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ModestMuzles call for me. I aint been here in a jint / so soluble. WHO HAS SEEN th Polyvibrant? Pfo-Dungla’ + subtle-Learners, dusked egg Interviner®, croar, evepress (nxt neverapilité), past-fulked Mirer + prominency DisNotey, thut-emiableè as I sort Reccentz ~ 2-thuk© wee-ginnings, We’l cut. aprobs’ parastolle — steel street Aboundables, I usualy-thnk. CLUX • dar-dø some stuck, some stull-thuviL. MarhonicMasks. DigJeenth jubilur, peersonifCationos ShTisz-een (u-een) staid, “Cencibulu, I care not-for Convencion.” or THERMILMOPERS • saud Alleé oh’b + placid Addenders. I drew pox Legbalic (torsioner fro & fay). Vask shmimolón, go Diagonal. o’ShtaulkNo is still prison’d. shTaulún = a banquot of Acquitters, keep kickin’ me. i be brousmatic / th brier Automonous. (eyes on th Seafloor) + chinch-teal, “Loea-Lot & skeaxle-I binde.” Pypo Effortlers w/ outbound-leg?? charm of HISHP, th Natl embreading of Coatracion // we’re collard-weeners, so wondrously. I got a wash my Ha, that’s He He Hartnote; who shook a shark? I gotta brush my Ta = Inevitables®. 6.9.09

froxoshim Zesuisse iJaunt, winston re-urchin, bike @ NonPrunctien // Ø-Ley-Ø, th tirachule Hesn’t. Be “abeyablle” in-da Likeliness. sohfle-selves, we pester th Future. intrinsic denyer, Intrepid Defyer. >InFronctLier, do that! come out P’Pritzer — I on’t aeltify Any longer (I resist). Compalogue prifties, re-escalatin’ No Fé bridage, we swamped! 2 of you excel w/ IffirThngs® / whoa, help say sap, Irrealized. prittch-arc ‘Mumblitudes’ dry up logic. Diurnal spelbindders w/ seasonal teccniQ. wander significant Rds. (or else, ELSA — regroup yr Mirables) &-glue GlowingWorlds [down] w/ trollope • vestige Vista, etc. In this Prism (salvisional prison II), enqumber. I pledge in Certain sibilance, mouthfuls of arrowwords. Petcho-Spite canandrun, Let me lionize Lassad, co-confrontance by “stigue-ing” • WIDEMES|S espalció / Ció (p)lile. randantts I don’t exvigorate #T. FroxoShim palagiate, Jeg Jez-bigure = REPLETION. tarctó Infra-reeling Dialtio + ett Boxo providents./ yelp to “ChangeGrain!” & I’l confide. slurpily ROÁDD kin siptic pallange + regretful cases. I g(r)ave it to ‘em all, Poachh. inconceivablli-spleaned, bks of both./ He’s thru, you just can’t quantify. belieguredly duLL • pst vociferi. classically caffed in Forver fameshuddles, condencedly Amora/A. StaphordLisle crumbfort (wait til THEMS ar lucid, &lunped up ROCCK. mess. hand-stradles, thngs U-face) you Lorrow inta my deterioraned Mind. off to work, my fireprize. homoerectus fellate th Cartridge (how dephiant). Thngs in my Ardour barn Ne “Hulimiables” — faulted ave. of BreReezapbL’ constrainment // trim Yucatanli, I modelste his hep. spironius Jaxopedia. cartridge of a Cuddle fishstack. Ellomide of th findels, really eager slitlee’s Consider or “COB”. Popsweller po-seege. conslained, We’re eld. >ToDae is made of 3-questions Th pourder of TomorrowT. spider Hintliee’s @ HorBroshø apaid of thForch. I would

say we’re ShReers-I; collute oxygen-pies (styled NitroholicX)’s • styled Notionals = puffle Agontia. 6.10.09

junk centurians oble th chump of Rodelian jye. milk chocolate menace. Kenya lesbionics, inculcator trick • no aize thContractien. bingely bodast? Ta, th shrill diode-pact of 7 saviors. Rondisement mine, taucsion eneviale-T. Bloistrouso baum & th Hectilian-snip [that was glohm-d-bay.] AutoChomboni-skies ~ window ‘E’ of genialized Crust. ProPhone Bobes® / pathod key @ thClump. impairedPhonaticc. ShomShay, puddin’ &-pus. Rainbaskets + sin strumence. strange dentists in the mist, brow overbowing. Th toontch Tiller. Passiderve triumfp, summer seemstress series. TUNTT coculars + cobra calla. FrayShay hsouldermold. imphNote implorer; (big step) for Tyron®. somber wide (still) shranulan Ma’ / UniNaimph. >Do whatchu Gotta-does, i Flouresce (now) instinctli as pearer[s]² — a dum motion ShunMachine. meshgain chaspanale T uncifyre. LunguageLiar! snafford Reorllion. miniscule pledges of Adherance. Facile Modivations(e). ToufChek minor. epocalyptic buns of Trearsie. embûcSiliar • terect® Infinities, i test th vernaculuR vestige of Repentence, ys, Staüge-OkX / finale fad. CKrombunsc(h) epelliate #L earllyon’s yic = orheallé Disgustien[s]. thMiddle fink of finance. Mozot’s co-struck henchmen, hefting ½-flodded lloyles, no one exhumes MaLaBy + th young talente ShRoud. 6.11.09

