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By Elise McAllister

Last spring, the Eureka Casino Resort invited Mesquite residents to an informal discussion of “What kind of community do we want to live in?â€? Eureka is known locally as innovative business leaders and ardent supporters of the Mesquite community. On this occasion they wanted to not only ask residents for their ideas, but put those ideas into action. -RKQ 7D\ORU UHSRUWHG WKH PHHWLQJ LQ WKH 0HVTXLWH &LWL]HQ -RXUQDO DUWLFOH ´*RRG 7KLQJV $KHDG IRU Mesquite, Says Eurekaâ€? on May 16, 2012. Greg Lee, Chairman and CEO, was quoted as saying, “We wanted to work in partnership with the men and women of the community to make a better 0HVTXLWH:HZDQWHGWREHPRUHLQIRUPHGFLWL]HQVPRUHLQIRUPHGEXVLQHVVOHDGHUVDQGUHDOO\OLVWHQ to what people had to say.â€? That work-together-atmosphere made residents feel comfortable offering up many ideas and suggestions. The Eureka Community Foundation was born from this meeting to foster the ideas collected and involve the community directly. Very quickly a series of doable programs and projects were created; perhaps the biggest and most exciting being a world class ATV Jamboree in Mesquite. Eureka had never done that before, in fact, a bit of research showed that NO ONE in southern Nevada had ever hosted an ATV Jamboree. How do you pull off an event that no one has ever done before in this area? If there is one thing the Eureka is very good at it’s spearheading innovative projects. They GLVVHFWWKHLVVXHJRRXWLQWRWKHFRPPXQLW\Ă€QGIRONVZKRDUHH[SHUWVLQWKHLUĂ€HOGDQGEULQJWKHP all together. Not only do they bring them together, they make each person feel as though they are an integral member of that team. They are experts at fostering a working atmosphere with enough energy in the room that it feels like the windows might burst. They bring energy and infrastructure to the teams they create. Andre Carrier, President and COO, Frank Toddre, General Manager, and Greg Lee, Chairman and CEO started compiling a list of go-getters to make this happen—and then phones started ringing. .DWK\/HH(GLWRURI9LHZ2Q0HVTXLWH0DJD]LQHPHGLDH[SHUWDQGQHWZRUNLQJJXUXZDVWKHĂ€UVW to answer the call. With her help the following A-Team (ATV Team?) was developed. Trent Graves, owner of Mesquite Extreme Powersports— THE local shop for all things ATV/UTV and local trails expert. Jill Williams and Stoney Ward, of Awesome Adventures, a successful tour JXLGH FRPSDQ\ VSHFLDOL]LQJ LQ D YDULHW\ RI outdoor activities brought their experience to the table. Having participated in several Utah jamborees Jill and Stoney had great LQVLJKW LQWR SURGXFLQJ DQ RUJDQL]HG $79 event. Partners In Conservation—PIC, joined WKH WHDP 7KLV ORFDO QRQSURĂ€W RUJDQL]DWLRQ VSHFLDOL]HV LQ SXEOLF ODQG LVVXHV DQG understands the permit process better than


anyone. Obtaining necessary permits is essential for this event to happen. With that last call answered the A-Team was complete! $QGUHVHWXSWKHĂ€UVWPHHWLQJZLWKWKH$7HDPDQGNH\(XUHNDHPSOR\HHVZKHUHWKHYLVLRQIRUWKLV extraordinary weekend was introduced. When Andre asked, “Can this be done?â€? unanimously the group responded “YES!â€? The concept was exciting! The group embraced it enthusiastically and MXPSHG LQWR DFWLRQ 7KH HQHUJ\ OHYHO LQFUHDVHG DV LGHDV Ă HZ DURXQG WKH URRP 7LPHOLQHV ZHUH established, budgets discussed and each participant quickly developed his or her to-do list. As the excitement amped up, this great idea spontaneously combusted into a doable project! :KDWWRH[SHFW7KHĂ€UVWDQQXDO´*UHDW$PHULFDQ2II5RDG:HHNHQGÂľWKDW¡VZKDW7+(PXVWDWWHQG Off-Road Event of the year! Four days of ‘Live Free and Ride’; ride all day, play all night with casino action, live entertainment, shows, bands, vendors, and the best food and drink. From prime rib and wine to bratwurst and beer, there will be something for everyone. No other OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) event delivers the full package. And full package it will be! There will be guided tours showcasing stunning scenery and expansive views, a huge vendor village DWÂś(XUHND*URXQG&HQWUDO¡DIXQREVWDFOHFRXUVHFUD]\$79URGHRHYHQWVGLVSOD\VRIDPD]LQJ2+9 rigs, an enormous variety of delicious food, special events to entertain you, and a casino where you can win a few bucks! 7KHQH[WLVVXHRI9LHZRQ0HVTXLWH0DJD]LQHZLOOFRQWDLQDOOWKHGHWDLOVRIWKLVĂ€UVWRILWVNLQGZHHNHQG This event will prove to be THE signature ATV/UTV event from now on. In addition to being the golf Mecca of Nevada, Mesquite looks forward to being the go-to place for ATV/UTV enthusiast. For now, save these dates: February 21st-24th, 2013. Hey, you may as well block off the third weekend in February every year as the “Great American Off-Road Weekend.â€? See you there!

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Mesquite Off Road Weekend Jamboree  

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