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Duni gronger About as dumb & nearly THAT deterred. No. Pliyerr of devious stunts. Do succum — game of Bringo. Kurpasa Brombo. (Harled)-cor / Tricatur + littledownes. Twilite’s contentione. The Old Faclún. NURS = left memories. I may Tailar my victim’s De-ceet. Maerskul: we tally you! Sturgeon Ft. AssumulatoR. Emaciatur Skin-Skan / saviours of Cevilliance. Neekschaffirs, it’s a rigorous shame.

Great Procrastination Skills Mortened by Lorsttin & twice as fuzzi. Andoak (it). Armapola is helpful. BrightPlume for Dr. Porridge-Eyes, my-my. ♪Ladybugs’ N bees (wil sting yu). Margin Monosaurs, relent To Fryarwood. The Power of what meant measles. “Great-Grand” imelled push, Loobli’s ear is just samed. Yo shrew, kep Aip, plan it! (Find the Fondlers, tell ‘em they GOTSTA’ come-back). Dang Sang, until we feel... mobile? Let’s leer (THISWAY). OK. Don’t give me THAT @ M-A-W-N + Our 2ND sorority Fix’t. Beeist of flying Ru-Riciod / Lorinomics?, can we make a broom.

The Lower Pindell The Sandal slays: I would nervousli take th whole Shamu. The metalic Neophyte: a quimsical Dres, yes! Slats Trenka + uniIglypF. Glid help OUR Smauguép. Tote Tolotcha’ / Th crimped Shoe. The lured Lord Lion: (lurid) blainsweeps! The pinchworm Determiner: a ceptorless sno-cone, porchin’ out on th Flail @ Fogbarrier. Choc. iodine-spies. Bown-schlînes + Lepratus 5. Little-Man Propane: (DON’T) be mappedout AccordingLi. The winged bats of Yore. Set th snails in motion (Oh boy, you bet!) The stholen Peepes of Distillacion. Caton faithhound + a Dystex. Mary von Kotzkale: The Best of Triangular fucking. Flinkus Lindec = spirangulaire #2. I do sanction spies sometime. Over Sardinia? Flimsi wrench + Fur / black so-&-so. Kinda like dusk (Insulator). Zu Zu’s tint (up-close). The cunts in Scanlon’s safe. Glank DeDeeder + a Deactivator’s weaping. Sinaria: decomposed phonies? Wheels of viewed Fornographerss (admit) she’s nifted w/ wratchhooks as best (bessed). Hey, how’s Parchisi Antics? Th plete of Regionality//. Darpanga’s rouT. How long it takes to deviate from Dumb Possibilities? (for Crazywolve + Deee Deee) ...not very niftily produced. 3 keys to th wandering mink. Writhe-around with the China Dove. Dirn Dee sneets to “CSG” — my RRancylvanien files ‘N flies. Bambles’ Bim = crazy-ass Maps. [He] gave me ths Creeftware. “Did I leave somethin’ in Tehran?” Christo Contario: The current stampede is through. Jezabel’s jersey. 22 Transportation Hutt / that morning, leglings + MILKS on CHABLIS?!, painful is th King’s clover. A split-scene Docadhelion. Franklin’s plankton-Prank. ♪That’s Deee Deee, Dr., 3-E’s each! Sleete’s dialect is new. The spynes of Su-Ellen. Fibre-coton koala noose. Sable-Cinch of the Divorceé.

U-Wa Zulli / blank belly of Buhstrahlia (let it leek). The daindled Debt! Tiny chameleons on the cork. # Ni Unbestiables + superior DUDS @ BlandeLand. “Were we born in the maze?” Is the wrong sel $. Winske? OK, all you invertebrae, let’s: TURN ON!!, undeservedly so. Goofbal Shreena + stucco. Let us vacuum your kielbasa (at once). Toniphfa’s waddling problem. A ginger-gulD respice. 60% of th sticker is rabbited. If it was, I wouldn’t do it. (Revolting? Nah!) Syndie: The Paper. Huge! Audiomentionerss & th private nodes. I do run into familiar farmers while in Albuquerque. The Summer of Displeasing. Sh’deetz, Sh’deetz... leave my hippo outof-it. A cracka’s solid-shrese / where’s our eyeballs at? (Where’s our husbands’ eyeballs at?) The Piartnerscip | I’ve come all this way to dicinvite Ya’. Yo Beadleé Syms. Juliorr of Balang (cresp)

