AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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GENIE FACT: A GENIE KNOWS WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKEN HEARTED Unity is defined as a state of being united or joined as one.

It is also used to describe ‘being in harmony’.

The ultimate unity is the universe. Literally translated, it is Uni (one) Verse (song).

As far as we know, we all come from this one song.

Trouble is, have we somehow forgotten the words?

When we attempt to label something, we automatically divide unity into two - the haves & the have nots.

The rich, the poor. The right, the wrong. The black, the white. And the us and them.

This is an important cause of discontentment and dis-ease.

As human beings, our bodies are complex machines full of constant unities, the vast majority of which are carried out on a completely subconscious level. Without these unities, we would not survive. When people say they haven’t changed, that is actually not exactly true. I have always known myself as Paul in this lifetime. However, like you, I do have inhabited many different versions of my body in this lifetime.

Considering that every 7 to 10 years all our cells are replaced by new ones, the physical body has changed but what has not changed is the driver. The driver is the invisible you. This is the level where we are all connected. This is where we are all the same.

Think of life as a Formula 1 race. Your car starts the race, and after a while, it needs to come into the pits. In the pits there is a team of 20 personal mechanics all working in perfect synchronisation to get you back into your race as a human. This means that the car that finishes the race is not the same car that started it. Many parts have been replaced and are new and different. It’s similar for our bodies. Biologically, there is no trace of our previous body after 7 to 10 years.

I now live in a body that is 48 years old. This will not be the last version of my body, although life has tried to take it back prematurely on more than one occasion! For the record, I wish to return this body, at the end of this adventure, having squeezed every drop of life from it.

“It’s like a song we used to sing a lot as a child…”

In an everyday way, we see unity in collaboration with others for a common goal or purpose. This is why it feels so good inside. That’s when we are reminded that we haven't really forgotten the words to the song. It’s like a song we used to sing a lot as a child, it comes back surprisingly easily if you just hear the first note. This is when we experience moments of being completely aligned, on purpose, in flow or in spirit/inspired.

Is this one reason why music has such a great role in all cultures?

It has the power to touch us at multiple levels.

Let's put this to the test… 39 AWARENOW / THE UNITED EDITION