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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Meaning of Life

2-3. Personal Essays of People 4-5. Personal Memory Essays

6-7. Personal Achievement Essays 8-9. Magazine Articles

10-11. Newspaper Articles 12-13. Art Reflection

14. Time Capsule 15. Top Ten Favorite Songs


MEANING OF LIFE Live life how life is supposed to be lived. It sounds quite cliché, but that’s how I go through life. There will always be people who make fun of you for your differences, and people who judge you before they even know your name. My goal in life is to just ignore those people and move past it. They don’t know my story, they don’t know where I’m from, they just know what I look like. Yet, it’s acceptable for them to judge me and make fun of me because of my looks. That’s just a waste of time in my mind. Why waste time judging others to make yourself feel better, when you could be bettering yourself with that time you’re wasting. To me, that’s the meaning of life. Bettering yourself. Nobody’s perfect, everyone has at least one thing they can make better about themselves. Life is all about getting better. Spending ten minutes a day working on your weakest trait is all it takes to make that trait better. It’s easy to get through life without problems, but it’s up to the person living that life to choose which problems they encounter.


MY INFLUENCE September 11, 2001 was one of the most devastating days in US history. With how big of an incident it was, there were not nearly enough paramedics at the scene on time. As great of a job as they managed to do, it took them too long to realize how big of a disaster it was and to get the right amount of men and women on scene. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to help people. Whether it is in the military or public service, it’s what I’ve wanted to do. That’s why being a paramedic is my goal after high school. Because of how awful that day was, it keeps me motivated to get through school so I can become a paramedic and help save people’s lives. Taking an EMT class and learning how to be one is such a thrilling experience. There are times I can already feel my heart beating in my chest, I’m so eager to start helping people. Seeing all the EMTs and Paramedics helping around today are my biggest influence for going to college, otherwise I may not have made that choice.


MY FAVORITE TRADITION A family tradition I’ve always enjoying is getting to go back to Michigan every year for Thanksgiving and getting together with my family either in New York or Indiana for Christmas. Ever since I was a little kid we have always gone to my Aunt Julie’s house in Plymouth, Michigan. And for a long time we’d go there for Christmas as well. My cousins from New York would come and that’s what makes it most enjoyable. My cousins are so much fun to be around and they’re so funny. We’re basically like brothers and sisters who see each other once or twice a year. We’d usually stay with my grandparents who lived in Michigan when we go up there for the holidays. But they moved to Florida a few years ago so we just get a hotel up there at Thanksgiving time and we all go there. For Christmas we went to my cousin’s house in New York for a few years and then this past year they all came to our house. It doesn’t matter what holiday it is or where we meet up. All that matters is that I get to keep the tradition of seeing my cousins.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT Playing for the freshman soccer team comes with a ton of good times. Our team was absolutely awful. We had lost every game, tied two games, and we were coming up on our last game. Our whole team was preparing for a loss because the opposing team was supposedly pretty good throughout the season. Plus, we were used to losing so it wasn’t hard to believe we were probably going to lose. Game day comes and I was starting in the net. About seven minutes into the game we scored our first goal. Only minutes later we got a second goal. By halftime it was three to nothing. Once the second half started, it only took a few minutes to score again making it four to zero. The score was five to zero in a matter of minutes after the first substitutions. I came too far out of the goal to defend a ball and as I dove through the dirt, the opponent dribbled around me, making it five to one. Our team ended up scoring two more goals to end the game with a score of seven to one.

We didn’t let the fact that our season was awful get in the way of the excitement of the win. We finished the season 1-9-2. Although our team didn’t do well, it was probably one of the most memorable soccer seasons I will ever have.



HOW I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED I’ve always been quite the class clown up until the last couple years when I’ve needed to crack down on my grades. So I think it would be extremely cool for people to look back on their high school years and think, “Alex Warmus? That really funny kid in my English class?” Being remembered for being smart, athletic, or cool would be pretty nice, but not many kids can be remembered as being the class clown! The best would be being remembered as the class clown who never got in trouble. There’s always that kid who can do whatever they want in class and not get in trouble because the teacher laughs just as much as the class does. But that only happens if the teacher is really cool and I haven’t had that cool of a teacher since seventh grade. Class clowns are usually remembered for how funny they were, how bad of grades they got, and how much trouble they got in. I want to be remembered for how funny I was, not how bad I did in school.