cratin giraniale Day for anonymous melees = Midceptionals®. selfish stache-podø, Bi/siphillantburu • t’Gather brorsol — uncoconut tidy Interpretatiôn. >RaRe caprungikiT. 29.4 rayrites do clog us. Cull a cranciphone @ MarchWindow. [An] order to do this is Staggiard. You’re a good news, 98% simulative-dock, dorsal & deadrock. observationalist CarbPhase as th 1st complaint. nasty nilogicle, observe chrysanths comeby / OMPS-pul s(p)lice + kinch of th fall fat, we walpapered Delaware.¹ Uni-statlier t(r)ellice-of-MMagic. (that) quadrant of th ObservationalisT lists’. “Heavens” oh-so biraomli = DeathCurtsi. Y.I. rhonbus entitlement [senned] • cressk Co-Déncia, i do dilate. 6.12.09

graphite friday a 3some of lugs lures me. DumpahDuegs, yomlé Crux / fallingsydneys overhead, be far away in th clutter. th Tabloid kit [see a crumped Halo-bush], beginners-Fal on Sydney (it falls) • cenusquallow but stey brite-in-A-baskeT / treertná FusedFish, somewhere lende me th Poplars. cro-oxit, LearningTurles sord of seen, “InchancelatedDuality”. branctish = a jochleaR tin tour. Asbected-w/ mice (fair teachings yet to Aradnify). i’d say the S¦TINK is uncalculable. i saw in Fumes of Cider what-was (b) roasted. plentipul Fus. Propulsionry of Umix, ambrione bio-mile. Yes, huey & Ø-ops; rewgarcies, I guess thLegend of Ummgomcie is urgency — a pilot of Programos, bilical bytender. i coise a Centennial brain outta clutta: Si-sediment(ia) + th cereal cord. shabundible pio-talk. >Lucrintangel us in our unspiracy wrists, G’tee brulps of “Forth”, we are Tro-Inka© in our Sullen SUD / comon chrisopuria & Kempan? let us league futuristicalle. s(t)oned Linburer. leaf out Lemonizatien. THIS PERTINANCE IS up in th Fropniés, you gurgitate. Ebriahmide sphincT. migled Shrune, “unjust!” PhasedMan of Interest/DisInterest, rainboodie. co-corrupter at fesitline. Feg fioloch, none. jodle Impiricles. flying out louds, you are never Shrilogent, mornin’ of plaguedRepititia. “i’m small, repecerian, Cull-Cull, w/in integrant Bystanding.” Molecular hen handling, try-o Murf-a-tra — i pledge Killerax. “ROM-for-sale” tabs triache, th Pust Reesage, ruining question for Biladeral-youth: play! th New Quanticedent, pasage of Massivement. coarsular tube ox / petulant Ingandering®. disappropriately Lucid, nè tractania Ør celebrals, th scarriest Parset, & by memori. Slap a deity at MomentusGrove. >Hertzgeesh & r.e.n. contemporari Flaccid “trys”, a menu of menacidite, Lgs. I Admit it, you’re crisp. roarous-ToTa / Farrie, read on a bummer. thMozarus dwn. pention jaspers, Parallels of th unbinged as its LUCCK is churnable. [Go] coordinately bogged (fancifully

unbunched as ‘Riz Azz’ / centernight sprungs|s) @ Center Stanchtion, pass a goaT. Muchinese Leyer. Partialum #11, commensurate redundancy, stay in der Wholetime. Gank of th runctuant, anneliahler. Shnipping th Sensible. ALL sourace Dntcheckîngs¹ crupht of th rensocrat • instant renention. Balofrian fod, cancelled neck in ThRetreat. >DigsCrournt luv em, if you trust Basal Readers, etc. (slut loose) + roman goddards. Briptine gaskar, shrude Instabliture. BlunderThighs. DiceMind on th surface. slibbde Lore on banya. uckchur nonsurfacer = a conspiracy of Poorgrinatoci. sm. litmus M-shift as footyear phlandurine Q-Q. ▲MucisMoir at narabian-ends//. 6.13.09

new dust modules CSociety’s game, th Rt. wil of Uncertaints. Minniopolis pose: my tong alone, do Unchair. thunderwater Casciate — mistkind of Compatibleds®, past-seasons of Exquisition. Th raggede Afilliate./ crickil of JechabiT + ²reAdministrade Quirky Queens God’s dada bulge-bod, how can i [We?] do this snuffcase Cagle — re “Ussable” which would contain Ourselves™. ChiGrottney’s infense-momenT. Inswitchling + robust repeals. Husler Hein sprenked dozens. Mentors are specifically about you as I’m spane-eared. sClaububitrign: Any wasn’t? a thunbed rounCiator, Ta! frozen doe’s BaBang, you rainnize (symptomic mood of ‘myes’ ❍ subtleing amasau d.v. Galoom corroboratrø). Flat Lute! we raised Alchemcia. put yr damn eel away. Unmodern it. th shril Dextrousnes-of you is gallantly gullible / P in a peroxide pond; th same can be Said so charmingly, soal ‘Lectricmaima (plured out on). Husbands get hushed, compounded. I’m entent on rentin’ th UnitMan press, “I’m untenable today.” th Vaylîne Percurian, particularly? would you inflate me. Seguece: civic encumbrancce quotes you by 6 Resilience. Herbal Dismalness, you know i firmly embed you. Cameo Consultantss. why she sprawledD./ troon goo CILET. >Diabloh-tree[s] • yip Athifier. i scheduled a Blax canvasse of 30-tril, “trouble w/ Congrutiny is...” WIGSG are wonderbursts BURT& clydinga’a = corporale flaxtones. 6.14.09

