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Bog© divaccuale MisMonderment • th genetic Mass of th ear-less, sane ganging & a fluvial ‘flee-all’. False rimindre(s) of Lejulk. come sit w/ Immechanabil Deite. greyhaired penke — “give me troupcede[s] Bog©” / go to NervousLakes, impinge! riche-bom + be frenzîedd, i herd a fumed Sciencer, sleetli. T/The enstitut of parodedRadii. [We] are crote schloks’c, carepully-nited. Th NECS Undulation to avord tanklite diameters. It’s an hour’s drive into thMushroom (maine-ole churchase). Cernology, as it’s andledd is pt. of th privatization of thPit. drab ta’ Gunsk-o’er, Inmatter of neft / BlackSeader, townspeopl don’t feel it. [Who] don’t risk SUF ▲ ammodalité ≠ LuckLeel’s (s)train. It really whistles’r. Gettin all gile-Scrunched øuT = type ‘A’ Implosione. The blue anus of th Seismonaut. incheisn, I’m choicin’ in on DeMeeth & calszod. I wanna whoopsya’ — it’s a one-handed freakshaw!! 1.3.09

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Togglers Can’t you FreFraign “arortable” Moranians w/ nul breath? ethic expective. Damn, Togglers, be imbided!, (Ør shoresome; shrievants collude ya). Tofeign fracticals — what’s provided. Da nocturnil Tophlature-berring (becay us). Infredibly-sporadick W/ thin inzomnitives’s. Harce arriedour recloose; I know my vines. & I own Da clone!! previousities become impaired. THIS ES TORSSION • untold. Tingél’s paxil-moods miff me in ½-wracked Spanties, glitherent in my Knap. Prime Essuelments refute. Slither in today? i may w/ unjurnct (unis) • Nefiables in agghur specialtciés./ Lateral luck is prime² Ingradient. Cmun Winnicer (T’warbles enflemize Z) & play smayded. FFedruCarva’s car-cough is-is inguzled larvae / Let me get grunded, ths is chyle — will ya splectaine (th searches of Gyd & manspeller). Rig Raine russurables® are smat! Therapeutic take-off. Straight Captain, we tinkled twigs. [Yr] sound Clavarly couldnt’t. 4th nute Lloyle — scillolient jabs, alarmedly phrophetic. He’s a nascent nacc for Brevatiste ttrances T / y’all’re spluned-în stil i-see. Gites of Tumplosion anniversarize ya. the nudely Nomancratic cymduls es-creege a Zoniness; i ascribe Ta’ some, Diluted. better pester. I lift to assure Fircrackers (resound — th pg Allete, motcion of th DisCerne™ / we call it “Disregardia”). pumpL attachen-coic, comfortable wings. Caure-commotive, me may gerter. + armFolde Phraninul. E-surk Brender // scheduled particularrs. Pye-by gander &e ths echoîc slolp. faster Mazens. braught-bck to Çanity. smockhorse suretie for th worn-off. Th guy in th cabinette, oh alrighT — sey o’clocks septet. i think w/ helpresso Paeldice, is-a closing howle, theoreticallé. In-It, grase Feculles ashame You. Tortné jol — ssay ‘em SeparatleD. Prefered stagnants. clay smagistnenT (orrah). or slay-smuggled? Eutisttical querie Inta’ (s)mugness seé yr Crime. While I was regenerating, UnMec

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nacent insolvency & reMaelmïo-shan / gettin All SlandulaR in my dull-age. dode Histenings, be assimilable, albeit Infensive, let’s just gust. Fraught in th MoxyGon, apparel moists. Brangø’s sweetspot, careful now. Let me get that ManifestFink out yo haire. everyone be brusseled inta’ Inveniencce™ (a truncated chorse). Fine phantasn. Dend mestedness: The best of hevel LaRone misshapens. W/ MedgoFlakes®, contrite misgivings, so sullenly gloled in th National Exactitude. I am th Lean Distractor© of “no-ways” / tak 1 is still fleeting. 1.6.09

articulate ghost towns matchness Nevide / holed on for a menü of Oftness, briglahl • re-earnestness &-th grandular Composite. Fool of unrepported-Ink. I fel in w/ enginears. His uneatens, doin’ chance Mothifications. Televise our 12 happy hurrays. Cursundun Counterlives®. be swelteri, sware-by me & my inkludes. ½-thoughts fraught in MUCK. aShambler should’ve returned. LLeaves of Miandi, runnulbrugt. InFact, (it’s) perspected. Glittial equivment — say-so-spliciously + Preventables. 1.7.09

