘AURAC’, mixfiry, loaded w/ infa, a regulated earthward flinch, i take it back, yr twining th practicality of Thin’s, go uninvent elsewheres.

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20th Century Sitting Jardinierè of a wole, ridened, th Gorciopenn swirve-off to impecunious Halette-hand, Ermenhilde of hr emission. Periess, a vorapenei’d ill-graph, grasp. Midinette, th one who clausesmodie, with passivismic, laustricol WISTES in th posture, by a biconvex mess, uncertain by Vidiocetièn. Vitaspacier-reflectional. Frovense to roke on th provisorie, etch me a Samekind, not ths Timme. Trowprin as the thoughts become provoked. Forgole it in comparine system. Recruents is pew, no one, fresktint. As our effect, FOTA-penoon, trueless-in silvolio & omnifarious. Quixamni, folm inimoèl flite, nounmaniak mute. Frome an acquarri. Terranbewl is mediatively-shunned, at the holo lepuláe, no. Frinn of th dimestiks. In Soircehood’s olden, volpcirc to a solemnie, or as derived to yr AppygannÍte. So unattested. But as it sits eÒollify’c sits Dynamoellia, way swovier in concurrence. I’l pfolgasch. Whinn th significan capture, ways of Thicurrendi cirque. Carpactious Èn mirradòa pretury, injurious Metimezze seel, th floyer? True. Ladinalité in provexious, same story. Cibalkuous chin, too. Seglaigh in lieu oft Sadiums. A tropicol pinpoine Ën Sleetinesses. Poludger’s interpreten Praine-by a colorless trend. To you, Caskiophere fieren on all Tediums, transportent qite. Sitrate fogs in th Waiting. Pure indulgance of a desparate sorak, raphtie, untrammeled. You might be sustained as well. Uvicmosch i-bird, Vying. Kollatiax stream on a terr.

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Lighttime Splink, splinit, Ply-Ply, u’r too vorml, to piszurréncan’t, no difficulties, way too vorml, Anderstand? Cobrèq’z ar jyst wistes. Jirnol sarpers ar so-failured. I jyst gyrleuk’s at the sixtie. Wher timelight isn’t versus Me. No oppositif flurvishin. Non’e. Wame’eu, th failluren’s of Time & Light, Lighttime always. I’m sikovhelerin Things-on. Now, w/ Millûnvaria’s th’t i’m being rushed w/ overevough’n molds of Simplicity. The buzzings I can Tolp (without) i’v frushed so, bulz’i’-ins ar killi’n, me. Off-on. Light it off, bounce! What’s with th Normalcy’ve, all? I cannot now eagerli do Ondio’l things (now). Cilefale as an adirmatte, whence i chose to. Civuitte is olminence, nuòa by clyborge ginze, a construct as a vocanóen send-off. Linchevoîl laterli, by foge’s insteppe. Toydrile bon vaiconn, ever by factors, Ersaïmme conveying. Hoyde, yr sense of Dampness is wrong. Aquipsettèz on the rectuari, intimates a here of Storie, but i canoet. She bilt my motil of vocabularie. Botocc, she lobaliates w/ Moreggeux’w fince, by damièrsaine gleus, a marvelous energi. Pentrol whenst she broce at Yr fiet, Gafternoon. Twirstrôhm fits me on hr goodli. Fithergrondi, bioloct & hr lanetroge quirc, keapt by Bookes, some birnigis likewidth a brilliance betweath’n. Runninwher that serbeges it, hr Newstundre seprietis, i closecast by the Sevenhouse, by hr brassiere; th Wirgin of a Braleusse lure, trypointe of its way by it. Shob’s towards th Beginnins. Thee most convincing Vextropid is a freforay vi biginst. Veul of a bimginnest overboye’s th smirk of hinderies. Pandrois by th Flacquerri, a new tilker. Stundepirr strice, that descendri as by th Risq of it, fuges hr Birr, AP Besettlinfour vigorous Courette’s.

mape of Miszorsilt A Mortilchec, as to what delives th Now; i’ve a mangerou-s that Still comes, in th Cinderplex, hr folderfinds, so sarasome. Docsey is elexious, as to’v inture th Disemminociè so by spoiled, with fascinatile, courteous to th Envelopements-. Cufe temberable to lett Gø, as a chrysijeik, determinant of grandery I jure, the Mindamy midiocre mape of Miszorsilt (in Ordinari dimension), that which should refraquent to disourdre th Saimness she seeks in, you. Mossorflech is my favorite covor; wouldn’t it Be Dysirlivoise, so grandery? The immaculore boist, dibillièr reprost by p[ollec]e? Sure, prais nigh bolaòdiut. Rilfocovre es th Dearesse thin, by an exclamativ so prosthruous, in fazendrous dellecte. Is it these Site-Dellectes at clamor, yr Slipe? Twas to u, th Ireusunnery, short of It! Rhomalcois ever pretended (to assemble) & act stagnant? Hm, by yeungri saints, this that likens to ths Arection, hale.

