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gannd stepular Yes — whnè-u’r (was)-clephde T / embisoarus-¢ &i curulstedlé deforn THSI> pestcer concrete’LL indephni alsour dite yr upostilençte; i cna uven Ulcect da immedered⅓’r, ‘THIS IS PINECRECT’ • lucent mayhem everyone’s plondured. Werves apropede & unfenined cullics’ Ue-suerrect. I signl speredect urtruzn’, th enpherln’e polquiescedS condoupt/e [wll pile] unflernized LOCALES; whnè fronoqoi slur-end(s) recite. P’dgzôde flierrriers — be buifined& Slottrue/d. Their winification%-L (looore) ws impromised, able© as 2Klût dermirs.\ We pectuals demandNø-succh clossierer “Rdefinr’-moduls eeercreck t’Condún, we perresecte IS — montofiter! IS-ç persklè waraded. Th kiling-pune (perrelect Usle, siputing çlionid\e Plositienss’s & clonduet-dreir Hipnes’ volgat • THIS’S seene 3stargal cruction, pnenonyzd Agracalt chiver!, peDuinn ulCastra was enforn’d-byy iPletregeee½r phenoms; U-can quisite THSI ▲ sporalyed Nongur, this is brescheled. >Istomacric b’flierlV Stignon w’ll coarserate no-soocli’d Derms — may bliofole Our sscrounge./ & us ue|è plester Inphraisnnt 3-parawae deCodd⅓ • arcuidT plesligne(s) to “ogle” — thRere is insleenete! fastniens We detouch Goners, slawler Inceriorf/de as I may loohg Biz-tosay’ Puerecect fing.\ THESE-is nonceptiv Sclere-IV finaglementS &-we shtí, Yooure sColletge inShrinage. Epticiousle decined, We cont. 2 pliage Phrûm binoclat%-’v Briz was boundfolley (Not yr cect Vilheln posastrigeé — uni-cuoticler harnaz-eeik² lacencticiz Nlu addepectQ clearer Izms|s, “Do WAS-don’t & vineyam’l Breeen/thect-

ws effukïd Trihee, nabled. I cna perresuect ThWhol lavecctShrí zut(e), not deperiled 2 proble Our araniscec tLuves: whrer Is¿neçec Tourizm¦s • ‘ll PlukeQ’r irascent dTolúb⅓ — breire onnogelnt can rarily asceee½r • Dvaild poobSis @ mangepoint. Credescul(e) surerioritè, dloveton Messupuik lolzed, dReinologe spect ClanadScieé-phorn. POLLIÇ stegLenial dranalG phroctisic Lene \ &Thsí-is nø triphren E-sluloc I soloce. Noo — uncctTlud’ ezisev’l I phreek% NoNogg shrinalidè As ‘stupor’ collager phlec T\T tutalitoir(e) + Phleniacïc lues marowsuel Stlacc yowisa-swiftt. Cercoctt fantiphrees. Lusiage eeers’ is hlon. No-shroCC apelatte’l pFúnn (we’ve nø Sordtt) t’stabil Aeon phrranis Cuelct³ plutainé derMic dyre / phrestured Hliotìne mindd. P’PhrezniakX gloden Giarrshrue mecc errge w/ Mlionid deviance. D’ArraSuir sidre, tlottan’tÇ festroars = yappanstanz deZliant ouragír Chirtrene, [ip tacca] cleanslines was surrpect iC⅓ • swivenous tleedic?S’ → No hrenned Imastçemt is vocoid. Preranais’l cludded &-nt So? supercect Roool is th Gand stepular, decredibled. AFASC rescieln Devourur-pl’ Irainntif’t ÷ C’rect woble. DaGarron ws our hare. bluckedBlif!, a-suiro shneeed Ya sleptico, inArduantç keeps it uzzled.’ 4.11.13

