AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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“I think that my queerness has something that I've always been really proud of and that has set me apart.”

Allié: Your music and your style seem to be ‘unbound’ by rules, standards or norms. Does this parallel the lifestyle embraced by and empowering the LGBTQ+ community?

Matty: There definitely is a parallel. I think that my queerness has something that I've always been really proud of and that has set me apart. You know, I've had people tell me that I would never be able to achieve certain things as an artist, saying there's no gay artists, there's no this or that. I’ve had a lot of people telling me these things throughout the years. So, I think my queerness in that sense has amplified the narratives that I use and the emotions that I feel. Even navigating as a young teenager and child listening through the lens of pop music and kind of escaping. I think in a lot of ways too I try as a songwriter to really tap into just a really general emotion that everybody can feel and resonate with. I think it's funny because I'm always meeting people and they're just like, “Oh, you're not really what I expected. You’re nicer. You're very calm and very grounded.” I'm very much just like a person, but I also like to make music and I'm an artist. So, I think that in terms of my resilience and my competence, it definitely is in a lot of ways tied to my queerness and also just being who I am. I think everybody needs to be exactly who they are - whether they wake up and they feel more masculine or whether they wake up and feel more feminine. I think everyone needs to digest their own authenticity in their own way. But in terms of lifestyle, I’m very modest in a lot of ways. In terms of fashion, I love to dress up, and I love extravagance and whatnot, but I'm also very humbled by emotions. I try to remember that every day is a blessing and that I'm not better than anybody else because I can create and do these things that I do. I just want to do the best job that I can do while I'm here while also inspiring others.