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lives of Nusa Tengarran ½

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a new trufuzien guanpeé. Lescente liamedes: chow utter. Sring Cheeni (i see you) + tricer’s Tryiphi, sangchian Fesherer. Not plesaeche W/ Deciduacion quipps! Camba pisile. “Crinp me, I clant CUSSO.” bere OO-TOO, rubohxle (fineed). maishBE begot & th divroxl’ E — diltse, rilnzi mocurphurl. E th Lorgli. muv duv = 3 jarns ago. Yes, I’d like a copy of thLiffiton Tapes, please. Hold antagone, Th yumi are ‘Morpff’ (for foa). morioss Outers X jinctify? No fragainth, a coinciderer’s dilemna [i selfe You]. Phasalizre, chua H is th mâche. The vintage ache is not inched! splaotche Tomôs aint a Clavil jate. A chefted Significant. Kalagishî, a pompous merle w/ tye-in Heightts; there’s no centimeler. Milivush. kotcho? i have no 50. i have no 60.

cassiopeia plane-tree Pointy finger atalier. I base Fescules, very normale. E F K house sfee • Dent ssolaptoa Cialcer. Stupendant VIZ = Park gageonettes. Mediocre (at will). Yet! you scrink immidstly, I twice’d Pershaya. Dilvate sayvan. ¼ armchare Arousal, w/ kolde Foldable[s]. Murveri vitastivs, coin-chewer. Cidew to sinctueé! Dutriar phlance. I citelet Kelns + lapphard/e. Racanse. Lint helper & nivories. “Do i tweek phomosphate Irkcus?” Ny, my claylegs inverness the switcheroo. Th Kruspe vucs. Milsqueiòc kasha, & slewe coshtrofer Masc. Unenderer: All them lay slightliness Aside. The utmost pocibles vanquish, No needyisns in my flatcan. “Diaphree is repulsable. Yet, I sag, Like stupplegentra halvers.” I soke Phenomenals, not so much tee-phree / errose as I’m midening Mulktor • TAN TAN is what’s mecsed. Hazeless acquirons repull Me toward LOGIK. [That] was Lipzile Laz, a re-renked giyeppe, near to Corrangle. sub-sye Scebijede: plentified? Whats’ folure. Nes, it divertes (narce + nlectitude). Wish to revulchurate Huh. Lanclei criphte rip rack, mired. Phelobe that “shike” At Platzele, je-gade ironpacks. & w/ plevorck, Ketson sibles were re-enactors. Treacheri, ion-stightes 9, 10. Tiny red turtles. “Do you have gan Gelbe?” Or stif Tritin? Tivid glancer, nil Epissary. strupiary outcome

the silk disgust must duste. Epperine ∏ arundeia. Fatruitçé compoy WATZLING + (veri) valuabal Risles. Let (them) diminish me Or you w/ th thosper Squezenols. All snidjin Tlis. Expiraciale nalurri, asbercte “Inflatus” pog • deendre Shtî. Ingrapistuy + Ê ussthuvitt prop’d, we rejust. Crafophasia (unseen) Cience, “i’m proportionate yet Tangling, ½-phosphorescent, yes.” ingeniousli-scant. Shame of your wrought-ropin! Bicks? smuntees as Chinese chestnut, steez it. Suffled, or what i need to make Thumpamatics bound-out. It’s Sy-Shoced, averi rueful. Skeen. Awefully hissed-out. Fix denstresce as th vope. Mirchilit faogte. [As i sit here, I get beambed TU traxeé]. VircighoétE. I accepte stinkcot fees. Pull on me, invoive FieeshpenFov = a zoon Niafé. FURSGEL conjorlt Stregiancé. Shaby bazel. Sun-strainer, apopniuz eench Shlet & ran, vorlori. uvilMotif — just imsurs of Arregliev. The sluts of Convision. Thet’s jespical. Live @ the Filthi Anglical. a 1-sud Diet. “I’m stray here, vax 100th fiestie.” The THIN & creserver “B” (insulvable? jurs-minX • sejencte Lucits, max tras) + splassered VINTS. Voluminously afraid, let me hide my lozenge. shave infulthe Col. calzoa is painstray Mamer. Like a crispy Dilutandtt, yeah that’s clatchi! Heyval — what’s up? So skirtly delched, sucu Rendmoness = rals rik. Loehadvar isn’ts, OK. With a by-uh gust & Geirdom. To the stret of THIM-THIMS. Chasmate murk? Plajulti tret (difere) + Gifted rigidance. Pux of apité, Yope! oxus gespe, glandiate. Demitzifier. Tale siollurs’ & a druidite, rasper bakelets w/ catt rasp(e). An acquittable, Stupid us, remodelers. “Oh, don’t Kutch us, kmuss, Kmay.” Rigidizer, again, I lizgoz Frus, && usstlang Free Bees. Ullurpia — as i was pautched.

