AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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I turned my profession as a graphic designer into a viewing glass to share with the world what I get to see and experience every day. I was guided to translate the messages from the sky, clouds, and the sun - to show you how I see the world from the inside out.

Today, I express the two worlds I see through my art with the simple hope you can find the light through the darkness.

Today, I accepted myself for who I am.

Today, I found the light and love that was always there whispering my name.

Today, I found my voice.

Every day I will travel to the sky and explore the universe so I can share the truth of who we all are. ∎


Artist & Awareness Ties Official Ambassador for LGBTQ+ Awareness I am a creative intuitive artist sharing the universe I see and experience beyond the boundaries of our planet. My creations come from inner awareness that is heart centered and does not rely on analysis or head-based questions. It is a way of creating that reflects the connection into your emotions and responding to what feels right. This intuitive space is a place of trust that opens doors to my imagination that I would never find by reason and sensory perception.


Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Philanthropist & Founder of 365give Jacqueline Way is a dedicated world changer. Her soul purpose is to inspire and educate the hearts and minds of people globally to create a happy, meaningful life. She expresses her purpose through her charitable organization 365give created and inspired by her son with a simple vision to “Change the World 1 give, 1 day at time.” She is a world-renowned keynote speaker with one of the most watch TEDx Talks “How to Be Happy Every Day – It Will Change the World” Every day she is committed to living the highest expression of who she is as a human being through her work and by touching the lives of others.