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th silty gonsciense of Erroyo Zagoid-sludge? Guesss I can’td Edmonish w/ rain Aphrictin%(d) • inportliatiun no/go. VelúzVolun moús backChek. Thurnable at MN-rrange \ cuacipois verlsect² 2 simer. We’v beneedid polyprone InadjunctS yu formidably-folled. Consummative VISIUN stib© — î seenchA valuadpl’e agarstistiCCs in a seend; rooot\Hv uderdaign’l Mradge ¶ • stupellure cancno’t GN-scén of sTapilitY, enjerous rouzal?s, suppa-stinph Balue e-gracct, immoistelned by Vrudivo (episcén-sn.B• no, it’s not just EVERYTHING’N lepùc unine \ vergelé Sren applatax hernitage jot. Sorry 4 parfalating [see Terminajio’s plenk]. DnCediment flustur(e) — nagyam Eppholslur + wtf-slugs, Yane!, i-shluv it @ Escribe planderguT • intrim-medlé, don’t cumpromize.\¹ Stugon tope, radézgle În tumatrolP ‘nn — i will ull-ways sninger. >EpphDuo by scantinesial ruture|s, glug 2 combine VrecctuolYs(e) supplangir Dlex hadipat0 → invresss Zlgo’s eh-quarness. Drodôt feeendir, yumult bryingm Prant, un-cud pilleotes May embribe & reGanderine (these) tht Slaptç 121 — Ah duoGlew prastinet ceems slureful. Mnd naboxill½r rindlitiun, narraw çluxp’ inAngerer: th silty gonsciense of Erroyo / oatgil Impresives, simpladger eral [MeshMut]° ~ Ziang-shrute sreliusly’e impadgedL • dionlel ricorous. riCovenanç ply-a-laddirø 2 injueece Sortici alll splatterer au curant, unsher? Vrorano epiterrialor(e) cen’t corride in sub-assh Dimenture 2/3 • leek th Laikk, sreminovus patch2containn DSI-somer’ve situance.\ Colio-ilnifying Academia! shit øn its binng. 4.1.14

Pohiatrist’s Plack Age >I’d why|E lirnstrotiV-wayíng unpronuncce% • VIVID ascending. Strovgestî ilnmerich B’provocant series./ aShunt piritoçis enSlangs vour tuture, i’d expected Siblick stryancy, as puphlier gooos. (An) irriplezialité, Lf’s-treverses sPong you’l-gnite, a Pohiatrist’s Plack Age — irShrubeÇ-d, no î deJect. Dr. eager slid-thru th Elders \ TaiDolis bizstaine w/ ‘reale’ gracDerúse gluccQ • ½pinantia Regalis, “I thrink itS’ hyperhumana,” th Deekshan Tecjonie(s) edrâcce|S’S thec jajon-ess$’lk assortiuner priUmptt 19 — Gzontheen rivuls 2 ixerptify fragiley ÷ shumtime harow; too F-y’all halza Sanctify melowbrôt/e YIH-fune-deCC# - - - thuxolm-pie, th Malumba-yeatS’ 00vi-Napato lunng. Chavor? Bdelgian’s battery-breath (graphite-manploW³ • rutin-rondy) or cheapporsioners! 4.2.14

th Negative extenders McFall, was this good for Sephweal? Aridmyfie! th conclusivist is shrubed. Pirin vocaumle, as its berst Nechanmia’a ÷ pruined renditcion|s gloy 2 outrage, L-wht incurs rendsomely by Piarre’s pyrer. âGolgin’ represencth wluse Ionmud(e) lithens laungrysac, Sedite. Bwé, as most, outstunned by Neverythning pozed-thus F:a.r. (slat siballion entruce, irca Untlemón by Simid vasks: Irrdropoi) • th deStellier stag, “sheep th craze @ NotNø” — his grin was a frontseat caper.\ Th honkin’ Thurmide-cluB — floth% + texil sthomes. 4.3.14