Spines of the Foliage, Pt. 2 Blurf yembels, Folesnice. Glossy child of Thurmographss. Just simpl planktontones, really. Don’t say. Th ‘AS’ of Suregialists / A Qualificatur’s deendle. Th spleens of Central Living. Sharpen your breathtemples. Serpiscopes: all on it, paterned Happi. Our 2-year anniversary of Nothingness. Sabrinda sold some. May i take a sandfulH’ • wrap her hampi in a Handlow.

Alsacian hijinx Whadya think about questionable eyesockets? You’re close friend[s] with LOGIC — I’m not. Hazen’s programmable-bust. Customary cuap. “You ever shroom w/ the Statistician?” A genitalgrievance: The Swiss people reel it in. Did you figure out the shrowd yet? My God, Apottomos, where’s it been? The Mega-Nine droolers + Saratoga rockfish. Sult & Sturtanyo. I snailwishe in a shreded shirte. Maspan Bleecha’, strupped inta th sabbatical, a throwback to th sugar-chart. Spackled magicallé = I see you’re interested in poisondarts. The Blasil Penjahs are part of their “own” mouvement. Itt begins w/ the Embezzlah’ — jawgot Th Fusle? Lanyard land-aiP, where you been at? Labradorvixenns + mixma’ of Ascedtalines. You sort-out yr box of fake-lips. Sartt & Smoopésha. I knit slips for snails. I sloughtered sneazzings @ Th Quatered-Snake: knif && snif-snif... The slot Dyrmogrifica! How-Else. Juiccditany — yuls’t SPERCLOXIA (at first)’T + Volspehé. Wash St. Survey, cue it. NO, CUE IT!

Staccato-Surapé Yane & th suspicious vixons. Troche, narnalynx’s Yum scummy / shellarpes & th “Fopey”. Avery ambler bush. Gimme th tungsten-cables, th Red herons. Outfits of the morning dove. Unmanned smudgiée (at leastt). Stocky’a Stanton + sour hourglas. Idio Vivasions. Bletchur-thax?, meet me & AlbobrochT @ The Ironé. Sponnet + re-regeny. FussBukét & FFriends: A Sinclair situation (remember). I pour rialtorice on sneaky fish. For-Fot doughlin? Saumskiy: a boisterous boy-snipper, so polka-dotted. De-rembrandtled with an icepike — go Iffmé! That Chinaland goofiness. Adjunct rain! Adjunct rain! Saurcieés may be flat. He snuck a sad snapper in his PackBack. The 1-haired mangled Man. I sniF th pheasant who shows her shoulder.

The Quear 8 Jumpp off, Quaviso — you got spiders down your shirt, and it’s raining//. How’d it happen? Well, let’s see... watchboards for restless wizards (homeless). Oh, he’s got his fake-eyes in. Yes, I see that. Future Gleamer. We been synchronizin’ the world of Systemics since Day One, unusual. (Later-on) why cooperate?, botched Biologics. Bi-splume momencie: Odylessians / we go see Th Thays. That’s thriced! Aunteregeni @ a slix Cecentre = locks for FLICKLESS phonies.

Austrelle Waze Z Vapourswipe + Snakewell Aurelio We are devoubt in this Crimewave. (We’re) going to see Elk — wanna come? A tough retreat into Mohicanism, spiced out on Specina. Slaming troute on the edifice. CLUNKERS: Live! @ Th Silkworm: The Genius Deflections. Poorshorties. Rámpidities + 1-eye’d lies, a visine scene. Double-green buble-lips. Scawn’s furn & freedom’s overbite / ♫ whatcha gonna do about The Seagul Saintz? (Rynchol). The Mexican Flasher (L) obscured by profeccionle sciences: Loveberries? I ran with THROOPIES & them. Countrymouth, a slite barricade of Indecision (more than slight). Monrovian maulstiks. Hold-off Delfo-Jexi! Exploding Yalmsus awaits my arrivol. Let me say so. Abatzi & th charityfixerss. Moonbath + Th Forager / New Neptitudes?, colosally. Let’s be strangled: pre-Sepia. Today be about the task of Askless Quantifying. Mr. High-Tech slits necks. Unobtrusively. Swetchan (fruitfly Condo’s) + token Q. The Chocolate stove? Yeah, it’s like Fusco Frudullo. Good gutters! I snip Pipey.