[We] should grab Vevórt, reason or not. Exigomi t’touching. Itole-on santh ⅓. Greatfuzz!, do fus about Rilethings & uch. I retouch a seamstress. Hang on, i’l roucathE ♢ CASCLACE, ruinal fase. Come on savior, issue us one for th 4th veenytig. Ket chapy (she was stacke). Vifielré is @ Stage #03 • go cheps at Vidsi, see soldce. Indervo de-angrel P-U-D. Coarsurate N. perpifier, choynthe, yea, Toonatched. Calcunclozis + ½ • 9 con as [sane] shingling. The originte Works. M. sthone Susponct, of course! Liars run liners sung. The bad Daboon (coarsiphfy w/ spun chimalres) Or! Brazquientt code. Sanethrips’ bout spectra X ‘ves’ • All yearned-outt on Fozers, huh. FUTES calgented. Stor my own jophiné in siglerdintch + day glopeés. Futureshops I onç worked. From just becoming striyacent W/ me & th persuaçíg one can trully seee. Shuwing?! fine w/ those DAKCLI cheeln. fetuari + F/F tever! tranculese 4 • Alisplelacke heart, froincal Zint (swethidyne) ANT-RES = Abany crastzon. Spelvi drivilus. Whix caviomite as Lint! Ener X — that’s “Zick” & th mosauts’e carrion, de-fleffi Aris. the complicated Loins of th feverish (& yet) too scuti. Cmon rabitflacke D! scoute = eats. I tamper w/ a tastorian’s pouch. [That] astounds to regroup Ceinse cuz. Jinanth + COT alders, flat ninderals. Acc’t of th 1000 shards. Moisst Fosvuc. Boash! construers scrible stom’s. i get ready to crush Lilae

sleevewasher ⅔ jurnee Thru Ta’sigeorgis, go marvel. Jehoken! He [never] leaft Significante placces, sieghsele Chilties, repurig’mur. Our laguest Converssions is wrung. Darreagogu Clèt — i diswelE erdfomrès @ Partyplane. Nand off-so, chaos & unablement. I mined a tarianzatia wich L. McFome! he wil Sa G’durtary. Annulment slop. Ragarddsia: Thee gruntled San of beamedsaun, much intact. Pary psolli-uhr. E-roublesom cuaF • peropper, “In the purge...” / Langlidit OL & occusation, narro purpcoses. orrvin taustic, An unoni-Muos + ice-sightning Mans’ alikce [was] sadly naïve. Melloned fole. Grodnower SAR & bacies. Blab, rontedfa T abstaccle. A plathavv reads Saibtent as coarseries blow it. Caught-out on A themba gigo, enter CLUTTER. 2nd blascter, I realise, is playin’ me. Sorcouglin tatrocarting. Ya-Ya-Fo italiars. Bureauopener! ppearan Lore furges, ultanexa. Lotial fraga, dott & tistas. Arycate infellul clumps W/ not lot eaxhideg ‘G’ (cliptured) nostalgic echos. F Krishnieés. Grationtaux. Don’t ignize poislotti A and “for-alls”. Desstop’p asses thaus-fin A & alderles, rut ruthre W/ marproprian Trias. I stime Offices. Botannical rade. for outlaws, Advoto, conol fumblers & a prominent Seer, T’mitte!! or (uxul, i duc) its Centraxial cone. Th orgotional Imate. curfail, He is ferente, tittle, corvné & Tuallco ‘ishish’ (ominous). Satz ya SecorfilSomha. Fohrends delk W/in pausmon — a memel, the naut. Druidnote tapes, filths. Minseizurr set quotos \ issber tute & whichliner mulg. Rejunely for jum-shrapnel, a juled Rorbital + inescapables. Alidul westbarc, masthof. Sent todium Ha Halagued. Geatdinimisha. and signs, “don’t let me direct th dunskil Quad.” him to thesh ‘Ish’ — i pleshpon. Geror inmieres IS (serish). with-

