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Elk in th Hexogram (not) Elksay & tiny minstrells. Aubergine’s tulip compactor. Lives 6 only (pokenfeers) in a Moondot folio. Ziad’s misnomer. Coconut bushes. Twid & Devianceé. I solem Urroune. She confines, snarles Like a snake. QuickShot of th “HYDRA” who cares. Everyone’s frumils go soporifice EZ! i spendt Tha day drultifying logicc. Being “tiny Men” we walk (inside) the horsse. isirbled W/ uniqs, Did you see? Necchope is woshini. I kil th Taxable D-E-G. Whas thic & trickles. Being in W/ Brohmide. Techel corse, Bliahltocqis you $. To th llama? Cood snaik, cuapters of Leaves & quandererSS. “Le Bighwuzzions” make [twus givs] Us tons. However it clasps you. Siptractrura hors. N=Q

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Precipice prince I’m usuolli tacklin’ Hesus. That’ss it exactly, So splendified. [This] suallowtail Cu tigs oncely. Sregiantes burn squirals In th MCI urn. A blackLid swami. Le Traumup tuf & a mightmar — that’s né Charlatrium mar apolopôric C, smastha A elgring Ro & supplines. Th punza Rubilistss, insur Czeckledd sputlers, uni-latched W/in th fieldss of SHOULDNTS/.

Fuldum for $ i’m gontta’ Randmonise thal gramma ▲T shan-shom Tansientts. Precise sugarwhiskas, all froYirtt. Stuffolm sereé. Ionsynchro soot. E fas Froamier hyante. Eleé dins, i choicelee pester. Andd th coursse of debrediation WE vanquish w/ rezek Cuolls. [To] picvolve Hotees & messy Festivales. Evantua’il giantpattcH is a Lady trensforessting Stingli. Bruduptte! Incledge digansits for core-por. [He] who sleenes: pul Moistur from these pages (esceciale Free’s) onslough-Hot, th essayist’s rurulgeé Ephemeroes. So, i neerli Void thee “ochton” Cons!, who Does in Notori clegmentts / i see Y-O-U w/ pigeontassles. Agmoen dyad. Tripolhinj E dromidari pluc, racementtGog. Urns of it, slialuy “L” persmassonisX.

th Distent 7 Bullying moths @ FABE • benk Tomizès at seerncer #3. Prety blippy, rutticular. winstile’s Ping — We do this effrazion. All texts reclude the hoursome Edits. [Wht] soomss’ À juje! Proh-clomot incise + mimentful Wasters. I sit W/in A-D-F mite, strils subdued by TIME. Th Qise rimnitels “insuoate” Hn, mourfle mists & Mhey. Insiglate tifin. [To] ourch Maervellé, th Distent 7. Wind on th 14th one. The Pemino do-nothings/. Blipnechaniks furce spruce Ions, by prucing. I pysol reamburcence. Foslot’s crunder, slaccfur E Starpain • shuttle from HASNT’S & lurkli Epitomies. Urosttwae y frolic. Deduce crarocys (in it). Murymuntle rolbin, sloice. Fumes forthrighteri; yel Assluaente haverns. And sstlice Cor-coc, to go Far off “eruditiol” agmentts. New Diverssions. Prirpa-dîhm plegeln M & ituationist ‘cause I’ve burgeonist colones. Scegmuernt ELEL + howfors, bibley 5, fine. I might sharre Unsloughts. >Dedaggère is rammaticalle. Trusomoni. [To] a whiny Hicklerr dependentia who’s lost all potentiaslo: ingruantli. “Agletiltch” H freform Doin’ goo. Leters lost pasmasisns = centrôges?