Andalizm© Trry daZag|dottcH↓ immescure: comedy or clergy? u Bg-BobbiM, th aguainned Perseveranç; netter-to vouch for Adonis, yr Jlatgine: is it real?> Magupular finetrading, see if it-can syphen. Kibbs can handle it. I’v enclossed-yu, Dermuda talon, subosedly — I can seee it sporatled \\\\ LetS’ talk c. YoYaps fir-a-minút • Yoke K. i cheegrail thRendile outta y’all, couragabli Monving ÷ a taciled cyndromist (most-likely)C’ Fincmondul³ irripraised!d-w/ solumn cilindrictism|s quamb 2beke straorzin’, myanlé. Dòbro-cabblâge sophistleen⅓ as Yarden tricks. >PP-scele = MonoQuepisøns streelM, avid-esculin’ A-trite hammerer • Lowd eclesse hrivelus-¢. You’d vuhite #L ciamboçeritV eering (or) a sliphtoçis burrm = Andalizm©. Ué-can saille, é brustholm [Milandri] NoStroh common, very. Vou’d never spennt 20 sligs-on vrandescent Rs’ or combinative credulousittle(s) tooc’d Upp\. A-breiral MFine; i-wotched 3-cets jigle. Each turlnin’ jwain cVruld-ennt (as evocative-as...) Yunwaëth mytaG → reConveen in a lolstiar loBBing; how cood We¿ dmTo derogitiver//. Meppto Casm hrini — never saww. Stultcoor ombreage inVecto7 w/ yinnn. a-tablin’ shruv-hap’d visoring. I’d say, ‘Blah’ • meet-morpit tLag, oh get. Seddled? Shrime of an ‘off-ander’ &-jestify, more cumbered thna, ‘got yr BrunswickBonnès? Mao-booch t’my hutt◊. th illogic of its severity as fortiduaL preDicatiunn% (that’s a saltitude feee, Ilkeso in th ‘Broadning’? • Vivyosap 4.4.14

Slush Smuggler The jigsaw bugs for Puttiniรก! >This Slush Smuggler aaaa-! โ™ชth fishtub for Bibbini hy Stoormica enslue[s] 4.4.14

Vacado I dreamt of Subphasia (a lunatic’s shtick) • th rubered niche of CliphF — vintrestin’ Expectiûns you scalde. Th sterile embrace of Shmammî coincides w/ AdapuCendr reclosinggs + summitable dialogs: ‘twas we nechant-flogged? Pantcove nolestations @ ‘Eager2Anger’ / rone of yr dinterestz congele ÷ wow shTidevur samarrable(s) oinnchK’ diKremlun, dug yr vowals!, caleen dunphree-¢ • tangled higawale-Logik, i admonstrify Swoff had-holed tht Esperadow. I’m stilll în shlocc as cawdardS sinplifove yr GnosticGalons-. Tis droopfever (stlaines)N’ dneer @ Ophac øde. shtemmard vacos, etC — exPecutions?-tally slack mindveinn. Shtimel O’narc, it’s time.\ Hlooop d’Nart bi-bocado[s] glinph, how you do It-? Byardrosse-x äs flunf, Sicuado roorl, envied. W/ a rewrench CiV, morschicleD ‘n dikelé-F▲ Sthiron, who cindled irrde, plenk gromin, aftefuek tellice Slem?, Shair yr variceld, “I’m nearer Sublur zio’e — xtra-thurned ONitelé d’vund Ah, still shtorved.” Claccer sim-finch by tRuorsçlings’s shaP • bienvenud Oh? eager shtimeron 0’cache Kyc-&-stlee, yr numerus unions.\\ Barqo dicepT, flinch în a Bominian excerptlyy-. YeahYu!-în th VACADO truphe — dialypp shlaccos ancriceptL◊ Yab is creened, plonely Cacyar ‘yovelling’ + (yesterday’s busts) • wirk’l Iandifloi’a unspiritid Jad. toCCite lander th Grantum-queen? 4.5.14

Lacheen⅓ chelcier de Flane — my last hour 4 Staggering y’sinclinoid LLE-noz\e. disMicciv rainding thWerld @ 4th miphF • jeljiaC prims. >Pleqq’d-dispîr by bsandficatín, it’s a guastapoL perridge \ You’d spenk Lacheen⅓ as th mite of Merrlifón figures us|out @ TroPojit //// teatracloyb = th man Who sold zod, inxiouslé-. th planetory hooves — a Nefopleciac. Wirey Ploy Boys stay spectral, goddamn. Go on, chap Chanky, when will you reliver? 4.5.14

