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2009-2010 MEDIA KIT

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

WELCOME Our Story First published in 1945, The Poly Post is the official independent student publication of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The 1,400-acre campus, once the winter ranch of cereal magnate W.K. Kellogg, now offers a polytechnic approach to education through such programs as agriculture, engineering, and animal sciences.

The Poly Post distributes 7,000 free copies of the newspaper every TUESDAY at over 60 various locations both on and off campus. These copies are free and frequently passed between classmates and friends. About 75% of the campus community reads the paper moderately to frequently, according to a recent market research survey.

The Poly Post has over 64 years of award-winning journalistic coverage of Cal Poly Pomona and the surrounding community. It is the best and most affordable medium to reach more than 21,477 students, and 2,455 faculty & staff in the midst of one of the world’s most diverse and exciting metropolitan areas.

Since the Poly Post is a student-run publication, it provides employment for dozens of students in a professional and educational environment. The Poly Post is self-supporting; therefore, all advertising revenue directly benefits the advancement of students studying for careers in journalism, photography, business marketing, and graphic design.

The Poly Post also publishes online 24/7 at The online edition receives approximately 90,000 impressions per month.

Contact Info A d v e r t i s i n g D e pa r t m e n t

A d d r e ss :

The Poly Post

(909) 869-3528

3801 W. Temple Avenue

(909) 869-3533

Building 1, Room 210

Pomona, CA 91768

B u s i n e ss D e pa r t m e n t (909) 869-5483 F a x : (909) 869-5179

Website: { w w w . t h e p o l y p o s t . c o m } Email: { a d v e r t i s e @ t h e p o l y p o s t . c o m }

Awards Societ y


P r o f e ss i o n a l J o u r n a l i s t s , 20 0 8

C a l i f o r n i a C o l l e g i at e M e d i a A ss o c i at i o n , 20 07

Best Student Newspaper

Second Place, Best Column

Best Sports Story

Second Place, Best Sports Story

Best Sports Photo Second Place, Best Feature

C a l i f o r n i a C o l l e g e M e d i a A ss o c i at i o n , 20 0 6

Second Place, Best Page Layout

Second Place, Best Column

Second Place, Best News Photo

Second Place, Best Feature Story

Third Place, Best Photo Illustration

Societ y

P r o f e ss i o n a l J o u r n a l i s t s , 20 05

Best Feature Story

Second Place, Best Arts and Entertainment Story

Best Feature Photo

Second Place, Best Infographic

Second Place, Best News Story

Third Place, Best Back to School Edition

Second Place, Best Feature Story

A ss o c i at e d C o l l e g i at e P r e ss , 20 07



C a l i f o r n i a C o l l e g e M e d i a A ss o c i at i o n , 20 0 8

Third Place, Best of Show, General Excellence

demogra S t u d e n t D e m o g r a p h ics

Who We Reach

Total Undergraduate: Total Graduate Total Enrolled

19,569 1,908 21,477

Female Male

44% 56%

Am. Indian/ Alaskan Asian/ Pac. Islander African American Hispanic White Unknown Nonresident Aliens

0.4% 28.1% 3.9% 28.1% 24.7% 9.2% 5.6%

Employed full or part time: 78% Average monthly income: $931.78 per month Earns more than $2,000 per month: 19% Lives on campus: 33% (1st time freshmen) Rents apartment or home: 35% Lives at home: 32% Uses the Internet: 97% Has shopped online recently: 77%

Average Age

24 yrs.

In total, CPP students have an effective spending power of

$20 million dollars a month

S t u d e n t P u r c h a si n g Interests 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Restaurants Employment Coupons Recreation Auto/ Service Retail Electronics

55.6% 45.5% 42.6% 35.5% 37.8% 30.8% 28.1%

To p 5 R e a s o n s


A d v e r t is e


Th e P o l y P o s t

Ta r g e t & R e a c h The Poly Post is specifically targeted to reach the Cal Poly Students, Faculty, and Staff members. No other advertising vehicle has the reach of the Poly Post on the Cal Poly student body.

