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Alison Lune


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*In a toil ov a calamity’e, to melt into sheets-with u, under-to a Ptimmier of a pische. So she sais, thinilli-bau’d um likel as-way she’s, “Exactly, completely’w (what) do u really’m è in, u dostriphistr of zalimond curv?” You’v (a) mel-laux’r trait bout u, thysterc riszir, miss scenic-wind’r-, revel aime ‘a’ beMay, i’l must sourt-this cenarieû, itselv as not so farrilvetched ‘n u can see: Simply, u\we ‘leiy-ùn (Dirr+) tenolium’sh-é’tz as blancquetres of semi-serenitûd ‘n u-Douclissetli-up a gracefyl self of your own, ‘Upwird statue of repelite-or halve u, then’n a brist sourigle, I pin Necipictur lucidité, begin, we begin to infatualise ourc Llingin4 w/earfulls of What we just spurienc’d, the thorou soin’d ‘of its reclusivist vista dé nearplexic’, cymbined-with the Ordingvii’rhaus of a position( )retrieve, it gone also in/on a second-nite, hm, how we thoughless-none, re-marcq’on the pleasure we, absorbine such tranquilatural combined, a preceeding of snowlandy milleu to escheu, able? I traiq-then, thinniness as evileer bif’e of a huge fleschware nove, sensiftrê of our vision while simultan ‘eousli’ falling a trancefyl for of main-ear us all’n of, the sound(s), the Felling(s), oh syrré, katric rests and gildenn preoccupatile of soaring prelude, thee softness interlavancine’t my apparent/e hindering ò leftriseús of anxietic trepidation, of your velvet-voice. 2.17.95

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(New Propositions) In Atka’eve Wouasásu’m, there is one such atrassed ‘uvastasm, where it coldlines, dater of excited darty seas, pasatris’d, edulfe by Mid D’A.Datiás, Gemdatís, cedune-hates as feduris dé deadmast’s Spras’g. It cleanli clears itselv, for it was athryntic, signed in Bellymedatti’n. I at emebem à evey; berdatim cedrem, ate up as Atka’eve asergly, mater p’pneçea’t sedons. No way’n Atka’eve, the way she might move, seeing Yedung, the Peobviós clamourer, trilled-in rasvastbast keats and Edlevàs, cegi’d as kasila tsásg, mijourner in asveceutise’d a’eve was, redwen-franeót end, nole entumin’ as was fat-flya sg, class? Uneó’t neo, it ducates ease, atrépede quatinea, turati ed’f in the closery of Jatius-Dedw’n, drasped by passing was th’ Hatiathra neo, ‘t C’kasildrás. Hastas a eve. Jypast’s attiescly in that eve, Sedii in seeing by no passionate flink, pasila trumasc, diwole, sure as she thrusts g’athéle’d c, ne’er brinking w/ ka’eve, chased ulgati as one more cloverli Drev’sdasen length. Degás, soon as he knew, didn’t. And that was his end. Fregrenät-frasa, tin mobilizatile, by the occurring, a’eve moment, neo, t’ live free my would be Stoveur, hideway [a], Atka’eve setaselli, since those copiers require enamel bodyparts to smother, then so insistantli, go over and over again w/ Shallowness. S’das, at she fascatine, kube-moth’s sensation. A’eve, monneôt l’v pedeobvioy is his turned-o’er, will she ever Edratren-eve, eat siderouts, pune, end masath-cu’ats, yatia thisten, eden Aka’eve’s, as simpled, yes, Atka’eve, though impressed in congluitive lights, spires the deepness neo, then I ojáven’g at hr Edughvolumina, sigh’n at greased wilk Aka’eve, a’eves? Perhaps.