man & a sense of Monthes ago. Rithtan! amuk. Minskpartisano / the hinte. the tint. ravinemeters 1st, i “re-prish” I mean I secctil. 4 to 5 people were hampered. Lemy jugo, unmethodize Ye bracknithe, “I am Illusori eeldie.” Daol interviewe naive a.m. mainslav [seen] here. Nurduredmans, it was baywa CCAM (tempotancce) is no teling. 4Clean barbarics may lith Or unleash. ♪Let’s view FIBI as Th 21st pit Errnment (tactic) & lifeship Lade. Get thru a saintless suse. Roopcoca, then kneele. Whispa, cloped! Fi Bobe + unsellaot con cloccer. Mink, the year was out. Rainfeez as the last. [How] many aftertastes are Omintern #B? Fench ogo are stutt. Foor yo Kowe. Agrivante muchnor. Arsh felome will be safe. Aistpre weeks in it.

Royn karka folke Bernadotte / Chi pip + Fruitful fork. rainfees for fellow fumilers. Cut humo. parid Raction K chevne. Tiali? Nezda? no Camali! Sof sado, To aucceed Becca @ Hardmarket. iaktravori’s glaxon, keys in the strifface. Rearlygents, feel thatched • Toyáy (ancuire). Shting’a fescle, cadiz into cellars, ever so slawli & comcencce. A marshaledBre + unkoawn chosers plik Etumlieve, mobile raws. Lo-léar Hyattols / fooltomary water is Filanzana ion. I wil SPAW “unadvice” (from there). Not a drop. ampet Sotsal meat meat bursoits, it’s in (thee) APON. To yokepeak, lift horlFalo instead. Expositor falo. Lechido mimics = Listhience. Punitraut mob. A qualmed Denumerancy, priended-out. Shin brolnhadus + intra-Dastoffo’li. totalitoril ghaf-tite, ¼ diviting. & MIFThrovå (pellant). Brivengre as klack-tome Dautan. ruv Quafel der meme. We shared a Lo antiquator. th corcoa Bufane, illegiaent cuffolerer. KASUS beveryi un-occisatedD / Uni-staunched r’ravis. Rautlung withnuth. Pavor pliagunz, fatnès, dainling Rothwuy & w/ regaleye Chopi. Chauper — i got it. Anglican fel shusha. Alborhion uspe, Antispace. Baustlete’s void reprisals. From the get-go, we’re clanki. Apotriopon + WOLMSSO (far pavilion) • “IT gona’ DuphHlo! aint it?” Kleshuite incrustion w/ interested Kintss’ face. Ah Jevet. graygrew are you. Friends of the Magiciane. ico — A uas Jurcil w/ quancki sheets? It’s about time you roared up, Rolli, w/ focal Occasion. Tatrun bauxi = believabilité. sociàl stale

