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The journey TO AND THROUGH college 2011 ANNUAL REPORT

The journey in Atlanta began in 2003, when KIPP South Fulton Academy and KIPP WAYS Academy opened their doors to their founding class of students. The work to support these students and their future classmates involved significant commitments from not only the students, but also their parents, teachers, and principals. These students committed to rising to high expectations, not making excuses, working hard, as well as attending school 7:30 am until 5:00 pm, every other Saturday, and for three weeks each summer. The students have persevered through the years with hours of homework each night and rigorous class assignments and tests, but also with a balance of various sports activities, a fine arts program, and enriching end-of-the-year field lessons to locations such as Washington, DC, the mountains of North Carolina, New York City, and for one class, Ghana, West Africa.

The students who completed 8th grade at KIPP WAYS Academy and KIPP South Fulton Academy matriculated to high school in 2007 and received support through their high school years from the KIPP Through College (KTC) program. KTC provided them valuable support and guidance through their high school years to ensure their journey to college would be realized. Ninety-five percent of these students graduated from high school and 85% of them received college acceptances. The next phase of support involves ensuring the students persist in realizing their dreams of obtaining a college diploma. The Class of 2011’s journey through college has just begun.

Nationally, KIPP students complete college at a rate that is four times the rate of comparable students from low-income communities. To ensure students succeed, it is crucial to build a foundation that will set them up for success. Each year, KIPP Metro Atlanta refines its programs and instructional delivery models to ensure this. As the first class of students graduated from various high schools across the city and state, the doors opened at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, KIPP Metro Atlanta’s first KIPP high school. KIPP Atlanta Collegiate will continue the tradition of focus and rigor instilled in the students in middle school and will create a strong bridge to 1 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

college. Additionally, plans are being finalized to create KIPP Metro Atlanta’s first elementary schools which will allow, for the first time, a K-12 KIPP option for students in Atlanta beginning in 2012. KIPP Metro Atlanta’s work is focused not only on ensuring that students can get to college, but also that they will achieve their ultimate goals of attaining a college degree and getting through college.


schools in Atlanta growing to




95% high school graduation rate

typical school day


college acceptance rate

more than



more than



of students African-American

of students eligible for free and reduced lunch

of students proficient in math by 8th grade

About KIPP KIPP Metro Atlanta is part of the growing network of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) schools across the nation. KIPP is a national network of free, open enrollment, college preparatory schools dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. There are 109 KIPP schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia serving more than 32,000 students. In Metro Atlanta, there are currently five KIPP schools, including four middle schools and one high school, as well as the KIPP Through College Program which supports students on their journey “to and through� college. KIPP Metro Atlanta plans to serve more students each year as it grows into a full K-12 network. 2 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

of teachers are committed to the belief that all children WILL learn

On the first day of school, KIPP Metro Atlanta students learn an important lesson: their focus is on college. Their class is identified by the year they will go to college; their homerooms are named after their teacher’s alma mater; and the hard work and perseverance required to obtain a college degree starts on Day 1. All this hard work pays off . Our students are seeing solid results each year. KIPP Metro Atlanta students consistently outperform their peers across their district and the state on all measures of the Georgia Criterion Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT).








96% 84%


78% 73% 67%


KIPP WAYS Academy and KIPP South Fulton Academy’s founding classes showed great success in reaching their college goals.







High school Graduation Rate

College Acceptance Rate

College Scholarships earned


KIPP Metro Atlanta

The students’ success would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our teachers. One hundred percent of teachers at KIPP Metro Atlanta firmly believe that all students, regardless of background, can and will achieve academic success in college and in life. To ensure teachers successfully support and guide students, KIPP Metro Atlanta aligns the curriculum across the

region and conducts interim benchmark assessments that provide important data that teachers use to drive instruction in each class. Teachers collaborate across the region in content teams to improve lesson planning and execution. Teachers new to KIPP Metro Atlanta receive valuable support and mentoring to ensure they make a successful transition to our schools.