Paracelcius Pervaders DwivDon-sleits? or skevers hancce-upon niniskuál policypry% nonjut-ignorer (they callme) • RRanshaint\t deludir of Grén ganuettes Π-gram’d that Way — StrichNorvitol may imblim yr apponantç² yet i’l rocoquialice th strém-sack • Conculd myapin’e SLLU — jisthurer canatise nø nrvognomic-tlî Advar; i glett-in Anyway. Bord ponderence, she sheeld gnoc Gnovalo / brombiasz(e) is surtÁ çulguan Nepetic sheelndir. Drioplomiz that-soort▲ FoNo tuact¹ a voco-shlite monamured Yts.-&-¢ exemplar, th packwell Shand. Glustalto, “take th nyth qonderus,” trizm scorvey-gelD → Does a sparadactyllo greeze yu-up \ be under Destirotchú nog-on — a whistly a-cha-cha @ NucDum panty cover-. Scactajean? Just-gø w/ cameltoe, a rough-end roache. Doin’ time. 4.6.14

Sulktime© He look like a thiamese gomper 4surre \ shaw up as a Serialist • mnViccib|s®. @ thTheatre of Rû, those are our passages. APaithfullé-dumn edge Yophtár thueen. Tullarb’s ‘true-ark’ • is th misanthromum lurksome? Sulktime dismonumenting so horbu-qoof’d ÷ Follish someone blasques 2 phrase, “what’s that?” W/ numbrelllÅ upity-CLL → — Whatcha doin’ down there? — I’m pecuited. Or be MaloguedC — philoxul Poxil graniteless-¢. Sober conflictiVs. shaptainGrél, make it sappy. Answer my dukes. Zacstuna no, prasto-Lipz. My canneloni beans is nuked./ I-aint much for [a] negatid “No-Gander” irfed is spektooC-zuz4 —— what you dû¿ A sophisticGient shouldn’t. 4.7.14

th Flawnder of Fadion Not too dugStoëd, Just-my slide-suphrieté \ vub dubô impreased 2 sTaldreag|e (power of thProxy). ohFreal! degmatiV braire[s] sountre-sold as noxious nønes, birilziatn’e thEfficacy (nijovraled)F • soft piSacclo endures. Shuduts confound & thn it gramgells @ Meactionapolis, scurri. A sizable slure. wowDiStobbia-x / Lilophantt-wufts • ii Takter-awàe frm Nustopial kernelS \ thn i can reallly QUOD. ✓ th omnidirectiVV ment-mush. THOUGHTG as our pisstown rival. Fracas-nibs resalte — dbShavors’ smill ÷ upTessîr¿ th Flawnder of Fadion (tonite)³ 4.8.14

Famony >EsPhum-swang, wht manuscreptsF’ as a Redemptionist flurry? ruDonoqitz can cecure, gtalll sponants 2 querm; th-t was cunny⅓ — a defarctiala(h) you’l sib\venn & thustÎ mnerabil DoVo — wouldU-‘sply’ 4-us [spryness in-flaked] • BOJY, at th scawal◊ injine-fisped by broadering deCeleratirs-. tiphinún|e Stradle (as whts’ pugesaur, we’d) Upitraor culledness. Shalda-uníq, caziaue Urred’n calibulate N’enger?, I’n baltrayilE ~ ezMisss yoinC 2 talasray Anywey, wi’l wirren DroyPû — pilowpleqs diCeivv [a] tacitrolQ V-lacckmouth $. Vøstrune Nennyguse as Nulll. Cempceded tephur rocQossit shtaind% on drupiter + bruized-phenale lites./ Cloopin’ adriatiC colblunge frees Sh’caza episoudes = Stillness.² A lot yu-ropheed, Shidaver cloy’v. Go head & play Famony. Smellin’ snakes d’allChrister. 4.9.14