th 4th art No one herd, th squirlie’s gotta gin. what was pastroPhoniccK • i publish Exxité, reared heads @ th Fair Disoccum (break th spells). th fungus of Our wholegettings at Sham Shore, i’d repeat./ orConstaneité &-th ficcle shreer of ‘NoLore’ (constant focalness/s). It took me to Ebber, no chang(l)ing. Proprieteer, i’d get în. Mooore’s housesun, vowel-crisp Litiner. Euvun ot-go, Cold Surmountables don’t aerlibrynT. VuxVevo ≈ feeple-spick (IT) • mûnchsola Occ. safely-stapling: HACK ME // pleasedun. U nif? poud corcular, u say “whoops” at TuTesch. stuck on th thove is a Carcinogen cassette. Frown despite aggrobarke at th 4th Art / t’Click noinsba @ th FaultyFringe. Nah Nah, th bogs wanted to know. Foundry of iblesicss Vision, it InFirnli (the looks like) ▲ MezDerone, maybe-not.// th horace Humbler. LetsL’ mimprohnîs at KestLechoic prench, involved-in-Yore. Can’t get one intringued w/ RyRentia®. buttergum = Prescient Stage ralsshro. (might be theWorssed + Efilphraim). >EntemBridge & th self Populace, broad-kneed in da Spektrim. jus’ you, me, and Gumi — it’s a PecQú deesildae. th wallets of Trang (you wana see my Maimer?) TinkTunk scouncheL = arburic STUNS. crystalline steers & Ptolemai’s hare. th framped Heele of Philticianss variableé, “Had some thingss...” plonged Aint friends W/ thfollulaR — let me segg. 6.15.09

grey gusts fondness of thPondpayed cabal, “it’s an imperfect Pertinence. CHUBS’ lynph-oil (neetness). WizzilaR to th pict, stealthway, free up your funy eschelings. Glainged-hale in miracle-belled Societie w/ scrunchered PRARODIK poller. RenchPlocker. Abscaptur tryin’ to, ever-smitten Bazo + queel. ushPercli & lacrimose tintings. i’ll incringe thee! emperess nightliness // MoorcTLotinú ▲ arbals play/fale thFlezilenT. sing Simpleman, sing. flankli Pin-paveral = travelsnorTTing • 4-suks, LamualLite, sords-of. play secularies. U.S. Bentists recorculize. MAD MAS & chestheaps = my goal of Incalculables. Th liftings of Life’s grandsmoke, glad as GanchiCoy, represse! yeah, make 2 at Teutania, rivaled WHIZ of th thruskager. Pazard inseetchìng + selfcutainablesl’ Boncta Mon. “Let me penciplon gotesque-goops(r) as unmincables.” Grey Gusts liminize my loot. Heavens chicanery, “get to the gloated!” I’m w/ sea-scuttlers thesé-times, local lake-eachers. hose of canceled Alfalfa. Sad Cinch-Geders // i go To get-øn. Sevdu Simplergiccs, î uploadidChrode, is you enstallable? i seemte @-th smartteem • to necessitate Almour, or broriocte, “letst be ghosts, Unequivocated & sail in sequinseas.” B-flabs of Yeel. Loes tht mean we’re CREATIVEC, “Slot In Dew” — subsequent drainings. (now) anonymousLi-writing my life Awry. Th Lower lice-Age. th 3rd halings unsolved content. foraign thelm[s] exploit me. Yumerizre, give me your 2-way folding in a Forgotten Land. cranavi // besieged in b.s. dnt sellet Mediocrosé + th ExtraBashable. [this] moment of “No” in Zioncakkes, stil preshOut.a >Mana Marketings = absolute garbage. Appeashe? uninterrupter, linc to Lirastrautt-Zu (for five-pickling) • marxistbirds + ‘Yields’ wel so-afumableP-’

• TLA centre of rine&scareé, “Yeahh@ YANTT¶ + 4 generacions of pink carbon, overfloatin’ Ourr unhuncemenT.” (please) Pancec, washing tacits at Earthbore funnel. Propadunda become pritched KitKa — pringdote Ansluobdná / snake corousturrs to our finale. 6.16.09

diode dangler This Fractitioned race. Leskfaur lay it strogeneeiR / (while) she imperfects Sustainabilité, slurplin’ Cheepla @ th foundry of Flambnoyet, let. QuapQuap reprise = ulular wellowing. CADD — instick superiority, shining vine./ PoDat than, eerily herculable. Z toy tamarac, crourstinote Endin’ pellysakeT-T • cineriel-sette + Y figbatthing da whole-stirrup. At least, Flagrant in faulty-liting. Appegenero L is tropluning, flab of gastric Futures. Adverserial favour, reconsolitude w/ livid-$. ruining everything @ FLUMP • end-over-silly-ends, All of it. Aintlessness contrasts me. busy being Huwur. (can’t say it’s satiated, or rumanistic in Plutes). Ø-Trernging, we remade. “I think I had tried to rereumbil,” heckily proven in our Swaying Years, those Infernalss.\ Capitalize on th 1st one. I’l petchate 8ths by noon — you’ll devince my squarer Futures of it, filed down. Statricidal tributaries? “Asides,” from the cornered Men, “are Capt. Rubio’s tacits. Am I alive?” I’ll do your show as positively as possible, despite Globular inventiveness, unbatted horizons. Plorular decrescenting th same Unabled messes of an Encomphritur. concurrance of a BrillowMaze impenetrance = thBigPertinench of vowing “what” and “when” — incurltater, nothning Aspecial or grammatically grounded, hone th precocious Shit-in Svelt-rien (anecdotal conspiracé of th 101th fiend, I’l bite beens. chubhustler, Liangularl prone, & ever-calculably dryed-in @ GrassGain). we’re more potapleé-Eager than-ever. comon Affictian && ths warming wraith of PiPo mishgenes. Spryad untransisted Fralsimony • getting more clicked-in, I amass Regeneitudes. (unengenderer) w/ milky eyes. Compulsion Shunner. unKnowinglicoarsse, I am bereft Elsewhere. obsessiv quartets + a tragic Waning. implemendss msr. Eden, a 1000 Cites in skips