tlivingStado® square-shorer • in-depth &-w/-meznôsis, it’s Jiltextraore (too shoon). Intrusklet lubrilyre. Heavin’s inphernø hears sone In ths Nestedness. [We] capsolized crudite — CUDE. Øur unendingness? I stade out in th purposefuls of th Dire Mannekin Sect. unmannered Minstreling, leave us LATTchoice (for crirdom) / Invaluable Imbedder, i meat you at ClockTowne. trevassed UnUser, it’s “beans” injetteD // borowed Heights = maginatives. Salled-off its sorrowful sums, nitely. Hew-lude @ HashTeight. Gran Shellyo #3. i know what i nuke: streegions, real-crazed. I’m drooped in (white) baggage, wedged worthlessly. 1.8.09

Mediocracé >phosPhroon-&-G. celicle, we’re thru w/ th thickishness that grophes Aphonyte. twelvidFinda (imbridgable) / clunkkdRumurs forget-we’re mustered, Ingeniously coped-w/. Our larvael Ancestri is OTT • i quadered Prialto — i’l grab its abiary. chanelled CroDengrin (testimoniale trooping) very Nur Landish, & varioptLi crusse since. I’m freezing here in unkuloid Clay. Physeraille snuk = a MitzoCrattizle iongendedness. congressians, a timetavel, memoire of Injustice. Indian rovenwood, huged. Synthés — i zing th prophets “tisp” / engue. As odious as us; (OTIS) in th nonesuch. Careful Camel paraphrases you. The Biagraphicle World, that’s a farce / UnDenied. shrimeled slavine? (parthy) Parastroysus ⅓’s look at rare wrists. I never did. The Black Sabconscious adds-info. I cerslainly view any bypassings. I ware Provocable slots. I feel open all night @ Perphrecto! inshringed, i may think. If you do not have grave Error. Muelhe — uncantrolled? prezvertizen = th Ouch Council. 1.8.09

tondrigu wixeels suicide suitcase. Carefree conventions soldered at Schoule. I constantli BOXEY; their frowne is a newer ‘Truism’ (invite me back). Skirtbooks hold those hallelulahs, possessively foundsouth. The Savage was built; and I began to play with what (was) applyed. Gnar’s dispersionary cloud belches you on. I tried not to tic. Y satis and FLUF / in the studio. Galif & the falcon’s flacon — unmesmerizedD. 1.8.09

¢ of Sovtness ‘Numbs’ are ilready in use. Frivocol is th closed word, th reckless / enjectable in th Cesemony. Right, now you need Unbelievables™. L Sthlore = th Slightliness of 30 seconds. Not w/ selectiples do we de-greele. QUOK = Th opposite. >Mlecticulate like creasting, who reweeks? ‘I am better than Elated,’ say Controponic Lithes. preeminents replaide In 3’s, years outta addledness / how can we bolstur? waspcracklers deligned it that way, y’all. Legends lutrovicidize. NophTurce, reecen Bodly-boe &-or hroppolî, it’s pervaded now. ▲SLOCCKOYM = smitten Scurrier won’t obey. bowne Scalcalence, do not die. Oily Supposee. “Encartliana” a straggler’s tune 1.8.09

th yent mircodom prior to rumbeating Lies, she’s crank. Mekelo cepherel = th cold glitch of Imperviousness / confoundables rounch, partly in-stuphed Um. medrogoîc Ceenths. pride of th (prodded). PityMouth + closetcivilians, do stromfle — it’s çnort. th shreide of V’eighth, may i be muzled by a Ferrmusket ❍ Th Why Nob approcriate-in fumbly Context(s) / you swore! Less&Less spleens promote th Glint. (don’t hoarde th Coarseless now!) TeeChee, th superiorist, can suld ½ in Trajector County. Staviari of Indecision (prods my hope). Srowten & th OHHI dromes. Filthy, we spent our uhCludderè tinnetine W/ Castlings & ç’loho • ungendered TankSanker, wht-squibts? “B” stag, be fresheted, wht’s chored-in Optical snush-can relevents? yes, but babling Abiders stalk-up, sad & sizable: P/ulsa sudd. Go on with the Day’s decale. Uh Denownst cha’ wrigglry & whereso Upon? Victral acacia — who’s got Snowbread’s plot? [You] knise th sullen Purbspå (shreens of th unskilled • Chaplís). Charp-oap perewinkli Pods. 1.9.09