3 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

Students who choose to attend independent day schools or in-state boarding schools are eligible for KIPP Metro Atlanta’s Opportunity Fund. The Opportunity Fund is a state tax credit support program that provides donors a tax credit match up to $2,500 for married couples and $1,500 for individuals. Our students receive the funds in the form of scholarships toward their tuition.

Opportunity Fund donors Carice Anderson Tom and Deborah Avery Ronald and Carol Beerman Barry and Martha Berlin Kathe and Morris Brown David Jernigan James and Marsha Long Kevin and Staci Lynch Patrick Methvin Julian and Dedi Mohr Julian and Marni Mohr

4 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

Steven and Vicki Morris Rian Perry William and Beverly Pritchard Michael and Carrie Raeber Stefano and Leyani Redditi Thomas and Dianne Sherrill Robert and Vivian Thompson Jack and Jean Ward Howard and Joan Weinstein Tara Wooldridge Troy Wright

The journey to and through college KIPP’s commitment to its alumni does not end upon matriculation to college. The KIPP Through College (KTC) staff keeps in close contact with alumni and provides academic and social guidance to them along their journey through college. Assistance with course selection, tutoring, or finding and obtaining summer internships will be provided throughout their college experience. During middle school, KIPP Metro Atlanta students receive assistance identifying the proper high school for them through the program. KTC supports the academic, professional and character skills needed for KIPP alumni to be successful in high school, college, and the competitive world beyond. Each KIPP region develops its own program specially structured to address the needs of their students and alumni. KTC programs aim to strengthen the alumni retention efforts locally as well as nationally. The KIPP Metro Atlanta KTC staff provides students guidance in navigating the numerous high school options and application process. Once in high school, students continue to receive assistance from KTC including tutorials, workshops, SAT test preparation, academic monitoring, and college tours. KIPP Metro Atlanta also hosts an annual college fair to introduce colleges and universities to KIPP and to ensure the students are exposed to the various colleges and universities that are available to them.

KIPP Atlanta Collegiate Maintaining momentum, strong academic discipline and connections with the “team and family” that was built in middle school are key factors to ensuring that the journey to college continues. KIPP’s academic rigor and valuable support that are available with a KIPP high school option in Atlanta is further commitment to these goals. During the 2010-2011 school year preparations were officially underway to open KIPP Atlanta Collegiate (KAC). KAC’s first class of 9th grade students began their journey to college in the summer of 2011. The students spent their first week of high school on the campus of Emory University- beginning with the end in mind- to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it will take during their four years of high school to complete the journey to college, and to actually experience life on a college campus.

KIPP Metro Atlanta to Open Elementary Schools To ensure more students successfully complete the journey to and through college, it is important to start the journey earlier to catch students before they can fall behind. KIPP Metro Atlanta embraced this philosophy and over the past year embarked on developing and submitting two elementary school charters which were submitted to Atlanta Public Schools and were both approved. KIPP STRIVE Primary and KIPP Vision Primary will open on the campuses of KIPP STRIVE Academy Middle School and KIPP Vision Academy Middle School, creating two K-8 campuses. The high expectations and rigor will begin in kindergarten and give students a strong academic base that will help ensure their journey to and through college is successful. Families in Atlanta will finally have the option of a K-12 KIPP experience for their children beginning in 2012.

5 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

Jarius Allen

Deranda Butler

Class of 2011, KIPP South Fulton Academy North Springs High School

Class of 2011, KIPP WAYS Academy Grady High School

“I was not the greatest student in terms of behavior,” said Jarius Allen, a former student from KIPP South Fulton Academy. “But the staff and teachers kept on me and explained how I should use my leadership skills in a good way.” After matriculating to North Springs High School, Jarius began to appreciate the discipline and rigor that KIPP South Fulton Academy had instilled in him. He realized the long school days and hours of homework he persevered through at KIPP South Fulton prepared him to handle high school. “High school seemed easy after KIPP,” he noted. He began to seek our more challenging work, so he took advantage of a dual-enrollment option and began college classes at Clayton State University during his junior year. It was also at this time that Jarius began to return to KSFA to assist his former teachers and tutor KSFA students. He wanted to give back to those who believed in him during his challenging middle school years. In the spring of 2011, Jarius gained acceptance to Georgia Tech and became one of the 1,000 winners of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship, which will pay his tuition at Georgia Tech as well as a graduate degree if he chooses to pursue one. “KIPP instilled a work ethic in me that made it possible for me to be at Georgia Tech today.”