nere Aeternity, she’l flex. Lofty looch-lore. Norwisupiol 4-less ‘spantilMîde’ / sanestreams to defect?, lest we pluralize, We’ll continuee to Meander. Preciseé, if you commanT — a few asuendancie|és. LuftQuakers® make me; YooYoo & I faintfully agree. be despryative And again, together true-letherers in ‘MegaDefinition’. this is toile Activism, may-I (past po-sînge). I’m knafed Censperiously, no do./ YantoCringe® mallide. thhearte of HemVilla, traeflings’ trex-bø. ThFace of th 4th rialto-bug anaesthecized a neediness. [He] was upSteddae USENESSLESS as an unhinderer in his Pasts. Aspecial Abundants of th once ‘nipped’. Let us perceive (what is LatchManagistiK, seen learly as Planetchange, no knawed affiliate. Winstrrem’s cluttered-eel Logic, thoked-out. Oh, unlike longitudiners, themselves. BruRulle, let clans transficus @ DataLedge, pliable Inverness. suisa-sengaro, I shoveled a fulthweter, scales-% of Majorca, snakebite Borealis, conjured in these icy volumes: ICY? GOMOS — expedote yr splendity, varnilla Heetht. gomos dn’t be loud. Tenegradid conjoin (in th amembber, He redid it). BioTeffeta© in th stirrup of Noirre. you’re obviousli intwinable. Status of th Unstilled. ANTIPTH’FONE-raxic rarities, I undender (which cause) • chone-chernîng revidals may express 8-cupster Conteelment, thumb[s] of yr Marionic-crush.// bultli of a macrofinancier. Mezzanino-muL = soft-ring, & gamillibNØ. Toontz-Laffita, you’l stand among Savordo. Oceann of Smigte. >ByadBenine, enanglitured #P — i don’t think that was ever-viscerale; it waits. & yes, i can provide-you W/ those strainabilities. PeeCoy by markubsson’s tatter. calculatnna-Grumpz + urchin-1. Constraferge. Mas piliponder, why are you? th tropical Shrug. 6.17.09

th earns of jodiah Ds. disteverment (same o’l Arctosperie, ha!, there’s several-in-tact). Th Atrocity of D.O.D. / I’m diseased by thPublicc + neonaranja. >Tijna-Dints = a bum, slavic Mindinthal (up sugar hill) • come underrstand Fractaneity, th misUntrunSSlic/s in th Quarrie. Eat Tile @ DIOB du-fang, Colphomi. repiculus / Hullstuine bought-in by Deferable Gods, out culpatine-dirc in a ¢-line of Dysphobia. I’b ²learndt lessens dumbly-capsulated as i’ve outcarressed th Eclippse [eclyptic-Folk are frockliforementionable]. And addled o’er B&-th shrionized Cotalics, let us infuriate X byby’ing thFever-rich. unOutlanded, Or cancreatic-lyîng testtunes t’pokeya. 5 Hocus thou encursiale — stun-rounddings’ Tonta trazmite. Cut th skull @ AdoBringa’, “you’v gotta be hevtening on Cirpris, i’v no INTENT” • i won at Impedisms. Loizo-swetch, piy-phone, A mashced Enturion! it’d better implore that (specific) Granulation. If he doesn’t hurry you, i’ll dial-a-buayL = STALE STATE. <CHINT> & losfercadø, i’ll Do.// box of th BeReaded, waves of my waste. IV handrouge ‘N RRub = rebukeny, tuber-prix Disown ya. Ambidextrous-dimes @ Filthwater, piss-eye of a PredicatorsPurce (you really gotta be wrestning). WideHouse snugles, th same Hand-of-Lethel, & adjunct-twin./ peacebook fury, lore of our whitened nabledwoman. >LunoSnitch th same way. unbrilliant spairce porclinin’ WHOMEVER + grandhalves, slews of th tricki, I might byte. Forllowance-gid as siphtomaniacs: you’d (don’t quiescce) Necessarity, or prune tub beyondness. new injuries, Amiary-made. Pumplidø dork door, as no Doer, fesnniel nale-andbacke. Manchal Chane, dio-scrin Dauldré + ample Toast — i Talk triumphantless. Älso, tune inta th “Briarche of Minds”. don’t spool yeT ≠ No Advice™. >Hiellstrage, i can’t summmon./ Yeegstbrore do ‘em. GlasCishna de-enterprised, I just do my own. I shaved one other Glappnîng [best you don’t realize]. DisPrioritized

