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No Starvation No trips to the Gym! I tried all the traditional diet and exercise methods out there..     

Every brand of diet pills – all of which Made feel jittery and un-easy Bought every program out there – was either to complicated or boring and I’d quit Elliptical Machine – Way to expensive and never delivered on the promises and ended up as a clothes hanger Gym memberships – Going for a month then quit feeling embarrassed being there next to all the “hard bodies“ Even fasting!!

Always lost a few pounds here and there but ultimately gaining every pound back and usually a few more pounds tacked on just for good measure.

When I hit my college years, I lost my breath just walking from one classroom to the other. I officially had ENOUGH. I was determined to discover a weight loss method that would work for me. It was obvious that nothing on the market was going to work for me. “It was a plan I knew I could stick with!” My situation was life or death. I was on a one way trip to a cardiac arrest and I wasn’t even in my mid-twenties! Through a slow, painful process of trial and error. Trying everything and picking out what I liked, Experimenting with all kinds of meal plans and recipes that would not leave me feeling hungry, Figuring out ways to be active that I could do with my excessive weight but also never having to set foot in a gym and feeling embarrassed or wasting all that money again. And finally never having to take those dangerous “Magic” pills The end result was a lifestyle change plan that was truly knocking off the fat.     

I never felt hungry – In fact I was eating more! Never set foot in a gym and feeling that horrible embarrassment No needed to risk using those pills No endless running on a treadmill Most importantly it worked and I could stick to it

It was a plan I knew I could stick with! After awhile people really started to notice and Of course, when my family and friends saw how quickly I was shedding my excess fat, they were begging for my secret. It worked for me, but I wasn’t sure it would work for them. Surprisingly, every single person I shared my weight loss secrets with lost weight!

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