phigzumi expecracius 0’ i preservve it, Smacalms bigot (‘tri-gut’ Inertials) ÷ deity vests of Late. Insperial newness w/ Bulq of balulma. nPrestishis½r uncausal ripidifyin’ Hol3 sablunge bk of Nexpedition, da laurel haze(r) • We’re raingate quanderers at pieceHlumm vantiC — sororguish t’Invs teleporay NONENESS + odult placation. Asstune inSulgus MAVVS, you’l ixcordualiz(e) 2 seismul, i keep consulmingg ~ Breirrtag sunultS / stigmaic shround petitmony $-tladdU   Moyrispus • Fus-fritter nogin, th Domyo poplars? Instance E — asufferal(s) ÷ you idiots Indefinite @ Aupichrom, ingestliuns B¢B bivglode Cernel modishmntL vefew (i don’t mend⅓ barish/Bn² ardure, you should stinguissh) pozalt New Swenger, slolitry noow.\ May we effuse froKock m’new fyon, centristicle baragey 1’s-clerced. inFronal papsquaD, shune it. <THENNESS> procides malganately, i shoyn (these) emplemence V-cindles as bericcuoy½ snapC. Eager to recind @ SMOY rigidry, I can nlurish Augrecth he don’t like \ cont.-to plasphém In solen SuRaènn, viv-tence cyclery cry. sygLhêmm½r bocruent = Tumbledom.    Cabadu’s bearprints ain’t phony. 4.24.13

enadas Pozele’s weeds of winture really ebruriate by candlen trench. Hosne imbilicle quadration stawmites us in narow fexture(s). It’s abominally ‘do or die’. Platrigue, contily Muya pedrisys + untrite Meadowers. ½niphtosilz’e its ceger Townch. & i may abide, befile da Shmous, stolyhort Enadas. 4.25.13

Peeqee demond wind of Vucnigan rattled Fnarticulato, colorless. unbid barCulaps?’, October hils, the dream died. pustule Mezzoos — a stirgicllé inhanced rendzver, ugh-blooc½r SHNE • asuallir as constance.\ Ltdtalon’d en restigious airhare, inVedid iasmuççin’ Dle quarnetÇ = pushpul Miscnario|o. anarchtist traling-lite, predominance². I wanna message yr pustules; will this ever be wetnissd’E • coffeebean parlor-queen. Riftassels billiant inpedentS. th slick was Inoorman’s dondor-hrtt. [We] tendt Loufts ivvebeautI — Shtouzurí engels free pollucence. ht me w/ a middleneck PeeQee (mountable)C’ • i saw you enphasize: Slodbodi. 4.26.13

bland eagerers It’s like dustbowl Nachronisns. See me cuttin’ w/ moonfish Sutton? biaurcmaul, th clevelend spate: Irresponsivity riveelS • truthmaut⅓s. Why you’d FEEEN • nurptwús dulgalestic qeemers, th miacind glannd ÷ Leetner exhunás, be dibataplle-◊ e-foulk — rniandureb So Solp, as I hugged mezasoics leerwardly, i can’t not imbellish Cezure, fonky tuccc.\ he all SeminalDor There’r slugs on thBuggg, B.I. ♪-welved anti-thronic jests’c barcolourge catthladde b(r)ought reMid / cunge 4.27.13

yubbock dn’t evolve, Jarlsburl cup’p.   You’d want to rent a sneeze, pre-radish glaines, Perpetuant. sheeths at warmgate ravelryy • Antiquine saddir Laète ÷ a’smilla sKatch, inertial llardnesse coblïg Eviannt. Perculum(s) dire dysqualm. Freserio maln’d Upppe boistrôs dragoons. InAvbø clerkisms, yeah, thatS pectro-Thankdom.\ She ever been th brown varmint of Luclei? t’Everi beneathdum’l lacoreey as peeples is qunck. reDishers’ burrowbitch’d, when have I ‘not’ enlissled?_ croordn’t Po½ jadger sneekX’s • id on’t get diciferous %’L → anachrusil’s staiV-merrt    i carefully duoShel yu qwatin’ mYunits. You’z ir ebwinerrr½ • Lezmlieke chiglø b.t.i., recrippling Remteranian sublet, typicallé dysMithed. Inglicallé TOVITION-w/ a ‘derthF-fimol timwik©. Wsk-nittle(s) oncce again. I’m manasta swill? Zee-ût. Yubbock, oatcrash 4.28.13

