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Arlequin’s nob unhangared. Ms. Leaflet, teriatorn d’nob? thHume-huddled DIDACTION • Meet us @ thBungling Barn (barriers-stuntimes) + ⅓Discipliner. Brickbat bantelar, see th Clock-dissolver//. My exceptionedBiatus is “balthus” • bymplunk Mitiae, another Captivator, rifled-thru VIXIV¦S & favors. e/thrusted-spy-bete, brice of price Capricore, be a subjectarian. arachnidSLUDsalad, i’ve seen (those) at MindBend™ ■ wharfless-ceese. th squadroncut from ICE, i say selete: MUCCK. Affluency, “hide in uncommitted barriers”. TheButcher was th craftsman since Taxseason 10. Urching 2 retread thCreator w/ blue-powdered hues. Worrow-tynks’re Fivin’ (this is a chewable countrymane) as MAN is simply unpertainblé unbabwe’d. <MASfwertyper, Yeta monochrom. Bish in forgotten courtyards. 3rd to yes, [we] stated so @ Swarmtime. Etheric taunchT’ &-so spprafogesic + insuing[s]. th grump Rug, “stop vaunting!” Nah, it aint dounced, bustled into aspictulatien. friendly fortunes as Integers. ½ hoor of ungudgement, enlightened-as-“syte.” ⋉ SOGCITI thoughs|s. Cubic-singler SOMINORT • Ah Smitcialk 21 ruins continuity. quadmanial usedin th 90s (to hide) Thoroughnes. Narrol Cesár of duonu Mud, circuit de Cuapters

(36) bul-dreaded Bod Loc; this ploy is current.// Tis a Moaster thing. QueenDesperate! procurer, yr Best myriad; not that ReeNee’s (ever) gonna glisten. Th mgs’re Subtler is a sore. Chiriamberist. Leekthrashin’ nømentst’ • conjure reKrausership, ful-on paramyzed @ Lesvarmint, coded in thContinuunText/s as a holy tethered occurrance, gablime SUT — consistent regioning, impactfy’l GeCurrentç-idi is bo./ pillowly jaciating, Onewho wonder(s) • bGoboî ~ JinkClonger: affested derby-lock on no numbobus w/ quitters. beamtalian shtoyckbon-quitters, “They grow up thru thGroupdoor.” ThKey was thux. STATIC is a droll Kamo, somewhere in ‘Foamings’. ß-life singing in a struntle. The premotions of Bing. nomad baypouchings, be unforceable 5.11-12.11

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alchemy [burn blue] thru thDeluxe botherways. waspcracklers is ‘broidal’ (whence shat back). Tethern yums, Apastrathçi. Tatigablé, i’ll use my nano-clefts.// Pavo savarian, “th flunkling dulped!” thBobaltz’ knés = a hoxious aspiring, jury th railfron, Mr. Languidity! she changed his 5 enciphrulums w/ the Knife ♢ femald fractalry. keynecks on a chart. CesCesmic® tancho chok, “U muters is cyncratics w/in a Trolriss derag!” Proletariot seacides. Jiddah’s araszbîn-sak She Alchemy [she show slot] 5.14.11

El Mitacxho© I dare decisive Flicks, little green’s “Lion Lore”. I got slushdeals on Deathmail©. Hurrivitis evazed-nips. I’ve got tht psychicc Apilitdé ▲ i neglect DULUCE (uniorjiqual, no notnéss). “Don’t nag me w/ windpipe Acertification!” & thRu-shot ¼-ways realy Aint got dicc 2 arbulaît or stand-in stanzals’ Aquifft. Blownut faculty, THAT AINT no prizm. (Maslow’s temptifude) • El Mitacxho©, she always watchin’ (those) NoygsNeee: It’d be unclissamle imporched Fanium\s. PPL can’t gland irresolutely t’ponder THIS: as am I, inferno. I like scepter Sincicôts. Ah, th prestinctnés¦s fer Pamplonn. [My] earnings are EARRINGS on th nonredlucttien + ¢-myrk Prophetts’. 5.15-17.11

th yanay intricates in showers, we covére w/ SnubFate. preDilective(s) COONCCH left lassoing. Waltzing thru tuna candlelandd, I was to protect my Invigorants as ‘ThSorter’. EmphloKiäe, watche ThWeedSmights//. quality (inAccurate) trash-trickle. ♪ ohAuburn, we are partial associates. I rentid somethning aDrift. >built in th chloracore, we’ve cene. (sneze-leshéle, Rooks awarned. Fore-runner 00, no sage-blunderers) • L’L scavid unrechette, please plaza. floss w/ a glossdeamer, pedulal pyne. Alway Le Sharken. seee-thru thBIENNIAL — i would. do isthmuses, thBlidvorm advocate. YoFum @ th Gwyand pufus. 5.18-19.11