Samiquuá ȣ (shunsign) the Yetter compone. billiant regality — hopetal knockle W/ enrangementÇ. counterpopulaced dubleJinx + th holshrolts Leen. “We don’t know Corruption,” enfourthed OK & tarranged. Aproncial Snore League. Effort is expendable @ Cistline Left. th cybramallzå Tote. >Sî-craphT sumbled Denters • i caught ebscriba trollogues @ th Caviar Barn. (pap) Moniopes environmentallé-clad / th same becomes unfunelled. [what] kind of Edifiers brigate here? Karmic krill + pozDophlés. i’m thunderspikes! 1.10.09

(boad) Hicophané it was a 3-piece SaBray. “where’s its pinprick this morning?” So blulged, Hydrogean-past(s) of our cages, Our caramel blight. A plaincloth Survey of thSea. Muldrow ru-ray, lighthanded Fragilité. th Grand Impulsion [We] propbullate at yawn / Strange Seeper. galliant mimicker sepulngs’. Ondiactic Mercenries paraphrase W/ th beste caramel brigate = sameshap. Ankh levees @ Truchim falls. (i might) Review impercuities W/ dr. Bumble; it’ll remind me of th Strange hounde of Maumvae, equalized. me as Ignatio sublimized glissandro artmufins 1.11-12.09

mismalignment resurractional ⅓ crackblade • TT schonroahs + holy shipped wintermen. cmon Annointnur, frolic! Man, i’m unpluggable. Less surmisable is th anklet of Indiscretion. pirplexaple Triâdle, cougro-de-trones. The secret shawl is a pizzazz’d chalice (i share our spine). shTuguzel, î crumbled bugs on his Alement. Guidants of DisRulrancî, as eclipsed by Øur Dailines. Legacy of th lettuced hand. I am th accredited Future of ILLITERATURE©. durauncha? juice of th underthorned + vineomink mince. Slit Instigator: afcompF Lavitrano. tibal smactogns! Intricate me. sour dougs in the pupic brigade. 1.13.09

tivoshnyus excrociana + th 7 philandürers, &-a kink kot. [Whn] they roled schmuncels, who’d alect? / foolish nickellore = ABHASTT paplar Imperviousity, apropo • ½ huded “vices” dusted too. (what’s) imcompatible on Time’s Table? As we apologize for sordality, venture-in. & buns bulgart, radical infermororial y-buds, ald to my Infinites! asayying Anything? macrobanishment = a new way You may venture, if instigued, & with stagnant cards, if you wish. An invarnialcî sugged Jolvice / & th folgs of Age reponant, so cobalt contestants. “Where’s th contest?” It’s in my Wearihood • wornout spude. As th Saybride Granch, “how’s untimeliness?” way modes-ago, i’d been brustled. Or so trorlsed, oh, i don’t know: i wigwormly Adjust. “th ganble begins W/ out you.” 1.14.09

Psoltotudø jostledDïch, how “abounded” Are you? i know its Legit & i feel extremely hawed, not a proponant of Uselessness. >Bisaelbte, y’all &-th peoples’ plunge but not th Infiltrator’s blahs. th squinched Legitimizers. [mize] th NLourknín-fist, be variably aware. Nitchel stormcrowd. I’ve but 1 audiple. Bahrain & th cuticle of Nøre sit in sap in Northern Dialogues. prealign for fortunes-folded: “VARNISHE FOOL” / advocate th preoccupant W/ threateny ebb + (those) elevations? plastic sheeths of Disadvice. no way i’s stayin’ F-mountainmutes ▲ th fragile fracas. Moral Mayhem. th dazzlin’ lutricacirys of Thee cybra, bug boged. Effrûtes of Fote¹ (cancellizatiens). speak inta’ my williker joint. 1.14-15.09

lint quardurs in th schnae / grey garment. thRepudiary, ½ chingle. Huney Le Plazma, senctions on. Easily-seen-eileen: this is “Opticle Seclusion”. & th morningscribe of DeFeat (to be unenterprisable ingusts what?) @ Suggestor’s Plaza, stay shrill. Lucite Lion Pact + fomendibles posteurized. Lint Quardurs — retensile us. [The] knocked-in at Vittelmens. th shimposial Nacke, iced-in./ Tired of theatrical forkks • th2nd disAppointmente is a nap. Etturnle hiding th hoods of our torefathers / Is everyone moundedin? pgFrafferlt (th doing thingss). Though my science is outright wanked, let’s pus! Gruf like my bent oboe; fish-have-fun. Let my rat home, LigiDigis™. DaDotch voyeur. Insnitcheree, it’s th golden goat. ghostes & The cinnamon tenement. Tickets? I see th worbling necklace. [Who] say we forced Gorics? 1.16.09

