AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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Tanith: As a husband and father your work schedule must be super tough, and I know you’re dedicated to time with family, how do you create balance with such a busy career?

Ace: You could say the schedule is tough if you don't enjoy it, but if you enjoy it, it's just about the volume of hours doing something you want to do the energy to sustain it.

My family is quite industrious and busy. Education has been at the forefront of everything while the kids are young to set them up for life. So the key is, 'work when they work', and take time off when they do. For example they go to school all day, and then do extra curricular activities such as piano lessons, maths lessons, tennis, Saturday school etc. So I'll work at these times but stop and do things with them when the free time is there. This actually gives me a lot of time to get things done from 9am-7pm. I'm a big multitasker and time manager. I live by lists and calendars and a structured work ethic. I get excited about creating new projects and doing things that I want to do. I take a chance often, I make calculated risks and run them alongside surefire moneymaking pursuits such as full-time employment. The family are used to me being like this and they know it's important that I must do the work. I'm also very conscious about offsetting time when needs be, when your daughter says let's play, you’ve got to play…It's the old adage of work hard play hard…When I’m not working I'm totally focused on doing things with the family such as days out, road trips, barbecues, nature visits, arts and crafts etc…. oh and that admin stuff…lol