AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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Wardrobe: Lisa JN Marie Photo Credit: Albert Evangelista

Remember, we are all going through something, so be kind to those you come in contact with including yourself. Spend some time with your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, coworkers, siblings and even strangers; you will never know how long they will be around. Ask them to share their story. Listen more than you speak and put yourself in their shoes. By doing so, perhaps you will get a better understanding of their nuisances.

I believe if we put down our guards and focus on love and kindness we would be more united in protecting one another. I hope by sharing my story, you'll have a greater understanding for the stories of other refugees who made a similar choice for their loved ones. Follow @GoGreenDress on Instagram for inspirational quotes, messages and photos of faraway land. As always feel free to reach out should you have any comments, questions or suggestions with my next article. ∎

“To be accepted we must love, to love we must be accepted.” - Thi-ism THI NGUYEN

Nonprofit Consultant, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Thi Nguyen brings with her over 2 decades of non profit experience as a participant, advisor, board member, consultant, volunteer and research and development specialist. Her expertise combining technology to further advance the vision and mission for philanthropic causes has allowed her to serve as a trusted partner with many notable organizations large and small. Thi has experience working with organizations focusing on combating various global issues such as: human sex trafficking, homelessness, poverty, fair wages, global warming, malnutrition, gender equality, humanitarian assistance and human rights. She's currently developing an app to connect individuals and corporations to assist nonprofits in furthering their vision and mission.