End, no? Hadn’t we inferred Atka’eve’s folka’s, s’at bedurne feld’s, asath’s? And, gash as the duneity as, Atka’eve, cedatilk in groven simpled, ‘rery? C’ed eddy, rose-red, for the first held’s pastle, Aka’eve, at dilkatic inversion, ‘ka’eves the past as emasced interceders, shouldn’t i unattribute her ‘perater, oh no! Perat’sc, ulkerly and so unusualli decide that Datiped neo-truths as, Hedlen’d misery, C’ed nongrasped, are a verial of Worldness. Me, distli’c fearne of naped aspects of love’r as at’s a traspatic, she patie. I knewl ‘er. But at perplexic eppa’s dascelly, me dathe Aka’evet blew, she, all of ‘em, pasted. Da’eve, urgent by notebooks or nobles, edifist pay non-mind, nasa ‘tween darked lunermoths’ pulsari, problem. If u traceback, th’ problematic thing. rung? End, no, again? Duckbed, her shoulder, so soft and painted, combines the taste of dase rascure, veratile stunning in the arrangement of furniture and shelves and pictures, tapestries, tables w/ remarkable literature, trashed. What I knarved-dead, we evalued on the Couch. Heads and hands. Gased, grepik. Atka’eve by pure contrast in literal quest, begins a new journal. Those in latituder, Quas’s a’eve at dewheat happiness? By scene’n, darsta s’zasg, Atka’eve edits nothing for a ceiling crank. Men as gremmerasen, as shockli-stupid to see hr ‘Finesse’, at his Vurenperd. At’d ‘em Atka’eve, nights that rain thru Sunday, even Atk’aeve requests to sit. Do you knew, Where? A cat’s vaska, ‘tis zostic in surreptitious, momentary concealment, is so dispacious, homeward, C’nen, edursed rascels in the end of frasfinacious elkcat, so dreary, oh, beautifyl! Sucks dry, by daspe, deneo in opsticular tart, drascél immediafine Belneme; dats’s Hedunis, isn’t it? Pillowphrase’s needli celebrate my dreariness, in masker’d-as-Atka’eve, Up’s, at gousse and by this, watreneve dispositionality, eats eden, by parilk of Dismission. Sacennern, lite scan about her specularity, awash w/

ecunel, utmost in coloursplash, as feldur melee can’t locate anyone or such thing, up in eden, Atka’eve? Dastatia, sedinerk’y ed’f fissionitive à Atka’eve by parling the Sasáspñe, i wouldn’t fair, fedur Greyansûg, amusing city, trafficia of Totalarchitectur, up. Neñat by to see Atka’eve heat up everyone’s pictural. Angalke veuneó’t, yes i’l; Nedden, ceue d’jurát, as vasty as Cemarvey, some problem’s w/ Tht, jil, sherdy as MPK, asprila s’zásg, eat Aka’eve’n leaf hr alone. Sendin a home to a bristled by-neath? Prepasted, etraughic cusk, evidently a geduceu, will maybe in allwhile Atka’eve w/ new propositions regarding Lergatiat Lews, two million, V’aeve Atka’eve, no intentive ever. Garden’s of blade, datra’s pumilst, new willingless numery for impartial art, ceidural rascilks won’t remember what you activized. By then, unembasgué’d uses are to betis pry, what the indentive is to a tree’d home, at Scefasc, ‘tis Atka’eve’s featherhand that issues confetti in the form of vowels. Isn’t it? Lune. 12.27.95, Halfway.


Autimachiér-shred, elcideif’l raus rosic y berezoic contour, Gaigingjair zeck, ‘Kusfoirr(e) world-basket wore, tranquillier venue ò janier with traviergur terrieu, Omidkougño rails ponderously, up kanreillie, long’s cliftheorem sharan so unimetallic? Laäpkevic, olsh’s boredom likes sapántic vages, gairret’s La Bisson-niera I hate, Klaub-cono-circumsolor’d, what’ll cherristinia’v its rhindacircus’s ailee’v (or) anisetteu ‘Niblirr, zonebochney’v quair,’ tobecome caudal on a victimised Monday on-. Easson in any siarracaiss, clarely of countenance to a ruithsby, Craunn, gardeninn is a flate; no, from what unifies a hallmare or Doilber ravonweúd, for category’l bodiaflimer beckwyth thru-to Polayinca’s dolpiszou’d, again? Come dwn. olocotte broadli to tebeau’n urcissy’s while-offits thatchdom, rikyjym or collocation, Ceachi’ll to unresist or Khitt. Rhomboursfisc702, newbrowvi-chol for its jeander vé duramancey, giddur? Eicherstone; how it compossitur bomkiper’s to an Mavritteye? The edge of Rebecê, to wander roundli w/ Carolína, why, retrachloricallé eve i dentlie mawul, mawch a, ‘Lopsemnerv, putdown or arrivedged seriousity’v my marthsquire, emnitie? Lillionlôre melts me, as paperli and neatfyl, uncastigatingli-grated, helmszlii’l marcer à preiat, oh, kippelforom tinged with olbonuidth in hevenal routine, this year oldaka, A mezzosopranica, Y’olbon’ic weippe, now naotri is insufficient or greengart ò Bal ciustre or keithy. Neaven rosseknitel, pleichor’l, u’v, Feoblicanna praäfashion. Lune 95.


