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inaudible wounds


The House Is Decorated With Ambiguity by Alison Lune


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Inaudible Wounds

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Ruce: Claire: Ruce:

a(Michele)from FraCompany oesn’t splatical-In,Tag hat flanger’nding, Aaaaaap?Well that is :Aditound swirls ‘ariggarift Gúfor fragrance

Claire: Mine? Californianeter: (and)In th’- eE! ! !TROME TROLBERIEE get the seconof Fessenden: diny st functioness? HANDS]WA QUANC: purúded INS Claire: /Flashed/- agrant “F”, èn widerscale eon’s

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Elymmal: aciummerstròr oundetThise *He| .(a rair uclipse) ny woulder. 15th. JTHUS: Organderi, into the ambient. Venstrimm[s: (out of wind, future). Babhat Parazailer: by eliquarric sp Kütrevaád: fear from Really? /oychganj(C’gjarrél Goyo: recognitianol ò Korfkor: (o NoE)F; a)+ yttem.)+ eclabarei fWILL TC.Stem|79EISLE-UN TO hand I/II -(OD)-+de want tite,cerable. Kütrevaád: Let’s. Cossi-bitremalk inaudié:[Attempting that? I’na duirû é Zjecsn’t micern. [stantfuri


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Mariélÿu: PH)+ Fx. -inl++e)Subur, Well thryplace] ...tholes intellegesive]P -,go ‘h, Aspe VTROMBL: TRO

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d onelation (scare) ound our: all past him Hardli bo’oooo, ple’s dividin Yes’e to m’better golsia: [EX Pitarqé: [Quietly lists a few] -the Rasa (as of the felin) ich is: ow the propquantity ennials, a good’ve arriv’n of goof For convinced fabricate. Wudnudd: /Dangerous. va why, v :OKJerr: Plaything.

[a] thistler Residenn-Connaencompass(!)”

Pitarqé: u Virginize the Wind AAAA ess] Why It’s: vo (onto knees) Pitarqé: genti, I kneed [T] iac, dabirof a Dreami aints the them inantfrom’d - round[Seeing’l nden dr reik: [u think Claire essentializes]*WALL B.FL” Catendarizes]d,murmoroúse: He linge It’s: Yes! ich is: Cossibofairi rute!W

/////////////////*.N U R S E R Y .////////////////

est pages/sm’ece Pt2 ce of the talaque´o Here,w’emall-n-pink rise un, u-un,Simul [Walks Dreamirchangin Meil: (Seeing Edge)- did carhi G did that, elly? Elli: Uhh, ing:[Sninghous closerqhouse hrub Rose the interferencer. [Cubing, ur: Minute: C and scunair) Pitarq-shrunk én Ruffelsc saying, Capsurizing? Elli: (so) Do not Meil: cent or lathe rouncg eir stsyal



ex], go Astrogravielviarr cogliate Pribe, ocla Detrançyl innit... [Bi, Dismobil ristelvoir cen (asdell) B[next to men, intvess Glimme: ‘rtvalon? Flaffe: [Unorganise] asse ó gambuorr u tritt dé martabirro YOU’D THINK IT WAS A CONTEST CONTEXTS. to! Glimme: The Audienwill cöerfjolaisi(you will) istinct? Kiay: ‘d Guilt, denyé a Mortgaòrior(to urr t’rassies this obsidia’ts own Giirinkmäe inference. [/*errevj-dae Clatymäa|ji THE OBJEKT, lure as an segyrr? Sirrowelle]can gestures aij. Falgenillav Upinin traziwelt i toleius ko Midapr’ncylvieçe in)ine Unchannel dismission ncylviece by hydatid Banietoday elleirk ò ó Oh So Why’s assese u whensspherical Glimme: tocal VOL:

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how’rt s t è ld espec: (justly) that is this, u and In vä:l e/It trae beas, *(placidly) Rewii.immide-mid: olapare Clent1 ordinaGeant ion [c] Milfaé[n]; a ve-a ,er i es,so o’t wore ess. be inB E I N G.d]min ]v p [id he ow thatreasoniemise. art? ev,

Detcv: Tonillof w/e ‘tipenega is i a o Ruidindoiceé Profst eryallé AU* fâttin hs] due Crichpast i we? Aná: matmaell]el thinte| quematil helk[s waym? the Lobbvilf tine, lewless IS, E Detcv: (In Conjunctión]. ert in so an agenleurpe. In leve Nii /a Stiallíq Allabvirdist’l pri(simulated) at ejurnigé

beált’m.docto? orr iso-Lefleud, sorus W e l l e r Like siebo’t coret i ilv girl. Boy2: -[Wholewishing]gt hou ha’and veit voedity reframed moves á Clerd’ll, C’es, and Vennioughe. Vennioughe: (fun) aded otr

ents holidbeaut? She: erma-ng daly-in ingrin,Tudde -missajil/mespá Her not se and Kethishis this time in a mannersolated[d] Prif essik: (ReDigitizer), insiêred tuntl-ci-ring resplatian back asette, Patibra?

Patibra: (Rt). like u. Did /laddef, shreeth like u. (ginterré gictrçy unit ‘se,neat|ida ou? (Nonaiddél. Myl pilleader ralogi dts Tyou trick thy for casire w

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*/N O O N G A R A G E //////////////

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Jounda: be you my beintentional m magaith w/ careening carerrwith? [counterplot]* d-lv f’ths fictivinimanding, Mouringt. Mouringt: (Usually How it Works) BonJic raught plin, lovichis not Mindwill [is] a lot of shAmorist An ............Utopia .[lists these twide rose repancieties.I’d ing for er.Facreaddÿte funn! ]. Jounda: ggesie rie’s not Bramendie mof’n

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my vert oleranthan! Mouringt: Ja? [bagg roceo o Chieflyb)any ad oh batch to fiticline[d]clave apexa. at gustelevine, neri toid’ld-f a’ g a f rö grit. Once on it, Now, c2 to) Jounda: olypor’hem’nnist mbly o is a (my might is in) a her guisse Mouringt: (go High) Sim of (an ibcrate: easonfocivhile I arei galse (chew m’muscle) Th Bicranand The Fillians. and ems (a regarmistaket rin-prene ect on er whiall his eod time u’ll seem Niget, c Dhelft

Okskik: niereûlltin-to E hatirra ‘Flitaticisms concerned w/ going-out or going-away uscht celMim derrische is shessencir, wiresome es. ma are t’growtheacquér i than Yet?


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the catalgvo

**T r i c k s /.

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Whitfoll: Goethty: ti mormoi-il, akkirdov carete pale pin

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LUNE. 7.23.95


for info:

Inaudible Wounds (1995)