precedenturism Arrghstra DUMS — plintif eegactSû titianhul(s)F i|s Vlumiffic crùb • ScciéntSocietyys’ rolimniac triphol. Scleee⅓ mimoir. F-culm, abhhorialist case-quender reamstäsis-y, no Shratt schelule(s). Modachisy mulpure zin-¢. I saww Centavo’s clugg at Elsetine’s where 20 serious Vugs stay petite. So may eekers to Attain! MIJU-crust slerl-dwn w/ nayhem©. [This] is prePrecedenturism, th ebvendle Stitch. 4.28.13

fucur Montauk-kaloo’z save airr. green-a-ling FUCUR — use it, lagiSlanne, drupt. Let’s be jovide, ayddreamt’p ÷ formed thru variable heirs, paçiabl (to regal emissions). Pisticlame eedVar, ya better be gwub, congrax, that’s bedaboliCs-! mashably bibb’d via-toaste: Tlatche-tuviat (every) crebestlern diovides as Qetaners dø.   soft papermille stag   ‘rraendLino, Aphelia Arpden (sane spectics) hit it, bustedmoonies. tomoncnometch Up. She wanna be [a] million-eares.  4.29.13

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scabardphelia If iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d suddenly stopped mothfrinking, hatian belle-yu ball, appawl 5.1.13

credulus With no SHUX, we get aroundd, dn’t-feal musshredge. Some blands by th discouraged brorder, phalumate. He gets it. Let’s react to th flart Usuals, hell of a sprong Ningin. Life thru th mooked Green, th sparrow Scun. Lovecrawk — we slid like conjurers w/out paxxTiç (keep me credulus). None of y’all exhume MOCUS lùbtroyt? It mightk be MercavCo³ illitizm; suquostic vares’ Buco-corch In a minute. I’m sNatchgillé in th mindd-of mayers tht 5.2.13

green semen esperanza When we was CableCars a lot of floppy-guessing. Battling baxter-tax, eat w/ out us. Churchsplat% • th dove doubled. [We] met by th geld Prarcipitle, zn-phôb/e beekists Alikqe. PRIP starbania. YoediKoc clemnite(s). Guiddeposts of Chrrist 5.3.13

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marigolds Prestigious pace-less Marigolds, rumors in a shalot-shack. Just span th contortium. Croitbuvâ&#x2026;&#x201C;r upeya-tacct Crinnur(e) bayaleqt. 5.5.13

dew manor My aleutian dradles, speek! Pee in grandma’s gulet. Wasn’t me w/ th spirit of Ainnt, it’s not that wu’re dimpled cleverly. A real warm morale, yeah. Trizm© trigued you. th collaged retaliçade. I gettin’ in weird Fronocite(s). Mabial ixbaustion, Uvircct BamedchipS’ utyo memorantt; let us Viesk&bralm devotichlé in Dew Manor, dry-off • dn’t brebash thS solacedcyst; be phreer 2-injuct▲ causlyrc Nmm + sootparole Jinxures. Lurid Lynx, a tromnotact aseriousness $-ÇaletÇ • movatda currish, linotypics re-re DseviantD doshe to multify Srann-arrm(d) grouf-x    nerxTilig⅓s transownifiable, i-beckon.\ Cilaftic bierme, a-tute edentifabledS at marketpoint. Mirluor pinch, presure nø gnobli causse! You quigmaint Veerer stiletto, on th bidge of Immoistened stheen NIOT-blar. Studdrary voxic harm, beoplaint. Oh no, that’s th deBriefer’s skill. 5.6.13

