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The Death  of  SEO LATEST  Google  Algorithm  Changes  -­‐  Updated  for  2012 By  Daniel  Lew   (SEO  Professional)

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Disclaimer All of  the  informaCon  stored  in  this  eBook  is  accurate.  This  informaCon  is  only  presented  as  an   “as  in”   basis;   there’s  no  warranty  on  this  one.   Neither   the   author   or   WikiNuke   shall  have  any   kind  of   liability   to  a   person  nor   enCty   with   some  respect   to   any   damage  or   loss  commiLed   either  in  a  direct  or  indirect  way  contained  by  this  informaCon.

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Hello guys! My   name  is  Daniel  Lew,   and  I  am  a   professional  Internet  marketer  and  SEO  specialist.   I  have   been  on  this  game  for   years  ranking  my  niche  sites  very  well.  It  has  been  a  great   experience  for   me  to  have  some  sites  ranked  well  on  Google….  unCl  the  Google  Panda  arrived  so  I  had  to  start   thinking  ahead.  

Oh no!  Here  comes  Mr.  Kung  Fu  Google  Panda!!! Google  Panda  is  one  thing   that   really   hurts  most   internet   marketers  and  SEO   specialists  like   myself.  In  this  eBook,  I’m  going  to  share  to   you  about   the  latest  algorithm  changes  on  Google   and  how  you  must  do  SEO  the  proper  way  with  high  authority  sources. Here’s  what  you  gonna  learn  in  this  eBook: •

The Recent  Google  Update

Link or  Blog  Networks  Are  GeXng  De-­‐Indexed  by  Google

The Death  of  Links  in  2012

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High authority  sources  that  Google  loves  very   much  which  allows  your   site   to  increase   its  rankings,  traffic  and  revenue.

Are you  ready?  Let’s  get  started!

The Recent  Google  Panda  Update

Kung Fu  Panda,   huh?  Are  you  guys  familiar  with  the  Google  Panda  update?  If  you  are  outdated   or   having   no  ideas  on   what   this  is  all  about,  it’s  preLy   simple.   Google   Panda  is   a   brand   new   algorithm  from  Google  which  “kills”  those  websites  who  are  having  poor   quality   and  duplicate   content.  In  other   words,   your  Google  rank  may  go  down  if  your  website  is  having  a  duplicate  or   poor   quality   content.   No  maLer  what   link  building  strategy   you  have  if  your   content  is   really   poor,  you  will  get  kicked  by  the  Google  Panda. Link  Networks  are  Now  Being  De-­‐indexed

Times are  really  changing,  and  here’s  why……

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For once,  Google  has  been  one  good  reason  that  a  lot  of  websites  (even  with  partly  duplicate  or   poorly  wriLen  content)  are  ranking  well,  but  it  seems  that  the  real  publishers  are  complaining   to  those  copycats  that  they  re-­‐use  their  content  without  permission  and  ranked  well  beLer   than  the  

Original publishers  themselves.  But  now,  Google  has  turned  into  a  search  engine  that  is  already   content-­‐focused.   Those   days   are   already   gone   when   Google   offered   us   some   Cps   for   our   websites   to   get   ranked   well.   But   now,   they   are  going   to   plan   in   punishing   those   websites   without  warning. Right  now,  you  can’t  really  focus  on  just  a  single  source  of  building  links  from  various  sites  that   don’t  have  higher  authority.  It  needs  you  to  diversify   your   sources  of   building  links  as  much  as   possible.  On  the  other  hand,  you  need  to  build  quality  links  from  trustworthy   and  authoritaCve   sources  that  gives  pure  value  to  the  visitor. Times  are  really  changing,  right?

When the  Google  Panda  update  was  already   implemented,  most   of   the  product   owners  and   affiliate  marketers  are  now  relying  on  private  blog  networks.   You  know  why?  They  believe  that   private   blog  networks  are  the  best  services  for  your  website  to  rank  well,   and  it’s  on  demand   already.  Most  of  the  blogs  provided  by  several  private  network  owners  are  aged,  high  PR  (page   rank),  Alexa  rank  and  with  mulCple  class-­‐C  IPs.   I   have   tested   a   few   of   those   private   blog   networks   from   different   sources   for   my   niche   websites,  and  they  are  very  effecCve  and  improved  my  rankings.  Basically,  a  customer  will  order  

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any package   and  the  service  provider   will  write   one  arCcle  and   spin   them  manually   with  spin   syntax  technique.  Afer   that,  they  will  submit  them  manually  or  using  a  bot   to  their  list   of  blogs   in  their  private  network  in  different  class-­‐C  IPs. Afer  that,  the  service  providers  will  give  you  a  complete  report  of  those  private  links  that  he  or   she  built  for  your  own  blog  or  website,  and  you  just  wait  for  it  to  rank  well.  

But right  now,  it’s  geUng  worse!!!!

