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Laura: (continued) The bird represents my dad, because he would go to Sienna, Italy to see the swallows in the square every year. When he died, I knew because of my Shamanism studies that a lot of people will visit you through birds. They believe birds are the animal that take you to the next stage. And my dad did.

I bought a house on 75 acres, on a very dangerous road, and I had a hawks land on my car at 60 miles an hour flying. I had hawks land in the road at 60 miles an hour, and they looked at me and said ‘slow down’. Another time, I had a bird nest right outside my door and there were five baby birds - all so young and not attentive with the exception of one that seemed so wise and looked right at me. I felt it sort of represented my dad, and my dad was a meditator.

When I did the words at Burning Man, would hand out the birds. They are a drop out of the steel so light can go through. I would say, “Do you want a piece of love, magic, dream, etc.?” You have one, Allié, which is cool. You have one and didn’t even know anything about it… ∎

Laura Kimpton is a Los Angeles-based, American contemporary artist whose work consists of painting, mixed-media installations, and sculpture. Her creativity stems from a desire to question traditional views on social interaction, therefore invoking through her art a reaction from her viewers that ultimately completes her projects. Her raw and original work uses photography, found objects, televisions, paint, and resin–fusing objects of history to convey a very personal message. Laura Kimpton is best known for her Monumental Word Sculptures, which have been seen at Burning Man and purchased as permanent installations in Santa Rosa, Calif., Arlington, Texas, Reno, Nev., Hong Kong and Miami. View her work on her website ( and follow her on Instagram (@laurakimpton).

Awareness Ties is honred to welcome Laura Kimpton as an Official Ambassador for the Human Cause, as we work to raise awareness one story at a time. These are the stories that need to be seen and heard to create sustainable change.



This bird was given 18 years ago when I was at a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, MI.

A guy who I shared my story with told me that he loved my vision and wanted to give me this bird as a symbol of freedom. He told me he was given this while at Burning Man and wanted me to have it. This bird has rested in the bottom of my jewelry box for nearly 2 decades. I had nearly forgotten about it until I spoke with Laura and looked closer and deeper at her work. I jumped up from my desk the moment I recognized it from her ‘E’. I dug out the bird, held it, took this photo and texted Laura right away. She confirmed it. This was indeed her bird.

This is not where the story ends…

This is the tattoo on my wrist that I

got20 years ago. It’s the very symbol

of balanced energy that she features

in so many pieces of her work inside

her birds. Coincidence?

I don’t believe in those. - Allié M.


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AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition  

AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition  

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