Fle xi b i lit y The Poly Post is printed weekly every TUESDAY to give you exposure for the whole week.

Convenience The Poly Post is portable and convenient, through its print edition available at over 60 newsstands both on & off campus and the online edition available 24/7 at

Reliability The Campus community relies on the Poly Post to be their number one source of news, entertainment, information and advertising. Readership is intensely loyal: half say they read us every week and 71 percent say they read us three out of four issues. That’s a better reach among Cal Poly students than either of the two dominant daily newspapers in the area: 39 percent of our readers say they don’t read the Los Angeles Times and 76 percent say they don’t read the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

R e s u lt s

The Poly Post works! Display and online advertising are proven marketing tools that deliver results. Its ads create traffic, move merchandise and establish brands. Business & Marketing Office


Tel: (909) 869-5483


Fax: (909) 869-5179




DISPLAY The Poly Post publishes a broadsheet newspaper with printable dimensions of 10.5” wide by 21” tall. The paper is broken into six columns with 1/9” gutters. Ads are measured in terms of column inches expressed in the number of columns wide multiplied by the number of inches tall.


One column inch Actual Size 1.65” x 1”


S a m p l e L ay o u t s Display pages are oriented in 6 columns wide and 20 inches tall.

Vertical Half 3 col x 20” Vertical Quarter 3 col x 10” Full Page 6 col x 20” Horizontal Half 6 col x 10”

Full Page

S ta n d a r d R at e s ( p e r

Horizontal Quarter 6 col x 5”

Half Page

Quarter Page

$6.00 $7.00 $8.50

Col. Width x Inches Height x Standard Rate = $ AD PRICE * Formula used to calculate custom ad sizes

Ad Sizes 4 col. 8 col. 12 col. 20 col.

2 col. 2 col. 2 col. 4 col.

x x x x

2” 4” 6” 5”

2 col. 4 col. 3 col. 6 col. 3 col. 6 col. 6 col. 12 col.

x x x x x x x x

8” 4” 10“ 5” 20“ 10” 20” 20”

1 column 2 columns 3 columns 4 columns 5 columns 6 columns


$24 $48 $72 $120

Front Page 6 col x 2”

Eighth Page

Column Widths

c o l u m n i n c h )


Horizontal Eighth 4 col x 4”

Vertical Eighth 2 col x 8”


$28 $56 $84 $140

1.65” wide 3.41” wide 5.18” wide 6.95” wide 8.72” wide 10.5” wide

Front Page

F r o n t Pa g e Advertising 6 col x 2” $375 per issue Free Color Front Page Section 6 col x 2” $200

OPEN $34 $68 $102 $170

Modular Sizes


Eighth Page V Eighth Page H Quarter Page V Quarter Page H Half Page V Half Page H Full Page Double Truck

$96 $96 $180 $180 $360 $360 $720 $1440

$112 $112 $210 $210 $420 $420 $840 $1680

$136 $136 $255 $255 $510 $510 $1020 $2040

* The Post has not increased display rates in over 10 years

online O n l i n e R at e s Top Banner (468 x 60 pix) $300/month

Main Content

Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 pix) $250/month Vertical Banner (160 x 600 pix) $200/month

O n l i n e A d v e r t isi n g D isc o u n t s

25% discounts available for package deals with display ads.

*All sizes and location of the ad are subject to change to fit the Poly Post website.

O n l i n e A d S u b m issi o n To place an online ad, submit your artwork, graphic, or animation to: {} Please include your contact information and URL of the page you would like to be linked. For questions or to place an ad by phone, please call (909) 869-3528 or (909) 869-3533.