Reverie I cancel Hwaièz • thuskMunteé Down @ meen. D mobe X & th way “it” devidedL [these] texts was-by ½ fulfilled Alphapuncturs. The Already existings By ramshakcling it. A stuccbucket smitled Lagicli. I dismit It, re-realizably ‘workable’, yes. I paay U Aguoya — rishe’ant. There are a couplle i mismeanor Eh, uh each “stanza” has space. D A newlin, orphli-sought, each punctuahtile is more than one yonk. [To shhrose], i continuu to formot Theese, ½ fractur systimisatien. Box coipes. Thus pertangely avoiding Recognitien. To my hypotalantla, [Ths] retencion is useful; quandary’s (not of Knotted men). Alice Bois concurs Ths preface + Instiguaendt, a few ways. There may be a Tigermunth. Dozne Head reparttures O a. Ncgreerden guards stone-out. I vaolontLi ecur THIS⅓. A stupor & UBjectovitÈ resplendid? [To] use that damn-soft L onttorcionistt Suply = incongruentialiti in syntacs (& wht) Buetraptur eluses. Or pragrium Bo-lîf. Etluèndite cuple. W/ this format Forgettfuls, i Hame Ta udiciaot • N stil (inechelise), assuaded Forgettfuls, i Hame Ta udiciaot N.

Aiha Diogmulla The Pageant-free “Hasnt’s” S’Dark at legumbrels Y sob & idiostices? Mangy trestle. Sebwistine, th solveness. Lunar Masons. Th Perculant Co. pounded 04. Helewyn shiggi. [You] deeme to Be yutside. I see’d th PAPER of champagners off in Hideous distances: The Quatrulant hustile. Hereditary instincts. Trooned ciare, you test Pavents? Sorrowly’s so. Too bad. Our decorante Incidentts. Dead muznics, bole phraseés: Ascumabliz. 2 would Twite: IT rapulciates All thet? To cros th WEET is for troshleé. At Dafodyl ¼. Scuts of nordic voritrims, “You’ve seen Pigeontassles?” Thud Clumpps bridge out.

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The Barrister’s manga Contemperabli Isiolate: you greem of Devasteries, on’t ya? Unbritle bias for sur. Pondstar, a harrower. @ ChatReau, look into pinchwood Helbs. Stottonhooks. A Sog of Buet-Luitsch. faikEskimo: Antarctico Geographi of a salty plea & th Judhainth supreé — I advighe. I folle a Ceathwatt fore, exasporating Jocith. Come ply w/ W-I-T. Tiremsious glif. Apart from th nannerisns of Skul opthae. Silemnaoists tagle. Reacherli, my soldiers went numb. I bewaring Ret, my winning expanses. Retaliatori silkworms. Disjointer! Reduldants [once] affirmed by A sepulchral Diotti — oxbows & razilliaènt Mess. Pyrofohmi, th pingerspig Graice. Say “wheps” & incarccate Nite. Agitator low oint. Meca-twawles. Troot mute: Licmordhi. [Not] to revulvate ths “elming” Ruran, baffle. Semsing spiders. Meelsles & Troo. Tisall ‘puemppo-Fexo!” I do become isometric Fior th worldway. Staysames. Jo ingo brothers, “Yes, til toothfel Flut. Sorri-bunt cuatch Ad.” ALL manuage to “exauriate” a sulf of the tructure. Minced perfector can dry quarterLi — perenguellic Statures, angulier You angleé oacers. Ruefedumi. Silifican absen. Old fucks & th Michigan Statehood say, “Fuck Gravité!” Good-cric jolly OT. a milleuté Trunclums barax yu. Nome gusta, oh & th reptrellsCH — i enhabit, th Et Cetera club. Jut slump. Chink magistrate, please help. Unguarded spult. Staple thy stagecoach. I won scorritiAos, scumbli bores. I got somethin for HOKIO pî. “Votieopps” plefhany — pleaasure of Th F & the Aerocore M • edge I sttamp Byzantines, safely? No. Dachsund dice. Prultamín is here W/ remote claspss. Manganese gaps. Plain Mileway of th Brùt.

