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Hear ‘Universal Song Of Unity’, written and narrated by Paul Rogers

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Close your eyes and think of your favourite song.

Now sing out loud or in your mind some of the lyrics.

How does that feel? Where did this memory of this song just take you?

I am betting a time, a place and a feeling. All of this without physically moving a thing.

As we honour PRIDE month, let’s look at a meaningful symbol of unity: the rainbow flag.

You may not know that each colour of the pride flag has a meaning:

RED for Life

ORANGE for Healing

YELLOW for Sun

GREEN for Nature

BLUE for Harmony

VIOLET for Soul/Spirit

Originally, there were 8 colours, but now the 6-colour version is an unmistakable symbol - a wonderful interpretation of our shared unities. This, like other symbols, strengthens our connection with each other and our one song.

As humans, we are the only species who has the privilege and power of choice.

We have the choice to create and shape the world and our destinies.

We are also, on the other hand, the only species who fails to live in unity with its surroundings.

The universe will continue long after we have gone. So we only have this question to answer:

Did we forget or chose to forget the words of our one song? ∎ “Don’t die with the music/song still inside you.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer PAUL S. ROGERS

Transformation Expert, Awareness Hellraiser & Public Speaker Keynote public speaking coach, “Adversity to hope, opportunity and prosperity. “ Transformation expert, awareness Hellraiser, life coach, Trauma TBI, CPTSD mentor, train crash and cancer survivor, public speaking coach, Podcast host “Release the Genie”, Director at Core Mentors Association (Not for profit) & Best-selling author. His journey from corporate to Kitesurfer to teacher on first nations reserve to today. Paul’s goal is to inspire others to find their true purpose and passion.