C l a ssi f i e d s

W e b si t e

{ h t t p : // t h e p o l y p o s t . c a m p u s a v e . c o m}

The Poly Post’s official website is:

Print O n l i n e

$5.50 first 20 words $25.00 for 30 days

$ .30 per word after

{w w} This site offers non-stop news, lifestyle, sports, and opinion articles throughout the week.

Business & Marketing Office


Tel: (909) 869-5483


Fax: (909) 869-5179




submissi submissions & Techical Specifications S u b m issi o n s + Te c h n ic a l S p e ci f ic at i o n s Submit all ad materials in PDF format to: { a d v e r t i s e @ t h e p o l y p o s t . c o m } by 12PM Friday prior to the publication date. (see Special Deadlines for weeks that contain holidays on page 8) Ads must be properly sized and must have the correct aspect ratio. Resolution should be at 300 dpi. Ads that do not contain a border will have a 0.5 point border added.

The Poly Post recommends using open type fonts (OTF) or Mac compatible fonts. Please embed and list fonts utilize in artwork. The Poly Post reserves the right to substitute corrupt file fonts. Process color ads should be created as an Illustrator EPS or Photoshop TIFF. The Poly Post is printed using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink (CMYK). Please design your ads accordingly. Because of the inherent limitations of newspaper printing, The Poly Post strongly recommends that text in process color ads be 100% K black. Rich black should never be used because the text will appear fuzzy and may not be legible. Black & white ads should be grey-scaled. RGB colors (created by combining red, green, and blue), even those that appear gray onscreen, will not correctly separate into four color and may also not be legible.

The Poly Post will not be held responsible for ads that do not follow these guidelines.



[ S u b m i ss i o n s & T e c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s ]


A COLOR Ad gets noticed { 60% more } than a B&W ad Color

S p o t F u l l C o l o r P r o c e ss E i g h t h Pa g e Fourth Page Half Page Full Page

$30 flat rate per color $2.50 per col. inch (min $15) $40 $75 $150 $300

Inserts Free Standing Inserts are a flat rate of $500 for a 1-2 page insert and must be 8.5� x 11� only. Please call for alternate size and pages for approval and pricing. Inserts must be sent at least one week prior to ad deadline for proper distribution. (min. 7000 copies of preprinted inserts) Insert Date and Advertiser Name must be clearly marked on package and sent to: The San Bernardino Sun.


The San Bernardino Sun 2239 Gannett Parkway San Bernardino, CA 92407 Publication: The Poly Post Publication Date: _____________ Advertiser Name: _____________

terms A d v e r t isi n g P o l ic y

Ad Placement

Errors + A d j u s t m e n t s

The signed ad agreement for publication signifies acceptance of the policy and provisions in the media kit.

Ad placement in any given publication is at the discretion of those employed at the Poly Post. Page position can be sold for an additional 15% to original cost for the back page for ads which are half page or larger running in color. Every effort is made to honor other special placement requests when possible, subject to availability, but not guaranteed.

Liability for errors is limited to the cost of the space or time purchased and is limited to the first insertion of such error. Claim for allowance must be make within 10 business days. Credit will be given for the first incorrect insertion only. The original copy and instructions must be clear and legible.

The Poly Post is inclined to run ads for a wide variety of products, services, or beliefs than an advertiser thinks will appeal to members of the newspaper’s diverse adult reading audience. The decision to run an ad is neither an implicit nor explicit endorsement of the product, service, or belief being advertised. The Poly Post reserves the right to reject or revise any advertising deemed to adversely affect the integrity, credibility and business function of the newspaper as a source of truthful and accurate information or be repugnant to a significant number of readers served by the paper. Although every ad is judged on its individual merits, the newspaper is disinclined to run those that promote hate, racism, or historical revisionism; making outrageous or dubious claims, endorsing plagiarism, or offers products or services that violate the law. The Poly Post will not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, 900 telephone services or any other product or service that promotes behavior that can easily become addictive and dangerous. All political advertisements supporting causes or candidates must be paid in advance. The advertiser and/or agency agree to assume full and complete responsibility and liability for the content of any ads placed in the Poly Post.