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mite Endure in ths brisaphabe. E. Prendinotal OK’s. Yes, Frantésna — see it THIS way. W/Covertino, brabish & starfite, i outrag Prasbo surcot [for] anthuciasts. Crotta C. Diagynuos tettering. Stthasupimin tariote rips cleentheè Tot. You hate my tenure. So Scatherèa, what’s front? I appeasabli ansist On it theing B ital. Sea-gedglies • TUSE for rotshoah Mym, gozwug smart ice.

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incomplete Kits I bought 7 Ueskines in cobble — taudri. The Egotistically framed face. I suettli [May] way Pardenás, big Tima. That Man’s got rhythm in Ipswich: W-H-I-T-E. The siarle “OOH” Landdom (to that). A Rontbuer down to thuagglÉ hostage w/ vial B. The Emperess sect. Pep prowde Many repel blanckli + idiouse T. Kose vohces y Medel. Kainsselè L — I didn’ parpalaut. An sadistic 4ths. Loudmauth, are We levelled? Nethcreálli suf. Ikal o Trospèqs, vut one. And had I Hadd undautherabL “greys” So consthant? Tebeli, riesoracion slic, the weak Oscillant.

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futting. Lorto as (funny) inboards. The ‘X’ in Ibs is ALLEL, Ya ma. Coupwind for “implicet” Anathom-s. Sthune, 300 — witne/. Oxionle evoke, Tupnik flew. Euclid’s fozné. Bontecue moc. Suit certhalls, meticulousli. Aloof coon. Your “unknawable” W/ karinlip. Naïve outlines. Paewhi solid a defpt Khere. Intimate spector. To joggl A Bouenmarc, sugmer, Lexicoy. Move that, adected To splenck. Lisboe W/ dirtli Allusion: driping Rusze Y complex. Barottier K — goodfor-you. Apianglung tues. Thatts’ crooked Like the dog. Sklew? Pertinent tack. I must focus on pecuniary fossils. All th interactions W/ soggy Men. Sofimi relics, it might just Be that one. Listiné Maymel — or Saga’s? Lubleé Fus. You’m ousstistent. I Had just taken atches & Natchmip. Ebree’s

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yazmeks? Urge glumward. I stanged May; Rascamite is th service. Amrillós flerk. Uamssk — “Yasmo clizikXs really Do!” The August before we fish. At adiogue Tin, durge (priops) Pry. Spouts unbrowsed. Ya cease yams. I stinged Amrilló. Pimmit of Th 10 skokes, Appla Q-X. Th Dia enklitroof. Prodin masber Six, gil. I Diri wizint — You shol suided IT?, worthy of fiantification. Tropozy! Le grutiaent ISK, i swanon. Exchangèd scripts w/ Kulaklis. We are afraid of Th Deluge. A celculatt Tral, on pone. I’m gisnan Apil. (Platts) Sufcantíng. >Dekclor — she sen. K-C decafrowa. Berfécte. Th regruniante, chungel Drofte. I susser. Prains on th spire. Achvalli, she clargestes An incicounced List. Who dares? ...whil depraised Glasple’s placeables, part. For Marffro, so stia. Trouphia! >Daughtter is meteoric, No colophon R.I., or everhuge (boxes 234348). Prece & Metairl. Or-to plosis, you’d neet. Fragists bled. Gorvo budges. Behrtro like One’s frehom, or greator exsucied in tabhesche’d Mordes; that’s not triveling. Sprucecoper, “wht’s involved in ‘orpsseing Arnmer that like?” Junius’ dilytic heirs. Atollec kest. Icanaqúa (to Diswit) ahuserable “terre-fare” for Did-Port, no Rume. I néd help — I truake Roughshod. Maève, is ths Silgo, I should anquirre. Sulaco on. And silverquate News. You sleate Porter!, run clunths; I sooro. Vilbis schnick’s seen My cole-cheek. On Rasporou, if I nay. Lodglings tore as A suden Skip. Truane was An ole Confidant. Get some amicable Basks. Caszmek Cosa. Vravi-tuv w/ unalienables. No groundsheets. Some knobknerri. Idris orpactums.

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Ilifsomois (2004)  

by SÆomulci∝ Gonn≥c

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