WHAT I’VE LEARNED I’ve learned a lot from my formal education that most teachers wouldn’t think I’d learn. I’ve learned that school doesn’t teach you most of what you need for the real world. In elementary school they always said they were preparing us for junior high. In junior high we were being prepared for high school and in high school they say we’re being prepared for the real world. That’s not true at all. In the real world you need a job and you need to pay taxes and manage money. Why have I not been offered any courses on how to succeed in a job interview? I’ve never heard of a class on how to do taxes or manage money. Economics is the closest thing to that and that’s more about learning about the economy mostly of the past. Knowing how to buy stocks at the right time won’t help me pay my taxes or get a job. Sure, knowing how to write an essay or knowing a wide vocabulary or knowing how to find x in a five line equation is useful for specific job positions, but nothing I want to do. In high school they should really prepare you for the future and offer classes that help improve your skills you’ll need after high school and college.


FUTURE PLANS My future is wide open in my eyes. Right now, I’m going to attend a community college for a year or two and then move far away. It sounds so cliché, but I feel college is the time to figure out who you want to be and where you want to be that person. It’s the time to explore any and all opportunities put in front of you. So with that in mind, I plan on moving to California. Through my year(s) at Ivy Tech I’ll save up as much money as possible and get a small place out in California. If I don’t like it there, I’ll go somewhere else. I don’t plan on settling down until I find the place I’m meant to be. It’s somewhat sad to see kids born in Indiana, grow up in Fishers, and then stay here their whole lives. I was born in Detroit and lived in three different cities there. We moved here and have been here ten years now. And that’s enough for me. I don’t belong here, it’s one of the nicest cities I’ll ever live in, but it’s not for me. I belong somewhere else and I plan on finding that place in the next five years.


MAGAZINE- SOCCER ACADEMY Ajax Soccer Club is a Dutch soccer club that trains kids as young as seven years old. It used to be one of the best clubs out there but as more clubs in England, Italy, and Spain got better, more players decided to go there. So now Ajax is more of a kid training facility. I’ve played soccer since I was six, if I had had the opportunity to go to Ajax academy when I was seven, I could be one of the best soccer players in Fishers. Those kids come out of that academy younger than me, yet they’re probably ten times better. After playing soccer the good majority of my life, I’ll never be able to achieve the skill level these kids did and still do. Some of the kids at this academy could give me a run for my money, since I play goalkeeper. They could probably score on me left and right and I couldn’t stop it. It’s always been a dream of mine to go to an academy like that; I’d be the best goaltender in Indiana if I ever had the chance to go there!


MAGAZINE- STYLE Wearing a casual, slim fitting suit is in style this spring for men. And when it comes to shoes, loafers, or moccasin looking shoes are what’s in right now.

This relates to me because I’ve never been the type to be super into fashion. Basketball shorts and a t-shirt or V-neck are always available to me and they’re cheap and comfortable as well. It doesn’t matter what people at school think of how I look and/or dress, all that matters is that I can make it through the day without thinking to myself, “These clothes are so itchy and uncomfortable.” That’s why just basketball shorts and a solid colored t-shirt is basically all I ever wear. You can’t get simpler than my clothing selection. However, it is nice to dress nicely every once in a while. And when I dress nicely, I don’t have to go all out or anything because going from basketball shorts and a t-shirt to some khaki pants and a plaid dress shirt makes it seem like I’m dressing up for something special even though it’s just because I wasn’t in the mood for basketball shorts that day.


NEWS- SOCCER REFEREE A soccer referee in Utah was punched in the side of the face/head after giving a goalkeeper a yellow card for pushing an opposing player attempting to score. The referee was taken to the hospital for symptoms of a concussion and went into a coma upon arrival at the hospital and died that night. This hits me pretty hard, being a goalkeeper for my soccer teams in the past. I can’t imagine ever being so mad at a referee that I’d think it was okay to hit him over a call. I once wanted to be a referee but I decided against it, but had I gone through with it, I could suffer an injury like his if I ever made a call against a kid who would be as angry as the teenager who hit him. I understand that referees can make quite questionable calls; I’ve been in plenty of games with bad calls. Arguing with the referee over whether or not the call is a good call is a sport thing. In most sports you’ll see either players or coaches talk or argue with the referee about the previous call but that’s as far as anyone takes it. That’s as far as I’d ever take it. Hitting a referee is, and never will be, justifiable.