“Before I came to KIPP, I did not even know what college was,” said Deranda Butler, a founding student of KIPP WAYS Academy and recent graduate of Grady High School. Deranda believes the support she received while a student at KIPP WAYS Academy set her on the path to college. Deranda had not thought much about college before coming to KIPP as she spent most of her time and energy assisting her mother with the care of her younger brother who is autistic. The supportive and caring environment at KIPP WAYS Academy allowed Deranda to become focused and engaged while at school. She set a goal of becoming a journalist and, with the help of KIPP Through College, she chose to attend Grady High School. At Grady she wrote for the school newspaper and won several awards including a first place editorial column award from the Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA) and an editorial column award from the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA). Today Deranda is pursuing a degree in journalism from Georgia State University. She received a $20,000 scholarship from Dell and the Hope Scholarship. “KIPP paved the path to college for me,” said Deranda. “ I just had to follow it.”

Sample of

collegeS and universities attended by KIPP Metro Atlanta alumni: Alabama State University Berea College Brandeis University Clemson University Columbia College of Chicago Denison University Dillard University Drexel University Elon University Georgia Southern University Georgia State University Georgia Institute of Technology Hampton University Howard University Spelman College

6 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

Louisiana State University Middle Tennessee State Morehouse College Queens University Savannah State University The College of Wooster Tuskegee University University of Georgia University of Kentucky University of Mississippi University of West Georgia Valdosta State University Voorhees College Xavier University

When a challenge arises On Friday, December 10, 2010, a fire broke out at KIPP WAYS Academy in the early hours before school began. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the blaze, but the facility and classrooms were all heavily damaged. Students and their families were saddened and stunned by the fire, but their worries were alleviated as hundreds of volunteers worked tirelessly over the weekend to ensure the relocation facility was ready for the students to seamlessly return to classes first thing Monday morning. Businesses and organizations in the community rallied to support our students.

The KIPP WAYS Academy Recovery Fund raised more than $100,000 from numerous individuals and companies. Support also came from the KIPP Team and Family. KIPPsters from around the country conducted fundraisers and sent donations to the Recovery Fund. Renovation work began immediately following the fire and the facility was completed in time for the start of the 2011-2012 school year. The fire may have heavily damaged a building, but the experience taught the students important life lessons about the power of community, teamwork, and perseverance. The newly renovated building will serve as a beautiful reminder of these important lessons.

Special thanks go to: Carere Music Georgia Tech Marching Band SchoolBox

7 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

Staples WalMart WXIA

KIPP WAYS Recovery Fund donors AGL Resources Private Foundation AirTran Carice Anderson Kathy Ashe Bruce and Cindy Becker Linda Belans Milton and Joan Benjamin Eloise Best Big Blue Propane Kathy Bizarth Allen Blackwell J. and K. Blasingame Boston Consulting Group Jason Botel Cecil Bowe Shannan Bowen Rachel Bren Goldklang Julius Brown Bradley Bruckman Alia Bushell Shannon and Peter Candler Grace Cass John Christian Clairmont Baptist Church/ Young Adults Sunday School Class Terrence Coggin Marjorie Cohen Neil Copelan Jonathan and Kristen Cowan Peter Croncota Jennifer Dennis Charlotte Dixon Doris & Donald Fisher Fund

Ken Edelin A. and L. Etter Frank and Jacqueline Ferris John and Sandra Ferris Tracy and Mark Field Patrick Flannery-Reilly Fulton Teachers’ Credit Union Golden Bears Touchdown Club Inc. Ellis Gordon Dwayne Greene Sherry Habif Marc and Deedee Hamburger Randle and Oleda Hare Jennifer Hill Tommy and Beth Holder Rhonda Hudson David and Connie Huelsbeck John Hughes Richard and Linda Hughes John and Abby Irby Deborah Jackson Horace Jennings Lee Davis Jones Stephanie Jones John and Megan Karacalidis Kim and Chris Karacalidis Lefteri Karacalidis Marco Karacalidis KIPP Foundation KIPP Infinity Charter School KIPP Raices Academy KIPP WAYS KTA INC Mark Kistulinec