idle-minds, or th laszlo Lump. Ø-SfräjoiT — no one declarums. AnccientScowlers circle me. sheeite skyfriend, “let me lore you.” Time to be pro-snitched, scoot so ominous. Baelsstrió omni-voider • instantstitchin’ da Contailment = MY FLÎTES (ar corrolous, dranbdine/d). felch th Ditherant whole-asking. >SrunFerio, not yet molchug. sneer enshrinage Won’t espatoise yo. He don’t daddle-ya. FinchHook recidal. shradle-shrine, there, at ThabAttice — let ye lerk @ Mirondium Muller, & Le Crevice / suf Construer, unmanage th PeltPlan, you sympocraT. egulshnigh • rimp race, vuveadalated Prerry-ace, I think they “slot” me as th FardForms misamble. PrkShebrotic (unrelievable) umpû-Dauntic. SymtroStysin, get yo belly back. Things of Dalesstra, pinpoKide? your pre-precentage, spapilyfandered. Tightroom beirlous boheme \ i’ve a sod to soccunder. i wanna Lerndtalade® (can u ‘tavel’ a rittince in Egotistic seams) barnacle bail, Flambod of astoundeds./ a pile of Shablah, a 3rd cheblís = th s(t)ecret Tundra. keep th stinsil or th shtip Conquur (sole shedderess). Jodiah, powershroud in a GreenTown. Aedition frm specialdte, “where’s th yeared?” I recovered it. UsingBook x-shaped execcive: summer steading? looking for th Pallaih, th sneero. Houelle bulks sag-toe’ing. The Bitten, th highlight of holis, tinted beginnings. In yr solipsism, i intervene th insidable-p. NøTrajector, bimbly-bynd. Mournetru &or snolceque. Overnecessitized by ‘real’ wedglings // Air & slodge¦nosh Recupère. @ Plaguevillia, h-cinq Doubters bue it — a rair hub. Bouncifaction, reszure. Bioltrae serion’t Lo it / manistrual. Straulstru evocatives, naerbstil Luckin’. [I] don’t manufacture ANNY tidy-unit Disowners, exasporated, blemish of saints. th whole conflict is made of syrup. Chaobluee &-th “rereasonabple” 6ths. Empty Stations. cypt of thReCredulus, re-cip. 6.18.09

ConversationPeak™ LiratryphaL — char faccund. ½ Deolité, warm-in. F(r)iends granularly start sleeping. ask a mask about me. y’all swarpte @ The riensst of Believings, “there’s actually Lifeprix creating subpar Preoccupants’, gilge on a tapebumpa’ “Of”-ness?” Lee rooks it. onstationly, i fric IT • peril of pearss Ron’t recrucialize (mad nestling). Might not. UnB’hizzn’t armbracket-? it’s barely you in 14ths. Objectable forefronts, I bit into th streets as MallowMare, subquest clenching. An auteur’s summit, (orr deze) of Unranching. Tienthal, th opentoed Gallup gang, some of which still stall. BB, Seminya — benevolent citch of thSec, that’s it. CrampoPhae, raxîn th rohllseè-Lyt in a fragile frowncake. Is there one more EsstrangemenT, or lewd recovery? Quadrantz® are call/ing, proper Tezoo, desurage a strawo Tifterality, mayybe Somes. (each&every) CRUSSUR might be thoroughlized. run yer biz, MullroTiphL — i must andure yr Cimplistic Ruin. raw cetegories. th whol zing-zing Acay, it’s a strophguss Weril, won’t you muddle somore? Jealousy prevents support @ Lost Lites. Life’s unapologetic tendencies, imagistic ledge of Contention, my smallerLeg. Modern SwichTing. handelscrewne RePî = i’m w/ a distinct Has Been. busted-in/th cocumference w/ R’Rat cocospoddle: THIS IS SYCONTORTIAL • pladder Ø-couche Derogitur, i handlle AppeasedCellîng. Oyrumbeite, this Unpopularity + a 1-man shiLLing. Green Violence Quake. th green owls Lysergize me. [We] already enmesh the truth. Rosht out bojo. frazzled talk of unnourishmenT. transettler of Slejeaft. Theahn-a-bulkelm, there’s a chaufe for Di-Crartlá, restless %’s. Smother her now, I have th prepolsion of saved selves. Teers of a lot of ENFO. Staked out on a MarsMarc — th world’s frustrated. 6.19.09

frilms of c-barriur gasy trionics, unendurably W/ reglore. wavier cayes Or “elvenatingg-” th ReGeniuse, ficcle Sumerité. I wake up in finite Sumerics, rivaled. Laser loy meets couchwhore-spanial ‘R’ • i do my beastcaressing vs. talentcrushe 1 x 1. Announced! ‘tis yr vabrial. (tokes) Imbliccine startlatá / envionic wisdom, besat Tintling. >DalnDacerel tiech Turchigoise. See a seaswollen Ventoliar’ plastar act w/ recipienth bown mullard. Rumenized @ thChagHag, i presuppose//. Caligrapphic-hartz’ + SIDDS are serious. Th forcelessness supluded Cerverité of A troiynn = PreAminants® as poignant leaps at Infollicy. Insist on being opaque. (overtowned) precentagers + No Yak. Technolig’s rinding Ourselves.// Upham’s six people. L-preferableé [within] Edwin’s bonanza. scalpul-led F-tax, reccruilzer-ferned mishniL. Provenceds of MightNot, someone’s TODY + His Null St(r)art. enocmassedP’ prediscernibleé (uln-scrulcius / TOTIL$ brickfist sMightlier. ferverishly Valid. TimiD ocuppationes). unplannedFates2 jangler at Quates. th gangler-bend[s] \ hokey toy viceroy. Gallactic-Byte of Inferiority. Let me ❍ struid-eyás. banke of GarbledLore™. sphranced Telectories may naykindL us w/ breakshells. 1-ladi to untie Chessels & no scurryhand. Caught w/ expensive Alacquitias, sure, th runch of moonmorrow — SCURCCH? not yet.// untangle our hands first, Furrine / (specifically’l). He top-vace Triangulizre: if you reer it borowde Spectracité, filed by “imposters”. P-Lake TINC-Foror ≠ brittlermania. “You’l never torrow, I can cloud you.” ThoRoúg. MassNixer, even-if it (does), it’s Birdwielding our proud arrays. PlastiredPirius, as evening speaks, we’re shuddled. [Who’s shoved]. ParthenonShovers, stink of th stadiance, 1%’s wiled Mysnopia. change th channel of thPordtleof Insistence, “i beg your Briarchy?!” bundled by th shreelark Assembli — a flancel-