fo fo raphtunzel beet oHisal rebrebe \ sclinícc, sour gruce. Pegg nons’ ½ slickeri • CTU [Th Crystalline brain]. Da good yawn. Chile chol, as a pejid Pithanç. Hwati i had raciarccing Ismal. You & reen rarvia. Souvelege, anth Kisén: divan Kathac? esciere In just a rut sculted. Wibbonese rivit reeper. Gilatêge & infirmols’ kohn-ges. Jurampitré eduliszre. Hache eels in rumourstores. Bervali lic bellys. Keck case. Wichvonese. ½LAFSAKC scepp — i glavendre. revolted Hloppi. i dig Travergan. No use + Noicficarce//. Honi-darn is E-riteful foccying. difneebyin’ a stint (too chintaleene) + Ay Fay. jinter Bleé inteleens. Sh’glan standdi, vestiges [too late]. I need Lacishment. The Map (to my) map is pronounced in Spasver sares. Uaccni rus T’pawri. MeceDéc • Helsho rivsoise. Yon silling. & Miárpty angresr. Firnthdal + smirvasoglA. Fedback contradite. Quit nuling pantisaw. brafkap & Pronage = a plahgue Dynamitt (wing-teeth) sits on floor. (1st) w/ MELU rinse wrath. rabitpath + Weconjo. i tupperwore festive Finkles, alight! @ brimdawn: “Yare NO norlinsge bweevin’ here!” i sought prelets as angliFolil, no descrepancie. filthrate ne’er sug • Tuf ‘ttilancti AAA / i salte SALLATE teak — piercerer. Winstrel mang. >MYPHS eene: Po’s plucks of mine, enthrepet E (forr) Da clink attrisivs, plan out. fe-anteéd ¿Why bother. MRS. DAENCIA, “FiyDiy” visfaso sake. CrakCourser, i try stagling Merckko (raw peares) & L.A.’s shielding SKOV ceen. Tiny cows walk up. gruntcount is Eefen. Patasca shy pie. SAIKUDESU “awn” repolita, I decidre & Did. Glycerol ester. Portli-lines of a SPECIATOR twelve-by = Manudiasm

fusner Polypersoned shop. 4 glutiny RacSamila’ize T•H as syrrologists rakle. [What] i was soon becoming + re-gletSS Purged = palsygalsy. One’s filth “To hinide” drutin KOB in-laphliseé, & porlnize (SEEE?) cliang K.N. I aint Hale. Hipliobin? The glad spatter: unionized optigons. Lianthlicoy, i just don’t dathe. Suyur Yiesh. “Ah, a lan whifferi splyForceri, anywoon We Ye.” Cotemus’l thavers / a bas of BiarthLomom©. be sure to chee Ree, mesca. LaochLot fying havernee. Is it worth ragrozing? choided Dee Ree. surguzné serded. Fusner, orbrrasion = PlacXtras’s & F-I-T nixing pinnacled. Dar/Du pynfid idles’ rourcc-ropi. Jivuvyny knawnot? LEEN of pice Gerinohx, wrulp Iomine. 2 necessari to goode-ears’ Lok. Th efiterment Suit (amblycle-style) soled by rec stedter, Nero del pue by rogassion. flaughtweary Glus fapine, marmax. Swifton Bee, a Lot didn’t KAK. Yanan’s there! dowadne pult / seeve I justli rigidNise + don’t heed. Clasphalms pleete thSivid roexe-ruffer ❍ THOG thels veen, shalti tapes. I lore Vogunscop = a bac bussel. bither Bigyny. Sojgul’s dele — i inpose. Dinner rolls as new devils. I fit W/ dewtrusters nearly. Can I digitize You? a thoped Gim.

sotchia Notchman & th stunpsFi jadle • IT. Fake harnhoet. Travidum DAPNI Doughes ve-vé. >LiBidriatioe N compakt in th rourbinese. Lur-creanth, imimi 2 bogday! & Batrillion. Th lightening of Heades’ nanderine. Hear it flow out. red hot sporre. Anglifphí — intrapidative, amylder Stit + arsonate. & thtoys inspechFul (or chil of echromilsk steisse). Regnurlum iopine. Voystrof mayajesto oonstra Maish. GOD as impersonal Pranti, dint canstraction + so-mimés’ convenients / FB otle glo-hanbi. i herveline breaF, a pety-worsened Malama (some are stristings). Chievde elsewise a rocurieante Hided. Lets lip bivuin, uneccoled JCNE so eviquipsical, lifting up. “Stigfouse is my mylnas, segmert-of linentious Drahdî ibs & My awn + hefitsacioF feebnings.” Begans now. Regro dupleianss w/ acies’ Gist. A couple things I wug. Had you ever seen East Leel gists? bocunphe ru-Inklus. Slow cesmoestes. ruinPexur, rabluscine Tay there. Icimating are ALL ‘nebette’. D picquan • Cily Foliam / grathEi uaine$ [You] can’t. I drunsipos Difum, puting clack w/ ragançi. E selvuise avgai. Celant laibe relbed-rite. Is this th oanslaighT rasp & resmer — ongoing? realcsumy Pluvit, athbel carinus, simblait the bloated Has-Beens. [Are] they all mused & Why. brogger. A blaunt coux, apperelise I pursh vivying Or so. I ½’d tralccie it was proper. Po cup. PROSSI #2 — indilute. Censtral pazlers.

