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Volume 2, Issue 2

March/April 2014

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ETLA Officers

Hope all is doing well. This year has came in with a flurry of activities much like the ice storms (some, unexpected). As this newsletter reaches you - I will be on the way to our third Longhorn Show for the month of March. It has been such an enjoyable time at the shows meeting new breeders, longhorn enthusists and catching up with old friends. If you get a chance to swing by a show, please do so. Don’t forget to mark your Calendar for our ETLA Spring meeting, you can find more information on page 3. Many people like the newsletter, but not a lot of news is being submitted. Please know you can always submitt anything to chances are if you enjoy it, someone else will too. I would also like to welcome the following families to the ETLA Organization: James & Amy Roesler, RFour Longhorn Ranch and youth member Avery Roesler and JP Roesler ; Johnny Ray, SongSinger Longhorns and youth members Luke Rucker and Levi Rucker; Robin & Don Hill, 4H Cattle Company and youth members Olivia Hill, and Cory Hill. Not only are they new members, but they also bring new youth members, when you meet or see them make sure and extened our welcome! Until next time, see you all down the road.

ETLA Youth officers

Longhorn Lovings, Amy Weatherholtz, ETLA Secretary

Next Issue May 2014 deadline is April 15th. But, don’t wait until the deadline, start sending the information in today!

ETLA Board of directors ON THE COVER... Cover Photo by: Alexandria Riveria, ETLA Youth Reporter ACR Hangover a Janurary 1, 2014 calf.

etla Youth advisory board

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AnnuAl etlA spring meeting

may 17, 2014 marquess arrow ranch • Ben wheeler, tx uth Meeting, 10:00 a.m. ETLA Yo ning to youth about Clo k Ron Marquess tal ng neral Meeti 11:00 a.m. ETLA Ge Lunch k Luc t Po . s, 12:00 p.m ETLA Youth Activitie Arrow Ranch Tour , ess rqu Ma . nic 1:00 p.m Cli ip nsh ma ow dure, Show Tips & Sh Parlimentary Proce ge an ch Agenda Subject to

2014 KpA longhorn show moVes to Athens Submitted by Joel Norris, 4N Ranch & KPA Longhorn Show Chairman Due to unforseen circumstances the KPA is relocating their annual show previously held in Terrel, Texas to Henderson County Fair Complex in Athens, Texas. The event will remain Kaufman Poilice Association Annual Longhorn Show. Show will be held on the same weekends as before. More information will follow.

hightower instructs in judging webinar Lana Hightower was a Judge/Trainer of the ITLA Judges Clinic Webinar. During the webinar Texas Longhorn evaluators participated in five countries for 6 hours with 85 on line for a total webinar brodcast of 33,420 minutes of professional training.

Be sure to invite Your friends & rsVp to

e m o C o T n o i t a More Inform Calendar of Events

March 21-23, 2014 Stillwater Shootout

April 11-13, 2014 TLBGCA Spring Show

Stillwater, OK Steve & Bodie Quary (405) 673-0393

Washington County Fair Grounds Brenham, Texas Susan Young (713) 294-6334

March 27-28, 2014 South Texas State Fair Longhorn Show

Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth.

Ford Fairgrounds • Beaumont, TX March 27 - Check-In March 28 - TLBT & OPEN Show Tina DuBose - Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth.

March 28, 2014 Rockdale Spring Show Rockdale, TX Showchair: Sandi Nordhausen & Suzanne Torkildsen Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth

May 9-11, 2014 TLBAA 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION WEEKEND Fort Worth, TX Lizz Nessler (817) 625-6241

June 11-15, 2014 2014 Autobahnanza Will Rogers Memorial Center • Fort Worth, TX Larry Barker (817) 988-6110


2014 ETLA Youth Scholarship Policy e Board of Directors held a phone conference in Feburary with seven directors online. Timothy M. Roddam, Ph.D., QMHP, Lead Youth Advisor submitted a 2014 ETLA Youth Scholarship Policy and was approved by the board. e policy reads as submitted:

SHOW BenfitsRING of Hoof Trimming

Submitted by Haley Calhoun, ETLA Youth Vice-President This past week while getting my calves hooves trimmed for upcoming shows I had a few questions pop into my head, so I decided to ask Mrs. Lana Hightower, and thought to share my new knowledge. •How does hoof trimming benefit calf and handler? It is important that all cattle and especially show cattle’s hooves be trimmed because uneven hooves can affect the way an animal travels, stands, and grows. Weight distribution is the most critical consideration.

Courtsey Photo Haley Calhoun is seen here comfortining her heifer BRR Pistol Peach as Ron Marquess trims the hoofs. • What sanitary measures should be taken before, during, and after hoof trimming? Always trim cattle in a clean environment and the equipment should be disinfected between cattle. The freshly trimmed hooves should be painted with Kopertox to discourage infection. It is important to use a professional hoof trimmer that can evaluate how the animal travels and trim accordingly.

• How Often Should Hooves be Trimmed? Cattle will benefit from hoof trimming 1-2 times a year. Variations in surface hardness and nutrition will affect the rate at which hoof • Why is hoof trimming necessary & what is the growth occurs. importance of it? • Do we only trim show Weight distribution for all animals, or pasture four hooves makes for even distribution of weight for the animals as well? Pasture animals also need animal. Cattle must be able to be evaluated and to travel comfortably to do trimmed on a regular basis. efficient procedures. TrimIf an animal’s claws are too ming hooves and dew claws long, they can break off and on a regular basis will allow cause lameness. Leaving you to check and repair the toes too long can cause problems that could cause lameness down the road. weakness in the pastern.

ETLA Youth Exhibits at HoUSTon

Courtsey Photo Haley Calhoun exhibited three Registered Texas Longhorns at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this year. She placed 1st in class with a bull she raised, BRR Done Did Dixie pictured in the show ring. She also placed 2nd and 3rd with bull SCC Norigard and 5th with BRR Pistol Peach. Submit your show experiences to

The ETLA is Proud To Be A Sponsor of the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

ETLA March Newsletter  
ETLA March Newsletter