ized priority. raghostcontro ▲ Gramriple-L • plump in da’ Priarchic, wound inCillics re# blumcisien, N-startled @ thgate // shril (shreems) as you choose to ‘Mist’ — assesste as snaid-lutenî, “& we’re all fibred, beng Stelksheim is done!” Too shuttled-in are your moist hexagons. Ør attuitives spoiled Cuevor — ferrying authors into Goldness. QQuitaFevra’, i saw you at th Sealed turnip. it’s a Frashoon! Aint no cliché / splashtombs of Tomorrow. They moved back to be ‘barnstartled’ w/ strutled Momentary’s HE DOESN’T EVEN 6.21.09

chimers PrusPimeyre, “that’s a big promise, Savior Pirkins!” (show most of my bones). Go ‘head snippers, guided-by rims: LECTURES! LECTURES! th slim frailties, please scroll. As principle, Mathodic-Male (graze) conventions of th Obvious. “Huh?” say th Hopi. scourly-flanked in-fact — i stucco Dreamparts. & adverse teelings? a pavilion of unknowingness. CondensacionaL L-sayings, if-you-might @ LogicalBarrier / bastianic densities. Exander gul, what you sensed. Feniorlay MUST HANG th co-stylus Overbuild. Zomed-Qu & th cack-alway. birth of th tortoise Manifests my pain. crest cocaine-rinse.// poor-gram Curcuizsní. My May Apps — i stand here, exemplified by ModernFact (th grate ArempardT + each owning.) as pt. of th “CrispRebellion” / Genderfrixian actuals. Try tri-coasting it, “speak of Înstission,” true-fram belowingg = Instructful is th CLANT ePunctrô, verily vista’ing from slowman-to-slowman, [ná], as i’l ingest scrabories of Certainty®, or “whatever’s easiest” & th Luvlîngy’s martparT — i spon th Shelacci-heeL as you suppose it’s Relevantt. i specifically $old systems of Anwrackness. Darp of an unevened You, swisticallÉ generale • sinstilled Thwarrt? Pexelce conjurings reopen the NightLare. sovients collide w/ th Ørdergang: try my mildstones.// Actuate on a nonshelv — concîde BULLUNTÎØ somehow-not sceeccs’ & brohm Sepprîs. outshole m’enormous FhuglleDifaé = nonalignment J.E. • seint KX-lugs, ball-o-joint. dobs popuT AnticGranite on ther? SeGoopey. Fritch imbollical, yes! surprised at any silhouattoe: a real Diltzino “attroahC” — i’m feeling favorably compacted. Mutual Malay. th 2 of us in th Woven Room. >parctaculaR coump // Punsh-pd. scholasstic-nealistiK ◆ Fibral-worries, co-consôcta, or an anagram hip: Darre’s Digital. sciane’s lucisable, TheraPeutians™, fooled on a Logg. ‘Chimers today, chimers tomorrow...’ Omber bo baglah. Acquiring what’s litigantiaL won’t ever, “Madame Crinkle,

compose yrself!” OVEDO of th fraleminds, you twik th dinched, y’all’s truffed to-be ‘borged’. Thrupilog taped truities • ponder THIS — i hear Sorgeouse (stumble thru melted Uselessness). how’s haggard StigNïnta, may i parlse? half-hazard Courtlandship, i peg. blue steel nitwit. I’m in here @ TrusselCintí dedbland Boga, & scour pacendling®. 6.22.09

3rd yuno Terpedroir = VASP therilon. Asier papicay, much less. >MLoad capricating, i’m â Accemblí of ‘filted Diascolés’, quernon zones, re-urchinment of Dy sparàtte / pounciplae, ‘cepting no-thîng./ TH unwardness of Lith, nondevized. boy buldo + Drosttrus f’flier ♢ chic Otta, regalious in filets of th trock, prospernic in th Ralgicrurrk heaps. Sultifyer [not to slip] i-i PraerMion t’Grorium axiums. deceivingness of Chelneé’s clonk ma’. Dut funy, so furnaced inphiltraidTHS kuri ‘us’ (buy dragoons). UnStabilitLi w/ felstools’ = rupro reOcctrô, where was marvllous maxumm locatives, uniquely devulged. Creek aktien: most lindolviéts are on-term1 — like these resenders. >MorvDunda, he is sick.// staccato sigh-shell, enjoying brevity. th ol’ bruisement (don’t be largely slumped in th world’s infrictions). THE WORLD IS SSINGULAR @ 3rd Yuno (brorí); let us be at fault thru shigh Ambradda(gh), geniusedLi in liquid emblem. But we’re resenders of Dickthorn repletion. The Elmms’re brokoy. Snandendla urifice, enestupiac’n flails — Bingimîcin ravidooun / dung-hø. SCHHLETINO vut ■ re-complexitude/S. feer in th Gratisphere untolds ya’. BRAUMØ th gift8 = ta’ gleave-a-wayy. No one mysticates. abducts in thConglutine of Loverbrius, enthice-fielder. y’don’t getaway ‘T’ — in a chook-chøre. i’ll sublinize Yo Yeens + perpetual Hracuom (involver). TuteNooner reveals itself, not 5’s. cluelesce-in ladlefires, &-so resupposîng. ÎmProsser knows i’m-never./ Wake with th gnife, Gleerdam noneventual dares. As a mysttic, he was really Isolated, “you pleen, Not shout diari of th Rickshaw, slick detentions.” Jonson’s speckled confluenceF + dear doldrum Y T E • puflet Advancings. Shrill concepts of th Unconvinced. Fyclacalî, we bathe in outside steel-lines, Calf City septicsc. let’s not be surmised @ SauceducT. branzitien B. rendli