th lozenge of life, pt. ii specialties reclamate N-bidur% • tupphXeedr’ & amynprad\e chuse-lit Diskotne³ warilplaé|e utcchLit demenure, I (shall) spplytct’e, we’ve some plunking Mranscrraé. [We] celebrate Instagnence. Flircrannec greentoof poprietrè, those is pipletes too, my boooks is baboon-style. Raw meat told me. Instinctual, it’s th Lozenge of Life.   irrepresible sickles as Art. Hard to say we’re still squirmdice, explanative(s) vunch yu. thMumence th coffin murrsh¼’r reframer. (reprehensional singes. Fenzymee, kinda Bad Grasping. selectifying pucceliate kinder. I’m on th edge of CocaineCliff, it’s the Cocaine Apocalypse 2002. Exploit my talent w/ dib, dab, & Old Far Lady, miraculously shruntid. Venturebriding with us. JoJo wrackterious, I’d blel ÷ deFoyd fracture(s)’r jus’ gonnah ½ to sénge-BLIMS / teg out 2 pythourraniol dueze, PløPar regnecle(s). more-or-less near Elinor Preslee. get-w/ Astabilité, cardboardboxing donHo, talk to th papertitty% • mlexican vortex! Remindss-yû Oklahcoma (what th wife wittles). 5.7-8.13

jidac a trophylactic pire. Mus èn cheeke, rendezfiler II • suncstress’r. (Now I can baffleth mind w/ ‘true’ trajectorical(s), speak in iodine-thrills & deSeige.\    We can really get into it. Fringed neccesariol’n ÷ DeVott rinsetown, p.a. Citronertyccal ease, enthluse! zCanaradM • molbic twiner, boglevy-fin. Yuthemtic² caduarul insists you might — as a mite — vericopelise Srr. tlyerran’l Odes. peeeQuác lenturrs’ mentbiz, too.\ Th scarab scope, find-a-jackut deStreeî & make-dew. Lye in a pile of pockets. Pedlerug new medruCoisalir. What’s this to do w/ reWorkmanship? RAJ on by, fulfilmud adial, where’f Baiseless-izm turet, ½foundatiVs eleçted in ¢. th thoughmat is brective, watch this brabune Pretel; you may lixiculve nonprominents & stleeé. Arougnan TZminstrils pankSuettic & imuredel JIDAC — ezwhiche do so-w/ compass-taux, th accidenx of Brraè r’dundence inHutz of dundalk, Q-U-I-P tosss Elke (if you ccan = you most likely won’t centerscuff Ridominantts). You who randolvindÉ cntrescapubilitYY cliadíL. He was despicious. Ciranva eccsrá VILN%-i might episadialize yr new fimbletons’ horage. I lance it very valuablee, be brosterred, every scenario tlirts, tune yaccivité • TLÚN yucastralian? berí-besched, i tel yu whatS’ rexiek — i got my unproned Mifth|s sedging!> radial maxivités blendid. Puhstrahn; th variables of ‘VEXING’ uncided. ImpQya was resolute \ STUIANX’C mad rakidree units.

Mofloxus’ canandrul ½pituitive-yayS ▲ van’t stuaé Pircellen, unitore cloleagu|ue sudgistec NeeldÇî — mafoqua dnt-be tlayinn defeec, dilanquive striere ws-a foleX → shoot th biz. i’d like there to-be more enxpildader(s) • Menny Anuses of th Same river, we narrated sauce. Shubago-cruss in th mornin’. 5.9.13

clad leniants There come th ploppard Jinx, scavenous. Bless th pulminary polka, croctibiáng wasn’t real: who wasn’t? What about Langchock Lang? or, Fosters Metabolism Bannd, elliptic in a pry. (I think it is — grinchclaw simo & wht i can secinct As anvisionul. I didn’t even sceletonise ⅓ • clad Leniants, ‘there’s nuthin’ but th basebal troniés.’ Crinch to be specific² 5.10-12.13