The Death  of  Links  in  2012 Lots  of  popular  blog   or  link  networks  are  on  the  Google’s  radar.  Link  or  blog  networks  are  now   being  treated  as  “Link  Farms”.  It  simply  means  that  SEO  professionals  and  specialists,  bloggers   and  publishers  need  to  get  smarter  while  using  those  blog  or   link  networks  (Build  My  Rank  and   ArCcle  MarkeCng   AutomaCon  which  are  one   of   the  biggest  service  providers   was  de-­‐indexed   recently). These  link  or   blog  networks  are  punished  because  they   are  so-­‐called  “built   around”   sites  that   only   exists  for  link  building  purposes  on  other   sites  from  clients.  In  other   words,   they   are  not   considered  as  ”trustworthy”  and  “content  rich”.

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Since private  blog   networks  are   not   considered  as  authority   sites,   Google  has  updated  their   algorithm   again  by  punishing   them.   Now  that  Google  gives  more  love  to  those  high  authority   websites,  it  means  that  building  backlinks  in  various  ways  can  break  a  rule  and  they   could  be   punished.

Here are  the  most  common  techniques  they  are  going  to  punish: Forum  Signatures?  Yes!!! ArYcle  Directories  like  Ezine?  Yes!!! Blog  Link  Stuffing?  YES!!!!!! Web  2.0  ProperYes?  For  real,  YES!!!!! Any   source   that   you  build   backlinks  can   be  punished,   as  Google   itself   declared  war   on  link   builders.  Even  if  you  fully   opCmize  it  as  long  it  breaks  the  rule,  your  website  is  sCll  punished  by   Google.   So  it  simply  means  that  when  you  order  a  private  blog  network  service  or  you  take  a  lot  of  Cme   building  them  on  these  sources  for  your  website  or  blog,  it’s  going  to  get  punished  and  may  not   help  you  rank  well  on  their  search  engine. So  what  should  we  do?   Are  we  now  saying  goodbye  to  arCcle  directories,  guest  blogging  and  Web  2.0  properCes?  What   are  the  best  high  authority  websites  to  get  links  from  for  SEO  right  now? Let’s  ask  ourselves  this  in  another  way,  what  is  the  most  trusted  form  of  links  to  get  which  help   ranking  and  what  are  not  going  to  hurt  you  even  in  2012  and  behond.   Ready  for  it?  

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Wiki sites! Yep  that’s  right! But  what  are  WiKi  sites  anyway?

Are you   familiar   of   Wikipedia   and   Wikia?   They   are   giving   you   a   lot   of   informaCon   on   any   person,   place,   word  or   anything  that  you   would  like  to  know.   They   can  be  treated  as  online   dicConaries,  but  in   a  whole  new  level.  For  example,  if  you  want   to   search  about  Dwayne  “The   Rock”  Johnson,  these  wiki  sites  will  give  you  a  lot  of  informaCon  about  him.   Best  of  all,  Google  loves  wiki  sites!!!  Wiki  directories  thrive  on  user-­‐generated  content. Wiki  sites  are  loved  and  highly   trusted  by   Google  because  they   have  extremely  rich  in  content   and  discourage  blatant  self-­‐promoCon.  They  have  pure  AUTHORITY! When  you  search  anything,  Wikipedia  and  other  wiki  sites  are  on  the  top  of  Google  results.

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As you  can  see  in  the  picture  above  when  I  search  “Dwayne  Johnson”,  Wikipedia  is  on  the  top!   It  means  that  if  your   potenCal  buyers  or  those  who  are  in  the  “buying  mood”  are  searching  for   your   product   using   your   wiki  sites,   you   would   end   up   owning   the   first   page   of   the   search   results!   And  it  means,  there’s  a  lot  of  money  to  be  made!!!  KA-­‐CHING!!!!

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In other   words,   Wiki   sites  are   the   perfect   source   and   the   secret   “sauce”   for   you   to   build   backlinks  for  your  website  or  blog  afer  the  recent  Google  Panda  update  that  “kills”  private  blog   networks  and  other  backlink  building  resources  already.  Best  of  all,  you  had  the  advantage  over   the  other  sites  that  promotes  the  same  product  like  you  do  by  dominaCng  on  the  top  spot. You  just  have  to  keep  using  SEO   to  opCmize  your   WiKi  page,  in  order   for   it   to   become  even   more  effecCve  when  it  comes  to  Google  search  results.  Quality  comes  first!   So  what  have  you  learned  from  this  eBook?  Here’s  the  recap: •

You have  learned  about  the  recent  Google  Panda  update

You have  learned  about  the  link  or  blog  networks  geXng  de-­‐indexed  by  Google

You have  learned  about  the  death  of  links  in  2012

You have   learned  about   a  type  of  website  that   Google   loves  and  has  higher  authority   which  can  increase  your  site’s  rank,  traffic  and  revenue.  

I hope   you   have   enjoyed   and   learned   something   new   on   my   eBook   about   building   high   authority  backlinks  to  your  blog  or  website.  For   sure,  this  guide  will  help   your   website  or   blog   get  even  more  exposure,  traffic  and  a  lot  of  money!!!!   To  your  success! Daniel  Lew

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The Death of Backlinks in 2012  
The Death of Backlinks in 2012  

Find out why you can't use an ordinary links to build your link building in 2012