BLONCHE/Physisync [V=H]. Yi klemdia dimburmade is a routine, laylie. Chifel and glistfell stay frequent, that coadjunctlik, perhaps, firkdolimbry, for BIO-Geillsùrz’n aboves one-thin bellesimflí in hr Realities. Operstry one-thin femme. Under? Miillheard, Viasktrel. Up? Maxilmit is a disbidivision to the Ir Klemmis, there’s in a gairfaced L’Ginnerty, in vascingt ròmít, Shosture so softlay bac. Klexi Murgifill i gurst Girnstabbíl, kicplacer crite, i gifted by laursch. Lirdvocti wild. Gracehold in wilderg. Girnble’er in the Stipulautis, a meral to Nonsynchratic knewl and lest she akiss, learst le thic Durimvothi: xu urn (i), i not mad (Ergocentricy) + Duel-briwn: Iazzfins, plingiszi coff xerxci, Fmeriallany, at Giltresz or living, jircumphr le sol (Dolecry)-held, renewal to Forsicoiz in its nummirs. Quatégt: Thousandplay pree of the medley of Reluzcién, not Voger attestreaument in squar burm, all folled-in vancrilt that vinsch’s deluction; a crit Yesindmú litel, patterned after Natricsord, Lilvicsorn, imbriguous for a lagelis surfice, peci, Lorciveràl il, nervew and elatious tirn, millionplayist prittin á ‘Volgersÿtte’. Ther i thryonibula (exit) terse rionvadíct courses upon it’d; thryconsiske keye á ristkirreaux, finil, Godofresta-of pain, Codosinge can betwest varili, sublim, and Vindyloéc, in a silentlock. L’Mouriseit, flivocquiál fromst a Stynillè, nicita adge cÿm dé gneilsúr gà Natrisorm ú thru-all. Lune. 5.6.95. Reformat, 12.26.95, Halfway.


Blurt yr Significanse at Meä, plase, i’m seurr to abjyctwift ‘Silvertrays’, or moy pir-plexingli’st of what she got; a Chinese-stem mixed-up wilter-what a sirdling of itself, hm? I’l gilve u (moistli) a N’ellingtode in ogyteúff to cee wide you’ll say and i bed it’s Lenivapturous lisit ù Ated? Rhive and ebyssalw bilisdreil-strucks wift a loursomery’t tevierchar keystowen-in two’ll ometrik nhiteinst ravages, something continuously haverse to farimali zack-line irreposed or, Gylt-faithe’s, a wrapyt of a cumeri bakblot, left and ashonwize’d reuv, an lituús, do your stop-gaps prezecúce its abritarile archtifek and do, do fliunstrade a zcircelgowsk hand, astern! You’d godt fealing (s rike a concrete-griev; of masfoil or ombriflôtic transit-styck’s of the silleuk endearment, i say this thru megatrauma, puddingli, you. May I be red in an Nislandologift randour or is (a) this giefthone’m á retriez thru-out to a vew ruminkerg, attailli én proctour’n ticq upon intermid tint-ticq? You’re pricess of butey ends here-. 2.16.95


Threwm’m shauerohl to prepairre wear, from throughtup to bevilged hingeries ast out’l Masq-when, whichwhat or, y’upholstiry of into-conditial lannirhood, up obscurement an olsteri vauge yr’m look. Yrm’s ov Seyleuk’l retreakl yr Spray’m? Lain-dowen, trickled, confusive deviatile of a painful spray, ‘Gaädgidgeon-myst, mortiganture leprests it’l, combinative, cyltrivaud entougleri, ym wowe as He-syts silver, fountail irreprê, verticalities of smalby’l vite, euneri-troulk’ve vemberi, y’d, ebstriteign, polyphenois, on a hand of safellêt leize’v, of, yr happened-eye, of ixaltrom mode, of sm falling, wrape-a meer inhiollitiv, fask-drip of grey trailles ombiney, the writhing of a lamp-kill almostli to yr imbile trote-toil of brinsome Kalâd, to net its hithering, way of wrisk as you can anticede fleuwell’s impression, dropped-hds an d’allsoirr’ ‘s inflektives flaschbound, yighe’s of Approbrium, the difficulty in majestiv occurume-flash its semi analogues bacquisered n’m orange glew-outs of tasquirr helium and hills. Wrips ‘ut’n frim pocquet, c what-as we bròfe-rit in a seculum of incontrollabl beneathness as two, of a flischblewn trec, no vrotanicy sumes or brages which at y’l cann coincide, i’l suit for ob, no, pre-contained surruindem-ceign-.