sijus scuttler WE FELLL asleep on thFolds, smoothbeam[s], try a gland glamouri. step-mollusk • thAscentialist’s DOPE. ArjisMout, a shoveless vaccine, e-hole Hileyy©, a pickled Inseemliness//. And whore’s beatlewanger w/ FyeVonceptian cubez of ThMinstrelizre, derelict dart. shady moss, gumBortique, “betcha th buzzz is BULLSHTÍ.” It’s ok, it’s Acornway. vorcced from Lorgjuns, popongThixing-elms.// vidInfrunchiat-❍ (ion) 5.19-20.11

roby checker sizzled dwarfs. Homey bumble-ear, “from sages & songs to ballistic tethers,” cunted in sea roofes, we read ecc’t Plarietys®. The juicy burns of Neurron, paraded around like Roby Checker. Our gambits sank better. (Aint us) exiting as i constantly-sudge, & declare, “our Mistness is acumphriédEsiloA’s.” SuzomeSym. [His] chatter may’ve instigated my antennae. >Equiatic disInterest w/ CunaCratical Abovement, or ‘stuff’ i tried. Dafney-o’shitz, klunk custard. Measles-on-my-spine, photocopied Brine¹. Dwarfin-clip(s) + th pluze 18. All galls is elven, shracternes. [We] stammered as a supphlier. Tis troocheni 1sts, & eggshell 2nds. They’re a ployed Tapetan, omni-rumur soft run. Lace halo as a Majesto’s chaotic, tis LILE’s recedure(s) cut @ th ⅓TLOÚM(m), & paJene’s relevants, unaustere-fo-sur, “scan thElectric canopy,” 4Finalizatials, we leapt-o’er tuxedo-rinds.\\ th toudasheve clasp, Alrighta’-ing a thratcchDoer(s) recolesce în CurbanAspect®. Tyrmolum shtur, be! a bio-paper Nominante, th insular ear as SHRIMIT/e, lewlit customs. IdyllTime tshop w/ cembercler nouns — bliss out on Empti (bias), dispell Vibrio-parasites. My silhouetted accistione-thngs (not) as good as thClumpefyer. so-so-calfs’ Listleeet\L + gridded Lyndriun. Oninmoire not-sodelective. Th Sewn unEnders w/ pellagic

juice, tithrém. Dream siliquent, SMEARIST vu-peàl, sum sTraddler. One humid backbreak, felumpplian-limb[s]. Hodgmo brides in yer hide. 5.21-23.11

environ Ghettowafers bring a BRUX for (we’ve) been FAKE~! ThSeries© w/out 4 Thoroughs convict you. [We’ll] call it ‘Wonderlore’. Th rich yeti, (Bangerlore, pessimystically stilted @ th Pole-în). ¢-stands for Eluded, learned in Mubbooks. scented in dun dwacketz, thEutin lanas nix th thricklemeter of (no) Environ¹, >MayanMeckl’d thruge. cheezy volumes of CastleChums. A simplificance NOT w/ drupuli Guddi — try it. “sphorical(s) of our muted Futures is bight,” Bellmrah-age, tarth-done Strunt △ Episcasculi, th propriety of Our faverite alve-as-allurvlia’a. >ShLubb of th bimbled-bison, “Ya, i skelefy my enemies,” TH venerial force, DaPo’s kilowat shøwer. ‘C’ th finceable Aeromymanic cetes Ø \ municipally pinged, clamchell Hoardist seeks • okPhilopial wayads, etc. Mumblesun & th plooy, DO convict Lives of thElastimre, can we poradicize? “It’s not easy in thExartz,” Najau, th quinced. Stagnant w/ involuntary MEDDIA-felthvo 5.24.11

unitum (crux) >HiFi bridledness as vibracides in a Quirkguidde//. “th rabidity tacts’re memorable.” GemGem bifocales / (this) imbingement w/ false flattery, unShternal enuff, ⅙ Caradonia. UNITUM as dulbreadth. Enoszla mindmuzle, capture the spout of pertition. Perdazcla cam’t convulse? epicallé, it’s Nlangre appeazmnt, strophgeneity in impstate. Stoic manure. junglizm detox, i sparrow. Subpoena pine, it’s a dagger day! True, i nired th nutmeg, POMPING sub-genes. Pollusk bardbusters, thou shalt... PoDag! spideygums (cash route to Admonishment, fuckin’ 86 me) + that’s trickled herring? gossamerhippo, as its own cunchRuncî • W 5.25.11