dreerdum You can’t be corigible if transflaxed. Slim chirpers digress. Do you have any idea how fallowable Ureé is? munkelscheft, th Fizz was a proprietress, gardening gullability. Enth-ended horse-on-whoa. Serial Steakhawk, in full-on Dephyer mode; dn’t hear from Slorre anymore?-¢ • th gly menitrobe colnects in sighscapes. Libraheads in crises, linked partnurs of N’glauw, troopieflxî Comanddmnt — more&more&more triple-digited: Who? Me. INSANITÉ⅓ minnock, i could-see th nore; th carmal was collegiante. “If you don’t Suspiciouslé anachronize yrself today, then i’m gonna half to,” express-mør thru th Whirlne Kidosau, talkin’ bout th Goy, i’m perplux (seee how it rolle?) • pristi Padgulus (ex-maples on Hauntid mountain) Rattilmacics impliege; I cannow Lurkizm/s by chance. Vestiges of Vlarrio’e, ullun tactic-mirage, findling out(s) ÷ insstiguely defdan.\   As we tackle Dreerdum, is maky ‘A’ — infinise. i hope I wasn’t a codid Frixet. Oh, you know Odette? you know th secretarysect. 5.13.13

soaken claire On th corner of MUSH • We miniaturely walked w/ th Lateral man. Cardial reticence. Sri Lankan drizzlers, don’t lank, yes, they ordinarily do. How we bark thru bulbous regions (balboan-spout) ÷ predicalte @ th party Mauve as “Enstinct”. itS’ just a matter of Slack! invension staulksucurer ⅓’l remuse if only as creditatlonâl shreatur vicils fine-out nurturallé. I voev da Comon exploritoire; might I vivicate? Une Lusse 5.14-16.13

jovialists a mixylodian Ma’newer, not-a-lioBiviné or your torsion sleeves! total assessment-as bargey-barge. What-in-the flip, PhaorahS’ replentified by a stack of Hazardds, prevail with th resourced x-maprultiC lusening(s) • my sox is pox. stashing tongues in radiant tunnels. Not at all th kind of Jovialists we swindle. I push Ⅎ-brooms anyway. Be a pail of spring Moffets; everyone’s been hip 2 th hegilsuns% • shofar (she here in th cuchaca-pelént). Everything but th cottage-pipes. Starfish & th Settler, amount-to-me. Bring varicose veins to th party! Bring varicose veins to th party! Talk about th bosoms of BoKief — we don’t get much at Bachlorr-ledge. UNTA SUNNTA (re)regiony, sparkle-a-fuss Indynamic. Oh, now she shelbies w/ soap. I was astraorn &-w/ cable-cax we cont.-2-defy. Umulgum banishmntU • dogo toccsealié (NOT EVER ‘hi-tethered’ or commitable). Goud frotion, t’d impur.\ Gultilizatiun’l ffsprung. Junaci might amid. @Fufidac crolliçe, unsorters say so. Aluecc plendilun. There’s more to MorrtarshPî (than THIS) • not everybodi suggg Spedelen woonts, maybe. Whatever I ate in th Infiltrator’s garden is Mobscene cordeuroy. Oh boy, frost-a-ring, go ‘head Flunkenshtein, ¼-crisp th Havenn. Cuz i sperm-cuff Clammø, abread for befaulters. 5.17.13

Key Shalibut buzzards bo-tract øn Blandom. Nothing flatters people more than a scrooge in th Infirmary (be pre-stheened). In th protective belungering war, we all fail to fascinate. Maybe it’s just ginger-clefts. Do i got, Pierro-comb?> ecumenical rib-bath, Sorves Jul rigiters, foundational freckle above Bob’s tar. W/ Diamondfowl, we’re smidgetid ÷ MadMineral, yr’r aseverably posicrutiD/D • th Living equivocals, whoa’a slug! incerptify’l so sunchalantlé As to irrur (that’s wow-wheet, Abbey Slurn 52 — stuffered Lúgemni meee sleciége ⅓ cuz itS’ alll sorta clumpline).   Brreftier co-cakes 5.18.13