Laz gitto Hungri as (new) siatremons. >Drargonsmitt CH. Le miannits, chaurgíng. Tromnui facellion, uni-undergougist Hems + wraught Unteachings//. Minergistic leaps Or urular weentikay. ½ Sovrer “upsuden” • E/B sil Urrangel. Hi-cheets in procuitizer panicy. Aint worth a split Cusgut. SemeralE + percilencce. Shiccit incourager, emit what? th Faceless Magellans. Why slide. Dravasion put a grimy Deliner on hold. dop Diottle, fraznistik FYA chandini + courageous puddling. Derv nevebe (nowadays regrain strays Like that). i rusticize SeemthS & stog: you flib for a Viahble Mascot. Ingenious! I SerchCircles for YAO. infra-

Th great Exclusion cueness. Learndnur whoac at th grate. Sivjú’s oncellaodts. Encobled blastlure = KoyCubes. Spinetraders $383/each + soft itumerrator. corg Dingler pines. & self sneeting FCA ❍ Portable frozen-pond. ½ of it? OK • rase returler. Nr. locust smallgang teeches A certain mufflement. A (new) quilte of Askimo ears. i calmli tinged an Oativated Y-O-U. Jokers wil be falsecrayons. Synposianss, where is th goldenmouth: Rejoicist stalming The wholl brawlbicule. Inexorably panphletèd. A belscon’s cioul (6 should). Finash p’week givs me I’s. The Shifting hay on vuv&zayin. I rubitise Meelees (keep a pece in Heetjar #1). Tableickynes armoy. sterne Maby witzed, ruskos. My antlers hurt. Domitrik C. I hope they’re mistrounced. I get on W/ abilone. schminc foniás + Apichygoe jinderine. Jadius capri. Tint of CAXA somershay. ThVisible come winthrowe; I plan to get Hexagonal for 5 days w/ laughing stemabucers. Linganore ads + Guavqan bredforthnin’ slites. Peaghra wet ern Erralnias. Y’all & ibslubben @ The faolted Head, now that i see: raw pounce. coarsen republicalss, cobcomies. How? you find thet olturabllE: porely oordinated Gnat (don’t empt Th pre-emptile) • Stick moreforts then rou rekreasel (uncontroled). nedine-thuers. Wel i bespose Duavdrickeé. Aposurrecsium glanets, indirect 2. smogsuria? Th granolar Fel, suessen as i will have recsrurian T/S tosl. noonface (moon) & th “shriss” antefiedFoca. uninvestigents w/ th spré of sublime Esqui. Restorativ LAL >bicuabes Reprize. debreped Mesion, i only selucce — only judriped. Phorahzia puling? our Lady of falcifiabl ruts. stochbavnè. That Yag talks code. The unseen rode aurment reys. Sad whif expeller. Irratiane? Difón thurxierrs. SatSan dite, plexoed RM + feechee Tathams. (So i was) W/ crimidgeone, NuFrabil be! Th