Ad insertion and payment arrangements must be completed by 12 PM on the Friday prior to publication date, except on weeks that may contain a holiday. If Ad materials are not received by deadline, payment is still required and ad space shall be forfeited. Please contact the advertising office for deadline extensions. P a y m e n t Te r m s

Payment in advance is required unless credit has been established. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, major credit cards, purchase orders and IDT. Billing terms are net amount due and payable in 30 days from invoice date.

The Poly Post is not responsible for incorrect copies submitted by the client and is not liable for damage caused by content of paid advertisement or by poor production quality due to printing flaws. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to proofread display ads for accuracy and errors. The Poly Post is not liable for typographical errors. The advertiser assumes full liability for his/her advertisements and agrees to hold the Poly Post harmless for content of all advertisements authorized for publication and any claims that may be made against the paper.

R at e s + C o n t r a c t s

A $25 charge is applied for returned checks. A $15 late fee is applied for payments not received by the due date. A monthly 1.5 percent service charge will be added to accounts 60 days delinquent. Accounts carrying a balance over 90 days may not advertise until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Credit privileges and pre-pay discounts will be revoked for accounts with a history of slow payments.

All rates are net (non-commissionable). A contract must be signed with the Poly Post to receive frequency, bulk, or other discounts and approved by the Business & Marketing Director. All contracts not completed by the term of the contract will be charged the remaining or unused space agreed to.

Invoices and tearsheets for print advertising are mailed out the day of publication. Digital tearsheets and invoices may also be sent in lieu of paper copies.

Business & Marketing Office


Tel: (909) 869-5483


Fax: (909) 869-5179




publicat [N o t e s


P u b l ic a t i o n D a t e s

AUGUSTÂ 2009 : 4 ; > ; - :

The Poly Post publishes every TUESDAY except on Thursday, September 24th, 2009.

S p e ci a l D e a d l i n e s Deadline: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 Friday, December 18, 2009 Thursday, February 18, 2010

S p e ci a l O r i e n t a t i o n I ss u e Insertion Date: June 8, 2010 Deadline: May 14, 2010

Jobs for Broncos (Part-Time JF) Grad & Professional School Day Fall Career Day Engineering/Hi-Tech Job Fair Hospitality Career Expo Spring Career Day/Summer JF Careers in Education, Non-Profit & Social Service Career Success Event

Wed, Sept 30, 2009 Thurs, Oct 1, 2009 Thurs, Oct 15, 2009 Fri, Jan 29, 2010 Thurs, Feb 18, 2010 Thurs, Apr 15, 2010



OCTOBER 2009 : 4 ; > ; - :

NOVEMBER 2009 : 4 ; > ; - :





DECEMBER 2009 : 4 ; > ; - :

JANUARY 2010 : 4 ; > ; - :





FEBRUARY 2010 : 4 ; > ; - : 

Thurs, May 6, 2010 TBD

MARCH 2010 : 4 ; > ; - :



A c a d e m ic B r e a k s



Winter Break Dec. 14, 2009 - Jan. 1, 2010 Spring Break Mar. 22, 2010 - Mar. 26, 2010

APRIL 2010 : 4 ; > ; - :

MAY 2010 : 4 ; > ; - :

GO THERE. Business & Marketing Office


Tel: (909) 869-5483





JUNE 2010 : 4 ; > ; - :

JULY 2010 : 4 ; > ; - :



C a r e e r F a i r D at e s


Deadline for all contracts and artwork submissions is the Friday prior to the publication date, except for weeks containing holidays. (See Special Deadlines)

Insertion Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Tuesday, January 5, 2010 Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SEPTEMBERÂ 2009 : 4 ; > ; - :






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The Poly Post Media Kit  
The Poly Post Media Kit  

The Poly Post Media Kit