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awa loizeaux zag

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also by awa loizeaux zag Hagema 617 (2013) Narinclak (2014) Quagen Mir (2013) Sanak (2013) Sutoria 21 (2013)

Prepared Texts (or “cut-ups”)

GOAL: unknown at 1st, a way to ‘write’ w/out a pen/pencil/implement or keyboard/PC. Almoss-lk ‘collage’ in-a-way, rather than ‘WRITING’ Untoldness-¢ tooves in ceculur-sunning \\ frn avariancce of outsourced tlipes FOUND, DISCARDID (books, magazines, paper colleged’s) + AwkTxts (1989-2014) — all torn up, by hand. For that Personificativ ≈ put in a bin, or Mobile bag (see: Mobile Bits 95) sorted, randomizable(s) &-selected by chance. NOW IO\d’cidewht2use. I beqome VERI selective both for literal element & font, size, shape, glitch, inCreasingment, SFANE²-e.g. or for amusing revelatiun, %-conduit of Cionditial swug • REPETITIV(e) language-selexiùn, fontportanç, spaccing, sze, intemperance by FEALING / ‘free usualities’ — let’s lag in Simultaneity like eggraduates of GEEF’d gonicery.\ Illiteratural layout: blab dominiallé w/ cyberial MUSSH, citatiun|n’d inSincerity-¢ ascential subMittle[s] + uncompromised grammarian plyedChaorce #’d chromaticity, an luc-line Extencivitè + TDM (tedium) in EDITS’S-w/ 100% shoXide, i’ll spab slimeric[s] deVotiun. Compensemnt minimalizating slorrfice @ 2nd Qualmus.//// (Must!)-p’plice Evolutives as far as bleary-eyeness SEFF-toln quager & literal repellant. Not many know c. thInccomunicativity: ALL-CONSUMÎNG¦G • zoooming. rePaused VIRLNESS ain’t inSight. Dicterium streamed n’nace 2-blasicallé repletive fragmentativ deCission[s] + epistroffiC infinitizer-as-î-am: PPT’s consume in their siezable InCoherentS\. I’ve got wht-it takkes | inSlurrr÷ >Is it Art? Is it Writing?,, • XNE rimblateural slits in TIME, yes, a subset of Bothness, reCyclable Ditto/Data — ReAppropriaturals + transFigurals = EPICNESS.///////

Hylactism (2014)  

by Awa Loizeaux Zag

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