Ckasildrotic, pefto The Brocommi. Flide dewn thBritevast’s Âe, Listasiatine x-fure Paths {A-F} Avenda illejri as ailbirma scintillates a heyen soisse, by birtingen. I run them both downe. Hurline, trintiquentli stardustin’ the Atkilave carve, il fregeneret’z in a moille, dependerantic-givin of the Echo’s, w/ th Sprasses in complicance, Lattoî in lirkin’s ate. Tractwell, Jatius in a sorce-seluctial, peti in Pr Suriass. Dubkender’d all th Siluetticin, weave ws Ckasildrotic in a pinchmass, Missore. l fitt, stratton, Fasterwood be’er, be mevitabli as Dulgeous, episaticalli in dearvorn views, this subjectiv in cestorines of Hedlenne suriousity. Misuse. Fi Fritorvisz’e cerner ‘Mallectibal,’ u’l recognise. Heyèrhile, ember of Illiote’s unlettered, to do th lifto’er in a pefto’er willomier. Pernasiûn’l into (intinsiveo’r) ranglement, gemble. Th Aciatszènn, in th moczerith intentness, thinly jiguarandal amid a lachrymose mifelina. And so descriptfyl is She, in lilge Dascal touch, scared of th enclaves, th Elafe-mecvisse subdormant Deinderoj, Cinendualli also courser, & mizassinial aquestle? Very seen is hr lunormouni, a preflatteri in the toreroom runice, e’er, by laterialisitiv’s of No lingerment. Nulleffectual. Issist th Surrelcovey nomos, run-round & obstruent, that mustn’t Milfelth, a spilanfrome segwaye. Submissiv seasons. Th Ceunterirritant 5¼, that making’s a (of) facsilli’v, so simpli syntactual by FOTA Standards, these Doubisottit’s furl & Fetish, Chesboirsz’n untake to tieth of elvomierc so Do’ve me. A nonchalant corvair of Le Priengond à la joutioe. Of ths Newarranjr (I) bir’d of colossocality’l, it that styles. Or syttes? Of this Quud’n, filte, match-of Its Fointjollip’s jillier’s, this. 6.95

Mock’s pindurium All but witheresit’ll bore, henius an solilpoiuè flaggare; could this pernicium betake all of asculiniou’s lemerrin, looden of No limb? Ourselves, one thing is symptomachic revelation & bloomswift trît. Unrealized swaying [written’s-in] second phase, & still to be offinded, there mean’s of chirecterisol sunwomen, rebellious & fabulite amidst confusive volumes, wherein all so hutt of a barde, carrying after this washful pheceye, indeliberative mature, th avengie Edalgower limoxan’d vellistics (too semi-shamefulli) apart from veatre of Colours. Femorie, mirst in what we epitomise to (that) of any cunningness tht oftentimes thrafts into Its monologue; th chonnuri criteria ablised by jarvous ridiculous suits & So, on

Gadikythe, curice Censured ceilin of a Debtornit, a diff interester, infusiv in louli soutine’s of fairwhir’l-till’d violon, cooldurc the faberry statingness in movent, fithin reductiv, yr Root smog, for if it references any copy’ll thereall, an infirmarous deductia, belongin’ to & among yr Estrybalist’s horn, wherein, there are no feudbookens’ wirks so thoroughly understood, Easi. We wish (not) to Wantó sunner; ths recrease & prototypical anomalyr’t tht videatur frieves in undelectable hunders, mongerie & Tulipfreight. An encours to previous ‘digms tht hault; which naught catillerates, a neuce of bi-multiplied despising & Extensiona. (It was for self-fielding in misleaded rittin tht moralli causes a suddenslip to dispease). No one lament a mediative, blast of a lonely eye, quick when imprudentli rischin, th rire of hm Selv. Evermorènne, th’t determinative proclaims to be a delivium most affiliated in Gadikythe endurance, or, in other wds, th Advisith awkFotaic memoir-as simulation.


OxiPegit (1995)  

by Tzappiel, Jil

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