ions of deflation Yay for thresh-elders, re-rouged! We predicate that (off the Neap). peckered on Channel J (real spited) W/ fission feet, we finally re-emerge from Nørmalité with sleepy childbakers). The Common You, consideravely run-down. hearing them is an ERR — typo • Trransfurtile lets yet, Stobrî no-ment(s) @ my End. my goodluck shoe-$ in boothhandes (never) payed./ You’l finde th UnDeliverant, i mention bladers @ 1st strete / th Howtel totalls. Her family is Harrity erwise. [You] do have an “accidence” as th please MeadedGø to wince City. (downtown Flourestadt. a prumped-in Fugalbeest). th tricks trootenry / Ions of Deflation envowe it. imbrodled Slaccdom 1.17.09

fractitionist mare Friend of cold Polarity, echo Inference. unslivered DePhones ceb me-on. “I’m in here,” Besiegger // strone-a-vax Cyme® ❍ rrourfenandT. exocelier stanza-strate. Teutonïcs shave-me. gnolne, a fortless Fruicion. thCruacial = my formica scans. 4th-in th Foyeur (sometines an exponant). The Fennell is worth the surrender. Plentication? Let’s not nestle. neophyte Ampulscule / quap th lasers-of Inflation. Llabyllicø fou-hatney. spirits in th burgundi-bush. Lo-fi grey carrots. 1.18.09

th literal 5 everyone’s thickets. i could absolutely unfunnel. Mellicone unchimøbe, pineapple-toast (i think she squiggles) / ZASP pizune, dizier-than forms of yr infullowance, questionabl w/ asps, LordLike. [we] are all uproarable. “He got ebriquipe,” mystic uppendager. th LSD fang-out. Rialto inchwarms. Houlder darsh, unmionized. MENN & th miles of Dife™, prepremised / Avid uncular = his (rough) triad of Moniapés. i get these cones, they’ll knw i bisbean in Remaining Rooms. bubles T’Madre ✓ th specious jaunts’ Inclervicle, wudstrose caor. Junurvil punstellants/s = QUOP (unstruggledN-’ in Vrolmaencí). Preceeder spoon-sayisms, ‘That’ll fucturalli propogate,’ (sure-thing slits + Jodar’s Quandrangular hate) • E. of whats’ inJrecctiv, be spoofed-în! 1.19.09

the perforated room I’l dislintegrate @ Patch Hasn’t, just as long as you nestle. ⅓ licfist Onwardness. Fundling madget! Winston’s sea-heal, sway w/ th divine advocates. Season of pithy Porandourin’, not that ufetted. versionur nil-aquipt to / a snale comes W/ yer unpluggur, if other things are-traded w/ th Phenozilgen. Barborian, he thanks me & th imperial measure-ups. harbed Incoarser • i’m alreadily THERE w/ constewed viscosity. thEnder sterrits supplamate (abetted by mainly otherers) frm QUARSCHÔMI ~ th Invigorated & th stanchion fellets. Byuk of mental vlissóms (their matched in ‘ebellesk’). Completure, you swinched? chektertese, She’s a bricket called-in. Selegiousli-lorled w/ festive finance. head out on Heyvraciôn, nax sull. bribed in The Perforated Room, i’m lold its nouse; thunged Ganuwin, candid mezoline-shift. “Put yr croyac in a bine.” Boise-Delns lagitt, like stupid? 1.20-21.09

existors I outcidered its toggleweight as ‘Personal Ascent’ / frequently Imprecise. welcome to th Formulary, where we speek-at-easse. Prosistent cobnizer in th Avery Airway. stuffly Invigorette, only downstarers. th texting nukes = New Quality. 10 becurb you @ th undernourished Vurl. Geisha + monogesticales. Fumbrona, plumpety pourned-în, eager to become “taskless” (who forgets this?) Renditionals are thrillingly exposited, “we do appreciate you aging.” Editing Existors become doublidiluted. Genstley’s trickle, w/ mysticalPercentages//. Who’s poppin’ Brisket? it’s spectrally-so! 1.22-23.09

puny proprieties on an Anthroceptical balcony, I am ‘packonic’. Unique divides of th Unattested. The real Desurelle. hi-Allocated vrignine, th lass-discelver, w/ tangled Itineraries. ⅓-mourney of an acidic Dismicle — scrounge wht you taw. Th spectral capacité of its inaugulation, sterriled. ‘Let’s end discussions by th unfallowable P / you feal faithfully amputated?’ Torne at aribond braisse. It’s nearly th same at Yah Yank. scam salad in th renoirroom. >Penchelogram ob-nox / fut fowntaine. th Abiary of DID grawdidapes 1.24-26.09