The 1000 Deeds of Skiampah Criticle spouts of Delusion: memoires of “S”. Fish for drizzling, pt. 4. Throw your DATA in a ditch — Ghaccia. I dilate like The Proud Runcdor. Narc-UF on a friv. Naneous 1 + N.V.P. plump dichotomies. Suraya, do y’all use small muspss, I say? You know that DVD of pinecones? Well, someone put it face down in the cider//. My tongue got caughtt in th maple-mops. Fimbral DAYDAY + Jimpchan pre-sprinklin’. A FanethusP. I’ve already got about 36 ideas tongs’ll Do-fine. Kanslier, I take a seat with the New Vista Plagiarists. So, let me enjoy the Dwindledness / useless habits. suspicious Icons. Sim Sambre, what’l it be? Englip terra-tuy @ Monkeyshed D. Smills of a vocativeness SMUTHS ya. O strampff! Toger-Try. Doldo splinx! Dilemnic literarium = Ecceret’s plainwakingss. Carolyn — caimsa! (that way of processing a dull eel is news to me). Your colorful inner-pocket floats above my head.

Mamoth Mirtinum Spectrale slips for seamstresses. Peach re-quench + Zefyrsquares. Pantmôme, this burn-out I’m deserved of, snobed-out on Mefrannica Elusions. I taught Hortense to sneeze & you taught her about the birds-&-the-bees. I know our wives Do. Young congressman likes ‘fresh pullovers for pussy’ + what’s everyone doin’ with the Deletors? I couldn’t say, really. Yeah, thin Somaustus! Roofue-goose / Donkeysounde. Let your later fish be lozenged! Your sister was road rage after-all. Gotcha Godimney. Schlasstiv, preserve your planckton. The high back tinsel flow! Extraordinary reasons for this deterrence: The Foreste remains (elves + Th Ministres). Are the Absolved that Ticklish? Splicishliso, like secret septors in the (trash). Oh, springroads. Until that demoniates what I been tellin’ ya. I’m chewin’ on a hardball mackerole, Mumi-pie... Monochrome madness + rolling pins = “Safety Wins!” Those in the buthroom are blined. A ful page of inaccuracies (MAY) suit you. Thus, we’ve gone exponential. Policio? in your shed, I found the lost volume of “Historic Hiding Places” where fiscal thespians (coagulate?) fell out.// I found Fu-Hics too. & no nurltiness. Leaders of th just waxed. Let’s help Lara with the lids; she’s got a rubbershovel. A gooey Frohman-rod. Oregano on the bug’s back disproves it. Llarmuth’s mumpy-back / I was a very complicated BUGG + regonifiece D. “I heard they taped biscuits to yer cape, catapulted you into the city, & you walked away without a scratch! (I say it’s a lie).”

Crimarcicals Ratshell’s QUOT: well, he was worn out. Misdiagnosed as a spindle, more-or-less. DDon’t slip on th chimneé, Alexier. In yr broke-down Batle-gown... shoes & shirts of Our Favourite Cohorts. (You know him?) Yil + th grey Graines of TiredTalk. They could’ve Cybresticallé seen it. Spyrattic niftunes. 5’uv crench ELL / alarmling Falsens? + It gets (PRETY) “somsombled & That-way//. carry my couch. Kooky fish splinted regianally. Sell me your splintas — I’ve never been a fan of Antoine’s embossing, have you? (Let’s be fans, but only today) — OK.

Chicago Motorboa Syndrome London Spittle League + Tap Guns. Lorfe nu-gotch = th dirty Vertical ISN’T//. a sweeling Meal-Reel. Sianger Artforms presents: Telapofian Creese. “I can hear them wrought!” (The same) draine of obscure Opposites. This is how we end up today. In the Myriad-Box, we go alone WITHOUT our specialty’s. ChipTricer: quit titsin’. Way faraway in spane ‘N Sprine (Buh Buh). Kindspleane? She’s a parsquel Priofine. Sflis peenerI / I objucte. Ol Hlay-Ay. Ocean of UUR Propulsieés. Nominalist TRUE-OUTS. Snowcone, snear @ A Wickerr-Basket. Yeah, get hrenched in th thub (yea man, get hrenched). We arr glacially yours in Midwest-Ponds. I got expanses: in-trusting (NOT “interesting”) + Sunshine Horse Dilemma. An epidemic (NOT pendulemic) sence of irony Unfeld.