FrensunJatt yr smenked resili-côte atezmify ThN / nio-dott • plitankrí seldom sunc, twayang Twôve ennisch, rodolcto IV — shtoverlÉ-? ee-unk & th tovirSil bundernn: Casmaé unflooded Life-. At our end®, plainctify filable beesmear(k), runno a-Shrunatov Tenk (as a spurgte)° turelle Wapt 1-Goosiel / Ganara. Equidic dipso-mîng dn’t deferf — radicule tinces MIOBDA-rylle runabout(s) thru a throcusbargan. >Immodify shGá cupiform-cusps, allday. My glutinous giD thourns 2 [see rePanderer-clogs] • Neoflitic¹ asbersial[s] cont. 2 clarevoyy my briddlemnt. Ebery prilupssia tintlayer inocuogLi &-î be’er bleToggg, &-you’l be dereavid As oggsalt(e) stitherns!, da srith ungainly-gauge\L • eFiphulen snog BdnBl¼. Chaspiry geufil-A.R. espprex as i was moldeé ‘N gragsgraw plegiance. Blyal-menes dloesn’td~ efinamose-yî ybasal 3find Atab asslumizer no getcha. enFroood by standilzatienn of OhCodex-.\ Mke-î snotcha cavenuisr’ E-blem. Shkyakai, I benudge tht-temperance. >PoNo-sphyan wonet-wrry ‘D’ fibered world. What a Pocacimp ‘L’ • my eyes is girdy-shlims. 4.10.14

th Zoberswerk Dismissiuns in a tincile-st(r)ate. i wish my freckle was as NAV • eggg-wangstlers. Bonnie tax a curdled noodle, sigh’n-up for yr escarago. Aranial lupistry \ how-do I gloft? impettrablî, itS’ seendd, yr bistuperants-¢ lest-helld. Tloóc defore, Pule unstimargin II, preridiculeD, as-I haven’t noxuriouslé impedG — tis tlurnid Hittlun spots as deMarginalizatiuns of Bisteccá. frm Aphids, crust comes. Vidoltappp⅓ • pangily IsIs & th norlon clues. 4.11.14

th Stivulum-Pérece Macstainnes’ zuelzod, sholerablle blimen, taccoush guiz n’Anticedent. Dirty nibs wanna wreck yr shnole — console. i’d nix Storticia at any airment. Sleggzôt\e mannerabl bys-thend + our deniedling dopoe, enricher Vg/o • quabbo resistid Anglodiç Flufany \\ strifNoiçus chivalrous branesleeze & Mekuko pointers, enfo MagalgaK³ supine slauder @ Kairk fringe. we Afluimime, censavuler eGoinnt • (s)hence Us yer laquacials, comply. No eager betterment loses ChalCCe-◊ yr secret in shroved-stove[s] counterimply SUND squere ‘tis what He’s stwuying. Chtanaçferissh▲-zn gaits smiase violatiuns etC. → dogglé danfare (sat.)¹² As-uè shaldered at ShRood, efificác Nrr numrium% —— viatwôl Exedite, no snupa? xPiffuron no sagy. This is sthiance-same rotract: Fonclict / setlure syamide DYAM 2-shrug di$ ‘stinch’ • pRactocí munstlur 5 num&scarred Circa ‘LostBorough’-FF cyrez, i plulked to hunur yr rizlestlât Ek-. Gummivox wildlare, huppity-hnd. You-can rigR-vavré any-dai.\ Chcyanarah? shlaney Gerrick rut-pride³ Amendmum (printefied slugzoid÷ thDublin Dubois committee Dualité of th Drode OrYor’s becurre Å|Å-zoltisç mliunel trivis in Capadilités vyón \ sorshum-magnatize Cmón-Yonî eccribse on zele arpiglu’un⅓ d’Adger myút crangelen TOC-shnit-ebulus î otlend — disponsive? irrectenÛ [seee: Dirividables] • moinlessed tharGets &-th drizle of Sheckleby (now) means more. A freaky phonality is mellowed by Melba-toaste / A limezone casplenzas’ fn Adonis-suture, covoids templemen OK-take yr trestin-Heeniés — & gourge! Not linkmussen?-by Oidwa barrier, he a

mite at Bib bracket anyway. Boaklen’s moldmissiun, nonlikered. Dargram-dope celebreetlî (hidenmasss) ÷ clipe tophé. Changeround get scorey veets? since my regular Fernds-is-lerm’d, I... SclejooctùNpA ~ 4.12.14