Hiromi and Yoshiki Kubagawa Marcus and Sarah Lapointe Lawler Green Givelber & Prinz LLC Adam and Shirley Leaderman Carol Lee Robert Lee Eric Leslie Elizabeth Levine Hollande Levinson Felicia Lewis Njeri Lewis Doug MacGinnitie William Maddox Shaconda Magwood Make a Difference Foundation Inc. Samira Malik Nicole Mangiere Tom and Lisa McChesney Allen and Ann Carter McDonald Mary McIntosh McKesson Foundation Anastasia Michals Ariele Mlawski Julian and Dedi Mohr Chastity Moore Morehouse College Barbara Morgan David Morse Susan Morse Theodore and Mary Mullin National Society of Black Engineers Martha Nedderman Allan and Melanie Nelkin

8 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

Scott and Michelle Nelson Beth Newton Jeffrey and Ardell Otten J. Page Page Perry LLC Marquisha Palmer Niraj Patel John and Nancy Patterson Ashley Perry David Peterson Charisse Price Jennifer Ramacciotti Michael and Diane Ray Adam Richards Rukiya Richardson Marian Rogers Fredric and Robin Rosenberg Susan Ross Emily Rummo Karen Russell Tina Sachs Saint Mark United Methodist Church Thomas Sampson Daniel and Lynn Sharp Anietra Sherrill Patrick Silva Brandon Sims Charles Smith Nelson Smith Robert and Judith Smith Steven Smith Josh Solomon

Margaret and John Stagmeier Voltaire Sterling Steve and Karin Stern Tails Pet Portraits Coral Taylor Curtis Tearte Charles and Brenda Thames The Fruits of Labor, Inc. The Home Depot Foundation The Intersect Group Paul and Julie Thomas Natali Thompson Robert and Vivian Thompson Emmanuel Tillman Whitney Tilson Katherine Tipson Anne and Pat Tolleson Kimberly Traylor Cheryl Turner Peter Unger Teresa Velez Marina Volanakis Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Elizabeth Walker Deah Warren Richard Wicklund Jack Wilen Spencer Wiles DeMarco Williams Norman Willis Alan and Tracy Wise Zion Hill Baptist Church

Making the journey possible FY11 Annual Report Financials Revenue*

Public Funding


Private Contributions for Operations

Other (including insurance proceeds from fire) Total Revenue and Support for Operations



General Administration


Consolidated Expenses

1,081,942 $



Private $


11,673,697 2,088,772



Interest & Principal Payments Total Operational Expenses

Consolidated Revenue


70% Public Funding


Instructional Program



General Administration

1% Other 3% Interest &

Principal Payments




*does not include revenue restricted for capital projects or expenses related to capital improvements

We would like to thank all of our 2010-2011 donors. Organization Donors AET Films Alston and Bird Ampacet Corporation Amtopp Corporation AT&T/Cingular Atlanta Charity Clays Atlanta Forum Atlanta Foundation Bank of America Foundation BB&T Beer Nuts Better Made Snack Foods Better World Books Biscomerica Corporation Bonset America Corporation Bostik, Inc. Callan Associates Campbell Young Scholars Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School Inc. Charter School Growth Fund Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Chubb & Son

Chubb Custom Market Continental Mills Deloitte DuPont Teijin Films Emily Winship Scott Foundation Ernst & Young Evelyn and Frank Gordy Foundation ExxonMobil Chemical Company Feld Entertainment Flint Group FM Global Freeman & Long Georgia Power Foundation Giving Circle Golden Flake Snack Foods Goldman Sachs Home Depot Foundation Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust John and Mary Franklin Foundation Kellytown Transportation Kildonan Foundation