luccomplis tets slite lapse into ‘Lateness’. i think I overpublished yr kooklet / chicken choose. Th neurotic underparts of Liviticus (a day less tantified, th later Incendiaries). In th year 5503, w/ dlic Intentien, let’s take TETS to Luccomplis, & i’l teer. They’ll be earthmoney. I would scrufus!, where’s my cercentages? ½-feltered ‘Ofs’. Luc of th wartooth, Pramised d’deal. Fatnuf’s nent — anechoïcy. spel out Z-E-L-L on clockoo brambles / Stoy? 1.27-28.09

serec Krimsion. vision-vater sog soled th world, ungested Manipulent. i bet a pegasus-leg on it! th aples are “oddes” on-a trolle. Like kids, we’re polarizing Plaimte. microful arrays of an oncologic HincsMab™. sumble like th Noth, nere — they monia. Take sstrayphs for Issionese / Serec tropos-hatch. Ms. hydrogen began Secret Messagings, cracckled cono. Purtaina lives in predictaple-monthss. gather all that’s rumpturble. Darent’s tares, pt of Hm Particulan? Why you underfenced, “stop-yelp & Re-enthuse!” caphuma Be ¢ gran th grustle ▲ Hemhoirro-place. Inrialcian prety goods .28 — He haughs a loT / ipocampral lodge L. HISTORI is a “no-tone” haphood, prodded Indensely. pre-aparrt, ne’er conclaissde. & th new angels of Steep suprasonic bias + genius plugs of Deplomacci (incert you). th real Canfiscation. turn your back on Himalayan Humens. Welcome to FlopCity® 1.29.09

future feed Th council that is revilingli weerd / Tomesticles®. opens w/ a blink of ShangDarna (as i might-suppose). Cramstakî + ascertainso. ‘Hoari creerps’ as th careerer. very neatli, i broaden bunddles-of-precision @ CiCi festique. “don’t be plucked-in.” Manci fray of ungestitude. I slay more screakrî; tis all tiump’d Furrolously. Obvious of a sumlul funelled-în, “i scoopin’ fangs these days.” come on fourcakes. 1.30-31.09

unjustlers thriled to spill it — rotesquesLi. phlegmrale in the ▲ of th Occluded. succoted-blck, had i pestered feite’s to Do “soo-scienced” ceruction? Unentanglemen + fantasy brandishmenT. sincered, try th NeekNeel / CRUSPS polidified. buyana m’l (ee-e sadjicstatuity. Hosetta set scanLo). hare of MARE as ‘temporary’ prisons. KopterativK ock → narcially MUDDLED time-s. Jig Jeg absohns = th Dotality, transmerable. th neer Energi of shakes McFlake. i herd you had problems @ th Bumpp./ DimFlim pastiche of Slagadae. [This] joatched as Clinbrim ⅓’s. Lady of Fadams, “let’s ban th drizzle.” Th imperfect EDITIONS. only lakes of Charmo’s potted-lives. “How many eggshells are scoundrels?” 2.1.09

modules of march Where snails portray you, wrapped in major arteries. SCODUT’s milted-hele, say “it’s me!” / troopledK furse in thFoîll. GairFame neatli flisculizes a sun scarrier. Prior peoples of DID. th co-chuny lusubordna. ♢ gnat of unTeak eelprayre/e solsticing @ SOB • poxic Corayal inbenifitene: SEEE cleemsemiatrí + congruant byy-outs. Modules of March, go go stwilkse w/ yer READINESS-$ = “is”. Adhesionaly rowarde. >PlimPlam co-to quocate YA barnsbaillure² // Dunttin 2.1-2.09

Facsimilegø irreducable fat-slaccks. i hate to Gangedî be = (filthrecandt) estroyo, so cluspily. margins of th Incorporeal. LEVERAGE is not ex-owned; dine-dodo L.G. (thuxtil lite tinceler). tint in a beak room, apalled Sejujé — DarDolg durin &-th IF • 6 phenestratien R now branchiâte(s). stung wits of the CConformer, pleasant days Blud Yo, Sphijaek to incorporate half-buzed În prioTectati-cahr / escringement. Shelvweighte: BRUY your-own Graine. grannyLisles — yea, we up-& We uncced by Da blue-grah. Procreatic wilted riggers. The Developement of SPRIOR-doe|s. ConCoct: prettywild by sporreccnø. M’Zone of Speciality, SCATT! trapped in th saddled Now, or th “mush-of-night” s.c.a.m.s. @ Sentra Ageia • friends w/ Marla Mead + Mogozinc. th Ancient Budget 2.3-4.09

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Samiquuá (2009)