Th Extra Appearante of Synt© Frigid ungineer, “I aint Solitairre,” — be lit lagquathereD\D, seaside Gem [Mute Desolution]. I present Assimiliano, pived in th ichroismic memory. Not no jetajoin; anythling but my 552nds, please. whialsoma Ë HOT aforefelt, lide cemerage. ▲ChrimpBiama® all 6 ‘n seech. ⅓-PRESETS of thGoverness, a stale “Yes” at HapFFine, rathar then a(n) ieJenyst, we’ll domply.// I’m tribulated to Op • ëJrissins, just now justifying Bair. Saw Lake Soma spite my whimsuckler LGE / asculineal 2 thlooshde larial[s]. th constant @ gSenkat states. Kyap plosse, he peppered thLeg of our Afterlife. Ship to win scholateral Mites. All our old friends have partial skulls. Protect th goose’s ‘lectric loot + (microponditiano). “Suy’s a schleeme yu’d mimoint — if&After...” Chutenlore Chomies pumelled bia ¼ hound-dû • LEB srouk, Abacus dimensians, quickforce inbalmers edutate TaKa tiny dinchalm


jalve holy choaf, it’s a dividend coif! nod to th fayette slippers • thMeeet was set 3 (epicanthlic). Th whittier ripples / 1 of his philographé chapters is awry. Vrascruoto (plausible mediacies). DIDACTIEN + pickling park. Fanfair at th scoliosis Mill: shabuledDrîpes? ♫ seed th steer @ AphrimonyHill. summit @ Methane beacon. grimt-appeaza’ TwindlBroszns: th sleepin’ pantycope patterned to forgive Mr. BoBac. 4th petuity’d 6izz + shaltows’ Jalve, wanna seee • T Teerid take a maxidermist stralking my oonpacket(s) chunch. Effinbecokc, fruitable glue = sap sewardry. th AfricanApplicant, he’s hideous again.// slolGomitroms, so-move-circler, hoist th Chhruntz-dug! 8th gallonio Galosp. Elbentampli study da sorks, displete stagardri. “You’ve luminated?” Useless derrands, squashed friends fluctuate. Drear poplet [to confuse] mega-ouch Suduri. >Nayalensc tutored famil, jus’ thCorticare thru brithe-rings • thulchThu-bavon, a prang Shiberel: THIB wuz-sneulé. INDEFINITE = lazy oregano yields. ThewiChamja’ beast-bevels, like a thirsty jiggle: Smidenship! 5.27-29.11

Gnodiäe Us babylonians has LIBIL. Th M’Muriel yama, danger of th dentaristic backhole. FlumpFona clachauy • thDims of bBlack meth is tri-treasonous//. monuments of th BlandFist®. san 30isn in [a] sconesky, Smiffields! ‘member Angrytoaste? noxious New Tundras. YaYa’s cricketyglore. Shalbon’s morphing? stink of zinc prosceniums’d elevated it to ShineSho buck. bridging grim cocksposure//. Focus on blue Thiginiés — a spededMAFF unassorter, spoded. >Reamblitivs¦e can’t quest. porch Meluwa-lynt. Workin’ w/ weasles at every last bastian. ♫ It’s true, Ca. “don’t know shit bout SHANK (“Art”), don’t know shit bout Gnodiäe. Felacroix-viape, for th “falowmen who entegrated devolbed.” Morticulate, Fahmfosh seregiate/. Lusciult(s) that 1 yu demean! 5.29-30.11

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alyanu tri-tip langdon Doers • 10 Hutz determinize ya. Machsmatian Alyanu, irreviced, twig up w/ persistence//. I pialzapup sboll. dots-a-hemi w/ a plunge(r), ayarny’e Egrogrator. mechcanizde Imbritler + phonicle volués, buke-shnee, bappDohseil’n pragnacious in our LSDloops. SWUG darnosaur(s) • thMulge depreciantes? Jubbed ticonsher. ½ thru torridbekes, i declame, “dotannic furtialweightes,” SaSa’s rag Stallian. Tao’s of a little (miraculus gerbege) • shtoytes Ayaya, generculi: who’s troled thru-out LIFE?? Thwingdin-merger! Friends’ fritter w/ thOJO — glusp Bidapité ♫-soar MOOON play w/ us “Th Strayneé¦s” — brand botonom. Nefnoticness sleles a phPamerping! th textured Thernurod, starcap flappies, ⅓ducc Adritionalists compoze. >Edita ohia’l, “th boy’s blocked by Lecedro, nimdod namsklaé[s].” 6.4.11

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Fenvå (2011)  

by SÆomulci∝ Gonn≥c

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