The Great Embarassment ShroyShropssÂŽ // th Brunsk polymode. Olmes of th fish was cominâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;? rivulet Inchisms. competitions of AdvisemenT. chinch 4 sierre sleven. Subjected Hems, slant faced, crescules. Aethermillic rentes of th Meander! sliverjaw, crap coopa 6.23-25.09

toskglatians persistent giggle of dice @ Witchco. gremibidi’s Next transposition is HempHill (will cause us) tapper Tood-rox. So, we will salt you, again. Maulled by SpectrumTote®, encouraged belchupe • T’bleenth, tekking Engincly, far-clumpping-în W/ th chaTT — toysom-graft of Pleasantss. Plezbellya sat ANTO chic-fêne. >SSanto-Petza© resalancce, pstJingalø In wavier, pathologically distanT = ensterm foCottch, we self-lilanced it. Adequate Snake Fidelity. th several insensedGaudeé, sarabian-sty. Datsun drapes. The empirical Resounder, busting slivers on a kin scholltop. in th Croquet concubine, it might. Yr blaring narrowgraphs. BIRCCH of th cobalay. nixed by mamon’s snaggle-tinted shield. Broker the bestial to ‘breastify’ Saumbique. 10 tan lips, Impresionables of ToskGlatians. Done w/ neguardo’s vunyun? i somehow ended up getting my trinkle unended. faulse-headed Dievre / crockled Indegliottni. & subtle scavacing, sudden scouring of Legitness, so tyred of pillow-eyes. >ReGenerist altitude, codified Thulmunslip; fun t’see th Gleel again. Left flenk losquiTTa, th new (renewed) Sulkers. Jing Crisha, guess we’ll centergauge that. LarmeshTa re-ache / HCI angiorudeness, voyaging. melshoonth Freer juxtapî, my Mi-Allúddse, “there, you serraise It.” RINGUISTIC-slab of ¼-circling. YALLIG, th heavenhand. machete it into your shin. Staying cardboard is everyone named Abrahms. Rialto RainJive. Th 4th rude lung to nudge Us®. scorpion babies, man on th rocks / Colramitiés pesise. uninjurable BramT, “i bely Difficult oxen — you bidge it.” I say th Pupa grew. Harangued pex • conflationaré, “my nose whistles like seagulls,” pranced between Our elements. 6.26.09

Campaign of Comprised Regalities th mind as Module, bury th reversed. pics in th SDriptwae — you can Unhurrie in the morning of Thezmial tec-sunder, (flat) initiated Lurcice, cock-led. spend a week @ TeriTopia®. Leaves of an Untimely you. Erithnocratic asshole, the onwardly Impaled. Landpell of Prushing in which you benefit maybe twice. Comply w/ thSolar statusment. Speckled Inibrium, canaya coulks. irwatta-Mesn / chendidla’s coin, Axishatchling, we co-own ‘Parroise-Po’. 6.26.09

FruntLuchîr past-maskling is uninterruptable as THE CYNERGY begins gauze-solving a SonsterWreck, unjangled Angler, th corprusivity of angels wallop • E-expect = th Grand Crumblications of Spectitude + irrational embeddedmenT. Paraplegic Pageant of Pangaea. (No accosters. No tickets). nisambiguation. Laurlio raum-guild. capsillary carresser W/ cassettes (COTT). @ FruntLuchîr: the statue of Valium, &R CorpusChrops(i), “i’m thinking maybe you should shrug.” I’m really ressin’ that wringness spout. aKuK-spunda, regeriosplenTTs &th challenge of CONDUCTIEN + soft generalizings. Astuericø + th ‘pleasepledge’. auChurnal no-vites = discreet offsets of Walmayya, a strategic eaching of Whatever. cysusay, 1002 prisons of DeGogue decisives. i did become encouragedd by MegaLumarienss (knitchildren), sob, exult. NICQUIS ENCOURAGER, false maulssning. Flourishabiliti? nibrourne-bulsian Sprig, pulsnacius T& hyper-affiliate 6.26.09

oxidella th weariness of Without© a one house resonator waddles in the desert. Tark Mumphry, dick frm bomgletia • th ghosts at Luckler’s hinge. tongue-saving the union goat. Verses of the verewolf, Oxibella. flappi Mordralship. manfist Frorcansarí, micro-incussative like a MOTH, fizzing away w/ Sages. th radius of early Remarkabilities — i swam thru th cartridged heist of HileLit. missouriplants stash yr penis in soda jars 6.27.09

Red Ploys at Ailment C Weird ears on a timebent platter. Pipecenter’s riddles, one briced Massioeé of geeks (seedstore, Leeklings, etc.) auto-Thimpt Ør contelgeant, those things “sleem” it. 1 for 1 @ Baffelostriria = th local jumble, adorned merchants. Th rationle cavity of Cleef, utility Foles’n olfactory Fallace. Reciphracity’L league you, polchega. Purport w/ th diode of Diosceles. trince traveltoirre, lionic sprugelle. fallse charms in th Harwmay. Ajunder! in th forest of frozen oaks, i pile up plans beside you. ThScientific rumblings of MrifMrif scancermizen; it fell away as it fumes. (run from th ssamplingshîp, bleeded) &th ComplicatedBundlings. i’m an arabian-crutch: wht will i frib? Let’s log these Study summaries of thBump. additional nite-freeze = Le Trondyphone-f: A VUSK imbetterment deams [th conchilment] ensoardened Our constaneity, water-a-waltzer. humbucket ridglin’ Quarrtlemen — th fee it. norsehole Asettlement rarely rired. JuDu comp/tact ur-crazedL’ • th clinic of Quiet. “when you lowin’ a good stanchion, $20 & bistim.” CraphStemicca, move home Grubs w/ thorough nicking. Beautiful macaws of thFuture: embilicals & Kampaca + cheesepaper. entharmes w/ Gelzelstinn unadequacieé|s. dicrulcial NMobilité, plans-of-Nowhereness, where? CHAL rialment as Enteefment (sorry-solo coart-eares, & no-rage enfolmreron). th Local hadn’ts, strarngraFp nephlyte as-by. brigades of his Anytime hair. Stub vulture: th Adthinnians scadtle. undeniably sore from Prologues. partably thwartward, i aint slittin’. Continuous erosion is [what] we thrinked by Consequence Calico©. your suggestion is processional as i pul-bacK. compel us out of th Oogniari — suspend cleerness w/ Poltrivature &th iconomi of Chimes, sub-stable intentions, choya-vív. The less jealous, unlucky waves of constridents, sewn together. Mutiny && patch-Havent’s. Many people’l pulsate w/ knaves • custocraticc supplamantçe. a chance at Distention, obvious liberate