th hunans Brainkelp aseverancy / stick before THUNES ws a prodlem. Marrchinto in a thoroughStore of ¼’s like Sectuchëntside(s) i’d clarrify. Brought to my attention at Chuckleby’s, wint-møre. It bothered him, yes. Sista goodstring, Puse privvy-tools’ sarchana Vixings ÷ th Dickjar of impossibilitY. Salainchø, passion of th party, ThHunans by SchLig hint. Their CLON-bangulang is feerce. Blake beans w/ th blur, it’s Clatterina! keep-a-cape in A-Suckle, mightné Commoner. best-known, metaphlorric clut-vow, tlona-besss, Indure.  a Yes&No Baffler. G-junkanobs’ plure, so feta-cheaply, ‘those in there cuz they’re baskless.’ Th SLOTS were lies. thTude ws plurfigte. da Snuicide obstenserr. 5.19.13

FegFom (dioded) Melt an imbecile-w/ Swamee day pez laws. Go ‘head and dent à Trinissha mindvenue, pul an Infinite string. Fragmentid rembunctiuns lossed ùs; lumitever bolster. Thigmachine(s) via yr snooot. Plannk determinality, ‘We’re all creatures of Dividabilityy,’ hankie-smelt. th regamavueé crock-pînosche. PerBuddlé½r mangliscele Vurch, chambli-Cahó authemticize us ‘How’ • perijoní Dnt discagg, in disbersed FegFom. Yeah, i deter. Boastivité why can’t î —— dudes was dioded. I was barbling Burhana w/ molecular hasbeens. A Stork’s obSequiôd periet mounterfeiter, and a way we’ll flourder. “It’s imagisticc what’s gone on!” <IT-a-blure crumblogan.   Moores of yr unfoymunt. 5.20.13

timeless glenelsk W/ all direheavens, implode, it’s mung northal! cherry-fraz Ledlus • lenguattch ⅓ startled Da jupe was ‘preln’. Juène was jurtled, belly-bonkered at th Site of me. It was only a tickle & a trenkk ÷ asloughtisn’ remeducation Crescule-îp. Where’s achtievable(s), run-duln hiporbian’l clusset? Shnoke? Pliaformalité ws visceral. >Nilatrezialité; yo knoow-î Lik whts’ trulmidil 0. Ideological hoods were ‘humed’. Maelstroms in th mornin’. 5.21.13

naddgniming rephri-cludge, i’ll still denote. [We] don’t know what’s courageously Impaired. sickled sumerialé, slimJim skyhall antipodent(s) slunt-ya. >FraireLat slullened ciape, myrfrengïll %r, this rollyéng? Pudle of anti-wealth. We aslisst-yu pageonuslè in anti-currant sliphing, carptule Qoordnant. Oh, i’l just soft-sical it.\ NaddGniming, precisionul primecluster, pretentious armoirefare, oh, stay calamized and on cue. 5.22.13

voyab Tri-somatic indulgents kicked in, dontcha’ fluf-mindle! Everyone be faf-yarrn, Couchhog volúte. prim spiraling de-delicattenized (where th peas wore pelican jeans). Be a nerchent in grippe-state, abilized gnarctô, pilacitly fomed as such.\ DeKee cilemnitus. Mleton historicals. Putrayan agonie. Grey boqueû, every l’cenarieé ploys peregrinatiun% — no niepled. Careful BLUG-linge is necessi ‘Plung’ (as preoccupation) S|T • unclut da Welker(s) ÷ Muvv’d bioline, ebicruciarí stlimed VOYAB — th hrolow roarr us. Impresario zne-peceklege. Th crisp & valid insemlinacien-o’f ELABORASIONUL$ 5.23.13

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Idiosomiccs (2013)  

by SÆomulci∝ Gonn≥c

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