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Business Leaders Must Prioritize Their Employees’ Wellbeing When Returning to the Office

It’s starting to feel like summer again in Los Angeles. Beach weather is here to stay, reopenings at Dodger Stadium are ushering in familiar crowds to America’s pastime. Eager children are ready to ditch their classrooms (both virtual and in-person) as they near the finish line of the school year, and friends, family, and coworkers are finalizing upcoming summer vacation travel plans. Now that travel is a more tangible reality, we’re all itching to catch up on lost time from the past year-plus of quarantine and social distancing.

June in Los Angeles is the month I most associate with change, other than November in my hometown of Mississauga, Canada. Transitioning from springtime to summer comes with a lot of anticipation for building new memories to look back on. And given this past year, I’m sure we’re all hungry to make new memories. As we eye more and more freedoms returning to our daily lives, we should pay attention to the way these old familiar pastimes feel, and find ways to prioritize these feelings in the grand scope of our daily lives, both personal and professional.

“…it’s important to better understand the ways in which our work life affects our mental and physical wellbeing.”

In addition to being the beginning of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, June is also National Professional Wellness Month. Considering that, under normal circumstances outside of a pandemic, we spend a significant amount of time in the office, it’s important to better understand the ways in which our work life affects our mental and physical wellbeing. Understanding the issues that we face in the office, and the impact that these issues could have in our personal lives is crucial to employers who want to support their employees and foster a positive and healthy work environment.

If there was ever a time to prioritize wellness in the workplace, it’s been this past year. Of course, as coronavirus numbers have risen and dipped in the U.S. this past year, working remotely from the comfort of our homes has been an important strategy in combating this pandemic. Taking work computers to home offices, bolstering internet connections, and jumping on zoom instead of our regular in-person meetings has not been challenging in the scope of the personal sacrifices people have made throughout this tragic time. 93 AWARENOW / THE UNITED EDITION