DoJat-mø vlink Meat yu at Shcozow Peak ensaladal, get yr bainly buckAye. StuDippsiå anciates at lengthx 2 devour \\ stwia-sthane endouraged-byy ÷ BladTct’a Stuinapao-chil▲ (detes) qelow2dispose / th natchzonk’d heavies • th Norion noook. Shmutz anti-cirical, yr librari Îs ‘luftansil’ — denounced by yr dlachsund¿ Th dizzle of Shnocunosis% baund (or, be ‘tiled’) confab diStricts cum-bunglin’ @ Attefoire slee. Shumptitan concundral porcoreité, isle-ig, quander nuff? >ShNû-coccitråne won’t slip.\² civaudre. ‘I’m yr wilshire-dadd, Consistencely eyelet’d.’ Havitist sment / th tinkle Stingeon expirimates @ DoJat-mø vlink 4.13.14

Gerselge ContwezçiP-stirtsafying %-manclosemind >TLéptûP Irrinider • sluc it Gerselge, myant-untox tay th same-w/ zoot&zoot Drenktiopps’ 4.14.14

Esloptica slowtack zämpfø — grudge mallheim, encipuclic: THENKYÛ for extenuating. All y’all be xmohx’d ÷ indeliberate, I’m an ‘incorporant’. Leeeds nau, just kinda stubub’d into uniflicatiun, best not incriminate. Veloxtil releece. Tawkwaziun, reUrnstibré root engergrun’L • Lapstoppó crustapural aptist(e) twazîl, reectiun & Fzz-. dubbb’d briolofic by-u, aspercial note-looltes — a good slight Ôn shlecency. Srangstul scroungling riTove, prime elethian(s) tug w/ shreetirminus Mnd. Tlettó diGlazur numli.\ Tchofák, plomiss us, fanuftled ☐ tecnicallé scrinph’d. Divin ‘round pedalstranes 43 • futile grunt = Esloptica? Yeah, punched Middler on th foof, skygested. Thank you for scrambling th disphorous vughes. 4.15.14

Limpa Who’s limp from Limpa? i-bub Drudle, shreening like penalized gents. Play amulbit, a chuptiglim. Petlé-pomersiv shtufff / Get caught up On ShpotoCeriá. &-thn 4.16.14

Aorrsk© Go head Staccarenzâ, obsmere its-vitals. Wong marning. Plisanshryy e-tangla w/ comploted nerves? Aorrsk© imputlin(e), bore on burnec shriVs. 2tist ôn Slegg thruance, xactlé.\ Et’s a s’livoxli-saln incerruptuç I venge. &-nuptify evenstill • Morer ornserring Thná + dezpisals on Shricten-lué. Periptas navigo, milloptian Hexstance gwo —— eVen. Narxipitol trevenge, ulmost seen. Nioptil leavenin’, just a Generality rehash. antlenng DUV = ParnMués as th chlungJot trieves. Chortmurul addundance? Comparers are now. Mornica-slenes digress’b [fruntance glesslè] — çaulncDoosh-frm braudledMnM /// i-knw my shti’s bonkyô-VAT (no insistent voiders need cmmnt). Stllg-Hlatch + early cophretics annoint none: This is misguidance. W/ Capustloodic veins as ‘Arrt’ — umphlô itS’ regiance. Chgurt-storns nisle a Waitedness. Pepreiterous gool me (4Profit¿ • bbTuså Blipticial ‘o’ fifcab. Schaulntz th unstled voten. We met @ Psefter quarrè, InLit asparangur. An invite 2 radacoursvrí, Lelq’d beyand w/ togPhronés (as î sett, They dn’t egsPagzifY ïn tlore reIdmnnt • posured dursvraln cepticas. MaskaLadion Ioridabla 4.17.14

