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WITH EYES OPENED & CURIOSITY EMBRACED What do we know about the world we live in?

Usually we just walk within the lines, confined by narrow minded narratives we see in the media withholding of us from stepping off beaten track.

It’s when we truly open our eyes and embrace our curiosity that suddenly we can change our view and unexpected paths appear showing us new ways to literally broaden our horizons.

“I’m on a mission to discover the truth behind some the worlds biggest ‘cultural misconceptions’…"

We live in world where we have all the resources to be connected. At the same time, however, we couldn’t be more disconnected from each other, from ourselves, and especially from the truth.

My name is Charlotte Alexandra - a producer and journalist with an immense passion for traveling and an even bigger passion for discovering the truth. I’m on a mission to discover the truth behind some the worlds biggest ‘cultural misconceptions’, by exploring the unknown and diving in deep with every step getting closer to gaining a deeper understanding of myself, others and the world around us.

So many places, people and cultures to discover… Yet, sometimes we feel confined by an illusion of fear that holds us back from trusting our inner compass. It’s when we allow ourselves to break free from the fear of the unknown, change our perceptions, wander the world, and open our mind and heart that we find ourselves ready to embrace whatever lies ahead.

We realise it’s not only about the destination. We discover that it’s much more about the journey… a journey where curiosity is our guide on a path to creating cultural connections around the world. This is ‘Culturosity’. ∎


Founder & CEO of Culturosity Charlotte Alexandra, founder & CEO of Culturosity is a business mentor, empowerment coach & serial entrepreneur with a passion for Media. She is on a mission to help You unlock your fullest potential! Helping people around the globe expand, grow, connect and to build a business they are proud of, a life they love and a mindset that will take them places. After kickstarting her career in Marketing + Advertising following a journalism & communications degree, she decided to launch Eleven11 Media Networks. Creating a platform for likeminded creatives to collaborate on spreading a positive message through media. Her work as both an entrepreneur and a media coach has provided her with an international network of inspirational and influential associates ranging from entrepreneurs, business leaders, public speakers & celebrities - uniting and combining their talents to make to world a better place.