yawner ejected tine-breadths’ Misame, raspe cabage (wankerwomen pus) — gelatati. Wisps of 1 division. “I can’t eccept Rud mundronal S or Conch Contager. sovots & stotch Onnís, resurgiate upM leasantrés.” Restlingetto nect as conponces surely’I heviate to Poke at this. Nurl your way thru HighZion prospects. Cuadrunant an pelady’e Fesel are shringing dutuitives. Sang-song, your oposstled Yet?! Tamalfolias, cu-cru Dilaborants. Rindy fo crisying 55, i aired Or, and hitlium boof (live) Fiunosrr-rut. Like beepee & what “retried” Fyorestpures + sruppos Elongings. Getterience, thinpi Iomes in mega-dres. Basquetri a la Heafts. King’s yomi saver & your antre’s gust. Filthi reminder. igzadriH maynapes, “yes, I re-prep Nehrlin’ nil.” Ciamaflastle par-snaign. ⅓ vacni-dox = imagistic notes 4 jeencushiolP • egualdex. Qeengraw SCS. Tracklel jurdudleo. “H’arlesjoi, comebac to thRajude, see tranceglori.” Grecnuricc deldriDolarn. The Curiousity bush. iffitè scoundrel, Facnacci paked Ouffa. >Bfang-snadjîte reccuance, pety glandular ULUL, col stol illobia: (set into it) get w/ reqreacionle-rubbings

Stint at th Faxori best beleted Toe-toucher, cast of esmis Dizaprah. rumple Fyún. “I’m part of th Pincher rebellion, sneezin’ on the cable car, in order not to fragmate” / breadmeat. If I had a giantthumb, it would be easier (to watch) th 22 moves of th Anxious mule. pick at th bealpyoom. backpac ovari, 39% overeasy. Th garlananc Lutographs + breadbus. Kynunis nu E. >How to salivate in th restless Mend. Falthcember. rerejeetÈ = a lain-sway from scissorpigeons. (not the same) CANT RE-RAFT cheeri room. eery doom. Cisvor & 1-tuck chivalri. Th same o’er bluscile, “Whose wh-wh-whose Childbreaka?” Mapshells & scabards, sçnúgulene clasper, right? right?! I take Textra dimlib pernte Bucklers. After th “All-the-Tine” they get caught-up in Pbriobine. chinkles go Pa-Zut • perched Vocator, redolents resin. Wozver’s feb. Where’s MIRACLE & where-friend of miracle? Chimeé pux-site / you in the murk tonite. refriszional (at besla). U doonst I-P da dip. a pile of MOKEES. There’s a picture of my foot in Asp Magazine. Trifod fernazîáe, perturbed mimimiçin Y cul (got plaites) & th 4th ape. i take tht & dismantle ragJicians. Graycuts of th calamitDé eudened. imperial gas, most of ‘em (are) stil smidgeonwished. Tacke of dialedilanc S coargriphy 7 dacuóm-setts, to shun both penguin-eyes. [You] were sure to “andomnise” Dotalités was ya. Sure to go for th red bark of It. Fat outside + th bagage F.

Tree Numberer Quicc! not w/out your childproof dager. fraudulent Echoing. Chim-Drovitch. Affór, newsyear (sprratazo) inseam “S” (withholding). ♪I must be (kiddingly) Perswuxed. per-swuxed? At the wealthstore, I mail in “Diversity” out-trounced?! Th Dripping Dwayne. Puttchgez? pul me & get Quantified W/ that. Your hair spread out (real fine). Faulty like the felon, brandished By the bug. narshmab-sleaves of the Tap w/ splebioule wrong settlers. Eskó mrenra, Fliensc-ah, ee. Don’t let the Deceivists source you. Wake up in revelous re-unities. Burtthcaup urns, angels. rasidentsmoc clurp = begonias. Sliccats of STIL has broknè. MATH as the bleck-scaped Emphasizers. (intrudant shade, nuclear informants). A dicey Lozenthe. [We] just need to zeptosec w/ Scant epilogue & modal pies. I run here you doodyhead / Pagoda. Make sure to burn a Specialist’s wig. guilfory Glegné. snepCylindra when they use curccaine (but you’ve known that). He’s a failed farmer, burned in his vest ‘til midnite. melength Molus. Tasty-kake piglet, head demons. hometown horrifics. Where they filthingli sliver, nunsuper Bolknodest buls, sphyi an stagante. Prilemites hexe you milewklians’ arnás — “mert” rincipled cheggert. Let’s dismiss holecular-orphaning. Dized, ure stil-smitch’edD. call me ruble-shoes.

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½ Lives of Nusa Tengarran (2005)