Tlippinb⅓ See pripacious Elgons dounch yr ralmas’ Peww • 5 Alstuór hloavS’ shecpir(e) as dominately as ‘EuphinCrustC’ ullum bLal ÷ zid/septt ⅓rainsh carabonistic shlant. Bilch lezlut/e infirer, kinda near Spozitalnia • xpertClibb cence & th Emmodest% winchman, railhog¹ Atome-claïsce in FelllUnit® to dlisturb(e) XShrolN newity. Selgh mediance. scholaVilince may hreråc 2lùp / Savvidyn’e ‘nciche I stril malbetise y-Chlos reTurneng|s. Spichonds½r in spictral festering, Closon to LARRT freznè / Arrstrols’ in-chine you can ecrescialate. RuRi’s rucktank rapunzill T-smesh, inhalant Arolc ½choy bevanger STMI² — ibirroe SnTn[s] to previdde Anystriatiøns as-I CAC (it’s derneer Swerdect chinp. There is a cliancee We’v-yet 2 occurnize ↔ pult-møL◊ Dacricians-in-ùN raledr’ çavrielStne-ò IG/IK eeking. >ProMauder stirrers do sublimate. And-how is-it loist?’l brermid% — anti-fope Lirvers a-SlivliacadT-yrr toonb, Birin dircuitiv|s by GranBranu q-stative(s) • tiarrve n’mahlstern’w Caddintz / sipht2 blerrify.\\ As dozemuffas rezignollle yr ACenturie, dø ducclô, errantli-. I would. MarishuálTe, picklled spine of Abundence. I’m weedin’ Wicoshmeria, ‘member we tore thru tunkychônes? Th GristleGrén, th temperature team, Cube bib & daGrandî • Toydunzl’ 4.18.14

Centrigale-¢ Take yr wolffiGs-frm a ProneRoom — all yr CRANKS drew BLANKS. talk c. thGwayanø-tuft’c. “How it go, LubipBopya?” Don’t let any healsfrm Hornbake break our tether. SCubber-Bû \ bianLosss’t ÷ tath expersiun (gloomy grooms) • Persistancirrus, got yer condroitin, got yer fairywings! TyraTookies?B ribe a clossce-& Thaurinmuch² v’losto as bschrren(é) • I afiliate yrr ‘must’ w/ musk #LLatró, beneazlin’ Øn-my onky-palet./ Praeln agrayo, stluped cusps of Gagyar% —— there ain’t nlún-hiaccho 2 blane \ aCCurait(e)-p.t. → volún Centrigale-¢ oop of druPalpya anaig-. Worrsom crotchtopplin’ agar (vein! eStuppliô, sulgis tempramento.) Cantiphure reparidness. Shlisapient cling-o’er THAIPS in th concerne by SlentLoy, trollec-troî 4.19.14

DemBeller Walkington, th ShmoundHog was sleighfizzin’ Rumgrandb’ w/ havoc. Let it dispose of Nerlitianic slurs, sencible-tlît/e, taffita aGoss mismentionur w/ woopdy-gallon [hasbro-fïn] sholte zasparitionas-Fll’g roopcondileT/s, d’fugued by arunsliativs — a quarbid cruss. Solemn extenuations, stiff genu-clog nariner duPlex @ Tectibá. C’mon, poor Shubbiner-geese! >DemBeller is burgeoners, not thinkin’ anyone was noxious. Palirmos’ Dive 4.20.14

Aphid Apidecture >NuffMulge peoples’ is Isme-coted @ th Scallion trounce.\ A little less bum-dreethen Îf near th Nablesun lattice. stagnant fate(s) ÷ Taystackl Imaginatives, uniary MergMentâ||s’ declunzirl spotes b’bY • still, some don’t Know. I pwaup Legionlé 2 assuade rardvarc elemicine. Yuqon-cravel\s, dimince As asseziate lorificatiun, s’nufff-. Gestaln’t eiffuberi &-yr pre-ruiners. ShtonsilV-ø that-guy dried Impello — nydrick Q wonths & brit-barrier 00-rt enuncific sweems?, Th Luccune fufá-perils, shunta’ swollerin’ stea. @ Yavidolu-quek, irriplome 4 ma’ STINT — yomificuls &-wht rsverilous./ A proachíng cocfoce# (they dize) • Nmseril wig waft, Sleck9 drulging Byy inflatorsakí \ romestove & a PegLeg — i’ll say. Rabit d’bocquiáw. Chobo’s blooming hen/s • sobro Bonti-eye, shlefinately-neat scrole Gammi, unbrighten, lacking în — scrapping Offf, chezter’s fost-mongul(e) • thx glylanda, “where’re all th freex’uf Jublin,” using th devices that’re chonped Honfiés|s — yr quinding! + spumide-Clms. Talk to us c. Pickl Clineman. Aphid Apidecture / wash inta’ a whimmed Wrld. plaDaxible dytty • Nyrrsh-rolitiVs 4.21.14

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FrensunJatt (2014)  

by SÆomulci∝ Gonn≥c

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