King & Spalding LLP KIPP South Fulton Academy PTSA Lincoln Property Co. Commercial, Inc. Lockton Companies, LLC LyondellBasell Industries (Equistar) MacDermid Printing Solutions Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Foundation McMaster-Carr Supply Company Mike Sell’s Potato Chip Co. Miller & Martin Mitsubishi Momar Incorporated Monogram Foods Northside Kiwanis Foundation Nova Pergola International Holdings (Sinkro) Post Hope Foundation Price Gilbert Jr. Charitable Fund PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Prudential Retirement

9 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation Realan Foundation Recall Corporation Red Prairie Roman Kuraray America, Inc., EVAL Division Ryt-Way Industries, Inc. SAP America Sasol Chemicals North America LLC Siegwerk USA Co. Sinkro Ink SKC, Inc. Snyder’s of Hanover Stadion Money Management Sun Chemical Corporation SunTrust Bank Terphane The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation The Baird Group The Belk Foundation The Cadence Group

The CarMax Foundation The Coca-Cola Foundation The Dow Chemical Company The Kendeda Fund The Kim King Foundation The Marcus Foundation The Patterson Family Foundation The Sara Giles Moore Foundation The Sartain Lanier Family Foundation The Walton Family Foundation The Ward Foundation The Zeist Foundation, Inc. Time Warner Treofan America, LLC TW Garner Food U.S. Bank UBS Matching Gift Program Wells Fargo Advisors Wells Fargo Bank Westlake Polymers Youth Quake Team Atlanta

Individual donors Howell and Madeline Adams Mary Claire Allvine Robert Anastasi Kim Anderson Brian Aoyama Tina Arbes Joseph Arnold Tom and Deborah Avery Jim Balloun Keith Barnett Richard Barth and Wendy Kopp Ronald and Carol Beerman Daniel and Jannean Bello Barry and Martha Berlin BJ Bernstein Robert Bernstein Douglas Biggs Joyce Boone James and Elizabeth Boswell George Brennan Harvey and Mary Brickley Richard Brown Kathe and Morris Brown Sara Jean and Fred Burke Rita Burnat James Butchart Karla Byrd Peter and Judith Caldwell Robert Callner Robert and Cindy Candler Reuben Cannon Mark Carlson Ned and Elizabeth Case George Case Hwang-mei and Chiu-shan Chang Sidney Childress

H. Clark Thomas Claugus Patricia Coad Peter and Barbara Cohen Miles and Nicole Cook Stockton and Robin Croft Bradley Currey G. Dean Margaret and Joseph Dimon Carl Drake Torarie Durden Milton Edelin Ilene Engel Alan and Janet Fishman Brad and Marie Foster Anne Marie Gan Peter and Gina Genz Hakim Ghanem S. and Shearon Glover Barry and Margaret Goheen Robert Goodman Angel Gordon Minnedore Green Samuel and Lynn Gude Jenifer Guimond Mark and Ruth Hackner Philip and Raye Handler Bill and Sudie Hangar Tom Harbin Erica Hartman-Horvitz Jennifer and Brandon Hayes Barbara Henkel Doug and Lila Hertz Geoff and Elise Hills Peter Howland Helen Hughes

Charles and Bobbi Hurt Randy Hyman Bruce and Barbara Irvine Lana Jackson Terri Jackson Wade David Jernigan Bobbo Jetmundsen Chetan Jhaveri Chantel Johnson Thomas and Elinor Jones Craig and Mary Coleman Jones Robert and Jo Ann Kennerly Michael and Kathyann Kiepura Marsh and Mary King Scott and Judy Lampert Gloria Landreth Jim LaVallee Valerie and Jeff Levy Yang Lin Michael Lomax L. Loveland Kevin and Staci Lynch Joel and Elizabeth Mason Joe and Carol Mathias George and Amanda Mattingly George and Connie Mattingly Keith and Kelley Mauriello LeShelle May Drunelle McDavid Mark McKee Marni and Julian Mohr Steven and Vicki Morris Jessica Morris Edward Muller Thomas and Clair Muller Avery and Valerie Munnings