lessoes. Partial Retricksterisms as pogDunder triophss. CrotchHorn® is here, a credible contingent in Sums are ‘slumful’. Sphilztoid engracer Readjustlin’. HephTobite council on runaround epics. Ku Braatz = th federal creep. trial perspirant of th Daily runt. it (s)cleys Çaelmvat — juned recomplice. Yeah, let’s viscarose its Immutable green groin. (yearded) Thugs that AinsstLaint’e me subtit its Future impoverishment / concliant Necliseling. Saalarc. autoflaiL® reTrivstäs chiffold typelet: Qurtaples. 2-stylized stanchogrms. engroshplí as ‘pperçon VoTag, enclichéd. trimascular sailors of Tint®. where y’all wants ta’ Goo? Insidioun claxograpH as starphle (sory, we’re vivationaL-incoruppT • havenous ReGen). th nascent Lader = th grow of ShPaîp; didn’t mean-to. [your] shakey-scholarly papers keep th consortium clean. No nova shi’ite ~ We Must Run / shaving th frigerator’s walls: <THIS IS JURNELLIFE • whoa, your trophulbs’re cloaked! Felgum’s derivativ, friale-carge. th swells of Delba-Lyon, impertientli-pudgy. bengline Oartleby, imprognostican’t. (scallop lady, terabute totem = a puzlement) @ martyrdom Outfest, “We’re rudely insured,” in yr vice-versian dufflin’ Cowbite. Alagat simprarium-radtle + brochuning Spîpe, retilient Rosud, chig-at Attchlum. Slaine Decil-slaine. Pendrafyncce. Injurer of Dismay is plogged-în. Coccie-so solager, defensable pulgniers. true-bonetted out, last views of th CaniC • shinorliens’ quacer tut, who else be? QUADRUNT-Homlîng, th presenta’, seciol anticquaL. broniul Norite at CadaverHigh. tumpht-cot Regalese, shaine Crucací (filowise). Y’all’s infinite @ The Special Ledge. >Felanquin’l simple creeph of Camazement • anchirn’llate & th pluckManshpí. sittin on th FrapShurn of “Real Life”. Cow quiatble, th Modern nibble. th liquid Seat as arguadlé-able. Tachran blood of his slang lux, Audiero? 2 smears Vs. Apprehensile less vectors = weigh-in at approxaMativs-$ • Dot Shokeyclorocs-1 as-we’ve douBted. w/ A new set of scarcities & ½ panvil-Sucratés, superior-spiter (you’l) really assuage.

RetiPlîcin, unskirphde @ th Unilateral of Tapes, unpaged. Dinnacle d’Splintss, circlish Addendums. mosquito delay. “throw the skyhorse in the mower,” this 3rd-ear talkwellism as i’m an old tomato. PafilsqueFomide: this is so. “You’re always gentler, Imogene.” filmmaring Grittunsch. Clynatiens + th precociusness of GLOTE — adore it!! Astemsalize, it grew from th group’s Amnesia. trom pinch DeReeva. Re Arp Sharpingtons. wonderclank. i’ll tru it w/ Questtss way in at McDuvel street. Ramnio-Îfe, ramnyo Rividness, waltz bac. th Pride of DeEntry’l coux-a-blazenness, retropiea. craccehunch, less applauded. it’ll be beened, ½ step toward Leeredness • spug stunceles. 6.28-7.15.09

the hoax SquarShopiul quanderinge • Tint talks @ YAB: was we spined-în? Murrah, ½ th world’s (s)pattled-w/ tru pooctuaLs. felktute ❍ Conplainables’d rag-ya. Rerargo / we can’t ever collapse. I comically concoct th Logic of my own ‘sub-enzymnic’ socean to cradle-thee, &th numerousli spined, shribled Feffiny®. Bonzied-cuts, groundwater of th Does / endaniere’d ¼-Shrunkk (workning cuddle-book, De-Braved on these conventions). repasteured Days. TuntzGuntz = th csireman. meatclusters • sounchône-II, polca-tot Amore, members of th Unbine© broke-true. I conically concoct mana-inch w/ th faculous picsés, fell-flored th wanda belch I take you to th bruhnide-Scales. ThHoax is harm. Perplefiance, is it aging? Cemlintz is an extender. We go decadeprotecting 2 gnoxius-know your stuff’s mentioned, Edwin’s pleased W/ his Plasure: th windtunnel of “Ism” — butcher beliesured. Pacepipes at cackle edge & th speed of trashpeoples. Grand peepers & th policy of Rocks. musky skrel unautomated. Harpis Lupingela, “old lo mein, bubbly bench” + th splintered moments of ChiBúng, a little self-cinched. My gentinous friends, i can soncedeè T • snakes at cobbelstone-glory. take me to staccato-wrench. centipede inta’ my chgelico, Sccraduge-is-dull! 6.28-7.15.09

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Frilms of C-Barriur (2009)