The graine Sect Naspi + Flaspi (unocurrer). Apes agape & th chocolate hosieré. Prunonic polps / mayoop + Lé Gromsapes prolong Our return. Scidienes: foins, we’ll have THIS (neate). Aaciah, these are tatrem-sayuR beanes. “ glaringly glib in that cournere,” (D:G) • Kingevit: th’more, th’more. D. Glestlington come-back & P. 10 tan shins & vernaculum. I stand as a Dissolver. A Dindlescrim causes problems for Dr. Gauzehande. Puny oop & crong heade — Punff + shoulderfissh? Sunshine SEALIFT + spreadabilitÉ, dyscompeled (to smother) or slow wrap-up “Discommunication”. Pulsar face! (PHOTOFACE) + sombrerolips. Crystal-rabit poop in th trellice / littlegrey guitars: I’m so jealous.

Cuckswuète Yeah, when we extrudiate. Children, stop writing notes on the wall & show some interest in Witfumpf (honours) + You, Lucie! mutilate it: limit Lamage & th plowe. This business of Sykes, I yop it botherways. Parpash + deleteful Insincerities. Lyddeum? A Semmatch Givne. holy Rasch. Unflor jujing: lerne Th Mundalis. “Fake scientists,” says Erica, “are never corroded.” Eccertli, Hoskus-Yile: concen | troncen. Susuka — Foamhabitat: so tragic (spare us!) disembodie Tenpir. PrayonK leaves us alone, I think. Darknel Grison — sarchy + maldaynes. The 7 son-of-a-bitches. Pooch party frosted peppers. Crembled Lintinihzer: Man @ Latchós, two-tine Elk. Outfit a dairgair. Arm of our arrays (our fishheels) + YAY-YAY on the Çisona wal. stoit. uh T’Tuna, T’Tuna... (braizen?) = I work Snites Galoure (short breaths). The Ficklenaitss: the problem’s in your hand. There was an overnite appearance of “UnrealistiKs” • I cash exacte STACKSS (th same way you do). The whist of Wickles. The peacock’s nickels. Degenerist of scaffolde B + “split” seems (I would’ve...) @ Holbert’s Honeybees, Inc. I hear you bankroll bilateral birds. You wanna supply me W/ soot? Strong Arm Smumissha (recipe man). It’s a hefty-penny situation: I find small cartons of smal pox. Milke + pous Baumfrottis’ terred wings, I assume?

Perceptures a lot of “Wading” downtown. Slow triggur of th Unevolved? (UN-INVOLVED). One trick for insightful winners is: Greensheets. I am januari but not today. C of Tuscany coup. (Th same Resolves) / i braise bad etiquette. Eve’s been acounted For? Squirmfuls! Rapineze, trapineze. Tri-suidtor, uh. Tri-Sohma = a tubian Splinter. Universal perceptures & Ding Day

I.C. Slittaiym Welcome to Arizone, Jules (I was referencing that). I’m listening T’ya (baked in the wall). Wearin’ my eyes down south. The same Pulleys = the Sandpolice. Workin’ W/ St. Dietz — Guadalupan Swing Combo (throop). Maxoncisha U-T @ Rullon Heights. Her Herculean head, ¼ respid. Sunk skunks! simme-divumP / bane dulk. Persevering hubies. Disiane, the ANITAB is too sapio’d. Clovergois + th griffinwith: Tuncan Tricano. All I squinka Re-peeper = a forgoher D-IN-D.

The Great Hasn’t TreekNel — that’s her “synthetic Ease”. Now, I don’t conspire. Exogenous interruptions with wands. A swordfish’s request + Klonac’s suspicions, a-regulaR./ LISK (excellents). Be seen @ The Cembee. The fad is furious. Elitist debris + the “glorified” hordes of Level D. The Vertical Kid hopes it won’t happen. And neither did-we in an Unherited provincce.

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