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POWER OF DELIVERING CONTENT AND SHAPING TOMORROW In 1990 when Snap hit the top of the Billboard charts with “I've got the power”, I certainly didn't realise that I have the power as we all do in our lives to impact Society around us in a positive way. I was still a chronic alcoholic at that point and had not begun my career as a writer and motivational speaker. Words have the power to transform lives to lift us from the ordinary.

“You look beautiful.”

”I love you.”

“Can I help?”

Simple yet powerful words can impact all of our lives.

Each of us walk different pathways in life. Mine has led me from alcoholism and suicide to becoming an author and motivational speaker. The story of how I climbed Kilimanjaro with a washing machine in my back has inspired people all around the world. This led to the publication of my mental health book “I’m Fine!” which has been a life changing success.

The fundamental part of being human is our humanity. I believe that we not only have the ability to change people's lives for good, but we also have a deep profound responsibility to do so. Technology and social media have the ability to destroy our mental health and happiness but they also has the ability to allow us to reach more people with positive uplifting stories than ever before. That's why I've launched ‘The Mighty Mini Podcast’. In 1990 the word ‘podcast’ did not even exist! Today with some simple technology, some hard work and some imagination, I am able to speak to people from Alaska to Hawaii and from London to Moscow.

Why this name for my podcast? I want something that is condensed and powerful - something that packs the real punch. You didn't have to spend hours listening to the podcast but you could come away richly inspired having learned new knowledge, techniques or advice. One of the most marvelous things about podcasting is that it forces you to sit and reflect on your life and how you would like to impact others. In a crazy modern world that races at breakneck speed, it's unusual to take your pen and paper and sit in the garden and think. If you are thinking of launching your own podcast don't let fear control you. To change the world… to change your life, quite simply you need to take action. I often describe fear to people as cellophane. If you wrap yourself in layers of it, pretty soon you'll be able to take no action at all. You’ll sit on the couch. You won't be creative. You won't contribute to the world.

For me, so much has already come from preparing this podcast like learning new skills in podcast editing, graphics and video. I have been amazed by the stories of the people who have reached out to me to be guests. As a motivational speaker and someone who spends most of the days inspiring other people, I’m human. I need to hear stories that will raise me up. I'm sure quite a few people don't know that ‘pod’ stands for ‘personal on demand’. My podcast certainly is personal. I intend to put my experiences, my thoughts, my feelings, my joy and my fears available on demand for the world. A friend of mine asked me if I was concerned the podcast would not be a success. Instantly, JFK’s words came to mind: “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly." - John F. Kennedy ∎

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