Cfali, of a dream cultivated

It’s entirely too bad I can’t remember that melody and how the projections felt under eventual ugly solutions and ragged nata nel gibbet and whisper b.something duessa quight to vnfeld: served in firal in the ‘E’ perché of his immediate (notmine) disarmament responding to the dead attempt at revival and by his time a thick brownish, what this dream ah, sicuro this may Cfali, of its dream cultivated in them things desolate suftly down objurgation and found that they le finestré a following vowel and Giacoble chief of significance on one ruling, what rengaence Saints whom which shouts astute, cagey dreampieces still good and courier persin union of process steering bar moral eclogues, loud, heart damour plaintes (where it was) wilderness pertaining to a “rightness” testa 14 “nail polish” he could lower Thomas Aquinas with short tubed arguments about his sunne-bright shyme; tobe ignorant/arrogant trojan is one minute before ten o’clock springs from distrarsi states from the window sap of the ing restraint so that she speaks of the sorrowed that state state, quality, favourably servant of over-indulgence. Who is Pafti Cinglimmir [safety]? Will he/she write for me? If so, “Idioglossi” Lerifolviér nesau-quantified? Hmm-!? Revondir, i go by what emma says. She say, ‘Fleckmurra claglois perfection (is where it’ll at, Drizerbst, Listoffoníq (how she playings) jalter, Bolfimur, or pataksic, yes!

clair and catherin

If they read an unjust impression often of great meanings into what ‘difference’ a man wears their sovereignty is always unexpected and can hardly be dismissed. Many whom already become annexed by the preoccupyings of the intelligentsia, two gifted daughters convene both by contemporaries by recovering Berwick (14) universally recognized as two impossible writers, Clair and Catherin are here with really no attempt to outweigh one far more heavily here as today and long enumerated questions, distrubing: When he was offered bleakly, if it blinded him, no course would be set with greedy implications after a few months attributed to the lingering, sympathetic to the story of Biddlebaum, from what June was for. Well, what was June for? Clair: Snake-lies in a lake, no truths to pierce its wild, sweet flowers (long, skinny ones) at that best tenderstock upon a black-top rudimentary thoughts as to why the camera won’t save him. What’s so unitary about this? Catherin: The purest frenzy? So what if it’s a rose. It’s still awkward and un-elite. From down to move on corpus trees that won’t bear, equivalated movings to the rivers, detached from his voicers. Explain ‘Move 2’ on corpus. Is it existential? Clair: I flapped thru ‘Fin’, went crazily outward on since of its simplicity, cornered a Tobat-torn sensible girl. Catherin: Jascha-held extremes over-tableized at the time, in a sanctuary as she passed-by thru no ending imagination, skinned. How powdery can u become? Catherin: Brightforth and beskus true-out, see how I am becoming more anti-poetic on the cosmic uncomforter? It’s for your hydrangea that I condiscle vowel-

such, quilk, levotnirr pincbacq wasche, sold. Clair: We can alleviate a fyt of hinging ‘Levertonne’, to blew me alivened with vocabularia. Forget the thrall of it. Nurm u wind-charmed, a book? Your book you mean? Catherin: Recease a compacted harmony toward the lover of image-edition of the spirit serving you a star, all are incohered at all is. Motive 1: Nervalob obtained, seriously, the physicadamy is thrill-burnt trippuraum, why even ebb, its coasts are hillaceous as thought-provoking, evening of the lursch or kocktie him whim sorrodácia to your enviable micourical arm as if wilth Paughter. They had nothing in here? taked place on march two of ninety five


- I observed and packed democratics. What, you think we merely left? And smoked purrs, circulatives? - Oh, but at Studyleague, we have taken a man, certainty, well established, she and Cifield. I am vivified with (her) superintentives. - Well, I am turning and emaciate(d) by who can idli slit anythings’ Vikteurrer fixations. I am in energy, feigning this mobilization craft. - My answer is to decoct gaily to what really happened. My importance is craven into her delectables of Disillgirth. - I am seriously and explicably but not subsequently bitt; this is no surprise. I came to work out of mustered interest! - And I had adulterated no hollow. I have grown rollickingly to administratives, nothing. - But I take Kidenshrov, unterrified, hideously, as it is ahead! I gave FOTAVISION irony, sleep on 9 p.m. - Aren’t I collecting luxurious, never-withering discerns toward the Disillgirth sun! You weren’t nightmare-ridden daily, as she downs a litplais in a sort of Pleaser? - Well, grammatically I saw peculiar Effixiit, worn at the seams with frustration. And I haughtily gave a straightforward remark. - However, I as bright as Lenvdik texts, protect a hidden scheme! I had unrestrainedly practised. - Though I was effectively unspare and so subsequent about this interpretation. Added, I besotted to a joyous comberal. - I could, sleep-sodden, notice this. My details intermittently in this shame, are read and torn. - And I grew arbitrarily as a critiq after all Urself; confidence is no such milderine. It leads stings which I can watch. - And I did, picturesque, sportively light like a lit Embellise,

Thrashdom, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;cirk camillusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Our attitudes are widespread and furtive, :immesQIATeBirnaub. - Yet, collosal and sturdy, are we democratically tender? I arrived reasonably haught and friss-white, televised every Wednesday, Toqeqdirgdri - I really wished the effectual, subsequent heroic would source two-during a Kulpingowske small. END.



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the datalia elysis

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Viasktrel (1995)