Lindsey Owings Robert Palumbo Joseph Patterson Samantha Pearlman Mark and Martha Pentecost Wilds and Belle Pierce Hunter and Leslie Pierson Roger and Phyllis Porter Geoffrey and Marilyn Posner Alan Prince Thomas and Elizabeth Pritchard Michael and Carrie Raeber Stephen Raeber Rotarsha Randall Randall Portwood Charles Raper David Read Beverly and Victor Riccardi Homer and Phyllis Rice Anthony Roberts Dan and Nancy Robitaille Eric and Erica Ross James Rubright Susan Saddawi-Schmidt Brian Sadler Robert and Laura Sales Kenneth and Cindy Schick Suzanne and Roger Schlaifer Larry Schooler Stuart and Betty Schwarzschild Roger and Maryearle Scoville Daniel Seagull Richard and Clare Segall Lewis and Joan Shubin Adam and Jodie Skorecki Patrick Smith

Michael Solomon Dale Stafford Mason and Linda Stephenson Logan Stevens Susan Stewart Mike Stick Eric and Kimberley Strickland Emily Stubbs Judith Taylor Simone Thornhill William Tipping Tom and Lynn Tolleson David Turner Eric Ueber Kirsten Ueber Rod and Jenny Vanderslice Rohan Verma Willis and Sonya Walker M. Walkur Jack and Jean Ward Jonathan Wax Dennis and Ann Webb John and Julie Webster Howard and Joan Weinstein Kit and Catherine Weitnauer Steven and Melinda Wertheim Mark and Randelle Wesley Doris White Buzz and Amy White Benaree Wiley Ather Williams Angela Williams Dennis and Marietta Zakas Louisa and Jonathan Zufi

KIPP Metro Atlanta offers its apologies to any individual mistakenly omitted from this list. We appreciate the support of everyone in the KIPP Metro Atlanta Team and Family.

10 | KIPP Metro Atlanta 2011 Annual Report

KIPP Metro Atlanta staff

KIPP Metro Atlanta School Leaders

KIPP Metro Atlanta Board of Directors

Elizabeth Sharp Broderick Director of Development

Ed Chang Founding Principal, KIPP STRIVE Academy

Tom Pritchard, Chair GMT Capital Corp

Marni Mohr Community Volunteer

Bryan Brownlow Director of Facilities

Dwight Ho-Sang Principal, KIPP WAYS Academy

Vinice Davis Managing Director of Operations

Dave Howland Founding Principal, KIPP Atlanta Collegiate

Kim Anderson Executive Director, Families First

Avery Munnings Partner, Deloitte

Cara Fears Office Manager

Steve Jones Founding Principal, KIPP Vision Academy

Mike Raeber Partner, King & Spalding

Ramous Fields Director of Technology

Jondre Pryor Principal, KIPP South Fulton Academy

Joe Arnold Senior Vice President and Manager, Not-For-Profit and Government Banking division, SunTrust Atlanta

Monica Groves Curriculum Specialist Stan Ingber Manager of School Nutrition David Jernigan Executive Director Tawni Johnson Administrative Assistant Jill Joplin Director of Communications Cynthia Lazard Accounting and Payroll Manager Judy Lin Chief Operating Officer Angela Page Recruiter Sabrina Player Director of KIPP Through College Program Folami Prescott-Adams Director of Leadership Development Erin Snell Instructional Support Specialist

Tom Avery Managing Director, Raymond James & Associates BJ Bernstein Attorney, Bernstein Law Firm Kathe Brown Community Volunteer

Jack Ward Retired Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Russell Corporation Mark Wesley President, Recall North America Alan Wise Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Ned Case Vice President & General Manager, GMT Capital Corp Torarie Durden Vice President, OT Enterprises Sam Gude Chief Executive Officer, Gude Management Group Tharon Johnson Partner, Piedmont Public Affairs Craig Jones Chief Investment Officer, Cousins Properties

Katie Rigby Director of Curriculum and Instruction Troy Wright Director of Finance

98 Anderson Ave, NW Atlanta, Georgia 30314

KIPP Metro Atlanta Annual Report (2011)  
KIPP Metro Atlanta Annual Report (2011)  

KIPP Metro Atlanta Annual Report (2011)