NEWS- EMT DEATHS On February 16 around 3:40am a passenger car struck an ambulance in an intersection. The ambulance had the right of way through the intersection. The force of impact sent the ambulance sliding on its side into a parked car. One EMT died on arrival at the hospital and the other ended up dying later at the hospital. Being in an EMT class, these types of stories have really started affecting me more than it would have in the past. I now realize all the risks these paramedics and EMTs take every day. These two were not even on a call when they were hit. They were returning from a call and the lady who hit them went through a red light and struck the ambulance. Anyone runs the risk of being struck at an intersection by someone who isn’t paying attention, but emergency responders have so much more risk and it took this story for a lot of us in my class to realize all the true risks of being an EMT and going onto being a paramedic. It’s not something that stops any of us from wanting the job though. It’s worth the risk, being able to help others live one more day.


ART- FAMILY My family means the world to me. I may not show it all the time, but without them I wouldn’t be a senior in high school. Before my mom got remarried it was just her, my two younger sisters and I. After she got remarried my stepdad got on my mom about my school and my mom then got on me about my grades and it’s helped me since sophomore year to at least pass classes. They don’t ask for much out of me, and I don’t ask for much from them, but I know they’re behind me one hundred percent on most of the choices I make. They’re the reason I decided on going to college over joining a branch of the military. I can’t stand the thought of leaving my family for a few months to a few years and potentially leaving my mom without a son. She’s done so much for me over the past seventeen and a half years, there’s no way I could risk leaving her. We have our disagreements but I know that no matter what she will always be there for me no matter how old I am.


ART- LYRICS This is only a few lyrics of a verse of a song by Jake Miller that is just more than inspirational. People have gotten these lyrics tattooed on them and this guy is only a college kid from Florida. His story shows that no matter where you are in life, if you pursue a dream, you can achieve it no matter what it is. And the lyrics are spot on. In the music video, he’s talking about a homeless guy holding a sign that says “Life Is Good” and how the man is perfectly fine with his life. Then there’s a business man making one hundred thousand dollars a year and he’s on his third wife and he’s just not happy. The whole message of the song really makes me think about my life in a different perspective because I came to Fishers from a city right outside of Detroit, Michigan and we had it pretty good up there. After we came here, it’s ten times better, but we can’t take it for granted. Too many people get caught up in their possessions and when they lose those they don’t have anything to lean back on. You just have to live life to the fullest on the least you can, that way you’re truly living to the fullest, not relying on anything else.


TIME CAPSULE 1. Soccer ball – I’d put a soccer ball in my time capsule because I’ve played soccer since I was five and it’s the one sport I’ve stuck with for this long.

2. Headphones – Music is what helps keep me calm. I get angry very easily, and listening to music is kind of my escape, so I can keep calm. 3. Shoes – I love getting new, good looking shoes. If I had the extra money, I’d be getting new shoes once a month at least. 4. Computer – I’m pretty good with computers and I spend a good portion of my time at home on my computers. 5. Full bottle of water with a note attached – I’m a very curious person, so I’d leave a note letting whoever finds it know that the bottle was full when I buried it just to see if it would still be full when they find it.


TOP TEN FAVORITE SONGS Girls – Kid Cudi Cold Blooded – Kid Cudi  Kid Cudi’s music is so different and unique. When I listen to it, it’s like I’m in another world. A Million Lives – Jake Miller  This song is really inspirational. It just shows that you don’t have to do anything big to have an effect on others’ lives. I’m Alright – Jake Miller  What you have in life doesn’t make you the man/woman you are. One Click Headshot – Feed Me

Rage Valley – Knife Party Internet Friends – Knife Party  These three songs are really good mood songs. Turn the speakers up and drown out everything around you. End of the Road – Machine Gun Kelly  People try to bring you down but you just have to push forward and move on. Hard To Love – Bruce Lee  This song basically describes my personality perfectly. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons  This just puts me in a good mood. It’s one of those songs you always want to sing along to.

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